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  1. Back. Things should be back to reasonably normal.

    Some of you have asked about email notifications. As of July, email notifications will stop. Google is retiring Feedburner.

  2. This is an excellent article about where we are and what needs to happen.

  3. Next level


  4. Madam Speaker. Madam Vice President. No president has ever said those words from this podium — and it’s about time. Don't you think ?

  5. Want to share the PLAN with others? You can find it here:

  6. I haven't been here in a while. I thought the site had been deserted.

    Good to see you back Canauzzie :)


  7. Circuses are now struggling to find new Clowns, as top prospects continue to go into politics.

  8. Yes Gringo , J you do have big cahoonas​, keep up the good work and good luck ! you and your people will need it.

  9. I know that “John”! Is no longer here, but I am positive he reads this blog.

    Guess I was right about Markle. I saw it from day one when he was running around professing how wonderful she was.

    Wonder what he thinks about whom he thought was the best thing since sliced bread.

    Small things like this tell you all you need to know about his “intelligence.” For someone who brags about how powerful he is, I sure wouldn’t want him in charge of my money

    1. Arizona...too funny AND too true :)

      If most people are given enough time and rope, they will always hang themsselve right after they have their final meal of crow.

  10. Is Big Phama losing it's cash cow?

    Top scientists question the need for COVID-19 booster shots (


    (Reuters) - COVID-19 vaccine developers are making ever bolder assertions that the world will need yearly booster shots, or new vaccines to tackle concerning coronavirus variants, but some scientists question when, or whether, such shots will be needed.

    In interviews with Reuters, more than a dozen influential infectious disease and vaccine development experts said there is growing evidence that a first round of global vaccinations may offer enduring protection against the coronavirus and its most worrisome variants discovered to date.

    Reuters article: TOP scientists are questioning Covid vaccine boosters


  11. I Have discovered the biggest scam currency in the world

    27 trillion in circulation

    No infinite amount can be minted

    25% has been minted in the last six months

    24% interest rate

    30% is held by 1%of the holders

    You know what currency this is ?

    Yep, the US DOLLAR


    And you worried about what these politicians a doing in DC ?

    Well, they are getting their share right under your effing nose

    Yeah, I know you dont believe it, because the TV DID NOT TELL YOU SO ?


  12. You see, They're not after money. They can print that out of thin air til hell freezes over. They're after your soul. That's REALLY valuable. That's eternal.


  13. Idolizing a politician is like believing a stripper loves you.


  14. Harry and Meghan are irrelevant at best. Not a smart move to buy the cow , when you can lease it or get it for free.


  15. Everybody needs a love, its week end, am going to stay nice. All the best, this one is on me. LOVE YOURSELF.


  16. Don't be the person who believes that what is being said supports what you want..because...folks be telling lies.

    See, I got 99 problems but a B*tch ain't one.

  17. A O N...I fail to follow your ramblings? Is there a purpose other than just typing words?


  18. Dad, what are condoms used for ?

    Usually to avoid questions like these.

    On another note,

    its Memorial day weekend, Jack Herer on the right, Jack Daniels on the left.

    Do Not Commit to Anyone: Don’t commit to any side or cause except yourself.

    Are you not entertained ?

    Big City sh*t: if you cant hang drink tang !

    MOFO FBI raided Rudy Giuliani apartment. B*tch Azz MOFO.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.




  21. Been in this RV, Settlement , GCR crap for over 22 years. after i read an article and saw an AD in the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR.


  22. The US sends Israel $3.8 billion per year in military aid.

    The US gave Israel an extra $735 million in weapons amid its genocide in Gaza.

    And today Israel wants another $1 billion in US military aid to replenish its bombs.

    How are the people of the US not seeting with outrage?


  23. I’ve just gotta say it. If anyone deserves to be worshiped, it’s women 50years+. Their bodies are immaculate

    It is what it is....summer and the weekend is about to jump off.


  24. Trump knew dayumn well that MF Fauci was lying through his fing teeth.


  25. This is getting crazy--


  26. Is it just me that is aware that all of the people making our lives a misery will all be together in one place in Cornwall?

  27. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump attended Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 1968. He became the president of his father Fred Trump's real estate business in 1971 and renamed it to The Trump Organization. Trump expanded the company's operations to building and renovating skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. He later started various side ventures, mostly by licensing his name. Trump and his businesses have been involved in more than 4,000 state and federal legal actions, including six bankruptcies. He owned the Miss Universe brand of beauty pageants from 1996 to 2015. From 2003 to 2015 he co-produced and hosted the reality television series The Apprentice.

    Trump was elected president in 2016.


  28. C, I am promoting health and fitness.

    Nothing more to say on a Summer Saturday.


  29. If you have your health, a job, a roof over your head and a family that loves you, you’re winning. Don’t let this social media shit fool you.


  30. "Like so many other women, Naomi Osaka has recognized that she has the right to put her health and sanity above the unending demands imposed by those who stand to profit from her labors."


  31. A MOVIE BY JOHN CARPENTER , must see.


  32. The whole RV, Settlement, GCR shit looks more like this right about now.


  33. HAHAA ! Caught you looking ! just a bit of humor from across the pond. Works every time. But look, dont get your blommers in a bunch, hahaaa


  34. NYC shit, works every time. Have a good weekend,MF. Am walking here.....hahaha



  36. looks like the 17th, which is tomorrow its a go or another year wasted regarding Settlement and all that other bullshit.


  37. Let go breathe out , smile, you know what will do the rest.


  38. Don't be naive to think the GOP want the FBI involvement in the January 6 events to be exposed…The vast majority of DC GOP want to see the MAGA base destroyed just like they wanted to see the TeaParty base destroyed so they could get back to the business of self-indulgence.


  39. If the FBI were to infiltrate the FBI, they are certain to find some criminals!


  40. Victoria's Secret has committed brand suicide by taking away hot models, and replacing them with Megan Rapinoe and a transgender woman.

    It's the latest example of businesses going woke and going broke. This insanity must end.

  41. Well there is time just to ignore psycho burst and keep going like if they exist not. But sometimes evidently is necessary to reply to psycho maniac directly into their face.

    British fascist empire as elevated by SEX PISTOLS' song was not a rebel song, it was a prayer that of course goes to subconscious of those who recite it over and over: God bless the Q and British fascist regime....Well why should God bless the fascist regime ..... hidden in front of people's noses.

    So, British NAVY sails into Russian territorial waters. Russian fire warning shot since psychos ignore it....Then GURU JOHN begins blasting of firing NUKES against RUSSIA and even shouting that you all will die because Russia does not allow fascist to keep provoking.....PSYCHO MANIAC.

    Now, GURU, you know that SKRIPAL was not work of Russians. In case you brains can not comprehend simplicity so let me tell you what it was about: British fascist empire is not without MAGNA CHARTA....copy was in Salisbury cathedral....if you followed evolution of news since the first happening was not enough for most of you to comprehend then it had to be revealed to most of you in London by breaking of man firing shots at a display of that copy.....Those two Russian had nothing to do with SKRIPAL ...It was all about a message that British fascist empire ENDS, and NOW. It was not done by Putin's was done by order of a global leadership board that hired two Russians, without any poisoning on site.....JOKES.....Why don't you allow SKRIPAL to go public? You are nothing but LIARS.

    MH 17 - black boxes ..... TELL TRUTH, GO MEDIA......SHOW THAT YOU ARE A MAN not a chicken.

    White Helmets in Syria - all British work....

    Immigration of muslims into Europe - all british work in cooperation with Israel.....

    All Israel crimes in cooperation with those who have a CONTRACT of establishing ISRAEL as a state..... THOSE WHO HAVE CONTRACTS HAVE CONTROL AND DIRECT HAPPENINGS....Britain established Israel = Britain has a contract...It is the same as established corporation...those who have establishing contracts of the corporation makes SHOTS....

    All terrorist acts on Russian territory - UK made, blowing planes, killings innocent at schools, blowing factories....IF RUSSIA did only one percent of what you have done to them then UK would not exist any more.....DIFFERENCE is that RUSSIANS ARE NOT CRIMINALS.....

    All RUSSIAGATE with Trump .... all done by UK....

    UK aims .... to do all that US does not cooperate with is BRITISH work....

    UK does all crimes in EUROPE via immigrants to weaken EUROPE so that in LONDON's plans, is that EUROPE will go bananas and then UK will come to a rescue as GOOD FRIEND....that's why there was BREXIT, planned long back.....THIS IS A PLAN OLD 30 years PLUS...


    Killing of WHITE farmers in South Africa - it was BRITISH WORK, to disrupt BRICS and get control over GOLD....

    BUSHES fires in AUSTRALIA ... BRITISH WORK via agents .....

    LIST IS ENDLESS ..... SO WILL BE THE FINAL JUDGEMENT NOW AND AFTER LIFE......speaking of ETHEREAL VALUES BY ANYONE WHO IS BEHIND SUCH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?????? Now you can answer in case you are a MAN...and face me with truth and honesty......


    Well I call it did SATURNALIA once back......


  42. You only need to see how Government officials act. Muzzled one minute at the G7, 2 meters apart, then sleezing with each other gulping down champagne, all hugs the next. Double standards. "Do as we say, not as we do'. And we must obey. Shit, the majority of people believe the most frequently washed part of their body is their hands, but in fact its their effing brains. "Guru John" hell, that crossed my mind but was too guilty to admit that truth to myself.


  43. My bad, make that John2021. Hmm, that means John2022 is up next. Same shit different toilet.


  44. JUDY BYINGTON, where the fkuz does this cunt get her information from. this is one crazy bzetch.

  45. Take care man....., not sure where the road will lead from here...


  46. "It's We The People versus the global elite and the establishment that is the uniparty.

    We have only one political party and they have been trading power, scratching each other’s backs, as they have seen fit over the last three decades that's led to entrenched corruption."


  47. KAMALA HARRIS - Seen more traffic than N.Y. Port Authority.


    The Walls Are Closing In And The Jig is Finally Up For Fauci…


  49. The biggest risk to We, the People, IS the lying fucktard media. So maybe We, the People will be altering our behavior to address this.....REALLY ?


  50. JUDY BYINGTON :- Tomorrow Sun. 27 June the RV GCR would start in the US. Would you not get some what exhausted after so , so many years of knowing you are wrong in your projections ?


  51. Tune into the Israeli ethnic cleansing occurring right now, in real time, in Silwan, East Jerusalem. See for yourself the blatant cruelty of settler colonization. See for yourself which party is the oppressor. See for yourself why Zionism is a violent ideology.


  52. Read this and comprehend it from both sides.

    Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni, owns stock in a marijuana wholesaler, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with this sudden change of heart around Marijuana legality.

    It's not like she should be facing federal charges for taking part in some kind of insurrection or anything...

    See, you and me, we are not in the club.


  53. “This Nation Belongs to We The People”…President Donald Trump 3 July 2021


  54. Biden & Trump recognize Guaido in Venezeula, support the right in Nicaragua & Cuba, see China as existential threat, believe that democracy is unnecessary in Haiti, & more police are necessary & third parties should be suppressed. What was that about the right?


  55. Not trying to make everybody happy, I am not WEED.

  56. Legendary rocker Eric Clapton said he had a “disastrous” reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine and blamed “propaganda [that] said the vaccine was safe for everyone” after he was left fearing he’d “never play again.”

    Eric Clapton slams vaccine 'propaganda' after experiencing 'disastrous' side effects (

    Clapton, who received the AstraZeneca shot in February, added that he was later offered the second dose after six weeks, which he accepted only because he had “a little more knowledge of the dangers.”

    “Needless to say the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again,” Clapton wrote.


  57. I dont know the secret to happiness but I'll tell you what , I have never been sad at a MEXICAN RESTAURANT.

    Now , there is some WORD PORN for you.

    Are you not entertained ?


  58. CDC now recommends wearing a condom while fully dressed ! oh, and a diaphragm for the female gender. Dont start, dont start, them too, whatever floats their boat, rocket ? lawd have mercy.




  60. Why would anyone send the Con Man any money? What hold does he have on his followers that they keep sending him money???


  61. Raise your hand if you think members of Congress should be banned from buying, trading and selling stocks while in office and literally writing the laws that can influence a stocks value? Because we certainly do.


  62. Its just as easy to buy a scientist as it is to buy a politician. I bring you true facts folks.


  63. No president was ever a good person. Just different forms of deception.


  64. Why would someone try & block the Treasury Department from releasing their tax returns?

    - Money laundering?
    - Fraud?
    - Embarrassment?
    - Foreign shenanigans?
    - Shady real estate scams?
    - Campaign finance violations?
    - All of the above?

    Trump doth protest too much, methinks.


