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Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #3 | Masters of our own Destiny

We are all the Masters of our own Destiny and the Masters of our own Soul.

One World of Nations
Perdition to Nirvana Trilogy | Part #3
7 October 2015

How about thinking for yourselves outside of the box, as all else is failing. China is now fast tracking a whole new RMB based Energy Trading Policy. Also challenging for Global financial superiority. Nations are electing to enter into long term trading contracts for Gas and Oil in RMB, bypassing dollars and removing America’s currency dependencies. This will escalate and London, as the Forex Capital of the world, will accommodate it as a major growth market. It makes good business sense, and behind, both nations and corporations will re-balance their own portfolios and reduce their dollar exposures. A Trillion dollars removed from the American economy and replaced with Yuan RMB will hurt. Then it will multiply. Less American jobs, less Exports, and Imports will rise in cost as the dollar weakens. Less Exports, less wealth at home, less taxes, and less to go round. Welfare costs will increase exponentially as unemployment grows.

This will also have worldwide implications. With less money coming in, who pays for it, and still America goes on funding and feeding their unwieldy and gross Cabal directed military? It Profiles as Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Obama becomes ever more confused and deluded. Who really thought a mediocre, small time mentally confused narcissist Muslim Union Organizer, forced to hand in his Bar Council License, funded by Chicago racketeers, would ever be up to this job? Twice? OMG!!

This is the clown who supports funding, training and arming the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine right on Russia’s border and encourages Islamic insurrection in Chechnya with all the terrorism that brings.

Who supports the barbaric Saudi regime which plans to behead and crucify a 17-year-old boy for protesting? Floggings, beheading, Stoning. Muslims? Grow up! Child rapists!

Of course Putin will support and protect his Motherland from Islamic fundamentalism. Only the undocumented America Usurper President in situ eulogises a "Prophet" who married a 6 year old girl, for God’s sake what is wrong with people following this baloney peddler?

Instead of O - My God it’s a Wookie, who tacitly allows open borders and defiles Christianity as well as the flag.

Behind almost all of the Islamic terrorism America's Agencies hands will be found. Has this illegal Muslim usurping chump, any concept of Leadership? He or his Chicago Commie Slumlady.

His perceived College records showed poor attendance and mediocre grades, as he allegedly sat holding hands with his then Pakistani boyfriend. What a farce and travesty of injustice. Both he and his wife each had to relinquish their Bar Licences, both for unethical and devious criminal conduct.

Apart from achieving alleged membership of two well known notorious Gay Bathhouses in Chicago, and the publicly exposed murders of two allegedly ex-Gay Lovers, what vestige of action has this Chump taken to resolve America's Oh so many problems? A clueless half wit is at the wheel of an out of control Juggernaut with 330M Clingons heading for the rocks. Americans deserve better. So get it.

The world looks on bemused, and few care. All but the blind within see what’s coming down. The Zios obtain ever more dual passports, and Israel, with US Jewish money, arms and attempts to destabilize Ukraine to create a systematic collapse of yet another nation rich in land wealth and suitable for takeover to support the new oncoming Jewish Kazakh exodus as the US founders. The poor Ukrainian’s of today are the Palestinians of tomorrow. The Vulture pack is circling. Another nation’s about to fall to the Carrion pack. 5,800 years ever it is so. The slime trail of a slug.

The Mossad has it all planned and staked out. Through their poor hearts. The atrocities of Gaza are spreading to Europe and few will call it.

Behind the scenes, REAL dialog is taking place EXCLUDING the Cabal or Zios. Elders to Elders. This is about the Soul of the planet. This is about one meaningful collective of the value of all Humanity. We are all nothing but atomised Star Dust. We all belong to one cosmic force of Intelligence. You are all, and do, Cosmic MATTER. To enter the Promised Land, is to Understand.

