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  1. Thank you ScottF for reminder of watching DelBigTree for current c19 info.




  5. POTUS mentioned a RESET in his comments in the aftermath of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting in 2017 “you haven’t seen anything yet” “There will be a RESET” The Bank of England’s outgoing leader Mark Carney cited a RESET during his retirement speech. The Pope has cited a Jubilee several times to my knowledge which is Biblical speak for debt forgiveness.The question I’ve been asking is RESET how? The World Economic Forum produced several videos with great imagery -- even from space, but include no details like how will the derivatives markets be untangled? Why is the QFS Quantum Financial System satellite base station located in Las Vegas Vs NIST Department of Commerce / Treasury QRB Quantum Random Number Beacon / Time Stamp Server Beacon in Boulder CO? Satoshi Nakamoto "the solution we propose is based on a time stamp server" GDP index based economy: Github:

  6. Don’t let this slip by: the person Trump appointed to be in charge of his administration’s vaccine race owns $10 million in stock of a company working with his team to develop a vaccine, and he’s refusing to give up his holdings.
    The administration calls Moncef Slaoui, who leads its vaccine race, a “contractor” to sidestep rules against personally profiting from government positions. Slaoui owns $10 million in stock of a company working with his team to develop a vaccine.

  7. Saturday Night Live skit where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson invents a child molesting robot.

    I didn't know about this until today.

    pizzagate #pizzagate #Pizzagate2018


  9. Veritas uncovered the illegal MN ballot u harvesting

  10. Diversity as the foundation of excellence: only through a diverse marketplace of ideas can you have robust debate which leads to the best solution to problems. Therefore, diversity is just as important as the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.

  11. Mike Pompeo, does this guy represent the best and brightest America has ? Republican or Democrat ?

  12. Ilhan Omar , CRAZY B. How the F did this happen ?

  13. TODAY @ 5:49 PM EST


    Only 10 minutes

    Purpose : stabilizing the earth

    B/c : Light forces are NOW in the final battle
    to remove last major obstacles for the Event

    We're actually in the endgame of this cosmic battle

    & we want a smooth ride until victory

    This is why

    & This is true

    “We tested honeybee venom on normal breast cells, and cells from the clinical subtypes of breast cancer: hormone receptor positive, HER2-enriched, and triple-negative breast cancer.

    “We tested a very small, positively charged peptide in honeybee venom called melittin, which we could reproduce synthetically, and found that the synthetic product mirrored the majority of the anti-cancer effects of honeybee venom,” Dr Duffy said.

    “We found both honeybee venom and melittin significantly, selectively and rapidly reduced the viability of triple-negative breast cancer and HER2-enriched breast cancer cells.

    “The venom was extremely potent,” Dr Duffy said.

    I've used bvt for years .Now Ferris Apiaries has Beesinabottle which is milked from 1000 honeybees in a base of emu oil .For the 99% of the people who would never accept being stung by live bees . This has worked miracles for so many folks . Now I learn of its cytotoxicty ...Wow .

    (comment from a reader of article)

  15. Lord Jesus, If we have ran out of Presidents ? please say so. Thank you.

  16. The government treats the general public like idiots ...
    Because the public are idiots.
    This "conversation" on white supremacy is kind of absurd. The idea that is evoked when the words white supremacy are uttered are of Klan-type, militia people - racists. So white supremacists like Biden who protect & serve the material elements of white power is given a pass.

  17. Obama was one hell of a con-man. He took deceiving to another level , to fulfill his personal ambitions.

  18. Is Biden a post turtle??

    A Post Turtle

    I love grass roots American wisdom 😊

    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Virginia farmer, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

    Eventually the topic got around to Biden and his possible role as our president.
    The old farmer said, 'Well, ya know, Biden is a 'Post Turtle''.
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a 'post turtle' was.
    The old rancher said, 'When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'.

    The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain.
    "You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, he's elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with."

