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Global Power Structures | Symbolism: Report #1

Global Power Structures

One World of Nations
By Saturnalia
18 November 2013


This series of articles will analyse global power structures and show how seemingly disconnected organizations and events are connected. The main symbol that represents this vast global empire also known as the New World Order is the all seeing eye. Much can be learned by tracing this symbol back in history.

Lady Gaga
The entertainment industry is riddled with all seeing eye symbolism. It can be found in music, films and games.

Supreme Court Building of Israel
Donated by Dorothy de Rothschild to Israel

Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project

US One Dollar Bill

Creation of the Bavarian Illuminati
by ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt

Creation of Freemasonry
Masonry generally pretends to be far more ancient, but there is little factual evidence to support such notions.

Tetragrammaton at the Palace of Versailles in France

German Ducat
On it is written
¨Hilf Du Heilige Dreyfaltigkeit¨
which refers directly to the Holy Trinity

Chiesa del Gesu in Rome (where Ignatius de Loyola is buried)
The Society of Jesus itself was created in 1540

Eye of Horus
Symbol of Protection, Royal Power and Good Health
2000 B.C.


The all seeing eye originally was the symbol of God who sees and knows all. This symbol thus always had its origin from religion, but in time when certain of these organizations became so powerful they started to use this symbol to represent themselves as Gods on Earth.

In the upcoming articles a closer look will be taken at the Rothschilds, Freemasonry, Zionism, the Illuminati, Communism, the Vatican, the Society of Jesus and many other organizations, so that their relations can be properly ascertained.

The alternative media generally instils a feeling of hopelessness and paranoia in its audience. As knowledge is power, its purpose would be to disempower those with actual knowledge and thus power. This is especially true for those cases where deflecting attention in the direction of disinformation turns out to be impossible. The control over the alternative media and the conspiracy arena were established by Frederick Copleston SJ. It is not the purpose of this series of articles to follow in the footsteps of the model laid out by Copleston, but instead uncover the full and complete truth which allows the people of the world to take constructive action.

The following quote is derived from the anonymously written book named ¨The Occult Technology of Power¨. It was written from the perspective of the ruling elite. It is one of the most concise summaries of the science behind the accumulation of power:

¨Organisms typically base their success primarily on deception and rely on actual force or mutually advantageous trade (symbiosis) as little as possible. This should be nearly self-evident, but is generally overlooked due to the moral codes we elitists foist on our subjects. Let me give a few examples in case the moral culture has to some extent impaired your powers of objective observation. Camouflage is universal among predators and victims alike. Blossoms imitate fragrances and colors which are sexually attractive to certain insects in order to effect pollination. Dogs bark ferociously and feign attack on enemies of whom they are, in fact, terrified. The Venus Fly Trap plant lures flies to their deaths. Men proclaim their altruism to others and even themselves while they selfishly scramble for personal advantage. If you doubt that fraud is normal in nature you should read section 3 of the first chapter of Robert Ardrey's "The Social Contract" for a wealth of fascinating examples. (Of course Ardrey fails to grasp the full application to contemporary human society of his brilliant insights into man's animal nature.)
Deception in Nature

Camouflaged Frogs
Anglerfish attracting prey 
with its light
Sundew, a flesh eating plant

Human mental prowess and communicative powers have merely provided superb elaboration on nature's old theme of fraud and added its own distinctive feature: self delusion. Primitive animal hierarchies are based on bluff and bluster, and each member is well aware of and accepts, at least temporarily, its position in the hierarchy. The same wild enthusiasm and fascination for dominance and submission rages in human hearts. However, fraud is taken one step further. Not only is fraudulent bluff and bluster used to achieve dominance but fraudulent altruism and collective institutions are used to conceal dominance once achieved. Human hierarchies, in contrast to the animal variety, are best sustained when the members are deluded regarding the oppressive nature, or better, even the very existence of the hierarchy!

Visible rulers are highly vulnerable. Thus we see visible rulers claiming to be representatives of God, the common good, the material forces of history, the general will (either through vote or intuition), tradition, or other intellectual "spooks" that serve to lessen the envy of the ruled for the rulers. Encouraging such self-delusions among the masses of the ruled is universal for visible governments. However, such spooks are little protection for the leaders of such systems against their sophisticated elite rivals and no protection against men like your father. The Roman Empire was unquestioned by the mass of its subjects for centuries, but the Emperors lived in constant fear of coup and assassination.

By embracing deception wholeheartedly at every level, finance capitalism, or rule through money, has fashioned the ultimate system yet devised for the secure exercise of power. Men like your father, the hidden masters of finance capitalism, govern those who govern, produce, and think through invisible financial tentacles, the operations of which will be elucidated later by my colleagues. Dominance in all aspects of society is surreptitiously accomplished while the great majority of the ruled, and even most of the visible leaders, believe themselves to be fairly autonomous, if harried, members of a pluralistic society. Nearly everyone believes major decisions to be the vector sum of autonomous pressures exerted by business, labor, government, consumers, social classes, and other special interests. In fact, the vectors of societal power are carefully balanced by us so that any net movement is in a direction chosen by us. The only fly in the ointment is the occasional, but extremely messy, interferences by competing financial dynasties. This disconcerting problem will not be a major topic for this weekend.¨

To read the entire book, click here: The Occult Technology of Power

Power thus depends on deception more than anything else. This perspective does however make one crucial mistake. Humans have capabilities that extend far beyond those of the animal kingdom. As such the constructive synergistic efforts of the peoples of the world would allow levels of health and wealth to be reached that cannot be matched by rulers who oppress their citizens and their available technology. Many average citizens have levels of luxury available nowadays that were unavailable to emperors centuries ago. This will happen again and again.

The next report will look into the Rothschild family and the powers behind it.

The key necessary to unlock all that potential is to be optimistic and realize the power and potential that everyone of us has. As such this article ends on the following positive note:

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