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31 March 2015

Despite the tough, and even traumatic problems impacting on many readers due to the Global recession aftermath, having reached out to appeal for a Fundraising call to assist Mike, a WHA ex-Vet, contributions from so many between the sites has been magnanimous. It touched hearts and Souls and much needed money has started to flow inwards for him. You have helped a fellow human being in a dark corner. It could be you. That is real dual site synergy, being more together. It has bought critical time for Mike and his dog. Mike is a site reader, as with so many of you, just needing just a fast action life patch to help this semi homeless Vet cope with an empty world and joblessness, which many are now trying to help him achieve with job interviews starting soon.

From the goodness of your hearts, many of you reached out and transferred to him what you could. Every $5 to $50 dollars helps. One person even gave $500. To all, a big Thank You. Every dollar helps. Your goodness will go forwards with you as part of your Souls record in this life. Your kindness, compassion and humanity for another is priceless. The sites rallied round to help one of your own. The best of human nature, both sites, well done. Mike's dignified and humble case touched us all. To be there for him is an honour. The heart and Soul of the good America and its people responded showing so many of you at your best. Do something simple, touch a Soul yourself. Mike still needs help, so please continue his donations the contact point is:

Your goodness of heart has not been missed and it augers well for the post PP Project support we can help Global communities with later. For all, be assured, hope is not dead. Many of you have a role to play. What London’s private initiatives are achieving with the Chinese Elders will also lead and help the world with Projects and Humanitarian Aid. Our role is not just singularly RVs or PPs but a far wider range of options are emerging by private negotiations with those so highly placed as to be capable. Sensitive discussions are deeply forward for Non-Political control of vast funds to help re shape our wounded world and people. Vast funds to be strategically placed to help Global recovery, not for manipulation by corrupt Politicos. Again, had the treacherous Cabal and Fed not betrayed and wasted the vast funds loaned by the Elders, how different our world could have been. No thanks to the Bushes, Greenspan’s and all perverse associates. They stole the futures of vast millions, such duplicitous vermin! Their greed has derailed America.

Those fitting to assist our needs will be assembled over time to help achieve a far bigger Global imperative as we make these new incoming funds under discussion fit for purpose. Fund supported of course. There are many whose lives can change being an integral part of what the future holds. But now for multiple issues.

Your being part of changing history is a calling in itself. Making things happen by Self Help. Our Agenda is far more meaningful. It will cover the Century forward.

Now for ongoing discussions relating to these so over-hyped fantasy Currency issues, where we are damned if we advise of slippage, and damned if we don’t update if it triggers, leaving you to miss the closing windows. Catch 22. For us, spending huge personal time and money running the sites, it’s all a very expensive and time consuming act of goodwill to all for both sites. Especially as the Dinars are probably the most over-hyped bogus scam of all currencies where millions must have come down the Potomac in a bubble at birth to fall for it. Yes, we do go on standby if called to weekly, and it’s always for genuine reasons. Most credible readers know it’s always a risk to pre-advise possible moves, and they empathise with the complex systematic slippages incurred. Not knowing if and when the market may be going to closure, is far worse if you are not ready when it does. We are sensitive to all your needs. Helping you all see the traumatic weekly occurrences and progress is in itself a privilege. Real people can handle it.

The Wannabe Grunts like WHA’s 'Bjorn', an idiot, can’t. Such ambulance chasing Bottom Feeders need to congregate in Guru land where fantasies flow, but no money. That sort are just Noise on the System, mediocre Irrelevancies passing wind!

But we continue to see understandable but confused reactions to any RV or PP delays.

We have to sit above and beyond and to help you all try to keep it real.

Understand please, that none of these Currencies are a right. None are justified and none owe anyone a dime. Sometimes looking on, it’s ugly. The frustration and bellicose reactions from some if it’s delayed again is sad. As if the world owes them anything, many for self-failures. So, straight talking as Tough Love and respectful but with Real Care.

There are those Born great.

There are those Born to become great.

But, as both Tony and we ourselves see, there are those Bjorn to be Bottom Feeders and best discarded as life’s Losers with attitude. Some are just Bjorn stupid.

First, by the age of c40 most people have had more than enough lifetime chances to get it right and make it. While there are a few genuine and truly hard luck cases, most blew it for a reason. So for most (Wo) Man up and take personal control and correctly reposition. It’s your journey, so stop passing the Buck. Focus on real recovery action, not just Wild Card currency gambles. Way too many seem to think it’s a right, and owed, and then throw tantrums like that Big Girls Blouse Bjorn when not bailed out.

He epitomises why society has become so dysfunctional. His self-claimed sad epitaph:

“I just want to be rich!”

No projects or goodwill. He’s not interested in any of that he declares. He just wants to spend and pose. The word is - Tosser! An alternative is Bellicose Loser. Use-Less!

Who got into this mess? Why? Analyse why? Then correct it. Work it and work yourself out of this dilemma. There almost always are ways. So many implausible excuses are simply pathetic. Usual excuse, we have nothing here, no jobs. Move! You will when Welfare stops.

Work away if needed, as most of us have done. Follow the money. Welfare has truly stupefied the great Industrial nations. Do anything lawful to earn money until a better job comes long. So it’s not your career. Who cares? Waiting earns nothing. Do anything to fund yourself until a better job comes along. Action Men – Do! Life runs in waves. Once back earning - anything, chances come. But not for Bums whining. Earn the right to win by funding your own Butt and start fighting for chances. Nothing changes. You can track the character of people and it all links in. Aaahh want maaah Dinars. Jesus Wept! Too many need a Dong, on the head.

Character is forged by actions. Nations have gone soft. Wimps don’t win! Step up. Man up. YOU take control. It’s YOUR journey and YOUR problem, YOU fix it.

What passes as a society today is unreal. How times have changed. Societies are in free-fall.

Even at only 13 years of age, I was up at 06-00 hrs delivering newspapers in filthy weather and the same again at 18-00 hrs. I chose to do it myself to prove I could cut it with the drive to do it. In my world at only 13 I manned up by self-choice! We have real family money available but I declined it. My personal choice. I chose Independence and cut loose to join the real people. At 16 by choice not need, I worked during the school holidays on Bread Vans starting at 04-30 hrs delivering to communities. My own choice was not to become a pampered Brat. I made my own money. At 16 I claimed to be 18 and worked at Hotel Functions Wine waiting at nights and weekends. Major money then. Plus I studied. I worked during University holidays in Foundries, Welding, Scaffolding, Building sites, Bakeries, shows, Hotels, part time. Most damned hard real work (Yes - I know what it takes I walked the walk) and it needed real job hunting by a kid who made it happen competing for work. I myself chose not to sponge on the family or State. Jobs are there for anyone who moves their Butts. I made my own way as now. It formed character. Real Leaders make it happen, and their careers show it. If a teenage kid could track down so many jobs, what the hell is wrong with so many people today? No jobs - rubbish - go to where the work is. The Mountain does not come to Mohammed. Dam right jobs are there. Find them. Fruit pick, wash dishes, who cares? It’s money. Stop whining - start working. Welfare stupefies.

Hard reality. Some of us also chose as post graduate early career moves to take on the hardest of all seemingly impossible Military Global roles dealing with terrorism and protecting our nations. Even getting into such Elite squads incurs a no mercy, Soul destroying 6 months of pre selection with their only one objective being, to fail you. Whatever you think you know, it’s worse. Far worse. Wimps get weeded out fast.

From day one the war of attrition imposed during selection processing starts focused to assess you. The failure rate is enormous. They drop like flies. That tests your very will to survive and even hold onto any values as it systematically seeks to dehumanise and break you. In the field, on active service, it’s far worse. But so real. The real aspect is to put such fear of reprisals into Terrorists cells that they know once you are unleashed it’s a Death Sentence coming for them with no escape and no mercy for them. Some know real pressures. Civies are clueless. Life is soft and pampered. With respect most have no idea what real pressures are. Try Clandestine Warfare or a war zone for real.

Yet from the toughest of all worlds. A Humanist also emerged. Rounded, tolerant, but with a velvet glove covering an iron fist when needed. Life, and we 'Evolve'.

Civie Street is easy. Nothing kills you. Bullets do! Paper Tigers are no threat. Wise up. Freebies are easy and life today is not really arduous. Most tasks can be handled cruising. No minefields or hardware are locked onto you. No forced marches, night time drops, or ambush parties waiting. Get real.

Just life, Welfare provided and OMG, I’m owed. Aaahh want Maahh moneyyy? None have a clue. Wimps rule. Wimps whine. The Money is from nations destroyed, Raped, Looted and pillaged by Locust hoards. Marauding plagues devastating civilisations. Societies were ransacked. Vietnam and Iraq were a disgrace. As are Rendition Centres hidden worldwide where innumerate innocents die racked in pain. Abu Ghraib in Iraq was an ugly part of American society. The world looked on and in, in disgust. It will never forget. Nor will Iraqis. But who wants to get rich on Iraq’s suffering?

It’s my right, Yeh, Right! Tell it to the poor dispossessed Iraqis. Now the US funds ISIS.

Real (Wo) Men Make Real money by going the extra mile, or 10, or more.

Sorry, but more money, equates to more options Guys. Looks versus money? Learn early guys. Tough reality. Narrow the odds. So, good beautiful Lady, what was it about this multi-Millionaire Mr X which first attracted you to him? Believe it! Money and power are the greatest aphrodisiacs. Tough truth. Poor Men get the left overs unless very lucky. Life IS selective. Think outside the box. Travel dam it. Fortune favours the brave and triers. Breaks then do come. We make our luck. Get up again! No one keeps a Good Man down! Make the effort like real warriors do. Made Men made it happen! So must you by self-determination.

RVs do NOT owe you and it’s NOT Your Right! For most, it’s a speculation, and it’s nobody’s right to assume it’s anyone’s fault if it fails or delays. Currency speculating is a conscious choice. Stop using it as an excuse not to face and fix the problems. Try REAL solutions? As real people do.

If RVs fail to pay you, what then? Give up? Or join Global new minds and help as one Global force of good to start changing our nations from inside. Why leave it to limp wrist, corrupt Politicians?

But the other side also of the sites has exposed a growing and willing mass of caring people, who make a conscious effort to contribute articles of interest, and to challenge the boundaries of State misdeeds. To alert and advise all of products, services or new innovations. You are all becoming the new Self Media. And - You are read! The comments sections are fast becoming a whole new media art form. Nations are stirring and our site is a Global media voice now. It exposes the slop the MSM leave out. It faces down shame and corruption. It calls out duplicity and tries to focus on and raise the real issues which do matter. The sites and growing groups do raise consciousness. If hands across the oceans can raise as much awareness as you do, all is possible. Once you understand we are All One, then all can rise up in each person’s time and become the evolved Soul Beings you are destined to be. You are the sum total of your journey, your decisions and empathy with all, your own level of consciousness, and the level of humanity you show to all life forces, including the animal kingdom and ecology. Animals feel. Apart from Zionists who feel Goyims are here to serve them. The warped minds of their degenerate Cult depravity brainwashing gullible children. No less than Muslim's 6 year old brides and child genital mutilation. The nature of these dysfunctional Cults that are pseudo religions. It is time to rise above and seek the true depth of cosmic awareness and your own purpose of being. Truth is far more imperious than Religions. Their time has gone. Your time is now. As International Wealth and Power Demographics are changing fast, emergent societies evolve to cope. Empires end. New cooperative trading relationships are emerging between the hemispheres with changing alliances. The Human Zoo is evolving, but are you?

