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Current State of Affairs | Will the new road be paved with Broken Promises?

So, what will be the Broken Trump Promises?

Be careful what we wish for.

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
13 November 2016

If America is to break free of the Beltway mass corruption, Trump needs to understand what he says, and be trusted to mean what he says. Watching the sniveling conciliation towards Criminal Hillary was sickening and deplorable. What happened to "This psychopathic Criminal needs to be in Jail?" That is what swung YOUR vote!

To any politically alert person, the US Elections were euphoric.

An end to the Two Party Rigged State and an end, hopefully, to the United States Corporation.

Only to be followed by Trumps cringe-making statement eulogising this vicious, criminally vile misogynist / Traitor Clinton, being declared suddenly by Trump, to be a party to who whom America owes such much. What? In your Dreams! We went on the line to get Trump in and will not loosen off for a Sell Out. Look how badly Congress let the nation down. This is our fight for real Democracy. To smash the Cabal.

From a Criminal who deserves (Damned Right!) to be in jail, he gives her Sainthood? No Trump, learn fast. Be consistent, she’s a Skank! Raise the damned bar. Now she’s grooming Criminal conspiring Chelsea for Congress. Repeating the Bush Crime families game play. Chelsea’s not bright enough, raise the bar. Stop the Washington rot.

Now suddenly this obnoxious, vexatious Treasonous mongrel becomes St Hillary? Ask the boys caught in Benghazi about that. Ask the trail of Clinton bodies, the defrauded parties across so many States. Ask the sources of Clinton Foundation funds, for what? Have you seen the state of Haiti? They stole it blind. Time to keep Trump focused from day one. Clear out the Trash as elected to do!

So much now rides on Reince Priebus as the new Chief of Staff, and his ability not only to maintain a steady ship of command keeping its new, grossly inexperienced Captain firmly on course, but also to act as a safe interface to the real Seat of Power, the7th Floor Shadow Government Administration, or Trump will follow the JKF route.

Taking on the Old Guard, as was promised to the nation, necessitates a Machiavellian Chief Strategist, and for Trump at this stage, probably non-better than Irish lineage street fighter Stephen Bannon who so often threw curved balls to upstage Clinton, and played Jeb Bush right off the board.

So Yes, these are two promising moves. But each now has the task of muzzling Trump's over enthusiastic projections, tempering each with achievable reality instead. House training Trump will be necessary. But the battle promised must not be avoided. Justice now needs to be seen to be done and served right up them. Payback was promised! Plan the Trash Sanitisation well. Hardball and Heads must be part of a clear agenda. Manning up now!

Ask the Foster family, suicided with a gun not fired? Ask the Falcone Attorneys about Clinton and the Biden Bribes? Extradite Michael Herzog who will testify the lot on the Bushes and Clinton's. Bring in Herzog, Trump. Now! He will help convict both the Clinton's and Bushes. Are you Man enough? Do you want Justice on a plate? Be a real Sheriff and extradite Herzog. He knows where all the dirty secrets are buried. Use Oval Office power for good! Clean up America. Put Herzog in front of Congress. Terrify the Bushes and Clintons. Play them off the board! Learn!

Exhibit the Falcone / Herzog / Bush contracts seized by Interpol. Examine why criminal Obama covered up for Biden for his Bribe taking? Investigate the 6 CIA Agents who flew around, illegally using US Government planes moving and hiding Biden’s money organised by Master Criminal George Bush 41. Thief, Traitor, Racketeer. Clinton bribed Biden acting for Bush. Romney alone also made over $1B from this Fraud as well.

America cannot heal unless we remove the Weevils. Restore Justice.

Even now, from his selected Showgirl Mistress backgrounds, is this a family with the Class for the White House? Be careful now. The world is watching. The world is unforgiving. Step with care.

We’ve had the criminality of the Bushes, the sleaze of the Clinton's, and the ridicule of the What a Bumma’s. Time to restore class to America? He was grovelling to Chicago Con Man Usurper, Soetoro. Hope Trump hasn't sold out already!

Americans deserve more than a Stillborn Revolution!

From Teleprompter Barry to a Butt Kissing Puke (so far) of HRC, invited to the Big House? PATHETIC!

Trump, don't go from Hero to Zero. Don't be Donald Ducked! He came with a roar, and so far concerning HRC with a Quack!

The Republicans now control both Houses and the Oval Office. Pity about the Jerk pending but that’s Politics. It was not a Vintage Crop.

Be clear, be very clear, in a Multi Polar world, highly sophisticated Russians, Chinese, and Europeans will play him off the map. But it could get much worse faster. It is strongly rumoured within the Kremlin’s High Command that Putin may retire next year for health reasons. If so, it opens a vacuum of Power Plays with many competing Russian forces. Some far from friendly to the West. A Diplomatic accord is needed, and quickly. That was not feasible with Clinton, but Trump has given the right overtures. Timing matters. Trump needs to build bridges now.

So, if Putin does go, will he be replaced by the amiable Dmitry Medvedev, or Alexei Dyumin, the ex-Putin Bodyguard and former Defence Minister, now being groomed for Power as a hard-line act. A bitter power play is raging behind the scenes. A loud and brash Trump is the last thing we need if Putin stands down. Ignorant as ever, the West has no idea of the Bears bearing down.

Ever more now, we will need the intellectual capability of Speaker Ryan, and the collective experience of Congress to help wisely guide Trump through volatile times yet to come. Not poke the Bear. Trump does seem to have an affinity for 'Poking' Eastern Block parties.

We see issues with certain campaign promises:

  • So, from the Berlin Wall to Trumps Mexican wall. Sure, he will build a great Mexican wall. Really? Does the Braggart realise the size, time and cost?

