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Our Last Stand | Report #4 | How long can the Con go on?

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One World of Nations
2 December 2014

State of Affairs

Each week ever more information hits the internet exposing the ruthless and reckless Cabal control of America, which not only endangers global stability, but also those nations of the world naïve enough to have allowed over 900 Global bases to be set up protecting the Cabals US Energy or Commodities interests, and threat positions to surrounding Sovereign nations. Sitting Ducks!

Be in no doubt, if conflict erupts, each of those bases are nuclear targets. Most are Must Hit Nuclear Missile pinpointed. Nowhere will be safe or survive. The world has allowed this reckless US Cabal mass proliferation and it’s ever growing. Any countries allowing US bases are asking for obliteration with these Gung Ho madmen in control. Yet all the while, looking on, looking in, we see a nation willing to wage war on the planet for profit, but unwilling to settle its long overdue redemption debts, or to release the currencies of Iraq, Vietnam and others from bondage. This nation has released only havoc on the world ever since its ruthless mass genocide of Native Americans to the present day. War is profit, as they profit from death. Who dies for American lies?

Be assured of one thing, nothing can or will go forward without China and the Elders backing, and with the ever more stressful Chinese frustrations with Obama, it’s only a matter of time before they do launch their Gold backed Yuan, and once that happens, the demand for both return of Sovereign Nations physical Gold product, and run on USD will Butt slam the US into a Global tail spin. Don’t be surprised if the price for help to delay, is a Chinese pre-condition for O to go away! His belligerence is causing Tsunamis of Diplomatic offense, and he still doesn’t get that he’s now a one legged man in an Ass Kicking contest. US Constitutional changes may be channeling with a rocky road ahead.

The Nuclear Chess Game

Pakistan, the source of so much Global Islamic Terrorism, is now ever expanding its Nuclear Armaments. Yet Iran is denied a Nuclear Program?

Which means then so does India to counterbalance it, and as India is a Chinese potential enemy, so does China to counter India. In turn evermore are threatening Japan and its plethora of US bases. All prime nuclear targets. As NATO more intensely encircles Russia, aided also by US Weapons and financial support for the Nazi regime in Ukraine mass slaughtering its own, we need to remember that over 20 million Russians alone died fighting the WW II Nazis, with countless more in the Gulags. Stalin ruthlessly purged the nations with mass genocide. As Ukraine does now. It seems we have learned nothing. Russia has the scars to show.

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Lavrov seems the only accomplished and intelligent Foreign Minister on the Global stage attempting to engender reason. America's limp excuse, Kerry, ridiculed for his wig and airhead tendencies, seems incapable of understanding his complete lack of moral authority, and ever deteriorating credibility. Yet he and the Zionist controlled shambles of a White House, continue to deny nuclear developments to a nation State with the history of Iran, while standing aside like a sterile mutant, as Pakistan, home and funders of the Taliban, and Drugs Clearers to Afghanistan, use their ever growing income from the heroin trade, protected by US troops guarding the Poppy Fields. Part of the income buys evermore weapons to kill Allied Troops in Afghanistan. It kills a growing numbers of kids in America, contributing also to crime and social deprivation Stateside. It’s the Terrorist training homeland for extremists who will globally proliferate next. The Agencies are happy to ignore it, more power to them and greater budgets. Who cares about morality, and how can a nation lacking Culture ever understand?

Yet Israel gets away with murder and ruthlessly practice it. With no media to expose their genocide who controls this Pariah state? How convenient. Why does this vicious collective of mass murdering Kazak’s have Nukes as unstable as they are? Yet they deny Iran, but allow Pakistan?

But the Bankers get richer, and it funds more US Contractors boots on the ground, at huge cost and Cabal profits. What are human lives compared to fast bucks? The Bankers are happy, the Military get more toys for the boys, Israel gets away with more of its Machiavellian chicanery as it murders its way through Palestine and seeks to sequestrate evermore neighboring lands in power grabs. Yet Iran is denied a nuclear capability. Why, because it then counters Israel’s ability to annihilate its neighbors and extort? Russia and China will supply Iran weapons for self-defense against Nutter Yahoo tyranny. What then?

The Zionist Monopoly

Why are 80% plus of Congressmen signed up and funded by Israel, UNLAWFULLY swearing allegiance to this Ghoulish State for part funding them, or be media ostracized by the predatory Zionist control of all MSM outlets, who manipulate truth and elections to suit Zionist needs. For which, since when does paying a few tens of millions to bribe Congressmen, in return for vast Billions shoveled out to Israel each year, make economic sense to Tax Paying Americans? When will this “Israeli RACKET “ be stopped, ALL CONGRESSMEN made to declare Election Funders, and Zionist Lobbies prohibited from Electoral Funding Programs geared to assist a Foreign State? When will Media Licenses be reviewed, revoked from abuse, and the Zionist Monopoly repealed, with management of the Media, and truth returned to the people under supervision of the people? Israel and Zionists are bleeding America dry.

So who elected the US to play God? Yet a state like Pakistan, generating world terrorism, drug fueling America and Europe, and soon about to cross infect China, remains impervious to controls. Why harm the drugs trade and Military budgets? Jobs for the boys. While the Zionist Lobby buys the American vote, dominates Congress with funding control, retains a stranglehold on all Federal Reserve, US Treasury and Banking institutions, and is impervious to reality. Protect the Zionist Zoo at all cost, and who cares if the rest is lost. A path to madness. As is ever more visible in global escalation. America has become a very sick Pariah State itself. Ask the world. Look in the Mirror! As the world dies for more Zionist lies. Why wage Global war for this duplicitous Cult Whore? When does America get its wake up call, as the missiles reign down? Conflict risk ever increases.

Can Lavrov have been more eloquently clear relating to Russia’s ever growing deserved concerns of the sheer escalation of US bases surrounding its nation? The consequence of which has now resulted in a combined Non-Military Aggression Treaty between Russia and China, and a joint escalation of more advanced weapons programs, shared weapons developments R& D Programs, and evermore joint Military exercises for both Defense and attack. Even to the point of Russia having openly admitted now they are actively ready for their own Pre-Emptive strike if pushed. Be in No Doubt, MANY Senior, Intelligent and highly experienced Soviet Military Commanders are of Hawk Mentality and willing to attack the US and its Global bases anytime ordered. Memories of WW II remain deeply embedded. They have seen the consequences of Global US proliferation. Wars, Drugs, Banking Chicanery and a highly criminalized US Political system. To them, America is on a par with Hitler and consequential risks. Yet the US public, denied truth and reality, are cocooned into a US Welfare State of mindless ignorance, denied truth by a duplicitous and conniving Zionist Rat Pack media, and impervious to the heightening risks of reckless US escalation of freedoms.

Hagel has quit his oversight role, appalled and dismayed by his own perception of visible Policy errors and needless risk. The White House sits cocooned in a vice grip of Zionist, Military Cabal and Banking control. Each with parasitic agendas. Each the ever growing cause of Global problems and impervious to reality. They operate complicit in ignorance, with their self-serving take all agenda. Policies are not sustainable, and the economy, the Golden Goose of all, is getting laid! But who cares, in Disneyland each are deluded Naked Emperors of their own domain. Give them Turkeys, Welfare Checks, marching bands and shut them up. How to suppress America.

Bernanke quit, distraught at what he saw evolving and the visible escalation of unsustainable US Debt Obligations now reaching beyond infinity. How do you balance books which are bottomless in Compounding Debts? Who contains the Grey Screens, and Federal Reserve Military use programs? While the CIA hide away in their Frankfurt Base, out of Congressional oversight, and complicit with US Generals, mass print Trillions of unbacked US dollars, impervious to Civilian need, just to service their unjustifiable Military and Agency greed. Money to burn, while the motherland implodes. With the sticky dead claw of Greenspan overseeing all for his own Zionist Emperors, masters of all they betray. Wheels within wheels, compounding dodgy deals. Of such, vast Empires have been built. Of which you, Joe Public, who has funded all, end up with zero gain. Just the debt! Mugged and destitute. What – Constitutional – Values? Americans inherit 100% of the pain, but ZERO of the gain. As evermore, unhindered, they loot the store. Only in America. How much longer can this one can sided undemocratic plutocracy go on? Be assured, nations are rattling their chains. Americans are impoverished as the Zionists loot the store. Banksters rule the American fool.

Once the new Hydrogen vehicles emerge for public sales next year, the new day is dawning. The end of the Oil/Gas monopolies. And with it, the lucrative tax grabs. The Oil Barons, Cabal and Arabs will take a serious income shortfall. Compounded by declining wealth under the Basel III Accord to fund reckless American welfare budgets. As member nation states get to see the books, America will be ordered to cut Welfare bills. Ordered! What then? Basel III membership rules are clear. Balanced, audited books. No more Fed games and subterfuge. Clean hands and Global oversight. For America, an impossible quandary. A State built by Fraud exposed to Public supervision and Global monitoring? What happens when introspective, intelligent eyes, get to look deeply into the asylum that is US Federal and Treasury Fiscal control, and realize that while making a real quantifiable 20T first must then match ONLY 20T to spend, but the Cabal has orchestrated making 20T and spending 120T! Some Rubicon lines they can’t cross. Be assured, they are buying time to rob the store, because with coming Basel III controls tracking down, they won’t be able to rob anymore. Then, who keeps the vast American poor?

While in the White House, the Zionist Power Grab goes on. Netanyahu encircles evermore the decision making process of US state. Where Hagel dared question excessive Israeli liberal lax controls, he was rebuked by Zionist Hawks. And be sure, any new replacement will be nothing but an Israeli backed Clone. The battle raging in Washington is always for control of US resources and Executive Powers, to maintain the autocracy of command subservient to the wishes of this illegal Kazakh regime in Israel, propped up by their venomous agencies and US armed war machine. So few Zionists control all the money, power, the arms and also the news. Challenge that and as Hagel has found, you are soon, Yesterday’s news. Might is Right and Truth or Justice is soon put to flight. Washington becomes evermore a Ghost Town of morality, and a beached whale whose corpulent being is encircled and blood sucked by Zionist conspirators. America, as a Republic or Democracy has long been lost. There is no Moral Objective, simply power and the Kazakhs determine all strategy. Ask Soros or Rothschild’s? That is to underpin their Global hegemony which has developed over centuries to take over nations and loot their assets and minerals.

Why is there not stressed concern in Washington and Congress relating to the unhealthy total Zionist Command of all Fed and Treasury positions? Why is Soros not jailed as the self-admitted War Criminal he is? A singular quasi-Religious Cult have created an absolute Oligopoly whereby they have stolen control of the US economy and disenfranchised Non-Zionists from having a role deciding on and administering the nation’s monetary policies and economic well-being. Try blocking all Zionists out of the Fed and Treasury, then hear their incessant wailing outcry. So why is it fair to exclude Non-Zionists? Anyone not understanding this, how stupid are you? Who protects all other Americans while the Zionists control and loot all? Look at the scale of monetary crimes across the Fed, Banks and Finance Industries. Which sector are the main culprits? With Zionists Supremes in place to filibuster legislation to reign them in. With the American racial demographics changing so rapidly to an Afro, Hispanic and soon Muslim intermix, how long will this intolerable racket be tolerated? Someone has to break the lock-outs! Is everyone totally bought? An easier question, who is not? In power, why is a Non-Bought-Zionist among the few?

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Day of Reckoning

BRICS, the Chinese Yuan, emerging Ruble Energy and Mining Contracts, all are diversifying away from US currencies and even participation.

Once the Gold backed Yuan and BRICS central currencies emerge, as with Rubles for key trade, how will the dollar stand up assailed by asset backed alternatives versus a worthless Ponzi promise with a centuries’ history of non-redemptions and Fed chicanery which has taken the world to the brink? Once the world even cross spreads risk by reducing even 25% of their US exposure, which they will, watch the US Stores empty fast. Imports, which are vast, will sky rocket in price as they adjust to a falling dollar and suppliers demand either alternative currencies, or impose surcharge risks on a Dodgy currency. As imported vehicles, electrical items and consumer products sky rocket in price. Watch wage demands soar with unrest to follow as inflation lets rip.

This will be the price of the Cabal Whores wars! They stole your nation, trashed your economy and crippled domestic industries. All the while supported by Complicit Congressmen and backhander Senators lined up for their lick. America's fastest growing Industry for the last 50 years has been Traitors. Corruption rules! Payback is coming.

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Very soon, without the release of the PPs overdue settlements which have been long reneged on, the economy is going to start grinding down fast. Obama shows no signs of concerns relating to the consequential damage. Does he even understand while he fills his pockets usurping the role? His entire background is nebulous, bogus and mediocre, with no evidence of how he ever got the role, or his ability to achieve anything for America. An illegal Puppet stood up chanting Yes We Can, then showed he couldn’t! But the vast swollen unemployed or Welfare jockeys voted him in again. Won’t work but will vote - everytime for a Free Lunch! You work for them. Democracy?

At what point does the out of control Welfare Dam burst?

Is no one awake on the Bridge of Command? Besides Rope a Dope, who doesn’t understand?

click here to view larger image

Christmas is coming, more dreams will die, how long can America continue living a lie?

A great population is losing its homeland under stress. Because it’s drifting Leaderless, with families under duress. This is the nation of such great innovation. But where are the Leaders to lift up the nation? Can we wonder why with so many mediocrities and crooks at the height of Political power, the future for so many desperate Americans grows bleaker by the hour?

It's way past time to release the PPs and release innovation.

Time to put America first and save the nation.

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  1. For those wishing to comment but hitting publishing blocks via Google its simple to get in.

    Just go straight to comment.
    Input any single letter. Then hit publish. Let it reclear the cache box for you and go back to comment again. Now you should be clear to proceed. Its a problem with gmail etc but it's that simple to bypass.
    Always remember to do it before you prepare a comment if blocked then you don't waste your work. 10 seconds is all it takes and your valued comments are welcomed and you can then be a valued part of this ever growing Global community and contribute towards us all, as one caring community of all nations, to helping make a difference. We are all only one being, a Human Being. Every life matters. Every child matters. People can, and must, change this mess of false Political deviants and Chancers. Your voice does matter. It all starts with building consciousness. Making a planet fit for all.

  2. This is from Fedup,.....

    from the other article, I just think that it could be here as well since all discussions will be here....

    The World War Is Coming Closer: Tomorrow the US Congress Will Vote to Go to War With Russia Tomorrow the US congress will vote on Resolution 758 which, if approved, will allow the criminal Obama regime to start a war against Russia without asking the Congress for any further permission. In other words, tomorrow this most important legislative institution of the USA will vote on its own abolition and will endow “Bombama” with unlimited imperial power, even to destroy this country in order to establish the NWO – no more and no less.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    1. Thank you Vlastimil...yeah, I believe that this is important...this type of news should be front page news. As I
      surf news sites this is sitting as if it's just business as usual.