Education needs to start encompassing worldwide agendas. Removing Political ignorance is a start. Racialism is passe. Ignorance still abounds. Enmity based upon skin tones or racial origins is no way forward. Almost all religions are divisive, each with self-delusional and self-serving agendas. From the Roman cunning with the Council of Nicaea, to the ramblings of Mohammed with his 6 year old Concubine, what a crock has been sold and forced upon the ignorant populaces. Society has been modelled on lies, akin to building on shifting sands. Neither has a Foundation to base anything upon. 5,000 years of false religions have got us where? As Rome’s Gods failed them, so have the alternatives failed us all. As Man invented a false God concept premise, it really is time now for man to raise to an elevated awareness and seek truth.

We can only re-invent a new model society by removing from children the false dogmas they are subjected to, and nurture the development of their psyche attuned to a Cosmic agenda to become Universal Souls, able to transcend beyond the depraved dust of planet Earth. Ignorance is no basis for human development. Even less in the governing Elite. Only by breaking the mind shackles can we set mankind free. A Soul is living intelligent Kinetic energy, on a permanent journey of discovery and with the priority to enable it to progress towards elevated planes of enlightenment.

Unlocking minds to the power of human potential is the key priority of the 21st Century. Free of naïve Religious, Cult and NWO type State domination. The Cabal thrived upon ignorance. Removing that will challenge universal suffrage, and in turn release true Free Spirits able to next bring into being the type of planetary Ethereal energy unleashed as new life forces able to take this planet towards new boundaries as a civilised planetary society, able to take its true place as a Galactic order of true merit. Unlocking minds will unleash the new emergent societies Earth now needs.

Time for a Bush fire of the old NWO Cabal, and to rethink new monetary systems, dispensing with the planetary bondage of the Rothschild and Kazakh Zionist's enslavement. Time to help each Soul understand that you are each the sum total of all you do, and its consequences, which then create cosmic ripples across the surrounding energy fields which is the source of all matter and karma consequences you unleash. Think actions and refine decisions. Enlightenment is a State of Mind.

But how can we achieve Enlightenment with a mutually dysfunctional Military Industrial Cabal conspiring with this pernicious Zionist Bank Plundering system? Each enslaves humanity and neither belong in a civilised society. Ignorance builds nothing, as we have seen from the last 1,700 years of failed religious ideologies. As minds break free, shackles will be slipped. Even the Cabal cannot chain consciousness. The greatest power is the intelligence you were born with to use.

That alone can set you free. Reality is, I exist, I have needs, and it’s all down to me.

Well, you’re not alone - any of you. Behind the scenes deeply committed people of differing nations are debating just how we can use the real power of the Bank Trading Program income to create new industries, jobs, to contribute towards Health Care, Education and Community funding. Even if the RVs are delayed, or not as you expect, we see so many of you who portray excellent commitment and drive to help us all plug the leaks and stabilize the Tramp Ships of State these duplicitous Politicos have left us with. The power of new money needs to be for the greater good and can empower many of you over time. We hear. We listen, we see and discuss your views and comments. Be part of so much more, it’s up to all of us. The qualities visibly within many of you will power you through. Be part of what emerges and help us all to recover society to take us through the pain barrier and help unlock many of your destinies where possible. Money, is made round, to go around. You are not all alone. New moves are playing out for many. It will take time, but hope is real for many more. Believe in yourselves and the greater good. Life has a habit of turning around again. With life, you always have hope. Nations and Empires were built on the Dreams of Man. People make it happen. People like you.

Great good is coming.



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. Many key and pertinent issues for all to debate. Already we are motivating some to respond and challenge, Job done. .

  3. Another excellent article. Its sad to report but one of the largest donations was declined. Unfortunately, this set us back quite a bit. With some of these funds spoken for, for some upcoming events, this really has set us back. Right now, we could use all of your help desperately now. As they stated in the article, every little bit helps. Please help us get this out on social media. It only takes a few minutes to maybe help a great person. Please Tweet out on Twitter, and share out on Facebook. Ask others to keep it circulating, if they will take a minute as well. A setback, but i'm refusing to fail him on this. So I reach out to all and see if they can help us in one way or another. Sharing is caring, and sharing it around is free. We were doing pretty well, and making some great things transpire for Mike. Please, please, please help us continue this for him. A dedicated member of these two sites, who was willing to give what he didn’t have to help a greater cause. Some over at wha saw this, and thought for someone down and just about out, he thought of others first, so lets get together and help Mike. Ive learned a lot about this person and this isn’t new for the amount of community help hes provided over the years. I haven't done as much, in my life, and its painfully clear now. So I'm staying on this until we help save this persons livelihood.

    No help is too small. Thanks everyone who has, or will help in anyway.

    1. I believe the issue with the large donation was corrected yesterday. It was a minor issue with the individual’s name on the gofundme form not matching exactly with their card details, so the bank rejected the transaction. This has now been corrected and the funds for Mike have been re sent.

  4. John, Canazzuie, Tony
    If these never rv and we never see a dime I want you three to know that what I've learned over time from these sites is an rv in itself to me. Don't let a few spoil it for you. Most of us are just glad we found these sites and got a nice free education of life. Keep up the good work. I hope one day I can have more of an impact on others. I didn't know what I didn't know. But I know now. Thank you to everyone working to better this planet.

    1. I agree Ricky. Ive learned so much from owon and wha sites that I have revalued! Lol

  5. Another relevant article articulated by my favorite Brit.

    I wish to thank you all for your kind comments, the team appreciates the strong response.

    Kudos should also go out to Canauzzie for his tireless professionalism and timeliness in managing this blog. Kudos also to Colleen who created and has maintained the WH site so that all reports can still be viewed.

    Its heartening to know so many are focused and ready to act when the time comes to flip the switch on the cabal.


    1. Paladin,

      Good of you to stop by, you are always well received.

      Thank you for the kind words, though they are not needed. We all have our crosses to bear in this.


    2. Pal

      He means hes married and gets crucified every day, so has his cross to bear.

    3. John

      Nevertheless, he seems none the worse for wear and deserves a medal for putting up with you, too. LOL

    4. And you too with that long line of family Batchelors you come from. Lol

    5. Well we aren't Templars but we do know how to wield our swords.


    6. That is because you both have no women, so you have lots of practice handling it yourselves...... lots.

    7. John

      Your webmaster is questioning our sexual prowess....should I give him our list of references? Short though it may be....the list that is......its not about quantity but quality....


    8. Your? I think you mean 'the' webmaster..... lol

      Of course quality matters. that is why I have one, who stays.... John?

    9. Hell, only cross mating with Polar Bears that 7 feet Bigfoot has no concept of quality. His only criteria is to check if it has a pulse. Lol

    10. This is deteriorating fast..perhaps we should all get back to work...

    11. It's because of the mutual company we keep Paladin.

      I am putting articles up, so I am working......

    12. lol you guys are funny alright get back to work now you guys got a planet to save

    13. After that back and forth between the 3 of you guys you would think that Dongs were tracking.

  6. Almost forgot Tony at WHA......kudos as well.

    1. You guys created an army of people willing to go the distance if needed...we love you all!

    2. Thank you, Paladin. I was going to enter the fray, but since I have a pulse I thought it best to stay clear of this parley. ;)

    3. Wise choice Palladin prefers them without for less refusals.

  7. Ricky, you've been a blessing of persistence for one and his dog who needed it. You took a stand and did what you could and then some.
    You ask us to keep up the good work up, but you yourself have contributed in a most beneficial way. You educated us on what it was to "man" up for someone who needed it. I for one look forward to your continued contributions here and WHA.

  8. John -
    Great article and I resonate with what you speak of. Much TRUTH needs to be spoken and heard by many. I agree with you that education of who "one-self" truly is is much needed. Once the consciousness opens the mind, the bondage of untruths, lies, and facades start falling apart...and the real self emerges. Then the synergy of all will be unstoppable in raising humanity to higher levels.

  9. These are the major issues. If we have to fire up a few to get them focused on the real issues, its just part of the Day Job.
    I actually appreciate Constitutionalist fighting his corner for his nation, and hope to see it carried over. Your voices do resonate worldwide. The limited free capital which will be allowed out from a few currencies are small change to the scale of what will be achieving across many fronts. Uniting commitment is key to all. Delivering solutions by Projects is the key agenda, second only to Enlightening all to who you are. Unlocking key reality is the big picture game in play now. Nothing goes with us, but what we do here matters. Our one family is all and only Hu- Man!
    Be assured, major Global repositioning is happening. You have access to the highest powers and real causes are in play. For many, to even see what plays out in the corridors of power, is in itself enlightening.
    But, on OWON, we call it as it is. Exposure follows. It is the true site of the people.

    1. John -
      Thank you for your response. Heartfelt. And I agree with you "Nothing goes with us, but what we do here matters."


    2. Hi John,

      First let me say thank you for acknowledging my post that I removed so that this page could be updated. I had some business to take care of, and unfortunately didn't save my prior post, so I'm happy to see that you did in fact see it.

      Seriously, many of us have known about these issues ie chemtrails, flouride the cabal, the illegal and the greedy Wall Street types and bankers.

      As I mentioned before, I am nothing but a mere American in my own little corner of the country fighting to expose these issues and as I've said have literally taken to the streets.

      I do have a question for you, seriously; you had mentioned a couple of weeks back that the illegal was stonewalling in a sense in fear or to get protection from prosecution of his illegal presidency. As I mentioned, I was and continue to be involved on many fronts here. Of course not to the extent of the White Hats as we do not have the resources or the money ( millions) that are necessary to have a fair and equal field. My question to you was, who would prosecute the illegal? No one here will, we were laughed out of the SCOTUS, told we didn't have standing; time and time again.

      While we take to the streets and online blogs and forums, we have to be increasingly mindful about the agencies that scour the internet for those they perceive as dissenters. I know of several online acquaintances that have been paid visits from one agency or another as a form of intimidation.

      So we do what we can in a legal and lawful manner. As I mentioned before violence begets violence, and often times I think that this is what they are waiting for, as a excuse to declare martial law.

      Trust me John, we are out here, but increasingly have become aware of unwanted interest in our activities.

      As a side note, I am no welfare recipient, everything I have, own, I have gotten from a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. And trust me, if I were a wealthy man, no one/ family in my area would be hungry, homeless or dependent on the government. I had at one time big plans to establish an organization that would put needy Americans on their feet with a solid foundation. Funding is as you know tight, and so we do the best we can no matter how " small".

    3. I will carry this comment over for you Constitutionalist,,

      Constitutionalist Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 8:43:00 AM MDT


      I am merely an American, and as grew up in a period when we were taught to have respect for those in significant places, however here's where you're wrong John, NO not every American just rolled over and "allowed" this to happen. I take great offense to this really. I personally have been in several serious campaigns to get the scum out of office for a good many years. I have taken to the streets with peaceful Americans getting the word out.

      The "illegal" spent MILLIONS to keep his records sealed; even with some powerful attorneys in place our claims were dismissed, even the SCOTUS laughed at us for God's sakes, telling us we had no standing. A few weeks back you mentioned that he was stonewalling for fear of prosecution of an illegal presidency... tell us John who would prosecute him? Let us know for pete's sakes, because no one here has been successful!

      Clintons and the Bush's same thing, Millions of dollars along with government agencies that would sooner pick you up then give you the time of the day. You seem to imply that we have done nothing! Sorry we don't have the means to accomplish what the White Hats and their type can, we don't have the resources!

      And John, you seem to think this is an easy task, yet for as many years as the great White Hats have been sacrificing, putting it all on the line for us, sadly I have yet to see anything that has changed YET.The same crooks are in office, the same crooked bankers are making money hand over fist. And you would like us to do what? I know that eventually the White Hats will accomplish something because I have great faith in them, but exactly what are we to do?

      The Brits beheaded King Charles the 1st? I know you're not suggesting that Americans turn to violence; violence begets violence, and boy what a great reason to declare martial law.

      Trust me on this one, some of us, I for one have been extremely active in my little corner of the country, but cognizant of the fact that this must be done in a lawful/legal manner. And for the record, I am not some welfare recipient, everything I have, I have worked for, earned with my own blood, sweat and tears.