  • He will ban all Muslims Really? Sure about that? How does he envisage retaining Middle East Arms and Energy contracts?

  • He will mass deport illegals. Another – Read my lips. Forked tongue?

Well, Yes, so how about starting with illegal Kenyan / Indonesian Barry Soetoro? Man up? As for his Bar rescinded Dogs Law Licence, that Mutt now thinks IT will run next term? It qualifies only for the Pound. The Pooch Meister.

How much rope will Ryan give him as Speaker of the House? He needs shielding into shape. He will need Ryan on side. Be assured, even now he is the Interloper as they plan his successor. A child abroad. The Scots saw him off with his intrusive, unwanted crudely played Golf incursions. Bottom feeders overturned him.

We saw a wind of change towards the end, accommodating him. For what agenda? Planned systematic collapse? One Jesuit for another? Clinton, Closet Kaine, Trump. All Jezzies! Trump can visibly be played. As a Strategic analyst and Tactician, he is mediocre. Now the power of those around him matters ever more. Although thank God he beat Hillary, but Trump is still a Chump. He was just a Stopper, will he be more?

The hard part now begins. Managing a sophisticated economy. Some balancing act for a glorified Second Hand Car Salesman. Do not accord Trump too much credit, the people just wanted to off the Clinton's! At any price! Even him.

Now, it begins. The One -Eyed man in the Kingdom of the Blind. One lacking Culture and Finesse, let loose abroad. He needs Minders to House Train him. America has so much better. But for 4 years, we are stuck with him. At least it’s not Clinton.

What about a containment and payback policy for Soros? Who will scoop up that Nazi stooge?

To heal itself, America should first clear out its trash. Washington is awash with it.

Who will investigate and incarcerate the Bushes? Crime Families! With only 4 years likely, will he try? What a disappointing inauspicious start. In England Trump is an Anal gas discharge. Is that his only end product, let’s see better? He grovelled to Obama. Perceptions are formed.

Across Europe, sophisticated eyes are raised. He is universally not trusted. He raises questions.

Is that IT? The Razzmatazz aside, impressions have not been good. The lesser of two evils sums it all up. We ordered a Lion, they sold us a Pup. Donald Quacks.

So now let’s just accord him blind hope.

An early task needed is to quickly gut and replace the White House of c4,500 of Soetoros Muslim Commie Czars. Islamic Brotherhood and the rag bag of Chicago crooks and the associated trash Bathhouse Barry slid into place, usurping the standards and integrity of this iconic Institution. A full-on Roach invasion and Washington let him.

Barry installed his 7th century Muslim décor, removed and defiled the nations flags, as he and begrudging, his American hating Hag laid waste to centuries of Culture, while grabbing every Freebie going, and using Air Force One as a Wookies Show boating pleasure Cruiser for his low life hangers on. Class left the White House as a Mongrel pack descended on a Welfare binge for the trash itinerary he brought with him. What baggage.

Culture matters, or don’t exhibit it.

Now, thankfully for America, at last they will go. The Chicago Slumlady with them. His Legacy.

What kind of Stupid are they?

American Culture can return, the bar can be raised, and someone takes this trash out. All of them!

Fast track replacement staff procurement now needs to focus on bypassing the so tainted Washington Cabal set, concentrating on setting new White House highs in abilities, professional competence and real Patriotism. Yes, America DOES have the talent, so head hunt only this caliber fast. Raise the bar! Staff the While House with Real Americans. Patriots who care.

Real Americans, proud to serve their nation and those determined to help restore this nation from so many wrongs. Not just we can. WE MUST!

Soetoro's and Iranian Muslim Jarret's Islamisation of America can be ripped apart and American values restored. As can all his Usurping and inept misdeeds. Obuma care with him.

He has issued record numbers of Presidential Orders to bypass Congress. Repeal the lot and bury his tainted legacy. What can be done to stop him Pardoning the Clinton's? For so many crimes?

Hopefully on removal day Trump can orchestrate it for the Marine Band to be on site playing "Hit the Road JACK". Televised as the Obama"s leave.

A President even more inept than Carter? He made it so.

Trump now needs to select his own team with such care. All to cover his own visible shortfalls.

Bankers have owned and run the system and prostituted America, its values and The Constitution.

Address that from Day One. Money makes the world go around, so define the Standards and raise that bar. Get control of the money!

The rot started with the 1912 secret Jekyll Island Accord and the Fed, who sold out and stitched up America misguided by the inept President Woodrow Wilson. This collective of manipulative Jewish Whores carved up America and cynically stole its future, indenturing Americans with a lifetime of debt and bondage. Always it is so. Let them near the money pots and their Oligopoly games begin, carve up, segment out control. Remove Goyim power and take all. It starts with a trickle, the dam-burst follows. History repeats itself. Their Roaches infestation takes all. How many nations banished them throughout history? It’s long past time to right this wrong!

Why are Americans in Political office swearing loyalty oaths to, and funding Israel? Trump, STOP this right now. No more loyalty fiefdoms for these Tel Aviv whores.

The world needs an American Treasury and Fed run by and owned by Americans. As with its media no more Jews News. Trump must systematically remove these weevils from their complete Oligopoly control of the Treasury and Fed. Are you mad? You give them an inch they always manipulate and steal the whole game board. Their MSM villainised him- and lost! So now, he owes them what? Now, he has the power to determine who gets White House Press passes or not. Payback! No access, no opinion, then see who holds the power to bring these Dogs to heel?

Stop them abusing the political process, block Jewish vote funding, take away Jewish control of the MSM, reconstruct a whole new American owned and American controlled Fed, dedicated to the service of America and its people. Start by replacing the Fed and US Treasury with Non-Jews at the top and remove their Oligopoly of false, restricted practices of collusion. Get a clear agenda from day one. Clear out the Roach infestations. Stop the rot.

