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Chessboard Earth | Part #3 | Antichrist Mob Rules

One World of Nations
Chessboard Earth Series
23 September 2016

Trump, if choosing NOT to follow his own Jesuit College upbringing, may be able to do more to help his nation, and the world, untangle the Cabal chains of corruption choking America and world democracy. Trump has indicated he wishes to reach out to Russia and China, and to end the Cabal's military waste worldwide and to focus on America, getting his nation back to work and safety. Sometimes, Cometh the hour, Cometh the man. Frankly, after Obama and faced only with Clinton, could Trump be any worse? Clinton is totally unfit for office. It’s open season in a world of failing reason and the Treacherous Bushes reneged on The Constitution to rob the nation blind. Expect any chicanery unless stopped. We hope the true people’s votes are heard, and if Soros tampers with the counting machines he’s indicted.

We seek only True and Free Democracy for our Ally Americans! Our issues are not with Americans but the criminal Cabal and to stop the mass enslavement of nations by this devious and Soul Defiling Cult which contaminates nations across the earth, and whose mendacity knows no bounds. Beware false Prophets as Luciferian usurpers of faith.

Brzezinski is now in confused free-fall, from decades of his planning for repressive and murderous hegemony for the US to dominate humanity. He now sits, confused, neutered, as the free thinking nations have turned away from his Grandiose Cabal Plan Policies, and the might of the Tri Laterals is crumbling as old men vacate power, technology overtakes them all, and a live, robust internet calls them all to account, challenging their autocratic presumptions, belittling their status, and tearing apart the EU Continental Enslavement of nations behind their Jesuit NWO scheme of an EU and US Global Fiefdom ruled by Rome. Their Fourth Reich mind sets are facing a fast emerging Eurasia denying them and all they presume to control. See how China deals with Tibet and Religions. This in no way demeans Tibet, but shows how the Jesuits will be dealt with in Eurasia, as Eurasian powers will crush the Vatican usurpers of Souls.

We are now seeing first hand with the unplanned emergence of a vast Eurasian Mogul power, a tectonic shift in world affairs and controls. One America can no longer control, but seek only a participatory role, if even allowed that by an alienated Global power base with its own political agendas.

The defeat of the old Communist Soviet Union has led to the resurgence of a new one with now a very Powerful Chinese Ally, and a united potential hard core enemy, with a combined might fully capable of defeating America if engaged in a Global war. The dilemma now for Brzezinski is how to re-position on a new Chessboard, where the Russians are visibly now the superior Masters? Especially when facing an emerging Eurasian world with deep felt political grievances against the US, and no respect for Rome or its henchmen. Putin is Christian Orthodox and knows full well the treachery of the Kazakhs, Vatican, US / Israeli and Zionist Cabal. They see the unclean hands of the Jesuits and will deal with them once occasioned. The Gulags will bloom again.

Suddenly the Jesuits, Brzezinski, Cabal, Rothschild’s and Israelis are chasing the game. Worse, not allowed to deal a hand at the table. One where their fate will be sealed before it’s revealed. So much for the Tri Lateral and CFR Grand Chess Masters now? Power can be so presumptive and gone.

What is occurring is a Schism in the vortex of control, of the Western Alliances.

A potential vacuum in which anything is possible, but as dangerous. Time to re-contemplate history and maybe learn for once. Each time there have been power vortices, revolutions occurred, from the Russian Bolshevik overthrow of the Czars, to the rise of the Nazis, and ending of apartheid in South Africa. What follows can be ugly. When a balance of power is destabilised, competitive forces align to sequestrate power. Pursuit of power can be so ruthless and ugly. Rarely is it won by Leaders of character or compassion for humanity.

However, allow us to give you one real example of hope as how fate once played its hand in human affairs of State.

Once a truly enlightened Humanitarian Leader did emerge from a power vacuum as Nelson Mandela. He emerged from the vile, pernicious and cruel Apartheid regime, with its Neo-Nazi and brutal Afrikaner's Boer State. One no less abhorrent and sub-humane than America's own Plantation Slave Colony mentality and their disgusting Ku Klux Klan brutal repression, with mass genocide of our fellow man. Or the wilful Federal Government's mass murder of Native Americans which unleashed a vile, ruthless Federal heartless regime which still serves to this day.

Yet, we have this holier than thou public expressions of a US Cabal regime with punitive actions against other nations, as so called Democratic justification for regime changes, while according none to its own people at home. It is ending. As always, none see it coming.

Nelson, on release from Robben Island held the power of life or death over 4M White South Africans, and specifically over the deeply bigoted Afrikaners. Mandela has been imprisoned as a Marxist Bombing terrorist, womaniser, and hateful man. During c34 years inside, he was subjected to an incessant, brutal Afrikaner regime of prison brutality. His wife, Winnie, had a string of affairs while he was in jail, all reported to State Security and then to the Prison State. Among his co-peers of African radicals, he was subjected to public lurid details of his wife’s betrayals, all to humiliate and destroy hope, dignity and any self-respect among what was becoming the ANC command congregated together on Robben Island, housing Black Radical Life prisoners. His life was a non-stop vicious series of humiliations, of which similar treatment turned most other ANC prisoners into hateful extremists, committed to revenge on release. It created hardened Marxists.

Nelson changed. But, instead of a repressed and psychotic player, as he had been, left with so much time alone to contemplate his existence, so much time with nothing bar his loneliness, to evaluate the meaning of anything and everything, helped the evolution of a new African Leader of reason, humility and compassion, who in turn saved the entire nation.

Trying to reason with the Afrikaans Boer Governing Leaders, was always a vexatious battle of ignorant Neo-Nazi type mentalities with arrogant men of little intelligence. Not dissimilar to the Neocons or Bush types.

A personal experience an OWON Team member writes:

We had argued with President de Klerk as the nation faced ever greater Anti-Apartheid recrimination, that the mood internationally was changing and becoming ugly. During a private meeting one day I was accused by Defence Minister Malan, of committing Treason against his country, having been photographed by Security working bare topped, side by side with Africans, building a school for Black Children. When I revealed I was not just working with them, but I had funded it, he became apoplectic with rage. Educating the Bantu to him was Treason worth hanging. Asked how I could ever do such a thing, I simply answered, because this country is changing so fast, you can’t see the end game coming. You either share this country, or lose it. You still think you can keep it and that option has gone. You either treat your own fellow Africans as you wish to be treated yourselves, or face the lash-back when they get control, of being treated by them as you treat them now. You need to change and fast. We argued about Mandela. My case was a simple one.