The ultimate Universal Spirituality is real. Most religions are a man conceived crock deluding you into following doctrinaire mantras as they enrich their coffers. All you need, is within you. Seek and follow it. The history of most religions is banal cruelty and Despotism. Goodness, spiritual values and an ethereal awareness of a greater reality are the only paths you need. To be at one with the goodness of what you call God. Ethereal reality is infinitely more complex, but also more majestic. Those who KNOW are trying for you.

A true collective of Elders is fully engaged in a very sensitive dialog to determine how best to use vast assets and funds to benefit Humanity via selected nations, the ecology and all aspects of our Planetary and Galactic development. But breaking their large fund blocks free of US Fed and Treasury control is a highly sensitive and complex task, dealing with a vast Shylock Octopus which lies, deceives and manipulates on every corner. Chicanery blatantly lies to avoid lawful redemption of what is long owed and overdue. Trying to outwit arrogant and bombastic Washington Half Wits is stressful and demanding.

At this stage we have refused access for Politicos, Banking or Zionists. None have a level of historical record we can trust. Only Elders sitting by invitation, within the great Hall of Power, witnessing first-hand the integrity, probity and depth of empowered Global accords we have with many nations, has given true Elders the confidence to establish meaningful dialog with London towards a shared vision. They know who, and what, is real.

But, as the world founders, as chaos abounds, collective minds are focused seeking achievable resolutions. Resolving a centuries failing is not an overnight fix.

When debating the reality of America’s demise, we try to explain it to the inquiring Elders, as comparing it to a giant Oil Tanker with a 5 miles turning circle, only 4 miles out and heading for the rocks while the Captain sleeps impervious to disaster and only a Third World illegal immigrant crewman tries to wake him up from a drunken sleep. The Media has lost its integrity as Operation Mocking Bird Agency mouthpieces and no more.

The frustration, as we try to explain it to Elders and Global associates, is the reality of there being two Americas. One a good people. As long as the Mac D’s keep flowing. Joking! Lighten up.

One a vibrant nation, challenging, innovative, as overall charitable when feeling a good cause, and basically, a proud and God committed people. A people to whom community values historically mattered. They produce about 85% of America’s wealth, and probably account for about 80% of the nation. They carry the taxes and create the real end product. However, they have less than 5% real say in anything, and are faced with two useless Electoral options, one as corrupt as the other. At least 10% are unemployed, by choice or unemployable. A further 5% are Banking, Finance, Agencies or Government. Effectively they produce nothing. As with the unemployed.

Now the problem is, the real people, (and WE are with YOU) the many good Americans who built the nation, their nation, are no less disenfranchised than the Native Americans. The other Americans, representing less than 5% of the population take all, it’s their call, because they can and because you all – let them! Because in comparison, when it comes to your own Sovereign rights of free being, in truth, the nation has become as laconic as the Captain of the Titanic ignoring the pleas of attendant iceberg dangers. If the Sheeple can trough out, why think? It’s only a game of Pass the Parcel with human lives and rights? Until the last seat in the game of Hegemony is not yours. When the dollar tanks for saving the Banks, where will you be, when the Food ones fail?

If we are to evolve, let it be as a revolution of minds and consciousness of being. But, being - more.

Contemplate this current Fourth Reich Cabal, as being no less a predatory evil, than the voracious failed Third Reich of Hitler’s regime. Each the product of their warped Bush and Agency Cabal type mind set, which unless checked, is now ever more empowered with highly sophisticated mass monitoring and weaponry capability, manipulated as foot soldiers of predatory Zionist greed, and will create Global defoliation of many life forms. This is a battle again we are all in together for the Soul of Nations and right of life. To stop vermin like the Bushes or Clintons systematically annihilating another million poor Iraqis, and, in conjunction with the Rockefellers, phasing in their NWO Tri Laterals population reduction programs. Allowing the Bushes or Zionists to assume the mantle to play God, simply resumes the Nazi Neocons eugenics policies. With the likes of Cheney as Himmler. Hitler arose because he was not stopped. As have the Bushes. When a Kenyan / Indonesian illegal Chicago crook, usurps the highest office in America, the nation has domestic security failures to be addressing before Global manipulation. Are only people foreign to Americans empowered with truth?

