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Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #1 | Road to Perdition

Is this the oncoming road to Perdition?

One World of Nations
Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #1
23 September 2015

Europe is deluged by the Illegal Migrant Swarm caused by America’s constant reckless interference in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Get OUT!

The public voters need to know the consequences of Washington and the Cabals feckless and grossly inept practices and policies. Karma. For every new idiotic Cabal action, there are consequences. This is a world shared by all of us, and all too often consequences unleashed we don’t need or deserve. Millions of displaced Muslims, all victims of ever more US funded actions or State terrorism, are now forced out of collapsed societies and heading West. Under-educated, often disease ridden, breeding like flies, mentally entrapped within a Neanderthal 6th century gross religion, and bringing a crime plague when settling, unwanted in new societies. No one in Washington had assessed these consequences, and it’s not Washington picking up the costs. Entire nations have been destabilised by Cabal Agency meddling. Accepting them in just encourages more to join the gravy train. Nations don’t keep or feed themselves, it takes a well planned and cohesive model emerging over centuries. Upset the balance and chaos is triggered compromising everything.

Societies cannot cope, even worse with the disease and crime waves hitting hurt nations are intolerable. We have to fix the costs, but who will fix and stop Washington? Money is finite. Unless it’s the Cabal robbing, looting and wasting lives, out of control as always. Understand the Global impact of Agency Imperialism and why Elders and Nations with reserve wealth will hard-line any rescue policies involving helping financially bail out America.

America is on the wrong path and building only resentment and aggression unleashing a parasitic locust swarm onto nations simply not able to cope. Consequences. We need to be Nation Building not multi nation invading and threatening. Close these damned bases and rebuild Trade and Cultural centres. Profit not Hegemony and looting. Stop the Agencies Drugs trade.

How can the Agencies keep the peace when Petraeus couldn’t even keep his own Pecker in his pants? Too dumb to smell a honey trap!

Rome fell and was ransacked by allowing the Vandals within its own borders. These unwanted Muslim parasite hoards are a major threat to all Western civilisation. Wake up Westerners. History repeats itself. Still we never learn.

As almost 30% of Americans polled would now support a Military overthrow of the US Federal Government, Payback is coming. But what of Freedom for trusting Americans betrayed by the Cabal? We will help show you what can still be done with Free Will. Time to switch on the Grey Cells. This is the first of 3 articles to give you the true state of the nation and what is coming.

First, start, as a true humanist nation of Man, by understanding the moral dichotomy and consequences of doing nothing. As never before, the world of today faces a very uncertain future. One where the old duplicitous Neocon Zionist Cabal, is ever more challenged by economic and cultural realities of an ever faster merging Global reality it simply has no capability of understanding, let alone maintaining its supremacy against. Evolution will lead to a Global thinking revolution.

The emerging Asians don’t need to accept European or US Laws, nor to recognise their Foreign Debt obligations. Two can play the same game. So why play with our loaded deck game, when they can play us? These are highly intelligent re-emerging nations. Ancient civilisations.

Now Europe pays badly as our nations buckle under the backlash from decades of America's reckless and inept Military and Agency Cabal meddling. By relentless American Hegemony in Middle Eastern and Asian nations, it has caused the destabilisation of nations, now releasing in turn vast millions of mainly transient, displaced Muslims, who cluster into unstoppable swarms of illegals, all heading for and swamping Europe, their resources, and cultures. All caused by US terrorist funding via Pakistan, Israel, and so many other limp brained US Agency games where they lost the plot funding and training terrorists, and now are losing control as these Dogs turn on them. ISIS IS a US generated, funded and trained monstrosity akin to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The monster is loose. More reckless Agency mischief killing the world. Never mind who let these dogs loose, who will reign in the conniving Mongrels in the Agencies who have brought the world to this? Who in the US even understands that Washington IS the cause of most of this? Cut Pentagon budgets. Stop spending! Jail for LIFE ALL Agency Staff, Political Leaders and Contractors found to have activated Terrorists. Life without Parole, see how fast it gets cleaned up then.

Health Services and Budgets are overrun. Social Services and Welfare budgets cannot cope. Housing resources cannot cope, yet still they keep on coming, and the mindless Liberals chant, house them, but pay nothing themselves. Idiots! Crime rises, as do sanitation issues. This is on a par with unleashing a hornet’s nest of consequences, but one where only others pay. The tide will not stop and borders need to be sealed by force. As with Texas, the illegals have to be stopped. The world cannot cope with it. Europe can’t. This vast Muslim influx is intolerable. Nations are distraught. It needs focused solution at source, and hard action against the likes of ISIS and the Taliban. Right in amongst all this human flotsam are now ISIS terror cells migrating into the West and US as Sleepers disguised as asylum seekers, waiting to strike. Another fine mess Washington has landed us all into. We are constantly uncovering and smashing terrorist cells unleashed by more of Washington’s God Damned poorly thought out Cabal Hegemony games. Yes, You Cabal despots have caused this Dam you all!