Take back America to serve Constitutional values, not Israel. America for Americans!

Congress would never have passed Woodrow Wilson's Bill, given a full session. Give Congress two years to right that great wrong now! Recover control and retrack America now! That is Trump's Mandate for the people. With a Republican majority, use it! Americans wealth controlled by Americans and for the benefit of its own people. Take control of the Fed and FRB NY. No more Foreign Ownership of Americans hard work asset stripped by Jewish Bankers. It must end – now. American wealth created by Americans to refund America and build US Infrastructure. American innovation funded by and for the benefit of US citizens.

A free, Patriotic Press, no more Jews Propaganda news. Take back America! Restore truth and Real News. Real reporters. Truth has no price, nor ownership!

Only those afraid of truth have corruption exposure to fear. Restore American values. Restore the Economy. Release the GS and RVs.

Bring the CIA under full and REAL Congressional control. No more Global Hegemony. Bring the troops home, protect the Borders and deport the mass Illegals within. Deal now with the enemies at home! Now, about Soetoro's sealed records? Where does truth start?


  1. Parliament is often compared to the Bearpit, because it's there when truth and challenges go on the line in full public displays of challenges and acrimony for failure. The site will do all possible to both encourage Trump and his new team to do what is right and needed, or to howl foul if not.
    Bear with us, this fight has only just started and it is for America.
    Trump visibly has a lot to learn starting with keeping him straight.
    This time Americans need a real Marshall on the job. Washington is Dodgey city.
    The gunfight is so needed to clean up the Zoo.
    Starting with Clinton.
    He said, he MUST do. Clinton needs exposure and redress. Both!

  2. Good God John, this article was absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much to both yourself and Canauzzie for presenting this one to us.

    I just sent a copy of this article to Trump. I sure hope he reads it.

    John, in my humble opinion I personally do not feel that the citizens of the US will cop Trump backing down too much from promises made. The people have really sharpened and fired up recently and they have witnessed first hand what they can achieve when they all decide to make an effort and stand side by side and say no more. That election win was amazing to witness. I do not believe the people of the US realized until that night how much power they actually do have when they decide to act smart and use it. I'm still blown away by it and am so very proud of the people who made that stand against those odds.

    John, you may laugh at the suggestion I am about to make but I consider it would be most productive. I believe you should arrange a meeting with Trump and give him your opinion face to face. You obviously care about the citizens of the US and the impact decisions made in the US have upon the rest of the world and all its systems. Do you think that would be at all possible John?

    I think the chance the US has in this very moment is monumental and every ounce of support that can be offered from any avenue should be. The next few months will be tricky to deal with on many fronts and smart moves need to be made at the appropriate time. Trump is facing a mighty battle and most certainly needs trustworthy capable people around him to get things going in the direction they need to.

    I agree with you with regard to the words he expressed concerning HRC, it was sickening. But I did notice when he had his meeting with Obumma he did not like looking into his eyes during their interaction. His body language during that meeting did not match what was coming out of his mouth. It was very easy to see his complete dislike of the Chicago Con man. And the handshake said heaps. I think he may just be adjusting to a completely different environment to what he is used to and is just unsure of himself at this particular point in time in this arena. His need to modify he normal behaviour and typical patterns when conducting business is going to take a lot of work because what worked in his normal environment is most certainly not going to work in the environments and situations he will be in as President of the US. Just my two cents worth anyway.

    Thanks again John and Canauzzie for this fantastic article, very much appreciated.

  3. Trumps team are more important he will be managed by them. Now is early days keeping him on track and notice.

  4. Yes John, when was the last time a sitting American President visited the House Of Lords, one that isn't that corrupt I should include. You have all the incriminating evidence on the whole criminal gang that I`m sure an invitation and meeting would be an eye opener. If this is even remotely possible.

  5. Scott

    There are multi layer issues here.
    He is tier 3 trying to mix with tier 10. Not easy. His past is?????
    His credibility track record in Statesmanship?
    Forget Hotel Casino Shysters. Does he have a clue of Political dynamics, Diplomacy, Global trade?
    Lets see what a year can do for him.
    We need to accord him time, but that time is not now. Lets help him achieve first. You all have by voting him in. Let the game begin.

    1. Please excuse me for butting into your conversation John and Scott.

      John, please do not think that I am being at all rude to you in what I express here but I would like to say this and hopefully do not come across as too ignorant.

      These tiers. OK, I get that there is a system in place that has always been observed. But why not change that system? Not everything stays the same forever if this world is to evolve.

      He is a human being, you are a human being, you both care about world issues, citizens, peace and productivity. So why not meet and share your opinions, expectations, hopes and dreams?

      I agree John, that Trump does need a lot of assistance. So why not reach out as a friend from another country to share with him and offer what you can?

      Forget who holds what rank and sits upon what level in the existing structures. Why don't we all change this system and reach out to each other, no matter what positions are held and be friends and supporters of each other in moving forward and creating the change so desperately needed.

      John, if you think Trump needs guidance and support then offer it to him by engaging in a casual meeting to express your intentions and opinion. You don't know at this point what the outcome of said meeting would be so why not give it a shot?

      The system needs changing and as soon as we can all learn to work together no matter what position one holds in society the better off we will all be. Why waste 12 months in waiting to see what happens. Jump in there now and try to get things on track from the beginning.

      People all over this world from the top to the bottom have the ability to offer brilliant solutions and ideas. For example, look at the ideas that Tony at WHA presents. As far as I'm concerned he has a great mind and many brilliant solutions to existing problems. So, based on that, if I had the power I would ensure that he also attends that same meeting that I would like to see arranged between yourself and Trump John.