Unless checked, the Cabal will escalate war, and fail to survive. Our world will pay a dreadful price. Never before have we each possessed such assured mutual mass destruction weaponry. Nor been ever less fit to use it.

When will we learn that communication, not confrontation, is the way to resolve our differences? But first, how can we mass educate the mediocrities in Political office today to even understand our core agendas which divide us? Surely a planned society, needs to evolve by first determining minimum qualification and quality standards to assume office? Planning evolution? America is living proof of that. No other nation has the bar set so low.

Our case with the Elders, is to bypass collective American Federalism and to invest in suitable Community projects, to help assist set up and develop Community Banking, employing screened Senior Managers with a pre-verified community spirit. To assist with Educational funding, but predicated upon each schools willingness to incorporate into each years program syllabus, compulsory teaching of good Citizenship, Humanitarian values, ecology, to question at source our Cosmic Being, as the basic atoms of Star dust we all are. To teach our children and students how to contemplate and meditate. To teach them values of our human being a part of more. To teach true history. How religions were founded, but to help them understand, that false teachings of mentally impaired Abrahamian faiths are based on Blood Sacrifices demanded by no Gods, just Man's baseless occult superstitions imposed upon the minds of innocent and gullible children, brainwashing them with this garbage, disabling their ability to question and develop a realist based existence. They trust what comes out of your mouth, so for Your God’s sake - Make it real!

Exposing Islam and the Vatican for what each is. Travesties of perpetuated slop. Stop funding and arming Israe-Hell! Educate Abrahamian Zealot stupidity OUT! And it’s time Americans started talking about Zionism, the rampant malpractice and Fraud of the Zionist Bankers, and ask why are we allowing such latitude and greed? These roach weevils are loose in the food barrels.

Question. Why are only Jews and Zionists running the US Treasury and Fed? When will we see a US Presidential front runner committing to correct this malpractice once elected. The US Treasury is not a Piggy Bank for Zionist Roach schemers. Expose it and end it. Zios OUT! Clean up the system and move them out! No more Zios' lies! All Treasonous Zionist Roach dual passport holders who have abused trust to leave without their ill-gotten gains. Take back all that has been sequestrated and stolen.

If funding future communities, we need to be tasking the unemployed to take on funded work of value, restoring buildings, renovating homes, schools and medical centres. Assisting clean up and enhance the Parks and community facilities, restoring pride back and the dignity of working for value. No Pay Out for No Contribution in. We pay them, we GIVE them a work ethic. Man up!

We need to be looking at establishing Hydroponics within communities so that Self Sufficient food processing aids all. In addition, enhancing water storage and delivery, clearing, cleaning and sanitising drainage systems. Irrigating America as a fertile land for all. These undertakings the Elders ever more want us to deliver for their own nations, and ask, armed with so much of our wealth for decades, why have Western Leaders not used the proceeds and vast profits to help their own communities, where has it all gone? We have explained they have all helped- but only themselves. They are the problem. Integrity received a systems bypass.

We are already involved in extensive task planning discussions for Asian communities. If, how and under what conditions we will be allowed to assist and aid Western nations are topics evolving weekly. We focus on defining the needs of the people, separate from the culpability of the Cabal. Also how to avoid any use of Zionist Banks, Roach Bankers, or the macabre Zionist Fed system. We have them now understanding, keep the Zionist snout – Out! This we emphasise with graphic images of Pigs at the trough. There are culture issues to be bridged.

It confuses the Elders as to why such vast Trillions have been wantonly wasted. Yet still it will not be stopped, unless you, as a Thinking Collective, wake up the Sheeple, get them off their laid back Arses, and organise Regional mass protests. Continue to believe the Sheeple fed lies, then the Elites will just let you all die. To the Cabal, most of you are now just budgetary impediments, serving no purpose, and best removed as a rodent nuisance. Incapable of constructive thought, they focus only on their own base economics, cutting budgetary imbalances by reducing the Sheeple. While we focus hard, on restoring funding for the people.