It’s only September and we have already arrested over 300 suspected terrorists in the UK thanks to our intense surveillance, and the dedicated work of our Security Services. How many more are coming or still hidden? These Third World despots have no rights to do this to our homelands, or even be here if they feel alienated. Yet they flock to come here, against the wishes of a nation whose population visibly does not want them. Who does? Even the poor, innocent and long serving Queen of England was recently targeted by a vicious cell who were intercepted in time. Had they succeeded a million of them would have followed as the nation would have erupted in fury and retribution. It gets worse each year. The big stick is long overdue. Billions of innocents pay for Washington’s Federal chicanery and Greed misdeeds. When will Washington be brought to heel?

Wake up Americans and grow up fast! Stop your silly marches like clockwork muppets to the Cabal drum. Keeping America safe? You are becoming the enemy of Man because of the Cabal dam it! 14% of Americans, many working multi jobs, cannot even put food on their families tables, while 990 Bases, and God knows how many Agencies and State muppets, feed like pigs on 4 square meals a day, funded by you, the real mugs. It stinks. As Bankers get ever richer as untouchables.

Kissinger clearly declared, the US Military, by and large, are just all too often brainless and expendable bodies to be used for American Foreign policy aggression. Most of these wars are CAUSED by US clandestine aggression and illegal Foreign Sovereign interfering chicanery, forcing unwanted Regime changes to bend to Americas will. Cabal force, not Democratic need. Interference the nations don’t need, and the true cost is that 14% of Americans’ own people now can’t feed. But the mindless Dogs of War don’t care, troughing 4 square meals a day, while you pay. Just who gave them the right to invade all these emerging nations? Over a million poor Iraqis alone died for this illegal war Shite! Syria has been torn apart. But Iran faced America down and won. If you can’t afford more Military budgets, why the hell is DC mass funding get rich Contractors as killing hordes of oppression? Stop the FED Programs! Stop interfering and killing innocent nations. Washington’s Whores are the cause of these Wars!

A Third World defenceless against American Hegemony which came in the night. Now 14% of Americans can’t feed their families, how is this right? That means over 40 Million Americans are under the poverty line for these F Yahoos protecting the Poppy Fields, (heroin is up 400% as they cash in funding ISIS, the Mujahideen, HSBC and the CIA’s black operations) protecting Cabal Energy deals, and destabilising ever more poor nations. Do none have consciences? So many are low IQ bottom feeding Grunts unleashed with weapons as jobs. Who trashed Ukraine? When will Congress investigate and regulate the tyrannical Agencies? Can Congress be more pointless? Treason starts at home. From West Point to No Conscience. How did it all get so low and go so wrong?

This Military Industrial Agency complex, which has bestrode America like a Colossus for a century, is now seen to be visibly impotent, as emergent nations outcompete it economically and are now challenging it for monetary and Global resource / asset supremacy. Power costs, as does influence. Control is not free. As the mighty Roman Empire collapsed under the sloth and corruption of its blighted Senate, how will history view the two Americas of today? Which America? Thanks to Military wasters, the Chinese are now building the new coming High Speed Rail Network for America. A lesson in how to find a Chink in America’s expenditure fecklessness.

Take even the State of California. On foundation 165 years ago this summer, they had no electricity and precious little water. It was primarily a Spanish speaking community where men fought gun battles in the street. No change there it seems as it has now again reverted to type.

A State which in desperation for water and resource control, has now resorted to Fracking strategies so dangerous as to unleash a vast cocktail of poisonous chemicals into its water tables, and now finds it is also releasing radioactive waste resulting from fracking extraction, which in turn is used to irrigate the very crops and Wine California produces which now sells to the world. So, folks STOP drinking Californian wine and check your food supply sources. Eating Californian food may be predicating an end so awful. Exposure to what? Never mind the Sunshine State, it’s the Toxic State. Just look at the state of Arnie as nature’s backlash!

A nation of such innovation, yet now neutered by lack of funding, when we could be harvesting and collecting the free rainwater from the Rockies, to harness and deliver to irrigate California, Arizona and other needing States. All while this useless Congress and the Usurper procrastinate.

What a “Fracking” mess!

Innovation will save the US nation. Self-help, fund the nation’s needs. Democracy starts at home!