      You claim to like us Americans, yet lately it seems you enjoy taking swipes at us; perhaps you don't realize really how hurtful this is.

      I will now sit back and wait for the insults to flow as they do so freely here from some of the posters here that won't stand up and say enough! I agree with everything you say, but I refuse to be insulted when I and many good Americans have and continue to do what we can to make a difference.

      As always with sincere respect.

    4. I will answer this with the respect it rnerits overnight.

    5. "I will now sit back and wait for the insults to flow as they do so freely here from some of the posters here that won't stand up and say enough!"

      (Cricket's chirping)

    6. Constitutionalist.
      Multi points, but first the core conceptual overview. Our case is not against the American people, but the Weevils within. We empathise with the struggles and fears of the American Public, but call time where the Free Press fails you.
      America has an Illegal, Non Natural Born President , aided by an Iranian Marxist , funded via Soros, a Jewish Atheist War Criminal, and collective State leadership immersed in corruption and Racketeering on every corner. Banking via Wall Street no longer services or support Domestic Industries, but is entrapped with a Derivatives Gambling pool generating fantasy bonuses while the host nation degenerates due to lack of core investments,in turn creating regional systematic collapse.
      Non of this equates to what the Founders ever empathised or entrusted to Congress.

      The Media has sold out under Operation Mockingbird and others, to a ravenous Jewish /Zionist Elite group of Publishers who no longer protect the Public or represent the voice of the people. Americans have been disenfranchised from Democracy or Free Speech.
      The same Self Serving Jewish Zionist forces have taken control of the US Treasury, Fed and Finance Industries and in greedy escalation of Bonus driven Derivatives,have systematically decimated the life blood financing needed for Community Financing, and dereliction has followed. Raise it they cry anti Semitism. Untrue! Anti Chicanery! They have ring fenced, encircled and choked America. The Sub Prime collapse was created by who? Madoff, Insurance failures, the majority of Wall Street Frauds by who? How many Supremes are Jewish, totally disproportionate, including Kagan who protects Obama?

      America is hemorrhaging from the inside. All we do, is call it. Doing nothing begets nothing.

      Our only hope to assist the nation, is to use part of the PPs released to select and fund true Patriotic Americans as Independents and hope to secure enough seats to hold the balance of power and to force a Coalition. Without that the corrupt 2 party system will just accelerate Federal collapse.
      We try to be no more than a voice of and for the Real People.

      The good family value Jewish people must face up to and recognise the evil within which has become Zionism, and denounce them as not following Jewish principles. Israe Hell needs reigning in and back. Occupied territories need to be handed back. Jewish Election funding Racketeering in America must stop. Their domination of Congress must be ended. America now needs fair, equitable and proportional representation for all. Be American - Or Be Gone!

    7. John,

      I couldn't agree with you more. While it seems that some if not most here on this blog weren't aware of how bad it was until recently. Trust me, myself and my colleagues went to the school of hard-knocks.

      I well remember when we tried to get the word out back in 2007 prior to the election about the illegitimacy of the occupant in the White House how we were shunned, by media, and by those that we considered Patriots. We were called " conspiracy theorists". We made calls to our reps, we made calls to the media. Trust me, we called everyone that had a phone number. The elected reps, you know the people who work for us, seemed to give us a "virtual spanking", and the media (Rush, Beck, and the like) weren't interested. Some during this time sort of let us know they couldn't discuss some of these topics for fear of loss of their jobs, and or worse. then we knew we were in trouble.

      Perhaps you recall groups of American Patriots converging in Washington, there while we met good American's that saw the trouble coming from miles away, again were mocked and made insignificant by fellow Americans.

      Let me tell you John, had you told me 10-15 years ago what I know now, I would probably think you all were nuts lol. I mentioned it before, I'll mention it again, I have a good buddy; he has been awake much longer than I have. He would tell me things, and I would laugh; he'd send me links to alternative news; I'd laugh, but as a good friend, he continued. Then one day I said to him, hey did you see such and such? And he'd look at me, and say I told you about this 5 years ago; and I would stop and realize, son of a bucket, that he did.

      With all of this said, and with great respect, and knowing that what you say is true; my question for you is what can an average American like myself do? We've tried, trust me we have tried, now we just watch, and while can't boast of great feats like the White Hats, we still try in our little ways to help facilitate change. Please know that there is a HUGE contingent of Patriotic Americans that would love to do something, anything for our great nation. It breaks many of our hearts, this is our country, this is where we were born and raised, and it is heart-breaking to watch our country fall apart, fail.

      On a lighter note, when some things came to light, we'd sit around and sort of laugh, and say " Somebody, anybody, we the American People need help, come liberate us from these monsters."

    8. Once the PPs are released, we and patriotic Americans will look at a real drive to get 20 or 30 competent and focused Independents in, to hold the balance of power. Greed will do the rest. That way, refuse to follow the new Power Brokers demands and they all lose office.
      That is the start. Plus disenfranchising the Fed. Smashing the Press Barons racket and opening up a Free Press with public supervision. Force the CIA under full Congressional control and oversight.
      Stopping Banks funding Derivatives gambles.and close Goldmans.
      Re educating society and taking all schools away from Religious orders. Cutting all Defense and Agency spending by at least 35%. Cancelling US passports and Residency for all Israeli dual passport holders. Boot them out. Jail ALL Bankers caught racketeering. Stop ALL Bankers funding Election expenses. Limit the Jewish Lobby funding by Law.
      Bring America back to a real Democracy and limit terms in office. STOP Presidential Pardons for crooks. Tax ALL Religions. Cut State spending. Focus on Infrastructure and jobs. Stop all Welfare after 3 months. Fruit pick, work on Infrastructure projects, work to eat or die.Work away or fade away.
      The impending collapse of America will help achieve this. Let it go and rebuild.
      Then the West will stand with you as Allies.

    9. John,

      Man, that Has to be one of my favorite posts of all time here!

      Thank you so much for all you and the white hats are doing!

      I know this system in the US has to crash before the majority of sleeping Americans will wake up, but just know that there millions of us patriots who are damn well ready to get rebuilding int a nation we can be proud of again.


    10. Yes, thanks Constitutionalist and John for your above posts. Gives one great hope for our future.

  10. John, Canauzzie,

    Another hard driving home hitting article relaying the point that know one is owed and to quit waiting around for something to fall into our laps and to make it happen as part of our journey through this amazing life. We are all a part of something that's building and gaining momentum and I can`t wait to see this thing through to the new beginning. THX again

  11. A couple good articles

    Unexpected Aurora Skyscraper purifies air and water in Chernobyl

    This luminous skyscraper absorbs radiation and gives off soft or high intensity light that communicates information on the environmental conditions in its surroundings. Meant to be built in Chernobyl, devastated by nuclear disaster in 1986, the new structure will help resettle the area and allow people to return to their roots.

    Read more:

    Soaring city of “Vertical Factories” would produce goods made for New Yorkers by New Yorkers

    What if New Yorkers could subsist completely on products made right here in the city? Architect Stuart Beattie’s design Made In New York envisions a series of vertical factories on the Greenpoint, Brooklyn waterfront that would allow NYC to meet its demand with its own supply. Chosen as an Honorable Mention in the 2015 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, Made in New York is also a reaction to the city’s rising population.

    By building up instead of out, Beattie’s plan is focused on keeping manufacturing stateside, while reestablishing more factory production in Brooklyn.

    Read more:

  12. Hello everyone!

    This article speaks to all of us in a heartfelt, but tough stance. I am struggling too, but the words of wisdom from this article give me hope and courage.

    As the article states, I agree that welfare strips the humanity from each of us- we do not have to fight and struggle to make our way- instead it is given to us. (I'm referring to the people who use welfare as a life of freebies- not the deserving people who really need it).

    Thank you John, Canauzzie, Tony, and all the other who contribute to these two sites. This article is uplifting and gives me hope.


    You have an ability, that they are not telling you about. You the Spirit, is able to leave the body and engage in battle. And then go back into the body, and as an incarnate, you are mainly unaware. This was because they sabotaged your ability to be aware. But one of the signs that this is going on is sudden chills. As a Spirit, you have been fighting in the “Astral” and this is becoming more easily remembered in dreams because the veil is thinning

  14. Why You Should Reduce Your Exposure To Fluoride

    Fluoride is commonly added to the water supply, and many have been brainwashed into believing fluoride is necessary for dental health and bone maintenance. However, the exact opposite is true.

    1. Fluoride is definitely a poison and is so widespread. Education is important to avoid this toxin. They sneak it into so many things, even the air.

    2. Good find Fedup and agree Biffie. We can't forget toothpaste either.

    3. Baking soda and coconut oil works great for me. Get a little 'oil pulling' as you brush.

    4. Fluoride also make us "lethargic" and "slow thinking." In addition, fluoride calcify's the pineal gland...

  15. Jewish (KHAZAR) Crimes Against Humanity - The Misrepresentation of Israeli Aggression as Self-Defense

    Vatic Note: I don't believe, in my very long life, that I have ever seen the breadth, depth and scope of psychopathic acts, that Israel has committed under these Khazars, such as I have seen since this entire mess began. I did not know what true evil was until I saw all that Israel does in deception using their supposed "danger" as an excuse, which is virtually non - existent. In fact, this is exactly what you can expect if they ever take us over and American Christians, under the Noahide laws that our President, traitor Bush signed in 1991, we will become like the Russians in 1917, and that is millions of us killed if we refuse to give up our Christian faith. There goes the Constitution and all that we have believed in for over 250 years.

  16. Hi John

    Is there a plan yet, or process developed, on how funding is going to be handled for smaller (multi) million dollar projects? How can someone, like myself, get connected with the parties that will be vetting potential projects for funding? For example, there is a current project already in flight that has stalled in phase 2 of 3 because capital dried up before it could get to the actual production stage. It is an amazing self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, venture that is designed to produce products that will generate profits that will benefit a number of local communities and the communities actually have ownership stakes in the project. It was designed around enriching the local communities. Awesome stuff and inline with what you have been espousing. The big question is how can one apply for funding?

    So appreciate what you and others are doing for the greater good!



    1. Post PPs and possibly others, schedules would have to be worked out. Submission would be received but logistics and schedules need to be finalized, which are still in discussions. So saying anymore to you would be simply putting the cart before the horse and all could change before finalized anyway.

      We will put a call out for submissions when time is right. Bring it forward then.

    2. Thank you Canauzzie for the response ... do you know if there will be an identified network of people and organizations that have been vetted and confirmed to be legit? I believe I know of 4 others, 2 people and 2 organizations, that are stating that they will either have funds, or be involved in funds, once the PP's are released. I just want to make sure that those of us who have legitimate and viable projects don't get sucked into any nefarious dealings with those claiming to be funding projects. It would be good to have a central source of information that shows who is legit or not on the funding side if possible. Just my two cents as I will be doing a lot of vetting on my own otherwise.


    3. Vetting will probably be IMF, UN, World Bank level and first assessed if priorities or not. Everybody wants to do projects with someone elses money. The Program Controllers are tired of it. Large volumes of programs already exist waiting.

      New ones will only be called for when we have spare time and capacity.

      The market is awash with hands out.

    4. Understand ... so would it be fair to say that all the talk about funding for new projects could be quite far out into the future after the PP's are released since there is already a huge volume already waiting of needed programs and projects? Doesn't sound like smaller grass roots projects have much of a chance to be seen or considered at least until the others clear. Just trying to understand what is realistic and make decisions accordingly.

      Thanks again :-)

    5. We have access, bypassing normal channels. It will be prioritized and selective as time allows. Many projects are in queue.

      Your question was about other organizations.

    6. Ok...good to know as this is good information for all who are thinking about how to move forward with their ideas.

      Apologizes for any confusion around the questions. Here is what I was trying to get to ...