  65. Well, someone's got to. You little coconuts can't determine your own fate. HA !
    And it is Trump! The Lord of Golf and rentals ?
    The guy with a fake tan, wig, lifts in his shoes and a diaper. Such a weird prophet, but who am I to get in their way
    Hey now, God chooses all kinds of people. I saw a documentary about two stoners from New Jersey that were chosen as prophets and they saved the world.
    Ugh, king of golf alright. When he was president, a local skydiving business couldn’t do anything, and he nearly got it shut down. All because he wanted to play golf.


  66. Trump needs to go away and make room for someone else. Who do you have in mind ?

    Oh, i see , that statement pissed you off. For sure, Trump will never win a major election. Ever!


  67. Truth is Trump screwed himself and all those who relied on him, hell, every one knows...You dont take a knife to a gunfight. The Mofo is not hardly as smart as you think.


  68. Kellyanne Conway is cashing in big time on her time within the Trump administration.

    "yeah this is going to be some shit" wait for it !


  69. When will his supporters realize it's all been one big grift from the start?


  70. Dominion suits against Trump allies Giuliani, Powell, Lindell can proceed. THEY ARE UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE.


  71. So this is what the United States feels like without leadership. Any questions ?


  72. Biden was elected ? Oh, really, may of been installed like a toilet...whoa ! Now we need toilet paper to, you got better jokes ?


  73. Those who fail to grasp the magnitude of what is unfolding, refer to the eternal spiritual wisdom as a "new age" concept. There is nothing "new" age about this. Ascension, change of systems, impact of astrological alignments, shifting from one reality to another.

  74. Well, this will be my last visit here as it appears that it has been abandoned by decent folks and only has this freak blabbing away to themselves

    1. Arizona, This is the first visit in over 2 months as I too have greatly tired of A or N rants. So sad to have such a small life that all you can do is troll sites and spew venom. I know that Canauzzie can ban posters and this one has certainly earned that outcome. Hope you are well and still fighting the good fight:)

  75. its Saturday, so lets get this shit over with.

    Karen AKA Arizona either you are unable to think things through or your peanut brain is that little man in between your fat gressey 100 POUND legs. SCROLL Karen show what you have contributed and your history here ? well ? you saw your history ? now, STFU ! THATS IT. LET ME BABBLE ON! NEXT TIME, I WOULD NOT BE AS NICE.

    1. Nothing like hijacking a blog that someone else built …and you do babble to yourself. Freak


  76. The United States fought a brutal war in Afghanistan for 20 years. Today, we see what it was all for: absolutely nothing.

  77. All or Nothing...

    That is enough. I have recieved email after email complaining about your rants. I said it is free speech and you have not broken the rules. Now I have have two breaking the rules. The only two posting. Many still come here to check but will not comment because of the ridiculous rants. AONAA, it would be better if you just left.


    Please refrain.


  78. I am officially resigning from having fun, I am tired and just want to buy quality herbs, go on Caribbean vacations and fuck fabulous bitches. leave me alone. Carry on, nothing more.

  79. Looks like this "site" has been abandoned...huh?


  80. Hello GB,

    Depends what you mean by "abandoned".

    The site still gets lots of reader traffic, however, nobody seems to want to comment. Which is fine. I am still here on and off. I do not have time for new articles right now. Perhaps in the future, who knows.

  81. Not sure how much this matters, many times I am thinking let it go and take care of personal relevant issues, sometimes I am thinking, that people should know to understand.

    So be it, then.

  82. 1: British empire - royal crown ceased to exist, queen is irrelevant. Second crown is a continuation of failed enterprise. Evidently Williams girl is to be a new lineage, that's why she was dress in golden gown at James Bond - PINK Daniel Craig whom they turned gay-ish ....Golden gown is to be understood as GREEK GODDESS - and I would guess Athena - and she confirmed that in her military style coat standing on the balcony....
    2: Harry and Markle - from the beginning of that juicy spew in their saga it was clear - CONSIDER it as a stage play performed by them. Markle and her son will aim at the White House and in this it London will have control over is PLAYED ... AIM IS CLEAR TO THINKING MIND.
    3: It had been always London that stood between relationship of Russia and USA. World always needed friendly relationship between Moscow and Washington...IT IS LONDON that had done all possible so that the ENMITY will thrive .... SICKNESS BEYOND EVIL....
    4: Trump did not want to bow down before London - then he had to London there were hopes that with Biden they will make it......SO FAR

    5. Biden is dead - before inauguration - around X-Mass even before. His personal dogs - Belgian Shephers sharp as you can get - BIT him. Halllooooo - it was a double by then in Biden clothes and one can not FOOL DOGS ... They just bit his double....., then they were killed.
    6. Inauguration was CGI - By now the double works needed time....
    7: London was behind bush fires in Australia - agents just burnt was bad...
    8: London was behind killing of white farmers in South Africa .... May then tried to re-negotiate control over the country...
    9: William and new queen dance to a tune in Pakistan....think about Taliban ....and conflict with India which showed a big finger to London...history.
    10: Why would London via Nick Carter call Russia the main UK enemy? I guess it was about 10-12 times through few years.... how does Russia threaten UK? In what sense? In none ..... there is only one REASON. Moscow does not want to submit to fascist rule of London.
    11: London boast that they sent a ship via South-Asia sea to piss off China or rather to show them who is in charge...similar attempt they did in Black Sea....WHY WOULD LONDON that thinks that UK can stand up to Russia and too weak to STAND UP TO ISRAEL WHICH THEY CREATED AT THE FIRST PLACE IN 1917? There is often a voice calling that RUSSIA should nuke Israel...well why LONDON does not do it since they have balls to stand up to. CHINA or RUSSIA and even calling for NUKING THEM IN CASE THEY WOULD TRY TO DEFEND THEIR TERRITORIES....
    12: Why an issue with TAIWAN? Taiwan was set up by 3 dynasties .... AND HAVE PROBABLY SOME AU...but other AU sits in KOREA. North Korea has some RIGHTS and CALLS to that AU...THAT'S WHY ALL THOSE ISSUES WITH KIM, who was definitely KILLED and there is now a double....AU probably sits in North Korea.....
    13: Why UK has not a real interest to defend UKRAINE to threaten RUSSIA.... while it has black boxes of MH 17 that refuses to show to the world who downed the plane....
    14: UK with Israel and other parties created migrant crisis in Europe...while doing their Brexit - washing their hands - WE ARE INNOCENT...WELL LONDON IS NOT INNOCENT. The battle over EUROPE continent - who will control it ...will control the world ... this was the ISSUE for over 1 500 years. London created French civil war via BASTILLE as their way to say THANK YOU for helping US COLONIES....since then LONDON CONTROL FRANCE .... TILL NOW, FRANCE changed a blue colour on their flag .... CHANGE OF A FLAG IS A CHANGE OF THE COUNTRY - there is a New France that was established and evidently they realised who created illegal immigrant crisis and now they are sending them to UK over the channel which pisses Brits .... I guess they call it KARMA.

  83. 1. Why would UK need to sent troops to Germany? To deter Russia over Ukraine? Russia did not threaten anyone is LONDON using NATO and US WAR DOGS....
    2. Why was UK sending quickly troops to Poland to deter Belarus - IT WAS UK who created that crisis with hopes that MINSK MAIDAN will happen..
    3. Who creates blockages to German NORTH STREAM 2 - so that European economies can keep going? Who has an interest to rule over Europe continent - it is LONDON who wants to use migrants and Muslims to devastate Europe so that when it is in tatters then LONDON would come as peace-maker innocent good old friend who would offer helping hand to re-establish order and peace.....
    4. That means those who created ISLAM have a CONTRACT AND CONTROL OVER ISLAM they sit in LONDON.....might be also GENEVE-VATICAN. It was VENETIANS who established ISLAM to deter CHRISTIANITY-MONOTEISM.
    5. Do not forget - SEX PISTOLS sang a song - GOD BLESS THE QUEEN AND FASCIST REGIME - meaning her's and British fascist regime. There is a good chance that queen is dead and they run decoy as Americans do.
    6. UK created WW1 - as well as initiated and used Germany to continue with not finished job during 1914-18. They sealed all documents of WW2 for 100 YEARS - WHY?
    7. How the dance in US continues? With Trump down and Biden on, I mean decoy Biden on, how things are developing. Well decoy Biden is probably under control of Trump cronies-they have an evidence that Biden is dead....or even they might have his they play to discredit demos ..... step by step, not entirely. They communicate to the world that Biden is on the edge of dumb and dumber yet it keeps rolling in benefit of Trumpists.....THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO....KEEP EVIDENCE AND QUITE.....DEAL are being COOKED ..... LONDON hates Trump because he showed a big finger to LONDON.....

    WORLD NEEDS USA and RUSSIA to be friends...this need was there always - that's why LONDON had done all possible that this would not HAPPEN, even by CREATING CANADA......

  84. From - John - the peacemaker WHO WANTED TO NUKE RUSSIA AND CHINA....

    Forget all the Shapeshifting and threats from Putin over Ukraine.
    It all finally comes down to money, Criminal money. He gets a cut from each Crime lord Oligarch as the Racketeer he is. Bribed from their Rackets.
    It he attacks us we will take away all his Slush funds in London, all his money laundered Offshore Funds, and we will scalp all the Oligarchs who will go apeshit with him.
    It’s ALL about money – see? Scalping his. Attack us at a price!

  85. Skripal was UK creation - or even I would say a GLOBAL elite move, not MOSCOW. It was not about a poison - it was about exposing that BRITISH MONARCHY CEASED TO EXIST WITH NO MAGNA CHARTA.... PERIOD.....

    If SKRIPAL survived why is he not INTERVIEWED BY BBC? London KIILED HIM, as they did to LITVINIENKO. All RUSSIAN oligarchs were created by LONDON-WASHINGTON - PERIOD. And from the beginning they work for them to syphon money from RUSSIA and bring RUSSIAN resources under the throne of the CROWN. PUTIN STOPPED THAT and they HATE HIM FOR IT......

    There was even a slander in LONDON that PUTIN is gay and pedophile ....all LIES created by LONDON CRONIES as was TRUMP DOSSIER or DOSSIER about SADDAN or Qaddafi....

    London orchestrated 080808 WAR via hands of Sarcozy who eventually sang to Putin like a canary and that's why he sits in prison now...he did not deliver to London 080808 as he promised ....

    Countless TERRORIST ATTACKS in RUSSIA targeting innocent civilians last 15 years is all done by LONDON... and PUTIN knows it. In case Putin did to UK what UK DID TO RUSSIA then there would be no UK anymore - PERIOD.

  86. Trump did not bow to LONDON and LONDON is repaying him as they did to Sarcozy or try to do to PUTIN....

    As the Maxell case opens up issues of Epstein delivering 14 year old girls for Trump to assess, after Stormy and the rest, is this Grifter and visible Turd Brain the best America can put forward For God’s sake IQ test them first.
    Then sweep for Sleaze.

  87. I BET there is a thick file in LONDON about "VERIFIED WITNESSES" about horror that PUTIN DID TO INNOCENT PEOPLE IN RUSSIA AND SYRIA....




    Firstly one must learn to understand the language, words, grammar, syntax and etymology of words and development of the languages.
    Words are SYMBOLS, they are picked exactly for purpose and they have to fulfil a role of HIDDEN IN THE OPEN - IN THE SIGHT. People must be told what's up, but the way how they are told what's up is being communicated in a vague way - NOT DIRECTLY WITH THE COMMON LANGUAGE OF THE DAILY PEOPLE'S INTERACTION.

    Now, having settled that I explain what is CRYPTO-CURRENCY. CRYPTO - comes from Greek word "HIDDEN", farther - crypt is hidden place under cathedrals, kind of a burial place. Word currency comes from a word "flow - run etc".

    So, those who created CRYPTO-CURRENCY aim to have:
    5: Other alternatives that relate to hidden symbolic meanings that I can not foresee .....

  89. Now:

    Tale of CRYTOS are DeFi system:

    What does really DeFi mean? One thing what PEOPLE are being told or is there another AGENDA. in a plain SIGHT. Are we talking about DeFi or DEFY?

    I am telling people that if they PRAY they are PREY. Can you see.

    What would somebody want to DEFY? It is renouncing alliance to something. One group of elite renounced alliance with other on financial affairs, what is who and who is what I leave on everybody else's fate. Is it a war against bankers? Would bankers or Rottens be so silly to sit and wait while other system wants to take over while they sit on TRILLIONS that can buy and create anything they can ask for? NOTRE DAME burnt because it was CATHEDRALS that was a trading place and place where contracts where issued and signed before god. It could be noble idea though. Burnt ROOF means all that was issued is not covered by anything anymore - it went into sky-void. Burnt clock - clock means that TIME TICKS TO PAY DEBTS TO LENDERS....Burnt spire - means there is not PROTECTION BY SPEAR.


