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Our Last Stand | Report #5 | Helping you all understand what is REAL!

Global Settlements - Show me the money!

One World of Nations
Our Last Stand Series
19 April 2016

With OWON - Truth is free. If only the Media would give it to us and not sell us out. Helping you all understand what is real, is putting back with respect.

Let’s end the Bogus Guru Sites Donations Fee Scammers and Bogus phone line call in premium rate costs. False Truths at a price is no way forward for Truth to break free. Why buy trouble? Global releases? Who is being paid for real? Why? Where is it all at now in truth? Who is real? For sure, nothing from most Bloggers. We will give you so much reality today -  Free!

The Internet is awash with a never ending growth of opportunistic Blogs, all requesting fees to “ Allegedly” keep their sites open for one more week, begging bowls at the ready, pending the next vacuous and so false revelations of imminent releases. All – untrue! They know nothing, have the value of nothing, and their only role seems to self-promote illusionary false status positions for your Buck. Your hard earned funds, coerced out of you for a fantasy. Cease funding these mongrel packs, or they breed. What we have is a collective Internet force of Liars, fantasists and fools. Few are worth the time of day. Their opinions even less. Where is truth for the deluded, we will show you now FREE and give you a real overview of what is real, all that is real! Don’t pay out to be lied to when truth is Free! Trust your own Counsel. Following such fantasists will lead only to disappointment. Who seeks the Counsel of fools?

Why appeal to stop it all now? Because if it helps the good, well-meaning Ladies avoid getting conned by the Irish Broker Mercenaries and other posing unwashed, it protects good people. If we are to establish credible Blogs to protect the nations against the Cabal and their maleficent media Barons, you need to become selective. Media is not a right, it’s a privilege. So we need to start with Truth! Sites need to earn and keep your trust.

We see so many false, utterly baseless claims of imminent settlements from parties who will simply never even be allowed close to the real Halls of Power. The only locations where such discussions are taking place is between the most Elite of parties, screened and highly selective by invitation only, and then only by Special Families of ancient bloodlines, not the mercurially elected deviants seeking only opportunism and a fast Buck. Real platforms in negotiation with only one London group, are to be backed by Dynasty assets, and having seen the end product of the carnage entrusting Non-Lineage scavengers, no more doors will lead to Rome for time-wasting Chancers.

Only a few weeks ago, an application was promoted by parties on a commission, seeking to have the Elders part with 25,000 MTs of AU for the Fed. A copy came to us to review and comment. We recommended immediate rejection. Another scavenging Con! The key Elders now cross check all with us. On first sight, within 2 minutes we declare each approach to be garbage.

Last week we exhibited Real Fed Contracts with them, correct formats, colours and signatories. Only available on a Need to Know basis. Such versions would never be publicised.

For almost a century this loathsome Parasite Cabal force has sequestrated all it touches in an orgy of greed and subterfuge. No redemptions have ever been honoured. Lies, chicanery, excuse after excuse, are their skid marks on Public record. A loathsome liars charter. Our policies are clear.

Expunge them out of all future negotiations and planning. Decline invites, and don’t explain. They no longer deserve the right of a hearing. No consideration. When the hand which feeds these rabid Cabal Mongrels is bitten, withdraw it. As is now happening. Let the Jackal Packs turn on each other. Why feed and encourage this worthless Fed carrion to breed more? Their word is not good, they have no honour, nor Trust. All their face has been lost. And as such, exclusion is now the only policy. They are, in total, irrelevancies. So why read such vacuous Bloggers nonsense? It’s rewarding to see the multinational rejections of mediocre Politicos by Voters wising up.

Real dialogue, with Real Asset Holders, is progressing well between families of Stature and Culture. Real world. The photographs you can judge. Out of Public sight, but real. This is free help to give you hope! Reality. Nothing is yet cleared, it is in key party negotiations. Not via Grunts and fantasists. Yes, there are Genuine discussions in place, with real vision and commitment to help turn this leaking Ship of State around and give people liberty again. Sometimes it feels like every day or week is our Alamo. Reality is tough! Not childlike fantasies. Deals are fought hard. No one is parting with Trillions for an out of control Grunt feast. It needs purpose and synergy.