      From the perspective of the one who has an idea:

      1.) Whom would we contact to start the application process and what would that process be? (OWON and others)
      2.) How can we ensure that the people we contact are a trusted source? (Others, besides OWON)

      Thanks again for your response ... it is very much appreciated. I understand now that you will be a primary source of contact. Don't want to belabor this to much. :-)


    7. 1) OWoN; When we suggest, time is right. Others: see below (2).

      2) We are not focused on "others", nor can I speak to their validity. But any who claim 'Historical Bonds" redemption, you must consider carefully. Possession of these bonds could be considered theft as they belong to the Elders. If not dealing direct, a criminal minefield could await.

  17. Hi all
    I sense there are more and more underlying messages creeping in suggesting that this rv will not happen in a way that will allow us to profit via dinars, dongs etc. I understand it is not about that, and that there is a much bigger picture and much more serious matters here. All true, but... let's be honest if we didn't make some profit from this rv via our notes we would all, or mostly all, be pretty p*ssed. No, not at John and Co, or anybody at all. We would always be grateful for what you have done. But we've all come so far that pretty much all the lurkers and posters at OWON and WHA would seriously be gutted to the core to end up with toilet paper instead of a sum of money that can set them up properly. No, not millions, but enough to pay off that roof and move forward in life. I should imagine most of the audience here just want to buy a home outright, a car and help a person or two. Ie: a couple of hundred grand, that kind of figure. It seems this dream is slipping badly now. I'm all for the global projects etc but on a personal level we would all feel let down (not by John or anyone, just by life). I know some may deny this in posting but plenty of lurkers will be nodding heads reading this. I guess what I'm asking is: is it time to hand all these dinars, dongs, rupiahs and goodness knows what else back to the money changers so at least we walk away with (almost all of) our investment back? I think OWON is kindly and diplomatically gearing us up for the worst news regarding this rv on personal levels. This post is not in anger or accusing in any way; it is in gratitude, honesty and warm wishes.
    All the best


    1. We are simply preparing for the 'what if'. Life does not wait for RVs, it goes on. Our concern is missed opportunities while waiting. Waiting is a dangerous game because this has gone on for a long time without resolution and could still continue.

      There are major concerns over Dinars which we have voiced many times. Dongs not so much, but tricky. Still - what will be left after sovereigns or big dogs? This is all uncharted territory. Assets, liquidity and logistics all come into play. Just be prepared for 'what if'.

  18. Hello John, thanks for the update. I'm in this until you guys say it's a no go. I remain positive about it all. So we hold onto our Dong a little while longer.

  19. This article in the Scientific American shows why we need to get on with it without money, where possible:

    “Americans actually live in Russia, although they think they live in Sweden. And they would like to live on a kibbutz.”

    "At the core of the American Dream is the belief that anyone who works hard can move up economically regardless of his or her social circumstances."

    "The researchers found Americans overestimate the amount of upward social mobility that exists in society. They asked some 3,000 people to guess the chance that someone born to a family in the poorest 20% ends up as an adult in the richer quintiles. Sure enough, people think that moving up is significantly more likely than it is in reality. Interestingly, poorer and politically conservative participants thought that there is more mobility than richer and liberal participants."

    "We may not want to believe it, but the United States is now the most unequal of all Western nations. To make matters worse, America has considerably less social mobility than Canada and Europe."

    AjnaAndy note: in Canada and Europe there is less of the 'every man for himself' mentality. Aus too. I think the very American tendency to be fiercely supportive of the individual rights over collective good has reached its useful end.

  20. POPE Francis to Lead U.N. 1-World GOVT Official "SIGNING" & Launching September 201

    Although I am highly skeptical of these cabalist; I do believe that they wrote the books and made the plans are determined to carry them out...however, timelines has changed and we are on a different timeline...their power is gone..they are at zero hour...

    But the fact that the Pope is bringing church and state together...let's us know that they want to bring fear into our spectrum...No fear!

    1. What's interesting to me is that this coincides a bit with Jade Helm 15.

      “Jade Helm is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado,” according to an unclassified military document announcing the training drill, which runs from July 15 through September 15.

      Of course we have the MSM chiming in.. last night I have heard that the MSM reports on Jade Helm 15 are "canned", with a few words changed here and there to make them appear different.

      The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from all four branches of the U.S. military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the U.S. public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn’t much friendlier.

    2. reminds me of when the Pope visited Phillipines. They are hell bent on ushering in the NWO/Agenda21/and One World Re-lie-gion...their time is up, they are at time zero and want us to believe that they are in control...this is not so and we have to focus on all of the positive happening now...knowing that all of the negativity is done...

      They want to take over resources in some of our most resource rich areas to sell to foreigners. So we are disenfranchised because of legislators have chosen "them" over us...and we are the ones who they owe a debt to...this is the upside down syndrome where bad is good and good is bad...this is their engineering; which has been happening since the beginning of time. We were always dispensable to them.

      But these are their thoughts, and not's their undoing!

      EXCLUSIVE - Children CAGED to keep the streets clean for the Pope: Police round up orphans and chain them in filth during pontiff's visit to Philippines

    3. FedUp, absolutely it's their own undoing. They can have their " fun" so to speak, eventually all is revealed.

    4. Constitutionalist, another thing I noticed is that many big events happen around ritual dates for them; and we have to believe that we are not just dealing with corruption, we are dealing with a spiritually bankrupt element who believe that nothing happens by accident.

      Sacred geometry is what they use this is why they choose these numbers and invert them to do the opposite of what they were meant to be. With all the tools for humanity, they rather use them for destruction rather than to empower humans...this says a lot about what we are dealing with.

      We cannot fight them with the system that they put in place; this fight is not ours they are actually fighting against the One Creator of all that is; because they from the beginning have desired to be worshiped as creator(s)...

      I figured, the best way I can fight is not participate in their "shananighans." Instead of celebrating holi-days; I do the opposite...feeding into their system opens us up to all of their deceptions...I have gotten to the point where "I ain't havin it...I have had enough..." Their silent weapons for a quiet war has been exposed, and once you know something, it is our responsibility to expose it...

      You work is not in vain!

  21. John / Canauzzie,

    Thanks for the article. The Lifting the Veil Series are great and ripping off all standards. Thanks for that Friends, looking for more to come.

    Brazil's Protest Update:

    After a huge success in our last event on March 15th, shockwaves are felt throughout the system causing much noise and diarrhea among some "Fat Pigs". Hard working families are rebelling and pushing harder than first thought. Seems people understood, there is power in numbers and endurance is causing the movement to grow.

    Another major event is scheduled for April 12th 2015. We are expecting double amounts in the house of 2 million only in Sao Paulo spreading the protest to the neighborhoods making this a Community Event.

    However a few hundred people as a pro government gathering, happens on Friday as well, but We only protest on Sunday, because Hard Working Families Are Working during the week days.

    Only suckers, welfare wannabes and wasters have time to protests during the week. We don't.

  22. Another excellent article. Its sad to report but one of the largest donations was declined. Unfortunately, this set us back quite a bit. With some of these funds spoken for, for some upcoming events, this really has set us back. Right now, we could use all of your help desperately now. As they stated in the article, every little bit helps. Please help us get this out on social media. It only takes a few minutes to maybe help a great person. Please Tweet out on Twitter, and share out on Facebook. Ask others to keep it circulating, if they will take a minute as well. A setback, but i'm refusing to fail him on this. So I reach out to all and see if they can help us in one way or another. Sharing is caring, and sharing it around is free. We were doing pretty well, and making some great things transpire for Mike. Please, please, please help us continue this for him. A dedicated member of these two sites, who was willing to give what he didn’t have to help a greater cause. Some over at wha saw this, and thought for someone down and just about out, he thought of others first, so lets get together and help Mike. Ive learned a lot about this person and this isn’t new for the amount of community help hes provided over the years. I haven't done as much, in my life, and its painfully clear now. So I'm staying on this until we help save this persons livelihood.

    No help is too small. Thanks everyone who has, or will help in anyway.

    1. Please read my reply to your same comment earlier in this thread. The transaction has been re-instated and Mike will be ok as far as those funds are concerned.

    2. Sorry I didn't see that. Thank you. Were in a critical time right now. Thank you so much for that update. Everyone can we push over the 5k mark today for Mike.

  23. Finally had a chance to finish reading Lifting the Veil, report 5. A well rounded article with important points for all. It makes me excited to be a part of what our future brings. I enjoy hearing from folks all over the world and their issues and ways to solve things. So keep those uplifting posts, innovative ideas, better health for all, and the real truth about what is troubling us in this world coming. For without all of these, how can we know the truth of matters and how to overcome them. Thanks John, Canauzzie and team for such great efforts.

  24. Thanks Canauzzie for the reply. My worry is the one world currency/NWO currency is coming, quick. If the rv stalls for too long then no currency will ever rv or be worth anything because the whole lot will be scrapped for the one world currency which will be a shocking blow for humanity. It's obviously going to happen there's no doubt; question is what will happen first: the rv of the dongs etc or the big worldwide currency collapse to bring in the NWO currency? If it is the latter then the dongs and dinars will be useless paper like all currencies will be then. At that point you'll wish you'd purchased metals instead. Of course, the NWO will then probably outlaw mets at that point anyway. But yes, it's a case of rv THEN collapse it all, or just go ahead and collapse it all without an rv. I guess it depends how many dinars Bush is holding.

    1. Jeeves,
      I see the opposite. The globalists have had their one world currency i.e. the dollar, and they are losing it. The emergence of China and the BRICS will help re-balance the world. I believe their hold on oil through the petrodollar has been broken...the difference between $60 and $100 barrel was nothing more than a tax paid to the oil oligarchs. With the emergence of the Yuan, I think there is more hope for a re-balance and a revalue of the globe. I just think that the RV will fall very short of expectations. I would expect that when the RV happens that your $500 investment may turn into $1500 - $2500. Which is a really good, but not the stuff all the fantasies are made of. Peace


    2. Jeeves,

      The NWO dreams are done. The East gave them two fingers up. They are playing games now, very serious games. The threat of war is real. But controlling the world is just a fantasy.

  25. Thanks John and Canauzzie . Your BLog is alive , it breathes ! Nothing like this has ever existed in such a concise format . I live in the belly of the beast that has torn America apart . What you see on a national scale, I live with in my community . It has come to a point where when a certain ethnic group moves in all others who can afford to make haste and get to hell out . I will not elaborate . Thank you.

  26. Correct, all we see out there is putrid pap, advertising riddled and hands out for subscriptions to read such meaningless and amateur drivel. Ever more are now failing to compete or draw subsidies. For most, the bar has gone up to levels they can never aspire to. We understand the issues, and have the Global following to debate them. You are the target market they aspire to, but you are here. For most, OWON is now the 21st Century Refined Mammoth which just sat on the camels back. Unless they can up their game,they can't make the new frame. Times change,and for most of them, time is now up.

  27. John, I heard Lew was in China today if so would he be meeting with your team on some important issues. THX

    1. We don't need Lew we are way higher in China. Also way ahead.


  29. Professor Nutbeam is not a character on the Benny Hill Show.......

    He`s killing free speech in Britain.

  30. Future Robotics: Think Self-Fixing Bridges; Shoes That Optimize For Walking, Running; Camouflaging Cars

    Prosthetics with a realistic sense of touch. Bridges that detect and repair their own damage. Vehicles with camouflaging capabilities.
    Advances in materials science, distributed algorithms and manufacturing processes are bringing all of these things closer to reality every day, says a review published today in the journal Science by Nikolaus Correll, assistant professor of computer science, and research assistant Michael McEvoy, both of the University of Colorado Boulder.

    The “robotic materials” being developed by Correll Lab and others are often inspired by nature, Correll said.

