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The Lying game! | Truth of the VAST Quad Trillion Dollar Fed / Treasury Conspiracy

One World of Nations
9 January 2014

Enough money was stolen to re balance the planet. Thank the Cabals War Machine Wasters and Zionist Racketeers for Global Poverty. But it can refund the world if forced back and this ugly Global Criminal Cabal closed down! Recover the vast Cash by arresting the Trash!

The Cabal has failed America and stolen the future from the world! It’s Criminal, Ugly and needs to be dismantled or War, for sure, will be coming to the shores of America. Each City or Military base, is only 20 to 30 minutes away from any nuclear strike. That means YOU! It’s time to put back what was stolen and rebuild the world. Peace or Parasites?

While a largely semi moronic mass public in most countries nowadays meander through life clueless in our world, the Zionists and dogs of war steal the planet blind. Aided and backed by an even more rapacious Jesuit NWO Knights of Malta manipulated hierarchy, pulling these Puppets strings behind. With Rothschild’s, Bankers to the Vatican Papacy Con, also with their now failing agenda for Global subjugation to these demon spawn and Zionist / Neo Con Nazi cohorts. Only the blind chose not to see. What a God Damned almighty mess they have made. Religious Zealots conspiring with them. Nothing changes, easy money buys all. Greed rules, and the war machine is funded ever enriching the Global Elite but sordid families in power. But now, it’s running aground. Just as Madoff found. Fiat and Ponzi schemes run out of zeroes.

Same type, different names. All criminals, time to arraign them all.

Wall Street was continuously bailed out. Scam after scam was perpetrated and No bankers Jailed. Why not? Goldman Sucks continue to ravage and destabilize countries. With every attendant Insider Trading advantage possible, why are Goldman Sucks continuously bailed? Why is this appalling monstrosity allowed to continue as the “Preferred Lead Shysters Bank?”

Look in hindsight at the reality which has befallen America, but then look at how it can all be re tracked to recover the nation, global allies and all out key readers with abundant opportunities.

Let us turn a Wealth of Knowledge to a Wealth of Opportunity

Many members of this site, given the opportunity as Team Players, can contribute each within their skill and interest range, towards both Regional and National Reconstruction and Humanitarian Development. Towards International Reconstruction and Redevelopment.

Towards new Innovations across so many High Need and High Priority areas.

Despite all the market altercations of so many false dawns, the site has shown itself to have a large potential wealth of good professionals seeking a real opportunity to assist worthwhile projects and earn a fair and good standard of living pursuing worthwhile goals. As we move vast current Gray Screen Terminal to Terminal Trading, away from Cabal dominated holdings, and back to true Fund Owner controlled trading, we can influence the disbursement of those profits to key areas of viable need. Homer Simpson type applications excluded. Europe, Asia and Africa will be well covered by ourselves. However, this will open up major new opportunities for many and support the recovery of the US mainland. We will pre-advise projects and opportunities as available and seek to assist site reading parties where possible. With normal commercial reality applied.

As the Cabal disintegrates under the intensifying oversight of new emerging market forces, their increasing rejection by Fund Owners, will create whole new real markets.

The vast profits which do accrue from those programs, will, under new controls, be utilized to rebuild our nations, and apply Humanitarian programs with compassion. Vast daily Trading Platform profits are filtered off daily though a myriad of Offshore Trusts keeping Banks afloat , fat and happy. Plutocrats rule vast Empires of Wealth and society has no idea. The Politicians and Bankers game you all. Most are more devious than smart.

One thing is ever emerging. The low standard of Political Shape shifting Members of either Houses are simply neither adequately experienced in real life, nor have the intellect of integrity to serve further. Most, even those beyond the known greedy deviants, are simply inept and not fit to serve. New brooms are needed to sweep out the trash. Politicians have simply failed. It and they do not work. Society is floundering allowing such street trash Political power to abuse freedoms.