  90. Speaking of word usage and their meanings...deltaomicron spells media control!

  91. Sad & heartbreaking desolation and suffering - Kentucky ... 6 STATES...

  92. Now, WHY and WHO or just WHAT.

    1: Firstly, understand what happened lately in the world. "BIDEN" had a talk with Putin. Goal was to start war with Ukraine - it would go nuclear. Biden backed down and is not pursuing the WAR with RUSSIA over UKRAINE - PERIOD. Biden is making a deal with RUSSIA establishing PEACE over UKRAINE and not only there. This is WHY US got punished for not starting the WAR with RUSSIA over UKRAINE. WHO is mad about it, or who did Kentucky, question remains.
    2: Secondly, farther - what happened lately to notice is - TRUMP said F-Y Bibi NETANAZI.... heavy words in the public.
    3: Who wants and always aimed for conflict between RUSSIA and USA historically? World needs RUSSIA and US to work together but somebody does not like this alliance, right. WHO IS IT? IT IS - OLD BRITISH EMPIRE THAT TRIES TO COME BACK-PERIOD. Rottens work in hand with them, so is Israel which is their creation. Boasting that British ship can settle RUSSIA and CHINA, yet it was said that to silence Israel is not in the power of London. OBSSSS
    4: US got punished by BRITISH-ISRAEL alliance, for not starting a war with RUSSIA - PERIOD OVER UKRAINE weak ago - PERIOD.
    5: In my judgment it was neither China nor Russia, though the Brits would like to eventually TO pinpoint at them so that conflict could arise. If it is as I am saying - they might have left a day ahead their signature somewhere ....

    6: Assange to be kicked out to US, result. Will AUKUS crumble? Interesting.

    7: Wikileaks leaked out fake Moon landing filmed in NEVADA is again RUNNING AROUND THE GLOBE....OBSSS.... kill Assange.

    I saw it :

  93. Kentucky - 6 states tornado. Such desolation - induced tornado - some plasma blast inside of tornado may work as in fact tactical nuke that suck and blasts in nanoseconds.....DESOLATION beyond comprehension.....

    USA was punished for blocking the war over Ukraine ..... MY VIEW.

  94. Be smart when you analyse:

    Sequence of events:

    1. Biden talks with Putin - or rather Biden and few his controllers whatever role they play. Meeting was suppose to be ONE to ONE. Putin was alone even his translator had to sit in another room. Biden had a team around the table. Usually I would say - who can trust Americans or Westerners, but what a heck, this is not now relevant, though striking.
    2: Biden - agrees with Putin - NOW WAR, in Ukraine
    3: Biden - Holds back huge money aid to Ukraine for weapons
    4: Kentucky DECEMBER tornado
    5: Biden - allows some weapon aid to Ukraine
    6: France presses sanction on Russia's Wagner group that is deployed in Mali. France is in Mali for gold, they need to pay back to Germans. This was sky-clear event...with France there are other states trying to get hand on some AU. Wagner group frustrates some "democratic" efforts in Mali one would guess. But it may relate as well as to Ukraine stand down on WAR.
    7: France is to be considered as a player with KENTUCKY tornado.....I would guess more states or corporations but....
    8: NOT BIDEN..... he is decoy partly under Trump's team control

  95. In the middle of the conflict of proportions we face climaxing now for 2 decades one has to ask questions of any kind.

    Like this: What if the hold up comes from LONDON? Because they did not manage to establish the CONTROL they aimed for.
    Trump is being blamed, because he did not submit himself to LONOND - this is clear as the blue SKY....
    So, keep blaming Trump....not saying he is saint...but still somebody on PEOPLE'S side more or less.....

    As for me: There not so many KEYS to lock or unlock the door, LONDON has one and major....they want to secure their dominance and rise of a NEW EMPIRE under new QUEEN - Kate. They do not get their conditions met - they unleash hell. Bush fires in Australia - it was a hand of arsonists - no accident. Few hundred of them were caught and no more news about that.... One of the examples.....LONDON is EVIL beyond imagination.

    14 times they called RUSSIA main threat to UK? So tell me, how Russia threatened lately UK or what are chances that RUSSIA will invade UK?

    This is the reason: RUSSIA FRUSTRATES UK PLANS FOR A TOTAL DOMINANCE - it is not USA - PERIOD. And secondly RUSSIA does not want to give their RESOURCES for a creation of the NEW WORLD ORDER - GREAT RESET or whatever you call it. WITHOUT resources they can not launch the PROJECT - YES they can kill as they do....., BUT IT IS ONLY RUSSIA THAT STOOD UP AND FIGHTS FOR ALL WORLD - PERIOD.

    Trump wanted to establish WORKING PARTNERSHIP with RUSSIA and it may be that this CAUSED THE DEFEAT and change of the SEAT in the WH.

  96. It was said that RUSSIA and USA must co-operate so that we can overcome cabal seated evil in London.

    Fresh News:
    1: Russia pacified groups of Ukies on Russian territory who aim to terrorise, kill, bomb etc....
    2: Why did Russia could locate such groups now.
    2.1 - their own network of security agents on their own found them out...
    2.2 - Russians got a hint from abroad about those organised groups.

    TO UNDERSTAND - one has to comprehend that organised groups of terrorist are organised from ABROAD - DIRECTED - TRAINED - FINANCED - action for them being planned from ABROAD ... PERIOD

    3: Putin calls suddenly Boris Johnson -


    5: My option is BIDEN ordered to give to PUTIN some HINTS ......


  97. Here we go.....give it a thought. Even a threat to cut Russia from SWIFT may be just orchestrated so that new FINANCIAL NETWORK - BLOCKCHAIN based may take place.....but who guessing, which is irrelevant, relevant is that RUSSIANS do it......starting with CHINA....and others will follow from BRICS at least....And as I remember many outside of BRICS will not hesitate ....that's a MASS of PEOPLE.....

    Russia and China will develop shared financial structures to enable them to deepen economic ties in a way that foreign states will be unable to influence, the Kremlin has announced following talks between the countries’ leaders.
    The move appears to be a response to a series of warnings that Western nations could push to disconnect Russia from the Brussels-based SWIFT financial system as a form of sanctions.

  98. Hong Kong - People trapped on top of burning skyscraper of WTC. Interesting. Symbolic. Guess who is behind burning it up? Is it the same Empire that organised riots for de-moc-ra-cy using American net of conceal tracks ....

    HMMMMM ... London, you would not guess, would you?

  99. Well, Well, Well.

    In last few days especially yesterday for some ignorants from the land of the Czech slaves, it was TOLD THAT RUSSIA obtained NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY - PERIOD. Fascists in London and Washington had to capitulate, Putin worked hard for 25 years and he achieved that nobody from London, Paris, Rome or Washington will EVER dictate their policies - PERIOD. This is call RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION which fascist of the West can not digest that other nations want to live as FREE BEINGS and entities not being TOLD WHAT TO DO. Usually this was understood as DEMOCRACY. But since DEMOCRACY in fact means DE-MOC-RA-CY=NOT-MOCK-RA-heSEE. DO NOT MOCK GOD RA, HE SEES. Just for the clarification who rules the West and on which ideology. But certainly this is well known, or maybe in ruling circles it is well known and peoples walk blind in ignorance til these moments....when facts and truths breaks in step by step....HISTORY IN MAKING by each of us. I sue supreme judge in Czech, I sue president of the Czech, I sue PM and 10 others puppets, I sue royall court of Sweden, I sue financial collections agency of Sweden...I woking of lawsuits to sue all Westerner countries .....time is here we hit them back. SO STAND UP AS WELL......

  100. Of course understood - positioned cabal of the West ..... majority of people all around regardless West or East are experience.

  101. Putin today - RUSSIA can not trust US even when they undersign lawfully treaties - nothing is binding the US, one the other hand, US demands that others are bond by undersigned treaties...WHY WOULD IS THAT WAY?

    Your choice of believe:
    1. US never exterminated native Indians and never broke any treaty signed by Federal government with Indians tribes
    2. Because US never attacked Vietnam
    3. Because US never used nukes-WMD against civilians in Japan...

  102. Putin and Lavrov assert clearly with full confidence that WEST is DRIVEN BY FASCISTS and Russia will eliminate them all. This is a clear assertive message that Putin withheld himself from saying it clearly and publicly. However, in these days RUSSIA states clearly and publicly aim of this FASCIST WEST....exposing their lies, manipulations ...THIS IS HEAVY RHETORIC that RUSSIA never used that CLEARLY.....

  103. Shoigu clearly states that US mercenaries preparing chemical attack in Ukraine to provoke conflict ... as it was done in Syria ...RUSSIA exposed them again and again....


  104. Anybody, living in the West who does not take action to remove those fascists from power...contribute silently to their fascist rule and potential global conflict - READ AND WIPE on your knees... at least that one may case you are not brave to make a stand..

  105. American fascist ARMY evidently created so call NO-PANDEMIC CORONA-VIRUS ....

    1. US the most fascist corrupted entity of murders needed to safe their face...
    2. They created virus - released that .. FORT DETRICK, was probably in some co-operation with WUHAN...but it was clearly operation ...which went little bit off ....
    3. Let world suffer - and sink....


    This was the initial first plan that was to BOOST TRUMP...but it went off ...and forces like SOROS and GREAT RESET thugs jump the wagon and took it over ....


  106. What we witness is nothing more than what was here on this planet before. Period. Bourgeois revolution was the same cause. Before since the fall of Rome we had development who will take control over all. Self appointed pope or monarchs. Who is the most powerful under god. Pope claimed that, monarch as well. Since we have this conflict in modern world.

  107. Fascists are being served the same menu as they kept feeding people for generation. This time only with one difference, Russia menu is correct while fascist menu was lie and false.....for purpose to destroy - steal and murder.

  108. Now PUTIN says it as it has been - without any political word chicanery. White is white and number 5 is number 5, anytime and anywhere.
    So, what did he say, Putin.

    Putin says at Christmas conference - WEST SPONSORS TERRORISTS - PERIOD. West is one fascist terrorist organisation.....LEARN TO DIGEST IT. Everybody had chance to stand up and challenge it....or be silent and become a sponsor of TERRORISM.....

  109. Putin on Russia stand towards pervs - WEST IS DESTROYING SELF BY THEIR STUPIDITY AND EVIL.....ONCE PEOPLE COMMIT SELVES TO EVIL - STUPIDITY TAKES IT OVER....naiveté of Westerner people is beyond my comprehension.... personally I do not know anyone whose mind was not twisted by elites cabals lies......and I know quite many...

    “I believe that the traditional approach is correct. Male is male, female is female, mother is mother, and father is father. I sincerely hope that our society has the moral armor to protect us against this,” he continued, stating that these views are embedded in the religious views found in Russia.

  110. Writing on the wall - some leaves smile on face for some it is a bitter pill to swallow.

    Evidently, Putin defeated them all - all the FASCIST NATO alliance ... and setting up CONDITIONS - like SWEDEN and FINLAND will enter NATO...., so Putin is saving INDEPENDENCE FOR SWEDEN and FINLAND...Fascist Stoltenberg of Norway can not swallow the fact

    Anyhow, big moves are being made .... Ukraine is saved from genocide that FASCIST were planning so is RUSSIA.....

  111. UK steals gold from VENEZUELA - thieves and fascists

    In its prolonged freezing of Venezuelan assets, the UK continues to withhold 31 tons of its gold stored at the Bank of England, with a new Supreme Court ruling supporting the seizure......

  112. I educated people long back that Sweden and Belarus had very easy hand over the COVID SCAM restrictions. I said, those nations got a special role to play which was handed to them by cabal fascist. Sweden and Belarus got free hands so to speak. Belarus was given a task to create new Maidan in Minsk and leading role to create a conflict aka Ukraine - MAIDAN in Kiev. Such event would be spilled into Russia -NATO conflict with hopes to dismantle Putin. Lukashenko played double role as it was reported but at the end he realised he would play a USEFUL IDIOT who would be at the end killed anyhow. So he did not fulfil his role that fascist WEST gave him to play. Now how about Sweden? It was little bit puzzle why SWEDEN was allowed to enjoy freedom during so called PANDEMIC....HMMMMMMM Then I found it out....
    .... NEXT POST

  113. SWEDEN and her role in COVID SCAM PANDEMIC:

    1. Sweden plays a special role in this drama, they played their role in CHERNOBYL - OBSSSS.
    2. What is being played is a scenario fascist want to RE-PLAY according to a certain script.
    3. The goal of the SCRIPT is nothing else nothing more then Build Back Better - in fact.
    4. They used old scenario when international trade was dismantled - destroyed - disassociated and created wars with declining of social and economic life for centuries....
    5. It happened in 1177. BC. collapse of late BRONZE INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Egypt, Crete, Greece, Sicily, Middle East-plus Hittetis-today's Turkey, Messopotamia-Iraq-Iran, Pakistan-Afghanistan.
    6. So called EXODUS from Egypt was a key factor for this - SO CALLED HEBREWS were used for this, trade WAS DISRUPTED - TRADE ROUTE to EGYPT via land COLLAPSED.
    7. Today they use the same scenario - to use so called JEWS to disrupt international trade - banking - social life....TO COLLAPSE the world
    9. IS ANNOUNCEMENT THAT SCENARIO FROM 1177BC is being replayed activated directed via SWEDEN...
    10. Please if intelligent then check written book by Eric Cline - 1177 b.c THE YEAR CIVILISATION COLLAPSED.
    11. Cabal used this as a manual to FULFIL the SCRIPT ..... from SEA PEOPLE - immigrants, too FAMINE, so called change of CLIMATE all IS THERE...