Just one more symptom of the political sterility of this one great nation. Leadership is vacant and dereliction of duty abounds. When the power of the Constitution, and the integrity of the Founders Oh so careful planning and sacrifices, was all sacrificed for the complicity of control, in an unholy alliance between Banking and corrupt Agency control, the whole ethos of American society and its very being took a downturn spiral, which has permeated through the whole fabric of society. 90% of good Americans have been sold out and betrayed. They neither caused nor condone this. So why are the Evil Weevil 5% not brought to account?

Native Americans once established a progressive culture to live with, respect and nurture mother earth, its water and environment. They understood and had Soul values. Well, those who survived the ruthless Federal genocide program against them, and which now turns on its own. Is it your scalp next?

Now a sterile, mercenary flotsam hoard under Zionist banking control, rape the land, the environment, chemically load the skies and pollute the oceans as with the toxic Gulf Stream spills, which have fouled the sea beds for decades to come. Fishing sea bed life and birds, mass perished for this. Man is fast becoming the HIV virus of ecology. Is nothing sacred?

America was founded as a Free nation, with hope, a vision of standards and the foundation of principles and Liberty, which was to become the Constitution. The aspirations of a new society, free from corrupt European Feudal Monarchs and the powers of patronage. Civil wars were fought as a great nation state emerged. Wealth grew and with it Gold was found. Money = Gold.

California was impacted itself by the challenge of get rich quick mining, with the mass dregs of society escalating growth behind the Gold boom. The nation expanded and grew, establishing new frontiers and expansionism. Wealth and opportunity opened up the new frontiers of nationhood and crime. The Kennedys were enriched from prohibition and the Bushes from Political positioning, all the corrupt opportunities of contract fixing and a fast expanding role via the rapacious CIA from which George Bush 41, implanted himself and his family, into a role of Political elitism and rapacious Czars of corruption, like no others before. The Bush family have been behind more corruption, treachery and Global aggression than any US Politicians in history and have impaired America’s Global standing for a century to come. A truly evil, treacherous and vile family, as were Bushes own father and Grandfather. Nazi funding Snake venom salesmen, the lot. And still the Morons elect them. Also the undocumented Illegal twice! Can any nation be so naive?

As the explosion of wealth in America unleashed an avalanche of Jewish immigrants, behind came the Kazakhs with all the vile degeneracy of its loathsome species and its Banking corruption. Their tentacles rapidly spread. They dismantled and raped America after the Jekyll Island agreement. Boom time for the Kazakhs. No normal, none Jewish Americans, any longer have a role in their own nation’s financial control systems. Their grandfathers sacrificed their lives for this nation and its principles. Now the Jews left, to their usual devices, have scalped it all again. They own the Media. They own the Banks and both the Treasury and Fed are entirely under Jewish control. As is almost all major financial crime. Face it as it is.

Americans have been disenfranchised in their own land. Yet Joe-6-pack says nothing.

While, as Kissinger quotes, “We use this dumb American military as foot soldiers to die for our Foreign policy”. It’s all about Global aggression and controlling the world’s resources where a small, elite portion of 330M Americans try to dictate to approaching 8 billion. Good luck with that.

BRICS, China and Putin’s 2 fingers shows you where that is going.

Post the end of the Second World War, the equally corrupt spread of the Agencies under Wild Bill Donovan, and their overlap into the Treasury and FED combined with a free hand to rape Asia, loot and steal everything, led to a level of political degeneracy combined with the FED, as never experienced before. Once the CIA manipulated the deeply corrupt Neo-Nazi Bush 41 into office, the circle of intrigue and degeneracy was complete. A new era of Global Western driven depravity commenced and the whole world was fair game. Wars and mass genocide were unleashed, and now over 990 US Military bases encircle the earth, with a Washington strategy to divide and rule all. Funded by you! But to benefit only for them. YOU die for THEIR lie.

Pity the emergent nations don’t and won’t – ever agree. Not for me - You’re Hegemony, they decry.

Bretton Woods is now an ailing, obsolete husk of a once fast fix.

However, under the control of Feudal fiefdom (read Theifdom!) of the US FED, Global Fiscal harmony has been badly impaired, and the fortunes sequestrated by Washington’s chicanery all wasted. Instead of a thriving Empire built upon the theft of the world’s assets, all has been lost in their reckless orgy of greed, and mindless, incompetent Military expansionism. What was the point of such largess to end up with an Off Balance Sheet Quad T insolvency Mess? If only the trusting but gullible public knew, the Bushes and Greenspan really would be hung. Deservedly! The US FED Trading Programs have generated and spent such vast amounts of Off Balance Sheet Money as to bankrupt America beyond infinity. Leaders know, but no one will call it, or them, out. Because the consequential collapse would be globally seismic, so they tolerate the Zionist whore, because without them, their fat Pensions will be no more.