The City Banks Trading Programs, even if taxed 1% on Tier Trading, could replace the US and key Global annual deficits in a few months. Vast Trillions are siphoned off via a network of Trusts through Tax Haven territories. Agencies proliferate on every corner funding a plethora of wild, unethical and outright dangerous projects outside of Congressional oversight. NONE of this was part of the Founders wishes. It all deviates from The Constitution in Spirit and Principle. It is undemocratic, unprincipled and all too often - Unlawful! Where are these vast fortunes going to as society en masse becomes ever more impoverished? Bankers all have their own Offshore Trusts to absorb their own share from the Swill Troughs. Who more legendary than Josef Ackermann, ex Chair of Deutsch Bank. Leg man for Bush 41 and co-conspirator with arrested Fraudster Michael Herzog, Agent and bag man for Bush and the Clintons.

America has solutions for its ailments. It starts with expelling criminality from the system. Like allowing the Florida Miami FBI Branch to investigate the Bushes, Biden and Romney for the Falcone Program Fraud. When will Michael Herzog, arrested in Germany, be extradited to America to stand trial? He has threatened to reveal all on the Bush and Clinton Frauds if he is made to pay back what he stole. Why are Congress not all over this with a full Inquiry? This one man’s trial can help clean up the dirt of Bush / Clinton crimes and change America. Ex CIA agent Lt. Governor Donald Dewhurst in Texas knows the truth of this scandal. So does the world. Has he any ethical conscience? Is he fit for Office?

The rot is so entrenched. It stinks like a dead fish rotting from the head up.

If the US citizens are allowed to receive some of the true profits generated from Bank Program Tier Trading, American balances can be re set and the economy restored over a single year. Pension and Retiree deficits can be addressed and shortfalls recovered. With correct oversight, Retirees income streams can be protected, restored and such enhanced income will flow back into communities.

Where are these vast Trading Profits going to weekly? Certainly not, as intended back to the Communities, but to a vast network of Offshore Bank accounts mass evading taxes, as Romney allegedly did with funds stolen from Edward Falcone. Funds used to pay off Clinton and to bribe Biden.

Why have Vatican sources been allowed to infiltrate American society and extend its influence into the State and Banking hierarchy as is evident? Hand in hand with their abominable continuing exposure in Paedophile and sexual deviancy issues. How can such an arcane Pyramid racketeering collections, scam organization, continue to hold a dominant influential role in today’s society?

Wherever we turn, more Vatican and Jesuit subterfuge is uncovered. Americas spies on the world. The Jesuits intense network spies on America and appears to have way too much adverse influence on American economic policies. How about the CIA and NSA now spying on the Vatican and Jesuits? How deep is their Rabbit Hole of subterfuge? Who runs America?

Many questions, many issues.

But for America, the consequential damage of the ruthless and treacherous chicanery of the Bush family, the mendacious rottenness of this man and his family, is covered up by a compromised media who themselves are part of the cover ups and conspiracy of silence which has allowed America to be ruthlessly exploited. Its Constitutional values betrayed and its wealth depleted in the ruthless pursuit of power, however corrupt, that this dreadful sub human man has unleashed upon his country, a trusting and gullible public, and the world. Crime and Fraud follows them. Brothers, sons and daughters are enmeshed in it. Alcoholics, Statutory Rapists and drug users seem to thrive in this family, but far worse, are the media cover ups, denying the people the chance to see the deviance of this truly vile man and his family. How dare Texas eulogise such low grade people? Why are Americans not demanding answers? Key into a series of sordid Sex Scandals of Child Prostitution allegations and detailed White House reports of the use of a 15 year old boy prostitute by this deeply flawed and sordid man. He needs to be pursued to his grave and beyond for his crimes of Treason and his sick and sordid crimes against humanity. America needs to learn from history. Avenge his misdeeds. How many Americans or World Leaders are aware of his transgressions and history of sordid acts of crime?

If America is to be saved where does the clean-up start? Is there anyone left in DC with the integrity and power to launch it?

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