      We are dealing with a sick, sick, group of criminals...

  3. Also,

    I wold like to know what is the plan regarding this ....

    If eventually PP's released ..... for sure Obama will take all credit for it making sure that all Americans understand that he had this plan long prepared but could not implemented because Russia and China were making all possible to block the greatest US plan how to save USA and global economy ....

    After saying that, he will declare himself a hero and get another Nobel Prize ..... after that I would like to know how on Earth anybody thinks that Democrats and Republicans can be voted out?

    1. At one time all thought the world was flat and you could sail off the edge into oblivion.

      In time all things change, history has proven that time and time again.

      In the 70s and early 80s, who could foresee the downfall of communism in Russia? The removal of the Berlin Wall.

      Glass half full not half empty.

  4. Let it happen then we will show you all. Right now is not the time to expose our cards. Trust there is a huge agenda waiting for a better humanity role.

    1. John,
      I am in great anticipation and I have no doubt!

    2. Thank you John, will be happy to see what you and OWoN / WHA have in your card hands.

    3. I raise. Can I throw my dong into the pot?

  5. For Tony at WHA and others to help.

    Forex is Foreign Exchange systems. People expect to buy currencies and don't even know that. OMG. Lol. Teasing.

    Using the majors to exit makes sense to help. Just offer them comfort re accounts. Learn the game.
    Once its in your account, you can still flip out the odd $M or whatever to buy a house.
    Buy some key shares and commodities via your account. They earn fees and will be happy. Pigs get a lick.
    Buy some precious metals for spread but do NOT store at their bank, use a Depository like Brinks. That way, if Banks tank you are safe.
    Just learn how to position and play your cards. You have wriggle room.

    Tony will advise all of you in time. Right now its Tin Hats and skirmish time. A lot is in volatile play but not for Blogging.

  6. CNBC Reports: Central Banks Are Actively Suppressing Gold Prices to Defend the Elimination of Fiat Currency
    Gold and "the Fed"
    Below are two excellent videos to share with your networks. Both shed some light of transparency on two of the most important issues that the general public needs to understand on the topic of the US and the global economy.
    (See link for second video)

  7. With Its Gold "Vaporized", A Furious Ukraine Turns On Its Central Bankers

    As reported two weeks ago, following a stunning announcement by the head of Ukraine's central bank, Valeriya Gontareva, on primetime TV we learned that (virtually) all of Ukraine's gold was gone, or - in the parlance of Jon Corzine - had "vaporized."

    And as we also predicted two weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before Ukraine's people - the vast majority of whom are innocent pawns in a vast game of realpolitik between the west and east - finally got angry and demanded some answers, if not heads. That time came earlier today when as reported "a Kyiv-based court has instructed Kyiv prosecutors to bring an action against National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Governor Valeriya Gontareva on charges of abuse of power or misuse of office to obtain illegal profit, the Vesti newspaper reported on Tuesday."

    According to Interfax, "This decision was taken by Kyiv's Pechersk district court on December 1 after it had examined case No. 757/33660/14. It ordered the Kyiv prosecutor's office to launch an investigation and include it in the register of pre-trial investigations," the newspaper reported.

    Gontareva is charged with abuse of power or misuse of office under Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

    The plaintiff is lawyer Rostyslav Kravets, the newspaper said. He confirmed this information in his post on Facebook, saying that the decision was taken by the court at the third attempt, and in November 2014, the prosecutors declined to bring an action to meet his claim.

    The charges against the chief banker involve foreign currency interventions by the Central Bank in August 2014: On August 5 the NBU bought U.S. dollars on the interbank forex market for UAH 11.93 per U.S. dollar and sold them for UAH 12.26 per U.S. dollar. During the same week, on August 8, it traded in foreign currency at a higher rate: UAH 12.45-12.6 per U.S. dollar. First it sold $69 million on the interbank forex market at a lower rate, and some days later it bought $35 million at a more favorable price.

    As a result of these transactions, the NBU lost 19 kopecks per U.S. dollar, Kravets said. (more at link)

  8. Give Jebby Bush His Walking Papers On Communist Common Core: Citizens Duty To Interpose On Federal Over-Reach!

    Bush is often criticized by American families for his participation in creating the Common Core education standards that have affected so many public school curriculums across the country. Bush addressed the complaints head-on and said he’s “lost patience” on the issue: Perjury Of Oath

    “I’ve lost my patience on this,” Jeb said, referring to his defending Federal Over-Reach ~ To Control [de] Education In The U.S.

    Bush Family Made Their Ill Gotten Gains, Now Its Time To Corral The Sheep!

    The Common Core Standards control the testing and curriculum of public schools and a large number of private schools in over forty states in the nation. Sold to the public as a needed reform, the Common Core nationalizes absurdity, superficiality, and political bias in the American classroom. As a result, the great stories of a great nation are at risk, along with the minds and souls of our children.

    Jebby Bush To Award Hillary ‘LIBERTY MEDAL’ On Eve Of Benghazi Slaughter Anniversary.
    Ex-General David Petraeus Awards Impeached Richard Nixon’s War Criminal Henry Kissinger An Intrepid Freedom Award May 2013.

    Terrence O Moore is an assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College. A former Marine with a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, he served as the founding principal of a top K-12 classical school in Colorado and advises Hillsdale’s Charter School Initiative, providing assistance with the formation of classical charter schools across the country. Dr. Moore is the author of The Perfect Game and The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core.

    1. Yep, after our kids attend public school, when they come home, we will need to teach them the real truth, the true history and the truth about things in our world today. Looking forward to the big changes coming in this area in the near future.

  9. Jeeeezzz

    Swedish gov dysfunctional -

    1 A first thing they announced Palestine state recognition

    2 Attack warning via 'sub - fraud'

    3 Then next warning was again fraud 'Russian jets over Sweden' it was French as it was leaked later but you know how it works with brainwashing idiots on the street ...(after psycho effect - idiots at the end except OK it was French but maybe behind it in fact Russia - and add up - it was even Putin flying that jet and was loaded with 25 nukes ..... and one tank was hanging down bellow with which he wanted to shut our king...)

    Sweden is in a big fight ---- new election March, hopeful NAZI dollar will be in the pit of horror for humankind .... and thugs behind bars .... but first they have to crawl on knees from DC to Moscow via Alaska and Siberia all of them ..... including all those thugs in Israel

  10. Budapest has summoned the American ambassador to protest against John McCain's offensive remarks about the country's Prime Minister. The US Senator called Viktor Orban a "neo-fascist dictator".
    MOSCOW, December 3 (Sputnik) — Budapest has summoned the US ambassador to Hungary after US Senator John McCain called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban a "neo-fascist dictator" who seeks to increase ties with Russia, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

    What should I comment on this? Hungary stood up against US NAZI thugs - they kicked out NAZI IMF as Island did? And that animal like figure that goes by name 'brother of Cain' dares to open his filthy mouth full of blood and nobody in the USA has enough courage to deal with him, he is NAZI thug himself ... (I wanted to say hang him at Capital Hill ...) good that I omitted it otherwise some could think that I am too rude ....

    Damn it - clean up that den of vipers ..... leave the world alone .....

    1. "Some could think I am too rude"

      Vlastimil, I am trying to be diplomatic and stay off radar but I am losing my patience with this......

      "nobody in the USA has enough courage to deal with him"

      That is a slap in the face to those US patriots who ARE trying to do something and post PPs will have the resources desperately needed to fight the good fight.

      It is so easy to sit at a computer and cast stones when no one expects you to do anything. What happened to the compassionate and humble Vlastimil of old? Because I for one want THAT Vlastimil back. Your comments are becoming way too 'over the top' and need to be toned down. Your pro-Russian rants are not what OWoN is trying to show here. Putin is NOT the second coming of Christ. Putin is just diplomatically and trade wise playing the west off the board, we are not suggesting to move there and follow Putin as a Messiah. China the same. The west is losing out because of its policies and economically shooting itself in the foot trying to be a global bully. This is indicative of OWoN's stance.

      I am extending an olive branch here Vlastimil, please take it and re-evaluate.

    2. Also, remember they are suffering from an infestation of Nazis and Zionist. When exterminators show up to take care of a termite infestation in a house, they don't start by slapping around the homeowner. They are victims, it is not fair to further victimize. It is far better to encourage and aid. Hands across lands and oceans, it will take ALL of us.

    3. Vlastimil,

      I explained HOW to not get banned from here. I detailed what to say, yet you ignore that.

      PUT a piece of paper taped onto your screen to remind you,

      Do it right now, so you don't forget.

      Then, any time you want to write "USA" or "America", you DON'T say those but write what is on the taped piece of paper. I hope that is clear. I hope this helps. I don't want you banned!


  11. US Citizen Reportedly to Take Positions in Ukraine Government; 24 Foreigners To Assume High Posts

    Twenty four foreigners have been already chosen to serve in Ukraine's government, US citizen Natalie Jaresko and ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili are allegedly among the potential candidates.

    MOSCOW, December 1 (Sputnik) — The Ukrainian authorities will hire foreign qualified civil service professionals; US citizen Natalie Jaresko and Mikhail Saakashvili, the notorious former president of Georgia, are reportedly among potential candidates.

    "Prague-based Pedersen & Partners and Korn Ferry, global head hunting firms, have found 185 potential employees, many of whom are members of the Ukrainian community in Canada, the US and the UK. After the job interviews, 24 candidates were recognized as fully qualified to serve in Ukraine's public offices. However, their names haven't been disclosed so far," Kyiv Post reported.

    Natalie Jaresko, the Chief Executive Officer Horizon Capital, a private equity fund, was expected to assume the position of Finance Minister. However, according to the latest news, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy recommended Jaresko, "a true patriot of Ukraine," as the best candidate for the position of Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister.

    A Harvard Kennedy School graduate, Natalie Jaresko first arrived in Ukraine in 1992 as an economic section chief in the US Embassy in Kiev. In 1995, she had become an employee of Western NIS Enterprise Fund, sponsored by the US government. Soon after the Orange Revolution of 2004 Jaresko organized Horizon Capital, "a private equity fund manager that originates and manages investments in mid-cap companies

    1. Fight Breaks Out In Kiev Parliament Over Foreign-born Officials

  12. 17 States lead by Texas are suing Bathhouse Barry on immigration laws, I tell ya if this clowns back wasn't double jointed he would starve.

    1. Scott,
      Nobody in Congress has the gumption to stop this spineless jellyfish...Boehner and McConnell threatened, and O's response is to shut the government down...December 11th is the deadline... TREASON...

    2. House votes to block Obama amnesty amid escalating constitutional clash

      House Republicans rebuked President Obama Thursday over his deportation amnesty, voting almost exclusively along party lines to try to nullify his new policy, and further escalating what’s quickly become a full-blown constitutional crisis.

      The GOP plowed ahead despite a veto threat from the White House and a vow by Senate Democrats to scrapheap the bill, ensuring it won’t become law. The bigger showdowns await next week and early next year, however, when Republicans have vowed to use Congress’s power of the purse to try to fight back

  13. "Every child counts"


    In Australia today it is No Homework Day. It's an initiative to get kids out playing (lie we used to in the 70s and 80s) instead of head stuck in a book or iPad or phone.

    My Nova Earth includes a revamp of how we provide education. If 6 hours a day 5 days a week is not enough for kids to learn then it is being done wrong! We know the agenda of the cabal has been to keep people in dumbed down schools, and people in work-a-day jobs to keep them occupied. Time-based curriculums imposed on people via 'Education [sic] Departments' mean that kids are placed on a conveyor belt with their mouth open with predetermined facts and data rammed through their eyes and ears. That aint learning and we all know it. Kids rebel, and rightly so.

    My continued vision for education reform planet-wide is based on sound pedagogy, and the philosophy that people are sovereign to their own needs and desires, not to some external dictate by unseen controllers. My recommendations:
    1. School days need to be effective for learning. No homework should be required if it is done correctly. Kids need to play and scrape their knees. Formal homework to be abolished at junior and mid levels.
    2. Time-based education would need to go. No more of this 'learn x by the time you are 9' crap - it is what allows the cabal to ram curriculums down people's throats. Smart kids will steam ahead, others will proceed more slowly. That is NATURAL.
    3. Life skills to be taught. Primary School would be about learning and developing abilities in maths, language, social skills & civics, employment skills, basic sciences. From that basis, people should be able to branch out into preferred areas where their talents can be nurtured. A dancer does not need maths. An engineer does not need English (studying Jane Eyre). Let people develop and let the diversity of humanity flourish!
    4. Lessons would follow evidence-based pedagogy. Eg. 10 mins intro, 20 mins instruction, and 30 mins doing. That is it! Lesson over!
    5. Later lessons would incorporate earlier lesson material so it is always being further developed.
    6. We NEED to accept learning over longer periods of life. It doesn't stop at 17. That is factory farming!! Let someone achieve what they want past the basics. If they are not schooling, they are working. Not everyone needs O levels, A levels, Year 12 or the other equivalents.
    7. Tech support: My Dream is to produce a tech solution that everyone can use (schools, parents, students) to make their own lessons in an educationally sound manner. Freely available to the developing world. Make it easy for anyone with content knowledge to build effective elearning modules and have those widely available.

    We do need out-of-the-box thinking in this area. This is where I intend to work post PPs. If anyone else is into education we should hook up.

    1. Thank you AnjaAndy for the wonderful synopsis on how education can be. Am sure you will find others of like mind to bring fruition to your awesome version of "Every child counts".

    2. Two of my sons graduated HS and went to college. The third one learned different. More of a hands on guy. I think there needs to be more trade schools after middle school so those like my son can learn to weld, sew, cook, farm, build, mechanics, etc., and have opportunities to be apprentices on all kinds of jobs so they can find out who they are and what they may want to do.

    3. I hope so too P.

      Biffie, yes, they key is to loosen it up so people can follow their own abilities and passions. Not some externally imposed production line.

    4. My Brazilian partner told me about how it is there: success in primary and high school depends on parents wealth. Those who can afford good schools pass the uni entrance exams and get into uni. How the hell can people move from the favelas to white collar in that environment? That is why their good public unis like USP are full of the wealthy. A good tech solution is needed to make good quality learning available to ALL in that country to give all a chance at those uni entrance exams. Many many smart nuts exist in poorer neighbourhoods - they deserve a chance.

      BoB what are your thoughts?