It all comes down to a question of choices. What are the values to live for?

Do you want them to determine their values you are to die for?

We are working directly with the key Elders controlling the real, vast assets which can re-balance Democratic needs. There are such real assets as can re-balance all needs, but how to re-introduce them into society is key to all. No one is going to fund the Military Cabal or gross Zio Greed. This is a huge help, think about it!

The question now, is how?

So now, with great care here, there ARE such assets held by the Elders, which are real and do exist, we have seen and tested them, and which if applied for a greater purpose and a balanced control to protect them, they can be utilised to redeem economic shortfalls, and to be further used for rejuvenation of failing economies like the US. Also for targeted long term employment opportunities in the Third World. We will NOT be subjected to inept Political expediency or Zio greed. These hidden assets will stay ring fenced until it is considered safe to move forward. The final onus of course, is that the Elders still have to agree. No more US Hegemony! Why should they use them for you when the US has wasted vast Trillions on Military expansionism, now all gone?

The real problem here however, is entrusting the political and Zionist banking parasites who have betrayed their nations and funded mass genocide chasing their God of Mammon. We cannot empower, entrust or place the new emerging humanity at risk with these Charlatans in charge. Look at the state of the current US. Look at the vicious repression of Israel to its neighbours. That repression started with the illegal occupation of the Kazakhs and their Palestinian oppression. Also, Yes, Britain was as culpable for allowing this heinous crime under the Balfour Agreement, with an eye of keeping them out of Europe.

To maintain its begging bowl, Israel eulogises even to naïve but well-meaning worldwide Jews, a concept of a nation which simply does not exist, but one which skilfully manipulates World Intelligence controls and orchestrates, via Mossad and other colluding Agencies, any and all such clandestine operations as will allow it to control and dominate its Zionist agendas. Those dual Israeli passports issued command unfettered loyalty from the many Jewish American based financiers seeking a Safe Haven bolt hole from their so many deviant crimes if facing impending indictment. Forget the Hole in the Wall Gang, the Zio spawn have the Hole in the Butt Pirate colony to escape to evading Justice. A last resort if the Zionist dominated US Legal system can not shelter them from it. Even Obama uses Jewish Lawyers placed as Supremes to avoid Usurper prosecution. Second World War criminal Soros, responsible for the mass murder and theft from many Jews in Hungary, buys protection from Israel and the US Lobby. Money buys conscience. Such a truly immoral species. With Zios, money is power, and no morality. They ring fence oligopolies everywhere.

We are debating how we can try to orchestrate a new US Treasury dollar, where all future printing can be controlled under Congressional supervision, and all remaining current Fed Dollars given a possible 6 months window slot to swap under regulatory supervision and history of funds ownership. Regulatory probing how acquired to stop criminals and the Politicians cashing in.

In one sweep we can disown and deny all Drug Traffickers or Money Launderers. In one go we can pin down the Bush and Clinton plus other crime gangs, negating all they have. In one move we can cut off the Pentagon Agency printing presses, as all new dollars will all then have to be applied for, and in one step we can remove the Fed, cut loose the Zios and remove from planet Earth the dead claws of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller's networks. As long as we ring fence and protect the public funds, orchestrated correctly, we can remove the Zionists to crash and burn. That means Yes, we can let the Zio Banks fold, then pick them up free, relaunch them free of Zio debts. Switch T Bill dealers from Goldman’s to others, and fry a few thousand core Skunks. Sanitising Skunks needs to be a core objective for humanity. Disinfecting humanity from this viral plague of vermin.

We need to remove the Derivatives threat with effective legislation equivalent to naming them on a par with Vexatious Litigants and disallowing any to litigate as legal process for insurance protection. It has mass propagated reckless and false speculative trading, encompassing such risks as only Public Bail outs can suffice. Why? Why are Goldman’s and other banks allowed continuous bailouts for reckless trading? Why are they preferred Government Advisors when they can’t even run their own Bank correctly? YOUR MONEY syphoned out again while they pocket Fat Bonuses. When has Goldman’s ever paid it back? When have the Zionists in the Fed or Treasury honoured deals and redeemed debts?

