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Current State of Affairs | 17 March 2016 | The Silver Bullet for Romney and the Hilderbeast!

The Silver Bullet for Romney and the Hilderbeast!

One World of Nations
Current State of Affairs
17 March 2016

Hidden away from the US media is a bombshell which can take down Bush, Clinton, Romney, Biden and Michael Herzog at last.

Joseph Birch, one of Herzog's money launders in London, was arrested for his own Fraud offences and for receiving transfers from co-Conspirators in the US. His wife also was arrested and is on trial with Birch for Fraud.

Here is where it gets interesting. Birch’s US co-conspirator is looking at 30 years. Birch at 62 is under investigations also for the involvement in the Edward Falcone case, where the master contract hidden by George HW Bush was also found concealed in Herzog's safe when raided by Interpol and the German Financial Crimes Police in Berlin.

Birch is now facing multiple charges. So who will he sell out to reduce his remaining time he now faces?

Herzog, Bush, Romney, Clinton and Biden, in conjunction with known corrupt CIA officers support, and Joseph Ackerman, then CEO of Deutsch Bank, it is alleged by Falcone and his lawyers, agreed a 50/50 share with Falcone, which was Bank Program traded up to very high hundreds of Billions, and Falcone was defrauded of all of it. Copies of Bank communications from Ackermann’s own assistant and others, confirm the paper trail and scale of the giant Fraud. The Bush Family are no strangers to Saving and Loan Frauds. Son’s , brothers, they are all regularly exposed in theft and corruption.

But here is where it gets messy as Birch will plea bargain, and as Trump is under sustained media attack, his own Advisers have a Golden Goose opportunity here if he truly will be Patriotic to America and challenge it. The Silver Bullet! Does he want to win and dare he go bare knuckles?

Falcone’s Lawyers are seeking to litigate and indict for a Fraud exceeding $900B.

FBI Agents in Miami were restrained by Washington seeking to question Romney, who was the bag man for Bush 41, and allegedly paid over $1 Billion. Tax Evaded also note! Only YOU, the little people pay their taxes. They steal with impunity.

Agent Waldo ( Wally ) L in Miami was stopped from questioning and arresting Romney, because Bush appointed and owned his Boss!!!!

Romney fronted the trades acting for Bush. Herzog has threatened to dish the dirt on all of them if his stolen funds are taken back or he is charged. He is a bag man for the Clintons also and after arrest by Interpol has been sheltered by Merkel acting for Bush. It is that dirty. Trump can tear then apart. But is he a genuine contender?

It is further alleged by Falcone’s attorneys that their Forensic investigators, ex FBI agents etc. have direct evidence implicating Bush 41 having paid Hillary Clinton $400M to bribe Joe Biden for a further $200M not to let Falcone recover his funds or Program profits, so they could continue feeding from it. Even Ackermann became embarrassed as they continued to block Falcone from his share. Dealing with Jackal packs expect no less. No shame, no morals, No Class!

There is an enormous paper trail of dirt.

This is what the election needs to be about - corruption!

It gets worse. A long standing Congressman got a letter hand delivered to Obamma related to Biden’s bribe and his disgust at the corruption. We hold copies. Obamma promptly covered it up for Clinton and Bush. That is the price of a Non American Con Man usurping the role. Corruption Is total. It shames the White House! It shames all America seeks to be.

Knowing Falcone’s hired agents were tracking Biden’s bank accounts, Bush 41 organised for 5 CIA agents to use a Government plane “Illegally!” flying between cities and banks to try to hide and Money and to Launder Biden’s money to escape detection. The Lawyers hold Bank affidavits testifying this. Hard evidence!

The German Police hold copies pf the Bush /Falcone contract which slimy Herzog secretly kept a copy of to blackmail Bush 41 if needed. Joe Birch in the UK, was on standby to Goffer for them. His name was passed from the German Police to the British police.

Birch is now facing jail and can not get bail. He links to Bush and the crooked network via M Horn in the US for other issues. If Birch is threatened with extradition he will turn Queens Evidence on the lot and plea bargain.

So now, the big question, knowing he has the key to bring them all down, what is Trumps real agenda?

Is he a true American Patriot who will Stand Tall as a Real Patriot and do what is right to clean up America for all the people? That is his Duty!

Or has it all been a ploy to batter his way to the Feed Trough and retire for a price, as many think?

Presidential material or a Greenmailer? Hillary’s head is on a plate. As is Romney’s. Is Trump up to it? Who will fight for America? Is Trump man enough to take it to them now? This is as big as taking down Lucky Luciano was. Even then the Police and Judges were dirty. But Justice won. Who will expose Bush and Clinton? Can the world allow Clinton the Oval Office? Can America?

