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One World of Nations Disclaimer

Exclusive Articles

OWON endeavors to provide the best and most accurate information available in every exclusive article we post. The statements made in those articles are accurate to best of our knowledge at the time of posting. Due to unforeseen events information can change daily or even hourly, without notice. Truth will always be our #1 priority no matter how harsh the reality of it is. OWON does not sugarcoat or sensationalize the truth, just report it as we see it.

News Articles

OWON is not in a position to evaluate the reliability of every news article or report we post. We offer it as a possible explanation for certain events associated with the information or theories contained in the read header introduction to each news article posted. We continually evaluate the veracity of any information that we forward and encourage everyone to do their own research. Truth always wants to come out.

Comment Sections

Comment Sections are a debate forum. Freedom of Speech is practiced there as long as done in a mutually respective manner. Therefore, the many links to or quotes of articles posted there MAY OR MAY NOT agree with OWON's views and are NOT VETTED by OWON. All articles mentioned and linked to or quoted there are the sole responsibility of the poster's and we suggest ALL readers to do their own research. If anyone wishes to have OWON's view of any link or quote posted there, ask and as time allows a response will be given.

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