    Best explanation I've heard yet.

  19. Hey Canauzzie,
    How are you these days? Hope all is well in your part of the world.


    1. Hello Aurataya,

      All good here. Staying busy with other projects and doing some things for WHMG.

    2. Nice to hear from you Canauzzie. Sounds interesting. All the very best to you.

  20. The only thing that would thrill Trump haters more is if and when he dies.

  21. You see ,Government is the REAL VIRUS.......... over the last century governments have killed over 100 million people......... Sadly there is no vaccine to eradicate government, only the TRUTH can do that!!

    The world needs warriors now, not compliant snowflakes!!

  22. BIden remains UNWANTED, he HAS had the FAILURE to act VIRUS for just as long as he has been in Washington.

  23. Trump’s tax returns highlight just how much he needs to stay in office to avoid possible prosecution and mountains of debt.


    1. IMHO that is quite a stretch. Trump survived Mueller. Enough said.

  24. Come January 25, 2021 the politicians (both republicans and democrats) in DC will be plotting that no one the likes of Trump gets back in. God help us then, going forward, now stew on that one.

  25. If you don't want to listen to this in its entirety, please just listen to what is said at the 10:55 mark thru 12:02.

    A dear friend I have been sharing with for a while and, who has now TOTALLY woke up, sent this to me. If you listen to the whole thing, you too will know the plan that is likely to start after the election if not successfully stopped by those who love this country.

  26. This fact alone should end his presidency.
    He knew he could’ve been infected, decided to mingle with 100 people, and then got a test.
    Let that sink in.
    In politics, there is no place to hide.

  27. Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real, And US Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios.

  28. Lockdown is a prison term, still think you are free?

    In a REAL pandemic, the sick are 'quarantined' NOT the healthy!

    Come on guys, THINK!

  29. Be still my beating it possible that the scum, crooked bankers are being held PERSONALLY responsible??


    Sun, 10/04/2020 – 15:00
    Since launching its last major international expansion push in the late 1990s, Deutsche Bank has become known – particularly over the last ten years – for manipulating markets (most recently in the precious metals “spoofing” scandal in the US) and aiding countless oligarchs and criminals in their money laundering endeavors, among other transgressions. The bank has paid more than $20 billion in fines to various regulators around the world over the last 10 years, and as Wirecard blew up, it was revealed that the German fintech graud nearly swallowed up Deutsche in an attempt to disguise the massive hole in Wirecard’s balance sheet.

    But on Sunday, Bloomberg published a story that caught our attention because it promised something so far in the post- (and pre-) financial crisis world: the notion that a megabank CEO might find themselves in silver bracelets if the bank gets caught laundering money for drug cartels, or ripping off pension funds, etc…

    President Trump’s SEC, not exactly renowned for taking corporate malfeasance to task, has imposed a new condition on Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing. The CEO must now, on an annual basis, personally certify that the bank is abiding by an agreement with the federal government stemming from alleged violations of swaps reporting rules.

    According to Bloomberg, DB sought a waiver from the DoJ at the end of last month to settle the swaps violations. But when approached, the SEC surprised Deutsche by adding an unexpected stipulation: that the bank’s CEO and top attorney personally vouch that the bank is complying with its commitments to US prosecutors.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Carl Sagan “We've arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces” One of the saddest lessons of history is this " we have been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of bamboozle. We are no longer interested in finding out the truth . The bamboozled has captured us. It's too painful to acknowledge , even to ourselves , that we have been taken. Once you give the charlatans the power over you, you never get it back.

  32. Mom WP
    I pray they take DB all the way down. They have ruined my life taking my home in their crooked mortgage.along with millions like me.


  33. 29 days before Trump is re-elected. And the Democrats AND many REPUBLICANS are in freakout free fall. This was not supposed to happen.

  34. Be wary of what you see televised in the coming future! #NoNewNormal
    #IDoNotConsent #JesusIsLord
    Remember this the next time you see a celebrity or politician roll up their sleeve... AND TAKING A NEEDLE.