He’s an old man. He reparation is long paid. If he dies in jail the country will erupt. It will be a sea of blood, yours, and they will burn down your homes, cities and towns. They will mass slaughter the lot of you in revenge. You will lose it all. It got really ugly.

Pik Botha, then Minster of Foreign Affairs, sprang to my defence. He stated, Magnus, what he speaks openly to us from the heart, is what many of us are now thinking. He stated:

"I see daily world opinion changing against so quickly. We are being viewed as Nazis. And Yes, **** just said the unthinkable. If Mandela dies the world will blockade us and arm the Blacks. Mandela is our ticking bomb and we need to take it up fast. He is only saying what many fear to say."

Mandela was released the following year. Out of that prison came a man of all people who led from the front, forgave and united the Rainbow Nation. He alone saved the lives of 4M mostly bigoted whites, and defused the anger of 40M repressed tribal blacks. Yet we Whites had treated him appallingly. When he walked through those gates to freedom, total power was his to call. 34 years of repressed anger and hate could have erupted. He held the power of life or death for all. Soul power.

From nowhere, emerged so unplanned, a Leader of deep humanitarian values, who become a Global Icon. Hope from the Spirit of man. Cometh the hour?

From the people, against all the power and repression of the State, came change. Enlightenment.

Jesuits, NWO, Vatican, New World Order,

To be free, the world needs more Mandela’s. Caring truth, with humble dignity. Leadership can come when least expected, as it then did. Often from unseen sources. Caring realists. Humble Leaders of firm conscience and integrity. We have to change religions and focus on both Ethereal values and Spiritual enlightenment. (Way too many Elites with no lights on upstairs!)

As has become Russia, post-crash, China is now also fast emerging, overtaking the US as a Global superpower. Eurasia will overtake all. Life throws curve balls. But also hope.

The UK was right to leave a corrupt, inept and failing EU. Instead it will re-emerge the Eurasian Fiscal and Culture block as Hong Kong is to China now. China and Russia will never subjugate to a plotted Vatican Jesuit Global Power and Religious Oligopoly. The Jesuits agenda is to engineer by its so well placed Gatekeepers of all power routes. The fall of America to enable them to annex its wealth and power dispossessing its people of all. This has been so long in planning. Their will to remove the Protestants and Jews. Seizing power and the asset base from an orchestrated economic collapse. A nation fueled by greed and Reality TV Sloth, is one of trapped Goldfish in a bowl, thinking the world evolves around them. Americans simply won’t wake up in quantities and react so badly to criticism. However constructive.

Until by order of command, someone breaks the Goldfish bowl of US mentality.

America's new choice of Presidential candidate will be its last as Global Leaders. So who?

A psychotic, deluded and vexatious career criminal like Clinton who will be the last desperate throw of the dice for Jesuit Power to collapse America, to profit from War in cahoots with Zio trash, or to tick the box for philandering Trump, another Jesuit Scholar in the hope the worm will turn and instead deliver America back for the nation? For sure there are no Abraham Lincoln's, or George Washington’s standing today. Nor any even visible in Washington today. The vast network of cross linked Jesuit pawns has been arranged with decades of care. A system of Tapeworms buried deep to serve the dictates of Rome!

Let us dispel this myth of America’s meritocracy as a fitting Global Leader.

In just 35 years, post Bush, the Neocon Nazis, and their cohorts in power, breached trust in all Public financing, subservient to their ugly Military Industrial Cabal, fiscally presided over by a complete Jewish/Zionist oligopoly of Fed and Treasury policies excluding all Non-Jews from key roles. How badly they have failed us all. A new President needs to cull the lot. New blood. New thinking. Zionist greed failed America. Clearly untrustworthy and unfit for such office.

This inept bunch of self-serving misfits, have driven up Public Debt from $1 Trillion to now over $35 Trillion. American Public Debt alone is over 120% of GDP. Complete Banana Republic territory.

The nation is totally insolvent yet still lives in a naive dream world of vanity, deluded of reality.

Add to that the vast off balance sheet Quad Trillions of Military / Agency and Black Operations debts, and it passed melt down a decade ago. As Deutsche Bank hobbles, ready to implode over its own unmanageable greed and Derivatives exposure, the consequential impact if imploding, will trigger a chain reaction taking down EU Banks, nations, and the US Federal Reserve with it.

In turn, Chinese industries and living standards will be hit by the consequential trade collapse, and as demand disappears, so does China's economic revolution. Each are now so intertwined. But for the European Union, its own mad Jesuit Socialist agenda unwinds as a deeply flawed Utopian madness. Who or what will be the collapse mechanism for chaos to unleash under tidal surges of illegals?

War profits many. It delays impending or long overdue Debt Redemption Obligations, and enables vast failed assets to be acquired at bargain prices. For the Jesuits, it will enable them to remove all American Protestant faith powers and to cross blame the Jews, letting havoc and hell loose for vengeful masses to wreak their wrath. Be assured, as the avowed enemy of all Jews, Jesuits will be merciless in retribution. As has been the persecution of Jews throughout Europe for Millennia. Many agendas are at work here. A mass ignorant, unenlightened public are simply not conscious of complex realities. Nations have little concept of history or cultures. Especially American Jews who ran to safety pre WW II, so have little real consciousness of Real World Retribution, when the Goyim's anger overloads to payback.

Watch Schindler's List and think. What if that Bell tolls for me? People can be so ugly. A society reaps what it sows. The Jesuits are the most ruthless, Godless, Closet Military Agency Perverts stalking the face of the earth, in pursuit of power, wealth and enslavement of humanity. Global Public Enemy Number One! Hard retribution will come via Eurasia. Exposed, they will be foreclosed. Others, SEE, and quietly prepare. There are Forces of Good in the world. Elites who do understand all, and care. Hope never dies. Souls have Guardians. One day all will be clear.

We have mass bred a crass class for the Industrial markets, and now have no use or purpose for them anymore. Redundant Slaves. Worse they vote! As the Tri Laterals and Jesuits plan Population Reduction. We no longer need the Labouring or Welfare Classes. Nor the Ghettos, or Trailer Parks. Never forget how the Jesuits assisted the Nazis deal with the Jews! That mind set prevails. Just look at the Bushes and treacherous Clinton's.

Without earned money, who is planning to feed those perceived surplus to need? Especially as those who have stolen it all have no plans to give it back.

Wild cards are appearing everywhere. Who knows now what next?

But this is for sure, War Risk is heightened right now. War helps Profiteers, and can help the Jesuits agenda to derail and enhance their agenda for the subjugation of America if activated.