The turgid rhetoric propounded by so many sites, is simply delusional and grossly misinformed. Why would we even need to include or distribute Elders funds through such Cabal or Fed carrion? Their face has been long lost. As has participation.

We are assessing the needs of a Global population approaching 8 Billion. An application to help fund and house 70 million Chinese in need is currently being processed for approval. We are looking at Educational and Healthcare needs for Asia and Eurasia. We are assessing vast Silk Road and Infrastructure needs for Eurasia, and allocations of AU to help underpin and stabilize selective South American nations. This is real dialog, not layers of fantasy Broker papers presuming the right of self-enrichment having bought into Boiler Room currency hype, buying instead just trouble. While the Dogs bark buy more, and Sterling wait to do time.

We are contemplating new Global Water dynamics. Our World dehydrates, starves or poisons its masses and oceans, with polluted, disease infected water and plans to use water as a new wealth creating asset, while in fact there is more clean and sustainable water beneath the surface of our earth than above it, simply needing recovery.

Why deny the building blocks of life to others for power and greed? Real dialog supports real vision. Opportunities will emerge for many considerate nationals to assist in Global delivery projects. These are your real opportunities. The $500 bucks for Get Rich Quick Redneck Hillbillies or Bible Belt gullible would have been better invested in a Hooch Still.

We have allowed a power driven Hydra, an unelected Corporate Hybrid, composed of Military / Agency Despots, fiscally entrapped by a Kazakh Zionist predatory Banking network, to wrap its bloodsucking tentacles around all. For the last century collective interests have been sequestrating Global assets and crushing freedom, all the while claiming to be delivering Democracy behind the false illegal Regime Change Policies of a Corporate false front US nation with none of its own.

Yet in the Great Halls of Truth, where none dare speak its name - We do!

A luxury of free thought and speech is active, enabled by true Dynasty Elders of like minds. Impervious to Political sycophants and their Shylock Type Paymasters.

Real Leaders, Real People, Real Visionaries, do care. Contrary to the vacuous hyperbole exuded from the fantasies of bottom feeding Bloggers, some just Grunts with Collecting Bowls, deep dialogue is in play and real issues of help being debated. We have left Elders in no doubt that neither solutions, nor complex progression will be achieved by Politicos. Simply because few are fit for purpose. Nor truly care. Entrusting development of our species to these amoebic misfits will end only one way. Nor will divine guidance intercede. Those core funds are being invested for Capital protection, and only accrued profits used to fund projects. We have cut dead the Fed Hydra from stealing more.

Our case has been to demonstrate that complex Global changes can only be effected by those empowered, both economically and intellectually, and capable of conceiving the prioritised steps necessary, directing resourcing and delivering planned solutions. Self-help.

Our vision is for multi-billions in need. Who really cares about a few Blogmeisters promising a few lost millions, and all is coming tomorrow. Just believe, donate and contribute to the cause they obfuscate. These are just Carnival Barkers.

The Global economy is rapidly deteriorating. Reserves, what reserves? Redemptions overdue yet again, are reneged on ever more. How can a broken system pay you, with what? Yes, we know you need, but so what? So do billions. So, real world, do we protect primary billions, or a few million whimpering wannabes? Aaahh was promised. Poor fools. Politicians want only your vote, no more, and have no plans for you. For any of you. How do we get hard truth across? Prosperity funds and failed redemptions are, by and large not coming. Overalled Rednecks sit in mountain shacks guarding a fistful of Dinars. I’m gonna be rich! Really? Somewhere a lunatic fringe still lives in blind hope of a magic mushroom Dinar free for all. Basket cases. Blogs continue to pump this garbage. South Sea Bubbles. Look it up. Sorry but for most it’s a new version.

