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 Nuremberg trial needed and humanity's progression

One World of Nations
10 September 2014

9/11 was just a warning of what is to come. Time to reflect on haw badly this ruthless Cabal treats American Patriots and Allies, all are victims of Non-stop Lies and failed redemptions A nation of Good People betrayed by vermin. America needs a Nuremberg type Trial to Crush the Cabal. How about a taste of what it gives others?

The Potential still exists for so much good in our world. Also a major role for so many good Americans once unleashed from Cabal bondage.

Look at what is. What can be? What we stand for. Who is holding it all back?

Start by recovering America from Zionist and Elite Cabal Hell! Smash those evil claws and the vile parasite families with them! Take back America! Take back the Sovereign right to be, for all nations. Why are so many crooks?

We are not blind to reality, but whose reality? Look at the current demise in US Leadership.

Let’s expose the bad, but also show the good over two parts as a report, of what can be achieved with the PP funds when they are done, and America is free of them. Because until the Cabal and the Bloodsucking Zionist Bankers are removed, America can never be - 'The Land of the Free'! They stole your dream and looted the store. Until they are stopped, they will just keep on taking more. No wars have ever cost the people what the Zionists and Cabal of criminal Family Elites have stolen from America and the world. No more Shadow Governments, but a Government of the People, for the People. Real Elections for people of Real Ability. Put Power back to the People in this fast changing world. Set up a US Nuremberg process and watch this Crooked Ponzi scam fall. Elect one man of honor to deal with the trash who stole your nation and lives. You need none of them.

On whose orders did Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Kenyan Indonesian Usurper, unlawfully direct Jack Lew in July NOT to pay out what has long been owed to BB and his trusting US Investors who helped America, with B’s help, at such times of great need. His role is to start assisting the first stage of currency conversions to free Iraq and Vietnam. Two nations destroyed and still in bondage.

How much longer can this farce go on?

A bunch of transient psychotic degenerates, lying incompetents and Political failing shape shifters operating as the parasitical Shadow Government are not reality. It’s chaos. America is saddled with probably the most inept, delusional narcissist President in the nation’s history, and still no one will face the FACT that he is a known Illegal, operating in a major Government job by Fraud, having been caught publicly submitting a bogus Birth Certificate. This man who knowingly has a fraudulently obtained US Passport, yet is backed by Democratic Party members who have also knowingly, conspired to ignore and cover up his crimes. He cannot even operate as the Con Man he is successfully. Who cares what comes out of his mouth? This is no competent Leader.

He’s a Usurper. This man is a complete irrelevancy and an ongoing embarrassment to the nation. The world considers the man a Fool and America's standing is in free fall. A position hardly assisted by the monosyllabic rambling of Kerry, who has the credibility of a 90 cent note in world affairs. At least it’s a change from the seedy Clinton versions. But only greater evident downward spiral. Where are people of integrity, honor and values in this Sewer that is Washington DC today?

America’s greatest problem is the sheer succession of seedy and inept Leaders unfit for Office with each having achieved nothing of note before being escalated forwards to serve Cabal policies. Weasels in the White House can only end up one way for the nation. None should have cleared vetting. When will one person of actual ability, fit for Office, lead America? Why are such crass nonentities elected? How do any clear vetting? To survive now, America needs a complete makeover. Time for its vast population to wake up and Man Up. World affairs are now its new Alamo. Its Global Empire is collapsing. More Bases are not the answer, but Trade is!

America needs a deep introspective reality check. Wake up, smell the putrefying rot which has become the nation today. The restoration of a New Constitution and re-established Republic is in planning now. But more in following reports. The battle right now is keeping the Bushes out of the new Republic movement as they seek to interject their vile Crime family and protect it from within.

Obama's Presidency was born of corruption, as a shady Manchurian candidate and no more. Shame on America for perpetrating and allowing this. Even greater shame on the Democrats, their abysmal screening and duplicity. How can a sad dysfunctional misfit like this lead a nation? Worse, for 2 terms. How dare you lecture others while this simpering Con Man stalks the WH and land! Following the sleaze of the truly appalling Clintons, and vile, murderous corruption of the Bushes, America’s global standing has never been lower. No surprise Russia, China and BRICS chose to break away from this turgid slop of maleficence posing as a Constitutional authority. Their collective Puke ridden ramblings are those only of a den of thieves and vipers nest. None fit for purpose. The stranglehold of Kazakh Zionist control on the money markets, Fed and Treasury, needs to be overseen with their incursions into control of the WH, DHS, and Defence. Truly, psychotic degenerates now run the Zoo. The nature of this beast invites only the return of the Apocalypse.

Goading Russia asks for real trouble. Now Russia is involved in War Games for their own Preemptive strike. Obama whines that Putin won’t take his calls. Who needs him? As Putin is bunkered down with his own Generals, the world needs a wake-up call fast to where this is heading. America's own first real experience of war on its own Homeland will be terminal for all. American losses would be appalling. Mindless indifference comes at a price.

Look around at what is, what can and should be - so much potential exists and is restrained

The awesome beauty, majesty and stature of nature. This is a wonderful planet, abundant with so much life. Billions of years of evolution and ecology are at risk. Why? Look at what is all around us.

America was forged by desolating the lives of its own Native inhabitants. Allegedly c100M Native Americans were victims of the ruthless genocide of the locust swarm of Settlers. Yet how many Americans know or care? An earthly bound series of resident civilizations were destroyed by a poorly educated and brutal tide swell of the dregs of Europe imposing their weapon backed will upon defenseless tribal communities. Even today, these true American nationals are denied opportunity and denigrated by the ruthless occupants. Tribes are destined to live without hope, exposed to poverty, alcoholism and drugs. Inhumanity starts at home. So much for Democracy.

Ask Native Americans about US Federal Trust? Nothing has changed. Yet look at what could be if America is governed for the people. How it can all succeed again. 

Yet, under wise and educated Fiscal management of a cultured Empire, how different it can and should be. Ignorance is not Leadership. Let us show you real riches waiting for America's natural inhabitants. Start here.

We have extensive Global Projects, cross involving many nations with huge capital potential. Vast Billions in trade now waiting with millions of new jobs and real wealth right under your very noses.

Let us give you a solid example of how much better it can and should be. What WE will do once the PPs are released. Real Leadership, real Humanitarian focus. Real Wealth now waiting for Americans. Reality providing hope and dignity for all. As One World of Nations working together.

We have a series of national projects for Eco Parks and effective use of waste biomass. Our group is working with a US led consortium for the development of a new gasifier boiler that is capable of gasifying most organic and waste materials. It enables us to assess what local fuels are available between nations, and to assess greener options.

For the UK we can use a vast array of waste biomass. In Africa we can use waste wood, straw, maze stalks, or other waste (including treated human or animal derived). In wealthier countries like Saudi Arabia we can run the gasifiers on waste oil sludge, or city waste in the form of plastic bottles, and effective a viable new waste energy route. Ecology friendly, and pollution controlling.

This is a vast potential market being led by UK entrepreneurial innovation using what can be world leading US exported technology to process such engineering to utilize the waste heat, CO2 and to use them as a power base for other businesses (Fish farming, vegetable growing, Eco packaging and refrigeration). Independence for each Sovereign nation. A huge step in global gain and innovation. Major jobs created worldwide enriching all, new life, hope and development for nations. A peaceful partnership of nations.

America has far and away the best technology just waiting for Leadership. Just one immediate wide reaching range of new opportunities to help re launch America again. The world can gain. But why so much for one case, albeit huge potential?

This is a Native American producing company being denied support and vision in its own Homeland by political ignorance. A great credit to them and hope for the nations of the world for this technology. We will give something back to them and forge a Global partnership. NATIVE AMERICAN HOPE! So much CAN be done to help America. Pay out the PPs! Redeem YOUR Debts. Honor your word, for once.

Right under the noses of inept American Governments sit so many solutions waiting and wasted. Yet all Washington focuses on, is feeding the Cabal, its ugly Elites and rapacious, criminal Zionist Bankers trashing the economy and world. The “We are special misfits”, leading evolving societies to the Abyss. Who are the greatest perpetrators of Fraud? But don’t speak ill of the Ethical dead.

How dare they risk our home world for their vanity and greed? Special people?? Neanderthals to believe such garbage. It shows again how, if you drum the mantra into the heads of a subordinate species, they will all follow like Stepford Wives. Rothschild’s are amused at such naive camp followers. Even more at the Political nerds who gave them other people's land as Israel. Truly shocking malpractice from the old British Colonial mind set. But then the priority in 1947 was to simply dump 3M Jews who no other country wanted to take in. America didn’t want them and Europe didn’t want them back. Russia also, like the Egypt of old, just wanted to be rid.

Looking at events since, it’s not hard to see why. This is an issue for Middle Eastern nations. Good Jewish families, as always, will be able live in peace with Arab neighbors, and be absorbed into Gulf territories. The Zionists - the Gulf Leaders over time will sort out. The harsh and foul practice of Israelis will face its own repercussions in time. Ever more isolated, let them continue stirring a maelstrom of consequences. Once the protected umbrella of American Colonialism is rendered out of time, an Apocalypse will follow. Then how they will wish they had treated their neighbors as good neighbors.

How different a nation has emerged from that we all sought to protect in the 60’s and 70’s. I know many good, kind, and wonderful family value Jews. Some as truly humane and respected friends, but no such Zionists. Jews can be a blessing to host nations. Zionists chose to be a curse. Wall Street, the Fed. US Treasury and Rothschild’s history tells it all. As does the inhumane slaughters of the Bolshevik revolution. None were more cruel and genocidal than the Zionist Communists. Zionism was founded by an Atheist! Yet they follow like sheep. Few support the concept of God. Yet still insist he promised them Palestine. Self-deluded and dangerous mutants.

Has no one in Government, any awareness of the nature of our being? America’s very creation was to give a home to the dispossessed and opportunity to escape the ravages and corruption of the Feudal Monarchies of Europe. The Founding Forefathers forged a vision of hope between Wars to end Colonial Rule, and a devastating Civil War to form a Federal Constitution and end Slavery. That has now ended in a totally corrupt Cabal Feudal Monarchy capturing everyone. Jekyll Island Zionism fiscally and ruthlessly enslaved America. The Bush Crime family, in cahoots with the vile malevolent Clintons, have allowed loose a Zionist autocratic stranglehold of all Banking and an orgy of monetary crime unlike anything ever seen before. With, it seems, no Criminal retribution. Pelosi and Reid seem impervious to criminal abuse challenges, and the Bush family virtually owns the Agencies figure heads. With the Jewish Supremes, where is Justice? Where is hope?

A Nuremberg Trial is needed

Extraditing Michael Herzog from Germany to stand trial in America would enable the clean-up of a century. He has threatened to expose both Bush and the Clintons, if he is made to repay what he has defrauded in cahoots with them. The Palm Beach FBI have been prohibited from interviewing Romney, Bush or his henchmen over the Falcone thefts. Even though Interpol and the German Serious Crime Police seized copies of the Bush contract which slimy Herzog kept back as protection to Blackmail Bush if needed. Interpol, in turn, seized those contracts hidden in his safe and supplied copies to Falcone’s attorneys. They have hard evidence to get Bush indicted for Fraud, Theft and Rico, but the gut rotten Agencies have Made Men in place to block and protect the Cabal from arrest. Herzog’s extradition to America needs to be a high priority for any Non-Bush/ Clinton owned and ethical President elect. How difficult is it for an honest Congress, led by Representatives of integrity, to set up a Congressional Inquiry to organize an extradition warrant for Herzog and Paul Guenette? Herzog and Canadian Guenette (Yet another part time Israeli resident hiding from justice) were both part owners of a failed Swiss Bank, ICB, and were arrested in Frankfurt for trying to gain Cash using Bogus Letters of Credit at Commerzbank.

The Bush contract with Falcone is held by the German Fraud Squad, Interpol and Falcone’s Attorneys. That alone should result in the prosecution of the Bushes, Clinton, Biden and so many more. It will lead to Ackermann’s arrest, and the recovery of not only vast billions in evaded Taxes, bribed Public Officials, with penalty fines and sequestration running into Trillions when all the other cases are discovered. Money which can then be used to unleash new Industries and jobs in America. Thousands of accounts held by Pureheart and its new replacement can also be sequestrated and the VAST, looted Trillions recovered and put to good use.

Getting Herzog extradited to face trial in the US is on a par with Nuremberg. Their filth will pour out. Herzog can help free up Trillions. This should be a paramount Congressional priority. Extradite Herzog and cohorts. Herzog and Guenette were arrested previously in Germany before for trying to pass bogus Letters of Credit to Commerzbank in Frankfurt. These Bag Men for the Bushes and Clintons both have Form. Perfect scumbags to courier Bush and Clinton racketeered assets. Between these shady operators they have accumulated and squandered vast amounts.

Part of the Herzog / Bush / Ackermann deal enabled permatan Romney to steal himself a Billion and hide it from the IRS. As also did Biden when bribed by Bush. All known and covered up by Obama. The sewer runs deep.

