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news, Trump
news, Trump

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
29 November 2016

Commeth the Hour, Commeth a Man.

But is he Man Enough for what is needed?

Will the Ego survive the cold, hard realities of the new day job?

news, Trump

But worse, will the visibly gruesome and verminous criminals he was elected to indict, be fast track pardoned by the false posing Indonesian / Kenyan Usurping Criminal - Obama? This criminal dead fish Obama administration is rotten from the head up with its radical Commie and Muslim Brotherhood affiliations and his greed for a fast buck before his pending life of ignominy.

We are about to see the exit of the worst, most inept US President in history.

Be in no doubt, the world is willing Trump to succeed. Peace and prosperity are far greater goals than the Military Industrial Cabals war mongering Hegemony agenda. Trump has a chance to be Special! But he must honour the pledges given by him to secure the Oval Office. Letting America down is an epitaph which will be an indelible stain in history. Stand your ground Donald, don’t Duck!

news, Trump

The world is on day watch now. No time for wobbling. The right team can make America great again. America can help do so much for our divided and fragmenting world. But first, it needs to help itself by regenerating all that was good before the greed of the Kazakh Zionists and Bush / Clinton Crime Cabal brought ruination and Hegemony damnation to the nation. This entire sick infrastructure needs to be sanitised right out. Liken it to a rabid jackal and maggot infestation feeding off the Corporate and Body Politic State of America. Such a deep parasite cleanse is needed for the best of America to emerge clean again. The FBI and Justice were shown to be deeply compromised and tainted. As has been Banking and the Fed. As for the CIA and NSA??? Time to reel in and rule these Jackal packs imposing Law, Justice and REDRESS on both. Agencies now MUST be full answerable to the President, Justice and Congress. Time also to really look again at the time-wasting and ruinous Patriot Act and Border Agencies deeply intrusive searches. Dignity needs to breathe again. Scan, don’t Kiddie Fiddle and grope dam you!

Whichever way Trump moves each appointment will be scrutinised and criticised. The MSM and their cronies are at it already. Their disinformation failed to stop Trump. The Public neither believe, nor care what they say any more. The MSM is now walking wounded. Alternative medias are growing. People who care about Truth and Justice are challenging betrayal of trust. As for the MSM, Trust is like Virginity, when its gone, it’s gone.

An entire Jewish led false propaganda industry has been found wanting and deceitful. As most major Finance Industry crimes are perpetrated by Jews and Zionists, Truth has also been stolen by the same Media Barons, who not content with stealing the nation’s wealth will congregate with propaganda to steal your Souls as well. Always the same group. Coincidence. Really? What is the price of truth stolen? Because behind that is their agenda.

news, Trump

Now, is democracy reborn? Nations are usurped, so what gives the Cabal Clingons the right to meddle? Could the people not have been clearer? Enough! Left Wing Liberals, the nation has had enough, of YOU! Shut up and get lost! You had your Demo Rats Government for 8 years. What a mess. 8 wasted years. Corruption grew. Liberals and Social wasters, that was down to you and your criminal culpability as you knowingly failed to vet the Kenyan Commie and let this talentless, mediocre Jackass usurp the Oval Office, leaving the nation adrift and leaderless for so, so long!

Now the nation has called it.

American nationals, Patriots whose families built America, want their nation back. It’s called Democracy! That intangible you eulogise as you enforce regime change on others.

So, for all you Left Wing Socialist Whingers, LA Airhead packs, Whiners, Shysters and Zio Politico Cabal Elitists, the nation has a response for your views. Two fingers!

news, Trump

Now is the dawning of a new era. What just happened? An enraged disenchanted and disenfranchised people just woke up, stood up and took America back!

Now is Democracy reborn? The people want no less. Having seen the eruption of voting power, there may still be more Senatorial and Congressional seat assumptions overturned at future elections if the Electorate decide again no more and force them out!