    1. Vlastimil, I'm part of a special few who discuss OWON posts daily in telecons where we check in and voice our voices rather than scrutinize in type. I dropped by to exclaim how much you're not only mentioned in conversations but admired by us for your resounding comeback and continuing intelligent commentary. We know this much of you; you're one who doesn't jump off the stove when the heat has been turned up. We're a pretty diverse group with political similarities, especially in regard to doing what's best and correct for America. I just wanted to let you know we feel you're on the right path and we 💘 the intellectual level of your deeply though out statements. Thanks for taking the time for your output here. Someone mentioned you must know Lada Ray. Keep it up, bud. It's much appreciated.

    2. Thank you for kind words - may the goodwill prevail in our lives....

  114. Of course everybody would love to live in a world were peace, fact, truth, justice and morals prevail. One would have more energy to get more engaged with family, love ones etc....Long lasting fight, which basically did not stop since creation of FED. Creation of FED was followed by engineered WW1 which did not accomplish what it aimed for, then WW2 followed and afterwards Cold War launched by the British. Demise of Soviet Union did not help that much evidently, so it was not Soviet Union which was the problem. The plans to split crumbling Russian Federation failed with Putin strong stand to protect Russia from splitting and dividing. So then we are here. I am saying long lasting WAR of the modern time (meaning the period we still basically have a connection to, I had grandparents fighting in WW1 and know stories from the first hand, I had uncles fighting WW2 having first hand accounts of stories, my uncles already died few years ago, but living memory is still in my generation. However, I have no touch with real stories from Napoleonic wars.....this is what I mean.) LASTS since the FED was established it did not end yet.

    One would cry over this tragedy and it is not made by forces of people who are called street people, they want to live in peace. Wars are created by hidden power of elites of whatever kind - period.
    During this Corona-Scam, I learnt yesterday, my nephew split with his spouse, two small boys. She is a lawyer he is a manager and crypto-miner. We loved them both. They are very much result of psychological warfare created by this pandemic.

    The war has its casualties, their failure will last in lives of those boys - they are identical twins I've never seen before. Never I could named them properly, always was messing names. And the snowball of pain and suffering will roll on.

  115. Our daughter got two days ago a little kitten. She is teenager. We had always have animals around. My wife is vet-lab-assistant. The way people treat animals is a good sign about their character. I am lucky. Anyhow, my wife said that she did not see so much happiness in my daughters eyes when the new kitten arrived. It helped all family, I am very happy. It was difficult year, I am not the one who complies easily with governmental restrictions and in our church I am only one who carries the banner. Some give me thumb for that, good friend. But it was difficult for my daughter she sensed that, she would rather have me in a line with other fathers, complained and silent. So much psychological pressure was on her. Our boy does not take it that way. But the kitten broke the ice so to speak. I am very lucky.

  116. Political happenings: Colorado - Louisville.

    Unspeakable tragedy, pain, suffering of those who have done no wrongs .... mafia style, hit innocent to give a warnings to established powers. I doubt little bit that it was about reasons, it could be intentional.

    Now-little bit a glimpse into history:

    US was established as a colony of Europeans powers, so was Canada, or Mexico, or all Latin and South America, Caribbean included.

    But let us focus to North America or USA.

    Each European power basically tried to get a piece of a slice from new discovered WORLD. Spanish, English, French, Italians, Germans, Dutch, Irish, Danish...just name it. So eventually Independence war was nothing else but a fight of Europeans powers on a foreign territory, so was a Civil war later on, so was FED.

    Those who control regions and territories named them accordingly. Georgia by the British king George, South or North Carolina, Virginia, New York after duke of York, etc etc ....Louisiana was always under the control of the French named by king LOUIS....Katrina disaster was aimed to hit French powers in the USA. And it goes on and on....Historic fights over New York...Dutch, Germans and English wanted the control over it...English used Irish etc....Italians wanted piece of pie as well. You establish it, you control it, you get taxes from it. So Duke of York is getting monies-taxes from New York and it rolled on and on. What if all of sudden money does not come, and it stays there or even somebody else claims it, like Americans? What then.

    So, I am saying this: Colorado Marshal fires in Louisville were set up by arsonists of one or the other kind....not good. It could simply be like this:

    Scenario to think of: Example - A developer who invested money from or Italy or some American is being punished not giving money to those who have a historical contract over Louisville Colorado....Or vice verse French developer claims the plot because having in hands a historic contract of establishing Louisville and is being driven out. We are at war and all options need to be considered. There are indication of this fight all over it....

    Cancel culture destroyed statues of French Luise XVI, breaking hands off - this speaks for itself. French lost power over that area in Louisville Kentucky....JUST THINK ABOUT THAT.....

    All has a historic roots and its branches are hidden and not understood.....


  117. Germany closes three nuclear power plants - WHAT? In the middle of the energy crises? Or is it other kind of crisis?

    ENERGY is POWER, we face POWER CRISES. As I said before, Germany, France, Sweden got punished and got warning that if they do not accept the punishment and submission their nuclear power plants will see the destiny of FUKUSHIMA. Sweden did not believe it, so they set up few things to give them a glimpse. Firstly it was like 2013 two times a trucks delivered into a nuclear power plants a pallet with explosives .... nobody knew how it could happen, no traces. Then in Gothenburg a train set aside for cleaning, nobody in it, only an immigrant woman wiping up toilets being to roll out and got on the truck to run .... what a shock...ALL DONE VIA STUXNET .... so nuclear power plants and power lines and el grid, train transport ...all hacked .... so Sweden was submitted and had to accept illegal immigrants was Germany, so was France etc.....

    Germany is shutting down 3 nuclear power plants ..... on December 31. 2021.

    Let me post what I saw today at WHA I will put it in quotation marks:

    "Once we clear with the Elders, as I have already given Deutsche Bank and JPM key roles in NY, and London to come, we will reach out to Deutschland to rebuild with the Klein Englanders, a Teutonic Empire like never seen before. When Marshal Blücher came to join us to smash Napoleon at Waterloo, we won the war and lost the plot. Germany let that bloody Corporal wreak havoc in a wrong turn. If Teutonic Knights united, not fought each other what is possible? It’s so needed now. New times, new Knights and Teutonic valor. Germany can be great again, shared values and united. Hands across the nations to the Klein Englanders. Together unstoppable to save Europe and cage the Bear. United? Germany has many excellent people waiting to come again. Unite. The Socialist EU – is not for you. Let it go."

  118. Not good....power fight goes on.....NO PEACE IN SIGHT...or should it be INSIDE.....

    On which side should an honest man BE????? Both sides commit unspeakable evil targeting innocent to weaken an opposite side. This is evidently one of their RULES HOW TO PLAY. They do not TARGET ONE ANOTHER DIRECTLY...They target what the other side OWNS.... to weaken them or to submit hitting innocent.

    THIS IS HOW IT IS .....

    And in the midst of it comes RUSSIA.....calling do not touch us we are not part of your power game. But what was done to North America - I mean as I said, each European power got a certain piece of pie in dividing, ruling and getting tax shares from generation to generation was supposed to be done to Russian Federation .... SPLIT to PLOT and gain the LOT.....

    Putin said no....

    Paul Craig Roberts said that Russia is the last Christian country holding and protecting values that built our societies....Interesting hearing it from him.....I always like did Mr Ron Paul father of Rand....

  119. What I want to say about Germany is this: Germans were forced to shut down nuclear power plants or FUKUSHIMA scenario would occur, I do not think that all three would go bananas, I guess it would be just one, but they had to go with shutting all three because they were not sure which one will blast.....

    VERY SAD.....English hand.....

    Break the nation and then...coming for help as so called best friend. Something like this: My neighbour has nice garden with good crop. To make him to buy my crops I would at night kept destroying his till he would be broke and then I come to his rescue as his best friend...if he does not find out, then he would be committed to me to the rest of his life as his saviour.....

    This is what is happening over the FIGHT FOR EUROPE and the rest of the world.......


    I did not share this with anyone yet, but have it sorted out for couple of months now.....

    I shared that Joe Biden is dead and as it was clear during presidential debates he had a stroke....then they drove him on whatever drugs and around X-Mass he died. They ran CGI during inaugurations and some time after till they created good double. Trump's team has hand over it and must have also an evidence, so to some degree the Trump's team is in control over the double.....but not entirely of course.

    How to explain Trumps hiccups over the COVID-vax.....

    Well simple: other side, Demos created their Trump double avatar...and use him.....They can organise rallies and real Trump has no idea about it and can not do anything about it. He can not come out after saying it is not is my double and somebody else controls him. He can not do that ..... They have a control over MASS/MESS-MEDIA and dictated the narration.

    The game is as this, Trump's team have some control over the Biden's AVATAR and Democrats CREATED Trumps's avatar and use him to discredit real TRUMP so that US overwhelming supporters of Trump begins to thin....

    One may think. But if the REAL Trump comes out to speak truth then people would believe it....Yes this is what I would think also. But remember what Putin had to do with COVID scam. He had to play the game somebody else started. If Putin closes Russia - even if it would be possible then Powers of Evil would accuse Russia that it was Putin who created virus and spread it in China and USA.....
    If Putin did not initiate quick creation of SPUTNIK vaccine the WESTERNER POWERS would come via WHO and poison whole RUSSIA - they would just kill half of the population.....and SPOIL OF THEIR KILL would be split and divided as OLD US COLONIES .... which they aimed for during WW1 and WW2.
    So, Putin had to create SPUTNIK vaccine ....and had to stay in their imposed GAME ... so that he can still play....

    In case REAL TRUMP says truth about another Trump avatar he does not control then he would be OUT OF GAME .....
    I am saying this: TRUMP is in a game and still plays despite they have means to contradict him....

  121. Tomorrow I will explain TRUE CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY and how it works in a REAL LIFE......

    The best researcher about ISLAM is David Woods .... deep thanks to him of course, I got some imputes from him. My old buddy from theological seminary worked among Muslims 20 years.....good insides....BUT DAVID WOODS is the best....

  122. What is a true real SPIRITUALITY? I am a Protestant theologian. Firstly I noticed yesterday that pope announced that "HURT WOMAN IS TO INSULT GOD". If anything good came out of Vatican this is of course. Environment of protestant churches is safest environment for women, I have never found better and safer relationships then of those cultivated by Protestant believers. Men honour women, youth, young guys behave properly towards girls - exceptional. Culture that Protestant churches developed is top of what human kind can offer. Saying that - of course cases may happen.


  123. After following Christ for 33 years and daily search for living faith and relationship to God, I came lately, not that long ago to final perception of CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY. My friend calls it MYSTIC EXPERIENCE. I still did not publish anything and wish that nobody will publish anything of what I am to share, just apply it silently and live it. It took me all those 33 years to come to this LEVEL OF COMPREHENSION, daily spiritual journey of many sufferings and pains. Suffering and pain push us to inquire, seek, question and FIND....

    1. Sometimes when we have at home larger family party I give some little speech with some questions so that people can discuss some topics in their conversations. Once I asked, "Where was God, since we claim that he exists in heavens, before he created Heavens " referring to Genesis 1.1-3.

    First and ultimate knowledge is knowing who God is, if possible to perceive. God is behind CONSCIOUSNESS, he is not CONSCIOUSNESS. To have consciousness one has to have personality, to have personality one has to have some characteristics of a person. John 1.1-3 is the best illustration of course - en arche een ho logos.....If we take it in time of in sphere fact still remains that THE WORD WAS THE BEGINNING OF ALL AND THE WORD WAS GOD...THE WORD WAS ALSO LIFE AND LIFE SHINES IN DARKNESS.. Self awareness or consciousness is of course a key to GOD....
    Secondly where does God exists, as I said, God created HEAVENS so he can not exist in HEAVENS so to speak. He is not behind Mars or Milky Way or Alfa Centauri. And this is the MAIN POINT.
    EVERYTHING EXISTS IN GOD. WE LIVE-EXIST IN GOD. The best illustration is a FISH LIVING IN A WATER. As fish exists in water, in the same sense WE EXIST IN GOD. Never distanced from him. WE SIMPLY LIVE IN GOD, WALKING, TALKING- ALL THE TIME. God feels all what we feel, think all what we think....and SPIRITUAL UNITY HAPPENS THROUGH FAITH. Another example is WE EXIST IN GOD as a baby exists in mother's womb.....ALL PEOPLE-EVERYWHERE. We are also SPIRITUALLY BORN from BOSOM of God into the HEART of God... where in faith we experience UNITY...FAITH is of course CONSCIOUS awareness and assurance of things which are not visible- Neb 11.1

    TRUE SPIRITUALITY IS A MYSTIC EXPERIENCE OF A FACT THAT I EXIST IN GOD .... ALL THE TIME..ALL OVER ME...EVERYWHERE....NEVER WANDER FROM GOD...IMPOSSIBLE. This automatically creates waves of unstoppable thanks and praises from our hearts....