    Those needles are RETRACTABLE.

  35. Capitalism teaches people to be grateful for what they've earned.

    Socialism teaches people to be entitled to what others produced.

    Socialism makes people selfish.


    1. Capitalism dispossesses those who stack up at the bottom.

      Socialism destroys hierarchies built on competence.

      Both are required. Extremes of either should be avoided at all costs.

  36. Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

  37. How if you wear a mask 

    You now support Trumps policy proposal to restrict abortions 

    If you wear a mask you support Trumps policy direction of bringing troops home and making peace deals 

    If you wear a mask you support Trumps law and order agenda to hold spies and coup plotters accountable 

    If you wear a mask you support Trumps equal rights agenda of fair and reciprocal trade deals 

    Liberals who wear a mask walked into a trap of there own making and can not get out of it now 

    God won freedom will reign

  38. If a contractor took 47 years to work on your house and it was still broken, would you hire him for another four?

  39. The Assange Extradition Case Is An Unprecedented Attack On Press Freedom, So Why's MSM Largely Ignoring It? And, they are the ones promoting a vaccine rather than improvement of human Immune Support.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Who and what is the source of the funding of the Coronavirus disease -Wuhan labs Hubei, China ? did this funding come from our tax dollars ? Seems like the individuals responsible for funding should be arrested and placed in solitary confinement. Dont you ?

  42. Links to the CDC stats are below regarding ALL deaths in the US for the last 4 again, WHY are we in lockdown? hmmm

    2017 Total Deaths US: 2,813,503 (234,000/month)📁
    2018 Total Deaths US: 2,839,205 (237,000/month)📁
    2019 Total Deaths US: 2,855,000 (238,000/month)📁
    2020 Total Deaths US (jan - week 9/26): 2,130,000 (236,000/month)

  43. Corona Deaths ! OMG, Let's take all our rights away.

  44. John Bolton is a mustache in a desperate search for relevance, and I don't give a flying f*** what he does with his ballot — though I can think of one place where it could be usefully shoved.

  45. PLEASE share.  In 5 minutes Trump shares why it is so important for the American people to understand what we are fighting for.

  46. You are living in a completely scripted reality show and NO ONE is coming to save you.

    No politician, no political party, and no magical or space something / someone.

    We have to save ourselves, and each other.

  47. "Divide and conquer " is the name of the game !

  48. 1. As a friend of mine once pointed out, at work, we naturally resent the people who get paid more and work less than we do. We almost never notice the people who are paid less and work more than we do.

    2. Sometimes it seems that a person would rather collect injustices than do something about them. That can be really harmful.

    3. It seems to me that in the political realm, sometimes groups would rather collect injustices than find a way to move past them




  52. The only people with reason to complain about immigrants to this country are Native Americans.

    Happy indigenous peoples day.

  53. Donald J. Trump

    Remember, I wouldn’t be President now had Obama and Biden properly done their job. The fact is, they were TERRIBLE!!!

    Yep, you dont even have to mull this over.

  54. 100 year old HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ON TRUMP "When I hear Trump speak, I hear HITLER again . When I see his rallies, Its like what I saw i NAZI Germany. Trump is like a dictator, He is crazy like Hitler was " Ruth Rozanski , Delray Beach FL


  55. Risking his profession and maybe his life, this doctor is a true hero speaking the truth that most of the others are too afraid to say.
    Share please Folded hands

  56. Where is the truth regarding the Currency Rev and GCR stand ? Does anyone know ?

  57. BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

    It's unraveling very fast now!  I always had a feeling that those MURDERS in Bengahzi would come back to bite high profile individuals.  And now, we learn they took out Seal Team 6 as a coverup?