There are so many potential flash points out there.

Bolt holes are big business again. Governments are preparing for Wars now in case. If Clinton is elected, 40% of all Americans who voted her in would be dead within 2 weeks of outbreak of hostilities. Lt. General Stephen Townsend, US Commander of Iraqi and Syria forces, is sabre rattling and threatening the Russian forces in Syria. That’s rich from an illegal Invader running Contractor Mercenaries, and backing Terrorism. What a senseless Flash point. As is Iraq, Korea, the China Seas, Japan v China Island claims, NATO with US funding massing on Russia’s borders, and the Missile build up surrounding Russia. Madness - All of it.

Russia is moving more of its own High Command to their Doomsday Bunker beneath Yamantau Mountain. Why? Russia has a highly intelligent, Patriotic Command. Also no cowards!

If the impending conflict is triggered, Russia and China know they have to hit first, and will.

WW III is likely to start when an Electromagnet Pulse Weapon (EMP) is detonated without warning over the US, disabling all electronic and blinding American radar as well as disabling all Power and Electrical. Coupled then with a synchronised Chinese and Russian attack on all US Satellites, and all Global US bases. A hit so mass vehement as to wipe out the US Fleets, and all missile plus Military bases worldwide. NATO will be gone in 10 minutes. All to be followed by the multi tiers of missiles taking down everything within 200 miles of the US coast within 5 minutes from Sub attacks on both coasts, followed just 2 to 3 minutes later hitting all inner bases and cities. After first blinding the US a truly vast array of ICBM’s, many multi directional warheads, will start arriving and breaking into designed cluster attacks on all key US targets. Just 30 minutes later expect the giant Russian and Chinese bombers followed by hardened, fit and fanatical Paras and Russian Special forces. By that point it is likely that 90% of all US forces in the mainland will be dead or wounded. With no phones, electric, water, cars or ATM’s how will the survivors cope. Any remaining stores will be looted in hours and emptied. Calling Emergency Services, with what? Any surviving will be armed and searching for their own families. If this breaks, it will all get so ugly. This will not be for Hollywood heroes. Electing Clinton walks the world towards Armageddon. Again, more cards for the Jesuits pack. Gaming the world and their power play unfolds.

Are we now reaching the stage where the big Dogs prepare to fight? As always, 2 dogs cannot live from a meal for one. Unless each learns to share, and power share. As with the IMF, where China has forced its way and its will to become Deputy MD, likely to go to full MD if Lagarde is jailed for French Fraud in a blatant and ugly case now playing out. How will China react when it really sees the books? Again, another tool of US Hegemony being pried free of control.

How the mighty are in free fall when the G20 Leaders, bar Americans, are treated to a welcoming Chinese Red Carpet, but bare concrete for America's Obama. A Diplomatic snub message. Power is changing. As power has corrupted Washington, what now? Where now?

As South Africa emerged from isolation with its own new Rainbow Nation, what is the new ideology for Hemisphere polarisations, as Eurasia emerges, with a potential GDP mass market 10 times larger than the US, its own newly emerging Fiscal markets and currencies, its Joint Russian / Chinese mutual Defence pacts, and its own RMB Gold backed currencies and BRICS conglomerates diversifying away from America. As what point with declining take up of US Treasury Bills, does the US founder, unable to redeem its oncoming debts? Rome waits like a Praying Mantis.

Has 400 years of Jesuit stealth and guile floundered, faced now with an emerging Eurasia where Russian Orthodox Christianity and Chinese Atheism combined presents an unforeseen impasse for Vatican influence and power?

This is an epoch moment for America's new election of a Presidency. Clinton survives only because its Agency controlled media subverts truth and justice, giving a grossly unfair betrayal of truth and a false portrayal of Clinton. But the public masses are becoming ever more aware of the failures in the Beltway Political hierarchies, and following the British voting revolutions, removing the Labour / Democrats and Liberals from power, followed by rejecting the ruling party’s recommendation to stay and voting instead BREXIT, has effectively unleashed a voting rejection of the old party lines.

In turn, this soon to be followed by Merkel’s own demise in Germany, may just trigger the disintegration of the European Union, and the Jesuit / CIA Knights of Malta attempts to corral the Sheeple into a singular controllable block ready for a singular authoritarian religion (Theirs) and a singular (Unelected) World Government (Their - NWO), as has always been the developing end game plan. But as with Brexit, it’s the curve balls which catch them out. They thought they had it contained, and would offer a public referendum they could contain, but the thinking masses rebelled. Political careers were lost overnight in London. What a night of the Long Knives as all the Preppie Boy set were dispatched, and a new Non-Catholic non-KM Leader was elected, who swept out the compromised old guard over 2 days. None knew what had hit them. From Hero to Zero and to walk the lonely Streets in a heartbeat. Karma!

If Merkel is defeated, what then for this ragbag of failed EU nations, their escalating debts and the Euro? Another CIA SNAFU? If the EU and Euro goes, so does the US Fed and Wall Street. Does Wall Street then become the Cabal's Wailing Wall? Empires end. Eurasia has no need for DC or Wall Street. As Eurasia emerges, there is no Cabal role or room. London needs to think the Long Game.

The UK has now gone Global, back to its roots. Global trade and Global Merchant Banking relationships. As Hong Kong became the Fiscal gateway to China, so the UK must be the gateway to World Finance and a Cultural safe haven for all. A safe hands Diplomatic and Trusted Fiscal centre, with growing Industrial trading relationships, independent of TPP Washington vested interest lock ins. The UK will think Eurasia, no longer a DC platform into Europe but a proud old nation with integrity and good standing serving the Global communities with the world as its Oyster.

But, as all is falling or failing, what now for the long held Jesuits power game? As the curved balls are coming, what if the Jesuits and Cabal find soon two are their own? Who catches them first? How do we deal with this human pestilence?



  1. With an open mind, and an understanding of what's really in play out there,be clear, without any of your knowledge or support, this IS the real world today! In whose name?

  2. John,

    Thank you: that was a hard-hitting article. When fighting a war, one must know who is the real enemy.

  3. Heavens to Betsy!

    John, Canauzzie and the OWoN team, I sincerely thank each of you for your time and personal contribution to produce the content of this article and present it to us as you have. It's a mighty effort and one I am most grateful for.

    This certainly is a rather sticky situation we currently find ourselves in, as you have outlined. Where will it all end and turn around in the desired direction? I personally am not sure in this moment but do hope that common sense prevails and that humanity is given a chance to learn and shine once again.