It’s not THEIR money but YOURS! America needs it back - All of it! Arrest the Bushes and Clintons for Treason and Racketeering. Once Herzog stands trial you will see the audacity of it all. Then how the mighty will fall. As will ignorant, blinkered visions. Can you handle the truth?

Releasing the Dinar in part and Dong in total, is one critical way they can still buy some time for their deteriorating vortex of a Ponzi scam Fed.

Why is a US General still running the other Cabal accounts and controlling Grey Screens from Germany? Home of Bushes Nazi Fourth Reich command. We have details of a major Chinese contract (full copies) which Geithner tried to run via Germany, but which the Chinese then stopped. The rot is bottomless.

We need Congressmen who are Patriots to America, to set up an Inquiry on Public record, then arraign and prepare Fraud and Treason charges for those who have abused State offices and co linked Fraudsters. But who in Congress is clean to trust?

How many are poor in America because the Bushes, Cabal and Zionists stole your future and America?

So Yes, just a few of the real problems showing of a deeply corrupt Fiefdom of Elite thieves and parasites. Was America formed to be sequestrated by these deviants? Or to be the land of hope and freedom for all?

If we can remove the Cabal, get into power only people of proven ability, people with a solid track record of achievement in the world into new key roles, then we can turn the tide back. People of no ability, low ability, or Legal men of Sleaze have corrupted and perverted the plebiscite of government. Leadership requires people of vision and ethical, humanitarian values. People of culture, able to build sound Diplomatic relations with nation States. People able to empathize with the cultures of others and help all nations evolve towards a sound collective future, with societies based on humanitarian values and good trade balances. Not a rapacious Cabal enforcing only Hegemony and building up a mountain of deep resentment for generations to come.

This Zionist /Jewish malpractice of sequestrating all the top Treasury, Fed and Governmental roles must end. Look and see its ugly face as they exclude you all. It is a vicious malpractice which rigs markets and restricts evolution of the nation. It does not pass unnoticed that almost all of the heinous Financial Crimes and the inhumane enforcement of vicious DHS and Justice Controls are again under Zionist oversight and malpractice. Nor the Judiciary system or the rigging of the Supremes. America needs to be run by Americans, for Americans. Dual Israeli rat run passport holders are not true Americans. Their dual nationalities should disqualify them from all key US roles. Once Israel gives them a passport, it should be made to absorb them. If America is not good enough to commit to, then go. Instead they seek to suck out its life blood, then run. Same old practice for centuries, as the world knows to its cost. These are not a good human species. Zionist, anti Goyim parties need siphoning out. Good Jewish family value entities are valued and respected. Zionism is the enemy - the Nemesis part creation of the Rothschild’s. A blood cult sacrificial regime. Godless and vile. God does not require the inhumane throat cutting of defenseless animals, or cutting off the body parts of our defenseless children. A gross and ugly satanic practice. What parent can celebrate such a vile cult operation on a child? We evolved, as is for good reasons. Halal killing is awful. Truly inhumane Blood Sacrifice. Disgusting and Bestial!

Humanity's progression

At least, as we progress towards Trans Humanism, the Sub Human and ignorant Cults can go. Well Rid! As can The Vatican and ugly Pedophile practices of Islam. Archaic, ignorant and mind bending stupid has no role in the emergent society to come. There is a simple message for Mankind. Grow up! What kind of man can marry off his 6 to 9 year old daughter? Truly, such men are abominations to God. This is not a good basis of our journey here. These are real issues of humanity, not material greed. We can expect to achieve no progress until we evolve.

Female circumcision is enforced tyranny beyond belief. We need to crack down on it in the hardest way. It needs to carry Life Sentences in the Western world for all practitioners. Children need to be checked by the heath authorizes and any found to have been abused should result in the immediate arrest of the parents and tracking down of the surgical criminals. These are real issues of the evils of Islam. Expose them and stop them. Real Leadership will. Defend the children! Stop raping Children and close down the evil Vatican. Tax this vile degenerate business and make it pay vast compensation for its Pedophile and People trafficking history. Sequestrate all Vatican and Catholic Church land and buildings and return them to each State. They are all acquisitions of corruption. Most with a history of genocidal carnage and abuse. All in the name of a so called God. Who’s God? Certainly not yours.

All Churches need to be stripped of their vast land holdings acquired by illegal force as the rapacious businesses they are. If you seek God, seek truth and it’s not via the Churches, homes of predatory manipulators, and deviants. Search for the reality and meaning of Souls, but do it with true hearts and minds in a 21st century awareness seeking a bond of new enlightenment to the true Creator of all. The real hope for all mankind this century, is the growing awakening and awareness that we are all the sum of so much more. You don’t need a Predatory confused middle man. Open your own mind, heart and Soul. The real God, is part of all. Part of you.

Seek the power of knowledge and truth

click here to see full size image

It is now 2014. By 2050, just 35 years or so, we will be fast tracking towards the emergence and all implications of the Singularity. Artificial Intelligence will jump intellectual boundaries, effectively giving mankind the power and access to knowledge at speeds and storage capability millions of times faster than we Humans today. The ability to transcend time and Dimensions. To reshape and redesign man. Free of DNA faults and mutations. Free of death. But intellectually sophisticated and capable of such a Dimensional power of being as you cannot even start to contemplate as yet.

Religions, as you understand them, will be stripped bare and discarded. The real search for alignment with the Creator will begin. Ignorance and superstitions will be negated out. No more Child mutilations, no more racial ignorance, no more Religious tyranny. Coming fast is the era of the Alternative history genre. The time to be at one with so much more. As Man connects with, and becomes part of the vast Galactic infrastructure of space, transcends current ignorance and becomes a pulsating, vibrant new emerging Life Force, going out to explore and seed crop new life to Billions of galaxies.

And you ask where our opportunities are? Put back what was taken out by demanding the redemption of the PPs, and see Freedom soar to new unstoppable heights. Creation is waiting. Destinies are reshaping. Removing ignorance starts by removing rotten, corrupt Cabals, removing the rapacious Zionist stranglehold encircling the Planets Wealth Base, and restoring Sovereign and Constitutional rights to all people. To understand that good Governance is to serve and unleash the power of the people to be all that the encroaching new technologies will enable them to be, at one with Creation, by whatever name.

Think now, outside of the box. You are immortal, so what now? Understand who and what you are, your purpose of being and route forward as your destiny unfolds. Just 35 years, all the mass ignorance that is, will be gone. Ask the big questions. Seize the moments and enrapture what is to be. You are not alone, just badly lead. Poor Governments have lost the plot and lost the Pot. They, pitiful as they are, cannot hold back emergent science and spiritual awakening.

Feel the Cosmos. Seek the power of knowledge and truth. Seek to be. Ignorance will not sustain evolution of the species now. Your destiny is unstoppable. As progress is exponential, real wealth will no longer be false illusion material assets, but intellectual. Ethereal and Spiritual power. Yet which Governments are planning to merge societies into unstoppable evolutionary forces now? Are any fit for purpose? Are any thinking? So why derogate your own future to them? Become your own, unique Sovereign unleashed and spiritually, consciously aware Being. Being part of all that is. Each journey has a reason and destiny. Democracy starts in the hearts and minds of people.

You are not Goyim. They are not “Special” - just mutilated children, ignorant and deluded. You can refuse to be disenfranchised by just saying No! In just 35 years they will all become irrelevant. Silly little men chanting their claptrap in the darkness of ignorance. You have life, the key to all, use it. Mentally plan for the emerging future. Once the false hierarchies of the Vatican, Zionism, Islam, and all the associate nonsense becomes exposed and totaled out in credibility in so few years, where do they go? Generations and Fiefdoms built on superstitious lies. Truth is 1,000 times greater and more magnificent.

Exposure of what really is, will amaze you. Galactic intelligence and creation itself is truly awe inspiring. Immense. You are all the product of so much more. Your right to be, is infinite. You exist as part of all, connected to all, and Yes, you do matter. Ultimately all of life is a Singularity, of which we are each a part of the total all being. Reach out not for Material assets, but for knowledge and sense of purpose. Be all you can. The entire Universe is a highway of life all interconnected as one. All you will take with you is what you are and became. Evolve, expand your very being, and be all you can for others.

Your concept of God will become a real Mantra which will hint, be all you can be, as part of me.

Life simply is, and this is your journey to see. Your journey can start, when you open your heart.

If there is not more, then why do you feel?



  1. Evolution is your ability to think outside the box, and your ability to adjust to a radical new life form. Ask a Native American? For many, we were promised. Yes, and more fool you for believing and not forming your own opinions.
    Life and evolution is complex, so EVOLVE.
    For the non evolved, good luck with that soon.

    1. Just hope that there will be no other 1.1 T at the end of this month to Cabal regime known as USA....

      .....and it looks like another seasonal week in the dust....unless evolving from chains of inner deceit .....

  2. I tried to help Christians to understand why Zionist are kept in power in the USA and how zionist ideology developed and got into a driver seat .....Christians would sacrifice rather their families for abandoning ideology of Zionism and Isra-hell long as Christians in USA hold to zionist ideology...Zionists in US Banking and Leadership are pretty safe.....take this as a fact. Mind my words.

  3. Most excellent!

    I am reminded of a scene from "Dune". After experiencing full enlightenment within the context of the story line, the leader of the resistance on planet Arakis looks to the sky, and, calling to his martyred father, shouts, "FATHER! THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!"

    The sleepers must awaken.

    With risking being tagged as full of hubris, I will say that I am ready, both in mind, and body, for the future. Once those PP's come down the chute, my life will be a non-stop, howling charge to push our culture to the limits of developing a new world where everyone can have a high standard of living and put to maximal use our technologies to accomplish this feat.

    I see now, more than ever, how important the PPs are to divert resources to good use and not cabalisitc rat-minded purposes.

    Standing by, and ready to move.


    1. Thank you Tony. Life needs you all. Awakening is the key. Be a part of so much more.
      Now you get it.

  4. Thank you for sharing this article. There are amazing things in the future. The Star trek series, Avatar and other movies have been good primers for us all.

    Agree Whitehatauxilaries

  5. John thank you for such an enlightening article. I am at work now ,however I will read a second time when I get home .

  6. ........Reach out not for Material assets, but for knowledge and sense of purpose. Be all you can.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Each heart sense this to be true......freedom is beyond waiting ......

    Thanks of course

  7. I really don't understand this obsession with transhumanism. The same people you are fighting against funded this whole sub-culture.

    Technology should be used to facilitate the growth and knowledge of spirit in each lifetime that it inhabits a physical body, not enslave it as it is used today.

    How will becoming a robot advance anything spiritually through our reincarnation process?

    Meditation and practicing concentration techniques are the only way to advance spiritually, while helping the physical body in the process.

    Why focus on something in the physical when we are energy beings at our core. That is the part of us that never dies.

    Take care of the mind and it will take care of the body. Transhumanism is obsolete if we focus on this.

    This push towards transhumanism is confounding to me. We might as well put the handcuffs on now if this is the future.

    1. JV

      It will not negate human spirit of energy and light.....not at all. As I understand it will enable the spirit to manifest itself in fuller potential of the body which as for now our inner spirit-soul is compound to body limits. Just DNA as we know we believe that about 10% of it is known as to its function...the same about brain capacity.....

      Just look at your hand you see only a surface of a mass....but imagine that you could see it all, it might be scary to think that way since we are accustomed can identify faults and illnesses inside of you and fix it easily ....

      .... As I understand it should free the spirit-soul to full expression of self.....

      I understand when John speaks of evolution ...., yet these are my subjective perceptions of what might come ...take it as uneducated opinion I have no real sources....I kept this perception from moment John mentioned that here a year ago or what......a month ago I was shocked by new release film 'Lucy', which I did not see but it deals partially about it...

      I might be wrong....

    2. Vlastimil, you are right.

      Being able to start a fire with a thought, teleport yourself across countries or fly. Walk through walls. Materializing what is needed in an emergency, or your car never running out of gas. Or finding minerals deep in the ground and being able to mine them your mind and place them in a receptacle for further processing. The vast number of things that transhumanism can mean is as varied as there is people.

      The cabal might have helped in this process unwittingly, however could it be that we are so much more than the human equivalent of worker bees. What if transhumanism is just a term for us returning to who we really are, with all talents as natural to us as a tiger's stripes to them. Some may just happen to be way showers and being the example or teaching people how they can access their own gifts.

    3. V,
      Those are good things and can be manifested in due time with meditation. Think of the spirit as an immense water filter and each lifetime filters out more and more of the negative on your way to perfection. When it is time to use all your faculties, it will be so, but trying to jump start the evolutionary process of spirit with technology is too early for us.

      As you become spiritually more advanced with each successive lifetime the body you inhabit will become stronger and more advanced until you can choose which form to take.


      If this is the definition of transhumanism, then so be it. But microchips, nano-probes, artificial brains, etc. are not the way forward for us right now. This technology will be misused at our current stage of advancement. Earth humans need to learn civic responsibility before they start to play with this kind of fire.