  58. OMG...start listening at 8:20 mark...irrefutable evidence...Hillary, you are nailed!!


    Full video of Benghazi betrayal

  60. “The World Health Organization (WHO) has suddenly backpedaled
    on the C19 scam, as criminal and civil charges are filed against their

    This WHO backpedaling was due to one of the largest lawsuits in history
    launched recently by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of the German Corona [C19]
    investigative committee.

    Reiner says that WHO officials and other defendants patented fake positive
    result C19 tests years ago that produced demonstrably false C19 infection
    rates in the US and many other countries over the past six months.

    Dr. Fuellmich is joined in the lawsuit by multiple international attorneys who
    are preparing one of the largest criminal indictment recommendations
    and one of the largest international civil damages lawsuits in history
    against the perpetrators (including the WHO, CDC, and many other so-called
    "officials") of what Dr. Fuellmich and the other international attorneys are
    calling the fraudulent claims about the alleged dangers of C19, which from
    WHO data, was now known to be no more dangerous than the seasonal flu. WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu


    Biffie: well please hurry up and get it done!


    What a creep! And then some.

  63. Some major youtube channels BANNED/Shut down recently...not strikes, BANNED

    Among those who have been shut down are:

    X-22 Report (This channel has a LOT of followers)

    SGT Report

    Destroying the Illusion

    Red Pill 78

    Edge of Wonder

    In the Matrix

    And many others. They are no longer hiding the fact that they are cutting off everyone who says anything they don't like and they claim they are the TRUTH POLICE when in actuality, they are the protectors of the LIARS. I wish someone with deep pockets would sue their A__ES off under the Free Speech Amendment.


  64. Americans aren’t stupid, we just want to know the truth. We are sick and tired of being lied to. Period !

  65. Trump Threatens to ‘Leave the Country’ if He Loses to Biden

    1. It was a joke at a rally.

    2. Just like when folks said they would move to Canada if Trump was elected in 2016.

    3. Tino, So good to see you are still around. Would love to hear more from you :)

  66. I have problems loading the WHA page. Maybe 1 outta 5 tries I can load it, so I am unable to keep up to date on news from our UK source.

    He wrote an article saying no Dinar RV for Joe Public. Does anyone know what status is of the Vietnam Dong currency RV for Joe Public? PLEASE help with info posting up here.

    1. Tim4123, i will post here when there is something relevant to share regarding DONG,RV, and settlement. Thus far there is nothing to report. We are in the same place we were 4 years ago, when surprisingly TRUMP won the election and hopefully the "elders" (LOL) took this as a sign that they were capable of doing something as promised if we as voters did what was dome already (LOL). We are not supposed to recall that position. (LOL)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    3. Tim,

      No one knows how it will play out till it does. Desire to not have "Joe public" participate does not make it so. Do not confuse one person's hatred for "Joe public" with reality. Riding that roller coaster only opens you up for abuse.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.


    5. Hey WHA,

      You are welcome to comment here if you wish, copy and pasting a comment obviously penned by John... please spare me. I stand by my original comment. That "tough love" and "hard slap of reality" is BS and comes FROM a "blowhard". You cannot preach that crap here. I am in the know, I do not need a bastardized vision of someone's hopeful reality.

      "A commoner not allowed to have a quid..."

      Sounds like the very people we are fighting against, doesn't it? Oh my....

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.


    7. WHA,

      It is nothing personal to you. If you chose those words... so be it and I apologize. However those terms I have heard before... plenty and used in the same way.

      As for airing in public? Not quite. You have no idea. Don't confuse honest and forthright as "unprofessional". In time you will come to realize.

      I have always appreciated your efforts as I am sure others have.

      Thank you and good luck...

      Enjoy the carrot and the stick.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Comments seemed to be slow here lately, so I only now have checked since I made my question. I am sorry I missed the dialog before it got self deleted by WHA. TONY is a fine man. I would have liked to read his input. Yet, I really didn't mean to start any discord if that is what happened. My apologies.

      ALLORNOTHINGATALL, I appreciate that you will be so helpful. Many THANKS!!


