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Our Last Stand | Report #1 | Riyadi, General Rosier, Pureheart and a call to Congress...

  • Why not use even $50T of these stolen or defrauded funds to rescue America?

  • Sequestrate back the rest to rebuild the world of nations or it ALL GOES DOWN.

One World of Nations
OLS Report #1
8 October 2013

The history of Cabal Subterfuge, Agency Criminality, Political / Banking / Zionist Banker subterfuge exposed, and their pernicious Treason. They are destroying America! Their greed and incompetence has devastated the world’s stability and Banking systems. The world needs to destroy – Them!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it unlocks Pandora’s Box. OLS will be a series of lead reports, all exposures to help you unlock the awesome TRUTH, and to see If Congress or the Pentagon will ACT! American people are generally good natured and deserve better. Stop the Rot - Stop the RATS! A horror story is unfolding. Freedom and hope is slipping away fast. Use it, or lose it. How do we wake up 300M ignorant Lemmings from the looming default and Global consequences for the whole world to then follow?

Reading and understanding this trail of events, is just one of a series of reports which will identify for you the endemic corruptors and destroyers of nations. They must be stopped and removed from power. Talking alone won’t do it. Weasel words will confuse action. Corruption is mass endemic. It will need genuine, Patriotic Military backed intervention by the good side of the Pentagon and mass Cabal arrests. Without, they will continue to obfuscate and abuse the system they alone control. Your indifference as voters has fed their arrogance and their corruption thrives unchecked.

950+ such costly Military Bases cripples the economy, feeding the greed of Boys with their toys and destroys the Global economy. Leaving only the growing worldwide legacy of hate for America. We need to help the economy - they help only themselves. They have stolen and derailed the American dream. They seek to control, OWN and enslave the world. Already they encircle the world, bribing and corrupting all. All they now Export is terrorism. You have no idea how deep their tentacles have sunk worldwide.

As the reports expand, ever greater plundering of vast Trillions will be exposed. Where has it all gone?

Criminality also will be exposed. Why are they still walking free? Is it truly so bad? No, it’s 100 times worse, but can you handle the truth? Political ethics have died. Congress does nothing? Why doesn’t Congress go after these hidden funds? Fix broken America! Go after the Money! But, they have sold you out as too many are now compromised themselves.

Without the last hope of the funds needed to restore America, the most important person’s future in the world is at growing risk - Yours!

These enormous stolen Global funds, now being exposed for you in stages, need to be taken back and used to serve the nations, the people and humanity. Overseen with integrity. Corruptors of nations deserve no less than a Nuremberg or French Revolutionary system of Justice. We need the few Pentagon Patriots of honor, those not removed by Obama and the Zionist Fixers, and any remaining few Senators and Congressmen of Integrity, to stand up against them as true Patriots and to say NO! No More!

Corruption must end. Clean out the Beltway Zoo! Take back America and get the unelected Shadow Government into full INTERNATIONAL exposure to be judged and removed by the people. But who will act as 300M just sit on their padded backsides, mindless and ignorant. Stupefied by the system. Dumbed down to be Culled Out. None realize, it’s coming for them!

Vast Trillions have been illegally amassed by a collective Military Industrial and Zionist Banking Cabal of Special Interest Families who now merit full investigation, with intense financial forensic analysis to trace all their proceeds of Crimes, and to bring them all to Justice.

Never more have we needed such an all-powerful Congressional Committee of Inquiry, with the powers of the French Inquisition.

Publication of the Cabal and Zionists corruptly acquired wealth and assets, need to be documented in entirety, even if in staged parts, and placed before an independent, competent and responsible, CORRECTLY VETTED, fully empowered Professional and prescreened Committee of Inquiry, who must be charged with, and fully committed, to pursue, prosecute and ensure full and rigorous retribution against the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

It needs a full Nuremberg level trial, with the lot of them in the Dock. No Presidential Pardons. Overturn them. Change the Law to do it. Or apply part Martial Law under a Military Court for Treason, or crimes against the State. Will the Pentagon stand up for America now? Without, soon all will be gone, it’s even now almost too late. An amateur, Narcissist Illegal will be left ruling over Martial Law chaos.

Nero fiddles as Rome burns

The Rothschild’s and Zionist Bankers have to go, as is happening with parties such as Dimon, now running to avoid retribution and criminal proceedings. End the Fed and CLEAN out the US Treasury. Rip out the Zionist Mafia. The lot - OUT! A new Global and responsible, THIEF Free, monetary system has to be brought in soon replacing the Fed, BIS and Petro Dollar systems.