As the world becomes ever more a complex, hybrid Corporate Oligopoly of special interests, where are you, and who cares? There is no Shadow Fairy Godmother, nor Santa or Custer riding in to redeem the masses. You are worth the level of intellect between your ears. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

There are no State Reserves or even Private Pension Reserves capable of carrying through feckless retirees or Welfare Basket cases. So you paid into a scheme. So what? Apart from funding fat bonuses, as the State starts to raid the pot, what will be left, as they lose the plot? Be assured, not a lot. If you don’t control your own destiny, someone else does. Study historical equivalents. Good luck with that. Look at America today facing a future of Clinton or Trump. A psychotic career criminal or a flatulent, egomaniac, how low is the bar now? A daunting demise faces America. Ball games and reality TV rules fools. While Welfare Wanabee’s with a vote, contributing nothing - demand. How the mighty have fallen. Eurasia rises, while a Geographically illiterate mass sit in their State of Delusion, reading Blogmeister's procrastinations, of Heh Buddy, send me a dollar and Poof the Magic Dragon will fly in your fantasy Geld funds. Fools and money? Between the Bible Belt and Blog sites it’s pay dirt for Carnival hustlers. With seemingly no end of cross bred gullible.

Truth, is Santa coming? How old are you?

Facing the needs of a world approaching 8 Billion, how important are the needs of a few tens of millions of speculating Blog cannon fodder? In our world, evolving ever faster as a Grand Corporate Union of Economic Grandmasters, what standing do the Public really have, or expect?

As East versus West increases conflicts, and War risks with it, where do you think real interest is focused? Politicos are not in it to put back, but to take out, and the only thing being taken, is you.

There will be no free ride, bar you being taken for one.

Now, respect, truth and free real advice for the non-stupid. You’re on our own. Responsibility for your passage through life, is in your own hands. Your calls, your moves, your own Judgment and Life Management Action Plan. You think it out and don’t lose the plot. Or leave it to others who will take the lot. Stop dreaming, life is real. Get truth. Get - It!

So from Get Real, what is real?

Our response and guidance to the Elders was to seek no accord of trust with Politicos and to determine valid needs they wished to support, but then implement a direct support strategy, via their new Representative London office, bypassing the Political structures, unless support was needed. We can develop both Infrastructure and Regional strategies with minimum political intervention, and curtail the corruption from such associations. We also showed them how less than 20% of capital allocated to Charitable needs ever gets to the end user needs, and how much is syphoned out in ostentatious Salaries, bonuses and overhead admin costs. Our strategy is to deliver total Turnkey solutions using regional resources direct, and delivered by our own teams. These are REAL Elders progress issues, not moonshine fantasies disgorged by itinerant Irishmen parading photographs of some poor Asian wannabe Money-man profiling with a face like an unmade bed.

We are discussing Silk Road policies. We are discussing Global educational needs. We are discussing Water and Energy needs. We are discussing reality. Collective Elders of real stature sat through 2 full days of detailed presentations, achieving real progress. The point was made clearly to them not to depend upon Political promises, as history determines millennial failures and to focus on direct, total control. Two days with nothing taken out, where a key Lord said to me quietly, you get major claps from the team after each session. Elders respect vision and truth. Even more, the integrity to speak it.

Could it be perhaps because we opened each session by explaining to the Elders teams that a centuries progress has been slow, or non-existent, because their trust has been betrayed, their assets exploited criminally to fund 990 plus bases to wage vile Hegemony on the planet, all to protect Energy and asset grabs, as well as funding planetary destroying Arms industries, and Gut Busting Pentagon budgets for Boys with Toys, over medal burdened not for valour, but Butt kissing. Plus also the fact that we are making Elders key Bank Signatories on the new Trust Accounts with clear Capital Protecting Investment Strategies and safe income control long term. No filters, cross trading or skim offs. Integrity, Trust, Ethical policies, full oversight and clear vision. Elders know reality. Trust has to be earned. Honesty is the start. Ethical vision the next.

How can Political skip rats even start to understand? See how Cruz blanched at being asked to his face on TV if he had had affairs behind his wife’s back. His flunkies tried to defect to Trump, and Cruz ducked the question. That said it all. More soiled goods. When there is no Trust, there is no point. Why vote for any of them?

OWON charges you nothing for truth. Yes, we opine against corruption, and ever more against moronic naivety. But we do care about you, the way forward, and our custodial care of our planet.

