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OWoN Special Report: The Holder Conspiracy

One World of Nations
Special Report
26 September 2014

Be aware and be assured of what is really playing out here. Holder is being sanitized out, as an expendable Foot Soldier, to avoid further focus and exposure on the crooked regime. Parties ask who now will clean up the Justice mess. Who is trustworthy? Be clear - None!

The Cabal cannot afford to allow any appointment of an integrity based and ethical party of significance, because the new incumbent will quickly be availed of the raw stench of historical corruption and cover up issues. Right now a vast multi party immunity plea bargaining campaign is being attempted as the net closes on the Bushes, Cheney, Clintons, Greenspan, Paulson, Geithner, and many more. America sits on the edge of Bankruptcy. Sucked dry by the Zionists and stolen blind by the Bushes. They want immunity. That will be their trump card for a Presidential Pardon, but how - from an Illegal Usurper? Dirt piles up and compounds them all. Barmy Barry has no idea what to do. Holder kept them all free from investigation and arrest, he protected banal Black Panther election rigging and was the ultimate race card reverse Bigot deflecting Panther crime from doing time. Justice under Holder was a perversion of Public decency. This was a man who stood for nothing and was a pair of safe hands to suppress everything. The ultimate disposable cleaner. But now they see too many skid marks on show. He does not clean up well.

They now need a new compromised pair of safe hands in Justice, which is what you will get. Remember Issa? All the big promises, from which he delivered zero. Endemic rot permeates through all. They now fear the real backlash which will come if the US fails. A witch-hunt will follow so anything compromising is being shredded fast.

Understand the real world here. No one in government is clean. Clear? Only compromised parties they owned, bought, blackmailed or bribed were placed on point duty gate-keeping each web link sheltering Bush and the Cabal. All Agency heads are pre owned. The whole store is dirty. Appointees are carefully pre-screened, to ensure control. None are in situ to help America, it’s all about being gatekeepers for the Bushes and Zionists to rob the store. Aligned with their rabid contempt for all of you. Stupid Goyims. Got that? Contempt is all they feel for you, not the honor to serve. They rope a dope for elections and forget you for 4 years.

A few years ago I had 2 classic confrontations with both an irate Jag Officer for even suggesting HIS Federal Reserve was compromised and one of the usual totally dumb Rednecks ready to go toe to toe for me daring to impugn the integrity of OUR Federal Reserve. They really are that naive and dumb. This is the crap we deal with. How can Jag Officers be so naïve? Rednecks both serviced and delivered via the rear exit you can allow for. They know no better. Explaining the ownership of the Fed, and FRB NY to a Jag Attorney was akin to telling him his Mum was not a virgin. Are so many bred in Palookerville?

As the heat is on now to trace the missing Gazillions which the good Old Boys and Zionists have sequestrated, Holder is refusing to face any more Congressional or Senatorial hearings where he is increasingly exposed to Perjury risks. Holder is crooked- not stupid. He sees the emergence of BRICS, the re-emergence of Russia armed and willing to fight, the acceleration of the Yuan as a Global Reserve currency, the decline of the PetroDollar, and the American dilemma of a Gold Backed TRN when all the Gold has been sold or stolen. World leaders are ever more sophisticated. He looks around and sees a damned sight smarter class Global Leadership than ours. How many cover ups can he front for such an inept Schmuck Usurper, his Chicago Slum Lady handler, or the Anal threatening Texan Mafia. He sees how fast the dollar is going South! He sees the build-up of charges coming. Holder now sees Bush, the Clintons and all the sick Zionist gang scrambling for immunity deals, leaving him and the front line with other gullible boys as Patsies. A Wham-Bam, No Thank You Ma’am he will pass on this.

Now Holder can see, they are coming for him and seeks to cut and run. Paraguay have indicated they do not want the Bushes, Cheney and Soros running there. The Extradition loophole was not meant for the Bushes and Paraguay knows the Seal Teams or Bombers will follow. Do not fly here notice zones are going up. They smell trouble brewing. The Cabal has lost the Pot thanks to Derivatives and Sr is losing the Plot thanks to Alzheimer’s. The web is folding and the mini spiders are running for cover. Bush thought it would last forever. But a smart man knows nothing does. Back to the Roman Senate - Et Tu Brute, and he knows the knives are out and being readied. The Bush kids are too stupid to hold it together and the big dogs are circling now. Not just wide awake, they smell a Wake. Holder knows the Bell will Toll, but not for him, he will leave that to the Shim. What’s coming is a parcel no one wants to be left holding, so the Rats are leaving the sinking ship. Holder does not want to testify, he knows the depth of revelations unfolding now, and consequential redress. The Parties over, and he is exiting fast with his own ill-gotten gains, leaving someone else to catch the next parcel. Times they are a changing.


  1. Good article. Good to hear about Paraguay...who fears a dying and broke empire. No more money to bribe.

  2. Great stuff and hooray for Paraguay. I'll bet they'll go to the ends of the Earth, like Antarctica, to avoid the Seal Teams and Bombers. Maybe the Russian base down there will help trap them for us. Hopefully no where to run, no where to hide for these sub-humans. Despite the evidence shredding, there's enough other stuff safely guarded that should nail them for eternity.

  3. I pray for ALL that are working to take down Bushes/Clintons/Rothchilds ext. I pray this REALLY happens and they are put in jail. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL

  4. Can you believe this?
    Al Sharpton Says He's Helping The White House Pick The Next Attorney General

    What kind of fool do they think we are? I know this has got to be a joke? Who the hell wants Al Sharpton to do anything, especially knowing that he is "sold out" to the cabal? If this is who is giving O any advice, no wonder he appears a loof!

    I see this heading for trouble; especially when you have people who are being outed as helping knowing that these are folks chosen to lead the masses down a blind alley.

    Who next? Jesse Jackson...Pah-lease!

    The chickens are coming home to roost...and didn't they know that they were only patsies. In the movies the only black guy gets killed first...different venue same outcome.

    So, Pope Francis bailed out on them with his referendum from July-basically saying that he is not giving criminals any amnesty, period.

    Shred all the documents you want, sorry; but alternative media has everything and can't shred electronic documents...back up, back up, back up!

    It's time to pay to the piper!

  5. The crimes of Eric Holder

    Good riddance!

    Eric Holder has announced that he is leaving his post of Attorney General, which he has sullied and degraded for six years.

    A corporate lawyer with the Wall Street law firm Covington & Burling, Holder will be remembered for his timid defense of civil rights; his overseeing and even encouragement of the massive militarization of the nation’s police forces; his anti-First Amendment efforts to pursue not just whistleblowers but the journalists who use them; threatening both with jail and in fact jailing a number of them (particularly in the case of whistleblower extraordinaire Edward Snowden, and WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange, both of whom reportedly face US treason charges); and his weak enforcement of environmental protection laws.

    But Holder, who came into his position as the nation’s top law enforcement officer in early 2009 at the start of the Obama administration and at the height of the financial crisis, will be best remembered for his overt announcement that there would be no attempt to prosecute the criminals at the top of the nation’s top banks, whose brazen crimes of theft, deceit, fraud and perjury during the Bush/Cheney years and beyond sank not just the US but the global economy into a crisis which is still with us.

    Holder not only did not make any effort to put Wall Street’s banking titans behind bars for their epic crimes, he did not even make them step down from their exalted and absurdly highly compensated executive positions when his office reached negotiated settlements with the banks in civil cases involving those crimes—civil cases that almost always allowed the banks to settle without even having to admit their guilt. (His ludicrous excuse: punishing these criminal executive might jeopardize the banks’ stocks and hurt “innocent” shareholders!)

    Nor was this legal benevolence limited to purely financial crimes. Banks like Citicorp and HSBC, which were found to have knowingly laundered millions—even billions—of dollars in drug money for drug cartels, were also allowed by Holder to escape with petty fines, and no prosecution of a single bank executive...

  6. Off topic but too good to pass up, I think Clif High has nailed the problem. From his Twitter feed:

    Angry Salmond:

    Muslims are understandably pissed off at the use of the name "Islamic State". Why don't we call IS the "Wanker Brigade" from now on?


    Ack! So why does their god want jews to cut off the ends of their dicks? Does their god have genitalia? If so, who does he fuck with it?

    Ack! #ISIS (aka Wanker brigade) has focus on circumcision, not righting wrongs, but whacking dongs! Self demonstrated shit for brains org!

    Ack! Jews circumcise. Muslims circumcise. Both fight/hate each other & piss off rest of humanity thereby. Hmmm? Circumcision at root cause?

    Ack! Hunmanity proves it! Don't matter how old you are, but get a part of your dick chopped off (circumcised) and you are pissed for life!