Why bail reckless Banks? How and why do Jewish/Zionist Treasury Secretaries and Bankers all make off with vast hundreds of millions into Billions each in questionably accrued wealth? Do you? When will American Patriots with conscience, moral convictions and integrity get these jobs to help their country and not themselves?

So, as you can see, the real agenda is not to underpin some childlike, mass ignorant Gang Bang of Freebies, but a considered series of not only GCR actions, but addressing who is fit to lead and what Bank controls we need in future. Delousing the system is a moral imperative. We need to cauterise the Zios out. Strong Leadership and collective action by Asset empowered rescuers. America raped Britain and the world post WW II. Weak English Leaders post war allowed it. Zionists are selectively raping the world and no less dangerous than Nazism. Strong new Leaders need to arise, then aligned with cooperative and co-enjoined Global forces, such to create a day of reckoning from which a good new order can begin. Not NWO!

Iran stood firm against the US and Israel for the last 30 years and refused to be bullied. Putin has totaled and outwitted these mediocrities in Washington over Global conflicts, and with China in solid alliances, the writing is on the wall. Russia has now visibly taken the lead in Syria and China is coming to support them. America has been seen to be neutered, incompetent and has been bypassed. Russia is escalating its forces as a response in Syria and Iran. This is the beginning of the end of US Hegemony throughout the middle East. Failure!

So why does America need 990 bases, it’s already failed? Recover America now! Start closing the bases and get Americans back to work.

Focus instead vast billions saved from Agency and Pentagon waste, on recovering America. Reducing your taxes, creating jobs? Sack the unwieldy and failed Military and Agencies, not the world! Cut State waste. Stop spending on Cabal needs! Stop training, funding and arming terrorism. Bring the CIA totally under US Government and Congressional control, with a Standards Committee monitoring all actions of these damned reprobates in future. Clean it up!

Be aware of the encroaching background push for a single world religion. There are forces seeking the imminent collapse of Catholicism and Islam. Some see the end of the Vatican as the Jesuit Black Pope's manoeuvre their own re-branded versions of Luciferianism in. Dark forces with deep agendas are at work. Souls and Spiritual domination are their currency. Life is complex, and visionary Leadership so lacking. The Western dumbed down civilisations will grasp for any straw not realising what is offered will be a tainted Chalice. Those empowered fully understand the travesties of Judaism, and the oncoming peace with emergent Iran will offer the delivery vehicle to remove Israel and the Zionist hub with it. Be assured, for the Jesuits, Israel is targeted for Jesuit control and their new Luciferian Temple Mount. Iran, with both Russian and Chinese support, now sits ever more impervious to US attack. US Foreign policy has lost. As it will over Syria. America needs to leave the Middle East, or be thrown out. It has brought nothing but regime change destabilisation. All to keep its Cabal shysters in control of assets. It’s failed. Time to go – Ho!

Our focus is instead on helping America re-establish its core industries, and to model its economy on a primarily Domestic dependency as its export capabilities become ever weaker. Self-sufficiency to service its own Domestic State communities will help save America, in whatever form the ever more dysfunctional States reassemble in. The United States Federal oligopoly is failing ever faster. Washington largesse has led to Tyranny. The very Feudal monarchical system the Founders sought so hard to escape, as the Germanic Neocon Bushes, surrounded by their Nazi family associates, were given free reign by the Zionists to in-debt America and who will, propagated by an uncontrolled Federal Reserve printing system, be collecting ever growing interest payments from these useful idiots. Their systematic abuse of American trust has enriched them beyond all family aspirations. Now, they seek to buy Class and envisage that true Aristocracy will open doors. If only. Crap with money is diplomatically ostracised. Uncultured oafs like the Bushes have no place in polite society. Nor the Zios. The Clintons even less. Unlike in the US, you can’t buy social standing in Europe, it comes only with dynasties of pedigree. The Rotts tried it. They were allowed certain privileges, but never the inner circle. Glass ceilings prevail.