    “We looked at organisms like the cuttlefish, which change their appearance depending on their environment, and the banyan tree, which grows above-ground roots to support the increasing weight of the trunk,” Correll said. “We asked what it would take to engineer such systems.”

    Read more:

    1. Really great thinking outside the box. The future is so flexible.

    2. It is Biffie, this is major and we'll see expansion of this type of technology quickly.

  31. Noah Oasis Skyscraper transforms offshore oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats

    The Noah Oasis project transforms offshore oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats that help clean up oil spills and restore damaged marine eco-systems. These floating structures are meant to populate global waters, absorbing spilled oil from the surface of the sea and transporting it to their internal processors where it would be converted into a type of plastic used as building material in the creation of coral reefs. The project won honorable mention from this year's eVolo Skyscraper

    Read more:

    1. Sounds like a lot better way to clean up those nasty oil spills. Still would like to see all get away from needing to drill for oil.

    2. Biffie this is something a little bit different, and have heard about it before, but first time have seen it in print.

      Swedish Company Harvests Body Heat to Warm Buildings

      It’s no secret that crowds cause temperatures to rise, but all those bodies generating heat could be a large source of untapped energy. Inspired by the hordes of people passing through Stockholm’s Central Station each day, a Swedish real estate company, Jernhusen, has found a way to harness the energy created by the 250,000 moving bodies to heat an office building across the street. As a result, the building’s energy bill has decreased by 25 percent.

      Read more:

  32. ‘Robohand’: 7yo girl gets 3D-printed prosthesis

    A young girl has acquired a fresh perspective about wearing a prosthetic limb since she was able to help design the device through 3D technology - and for just $50 dollars.

    The day after her blue-and-pink colored ‘robohand’ rolled off a 3D printer at the Build It Workplace on Tuesday in Orange County, California, Faith Lennox was already pedaling a bicycle around the company's parking lot with apparent ease.

    Read more:

  33. P, this is amazing. So much hope with 3D printing. Can't wait to see how they expand on this type of technology.

    1. Agree Biffie, thought this was so cool. Really like what company behind it is doing. They are making the technology available to their community. And it's affordable, just think how many untold numbers this could help.

  34. Ten Facts About Switzerland, The Vatican, The CIA (holy C) And "Neutrality" You Are Not Allowed To Know..

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following information was first published on December 21, 2014 in “Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now” (2014), a book and website by David Chase Taylor. Due to its shocking revelations, especially in respect to the CIA in Switzerland, it’s naturally being censored on an international level. Consequently, it is imperative to share this information in order to bring the country of Switzerland and its murderous CIA to justice for centuries of war crimes against humanity.

  35. OMG! I am still crying after reading this...this should never be allowed anywhere on earth...I ask our One Creator through Divine mercy to relieve people of all human engineered tyranny. I send nothing but LOVE to this beautiful child.

    Heartbreaking moment a four-year-old Syrian girl 'surrendered' when a photographer pointed his camera at her... and she assumed it was a gun

    We are ALL connected!!!!

  36. Hold On To Your Hats Because We Are Reaching The Apex of The Mountain We Have Been Climbing For Soooooo Long!!!

    Welllllll, are you feeling like a pressure cooker as if you are about to implode? There are so many of us feeling the ramifications of the immense Light penetrating our bodies and cells AND AT THE SAME TIME we are receiving copious amounts of intel and data that are insinuating something really big is about to go down! Just check out the last week’s highlights and other pertinent news:

  37. Replies
    1. I am not surprised, their rotten hand is in everything else, why not music. I listen to a lot of piano, celtic, flute, and harp music. Not sure what hz that is but it seems calming to me.

    2. Biffie they are well indoctrinated into almost everything.

      Still listen to the radio, but not as much. There are better things to listen to.

    3. Once you realize that everything is energy, vibration, and waves; you can understand exactly how music, smart meters, cell towers, elf and crystals effect us. I try to surround myself with much positive energy because there is so much negativity everywhere...and it's unsustainable...

      The energy emissions from our monitors, computers, wifi, microwave, light bulbs, plants,and nature all have a positive or negative effect on our being.

  38. The Venus Project: One World, No Government. Could It Work?

    Architectural designer and futurist, Jacque Fresco, is considered an inspiration by many for his innovative ideas and his blueprint for a sustainable society and planet. It is known as the Venus Project. While some of his ideas are considered radical and far-fetched, we are now reaching a point in technology where it may be time for a reappraisal.

  39. Constitutionalist

    Thank you for so eloquently expressing yourself as your feedback is relevant and definitely heard. I feel your pain and frustration because we experience the same emotions on a regular basis. Its always good to know there are other warriors out there in the battle.

    I'm currently consulting with a group of organized and concerned parents in their fight to keep Common Core out of their state school systems. Its a method I've used for years and had in my head but never reduced it to writing...combining both intel gathering with an accompanying strategy to maximize the impact of their efforts. A grass roots approach with specific targets and goals. With the upcoming elections next year, it could easily be adapted to many different applications, all of which would be directed at the cabal.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to speak your mind.

    1. Paladin,

      First, let me express what a pleasure and yes honor it is to be able to interact with a White Hat. You and your colleagues have my utmost respect, and gratitude. Let me tell you, knowing that you and your colleagues are out on the front-line allows us to get some sleep.

      Common Core? Ha! Anything that has the Gates name attached, I and my friends avoid. Helping kids? No it's more of following the money!

      We have counted our blessings because we just squeaked by with our kids; actually at the end of their primary education we made the decision to homeschool them. We unlike parents that homeschool didn't do it for religious reasons, but instead had an awakening of sorts when one of my daughters at the age of 10 wandered into my home-office, and asked me what in the world were the politico's talking about, and wondered outloud if they had in fact read and understood the Constitution. I have to tell you, there isn't a day that we regret our decision. We must have done something right raising our kids that they at even young ages were starting to question.

      The funny part is when we withdrew them, the principle of the school with no hestitation advised us that we could have our children participate in the exams that were administered for federal funds. Of course, we politely declined, as we felt that the school should receive no funds off the backs of our kids hard work when they failed them so miserably.

      While our kids are no longer primary school aged, we are very active in Homeschooling groups which specifically represent the rights of parents such as ours. We know what we went through, and work hard to help other parents avoid the troubles we had not that long ago.

      In addition, without Common Core Principals, our kids excelled in school, and currently are enrolled in alternative secondary education programs, and doing well; better than most if not all of their friends who are currently enrolled in the " system".

      I wish you luck and assistance with helping keep Common Core out of the state school systems, I understand the reasons.

      Well, to keep this relatively short, I just wanted to thank you for the kind words, and you and your colleagues service. I have a fraction of an idea of what you must go through, and don't envy your position. Stay strong and safe.

    2. Schools get paid so much per child. They dislike it when a child leaves.

    3. My kids former school threw a party when we withdrew our kids. I held their feet to a fire for several years, even got my reps involved, and they didn't like it.

    4. Over this winter my sister who is a certified teacher asked me to assist her in writing a syllabus for 3 subjects that she was, I wrote up a syllabus and we discussed the courses and subjects that she was going to be teaching.

      I was amazed to find out that the "core" of the material had nothing to do with any one subject. I mean, you can teach science from a social studies publication, or you can teach math from a geography publication...I was shocked and so was she.

      She had to go to special training for Common Core and she became frustrated. So, she retired and is doing everything that she can do to discourage Common Core in public schools. She is an advocate for children, and an excellent educator.

      From what i learned, education has fallen off a cliff...and education has never been nothing but indoctrination and I praise anyone who opts out of the system. What I have also discovered is that children who are home schooled are brighter and more aware...because we as parents are going to tell our children the truth...and this time spent in teaching is about real life matters.

      When folks say, "if there are more people like you's, we are in trouble" then I know that something we're doing is right.

  40. Have the arrests and indictments really started? Yahoo news too. YEA!

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bob Menendez, the son of Cuban immigrants who rose to become one of the highest-ranking Hispanic members of Congress, was charged Wednesday with accepting nearly $1 million in gifts and campaign contributions from a longtime friend in exchange for a stream of political favors.

    I hope this is the first of MANY!!!

    1. MW and P...I think he thought that he was untouchable...He did not think that he was going to be indicted. He refused to resign, and he thought that his money was going to get him a ticket out.

  41. It seems someone (Bush, Sr.?) really doesn't want Hillary in the WH? Actually, I don't either but I certainly don't want another Bush either.

    Business dealings of Hillary Clinton's brother raise new questions


    The latest baggage threatening to dog Hillary Clinton’s expected bid for the White House comes in the form of her brother, who allegedly got help from the Department of Homeland Security in smoothing a business deal.

    The department’s inspector general found that Tony Rodham was given special treatment by DHS’ No. 2 in securing visas for foreigners connected to a deal.

    Rodham was CEO of an electric car company owned by another longtime Clinton pal, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, when he got help from DHS official Alejandro Mayorkas securing the visas for investors in the firm. It is not clear that Clinton played any role. But the determination could, at least, fuel new questions about what was contained in the thousands of emails sent and received on Clinton's private server while she was secretary of state -- many of which she says were deleted.

    1. The more dirt, the better so she can't get in the white house. But, I don't was another bush either.

    2. We need some new "skin in the game." There has got to be some brilliant, bright, noncabal candidates who can change our government? or, just hire citizens to do the job that these politicos can't do.

      Obama 8 years
      Bush, Jr 8 years
      Clinton 8 years
      Bush Sr 4 years and Director of CIA for too many years.

      28 years of nothing but mayhem...who want more of this? Not me either...

  42. "The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

    1. Tuesday night’s show on Coast 2 Coast am (C2C am) George Noory interviews Steven M. Druker. A Public Interest Attorney, who as executive director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity, initiated a lawsuit that forced the FDA to divulge it’s files on genetically engineered (GE) foods.
      He’ discussed the biggest government/scientific fraud of our age…
      FDA Documents Show They Ignored GMO Safety Warnings From Their Own Scientists
      Druker covers how this elaborate fraud was crafted and how it not only deceived the general public, but Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and a host of other astute and influential individuals.
      Druker recovered 44,000 pages from FDA of this fraud in place since 1992, and earlier. “He responds to caller’s question, that these politicians have been misled, and have adopted ‘an ends justifies the means’ thinking.”
      “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” by Steven M. Driver, A Startling Expose’ of an Enormous Fraud – A must read. Released March 15, 2015.
      Mr. Druker does state in the interview, if President Barack Obama were to read his book today, that tomorrow he could make an announcement and GMO foods and seeds would be history.

    2. Nice find on that J Edgar Hoover quote.

    3. DL, I just got my book in the mail the other day. Can't wait to start reading it. "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth".

  43. “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” — Dr. Michael Ellner

  44. Aspartame medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by H. J. Roberts, M.D., over 1000 pages He also has other books on aspartame and "A Manifesto for American Medicine"

    Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Detox Formula: His new book is “The Only Answer to Cancer”. Goes into aspartame and cancer.

    "What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame" by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., Dr. Blaylock is author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, He has an excellent CD titled: "The Truth About Aspartame", All info is on

    Aspartame documentary: Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Cori Brackett

    “While Science Sleeps” by Dr. Woodrow Monte. Goes into the deadly free methyl alcohol in aspartame that converts to formaldehyde. You can get it at Discusses diseases caused by the methanol like MS, blindness and birth defects. Tells how FDA made a deal with G. D. Searle to hide the studies that showed aspartame causes birth defects, so the public would never know. Explains autism epidemic.

    Aspartame Information List, you can subscribe on scroll down to banners.

    Aspartame Video:

    How to get aspartame out of your state:

    Information on how aspartame blinds:

    Killing and disabling pilots, and causing crashes

    Safe Sweetener: Just Like Sugar, Can be found in places like Whole Foods. Made of chicory and orange peel, Calcium and Vitamin C. Chicory has been used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics. Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote in his newsletter, The Blaylock Wellness Report, "Finally a safe sweetener".