    Women are always telling us blokes off for thinking with our dicks. Could circumcision be equivalent to having a lobotomy?

  7. Valdi
    Funny comments. Smiling . Especially the Rat packs, what sort of sub species does this to a child?
    When born with a Pleasure Stick, pamper not tamper.

  8. Ukraine film, fascism and it's real face in Ukraine (made in the USA, EU.., designed by Isra-hell)

  9. John

    What is the plan how to re-balance damage caused on minds of people by MSM and politicos ..... simply, how to tell screwed up masses from their emotion hate towards is happening in civilised Western world......where people should be on the top, yet they were brainwashed totally...

    What is the plan, how can it be fixed appart of saying truth out in MSM and politicos ......

    1. Vlastimil,
      The truth has to start over generations. Most Leaders and Churches are clueless. It starts helping teach the Sheeple to think for themselves. They need to exit from their Childlike religions and study the depth of truth. All religions are false. All! Some completely pitiful. Cutting foreskins from boys, Circumcising girls. All marcabre and horrific. Plebeian ignorance.

  10. Cameron's intellectually perverted speech at UN got some little comment.....however Obama's shame of ages speech is viewed by Craig Robers in much better and stylish critic ....

  11. The Controversial History Of Moses

    John , although this goes into the subject written above, it’s the mention of project Paper Clip and the Hungarian Dr. Franz Völgyesi that garners attention. He was brought to the US with Project Paperclip along with the results of his hypnosis work on dozens of animals and 60,000 people interred in Nazi concentration camps. Perhaps why TV and other technologies is so hypnotizing?

    1. P
      I know the history of Paperclip. We must surmise he practised cross breeding animals, as we now have the Bushes and Zionist spawn.
      All religions are hype and via shapeshifting Delusional's or Con Men. Just ever more Snake Oil salesmen.
      Until the word is taught the reality of creation, and the dimensional truth of existence, the usual political guff will rule. Religions have so much to answer for, while answering for non of their dreadful pasts.

  12. John agree, whether most realize Yahweh was a shape shifter or not it doesn't matter. It does come down to snake oil salesmen sadly. Didn't mean any insult with this article in your direction. Paperclip still isn't well known in the US or the Bush's or Zionists parts in it.

    The world does need to be taught of the actual reality of creation, not what the Zionist came up with to further their goals of domination and ruin. The mindless worship of a God that is not God needs to end. People need to get to know the God that is, the one that is part of them as they are of God, it is the oneness that connects us all. The divine spark that God shares with us all.

    The God of Love, our God, does not demand blood sacrifice, nor smiting others for believing differently or being a different colored race. God's love is sharing, caring, and helping our brothers and sisters of the divine spark.

  13. Absolutely and try to get them to accept self will and personal responsibility. They have been mind shaped with Papacy or Muslim crap and Judaism just defies belief.

  14. ......British jets deployed on 1st Iraq anti-ISIS mission ....

    1. SAS units will laser guide them to hit key targets we are watching daily and will paint on screen for the strike. Bad hair days for some Camel Jockeys.

    2. Saturday, September 27, 2014
      Ulsterman D.C. Whispers: Two inside reports show Pentagon refuses to let Obama use bombings to take out Assad

      Here is the most recent report which if accurate is quite startling. Apparently the Pentagon really is fed up with the administration, and threats of revealing the skeletons in our alleged President's closet are being made. And yet, it is alleged ISIS received advance warning of the bombings of their facilities.
      D.C. Whispers: “Mr. President, You Have No Choice. You’re Exposed Here.”
      This earlier report provides background for the above:
      D.C. Whispers: Barack Obama’s Outraged Tantrum During Military Briefing

  15. OK ....., it gets to another level....

  16. I really want to hear a honest case Russia had hand over PP and kept blocking and stealing money, keep lying while creating terror all around the world..... Would White Nobility do all possible to save Russia with some excuses that there is a good number of descent people in Russia and we must do all possible to preserve Russia in power so that the balance of power would not swing so rapidly????

    Honest answer, needed......

    Lavrov ...
    "One cannot help but feel that the goal of various 'color revolutions' and other operations aimed at political regime change is to provoke chaos and instability," Lavrov added.

    The United States has openly declared its right to use military force unilaterally, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

    USA must be broken to pieces so does NATO and EU.....not mentioning Isra-hell which of course implies .....

    1. Vlastimil

      Russia has a very sordid past via the Communists. It was a country sourcing left wing revolution and dissent which created many union problems for the west. KGB Intel gathering was ruthless. They created spy units in many countries, and when trying to expand their Empire, became dangerous. The collapse of the Union saved them. It gave Russia time to refocus on true priorities and to build from a stable base. World domination failed, as it has for the US.
      So, if things went pear shaped for Russia, would Europe step in? NO, not until a better balance of relationships are achieved. Putin remains a Wild Card who is alien to EU values. His clear relationship now is with China, as a counterbalance to America. Which for Russia, in view of EU instability, is no bad thing for Russia's needs. Why join a sickbowl like the EU? The EU is a seedy, grasping collective of little but sleazy men, low grade manipulators and grant thieves. Bankrupt nations and bankrupt Leadership.
      Putin, like Britain, is on his own.

    2. Communism was created in the West, suspiciously by Jidish links, might be with zionist connections...., not sure.

      It was imported to Russia, money game was in play of course, since it was the reason for WW1 out of which bolsheviks rose up, so was Russia gold probably an aim of zionist bankers to have hand all by zionist connections in the midst of power game .....

      Why, West betrayed Russians over and over again in WW1, WW2?????? Today again?

      Fromt the West, there was never fairness in treatment with Russians.....who would not get pissed by that? I would.

  17. 27 Sep 2014

    Agency publishes crime report showing
    "0" murders occurred in Newtown in 2012

    Data from a recent FBI report shows zero murders occurred in Newtown in 2012. / Click to enlarge
    On December 14, 2012, the world watched in horror as the corporate media reported the deaths of 20 students and 6 staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown at the hands of a deranged 20-year-old.

    Internet sleuths immediately took to the web to stitch together clues indicating the shooting could be a carefully-scripted false flag event, similar to the 9/11 terror attacks, the central tenet being that the event would be used to galvanize future support for gun control legislation. Two years later, and scores of politicians and gun control groups have cited the Sandy Hook incident as a pretext to curtail Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

    The investigation took an odd turn earlier this year when national school safety consultant Wolfgang Halbig was visited and threatened at his home by homicide detectives after he began reporting on additional inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook narrative, which he believes prove the shooting to be fabricated.

    Among 16 questions which Halbig says are key to unlocking the Sandy Hook mystery, Halbig asks, “Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the SHES shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI)?”


  18. Not sure if this really makes a difference, but it seems the "2014" block has been removed from The Georgia Guide Stones and the original block cut from it will be placed back into the empty spot. The 2014 block was destroyed. Anything to do with Illuminati making deals to cover their butts?

    1. P this seems symbolic of something. What's your take? I'm not a USArian so not previously familiar with it. Was it a reference to Aug 16th 2014? MM and JAM? thanks

    2. AnjaAndy, agree, believe it symbolic, however after watching the ploys of the Illuminati for so many years, take notice of seemingly small things or changes. Here's a few links that may help. When you look at the Georgia guide stones website and its crowd funding request it makes you wonder. The "harvesting" scenario has many implications, none good.

      Sorry, you need to explain MM and JAM, not up on a lot of acronyms.

      The coldness and disconnect that sense in relation to the these "guidestones" suggest to me this was a local extension of the cabal in that area and the placement on a leyline crossing is telling.

    3. Anja Andy, one more article that found on Rumormill this morning.

      Georgia Guidestones! Amazing New Details Surface In Suppressed Book, 'The Age of Reason'

    4. Thanks so much P. I looked on the net but figured I'd get there quicker asking from you. The MM and JAM are reported by wikipedia to have been engraved on the removed stone along with 8 16 20 and 14. I'll check those links tonight thanks again!

    5. Georgia Guidestones : The “cube” decoded

    Sept. 25, 2014

    In the late breaking development concerning the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, the mainstream media news outlets failed to report the reason for Holder's departure. For example, although CBS News mentioned that Holder had been the only attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, the network failed to cite this as a key reason Holder decided to bail. The omission speaks volumes.

    Holder's resignation comes on the heels of a ruling today by a federal judge that the contempt of Congress citation against Holder can proceed to the next level. House leaders had been stymied by the refusal of Holder and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to comply with requests for appropriate documents in the ongoing investigations into the Fast and Furious debacle. The House further was thwarted by the refusal of DOJ personnel to cooperate with Congress in the ongoing investigations.

