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Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #2 | Underdog Zero to Hero

Understanding the journey, from Underdog Zero to Hero

One World of Nations
Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #2
25 September 2015

Had tiny Britain with their loyal Canadian brothers standing together united against the Nazi terror, not defied the might of Germany for the first three years of WW II, and defeated Hitler’s (Bush funded) Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, and later the British Air crews and Commandos who died bombing Peenemunde to destroy their Heavy Water nuclear capability, being then 2 years ahead in Rocketry and Atomic power, but for tiny Britain, and Canada, German U-boats would have been sitting off America's coast and German Atom Bombs would have been raining down by rockets on American cities. America would have lost. And by God you would have paid as SS swarms arrived and mass social retribution followed. You would all have been marching to the Nazis tune, with an ethnic cleansing program using mass forced labour until the death of each non-Aryan, as planned genocide attrition. But this is not the history you were taught, as truth is denied.

Truth, real truth, for saving America's own ass, and bearing inhumane mass daily bombing in ruthless Blitzkriegs, the US Political gratitude to the little Englanders, was to maximise pricing on essential food aid, to mass mark-up prices for grossly overpriced rust buckets of supply ships as economic blackmail, and to saddle these loyal Allies with such an undeserving nation's War Debt as to need over 60 years to pay it off. Bastards! But that is not in your curriculum of history. Such disgusting Federal Treachery to good Allies who truly bought the time during WW save you from the Nazi’s invading heels. Truly, a real Jesus would have wept. US double standards again. Have no doubt, if Britain had not held out with loyal Canada’s help, German U-boats and Destroyers, laden with Atomic bombs, would have been unleashed on mass innocent American populations. They courageously survived the nightly Blitzkriegs so that we all may live in peace, but it seems, still no harmony. Tiny England took the devastating City destroying bombs nightly as Hitler prepared the mass invasion. But all the while, the cunning Brits, were mass producing Spitfire fighters and Bombers, all hidden from view and sites camouflaged. Pilots with only a few hours flight training were later to be unleashed in the oncoming Battle of Britain.

Even though the English had cracked both the radar systems and German codes, they did not show their hands and allowed the City of Coventry to be ruthlessly annihilated by German bombers to create a defenceless image and lure them in. All to buy critical time of days to train terrified 18 to 23 year old kids as Fighter Pilots. Fuel was critical and flight training limited for the war effort. Germany had its vast pre-invasion forces mounting which our Intelligence Agencies were tracking. Here we sat, seemingly defenceless against the unstoppable might of the German onslaught. Bush Germanic mentality. Fighters were mass manufactured, conserved and hidden as we suffered ever greater German attacks, each day buying vital time to produce more planes and weapons, and train Pilots. Factories worked 24 hour shifts with our women producing ammunition and bombs. Pots, pans, metal railings, everything was melted to produce planes and bombs. Quietly and secretly we prepared in haste. Only a tiny handful of defending fighters were shown. Then even those we stopped sending up before Coventry. Germany smelled an easy victory as Bullies do.

They had the upper hand and vastly superior forces. So they thought! But we had the Spitfire fighters and dogged determination to die free! Then in September 1940, having ruthlessly mass bombed London in the nonstop pounding of the Blitzkrieg, and with Hitler raging as British Bombers had bombed Berlin in retaliation to show the German civilians that War has consequences giving them a good few 9/11s as payback time. The final Nazi push commenced following a year of Nazi Shock and Awe (Remember poor Baghdad?) with Brits sheltering nightly in the underground, while infrastructure, towns and cities were not so lucky. Then in September came the big one for Hitler to finish us. Over 3 days Germany finally unleashed the vast power of their mighty all conquering Luftwaffe, to finally annihilate Britain - pre-invasion. To them, the beginning, of our end.