    This reality, as described in this article is actually rather earth shaking to contemplate. But again, I thank all who contributed to this release for sharing their wisdom and knowledge and offering myself and others an opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding of the world we reside in. As ugly as it is, we all need to understand what we are facing.

    Thank you.

    1. I am most certainly eagerly awaiting 4 John.
      Hope you enjoy a wonderful day.

  4. Thanks John & Canauzzie another hard hitting in your face fact based article. Well done

  5. The Jesuits are not the avowed enemies of Jews. To be precise: Jesuits are Talmudists. Pietro Leoni/Pierleoni as a Jew was the greatest Venetian power of his time ('the merchant of Venice), the head of Satanism and he created (and owned) the Holy See itself by means of a strategic alliance with the priesthood of Cybele in Rome. Later deals to monopolise the lending of money into the hands of the Jews were made by this same Holy See and the House of Habsburg.

    In the past I was of the opinion that the Jesuits would use Jews as a means to an end, but a better understanding of historical context shows that it is actually the opposite. The in Venice ordained Jesuit order will bow to the Talmudists. The entire Catholic faith will be molded into a new tool for their use and with it also the Jesuit Order. The Catholic faith is no longer of use to them except in the form of pitting it against Islam. Only Jews benefit from such a conflict. The highest Rabbi in Israel also stated that non-Jews only exist to serve Jews. Do people expect to be able to work together with such a tribal group that only cares about their own? This form of exceptionalism is not compatible with any other group of people. It must be quarantined or removed altogether.

    Research into early history shows that those who became the followers of the Judaic faith made an agreement of sorts with one of duality's deities. There was as conceived in that time only the Father of Greatness who ruled over Heaven and the Father of Darkness who ruled over the Underworld and Earth. This group which would become the Jews made a pact with the Father of Darkness: They would serve him and in return they would rule over the Earth. Do people now understand why Jewish rabbis state that non-Jews only exist to serve Jews?

    Talmudists are the greatest threat this planet faces and alliances with ALL other groups are warranted to overcome this threat until the exceptionalism and systematic scheming against all other groups is permanently gone. Christianity has been hijacked as it would never go along with population reduction programs according to its true teachings. The word God is derived from Gad/Gadan which is the Father of Darkness, the demon responsible for the raping and pillaging of souls. Carolingian Christianity used the word 'Jehova' instead of God and the truly early Christians used Alpha & Omega. The word 'God' has no place in this world unless black is white and white is black.

    1. As far as I am concerned Talmudists serve Gadan and the Djinn which seek the destruction of this planet. Whilst I personally do not subscribe to this, I know that many powerful individuals do. For me, it seems to be merely a means to and end. Venetians and anti-Venetians alike seek to understand how the minds of men are controlled and directed. One for evil and the other for good. Such entities seem to me to have a direct connection with the art of hypnosis and self-hypnosis....the communication between the consciousness and sub-consciousness. Those adept at it by choice can create their own reality, whilst those subjected to circumstances created by others can be molded into the alternate realities devised by their architects.

    2. Hello Saturnalia,
      Thank you for sharing what you have above. I very much enjoyed reading that information and being given the opportunity to view this subject from your perspective.

    3. Hard to see how the Jesuits can achieve their declared goal of re establishing the future Jesuit HQ on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with Jewish approval? Not on my life will be the Jewish response. Precisely!
      Or to reconcile Klovenhoofs last decade of establishing and directing deep cover insurrection cells via Lebanon,the Bekhar Valley groups and other CIA clandestine operations serving Romes end game, while a new Black Pope is the official face concealing what is really in play behind.
      Lift the layers, read the game play.

    4. Not really. At the highest levels the Jesuits serve very very select elite Talmudists and Jesuits are Talmudists/Luciferians. For example: Jesuits controlled and directed the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and conveniently all those Scottish Freemasons are redirected to rebuild the Temple Mount as Freemasonry is nothing without its philosophy that revolves around the Temple Mount without realising that that is exactly what Jews want and thereby they do the bidding of the Talmudists.

      Jesuits are not real Christians and never have been. The consider themselves to be the revived Knight Templar. They have waited a very very long time to complete the destruction of the Vatican as revenge and apparently the honours to do so are conveniently given to a Jesuit Pope. The original meaning of a Jesuit according to very old dictionaries is an individual who deceives. Jesuits have always blended into societies to infiltrate and take control....whether it concerns sending missionaries to the furthest outposts of the planet or consolidating power in long established and advanced societies. They do not care about any role they have to play and Talmudism suits them well as it hardly has any rules. Practically everything immoral is condoned by Talmudists.

      Jesuits (as an organisation) are expendable in the grand scheme of things (at this point in time). Talmudism in its entirety is not expendable in the same grand scheme of things and that is why a fake Jesuit vs Jew narrative arises at this point in time. I was deceived as well by this narrative. Plans have already been created to morph Catholicism into a new religion which will be more 'inclusive' thus allowing those of a multitude of religion streams to join, but especially Islam. Many high ranking Vatican officials are already studying the Islam, so that such a transition can be made and what difference does it make? All high ranking Muslims are Freemasons....its all just more of the same pretending to be different. Blueprints have been created already for a 'Vatican 2' in Palestrina (not far from the current Vatican).

      If the Jesuits were truly against the Jews, they would have kept the texts of Christians from previous ages in circulation as most of the time those Christians had nothing good to say about Jews.....they called it the Synagogue of Satan. At present many deluded Christians call them God's Chosen People...Gadan's Chosen People they certainly are, but that is nothing to be happy about. A structural belief in exceptionalism in any group has no place on this planet....they will never stop plotting and scheming.

      Did you know that Russia has started to ban all porn? Guess who the main promoters are of porn? Porn only leads to dysfunctional societies. Hackers also recently uncovered that numerous western athletes were allowed to use all kinds of drugs by the WADA and many of them have won medals. Double standards upon double standards. Talmudists who took control of Russia and made it into the Soviet Union killed 66 million Christians and that is without taking into account the damage they have inflicted upon the Middle East and other continents of the world. At some point enough is enough. It is not compatible with the rest of the world. If that hurts Great Britain as the greatest centre of Talmudism of the world (greater than Israel), than so be it. Until Great Britain is interested in doing that, it will be known only as the greatest pirate cove of the of which Blackbeard would have been proud with the Livery Companies of the City of London (Masonic lodges) which seek to dominate everything on the planet.

      The proof is in the pudding. Nothing is being done by Great Britain or the City of London against derivatives or even better central banking or even better than that: the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system.