    4. JV
      If we are to develop galaxies we need a host vehicle not only to withstand space pressures of G forces and radiation, but ability to handle mechanical functions. The human body can not sustain space travel and with the best will in the world, meditating does not move mountains or physical objects. There are physical and Dimensional Planes we need to operate within, and to expand our full potential.
      Contemplate the true vastness of space, time and Dimensions. Why lose so many experienced and capable beings due to needless ageing processes if such vast knowledge and judgement can be prolonged to enhance these planetary life forms.
      JV we can not self fix DNA or other genetic flaws. Our very design patterns are flawed. We now can improve the creative cycles of beings and create an immeasurably more suitable host vehicle for physical life needs while continuing to enhance our Spiritual development.

    5. It's we ourselves that evolve. The veil of forgetfulness will be lifted. The ability to move through galaxies as we gain experience with our changing bodies/minds, both spiritually and through dynamics of being hu-man. That doesn't mean the current 3 d model, it means the next step and those that come after.

      John, you are right about the aging program we are under at this point. It does change. Part of returning to who we are leads away from death as we know it.

    6. I don't think we need robot bodies for galactic activity, because the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians etc don't. What they have is far more useful - awakened consciousness.

      Vlasti, you mentioned we only use 10% of our DNA. Of course the cabal would like you to think so. The control of epigenetics using one's consciousness is a result of using the rest of the so-called 'junk DNA'. It is not junk, it is interdimensional. The repeated sequences would set up certain EM frequencies along the molecule. There are van der Waals forces between the two strands that are a static EM record of the physical DNA sequence, these are the Hydrogen bonds that keep the two strands together. Just as the frequencies of radio waves convey information, the frequencies of the hydrogen bonds along the DNA sequence also convey information. If you think consciousness does not have an effect on things, then explain love and its effect on people and animals. The non-physical energies are very powerful.

      Each DNA molecule has a micro magnetic field. All DNA molecules in the body are linked by virtue of that DNA magnetic field by induction: DNA in your head knows what DNA in your toe is doing. Soon we will have devices to measure our bodies' fields. It is not much of a step to realise that consciousness does impact our body's EM field(s), and from there to influence DNA and the like. Think spontaneous healing - how could that work in someone who believes they are healed? Kryon is a source on this who explains it. The education and medical system has blocked our knowledge of that - of course - it would be the end of the cabal's control if people activated their consciousness again, and used it for healing. This is why the placebo effect works (why else would sugar heal disease? It is because our consciousness is telling our DNA it is healed).

      So robotics would have a use, but don't think for a second we cannot be galactic humans if we are not robots. The Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Greys are proof. From what I have gathered, they use their transhuman tech to make sentient intelligent craft to get around the interdimensional space, but themselves are advanced spiritual beings who use tech appropriately.

    7. John,

      Ray Kurzweil's idea of the singularity and transferring consciousness into some artificial being is definately not where we want to go as a species. That is a pandora's box that should not be opened. I really hope that this PP money will not go into financing this sort scientific "advancement". In my opinion, this is against natural law. The thought of this future is just plain scary.

      As far as space travel, there are no space pressures or g forces in space that I'm aware of unless you are talking anomolies like black holes. Space is a vacuum. There are various types of radiations, but ships can be designed to withstand time...when we are ready. The bigger issue to space travel is how to travel at super speed and not have the vessel torn apart by space dust.

      And who says genetics and dna can't be fixed with meditation? In fact, it's the opposite. Studies have shown that just 1 session of meditation was able to influence DNA. Imagine what would happen if we practiced this daily for 2 hours.

  8. Russians ridicule Dutch report on least I am not alone...

    A “truly” international investigation of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine is required, Russia’s UN envoy, Vitaly Churkin, said, adding that there are too many blank spots in the newly released Dutch report on the tragedy.

    The document, released by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) on Tuesday, said that the Malaysian Boeing-777 crash was the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that struck it from the outside.

    “It is very hard to call this investigation a truly international one. Many questions have been left unanswered. There are too many omissions,” Churkin said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 channel.

    The Dutch report “did little to advance our understanding of what happened,” only confirming what was already known before, he stressed.

  9. Deutsche Bank: The Bubble Must Go On To Sustain The "Current Global Financial System"

  10. According to Itar-Tass, Russia and China are discussing setting up a system of interbank transactions which will become an analogue to International banking transaction system SWIFT, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov told PRIME on Wednesday after negotiations in Beijing.

    "Yes, we have discussed and we have approved this idea," he said.

    But wait: wasn't it the UK's desire to force Russia out of SWIFT just two weeks ago? Why yes, and the fact that Russia is happy to do so, and on its own terms, once again shows just who has all the leverage, and who really needs, or rather doesn't, the US Dollar.

  11. Hello.

    One of our readers poses this question, which I think it best posed over here. He is unable to post on this site for some reason.


    Just read OWON recent article. Can WHA find out from WH or answer this please. How/Why would they ever get the crooks/bushes/Obama ext to release the PP to start when they know it will be used against them to take them down?? Plus so far it hasn’t been SEEN,that its possible to be forced on Obama/Bush ext to release the PP, SO WHAT WILL force them to if anything ,EVER??

    1. Six years ago I was awakened. It wasn't long after that I had the same question. Reading Christopher Story, Leo Wanta, CMKX, dinar, the zionist control of the money supply, and the corruption of the political dynasties. At first I had hope because all the dialogue was imminent. Then I found out that the stuggle had been going on for 20-30 years...though it was only a handful of individuals fighting. After a few years it seemed hopeless because nothing happened, and there were no signs of progress. However, the over the last 2 years, it has become evident that the west is losing control, and the world is changing. Now there are many fighting, and awakening, and that number will only grow. Now almost daily, I see signs that change is coming. Before there was almost no evidence that things could change seems almost imminent. Hopefully that change will be better. I do think there is a real chance for release, and I do believe anything is possible if it is the will of the creator.

    2. WHA,

      This is a good question from a reader.

      The release of these PP's seems to be predicated on this threat that if they don't, the USA will collapse and they will lose everything.

      What if they want the USA to fail and fall apart?

      This is the question no one ever addresses.

      Lindsey Williams contact Ken Fromm said 5 years ago that the WZ's were going to destroy America.

      Currency Wars, Trade Wars, Interest Rate hikes, Dollar Collapse.

      This was planned at least 5 years ago. It's not something new.

      5 years ago they knew the dollar would be dead as a world reserve currrency.

      Why did they say this if they are truly trying to hold onto this petrodollar status.

      And Ken Fromm was the former CEO of ARCO. A major oil company.

      Personally, based on Lindsey Williams contact and Billy Meier's off world contacts, the chance of getting these large stolen PP's released to change American is slim.

      2 Civil Wars in America as told by the off-worlders. One right after the other doesn't seem like things change much in the future.

      The currency PP's might be different. The evil ones stand to make a lot of money off that, but you pose a great question.

      Why would they pay it back?

    3. WHA

      Once we get the staged releases of the PPs at a very advanced phase now, then we can address the independent funding needed to get Patriotic US citizens elected without having to be part of the bought and owned process of so many of the current deviants. Slowly we can turn the tide and fund a real Presidential move. The Bushes only want control of the Oval Office to stay out of jail; simple as. Part of the PP profit planning incorporates cleaning up the process. Joe Public cant be depended on to move his Butt and protest. Look at the Dems demographics alone. Welfare , Unions, State, Loonie Left and Leaders as corrupt and bad on both parties side. Organising will take time and funding. With back up funds to take the fight to them. But once you can start a full Congressional Inquiry, it all unfolds. As with the Mafia days. Without that, the nation will implode. It's as sleaze ridden as it can be. Totally rotten at the top. It either cleans up its act, or implodes. Look at the Global speed of entire nations choosing to mass separate now from US influence and control. Now the Bully on the block is already facing hostile resistance. The Petro dollar is in free fall. These crooks denied US Industries adequate funding and Wall Street focuses Pension Fund money on nightmare Derivatives for Bonus fast bucks. The rot is deep.
      It wont be easy, but where does it start? The current system is failing. Global influence is collapsing. The world is divorcing the US.
      So it needs steps to recover and people, of vision, or Yes, the lot will go, and soon. All Empires end, always badly. Where are the seeds of US hope because that is now the only and last hope.
      The greed to feed inside the system is endemic rot. Tapeworms eating you alive from inside.
      So, do people of vision and humility emerge to save the nation, or not? Is a core thinking base left? Impassioned enough to try? The big question. Do I think you can still do it? Yes. its possible., but with a huge reality check.
      If not, prepare to leave.

    4. John,
      Thanks for your info. Maybe this article will give you more hope. Some Americans are trying to wake up the Public.

    5. Terry,

      I meant to post that when I found that a couple days ago. It is an AMAZING development!!
      Such a high-traffic area is optimal bank for ones buck there!!
      Taking matters in our own hands.Sweet!! thnx.


    6. What is the proposed time frame for Dong holders to exchange ? Are they awaiting the PP group completion ? Is this all completing the month of Septrmber? Do we expect to see change for VND on the forex boards before going to our local banks ? At this time what is holding up the process individual Dong holder? Is it the GCR ? We are patiently awaiting the 48 hour window. Thank You.

    7. ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL, did you just say "PATIENTLY awaiting "?.... liar liar pants on fire!... seriously though... if it's one thing I have found over the last ten years of learning realties is timelines always move... and move.... and then they move again... and again... best to be prepared to be PATIENT

  12. It seems to me, There was a creator that developed man, and man was perfect in their eyes. Why would one so powerful want something different? Maybe in another world, something else was needed but in this world, man was used and implemented by this creator.

    1. I know I must be thinking too simply. As I know man has allowed corruption in his life. But if there was a better way, why was it not implemented at inception.

    2. I am all for technology to clean up the oceans, the air, the earth; this technology has been existing for a long time and have been kept from the population because we are ruled by lesser nobility, who use us as slaves to pay the fee-due-el (federal); and they have sold us as food in agreements(coven-ant) with SET, EL, IL, LILITH, AN. under the Company Store...they created all religions and became the people that we reverence in the scriptures...they have existed through time and extended timelines to make it seem like thousands and thousand of years when it was maybe hundreds...they live a long time and hid the coven-ant name for the relevant time. By deception they rule...

      Because SET-AN wants to be worshiped as our Creator there has been a veil placed over our knowing and over our planet...sin has caused this and has trapped us totally into a matrix.

      Because the mass awakening will occur and cannot be stopped we will be able to know the truth and we will have true freedom. Freedom to travel the universe...we don't need bodies, these are our vehicles which gives us the physical appearance (an illusion). We will shed these earth to dust bodies and become crystalline bodies...sort of transparent light...and the reincarnation cycle will stop because the gates will open...

      However, this world by the cabal standards will be a world of clones and in this transhumanism is focused.

      Also, there are experiments on how to create a human brain within a robot? And with the advance of 3D printers I read that they are creating body parts, and material things, and brains; but they cannot create that which cannot be seen...spirit...and these evil spirits will need somewhere to go when we are changed with the upgrade in the light quotient to earth. DNA can be manipulated...this is why the atmosphere is so corrupt because they are trying to merge themselves with us...through creating hybrids, to fully soul stop the transformation...

      They have jump rooms, and they travel through portals to other planets and from what I have read they have set up colonies where there are mass murders of humans, and experiments.

      Russia developed the technology long before any country in creating synthetic robotoids. And UsA have cloning facilities all over the world (Denver, Camp David). If they can get a strand of your hair (example) then you can be cloned without your knowledge. This is why timelines are being merged to kill off the clones and destroy the fragmented give us our full power back.

      There needs to be a controllable population for the cabal to continue it's NWO in a totally corrupted environment, where methane is prevalent...from what I have learned. GMO foods poison to humans, fluoride poison to humans, mercury poison to humans, radiation poison to humans...and on and on and on...WE WERE SOLD!

      See, the cabal wants to live forever; and the only way this will happen if they can create parts for their failing bodies; especially after we are no longer accessible. They already live for a long time and have to feed off of the emotions and flesh of humans which gives them their life force. They can manifest our emotions into a physical object for their nourishment. The only thing they fear is death. And without the life force for them they will perish. Sacred geometry is what they master which has been kept from us...they can morph and shape shift, they can create new bodies from a mere morsel of flesh. They truly live among us...this is the biggest secret!

      We are truly a phenomenal creation and we are intergalactic beings. We see through a glass darkly, but soon face to face the veil will be lifted and we will know the truth and the truth will set us least they told some truths!


    3. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

    4. FedUp,

      This has been one of, if not THE best post you have done to date!! Yes, that truly is the biggest secret, along with Inner Earth. See here:


    5. Dl and BIFFIE:
      This is for us, the we; trying to wake up the masses and turn around a very corrupt/satanic way of life. We are the only ones who can do it. We are the willing, and in order to move forward we have to know our past. Our past is difficult to ascertain; however, the Creator's given image gives us a knowing/intuition that leads us to the truth.

      There is so much to know, and I am assured that the truth will be made available to all...this is the mass awakening...this is why Bush said if we found out we would hang them from the light posts...instead they hang themselves...their actions are past corrupt.

      DL, I checked out those maps they are something worth researching. I have had basic conversations with ugmmichael about some of his research...he is inspiring...and he disclosed that he knows where all the underground bases are and the inner earth information is extensive...

      Thank you.