    The Obama administration had argued that the courts should stop the contempt citation from moving forward in the courts. Thus, the ruling today is a victory for the U.S. House of Representatives, which had found itself unable to move forward in the Fast and Furious investigation due to stonewalling and the refusal to cooperate on the part of Holder and other top DOJ officials. The ruling, further, is a major setback for Holder and Obama, who had been hiding themselves behind "executive privilege" in refusing to cooperate with Congress.

    Judicial Watch had taken the Obama administration to court in order to force the DOJ's hand in turning over the pertinent documents, which it had withheld from Congress. Now that the court has ruled against Holder and Obama, the House Committee can proceed to the next level of its investigation. And Obama and Holder can no longer claim executive privilege in continuing to withhold evidence.

    That evidence not only includes the alleged involvement of the very top tier of the Obama administration in authorizing illegal activity but the full account of the circumstances surrounding the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed with one of the guns that the administration used in the Fast and Furious scandal.

    The Examiner reported extensively on Fast and Furious at the time that whistleblowers within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) came forward to report that the agency had been involved in a massive scheme, planned and coordinated at the very top levels of the Obama administration, to place U.S. guns into the hands of dangerous Mexican drug cartels. The government claims it was "a tracking attempt, a sting operation gone bad."

    But whistleblowers and investigative reporters such as David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh discovered that there was no sting and no attempt to track illegal firearms. Rather, the scheme was implemented in order to attempt to "prove" the false meme of administration officials that "most of the illegal guns used by Mexican drug cartels come from the United States." This meme was to be hammered home as far and wide as possible in order to build support for more restrictive U.S. gun laws. Not only were officials at the top level of the ATF involved in the scheme but so were top officials at the DOJ, Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Janet Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security, and others, not to mention Obama.

    ATF whistleblowers began to notice that no illegal weapons were being recovered in the so-called "sting operation," which led them to do some covert digging around at the agency to discover what, exactly, was going on. What they discovered was widespread corruption, illegal activity, and covert attempts to undercut the gun rights of ordinary citizens.



    Sept. 25, 2014

    What kind of message does it send to the biggest banks that the top attorney for one of the world’s largest economies is too afraid to take them to court after those banks swindled that country out of trillions of dollars? While Eric Holder’s legal action against states passing laws encouraging voter suppression are to be commended, he’s been nothing but a disappointment in attaining justice for the victims of the biggest banks. The next U.S. attorney general should be one who has a long track record of standing up for homeowners, consumers, and victims of fraud. We need a top lawyer who’s gone after big oil, big pharma, big insurance, and big banks. That person is Mississippi attorney general Jim Hood.

    In June of 2012, Hood sued JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One, HSBC, and Discover for slamming Mississippians with monthly fees on additional programs they had unintentionally signed up for when applying for identity theft protection on those banks’ cards. According to court documents, customers were bullied into taking on the additional charges through deceptive mail, misleading telemarketing calls, and sometimes even being signed up for programs without any contact whatsoever from the bank. Unfortunately, the federal judge in Mississippi’s Southern District dismissed Hood’s suit against the banks. But imagine what Hood could do to the banks if he were equipped with the Department of Justice’s armies of lawyers.

    In June of this year, Hood filed a lawsuit against the Experian credit reporting company on behalf of Mississippians. Hood alleged that Experian had mixed up the identities of consumers, and reported customers’ charges as late or still owing when they had already paid their debts. Hood is demanding an undisclosed amount for punitive damages, alleging Experian knowingly violated consumer protection laws and fair credit reporting laws. The suit is currently awaiting action in federal court. Read entire article at:

  21. In the fall of 2011, Carmen Segarra landed a job as a bank examiner at the New York Fed.
    Upon being hired, Ms. Segarra was assigned to examine Goldman Sachs. In particular, she was tasked with determining whether the bank’s conflict-of-interest program was in compliance with current Federal Reserve guidelines. (The Fed’s guidelines require the bank to ensure its relationship with one client does not conflict with another client.) Pretty straight forward stuff.
    Snip to the end
    Ms. Segarra was soon staring into the belly of the beast and was astonished by her findings.
    In fact, she claims the lack of Federal Reserve oversight was so egregious that she secretly recorded incriminating conversations deep inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
    But what happened next is now at the center of an epic legal battle that pits Ms. Segarra against some of the most powerful forces on Wall Street.
    Upon concluding the investigation, Ms. Segarra’s findings were considered at a meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
    According to NYTimes/DealBook:
    “At a March 2012 meeting, a group of examiners at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York agreed that Goldman Sachs had inadequate procedures to guard against conflicts of interest — guidelines aimed at stopping firms from putting their pursuit of profit ahead of their clients’ best interests.
    The examiners voted to downgrade a confidential rating assigned by the New York Fed that could have spurred costly enforcement actions and other regulatory penalties. It is not known whether the vote in fact led to a rating change. The former examiner who pushed for a downgrade, Carmen M. Segarra, now contends in a lawsuit filed on Thursday that just weeks after the vote, her superiors asked her to change her findings on Goldman and fired her after she refused.”
    Ms. Segarra claims that her superiors determined that her position on Goldman Sachs was not “credible.” When she refused to change her report, she was fired.
    The New York Times even weighed in on their own story, stating:
    The lawsuit, along with a review by The New York Times of confidential government documents and internal e-mails, raises questions about the success of Goldman’s efforts to police potential conflicts.
    Now, armed with 46 hours of secret recordings and a long list of wrongdoings by both the Fed and Goldman Sachs, Ms. Segarra is preparing to face her former employer in court after being, in her words, “wrongfully terminated.”
    After hearing the secret audio recordings, Michael Lewis, the author of Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, stated: “The Ray Rice video for the financial sector has arrived.”
    The Federal Reserve couldn’t even muster a novel response. Like clockwork, it immediately moved into attack mode calling Ms. Segarra’s character into question by trotting out officials accusing her of believing “conspiracy theories.”
    Anyone who has the guts to stand up to the Federal Reserve, one of the world’s most powerful financial institutions, gets my approval. The shadowy recesses of the corrupt Federal Reserve system should be disinfected with a little bit of sunshine. Ms. Segarra’s effort to provide “we the people” with audio evidence of the Fed’s inner corruption is a gift. It should be applauded by every citizen who cherishes their liberty.

  22. Proven cancer cure here:




  24. P and John

    Nice reading your reflections on God.....

    Thing is, Protestant churches for the most are little communities, it is almost like families club....., it is a living cell preserving high level of values and sharing life in the midst of is a place where many find refuge, encouragement and care and acceptance. Children have there their clubs so do teenagers....they are very much safe from drug, alcohol and porn culture that flourishes all around....

    Families values are preserved for the most here only, basically. People learn to share their resources with others....working ethics is being preserved in these communities as well.

    These little churches are for the most not accountable to anyone, they are very much on their own, self supported social unit.
    Now, do we want to strip the society of the last stronghold of high quality of life? What do you have in disposal to replace it that has higher quality of life?

    People like to worship God and pray to God. What kind of worship do you have to offer them? What kind of educational system do you have developed to offer to them?

    These are serious questions to ask, I do not have an answer to this. I am helping to lead a kids club within our church have different programs....they learn much. They learn to be together, socialise, be with friends instead of isolated by TV or computer games that will be replaces one by porn and alcohol. We go for holidays with other families...we do sport together....It is one big dynamic social life.

    It is one thing when an individual realises that Bible might been cooked and that search for God lies somewhere else. I agree on that one but what then?

    1. I do not know how Templers did and how they do things....

      I gave a thought last year to this spiritual issues and came to conclusion when just sitting and listening to people praying to God, some to Jesus .....

      I started to see it this way, might be that our true God of life cares not that much and might be tolerating many things .... to him much what we do and say might be just kind of childish thing...It is like father taking care of toddler ..... there is much tolerance to what toddler does and thinks and believes and it will never change fathers mind of loving his child whatever toddler does or say, it creates always only a smile on fathers face ....

      You see, to let say immature beliefs of people about God or even when many say that God is a mediator and has a honor as god himself .... all this stuff must just create a smile in face of true God ...

      People try their best to understand...

      What matters is way of life .... behaviour real expression of understanding of life....

    2. Vlastimil,

      You've got it. "all this stuff must just create a smile in face of true God ..." God's love in unconditional! )

      "What matters is way of life .... behaviour real expression of understanding of life...." Living a life in love allows for ever greater understandings and spiritual growth. The next step for ourselves is moving to a state of unconditional love

      What your small church's are doing is part of the path. The sharing, caring and helping in their communities.