    I wish you comprehend this simple it...experience it.....

    For the copy claim of all this information is with this author :Vlastimil: Ondrus.

  124. Now I will give you some time to comprehend true spirituality and then I will later explain you why CHRISTIANITY is really only true gift to people to develop and live in progress either spiritual, psychotically, socially, humanly, materially, economically. All stands on SPIRITUALITY I DESCRIBED.....

    IT IS A CHRIST is a GIFT....

    Enjoy and share in your churches or homes....

  125. Now fellows criticised the word GOD...that is misleading, it was created by is is almost satanic word...English King James Bible invention...word never existed before....and it does not refer or represents the true spiritual being of the creator....supreme being...consciousness...whatever you think off. More over that we should not use that word to talk about supreme being....creator ... ETC ....JUST NAME IT.

    To that I asked them, if they will say the same about word ALLAH....they said HMMMM.... But never said the same publicly about ALLAH or BUDDHA what they said about word GOD even I enquire that .....So IT TOOK ME MANY YEARS AND MUCH THINKING WITH RESEARCH TO COMPREHEND WHAT THE WORD GOD really means and what it is and why it was created and used all .... in German GOTT.... Scandinavians GUD....

  126. Of course people can not know name of GOD .... at first...TO KNOW THE NAME MEANS TO CAPTURE THE BEARER of the have him/her in kind of possession inside of us and ultimately into control of...this is our psycho. This can not happen it would lead to idolatry. What in Exodus God displayed saying "I AM WHO I AM" me is simply God cleverly avoided the question that would line him up along Egyptian deities, which would of course happen. What God displayed in that saying is "IT IS ONLY ME WHO DEFINES MYSELF" - PERIOD.

    Now it is absolutely OK to call GOD-simply GOD. And what translators who created James King Bible did was creating a word that would have some characteristics. One has to understand the mind of founders of Masons, who were original Templar Knights.....SYMBOLS speak, decode it, understand it, live it......since you are not a child.

    1. G-O-D - represents THREE DIMENSIONAL WORLD. Since lasting principle AS IN HEAVENS SO BE IT ON EARTH....Three dimensional physical WORLD reflects THREE DIMENSIONAL SUPREME CREATOR - or simply TRINITY.

    2. G-O-D - represents three words in GREEK language....EARHT - GEE, HEAVENS -OURANOS , POWER - DYNAMIS.

    Word GOD means POWERS OVER THE HEAVENS AND EARTH - PERIOD. This is the FIRST ACCOUNT AND SHARING of this MEANING since the creation of it.

    ENJOY IT..... LIVE IT...

    Copyclaim :Vlastimil: Ondrus.

  127. Of course understood, translators who wrote James King version used GREEK MANUSCRIPTS - knowledge of Greek language is essential and they knew it and they used GREEK WORDS to create a word GOD.... PERIOD.....

  128. How close are we to the visible changes that we await, either actively or silently?

  129. Firstly: The war party wants what do you do, either you give to them what they want or you pacify them in case you are greater and capable of doing so....this is what PUTIN keeps doing. He pacifies them..step after step...
    1. Kazakhstan - This is evidently another attempt to stir up a conflict....
    Not sure if people have a grasp over that region. In case not let me give you a glimpse.

    Kazakhstan was created by the fascist elite as a centrum that was to take control over quite bit of Siberian region...ASTANA WAS CREATED, instead of Alma Ata. There is a serious political move called ASTANA FORMAT...

    2. Kazakhstan is being promoted by Kardishan ladies who became billionares for showing up their artificial a...sses saying thus, who cares in the fiction world about your abilities or skills of IQ knowledge when your a---ss can perform better then you brain, heart..
    3. Another clown Sasha Cohen - or Baran or whatever, he is from Kazakhstan....the same show promoted by fascist war criminal party of liars, thieves and manipulators -

    Now, what is happening now in Kazakhstan can be understood only from two vantage. Firstly it was quickly called this way to take with wind from a sail of more serious problem, so that Russians peacekeepers could come in. Similar way Putin pacified their efforts to create a slaughter in Armenia via Azerbaijan conflict that was to end up in genocide and Turkey would come in the region as a nazi tool of Islam. Basically still good enough president of Azerbaijan began that war few months ahead when all logistics was not ready.....What I am saying is this: Fascist were planning a war let say in May....all logistics for it would be ready to go on in full force. What happened Azeri president began 4 months ahead of the D-Day when only one third of logistics was some people who were engage did not know what was happening and all the conflict was launched so that big efforts for full scale war could be PACIFIED....
    Now is Kazakhstan similar? It could be.
    4. If it is not this scenario - then we have cabal control attempt to launch war there where Talibs would be employed in it.....

  130. More points to TRUMP...

    Trump had to back and retreat from position, it was quite clear - there were nuclear threats by Pelosi that in case he tries to hang on, some nukes would go on in the US. So what do you do as a president. Do you retreat or let them to kill few millions by a nuke? Of course media would make sure that TRUMP would be blamed and court marshalled for it.

  131. So, is this nuclear THREAT pacified? I would not say so, evidently Russian initiative to make major players coming together and sign a treaty of not using nukes against one another means THAT THERE IS A HOT ISSUE REGARDING BLOWING UP SOME NUKES IN THE STATES that would be blamed on RUSSIA. So PUTIN has this intel makes them all sign a contract. So if the nuke comes they can not blame it on RUSSIA. This is TAKING A WIND FROM A SAIL of NAZI party....

    Would it still go? It could, I think that nukes were not pacified....this RUSSIA intimated treaty is a clear sign that FASCISTS have still nukes somewhere in their disposal in the States ....... in a container, or a vessel whatever you can think off....

  132. France - introducing COVID PASS-ports.

    Now question to ask. Why would they do it? Either they are forced to do so, or they are entirely EVIL, or they did it to get people in a con-trolled REVOLUTION.

    We will see. In case of con-trolled REVOLUTION it would mean to finish EU.....

    France and Germany may go into alliance with Russia...UK does all possible to it would not happen. I said that BREXIT was planned and executed so that EUROPE continental goes bananas so that then UK can come back as the SAVIOUR of poor broken EUROPE. Which is of course EVIL....UK created MIGRATION into EUROPE to break the back-bone of Europe so that UK can rule over it....


  133. President of Serbia VUCIC says it as it is: He gives them punch in their fascist face for what they have done to Serbia, also probably for what they do now to Djokovic-

    Thing is: As a leader from the EAST you are not to talk TRUTH, you are only to OBEY - WELL THIS WAS THE PAST.

    VUCIC says - Kazakhstan is a work of WEST AGENCIES TO START A CONFLICT - MURDER - THEFT etc......


    Will the fascist from London kill him then? It could happen.

  134. Megyn Kelly says it as we all know it. Clearly, after X-Mass 2019 when first news came out of China then unshakable I said - IT IS THEIR FASCIST GAME THEY PLAY - to create a cover for whatever they were getting ready for .... since I did not change my view. My wife is a witness so are my videos made in my native language....

    Thanks to all researchers who hammer this manipulation - theft - murder done by fascist Westerner Elite....PERIOD-FULL STOP.

  135. Russian Orthodox Church celebrates X-Mass....PUTIN attends.

    Paul Craig Roberts said - RUSSIA is only CHRISTIAN nation left alone protecting conservative values. Man is born man, woman is born woman. Social engineering by drugs, brain washing and sexual abuse by the fascists of the West have no say in Russia.
    Father is father not a parent 1, mother is mother and not parent 2 - PERIOD - FULL STOP.

  136. For the contract of the closure of the finite-meaning of the word-DEMOCRACY is with the fact of the knowledge with this claimer of this closure with this parse-word-structure-DE-MOC-RA-CY of the word-construct by this author:Vlastimil: Ondrus.
    For the finite-meaning of the DE is with negation-particle-NO.
    For the finite-meaning of the MOC is with the word-root-MOCK.
    For the finite-meaning of the RA is with the word-coverup-EGYPTION-GOD-RA.
    For the finite-meaning of the CY is with word-coverup-construct-SEE/SEA.

    For the babble-fiction-construct of the meaning of the word DEMOCRACY is with this closure: "DO NOT MOCK god RA HE SEES."

    For the copy-claim-copy-right of this finite-word-construct-meaning is with this author: Vlastimil: Ondrus.

    DEMOCRACY of the WEST was cover up for the global control of the masses by an elite with roots to Pharaoh technologies of the mass control-this technology rolls on and now we can see fruit of it in the West and namely in COVID creation mind control....the same fascist elite.


    Fascist want war -

    1: Any politician who orders to kill demonstrators - is an idiot. OBS
    2: Demonstrations are organised by fascist West
    3: Prices of energy - gas are driven not by the market but by FASCIST SPECULATORS in CITY of London..
    4: Uranium prices rise up - so that nuclear power plants began to produce more expensive el...




  138. Sometimes ignoring idiotic level of reasoning is the best way, other times it smart to go for counterpunch.

    So would boast of bravery after a deadly punch knocked them off? What kind of character one needs for sud perversion?

    So at the other platform is being stated bravely that UK NAVY WARSHIP found Russian sub reporting it in such way that it looked that UK warship is a hero.

    But after the encounter UK NAVY SHITSHIP ohmmm warship not shitship had to go and seek haven in Scottish harbour and seek repair. HMMMMM.

    It makes sense: Mike Tyson delivers 5 punches where the fifth is KO and while opponent did not even reach to MIKE and MIKE had to go and seek medical help while the KO heroes boast to media about his brave moves as spread on the floor.

    So, what happened out there in the arctic international waters was probably as follows. COMPREHEND.

    1. Silk Road EAST-WEST to go via KAZAKHSTAN - British want to have a controlling hand over the trade and snatch some monies for doing NOTHING. Well it will not go that way - TALIBS well equipped by NATO will not have chance - operation is not WELL ADVANCED at this point. So Kazakhstan will roll back there where is safety and decent dealing nor British slavery.
    2. Second TRADE ROOT is via SEA - ARCTIC ROOT that RUSSIANS OPERATES AND SECURE. And this is the case of this INCIDENT with UK NAVY SHITSHIP - or should I call it warship. Well I will call it SHITSHIP because after the Russian sub froze electronics to the ship and gave them EM greetings via their SONAR the sailors shit into their pants and ship needed to be sanitised in Scottish harbour.

    What I am saying is: British wanted to give a finger to the Russians that it is the BRITISH who will control ARCTIC TRADE ROOT or even PIRAting AS THEY DID TO SPANISH in CARIBBEAN. So Russians went after them and gave them WELCOME TO THE ARCTIC ROUTE you scam of BRITISH PIRATES....

    3 So British sailors shitted on the deck after EM pulse signal and deck needed to be sanitised. END OF THE STORY...

    But of course you can not report this right, they you had been KO .......

  139. Fascist practices of London needs to be terminated and London as a financial centre needs to be brought to end, moreover for next 100 years London must not be allowed in any financial leadership of the planet FOR ALL THE EVIL that spewed out of that fascist city.

    Kazakhstan some extra facts:
    1. Fascist in London created with their CIA terrorists so called OLIGARCHS in former Soviet Union block....COUNTRIES WERE ROBBED - Billionairs were made and monies from those countries WENT TO LONDON - PERIOD. OLIGARCHS WERE HAND PICKED BY CIA-MOSSAD-MI6, and they are still under the CONTROL OF THEM - that means THEY SERVE THEIR FOUNDERS AND MASTERS.
    530 millions of pounds owned by owned OLIGARCHS SITS in London. More half of it is owned by a family-elite clans of NAZERBAIDJAN - ex former prezident....


    Beside as I said - SILK ROUTE was to be controlled from ASTANA - Siberian region was to be controlled from ASTANA...SIBERIA was to be divided between fascist states of the WEST....

    It will not happen. FASCISTS will be defeated.

  140. Funny - people are supposedly excited about this WESTERN BULL...SHITER OPERATOR.

    A fellow PLAZMA - Hello fellow? When did you finish kindergarten? Tomorrow?

    1. He is US-UK operatives, might be Mossad posing with UK and US flag in Kazakhstan. In case he is Mossad he is saying with those two flags who really runs the show.
    2. In case he is Kazakh then he is UK-US operative - then he should be hanged by Kazakhis for treason against the country and the people
    3. In case he is UK-US operatives agent he should be hanged staging coupe d etat in another country. CASE DISMISSED.

    Now what he says is BS.