All the best laid plans of the arrogant Fourth Reich, not so different to Washington today. Hundreds of bombers and protecting fighters came at us armed to mass destroy us. Visibly we appeared as defenceless as the poor Iraqis were. To the Germans it was a planned Turkey shoot for the arrogant Neocon Nazis. A planned week of mass bombing to finish us all - they were sure would do it. The last step to conquer Europe, then move on to America next. Only the “Little Englanders” were left. Drunk with power, they came. We waited – but ready.

From out of the skies as they crossed the English coast for their final conquest, from nowhere, came wave after wave of squadrons of British Spitfires, out of the sun, flown by British and Canadian pilots, and raining down from the skies from every angle above and below were Spitfires, but spitting English Bullets. Impossible, where the hell had these come from? With a far superior Spitfire turning circle and more powerful cannons, the Germans own protective fighters were sitting ducks. Outgunned. Out flown. As two squadrons took out their fighters, a third squadron annihilated their bombers. Fat bombing pigs were terrified as English Spitfires came at them with blazing cannons ripping them apart. Skies were awash with flaming or exploding German aircraft. Payback you Bastards!

The Master Race were left filling their own brown pants. Day one, their losses were in hundreds as they tried to abort, cut and run in terror. Hitler was furious. He ordered up the full reserve might of the Luftwaffe for day two and ever more of their fighters were assigned this time to make the Englanders pay. No mercy. This was the battle over and for the very survival of Britain. No mercy. Lose it and the SS would rule forever. Mass exterminations and slavery would follow. America next.

Day two they came, but radar prepared, unknown to them we already had a vast secret deployment of even more fighters already waiting high in the skies hidden from view, moving ahead in huge formations to incoming locations to outflank them, then to come at them from all unexpected directions and in numbers they had no idea we had secretly produced. They came to finish us. Revenge. But whose?

Day two. We lured them in. Wave after wave followed when advance German radar reports from their pilots showed no English or Canadian Fighters intercepting them. First no defence showed. Euphoric, they had us. No need to hold back. So they threw the lot in.

Then without warning, from behind and above them, wave after wave of Spitfires came from nowhere all focused to kill the protecting German fighters first. German bomber crews sat spellbound, and terrified, watching the might of Germany's great Luftwaffe, outmaneuvered, out gunned and systematically shot out of the skies. Fighter pilots were terrified as they tried to escape British and Canadian retribution, with a Spitting Spitfire on every tail. Their mighty Third Reich caught in flight. They were mass slaughtered. Then we came for their bombers. It was a Turkey shoot. They lost 40% of their bombers that day. Germany’s worst nightmare came home. The remaining crews ran in terror. Day 3, Hitler accused the Luftwaffe of gross cowardice, and ordered them back, Destroy England! Devoid of Fighter protection, they came again this time scared out of their wits knowing now 60% of their conquering comrades were all now dead or British Bulldog prisoners.

The remaining might of Germany’s war machine were ordered to attack. What followed was retribution without mercy for our nations Souls mass murdered in the Blitzkriegs, and this time we were the ones pulling the triggers. The Nazis were smashed. The fury, anger and hate of the English set about them. The skies were filled with smoking planes and exploding bombers. The British and Allied pilots were merciless pounding them from the skies. Fighters queued up to attack German bombers. It was mass carnage. The Battle of Britain was for Britain, and singularly turned the tide. While all the time, the US sat on the side and War profiteered. Canada stepped up with us. The US failed us and profiteered. Ever it was so. Had Britain fallen, America would have followed. No African Americans or Jews would have survived the Nazi purges. It took England just 3 days to destroy the Luftwaffe, but then 3 more years to defeat Hitler. Had he tried invading by sea we had even greater consequences waiting. Valhalla would have torched the seas burning them all alive. For that, you all now live free. Real history. Real heroes. Not F***ing Hollywood who cowered in shame or profiteered while real men died.

What if Britain had co-joined Hitler, as invited, to carve up the world between us? Fortunately for you all, we declined. But for 60 years, for that we paid a ravenous US War Debt price, crippling our economy. We have not forgotten or forgiven the Political or Federal filth who betrayed us.

Some F***ing Allies! Real history, real truth. But no, Hollywood won the war. In your dreams!