      It's the books being cooked and asking for that blood sacrifice that needs to be looked at. Most won't believe why this was done way back when, the snake oil sale job has been very complete, but do think a way will come . Time is a funny thing, nothing goes remiss in the universe. People may not believe until they see what it was that created this long tradition of circumcision. The truth when seen is unpleasant at the very least.

  25. In case we want to expose lies and bring more truth into surface ....

    Let's begin with current affairs can not be done in reverse first ancient and then present.

    1. Let expose current MSM and USA, NATO Banking lies ...... people would be so shocked that such plot is possible to create, hide and execute .....
    This would help this generation to be open to question other layers of complicity of manipulation

    2. Then expose a zionist racist plot and crimes of Israel .....this would create a shock way and hit many religious circles ...

    3. Then let's go farther and hit it back to ancient times and bring to the light religion, whatever Templars have in disposal .... I would love to see it at the first hand anyhow right now.

  26. HUNDREDS of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men have delayed the takeoff of a trans-Atlantic flight by refusing to sit next to women, and then caused chaos once it was airborne, a report says.
    The El Al flight from New York, with non-Orthodox and secular Jews also on board, eventually arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport before dawn on Wednesday in time to celebrate the Jewish new year, according to news website Ynet.

    The way they behave, dress etc .... they actually segregate themselves from society - nobody would like to be associated with such people....

    Beside might be that the real reason was that, that particular woman was goim- unclean swine- in their view, so they did not want to get defile by unclean animal sitting next to her.... I guess so.

  27. Faster USA is broken to pieces more chance we have many lives will be saved .......

    Faster USA is broken to pieces bigger chance we have truth will come out ......

    Faster USA is broken to pieces bigger chance we have to enter into economic recovery of new little states that will be formed from USA .....

    Faster USA is broken to pieces bigger chance we have to fix Middle East .....

    Faster USA is broken to pieces bigger chance we have for reconciliation of nations .....

    Faster USA is broken to pieces faster cabal will be destroyed ....

    Break fascist USA and their stronghold USD, USA can never be reformed, dream about that while USA venom poisons all planet

    Sorry about that, reality. Countries broke, people survived, new life was formed. It happened in Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia etc, life will just go on, it will not stop, it will just get a different shape.

    1. V - you are dreaming. The usa is not going to be broken to pieces. You might want to come up with another plan cause that one ain't happening. And quite honestly your call over and over and over again is quite boring to read over and over and over again and honestly is offensive to this american. There is a lot of good here and breaking it apart does no one any good. You don't think the cabal is smart enough to figure out how to use the broken pieces.

    2. John S

      It is OK, not a big deal. Just tell how did you react when Soviet Union was breaking apart? Did you do all possible to save it or did you say, thanks it is breaking apart. It happened, so it did. But in case you were clapping and thanking God that Soviet Union broke down then why you oppose breaking down of USA since USA is incomparably more fascist and murder state then Soviet Union was. If there is any justice, USA should go down, then killed more innocent people then any other state last 60 years.....


      You have still good chance to fix it, yet Nobilities keep helping them, they gave them 1.1 T USD a year ago and a month after they created Ukraine.....Hellloooo USA murder all around....


    3. Beside ...

      Any kind of so called reform will do all possible to sweep all truth and facts under the table....and at the end if any reform will take place then probably Hitlary Clinton will be given NOBEL Prize for Peace .....

      All will end up under the table hidden from public, because no one would dare to make that USA will not loose their 'JUST AND DEMOCRATIC AND HUMAN RIGHT' face ....

      REALITY ......

      Breaking down the fascist empire will make people to seek truth and inquire what happened and how....this is only way to bring any real reform and bring truth out and bring nations to reconciliation ......

      Faster you do it, faster you have a chance to recover......

  28. Maybe if everyone could be like this things would be different? And Justice For All****

  29. John S,

    Your frustration is understood.
    We will release an article covering all these issues, and explaining in depth what is, in fact, developing.
    John, the mass collapse can, and must be avoided. I believe we can.

    Britain had lost its own Empire 50 years before the Brits even realised it was over. Reality checks take time.
    But to develop as an Allied series of nations today, leading nations do need to empathise with the concerns and stresses of the nations, particularly their grievances, and to seek mediation.
    We all have to go along with the multi polar world now developing and to allow integrated, multi respectful collective decision taking and resource sharing. Which means adjusting collective bargaining positions.
    It's just mental evolution John.
    The US still has enormous talents, and great contributions to make. We need collective strengths and collective debate. However, the US does need to re assess the scale of its unbalanced and unacceptable Political and Banking Chicanery, and for its people to face up to individual responsibility, stand up for the right of speech which millions died for, and work cohesively to remove the tainted and corrupt from office who besmirch the nations name and to re engender all that was great about the Republic, and to relight the torch of Liberty for all.
    Now that deserves a - Yes We Can?

    1. John

      It is not about that US has enormous talent, or brilliant scholars or scientists, business men or good descent people....., this is not the point and nobody denies that.

      I do not believe that in this condition USA can be reformed .... any so called quite reform will do all possible to save US face infront of the would mean more lies, more cover ups, then more oppression ......

      It can not be reformed, I just can not believe it. It needs a radical step, faster better.

    2. Unless WH comes out and announces everything what they did and voluntarily step down.....then I believe it would work and countries of the world would not turn away, they would seek co-operation. Will this happen? No.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Yes we will. Yes we are. We are not dead yet!


      Obama - Yes We Can = Thank You Satan (Reverse speech)



    "Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep."
    -Carl Sandburg


  31. RT: Moscow fast-tracks law limiting foreign media ownership to 20%

  32. Canauzzie

    This man might get some coverage here, he fought for just and prosperous EU for over 20 years and he did not bend down inf font of cabal though MSM were hitting him back and forth.....he deserves Nobel Prize for Peace....he kept telling truth as it was....though all EU establishment tried to ridicule him over and over for all his active time of being descent politician and economist ....he has right now an article on UK news..

    His name is Vaclav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic, he led Czechoslovakia when country went throughout the split, they mastered that well.

    1. Vlastimil,

      We must be careful and balanced.

      As Russia fights its corner, this is another view, but be careful of what is fact in what is becoming a propaganda war.

      The article you mentioned is just too OTP.

      It reads more propaganda than factual.

    2. Canauzzie

      It is OK, I am just saying that there is a man in EU who stood up for the right cause and he did through decades and he is real....EU cabal could not digest him.....

      He created institute

      He has stuff all over the net, on youtube all around, in case you want to check him....he is one of us, careful, diplomatic and balanced, beside well educated....

  33. For all the Yes We Cans, and thank you, we will publicise more to help soon.
    Issues are sensitive right now. We need the carrot and the stick. We need to avoid harming the nation and people when its only the Cabal and Zionist Mafia who cause the real trouble.

  34. THE BIG STALL - Holder Running Cover In Obama Admin's Suspicious Deaths Syndrome? Turton, Breitbart, Lt. Quarles Harris

    THE BIG STALL - Holder Running Cover In Obama Admin's Suspicious Deaths Syndrome? Turton, Breitbart, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., Donald Young, 9/11, Stevens, Cormier.....

    The US is apparently so mired in corruption it cannot even throw off the filthy murderers who have taken power - a pitiful, but evident observation that anyone not sitting on their brains can do. Americans might take it for granted that the least a government full of investigators, with all their hot-shot contractors, could, at the very least, arrest and prosecute the most culpable suspects in the suspicious deaths of important witnesses and sources - but not so in the so-called Obama Administration. Nothing so previously standard will necessarily happen as basic law and law enforcement procedure now that the Grand MacDaddy Usurper from Kenya, the False President has taken over.

    Since Eric Holder was so uncooperative in the matter of the 'Fast and Furious' BATF gunrunning investigations which have now been linked to the FBI, also, it would stand to reason that he may also be running interference to make Obama rather untouchable. This is worse than all the turning away from the evidence of JFK Assassination coverup. There is an ongoing suspicous death syndrome which has erupted, particularly, since the Bill Clinton Administration. The ongoing syndrome has become so enormous that there's a danger the public will become or has become desensitized to all the murders and deaths.

    Where are all the so-called investigators and investigations into these deaths? Where are all those cops that will stop you on the street to see if they can figure out a fine for you so they can drag you before their police court prosecutors? Where's all the big cavalry over these deaths?

    (more next)

    1. (continued from above)

      The suspicious deaths (murders?) have continued, right down to the LA coroner, Michael Cormier, who died of suspicious poisoning on April 20th, 2012, the same day the LA Coroner's office released the autopsy report on the death of Andrew Breitbart.
      LA coroner dead in suspicious poisoning

      Breitbart's coroner poisoned to death?