    5. AjnaAndy,
      This is a wonderful project let me tell you. I believe this is the 4th most important project after some particular ones:

      1) Solidify our global natural resources as a whole reliance;
      2) Eradication of poverty;
      3) Implementation of new infrastructure and new professions to sustain needed families removing them from Welfare State. ( Ex. Introductory free tuition and mentoring on My Nova Earth if parents choose to let go the welfare state and be productive, etc).
      4) Then your project has a higher chance to prosper because the "free stimulus" would impact the local communities and bring awareness that "people are better than their welfare" and there is a way out. This would cause many families to rethink the welfare approach and positively perpetuate the mindset of change and Ideals among them.

      The references you made are very specific and all valid points. This new concept of yours is what school and learning is all about. Fifty percent of what is thought in our classes today is useless and time consuming, including homework. So education really needs a straightforward revamp and your concept is a Go.

      You know how many billions we are today and how many more in three decades. If we achieve the PPs and their is a global revamp and rise of standards, families would rethink to have many more kids. Consequently a new concept of school of skills need to be thought since childhood, according to children's desire. If we don't give them an option of a set of skills and a place to develop what they have learned, they will loose their ideals along the way, demotivated and regard the Welfare State as an option again.

      We all agree We don't want that. So I also agree with Biffie, were trade school needs to be incorporated Heavily in this concept, were in junior levels the kids already have a Clear Picture what profession they sympathize and want to pursue. Today when you ask a child what they want to be in the future, they respond a super hero or a police office. To me personally, this is a reflection of degradation in the Family state of affairs and our broken educational system. I can't stand that any longer and a new concept has to emerge.

      Now in reference to this Country, the favelas would not be the first place I would tackle. First I would put a team together to index and map neighborhoods and local communities to identify and separate the Real Hard Working Families in Need from the Wasters. Once you have that report you can propose distinct options between these groups, being restrictive or not. What we really don't want is to give anything else Free to those that already "grab and waste", not giving anything back.

      But the point is, Emphasis on Every Child is what we need and what we want for the future. We are the present friends but Who Will Lead in the Future?.

      AjnaAndy, thanks for having a big heart in pro of our global kids, their empowerment is vital for global reliance.

    6. BoB, you made me teary with your passion and kind words. Also your practical guidance is invaluable! Your ideas on targeting are spot on, especially using services like this to coax people out of the maah lick mentality to self sufficiency. Muito obrigado meu amigo.

    7. AjnaAndy, you're welcome. I'm happy to help whenever I can.

      When you have a chance check this new web platform. It helps teachers and schools to track the student's development and weak points individually or as a group. It can be customize to their profile for specific advancements. All the tuition content is flexible and can be adapted to single students. It's a type of a tool that can be integrated in your concept workframe.

      Take care

  14. UN Resolution: Israel Must Renounce Nuclear Arms
    UNITED NATIONS — Dec 2, 2014, 8:00 PM ET
    By ALEXANDRA OLSON Associated Press
    Associated Press
    The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.

    The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It called on Israel to "accede to that treaty without further delay, not to develop, produce test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, to renounce possession of nuclear weapons" and put its nuclear facilities under the safeguard of the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency.

    The United States, Canada, Palau and Micronesia joined Israel in opposing the measure, while 18 countries abstained.

    Israel is widely considered to possess nuclear arms but declines to confirm it.

    The resolution, introduced by Egypt, echoed a similar Arab-backed effort that failed to gain approval in September at the Vienna-based IAEA. At the time, Israel criticized Arab countries for undermining dialogue by repeatedly singling out the Jewish state in international arenas. Israel's U.N. Mission did not immediately return a request for comment Tuesday.

    The U.N. resolution, titled "The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East," pushed for the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East and lamented that U.S.-backed efforts to convene talks were abandoned in 2012.

    Israel has long argued that a full Palestinian-Israeli peace plan must precede any creation of a Mideast zone free of weapons of mass destruction. The country also argues that Iran's alleged work on nuclear arms is the real regional threat. Iran denies pursuing such weapons.

    General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but carry moral weight because it is the only body where all 193 U.N. member states are represented.

    U.S. representative Robert Wood, in voting against the resolution at the committee-level last month, said the measure "fails to meet the fundamental tests of fairness and balance. It confines itself to expressions of concern about the activities of a single country."

    Wood said the U.S. will continue pushing a Middle East free of weapons of mass destructions, but he warned that such resolutions only undermine prospects for progress.

    Isra-hell must be disarmed...they tried to keep it a secret and the cat is out of the bag...Satanyahoo is a sick man and should not have weapons which were stolen, I mean; shifted to Isra-hell from UsA arsenal....TREASON

  15. How Did Christmas Become A Festival Of Greed?

    In early America, there was no Christmas gift giving. In fact, the Puritans greatly disapproved of celebrating the holiday, and in some areas the celebration of Christmas was actually banned by law.

    For example, if you were caught celebrating Christmas in the state of Massachusetts from 1659 to 1681 you could be fined five shillings…

    On May 11, 1659, the Massachusetts Bay Colony legislature even went so far as to officially ban Christmas and gave anyone found celebrating it a fine of five shillings. The legislature stated the ban was needed “For preventing disorders arising in severall places within this jurisdiceon, by reason of some still observing such festivalls as were superstitiously kept in other countrys, to the great dishonnor of God & offence of others, it is therefore ordered … that whosoever shall be found observing any such day as Christmas or the like, either by for-bearing of labour, feasting, or any other way, upon any such account as aforesaid, every such person so offending shall pay for every such offence five shillings, as a fine to the county.”

    The ban remained in place for 22 years until it was repealed in 1681 after a new surge of European immigrants brought a demand for the holiday. Even though the ban was lifted, Christmas was not warmly embraced by the puritans and it remained a dull and muted holiday over two centuries later.

    But weren’t the Puritans Christians?

    Didn’t they want to honor the Lord Jesus?

    Of course they were Christians. They took their faith incredibly seriously. But they also knew their history a lot better than we do.

    Most Christians do not realize this, but Christians did not celebrate anything in late December for the first 300 years after the time of Jesus. The only people that celebrated anything at that time were the pagans.

    By now, most of you are probably aware of the great Roman celebration known as Saturnalia. But most people don’t know that our tradition of gift giving can be traced back to that holiday. The following is how Wikipedia describes this ancient pagan festival…

    Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn, held on the 17th of December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to the 23rd of December. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves. The poet Catullus called it “the best of days.”

    Most people do not realize this, but the priests of Saturn would even carry wreaths of evergreen boughs in procession throughout the pagan Roman temples. These processions probably looked at least a little bit similar to our Christmas parades today.

    Read More @


    Could rapidly falling oil prices trigger a nightmare scenario for the commodity derivatives market? The big Wall Street banks did not expect plunging home prices to cause a mortgage-backed securities implosion back in 2008, and their models did not anticipate a decline in the price of oil by more than 40 dollars in less than six months this time either. If the price of oil stays at this level or goes down even more, someone out there is going to have to absorb some absolutely massive losses. In some cases, the losses will be absorbed by oil producers, but many of the big players in the industry have already locked in high prices for their oil next year through derivatives contracts. The companies enter into these derivatives contracts for a couple of reasons. Number one, many lenders do not want to give them any money unless they can show that they have locked in a price for their oil that is higher than the cost of production. Secondly, derivatives contracts protect the profits of oil producers from dramatic swings in the marketplace. These dramatic swings rarely happen, but when they do they can be absolutely crippling. So the oil companies that have locked in high prices for their oil in 2015 and 2016 are feeling pretty good right about now. But who is on the other end of those contracts? In many cases, it is the big Wall Street banks, and if the price of oil does not rebound substantially they could be facing absolutely colossal losses.

    It has been estimated that the six largest “too big to fail” banks control $3.9 trillion in commodity derivatives contracts. And a very large chunk of that amount is made up of oil derivatives.

    By the middle of next year, we could be facing a situation where many of these oil producers have locked in a price of 90 or 100 dollars a barrel on their oil but the price has fallen to about 50 dollars a barrel.

    In such a case, the losses for those on the wrong end of the derivatives contracts would be astronomical.

    At this point, some of the biggest players in the shale oil industry have already locked in high prices for most of their oil for the coming year. The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard…

    US producers have locked in higher prices through derivatives contracts. Noble Energy and Devon Energy have both hedged over three-quarters of their output for 2015.

    Pioneer Natural Resources said it has options through 2016 covering two- thirds of its likely production.
    So they are protected to a very large degree. It is those that are on the losing end of those contracts that are going to get burned.

    Of course not all shale oil producers protected themselves. Those that didn’t are in danger of going under. (MORE)

    1. Good find Fedup. With the lower prices on crude trending, this winter could be much better for many here in the US with lower fuel and heating costs. That would be help for many who often have to do without - tremendously.

    2. Looks like lower prices for us mean breaking the back of banking cabal for them...then we have to think our taxes 2015 have been raised tremendously through revision of Affordable Care act during thanksgiving without our knowledge...they always keep the game in their favor...soon it will be over for them...

  17. John and OWoN team great article, thank you.

    John I was wondering if you could elucidate on this comment "Don’t be surprised if the price for help to delay...."? What do the rats hope to achieve by delaying an extra day, 2 days, a week? Are they pushing for delays because they are psychopaths and prefer to see the world burn if they can't have it all? What do you think is their endgame, if they have one?

    1. These reprobates don't want to let go of a dime. They think they stole it first, they are "Entitled!".
      Look at the abysmal quality of World Leadership today. Getting anyone to act is a major task.

  18. John
    Where does all of this take us. Do we need a Jerry Clower Rat Killin.

    1. The next report will skewer a lot of rats for you as we expose the truth and myth of Judaism., Islam ,. Christianity and Zionism. How many die for another lie? How can we all be "Special?" BS rules indifferent fools.
      We have to expose truth and change society to let Freedom free!

  19. How long can the con go on?'s up to us!

    In the meantime, here's a nifty little map you all may enjoy. It seems appropriate. Lol.

    Mapped: The world's most corrupt officials

    Britain's public servants are the 14th least likely to take a bribe in the world - but where is a bung just part of doing business and where is it likely to land you in jail? Zoom in to find out


    NSA Data On Illuminati Crimes Being Published On Internet! Exciting US Intel Report!

    On December 1st, 2014 Veterans Today Radio had a blow out interview with Preston James and Stew Webb where some shocking bombshells were dropped. In the first 35 Minutes Stew discussed the Illuminati satanic sacrifices and played his exclusive interview with Anton Lavey who names US Presidents attending these sacrifices of babies! Be sure to listen to that if you have no already heard it!

    But the really GOOD news came when Preston James came on and gave one of his best Intelligence briefings to the people around the world that stand against the Illuminati. This all started at about the 35 minute mark in the video below. Preston discusses the Bush crime family at the beginning but then moves into what I want everybody to listen to when he discusses the really good news! US Intel and the good guys around the world now have the raw NSA feeds that detail all the crimes done by the Illuminati and their helpers and these will be released on the Internet! It’s already started!….

    All Intel files are being released to the public! All the secret files are being downloaded. The NSA raw files are now in the hands of the Russians and the French through Snowden and are being released one at a time! The entire Illuminati system is going to be exposed and is beginning to crumble. There will be no secrecy within a few years. Everything is coming out: names, phone calls, videos, crimes of the US Congress and other world leaders, it’s all going to be on the Internet! Once the American people fully wake up there is going to be hell to pay! (96min)


    1. DL, this is groundbreaking! Right on time to force arrests and move those scalliwags out of the way. Thanks for the news.

    2. Ajnaandy,

      I am mildly hopeful, at best. We have all been lied to repeatedly countless times that I am like comatose to alleged new information. VT it has been alleged is a source of disinfo. I believe one of their guys admitted the disinfo mix into & with the truth. NOTHING is as it seems. Nothing. I hope along with you that you are correct & we do in fact see this pass very soon, as Fulford has stated. This little tempting nugget lines up perfectly with his statements of last two news reports. Hope is only gone when the last breath is drawn, no sooner, no later.... ~darylluke.

    3. DL
      I listened to this video...exposure...interesting!!!!
      Thank you.

    4. Well spotted and well done DL.

    5. John , that find by DL is timely . D o you think it is accurate in content & conclusions which will "influence " the cabal rats to relinquish control & opposition ?

    6. I work on the inside as high as it gets. Each day we expose and close more. We influence and sequestrate these Bar Stewards right out of the trough. A quiet battle is raging out of Public view. Have faith, we have hate! And a huge moral drive of purpose. We want rid of the lot!

    7. I'm sure i say on behalf of all, that the debt of gratitude owed to you & your colleagues for these noble efforts ,is immense .

    8. DL, Great find and Awesome news, Thank You! )

  21. 12.03 2055 ET BREAKING NEWS – Rumors of Martial Law in Russia, Fighter Jets over Moscow, Islamist Attack

    Islamist attack? CIA proxies, more like. Sounds serious. Nothing on RT.

    1. Valdi

      It looks that it took place in Grosny, capital of Chechenia ...... Kamyrov deals with them with an iron fist - it is all ISIS - I mean NATO - USA - ISRAEL

  22. A message for Tony and WHA plus OWON associates worldwide.

    If we are to be anything as a species, it needs to be united sharing our planet and resources for humanity. Sharing ideals, and focusing compassion.
    WHA raised the issues of Water from the Rockies. YOU did it. We recognised the value and need and registered it. It starts with a word and can change a nation. The water of life, for all to feed. Helping protect our human need.

    We recognise the vision and contributions many want to make on both sites to help our world. We are ALL only one race, the Human race. Time to share and care for all.
    Joke comments hopefully are taken as just that.and the Forex comment yesterday was just an Hello marker for one of your readers, not you. Why miss an opportunity to pull a,leg for fun?
    Our comments are geared to help protect and guide all. Ideals take time, and commitment to all. Its a big task and a big ask. Be assured a lot of wives and secretaries in power now read daily to check their husbands or bosses have not made the blog on our shit list! Lol.

    1. Thank you John, with as serious and long hours you and so many others work, leg pulling - bits of fun are a necessity for maintaining sanity in a very crazy world. Am sure that you have to be very careful in what you all do daily/nightly and if this is nearly the only forum you can safely let your hair down for a few minutes, then am honored you feel comfortable to do so here. Thank you John,Canauzzie, OWoN, WHA and the many others unnamed for what you do for all of us.

  23. Such great activity here, I like it. Thank you all......

  24. I was just thinking what would I celebrate more - collapse and dismiss of NAZI NATO - or RV in case success.

    Winner is - wiping out NATO from the face of Earth once for all....