Where is justice now? Trump cam break the Cabal with this. Talk to Falcone’s Lawyers. Or Interpol. Demand the German Police extradite Herzog. Then watch the whole dirty mess unbundle. Cleaning up America! Is Trump the man?

Grit and Joseph Birch charged with a multi-million pound fraud

Grit Birch was granted conditional bail and and Joseph Birch has been remanded in custody

BBC News
31 March 2015

A man and woman have been charged in connection with a multimillion-pound fraud and money laundering operation.

Grit Birch, 45, of Rifford Road, Exeter, faces two charges of money laundering under the Proceeds of Crime Act and four fraud charges.

She is jointly charged on these counts with 62-year-old Joseph Birch, of Horns Cross, North Devon.

He has been remanded in custody while Grit Birch was granted conditional bail.

Las Vegas

Ms Birch is accused of removing criminal property worth £1,872,308.50 by a bank transfer to Liechtenstein between June and August 2003.

She faces a second charge of converting criminal property worth £734,000 to buy a car, furniture and fittings and pay for building work at Higher Lowton farm at North Tawton, Devon, in 2005.

Ms Birch also faces four charges of fraud by false representation relating to amounts totalling £3.3m and centred on Las Vegas and New York.

She also faces a charge that between 2008 and 2013 she concealed, disguised, converted, transferred or removed criminal property totalling £3,268,622 by means of cash withdrawals and payments for personal items.

Mr Birch also faces a charge of possessing ammunition for a firearm.


£9 million Exeter fraud trial moved to Plymouth

Express and Echo
10 September 2015

The trial of a former racehorse trainer accused of a multi million pound fraud has been moved to Plymouth Crown Court.

Joseph Birch and his wife Grit will stand trial on February 29, 2016, accused of swindling rich American investors out of millions and dollars and laundering the cash through their stables in North Devon.

A Judge at Exeter Crown Court has approved the continued detention of Joseph Birch until the trial, which has been moved because of lack of court time in Exeter.

Birch, aged 62, of Horns Cross, near Bideford, and his wife Grit, aged 45, now of Exeter, have alreaady pleaded not guilty to a total of eight counts of fraud or money laundering.

The couple are accused of paying £734,149.66 for cars, furniture and building work at the stud farm at Higher Lowton Farm, Bondleigh, North Tawton, with the proceeds of fraud in 2005.

They are both charged with five frauds by false representation involving £6.25 million between 2003 and 2010, one count of possessing articles for the use in fraud, and two of money laundering a total of £2.5 million.

The frauds involve allegedly obtaining large amounts from investors who put money into ‘private placement programmes’ between in 2007 and 2009. The total amounts in the fraud and laundering charges amounts to £9 million.

Grit Birch was bailed to an address in Exeter, Devon and Birch was remanded in custody.



  1. Has anyone shared this with Mr Trumpetster? What good would it do if not?

  2. Please, ALL be good Patriots, save America send it to Trump. YOU MATTER!

    1. Shared with Mr Trump...hopefully he sees it.

  3. Anyone going to a Trump rally could try to give this in hardcopy to him or his staff. I know it's a long shot but what the hell!!!

  4. Here's a link to send Donald Trump this article:


  5. Texian, Biffie and Cal (l) Girl, thanks for trying. Any ,male patriots left???

  6. Texian, Biffie and Cal (l) Girl, thanks for trying. Any ,male patriots left???

  7. Thanks for the link. It's sent. Hopefully he'll act on it.

  8. Thanks for the link. It's sent. Hopefully he'll act on it.

  9. Well done all parties helping circulate this to Trump to save America from the Cabal.

  10. Well done all parties helping circulate this to Trump to save America from the Cabal.

  11. For those on Facebook and Twitter:

    Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

    Facebook: DONALD J TRUMP

  12. The GOP can not be trusted

    Best to split the vote

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely lest America should forget one of her founding calls


  13. I'm curious, what will happen if Trump doesn't do anything? Will these criminals be prosecuted? If the FBI is in possession of this material and several of the actors have been arrested can't responsible government agencies pursue the matter or does it all hinge on Trump making a lot of noise? This sounds like the perfect opportunity for all of them to sing on each other and hopefully the cacaphony will be so loud, law enforcement won't be able to ignore it anymore.


    1. It does not hinge on Trump doing anything. But more on that it doesn't go to a Bush minion or cohort. The investigation must be pushed for either by public or someone in a position of power to do so. We are simply giving information that would lead to an investigation to take them all down. Calling out Trump as well to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

    2. The DOJ and FBI are both mostly foreign owned corporations. The BAR Association owns the DOJ. It's all a farce...except for low level targeted political prosecutions. The big guys skate. None of the agencies feel any pressure from or answer to the public at all. They just make noises like they're investigating. Kabuki theater.


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