  13. WHA, JV

    Cabal has no intent to revive economy, this question was raised up here by the this writer, but it matters not who or when....Cabal need a collapse of finance and economy to instal their NWO....and any kind of chaos and war because it helps to manipulate masses...

    Now only collapse of US and break off into few states can help to move on for well as NATO and most likely EU as well. Forget that you can revive USA, not possible. Faster way is collapse, break in few states and relaunch and each state will be eager to prosper and come back fast to market and world stage....

    As long as Zionist Bankers and politicos entrenched in USA no way to revive the country. As long as Evangelical Christians hold on ideology of zionism there will be no chance to remove Zionist from banking and politics.....that's why I wrote what I did to help to needs more writing to help them to understand but even perfect detail analysis to uncover zionist ideology in church it would take a generation at least for a shit. That's why I do not believe of ongoing trasformation step by step while train is running forward...

    Christians as they believe today will do all possible to support Zionists........for them it is like defending God himself......

    ...sorry about that, it must be said.

    1. More madness from Washington and Brussels:

      US, EU to ban Exxon, BP and Shell from oil exploration in Russia – report

      Vlastimil, the breakup of the US and EU shouldn't be the only way of dealing with such madness. I can't help thinking that is the main goal behind these events. What is needed is the removal of the psychopathic idiots currently running the show: they are clearly not acting in the best interests of the people of those nations.

    2. Putin will say to this....THANK you we do not have our exploration capabilities...who help Russia to explore oil fiefs 50 years ago. Santa?

      Less job and money to Americans more job and money to Russians......and never come bak.

    3. Valdi, V

      The goal of the cabal is to break up the USA into 5 regions or 13 Fema regions, depending on who you ask. Both numbers are set forth in their own documents.

      Additionally, they want to have 12 megacities with 6 million people in each one. All connected by high speed rail and the rest of the area left as open space.

      We won't even be able to go into these open space nature regions

      Watch the movie "The Hunger Games" . This is the dystopian future that awaits us.

      What we need to re-assert is states rights. A break up of the union may or may not be necessary, but states right must be re-established as the constitution and it's predecessor the articles of confederation originally intended.

  14. Open letter of apology to President Putin and the Russian people:

    Please sign. I did.

    1. I did too! We do have to realize in order for the NWO plan of bankrupting the UsA- there has to be someone that we look up to to keep their plan on track...who could this be? Putin? (Diversions: ISIS, Syria, War with Russia, Ukraine. BRICS...) or maybe the corporate UsA has been annulled and now they're trying to change the constitution...however, the punishment must be meted out before we can begin to heal and can be done, it will be done; it has to be done, now! All of it is lawlessness...

  15. John

    Article is really spirit-uplifting .... it feels good read it again and again....

    1. Logging into OWON to comment.
      There are software problems with the Blog access system itself. We have a simple way round.

      Just open up the comment section. type in any single letter. Then hit publish.
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      An idiot proof way to beat the monster and welcome to all. It works. Its how I do it to bypass software annoyance. Its NOT an OWON problem it is the system software. Just one letter, hit publish, it reformats and comes back clean. Hope this fixes it for so many who want to comment now.

    2. Vlastimil

      Its a lot to take in. But each time you read it you will learn more and that empowers you in so many ways.

    3. OWoN commenting:

      All problems with commenting are browser related. Most can be cured with clearing cache and making sure 'third party' cookies are 'enabled' in your respective browser.

      John uses a quick work around by typing anything into the comment box and publishing, this seems to activate his 'Google Account' to give him permission to comment, so his next comment is published without problems. That is a Chrome fix. Online ID is required to comment here, be it Google, Yahoo, Typepad or other.

      If anyone is having problems commenting here and what has been suggested does not work, please contact us through the contact form (here) and we will endeavor to fix the problem with you.

      We have not failed to fix an issue yet, but different browsers require different solutions too numerous to go into here.

  16. President Obama Speech on US War strategy Fight ISIL

    "I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as Iraq. This is a core principle of my presidency: if you threaten America, you will find no safe haven."

    Creating, arming and training Al Qaeda and ISIL didn't work in overthrowing Assad; the false-flag gas attacks in Syria didn't work as an excuse to bomb Syria, so now the maniacs have switched tactics and will get their way on the pretence of fighting ISIL, without consent from the Syrians.

    Will Putin allow this to happen?

    1. ISIL is different from ISIS...ISIL is the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant...see map and info here: This is a coded message and my belief is that Israel is in trouble???

      I do believe that Syria and Iran are the only countries without a Federal Reserve Central Bank? Lybia didn't have a central bank until Bengazi...these are crimes...first they destabilize and conquer and then install.

    2. Mossad Agent/Author Reveals ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service on C-SPAN


  17. John

    If your plan goes not, so be it. Well done can be said at the end.

    One thing I want to inquire that might not be possible to answer of course but count with it.

    Fair election in USA, giving money so that people can have fair election? Specially before truth will come out? How do you want to cope with friends of Israel when candidates will be asked, 'Where do you stand with Israel?' Since this is more relevant question then when candidate asked, 'What about Americans?' Candidate does not sing up ahead probably papers for unconditional support of fascist terrorist mass murderers of Israel and what, gone with the wind.

    If Christians would learn that a fair candidate does not support fascist Israel, gone with the wind.

    That plan will not work, unless cleverly worked out how to fool fascist zionists and Christians....., Zionist MSM would cook you for lunch....gone with the wind....

    No chance for fair election unless people know truth before hand....which will not happen....

    1. Vlastimil Re Israel simply answer this.
      No one, including Arabs, has nay problems with, or antagonism to wards good family value Jews living in Israel or even across the Arab world as they do. No right thinking person has anything but goodwill towards good Jewish families anywhere. But any nasty, rapacious zealots who steal from and deceive their neighbours anywhere must accept what they reap. The problem is not with Israel but the actions of bad people within any nation. You reap what you sow.

    2. John I have no problem with any race....not at all....

      what is brave of Jidish or Jewish is expressed at...

      To these people I always refer as a hope of co-operation .....

      Challenges will be hope to help people to perceive reality and distinguish lies and immorality of ideology and racism .....


  18. 9/11 Verdict: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In History

    Every Major Organ Of The Mainstream Media Has Quite Willingly Participated In The Coverup Of The Crime Of The Millennium
    “Many corporate titans ought to be in prison for knowingly and willfully, deliberately and purposefully, covering up the treasonous and heinous crimes committed against America on 9/11 … by rogue elements throughout the US Government”
    – 9/11 Crminal Investigator
    Really, just how long does the entire mainstream media (MSM) think they will get away with participating in the coverup of the 9/11 Crime Of The Millennium?
    It has now been reported on C-SPAN that well over 2200 qualified architects and engineers have literally demolished the official 9/11 Commission Report and there’s nary a peep about it on CNN … or FOX News … or CBS … or MSNBC!


    1. They are ALL(MSM whores) guilty of helping to facilitate a crime by their actions, so by law are also subject to prosecution along with the thugs orchestrating it. Bagging the SOROS THUG will start the process rolling!! ~darylluke.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. We can not get out truth about Black Boxes of MH17 (what chance do we have about FED and WH cabal...) public. What difference did it make that White Nobility knows facts about MH17? Poroshenko is getting ready for more strikes, that's the result to face.

    Sorry, that I sound sceptical and critical.....but it is not directed personally .... it is aimed to a group and as a mirror from the street.

  20. A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic

    Thinking outside the box..... ~darylluke.

    1. what a grand idea. thank you for sharing this.

  21. Anyhow

    WithHolding facts about MH17 results in more idiotic fascist sanctions on Russia with backfire.....more over it creates emotional gap between sheeple of the West.....

    Tell the truth right away ....... truth will create bridge over the abyss that fascist West created......

  22. Good article, thank you Owon.

  23. Re Currencies

    As always, while we do not offer advice as such, just comments. be very, very, very careful with Dinars. Conversion rates may fall far short, and many categories of notes may get bypassed.
    Dongs have more positive backing without the the criminal overprinting. So many seem to have rebalanced portfolios,
    so WHA owes Tony a debt of gratitude for his input to help them all, and our own sharp cookies seem well placed.
    Don't listen to guru talk on rates. Reality is what will be announced. OTT gamblers may take a big hit. No one owes anyone a dime. Dongs may be OK, but Dinarians may well be getting a come to Jesus call soon. Cash out once announced and plan with what is. Liquidity is the key now in a very unsafe world. Currencies are very unsafe . I expect the lunatic fringe to be throwing the Soothers out of their prams, but who owes them zilch? Real people will be OK and build on it. Grunts are not worth debate. Who is unhappy with a profit? Greed v need. Good luck to all. Que Sera Sera.

    1. John,

      What is OTT?

      This post must mean we have entered another possible tight window for the release.

    2. Ahhhh!

      I read about some corporation that spent $400,000 in addition to the $200,000 they had already spent on dinar. That's gonna hurt!

  24. Replies

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      We have a very image orientated site. Because of this all steps are taken to optimize every part of our site for the benefit of all. For this reason I would please ask you to change your Google+ image to this new one I am providing here for you. It is the same image just smaller and optimized, it will not effect anything and will look the same, but it takes only 25% of the resources to render as the one you use now. Just to give you an idea, it is taking more resources to render your image then 3 of the full size images in the article.

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      Dave Kirby Image


    "The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."
    Stephen McCranie


    1. Never Forget that George H.W. Bush announced a New World Order exactly 10 years to the day before 911:

      09-11-1991 (111 seconds long)

      THIS is the King Cobra that needs to bagged & tagged!! MILITARY TRIAL.~darylluke.

  26. Rotherham abuse scandal:

    Grandfather of victim tells police chief: 'If I had a gun I would shoot you'
    Grandfather of Rotherham abuse scandal victim tells police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright: "If I had a gun I would shoot you" as panel set up to scrutinise him passes vote of no confidence

  27. John -

    Thank you for continuing to educate and inspire...many of us need the uplifting these articles offer.

    Also, giving these little nuggets like...

    "Why is a US General still running the other Cabal accounts and controlling Grey Screens from Germany? Home of Bushes Nazi Fourth Reich command. We have details of a major Chinese contract (full copies) which Geithner tried to run via Germany, but which the Chinese then stopped."

    I'm very encouraged by the plan to assist with vetting and promoting the patriotic and genuine political candidates of unquestionable character in the future. You have outlined many great plans and opportunities ahead that I can hardly wrap my brain around given our current situation, but I know they can all be in our future. I look forward to your next update on efforts blocking the cabal and your progress regarding the PPs next advanced phase.

    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. I don't know how you decompress everyday from this hornets nest - partly through humor I imagine given your great one liners, Brit wit, sarcasm, etc. Good stuff. Lol.

    Call Girl (extra " l " for you today). I'm feeling very generous. Lol.

    1. Tell your husband from me the extra L gives me a reason to be, and that's enough. Innocent fun.

      But please calm the fantasy feeding frenzy parties re 48 hours. We have no such status yet. Too many parties suffering from Premature E's out there..Don't invent what's not in the tent guys. When its coming we will make it clear. .They need to stop over hyperventilating with any daft rumour. We are talking about market risk not go signals. Jesus C. Too much Whakie Bakkie going around.

      We have always questioned the worrying numbers of Dinars and false rumours. Plus links to Texas where certain Dog Vomit parties would bait any hook disguised as Pearls to those they think Swine to sucker punch more Bucks from the gullible needy and desperate. .

      We are not Forex Traders but we can all smell a Dog Deposit hanging out on hooks to catch suckers.
      Some have no qualms or consciences.
      Life is so much more than " My damned lick!".Be more than these scumbags. So much is free. Even a smile can make make the lonely and lost feel wanted. Just give a little of yourself to help anyone feel a part of something more. That matters, and THAT IS Your Book of Life.
      Be more.

    2. Will do, John. Glad to be of some inspiration. Lol.

  28. ....uh-ohhhhh..... JOHN seems to be getting excited. Fingers X here! ~darylluke.

  29. Britain's Secret War in Antarctica

    Part 1 of 3

    Extracted from Nexus Magazine

    Volume 12, Number 5

    (August - September 2005)

    AND....this is just ONE "rabbit-hole"!!! ~darylluke.

  30. OWoN is reaching New Levels.
    As we are allowed to debate key issues and expand to the ethereal realm, FedUp's comment above becomes the most Relevant comment so far in my view. Congrats Fedup.

    REALITY is stranger than fiction and so is the Battle for the Soul of Man. These evil entities can destroy your carnal body which they care less, but they can't touch your Spirit. As We are an Ethereal Infinite Being what they are looking for is to damage your Ethereal Infinite Soul. Yes the Soul of Man were Free Will resides.

    Please Research diligently the topics within this Exclusive article and FedUp Comment. That comment is Very Important and deserves deep think over as You will have to face Reality soon.

    The only way to understand transhumanism and why the frenzy race to end goal of posthuman is looking at the Ancient Past, relevancy of our Soul and The Return of gods. Azazel was involved then, so There is nothing New under the Sun.