We respond to only one race, the Human Race, and the Cosmic ties to all of us. Elders see, we get it. Elders see we walk and talk the real case. Elders feel our compassion. Elders trust our links and lineage. They have seen and experienced the US Carpet Baggers shabby imbalance of Global control. Greed has bypassed need. This is a world we are all in together. A cosmic force of good for all.

Every child has a right to life.

Every child has a right to love.

Every child has a right to come here as a new Soul and try to fulfill their dreams. Our role is to protect and encourage that and them. To help you be born free and to fulfill your full potential of being. Your Carbon Life Form experience needs to fulfill its purpose and real agenda. You came here for a reason and you competed with millions for this journey. You won. Why waste it now? Wake up and fulfill it. You’re not just Cosmic matter - You matter. You are an ethereal life force experiencing a Carbon existence along a journey with no end. Once you understand your role, then we can help you enrich your Soul. To be - alive, that is the wealth of the universe.

I recently saw our UK statistics showing over 600,000 children are now listed at risk of abuse, either physical or sexual. That is 1% of our nation. So even at the same levels that means 3 million America children a year are suffering. It’s truly heartbreaking and touches us deeply.

For the UK, America and the Children of our world, what is happening is appalling. I am saddened and sickened by all of it and our inability to stop this disgusting abuse now. It sickens me to my Soul. How can anyone do this to a child? These are the real issues needing our time, who cares whether you hustle a Dinar or two. Our children matter! They all matter and need us. All are children of one God and it’s not Allah, nor Yahweh!

Elders asked me, how do we deal with the growing Islamic problem.

I answered, for those in the West start by dictating in each nation that ALL Islamic children from 5 upwards are educated only in each nations State schools and given fair and free education. Give them truth and respect. Teach the children that forced marriage of girls from 6 to 9, or any age, is a filthy, depraved and guttural society and will no longer be allowed or tolerated. Teach the children to say its despicable and it's my life you are throwing away, so I say NO! Teach them it's the ramblings of a depraved old man who married Ayesha at 6 had had full intercourse with her, by his own admission, when she was 9. Disgusting, the poor child. Start by exposing and ridiculing this filth. That is a potent weapon to disarm and dismantle this Wookie Cult from within. Give the Children an informed choice. If they don't like it - leave! Assimilate, educate, or go.

Set the bar and lift it high. Start closing their Mosques and tell them you either assimilate or Vacate home! No one asked you to come here. Teach children truth and values. Stop the Islamic State schools, the Madrassas, in the Western world. No Shariah Law here. No! our laws or leave. Don't let them brainwash the kids on our watch. Shape the future by reshaping the Wookies, and show the children they are worth more. Not as Slaves. We stopped Slavery, why allow Islam? Look at their scale of child molestation and mutilation in Western nations. Truly, a disgusting species. Face it down. Take it down. Why allow 6th century decadent fantasy to pollute the West. Stop listening to Culture and start using Cult, then you get it and stop it. Every child needs us to protect them. They are all children of the Universe - Ours! Rebuild humanity by enlightening all for the future starting with each child. Consciousness is the Search Engine to everything. Start, on your watch - today. Every child matters. Every life form needs a chance. Nature, the Cosmos, animals, all life forms, we are One. You - Are the Living Universe. Help each child achieve their calling. Kindness is the real currency. Real wealth is the emotion of your Soul. That is all you can take with you. Call each day better. It may be your last.



  1. Great article John and Canauzzie. I hope all is going well with you and the elders John. I hope you and them will be able to come to a lasting solution soon.

  2. You are right about clean energy and water being critical to the survival of humanity, and we know that such advanced technologies exist now to insure that all people and nations have an abundance of clean energy, water, as well as food. The Primary Water Institute offers the truth regarding water's origin within the crust and mantle of our world, constantly produced by volcanic, tectonic and geochemical processes. My group is dedicated to bringing existing systems to end thirst, hunger, and energy deficits, given the opportunity to bring such gifts to all people, and nations. Nuclear remediation technologies exist to clean up our oceans of nuclear isotopes, as well as to render all radioactive materials inert, and safe to be around, but that is another multi-billion dollar per year industry, building nuclear plants, and storing resulting nuclear waste, how do we overcome such greed that endangers us all?