Trump seems to be assembling a diverse portfolio of new Advisors. Not the usual Political spectrum of compromised sycophants, but those with opinions to espouse, with goals to challenge, and those simply tired of the old NWO Cabal Banking Establishment order. More important, most have a record of achieving with their lives. Unlike the Politicos.

What, people of proven ability coming to rule America? See what the voice of the angry, marching people can do? People power voted with their hearts and heads. A new nation is being reborn.

Many do not fit the Establishment profile. So what? Many are with blemished pasts. It goes with trying pioneering paths and testing boundaries. Progress.

But ever more important now, is to keep order and recover the nation, by keeping your word, and honouring the pledges made to the nation. For the appointed team to stop the visible compromising wobbles. You said - you must do!

This is truly a time to think Big. Like the landing of the Mayflower, America reborn. The people just gave Trump a clean sheet. A free pass to do good! To go forward, learn to think outside of the box.

But for Trump and the team, there comes an inherent responsibility to face the need to clear the decks, clean the destructive corruption and get control of a runway Agency / Pentagon Military Industrial Cabal sheltering behind the unelected, dangerous - 7th Floor. There is a major need to reign in, and pull back their unelected presumptive power and close the door to the 7th Floor. Who rules America? Get the 7th Floor out of the shadows. Expose them and close them.

news, Trump

It’s interesting to see a projected request for 2 million Bikers to descend on Washington DC in January and protect the integrity and safety for all during the inauguration. Our country will tolerate no false flags say the Patriots. This election is the voice of the people. Clinton really would be well advised to stay low profile right now, Soros too. Their criminal electoral rigging failed. As did the disgraceful and shamefully corrupt MSM. Is this the rebirth of a new America?

World trade is now already funded 25% in Yuan. China is flexing its Global trade muscles. Russia is contemplating building an undersea rail tunnel system from Siberia to North America via Alaska. Trade and income for Russia will boom. But this also opens new low cost energy supply sources for America. Less Middle East dependency. Less money for Arab Despots to fund ISIS terrorism and people displacements.

Trump has an opportunity to reach out and rebuild new relationships with Russia, building trade, not discord, funding economic recovery for America, not more costly Toys for the Military boys.

The Agencies and Pentagon have wasted Trillions on Fighters which won’t work and costly warships which break down in the Panama Canal. Cities could have been rebuilt instead. Stop the Military running America - into the ground!

These combined Cabal Whores are the cause of most wars. Over a million poor Iraqi dead, because Washington and Pentagon power unchecked has gone to their head. Why has Opium production gone up 35-fold in Afghanistan? More money funding the Taliban’s genocide and CIA Coffers!

America needs to become a Nation of Excellence, not a Cabal Hegemony invasive war machine.

news, Trump

Be in no doubt, America has unrivaled intellectual resources in the areas of Sciences, IT Software, Healthcare, Energy sourcing and Space exploration. Redirecting focus of America's energies, can open a vast new series of emergent US Industries, all reactivated by a Pioneering need to explore and recover lost markets. Trump needs to appoint a key Advisor for Economic recovery. One to focus on the opportunities for a resurgent America. All America needs is redirection. Its potential is unrivaled. A wonderful opportunity if following the will of the people. The nation awaits. Time does not. The good American people have lost so much over the last 60 years as the Cabal and Zio Swine stole Democracy unchecked, plundering the hopes and dreams of the nation and criminal abuse of Treasury / Fed Banking privileges accelerated by Bush Sr 41.