    5. According to my information the whole topic of the Djinn is also Talmudic in essence. I do not doubt that anyone would contest that the topic originates from the Middle East, but as far as I am concerned it originated from Talmudists and not Arabs as commonly believed.

      As I have previously stated a lot of Dutch criminal words have Jewish origins. Why is that if not for such parties having a considerable presence in illegal acts? I would not be surprised to see the same patterns across other languages as well.

      Recently also an article came out which indicated that Boris Johnson only took the pro-Brexit stance as he hoped the Brexit would fail and thereby denoting he serves the Bullingdon Club well:

    6. Saturnalia,
      Absolutely love your history lessons! Have you ever speculated on what knowledge might be hidden in Vatican Library that's closed to 'outsiders'?

      Was curious about your 'handle'~~Saturnalia~~so looked it up. Fascinating! Perhaps I should change mine to 'Sigillaria' since I love to give little gifts and it coincides with my do you think?

  6. 1. The extensive Jesuit support and active participation in the merciless rounding up and deportation of poor innocent Jews to the extermination camps is indicative of the Jesuit ethos to Jews. As indeed was Soros's!
    2. Nazi relationships at the highest levels with the Jesuits and cooperative policies to exterminate the Jews again show the heinous complicity at work. Real humans died!
    3. Kolvenbacks Clandestine role for the last few years with cross CIA support in the Middle East, why did a Jesuit Black Pope step aside and for what? No Jesuit Superior ever does that unless the scale of game play is so enormous it needs him hands on but out of sight, and that goes back to his Lebanese hiding base.
    4. The Vatican KTs are NOT KTs but treacherous Hospitalier trash and Traitors. Denied the order, they took the name after the Vatican betrayal of the Order and the botched attempt to seize the Gold. Richard the Lionheart's Crown Protector families were Anglicised and in England at the time, the same way the Bush Nazis shapeshifted into America.
    The name they can have, access, never.

    Brexit was a revolt of the people. Boris folded, gutless. Democracy won.

    Yes the UK has its issues with the evolution of Rome, and the Masonic lodges.
    Do not accord them too much credit, far greater forces are in play. Now is not the time to debate it. Nor are the Russians or Chinese going to allow Jesuit and other plans, just see how it all unfolds.

    Putin is carefully distancing the Kazakhs, look at how he asset strips and jails the Oligarchs.
    Just watch Eurasia and see how that evolves. Next weeks World Court issues via The Hague will be interesting re Chinese redemptions reneged on by the Fed and US Banks.
    WF and Yellen are facing a world of hurt as China tightens the noose.

    Eurasia will deal with them all in time. The antidotes are in play evolving right now.

    1. Perhaps it isn't well known that Hitler had numerous exchanges with Chaim Weitzman and Theodor Herzl, founders of Israel, and that they had achieved an understanding wherein Hitler would persecute the Jews, or at least appear to do so, to scare them all into moving to Israel because Herzl and Weitzman were adamant that a modern Jewish state had to exist to give the Jews scattered all over the world a sense of unity. Several states in the 1930s had offered to take the Jews from Germany because Hitler really did want them out to prevent what had happened in Russia under the revolution. Afghanistan and Kazakhstan offered them safe haven, but Herzl and Weitzman said no to the deal. They told Hitler that there were plenty of them and they could afford to lose a few in the interests of national unity; Israel had to happen. A portion of the confiscated wealth of holocaust Jews throughout Europe went to the nascent state of Israel. George Soros stripped bodies of his brethren during the war for his own gain. The Ashkenazi wing of the tribe disdains the Sephardim ( from north Africa and Spain) and they both hold weaker ( read less cooperative or ignorant ) Jews in contempt and do not care what happens to them.
      The Jews are at the top of the food chain and the Jesuits are complicit, but it must be understood that the truly powerful make a very small group along with the top layer of the Freemasonry and it is Satanic. Everyone beneath them is quite dispensable whether they know it or not. Mossad has a network of spies called Sayanim who are recruited from relatively successful Jews, obligated to report anything and everything that might be important to the global crime syndicate or the spies will suffer; tax problems, untimely deaths, incidents with the police, organized crime, fires, accidents, etc. This is how they operate now. The Jesuits are most obvious in their infiltration of the legal system which they share with the Talmudists across the country. The Freemasonry binds the police forces, firemen, security teams and other essential services into a secret mutual support society whose members have no idea what goes on at the top levels.
      This is where we are. The eradication of the Talmudists and the Jesuits is key to the transformation of the planet. I don't really believe that most average Jewish people, and especially not the women, have the slightest idea what's going on, they just follow rabbinical orders.

    2. Sorry about the long paragraph, should have broken it up but I was on a roll.

  7. Another brilliant article. Thanks John and team for all your efforts. Thanks also for the history lesson Saturnalia....all so fascinating.

  8. The Jesuits worked together with Sabbatean Frankists in Nazi Germany during WWII and these Sabbatean Frankists consider themselves to be Jewish. The target of the Talmudists/Sabbatean Frankists/Zionists were select Torah Jews who believed Jews would only be allowed to have a country after their Messiah has arisen, whilst the others seek not only a country before their Messiah has arisen, but complete control over anything and everything on the face of this planet. All in all I do not believe the Jewish concentration camp population topped 10-15% of the total....maybe it is time to put things in perspective instead of propagating information that makes it seem as if this group is the only one that suffers. Does that other 85-90% not matter at all or only in the minds of those Jews who publicly state that non-Jews only exist to serve Jews? History is always written by the victors, but when the victors before the losers history will start to reflect more accurately what truly transpired. Zyklon-B was used to contain the spread of diseases which kills a lot of people during war and diseases can often kill more people than the direct effects of weapons of war can and there are historical statistics to support this. A lot of the 'extermination pictures' with piles of human bodies are typhus victims.

    1. Unfortunately i have met extermination camp victims of the time. The testimony of these men and women must take precedence over the textbooks. We have the direct testimony in written, verbal and film form at the Nuremberg trials. This too must take precedence. It was extermination. We have Reich officials that in the Reich written record refer to the killing by gassing, and same at Nuremberg trials. The best estimate to date on the proportion of Jews killed is a bound between 24% and 42%. So yes, the Jewish wailing has drown out the actual majority of victims, but their dead should not be callously minimized. The Reich's written records clearly differentiate death/extermination camps and regular concentration camps, the latter in Germany the former in Poland and Austria. The chemistry of ZyklonB is at odds with infection control you claim, since hydrogen cyanide is useless outside of fumigation purposes. It was used to kill. We are 70 years out and can be dispassionate. The Jews have suffered most for their exclusion and supremacy views. You would think they would get a clue, but the disease power and maintenance of power affects all. Sociopaths at the top everywhere spouting absurd metaphors of culling herds, undesirables and supremacy over goyim. Sad world.