    You see in the USA - people have no idea what NATO does and what threat it became - all the trouble caused by NAZI NATO is too far away from US boarder - they will never bother by NATO fascist is a daily threat on the streets

  25. For the hungry speculators, while we cant release certain data, just be assured we have been active since 04-00 am here with Beijing, and the West Coast parties pushing for all possible next week. We are all focused and trying. Its a case of ripping off dead claws and letting new blood free. No one can be more locked on. We KNOW what's at stake. The window this year is closing fast. Watch by the day. You all need luck now. One break and we burst the Dam.

    1. We should all focus our thoughts in your direction to visualise this goal into reality for the benefit & freedom of all humanity !!

  26. Fart Assembly of D.C. and Wall Street ..... Mc Cain proposing new legislation ...

    Each US citizen will be obliged to fart into a container since now on -- McCain will collect it and liquefy it and sell it EU idiot countries ... namely Ukraine I guess .. Hurry up, it must be done before 2020 .... especially profound natural gas of Congress and Senate might sell even better .... Mc Cain says..

    According to Republican US Senator John McCain, the US can start delivering liquefied natural gas to Europe before 2020 or earlier.
    "I think we can do it before then," McCain stated when asked about US projections becoming a significant exporter nation before 2020. "We can do it a lot quicker than that," he added.
    Wake up mC cAIN

    .....I guess it depends how much Obama farts.....

  27. We can begin to bet which country will be first leaving EU? My money would be on Hungary.

    The Invisible Machine - Electromagnetic Warfare. This testing is being done in many of our border states in violation of Federal Law in the US Navy's Procedures for obtaining a permit to conduct Electromagnetic Warfare testing and training and also without citizens knowledge.

    1. The capabilities of these weapons are severe and scary. Interview with Craig Hulet on Coast to Coast AM on Wednesday night talked about his findings and the devastation these machines and this testing can bring to people, animals, bees, birds, DNA, and human reproduction.

    2. Thanks, Biffie. We've got to stop all of the experimentation going on without our consent, using us as lab rats.

      The link you gave didn't work but this one does:

    3. BIFFIE<

      This is a HUGE unreported problem going on for over 40 years. Silent unseen war against humanity. The US military holds all the patents. That technology killed two of my family members. ALL are currently deniable technologies, but there are forensic"markers".


    4. They also talked bout mind control and crowd control using these devices. It can also fry in from the inside out like a microwave.

    5. Biffie,

      I would like to thank you for jogging lose some memories for me. I keep them suppressed just to cope daily.This is a very tough subject for me.

      Here is something from direct personal experience. The day my mother was dying, my wife and two sons went to the hospital because the doctors called and said to come right awy, that she would not survive the night.We went, and were blessed to have her with us those last two hours. I was blessed to have her hand in mine when she passed.

      On the ride back home from downtown Chicago on the expressway we drove silently. In my rear-view mirror way back I could see somebody coming up fast in the far left lane maybe 1/2 mile back.Mustuve been doing at least 90mph. As it got close, it turned out to be an old black Hearse. Our exit was up ahead maybe another 4 miles at 111th street ramp. As we approached the ramp, I said, "..look at that, it is the Hearse that passed us back there parked." As GOD is my witness, there was two guys with arms folded across their chests wearing black suits, white shirts, black ties, shoes, black hats, lack glasses.They were staring at our car, and fucking smiling!! That was "them"telling me, they killed her, and were gloating. I used to think cia. In hindsight over the years, I am convinced it was the Jesuits behind it. Believe it or not, that s my story, and I AM sticking to it!! This is how sick these people are!! True factual event from the Twilight Zone.


    6. The surprising part is that they have been using these weapons on us for a very, very long time. It has just gotten to the point where they have lost and we won...their implements are becoming useless against us because our DNA is changing and have evolved from being exposed to radiation and other contaminants that they spray over us.

      I was very surprised to read a report which stated that we don't need to have those transformer boxes and power lines up and down our's as if these lines go from pole to pole all across our country representing a line that we unconsciously do not cross...this is part of the MKULtra/mind control mechanism that is used against us in this "Quiet War." Understand, this war is for the soul of man...nothing fancy, just plain outright in our face manipulation...our our energy signature (frequency)...we are energy...plain and simple.

      This is in everything, toothpaste, food, wifi, microwave, cell towers, television, music/sound, everything!

      Our Creator, the One; tells us to "know the truth, and the truth will set you free." This is freedom!

    7. How WiFi and Other EMFs Cause Biological Harm

      Our modern world is an electromagnetic soup filled with pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, and a host of wearable gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation.

      Peer-reviewed scientific studies have drawn conclusions that should concern us all, but particularly for young children and pregnant women. Government agencies are even doing battle amongst themselves over outdated scientific information that still impacts current regulations.

      Yet another credible voice is now sounding the alarm about the pervasive dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) - Professor Martin Pall, PhD - professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science at Washington State University, Pullman. His lecture can be viewed below, as well as a summary of his findings amid a flood of other scientific research.

      It is worth noting that Pall's concerns have been echoed by others throughout the field of biochemistry and health science.
      A prominent neuroscientist recently went on record in a lecture to the medical community which gave strong credence to the concerns of everyday citizens.
      A world-renown biochemist went as far as to say that wireless radiation is a biohazard and should be abolished in certain settings.
      British ER physician and founder of Physicians' Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment (PHIRE), Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, analyzed the exponential growth of damaging sources of EMFs - damaging to all life, as life could be defined as anything that possesses an electromagnetic field. She concludes her lecture (viewed here) with some practical solutions that can be taken to mitigate the effects of bio-active frequencies which can cause disruption of our DNA fractal antenna and promote a host of stress responses.
      Professor Pall states unequivocally in his lecture in Oslo, Norway:
      "I think this is going to be one of the major issues in the next few years. Most people are not aware of this, and the people who are mostly know the old data – and there’s a lot of new [information] on this that’s extremely, extremely important."
      Pall shows us how, with an increasing preponderance of so-called ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ phones and other microwave-emitting technologies and infrastructure, the health of the public is in danger; that our young are the most at risk and that urgent action to protect people is now required.
      Prof. Pall’s extensive research over recent decades into this issue shows that:
      Microwaves damage humans at levels far below present radiation limits, through mechanisms at the cellular level
      These biological mechanisms can – completely or partially – be behind growing “unexplained illnesses” like sudden cardiac death, ME, weakened immune system, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress, and increased DNA breakage, etc.
      The effects can, in principle, affect all multicellular animals, and is proven, for example, in mussels (molluscs)
      You need neither New Age, tendentious science or conspiracy theories to justify this.
      Now is the time to become informed and keep your friends and family up to date on new research that shows the threats some of our new technologies pose to the more vulnerable among us. How many times do we need to hear the assurances of the scientific establishment that they have covered all bases in advising governments to create health guidelines that later turn out to be woefully inadequate?

    8. Thanks you guys for your comments and information. I have a sister that has lymes disease and is hypersensitive to all electronic devices. She has many other health issues all stemming form lymes, but the electronic devices hurts her the most making her shake, lack sleep, compromised immune system, etc.

  29. Make Lying in Parliament History

  30. Putin's annual speech to the nation assembly ---

    West subverted Ukraine and wants to destroy Russia

    Power coup in Ukraine and the war on the southeast part of the West, which has long sought also to wreck Russia. On Thursday in his annual speech on the state of the Russian Federation said President Vladimir Putin.

    "Just they would like to rip us apart like Yugoslavia," he said about the West,...... Putin said, adding that it is the same as in the days when Nazi leader Adolf Hitler wanted to push the Russians behind the Ural. "We all remember how it ended," he said, referring to World War II, from which the Soviet Union emerged as the winner.

    Now - Each Russia from small to the big hears this from their beloved president for whom they will die -

    Cameron what do you think now - about your idiotic baseless accusation? What was the last time Putin accused you of doing something you have not done? All generations of Russia today look at UK - US - EU - NATO as enemy number one who does all possible day and night to destroy Russia .....

    And it goes into emotions - deep down to the heart - and it will stay there. West made herself hated enemy - and West can not win in case of real war. How idiotic. Who would ever do that?

    1. Since the fall of Iron Curtain - many worked so hard to fix damaged relationships between West and Russia - So much work was done. And now, idiots who can not think and count to five destroyed everything again...and they are paid for them.

      Return all the money you earned because you do not deserve them....

  31. Putin offers amnesty to oligarch etc for bringing money back to Russia ...

    Vladimir Putin has proposed a total amnesty for all funds returning to Russia a month after signing an anti-offshore bill curbing capital flight. ‘Let us put this page in our history behind us. Do it once, but right’ he told the Federal assembly.

    I guess this will not be offered twice - in my view he is saying. We give you one chance, take it or you will end up as Berezovsky .....

    Czech president Zeman said once - One thing I do not like about Putin - he did not clean up oligarchs as he did in case with Khodorkovsky ---- after that Zionists can not digest Czech president....

  32. Attack on Grosny ....

    Attackers in Grozny could have acted on orders from the West — Chechen lawmaker ....

    GROZNY, December 4 /TASS/. The attackers of a traffic police checkpoint in Grozny could have acted on order from Western security services in the interests of the United States and NATO that want to weaken Russia both economically and politically, Dukuvakh Abdurakhmanov, the Chechen parliament speaker, told an emergency parliament meeting on Thursday.

    ;;;;;;; is getting more and more vocal directly at the spot .... no more keeping it under the table ..... it goes directly to the street ..... and it will remain there.

    1. "What really happened is that one of the major Wahabi terrorist groups which was traveling in three cars was blocked at a checkpoint. The Wahabis opened fire and killed all the cops. However, the alarm was given and special forces were brought in at which point the Wahabis feld into a nearby building. They were surrounded and eventually killed.

      This means that at the cost of the lives of 10 dead Chechen police and security officials one of the major Wahabi terrorist organizations as been destroyed."

      Whatever happened to Prince Bandar bin Bush?

  33. This is called justice in EU -

    European Court orders France to compensate to Somali pirates
    The European Court of Human Rights Thursday ordered France to pay thousands of euro to Somali pirates because they were not immediately brought before a judge, AFP said. The ECHR said that authorities should have presented the pirates, who had attacked French ships, to a judge when they arrived on French territory after being held at sea. The pirates were apprehended on the high seas by the French army on two separate occasions in 2008 and taken back to France for trial.

    NAZI ZIO JESUITS EU must be dissolved to nothing - they aim to protect criminals and destroy settled and developed cutlers in Europe .... by whatever means .......

    This must be stopped .....

  34. Iran's senior military official said that while Washington claims to be fighting the Islamic State, documents prove that this group was a product of the CIA.

  35. Global corruption index: Australia drops out of top 10 countries and Britain is 'not good enough'

    Australia has dropped out of the top 10 least corrupt countries in the world as it slips down the rankings for the second year in a row, according to a survey.

    Transparency International found that scandals over note printing and the country’s own corruption probes had worsened perceptions and pushed it down to number 11 out of 175 countries – four positions lower than 2012.

    But that is still three places above Britain, languishing at number 14 with a score of 78, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 very clean.

    A spokesperson for Transparency International said the organisation recognised the UK’s “gradual progress” in recent years, particularly the Bribery Act, by raising its score by two points.

    “But there is more to do, the UK should be in the top 10,” he added. “The result next year may depend on the government’s upcoming anti-corruption action plan and whether the new government, post-May, sticks to commitments made within it.”

    Denmark came top of the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index, which is based on expert analysis of public sector sleaze, followed by New Zealand, Finland and Sweden.

    North Korea and Somalia were ranked last with just eight points and the situation is worsening in several conflict-torn countries, including Iraq and Syria.

    The decline of Australia, which came third behind New Zealand and Singapore in the Asia Pacific region with a score of 80, was put down to denial creating delays investigating corruption.

    The biggest decline was seen in Turkey, despite its economic growth, down five points to 45.

    Transparency International’s report said endemic corruption had been revealed at the “highest levels of business and Government”, with “images of gold bars and millions of dollars stuffed in shoeboxes, coupled with incriminating videos, the firing or resignation of government ministers, multiple arrests and sadly, a number of suicides”. (See maps and more at link)

  36. New Mafia group sweeps across Rome sucking hundreds of millions of euros out of Italy's near-bankrupt capital

    Even by Rome’s standards the tsunami of sleaze that has swept over the eternally corrupt city in the past 48 hours has left its weary citizens slack-jawed in disbelief.

    Roman prosecutors have seized a former terrorist and dozens of associates whom they claim have formed a new Mafia group that has sucked hundreds of millions of euros out of the near-bankrupt capital.

    It wasn’t a shock that politicians, officials and businessmen were on the make. But it’s claimed they were directed by a newly formed Mafia headed by a one-eyed, former neo-fascist who enjoyed, according to some reports, the collusion of police and secret services.

    “We have identified the criminal organisation that we call Mafia Capitale, which is Roman, without links to other southern Mafias, but uses Mafia methods,” said Rome’s chief prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone, after he ordered 37 arrests today. Among those held was Massimo Carminati, a former member of the far-right terror group NAR. Prosecutors believe he was leading the group.

    Hundreds of others are under investigation, as police seek to establish how far the system of corrupt contracts – including those for migrant reception centres – bribes, kickbacks and extortion has entered the city’s politics, business and administration. Magistrates seized around €200m (£157m) in assets. Gianni Alemanno, Mayor of Rome until June last year, was among those placed under formal investigation for Mafia association and corruption. The Ansa news agency reported that New Italia Foundation, of which Mr Alemanno is president, had received a payment of around €40,000 from Carminati. “I will show I have nothing to do with this,” said Mr Alemanno, 56.

    It emerged that Rome’s anti-corruption tsar, Italo Walter Politano, is one of those being investigated for suspected links to Mafia Capitale. He was appointed by Ignazio Marino, the current centre-left Mayor. (VIDEO: RECRUITS FOR THE 'NDRANGHETA CRIME SYNDICATE )
    See more at link

  37. This Treasury Department Chart Shows The Alarming Milestone the National Debt Just Passed

    The U.S. national debt hit $18 trillion for the first time on Friday, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.
    A website that tracks the national debt said it rose to $18.005 trillion, a jump of more than $40 billion from two days prior. There was no figure given for Thanksgiving, a holiday.
    The milestone is likely to renew Republican scrutiny over the federal government’s spending habits, just as the GOP is set to widen its majority in the House and resume control of the Senate in 2015. While Republicans have made a point of saying they would use their new control of Congress to fight Obamacare and ease federal regulations, they have also made a point of saying debt reduction is critical.
    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Congress must take steps to pare back “a national debt that has Americans stealing from their children and grandchildren, robbing them of benefits that they will never see and leaving them with burdens that will be nearly impossible to repay.”