    1. Honey works too, and it can also be used by diabetics.

    2. Thanks! I eat too much sugar and would like to find a good substitute. I like honey and use it sometimes, but it's not always easy (sticky).

      Thanks DL & Biffie for the tips!

    3. Actually, I rarely use anything. I find that fruit is sweet and so are vegetables to me. I have not bought a bag of sugar or a container of commercial salt in over 40 years and I don't miss them. There is enough salt in food. I use herbs for seasoning and I add a pinch of sea salt if needed. Once I quit using regular salt, I found that food has a good amount of salt flavor naturally. I supplement with iodine, two drops a day. On occasion, I use honey with my nut butters on bread and in my seeds, nuts, and dried fruit cookies that I make. The ingredients to these cookies are all blended together, formed, and put in the oven on 300 degree heat for only 15 minutes just to toast them. The dried fruit makes them sweet but a little honey doesn't hurt.

    4. Thanks Anon1962 but I have heard that agave nectar is not good for you. Check this out:

      Coconut palm sugar is probably better but it's too pricey for my budget right now.

    5. John S is right.
      Honey is a No No for diabetics, only Stevia.

      Make sure you look at the Stevia labe when you buy. Some artificial sweetners manufactures add aspartame and sacarine to their product without notice.

    6. Thanks BoB, it is hard to know the truth. I had just read that honey was ok for diabetics the other day. I suppose it has to do with how it is assimilated by the body. Sorry, I don't mean to mislead anyone.

    7. The Honey that we buy in the supermarket is not's all manufactured...check it out.
      How to spot real honey from the fake

  45. Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetic's - Humans Have NO Defense
    For the past six months I have been undergoing the greatest paradigm shift I have ever had to go through. It has rattled my nerves and shaken my bones. This intense adjustment of my "world"has come about by studying the information given by Col. Tom Bearden at his website Cheniere. The new knowledge there has necessitated a total revision of my ideas about physical reality, the world we live in, and the future of humanity.
    This paradigm shifting even actually made me dizzy on certain days as I tried to absorb and digest Bearden's vast amount of information. I am not a scientist at all, just a layman, and I have little comprehension of the math and high physics of this new science called "Scalar Electromagnetics."But there is a great deal of information at Cheniere which needs to become common knowledge as fast as possible, for the sake of the survival of life on earth.

      DL, I wonder if this relates to the seventh veil in this article.
      The seventh veil: Ten Percent will progress to pierce the 7th veil where the incredible world of fractal geometry and the universal law of numbers will be fully understood and embraced. The creative force of the entire universe will be shown to be linked to numerical code formulas and sequences, and all “mysteries” including the very fabric of time, space, parallel universes, and access therein is unlocked. Those whose intellects allow them to pierce the seventh veil often succumb to the lure and promise of massive wealth offered by the ruling elite, and thus over ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the eighth veil.

    2. The fifth veil also seems to apply.
      The fifth veil: Ten percent will progress to pierce the fifth veil to learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communications have no boundaries and controlling the very thoughts and even the very actions of people is what their members do as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. As in the days of Noah, this technology is even creating synthetic life forms, as man seeks to displace God. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

    3. Some cosmically aware people have described this construct as a "server." It is said that we are actually in a a computer server...

  46. Breaking: autism, MMR vaccine, CDC coverup

    By Jon Rappoport
    August 20, 2014

    Sources: Age of Autism, Focus Autism Foundation---

    Age of Autism 8/18 article: "Senior government scientist breaks 13 years' silence on CDC's vaccine-autism fraud."

    CDC research scientist comes forward, anonymously, comes clean, tells Dr. Brian Hooker that the CDC has known about the MMR vaccine connection to autism for at least 11 years.

    Has known, and has intentionally covered it up.

    The CDC and the US government have gone to extreme lengths to assert there is no vaccine-autism connection.

    This CDC scientist has spoken with Brian Hooker, a PhD in biochemical engineering, many times.

    Hooker states he has seen raw CDC data not included in any study. And the data show that:

    African-American boys who receive their first MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine before the age of 36 months have a 300% increased risk for autism.

    If this is true, what else is the CDC hiding?


      'Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccine began to be introduced...I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.' W. B. Clark, New York Times 1909.

      The CDC probable hides whatever they are instructed to or paid to hide and have been for a long time.

    2. Agree Biffie, it's been going on for a long time. Didn't know about the cowpox vaccine, but it makes sense.

      Can't think of the name of it, but there was a drug (1960s) used to help women deal with morning sickness. Many of those women would go on to develop cancer and once developed they would live around 10 years. Many of these women taking the drug died young. For their children, many suffer from sterility and/or numerous medical issues, some serious. That was here in the US.

  47. Human hunting parties were said to take place on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace in the Netherlands. Two witnesses have named former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Beatrix’s father the deceased Prince Alfrink Bernhard, as being present at child sacrifices. Both were said to be Nazi sympathizers.

    The ICLCJ Court received a collection of Jesuit archival records about a child sacrificial cult known as the Knights of Darkness. In 1933 the Knights were established by the Catholic Jesuits and Nazi Waffen S.S. Division. The records showed Ratzinger was identified as a member of the Knights while working as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. The records also stated that Ratzinger participated in child sacrificial rites using kidnapped children from the camps or political prisoners.

    Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County California claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.

    Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland (92min)

    Uploaded on Feb 19, 2012
    "THE PHARAOH SHOW" - a film in english about the enemy within and their secret symbols, so they can better identify themselves among eachother and other codes of recognition. They rule the world; we are their slaves. Their base: Switzerland. The Crusades: the last stronghold of the Templars Accon fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 - the time to get back on horseback in those days. So the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the swiss banks were founded and all wars were being financed by ever since - and out of the templars came the freemasons. The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies - "and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea" . . . the sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars. This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar`s flag in exactly the same colours. They did it

    From comments section:

    Candice Bella2 months ago

    These people are the hyksos from the middle to the end of the 2nd Intermediate period. The Shepherd Kings are our foreign rulers.

    Don Larseno Larsen2 months ago

    Awesome, however, there were a couple of inaccuracies. Overall, it was Awesome ! If Eye had more time we could debate the inaccuracies ! Just to begin...the so called Swiss Cross/Symbol is actually Knights of would be difficult to prove that ALL Freemasons, i.e. (Geheimgesellschaften) stem from Schweitz, though many do and are. Nevertheless, Geheimgesellschaften such as the Tempelritter, Opus Dei, B´nai B´rith, Skull & Bones, Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, Order of Owls, Knights of the Golden Circle, Ordo Templi Orientis et cetera, et cetera, are all Multi-Demographical, not entirely Swiss, though Switzerland has played a major role in the Grand Illusion !!! KKK is normally Greek (Kuk + Klos + Klan i.e. Knights Of The Circle), and they wear the Knights Of Malta Cross/Symbol. Which can be traced back even before the Templer Orders. Emperor Konstantine (In hoc signo vinces or "In this sign you will conquer.") normally is credited with the WORLD MARKETING of the Cross Symbol. YOU ROCK DUDE !!!!!!

    1. Well.......these posts should keep you busy.....My head is currently exploding!! ~darylluke.


      "Exploding head syndrome"..... :-)

  49. PALADIN,

    Your post has been reverberating in my mind since I read it. Specifically you noted that the Chinese ask why don't the people rise up against these tyrants and throw them out? Continuing that if we don't help ourselves, then why should they? Well, in brief reply I would say the American people are up against the likes of RAND CORPORATION & THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE. It is because of evil organizations like these and many, many more that the American people are truly ignorant of how bad things really are. It is ALL BY DESIGN. They are not ignorant accidentally or coincidentally. It is an end result, created by evil soul-less beings!! I believe the Chinese really do not comprehend the depth, breath and scope of it all!! Perhaps somebody can write a white-paper on this topic starting with thee two organizations, and send that to them to kindly educate them..... ~darylluke.

    1. Daylluke / Paladin

      They DO understand, we talk daily. They have retained the wealth, the West has not. They are now closely aligned to London with a major new initiative developing. Certain key London parties are entrusted and being empowered,to set up the new organisations and to effect the changes needed. The London parties know "ALL" and will be focal to the Global initiatives. What is unfolding will be a Non Political, philanthropic undertaking to re set the balances of power as to ensure the shackles of NWO, Zionism and the Cabal are removed from human enslavement and to re educate humanity to its role as a species ready for the next unveiling for all. The Elders, as with certain parties they met in London, are fully and Spiritually aware and sophisticated Thinkers. They came for a week, and stayed 3. London and the Elders are now as one with designated entities. Our Project teams are now back in Taipei, Beijing and HK right now progressing key and core issues. We have the"Total" position and are forward planning together. Changes are coming.

    2. John,
      That statement says it all and its why we all are here. To know there are people who are true humanitarians that fight daily for the good of mankind against this vile, evil, cowardly NWO is reassuring. Statements like yours above makes the days ahead a lot easier to deal with knowing that change for the better is coming soon. Thank You your team, the Elders and the WH`s for your amazing vision, spirit, resilience, and most of all patience with all of us.

    3. John, I'm eagerly looking forward to see those changes manifest.
      Locally the awakening is starting to manifest too. I was able to drum up a group of people to help a severely disfigured little boy get the plastic surgery he urgently needs. Amazing to see how many are willing to jump in and help. Now it's just for finding a plastic surgeon to do a proper job for a reasonable fee.

    4. Well said Scott! I am now sharing this site with my network of friends, family and co-workers to help them have hope that not all is lost in this world. I was beginning to get very overwhelmed by the shear enormity of overt evil being perpetrated upon us as a human family and was becoming very skeptical of the future my kids, and the up and coming generations, would have. The Cabal has implemented a very sophisticated plan over decades with the backing of trillions of stolen funds to build their evil empire and to subjugate many. There is now such a great divide between the evil Cabal power structures, like complicit corporations, and the everyday person just trying to make ends meet, that it has been seen to be hopeless. BUT, the White Hats, Elders and others of like heart and mind are restoring hope!! They can move and interact in spheres of influence the man on the street cannot. They can go toe to toe with the head of the beast because that is their domain. The hope is they will continue to pound away at the Cabal structures in a war of attrition that will eventually bring down the entire evil empire. We, from the other end of the spectrum, can do our part and rise up from the muck and mire we find ourselves entangled in and fight the Cabal structures from another angle. Together, the good people of this world can crush the evil empire like a sandwich and eat them for lunch and then excrete what's left of them out into the sewer where they belong!! I look forward every day to read something hear on this site that shows that good is triumphing over evil. Yes, there will be setbacks, but as long as it is one step back then two steps forward then we can continue to have hope. If we lose our hope for a better world then we have lost everything. Let us not lose hope!




    An American political analyst says people in the United States are tired of policies of the families of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush when they were in power.

    “They’re really tired of both Bushes and Clintons. One is perhaps enough. Maybe there should be new faces and new names there,” William Jones from Executive Intelligence Review told Press TV on Monday.

    He made the comments after former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley criticized potential presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush for planning to pass the US presidency between their families.

    "Let's be honest here, the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families," O’Malley said.

    Former secretary of state Clinton and former Florida governor Bush are considered to be candidates of Democratic and Republican Parties respectively.

    Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, was the president of the United States. George W. Bush, Jeb’s brother, and George H. W. Bush, their father, were also the country’s presidents in the past.

    “The United States is not a monarchy,” Jones said.

    “It is not a hereditary structure and therefore the idea of families following one another and of course if there were a Bush presidency, there would be a third Bush first time in history and Clinton presidency, of course there would be similar to the few times when there were two members of the two families a father and a son serving together,” he added.

    Before you spend extra money on those “cage-free,” “vegetarian” or other specialized eggs, here is what commonly used terms on egg labels really mean…

    1. Good find Biffie, it's not hard to have a few hens and in places where the towns/cities are making a big deal out of it, even the people that are of such entities eat eggs. It’s finding a balance and at the same time helping communities become independent from that which may not be as fresh or nutritious as if they raised their own.