But it is now the same Federalist Fourth Reich Neocon and Zios mind sets raping America and the world. Did Bush 41 ever fly a bombing raid over Germany and Hitler? Of course not. Bomb his fellow Nazis? Poppy Bush flew only against then defenceless Japs much later. Creep! So millions die, for another Cabal lie. When a perception of truth lies, America has a real truth problem. The world pays. Have we learned nothing?

To change anything for the better, we need to understand the historical cause, and effect. Face reality and truth.

Only escapee Jews and Zionists, saved from the Nazis, run the Fed, Treasury and Banks. You have no right to appeal because they are the Supremes. They control Justice, DHS and the system. What part of your total exclusion do you not get? How much longer will intelligent Americans tolerate this abuse of power? If a tiny nation could defeat the vast Nazi military air power, why not combine between us all to defeat the Cabal?

The often so inept, intrusive Agencies in DC, produce over 50,000 reports a year as a giant garbage factory, with hundreds of thousands of Suits expending your cash freely in an orgy of vanity. No one reads them, no one benefits, who cares, and you pay! And all the while, your nation’s life blood ebbs away.

Only in America.

Global Expansion of U.S. Military Involvement

990 bases interfering with the world, and still losing. Grey Screen Fed Programs generating Trillions as slush machines for the Military and Agencies to wage enforcement wars on Refusenik nations. With incredible Quad T’s of Military and Agency waste, all focus has been on altercation and sequestration. The end result is a failed nation. But one so insular and arrogant of its own mortality, none can see or smell the flames at the gates, as Asia now determines which cards to play next.

Be assured, after the US led and FAILED game play to bring down the Beijing markets, one bad deed merits a response and be assured, it will be a clinical and incisive move by China of cataclysmic impact in retribution. Obama tried grandstanding against Putin over Syria. Putin faced him down, invited him to go for it but warned, be aware, Russia is ready. That was followed by a Russian Bomber flying over the US flagship and frying its radar as a warning leaving them as a sitting duck wide open to Russian attacks. A defenceless warship carrying brown pants warriors, hightailed it out on wings screaming for their Mammies, as with Vietnam. All heroes in their minds troughing out on a free 4 square a day, until real war comes. Then all needed Shrinks as reality was too hard to take. Children in real men’s suits.

The days of grandstanding are over. The world has grown up, and tooled up, with ever more sophisticated hardware. China and Russia has a nonproliferation pact. Also an R & D agreement to Joint Venture military systems development Technology sharing. Both are surging ahead of the US now in Kill capability. Whatever is the truth regarding the ultimate outcome, it’s accepted for sure that Russia and China combined would annihilate America, but far worse, are of the mind set to go for it. America simply is not. No question, if it mass erupted after the first crippling realities, America will fold. The US went into mental melt down over 9/11. That was only for a few thousand. They gloried in Shock and Awe as sterile 6 pack couch potatoes with poor Iraq, but if faced with a truly brutal real war, the nation just does not have the psyche to win out. The old ardent Patriots are long gone. Most would cut and run. As the Cabal itself has long since determined, pre-sheering these laconic sheep.

The American national Thinking Parties are great people, and sadly betrayed. The rest are just welfare packing for a system in terminal decline. If parties as gross but inept as the Bushes, Clintons and Obama can take them over, what the hell could a combined Russian / Chinese invasion force accomplish? Truth hurts, but not as much as a Russian or Chinese Jackboot will if unleashed. No one questions the dedication and loyalty of a million US Military. But if 90% are dead in the first 12 hours, what then? With at least 80% of the main cities destroyed, what will be left? Talk is cheap, but America does not do reality, apart from TV shows. A lower level mass ignorant population has no concept of retribution. Reciprocity? Clueless.