We need to resolve Global discord by innovation and new strategic thinking. You are not of forlorn hope and you do have strong representation in the real corridors of power. What else is your site for but a Beacon of Hope for enlightened minds? The Neocons and Zionists are focused on material irrelevancies, with no concept of core realities. Deep Elders debates are looking forward a century and applying cosmic paradigms towards modelling the societies we need to be encouraging and supporting. Neocon and Zionists are just passing human trends and will phase out as the irrelevancies they are. Education will save each nation. The real money will say.

Elders have the core metals needed on a scale you have no idea exists, in addition to their vast T’s of both dollar and Euro paper on pallets. But US Fed dollars are just Ponzi toilet paper, Fiat funds backed by, and worth, nothing. Substance is predicated upon Metals backing. As China strategically buys ever more Gold, as will Russia, once the incoming US Treasury dollar backed by nothing but the word of a worthless Cabal, financially beholden to the Zionist Mafia, has to compete in the Capital markets against the pending Gold backed RMB, as Dirty Harry one said with a .44 magnum in hand, "How lucky do you feel, Punk?"

Right now, the whole world is in play. Only confusion rules each day. Growing problems won’t go away. Who rules the future, who can say? Who will lose power and who will stay?

It won’t be the Wookie in the White House who tried to face down Putin over Syria, then when called out to go for it if he felt lucky, just ran away. Of such, Empires are built or fail. As the poor US is now run by its tail. A world at war for the Zionist whore.

The future is yet to be written. So think before being swept along or away with Zio trash aspirations. Many of the emerging nations have ancient civilisations of many thousands of years and were Cultural Leaders for generations. Each passed the baton of Leadership as new merging nations challenged, but each have historical cultures on their side. America has no such fall back gene pool. As quoted by Oscar Wilde, "America is the only country which has gone from Barbarism to Decadence without experiencing Culture in between." So well-articulated. How can such a messed up gene pool lead?

However, what America does have, and have heart, is a vast and rich supply of innovative, creative and hardworking nation builders. The moral foundation and backbone of any real society, the core upon which all depends. It is you, your respectful and truly caring brother Allies seek to protect and aid. What you built before, you can protect and build again. The Founders focused their consciousness as an assembled group seeking to define their nation as a land of the Free, not Free lunch. A land, a nation, where its citizens were to be protected by Inalienable Rights, and a Constitutional value enshrining the values of a benevolent nationhood. A land where "Can Do" becomes the moral ethos. And they did. Not one where a Muslim Girlie Boy can strip you of all, enshrined in office as an Illegal Usurper. On his watch, America is dying, while he is lying.

The single biggest problem affecting the key Northern Hemisphere nations today is the almost cripplingly poor quality of unsuitable Leaders in Political Office. That is for most nations. Bribery and corruption is rife. As Eisenhower forewarned, the encroaching Military Industrial Cabal, alongside its duplicitous Agencies, and Kazakh Zionist Banking oligopolies, have disenfranchised Truth, Integrity, Compassion and Morality from our societies today. The Souls of the nations have been sold, for political opportunism, and control of the slop trough of Monetary markets. The whole world is poorer for it. They assets stripped the Soul of the nations, now what is left? None of these sordid Leaders seem to possess a moral imperative. What screening has been applied? How can so many Dogs have attained office? How did O? What chicanery will be applied to force Jeb in next? Why are the Clintons, (Both!) not in jail? George H's death will take this truly vile and sordid sub human to an existence of Atonement this low life seems to have no concept awaits him. No Gofers, Legal fronts, or Patsies to take the rap, this one he takes himself. As will the Clintons, Cheney and Greenspan, Kazakh Zionist Mafia. One irony of endless evolution of life forces, is that a Life Sentence of Atonement takes on a whole new dynamic of penal servitude in millennia.