    I don't know about "Americans stealing from their children," we aren't doing this...Congress and the gang of thieves are doing this...we never agreed to this, nor were we asked whether we want to increase and expand government. STOP THE EMBEZZLEMENT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS and return the UsA republic back to the RULE OF LAW... hold the government officials accountable!

  38. It’s official: America is now No. 2

    Hang on to your hats, America.

    And throw away that big, fat styrofoam finger while you’re about it.

    There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it: We’re no longer No. 1. Today, we’re No. 2. Yes, it’s official. The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world. For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was president, America is not the leading economic power on the planet.

    It just happened — and almost nobody noticed.

    The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion — compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A.

    As recently as 2000, we produced nearly three times as much as the Chinese.

    To put the numbers slightly differently, China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy when measured in real purchasing-power terms, compared with 16.3% for the U.S.

    This latest economic earthquake follows the development last year when China surpassed the U.S. for the first time in terms of global trade.

    I reported on this looming development over two years ago, but the moment came sooner than I or anyone else had predicted. China’s recent decision to bring gross domestic product calculations in line with international standards has revealed activity that had previously gone uncounted.

    1. And, the corresponding FACT is that 50% of Americans are now at or below the official poverty line.

      REAL unemployment rate is 23%+.

      In the last 24 months food has skyrocketed 40-90%.

      Oh, wait, gasoline is now $1.99/gal in Oklahoma! We are all saved!! Grrrrrr...... ~darylluke.

    2. They get theirs...and butter is $5 a pound...but they raised the tax rates incognito over the thanksgiving holiday...damn! damn! damn!

    3. Wow, $1.99? I'm paying $3 + bones in Cali. I need RV! :)

    4. Gas at the pump here is 87.9 cents a litre.

      It has not been under a dollar in a very long time. These prices are a decade old.

      It actually should be much cheaper. We have several refineries here, more being built and all established ones are being expanded. But all that construction may stop if prices stay down or go lower.

    5. A few months ago a warning was issued about this E15 grade (new) gasoline which will totally destroy the engine of a car built prior to 2006...and we are warned not to use this gas.

      I don't know but I have a suspicion that once the gas price starts rising that we will see this new product (only additives and dilution) as an excuse to increase taxes and raise the prices as the pump...

      Cars made before 2000 have no lo-jack or tracking system. They have the chip in the license plate. They prefer all cars on the road to have internal computer boxes so that they can control and track the cars, much like our cell phones.

    6. Couple of weeks ago it was $2.79.9 here in NM. Much better than it had been! )

    7. When Obummer was foisted on us into POTUS office national USA average was $1.84/gal


    President Obama speaks in a nationally televised address from the White House on immigration Nov. 21.
    NEW YORK – Did President Obama just set up Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to be a candidate for impeachment instead of himself if conservatives convince the Republican majorities in the House and the Senate that his “executive actions” on immigration are unconstitutional?
    The inquiry begins with the question: Where are the executive orders Obama supposedly signed to permit up to 5 million parents of young illegal aliens to remain in the United States for three years?
    The White House appears to have engaged in administrative sleight of hand, changing U.S. immigration law not by executive order but by a memorandum “exercising prosecutorial discretion” Johnson signed the day of Obama’s Nov. 20 nationwide address that so far has not been filed in the Federal Register.
    Tom Fitton, president of Washington-based watchdog institution Judicial Watch, told WND in an interview the legal status of Johnson’s memo is a serious constitutional question that deserves to be adjudicated.
    “The entire implementing authority involves a memorandum published by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that changes the immigration law, directing federal money to be spent that has not been appropriated by Congress,” he said.
    “In my view, there is a serious question whether Jeh Johnson should be impeached for taking this action, and a criminal investigation should be initiated to determine how and why federal funds are being misappropriated,” he declared.
    Fitton said DHS “is being hijacked to implement actions Congress has neither authorized nor appropriated funds to accomplish.”
    “All remedy options need to be on the table when attacking this threat to the Constitution,” he said.
    On Wednesday, attorneys general in 17 states joined in a lawsuit filed by Texas attorney general and governor-elect Greg Abbott that charges the Obama’s immigration action violated the U.S. Constitution’s “Take Care” clause and failed to follow the Administrative Procedure Act’s guidelines for implementing new policies, including a comment period to outline the changes’ benefits, National Review’s Andrew Johnson reported.
    Abbot said in a statement the president “is abdicating his responsibility to faithfully enforce laws that were duly enacted by Congress and attempting to rewrite immigration laws, which he has no authority to do — something the president himself has previously admitted.”
    The 16 other states are Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    1. FedUp,

      Indiana gets a LOT of things right!! (where I live) UTAH is also fighting to cut off water supply to NSA spy-center there!! One thing for sure is that Mormons are NOT stupid. They were RUN OUT of Southern Illinois for a very good reason. THAT is a very interesting chapter in history worth digging into since you seem to be very avid researcher hungry for knowledge.


    2. I listened to the video you provided in your report above and it said that most Mormon FBI agents are the ones enforcing rule of law...holding them accountable...

      I do research because all I want is to "know." I wonder if this is a blessing or a curse...always held to a higher degree because knowing won't allow me to sit on the sidelines and just cheer...I have to dig in and fight because "I know."

      I will check this out and get back to you on this...interesting!

    3. HINT: Cross-reference "gold murder kidnapping" for the mormons in Navoo, IL timeframe before they were kicked out by the locals BY FORCE. Please post your finding here!


    4. FedUp,

      Actually a better hint(*wink) is what happened in say
      the three years prior to them getting MASS EXODUSED OUT of S.Illinois!!


    5. FedUp,
      For a fact, I KNOW that John knows nothing about this history which you will find with my hints.
      I would like to post it, but this is just memory info from when i used to have a yahoo-group that contained this info I refer to.

      This guy brighamyoung kept pulling a rabbit out of his ass!! HOW? My conclusion is that e was a frikin gangster head. period. Believe it or not it started with horse-stealing and crossing borders to sell them, and his peeps collude, aided and abetted that Starting Enterprise which turned out to be the cash-cow for the Mormons. I was NEVER looking forthe info I am describing. I was following a trail about a guy that was running stolen horses in s.IL into iowa.Years about 1845-55.(orry for and keyboard probs.)

    6. I am an avid wannabe treasue hunter with a pendulum and several very good metal detectors I have for over 18 years plus.This should clarify motive by me here.IT is such an interesting story with so many supporting sources beyond belief. NOT here to bash present day mormons. Just the true historical events that actually did happen.

      Americans standing UP is our legacy here. We did, and kicked them corrupt bastards OUT of s.IL back, then by what....?

      ...nothing ELSE, but, WILL of the PEOPLE(OWON)!! <<--------------

      CORRUPTION OUT!!(me sez)~darylluke.



    "VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican’s economy minister has said hundreds of millions of euros were found “tucked away” in accounts of various Holy See departments without having appeared in the city-state’s balance sheets."

    1. It's is a known fact that the bank held accounts (many) for politicans because the bank is not accountable to anyone. Now they are letting a little bit of information out at a time because the "good cop, bad cop" scenario must playout because they got busted...and we are supposed to trust them, NOW...

      It ain;t gonna happen!

      Multiple accounts with billions, trillions...taxpayer funds??? Reason they can't find the money when following it is because they think it went ROME...where it's not reported...thus much held in ghost names untraceable...

      COOKING THE BOOKS...they must be fried by now...LOL

    2. Fedup, no worries, those funds will be found if not done so already. I call it "sniffer" technology as it literally can pick up the faintest of scents, money or documentation trails. Won't get into how know about it as Valdi is right about somethings needing to be lost like a tear in the rain. Found it that way and then heard about it some time later. Glad it's used for good now.

    3. P.,

      PLEASE, don't drop a bomb like that and just walk away!!

      What you describe sounds like an evolved/advanced version of PROMIS software.


    4. DL, not my sand box to play in, but it can be likened to a world class digital bloodhound. What I saw that day is the reason why call it that. It was going through everything in Wells Fargo. That was a couple, three years ago.

    5. P
      Those funds were found prior to the Vatican Bank being listed everyone in the UsA political field who had billions of taxpayer dollars some had multiple accounts...I do remember the funds being confiscated...

      Alcuin and Flutterby does post this type of information on its site..

      Our financial system has become sentient...basically artificial intelligence, able to discern and think. The green screens, black screens are all for those who think they actually know would mean that they would be considered genius...but this is not the case. (LOL)

      So I question: Sebelius: ‘Financial Literacy Of A Lot Of People … Is Very Low’

      She says, “I think one of the things that we have learned with the passage of the law … is a lot of Americans have no idea what insurance is about,”

      Oh really? Then why are you dismissed from your position as Head of Health and Human Services?

      She adds: “I think the financial literacy of a lot of people — particularly people who did not have insurance coverage or whose employers choose their coverage and kind of present it to them — is very low,” said Sebelius. “And that has be a sort of stunning revelation, and it’s not because anybody hid it from folks, it’s that this is a complicated product.”

      It's only complicated because the government does not need to regulate the personal lives of citizens. Citizens should have a choice and this choice is plain and simple...Government made it complicated to fleece the public...I think they speak with "fork tongue."

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. A primer for those that might carry an interest!

    The Federal Reserve Makes Ponzi And Madoff Look Like Boy Scouts

  42. 2014 Documentary Film: ‘WELCOME TO TRUTH’

    (27-11-2014) In the past 7 days, this video has recieved 28,286 views. Only 1.7% of the views have been from external sources. If you have enjoyed this work, then please help promote this video to help awaken others. Share this on the social media that you use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc…

    This is an informative and coherent documentary that exposes the hidden truth that you will never or very rarely get to see in the mainstream media. It has to do with the rule of secrecy behind the scenes of world politics, that has been steadily working on a covert plan to dominate the world and rule over us all without our consent. The world needs to wake up to this reality before it’s too late.

    0:00 Open your Eyes
    7:20 One World Government/New World Order
    11:15 Who Really is in Control?
    21:07 Economic Slavery to the Elite
    36:00 Satanism &Occultism
    1:40:04 The Truth about 911
    2:04:02 War on Afghanistan
    2:19:50 War on Iraq
    2:54:51 War = Profit
    3:00:19 Depopulation Agenda
    3:22:55 Global (Electronic) Currency
    3:25:13 RFID Micro Chip
    3:31:48 Big Brother
    3:43:03 Media Monopoly
    3:47:04 The Influence of Media

  43. There has been a significant jump in the volume and depth of intellect of your collective comments over the last 2 days. It's very encouraging and impressive. A huge step towards true enlightenment. That's good, because the next big one will rock your world as we challenge and expose the reality of what you take to be Religious probity. As a teaser, the coins the Emperor Constantine had minted to celebrate the new Icon deity were not the mythical Jesus, but the party they founded the new movement on, and the Jesus myth was only created by the Vatican Spin Doctors as a New Age Faith to suit the Roman Agenda with interesting questions of well, if this was not Jesus, just who then hell was it? We will expose it for you as the new curved ball. Let truth speak its name.
    God, the true Universal spirit of all does not need false mantras, or universal suffrage.
    As with Sr experienced Pilots encountering UFOs, going public to an ignorant mass Public, will not endear your career with gratitude from cynics and Plebeian grunts.
    But those who have actually experienced true and very genuine dimensional transfer to a higher realm, however fleeting, are interjected into an awesome reality with such enormity of power and depth of clarity, way beyond hallucinatory, and experience a permanent and substantial heightened awareness of a Cosmic level of collective consciousness and majestic love which changes the entire ethos and being of their very existence. But also it interjects humility, compassion, and a sense of collective empowerment to serve brother man with dignity and encompasses our true immortality and belonging within the Cosmos. To serve you well and better, because you ALL belong and matter. This is your journey on your path of life, and we all need to be good Samaritans when afforded the call. Material assets are not riches of Soul. Your Book of Life is! To know, is all. You are not alone ever!
    Dam, am I never going to shake off her indoors? Lol
    Humour makes the man. Compassion with a curved ball.

  44. Sadly, I have to report this ..... but no comment attached.. :)

    The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow's actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

    Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”

    "The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior," Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution's sponsor, said.

  45. Good, this is one thing I have been studying, mulling over in my mind and wanting to know the truth. I was raised a Christian, have read the Bible, the Book of Mormon, (no am not Mormon), have read a lot of channeled messages from those who say they know, have recently read the Alien Interview, have looked at lots of blogs about the multiverses out there and where we really came from, but, I still am still feeling confused. One site will say one thing, another will say the exact opposite. I get this over and over. I know what my heart feels, but still feel like I don't know yet. Something is just not right yet.

    1. Biffie I can recommend an excellent, but not very well known, book that really answered many of my questions and enquiries throughout my life along similar lines to yours (plus many more). "DNA in the Sands of Time" by J. Justice. It's well worth getting a copy if you can.

    2. Biffie,

      I recommend highly "Christ Consciousness" By Norman Paulsen. (Let us know what you think after reading, if you decide to get it.)


    3. Biffie,

      Hey, I feel exactly the same! There more I research, the more I realise how little I know. It's a blizzard of information. The hard part isn't learning the truth, it's unlearning the falsehood. So I am not going to suggest any references but recommend you take enough time out for yourself to enjoy life. The important thing is your quest for truth and knowledge, which with experience will become wisdom. The truth will come to you, sometimes in ways you had not foreseen. You are on the right path - isn't it exciting!

    4. You're right Biffie. Because of that I have simply accepted that there are known unknowns, and unknown unknowns, and kn... wait...

    5. Thank you all my friends for the suggestions and understanding. I shall check out the books suggested and keep on keeping on:) Bottom line, I know we are not alone in the multiverses, I know I have a Spiritual God Spark and feel love and one with all. And yes Valdi, it is very exciting.

    6. A Course In Miracles - go thru the workbook for students - 365 lessons - best way you could spend the next year!!! Last book you will ever need - I'm serious. Can do online at

    7. Biffie and John S... be very careful with a Course in Miracles. It is a spiritual Siren, luring the unwary into dangerous waters. There is seductive truth therein, mingled with poison.

      Professor Thetford, who transcribed the book, was head of a CIA MK-Ultra department. His colleague Helen Schucman, who channeled the Course, was one of his guinea-pigs. Many followers of the Course have fallen victim to a cult - something Helen was totally against. Others like Gary Renard have shamelessly cashed in on it. Helen sank into a severe psychotic depression several years before her death, proclaiming that she wished she had never written the book.