  52. We're still looking for some help for Mike. Please help up circulate this for Mike.
    Were getting oh so close to the 5 mark.

    1. Ricky

      What Mike needs now and next is a job fast. Any income source including farm fruit picking anywhere. He has to go to where the work is. Sitting back waiting is what caused this mess. Homes are not free. If he hits the 5k its breathing space money to find work. In the meantime anything has to do which pays. Being selective leads to broke. Easter goodwill may help. 5K raised will be a good job done by all. Mike has to expand the search net now to multi state jobs. Go with the flow. The current position has historical roots. Cause and Effect. Are jobs in sight yet? Waiting while not earning costs. He doesn't need what's right, he needs what's right now as a job. Money for food and rent to pay back. Its a long way back. He just needs a start. Breaks then come.

    2. Agree thanks. I know he has an interview today. I'm hoping to get the shares up on the campaign. It's very nice to see the help and I'm hoping we can get anyone who goes and looks at it will take a minute and share it out. I contact Paul twice a week to stay involved and they are doing just that and not sitting waiting but being very active. 5k is just a start. But as we can see we have strength I'm numbers. Let's use those social media angels and I know we can do this. Thanks for all your guys help.

  53. John
    Tomorrow is good Friday and a lot of government places are closed. So today is like a Friday to many. Any update on the pps and rv s as we head into the weekend. Thanks. I'm not pressureing by any means. Just curious if there is any update and if we should maybe watch the two site s over the Easter weekend. Even if not I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

    1. Hello Ricky, I read a lot of your posts and I want to say that you come off as a very compassionate person. I like the way you are campaigning for Mike, my heart goes out to him. Guys like you are the reason why I believe we will see a nice return on the Dong. I plan to help some people I know by getting them a car and directing them to the Uber website, google them. They are a company where you get to be an Independent Contractor to provide transportation to people, and you can make $14 an hour.

      John, I hope all is going well with you and the Elders. With everything I am reading, we may see some closure to this RV thing. P.S. I know this thing depends on liquidity but being the Dong is the safer of the 2, are you and Elders still considering to RV the Dong before the GCR like you posted last month?

    2. Thanks griff. I've learned a lot from these two sites. Even a lot about myself. How little I've really done for others. So for Mike this is just my first challenge. I plan to keep doing things now. Mike will land a job soon. We're so close to 5k which I know will be used to put him up in a place for two months with basic needs covered. I'd love to get that 10k mark and do more for saving the house. If not a few months working but having somewhere to call home while working will go a long way to allowing him to do the court thing. The help seen is why I'm so touched. If everyone helped just one I think how much better things can be. This is just my start. I have learned now how important it is to help others more than me. I credit these sites for opening my eyes. Now my heart feels what my eyes see. I'm a changed man. I know we can hit 5 and maybe 10. I'm seeing a lot of good people and good things. Have a happy Easter griff.

  54. Constitutionalist,

    I thank you for your efforts.

    Unfortunately, there are only a few who are awake and aware. The rest are still sleeping. For me this is who John rages against... And I personally don't take offense because I know the person he names above is not me. I do my part and carry my 3 welfare recipients on my back each and everyday. The burdens are many and the load remains heavy, but I am not a quitter and I can put my head down each night knowing I have done something everyday to make someone's life better.

    In fact, for reasons I won't go into, John speaks what I can't bring myself to say. I will support this site in other ways and appreciate all the time and hard work that both Canuazzie and John bring to the site.

    However, hear me say, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for making them.

    ~Get Real

    1. Hi Get Real,

      I don't want or expect a " thank you", those words are better left for those like the White Hats that do so much more on a much higher level than we do. But all the same it's our country, and just like voting we feel we have a duty to protect her from scoundrels. On occasion I have seen John suggest that people should relocated, leave this great nation, and that literally brings a tear to my eye. Hell NO goes through my mind, I'd rather die on my feet then leave as I love the United States, and think about what the Founders would think.

      As far as people being "awake or asleep", I have found at least here in this neck of the woods, more are a awake, but watch and plan silently their next legal/nonviolent move as many have been harassed with intimidation from a couple of agencies. I think it's a long hard battle, but then again the American Revolution was a relatively long battle from 1775-1783. Americans are resilient, we'll get through this, maybe with a few bumps and scrapes, but in the end I truly believe we'll come out of it stronger, and better than we have ever been. :) .

    2. Wanted to clarify, stronger and bigger than we've ever been for the RIGHT REASONS.

  55. Skully said "There is now such a great divide between the evil Cabal power structures, like complicit corporations," Skully, there is some great news regarding the stranglehold the corporations have had on the world. Check this out!

    It's SO Bad -- that even members of Congress are Shocked


    “This is really troubling,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, the Senate’s No. 3 Democrat. “It seems to indicate that savvy, deep-pocketed foreign conglomerates could challenge a broad range of laws we pass at every level of government, such as made-in-America laws or anti-tobacco laws. I think people on both sides of the aisle will have trouble with this”…
    “U.S.T.R. [United States Trade Representative] will say the U.S. has never lost a case, but you’re going to see a lot more challenges in the future,” said Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio. “There’s a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for these companies”…

    Senator Brown contended that the overall accord, not just the investment provisions, was troubling. “This continues the great American tradition of corporations writing trade agreements, sharing them with almost nobody, so often at the expense of consumers, public health and workers,” he said…

    1. Thanks for the link MWP! This is encouraging :) I hope this will translate into real action and results. I am always watching for what people do and not what they say. Actions always speak louder than words.

    2. MWP, they eat their own medicine now and they don't like it! This is what they are ramming down our throats in Australia, nz and the rest of the Pacific as the Trans Pacific Partnership. Yes, this is why people hate the DC regime, I'm sorry to say. They are forcing us to accept our laws being overridden by US corporations. And when it affects the US they squeal. There is only one thing for the Senator to do: abolish the TPP and stop bullying the rest of the world.

    3. TPP was such a secretive pact that it has never been released to the public prior to its promulgation. So why do we vote for these people? Nothing that we hope for or want is considered by them...

  56. Easter dumbs down the system for 2 weeks. We will advise any moves.

  57. Valdi - a belated Thank you for the bit by CassetteBoy. And it leads right into the trailer for The Emperor's New Clothes too, so an added bonus for anyone who hasn't had the chance to search out the movie trailer.

    DL - I think just a slip of the fingers on the post regarding hunting in The Netherlands. To my knowledge there has never been a Queen Beatrix in Belgium (or elsewhere), only in The Netherlands. And as that is where the story takes place presume this is who is meant in that post. Not that it matters, horrific is horrific and if this story is true it goes beyond even that. Thought it should be noted in order to keep things straight.

  58. My girl 56
    Many of these Royal family rumours are vacuous inaccuracies and fantasies. We get so many about The English Queen.
    Her alleged vast wealth, rituals and membership of Fantasy Island Covens. All, complete BS!
    1. She is cocooned by multi levels of Palace and Security Services overlays. If she stepped out of line she would be gone in a heartbeat. In hard fact, shes does a tremendous job. Few can set the standards so high.
    2. Wild Blog ideas of her Wealth abound. Complete rubbish. Reality is that all the assets are controlled by the State, and she is awarded an annual stipend. She pays Taxes on her Trust asset income.
    3. Rumours of her and Covens are ugly and nonsense. Undeserving.
    Her reign has been Regal and moral. Compare that to the US President equivalents,.A No Brainer.
    There is too much Kindergarten waffle out there. Poor Beatrix also. Netherlands not Belgian

    1. Thank you, John. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear this. I've always been rather proud of the connection between Canada and The Netherlands, not to mention being part of the Commonwealth. To think that either monarchy would or could be party to such insanity was simply adding insult to injury. There is (apparently) more than enough evil in the world without making things like this up. Some nincompoop is manufacturing codswallop on a major scale. They need to stop, and focus on getting the real stories out. MY opinion.

  59. The Nazi connection to the Vatican and child pedophelia & sacrifices was what I thought was most significant. The Vatican & the Jesuits have so many skeletons in their closets that need public revelations. The Jesuits are extremely clever & quite slippery, with ties to the CIA. ~darylluke.

    1. I know, DL, what you were meaning to point out. As I said, it didn't matter to the story at all, but IF it had been true then having the details right is very important. An obvious error gives naysayers ammunition to refute. As John has said that story is fantasy, in this case it REALLY doesn't matter.

      As to the Vatican, the Jesuits and the CIA, if you haven't checked out Fed Up's post "Ten Facts About Switzerland, The Vatican, The CIA (holy C) And "Neutrality" You Are Not Allowed To Know.."
      posted here on April 1 at 4:47, your head might be ready to explode again. Hope you have a really good relief valve!

    2. I read every single post for years here, since we started.....

  60. As we've basically been told we can 'stand down' over Easter, I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. May you spend it with those you love, doing what you love.

    I asked a rabbit that I knew
    To lay an Easter egg for you
    The air was filled with a chilly frost
    And the rabbit said to me "GET LOST!
    That egg routine is for the funnies.
    We rabbits just have little bunnies."
    This information spoiled my day
    But Happy Easter, anyway.

    See you on the other side!

    1. Hope that you have a wonderful long weekend too MyGirl56. For me its just a bit of baking for a small handful of people, a couple days of work to see happy smiles, well worth it! )


    1. Thank you for sharing Biffie, that can come in handy where the wifi isn't secured.

  62. H&M, Kering, Worn Again Team Up to Close the Loop on Textiles

    H&M and Kering are ready to close the loop on textiles. The world’s second-largest fashion retailer linked arms with the French luxury conglomerate on Wednesday to announce their involvement in a revolutionary new initiative to recapture fibers from end-of-use clothing and textiles. Worn Again, the London-based firm behind the “textile to textile” chemical-recycling technology, describes it as the first of its kind able to separate and extract polyester and cotton for re-spinning into new yarns. This process, the company says, will enable a “circular resource” model, allowing textiles to be collected, processed, and remade into new textiles and clothes in a cyclical fashion.

    Read More:

  63. New Super-Efficient 2D LEDs Are 10,000 Times Thinner Than a Human Hair!

    We live in three dimensions, and we sometimes think we might add more dimensions to that list as we advance. Scientists at the University of Washington may have just leap-frogged us into the future by dropping a dimension, however. Researchers there have built a two-dimensional light emitting diode that they claim is the world’s thinnest LED that can be used as a source of light. The incredible LED is only three atoms thick, yet it’s mechanically strong – and because it’s patterned after two-dimensional, flexible semiconductors, it’s far more efficient than it’s fat, 3D counterparts.

    Read more:

  64. Biffie,

    I completely understand friend. Its hard to discern truth in a multitude of lies, like they say High Cholesterol is bad for you and Statin is good right? Unbelievable.

    But just for the sake of clarity on my comment way above about stevia vs honey vs diabetes. I don't mean honey is bad or they should not take it, but only to treat and reverse the symptom before consume it.

    The point I want to make here is not about honey, sugars or stevia other than No One should be suffering from diabetes type 2 if they follow a healthy life. I'm referring to Diabetes type II because 90 to 95% of diabetes are type II. Is the kind you contract during a lifetime eating junk, refined foods and flours that removes the Vital Potassium.

    Diabetes type I is contracted from birth and is caused by hereditary bad gene and cells, associated to congestion in the small intestine and malfunction in the pancreas creating a lack of insulin production. Unfortunately, our lifestyle determines a good or bad DNA for future generations, preventing or provoking sickness in our children and grandchildren. But the good news is Both Are Reversible.

    Diabetes type II is contracted by enormous quantities of carbohydrates, sugars and low ph liquids in the long run of life, knocking down the cells door thru insulin. All of that "food" needs to be converted to glucose before reach the cells and get into the mitochondria's together with oxygen.