      Every effort and idea, no matter how large or small has to be brought forward in some manner to create a stream of information leading to change. So why not now fight to change that particular type of structure/system and get moving in creating the world we all desire to reside in.

      For Gods sake, when it boils down to it we are all Brothers and Sisters and we all want the same thing in my opinion. Stuff all these usual protocols and let's work together like mature adults and get the changes happening.

      We cannot all continue to sit in our little corners of this globe and watch what's happening from the outside and bitch about things when they do not go the way we hope. We need to voice our concerns and hopes from the start and work together in bringing forward a result that achieves what we all want.

      Are my words just a bunch of unintelligent, hopeful and ignorant expressions or could they be the words of an ordinary person that has a specific perspective in which peace, productivity, kindness, respect and support meld together offering a step toward much needed change?

  6. Robot Slayer,

    Think now Multi Polar, multi national,but singular species. Beyond the false nationalism,beyond the false and ridiculous religions, beyond the false ideals of emerging man, but think with Ethereal vision,of how to unify a life force, how to co Engeal and unify the life forces to come, to unify, re track thinking and help shape a cosmic unitary nation of all mankind,to have both full independent sense of being, but to collate all collective knowledge and share all knowledge, experiences and wisdom as a singular collective force of being. To be part of all, to be as one with the universe, a unitary power, and to become a divine intelligence co linked and enjoining all.

    Emerging forces exist today with such collective experience, vision and knowledge, each pre programmed to contribute towards what you call Divinity,to help reshape the emergent societies of the future, and to help guide our species towards the ultimate collective awakening. You came as Star Dust,you are composed entirely of complex cosmic matter life chains via DNA helix controls,each on your own journey of discovery, each a new stage of evolution.

    With life, there is more than hope, there is collective being where such concepts as NWO will be defeated by the power of consciousness,and emerging awareness of our own cosmic journeys,and need to re track man, to shape direction,and to become part of the whole, part of one total Galactic life force of intelligent living awareness, to be and know all, to be an all encompassing Kinetic energy living matter, ethereal energy,living, thinking matter, multi dimensional, multi tasking the never ending evolution of life itself. To understand the nature and purpose of being, and progress towards becoming BEING part of all.

    NWO will fail, because emergent forces already empowered to know, are here, and working towards guiding awareness, and in dialogue even now towards re -thinking asset sharing, collective education and reaching out across nations and cultures,towards unifying mankind to be kind, inclusive and to achieve higher ideals.

    Just look around on the sites, at the emerging frustrations of all our species, there is hope when we can even get the Aussies thinking? Lol.

    Trump just defeated the Hilderbeast. Britain rammed home Brexit. Next the EU will see breakaway nations demanding out,from entrapped States,and each like Jason and the Argonauts,seeking a new Journey of Discovery, but not to be Fleeced.

    Man is becoming a Thinking Beast. Now to cut O Beasity! What we need, is mental feed.

    1. My god, I love it when your speak like that John. LOL Gives me a full on thrill. Ha Ha. Told you I was a bit weird.

      Heavens John, you brighten my mood so much when you express yourself in such a manner. You offer me hope with your words.

      Yes, I agree. Aussies in general can be a bit thick in the head and quite lazy sometimes. Well, maybe I'm not the typical Aussie then. I am told, practically on a daily basis, that I am weird and subjects that are of great interest to me are not at all normal. Maybe. I personally do not care what others think of me. I go by what I feel and not what others attempt to program into my mind. I am me and that is that. I'll stand alone for the rest of my life if I have to, that will not bother me in the slightest.

      To hear you speak as you have here John feels truly beautiful to me and I sincerely thank you for that. It amazes me that this world can be so horrible in so many ways, yet behind some type of veil there is such magnificent energy.

      Bring on the mental feed, I'll fight my way to the front of that line.

      Thank you John.

    2. Gosh John, I cannot stop reading what you have expressed in your comment above. It's so inspiring and exciting. And, I may have even gained a better grasp of what you are talking about at my own current level of understanding.

      Again, I sincerely thank you John for taking the time and making the effort to share those incredible words with us. I appreciate it enormously.

  7. Trump has been caught flat footed being made aware of the need to go out and hire c4,500 staff for the new West Wing Support Administration. He will be starting with no support hierarchy, no clue how anything runs, and no previous forethought of how to structure it ready or to have forward planned who could step in doing what? .

    He can't exactly hire staff loyal to Obama and his abysmal, failed agendas.

    So, with no concept of Political infrastructures,he needs his new team to hit the ground running, start building head -counts, and establish new reporting and control systems, or take over what is, understand it and enhance it.

    So, welcome to the real world. It's on a par with asking a truck driver to jump into the seat of a Jet Fighter and be rocket catapulted off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    Pilots get extensive pre training. Trump? He can't call on the GOP to support him.
    Now he flies by the seat of his pants in a version of Dumb and Dumber Maveric versus reality.

    So Yes, we will give him time and support, but just be aware of the consequences of Ego v Real World.His initial team will mean all. For him people procurement will have a whole new meaning. Time will pass so quickly and with no party infrastructure behind him, expect him to arrive in the White House carrying the systematic functioning capacity of a Pygmy.

    At least with the Yes We Can mediocrity he came in with a party infrastructure behind him. Trump arrives bare assed. Expect 3 years of institutional chaos as he learns how to walk the walk and talk a new talk. Then, how to interface with the 7th Floor, totally independent of him and with vast competing power. Made Men,accountable to no one. He will wish.

    Now the real pressures and core dependency will be on the team. But, if Bush 43 got through it, so can Trump. There is hope, as 43 was a complete Dope. So hang on for the ride, and see what the new team can do. Or where it leads us. Or who now runs Trump enterprises? His dreams just became nightmares. Be careful what you wish for?