      It is a risk I wouldn't take until you have more experience. There are gentler introductions available, such as Jane Robert's The Nature of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, and the Conversations with God trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch. Yoga and meditation will help. Alan Watts is my favourite philosopher, with many of his talks available on YouTube. Mark Passio has excellent material on his website,

      By all means go ahead and read the Course when you feel ready and able to discern that which is true in it without being deceived by that which is not. The meditation section is best avoided until then and should certainly never become an obsession.

      And yes, I have studied the course and I speak from personal experience.

    8. Thank you Valdi for sharing. You make a valid point about care being needed with some materials. Those that feed on our feelings have created such siren songs for the unwary and innocent and to bring them under their influence. The gentler introductions you mentioned are good ones to start with.

    9. Thank you Valdi. Really good to know about ACIM. I studied it very lightly a number of years ago, but this is good to know so that I don't pick it up again someday.

    10. I stand by my previous comment.

    11. The drill in life, if may be so bold, is to come to a place of unconditional love and acceptance of self which you will eventually be able to extend to all that seemingly exists. Do that however you can. The course has helped me do it and has helped many others as well. Valdi's thoughts and anecdotes do not change that.

  46. Wondering why stocks suddenly found a soft patch in the last few minutes of trading? Here is the reason: according to a report in German Die Welt, the ECB's president and former Goldman Sachs employee, Mario Draghi, has just lost the majority on the ECB Executive Board:

  47. The NSA's current and future plans for your communications, specifically cellphones....

  48. JOHN,

    This one is for you. This is one reason I am a proponent of the idea that welafre people NEED education. They are victims FIRST of a think tank brainstorm society engineering program LBJ initiated in 1964. Today this article outlines the who the ones to blame are for the poor to be in such bad physical shape. Lastly, they are mostly victims of a really bad education system geared to make them into believing they are going to be taken care of by government from the first grade. PLEASE read this as gentle guidance to you to re-think what you believe. You have railed here about welfare people ad nauseum. I understand why. You must start to break free from those prejudices that you hold via knowledge of the facts surrounding this whole situation.PLEASE don't take this as confrontational, but as a gentle push with a hug, in the right direction. ~darylluke.


    Thursday, December 4, 2014
    Five Facts About Crony Profits from Food Stamps
    Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton
    Activist Post

    More than one in seven people.

    That’s how many people are on food stamps in America these days. More than one in seven people.

    Here are a few more crony facts most people might not realize about our nation’s food stamp program.

    1. Congress Changed the Rules to Get Even More People on the Dole

    Congress relaxed the food stamp program standards in 2008 regarding who could receive benefits, then gave the program a temporary boost in 2009 that allowed people to receive even more money every month. (source)

    2.The Biggest Food Stamp Lobbyists are Mega Banks and Mega Corporations

    Some 76 billion in food stamps were handed out just last year alone. But the biggest recipients aren’t the people on food stamps.

    In fact, the biggest lobbyists for the food stamp program aren’t poor people or organizations who represent low-income families, but big Wall Street banks and mega corporations. Two quick examples: J.P. Morgan Chase raked in $209 million for just two contracts agreeing to administer EBT card benefits in Florida and New York; and Walmart made half a billion in food stamps just off Oklahoma residents and in just a two-year period. (source)

    3. Mega Food Companies Have Fought Against Any Healthy Improvements to the Program

    While studies have found that socioeconomic factors are linked to food-related health issues like obesity and diabetes, attempts to enforce healthier standards in America’s food stamp program have been fought every step of the way by the powerful lobbyists behind those mega corporations.

    So even though advertisements talk about SNAP like it’s a way to “eat healthy” and all that propaganda, companies that make products like junk food and soda spend big bucks to make sure the food stamp dollars keep on rolling in.

    Here are a few highlights on that found in a report via Eat Drink Politics:
    Powerful food industry lobbying groups teamed up to oppose health-oriented improvements to SNAP. The food industry also joined forces with anti-hunger groups to lobby against SNAP improvements.
    Companies such as Cargill, PepsiCo, and Kroger lobbied Congress on SNAP, while also donating money to America’s top anti-hunger organizations.
    At least nine states have proposed bills to make health-oriented improvements to SNAP, but none have passed, in part due to opposition from the food industry.
    Coca-Cola, the Corn Refiners of America, and Kraft Foods all lobbied against a Florida bill that aimed to disallow SNAP purchases for soda and junk food.
    4. Most of These Mega Food Retailers Making Bank off Food Stamps Don’t Even Pay Their Employees Enough to Get by Without Food Stamps

    Food stamps are a sick, sad cycle.

    Did you know that Walmart ends up with 18% of all food stamps spent in the U.S., or nearly 14 billion dollars?

    even more at

    1. DL
      I fully understand why they were once accommodated with the Welfare system. but with new Fiscal direction, they are no longer affordable, and soon, they system will collapse as is. They may have to be cut loose and left to fend for themselves. The 2B plus of hollow heads delivered to DHS is part of a clean up operation. That and Tri Lateral developing plans to get the numbers down. It all comes down to money. You can't pay, you can't play. No one is entitled to Welfare, it's a luxury and needs a controlled and finite period of grace, then it has to be removed. Once the non contributors out eat the contributors you have a real problem. Two dogs can not live from a meal for one. Eventually one will either starve, or be mauled by the other. What happens if the Welfare Dog mauls the productive dog? Then both starve to death.
      The system is unsustainable as is. The coming cuts will sort them. Reality will rule. No money, no honey. When a farm overstocks, you cull the surplus. Real world rules.

  49. Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation

    December 2, 2014

    THIS VIDEO IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE (Sorry, the Satanists already got it deleted!! ~darylluke)

    Thousands of people were involved
    in perpetrating this hoax. They represent
    the secret Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) ruling class.

    "This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves."

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    An almost three-hour-long documentary entitled "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" by a team of independent researchers proves that the Sandy Hook "massacre" Dec. 14, 2012 was a hoax designed to traumatize Americans and advance the gun control agenda.

    Thousands were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish ruling class who wish to consolidate their power in a veiled police state. Virtually everybody with influence in society was involved.
    The cross-section includes the mass media, politicians and police from federal, state and local level, crisis actors, people with connections to large corporations and the Council on Foreign Relations, coroners, psychiatrists and finally hundreds of ordinary citizens who served as "extras."

    The citizen journalists at Independent Media Solidarity who made this film go into considerable detail. They establish that:

    rosen.jpg(The insufferable Gene Rosen)

    1. Numerous crises actors were used. People posed as bereaved parents. Child victims were invented and fake pictures were used. Gene Rosen who supposedly sheltered some children in his home is caught on tape rehearsing his story. He is also filmed at the school when he was supposed to be consoling the children.

    2. Connecticut legislators are complicit in the cover up. They sealed all crime scene photographs and records of autopsies in order to prevent the hoax from being exposed. There is a five-year jail term for revealing any information dealing with any homicide. One opponent correctly termed this action "Orwellian."

    Vance.jpg3. The official police report is shown to be a fraud. It describes a school evacuation which a police cruiser camera proves never took place. When Paul Vance, left, the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, is reminded that the public is his master, he replies eerily, "No, I am your Master."

    4. There is no evidence that proves Adam Lanza was at the school that morning. In fact, there are suggestions that pictures of Adam are actually his brother Ryan at an earlier age. Adam and Ryan may be one and the same person.

    5. Websites asking for donations and advising "how to talk to children about Sandy Hook" were put online a day before the event took place.

    dawn.jpg6. Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook, is quoted in the Newtown Bee describing the rampage. Later when the official story was revised to say she was killed immediately, the reporter claimed that "a mystery women" pretending to be Hochsprung gave him the description.

    7. The people impersonating grieving parents have received hundreds of thousand of dollars in donations and many have made lucrative careers as professional anti-gun lobbyists.

    1. Darylluke, I got beat up for posting something like this on my fb page. One gal said she went to school with the mother of the shooter, and that we shouldn't post stuff like that until it was checked out first, and to tell the parents of the deceased children that it wasn't real. Well, I still believe it was not real so I never answered her comment. Folks can be so blind when they believe the MSM news.

    2. Biffie,

      Whoever posted that on your FB was a paid gubermint troll. The evidence for Sandy Hook hoax aka Conspiracy is overwelming.

      Here is a little personal experience that supports the accusation that gubermint recruits paid online trolls.At least supports the theory they hire public citizens for covert roles for sure.

      I work at Chicago Tribune as a pressman 25 years until I was fired 3 years ago. I remember one time (I did it often and regularly)I was reading classified ads. They even stated in the ad. They were looking for people to work in forested areas in the west.They wanted people to say if they got caught "I work for greenpeace".They wanted people to go to climb trees in areas where foresters were working cutting treed down to SPIKE the trees they would come later to cut down. They would hammer in iron rods, so that when foresters came and cut the trees, the saws would hit those rods and have a percentage of them cause physical injury.

      Isn't that just outragious? That was maybe 1989 as best I can recall. I didn't think too much of the ads, but I recalled that when I saw the media vilifying Greenpeace when those actual injuries did indeed happen after I saw those ads.


    3. DL & BIFFIE your discussion here about paid trolls / shills reminded me of the following article I read earlier this year on the topic.

  50. Somebody just beat JOHN to posting an article revealing the "RELIGION" deceptions!! *wink


    “Controlled Opposition – The Hidden Hand of Misdirection”
    by Zen Gardner

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin

    “This concept eludes public awareness to a scary degree. It’s similar to the reality of false flag operations, the epitome of carefully planned societal manipulation by unseen forces who have no regard for the human condition other than to control it at any cost.

    This is so very similar to the slogan of the nefarious Mossad: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

    And the war is on us; for the subjugation, exploitation and control of….us. The human race.

    Nothing is as it seems. Nothing. Not the least of which is anything and everything in our engineered society. It’s all misdirection, controlled opposition for the mind. This game of ruthless deception is endemic to the fabric of the entire matrix…….”

    ……”Religions have effectively done this for eons. Tapping into your inner knowledge of the spiritual and mixing in a few truths, they have no problem steering you straight into a numbed state of docile subservience to some weird-ass hierarchy of spiritual and physical abuse. In the name of God of course. Name dropping, anyone? Oh, and in the name of that guy they can send you and your kids off to fight their wars, build and support oppressive exploitative corporations, or be a professional gladiator and gain fame and fortune pounding other contestants into the ground to the roar of the frenzied, flag waving mob.

    It’s Rarely Black and White – Deliberately

    Layered in the imposed matrix are many overlapping memes and projected illusions, rendering fundamental empowering truths either hidden altogether, disguised or distorted. In a loving, uncontrolled conscious world there would be no need to hide anything. Instead, this mutant matrix system is built on deceit in order to spiritually disconnect and disempower those they wish to exploit.

    Think of the mega volumes of information and technology being held from public knowledge under the guise of “national security”. How about “closed door meetings” or “need to know basis” or the massive labyrinth of secret ops operating in their vast network built on compartmentalization in the name of science or military confidentiality.

    Now slide over to the Vatican sitting on brutally gained secret history accounts for centuries.

    Does this make any sense to you?

    Why do they keep all this as separate concepts? Connect them and they form a picture, a very clear one. Our entire society is completely staged, controlled and with vastly sinister intent."

  51. Thanks OWON for all the hard work . It's a warm feeling that there are people
    Making things right. This and WHA are the only two sights that make sense

    1. Thank you Evenstar. We can but try.

      Welcome to OWoN.

  52. Secrets in Plain Sight

  53. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has retired 24 Interior Ministry officials as part of Baghdad’s shakeup of its security apparatus for the fight against ISIL.

    In Monday statements on his official Twitter and Facebook pages, Abadi said the early retirement of the officials was in line with his plan to "restructure the security forces and make them more effective in the face of terrorism.”

    Earlier in the day, Abadi’s spokesman said probe results show there are 50,000 “ghost soldiers” with fictitious names in the Iraqi army.

    The Iraqi prime minister discovered the existence of the soldiers after conducting an official head count of the army during the payment phase.

    The Iraqi premier, who became Iraq's prime minister in September following resignation of Nouri al-Maliki from the post, has vowed to identify the elements behind corruption in the army and bring them to justice.

    On November 12, al-Abadi dismissed 26 military commanders and retired 10 more in an anti-corruption drive.

    The prime minister’s military shakeup has been deemed an apparent effort to improve the Iraqi army’s performance against ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

    On October 7, Iraq's top Shia cleric, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, linked corruption in the armed forces to ISIL’s capture of large regions in the country.

    The ISIL militants have been committing terrible atrocities in Iraq and Syria, including mass executions and beheading of local residents as well as foreign nationals.

    Iraqi army soldiers have been fighting the ISIL terrorists for nearly six months now. The troops have pledged to make more gains in their battle against the extremist group.

  54. Clinton to address forum sponsored by Israeli billionaire

    Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton will address a forum about US-Israeli relationships sponsored by Israeli billionaire Haim Saban.

    The Saban Forum in Washington is an annual event organized by the Brookings Institution, The Hill reported on Monday.

    The Israeli mega-donor is a major political donor, who pledged last year to support Clinton should she run for the next presidential election.

  55. Indeed, I have saved a lot of time and "hopium" giving up all the other "guru" sites. I too, appreciate this site and WHA and those who work so hard to bring us the truth and working to change the world for us all.

    I am still waiting excitedly for John's article on Religions.

  56. John

    What is happening in upper echelons of known -

    Russian rouble is sliding down and down more then one would expect?

  57. This reminds me EU granted Somali pirates thousands EURO damage from France for not bringing them directly to judge after capturing them .....


    #6 When a boy can sue his high school for not letting him use the girls’ restrooms and win $75,000 in “damages”, you live in a country that has gone completely insane.


  58. In Absence of Public Debate, Kerry Vows to Wage War 'As Long As It Takes'
    Analysts warn 'there is no military solution to the problems caused by ISIS'.......

    Especially when they sponsor them and lead them via CIA-Mossad to create deep roots and ground for Souther Russia terrorist aggressions - like in Chechenia

  59. AjnaAndy, there is a reply to you way up there.
    Take care friend

  60. Vlastimil

    The Plunge Protection Team in the WH are playing games with the Rouble. Putin can ride it and once he and China go Gold backed nothing will stop it. Nothing is as it seems as all prices are rigged.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. John, is the plunge protection team the Exchange Stabilization Fund

    1. Scott

      Yes, but a Pirate Group of Market Riggers and Manipulators who feed the BS and rig the markets to keep their INSOLVENT beyond Infinity show on the road. BS baffles brains heh?