    2. 1) The textbooks and testimonies align, but then again you have to understand that Jews are a tribal people like most in the Middle East. They generally do what advances their tribe and if that includes lies, so be it. Some of them even have admitted that all their holocaust stories were made up on their death beds.
      2) I find it remarkable that there are all these experts on WWII and yet not one of them cared to explain that Auschwitz's main purpose was to enrich uranium. Why did nobody bother to tell?
      3) Zyklon B as you state yourself is for fumigation purposes. Fleas, mites, louses and ticks can all transmit typhus, so to avoid this the clothes need to be fumigated along with sanitary measures which would include showers. Just google for something like 'typhus outbreak pictures' or look at point 9 at the following link:

      To bring a more real time scenario to the forefront: At this moment in Aleppo, Syria 1.75 million people do not have access to water any longer which dramatically increases the chance of the outbreak of terrible diseases.
      4) What makes you think that the Nuremberg trials have more credibility than Hillary Clinton's recent 'emailgate' trial? Facts obviously do not mean much at this point in time and I go back at least 2000 years with examples where facts also did not mean much at those points in time. There really is nothing new under the sun, but people often hope there is.

      There is a wealth of information that denotes how distorted the official story is (in general). If you take everything at face value you will be taken for a roller coaster ride by the best intelligence agents and propaganda artists the Venetian Empire has at its disposal. Why? This moment in history denotes one of the greatest global transfers of wealth. For every twenty stories disseminated only one is true at most. The best information cannot be acquired easily if it can be acquired at all. I have been lied to enough by intelligence officers of all kinds, threatened, harassed or what concerns me more: they have been wasting my time with trivialities and dead ends. There is not a single public internet platform that has not been infiltrated by hostile intelligence operatives (if it at least attempts to put out worthwhile information). I do not make such statements lightly. I state such because I expect that a lot of people on most internet platforms including this one do not yet have what it takes to discern the propaganda disseminated by the Venetian Empire's top intelligence operatives. Experience is often the best way to learn, but unfortunately that means being deceived numerous times before acquiring the necessary skills. That is not meant in a bad way....I learned much the hard way too.

    3. I have been talking mostly about typhus, but typhoid,tuberculosis and dysentery were other very common causes of death during WWII. Many of these deaths are allocated to the 'extermination by the Nazis' narrative, but that does not make it historically accurate.

    4. Auschwitz. 1.3 MM dead. Yes or No? If yes, that is over 1000 dead per day per 3 annum to allegedly process uranium. Uh no. Not a ghost of a chance in hell. Processing uranium in that day and age required a complicated fluoride diffusion process that not one single internment camp victim would have had the ability to perform, even as a trained monkey. Which means IG Farben, the only likely industrial concern capable at the time, would have had its own facility and people AND would have been insulated from the camp for the very disease reasons you talk about. So, let's talk disease - Even the most incompetent could have stopped any disease in progress -- so no, they didn't because it WAS an extermination camp. Could the camp have been a cover for u238 processing on top of that? I have no doubts. Having seeing the massive underground complexes of the Nazis on the Spanish coast I give them extreme credit in being able to hide matters. Peace. I am not on the inside of anything and fell thru the curtain by accident.

      My only beef with the so-called Elite is that many groups HAD to have known what the Jesuits and NWO crowd were up to, and made common cause with them. Only when WH48 in its redacted form circulated that they realized they wouldn't be on top, did matters take left turns. (Hopefully not misquoting John on the latter.) And still they all co-operate because they are stuck in the same system. The parasite(s) have all but killed the host, and now they labor under the fantasy that they can create a neo-feudal system of technocracy and biologic immortality. Good luck with that. Once even a fraction get a clue, and they will because of the lateral comm aspects of the Internet, the French Revolution will look like a picnic by comparison.

    5. You'd be surprised who is on which side of this global war when the dust has settled.

    6. If I'm alive to be surprised, I will greet the moment with candor and honesty!!!

  9. Saturnalia- Thank you so much for confirming with facts what people fail to see, including myself. I've been trying for some time now to figure out who is on top and who is being used. I was falling into the trap of seeing the Talmudists among the used but you've straightened me out. I agree, they are THE most dangerous group on the planet. There is a problem though, many muslims are in fact crypto-talmudists as the line between the 2 is quite blurry and Islam has been seen as the refuge of the Khazars since its inception. The Saudi Royal family is crypto, many terorists are crypto. It's a seriously psychologically damaged strain. Are there decent and true Jews, perhaps, but I'm convinced now that many are complicit if only out fear for their lives. Mossad has established a whole network of informants called SAYANIM who are required to report on anything important in the economic, corporate, technological world. You can't really refuse, although it seems in retirement they might leave you alone. Mossad will threaten your family, job, income tax status, everything and because of their control over the US government they can do whatever they want. I'm hoping Russia and China come through because they are our only hope. There is some support for a segment of the Pentagon to be sort of pro-Russia, at least to avoid WW3- which we cannot win it seems. Trump's leaning towards Putin and China is encouraging and maybe he will turn on his Zionist handlers, notably Sheldon Adelson, but his kids are all married into that mob and his sexual preferences would lead one to think otherwise. Besides, he was practically on his knees to AIPAC. I have read that China is being overrun with Zionists, has anyone else read likewise? Frightening news if true.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, DOUTEUX55! The Mossad is indeed a dangerous entity, but it has been created (just like the OSS which became the CIA) by the British Secret Intelligence Service. The Livery Companies of the City of London were the major power behind the intelligence agencies and this is embodied well in the form of John Dee who was Elizabeth I's magician (and alchemist) and top intelligence operative. The stories of James Bond in a way are derived from John Dee who was an agent of the Worshipful Company of Mercers...the most powerful Livery Company of the City of London. The British Secret Intelligence Service itself is a continuum of the Venetian Consiglio dei Diece which was Venice's intelligence agency. Venice itself had its origins in Samaria.

      I think that you might appreciate the following passage of the book Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli (a Talmudist of exceptional skill) as it has significant truth inbetween the lines about the power of Venice:

      The only other power that is not mentioned but very relevant is Pisa, the great ally and once most powerful in all of Europe until European powers united and formed the League of Cambrai and destroyed Pisa in 1509 and almost destroyed Venice. Venice recovered and took over everything together with the remnants of Pisa which became a spiritual empire of sorts.