      Orly Taitz has developed information on whether there is a common factor in the deaths of several of these victims of suspicious deaths.

      'Is there a common denominator in these 3 or 4 deaths? Does anyone know, what happened to 2 other people investigated in Obama passport breach scandal? What was Ashley Turnton’s maiden name? Can someone interview the parents and wife of'

      Ashley Turton

      I had thought that Ashley Turton's death was probably linked to energy company merger or energy related stuff, but it turns out that she may also have been privvy to information as a special assistant to Nancy Pelosi in 2007 and may have had access to Obama's passport files also.

      Turton links

      Death of Ashley Turton...Arkancide meets the Chicago way?

      Flashback: Ashley Turton, former Hill aide, dead in burning car

      *Dead body found of lobbyist at heart of Duke/Progress Energy merger;wap2

      Obama – Matter of Life or Death

      Lt. Quarles Harris Jr

      I listed Lt. Quarles Harris Jr. At my site along with Christopher Story, JOHN MARTIN HEMENWAY, former SENATOR NANCY SCHAEFER and others on the Obama Opponents Murdered page until I took it down over theft of my website traffic. The link to which I had up is still online today. This case involved the shooting death of a key witness in a federal investigation into a passport fraud case. And what happened to that State Department investigation after Hillary Clinton took office? Right....'go figger'.

      Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot

      This was another of those supsicious deaths that began about the time of Obama's run for office.

      Katherine Smith, DMV worker in TN

      Issued allegedly fraudulent driver licenses to five middle eastern men after 9/11 - Found burned to death in car - similar death to Ashely Turton death.

      Rafael Prieto, Secret Service agent assigned to Obama’s detail

      Allegedly suicided.

      (more next)

    2. (more from above)


      The late Christopher Story, in his online report(s), had referred to US law enforcement as "feckless", meaning they were incapable, and simply not getting the job done.

      The one thing that must truly disappoint so many Americans is that while cops and investigators are getting paid it is the citizens who are having to try to get the real job done. What the hell good are the cops and so-called investigators if they won't even solve and prosecute those responsible for 9/11?

      While any and every citizen and resident can be found defective and prosecuted, the bums in D.C., the Den of Criminals don't even make a pretense to clean it up and remove the main murderers! Nowadays their style is to just stay as filthy as they've been and leave it in your face. They won't even allow the complete investigations and prosecutions of the people behind all the main murdering.


      So now you know what the takeover of a great country looks like. It doesn't necessarily happen by great volumes of gunfire in one place as at a battle of war - but by singular events of gunfire and other mayhem against selected targets. Remember the warning I left you over the software used against citizens? There are reasons it should not be there.

      If the D.C. Bums announced "more investigations" into something, what would that bring.....while they wait...wait....? And a few more witnesses die in weird traffic crashes, burned cars, shootings, etc., active shooter situations, the BIG STALL.

      They invented detention laws so those who encourage investigations and justice, those who point out these murders and suspicious deaths can be eliminated. Americans have done due diligence, taken time out of their busy schedules to do what they don't get paid to do and left a general cry and moan and shout about all these suspicious deaths and the D.C. bums can only 'ho-hum' and sit and wait.....for more murder.

    3. Bill Clinton has a similar list from when he was governor of Arkansas, then mushroomed in DC.Over 120 people as I recall...I polled several dozen Democrat workers and found only two that voted for him.

  35. Occupy Hong Kong as tear gas fails to deter thousands protesting around the city

    Can we export this to the US to demand a fit for purpose Government..

  36. Another mass grave in Doneck ......

    All this ISIS in Syria and Iraq serves only to district attention from crimes US, EU created and supported in Ukraine.....

    All attention will be given to ISIS ..... nobody will care about MH17 or mass murder or decapitations in Ukraine.....

    As we speak they are planing another distraction or war somewhere might be Egypt, It might be Caucasus or elsewhere....

    ....They might blow somewhere tactical nukes the last resource .......they will be blackmailing countries with keep them under the control as they did to Japan in Fukushima.....

    Just check the cycle .... it goes on and on.....


    I hope that you understand my stand....., other countries will be sacrificed ..... other people will be killed so that USA can be preserved as the main cause that they are using.....

    Cameron can wake up, because in case UK will be in their way, nukes of UK friends will be used to blackmail UK....

    Cameron, it is naive to believe that cabal have friends....they call you a friend as long as they can use you, once they can not use you, you are enemy....nobody, so it will be with UK ......

    1. Vlastimil, They are all sold out...the store is closed, they are out to lunch...they know they don't have friends...they are blackmailed and extorted, and they are made people/clones/monsters...Here's a true history lesson that we did not learn in school...the rabbit hole runs deep.

      The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the British Crown and the Vatican Rule the World
      Thu, September 25, 2014

  37. Met Police have launched an investigation Operation Overview claims into minister in Tony Lynton Blairs government abused vulnerable children

    1. LL33

      Remember I told you it starts now. Thousands will be taken in. Thousands. Allow for the manpower needed to cope. The system is on overload now. Non will skip free.

    2. John
      Thank you, good to hear non will skip free this all has to come out . Lock down the files :)
      constantly watching for signs

  38. John, this is off topic, but are you familiar with Boleigh Fogou in Cornwall?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear John,
      I’m sorry but deleted the partial story with the link. Had a tough day and after comparing notes on like creations what these may be am posting that instead.

      Mysterious Visions Inside The Secret Ancient Caves Of Cornwall

      28 September, 2014

      Read more:

      Boleigh Fogou is but one name for one of these ancient “caves”. Halliggye Fogou, Nr Helston is the best example I found to illustrate the point to be made there in Cornwall.

      These are designed much like a rabbit warren and in effect they are both bolt hole and trap. The actual date for these may be the age of the Titans and the war that took their control of the planet from them.

      They served the smaller military members by creating a safe place for them to retreat to. The multidimensional aspect of this was important as a Titan could literally tear the ground up seeking them. The dimensional gate would recognize those it was tied to when they entered the cave mouth and would shift their reality to another plane of existence. The men then could exit in another place or locally depending on military actions.

      Titans in giant human form would have had a difficult time getting up with their arm down a “rabbit warren”. This is the other aspect of these caves. Thus the long hallway with the door at the far end. This encouraged the Titans to reach for their intended meals. The same gate that moved its occupants to safety became a trap for the Titan. The giants could not damage the trap or escape it. Titans were also not known for their intelligence.

      The proliferation of these kinds of caves in various permutations suggests that these were a common way of dealing with Titans and later large giants.

      These people would have been like the Tuatha Dé Danann. These people had gifts that would be called high magic by today’s standards but were quite normal for them. Setting up the shifting dimensional gates would have been very easy for them. They left the structure in place knowing that a need for them could come up again to the lands they then fought for. Time would change the use, but never change what they began as.

      Whether you consider this science fiction or not, these are a place that I’m planning on visiting next year.

    3. I read up and they are just megalithic tombs. Not hospitable for living in.

  39. Eric Holder Takes $77 Million Job With JPMorgan Chase

    Just after announcing his resignation as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder has accepted a top job with Wall Street finance giant JPMorgan Chase.

    Starting in early November, Holder will serve as JPMorgan Chase’s chief compliance officer, where his responsibilities will include lobbying Congress on the company’s behalf and ensuring it “gets the best deal possible” from any new proposed financial regulations. Holder will also fetch morning coffee and breakfast orders for CEO Jamie Dimon and board members.


    Compliance Officer ..

    The growing maze of laws, regulations, licensing and permits increases the need for compliance officers, who make sure companies and governing bodies keep in line with internal policies and regulatory requirements. In the financial industry, these positions are particularly in demand as the government steps up its enforcement of anti-money laundering laws. Aside from their sizable presence on Wall Street and within the federal government, compliance officers work in a broad range of industries, from health care and telecommunications, to oil and gas extraction. Duties may include identifying risks an organization faces, designing or implementing controls to mitigate those risks and reporting the effectiveness of the controls. Compliance officers may work for the organizations they're reviewing or for external agencies or companies contracted to do compliance work. Working environments can vary greatly, from permit work and document review in office settings to off-site fieldwork in outdoor and industrial plant settings. Because of the diversity of employer types and needs, compliance officers often require extensive specialized education and training. For example, environment compliance officers may need substantial scientific knowledge to perform sophisticated tests that measure the environmental impacts of airborne and waterborne chemical releases.

    click here to continue reading

    1. How much bribe $$$ has he already accumulated? Now, more pay-off money to keep quiet?

    2. DL, this is probably where his bribe funds are deposited. This is definitely a conflict of interest should be against the law for Holder to leave his AG position to work (lobby government) for the very entity that he should have prosecuted. This is clearly a show of where their loyalty lie and they are protecting these banking entities for their own personal gain. This should not be allowed and laws need to be promulgated to protect the public interest.