    1. John,

      I do not know any President Elect in history to have any of what you mentioned in place prior to be coming a President Elect. Hence the more than two months given to organize a smooth transition. Priebus and Gingrich have more than enough experience to aid Trump in those matters. Like Dave Chappelle said on SNL, "Let's give Trump a chance". Way too early to be so over critical. Brexit has two years, Trump has sixty days. Let's see what happens before being so over critical.

      The same was said about a certain actor having no experience and turned out to be one of America's most liked Presidents, Reagan. Not to say he was the best, but far better than any president since.


    2. Now let us talk about his accomplishments so far. He has already KILLED the TPP on Day one, and has the Paris climate agreement on the run. It too will die. The TPP was a major victory for the common person and a major blow to corporate interests.

      So so far Trump has a grade of A+ from me.

    3. A grade A for what?
      The TPP was being killed by the Chinese and Russians,also by Brexit. It was a NWO control game plan.

      The Paris agreement is unworkable so now O will try to fix it beyond reach. The EU is coming off the tracks. Credit for what?

    4. Again , having given massive support to contributing to getting him in,now is exactly why it is so important to effect maximum contributing control. Almost every project which goes wrong in retrospect went wrong at the beginning. Lack of adequate forethought planning.

      Both parties had existing infrastructure. Trump did not. Recruiting even a few thousand people in DC in 2 months is a huge ask. No, its NOT a casual exercise. Its WH control and pre vetting. So now is a time to give constructive suggestions. To lobby for the GOP to help come behind the Nominees teams with basic resourcing for the good of the nation. Not the sour grapes of the arrogant Bushes because Jeb got handed his Butt.

      Ryan needs to help and support Trump. So does the party.Contribute. Realise his problems and pitch in behind him. All pull together.

      Party systems are complex organisations and need generic growth. Casual comments of a few heads shows a lack of worldly understanding of what Trump faces. Without backing by all he will soon become a one legged man in ass kicking contest. He needs backing, so we address where. Constructive criticism. Talking about them is facing them and from that come resolutions. The US is so F up because no one debated needs and let trash like the Bushes and Clintons in without challenge. Look at the cost of that.

      Keeping Trump on track is caring. As I said, he gets support, but questions also. Accolades are fine, but when questions are needed, who? So what's wrong with sharing focus now? Sitting back blowing goldfish bubbles is what has lost control of the game board now.

      How often have we said start a dialog with China and Russia now?
      Shock horror, Iran has had nuclear help from America. The sheeple are so gullible. The CIA has poured resources into Iran for the last 2 year and has signed vast energy contracts with them for money. What do you thing was traded? Double standards. Subterfuge.

      We WANT to see Trump succeed. Pointing out weaknesses now gets them addressed. That IS respectful caring. Now, not when it's derailed.

    5. We want to see Trump succeed for sure. It's a field of snakes to maneuver through. The GOP and Democrats are two sides of same coin. Hopefully the patriot faction of GOP will step up. We don't need the Bush faction infiltrating the close staff where they can sabotage. Surely there are people in place to prevent that. Now they'll want to jump on ship, but can't be trusted. Whose payroll will they really be on?


    6. John,

      I don't get how Russia, China, EU, UK or Brexit could possibly have killed the TPP. Starting with the EU, UK and Brexit, none of them are even in the Pacific Rim and were never part of it to begin with. Russia and China are bordering the Pacific but were never asked to join the agreement. With Trump stating he would abandon the agreement, therefore guaranteeing the US would not ratify it, the White House on November 11, 2016 announced it would no longer continue to pursue the agreement.

      The TPP was a NWO control grab. So ya, Trump gets an A+ for killing it and he isn't even in office yet.

      With the chairman of the RNC as his Chief of Staff, Trump will get a lot more support from Republicans than you think. Also rat bastard politicians in the Republican party were doing lip service to the public based on Trump's lewd comments from years ago about women and his conduct. Now that he has won they will come crawling back or face issues themselves getting reelected.

    7. TPP was part of a coming Global NWO control grab, all nations in stages to be approved by DC or not trade. Between BRICS,Russia and China, each recognising the inert danger,were putting pressure on potential entrapped blocks like the EU, to keep the US at bay from meddling, or else.

      If China and Russia combine to sell off T Bills, as is happening, things will get ever tougher for the Treasury and Fed.
      Cabal control and US Global hegemony is now aflame.

      With the Brits having gone for Brexit, the EU is now in serious trouble.
      Open borders was madness and Germany has just mass raided hundreds of Mosques, and declared sedition acts against many. Time to do the same with 990 plus US Global bases. These base whores are the cause of the so many wars. Civilisation is being destroyed by them. Look at the destruction of ancient cultures. ISIS! US activated and funded. Now O panics.

      China and Russia saw the oncoming danger of TPP as a Washington divide and rule Global power grab. Its potential devastation of freedoms to trade. A license to live or die on their terms or be market exclused. Cabal power. It was part of a power play of Global rule by DC.

      Open trade by the Brits has opened minds. This Vatican /DC control crap in the EU is failing. Same game, same chaos. Same meddling. If france votes out, as is unfolding,nations will have free control of borders and cultures again. Their own right to decide.

      Once the coming Gold backed currencies emerge, DC is finished as a Global power. Less than 5% of Global population will be ringfenced out in asset and material control. Eurasia is coming and there is no way China and all its nations will allow a US dominated TPP model as a Trade restraint. War would have followed.

      We all agree Trump was the best choice of the 2.
      Now, how he deals with the Cabal and 7th floor is key.