    2. All this Brit power, and poor Mungo, Cameron's elder brother, as Head of a London Lodge, still could not save his brothers butt as PM, or swing the Brexit vote.

      NO POWER!

      Way too many presumptions are made of London's illusionary power in this respect.
      The danger of over reading history, is it's all dead men's shoes and failed Empires. SIS couldn't even get it right over the WMD's and got mugged by a Political mentally deranged Drunk like Alistair Campbell,so a million died for these clowns and Bush. Its all a holligan's charger of misfits.

      If ONLY such power were real, we would milk it. For sure!
      London is living proof we still can mug most people most of the time. So lets use it or lose it when they wake up to truth.

      Those outside looking in see Ceremonial duties as power.

      In truth, it's just a bunch of silly old men in drag, posing before a ceremonial old Monarch, who is bemused by the absurdity of it all. Note, one who had she failed to move her butt to London over Diana, was in serious and real danger of a Public demand for a Referendum and she would have been gone. The lot out. So much for power.

      She was told, politely, move your arse back to London and fly that flag for Diana for that complete F Up of a son of yours, or it's off to get a real job for the lot of you. Office cleaning with that bunch of sad limp wristers? Good for what?

      As regards Phantom Moguls among the Livery lackeys, most could not even wipe their own Butts in the Can alone if the light went out.
      I sit among most and they are befuddled old men. Michael Fitzpatricks and Patrick Fitzmichaels!!! Seriously, most are Muppets posing with wives well past a retread need.

      History is about dead people, and as for Masonic secrets, really? Sure they can pull a few strokes, but it's small chump change.
      Real power is hidden, and your not even close via most Blogs. Look at the dreadful mess most have made. Lodge Masters? Master Bators most of them.

    3. We live in a world of illusions with all the fiat currency around. The greatest financial centre in the world builds the greatest illusions of them all and that still happens to be the City of London. Words mean very little, actions lay bare the most as we have seen repeatedly there has been zero action against derivatives, zero action against the Cestui Que Vie Global Slavery system, zero action against central banking and the anti-Russian and anti-Syrian propaganda in main stream media is also still in full swing together with its economy crippling trade embargoes, whilst supposedly caring about the Syrian people and simultaneously Saudi Arabia is supplied with US and UK weapons to commit genocide against the people of Yemen. Statements that the world works differently mean little when no real alternative is provided. If I am not mistaken a while ago you talked about having disbanded the Committee of 300 with the Queen at its head and now in the previous report the Jesuits run the Committee of 300 all of a sudden. One moment an individual like the Queen is merely a ceremonial head and the other moment it becomes apparent she has the power to veto the implementation of new laws or even can unseat the Australian government if she wanted to for example. Of course there are those families which are more much powerful than those who are public and have ceremonial duties such as Monarchs. I am not contesting the fact that select invisible parties are far more powerful than those who are visible....that is the inherent in the nature of power. All of it does not change the fact that this Venetian/Genoese scheming has gone on for hundreds of years and it has not stopped yet regardless of any assurances to the contrary. Bad things happen, because that is the way powerful parties want it to has nothing to do with incompetence. Power depends on deception. The more people who can be deceived, the greater the power that can be maintained.

      If in the near future a terrorist attack hits the UK with odds of it being London and odds of it involving a chemical component, I would not blame it on incompetence of intelligence agencies or any other group. It is merely a matter of reading the signs.

    4. Yes, I have read about Disraeli and all the wonderful service he gave the Reptilian queen. Apparently many of his books were rather revealing about the Talmudist approach to ultimate power. I shall get my hands on them. Michael Hofman has written extensively on both Disraeli and John Dee. He's a one man holy war on the Talmudists and apparently working on a book about how everything went sideways during the Renaissance. He concurs that it all happened in Italy with the help of Kabbalists.

    5. I have not studied the work of Michael Hofman, but he sounds like a wise man. The Renaissance is indeed not what people think it is. It was an age in which the advancement of mankind was vehemently suppressed and Venice played a critical role in it.

  10. Today's reality is the emergence of a new Russian /Chinese alliance, their agendas,and the unstoppable coming Eurasian alliances. How the UK, now the clear world leading Financial city because of its simply more sophisticated dealing facilities than others,its historical Global cultural relations, and its time zone advantages for trading, can adjust and create a full new Global base divorced from the EU post Brexit. Fail that, the Island is doomed. Succeed and anything is possible.

    Nothing will be achieved by stuffy old men in fancy costumes, or Peerage Titles. There is no Venitian control. It means Brits with vision, sailing forth and building new relationships with the emerging Third World, China and Russia. It means cutting the intrusive links with the US, their completely fabricated BS, their Patriot act, and Fed nonsense. It means Britain rebuilding as the Global Financial Cultural City to Eurasia and the world.

    None of this will be fantasy hierarchies or illusory religious entities.

    It will be the simple drive, vision and determination of switched on Brits with the ability to become the new Tai Pans to Eurasia and help the Teutonic nation elements of the EU recover.

    Political power in the Uk is very limited. Voters see to that.

    A new nation needs to emerge.One with Global vision and the intellect to create vast capital based platforms able to enhance Eurasia and build cohesion between nations.

    Is it coincidence that the largest Gold and currency fortunes in the world are all in current detailed and deep discussions with London, beating hands down all Geo Political opposition?

    It means being able to discuss cosmic consciousness, Soul meaning and values,the true reality of ethereal beings and power with a nations Temple Head, and emerge with mutual respect and enlightened affinity. It means showing we are more, but seek to do more and to raise true awareness of being. It means giving them the confidence to look forward at a new cooperative relationship of mutual trust and an agenda to help humanity.
    It means respecting their cultures,and discussing together, true affinity of what can be achieved by mutual cooperation.

    But what it also means, is Brits showing what better way is possible by Gold backing alternative new major currencies, creating our own new Gold backed RMB Bank Trading Platforms, smashing the Fed dependency and corruption,ending Cabal alliances, and working together to use the vast potential, profits for new Infrastructure to create transportation highways, creating trade not wars.Creating wealth to feed all. Funding new education policies and real Global new age true awareness schools. Helping the old and poor. Restoring cultures and family values. Having Community banks to serve the people. Funding homes. Funding real needs.