Rothschild’s Central Banks have to be sequestrated by the League of Nations to kill the Hydra before it kills us. America MUST recover its own Treasury and remove the Zionist controls. No more Dual Israeli passport holders in US Public Office or in US Banking. None! No more than two Kazakh Zionists on the Supreme Court. Proportional representation only. Break the stranglehold. Let Justice Breath. Recuse BOTH Obama's appointments as unlawful and illegal. Is it already too far gone and lost?

The Bush / Clinton Crime Family racketeering has to be dismantled and Bush / Clinton Sleaze publicly exposed. End this perpetual conspiratorial domain of Political Fiefdoms with their cover ups and racketeering.

Their defrauded and stolen assets need to be sequestrated. Shame of Hubris must replace their presumptuous arrogance. The reach of the Congressional Committee of Inquiry must be Global, fully empowered, using hard and trustworthy Patriotic enforcement Marshals, with no Safe Havens worldwide left unscathed for them to hide in. We will example a series of cases as we expose the Spiders Web and staggering scale of Fraud and Treachery. But, is any resistance left or all stupefied down?

When Lord James gave his historic speech in the House of Lords on February 16, 2012, the first stone for the winding up of the spider’s web of the Military Industrial Cabal and Zionist racketeering was cast. The Cabal went into damage limitation moves calling off complicit members of the establishment to block public escalation and investigation. By Lord James exposing the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent transfer of $15 trillion which they had unlawfully created and Laundered, (in three separate $5 trillion tranches) utilizing JP Morgan, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland, what was lost in the shuffle was the fact that some obscure foreign corporation was the recipient of such a vast amount, which just so happened to match the US Government’s $16T debt total at the time.

Coincidence with $15T? Grow up! Every Chancer takes that one step too far which cracks them open. A fast fix was needed to create the illusion of asset backed debt. They got sloppy and exposed themselves in daylight. Creatures of the night and shadows left a firestorm size of marker which knowledgeable hands and minds have tracked. Even that is only the tip of the iceberg of Fraud and Theft.

These will be the subject of an intensive additional reports, as it is all now, under full EU Agency review at last following the Slime trail of events, people and consequences. The attendant risk to Capital markets is being assessed. It’s all too much to take in as a single issue. Can so much criminality be happening? Absolutely! On whose watch - Yours!

Unfortunately for them all, we actually KNOW one key link they got clumsy with, Yohannes Riyadi in Jakarta. We KNOW the full and true history of his role as a Custodial only Family Trustee via his Indonesian Presidential Grandfather, his full hereditary Chinese Dynasty role, his FULL and TRUE Bank of Indonesian role.

Also Riyadi’s so very genuine early day attempts to operate within the full and moral ethos intended for the use of his associate Humanitarian platforms, and the genuine attempts he made to assist others fund good projects, allocating agreed free use funds from his direct FRB New York Grey Screen account. Not the convenient Fed Web site false dismissal and their cover up as Crooks. LIARS!

Yohannes, be very assured, contrary to duplicitous and false propaganda Fed site reports, truly sought to fund a hospital and other Humanitarian projects as the real records show. Chris McCurdy hidden away as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York VP, directed the release of an FRB SWIFT wire MT760, as evidenced, to the Riyadi accredited beneficiary for the first project funding. It was then reneged on by FRB New York. As were others. All Fed issued! It will all open up across continents for you in stages. We hold such communications records and evidence they would die of fear if they realized the footprints on record if released.

When we challenged their clear issuance of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Johannes Riyadi FRB account MT760, deathly silence as they choked. Their hole deepened as we collected others. Liars, crooks and Charlatans! Con Men exposed protecting their chicanery. Caught out and exposed they stopped issuing MT760s to hide their criminality and complicity.

The problem for the Fed is the existence of these FRB transfers, as is the hard evidence of the numerous SWIFTs issued by them now in so many hands. Also as are copies of the TRUE Bank Indonesia / US Treasury / Federal Reserve Bank of New York Yohannes Riyadi contract, with the IMF and BI Directors present when it was committed. The original $500M cash transfer due to Mr. Riyadi as a signed contractual undertaking, was also diverted and STOLEN mid transfer. Where did it go? Who took it? They cheated him from day one. As Native Americans, China, Korea, Iraq and Marcos found out, their word is worth what? Brutal truth known to so many of their trusting victims.

As per the genuine never before exposed real Riyadi / BI / Fed contract, under a US Treasury / BI / Fed Program Profit share he was lawfully entitled to share 50 / 50% in, he has been so badly treated. They STOLE the lot! He sought only to help the world, his country and to do what was right.