    After so long, pumping high levels of glucose, it turns the cells to reject it making you Insulin and Leptin resistant. That causes the diabetes. People should not be only taking insulin shots as treatment, but treat the resistance abruptly eliminating carbohydrates and sugars as a ketogenic diet, eliminating all acid diary foods and drinks during the the treatment.

    Eliminate bad foods and liquids, carbohydrates and sugar
    Eat green and Drink green
    Blood Cleanse
    Bowel Cleanse
    Increase PH Levels consuming baking soda to over oxygenate the blood and cells.
    Vitamin D in daily doses of 5000IUs
    Use Curcumin and Cinnamon powder as prevention

    These are only a few things to start, but a complete lifestyle change is necessary once the individual is diagnosed "been in a state of diabetes".

    Take care friend

    1. BoB, I really appreciate your above post of clarification. Diabetes runs in our family. My grandfather had it, and two of my uncles and my aunt. While pregnant with my first child, I got a very bad headache. I went to the chiropractor who made it go away. He gave me some vitamin E and the book "Let's Have Healthy Children" by Adele Davis. Reading that book changed my life. I immediately stopped sugar, salt, foods with any additives, and studied herbs, health, vitamins, minerals, and started growing a natural garden. I have never had any problems with diabetes thank goodness. You are right, it is the way we eat. Most folks eat the way they were brought up to eat from their parents which keeps the cycle of ill health going until they learn better. That is a difficult disease to manage unless you go the route of your suggestions above. So Thank you for taking the time.

    2. Our food products, all of them which are distributed by manufacturers have been totally depleted of all nutrition over time.

      The food we grow in our gardens taste different from the foods we purchase at our grocery stores; and the reason is due to soil degradation and other factors such as GmO's...I do know that once all of the nutrients are depleted from the soil it takes 7 years for these nutrients' natural regeneration; thus we find food that lacks proper nutrition for our overall some cases I have found that we do have to supplement our food.

      The quality of the food is so degraded with so much contaminants and we wonder why so many are's the food, medicine, and water...air and chemicals...

    3. Fedup, P, BoB, and anyone else that would like to contribute here. I am going to list the things that I can think of off hand that we can all use to detox our bodies of heavy metals from our chemtrailed air, our polluted water, and our chemical soils and seeds. I am talking about things that bind with heavy metals and draw them out of the body. Here goes: Zeolite (AKA clinoptilolite) clay-like volcanic mineral compound that detoxifies and alkalizes; Bentonite clay; activated charcoal; Cilantro; Chlorella; IV chelation therapy; Modified Citrus Pectin. Please add any that you know of. Thanks.

    4. Biffie, I can't stress enough people have a garden and at least a few hens. What I'm specifically speaking of is beyond organic and that supplies most your needs. It's learning how to make various foods that are beneficial for your body as well as those you support or share with. BoB is right about the green and green diet, it is integral to our well being.

      As one who has suffered anxiety much of her life the magnesium supplementation is a must. It can really help those who have been abused at any level and see themselves in a better light.

      BoB touched on something very important and that is the affect of malnutrition on generations to come. Experiments have been conducted by various well known doctors and the bottom line is what we eat affects the generations to come.

      Biffie, the book you mentioned should be required reading "Let's Have Healthy Children" by Adele Davis" for high school students and part of health education for all considering having children.

      Am looking forward to learning more here.

    5. Beffie,

      The best detox for heavy metals I know is Lugol Iodine 5% Solution created by Dr. Jean Lugol.
      I believe there is nothing better than that because other than detox all heavy metals, including mercury, cadmio, lead etc, the solution prevents cyst that becomes nodules that becomes cancer. It also shields all your organs and skin from chlorine, fluor and bromine. Deficiency of iodine open gates to most sickness.

      Lugo Solution 5% Is a combination of 5% iodine, 10% potassium iodide and 85% of distilled water. You take 2 drops in a glass of water daily. It's a miracle.

      Also if women ingest Lugol earlier during pregnancy, the Higher will be the IQ of the kid. If women are not supplemented with iodine the kid will have a lower IQ about 50-60 ok? Now you know why we have so many low IQs around.

      If We want to raise IQ for future generations, Make Sure Education and Lugol Iodine is Demanded.

    6. BoB, what for those of us who don't seem to be able to tolerate Lugols? Use DE and Zeolite when have it, but are there alternatives?
      Thank you.

  65. Easter is here, so expect 2 weeks recovering from systematic chaos. The irony of this, albeit magic kingdoms of eggs for the kids, is nations focusing on worshiping a Council of Nicea completion fabrication myth.
    Rather like the Political Shysters don't you think? Sell the image, eulogise the ,man, however flawed? Badly in so many recent cases.
    What is worth reflecting is how in little over a year, a vibrant Global community that is you, has found itself a platform voice here, thinking reasoning, resonating on both National and Global realities, and have started to grasp the reality of their unconstrained being, as an ethereal, cognisant energy being.
    Easter, I give you all a gift.
    To look at yourself in a mirror and to think.
    What I see, is the physical wonder of me. But to know inside, is the ethereal me. To know I now can be more, and transcend all around me. What I do has implications and consequences. I help the creation of life. Once I can be at one with my understanding of my Souls immortality, then I can transcend the stifling chains of bureaucracy, false pseudo religious and nationalistic restraints, and to harmonize with my spiritual being as being an integral part of our universe. Each Soul IS a linked light energy Being of Light as a Cosmic and interconnected Galactic source of knowledge and integral to the evolving existence of knowledge and experience which is the very function of true Life itself.
    Think, if all are as one, and its all just to be, then I can become all that I can, and allow all to gain enhanced awareness of the complex and evolving richness of Spirit that is to become me.
    There are no Nations, or Racial borders, it's all in the mind conditioning imposed upon you. Higher conciousness transcends all this. You existed before, and you will exist beyond. Millions raced to be the one to fertilise that human egg carrier to experience carbon energy life form.
    You won. From millions in that race to fertilise life. You were born to exist. You. You are here, thinking, feeling and being. Every day, can become a richness of your being. Relationships, experiences, creating new life as families and with nature. Bonding with and nurturing our planet and fellow beings on this finite life journey,
    See people in a different way. Use your eyes as the windows to your Soul, to transmit compassion, warmth and kindred love to others in need. The first indication they get of you, as the inner being you truly are, is what you emit from those eyes. Learn to use them to transcend barriers, and to allow others to gain the experience of being at one with you. Enrich the lost, lonely or stressed with a kind and compassionate look. Know that you can be all you chose to be, this is your life and journey. You chose how you want to live it.
    To become aware, I came here to be, and I will now chose the path of this life form for me.
    To surround myself with all that is here. I was born to live, to see, touch feel, smell and the cognitive powers to effect change. Change for good. The power to say No to this ugly Cabal. The power to reason beyond false, divisive religions,.and the power to understand you are already a unitary part of the ultimate power of ethereal life forces as the Star Matter which form the very atoms of your bodily structure. You are all Star Children of the Cosmos on a life trip of Carbon being, as you evolve during each journey of being. Each day, forget pressures, just live to be. Experience all there is of this great great journey surrounding me. Easter is not about Chocolate eggs, but the most important of all, you fertilised it and created life. So now, live it and be. Think, I am beyond all price this life is me. Just use what you were given to look and see. Only one makes this journey, and that life form is me. Give life sharing to others along your path. Become your own Samaritan. Be the best you can be.

    1. "Use your eyes as the windows to your Soul, to transmit compassion, warmth and kindred love to others in need. The first indication they get of you, as the inner being you truly are, is what you emit from those eyes."

      How very very true John. My eyes are my sword.

    2. Thank you John, that was beautiful.

      Hope you have a restful weekend.


    3. John, may I start with saying thank you for offering all of us such a truly beautiful gift from your heart. I have read what you have expressed several times and I'm deeply touched. Thank you for giving of yourself so abundantly and sincerely, it truly is greatly appreciated. And may I add, that it is my opinion that YOU are the true gift.


    I have walked through fields sodden with the blood and entrails of my enemy and comrades. I have rushed head long into battle with but one thought, to dispatch my opposition.

    My fevered mindset a product of misguided loyalty and allegiance to manipulating cowards. But then, as if in a blink of an eye, I have also softly strolled through high mountain meadows deep in thought and bathed by their tranquility. I have sat enthralled to the sound of a voice so divine it has eclipsed any intrusion. I have given birth and ended enough life to pull back and seek solace within that faint voice whispering within deep hollow chambers always close by.

    To survive, to live another day only to face that repetition in endless succession. Thus is the sum total of my countless incarnations upon this desolately inhospitable planet we call home. Through it all I remembered that there would come a time that my struggles would not be for naught.

    There was a Divine method to all the apparent madness. The carnage and chaos would give birth one final time to the one writing these words; one finally integrated with enough accumulated wisdom to transcend this idea of self preservation and self importance. One that could effect change in himself and thus instigate a cascade to spill over into the hearts of others. All the while balanced precariously between the insanity of the limitations of this physical reality and the freedom of the ethereal expansion.

    In a way to be focused solely on perpetuating only oneself with what you need was quite easy. To take on the task of reversing the accumulated perception of isolation and unworthiness was hauntingly formidable. I was chosen for my insatiable desire to find my way home. That thirst was driven by the intensity with which I had been immersed in. It was inseparable from me, or so I thought.

    Once here, the illusion ultimately proved substantially convincing. I survived and fought countless incursions upon my physical form in order to preserve my illusion, always gaining always advancing to this inevitable conclusive lifetime. I will see my destiny through, no longer by my ability to fight, but by my choice to believe that I am that part of me that always saw beyond what I had to do, I am that what I always quietly knew I was.



    The story I want to share here is a little shocking – or at least it was to me. It makes one question the most basic assumptions commonly held about how rational science and modern medicine operate, to find out that a substance like ibogaine could go through all this scrutiny and still end up far from the hands of those who need it. Here is the story of how we almost cured addiction.

    In Gabon, iboga is seen as a sacred medicine (the original word boghaga literally means “to care for”). Sometimes referred to as the “Holy Wood”, each community has a nganga (chief healer) who is responsible for leading ceremonies of initiation and other healing ceremonies. Iboga has been used as a sacrament by the Bwiti for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

    But it’s not until 1901 that two French scientists extract the easiest alkaloid to produce from the plant and name it ibogaine. Ibogaine then goes through several manifestations as a prescription drug to combat fatigue in low doses under the name Lambarene, which remains on the market until ibogaine is eventually banned in the United States in the 1960’s.

    At the Federal Narcotics Hospital in Kentucky, Dr. Harris Isbell, a doctor working for the CIA, conducted experiments with LSD and ibogaine on African-American prisoners addicted to heroin. They use low doses however, where psychological effects are significant but not usually enough to interrupt addiction. The CIA would later neither confirm nor deny that they discovered the anti-addictive properties of ibogaine.

    to continue reading this article

  68. John,
    What was the function of the (Lords of the Admiralty and the Privy

  69. Control of the Empires Trade under Admiralty Law. Maximising the Royal Taxes and Customs Duties. Ruling in the nane of the Sovereign and milking anything that moved,

  70. Thanks John, So they are responsible for admiralty law (UCC) law of the Sea that has enveloped the courts of today.

  71. Holiday Jackass Part One: By Turd Ferguson | Thursday, April 2, 2015

    Jim Willie claims that around 1910 Tsar Nicholas II of Russia donated or leased many (possibly thousands) of tons of gold to the West for the foundation of the League of Nations, only to be repaid with the Rothschild-sponsored Bolshevik Revolution and his murder. Now Putin is trying to recover the gold, the Rothschilds are going to war with Russia using the US military, EU and NATO to cover up their theft of the gold and murder of the Tsar.

    JOHN - is this true?


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