Life will go on, America will go on, the world is evolving, not will, but is. New visionaries will become the creating evolutionists of the 21st century, reshaping societies to meet the needs of the future. Education will uplift and save each nation. Competition for diminishing resources will intensify. But be assured, we KNOW, there are more than enough existing Gold and Money resources to turn it all around. Without a Captain, the Ship of Hope has been grounded waiting time to make its new journey. Mediocrities, Charlatans, and misogynistic Zio / Cabal deviants have plundered all for an asset no one takes with them. None understand, the true richness of life is Soul power and real Power, is Knowledge of Being.

The assets do exist to make a difference, but cannot be released in custodial trust to a Ship of Fools. Now is the time to reshape Man by using the Spiritual focus and goodness of Soul of the dedicated Elders, cross bonded with like type Ethereally Committed Elders with the right Western pedigree and experience to help redraft a new voyage of discovery for the mass Souls of humanity adrift in the convoluted slop oceans of life as it is today. We live in a world where the Good Shepherds have become cloaked carrion posing as Leaders. Devoid of Spirit of humility, interested only in power and grandiose delusions.

The real core issues now involve sensitive meetings between truly Enlightened Global Elders, positioned in highly elevated State and Industrial roles, who possess the personal integrity, awareness of their own mortality of Being, and who, if supported in future with the vast hidden Elders assets, can start the process, rebuilding communities, educating and restoring faith in Humanity for our real purpose of being here.

Even gaining such a consensus with the many interlinked and mercurial personalities is its own burden. Humans have agendas. Consensus needs time and commensurate care to build trust. Until we focus applied minds to challenge and reason out our very purpose of being, humanity will remain as is currently, a Ship of Fools adrift seeking desperately a savior, wandering aimlessly through a Bandit Kingdom of Kazakh marauders clothed in Bankers or Politicians suits. Naked Emperors. Until we figure out our real purpose of being, we continue being led by grubby sycophants who cannot even conceive the world of inner consciousness or purpose of anything.

MLK had a dream of Freedom. Mandela created a rainbow nation. Who will now work towards helping mankind’s integration, as One World of all Nations?



  1. Magnificent article! Inspiring!

  2. I am glad the derivatives issue is mentioned. Nevertheless it is but an aspect of the foundation of it all: Law. In the greater picture the current foundation of ALL LAW does not allow for the newly born to be indebted for life merely for having been born in a certain country. True Canon Law does not accept this notion either unless individuals are seen as corporations as a result of ignorant consent. Either everyone is educated in Canon Law and the people responsible for running the current system are held responsible or it is time to create a new framework of that competes with the current system.....or both are done. There is no freedom if people can be born as slaves. If you can only leave the world with nothing, how can you enter the world with debt?

    I agree that the Federal United States and the Washington DC corporation are for a significant part responsible for the chaos currently present in the world. Nevertheless it cannot be blamed solely on these inland pirates. It was rather remarkable to see Pope Francis visit Washington DC, New York and then Philadelphia, was it not? Why Philadelphia? Why not Philadelphia? It is still the capital of the Continental United States and thus one of great centres of power if only those who are part of the only Republic in America wake up..... Is it not strange that democracy is being exported all over the world by the Federal United States and the Washington DC corporation, when it is supposedly a Republic? Why not export Republics instead? That only happens because the Federal United States is a democracy. Do not believe me? Listen to Obama himself.....he calls it the oldest constitutional democracy and yes, he is right in describing the entity HE is part of: (at 6:08) (the last minute is especially interesting....note the contrast and its double meaning for those who know what is going on here.....If I was on their side and was the speech writer of that, I would be proud of is very clever indeed)

    Also another example can be seen in the oath of office taken by President Obama:

    Note that he takes the oath to become President of the United States.....he does not specify which United States.....clever manoeuvring by lawyers is going on truth he is talking about a different entity from the Continental United States altogether.