    3. The Failure to Prosecute Leading US Banks. The Abuse of Power by Government and Big Business
      The Next Attorney General Should Enforce the Rule of Law, Protect the Constitutional Rights of Americans and Investigate the Abuse of Power by Government and Big Business

      Eric Holder’s tenure as attorney general will be remembered for the failure to prosecute any leading bankers who were responsible for the collapse of the economy. While the SEC negotiated large fines, the DOJ prosecuted none of those who were guilty of crimes that robbed the wealth of tens of millions of Americans. The failure to prosecute bankers was one example of many where corporate power dominated the DOJ on finance, environmental, labor and other issues. This should have been an era of aggressive enforcement of corporate crime, instead corporate criminals were rarely investigated.

    4. Fed Up
      Problems to contemplate.
      Yes the Bankers and more need to be in Jail. Many do.
      But- When the entire system is controlled by crooked people who have long since sold out, and Bankers pay them to march to order, how can we expect rotten people who control all, to select anyone not crooked who they can not control? And even were it so, how can that person change a system, or process a case through a system as tainted as US Justice, where it will get stopped by so many crooked Gatekeepers on watch. Holder is now off to join a very dubious bank.

      Bush appointed so many crooked mediocrities of his acquaintance to power, and effects such control; the public have no idea just how deep this rat hole goes. Nor how totally corrupt. The US is far, far, far away the most deeply corrupt and infected First World Country on earth. The rot is endemic and caustic. The American public truly live in a bubble of self deception as to how bad the situation really is. ( We are special!) Equally they have no idea how bad the Financial position truly is and how deep the debt mountain has become.
      Nor just how bad the perception is of US Hegemony worldwide.

      We try, as respectfully as possible, to advise the so many good and truly decent Americans what is done in their name. Between their Bible Belt delusional world, and the systematic corruption of MSM brainwashing, a population has evolved completely out of touch with reality. The believe anything on TV. Few read, few have ever travelled outside of the US. As a nation, mass ignorance rules. Allowing the few, to abuse all.
      Truth in America has long since lost its virginity. How do we make a systematic whore fit for Sunday school teaching?

    5. Oh John, I shake my head as I read your post; it's true...where do we begin and how is this going to end? Corruption breeds corruption and the cycle goes on and on.

      What is most devastating is the population, having no clue of reality; however. This is sad, but true. All we can do as awakened souls is to keep the love light burning for those who are lost, in hopes that they will see the light and come to their senses.

      I cannot for the life of me abandon those who refuse to see; I was once there. So compassion rule, and in the end we win...So I try to see the end from the beginning to stay grounded.

      The news outlets are biased, and will only report that which they are told to...the reality behind the scene is only imagined. Our quest is to break the back of the system that is sustained by deception, greed, and complacency...when these ones can no longer serve themselves of the public gain then where will they turn. One thing for sure, nothing lasts forever...every empire in history had its beginnings and its end...

      John, I am here because there are like minds, and in this world of chaos; there is hope and I find that hope here...I find that the opportunity does exist and we just have to take advantage of it and make it happen...

      I do thank you...

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Judge Dale: “A Major Change Coming Oct 1st” . . . all I can say about this is we will have to wait, watch, and see :) ~J
    Posted on September 27, 2014 by Jean


    Judge Dale (retired) – Currency RV / GCR (Global Currency Reset)

    Friday, September 26, 2014 3:46 (Before It’s News)

    From what I have been able to deduce and conclude regarding the RV / GCR and this is purely an educated opinion:

    The London financial district is part and parcel of a world conglomeration involving the Federal Reserve System; the Bank of International Settlements; IMF, CBI’s, World Bank, and Vatican Bank and they have been manipulating the price of “gold and silver” for many years now by keeping its actual value very low.

    The reason for manipulating the value of gold and silver was to keep the value of the US Dollar and petrodollar high, in that the conglomeration controls the dollar, which has been the Worlds International Currency since WWII.

    China and Russia initiated the formation of the BRICS Alliance around 2008 which now includes roughly 185 Nations, with one motive in mind and that was to create a new transparent and incorruptible world financial system to replace the “dollar and petrodollar” and the totally corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of International Settlement conglomeration.

    China recently established a new gold and silver trading platform in direct competition with London. Their reason for doing this I will explain next.

    The BRICS have been capitalizing on London’s price fixing platform by buying up gold at the corrupted low fixed value rate.

    China has been buying the lions share and when China accumulates 5,000 metric tons of gold, their new gold and silver trading platform will revalue the Worlds gold and silver at its true market value.

    This true market value will probably be (5X) five times higher than the London market and will be the knockout punch that will bury the US Dollar; the US Military Industrial Complex (Wall Street); the Corporate USG; the FED, BIS, CBI, Vatican and World Banks.

    I believe that China is about to revalue gold and silver on or about September 30, which will place the BRICS Alliance in control of the Worlds monetary system.

    This is a good thing because the BRICS will force an RV and GCR.

    I have three reliable independent sources who are predicting a major change come October 1, 2014 (So I guess we shall see).

    The five largest US Banks are currently holding derivatives totaling 40 trillion dollars each, meaning that these five banks are holding the bonds or paper assets that created roughly 200 trillion US Dollars.

    When China revalues the Worlds gold and silver at five times its current value, the derivatives of these five US Banks will increase exponentially by (5X) five and will finally bankrupt this corrupt conglomerate that has been controlling the World through debt.

    We will probably witness a bank holiday that will last about one week to ten days in October and then the announcement of the RV / GCR.

    Things will get a little tight for us all during this banking holiday. There may be some looting and other craziness so be prepared for the worst.

    The Bank of New York is currently the only BRICS Alliance Bank in the USA and I am thinking that the BRICS Alliance will take over one or more of the five major US banks; fire the ranking personnel and install new software before announcing the RV / GCR and foreign currency exchanges.

    (P.S. Some think that China controls/owns a big part of Wells Fargo Bank with, by far, the ‘Least’ amount of Derivatives)


      (Original post location has been taken down already!!)

    2. DL

      .......It would be nice dream, but I can no believe that such info would leak ......

    3. Hello DL, Look at these two links and tell me if they coincide with your above post. It looks like an eerie coincidence to me, that the Shanghai Gold Exchange Started their holiday today and it ends on the 8th, just like this Judge predicted. Lets hope he is right.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Isis reconciles with al-Qaida group as Syria air strikes continue
    Jabhat al-Nusra denounces US-led attacks as ‘war on Islam’, and leaders of group holding meetings with Islamic State

    Jabhat al-Nusra, which has been at odds with Isis for much of the past year, vowed retaliation for the US-led strikes, the first wave of which a week ago killed scores of its members. Many al-Nusra units in northern Syria appeared to have reconciled with the group, with which it had fought bitterly early this year.

    Exactly as according to a script....

    Beside destruction of refineries are aimed to destroy Syrian economy that should lead to another uprising against Assad because of economic reasons...

    ......If so called coalition of willing wants to cut ISIS from money supply they should go after those who buy oil from easy as that.....

  44. Russia got extra oil field.....that means Russia can supply Assia easily together with Iran ......China might have free hand to push aways Saudi since they are too complicit .....

    I sense that Russia is getting enough of false accusations from West ..... and there won't be any pardon anymore, it got too far, too much damage of image of Russia Federation and Russian president. No trust towards US or EU. It is gone. Russians will not forget it. It is beyond repair, last nail to the coffin was done by US and UK speeches at UN. (It took me more almost a year to get a trust from my Russian friend long ago when we as students shared a flat, and still then he said that the Czech kept murdering Siberians after WW1, which I did not even know we had armies there then - education. And I was his best friend from West part of Russia...) Russians know their history, it is not like Obama for whom history consists of remembering where is the best gold resort...this is his history knowledge.

    If the hit of USA comes from outside like Russia and China via market or will be ruthless (not mentioning military, which I do not believe it would go there..)....USA will pay for all.

    Sorry, I still believe that USA inner revolution can only save Americans and means for this is that states will break off and it will cause a wave for inquiry for facts and truths and change....and in this diverse environment it would be difficult to cover all lies .....this is only chance in my view....

    Sorry if I sound sceptical......

  45. Berlin would not currently be able to keep its defense promises to its NATO allies, Germany’s defense minister Ursula von der Leyen told Bild am Sonntag......