    4. Coupe d etat was sponsored by Kazakhs Oligarchs from London-Paris (Paris directed from London) so that other states like UK or US would not be tracked into this, so that in London or Washington may have clean hands. He was put a knife on his throat in London to do so...most likely or he or his family would be killed and money ceased by UK banks. SIMPLE - UK style. Think about Venezuela gold - DO I MISS ANYTHING JOHNNY?
    5. PLAZMA says - Kazakhs people won - So, let me ask you shitty hero? Since when UK or US thinks about the people? Is not the VENEZUELA fighting for the people against the corporation and agencies and banks control. Chavez as Maduro fight for people and UK gov takes their gold because MADURO fights for the people? What do I miss here?

    6. OK bullshitter - now COVID VAX PASS - what a joke....COVID VAX PASS is WESTERNER INVENTION - it is not KAZAKHS or RUSSIANS who came with COVID PASS - SO. YOU sayer say - I represent UK-US agencies posting as Kazakh saying that our IMPOSED SYSTEM FAIL AND KAZAKHS PEOPLE WON AND SO IT IS OUR VICTORY...what a JOKER.

    7. ex-secret agencies fellow was arrested for TREASON .... as for now.

    8. SPUTNIK V vaccine was used wide in Kazakhstan and not overpriced as fascist PFIZER or MODERNA....even Kazakhstan got a licence to begin producing SPUTNIK WESTERNER FASCIST PHARMA did not get there so much share of the market....OBSSSS

    9. Now only reasons for this UPHEAVAL is as STATED BY ME.


    11. UK NAVY warship and Kazakhstan are connected - Silk Road. Either by land or arctic sea.

  141. Of course not mentioning a dive of BITCOIN because as it was stated - it went down because internet in Kazakhstan was taken down for two days.....

    WHAT - BITCOIN GOES down because of insignificant KAZAKHSTAN OF 15 millions people of who probably 13 millions lives almost like third world country - blocks internet

  142. Additional details to Kazakhstan

    Former president Nazerbajan with family left the country - though I read he supposedly said otherwise. His family clan as it was stated owns more then a 1/3 of the wealth...

    Russians living there are about 4-5 millions. Russians did not participate in those demonstrations as it is reported.

    Price of gas as the initiator - or rather an excuse to drive people out.
    Price of the gas was triggered by the MIDDLE MAN - STOCK in EUROPE.
    Sitting president took control over pricing of gas via MIDDLE MAN - and brought prices to the standard level....

    Demonstration afterwards even extended ....

    All is directed from FASCIST WEST - using their PROXY - Islamists

    Conclusion: IT WILL END AS IT DID IN ARMENIA, CHECHNYA, OSETIA, BELARUS and eventually UKRAINE ...FASCIST WEST WILL BE DRIVEN FROM RUSSIAN and those countries will get economically and probably also politically protected by RUSSIA..this may happen also to BALTIC STATES......

    As RUSSIANS had DRIVEN FASCIST SWEDEN conquest then NAPOLEON then SWISS-LONDON revolution against TSAR that LENIN had to pacify and later HITLER, today we have tactics of FASCIST WEST ELITE using PROXY PAWNS to steal-murder, corporation, banks and WEST DRIVEN OLIGARCHS WHO LINED UP WITH THE WEST. .... My guess will be they will be finished also, either by the WEST because they failed to deliver to LONDON and WASHINGTON RUSSIAN ON A PLATE or eventually by RUSSIANS for treason....

    END of the STORY.....


    Here it comes - as I said. People detained at the boarders while trying to enter Kazakhstan, their weapons seized, money in different currencies and phones....

    Taliban was armed by WESTERNER FASCIST ALLIES only for this purpose to begin a big war at the SOUTHERN BOARDER OF question asked. Full Stop. End of Story.

  144. I mean Talibs were armed with he best of US equipment - for the war against Russia. This is what happened in the past. It was USA-UK who created MUDJAHADIM who were to infiltrate into Russia in the 70s after prosperous prospects of the nation was destroyed by US created REVOLUTION and USA gave Afghanistan to the hands of TALIBS.....

    ..Then Russia was asked to come and help - it was not invasion US style. It was requested as it was in Syria lately. Russians are in Syria on a request of Syrian government - FASCIST of the WEST OCCUPIED SYRIA and Pillaged THE NATIONS NATURAL RESOURCES that last till this DAY...FULL STOP. END OF THE STORY.

  145. What kind of idiot one has to be to swallow this BAIT of lies and manipulation.

    So let me illustrate:

    I drive a car to my working place, so does my wife ..., now I have also a bike for some fun or what, sometimes I bike. Now I will threat a neighbour that if he flatness my tire of my bike so that I can not go to job I will consider it as an act of a war.

    Westerner fascist created SKRIPAL lies, nothing more nothing else. All the affair was only about one thing - BRITISH EMPIRE ENDED and it was communicated by one fascist clique to the other fascist-nazi clique. It could be that Russians were hired for this entertainment, but not by Moscow.

    SKRIPAL scenario:
    1. Johnson accuses RUSSIA for poisoning of SKRIPAL with NOVICHOK....supposedly NOVICHOK is made only in RUSSIA
    2. It happened in Salisbury - ping-point of accusations and counter defence takes place for over two weeks.
    3. Facts do not stand the accusations - all staged and being quickly fixed by apparent holes in the story
    4. Two fellows detected as Russians who were by that time in Salisbury
    5. They said they were interested to see the CATHEDRAL - OBSSSSSS
    6. In cathedral of SALISBURY was placed a copy of MAGNA CHARTA - not mentioned of course - one has to have knowledge or do diligent research...
    7. Magna Charta was disqualified as worthless piece of paper and sold eventually at Christies in auction - THAT MEANS UK HAS NO STANDING CONSTITUTION - IT MEANS EMPIRE CEASED TO EXIST ....
    8. Idiots in Number 10 did not get it --- ping pong of accusations continues became evident that UK and US have also NOVICHOK and Russia liquidated their stocks...Czechs and Sweden had novichok as well as other couple of countries of the West....IF POISON AS NOVICHOK applied indeed then huge numbers of poisoned would be in Salisbury
    9. Finally disclosed - armed fellow enters cathedral with a gun shoots at displayed MAGNA CHARTA - pictures of bullets damage box with displayed MAGNA CHARTA ran around the globe - idiots still did not get it.
    10. Eventually at scaffoldings in Salisbury appeared a RUSSIAN FLANG hanging ....what does that mean and who placed it there?
    12. It means that RUSSIA-PUTIN played some significant role to DISMANTLED British Empire - Barbados certified this END.
    13. The second crown in CITY of London established new empire with new lineage using a wife of the William insignificant.
    14. Harry leaves UK
    15. Andrews saga unravels
    16. Philip dies at 99.....
    17. -99- is a number of years THINGS are being LEASED internationally. For example if ALASKA was leased to US by RUSSIA then after 99 years a contract expires. Or Hong Kong was leased to UK for 99 years, as other many places around the GLOBE.....
    18 Is Northen Ireland also a LEASED property? I guess so. NOT EASY TO FIND ANSWERS.....

  146. What I am saying the UNDERWATER CABLES - meaning those that connects UK with US are not the point. Putin would have to be an IDIOT educated at Harvard to do anything like this.

    But what if the discussion is about other kind of CABLES? Is Putin on his mission to LIBERATE US from UK...TO CUT OF THE CONTROLLING HANDS - historic ancient elite TIES.

    Yes this is IT....PUTIN is on a mission to LIBERATE US from UK - finally and once for all. And probably not only US, EUROPE as well and using DJOKOVIC in Australia I would say even AUSTRALIA.

  147. I do not want to read too much into this one - but last sentence stroke me.

    Tragedy struck Pakies - people died in cars in a snow storm.

    But the last sentence of the article gives me kind of an itch...

    "Though the tragedy shocked Pakistan, the Murree resort town, founded by the British during the colonial era, regularly sees its roads blocked due to snowfalls and the town's popularity, with more than a million people visiting annually."

    My question is: Are the British cut off from Kazakhstan and the region out there and to give glimpse about the CUT CABLES is used this SNOWSTORM TRAGEDY NEWS?

  148. Cosmodrom BAJKONUR is gadded by 1500 Russian troops - armed thugs were directed to take control over it.

    So, give it a thought in case you still can. International, the best COSMODROM CENTRE that supplies ISS for example is a target of mob rebelled against hike of a price of gas - which of course was driven up by a middle man - NOT THE MARKET.


  149. Kremlin replies to Blinken's comment: Once Russians are in your house it is difficult to have them leave.


  150. Anna v Ritz claims,

  151. This info is from a Czech politician and analyst who are familiar with Kazakhstan situation of last 30 years and have intel access today: (it is google translate)
    1.According to him, a part of the government, which tolerated foreign non-governmental non-profit organizations, also took part in the coup attempt. From the US government agency USAID to groups of jihadists from the Islamic State (ISIL), who were smuggled into Syria from Kazakhstan by the Turkish secret service MIT. These "moderate pro-Western" head-cutters, as ISIL veterans in Syria were called by the Western media, set up training camps in the mountains. Over the course of 2 years, more than 20,000 militants passed through them, and from January 4, 2022, they took part in protests against the rise in gas prices and turned them into a short-term civil war.

    According to Russian journalist Maxim Sokolov of RIA Novosti, the Kazakh Secret Service (KNB) has been monitoring the arrival of ISIL jihadists and "chirping" at their training camps in the Kazakh mountains. However, according to the official version, the head of the secret service, Karim Masimov, "somehow failed" to inform President Kasim Tokajev. However, the brisk movement of bearded veterans from the Syrian war in Kazakhstan was closely monitored by Russian military intelligence GRU. When the Russians saw the chaos with which the Kazakh government was responding to the growing street violence and found that the country's official leadership had no information about its perpetrators, a military attaché shared some of Russia's knowledge with the Kazakh government. This was followed by the arrest of the secret service chief and his deputy, Samat Abish, who were accused of high treason.

    The speed of the Russian army's reaction also testifies to the fact that the GRU did a good spy job. The GRU apparently had a number of its agents directly in Islamist training camps throughout, reporting on preparations for the coup and the transfer to combat positions in Kazakh cities. And probably also from individual terrorist acts. On the evening of Wednesday, January 5, 2022, Kazakh President Tokayev (Figure 2) asked Allied armies for help during a videoconference between the heads of state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). At 3 o'clock on the morning of January 6, 2022, the first transport aircraft of the Russian army were already landing at the airports in both capitals of Kazakhstan - Nur-Slutan (formerly Astana) and Alma-Ata. Even before them, Kazakh paratroopers and special police units were helped to recover both airports by rebels from members of the legendary and much-feared SPECNAZ, who transported helicopters to the site.

  152. 2.
    Muktar Abljazov, who was Minister of Economy and Energy in 1998 and 1999. He was the first to propose to privatize the mining sector and liberalize fuel prices. Because he came across Nazarabayev with his plans, who adhered to the principle that if he wanted to "clap for a long time," he must at least let the others eat well, he was fired. However, during his government engagement, he became one of Kazakhstan's richest oligarchs, whose Astana holding controlled hundreds of companies from agriculture to mining and trade.

    He also operated the BTA bank, from which he tunneled $ 3.6 billion in savers' deposits. In her article, Viktorie Nikiforová states that the bank functioned as a money laundering machine for Kazakh mobsters. Abljazov, who fled Kazakhstan with billions stolen, first landed in London. Despite all requests for extradition through Interpol, he was granted "political refugee" status in Britain. According to RIA, the cooperation with the British and American secret services owes its acquisition. However, Abljazov did not give up his experienced practices even in his new residence. In 2012, the London Supreme Court sentenced him to 22 months in prison for widespread fraud. However, on the eve of the verdict, the oligarch was allowed to flee the country. At the same time, however, he was not deprived of "refugee" status. Abljazov moved to France, where he was again caught by the police in carrying out large-scale economic fraud schemes. During a criminal investigation, he managed to obtain political refugee status in France with the help of senior secret service officers in 2020. In January 2022, this criminal talent landed in Kiev, where he declared himself with the leader of the opposition in exile and, through the "infantry and officers" of his non-profit, began to conduct operations in Kazakhstan. Some of them operate under the banner of the Democratic Election Party, which did not reach the last parliamentary elections.

    The non-profit Open Dialogue also draws subsidies from the EU. She is formally based in Poland and the current Prime Minister of Moldova, Maja Sandová, also sits on her board. As chairwoman of the Action and Solidarity Party, in 2018, on the eve of the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, she was accused of illegally funding the Kazakh Democratic Party through the NGO Open Dialogue. A special parliamentary commission of inquiry found that the Open Dialogue was "lobbying the interests of criminals from CIS countries and also conducting sabotage activities against Moldova, in which opposition politicians and civic activists were involved." Because she became prime minister, she managed to "sweep under the rug."