    It means opening the real hearts and minds of nations, seeing past the BS and hype, ending Crock false religions, but opening minds to true Cosmic enlightenment and empowerment. Exposing truth. Letting minds free. Raising true awareness not cutting foreskins off our boy children like F Neanderthals, or forcing arranged CULT marriages, or false Crock Religions cross sector hatred. Wars between religions, WTF???? Tens of millions have died for this complete shit and the Vatican sat supreme. .
    All this pseudo childlike miss tracked failed religious crap, who cares? It has brought us nothing. Just Jesuits,Zionists, ISIS, the Inquisition, false indoctrinations and blanketing truth. Man is so much more.Lets the Souls free to grow. Expand real consciousness. Now THAT has the real lead right now. But is has to come from within, not speech writers, or Political Shapeshifters. They see right through street hustlers. Awareness shows.
    New power will be unlocking and enlightening for the people who they are, and what they can become by free choice. Opening minds and awareness. So far, London one,False Gods zero. City Liveries not invited. Souls lead it seems. United minds. No more enslaved minds. It starts there.

    1. So how does London score a point against false Gods when considering what Justin Welby as Head of the Church of England states today as can be in read in the following article called 'Christianity to blame for ‘deeply entrenched anti-Semitism,’ says archbishop':

      Mansion House of the City of London is Venetian in architecture. Westminster Abbey is owned by the Franciscans of Venice who are the sovereign power of Thorney Island upon which it is built and where kings and queens are appointed. The Church of England supports Zionists/Talmudists and Freemasonry itself is but a support pillar of Talmudism. To score points a lot still needs to be done, but that is rather difficult as the infrastructure to do so is lacking. Venice never was Christian, but merely a Talmudist outpost seeking to infiltrate Christianity. The Venetians brought misdirected and deceived crusader armies (from France,etc.) with the ships of Venice to Constantinople to besiege it during the fourth crusade. They brought about Protestantism and the Jesuit Order when they lost control of the Catholic Church. The real question is what they will do now that they are called out for what they are having infiltrated Christianity and integrated themselves in the backbone of Western civilization via secret societies such as Freemasonry and the very ruling structure of Western civilization itself.

    2. So were the Venetians essentially crypto-talmudists ( i.e. pretending to be Christians)? Explains a lot. What about the other Italian city states- Genoa, Pisa- again cryptos- and Amalfi ( which missed the boat but did try )

    3. Most of those states were at constant war with each other. Pisa took out Amalfi (but its symbol lives on in the form of the Knights of Malta) and Pisa got 'physically' taken out when Genoa brought in the Habsburgs and the League of Cambrai was formed to fight against Pisa and Venice. Pisa lived on spiritually and its leaders became the advisors of kings and queens all across Europe and some in time became rulers themselves once again. Genoa and Venice fought for hundreds of years against each other until they ultimately decided to join forces and that was certainly a very powerful alliance. As far as I am concerned Genoa did not have a significant Talmudist presence, but when it aligned with Venice it all became one and thus it embraced Talmudism along with it. The remnants of Pisa along with Genoa and Venice made Great Britain their new base of operations and it still is contrary to talk which alleges otherwise.

  11. Saturnalia

    1.Welby is a limp wrist Muppet, Of no consequence. The C of E can't even get a 2% congregation here. People are just no longer following that shite any more. Child molesting Vicars and Priests have killed it all. Virgin Births, a non existent Bethlehem at the time, moving stones, wine and fishes mass appearing, walking on water. Yeh- Right! Did they have Spliffs then? Fables and man created BS!
    2.Most Churches have either been sold off for Offices, or homes. There simply is no demand or need for them. Most Brits only attend churches for Weddings or Funerals or Christenings. Even kids throw tantrums rather than be dragged to them. The C of E seems to be a Closet game, and live off land holdings plus investments.
    3.Catholicism limps along via the Schools,but with Pervs and Pedo problems that's under review.
    5. The Mansion House is used mainly for Conferences or Banquets.

    Religion is long gone for most Brits. Complete yawn territory. Zero credibility.Silly old men in frocks!

    Look at the mass murders caused by Talmudists in Russia. They waste their time here.
    It's all obsolete and irrelevant. Chants, misguided ramblings and false idols.
    But it always has been. Which is why, as Eurasia emerges, we will have the lot out. Including seizing of all their lands and holdings to be returned to the nations.

    The heat is coming on Masonry now. It's been an open door for Police and Bankers, but now we are looking hard at membership and why. Also a it's been a business and Justice rigging Club which is being stopped. Judges got too bloody close to other Masons and guilty buggers walked. That is now watched.

    As we process new Barristers through the Temple Church for their Templer Oath,we do warn them, stay away from the Lodges or else! The Temple lodge is enough. And different!

    The Queens attendance is symbolic. I told you she's bemused by all of it. A lot of silly old men wearing aprons and using secret handshakes and signs. Surely a simple 2 fingered sign is enough for all of them?

    Truly, you accord them far more credibility that is deserved. There's something not quite right about men in Aprons, with a rolled up trouser leg making secret signs. Nothing a good kick up the arse can't put right. Lol.

    We are slowly sorting them. It's a high tech revolution now and life values have changed. People can see it's all been a crock and shun it. Lodges are publicly recruiting now as numbers drop fast. No one wants to be a grown up Boy Scout in an Apron. The public has grown up. Belief patterns now are based on what's credible. IT and the Net has opened minds. They think for themselves.
    Even young Muslim kids are now revolting. Well, we won't go into that, Lol.

  12. GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Part iii – UK Lambs to the slaughter
    October 12, 2016

    Published on Oct 12, 2016
    I'm close to blowing a gasket because I know WW III is on the cards & as each day passes, we're moving inexorably closer to it & IT'S ALL BASED ON LIES! Ages ago I said Zionists want to push America & Europe into a war against Russia for this is the only way they can eventually establish the one world government they crave. This is precisely what is occurring. Here's my take on how the UK is being led into a confrontation that can only result in our annihilation.

    Yet even though the UK public opposed direct military intervention in Syria & our MP's voted accordingly, we now see our treacherous politicians saying we should have boots on the ground & our air-force should shoot down Russian planes. This effectively means we are heading for war with Russia! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO PUT 2 +2 TOGETHER, SO AS TO REALISE OUR POLITICIANS ARE BOUGHT & PAID FOR? Every single person in the UK should be up in arms about this.

    We had it with the 9/11 cover up; then we had the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith with Iraq's imaginary WMD's; then we had the baloney of bringing democracy to Libya followed by the bullshit of ISIS. We've had a plethora of Mossad false flags with the media dutifully riding shotgun. Now we're being pounded with totally fabricated Zionist garbage regarding Russia. The liars are lying again! It's the same old formula except this time we are lambs being led to the slaughter!

    His blog with links, much known by us on OWON:


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