  63. I want CLARITY here. Nothing less. Anybody else? (I just heard y'all saying YEAH!)

    ALL you fine people just reading and never posting must end.WE are in a word, ONE, no?
    -Why be outside the one, when you can post freely instead of just reading from NOW ON?-

    My challenge OF encouragement.


  64. Under advisement and further discussion is obvious what willl happen now. Then, somebody posts. THAT is what i am looking for.

    This place is a sounding board. HERE ALL ARE WELCOME to write freely.

    Always feel free to write me privately by putting cursor over my name to then find my contact info. I feel two ways. I may be onto something.Second is that I-AM full of shyte. lol. ~darylluke.

  65. I-AM actually talking to myself when I-AM directing this statement at you simultaneously.

    "Lurkers need to speak because humanity MUST RISE.We must share & grow together cognitively.
    Humanity growing together in Harmony."

    This is my message to you. ALL levels.

    Best regards,

    1. I too would love to read from those who have never, or rarely, posted. How can we connect otherwise?

    2. I have been reading this site for many, many months. I did not feel comfortable to post things for the longest time. I am starting to now and it feels great. Folks here are receptive and kind. It was hard for me because I did not feel like I could intelligently speak about things from lack of experience and knowledge. But I am coming around.

    3. Biffie,

      Everyone has something to offer. Fear not.

  66. Just wanted to share a radio interview I did recently. This is the promo with my bio. You can listen to the archived show if you want. And be careful as this info is quite dangerous and could remove your ability to be a victim ever again lol!

    THURSDAY, DEC. 4 with

    11am - 12 noon Pacific

    Mind-Body Medicine and
    Chronic Pain

    John Sklar, M.D. is a specialist in spirit, mind and body medicine. Focusing on the treatment of chronic pain, he has helped hundreds of chronic pain suffers overcome their pain and resume a normal lifestyle. Over the course of his training and career he has developed a successful approach which puts the patient in charge of their recovery as they should be.

    Early on in his residency Dr. Sklar worked with John Sarno, M.D. who pioneered the mind-body approach for treating back pain. In his ground breaking book, "Mind Over Back Pain", and subsequent books, Dr. Sarno explains that most back pain is psychophysiological in nature. He shares the idea that unconscious emotions especially anger/rage are covered up by physical pain as a distraction or defense mechanism. Many times that information/knowledge is sufficient to set the back pain sufferer on the road to recovery. Thoughts create behavior and these new thoughts offered to the patient create recovery behavior.

    John is involved in "All the Rage," a new film featuring Dr. Sarno's work. Click here to see a trailer.

    Over the years Dr. Sklar has taken the ideas of mind-body medicine one step further. After discovering the power of the mind-body connection, events led him to the further discovery of the role of spirit/spirituality in healing. When a person connects fully to spirit/God mental unrest becomes increasingly unlikely and eventually impossible. Then repressed emotions stop piling up and can actually be integrated or cleaned out. The cause of the mind-body illness no longer there, healing then naturally follows.

    Through this journey, Dr. Sklar has come to see all challenges in life as an opportunity. The opportunity is to look inward and know ourselves better to correct the cause of the problem. He has come to understand that the problem is never "out there", out of our control, and in fact the answer is always available inside us. Our destiny for healing and otherwise always has been where we can fully control it. Great news for all who suffer!

    Thursday, Dec. 4, 11am - 12 noon Pacific
    Go to Andrea's Radio Show, and click on

    If you miss the live broadcast, go to this link again -- Andrea's Radio Show -- and scroll down to the archives on the left.

    Looking forward to "seeing you" there!

    I will put a working link in another post.

    1. Link to show. It is listed in left hand column. May be able to access thru the listen button also.

    2. Movie trailer -

      I am coproducing and will be in film.

    3. John S,

      The work you and Dr Sarno are doing is inspiring...and effective! Sorry I missed your radio interview yesterday but I viewed the trailer for All The Rage on Kickstarter and have made a contribution. I understand now why you are so enthusiastic about the teachings of the Course in Miracles. I studied it while working on a spinal injuries unit, realising it would take a miracle to heal many of my patients. Orthodox medicine couldn't, although I did have some success treating intractable neurogenic pain even when there had been a complete transection of the cord and one wouldn't have expected endorphins to be released. The divisions between mind, body and soul don't really exist.

      Thank you for your work and for enlightening others, particularly within the medical fraternity.

    4. (I omitted to mention that I was using acupuncture to treat the neurogenic pain).

    5. Should be able to listen to the radio program - it is archived. Have to follow the link and then click on the show listing in left hand column. That brings up a screen where you can listen. It takes a minute to start. Thanks for supporting the movie.

  67. Biffie?

    You actually brought such JOY to my heart that you mentioned
    that you would read the book which I mentioned. In a nutshell
    the book is a-political, a-religious. I AM a story-teller by bloodline.
    I have one "corker" behind my finding that book many, many
    moons ago. I actually envy your journey right now.YOU arrived
    here/HERE!! This is actually the VERY cleanest blog on the net.
    Not many find it by accident. Keep that open mind and inquiring
    always and based by your own heart-direction/compass! YOUR
    heart will never steer you wrong with your soul-connection to
    your own heart.I truly look forward to your posts here after you
    read that book by Norman Paulsen!! Be well my friend. ~darylluke.

    1. WASHINGTON -- Wall Street lobbyists are trying to secure taxpayer backing for many derivatives trades as part of budget talks to avert a government shutdown.
      According to multiple Democratic sources, banks are pushing hard to include the controversial provision in funding legislation that would keep the government operating after Dec. 11. Top negotiators in the House are taking the derivatives provision seriously, and may include it in the final bill, the sources said.

      The bank perks are not a traditional budget item. They would allow financial institutions to trade certain financial derivatives from subsidiaries that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. -- potentially putting taxpayers on the hook for losses caused by the risky contracts. Big Wall Street banks had typically traded derivatives from these FDIC-backed units, but the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law required them to move many of the transactions to other subsidiaries that are not insured by taxpayers.
      Taxpayer insurance helps banks secure higher credit ratings for their derivatives, since taxpayers assume some of the risk, which in turn makes the banks more profitable.

      Last year, Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) introduced the same provision under debate in the current budget talks. The legislative text waswritten by a Citigroup lobbyist, according to The New York Times. The bill passed the House by a vote of 292 to 122 in October 2013, 122 Democrats opposed, and 70 in favor. All but three House Republicans supported the bill.

      Himes was passed over for leadership positions after the 2014 midterm elections, which he said he interpreted as unrest within the Democratic Party over his strong ties to financial elites.

      "My guess is, it was a factor, which is disappointing because I think the criticism is way off base," said Himes, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs.

      It wasn't clear whether the derivatives perk will survive negotiations in the House, or if the Senate will include it in its version of the bill. With Democrats voting nearly 2-to-1 against the bill in the House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) never brought the bill up for a vote in the Senate. President Barack Obama opposed the bill ahead of the House vote, as did former FDIC Chair Shiela Bair, former House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), currently the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee.

    2. James

      I hope you saw my reply to you .... the other day....

      Feel free pleas any time that you think that I stepped too far behind decency - just slap me at my face - I will never retaliate - it is only helpful for me - kind of mirror from friends so to speak....


    3. Vlastimil.... you are way ahead of me in your learning curve and understanding.... but you paint to wide a stroke for fixing the mess.... that's all.... I really cant comprehend what it would take understanding wise to be at the head of trying to right this ship.... just know it cant be handled with one single broad stroke.... but, the more I read and see it just might be a blow from the BIRCS that takes it all down!... maybe that is PLAN B.... best to you and us all my friend!

    4. Darylluke, I did research on that book. Right now it is too expensive for me to afford. Mayabe soon. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for the suggestion. I too am glad that I was led here. I feel the truth here, I feel such a Universal communication with all, and I feel the spirit shine through the words of so many.

    5. Biffie,

      I tried to find a free copy of Christ Consciousness but so far am unsuccessful. however here is Sacred Science for free by the same author. You will have to register with site, but is free.

      Download Sacred Science : Meditation, Transformation, Illumination – Norman Paulsen pdf

  68. I would like provide one of the finest images available as a representation of global power structures. This is not one that is generally ever presented, but it is one of the best nevertheless once it becomes clear which elements it contains:

    It is the sign of the Ordo Fratrum Minorum or said differently the Order of Friars Minor, the Franciscans. The bent shield in the middle is the curved shield of Venice. The Franciscan Order was created in Venice. To be more specific: the Franciscan Order was created by the Venetian elite. The red flag with the IHS sign is the flag of the Jesuits. The first Jesuits were ordained in Venice. In truth the Jesuit order was a suborder of the Franciscans. On the left side a priest-, bishop- and crosier, and cardinal headdress can be seen along with the tiara of the Pope. It implies the Franciscan order fully controls the Papacy. Also a very special book can be seen that was created by the Franciscans.... On the right the Three Crowns can be seen that control the world. These are the three master trusts derived from three Papal Bulls. The first Crown is the Crown of the Prince of the Land....Romanus Pontifex (in 1455). The Second Crown is the Crown of the Prince of the Infants....Aeterni Regis (in 1481). The Third Crown is the Crown of the Prince of the Defender of the Faith......Convocation (in 1537). These Three Papal Bulls ensure over the world with everything in it. By means of these the Land, the People and People´s Spirit falls under control of the Vatican. Many governments for example generally are franchises operating underneath the Romanus Pontifex Master Trust.....that is the Crown.....a license to manage Lands on behalf of the Vatican as caretaker in the name of God. Whether you agree with that or not is is the argument made by the Vatican and a similar construct has been devised for People and the Spirit of People in order to attempt to perfect their control over the World.

    Of interest might also be the White Holly which connects the Crowns and headpieces of the Church. The White Holly dates back to the ancient Celtic Empire, an empire from which covertly a great multitude of ideas has been lent. The Vatican made great use of its monetary ideas in particular and especially as they pertain in regards to ideas and word coinage. Hollywood is also derived from the same, but in that case it is a reference to the wood of which druid staffs were made and thus is a reference to the casting of spells on the people exposed to Hollywood. Of course more covert symbolism can be found in the sign of the Franciscans, but the most important ones are mentioned.

  69. I will now discuss something that is to the best of my information not even known by the majority of the Committee of 300 that until recently existed. It concerns the origins of the word Lucifer and the All Seeing Eye. At times Lucifer is mentioned as the God of the New World Order, but this in no way clarifies what Lucifer is. A clear distinction needs to be made for Lucifer as a God and Lucifer as a man.

    Lucifer as a God has its origins from the ancient Celtic empire and whilst its name has undergone various metamorphoses from its original, its essence has remained the same. It was and still is the God of luck, skill and gold. Friday derives its name from this God of luck, skill and gold. Loki has the same origins and the new movie ¨Luci¨ is a covert reference to the same God. It was one of the most important Gods in ancient times and for good reason. What is a man without luck, skill and gold? Have you ever wondered what Santa Claus truly is? A man dressed in white and red on a flying sledge does not appear to make any sense in a Christian context. The image of Santa Claus is in truth the exact representation of Lucifer, the God of luck, skill and gold. The ´gift from Santa´ that the people receive represents all the fortune that the average people will not ever have, whilst the elite has luck, skill and gold every day of every year. Why is that? Most people stand in dishonour with the God of luck, skill and gold, but the elite certainly does not.....

    Lucifer as a man has its origins with Roman Emperors. The Emperors of Rome decided that their title was to be Lucifer Augustus, meaning Lord God. Originally the Ides of March also known as the Day of Blood was the most important Roman celebration. The Feast of Lucifer became the most important celebration day when the Roman Emperors took the title of Lucifer Augustus. This celebration day was originally on the 14th of August, but it was changed to the 15th of August under the Gregorian Calender. Emperor Vespasian decided to use the All Seeing Eye as the symbol representing him. The All Seeing Eye as representation of the Emperor of Rome was in use from 70 AD up to 117 AD. The use of this symbol would have died then and there if not one particular society decided to resurrect it as a symbol.

    Pay close attention to the following dates: The Society of Jesus was founded on the 15th of August 1540, but unofficially on the 15th of August in 1534. One would think the Society of Jesus would consider the Feast of Lucifer of great importance for such ´coincidences´ to arise and that is not all....
    Ignatius de Loyola´s true name was Íñigo López de Loyola. Loyola took the name Ignatius meaning the illuminator / fiery one. That is to say that the Superior General of the Jesuits became Lucifer and the All Seeing Eye also known as the Occulus Omni is the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer.

    To the best of my knowledge Hans Kolvenbach still is the true Superior General of the Jesuits as his covert title is See of Antioc (Antioc being the true name of Constantinople).

    When Freemasons thus pay their respects to Lucifer, it is with or without their knowledge in truth directed to the Superior General of the Jesuits. Words such as lux meaning light are merely a shortened reference to Lucifer, the Lightbringer.

    Some might argue that the All Seeing Eye has Egyptian origins, but the eye as used by the ancient Egyptians is not the same at all as they used a stylized eye. The Eye of Ra and Horus are shown in the image below for comparison:

    Having said all this it might finally become clear what the All Seeing Eye on the US Dollar Bill represents:,_reverse,_series_2009.jpg

    The All Seeing Eye on the Dollar bill thus means the USA serves the Black Pope.

  70. Some history that might also be of interest: The Livery Companies of the City of London are derived from the Florentine trade guilds. The Venetians observed the great success that the Florentine trade guilds had and thus copied the idea for the formation of their own trade guilds in Venice and later also the City of London.

    England originally did not have a King. William the Conqueror and his earliest descendants were no Kings or Queens, even though they are generally made out to be one nowadays. William the Conqueror was a Venetian mercenary and the true power resided in the Lord High Steward initially and not the supposed King or Queen. That however started to change when Henry gave the Franciscans absolute ownership over Thorney Island, located in the Thames. The Franciscans built Westminster Abbey there. Edward managed to impress the Venetians and as a reward he was crowned King in Westminster Abbey on Thorney Island (and thus given the Crown of Thorney Island or said differently the Crown of Thorns).

  71. An interesting article about the design behind the immigration issues in Europe is listed below. It might appear outdated and over the top, but once one scrolls to the bottom of the article where a picture of Herman van Rompuy comes into sight, receiving Coudenhove-Kalergi prize in 2012, it becomes clear that this matter is still very relevant:

    1. Thanks Saturnalia

      deeply appreciated .....

      Be well our friend...

    2. Thank you, Saturnalia. I learn from everything you write. Can't seem to get enough.

    3. Saturnalia

      Some questions?
      Why would some whites aim to break white race? My only understanding so far is this - Jesuits who are white including Franscisans and whatever Venetian breed found out that white race is difficult to subdue - intellectually as well as by power. Secondly long lasting try to subdue Russia is not that successful - there must be something about that. Russians are mainly Orthodox not being subdued to Vatican -

      Secondly, what is your explanation about why would Jesuits resurrected and eventually created zionist. I have some ideas but want to hear yours.....