    1. As said above, the Federal United States and the Washington DC corporation (and their controllers) are indeed largely responsible for most problems in the world. Nevertheless it would be short sighted to only focus on what these entities are doing.

      Many countries/corporations pretending to be countries in Europe are doing exactly the same albeit on a smaller scale (with exception of a few righteous Eastern European countries). Take for example the support of Saudi Arabia which in turn supports ISIS and attacks Yemen. Nevertheless the UK keeps arming Saudi Arabia for example:

      If Cameron would finally state that the UK supports Assad and would speak out against the atrocities of Saudi Arabia would be a great step in the right direction, but I wonder if that is possible when Saudi Arabia has been a lap dog of the UK for far longer than most realise. Nevertheless such a move would be would change everything instantly. If in addition to that Marine Le Pen would become President of France Europe would swiftly realign East and economies could be rebuilt....even the French one after a reset. Debt based systems have no original legitimacy as no fair value was received to begin with. Fraud should not be rewarded. The fraud might be legal, but that does not mean it is lawful. Lawfulness should be at the centre of all.

    2. Law does not need to be complex. The only laws that pertain to the jurisdiction of the air practically also allow human society to run well:

      1) Keep the Peace.
      2) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
      3) So long as it does not take away another' s freedom, life, property, or do other such harm, do what you like and let others enjoy their free will too.

      Of course there would be some refinement in denoting that humans do not own land to be used as they see fit, but that a) they hold it in safekeeping for future generations or b) the Indian context that the land owns the people. That addition (with some further refinement) should take care of exploitation and pollution problems that would otherwise ensue.

      A key issue remains that the Vatican claims trusteeship over the world (and redirects aspects of its trusteeship to select Crowns) and thus holds the world in custody for its beneficiaries which means all humans. The problem here is the Vatican conveniently can find almost no 'beneficiaries' as practically everyone is considered dead or lost at sea.....there are only persons...corporations. Living men and women would disclose their last will and testament verbally when they are still alive in the presence of many other living men and women. A last will and testament generally also lacks key elements such as proof of ownership of various assets. As such the desires of all beneficiaries who are living can be disregarded and the will of those beneficiaries who have deceased can also be disregarded as the 'courts' merely regard a last will and testament as a 'claim'....lacking legitimacy.

  3. Here are some pictures showing Afghanistan in the 1970:

    As can be seen this was a very progressive and modern society until the Federal United States and the Washington DC corporation started meddling in its affairs.

    The Sunni wife of Assad should be shown everywhere to show how progressive his Syria truly is:

    Syria's form of Islam as presented by Assad's wife is modern and can be integrated into the rest of the world. Does the world get any of that? No, instead the Western world supports its lap dogs, the disgusting and vile House of Saud with its twisted cult that it is exporting ALL over the world....but fair is can accomplish the miracle of turning knowledge and wisdom into unequalled ignorance.....perfect for those elitists who desire a Post-Industrial Zero Growth society. Every nobody respecting New World Order elitist thus supports the House of Saud. It spreads ignorance like the Black Death was able to spread during the fourteenth century. Christians have too much morals and education for the designs of the elitists. They would rather have a far more ignorant society in the future and for that reason the predictive programming film called Idiocracy (2006) was released.

    1. This link should work better for images of the wife of President Assad:

      She would appear to be more refined than much of Western elite that considers itself so special. There is no Sunni-Shia conflict going on in Syria regardless of what Western media is trying to portray. The marriage between Assad and Asma keeps the country united against all foreign invaders as Assad belongs to the Alawites (which can be considered a Gnostic version of Shia Islam) whilst Asma is a Sunni.

  4. Sterling article. Thankyou for taking the time to put together the most cogent synthesis of the state of play and direction.

  5. Do we want a nation of man and planet fit for all or not? Time to take that quantum leap in understanding of real nationhood and Galactic partnerships. 3 is a big read, but all you need to know if we are to succeed.

  6. check


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