Congress needs to DEMAND sight and investigate this travesty and help recover America with these funds. We hold vast, deeply incriminating records and evidence, most of which they have no idea has been routed to global Safekeeping as hard evidence of their crimes. It will only be revealed to a major and trustworthy Committee of Inquiry to investigate, charge and imprison those responsible for their Racketeering. RICO, nothing less.

Yohannes WAS and still IS an innocent victim of these manipulative Zionist Fraudsters. His BI / Treasury / FRB NY account has now developed to vast accrued multi Trillions in Grey Screen balances over the last few years and has been extensively used by the US Treasury to prop up the US economy and Military Cabal. Before we even commenced, we had the truth diligence swept and verified for us, by RETAINING and funding an ex SENIOR US White House Presidential Legal Advisor to unlock the truth for us and avoid any risks. We wanted hard facts first. What was TRUE and REAL to avoid any false trail!

The Bona Fides of the Riyadi REAL accounts was confirmed to us as real, and their regular Treasury and FRB NY use on the Fed / Treasury / Military Gray Screens hidden from public view. Why can’t Congress do its job? No kickbacks or fear of losing the Patronage slush funds from the Rothschild’s and Bush hog trough?

Frustrated by the evolving duplicity of his Fed support handlers, Riyadi developed an unfortunate relationship with arch Villain Wilfredo Saurin which enveloped him beyond his able control and depth. Saurin's role as a racketeering Fraud and Money Laundering Bagman for the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, his unlawful protection by the criminal US Department of Justice, and the scale of abuse the Indonesian funds have been subjected to for half a century by US and associated Shysters, and various major US Political players up to and including US Presidents, enabled him to racketeer with complicit FRB NY support, protected from justice. They could have taken Saurin in years ago but they protect and run him. Why else is he still free?

The $15T of the Pureheart, Fed scam is addressed. We are also evidencing historic FRB NY Riyadi accounts, which Pureheart had used, showing accrued Debts balances to $35T in 2006 to 2007. The TRUE amount now is vastly higher, but to protect America and Global stability, we will withhold the reality for Regulatory enforcement by a Non-Cabal compromised Investigating Committee.

The Compounding Debts are far greater now. In hundreds of T’s, as with the crazy Derivatives! Who has had benefit of these Gray Screen funds? For what purpose? Go after it! How much do we risk showing before affecting the real US economy? The responsible Judgment Call. Congress - Act! In goodwill, and respect to Americans, for the nation’s sake, at this stage we will only go so far as to expose it in detail at an older level of $35T. It is now massively higher. With just 2 incidents we are exposing over $50T. Enough to totally recover America and the Global economies. Sequestration – Will save the Nation!

Pureheart Investments

In addition, this foreign corporation identified, which their Attorney Marlon McCall had used as he approached Lord James, was Pureheart Investments Ltd, an anonymous Swiss Trust, and which was also using Homeland Security’s bank clearance codes. These facts can be verified through their S.W.I.F.T. copies released. McCall advised all parties that Pureheart was a Homeland Security agency front for fundraising using creative Fiat money financing. McCall lives in Bangkok with no current US passport, his renewal blocked by Clinton to hide him out of sight from Investigators. McCall seeks Safe Passage, to be sprung, and will cooperate with a Guarantee of protection. Congress- You NEED him as a key Witness!

McCall was the signatory for Pureheart because its Chairman General William Rosier was 'compromised'. For sure, the first Security sweep on him for the Lords revealed it was the identity of a dead boy. Day of the Jackal, stay with us. So, who is Rosier really? Why did he need a dead boys ID? What was he hiding from in public? What unveils itself under investigation is beyond belief.

OLS Report #2 - is truly sensational. You have no idea how duplicitous or how deep it goes. Absorb phase one first then see what is to come as we peel away the layers of deception and expose the true Cabal Bagmen and structures. From TRUTH exposed worldwide may come the clean up the whole world needs so badly?

As the Mainstream Media is deeply compromised, run by seedy Press Barons compromised to the Cabal, only global unity by Blog authors can help the fight for recovery and freedom. That is what the Tri Laterals fear... Truth! We need all of you on board, Bloggers also, all your voices united in spirit, helping fight for our small and delicate world as one Global Nation of all the people. That, they fear. Freedom is YOUR GOD GIVE RIGHT, AND THAT FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Help us start to fight back as a Global voice. Recover the money and re track America. We will expose it all.

What we unleash next will rattle their gold cages leaving fear of exposure stalking their own truly rotten lives. Enlightenment of the people is their greatest fear. The Spotlights will go on them next.

What part will you help play for us all? Together, we can win. Look at the courage of the Truckers and the Bikers. 20 Million Marching into DC with tar and feathers will get your voices heard. Is America worth saving? It’s everything! United, the whole world is with you now. What comes next is awe inspiring in revelation.

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