  3. John - Great article and photos. The much needed truth for each of us to reflect and introspect of our true nature. We all our that cosmic energy. I am filled with joy and bliss knowing that there are many who stand on TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT for all. I thank you and the Elders for sharing. Humanity has hope. At local level, I mentor young interns, coach my peers, lead and inspire individuals and teams that come thru the organization...focusing on value of one's character, their ethical and moral compasses to point to true north and their KSAs as their tools for a fuller and meaningful life experience. I am so ready for macro scale implementation. Again, much thanks for all you do for all of us. :)

    1. We will need all of you once this all clears. Politicos will solve nothing- They are the problem. The solution is in our own hands and focus groups will be needed to help implement solutions worldwide when ready.

    2. John - thanks for the quick reply. I am looking forward to it. There is so much more each of us can contribute. :))

    3. This is a complex and highly sensitive geo political cage fight to get towards the phased releases. Our teams are with them daily and travelling now between Taipei, Seoul, HK and Beijing. It is even wider than that when we get final agreements.
      As you have now read, this is a highly complex negotiating arena where the depth of our knowledge, expertise, competence and cosmic awareness is key to all. The values needed are not just monetary,and Yes, they can tell the difference.

      But the value of the site is that we are reaching switched on, aware people, motivated to understand what out there is wrong, failing , and we have to put back the shortfalls of failing societies. When the time is right we will publicise invitations for funded participation.

  4. John & Canauzzie, thanks for bringing us in for a great visual of behind the scenes negotiations just awesome, looking pretty dapper there John.

  5. Just wanted to say that with the tireless work and long hours of dedication you are putting into this monumental task you seem to be holding up very well

    1. Even better everything still works and many around me are dropping, or in many cases, drooping.
      My own mother is mid 90s so who knows?
      Still much to aim for.

  6. Thank you to The Elders, John, and others for this public article. It reaches to the heart of the matter- we can accomplish great acts without government involvement.

  7. Our key real case is as follows:

    If a few good and highly articulate, capable Leaders operating in the most powerful Financial City in the world,can not orchestrate between us all a change so seismic as to change the entire view of how we operate Global Bank Platform Trading, and to re assess how such vast real profits are allocated to serve good, then we are all lost.
    My case, is how much is enough?

    I abhor truly unearned Bank Bond Traders offensive bonuses,as also Hedge Funds syphon offs. Money - Is made round to go around!

    I explain to the Elders we are all one. Every living human being goes back to one maternal DNA source meaning Man killing Man is Man killing true bloodline brothers.
    Political ignorance, greed and sleaze is our real enemy. Ignorance. From false and failed religions, to failed Political Pygmies in power. Where is the vision of the Soul of man? Religions are indoctrinated Crap! Thinking beings need to see and step beyond this! Each so called Religious Leader came with huge credibility questions. None were God sent, None! Nothing out there is real or true.

    Bar one thing, the very act of creation timeless as it is, conceived a flexible platform for life to re emerge, and the Cosmic game was on. That is reality.

    The very intelligence programmed into the DNA helix of the first cells is the key to unlocking all. The thinking Matrix of life. From where, or what?

    We need to grow up, wise up and man up. To say No!

    If negotiations are successful,we need to be the new Missionaries of Progress, not false religions,and to go out and spread the seeds of Star Seed people. Human consciousness to say we are more , and must give more. Our future is putting back, Not I'm all right Jack!

    To change anything and everything, we have to change. We take nothing with us. All we leave behind is all we are. So make it good. Wars don't. Sleaze and corruption travels with you. You will see. Non escape, nothing is missed. With your Book of Life, do you want to do life, for eternity? Higher ascended Souls will be your Judge Assembly of Peers. All knowing, and with retribution powers far beyond your consciousness. You don't get to Plea Bargain with the baggage of the Bushes, Clinton's and Cheney. Or the Zio Banking trash. Judgement is a level playing filed. You made yours, but was it badly? You will all see in time. What is beyond is beyond most of humanities consciousness, but those who experience and return know so much more. There is no fictional Jesus figure waiting, but so much more and no need. You will be returning home. But no 47 Vestal Wookies waiting for headbangers.