The world is as guilty for sitting back and allowing this Cowboy circus to run loose like the giant Camelot of the Kennedy era. All false perceptions, and the truth was a lie. Jack was eulogised, despite turning the White House into a whorehouse, and compromising the integrity of the Oval Office to share Trysts and pillow talk with Mafioso Sam Giancano’s mistress. All while Jackie reveled in the pomp and power, then sold herself to Onassis, when the price was right. What a Whores circus. This fleabag sewer pack lead the world and you question why it is so screwed up? Where is integrity? It vacated the White House 50 years ago. All that remains is a revolving House of Cards. In fact, was it ever resident?

Their latest escapade, playing outside of public view, was a recent US attempt to take down the Chinese Stock Markets and cause a defaulting run. Smart people the Chinese. Post the Reagan / Wanta run with the Rouble, China had long since planned a War Room response if the US ever tried it on with them. Protective control was actioned instantly and China contained by brute force the run the US tried to accelerate. Now China and Russia having shared the same fate, are ever closer, and the treachery of Washington having been detected and defeated, has rebounded badly on Foreign policy. Both nations do realise fully, that there can be no trust or empathy with the Cabal's foot soldiers, or any shared ideals for a new emergent Global détente. The Fiscal card was America’s last big play to grandstand with money power. It failed. They failed. The baton of leadership has now been ripped from America’s grasping hands.

Russia and China now maintain ever increasing War Game commitments, funding and cross training more. Confrontation is coming, and a neutered West, stupefied by this Cabal and the Jewish Media, sees and understands none of it. There are two Americas. One the Cabal, with its Military Industrial cartel forcefully sequestrating up to 55% of all Tax Income for its own Agencies, Black Operations and 990 plus Global bases, plus the Zionist stranglehold in total over the US Treasury and FED feeding like a giant Tapeworm sucking the lifeblood out of the nation with neither remorse nor consideration. To them you are worthless Goyim, and clueless. They despise your lack of family values, inferior education, and worse you’re never ending gullibility to accept anything they throw at you.

The other, the real tragedy. A potentially good hearted often hard working and dynamic America, peopled by a species who took raw land, started with nothing, and in only 150 years built vast cities, rail and road connections, colossal farming operations, developed the Panama Canal, established worldwide leading Industries, and put the first men on the moon.

So much. So far. Where has it all gone? When can so much good American potential be unleashed again and harnessed for all to gain?

Where are the key building blocks of your own hard earned money Americans are being denied? The Golden Eggs, the accrued wealth of all your achievements, was the earned seed corn capital for such a prosperous future. America’s right to be Self Sufficient and build a new Fourth Reich to last forever. In principal Yes, you had it. So why do 90% of the population now sit disenfranchised and denied access to the fruits of generations of labour? The big question a Free Press should be asking. Who has looted Aladdin’s Cave? The Kazakhs now control the entire monetary system. They ran you out of the FED and Treasury. It’s now a singular cunning and devious Kazakh hoard, and not a one of you are on the Senior Board. As they have done with nations always. These bloodsuckers have straddled the host, infected the corporeal systems, and dumbed down the mass organ structure to mainline to host demands only. But to a Captive host. They came as the Vandals they are, as a thief in the night, and took all while you slept. They fed your Military and Agencies with Slush funds sequestered from you all, entrenched themselves in your Agencies, became your Supremes, then entrapped and sequestrated power control of Homeland Security, Justice and Congress.

There is no longer Free Speech. They own the media and with them, nothing is free. The nation does not even know, or understand its own history. Only false propaganda.

After establishing the Jekyll Island accord, by loaning you funds backed by nothing, and a penalising hidden interest charge of 6% to slush out funny FED paper, by simply compounding the interest, within 11 years they owned America in total for free, funded by you. And still, you don’t get it. Nothing in, everything out, bar the Jewish snout. Oh Goyims, you poor befuddled, so betrayed, simple Sheeple, led like lambs to the slaughter. Your media is all propaganda. They own it. Truth died decades ago. There is no voice of the people. You have no rights, or real expectations. They have an Agenda for all. It’s called 21, if ever unleashed. Of course it won’t happen, said 6 million poor Jews, Socialists, Gypsies, Homos, or genetically impaired harmless good Souls, many lovely warm human beings, as they walked or were driven by attack dogs or Jackboots and bayonets into the Gas Chambers, while the old Third Reich Foot Soldiers, obeyed orders. And ate their 4 square a day. Bastards! Note the similarity? Post war, not a Nazi to be found. Rendition centres and 990 bases. See a pattern? FEMA. Hello?

Where is Paul Revere to wake up this nation?

More to come as three issues. Start by understanding the truth to set you free.


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