      Skull and Bonesmen occupy many of the 7th Floor roles. State roles in control of all, but elected by none.Families power shared. Not ability.
      Trump was not Ivy League, nor a member of the inner Cabal. How each deal with each other is the next battle ground. JFK is how one side deals. And so many more.

      Trump will spend his first 3 years building an infrastructure. Hopefully well. If the RNC can separate from the Bush 7th Floor machine it's a huge step for Americans. Skull and Bonesmen plus KMs on every corner, will be a whole new Chess board in play,one we need to see play out.

      Trump needs 3 years to even walk, the 4th will be spent up for reelection.
      If successful the second terms will be his real impact. Time to do real things. If not, chaos. Who will be the Who, who will rule in that Zoo. The 7th Floor is a 60 years Whore. Unelected as the Cabal with well used power of life and death for our world. TPP was a tentacle.

      Be assured, I want Trump and co to win. But that means taking down the Clintons and Bushes, and dealing with the meddling controls of the CFR, Tri Laterals and more. Man battles await. Each now will have a seismic fate. Or Trump gets assimilated.
      Which is why, any wobbling, needs to be stopped day one. Plans fail when failure to act is condoned.
      How the Cabal deals with the RNC will be interesting. As the EU faces failure, and new Trade relationships are formed, all is up for renegotiation, and with new power, come new terms. Wild cards are now breaking free.

      What you are seeing now is todays chaos.We are working 10 years ahead and planning 100 years ahead. Trump is a current step, and no more.
      He, and his entire hierarchy, have neither the Global relationships,or combined sophistication to exercise control on what is emerging on the now much bigger stage. These are Checkers Players thrown into a multi tier board game of Multi Nations Chess. Times are changing. Cultures will rule. And that will be the key to all. When has DC ever got it right?
      What is now in play, is bigger than all of them. Eurasia is coming.


    8. If we are to chastise Trump for perceived failures, we must also give credit where it is due or we are biased in our approach. Sure what he said about HRC was appalling and we went after him deservedly for it, but they have not taken 'prosecuting her' off the table. No matter how you spin it of how what might happened in the future, the present day fact is Trump killed the TPP and that is undeniable. So give credit where it is due and a beat down when deserved.

      Republican reps are now flocking to Trump. Governors taking notice that their state voted for Trump are now changing their tune. Ryan and McConnel are not only coming onside, but are now defending Trump. That took 7 days. Trump still has 65 days till Inauguration Day.

      Actions speak louder than words. Let's follow the actions and not MSM speculation and hype.

  8. I hear and appreciate what you have stated above John. I agree that this will be a difficult task for him and do think his ego will be tamed quite rapidly when he fully realizes exactly what the job entails. But I am not giving up on him yet.

    I think he will have a good go at getting organized as quickly as possible just to prove to all the naysayers that he can do the job better than expected by many. I just hope he gathers enough people around him that he can truly trust to assist him, they might be few and far between in that world.

    As he stated in the sixty minutes interview, his business interests come second in line when we are talking about rebuilding the US. He said "this is a big job and getting the US back to where it should be is far more important than hotel bookings."

  9. After five days - not even in office - you want to critique Trump's presidency?

    Hillary Clinton is already self-destructing. Media witnesses report she had to be physically restrained and medicated election night. She was violently raging on her campaign staff.

    It takes political capital to mount a criminal investigation against a political figure that has almost half the country's support. Trump needs time to build that capital. He needs to earn the public trust from various factions.

    Would your life be measurably better if Hillary Clinton was in prison?

    Or would it be better if your tax burden were lightened, crime reduced through prosperity and increased opportunities?


    1. Good points Angelo, welcome.

    2. Yes, I believe the world would be much improved and safer if HRC and those like her were in prison. They deserve to be there and should be there for the rest of the natural lives. Others are jailed for lesser crimes, so if it's good for one then its good for all.


    3. I don't think Angelo was giving an 'either or', he was just pointing out priorities and time allowance.

    4. Hi Canauzzie,

      Thank you for clarifying that for me, I understand now. I offer my apologies to you Angelo for my misunderstanding. Nice to see a new face here too. Welcome.

      Hope you are well Canauzzie.

  10. Most likely the job can be done with far fewer hires. Obozo seriously padded staff with 'body men,' dog walkers, Mooch's 20+ 'personal assistants,' on and on. Trump and his people will develop a stream-lined system like all successful business people. There is no reason to have huge staffs in DC. That's where the trouble starts when they stick their noses into state business. Trump also needs to eliminate a bunch of cabinet positions and committees. Federal government is a behemoth totally out of control. Let's get back to the basics!

    1. Definitely agree with you there Texian. I am actually looking forward to seeing what he actually does with the staffing situation. I have a feeling he is going to do a good job. Fingers crossed.

  11. One the score of criticism, unfair or otherwise, a Staffer has just been suspended for circulating an email stating she so welcomes a refined new First Lady coming in, having suffered under a caustic Ape in high heels for the last 8 years. That has gone viral now. Opinions?

    But agree with Texian, time to cut the numbers anyway. Simplified costs control.Just helping all understand Trumps reality issues now. But wishing them all well.

    1. And what a refined First Lady she will be.

      "Caustic Ape in high heels" LOL. That's funny. Must admit, she is a bit of a beast.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. We have insurmountable evidence that we need to be critical of everything...leave nothing to chance!
      9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

    2. Rand Paul: 'I’ll do whatever it takes' to stop Bolton from being secretary of state

      Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that he is opposed to John Bolton becoming secretary of state and has serious reservations about Rudy Giuliani assuming the same position.

  13. Already we see cracks of dissent as confidantes are complaining of presumptive family nepotism and old supporters get pushed out to accommodate family members being fast tracked in security clearances. The Nero narcissistic tendencies of this man appear to be appearing already. The US only had 2 choices, lets hope his surviving "Advisors" contain the Chump and create a balanced agenda.