This election showed the determination of America's Patriots to take America back. It started the exposure of Political chicanery. But with the maleficence practiced for the last century of Zionist and Federal Cabal malpractice, American vigilance is needed to stop Soetoro / Obama perverting justice by contrived parties seeking to have him issue multiple Pardons while still usurping a role he appears not lawfully to have the right to hold. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is holding a press conference again on December 15th to expose the blatant Birth Certificate Fraud and SS number scams as well. Other sites are alleging they know the true identity of Obama's children, again alleging them to be adopted as a phony front for his political and gender bona fides. Has it all been a cruel Con perpetrated against the gullible people? Truth does not stay buried. Soetoro needs to be told by Trumps team, that any further transgressions against Americas Democratic rights or its Constitutional values, will be overturned and he himself held criminally accountable. It’s time to reign him in. If true, then who aided and abetted this pernicious scam. Start with sending Soros to Gitmo as an Economic Terrorist. Only don’t use water for him, other fluids are merited.

news, Trump

This is a new dawn for America and a review time for the world. It’s GOOD that Trump is talking of building a cooperative working relationship with Russia to jointly go after and Atomise those ISIS Terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Those murderous, subhuman Despots deserve no mercy, nor their views to be propounded to an impressionable and naive Muslim public in any nations. The world needs to both wise up and front up to these Muslims. It’s an oppressive Pedophile Blood Cult, with an ever-changing Koran foisted upon backward civilizations. God, Allah does not need corrections to so called Holy Books. Gimme, gimme, gimme the Eraser, Allah goofed up. Really? As for marrying off 6-year-old girls, what sort of sick Deity would ever propound that as Holy values?

Now we let them loose with knives, and Madrasas to grab their Welfare Checks for 4 wives and mass fornicate producing ever more Children for Western societies the so unworldly has to pay for it. Mo-Ham-Head, get a Job!

Counter that with the world we do need to be expounding our assets and Intellectual energies upon, as we guide our societies to emerge from their transient Dark Ages.

Even our physical being bodies need to be cross permeated into far more viable host physical beings, cross permutating new Silicon Carbon living cells to create bodily systems far stronger, more malleable and resistant to disease than our current Carbon life form shortcomings. A Silicon fix is a fast-interchangeable unit and one which expands our intelligence storage and Galactic embodiment to take our places as new age Star Beings, to venture forth and explore each Cosmos awaiting discovery. To achieve take off, we need to shake off ignorance. That’s a lot of Shivas losing their day jobs as enlightenment dawns. Silicone needs no chopped Todgers. Nor the backward ideologies of such Neanderthal Wassocks. Religions, such a truly ignorant subspecies. What is True is exponentially more. Ethereal values are core to being as one with all. Mankind needs to start to think now as a part of a Galactic highway of Beings, as being part of the universal matrix of all. To explore the Dimensions and consciousness of Ethereal beings. Humanities first step towards returning to Star based beings and Cosmic values. The Mayflower brought you to America. A developed mind will take you to the Stars.

news, Trump


  1. Trump nominating Mad Dog Mattis to run the Pentagon is a good move. That will sort the Cabal.

  2. The big point now, is what filthy tricks will they try to derail the will of the people?

    If so, 10 Million need to march with tar and feathers and nooses in their hands. NY should be closed down, DC also. Truckers should block all routes. Bikers can face down Cops acting for the Cabal. Enforcement need to be told politely,to back off and stop this criminal takeover, of you will force a Civil War, and every one of you will be tried as Traitors later. For every one you shoot, 10 of you will go on sight then. Once they take it they will quit. If every store refuses to serve them, coffee shops too, they will wake up. School kids will be fast to act against theirs. It will get personal. The Cabal has to be stopped to save America. It's time to be a Man or Slave!

  3. Interesting times as the Trump Camp marches on. Positive moves to end the Fed. Yes!!!!! Taking OUT the Kazakh trash and breaking their manipulative claws will force a complete rethink of constructive economics. No one needs to feed the greed of a viral Zionist species to feed nations paper backed by nothing. This Genghis Khan strain needs to be sanitised out of Global financing.

    It needs to start in America. But a Global rethink of roles. Less than 5% of the Global population just can not be allowed to dictate to 95% any more. America needs to use its advanced thinking as a Global Consciousness Leader. Putting back what has been destroyed. Ending Zionist fiscal oligopolies. We need to rethink and re align banking to serve nations and communities, not help themselves.
    The Earth needs to become one family of man.


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