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Current State of Affairs | 19 August 2015 | The Cabal Consequence

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The Consequences of Corruption with American Political Cabal Gangsters.

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
19 August 2015

Is no one smart enough to understand this can collapse America? What if the 'Unthinkable' happens? Remember the Berlin Wall. Who expected that? One morning we woke up, and Russia had collapsed overnight. Why won’t America? Because you don’t think so. Who are you? Wake up! Face up!

Left alone, the potential consequences for Americans and the world are not a vision of hope or unearned entitlement. Pragmatic and sensitive dialog is needed right now to rally the Project support needed to help most nations. Where to optimize and apply funds for optimum effect, and which to leave to the consequential ravages of reality. Far too many simply assume Mother Goose or Cinderella is coming to bail a derailed and failed nation. If only. Still few look at Detroit and ask, is that us next? To start to fix the problems, we need to understand the consequential past. But few want to still face down reality, just to be fed.

The Political system has failed you. Bankers even more. The Great nation has become a Grifter's State.

Where we are seeking synergy with the Elders is to focus on the needs of all emergent nations, including yours. Also to encourage harmony as we elevate a new Global consciousness, removed from Political expediencies and compromised voting. An end to an era where Voters are Defence Industry job dependent on State contracts, and needing a world at war to keep them employed. How did we let it get to this? What a macabre imbalance. Since when does death need to sustain life? Have we learned nothing since Vietnam?

Bypassing the Political inebriates, we are assessing the provisioning needs to underwrite entire new educational syllabuses for the coming generations, and how to try to influence the current ones not yet lost. To focus on a new Status of Citizenship, culture and ethereal understanding. The application of phased technologies to assist develop humanity, scientific breakthroughs in new technologies aiding and bringing both hope and new life to the sick and infirm. Giving renewed hope to many. Changing in stages the whole moral ethos of our understanding of the purpose of our being, and developing a conscious new plan of life with an infinitely different expectation to current societies. Elevating consciousness for all new emergent Souls. But, all parallel to the core mess we currently have where inhumanity and ruthless repression is a worldwide dilemma. It will involve tough judgment calls, and clarity of each beings purpose to aid each to reach out instead for what is possible for them. Those we can help, transform or save. It will take three generations.

We cannot change the past, but need not to continue to repeat it. Money, basically, has become the root of most evils, and how wealth creation is measured or rewarded needs a complete mental overhaul. As does Welfare State expectation. What we currently have, is unjust and unsustainable.

If, in fact, we are able to influence the application of emergent Elders wealth into new Society predicated Foundations, it offers hope. Applied vision by those who truly care, and rewards skilfully generated, protected and phased in towards fair and balanced Global causes of need.

The removal of greed and corruption from the equation. Wise Elders do empathize with our cause and dilemmas. Also the emergent society changing challenges and obstacles ahead. But to cogently plan the future, we also need to face up to and plan out the past, by recognizing the weevils of today, and removing their pervasive being from the societies we seek to reshape. But, most of today's indifferent grasping self-serving vexatious opportunists should not be a cause of real concern, as most will be dead anyway, as a better core humanity does slowly emerge. As we plan a systems bypass during surgical operations, why not apply the same to malfunctioning entities of questionable viability. As any Surgeon undertakes daily. Compassionate judgment. Care for good causes in need, not to feed the viral contaminated party's greed. Judgment calls by balanced and compassionate but wise pragmatists. Saving those deserving, bypassing those not. It all has to start somewhere. Who makes the calls? Those with the money. Where better as reality will resolve a new emergent mankind.

This way, for many there is real hope, as long as the brutal aggression of the Washington Agencies, Cabal, Zionism and Jesuits can be contained from disrupting emergent forces with a new agenda of true, ethereal values. We just need to plan and shelter the new seed corn of hope to enable it to take root and flourish. That starts by ensuing such new asset allocations are not placed at risk of Zionist or Cabal compromise, or the old contamination will just replicate. We all read your collective views and needs daily. We both understand and empathize with the stress of so many.