    As with all wild cards, there are green shoots of hope, and indications of a fool. We just hope a more refined version will emerge to rule.


    1. Some of Trump's family will be part of the transition team which Trump stated last week. The transition team denied that Trump relatives have sought any security clearances. It's all conjecture.

  14. Hmm , and the son in law whose father was pursued by a Trump party for tax evasion by an intended member of Trumps team , had no interests in redressing that?
    If only it were so simple. What qualities do thee people have when benchmarked again other professionals in fair competition? Are we back to Bush,Clinton games again? Why take this path? Is it to be a Fiefdom the nation seeks to avoid now?


    1. Again, conjecture. It could be as simple as what was reported here:

      Insiders say Donald Trump is ‘disgusted’ by Chris Christie

      President-elect Donald Trump is so disgusted with Chris Christie’s handling of the Bridgegate scandal that he’s kicking the New Jersey governor out of his inner circle, The Post has learned.

      “Trump thought it was shameful that Christie didn’t take the fall for [convicted aide] Bridget Kelly,” said a source close to the transition team. “Trump is really angry that Christie is sending a soccer mom to jail. He believes 100 percent that Christie was behind it all.”

      Christie’s former deputy chief of staff was convicted in federal court earlier this month along with former Port Authority executive Bill Baroni. They were charged with causing dangerous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 as political payback for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie.

      Kelly testified that Christie knew of the shutdown of several lanes of traffic, a charge Christie has repeatedly denied.

      The former aides could face more than 20 years in jail.

      “Trump really doesn’t like it when married women with kids get hurt in politics,” said the source. “Trump was pretty disgusted with Christie.”

      Christie’s failure to take responsibility for Bridgegate was the final straw in an already eroding relationship, said a second source, who is close to the Trump campaign.

      “She was a factor in the decision because Trump didn’t like seeing her crying,” the source said.

      When Christie again denied all responsibility for Bridgegate in an interview with Charlie Rose on Monday, Trump’s frustration grew, the source said.

      Tensions had been building for weeks between the two men, with some Trump insiders questioning Christie’s loyalty in the last month of the campaign, when it looked like Trump would lose.

    2. "After New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was replaced by Pence as the transition team’s leader last week, the litany of “lobbyists, former bureaucrats, academics and corporate lawyers” he had organized were also sent packing, as reported by Fox."

      Mike Pence Begins To ‘Drain The Swamp’ By Firing All Lobbyists From Transition Team

  15. BREAKING: Trump Appoints Head of Immigration Team… Illegals, Liberals HORRIFIED

    "This was horrifying news for illegal immigrants but a breath of fresh air for die-hard patriots who believed in national sovereignty and rule of law."

  16. Foreign Policy Adviser Says Trump Will Ban The Muslim Brotherhood And Its US Offshoots

    President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

  17. The site has extensive debates in place now propounding views, direction and justice. What better democratic process? Voices are heard. Yours. Views can influence decisions.
    So many live contributions of key news not MSM constrained. Voices of all the people.
    You matter. Shape your world and be heard. America and the world now has a whole new start. Time for all to be liberated from Liberals!

  18. We just saw the Justification for Trumps family to be given fast track security clearance.
    Apparently it's so the family can read all the papers and explain them to him.


  19. It seems now as though the Neocons are drawing the Rubicon line with Trump relating to his offering Olive branches to Russia and China, and his policies which conflict their investment wishes. Now he is about to learn who controls America, and it's not him.

    It won't be easy. Unless he clears out the Swamp nothing is possible, his problem is the troops are all bought. If they close him down as they own the Beltway, what then?
    A lot of broken dreams to sit in the corner facing the wall for 4 years.
    Already it seems the Bush babies are active, and having gangbanged Baby Jeb, the natives are not happy. The swamp starts in Texas. So his Baptism is about to start it seems

  20. Jeff Rense & Linda Stone - Worldwide Satanic Cult Brief Trump?

    Must down on Trump's briefing..."Donald Trump is a changed man?" after briefing with elite...???? Some thoughts to ponder?

  21. This was one President Elect Trump's pet peeves: The Birth Certificate Issue:
    Busted! Obama Fraud Case to Be Made Public! Carl Gallups on WEBY

  22. Judicial Watch Exposes Steve Bannon! Warren Hysterical Rant! Bannon Prophetic Speech! He’s Awake!

    The left and the Establishment/NWO/Globalists are losing the minds over Trumps decision to place Steve Bannon of Breitbart as his number two guy. The MSM and liberal left are doing everything they can to discredit him, because they know he is completely awake and sees right through them. This shows that Trump is a “Truther” and values people like Bannon. Listen to what Bannon says in the 3rd Clip. He is prophetic in his understanding of how the country is changing! Truly inspiring!

  23. Agreed Fed Up.

    Yes, to much of Trumps current strategy and hopefully committed appointees.
    Trump was ONLY elected to tackle and stop Political and State corruption. Fail that and his Presidency will have been a Fraud.

    The audacity of the Clintons was seen with her failure to even address her supporters having lost and thank them for their loyal, albeit misguided support. She did not even have the grace to consider them, but threw them aside in a tyrannic hissy fit, what does she care for anyone but her own ego. The Clintons are vile. Despotic.
    So are their surrounding group.

    If America is to have a chance to recover, it has to wrest control back from the Cabal. Starting with removing the non accountable 7th Floor. The world cannot allow an unelected American Shadow Government. One so out of control is capable of anything, with no redress. Power corrupts, and theirs is totally corrupt.

    America has a huge conflict of interest. 2 Big Dogs seek to run America. Both badly!
    Capital is finite. Duplicating costs reckless. 2 Dogs can not live from a meal for none. America, as it has stood, is dying! The nation suffers, its economy is in ruins.