  153. 3.
    At that time, however, the streets of the city were already fighting hard. According to RT, on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, not only rioters trained by Ukrainian instructors from the Right Sector, but also jihadists trained by ISIL veterans took part in the protests. Masked young men in camouflage jackets with balaclavas and gas masked heads dominated the city streets instead of protesters with banners. The radios were coordinated by off-road vehicles moving around the cities. These organized units armed with firearms managed to capture a number of police stations and plunder several army warehouses. After the occupation of government buildings, they switched off the Internet and telephone networks in most areas. Groups of masked assailants attacked and burned down local newsrooms and radio stations - including private ones. According to RIA Novosti correspondent Victoria Nikifor, the terrorists brutally beat a number of journalists, including several foreign agency correspondents.

    According to RT, street rioters looted and burned shops similar to the American Black Lives Matter (BLM). During the looting, there were also a number of rapes, which, like the beheading of killed police officers, are attributed to ISIL Islamists or their offspring. The terrorists also attacked ambulances and firefighters. We will only know how many people these killers have lost in life when the police and the army manage to completely clean up the city. According to government figures, 18 members of the police died and 748 were injured. About 30 "protesters" were killed, according to provisional figures, mostly in attacks on police stations, according to RT.

  154. 4.

    In our opinion this is the END OF COLOUR REVOLUTIONS created by fascist WEST

  155. Vladimir, you are a fascinating read. Thanks.

  156. By the wording "fascist west" is always meant PTB - pOWERS tO bE - elite that settled and controls the WEST, no I did not make mistake. Anyhow, I have seen Biden's both of who standing by the side of arrested Security Chief - the same as John McCain standing alongside of fellows from ISIS in Syria.

    Biden is complicit, so is London.

    There are serious concerns that people expressed over escalation of the conflict in all hot war. I do not see it that way. Biden as a physical being is dead - they could even capture his mind in computers during a dying moment, at least I read somewhere that such technology exists but it requires for the person not to come back meaning to die in that process. So if Biden was after a stroke in the midst of presidential debates then they could have done it and have then still access to his mind info. But for sure they run avatar. Anyhow nobody cares about Hunter Biden - he is probably out of game. If he, Hunter, sticks his nose out of his hole, they just kill him, his daddy faces more serious problems OUT THERE IN ETERNITY and can little to help him. So, it is just corporations and pOWERS tO tRY tO bE, that have things in a game, financial corporations included. Kazakhstan was to be a new centre of management over SIBERIA - PERIOD. Look please on google how ASTANA was built out of SCRATCH - from nowhere the CITY WAS RAISE UP. Stunning architecture - I guess nobody from ordinary people have any idea how ELITE built ASTANA - and what for purpose. Elite evolve Kazakhstan to play a role in a NEW Silk Road via LAND.

  157. Big development in still statement - my acknowledgment.

    "Zelensky as the Ukie President is implicated in the attempted coup in Kazakhstan along with the usual US and British suspects, in a failed color revolution."

    However - Zelensky, sitting president of Ukraine has nothing to do with Kazakhstan. Zelensky is a comedian by his profession - that's why he was put there - so that people understand that IT IS COMEDY - rather TRAGY-COMEDY. He runs and does nothing - no voice in Ukraine or anywhere else. Ukraine is run by US-UK-ISRAEL via OLIGARCHS who had pledged alliance to those states. Russia had enough of lousy Germans and French over Minsk agreements, so Russia is taking action to make things happened correctly in Ukraine so things can be fixed. So it is only Doneck and Luhansk who have correct MANDATE to continuance of EVIDENCE of existence of the contract of Ukraine and from there new Ukraine can legislatively be corrected as a state.

  158. Picture of Biden's and captured Kazakh CHIEF OF SECURITY AGENCY....

    Good read - needs translation.....

  159. For some it may be complicated to comprehend. However I will not elaborate here.


    In CHRIST we can fix things.

    I found it out how it all works. First step is of course to come to reality of awareness that WE EXIST and LIVE in GOD the creator of heavens and earth.


  160. War warning scenario:
    I have high up politicians who are personal friends: they trust me I trust them. Over one year there were numerous times when stakes were high. My friend got few times high level warning - however, I tended always to calm him down with rational facts, so far all proved me right.

    Now on the other hand even in my teaching in my native language I always said - we will never learn the truth about key points - never expect they will tell you truth. I said numerous times - COVID facts will be hidden and nobody will tell who's fault it is, who started it, why etc....., I said, they will accuse one another and ping pong will keep rolling ....

    TODAY, I began open for an option that VIRUS truth may come up for following reasons.

    1. Yes there is tension that could lead to a hot war, Russia will defend herself and rightly so...
    2. If we consider two elite factions opposing one another and third is Russia
    3. One elite clique of vicious criminals goes full speed to get done no matter what - war - depopulation you name it.
    4. Second more moderate clique seeks appeasement at least for some time
    5. Both those factions have dirty hands, however, one is more moderate

    Because both have dirty hands in COVID - I said that truth will not come out....

    But today I am saying: It may happen that TRUTH may come out from MODERATE once they clean their links to PANDEMIC - and I sense what it may be...
    Both, moderate and fascist have secrets on one another.... Epstein style collects secrets for negotiations --- ALWAYS.


    RUSSIANS MAY PLAY TO THEIR HANDS - and THEY MAY HAVE THIS DEAL. Russians will not bend down - so that - facts on COVID may be released

    We will see, but I think HOT WAR will not happen.

  161. BEHOLD...

    1. EU - to hold large scale cyber attack simulation drills -
    2. ISRA-HELL - had similar cyber drills a month ago - attack on financial institutions
    3. US to hold simulation of GUERILLA - war games..

    Something to consider - did we learn anything from 9-11 drills that ended up in taking down Twin Towers?

  162. My take on Kazakhstan.
    By now Russian lead soldiers are leaving Kazakhstan. Few days operation against 20 000 jihadists. It is being said by Kazakh president two days ago that 10 000 people were captured.

    What happened there?

    Well, we know that Russian agents monitored for 2 years the build up of camps and all operation. It was clear when US provided HI-TECH equipment to Talibs that it will be used against Russia at one point.

    So what happened? Internet went down there for few days, no communications. Operation finished in few days.

    I guess Russia used some HI-TECH weapons and vaporised JIHADISTS with some EM Puls weapons. Russians just burnt them at the spot-10 000 of them gone in a second. The rest shitted in their pants and with white flag marched on their knees.....WELL THEY WILL BE KEPT SOMEWHERE IN SIBERIA or SOME DESERT with 100000 miles no water around....

    This is it - OPERATION successful, no casualties on RUSSIAN SIDE....Few days and it is over....After this PUTIN will do the same in Syria I guess.....HE IS PISSED OFF.

    Then if the idiots in NATO will keep sticking noses there where they should not .... they will be sent out of this EARTH very fast...

    No Biden can not comprehend what happened. Blinken screamed that Tokayev should explain to US why he asked Russia to help Kazakhstan. I would love to hear the answer......

  163. Think of that, few days and 20 000 jihadists pacified ... 10 000 gone in a second the rest imprisoned.......US and NATO were building this operation for years ... billions of DOLLARS wasted on that....

  164. I have seen a fellow saying that Russians walked out from meeting with NATO ....

  165. I've seen some humorous accounts why is Russia not invading Ukraine.....Sorry, anybody who provided any info that Russia is planing to invade Ukraine is out of MIND ... it is just entertainment for makes me to laugh. So their explanation to brain dead public of the West that politicians provided and many repeated it in forums is comedy that I am almost dying of laughter.

    According to the brightest analysts and strategist a reason why Russia is not invading Ukraine is that it happened to be mild winter and Russian tanks can not roll well in muddy terrain ..... THUMBS UP, continue. With this you make Kremlin die out- BUT OF LAUGHTER.

  166. Supposedly TRUMP said: as it was posted, I just copied it:
    Former President Donald Trump took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and other politicians who have kept their COVID-19 booster status in the dark. In a recent interview with far-right channel, One America News, Trump shared that he had received his booster dose and said, “I watched a couple politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get a booster?’ Because they had the vaccine and they’re answering like — in other words, the answer is ‘yes’ but they don’t want to say it, because they’re gutless.” Though Trump did not mention DeSantis specifically, his remarks follow a December interview DeSantis had with Fox News, in which he sidestepped a question about whether he had received his booster shot.

  167. Addressing TRUMP's issue - I said that demos have their own decoy double of Trump. One has to imagine a scenario: Demos announce in their MSM that Trump will have RALLY - they set it in their MEDIA and Facebook and instagram trolls twit about it as crazy. So what the REAL TRUMP is to do. Come out of his house and say - no, it is not me....I did not announce anything and I am not planning is a decoy.

    Does he have a proof that it is a decoy? NO....he can not prove that. HE WOULD RIDICULE himself and MEDIA would roast him alive that he is PSYCHO....that one day he announces something and the other day he does not remember ...

    Or should he go to that rally and try to say - I AM THE REAL TRUMP .... well he would get arrested at the spot by DEMO-POLICE and brought to a psycho ward....

  168. NOW REGARDING -TRUMP - and booster or vaccine....

    Usually it is said that the public has two weeks memory - according to this fact manipulations keep rolling. PLEASE remember that after PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE when TRUMP won over DRUGGED and dysfunctional Joe..... TRUMP was taken to a boat or a sub so that he would not be killed....from out there he made few comments. I GUESS JIM-STONE had some good stuff on it, I did also but in my native language...

    So, TRUMP in case he had this flue - then he recovered within 3 days. In case he was ill, then he has immune anti-bodies built up. He does not need any vaccine or booster...except he decides to take some vitamins and minerals in what-ever cocktail ....

    Any BS regarding Trump said this on VACCINE or BOOSTER..... CONSIDER IT AS B-S.

  169. Now few words about Kazakhstan -

    It was stated elsewhere, not by me, I learnt that. ISRAEL LEASED PALESTINE territories for 99 years. After 99 years contracts expire....

    That's why war criminal Kissinger said long back that by ISRAEL will be gone within couple of YEARS - and Iranians former president said something similar.....IT IS LIKE Hong Kong was leased to UK for 99 years .....

    One can not lease land for longer period than that.

    Now they needed territories to place somewhere that CONFUSE NATION....

    1. First plan was ARMENIA - THE CONFLICT 08-08-08 when Putin kicked out idiot Sakashvilli - NATO troll and pawn, in his ass and protected their own territory, that conflict was to inaugurate serious local conflict and Armenia was to be drawn into it with total slaughter of people living there. Territory was to be given JIDDISH from Israel - they would be driven out ...., in so called APOCALYPSE. Christians would be mad about that we live in the last day and coming of Christ is here. Blue beam would be inaugurated as Christ descents on a cloud to Jerusalem. SLAUGHTER of Israelies would run around the globe in fake CGI generated images - some killing would of course took place. Majority of ISRAELIES would be transported to ARMENIA. Armenia would get SEAL because after the slaughter there would be some VIRUS running around....SERIOUS HAPPENINGS around the WORLD like TSUNAMI - EARTHQUAKES-FAMINE etc would be given to SHEEPLE to entertain their mind....ARMENIA WOULD get couple of decades new nation would be introduced - probably they would say that they are in fact remnant of Armenias etc etc.... PEOPLE FOLLOW WHAT IS GIVEN TO THEM BY MEDIA.....
    2. 08-08-08 was pacified by PUTIN.....So they came with SYRIA -- that was to trigger APOCALYPSE --- similar scenario --- but JIDDISH would just moved north and HIDE there for some decades .... same scenario would run around the world....PUTIN CAME and pacified their plans....
    3. UKRAINE was to be alternative where to place JIDDISH from Israel.....Ukraine was to play a role in Silk Road .... Odessa was to be a big PORT for CHINESE goodies ....KRYM was to be NATO stronghold - PUTIN CAME AND PACIFIED THEIR PLANS AGAIN....
    4. KAZAKHSTAN came as final shot - Kazakhstan was rebuilt. - LOOK AT NEW ARCHITECTURE OF ASTANA - you will be amazed ..., it did not work along their plans that's why they staged another COUP DE ETAT two weeks preserve their plans .... KAZAKHSTAN WAS TO BE REPOPULATED WITH JIDDISH - the same scenario...PUTIN CAME AND ESTABLISHED PEACE WITHIN FEW DAYS ....

    THINK ABOUT THAT WHAT HAPPENED IN KAZAKHSTAN.....this was the last attempt and no MORE WILL CONTINUE....Putin will wipe them out as he did 10 000 jihadist who were PROXY ARMY OF US and allies....

  170. Fascists say - Russians are using our tactics - preparing a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine ...

    ......“Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for an invasion, including through sabotage activities and information operations, by accusing Ukraine of preparing an imminent attack against Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine,” Sullivan said, accusing Russia of using similar tactics in 2014.".......
    Well I tell you: FASCISTS OF WASHINGTON - LONDON - BRUSSELS - GENEVA etc are hiding BEHIND DESCENT PEOPLE'S BACK....if the descent people wont't move their butts and kick those fascists into their faces and smash them - then it could happen that RUSSIA WILL SLAP ALL OF YOU AT ONCE.