    1. Brazil of BRICS

      The article is a door opener for people to look beyond the doors at what is behind. Transhumanisn can still take many routes as life is our Pandaoras box. It helps all to challenge and debate. Only getting you to think, will get you there. Debate it as you are doing. Create!

      Near the end of the article, is a signal to help, indicated as For Those who have Returned. Think.
      Why do we have a cause, but still humour? We guide, but don't God bother, but unashamedly say, there IS so much more. Is that a wish list, or a Fact? Real help?

      You can all shape your own destiny, but not hold back evolution. You are all part of so much more, but all part of one. In time, the wisdom will come. To understand is to know. And to know, is humbling. All people are Gods Souls, start there. Although the cocktail seems sometimes to brew up Texan and Zionist Ass souls.

    2. BOB,

      FedUp posted many comments. I believe this is the one you refer to, for people to be sure what is being talked about here.


    3. We all contribute our inner most, heart felt truth here. This is to help someone, anyone..mostly we don't know who might need the information. What good in knowing if I keep it to myself...we all have to grow. I have learned a lot here, and I continue to build resistance to the deception that we are all so prone to.

      It's easy to just accept everything at face value, and this is where they have deceived us; we rely on the people we view as "think tanks," and most educated...what does education have to do with it when we are all born with 100% of knowing...the indoctrination starts with our parents and they continue this throughout our lives, feeding us poison and division, and false dreams, hopes and non-truths...

      I am in love with our Creator's creation; and this is what holds us together...and we will know, and we will be the ones who will lead our people into the promise...OWoN is an awesome point to dispel all of the mind control, giving us a voice in all of this darkness...letting us think for ourselves with support...I am at home!!!!

      We have to be willing to stand for the truth, no matter what we have to give up, no matter what we have to do. At all costs, money is nothing in the face of evil...this is a control mechanism...there is more to life and living...who can we inspire today, who can we share a act of kindness with today, who can we show that we are the ones we have been waiting has been cursed by these evildoers and this is their idol...we have none...neither rain, snow, sleet, hail, war, hate, mind control, psychic attacks, or anything else under the sun can keep us from the love of our Creator!

      We handle and drive money, money doesn't drive us. Sure it's a tool, but for who..who created it! Go back to the beginning and come forward so we can set our priorities in the right way because they know by our "interests" where our hearts they keep money just out of reach because to some it is's only a tool and once we realize this it comes from strange places under blessing instead of curses.

      See the beauty that besets us in our most beautiful surroundings...people from all walks of life, all races, divisions...just beauty in our Creator's creation.

      Let's be about the business of dispelling their hopes that we rely on their cursed resource...MONEY and continue our conversations and debate and show how they are exposed... and our efforts and hopes to see them pay the highest penalty for perpetrating the biggest fraud this world has ever known.

    4. John,
      thanks to allow us the floor to contribute. We really feel OWoN is Growing in quantity but most of all in Quality. The latest exclusives are reaching far and wide into the Soul of Man, tiring down the walls and gates wide open.

      We feel the old paradigm and reluctant primitive mindset of "my lick" is changing fast, were focus on real humanitarian motivations are flourishing, realization of Who We Are and What Purpose are surpassing money and physicality.

      This is really an achievement. One step at a time is excited as there is Much More to come.

      Thank You Friend.

      Thanks to share the link. That is the correct comment.

  31. What kind of joke is this.....there are no accidents of this type...

    ‘Sorry about the bomb’: Aussie police apologize for 'training device' left in Sydney airport
    Australian police was forced to apologize after it turned out that police officers left explosives in Sydney airport after a sniffer dog training exercise. The devices remained in the airport for almost a month without anyone retrieving them.

    Some 230 grams of plastic explosives were left after a dog training exercise August 14. Since then the Australian Federal Police (AFP) did not take away the device, which was hidden inside an “unclaimed” suitcase.

    This can not be accident .... somebody must have been responsible for inventory of all detail items that were used for whatever exercise ....

    This time sheeple got dead

  32. Valdi

    Thanks for Putin letter...signed

  33. John

    Thank you for the above. Could I ask this - are you expecting a group of undervalued currencies like the Rupiah and Won to revalue too? Because I'm wondering about the timing; double dipping would have to be stopped for obvious reasons so would every currency go together? Perhaps we are only talking dongs and dinar here though after all?

    Best regards

  34. JOHN,

    Do you have a list of banks which are safe for us? PLEASE, yes or no. If yes, when you post that?

    {I am suspecting you may be saying "No", because there are so very many crooks in the banking systems. Also, are you worried about liability if someone who uses the info and still gets robbed by the bank from this list?}

    I honestly do not understand why you have not posted a list. It takes time to open new accounts!


  35. Jeeves,
    So far only Dongs profile well. There is not resource capital to fund fantasy trading. Multi currencies have to wait. a step at a time.


    All when ready. We do not want Guru scumbags feeding fantasies to score more sales. They all need to do time. Most as Big Bubba's Bitch.

    1. OMG...BBB!!! envisioning that statement with a brit accent :)

    2. Or John,
      "Call on TYRONE??!!!!"

  36. Life is so much more than " My damned lick!".Be more than these scumbags. So much is free. Even a smile can make make the lonely and lost feel wanted. Just give a little of yourself to help anyone feel a part of something more. That matters, and THAT IS Your Book of Life. Be more.

    We need more of good preaching as this......

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    1. Vlastmil you are right. Spend so much time alone a smile from a stranger is gold to me. See very few , but do see lots of wagging tails and happy critters so it's not all bad! )

    2. It's all Love. I do smile at humans when I am on errands. But, seeing my cats happy makes ME smile.

      Great stuff here.


    If you still eat at McDonalds, read this. Thank me later....


    1. DL,
      Check this out...this might make you mad...Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

      The truth about McDonald's and missing children

      Creator help us!

  38. Thanks John, I should think safeguards will have to be put in place to stop crowds jumping on currencies after the first step is complete. Too much at stake. Suddenly every other undervalued currency in the world will become guru dinar-type nonsense and could cause problems for that country.


    I predict that SCOTLAND"S vote results will show: A majority win for NO votes to go independent.
    UK simply has too much to lose if Scots votes results show a majority of "yes" votes.


  40. Once we get the PPs free, we will look at expanding OWON more for so many nations needs.

    The US actually has about 45% fixed voters on either one of 2 bad sides. A 3% real swing can lose an election.
    But, if you can get just 20 Congressmen or Senators in as Independents on a OWON backing, we could hold a Coalition balance of power and force a real clean up and Congressional Inquiries. Then we can ramrod the rats into trials. Its not so big a task once you hold the balance of power. That's how to fast track US recovery. Focus on taking down the big rats and Cabal. Either side will sell the other sides Butts to gain power.

    Independents owing loyalty to a national clean up, can attract really good people to run.
    I see so much potential on the site from so many nations. You bring a light of hope to our world.
    Be encouraged by such good company. Our role is to talent spot and help good causes. To help stop oppression and, when the time is right, to help set up so many key projects and address real needs.
    I look at thousands of homeless sleeping under arches in Detroit when thousands of homes are empty.
    I look at Wall Street making vast Billions in bonuses cross trading worthless Derivatives, denying good industries essential development seedcorn capital and hope for families. Wall Street feeds greed not need.

    Soros, Blankfein, the Bush/Clinton Mafia,Greenspan and the Zionist Mafia, will face Millennia in a vacuum of pain beyond anything they can even conceive, where no one will hear their pain, or care.
    Those who have returned know. With humour and purpose. Not to preach, but do. To lead by encouraging and giving hope. At your darkest time, you are not alone. There is more.So much. There is hope. Hope comes when least expected. Life is not about the value of your bank account but the values in your heart and the worth of your Soul.
    Then you will feel the purpose of the all God, saying be all you can be, as a part of me. You are one part of all. Singular but total. Be part of more. Make your Bond to the Highest power, you don't need posing middle men in silly dresses. Free will. Your choice to be. Or not. What you give , is part of you, many gain. What you take , is someone 'elses. If in need, the word loses. Gain by pain is no answer, it's material maleficence. Worth nothing once the novelty has gone, but at whose price. Hope dies. How can any of you deny a God who's very being your own Soul is part of. Keep an open men. Many of you will be awestruck when your journey time ends. Learn and be all you can . So much is there, its down to you, Every day, you will always get through. All the goodness you need is in your heart and mind.
    Look at all people differently. Smile at the babies, the Children and the old. Let each feel safe and loved. Build up your own Brownie points for cash in time.

    1. John, I believe I have been reading your posts since around the beginning of this year. While they are all good in one form or another, this one is outstanding. What a great purpose and that sounds very doable!

      Thank you!

    2. Thank you have provided such encouragement and hope at one of the darkest times in history.

    3. When I was a teen I thought of what it'd be like as a politician, but have realised it is a den of vipers that no sane person could stand for long. With strong backing John that may change. Fingers crossed. This week more than most, my hope is vaporising. The cage feels strong. Searching for an exit. I didn't think the chain to the cage would be this tough to break. I don't get it - why can't these peeps just be arrested already? We have a humanity to get on with! Isn't there evidence that can be trolled out?? Time to do it.

    4. AjnaAndy

      I've been reading each and every single one of your posts. I have been remiss, and apologize. I want to WELCOME you here, as I had used to do most all new comment posters. My personal turmoils is my excuse. Yet, I suspect that you have much, much more to express!! We ALL collectively truly DO value & do welcome that!! You have some valuable insights to bring forth, I am positive of that. (Are you an indiginous born?) ~darylluke.

    5. John,

      Your first line is great Hope for the Nations and We The Global People. There is a whole world outside the US and much greater need in humanitarian support. There are thousands upon thousands of libertarians in many countries waiting for an opportunity to force Change.

      We need to bring new industries, new projects and Variety of Jobs to revamp the Lazy Hands to a whole new working class.

      Before we can stimulate the expansion of consciousness, they need to produce and be fed by the work of their own hands. Trust and confidence on their own abilities are key to push collective change.

      I'm very excited and positive about this.

      Thanks Friend.

  41. Thank you John, will do my part.

    For those who are looking for rides in bigger towns, here is something that have been looking at the last few days. It's an option.

  42. (93min)

    Published on Sep 9, 2014

    JiNN and SHADOW Beings [Simon Parkes - New Horizons 2014]

    Simon Parkes gives another mind blowing presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes on the 8th of September 2014.

    Simon Parkes talks in detail about Jinn and Shadow Beings; and bring us up to date with his latest UFO research...

    Jinn are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology that inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Though the Jinn are made of a “smokeless and scorching fire”, they are also physical in nature, being able to interfere physically with people and objects and likewise be acted upon.

    A Shadow Being (also known as a Shadow Figure, Shadow Person or Black Mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure who, like the Jinn, may be either evil, helpful or neutral and may be an extra-dimensional inhabitant of another universe.

    Simon’s recent talk at New Horizons, “The Alien Agenda”, has already been viewed by over 300,000 people on YouTube.

    Watch it here:

    Born to an illuminati family:


  43. Subject: Here's the start of their scam on us,may they all rot as the scum they are
    (*)Speech from Colonel Edward Mandel House 1913

    Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that's you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call "Social Insurance." Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America."

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Synchronicity, brother!! Wow. ~darylluke.

    2. Al Bielek Connects The Dots - Phil Schneider, Philadelphia Experiment, Hitler, White Draco's, Rothschild Zionists

      It's the Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist bankers and the City of London.

      It is well documented that Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist bankers create all the war, all the suffering, all the chaos, and all the genocide, planet wide.

      It's the Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist bankers who attack and destroy Human Beings.

      It's the Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist Bankers who are incessantly organizing the degradation of Human Life, while plotting full spectrum dominance and enslavement the Human Race.


      If the Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist bankers have the market of evil cornered on planet Earth, WHO - OR WHAT - DO THE ROTHSCHILD/ROCKEFELLER'S TAKE TAKE THEIR ORDERS FROM?



    3. In Response To: ROGER WATERS - WHAT GOD WANTS (The_Fox)

      Waters gets it.

      Of course, the god is bleeping insane.

      Always has been.

      The god is senseless.

      Prior to the surfacing of the reptilian god intermingling with Human Existence, the Earth was a marvelous place of peace and tranquility.

      It was the reptilian god disease who taught Mankind greed, murder, coveting, and war; because the ignorant, self appointed reptilian god knew nothing except blood lust for power and control.

      When the god disease first infected Human Beings, it spread from the Euphrates into Egypt and into Sumeria, which then infected the Human Family, along with the entire planet from thereon.

      The recorded god lineage began with the Annunaki, and descended through the proto-Sythians, the Sumerians in one branch and the early Egyptians in another; the Phoenicians; the Mittani; back to the Sythians again through marital alliance; along to the "Tuatha-de-Danan" and the Fir Bolg; down through the Arch-Druidic, Priest-Princely families, to the Royal Picts of Scotland and the High Kings of Horse Lords of Dal Riada; through to the Elven Dynasty of Pendragon and the Avalion del Acqs; and down to a few 'purebred' reptilian families today.

      All very distinguished sounding titles; but as the descendents of the gods bloodlines of today continue to illustrate; who display their senseless veracity for, and revel in their uncontrollable addiction to ignorance, it is apparent the apple does not fall far from the tree.