Only that has encouraged the current tacit support of key Elders, who even among themselves still have compromised agendas and some 'Mercurial Personalities'! Nothing good is easy. So start to understand the dichotomy we face of persuading well-meaning, but semi-cautious, key Leaders why we should even try to help a new multi-national agenda of expanded human consciousness. The 'Sins of the Fathers' do carry in national awareness and resentment earned by aggressive materialistic nations. The emerging new societies will need an elevation beyond Kindergarten Wannabe self-serving ideologies if seeking inclusion in an alternative Cosmic focused and enhanced society. One finding the Western failed cultures an anathema of Karma based payback, deserved for many. It is the Children we need to focus on most.

Money is still finite. Projects will be phased with purpose. Money will be ring-fenced and conserved from corrupt influences. Our own Banks and Regional community financing serving, not enslaving those justifying help. A step at a time. A planned step each time with reason. Rethinking our roles and purpose. Rethinking Cosmic man. An enlightened aspiration of the collective future, as compared to the vexatious societies of today. Changing the justification planning from the beginning. With the same vision of those so committed Founders, we need to rethink a new Constitution between nations and cooperating societies, so that a good, clean and new seed crop can emerge as better humans, fitting to reach for and beyond the Stars. Many of you can, and need to be part of this. Many are the Soul searching beings we need to share this journey if a new Global society is to emerge based on our collective consciousness and Being. Sifting the Wheat from the Chaff.

America has almost 990 Military bases straddling the world, all enforcing Hegemony protecting Cabal not US interests, or its criminal Afghan Drugs trade, where Heroin production, under CIA control has increased over 400% since the Afghan invasion. Combinations of both US troops and Military Contractors protect the Drug trade, in cohorts with major named Global Banks such as HSBC, who launder it all. Shame on them! Disgusting conduct. How dare they? Thank the CIA and Bush Crime Family who have lowered trusting Americans to this. While in turn, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) the central Counting House in Basel, Switzerland, and other pseudo US fronts such as the IMF, World Bank and UN working in conjunction with the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a network of crooked, again mainly Zionist Bankers, each cooperate in a Global and Agency Laundering pool. All with the primary intent of enforcing the Cabals primary ethos of a world dominated and driven by US Cabal controllers in Washington, subservient to Agency dictates aided by loathsome Zionist Spawn Bankers worldwide, channeling and trading the vast proceeds and profits. An Agency driven New World Order, America's own Fourth Reich.

But little is to help America's own people, just to enrich their loathsome and treacherous Elites.

Only this Cabal chicanery funds their vast Military operations, funds their unlawful Black Operations and Rendition Center budgets, and maintains the world in a sad state of permanent conflict and wars, fueling Arms and Contractor support demands. Genocide is the primary product of Washington and its bribed US Fiefdoms. Life is cheap, as long as it’s not theirs. If only.

Can you wonder why South America and the Asian continent distance themselves ever faster and further from US associations or controls? These crocks in power is no way for emergent nations to entrust them with their economies or risk each nation’s economic and educational futures to such sordid low lives. All can see the American dream was just that, and that like the Rome of old, befuddled Obuma just fiddles while the poor home nation burns in empiric failure. Leadership among the loathsome sub species of Washington is ever more malfunctioning. It hurts America even more. The world looks on, looks in and is revolted by what passes for Leadership in America.

Also by the appalling betrayal of trust by a largely Jewish controlled media which has sold out its primary mandate to be the voice of conscience and rights of the nation. Americans have lost their Free Press. The Public need a representative voice on all Media Licensing Boards to rotate and remove compromised and gutless or corrupt Publishers. If they are not committed to speak truth and expose corruption for the people, they need to be removed from power to publish and broadcast. No one deserves a neutered and sold out media. Education starts with empowered knowledge.

The Bush Crime family and Kazakhs do NOT represent the American people. Just their own loathsome and crooked, criminal agendas.

We stand with the American people - Against this treacherous scum!

Fortunately the need for Capital to keep the Ship of State afloat is so critical that it helps get the US Cabals claws off Iran, and to face down the Kazakh Zionist Israelis, so that America can at least part share in new Iranian contracts and Projects for combined US interests, bringing some small American job benefits as the Middle East drags its way clear of Israeli / US subterfuge. America now either cooperates, acquiesces to Iranian emergence on its own Sovereign feet, or Iran will simply negate all future US influence and just trade via China and Russia. But, as the CIA have been pouring resources into negotiating its own lucrative business deals for the last two years, all in pursuit of fat profits, this has reduced Israel’s ability to play America off against Iran for its own duplicitous ends. Now America can hardly bomb its own future asset holdings. Nor will it dare bomb key Russian and Chinese funded infrastructure projects, knowing reciprocity will follow with a vicious vengeance if invoked.