    10. @Tim4123,

      None of this is your doing. See my comment below.

  67. 1973 Biden enters politics...
    1980 Wait for it...
    1991 Stay with me...
    2000 Almost there...
    10 Hang on we’re close...
    2020 Now he’s ready to fix America

  68. A 14-year-old has won $25,000 for a discovery that could provide a potential therapy to Covid-19.

    Anika Chebrolu's invention uses in-silico methodology to discover a lead molecule that can selectively bind to the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  69. Two new sites are hosting many of the patriots who have been banned:

  70. PayPal is announcing today that you will be able to buy, sell, and shop with Bitcoin and crypto on their platform.

  71. The only thing worse than Trump is Biden.

  72. The business of government IS NOT to protect or even support its people, but to survive at the expense of them. Once you understand that, a lot of what you are seeing now will make sense. Comprendo , Amigo y Amigas ?

  73. Juan O Savin (AKA JFKJR) launching book later today 10.20.2020

    Book available on line for $12:

  74. Intelligence report...very, very interesting!

  75. Biffie, it was a link on the latest Q drop. :)

  76. Another Q drop from a short time ago...a tweet

    John Roberts

    BREAKING: Tony Bobulinski will announce that he will turn his electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter and Jim Biden over to the FBI

    Q added:

    This is not going away.
    Corruption at highest levels of gov.
    DOJ_FBI_MSDNC 'political elite' protection struggles during BRIGHT SUNNY days.

  77. The Dems will be pissed if Americans don’t keep dying

  78. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales thinks there's going to be an "enormous backlash" against Donald Trump's lies.

  79. Covid 19 and lies are Trump's nemesis, not the democrats nor even the republicans. God help us. If Trump loses we are headed for NWO ! Vote !

  80. Business Insider
    More than 700 leading economists, including seven Nobel Prize winners, urge US voters to not re-elect Trump, a 'selfish and reckless' president.

  81. @mom, wife and patriot here's the video


  82. To everyone,

    As you could have seen if you followed before the comments were removed, I challenged what WHA had to say.

    For those curious, this is a free speech forum. As per OWON's TOS only comments that are to be considered personal attacking as opposed to debating what is being said. This is not a fucking "safe space". So if you bring something and promote it as true fact, do not be shocked if you are challenged.

    That is how free speech works. No safe space where only one version is allowed to be discussed.

    I have been at this a long time. I know people and have an infinite stack of reference material. When I sense that someone is misleading, intentional or not, I will challenge it. Too long I sat quiet. So I will say my piece when I feel the need.

    Watch them run when there is no safe space to force their narrative. They are only Gurus in their own bubble, remember that. This is a blanket statement and should not be considered as directly aimed at WHA, but applies nevertheless.

    The comments were removed by WHA. I can repost them if there is any confusion, however it has been my policy not to repost a comment removed by the author. That is just a normal policy and not part of OWON's TOS so I can repost for clarity if desired. I think it is very likely those interested would have already seen it though.


    You did not start anything and you are an innocent bystander.


    This forum will not be used as a soap box to push a narrative based on desire instead of fact. I cannot stress enough, consider what I have put in bold text. It says it ALL! I chose those words very specifically. No hidden meaning, take literally.

    Anyone one who wishes to challenge me on anything I said, go ahead. This is a free speech platform. Be prepared though, I rarely speak definitively without either extensive research, direct experience or a mountain of evidence. Sometimes all three.

  83. Regarding the : Global Settlements and Elders Reality Status. - same old Bull... if Trump does not win(2020), all is lost. uhmm, when did we last hear that ? about four (4) years ago. And Trump was elected. enough said.

    1. Any idea what Jim Willie and/or Paladin have been saying about this of late?
      Perhaps you have some links for us?

  84. Don’t know much regarding Willie nor paladin.

  85. Didn't you all like how neither Trump nor Biden addressed the issue of EXPLODING debts and deficits... MASSIVE debt expansion, currency devaluation, and how The Fed. is buying it all? And they won't... (You see, you're not supposed to know).