      Beside Jesuits did not create Earth - they are mortals and each one of them needs only one well aimed bullet - this should not be difficult .... there are other groups that go deeper into history - like Chinese Elders

      At least I am not scared by brainwashed idiots -

    4. Hi Vlastimil,

      Keep in mind that the following contains large sections that are merely my opinion and thus not to be construed as written in stone. Also keep in mind that the way in which I use the word discriminate is as there being differences and not in the way it is commonly interpreted as treating a certain group of a population on a completely inappropriate basis:

      I believe this approach for Europe has multiple angles. From the angle of a consolidation of power, nationality can and is a problem....especially when economic conditions become worse such as now. The best way to break countries is by making its citizens feel like they do not belong there and that can be done best by changing its population. Political correctness is a major requirement for the success of that agenda. Countries were a great way to consolidate power, but now those very countries and all the ideas connected to them pose an obstacle for further consolidation of power. Minorities that move to a specific country generally need that country and not the other way around. Of course there is nothing wrong with helping people, but it should be two directional where possible. One party cannot generally expect something from another party without anything in return. Of course some will say that it is discrimination not to respect the culture of a specific people, but the laws of a nation should be superior to any culture that is part of it. No party can be above the law. Besides....discrimination is not an is the rule. Is that not what competition is all about? One country performs better than another, one corporation performs better than another, one group or individual performs better? Of course there is discrimination (as in there being differences), but those who comprise a specific nation, corporation or group made it so and thus it is just as long as those differences arise as a result from conduct within an ethical and moral framework. Nature will discriminate whenever it can. Nature will pick on the weak every time. As such we have already come a decent way as humanity at times, but it can never be totally equal. The output for every member of a society can never be expected to be entirely equal, because the relative input of members of society is not equal either.

      The emergence of supranational bodies that attempt to usurp the sovereignty of nations under the banner of international law is also part of that. The preposition made by international law is completely ridiculous.....the created is greater than its creators such as for example the EU institute is supposed to be more than all nations that give it ´its importance´ in the first place.

    5. The second angle has from my perspective more to do with an indiscriminate blending of spiritualism with materialism which contrary to spirituality is determined and concrete. I would assume some high level people of secret societies attempt to create an androgynous society in the image of the alchemical dream and would thus like to make all races one and make men and women as much alike as possible. Nevertheless as far as I am concerned that is a completely wrong interpretation of the workings of creation...a materialistic approach to a spiritual matter that in the end will not even come close to approaching the issue at hand. The same mistake was made by the Greeks who stole their entire philosophy from the Thracians and especially the ancient Egyptians and applied to it a two dimensional rational mode of thought to it, whilst the ancient Egyptians above all others operated with a three dimensional mode of thought that went beyond cerebral intelligence. Everything was expressed as a function of life....too much determinism is impossible as life too is dynamic.......Causes are lost and only the effects remain of which one cannot make sense with an excessively deterministic approach. What is the use of being deterministic when everything that is deterministic is transient and that which is not is indestructible? Johannes Kepler´s discoveries were made thanks to ancient Egyptian knowledge. Even Boyle and Newton, the fathers of chemistry and science had different aims in mind. In the area they truly wanted to excel they were second class as strange as that might sound. Einstein and ´his´ discoveries (as front man for George Lamaitre SJ) do not provide true solutions either. They offer man the ability to make greater use of his environment, but they do not explain the causes. Furthermore E = MC2 can only be used in one direction generally by man which clearly shows the lack of understanding of a rational mindset in regards to the issue at hand.

    6. The third angle is indeed that of powerful opponents in Europe that need to be subdued and whilst I have heard that argument more often before, I do not believe I would agree with it. I believe great civilizations can be created everywhere with the right mentality, but acquiring the right mentality for an entire society is wherein all the difficulty resides.

      As far as your second question is concerned, I believe this has for a great part to do with the origins of the Venetians. The Venetians are the Magyar, a subgroup of the Khazarian empire who decided to settle in Venice and this group consisted largely of Yahudi exiles. If it was not for the influence the Yahudi had within the Persian empire, Rome would not have existed in its current format as Carthage would have ruled it. The Vatican was originally not controlled by the Venetians. The Venetians managed to acquire control of the Vatican in the 13th century if I remember correctly. It is thus not entirely surprising that the Yahudi aka Jewish aspect played such a role within the Vatican structure. Nevertheless during WWII the true and well meaning Jews were sacrificed/victimized for the promotion of the Zionist agenda by Sabbatean Frankists who pretend to be Jews, but in actuality have nothing in common with the Jewish people. Those Sabbatean Frankists are a real danger and they work closely together with the Vatican.


      Lee Rosenberg who was the head of AIPAC is displayed in the picture together with Obama. The Rosenberg family is an offshoot of the most powerful Papal Orsini family and the Rosenberg family is connected to scions of the Medici family. You can thus clearly see that these Vatican/Jewish interests are aligned at the hip, not unlike the Rothschild connection into the Vatican.

  72. DL

    Maybe that tsunami hitting East Coast should be not taken literarily - you see. It might be a symbolic meaning. And I would incline to that symbolic language - FB got that message as it is and he just forwarded it ... he is not an inventor of it.

    Now what lies on East Coast - Wall Street and D.C. - in case that China or BRICS go straight to gold back --- then it is an apocalyptic tsunami hitting the East Coast .....

    I am not saying that it is like that - I keep my options open.


    Fallujah News / Baghdad ... The Central Bank of Iraq, to ​​form a committee to uncover the circumstances of the theft of 500 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank, as pointed out that most of the stolen money has returned from Alsarv that transformed the exception of certain amounts to the two banks are being dealt with now.

    The central bank said in a statement received (Fallujah News) copy of it, 'one of the employees of the Rafidain Bank committed a number of irregularities on the bank accounts in collusion with some customers taking advantage of the opportunity to accomplish more than a step in the work', pointing out that 'that led to the conversion of large amounts from bank accounts to the accounts of customers complicit in a number of banks'.

    The bank said that upon learning of the incident B'cecchel cell crisis of the Rafidain Bank, a day after the discovery of the bank for this incident ', noting that' was directed banks that have transformed the money to its customers to return them immediately to the Rafidain Bank '.
    Visit stage3alpha at:

  74. WOW the first future skin smartphone...

  75. John

    Regarding Constantine and his spin doctors - (why would they not do all possible to make sure that new religion would be more centred explicitly in Rome and Roman race in fact or at least to portray Rome as a real defender and protector of Jesus Christ.

    Imagine that you would write something like that with aim that English would have total control on new religion - would not you portray there English in the best light as possible or even with a mandate to be a front men?

    1. A big new report in production will open a lot of wounds for you. Big questions and a serious put down of the garbage mantras the people get sucked into.

    2. Too many things we must digest - too many things all of them heavy hits. It is not easy to know in the midst of our societies - too much to bear alone and too much to digest and comprehend ...

      One walks back and forth like drunk in loneliness on the streets .....

  76. Stephen Carter points out how America's legalistic culture is intrinsically dangerous:

    [[On the opening day of law school, I always counsel my first-year students never to support a law they are not willing to kill to enforce. Usually they greet this advice with something between skepticism and puzzlement, until I remind them that the police go armed to enforce the will of the state, and if you resist, they might kill you.

    I wish this caution were only theoretical. It isn’t. Whatever your view on the refusal of a New York City grand jury to indict the police officer whose chokehold apparently led to the death of Eric Garner, it’s useful to remember the crime that Garner is alleged to have committed: He was selling individual cigarettes, or loosies, in violation of New York law.

    The obvious racial dynamics of the case -- the police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, is white; Garner was black -- have sparked understandable outrage. But, at least among libertarians, so has the law that was being enforced. Wrote Nick Gillespie in the Daily Beast, “Clearly something has gone horribly wrong when a man lies dead after being confronted for selling cigarettes to willing buyers.” Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, appearing on MSNBC, also blamed the statute: “Some politician put a tax of $5.85 on a pack of cigarettes, so they’ve driven cigarettes underground by making them so expensive.”]]

    The problem is actually broader. It’s not just cigarette tax laws that can lead to the death of those the police seek to arrest. It’s every law.

  77. Good American that does not have brain in his purse but at the right place - not so leaders have it that way.

    Resolution 758 passed by the US Congress contains 16 pages of war propaganda, accusing Russia of invading Ukraine but failing to provide any proof, former Republican congressman Ron Paul said.

  78. Dear John and Government Officials, for us to do good works we need a new class of visa: projects for public good. As a tourist we can't earn or engage in meetings officially. Work visas need an 'employer' to pay a salary. I need to be able to visit nations and conduct meetings and negotiations with grass roots groups or service suppliers to establish my education network (for example).

    For govt types who read, pls give us a class that allows us multiple entries on the basis of building projects that benefit nations. Earning money should be allowed. Personally I need this for Brazil next year. It would allow me to link Aus and Brazil in education services. I'm sure others need this too.


    With the swamping of nations by Illegals, and the risks of trafficking. Visas are sensitive areas right now.
    But, post the PPs we will use our Diplomatic links for special appropriations.

    1. That is amazing and I am so grateful to hear. It confirms that real governments are looking for real people from the population to work with them. That there seems to be a revolution in its own right. Thankyou very much John.

  80. Over the next 24 hours we will release a further 10 or so Global reports for you relating to America going on to a War footing, the latest warning on the leading countries fast tracking towards AI ( Which WILL have to happen) and the consequences for the inferior species left behind as all State services will then be withdrawn from the Second Class citizens. Plus more key news worldwide. .
    Its worth knowing who has a future, and who does not. Understand with AI if your not in, you can't win! You will, effectively be grounded. Plus, for many, unemployable and what then? With no State Credits, kiss goodbye to Heath Care, Heating, education, or the unemployables impact on the Food Chain. Those without the Chip, will get the Chop.
    Those moving without Electronic tracking clearances, intercept, interrogate, exterminate. Big Brothers inhumanity if unleashed. Never trust the State with Human ethics.

    1. Did I miss something? Wasn't technology meant to free mankind from slavery; not enforce it?

    2. John , i read your post with dismay at the stupidity of the psychopaths in control & sadness for the unsuspecting populace if the madmen get their way for war. Then my fears doubled when i read this article ;

      Surely those in opposition to the cabal at this time , including the right thinking & noble sections of the military can thwart these insane plans & retake the helm in order to uphold the Constitution. Please say sanity can prevail....

    3. JK

      Why this sub-human animal dignity predator is not jail - but first tortured -

      US Republican Senator John McCain claimed that the United States' unwillingness to send weapons to the Ukrainian army is a "great shame", leading to Ukrainian military casualties.

      He enjoys life like he is a king - only in USA ..... as somebody use to say ....

      Public should lynch him - even churches should have done it...

  81. ....In Sweden as in Holland as I know, are walking many. Not sure the number in Sweden I guess it might have been two weeks ago about 100 and that woman who got a chip could not over expressed the excitement of getting it ...

  82. On the other hand -

    It should be time about to report other kind of news - it might have been enough to hear how we are hunted by cabal and what all they plan for us to exterminate us -

    It is time to reverse it - just it must be reversed - it must be them who will be hunted and live in constant fears of total extermination -

    Maybe we had enough to hear this for too many years --

    1. Yes VLASTIMIL, the cabal are relatively few & we are many but it is the control of mind & matter which limits the many to take the initiative ,however i am hopeful that , as history shows many times , the oppressed do eventually rise up to overcome fear.
      That is what i feel we are on the verge of now with well placed people taking the lead.

  83. If Putin did then it is doable -- or then hire him for our sake..

    1. And if there is any fair god - in my opinion he will tell Putin - well done. You stood up evil from taking over your great nation and you protected many from extermination, you stood up against invasion of Iraq, Libya, Syria etc ...... you did not allow cabal to take over the whole planet...

      At least I think that way - it can not be said about any US politician - maybe Ron Paul only

    2. I sincerely hope too that Putin isn't put in a position where must retaliate because i believe he is too realistic & in control to cast the first stone.

  84. The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate

    That's right, some are real bastards. Great to see Matt Taibbi is still writing for RollingStone. Williambanzai7 excelled himself with his latest rendition:

    ZH links to the rap video, "This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops":

    If that doesn't help wake people up, nothing will.

    1. The United States promised freedom. It delivered tyranny.

  85. JK

    Once we get the PPs released, and the new Bank Platforms organised, those funds and ALL the power with it, will be utilised to serve Humanity, Ecology, to educate, to create energy solutions, and to assist mankind reach our true destiny. Money is the key to it all. But then, how used.
    Just be assured, without feeding anything of risk,.the parties ARE in place and all we need now is the release of what is long overdue, including debts reneged on as the Elders will not wait much longer.
    Alternative systems of governance are being discussed at the top, and new directions will evolve. Post the PPs, do be assured, a true very discrete but Humanitarian and very worldly collective group does exist waiting to interject the new direction. Hands are slowly changing the direction of the control wheels.
    You saw how we stopped the PM going to war with Syria. How we have launched a very deep investigation and Task Force to deal with the Paedophiles who now are being tried and jailed each month. Watch the evolution of the Yuan, BRICS and Global trade moves. The Bank of England,is Rothschild's free as we got rid of Lord Sassoon, their man at the Treasury, and is now actively empowered to clean up the Banksters, and Foreign Agencies miss use of our platforms. We have new Elections in May. Unlike America the UK IS a Democracy so crap can get in voted in by the Mutts, whereas in the US crap Always gets in rigged. That is a major battle to stop the election of Left Wing Morons who destroy economies. Change starts with control of the money supply. Money buys, but with the US truth dies! Now the media is just fabricated lies. Clearly there are still obstacles blocking change, as we try to steer a new course.
    Life, unknown to the public, is truly akin to Jason and the Argonauts. Each month we are facing and destroying their Hydras laying in wait. Negating the corrupt Rothschild and Cabal power is a constant rearguard action, but just be assured, the real Diplomacy is in play between nations and like minds of reciprocal Elders, with a core agenda to create
    representation fit for purpose. Behind the scenes dedicated and focused action is achieving more than you credit. Look at how far you have all come in a year. Think, if this has a key, real party also at the top of the new Think Tank Group, are you alone any longer? You have representation you could not dream of, and whereas Jason gave all for the Fleece, maybe the alternative real Elders effecting so much change now, will settle for a quality pelt or two once accomplished.
    Just watch them going down.


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