    Fine words Trump, but deeds?

    With this new Presidency, if Trump sticks to his promised Agenda, he could become a great President. If not, what a tragic new waste after 8 dreadful years of the Soetoro /Obama. Kenyan Con Man. How about unsealing his records for a start now. No one can be above the law.

    Trump MUST appoint a highly talented Special Prosecutor for the myriad of odious crimes of the Clintons. Chelsea's father in law is a convicted Fraudster Criminal. Her husband has lost billions from clients capital availed to him in trust. The Clintons are a despotic, parasitical and truly evil family. Trump is now c70. This is his chance to leave something real behind. To do good. It's his chance for real Glory, to be a President who changed and re tracked America.

    But that means taking on the powerful Neo Cons! All Cons!

    Will he man up now, or run? He gave America hope and heart. Failing them now will be cruel and unforgivable. He could become a Legend for real service to his nation. As JFK became, warts and all.

    We ALL want Trump to succeed. He created and drew the Rubicon line. The Cabal has to be taken down. The Bushes are deeply entrenched in it as are all his Skull and Bones type sycophants. All placed as Cabal Gatekeepers controlling all the access points.

    Rip the Gates off! Set America free!

    No more out of control, unregulated Power Cabals. Agencies must All be accountable , or closed. America can not even run an elected Government well. It neither needs, nor can afford a Shadow one. It needs Democracy, not criminal Autocracy.

    So Yes, we wish Trump well. but each appointment now counts and no Cabal gremlins can be given roles. Nor should families be allowed undue access to State. Power corrupts.
    Trump has issues and needs to keep it all straight. On that he will be judged well.

    Early days, fly the flag and keep his standards high. Then his life will have real meaning. Hard decisions and no compromise with integrity. You don't become a little bit pregnant! Trust once lost is like virginity, it's gone. Don't disappoint the trust of the nation. Now the whole world is watching,and judging.

  24. One thing Trump needs to really consider, is to set up a Public Congressional Committee of Inquiry, to address Political corruption and Bank racketeering. That will take him head on with the Bushes and CIA, but under public scrutiny,using carefully screened and trustworthy Congressmen,it could be as powerful as just how they brought the Mafia and Capone down. A dedicated Elliot Ness type team will uncover so much dirt, it will recover Trillions for America, and open up a major so much needed Nuremberg type trial. Seeing so many in the dock will do good for America.

    Extradite Michael Herzog currently hiding out in Germany,and he alone will destroy the Bushes and Clintons.

    And again, so well done to all good parties who went out to stop Clinton and the Bushes. This is YOUR win. There are good people out there, and see, a MAJORITY!
    Still Euphoric.

  25. We did indicate there would be problems if Mr Clutz continued presenting his family with Senior Leaders visiting for State affairs. House training him in Culture will take time it seems. His Alter Ego needs reigning in. Sophisticated Diplomatically cultured Japanese PM's are not Trump trophies. We saw it coming. He needs a word in his ear, then a thick one.
    It's a huge expectation now, so he needs serious minding. Asian cultures are very sophisticated, and they know how to judge a Barbarian. He needs House Training fast.

    1. John,
      Was it really "State affairs?" How can it be with inauguration still about 2 months away? Japan's PM came to Trump's home where one might expect to find family. Over here, it was presented as an "Informal meeting."

    2. He would have expected a State linking even as the Nominee. Homes are not the way. We do this all the time. This son in law game has to stop. He is neither qualified, not experienced, and not vetted. Way too much information. Trump clearly does not understand the game board or game rules. It will find him out. Be clear, we really want him to succeed, but it needs sophisticated conduct. A Japanese PM is not coming for a home visit. He has issues of real need. Not to be exhibited as a Trophy for the kids.

    3. The Trumpster will be invited to meet and stay with HM the Queen in June or July. It will be fast tracked in. He is an enormous admirer of HM, and Yes, it will be a massive honour for him. He needs a month's pre Diplomatic house training fast. But what it will do is forge a very close relationship between the 2 nations again,and combined that will make the world a better place. It will also give Donald huge status at home and top class Global PR.
      This can help both nations combine to reshape history for the better.
      The Clintons were too sleazy to embrace. O, well?????

      Trump just may surprise a lot of people. We all need him to come good.

      So far he's showing promise, and good appointees are lining up
      He really does not need Cabal groupies like Romney. It's like taking an HIV shot in an Aids community just to feel inclusive. Hopefully Bannon can talk some sense into him. He needs good Counsellors. And to listen.

      Let's keep the Green Shoots of hope growing not shooting up with the likes of Permatan reporting straight back to Diaper Viper in Texas.

  26. Well, we called it right. Broken promises, now he's letting the Clintons walk????????????
    What a gross betrayal of Trust.
    Who said it was too hard to question him before he's started.

    He has started- Breaking his word before he's even in office.
    When is he going to get his word is not worth S*** if he fails to meet his promises.
    Clinton has suffered enough. The big Jessie! He was elected because of his promises.
    Fail that and he's worth Bush 41's read my lips. A one termer.

    No one with a Crime sheet like theirs should walk. Not even in office and he's disgracing it. Disgusted. Trump is an English word for an anal eruption.
    Exactly he's breaking it already.

    Those who doubted him expected a climb down and a sell out. Well?
    Bannon really needs to put a backbone in the Chump. How many millions put up for him and he rat finks out?


    1. The Clinton Foundation is still under investigation, Trump still hasn't spoken with Comey. Tolerant Liberals are protesting spewing hate messages, burning flags and damaging property. There needs to be a smooth transition, after that we will see.

      It is still early, give him a year and we will see.


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