Again, full accolades and respect for the valour of the support workers over 9/11 who went to the wire and beyond to save lives some even losing their own saving others. But the gutless President Bush and his team ran away and hid, deserting you in his supreme cowardice. Never forget that Chicken Rat! Pathetic. If that sent those chickens underground, how safe do you feel if the missiles fall? Elite shelters will be full in hours and you will be left deserted by these carrion. And still they keep pushing it. Do you really want to pay that price for no fault of your own? All you need to do to invoke WW III, is nothing.

Displaced illegals are pouring into Europe, among them camouflaged Jihadists primed to take lives from innocent populations. All the price of American Cabal Imperialism, in YOUR name, becoming ever more offensively gross and resisted.

Again, we have TWO Americas, thus the confusing dilemma. One, innocent, which delivers all and gets nothing. The other side which delivers nothing and takes all. The Cabal Parasite Host which takes the most from the host.

Cabal and Zios excluded, most regular Americans have historically been, and still are, a hardworking and charitable, God fearing nation. The good and noble faith Jews included pre-Zionism. The true creative combined founders of the nation, and all its better achievements to date. But then, half way through the emergence of a great nation, the Zionists escalated Wall Street control, and from Kennedy onward, a whole new level of sleaze and depravity overtook and encapsulated America. The dream receded, the Cabal succeeded. All that could go wrong, has.

Empires like any product, only have a finite time life. America's now ebbs away.

330 million versus approaching 8 Billion. It’s a No Brainer.

As we continue sensitive multi-party Global dialogue, an ever present consciousness of America’s multi facet abilities enables us to represent how we also protect our Brother allies in need as new emergent Societies ever more determine our futures - in the Chess Board of life. A role as an expendable Pawn becomes ever less appealing, particularly which such a collective bag of arrogant and truly inept Dufus strategists in the Agencies and Congress. As for what is in the White House, it beggars belief. 

Under the Usurper America has seen its greater ever mass immigration of Muslims. Europe is being swamped with them due to US altercations and terrorist funding. These are nations which have evolved over thousands of years. The Wookie has them running as all around them collapses.

What Foreign Policy is that? On top of which, Israel now is at its lowest ebb with America, as O offers the Olive Branch to Iran, the US pours in for contracts and both Russia and China are coming into Syria and Iran to clean up yet another American mess. Once the Arabs mass combine, Israel will be spotlighted for action. They will regret Gaza then. And Palestine will take back all which was stolen. Arab Justice will be revisited. The Arabs will take back what is theirs, with a vengeance as more Colonial interference fails. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, what the hell has their endless meddling achieved bar chaos and a 400% increase in Poppy production? Troops signed on to die for that?

Oscar Wilde quotes, America is the only nation to have gone from Barbarism to Decadence without ever having experienced civilisation in between. Is it to take the world with it as its entire Global Foreign Policy is in utter chaos?

As ever more bile erupts relating to the vile and criminally dysfunctional Clintons, will anything ever be done? Reciprocity?

Jeb continues to intellectually stumble in public like his half-wit brother Dufus. How long can the GOP continue backing the campaign run of this visibly inept mediocrity from such a deeply flawed collective family? Look at the failure of his own family. How can he run a complex nation like America? He can’t even raise his own deeply dysfunctional Alcoholic, drug taking, and statutory rapist son family right. Lift the Goddam Bar!

Surely, among so many truly intellectually capable Americans, one Real Candidate of Patriotic vision can be found to run, and not to have the nation left again to the whimsical incompetence and platitudes of the last 50 years of low hanging Gorilla snot encompassed in the White House?

World economics and evolving Asian / Eurasian challenge, versus the disintegrating American economy, are complex areas, ill served by the likes of Benghazi Clinton or Crime Family Bush. Dam right the thinking world will not sit quietly allowing yet another US Political travesty with so many adverse connotations impacting on evolving complex Global dialog and positioning. If needs must, what’s left of America may have to be force led by its scrotum sack. Any nation which meekly accepts a vote for a Bush or Clinton simply has no right to the privilege of a vote. Gross neutered Sheeple.

Again, TWO Americas. Where is Paul Revere when we need him? Who will ride to the rescue of our brother Allies in need? Shame on those who meekly accept this Zio Cabal lie a day longer.