    At the moment, only 24 out of a total of 109 Eurofighters are ready for service, and 38 of 89 – less than half - of Tornado fighters could be utilized properly. In a war in the Baltic, the army would be overwhelmed.

    Last Monday it also became known that the German navy only has three operational helicopters and on Saturday it emerged that a Tiger gunship helicopter had lost a weapons carrier during an exercise.

    Germany is politely saying to USA and NATO....f----- off, we are to build economies we do not participate in your war mongering ......

  46. ISIS on march toward Bagdad ...... ISIS at the gates of Bagdad....Airstrikes did not bring effects as hoped.

    News titles in Czech news with a big picture of ISIS fighter with a black flag and machine-gun on US Hamwee .......

    Only total braindead idiots do not read the picture in the midst of that article ..... US sponsors ISIS that is getting to Baghdad ...... to the last very bullet USA sponsored ISIS ....
    US airstrikes ami to break down Syria economy and infrastructure that still remains after years of struggle that they can topple Assad for accusing him that under him there is economic collapse of Syria...

    1. Actually how are British special forces and their laser guided missiles progressing ?????? They probably can not find moving target of Assad shadow ..... it is OK ISIS are one mile from Baghdad riding US humwees so who cares ..... must be that those humwees must be invisible so that no one can spot them, probably ......

      Right, they are making sure that ISIS can sale off stolen oil on black market for 30 USD today via Kurdistan to undermine Russia biz ......

      Not cool, not cool.....Cameron

    2. Vlastimil
      You over rate Cameron. He's only a kid in a suit posing for the Cameras. He has no power.
      Russia and Iran will take care of ISIS. America is sterile and Britain long out of the empire games. We just protect the Piggy Banks not the Pigs.

    3. Vlastimil, the bombing campaign only bombed empty buildings...from what I have read.

  47. Replies
    1. October is the big month, or then into next year. Reality.

  48. We advised you all on record back in February that all these projections from Gobby Gurus and brain dead Brokers were aimless fantasies from limp brained and loud mouthed mediocrities. We forewarned-Silly Season! Blog rhetoric is of no meaningful standing. October we either progress, or start facing next year. Nothing as yet is determined and close is not good enough. If the Fat Lady is not singing, it's Minging! All rides on a solution in October, or year end approaches then its March onwards for this lot. Mid November its over for this year. Hope for October.

    1. John

      I am just frustrated, because it is possible to fix all the mess if little will.....and that's frustrates me.....each problem has always more then one solution....this is how it is....

      Ukraine can come out as a winner, Russia could come out as a winner, EU could come out as a winner, US could come out as a winner......the same in Middle East...all parties can come out of that mess a winners....We do not need losers.....

      ..I do not mean this RV or whatever, I mean all that mess in is so frustrating....

      This money situation of RV's if it goes and no geopolitical agreement in progress and improvement , then some cash would not make anybody happy... why would it? Maybe for few days some would have bliss but all would go back to geo-political frustration....

    2. John,
      Is she at least humming, you know..warming up the golden pipes?

    3. Thanks for the straight up talk John. Q: How can those gobshites work for half a year and control the world for the entire year? Surely interpol and arrests can occur while they are out of session? A rhetorical question but shared by many I'm sure. Why do THEY set the agenda? Minging? lol

  49. Thank you John, am dearly hoping we don't go into next year. You're right, until the fat lady sings, close isn't good enough. It's pushing over the finish line, something you and others have been working feverishly to do for some time now. Bless you all as many have put their lives on hold pushing this thing forward to conclusion. Also believe many could use a break, but after this is complete. Too many are well aware of the state of affairs in the world. It's also recognizing you can't relent on the cabal, even for a moment, let alone for months.They do not need to regain a foot hold of any kind or sort. So please, if you can, close this biggest of deals so that the world may move on to better things this coming month of October.

    1. P

      you are good light here, you keep your cool....thumps up....thanks for being a good example...

  50. Fall is time of change... bright colors and crisp clean air here in the mountains.., my favorite time of year... as I get older I really dread freezing winter that comes after though... bring home the CHANGE john and make the long cold winter warm and sunny!..... YES WE CAN!

  51. Guys

    I want to apologise for my creepy comments .... just too much frustrations in the air ..... sometimes it just piles up like a volcano and it goes over the roof .....

    1. Vlastimil, it's ok. It's what we do with our frustrations, like what you do, ever searching for more evidence of the doings of Rottenchilds and more. You turn to your wife for the hugs and stress relief you need. You support your family, friends and community where you are, doing what you do. Doing what you can. And you care enough to keep going, even on those bad days were more horrid news comes of yet more atrocities.

      Goodness and Blessings for you Vlastimil and all who fight the good fight for all of us! )

    2. Vlastimil,
      No need to apologize...humanity is at stake and we are part of it...the most frustrating part is that these are the least among the kingdom of men who are perpetrating against us the top of the crest among men...they tried to flip the script, and now they should open their eyes and see that they will be held accountable for their crimes...these debts are theirs...and they do have to be paid...this is universal law...this is the only solace I have. We Won!

  52. MOSCOW, September 29 (RIA Novosti) - The European Union will postpone a free trade zone with Ukraine under the Association Agreement until January 2016, according to a press release published on the website of the Council of the European Union Monday.

    Yanukovych was taken down by coup because he postpone EU agreement and thousands were killed, homes were destroyed .....

    Now we are there where we where a year ago, EU had to postpone Ukraine association and I guess it will be canceled in one year when all crimes of this fascist regime pops up, like MH17, or mass murders of civilians and beheading in East Ukraine .....and lies via MSM.....

  53. Just as someone predicted.

    What next?


  54. This is how good will bear fruit....

    Caspian summit...

    We agreed on the principles of interaction,” Putin said after the summit.
    “This is a real breakthrough. Our experts worked on this much and long,” he said.
    According to Vladimir Putin, the parties succeeded in achieving progress in preparing the convention on the Caspian legal status “due to the coordination of key principles of the Caspian littoral states’ activity at sea”.
    These principles have been reflected in a political statement that has been just signed by the leaders of five littoral states. The political statement “will become a cornerstone of the convention”. “I don’t say that all problems have been settled in full. But their number has become far fewer,” Putin said.

    Railroad around the Caspian Sea
    According to Vladimir Putin, Russia believes the project to create a railroad ring around the Caspian is promising.

  55. Take away money flow and leaders will truly be leaders who want what is good... If no money then what motivates?... A true heart for real change and peace will be the motivation... Then it would spread like wildfire... Think about really feeling a sense of trust again with those who lead us... What a glorious thing that would be... I think there are good leading but they have to wallow in the mire and hide because corruption runs so deep... Take away the money and the power will be lost also... Just my simple minded observation this AM... May God bless all those with a pure heart for love and peace!

  56. Has anybody read the latest Fulford post , he actually talks about the Bush controlled secretive trading platforms, we all know according to John that they wrestled control of the platforms away from poppy Bush. I'm sure everyone knows where to find Fulfords blog so I won't post it here

  57. US-led coalition airstrikes destroyed grain silos and other targets in parts of northern and eastern Syria dominated by Islamic State, killing civilians while only wounding ISIS fighters, according to an organization monitoring war in Syria.

    The overnight bombings hit mills and grain storage facilities in Manbij, a militant-held town in northern Syria. Coalition forces possibly mistook the structures for Islamic State holdings, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Monday.

    All those targets of USA in Syria are to destroy infrastructure .... rest of economic resources that Syria would totally collapse and US UK would then blame Assad that the is responsible for economic disaster of Syria...

    I am sorry to say it again people......probably is time about that somebody rises up and does the same to USA so that idiots can wake and see what they were doing for decades to other nations....level USA to the ground...accuse them of something they never did and begin to kill them for that they may see in mirror what they have done to nations around the Globe

    You can call me extremist ...., I am just telling truth...this is outrageous what fascist USA is doing....

    1. Those poor people in Syria....tried to survive as it was possible, whole village working hard without any hardware most likely...they made it prepare fields for sowing grains...they took a care over the year ....they made harvest being happy they can make it through winter and then FASCIST USA comes and destroys all they had left to survive .....including killing innocent ...

      WHAT FFFFF FASCIST CAN DO THIS...only made in USA....

      Do not forget to give them another NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE and some extra bonuses so that American will not have it hard to watch their TV sport game....

      For God's sake is there any justice left in this we have to wait till Russia does all? Probably.

    2. And do not tell me that it is just cabal...

      It is all army.....don't you remember what US soldiers did to Iraqi's....was Manning idiot or lunatic? Those soldiers are in hundred of thousands .... generation after Vietnam and other places....and all that infrastructure that supports those US army....