    This journey is a huge privilege. The chance to experience Carbon Life Form on a beautiful planet. You did- What?
    Millions of you competed for the chance to fertilise that egg. You won. Why be a loser now? Millions had to go back and compete again because you took the slot. So why waste the life you now have? Life is so, so much more.

    You came with nothing. You will go with nothing. What you put back is all. Human kindness to man and animals. Protecting the ecology. Giving love, safety and guidance to a child.Love is the real value of all. To feel, not steal. To live as consciousness. Your real reach is the gentle reach of care. To bond with all. Compassion has no price.
    We are trying for so much higher ideals. Temple Head Elders are wise and with deep convictions of Soul and Spirit. They empathise with real values, and see through the shallow posers. London has survived everything from invasions to the Blitzkreigs of Hitler. It has a deep Culture second to none. And tolerance.
    If we are to succeed, it has to be based on building a global network of hands across the oceans,and slowly changing from the cradle up, the consciousness of humanity. To be Humane to all. To educate truth. Changing man is a big ask. Ignorance is the key to nothing.

  8. John, so much hope and a very beautiful, right on, post. Thanks.

  9. I am in the business of empowering women. Let me know when you're ready to start rebuilding lives; I am more than happy to help - closer to ecstatic. :)

    1. Mygirl56

      We will have a mountain to climb once this clears. Its only 06-24 and I have been working with Asia for an hour moving tax breaks forward for currency swaps. Its a 24 x 7 role for sure.

    2. MyGirl...

      I'm with ya.. and will be more than happy to teach young girls how to embrace their true spirit.


  10. An excellent and much-needed explanation of what is going on. Thanks for debunking the disinfo that I'm reading on other sites. I agree that the abuse of children inherent in Islam must stop but the Talmud is equally guilty and I see no mention of it here. All sexual and physical abuse of any kind must be punished and the current efforts to decriminalize pedophilia in the US must be stopped and crushed permanently. The cryptocracy appears to be quite destabilized from where I sit and the shake out will not be pretty. It sounds as if most of the infrastructure improvement is scheduled for the East. I can only assume the West then may be lost. Please continue your sound advice as long as possible.


    1. Yahweh is not from Islam and was mentioned.... in the same sentence.

      All are children of one God and it’s not Allah, nor Yahweh!

    2. Frankly, I have no idea what that sentence is supposed to mean. The author is clearly attacking Islam as the archi proponent of child abuse through child mariage which is despicable of course. The article does NOT however, say anything about Talmudic support, justification, and practice of pedophilia with children as young as 3. The sentence you quoted does not accuse the Judaics of child abuse at all while the rest of the article clearly targets Islam. Both cults are reprehensible with regard to child welfare but they should be accused and convicted equally and they are not.


    3. Funny you should mention this. Yahweh was added specifically for your reasoning.

      We simply do not want every article to be the size of a War and Peace epic novel.

      Here is the crux. It is simply impossible to share our stance on everything in the world in one article. We have a plethora of exclusive articles, each focused on a different subject but related. You will find many articles dealing with the Zionists, their belief in the Talmud and how that effects us goyim. How at the age of 3 a non-jewish girl is consider unwashed and can be used anyway seen fit, also for boys at the age of 8. It is also stated that they should be done with as much perversion as possible as God has no laws against acts of perversion.

      OWON speaks out against all religions, everywhere. The Vatican gets lots of attention from us. So you can't pass judgement because we didn't say everything about every religion in one particular article. The crimes against humanity done in the name of some God are just to various to mention in every article.

      So Islam received the lion's share in this one, don't think that we let the Talmud go unnoticed or challenged. Islam's Prophet is an admitted pedophile and was saved from his own people who wanted to kill him by Christian royalty.

      Now we don't say anything about pedophilia in these, but if you want to read us slam Zionism, here ya go:

      OWoN Exclusive: Nazi Zionism - The Greatest Threat Humanity Has Ever Faced is NOW!