      What exact reasoning is it, that continues to allow this group of bloodthirsty, notoriously evil, predator parasite species so much leeway within the Human experience?

      This is insanity, yet this is real, and happening now.

      These non-human entities are thoroughly and completely batshit crazy, according to any measure of sanity.

      Why then, are these insane psychopath Satainst PREDATORS, who are, in real time - such as past and present - addicted to the killing and sacrifice of Human men, women, and children, who prioritize the spilling and consuming of the blood of Human Beings - allowed to roam free to terrorize Human Beings in every corner of the planet?

      No other entities on planet Earth carry on in such a reprehensible, disgusting, in-human manner.


      There is no reason.

      The predator species is always non-nonsensical.

      One cannot justify that which cannot be justified, unless Human Beings choose to be blind or retarded - or both.



    5.'re batting 1000.
      This is all good and relevant stuff...great reading for the soul.
      Thank you

    6. Thanks for the kudos. But, the sad reality of it is that WAY too few people will take the time to read and watch the stuff I have posted....REALITY, SHE IS A BITCH!!! And, way too few will step out of their self imposed comfort zones to read, see & hear what just may be the truth!! ~darylluke.


    This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.



    Because people have no thoughts to deal in,they deal cards,and try and win one another’s money. Idiots!


  47. MOSCOW, September 12 (RIA Novosti) - The European Union announced in its Official Journal Friday it was imposing a new round of sanctions on Russia, including those targeting the country’s major defense and energy companies.

    Just wonder if Russia ever intends to go to counter-attack and hit EU and US hard.....once for all..

    This is also the result of withholding MH17 data to public.....

  48. Moscow on sanctions: ‘EU unwilling to see Russia’s efforts on Ukraine’

    The EU “does not see or is unwilling to see” Russia’s efforts to establish peace in Ukraine, Moscow said in response to the bloc's new sanctions. Despite Brussels’ “non-constructive” policy, Moscow is committed to helping implement the peace plan.

    “We are sorry that the European Union has adopted a new round of sanctions. We have repeatedly expressed our discontent with the previously-imposed sanctions and our disagreement with them. We also considered them illegal,” Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said

  49. Please muzzle that fascist barking pussycat that believes that he is a bulldog ....

    At anniversary of 9/11 American pussy cat who is Nobel Prize 'icon' promises he will bomb and kill anything he decides regardless what sovereign country thinks about......namely Syria and Assad....

    ;;;;; are being seen through lenses of you pussycat and views you as they view pussycat of WH.....

    ....This is the stigma that no one holding US passport can escape .... unfortunately it works that way, it works also in reverse, just, brave and wise president creates an image to each citizen, it is like a mark of identity .... public swap of emotions and generalisation of opinion ..... each one is part of (unless you are John and him alike who live outside of the system..)

    Sorry about that....

  50. DL

    I see Scotland the same way....
    If YES vote triggers England leaving EU .... then I would cheer for sure for YES to independence .... this would be the fasted way to break down fascist evil terrorist idiotic leadership of EU ..... blind to justice and quick to lies and crime...

    1. I will not comment. (Read well what I wrote.) I chose my words well, and we can discuss this after sept.18th???

  51. Apparently not that much we can expect to change...two years to hold truth under the table till elections in US....maybe independent might get momentum .....maybe not.....

    I thought we ride for high ....

    Assad's Syria gas will not be investigated, neither MH17...maybe published in couple of years for variety of reasons, like bad crop in Eritrea cause a delay in investigation etc.... 7/7 will go unnoticed UK will release some Bond films instead to muzzle public that MI6 keeps all save....

    You might think not at all ..... this time we will get it fast. Look at JFK .....

  52. Russian Duma Speaker

    Naryshkin cited a quotation which says that even if the shots in Sarajevo had not been fired there would have been other pretexts and causes to unleash Word War I, and that echoes with the situation at the present day, he added.
    “The sanctions announced by President Obama have no more anything to do with reality,” Naryshkin declared.

  53. WASHINGTON, September 11 (RIA Novosti) -Washington does not have information who is behind the chemical attacks in Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry told journalists.
    “We do not have detailed information about specifically who issued an order, as we did on August the 21st event. We do not have specific information about what entity delivered it,” Kerry said on Wednesday.

    Here you have it.....

    Why did they keep accusing Assad that he did it, if they have no evidence after one year of investigation how less of evidence they had 2 hours after the attack, yet they claimed that they know....

    Kill all fascist liars .....


    So dirty tricks ....HMMMMMM

    Maybe MI5 and Mother of Parliaments should look at Crimea and Novorossia how to hold decent referendum and who people should be treated .......
    ......TREAT PEOPLE WITH DIGNITY!!!!!!!!!

    OHHHH one might say, too much at stake. There is always too much at stake - namely your soul.


    US threatened Yahoo with $250,000 daily fine over NSA data refusal

    Company releases 1,500 documents from failed suit against NSA over user data requests and cooperation with Prism compliance

  56. Now the Nesara Nutter announces to the word for the 967 th time, his Dinars are being paid today, as he dances with Santa, Hooch in one hand and Dong in his other. Wait for yet another appeal of send me 800 Bucks. Sounds something like Banker but with a W? Needs putting out of its misery.
    It was sent to us to comment. We don't follow the rag.

    1. Well, you were close. He's only asking for $400 for now. Sounds like he will ask for the other $400 in a week or two. ;)

  57. Honestly, I don't know how people can read that shite over and over again and still listen to these fools.

    Mountain goat is a cool name though. I wish that was mine!

    1. JV - mountain goat = SHEEPLE! understand? :)

      start to de-program yourself...

    2. It was a joke.

      Get a life!


    3. Sierra Mist - JV

      Please keep the comment section respectful.

    4. JV sincere apologies if you took that the wrong way. it was not meant in a assertive matter at all.
      have a wonderful day and blessings :)

    5. Sorry. It's been a rough day.

  58. The pound could fall by another 10pc if Alex Salmond triumphs
    Such a monumental crash, coming on top of the decline we have seen so far, would have immense repercussions on the British economy

  59. there is a 12 month "disclosure timescale" in child sexual abuse sentencing guideline is totally unacceptable. All victims deserve equal justice, no matter if they disclose straight away, or after twenty years, and justice should not be thwarted by an out of date law and sentencing guidelines like this.

    1. Agreed LL33...some people believes that time heals all wounds...not so, time only allow some with wounds to die and leave an injured party with no recourse...this is shameful..Laws across the Universe should be made consistent with the crime that expands all nations. An eye for an eye!

  60. Agree wholeheartedly ladyliberty33. The abuse, even when it ends, leaves psychological scars for many years if left unattended in victims - which is often the case.

  61. Some may need to see this :-

    1. All or Nothing...this is such truth, investigated that no one wants to's widely known now and still no prosecution.

  62. Fedup , Since we now have a growing audience here on OWoN, viewership can be extended.

    1. I guess you that we have this platform blasting our refusal to accept this corruption is awesome. And, we all are of the same mind...I am confident that we will be heard!
      Thank You

  63. Friends of OWoN and beyond,

    Seeking the power of knowledge and truth, let´s look at "Christianity" today and how its "morals and laws" killed the power of love among Christians. Sadly, Christianity dogma became a grouse symbolism of its Christ and ridicule to the cause.

    Let´s emphatically say that Christianity is a religion like any other, and if you think about its historical and plain of existence, Christianity Is Not the best religion around.

    We need to understand that religion is a human system, a human discipline, a human morality, human sacrifices and Desperation to please God. This concept is totally and solely a Human Project. Your Faith and Ethereal Soul has nothing to do with inventions made by Christianity or any other religion. You Are So Much More, a Masterpiece of Creation.

    Religion usurped the Truth and the real meaning of Ethereal Life. Because is a Human Project it fails to reconnect us back to the Source even if forcibly using its own means and its own righteousness through a system of doctrines and spiritual exercises. Religion supposedly makes man reach God, but fails miserably.

    To understand Christianity you need to go back and look at Constantine. The Roman Empire was divided, weakened and imposed by force of mercenaries and expanded through brutality. While Rome succumbed to debauchery, lust and des-humanization, a new form or concept of god had to be introduced to "save the empire".

    Constantine, what a devilish smart ass huh? Hey, if you become a Christian you don´t have to pay taxes, what a deal huh?

    How could we ever believe in such a thing, were something finite tries to over embrace the Infinite? As I can´t embrace the Infinite through physicality neither can´t I believe in religion, then Christianity becomes obsolete to me.

    If you believe in the mission of 12 and their pure message, you will Have to forget Christianity to find the Real Gospel, the pure message that You Are Much More and There is Life after Death.

    We debate key and sensitive issues because We want all men to be Free from fear of death, tyranny of the spirits and the control of men through perverted handlers.

    Let´s expand, create and abolish Evil influences and false understandings to reach the Soul of Man.

    I am a Christian and I AM FREE.

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! You Get it. You are blessed for many live their entire lives not knowing the reason for their existence. For truly, "You Are So Much More, a Masterpiece of Creation". So much biting, hating and devouring in this world. The "Real Gospel" is "Good News", not hating, condemnation or any man made religion. It's a pure true love that the world will never experience, because it's filtered through man's religious dogma. The traditions and doctrines of religion has made the "Good News" powerless and meaningless. But I will live the rest of my life revealing the true revelation of what the Gospel means and how it was given. Thank you for letting me share. We can all make a difference..... The Power of One.

      I am a Christian and I AM ALSO FREE.

      Yes...we are the incredible creation that have all power of our Creators creation. Our Creator gave us the power in our hearts to master this universe and beyond. We have to let go of what we have been taught and think for ourselves and ask ourselves the hard questions..."you shall know them by their fruits..."]

      The Good News is that religion was created by the dark masters of deception; and much of the truth was turned into a lie to have us worship the created rather than our Creator.

      We have to get out of the matrix of religion and get into the power of truth because that which you give your power to is what you are "sealed" by (whether you know or don't know). This is the greatest deception of mankind and this is the war for the soul of man. This is why religion produces so much division and strife because it's not the truth. The truth is free, loving, and compels cooperation no matter who, what, where...and our Creator gave us everything we need to endure and change things in this life without anyone's indoctrination. The mind we have is not our own, we have to fight to free ourselves from the coven-ants who have existed through time and created this economic system, religions, education, politics, money, and hate.

      Answer yourself one question? What religion was our Creator? And if you believe in Jesus, what religion was Jesus?

    3. HopeisAlive, FedUp:
      I contemplate the beautiful meaning in the words You just wrote. We share the same feelings meanwhile we navigate within this ocean of religious retardation.
      Men became brainless unable to think and do. What would take to wake up the masses, how come only 12 men in a mission, simply illiterate fisherman's could thrive.

      I thank the Creator to allow us to soar above the mediocrity and forced alienation. Been there done that. Now our present and future is beyond and our envision is for the betterment of mankind through Knowledge and Truth.

      With love and respect, compassion and help hand, iron fist were required, we will push transformation. The abandoning of world religions is just a matter of time now, they all failed as a human project. What it counts is the legacy we leave behind as a Religion Free Ethereal Being.

      Take care Friends, great comments.

    4. BofB,
      Awesome divine love, in truth and light!

  64. Two issues of varying importance.

    1.Currency timing. Do you still need to watch closely? Absolutely it's a by the day thing now. Pressure is intense and so is the Geo Political battle. Have hope, watch and wait.

    2. The level of consciousness emerging now between you all relating to Ethereal existence is interesting.An awakening. Sunday schools religious ideologies for kids on the starter block are fine, but as with the real world, things get a whole lot more complex when you grow up. As you reshape and position to cope with the fundamental realities of real life, the same applies to so called religions. Re assess and adjust. Now is time to call it as it is. Don't let others do your thinking for you. You are all the keepers of your own Soul. Your journey and your responsibility. You don't need misguided delusional Muppets side tracking you away from reality, and no Black Clothed Poser has the power or authority to forgive Sins. What arrogance and duplicity. More Vatican crap for a Buck. You unleash it, you own it and carry it. That is part of your Book of Life. Confessional boxes are a joke. You own it, you will be assessed in time.

    Jehova's allowing a child to needlessly die for want of an operation, blood transfusion or organ transplant. It's not your life to waste you idiots. Your child deserves all our technologies and our free will to be exercised. Your children were not born to die needlessly. Grow up. How mind perverted are such religions? It's Sub Human.

    What sort of fathers allow their poor daughters to be married off from 6 onwards as Muslims do.Cousins to Cousins. Look at the appalling genetic diseases carried between Muslim and Jewish families. They all got it so wrong. Interbreeding? Hello??? Ask Midwives to comment on what they deal with from such Genetic abnormalities. Worse, the demands of low IQ Muslim husbands after birthing.

    To develop now as a species, it is time to think for ourselves as a species. Work - it- out!
    The key to all is within your own minds, and that truly opens a Pandora's Box of immense magnitude. This is just a 60 to 100 year Pit Stop on a journey of Billions of years for most.