      It is not only cabal? Any soldier has choice, I had choice when I served....and many times because consciousness I refused orders...I ended up in jails....but they did not break me.

    3. Russia threatens to retaliate against U.S. military

      Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-34

      TEL AVIV – Russia has delivered a behind-the-scenes threat to retaliate if airstrikes carried out by the U.S. or its allies target the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Middle Eastern security officials told WND.

      The security officials said Russia complained Sunday in quiet talks with United Nations representatives that the Obama administration’s current aerial campaign against Islamic State fighters in Syria is a violation of international agreements regarding control of Syrian airspace.

      The officials said Russia warned it could potentially retaliate if U.S. or Arab airstrikes go beyond targeting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and instead bomb any Syrian regime targets.

      The officials told WND they do not have any information about the seriousness of the Russian threat or whether Moscow meant it would retaliate directly or aid Assad’s air force in a military response.

      The officials said Russian diplomats asserted terms regarding Syrian airspace were agreed upon last September as part of a sweeping deal to disarm Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons by the middle of 2014.

      At the time, the international community feared Assad could target chemical weapons inspectors acting in Syria. That fear in part lead to a deal in which Moscow says it was provided with significant responsibility over the skies of Syria, purportedly to insure against Assad’s air force acting against the international disarmament effort.

      The officials further said that both the Russia and Iranian militaries are on heightened alert amid the ongoing situation in Syria.

      On Saturday, U.S.-led coalition warplanes for the first time reportedly struck ISIS targets in Syria near the Turkish border as well as positions in the country’s east, according to activists and a Kurdish officials speaking to the Associated Press.

      Nawaf Khalil, a spokesman for Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or PYD, told the AP the strikes targeted Islamic State positions near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.

      U.S.-coalition strikes also reportedly targeted a local ISIS headquarters in the northern Syrian town of Tel Abyad along the Turkish border, setting an oil refinery ablaze.

      “Our building was shaking and we saw fire, some 60 meters (65 yards) high, coming from the refinery,” local businessman Mehmet Ozer told Time Magazine.

      Time reported the strikes were also confirmed by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and were reported by Turkey’s Dogan news agency.

      Article printed from WND:

      URL to article:

  58. "Hong Kong Risks Losing Its Role As A Financial Capital," Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Warns....

    This is of course the real cause of Hong Kong uprising ..... orchestrated from abroad most likely ......

    Once China and Russia have enough then, god help Americans.... they will repay all that US caused to the world....

  59. A report has surfaced today that Eric Holder was made to resign over his failure to prosecute Senator Sheldon Songstad and Governor Don Sundquist over their $30 billion attempted bribe and murder plot to hire hit men to kill Lee Wanta caught on tape and broken first on Before It’s News in this story.

    1. Vlastimil and all
      Leos report to Obama will go up tomorrow, Nowhere to hide.

  60. Georgia Guidestones : The “cube” decoded

  61. Rise of the Treasuries. Coincides well with the Shanghai exchange. Hope the TRN is next.

    "UK Treasury plans to criminalise benchmark manipulation

    Yesterday, the UK Treasury announced a consultation review into widening UK financial benchmark legislation and make manipulation of key currency, precious metals, and interest rate benchmarks a criminal offence. The only benchmark that is currently regulated is the interest rate LIBOR benchmark. HM Treasury plan to add a further seven key benchmarks to the legislation.

    These benchmarks are the WM/Reuters 4pm London fix (currency), ISDAFix (interest rate), the London Gold Fixing benchmark, the new LBMA Silver Price benchmark, the ICE Brent futures contract (crude oil), and two index swap benchmarks called the Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA) and the Repurchase Overnight Index Average (RONIA)."

    1. This is awesome news. All the major commodities have been manipulated, especially the dollar, Libor rate, gold price suppression, as well as silver. It's just awful that now they are deciding to make manipulation a crime.

    2. I know FedUp so the real boys in the UK are saying enough. The timing is perfect. The Shanghai silver exchange is being depleted of physical silver - it's being snapped up while the price is record low. What will happen when there's no more phyz metal to buy? With UK stopping price manipulation, and the pricing signal moving to Shanghai, and phyz running out, there is only one way: up. That's a guess. But why else would China buy up so much, keep the price down, and take over the pricing mechanism? They are IMO about to release the price so the Yuan can be included in the SDR and displace the USD quota, as agreed by the G20 in April. Just a guess..

      Commodities that have been suppressed are headed for real market value...revaluation...

  62. China will begin direct trading between its yuan currency and the euro starting on Tuesday, the national foreign exchange market’s operator said, as Beijing seeks to broaden the unit’s global usage.

    The China Foreign Exchange Trade System already offers a platform for yuan-euro transactions but direct trading means the US dollar will not be used as an intermediary currency to calculate rates, according to a statement released Monday.


    1. This is China's response to USA CIA led ops in Hong Kong.......

      .....and I believe it will not stop just here....

    2. In my judgment .... this is the beginning of END of USA.....ENOUGH was ENOUGH

    3. Great news Vlasti. As PM's are allowed to rise, the Yuan will rise against the Euro - risk for Europe to flirt with 3rd world status too if their gold is gone. Seems to be a good and legit basis for an RV of many currencies. Game plan becoming clearer to this amateur. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


      Honestly - I do not know what is best anymore - best would be if all come together and do win - win situation I guess -

      I really do not know what I wish for anymore - I am not sure if currencies will solve that much as long as wrong guys want to play nasty game.....

      When I am pissed off, I want total clean up, when I am OK win-win is the best...

      Hope John will shed little bit of light...

    5. Vlastimil,
      Understanding all your own concerns and frustrations a major new report is in production right now with vast artwork settings. It will answer many concerns for you, and stick blame right where it lies. And it will help focus on and expose the lies.
      Moreover, it will help all the American people see there is hope, and a great future, once the crap is cleaned out of office. It will show what needs and must be.

  63. Unrest in Hong Kong could allow Shanghai to emerge as primary financial center.......

  64. U.S. sanctions could leave Exxon with nothing from new Russian oil discovery.....

    .....But sadly for Exxon Mobil, who played a key part in helping Russia map and discover this massive find, implementation of economic sanctions by the U.S. which will kick in on Oct. 10 could mean that the American oil company will be ineligible to receive nothing from this find, and be left out in the cold because of politics.....

    ......Kremlin says- thank you idiots, the rest we will finish and cash stays at home....

  65. MOSCOW, September 30. /ITAR-TASS/. The International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council (FC) has refused to attend a meeting of the US-Russia Business Council due to the sanctions the West imposed on Russia and its citizens, the Izvestia daily writes on Tuesday.
    The Federation Council members have also proposed to suspend active work in the EU countries that have the most aggressive attitude to Moscow and Russians, the newspaper writes with reference to acting head of the FC International Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov.
    “We have never had great inter-parliamentary relations with the United States, and the current attempts to welcome the Americans at the first opportunity seem not right after our former colleague — senator and currently the head of state (US President Barack Obama), called the Ebola virus the first global threat, and Russia — the second,” deputy head of the International Affairs Committee Andrey Klimov told Izvestia.

  66. Hooray! Once the public knows of our neighbours, our Earthly concerns will be forgotten, as predicted by Reagan. War? Why? Once they know they have arrived, people will ask how? Watch oil and gas implode. This is very exciting..

    "Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned - Majestic decides on disclosure" by Preston at VT

  67. More speculations around Holder....
    Our entire financial and economic system is on the precipice of major collapse. It is no coincidence that Holder is leaving the mess he helped create before the napalm ignites. It’s similar to Bill Gross’ timely exit at Pimco, where his “famed” Total Rate of Return flagship bond fund is nothing more than a viper’s nest of dangerous derivatives.

    For me, the departure of both of these people signify that the flames of Rome are about to engulf our system.

    (from silverdoctors)

  68. Vlastamil,

    You are correct about the American public: unless it's seen on MSM or CNN, no one will believe it. The news people twist the truth, for example:

    The recent US air strike on Syrian oil pipelines are displayed to the American public as "Syrian rebel held pipelines bombed to prevent ISIS from obtaining needed infrastructure."

    It was probably a Russian oil pipeline that was bombed, another coverup.

    1. TAMMY

      Do you think that EU is different? I can speak for Czech Republic in Europe as well as for some other West European countries, there is a evident split in Czech and had been for long, people understand very much what is going on but the rest of EU .... brain dead .....,

    2. Vlastimil,

      Parts of the EU (like America), are probably a lost cause. I wish people would wake up, I try to get the information to family, co-workers, etc. - I keep trying to make a difference.


    The major economic booms continue.


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