  86. To those who have been here quite a while:

    We had a respected fellow poster here known as Texian. I just finished listening to Paladin's latest podcast Episode 13 which you can hear if you are a member of his Patreon.

    Sadly, Texian's husband let Paladin know that she passed away last Tuesday. The cause was supposedly a blood pressure medicine made in China that gave her a disease. That is all I know and is what Paladin said was shared with him.

    This isn't the first time I've heard of pharma made in China doing real careful if you choose to take pharma.

    On Angels wings Texian. You are a fine patriot and human being who will be missed.

    1. That really makes me sad. I really liked her. Missed her already. Now I miss her more. This should be investigated. Darn china!


    2. Thanks for letting everyone know. She will be missed.

  87. Some people are like old TV sets, they need to be slapped a couple times to get the f***ing picture. Yeah, I know you only know of HDTV, ok. no problem.

  88. One party is FOR voter fraud...out of Joe Biden's own mouth just 24 secs

    "By their works (words), ye shall know them"

  89. Research team discovers breakthrough potential to prevent/reverse Alzheimers

  90. Google trends...rise in "can I change my vote" searches

    The Post’s exposés on Hunter Biden appear to have helped spark a rush of early voters seeing if they can change their minds — with New York one of a handful of states giving some that unexpected right.

    More than 58.5 million have already cast their ballots, and searches for “Can I change my vote” started trending over the last few days — linked to searches for “Hunter Biden,” according to Google Trends data.

    The biggest interest has come from Arizona, Tennessee and Virginia, all states that — like most of the US — only give residents one shot at the polls.

    But “in some states, you can submit your ballot, have a change of heart and, and submit a new ballot,” Matthew Weil, director of the Election Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told Newsy.

    That includes New York, at least for those who mailed in an absentee ballot.

    “The Election Law recognizes that plans change,” the Empire State’s Board of Elections says.

    “Even if you request or cast and return an absentee ballot, you may still go to the polls and vote in person,” the rules state.

  91. Is this either a fair or relevant question to ask ? Who is more corrupt, Trump or Biden ?

  92. A couple of days ago NASA found water on the moon. This is insane, this is a revelation in space exploration, and all people are talking about is the f ing election.

  93. Wake up, poverty is man made. Its not a natural. Regarding currency revaluation, if it has come as a surprise that its not happening in 2020 or anytime at all , then you were not paying attention and believing in those meant to confuse you. Yes, the same people who sell you the pill, sell the sickness.

  94. (A sign placed at a retail outlet) To hear you better, the cashier will ask you to lower your face mask ! Huh ?

  95. ‘Health Expert’ (Joke): Mask Wearing Will Remain Mandatory Even After a ‘Covid’ Vaccine – but of course that’s the plan and it’s nothing whatsoever to do with health.
    I must save myself from myself-an idiot said so.

  96. Bill Gates own Fauci. He is bought and paid for.
    Bill Gates with the help of both parents forced ms-dos WINDOWS operating system which allowed back door access by Government agencies, along the way he bribed and paid all gate keepers to persuade that Windows should be the preferred system, not just in America but world wide.
    Now, he has taken his talents to COVID -19 and other diseases, manipulating and bribing the same gate keepers . What an awful, awful person he is.
    When you initially purchased your Windows operated home computer, took it home, turned it on. It crashed because it was incomplete... Hold upgrade is coming in ! And, you are thinking it is my fault, I dont know about computers. really ?


  98. Is media’s reporting on COVID ‘surges’ timed to hurt Trump? Yep, no doubt. If nothing else, Trump presidency has woken many to the reality of the system we live in. A Corporation disguised as a country. Enough of that.

  99. Who gets your vote?

    You decide based on a groomed public image, speaking words written by others - all beamed for your pleasure through the media.