    Most so called religions have little to do with any real world connection to the Kinetic Universal entity. Religions, by and large are man created, and evolved over millennia. Reality is when you evaluate how a paranoid delusional schizophrenic was about to murder his own son until a voice or reason recalled reality back to lead the Nutter! And that became a religious Icon figure? There but for the Grace of God, goes another psychotic deluded poor Sod. Loonies get eulogised. Sure, the hand of God seeks to lead you through a paranoid delusional? Get real! Wake up time is coming. Grow up time also. Time to think in a balanced context of expanded reality. Differentiate the realities and awesome majestic beauty of the real God, from the Papacy Scribe manipulated crap passing as religions.
    One has a fundamental truth. The others are just manipulative businesses. With appalling pasts. Mass murder and Genocide is our inheritance from the Papal Inquisition across Europe. a truly vile and Godless monstrosity with its vast land holdings and Corporate powers, speaks for no God. Look at the Muslims today. God? Not at all. God- Less!

    To be, you exist,you are. But- What? You are the sum of so much more. For man to progress, we must now evolve.
    That is why we encourage so much free expression to help all explore fundamental realities and to debate as Globally empowered free minds. Free will. Be more, become more.

    1. Here you find an interesting video "season of Treason"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you John, you have spelled this out very well. The concept of sin being anything more than the mistake it is just wrong. It has burdened too many for centuries and you are right, to make a buck and to keep the population under papal control.

      Evolving is much more than the physical plane. It is finding out who you are and then seeking more, that connection to God. It's the ultimate journey of the soul on its way back to God/source.

    4. Thanks John.
      Both of your comments are Outstanding and Very Relevant to us.

      It's about time we stop drinking baby milk and start feed ourselves. Meat is coming in chunks now and if we don't prepare, we can choke.

      I'm very excited indeed.

    5. John so true!
      Now with truth coming out I read that there are healing machines. We are dis-eased because of what we don't know; and soon there will be no more sickness...death is needless since we are eternal. So yes, technology will be coming forth to clean up the entire earth, to heal us of our dis-eases, and to even create nourishment for our bodies at a thought.

      Our Creator made it all for our knowing. Things are changing rapidly..and new technology once released will be very surprising to us. We won't have to pay the piper for free energy implements, we won't need medicine, we won't need much of what was created by the dark forces in order for us to survive; all to make them money.

      This is an awesome article and should be taken in deeply to ponder on the wonders of our Creator.
      Thank you.

  65. John, wonderful article and your comments are more enlightening than ever. My ? Is with Scotlands possible separation from the United Kingdom would they not be a perfect canadid for the PP's.

    1. Scott
      Scotland faces a really difficult choice here. Pride v reality. North Sea Oil is running down and Scotland will lose vast income if it gets swept away with Fat Salmonds weasel mouth for political gain for him. he has neither the brain power nor talent for this. Banks will move, TV licenses will shoot up and so will many costs. They have been subsided for centuries.
      It suits and Englishman to let them go,. It will save us vast billions and rid us of their disruptive votes enabling us to blow away the Labour Party ( Dems) at the polls. A must for England to avoid more recessions under free spending half wit Labour rule. .
      But for the Scots people, when the novelty is over the bills will role in. Suddenly this basket case Welfare Country will face harsh realities. The kids futures will have been blown away by Gobby Scots MPs. Welfare cuts will crash in. Food prices will rocket. They will lose all the shipyard jobs and Regiments will close. It will be a major cold bath to stand alone. I think a tragedy will unfold and there will be no way back. Ego and hubris, but the damage will be done. It will put them back a century. They have zero infrastructure without us. And the second biggest alcoholic city in Europe as Glasgow only behind Dublin. Celts and booze?
      They will need a real hand soon enough. They will get what they vote for. Its a crazy gamble for the majority of Scots, but ignorance may rule again. Its their call now. I feel for them both ways.

    2. Hmmmm, so it is....., street Joes do not see global details and nobody tells them....., sorry for that. We will see how it will unfold.....,

    3. JOHN,

      Well, this is certainly a surprise to me. I thought Great Britain had a LOT to lose if they vote YES. I thought there was Trillion$ worth of untapped offshore oil revenues there. Yet, like they say, "There is more here than meets the eye!", as you point out here. ~darylluke.

  66. Was the Spotlight News Paper targeted for elimination?
    by Walter Burien

    The Following is a copy of a Spotlight News Paper "Cover Page" Feature article. The Spotlight was located in Washington DC.

    Shortly after featuring the CAFR, the Spotlight was targeted for elimination by the Government Gang.

    This is but one of twelve feature CAFR stories the Spotlight ran and after reading the following you will see why they were quickly targeted for elimination. They were very clear on their editorial hitting straight to the spinal cord of the matter breaching the "Silence is Golden" rule that the syndicated media has cooperated with for over 65-years. The same silence rule goes for the Political parties, and controlled education.

    Keep in mind this was published in 1998 and it is now 2013 and the "silence" appears to be still strongly in place due to the money and control involved. Anyone hear the calm before the storm?

    Copy and share with those that need to learn the "Name of the Game"

    TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

    ALL the states have Trillions$ hidden from public view. This has been a terribly long fight for Walter Burien to try to help expose to the public. It merits investigation and exposure. ~darylluke.

    1. When funds are set aside for state and local governments they are actually written off of the books as encumbered; which means that they are not accounted for as available. Non profit accounting works different from private businesses...however, the way they do it leaves a door open for abuse.

      The funds may be set aside for years for municipal construction projects that may never get done; however, they are held out by line items, unspent; until someone decides to move the funds into some other line item.

      CAFR is a very telling document and yes, there is deep abuse...there needs to be independent audits from third party auditors to disclose the abuse. This is taxpayer money, this money comes from the federal treasury appropriated through the budgets.

  67. Did Porky just announce he will accept the deal with Putin and Ukraine join the BRICS?!!
    I certainly hope so. Perhaps SANITY will prevail to end the madness there.

    Also, I did not know that LLOYD'S owns Royal Bank Of Scotland!! It seems there will be a massive flight of capital OUT of Scotland if the YES note wins. They are in big trouble should that happen. PLUS, as JOHN has stated the shipping jobs will be gone!! ~darylluke.

  68. DL
    Lloyds do NOT own RBS. They are just registered there as Lloyds Bank. RBS was fouled up by the Scots. As was Bank of Scotland and HBOS. I suspect enough Welfare grabbing Scots wont give up State funded booze for Independence. Otherwise they have to start working. Dreams are free and too many Scots will go for the ongoing Free Lunch.
    Bottom line, the Scots people ARE better off in the UK, hard fact, but if they want to commit financial suicide, who are we to stop them? Its a cold, wet and windswept country with little real industry and needing the UK to employ most of them. Given a free vote most of the English would actually vote them out of the Union. That's the real vote need, Give the English a chance to say Throw your hook and go. They would be out by a landslide. Even the Romans build Hadrians Wall across the Scots borders to keep them out of the Empire. They didn't want them and we got stuck with them. In 300 years they had achieved what? Politics.

  69. DL, I have been on the phone many times with Walter Burrien very intelligent guy and is trying to do the right thing and has been terribly harassed and put thru the ringer by these thugs.

    1. For some reason I received two emails from him, but not received anything in months....

    2. Yea he finally received his funding for the trip to Washington and is setting up shop and making all the preparations before he goes.

  70. A lot of bs talk and not much action.
    Millions of american men are ready to take back America but have no leaders to direct them. All we have is a lot of dreamers.
    People in position we have but they have no clue how to bring men together to fight for America. Please bring back the likes of General Patton and get rid of all the weak fearful boys we have now.

  71. John,

    I don't think the people of Scotland are responsible for the collapse of their banking system. Although they footed the bill to help save the system. Typical of the corporate world. Profits are privatized and losses are socialized. Even their board agreed that it was RBS's fault.

    RBS chairman Sir Philip Hampton said: "Taxpayers should never have had to rescue RBS. The FSA are right to have given the British public its assessment of events and factors that led to RBS requiring government assistance. The FSA's views are an important contribution to the debate on how banks should be managed and regulated in the future."

    As well as blaming the bank's management - led by Sir Fred Goodwin - the FSA also admits that the international rules for banks at the time were inadequate and insists that the takeover of ABN Amro in the autumn of 2007, that left the bank with too low capital levels, would not have taken place under new rules put in place since the banking crisis.

    "The report also reinforces the conclusion that the global capital standards applied before the crisis were severely deficient and liquidity regulation was totally inadequate. Banks across the world, including RBS, were operating on levels of capital and liquidity that were far too low," Turner said.

    He cites six reasons for the bank's collapse:

    • significant weaknesses in RBS's capital position, as a result of management decisions and permitted by an inadequate global regulatory capital framework

    •over-reliance on risky short-term wholesale funding, which was permitted by an inadequate approach to the regulation of liquidity

    • concerns and uncertainties about RBS's underlying asset quality because of little fundamental analysis by the FSA

    • substantial losses in credit trading activities, which eroded market confidence and both the bank and the regulator underestimated how bad the losses were

    • the ABN Amro acquisition took place with "inadequate due diligence"

    • an overall systemic crisis in which the banks in worse relative positions were extremely vulnerable to failure. RBS was one such bank.

    He also said there was a seventh factor in the bank's collapse - the "underlying deficiencies in RBS management, governance and culture which made it prone to make poor decisions".

    The executive summary points out that: "Individual poor decisions can result from flawed analysis and judgment in particular circumstances: many of the decisions that RBS made appear poor only with the benefit of hindsight.

    Let's not blame the people of Scotland for problems of bad banking management.

    1. Scots inept Bank Management including ego driven Fred Goodwin. We allowed RBS to overgear and buy up a good Bank in Natwest. .They screwed them both. BOS, HBOS, Scots control. Belly up. England had to bail them. We should never have allowed such latitude,. Nor will again.
      But the probable reality is that the Scots will vote for a subsidised get out of jail vote and stay, so the Union will probably continue saddling England with the Political and economic burdens . If not, if they don't choke and do go for it,.let each nation forge its own destiny. Let both nations co exist.
      But England then can keep the Socialists out of power for a Century. Alex Salmond is a habitual horse racing gambler, only this time he is betting the Ranch, Scotland's entire future, which will disenfranchise the nation for ever. My head says let them go, it's a good economic gain. A huge subsidy burden off our backs.. But, the heart says find a balanced deal as nations on a small Island. That would be the most humane solution. When the heart rules the head, how does it end up? National pride is understood. Most English are relaxed about the outcome. But why then can't the English have a free vote to keep them or not? How about Democracy both ways? .

    2. My heart says as a union we are stronger . The RBS under Goodwin trashed The National Westminster provincial was a good bank many moons ago. The other British banks needed bail outs and not so good either. My head say they may vote YES by a narrow margin, UK dirty tactics didn't help imho.....
      my 2 cents for what its worth

    3. JV
      Or better, Central Banking...they were sold toxic mortgages from UsA...mortgages which were overvalued.
      All partners trading with UsA since 2007 were all fooled and this is where the collapse started...

  72. JOHN,

    Thank you for this update:

    "1.Currency timing. Do you still need to watch closely? Absolutely it's a by the day thing now. Pressure is intense and so is the Geo Political battle. Have hope, watch and wait."

    I have my diapers all ready, just in case the VND comes out near a dollar!! ~darylluke.

    1. Every chance a result is coming. All heads are focused, we talk daily. Now is not the time to pr release probable real world rates, so let the accord be agreed first.

    2. Fingers crossed for VND ACCORD AGREEMENT.

    3. It would certainly receive some stressful days.

    4. I mean relieve...ahhh! See what I mean


    1. I believe he said window close end of October....we are still on "day to day" right now.

    2. Ah, Ty. Old age causes dumb memory slips.
      Ty my friend


    The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.


    There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourses of men.
    John Locke


  76. Scotland: Vote yes for world peace - by Finian Cunningham

    "There's one good reason for why Scotland should vote yes for independence: the breaking up of the United Kingdom would be an imminently good thing for the sake of world peace."

    Over-centralization of power inevitably leads to tyranny: isn't that the aim of the NWO - to have a one-world government presiding over an enslaved humanity?

    Glasgow used to be a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution - Scotland's regaining its sovereignty and independence may be the stimulus needed to revitalise the productivity of the people along with a sense of pride in their accomplishments, as long as they don't fall victim once again to the predatory banks and end up having to sell off their national assets to the globalists.

    Here's your chance, Scotland. It may not come again. GO FOR IT!