    LAVROV said today - TIME IS UP, WE WILL NOT BE MORE PATIENT. We showed up outpatient for more a decade while you lied, manipulated, piloted to kill us ...

    Now in case you did not learn how Russians went to Syria or Kazakhstan .... or how they protected Crimea from bloodbath that fascists of the West were getting ready for via thugs in Kiev then you did not learn anything.

    RUSSIA WILL NEVER LAY DOWN PRETEXTS OF LIES - FAULCE ACCUSATIONS - MANIPULATIONS....they never do that. They play FAIR - PLAY. They warn you and you keep continuing your fascist ways and then they just KNOCK YOU OFF ...

    So, watch out for so called ass-steroids.

  171. Kazakhstan - I said that some HI-TECH WEAPONS wiped out 10 000 AMERICAN JIHADISTS - the other 10 000 of them including ADVISORS OR SPECIAL FORCES FROM UK, ISRAEL, US you name it WIPED OUT - THE REST SHITTED IN THEIR PANTS WITH HANDS UP AND HEAD SCREWED UP....

    Now check this 6th picture from a slide-show: YOU CAN INTERPRET IT AS PUTIN GAVE A GLANCE OF WHAT HAPPENED IN KAZAKHSTAN....

    Picture is named:
    Stuntmen during a performance at the spectacular popular science "Tesla Show" at VDNKh, Moscow, January 8. The length of artificially created lightning during the show reached 9 meters. It was completely free to watch the performances of acrobats and stuntmen

  172. I gave it a second thought
    LAVROV saying that RUSSIAN PATIENT is over:

    Now in case I am Russian I would do this.

    1. Knock off the bastard right away - in case you say that your patient ran out and you do nothing then you LOST
    2. Russia is not going to look like such idiot who said - MY PATIENT RAN OUT and NOW I WILL SIT AND DO NOTHING AND WAIT WHAT YOU DO....This will not happen
    3. What Lavrov said is this: HE SAID IT TO ONE ELITE GROUP - "You gave us a word you will clean this mess you did in LONDON-WASHINGTON-TELL AVIV-BRUSSELS-ROME.... and you nothing comes with a real RESULT." "You do not knock off those bastards right away - then WE DO IT OUR WAY."
    4. What would then RUSSIA DO - They would go after the FASCIST ELITE - not the COUNTRIES. Russian would vaporise some of the fascist elite sites might it be some hidden secret bases or headquarters in Antarctica or what ever.
    5. Russia would not nuke New York or London - they do not kill innocent people as AMERICANS do....RUSSIA WOULD TARGET FASCIST ELITE....AND THEY WILL DO IT.

  173. So what to EXPECT NOW.

    1. Moderate fascist elite will and take finally real action or the wind will be taken from their WIND and RUSSIA WILL TAKE THE RUDDER WHELL AND SAIL ...and it could happen that some of the MODERATE FASCIST whom some fellows call good guys...could bleed and not recover anymore - PERIOD - FULL STOP

    2 That means some serious CHANGES MAY BEGIN TO TAKE PLACE - WATCH FOR IT.


  174. In case somebody feels offended by me saying: Moderate fascist are the good guys as many marked that way.

    So, this is the story: WW 2, US and UK allies were waiting patiently if Hitler destroys Moscow. Moscow asked for help and they said - we are in.....

    What happened - UK, I guess shipped guns to Russia with which you could not shoot a cow from 5 meters....

    So Russia was on her own - while Hitler armies well supported by banks and corporations sitting in the WEST metropolitan cities - Wall Street - GENEVE - CITY OF LONDON....

    When it became clear that Russians are to defeat Hitler then urgency in the West run strong. Fears, that Stalin could get Germans with all documents and contracts that would uncover the real sponsors and planers of the war, finally kicked in and allies made a move calling it D-Day.

    This is what I am talking about. Moderate fascist keep waiting how the scale will turn, left or right and according to they would act while giving Russians assurances they hard cord fascists will be cleaned up, next Friday because previous Friday was this storm there which was cause by the hard cord fascist because hard cord fascist were warned that asked to activate HAARP for storm so that actions scheduled for Friday may be delayed....

    Yes I do not trust them, they behave the same way as during WW2...NOTHING CHANGED.

  175. Of course after the final whistle when all will be cleared the Moderate Fascists will CLAIM - WE ARE THE VICTORS - WE DEFEATED THE WORST OF THE WORTS. We came heroically to SYRIA and faced ISIS...we took all the bad cabal...WE MANAGED IT ALL ON OUR OWN....TRUST US.....

    Well, I guess it will not be their way THIS TIME.

  176. Chemical plant in New Jersey ablaze - no disaster is good for anyone. Workers off ....etc.

    However, one has to wonder - we are in the midst of a ongoing war and anything of this kind should be consider as a least a sabotage, or threats to owners who could play a key role in a game ... you name it.....

    Unfortunately this war is being fought very much this way......, probably still better than the real HOT WAR.

  177. In case some wonder in their wandering thoughts - there are no moderate fascists, there are only cabal and the good guys.

    Well - Coronavirus was a project of MODERATE FACTION of fascists and it was taken over by hard core fascists recreating it into COVID. Both those factions have dirty hands, one mildly others very dirty. What Putin needed to do is to protect RUSSIA from their aims to conquer RUSSIA via COVID. Putin foresaw the game. He could not enclose RUSSIA and say - into RUSSIA nobody from abroad will be allowed. This was not possible. He would immediately accused that RUSSIAN AGENTS GOT INTO THE LABS IN FORT DETRICK and WUHAN and released viruses. I guess couple of such scenarios were worked out in CIA and MI6 for at least since 2015 when Russia pissed them off in Syria.
    Putin needed to protect RUSSIA that's why SPUTNIK V, was created. Creating SPUTNIK V, meant that whole PANDEMIC IS FAKE. Because if it was PANDEMIC for humankind and somebody would create ANTI-DOSE that can save the planet then everybody would go for it.....NO PANDEMIC WHAT SO EVER......

    Beside great brains identified the intent of releasing coronavirus via Wuhan as a move by moderate to create havoc which TRUMP would then SOLVE and it would give me CLEAR ASSURED VICTORY in elections. Which his mandate was necessary but hard core fascists TOOK ADVANTAGE of the situation....SINCE HARD CORE FASCISTS have a proof that it was MODERATE faction of fascists who were behind release of coronavirus - then moderate fascists had to begin to play a game dictated by hard core fascists - via CLINTONS AND BIDEN and their handlers.


  178. TONGA -

    In my view all looks like nuclear explosion - hitting HARD CORE FASCIST CABAL some underwater base - PERIOD. As I said - RUSSIANS stated clearly - IF YOU DO NOT CLEAN WE WILL AND IT WILL INCLUDE ALSO SOME OF YOU ..... Moderate fascist had to start taking serious actions to clean up the world of HARD CORE FASCIST - FULL STOP.

  179. Now question will be:

    Will hard core fascist reply to that attack, in case it was an attack. If they have resources which they had. It was clear that they threatened Trump during presidential campaign that they will use NUKES on US territory....if the nukes were not terminated, I would worry....

  180. Tsunami does not build up - it diminishes, energy dissipates plus a resistance of the water naturally lowers the wave....FULL STOP.

    In case few feet high wave hits California that means on the way it was enhanced by underwater nuke explosions or whatever else could be used.....

  181. In the afternoon - European time - waves were 30 cm - up to 90 cm. This is not TSUNAMI ...

    "Moreover, waves of 30 to 90 centimeters were observed along Japan’s Pacific coast."


    Other thing to consider is CHINA HALTED SHIPMENT FROM THEIR PORTS INTO PACIFIC - INTERESTING COINCIDENT, LIKE IF THEY KNEW THAT TONGA will be targeted.....whatever excuse....


    It could be all CGI .... people.....planes in Twin Towers were CGI and it worked 20 years ago....

  183. Synagogue hostages: I would ignore to comment on it of course - clear at the first sight. However...

    Not that much add to Jim Stone comments.

    Question remains what was is all about? My answer is in a supposedly demanded call of the shooter: "RELEASE OF LADY AL QAEDA"

    Evidently Jiddish are demanding that PENTAGON begins to sponsor and build up and use AL QAEDA once again...after Putin reduced their ranks significantly ...

    This synagogue crisis actors staged event came after two events:
    1. Kazakhstan terminated colour revolution - their mighty troops vaporised and hell is overcrowded all of sudden
    2. Lavrov stated - OUR PATIENCE ran thin.....
    3. Tonga event

    All this means - ultra hard core fascists are running out of personnel and options to act and deliver new terror on civil population to pressure politician to act in their favour .....

    Target of their fascist activities of course could be following:

    1. Supply Ukraine with new terrorist ... eventually some attempt in South boarder of Russia
    2. Begin with new Al Qaeda gear attacking Iran

  184. Back to Tonga - Zerohedge has an article with a title:

    "Japan Faces Three Meter High Tsunami Threat After Undersea Volcano Eruption In South Pacific"

    This news indicates that they were preparing some serious attack on Japan and California and it was pacified. No real scientist would come up with this prediction when 30 centimetres wave would grow up in 4000 miles into 3 meters way..... SCIENTIFICALLY NOT POSSIBLE

    Well, what a heck not, important is that nothing bad came out of it and California and Japan are safe. Because if it would happen then hard core fascist would use it for some very bad plans for people.

  185. Lady - F---K EU, Victoria Nuland keeps barking on Russia - pointless....

    Only week keep barking ...... LAVROV and PUTIN must be amused....
    Nuland, who currently serves as undersecretary of state for political affairs in President Joe Biden's government, made the thinly veiled threat in an interview with the Financial Times published on Saturday.

    “I’m not going to preview 18 different scenarios ... I would simply say that our commitment and the conversation that we have with our allies is around inflicting very sharp pain very fast, if Russia makes this move in any form,” Nuland said.


    It is not about Ukraine - it is about RUSSIA making moves regarding either REPLACEMENT OF DOLLAR or TAKING INITIATIVE TO TAKE DOWN FASCIST LEADERS OF HARD CORE FASCISTS.....

  186. DJOKOVIC deported from Australia:

    What do I expect. In case it is not a political battle field and it is really only about virus - which everybody knows that it is not about virus - then I would not expect that much as follow up.

    However, in case it is a battle field for a fight for freedom against FASCISTS then I would expect a follow up. One must remember what Djokovic did in Belgrade a year or what ago. He organised a tennis tournament during this crazy terror of lock down. I said then, he has a cover up of somebody powerful. What happened during tournament - people did not wear masks - no vaccinations....just freedom to act. Fascists were alarmed and in two after it was announced by FASCISTS MASSMEDIA that participants of the tournament, which was Djokovic, Zverev, Thiem were all of sudden taken down by the virus and tested positive. Well what a smart virus we have here. That son of b...tch virus knows exactly who speaks agains it and then he goes and attacks them....JEEEESSSSS

    Anyhow, it took about 2 weeks and it was announced that Djokovic actually was not was just a small news as I remember.

    Anyhow: So I thought to give a thumb to Djokovic:

  187. What I do expect to happen in Australian Open:

    In case it is a political battle field then I would expect about 5-10 contenders to drop down on the floor with pain in lungs or heart or stroke.....they may not die but be disqualified for life as top athletes because of health issues......SAD....
    I would even then expect tournament to be canceled because of this - it would be said that enormous heat does not allow the tournament to continue.....

  188. So let's spill the beans: Fulford is asking for that.
    To sum it up:
    1. War over who will control EUROPE - UK with Brexit washing her hands and says we do not want to do anything with EUROPE - WRONG. Farage talked about Brexit almost 20 years - all was set up back then. I explained that migration to Europe was planed from London...when French realised what's up, then they began to send migrants across the channel...OBBSSS it hurts.
    2. War over who will control USA - In few words - Trump was hailed till the moment he came to London and showed a big finger to so called CROWN....and said USA will not be subjugated by UK newly formed empire....FBI was created by British intelligence and NATO was created with help of German NAZI.....
    3. As a result - Trump is being scoffed and hopes were give to Biden - once Biden come to London we will make a deal .....this was the talk...
    4. War over the world - third level - COVID scenario...Australia is "hit" worse - think about who rules Australia - Fascist London

    War against Russia does not go so well according to FASCIST SCENARIO DEVELOPED IN LONDON....that's why those fascists in London kept killing Russian in London and blamed Putin - Litvinenko, Skripal, some oligarchs who were hand picked by CIA-MI6 in early 90 and stuffed money in London....

    China is kicking back and forth - Hong Kong riots were created by London since China did not want Hong Kong UK control banks to control China since Shanghai was to take that control.....
    Australia bush-fires from year ago - 200 agents burnt that - UK hand to subjugate Australia that had ambitions for freedom....

    This is scenario that we face ....

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