      How The Jews Are Destroying America

      Please note we don't say anything about Islam in either article.

  11. This is so beautiful and true. Thanks for this article.

    Every child has a right to life.

    Every child has a right to love.

    Every child has a right to come here as a new Soul and try to fulfill their dreams. Our role is to protect and encourage that and them. To help you be born free and to fulfill your full potential of being. Your Carbon Life Form experience needs to fulfill its purpose and real agenda. You came here for a reason and you competed with millions for this journey. You won. Why waste it now? Wake up and fulfill it. You’re not just Cosmic matter - You matter. You are an ethereal life force experiencing a Carbon existence along a journey with no end. Once you understand your role, then we can help you enrich your Soul. To be - alive, that is the wealth of the universe.

  12. Well I have said it many times before, there will be no change while the cabal scum are able to breathe the same air we do. They have to be picked up and tried for their crimes and then promptly executed. These scum have caused so much pointless misery to our brothers and sisters of the world and they must be set as examples to other would be murderers. I truly believe all it will take is for ten or twenty of the top slimeballs to be picked up and tried for their crimes and then dealt with appropriately. Once that happens the rest will shit their pants like 6 year old schoolgirls make no mistake about it. This whole planet could be fixed in short order if the "Good Military" would do their job and git'R'dun. why wait a minute longer........I'll go and assist in a heart beat.......enough already. The time for discussing strategies and plotting is long over due, everyday many more lives are lost at their hands ....... Just do It more talk......action is all that is required. I cannot for the life of me figure out why all the waiting we know what they have done there is absolutely zero doubt why wait a moment more. White hats blue hats red hats who gives a shit get the top ten or twenty and this maddness ends it's that simple am I the only one who see's this for cripes sake !

  13. "Kindness is the real currency. Real wealth is the emotion of your Soul. That is all you can take with you. Call each day better. It may be your last."

    This quoted from this article reaches my heart everyday. I work daily on changing hearts and minds as that is the core to the making of a better world.

    My goal is to rebirth our Republic in America concentrating on the children as they will be adults within a blink of an eye. I hope my plans of "farming" and teaching the importance of everyone being fed quality food through proper farming adds to our children having a better world to share as they grow and pass on their knowledge. There never should have been hunger in this world. I will do my part to teach our children the values that are real and should be taught to their children.

    I am so glad that a friend shared this website with me today. I am sure I will be reading here often. This article speaks my heart.

    God's blessings on your work along with the Elders. I sincerely thank you all for this tireless effort.

  14. John and Canauzzie,

    Couple of things...

    First, sorry for being late in my response to you concerning the above exclusive. Work has continued to be challenging on so many levels. I believe there is a dark negative force that is pushing me out of the company but I have my father's work ethics and refuse to be beaten. So I persevere.

    Another great post and I feel the passion behind your words... I believe in your vision and I hope/pray it will become a reality. It is hard to see it with all of the negative being thrown at us day in and day out. Sadly enough, I see very little movement from those who are in my sphere. They continue to walk with their heads buried...

    The ugliness and incompetence of DC is pathetic. It is sad to see adults worshiping power and greed to the point of losing their soul. I have gotten to the point that I turn away from anything that points to DC buffoons.

    I appreciate the Elders and the role they hope to provide to humanity. I will be the first in line to help. So tell them to count me in... I agree on the quality of food and education. I have been speaking about educating the young on the importance of basic economics... beginning in their own home first... how to pay the bills, buy groceries, keep the car running and still have money to entertain... and their is an order to these things...

    I wish you success with the Elders. I can see your enthusiasm and passion and know that attitude is 90% of success... The following was said by Charles Swindoll concerning attitude:

    "... The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes.”
    ― Charles R. Swindoll

    So here's to enthusiasm and to the hope of one day embracing a great future that is all as it should be...


    PS. Glad you're finally see things from my perspective... ;)

  15. How and where do I sign up to make a difference? I AM Ready Now.

  16. John Samson

    Thank you for your kind offer.
    When the time comes, we will need all of you. And with that surname,you can help us pull down the Cabal and Zio Rat towers. Together, we can and must make a difference.


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