Never forget, when Putin invited Obuma to take his best shot and go for it over Syria, while the Russian fleet sat ready, Putin left the US Military in doubt a major war was inevitable unless they backed off, and once the Russian Bombers flew over the assembled US fleet, switching on Russian radar frying technology, the resultant blinded US fleet, realizing they were sitting ducks to be disintegrated at will by the Russians, cut and ran in terror for their lives as with Vietnam and Mogadishu. Gung Ho desk warriors. Ha! Against real men? Too much of the Hollywood Pentagon warrior lies in the media.

No one impugns the capability or courage of US Special forces, or the moral fortitude of the US nation, but in a war escalated by new technologies and nuclear power, even the Pentagon knows the US cannot win. Russia and China train and exercise jointly. They have a joint R & D Military Budget and joint advanced Military Sciences project agreement. Beyond all technologies their spies have stolen or hacked, they are fully aware of US technologies, but no one is aware of theirs. Reciprocity - Back at you. Once the Nuclear exchanges are over, what is left will be ended by semi-conventional land and air forces. It’s not a question of bravery, or Patriotism, just Might! Special Ops, even in tens of thousands, largely erased by incoming focused attacks, simply cannot sustain the Millions who will come from the East and over the Poles. The US with c330M would be smashed to c50M at best post attacks. Scattered and uncoordinated.

Russia and China have c1.5 Billion population and a combined Military force in vast millions. A bloodbath would follow. Even after mass devastation of both sides, combined Commie forces would still have a functional military capability of vast millions, and that delivered en masse, would ruthlessly and brutally erase any and all remaining US resistance. Including locating and ripping out the Elites from their Denver Airport, Washington and Mountain Bolt Holes. Be assured, Israel would be annihilated and totaled by relentless nuking. Plus the Arab world would finish off any Kazakh life forms left. As would any US invading Commie forces. Even among the remaining enslaved population, the Gulags would sanitize out all Kazakhs. Those who even made it so far.

Stout defence apart, all the brave American nationals could do is stem the tide for a while. America simply could and would not win. Forget Hollywood, trust wise heads! It’s a No win!

But Russia and China know, if it ever comes to it, total eradication of the US has to be and WILL BE the primary objective. While we can be assured, neither China nor Russia are of the US War Mongering malicious mind set to willfully start it, be equally assured they are of the mutually agreed mind set to combine and finish it. Neither side would have qualms about losing one Billion for a victory, however empiric. America will NOT win WW III and the Pentagon knows it. So hope it’s never tested. You really don’t deserve to learn truth the hard way. It won’t be a war for you. But one preceding the end of you. Few Americans deserve to die for this.

Yet in today’s world, America can launch, heavily expensive, 100,000 more troops to scattered Hegemony bases, yet cannot fund tens of thousands of Immigration and Border Security staff at key airports to cope with passenger numbers and are cutting back with Budget Cuts despite wasteful Military funding increases? Airport Passenger delays are now reaching back up to 3 hours hurting trade and tourism. Why is joblessness growing? Why are ruthless Contractors funded by the hard working US Tax Payers, all on Offshore Tax Evading and Tax dodging packages, while America needlessly disintegrates for lack of internal investments? As are Bush, Romney and co. Parasites.

Why feed the Cabal's greed when over 60 million impoverished Americans are in desperate need? Why are they funding Agency wars, when they need to be attacking Washington and Wall Street’s treasonous Whores?

There are two different Americas in play.

So, a big question. From all the current FACTUAL CIA negotiations in Iran, from all the many contracts they have been signing hidden from the media, irrespective of the false fronts they are using, how much of those profits, funded by hard working Americans, are coming back to fund Americans needs? Almost none!

What is the point in having a CIA, who avoid Congressional oversight, making undeclared vast Billions simply to feed an avaricious Military Cabal? What constitutes Treason here? Whose interests are this Sewer Pack serving? Why are the CIA engaged in mass Energy and Commercial contracts in Iran trousering profits offshore? How does that help Americans when it is all skimmed by the Cabal and Kazakhs? Where the hell is Congressional oversight again????? A 7% satisfaction rating for Congress is still way too high. Even Zero is!