    The remaining 99% of their realities are invisible - except through the fog of accusations illuminated by their opponents.
    Which of these is MOST worthy of your trust?

    A warp speed VACCINE ?


    The Federal data ?

    The wall street BANKS ?

    Your Pick.

  100. “Executive Order on Creating Schedule F in the Excepted Service.” Sounds meaningless, right? It’s not.

    President Trump has just released a new executive order which gives him the power to fire a wide range of bureaucratic federal employees who resist implementing White House policies.

    Yeah, can you envision Fauci going down the toilet ?

    Do a touch down dance !

  101. 2 things:

    'Bizarre Burning 'Mystery Object' Crashes in Dominican Republic


    Co-founder of Swander Pace Capital, a private equity firm with more than $1.5 billion under management, J.B. Handley presented his analysis of worldwide data released about COVID-19, how news media is presenting bits and pieces of the story for maximum shock value, and how the real numbers and remedies for the pandemic have been hidden. Handley said he believes that the official response to the pandemic in this country has been "utter madness."

    He continued with his finding that "lockdowns were not even considered" in past pandemics, and that the present response basically "copied a totalitarian regime." He said that the tests used for COVID-19 now are far too sensitive and identify people as actively infected that cannot infect anyone else or even a danger to themselves.

    According to his research into past trends in infectious diseases, "there’s plenty of science now to show us" herd immunity for this virus is when 10% of the population was been infected, not 60 or 70% as with other diseases.

  102. Both U.S. parties are committed to nuclear weapons. Obama Administration committed over a trillion dollars to upgrade U.S. arsenal & Trump continued commitment.

  103. My teacher told me, always keep my eyes on my paper. My primary interest is the RESET. Not the election of Trump, nor Biden.

  104. The ideological crisis of Western liberalism deepens, with its particular expressions of crisis in the U.S. Why does it take the National Review to point out that liberalism continues to betray its own principles. OUCHHH!
    The Intercept’s editors, who Greenwald notes repeatedly are almost all based in New York, forbade him from publishing a column airing well-documented allegations of Biden family corruption. They told him that he couldn’t publish the piece as written at The Intercept, supposedly in violation of his contract, and discouraged him from publishing it elsewhere, as doing so would be “unfortunate and detrimental to The Intercept.”
    Glenn Greenwald founded The Intercept in 2013 with the explicit goal of creating a news outlet that would be insulated from the partisan and financial pressures inherent to corporate media.

    As he acknowledges in a resignation letter published Thursday, that project has ultimately failed. Very Nasty Indeed !

    Thats for those who know the background story, they will find the above illuminating. And ,even come to a conclusion why Trump, a native NY'er went rouge and straddled the political fence of both republican and democrat.

  105. Biden , Pelosi and Fauci are depressing, not inspiring.

    1. When are those two communist satanist old hags in CA give up the ghost?!!

  106. Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk Of Coronavirus By 36%

  107. You see folks, it doesn't really matter who sits in the Executive Office , when there is ruling class consensus on a specific agenda to protect interests of finance & corporate sector. We the people must have our agenda.

  108. Finally some good news.

    America's richest people have increased their combined wealth by a staggering $1 trillion during Trump's presidency


    Hello Lynda,

    Thought-provoking message by Kimberley Ann Goguen

    Starting at Minute 23:50, a thought-provoking message by
    Kimberley Ann Goguen that I thought may be of interest to
    your RMNews viewers, serving as a follow-up .

    Some one is telling lies.

  110. Jeff Bezos net worth in 2009: $6,800,000,000
    Jeff Bezos net worth in 2020: $200,000,000,000

    Federal minimum wage in 2009: $7.25
    Federal minimum wage in 2020: $7.25

    Do you see something wrong with this picture?

  111. FAUCI Funded and continues to fund the experiment into COVID-19 AT wuhan labs

    These viruses are coming out of the Chinese MILITARY complex and funded by FAUCI.


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