Clean out the trash, let’s all work together to help make America stronger. Ignoring this won’t enable it to go away.

China opens ever more Global ports to strengthen its trade links. India expands and emerges with over a Billion of its own. America opens ever more Military bases, crippling its economy and threatening the world. 330 Million people can no longer dictate to an emerging 8 Billion population. America needs to rethink its core ethos. Brute force or Trading Partners? This vacuous, voracious Military Cuckoo needs to be dislodged from its nest as it ruthlessly does to the economic safekeeping of its own host nation. 990 Military bases, no trading bases. Hello???

Which takes us back again to Leadership, or lack of. China is now building America's own High Speed Rail Network. While 40 Million Americans struggle to live and jobless! Cut 20% off the Military and Agency Budgets then watch America bounce back. Sack the Cabal NOT the world.

Why are such talent-less Jerks elevated to power as front Gofers for the Cabal?

What will it take for Americans to ask, what qualities, experience or intellect has each candidate shown to date to represent America? Bush 43, Carter, Ford? What inept jokes. How has an undocumented Chicago Kenyan Fraudster with an Indonesian passport, ever got so far, or even cleared vetting? So, for a country who can’t even keep its own back yard clean, why is it imposing Democracy abroad when it has none at home? Does the world now need to invade this sleaze land and impose it?

From so many good and able people still visible, why are none in Politics? How can the bar be set so low? America, to an inquiring mind, has shown Democratic incontinence as a plausible Democracy. Long gone are the patriotic Elders, and visionary Founders. No visible meritocracy exists.

States exist to solely serve the whims of a burgeoning and criminal Federal Corporate autocracy, who have defied and defiled the ethos of the Constitution, and who seek to enforce their dictate by economic blackmail or threat upon a visibly confused and disorientated series of floundering American States. Governors were supposed to uphold and respect Constitutional values and protect the inalienable rights of their own electorate. Instead, they have allowed an unelected Washington Federal Autocracy to violate their freedoms and impose a dictate upon all to serve an alien Cabal.

A Military and Agency totalitarian State has emerged, beholden to no one, and its own voracious self-interest capital demands has only impoverished Americans and alienated Global Partners of long standing. Just who elected or gave the US the right to impose its will worldwide this way? To interfere in the Sovereign electoral process of others. A few million among 330M seek to dictate to approaching 8 Billion worldwide. Pure sycophantic Disneyland. Wall Street is supervised by the same Cabal Zionist vermin who have seized control of the Treasury, Fed and the entire Regulatory and Judicial process. A license to rob at will, with no redress. Owning, as they do, the sham of a media, financial chicanery shreds the nation’s wealth with abandon, and still none ask, “How safe are our Pensions and Retirement Endowments?” Have you any concept of the scale of plundering which takes place on your funds annually? Who seriously are so naïve as to think their funds are safe in a Den of manipulative Thieves. Study with care the annual charges imposed and see how much has been sequestrated. Plus the sheer scale of Equities cross sold and churned to collect ever more service fees, to line any pockets but yours. Fat Butts padded by Goyim funds. Sheeple for shearing.

Is America safe to be left to founder alone?

Part #3, we will show you what is possible and major hope. All is far from lost. The better news comes last. You are not without real hope and working with so many good Americans who are awakening, it can be turned around. A newer, fairer and more inclusive society for all nations in harmony is the goal.

Be in no doubt, without the fight back of Asia, Russia and the help of the Elders to force independence, the NWO and the Tril Lateral Rockefeller monstrosity would be forced through with all the Soulless autocracy it contains, and with it, mass population reduction. Do you want to go gentle into that good night? Or rage, rage against the dying of the light?


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  1. Thank you for sharing the truth. Much was known to me, the suffering and planning the British people did to fight and win at all costs their own freedom from what Germany and the Bush's had planned.

    It's a history we needed to be reminded of, as we have seen this played out time and again.

    It's time for a new game plan, one that involves peace and a better world for all.


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