Why are the CIA shape-shifting in Iran, and not standing aside to allow innovative American companies in, with full US State support, to gain commercial contracts able to fund American jobs and feed American families?

Shut up the Zionists and Israel. Americans first damn you! This is the utter stupidity of inept American Foreign Policies which enables all other nations to co-engage with lucrative job creating negotiations for their own nationals, but excludes Americans. Why fund these divisive clowns in the first place? America has the technology and talents, once unleashed, to gain many of these contracts. Yet are obstructed by Washington unwarranted State exclusion, which does not apply to the CIA. Who are the CIA working for? Be sure, it is NOT you! In this fast changing world, is it not time to rethink the entire US Intelligence community needs, and clear out this sordid trash? Why are the CIA allowed to Run Drugs and Money Launder? This kills America’s kids and aids crime. But, with bribes and kickbacks, why should sleaze ridden Washington care? Clearly, they don’t work for you.

Probably a confusing question, but with so much visible talent and potential in America, how complex a task is it for America to refine its own State Electoral selection processes, and redefine the new standards and bar levels for emergent Political acceptability. Cleaning out Washington would release unrivaled talented competition in Global markets. America needs, by Law, to control and limit Campaign funds to stop Corporations and Zionists buying seats. Government must not be for sale. Allow the true caring candidates a voice, truth a chance to shine. The voice and conscience of its many real Patriots.

America’s greatest enemy is the combination of Washington corruption and the corrosive Zionists encamped on all Banks and the Treasury / Fed.

Why is Clinton not in Jail? Why has a Congressional Inquiry not been set up for the Bush Crime Family? When will the US clean up its act? The people know, why don’t Congress? Why is Washington not focused on filling American jobs instead of their own pockets? Does anyone feel shame in Washington? Why not? Has the Political theatre lost all moral conscience? It clearly has lost control of the Borders.

China's unexpected curve ball devaluations are clear. Their own QE strategies, exactly as with the West's, have failed. But unlike the US Fed and Banksters who find ever more ways to transfer attendant losses to the Public purse, China has taken the resolute step to devalue their own currency, and 3 cuts in 3 days says they will show such Fiscal prudence as is necessary to find a correct base. Of course, were they to cut the Yuan by 10%, the Derivatives gamblers and Hedge Funds would be hemorrhaging losses, and their grasping hands would be out everywhere seeking Insurance compensation from reckless gambles. Derivatives contracts are now hundreds of times greater than the entire worlds GDP. Noncollectable and unenforceable. At some point, Insurers will decline, and the downward spiral would begin.

Always remember, Hedge Funds produce nothing of real value to an economy, and are just sharp suits playing reckless Roulette gambles backed up by dubious Insurance, with all the fall-back risks to your accounts. They coerce in the Pension Funds and the greedy Trusts, seeking ever greater unearned rewards, based on hype. One day there may not be enough landfill sites to cover the scale of false Derivatives contracts if it all crashes to earth. The entire US Fiscal system is built on quicksand and fraud. A total lie! Yet it marches on unquestioned, because, stupefied by the system, only the Zios mind the store along with Cabal robbing Elites. As long as they give a few days off with imaginary holiday celebrations, throw in Ball games, dumbed down TV, a plentiful supply of now genetically aided food and booze for the Plebs, with full and fat guts, cheap gas and Welfare checks, no one thinks or cares.

From such a fine Constitutional aspiration to this? Is America to become an expiring Ghost town as has become Detroit? Boom and Bust?

So, while we assess Congress and the Senators at way under 7% capability, NOT so the people. At least 70% of all Americans, still, given the chance, can unite and achieve so much more. If Allies who care don’t challenge the Feudal Fiefdoms of Washington and the Bush / Clinton Crime families, who will fight for America’s people as the scurrilous media Barons won't? Jade Helm is just the test run for the national lock down waiting in the wings of a fast deteriorating economic mismanagement fiasco. America and the world deserves better. Who can wonder why billions of multi-nationals are now leaving the American fold? A store faced with depleted clients like this, would fold. So, if it continues, why not America? In the land of plenty, where all is for sale, what happens, when it's you?

Who is willing now to stand up and speak for the Right to Be their own Sovereign Person, of hundreds of millions of innocent Americans?


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