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Terms of Service

Our TOS is very simple - Be respectful of ALL others who contribute and/or comment here. Warnings may or may not be given based on severity and/or history.

You are free to post any comment that follows the above guidelines. You may post an excerpt of any article of interest, however we ask you to use links instead of posting the entire article. An instruction of how to post live links in comments can be found here.

We are a debate site and understand that certain topics may be offensive to others, but any topic is debatable if done in a cordial manner. Although we are a debate site please do not consider using this site as your own personal soapbox. Sharing of information, opinions and ideas are constructive, also encouraged. Consistent rants are NOT.

Refrain from the use of 'all caps' when commenting. It deserves no more or less attention than any other comment. It is grandstanding and it will be removed.

There are those out in internet land that choose to be disruptive. That does not make them professional trolls or shills, so we ask that those terms not be used here. Also consider that, to an amateur, being called such IS a compliment. So do not feed their ego and have patients, they will be dealt with soon enough.

We are in humanities most desperate hour. If we can't get along here, then what hope is there?

Links to pornography, advertising or spam will be immediately deleted and the poster of such will be automatically banned from this site.

Solicitation of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Any links to racist websites or the use of racist terminology is forbidden and will be removed. Consistent use will cause the poster to be banned from OWON. Use of Zionist and Zionism, as example, is NOT a racist term. It is an IDEOLOGY not a race.

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