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One World of Nations
23 March 2014

For the last century there has been a Classic Multi National Battle evolving around who controls what power, who owns which Global assets, and ultimately seeks to own humanity. What started as enlightened Chinese / Asian Elders thinking to help allow humanity to evolve in peace, with a sustainable Gold Asset Base, was predicated upon trusting the new American nation, in conjunction with the UN, IMF, Bank of England, Fed and the split Masonic Lodges / Vatican to provide oversight. All to be aided by American Global Policing, which has derailed because of deep rooted and ruthless Hegemony Power Conflicts.

There are a number of key anomalies threatening Global harmony and classic failures as Power Corrupts. What has evolved, is ugly! So, we will help you understand the realities and complexities faced. Real battles, real issues, real people, real truths! This is why its taking so long and is so damned complex!

America, via the US Fed, has stolen protected assets. A rapacious Criminal regime has emerged derailing both the America Dream and corrupting the entire Westernized Political and Monetary systems. It has cynically and deviously enslaved its own population and breached the very covenant of Trust embedded in the Constitution. This has been a Cabal operation combining Bush and his Neocons, the Rothschild's, and a duplicitous and conspiratorial Zionist Banking and Federal Reserve / Federal Bank of New York Oligopoly, which has manipulated the freedom of their Constitutional protection, to disenfranchise their fellow Americans. There will be blood. If the Financial system collapses, they will wreak a whirlwind of retribution. Many good and innocents will suffer. Be careful what you seek, even worse what you sequestrate!

Banks, under the unregulated Zionist Federal Oversight, have been allowed, even encouraged to Racketeer and coerce trusting and gullible Nation States and populations into permanent monetary bondage. Goldman's are a Predatory disgrace as are others.

Wars have been encouraged and fueled for profit. Mass, innocent populations slaughtered for greed.

The Germanic Thule Society (read here), which brought and funded Hitler's Nazi SS Stormtroopers and Gestapo rise to power, was the Sister Organization of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale, which brought the same vile Nazi League Hitler funding Bush Family to power, to both accelerate the growth of the Germanic CIA and the fast tracked Gestapo Deparment of Homeland Security, with its SS units and FEMA Camps, ready to focus as Concentration Camps to Political order. Aided by today's technological and chemical weapons for mind control or extermination. They have their own verminous Himmler combinations with Cheney and Chemical Ali Rumsfeld.

Of course it won't happen, you think, as 6M Jews and Union or Social Resistance Workers thought driven en masse to a gruesome end in WWII. Monstrosities happen when deviant Monsters seize control. History repeats itself, and we never learn. Ask the families of 1M dead Iraqis slaughtered for US energy, Armaments profits and Petro-dollar protection. Dinarians pursuit of profit is at a ugly price. Vietnam suffered as badly.

To Madeleine Albright - 500,000 children dead from sanctions alone, was it worth it?

Well, some nasty News for you all. Same old Nazi Thinking, and the Bush / Neocon roots run very deep. All key positions have been filled with Bought and Made Men, paid to jump to order, devoid of conscience, morality or Patriotism. A rented Goon Squad rules. Look at what Soros, a Jew, did to his fellow Jews as he plundered their assets, ruthlessly consigning them, without a ounce of conscience, to the Death Camps. Neocons and Neo Nazis have a Zionist cross support group entangled for power and profit. Profit buys consciences.

A number of Real World Issues you just may wish to think about as the Economic Order changes and Scapegoats are needed.

  • A Key Part of the New World Order and America Tri Lateral Ethos is Population Control. Vast Billions to be depleted.

  • Again, they all totally believe that the Chosen People are the Aryan Race, and the Jews have to go. With all the appalling Nazi history, where do you think this Mind Set will end? Have no doubt, following the abysmal history of the failed Obama experiment, the Neocons are planning a staged, or rigged recovery. Return to power with unimaginable technology, Spying systems and grievances.

  • A battle for control and subjugation of the masses is in play. Power is ingrained deeply within the current Global Infrastructure. They will not willingly abdicate control.

  • Taxation, Media Control, Education, Political Selection Funding Controls and Primary Global core assets of Metals, Water, Energy and Food, are all encompassed under the remits of one Global Power Organization, and the Military Industrial Cabal with its Agency Shadow Government is here to do its bidding.

  • M1, despite what was so carefully orchestrated in History, holds only an Honorary Title Role, with No Real Power. Any directives are predicated upon these tainted organizations willingness to acquiesce to reason and a Humanitarian ethos. Good luck with that.

  • The current highly sophisticated and complex negotiations are, in turn, predicated upon reaching agreements based upon reason, with a rampant, immoral swine herd which has manipulated the Constitution, disenfranchised 320M trusting Americans, breached the Trust of good American Patriots who helped bring these entrusted funds in, reneged on redemption's for decades, denied trusting Indonesians, Chinese, Filipinos and Taiwanese the ability to have free contractual use of their own funds for decades impoverishing the nations, while building a rapacious War machine on the backs of others. Men who defrauded Marcos, looted the Chinese and Japanese Gold, created Fraudulent Savings and Loans scams, men who created Sub Primes knowing it was a guaranteed Bust. Men who have created the Derivatives bubble to encompass the planet in debt many times greater than the entire worlds GDP, with Financial Gambling Instruments knowing that there again, is no possible viable Insurer of Last Resort, and who ruthlessly sell this Toxic Junk to Pension Funds for fat Bonuses. Do you think it's going to be easy getting a consensus to use the new systems within this deeply flawed and tainted Infrastructure and trust any one of them?

  • M1 has the Honorary position to cross endow Humanity with the base wealth to rebuild a new system. But how, when not one of them has proven fit to trust? Not easy is it? Where are the Men of Honor to Endow to?

  • These are the real world complexities, keeping the Rabid Foxes out of the Hen House. Finding Honest Men in Washington is on a par with trying to deal with a Pedophile and Homo Sexual Free Vatican. So much for asking Little Children to Come Unto Me. Read the Weasel Clauses!

  • From this garbage base of humanity, a new system needs to evolve. Now, sitting back for a moment many are whining and whinging about, AAahh want Maaah Dinar money, do you start to understand the depth of this Toxic Sewer you bought into? What it is taking to Clean It Up and Sort It? Why, under so much pressure, we sometimes get annoyed with needless vacuous attitudes and conduct?

Try the Front Line and grasping swine. Understand what is in play here - Welcome to The New Alamo!

By Ernest Rauthchild

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