    1. Valdi

      Just a few days to go then Democracy wins. If Scotland stays, we have to build better links as combined nations. If they go, it helps England keep its Socialist Left Wing, Free Spending, Economy Wrecking Rabble out of power for a century. It also saves us vast Billions in Scots subsidies. All those shipbuilding jobs will head to England. We will increase prices in line with reality to them, How will they cope with Mail services and the Telecomms costs needing so many masts in their Mountains country? Postal delivery costs to so many Islands? Free Unis now paid by us. They have reality wake up calls coming. Our Scots regiments will be closed down. Right now, they get almost free money via our Bank of England. Kiss that goodbye and see what borrowing costs alone in the real world. Once it unravels, they will have to sell their kilts to stay alive. Corporate HQs will go and the taxes with it. Fine, let it be.
      BBC TV will cease to them so who will fund home production?
      NHS grants will end. See how they cope with that baby. Plus 10,000 more examples.
      Pride commeth before a fall. We gave them cheap money loaned to RBS. They abused it, overbid for ABN, and cross screwed up Natwest. Clueless and ego driven. They will start with Debt shares and no reserves. An idiot UK Scots PM , unelected , but cashing in after Blair was ejected, sold England's Gold reserves, as the fool he was. Scots missjudgment. Again!
      Reality will be harsh once it hits. Alone, on a windswept rock, rain lashing down, where then?
      The kids are hoping for so much. When it all fails, what then? There will be no plan B. Border controls will go up. Toll roads will go up across our bridges and it will cost them to cross them. But no one is telling them the down sides.
      Its hard to call right now. Will pride rule, or their head? I often show guests the Gibbet where we hung Malcolm Wallace in the House of Commons. He over reached. History is a cruel taskmaster. This time the nation will get hung out to dry if it votes to stand alone.
      Economic reality will be a bitter pill.
      Think of the sheer drunkenness seen now in Glasgow. Expect it to spread fast. First to celebrate, then to drown their sorrows.
      If we lose them, we gain. But it will be a sorry day because the humanitarian cost will be high over time.
      When taxes go up, truth will come home. Fat Alex Salmond bets horses every day. A real Loser. Now he will be betting and wasting the lives of millions. That is reality. A fools paradise will emerge. This is all ego madness and will end in tears. If it helps us rid England of our rubbish Socialist head cases getting back into power, we win. big gain for us. But ruination for the Scots. Its another Irish Republic in the making. Look how that ended up. I just feel enough calmer heads., looking at the real risk, may vote no.
      I understand and respect the pride issue. But balanced judgement would vote no. But, Que Sera Sera.
      Friday we will know. I for one will be sorry if they leave. But happy to see Labour smashed. Friday onwards we go with their wishes. England gains to lose. Scots freedom at what price? Its going to be like divorcing a 55 year old wife with no Pension and telling her to go find a job and keep herself for a change. Lets wait and see.

    2. Yugoslavia countries survived somehow, though sponsored by EU exept of Srbia who indeed could be consider not guilty party that initiated that turmoil there ......,

      Czech and Slovaks survived as well somehow .... nobody has a pink future ....

      It is always emotional, people have families ties etc...

      Just a funny story from Czech - Slovaks split. It ended up that one mountain village was split half way because of boarder line....half of the village ended up in Czech and half Slovaks (about 600 people village)....people out there laugh at that, they ignore the boarder....but it is true. Village split in halves.

      If Scotland goes, not all will adapt to new changes ...., many people like to keep old way of things being is not easy to adapt....mafia will get into play...corruption might the beginning of new changes wolves that are prepared will try to tear their bit as fast as will might be kind of vacuum for such moves .... those with less consciousness and big elbows will win....

    3. On the other hand Scotland might be force to stand independently to be creative and fight ..... and it might open doors for their new potentials .... which might be just good for the people of Scotland .....

      If they go.... might be that many will try to move fast to England .....

      But if the fool rules who gambles day by day, not sure ..... his energy and mindset is fix to chance and kind of luck .... no real rational economic mind that needs to be on the neck of the nation ....

    4. John,

      I don't want to see the UK breaking apart, any more than you; but this will give the Scots an opportunity to either prosper through their own efforts or fail through their own incompetence - they will no longer be able to suck on the English teat or blame Westminster for their misfortunes. They do have a reputation for being canny and resourceful with a fighting spirit, and may yet surprise us. Either way, I wish them well, whether they vote to remain as part of the UK or vote to leave.

    5. The best neighbours are those who are there in times of need; not those who make themselves needed all the time.

  77. For the Jim Willie Fan Club (he really ought to have one!): part 2 of his interview with Elijah Johnson of Finance and Liberty (Elijah apparently is a teenager with a keen interest in finance, yet he comes across as more sensible and mature than seasoned economists like Paul Krugman).

    OBAMA'S PLAN: DESTROY Dollar | Jim Willie (Part 2)

    1. Summary:

      Published on Sep 13, 2014
      - Why is Germany repatriating their gold? ►0:34
      Viewers Questions:
      - What is America's role in the new millennium? ►7:25
      - Will debt be erased in a dollar collapse? ►11:46
      - When will the U.S. government market rigging end? ►15:42
      - Should we invest in rigged markets? ►18:04
      - Australia aligning with the West or East? ►25:08
      - Will the BRICS association survive? ►29:49

    2. John

      what do you comment of Jim Willie reports......

      How much is he right on the target....?

    3. This is really scary ..... but John said it many times...empires end many times badly.....

      God help Americans...

    4. Valdi

      Scotland now has a truly unique opportunity for more Self Governance within the Union. A real shot at helping reshape Scotland within a protective umbrella makes a lot more sense. B of E analysis projections show bankruptcy facing Scotland if they try to go it alone. Right now its half a nation on crack howling like Banshees from their rear ends. .Scotland has a unique opportunity to really talk. Even a No Vote is not a loss for the Scotts. They can still have a major say in reshaping Scotland. A yes vote is going to cripple a nation who cant pay the freight for independence. Too many Gobby Scots are again mouthing off on fantasy trips. Hard facts, cash flow projections,k show a nation with no capital base, dreaming of expanding free state Welfare and cutting taxes. The methodology of a moron. Paid for with what? All empty headed hype rhetoric from their dreamers.

      Reality will be punitive taxation, savage cutbacks and an era of austerity back to the US Recession of the 1920's. Non get it. Once divorced we will not take them back. Many English, tired of their games over centuries, feel the only good thing to come out of Scotland, are the empty trains coming back.
      Scotland is not voting for independence but suicide. Encouraged by State Paid Politicos, like Fat Cat Salmond, funded by the taxpayers, or rabble rousing media. How many of these loose mouth pieces earn a dime? Let them pay to say.
      Humane, compassionate balanced views would say, don't go, negotiate.

      OWON successfully opens up a global forum base addressing many key issues of need and reality. All nations welcomed. Open mind's open forums. Why not Scotland? A Yes vote for Scotland will be like a midget taking on a heavyweight Sumu Wrestler. They will get stomped on by the consequences.

      Another Greece,Spain or Southern Ireland will emerge. Another complete Basket Case. Dreams don't pay your Bills. Where are their Industries real world? Most of their Gobby mouthpieces work in England to eat. Do they all go home as then as Non EU foreigners - Hello? Be sure we will pack them off. To what? How do they apply to join the EU? Based on what? Their economy will fail to clear. Who will provide Central Banking? It will come to London, and by their Gods will we charge them. 5M dreamers, with 4 M more living and working in England because their nation failed them.
      It all comes down to one basic premise.What can they afford alone?

      Zero! Oil is only 15% of their revenue and we wont just give it up for free. Our Investment, our infrastructure, our ownership. These Gobby fools think we will just hand it over for nothing? Like the Falklands we will. Its no free lunch and we will decide where we sell and what price. Or double transfer price it. Be sure, if we split, no Tick gets a free ride
      Dreaming mouthpieces aside, all real world projections show a nation heading for collapse if they go. Negotiation is far more sensible. England gains if they go. The Scots have no idea what will follow. Chaos. The Romans drew a wall across the nation for a reason. Even they did not want them. So Yes, they major in Booze.that says what?

    5. Thanks

      John, thing is that from time to time because of frustration some of us just explode ... sometimes me, sometimes DL, sometimes Valdi.....

      And it comes delivered in different ways.....(critic, language, etc....) it is not easy to have cool head all the time in our position that we are at....tensions are great, frustrations, waiting, broken dreams and plans and ambitions...being cornered with lies ....

      We all try as we can with little we have, Valdi goes and supports people against NATO, or for peace and justice in Palestine....he tries hard, so the rest of us...
      We want to do more, but limits keep us down and helpless....., then frustration pops up..

      At those times, do not take our frustrations personally even it might be aimed that way.....

  78. Vlastimil

    Jim is trying to get to grips with the reality facing the US. A Fiat Ponzi economy has to expand its base to continue, or collapse. That is impossible. It reaches its peak and implodes. As America will.
    Only releasing the PPs buys time and hope. Without that its a countdown clock. Even that only buys time. The clock still winds down. The entire old Anglo American /Vatican /Zionist Cabal game is crippling our world. Asia and Eurasia are effecting new changes, as are BRICS. Even the UK is re positioning. Zionist Banking and Israel, has to go. Two very poisonous scorpions threatening our planet. Dont deal with Zionists as human. Conceived by an Atheist it needs to be squashed as such. Zionists, ISIS, Muslim radicals, Rotten Childs? All they touch they destroy or poison.

  79. The latest ISIS beheading is again deplorable. As it is for each life they take.
    Its time now for real Statesmen Leaders to take over. Invite Russia and China to participate also if they wish. But then no more talking. They had their chance.
    Action. with or without them. Forget NATO or UN crap. Go! A combined team of c5,000 US/ UK/ Russian troops to be deployed as a Strike Force fast against ISIS. Use Drones,. missiles, plane straffing, helicopter gunships and ground forces, ISIS number c20K tops. One week total wipe out.
    Go in hard. No rules, NONE! Body Bag the lot, complete and total annihilation. Including any US mercenaries found among them. Absolute total wipe out. Torch the lot and bomb their bases in whatever country, no mercy. Make it clear to all nations you hide them you pay.
    20K wiped will take a week max. like Sewer Rats total them. No More! Send a message to the Wookies it's over and any more we take the lot down. All Jihadists now force execution. Work with Assad and Iran. Wipe out all Fundamentalists. Their bitches with them. No more. No more Mr Nice Guy.

  80. Have I gone mad or is Syria a Sovereign Nation?This smells just like Libya? ISIS was created by who, then funded by who? Yet, as swords rattle here, what don't they want us looking at over there? Wait!! Over there is actually right HERE: USSA. Guess somebody got sidetracked.... Shrewd bunch, d'em d'ang Jezoo-its!! ~darylluke.

  81. Your right DL this is a sneaky way for the US Corp to keep control of Iraq and get their Syria invasion. They're sneaky filthy bastards

  82. Obvious.

    Next thing should be fun to watch! ~darylluke.

  83. A quote from a destitute friend:

    "There was a time when the Iraqi dinar may have had a chance at some level of revaluation, but considering it is not presently traded, and doesn’t look to be traded before the economic transition,

    it is unlikely that the rest of the super-sovereign entity which is emerging will welcome an American dominated dinar for oil scam.

    America and Iraq will likely be forced into using a regional dinar which is under the guidance and strict controls of the larger economic and geopolitical machinations of the multilateral. – JC"

    Interesting perspective, no? ~darylluke.

  84. John

    In case of release of all awaited first or all of PP's, what kind of effect do we expect in the world of finance. How big blow cabal will be hit with?

    1. Vlastimil,
      It all depends on how much is released, and how much is allowed to come to our London Platforms for Patriotic and Humanitarian trading use. We specifically asked all readers for Project contributions a few weeks ago to test the market for where we can create the most good. Response was amazing.
      Bush and his rag bag Agencies have now been stopped from Platform racketeering in London.
      The PP funds now, if the Beneficiaries still proceed as planned, will come to one key Trust with Powerful Lords connections, who will mass compound those profits to go back towards reducing our nations debts first, then cross investing in essential projects. Many in the world of finance have little empathy for the Global aspirations of enhancing nations, just bonuses as the pigs most are. Truffle Pigs.
      But, if we can achieve what we know is possible, within just 2 years we can start to reshape national economies. First we have to stop Governments spending and cut debts. We have to smash Military budgets. If we shelter Profits, away from their sticky reaches, we can start to reinvest directly where society needs it most without layers of waste in between..

      Vast Profits are skimmed from the Pensions Funds, leaving Retires with no income. We can change that and that in turn has an immediate knock on effect in the economy,minimising Political wasters.
      We can fund key infrastructure projects and rent them back to the State. All with funds we keep out of their greasy hands. .
      One key party in London will have the decision then if the Cabal get back in or not. Good luck with that. Hell will freeze first.
      Allow 2 years to strategic reshaping of our markets. Politicians can't do it.Far too stupid.
      Power needs to return back to the people, but to the people who have the drive and the heart to reshape our nations. People who understand. Many countries are in real need.We all need to reach across oceans. One world of nations.

  85. John what is the most relevant question should DONG holders be contemplating now ? Thank you.

  86. Canauzzie - this should make it into our site...

    Michael Chossudovsky hits the nail right at the top.... Check all article including maps ....

    The end goal of the US and NATO is to divide (balkanize) and pacify (finlandize) the world’s biggest country, the Russian Federation, and to even establish a blanket of perpetual disorder (somalization) over its vast territory or, at a minimum, over a portion of Russia and the post-Soviet space, similarly to what is being done to the Middle East and North Africa.

    Now that fascist American empire ..... it really pisses me off more and more...

    As they planed evil and murder to Russia .... so let it be done to them .... may GOD be just. Sorry about that Americans.

    1. Hitler had such plans for all East - From Czech to Far East of Kamchatka

      Fascists, nothing but fascists....


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