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Lifting the Veil | Report #6 - Beyond the Veil of Delusion

Stepping beyond the Veil of Delusion to a New Dawn of Harmonious Society.

Start by understanding the world you perceive does not exist. What does, is ugly! We need to get our Real World back and fit for Humanity.

One World of Nations
12 April 2015

You are a product of centuries of preconditioned lies. People are subservient to duplicitous forces who coral you into this false delusion of their making. They are equally as gullible. People are now penned in Sheeple. Cradle to grave, born to serve and Tax. Peons. You really think you matter? First earn the right. Time is coming for humanity to move on and upwards. To become responsible for the total sum of your own Being.

Humankind is now evolving. You are. Progressive steps necessitate intellectual challenges. The new evolutionary Global empowering of awakening minds, such as here on site, determines the need to progress beyond the current flawed and failed Political and pseudo Religious doctrinaire systems. Big Government is corrupt, incompetent and does not work. We do not need them, but they need us, enslaved to their whims and reckless spending orders, or they have no functional role in our society being the mediocrities most are. We have allowed ourselves to be governed by parties whose primary qualification are them being a complete waste of space. Their doctrinaire government by force, fear and wasteful socialism needs to end. They collectively have spent us into this mess. No one can spend your own money better than you. Why let these Socialistic clowns sequestrate your own hard earned money, to buy votes from Welfare Wannabes, or cash out in needless State Spending, where they run their own supplier scam stacked decks. This does not need evolution but Revolution. Because, as a progressive Society, it’s No solution! Stop - The – Rot!

The Old Order cannot and must NOT be replaced with New World Order

We now live in a Bi-Partisan world of multifaceted but merging interests. The old corrupt Feudal Order has gone, disbanded in disarray and contempt. The current system, hijacked by perverse Political and Religious orders, is now itself collapsing under insolvency stress resulting from various consequences of their own corruption, naivety, and Cult perversions down to their outright incompetence. None possess attributes needed to achieve successful Nation Building. The Old Order is in Disorder. Unfit to rule or Govern. Mediocrities are way over promoted. None are fit for office. America has to stop electing unelectable Chumps! George W, the sleaze of the Clintons, the one Termer Bush 41, Jimmy Carter. Chumps! The world HAS done better.

As the world now encounters complex unfolding changes demanded by the new emerging Asian and Russian societies, each market hemisphere finds itself in a sophisticated rising vortex of change, forced by emergent and converging markets, with ever competitive trade problems. But evermore so, with rapidly evolving markets, comes the cultural exchange of views and ideologies forcing new acceptances and change. What is particularly interesting is the depth of Global perception of both new order standards needed and religious or ethereal awareness. Evermore so, as real nation building personalities cross engage between hemispheres and cultures, their debate determines the similarity of views common within the progressive, enlightened thinkers now meeting because of Global Trade Dependencies and the fast changing concept of monetary unions where all current American trust has been lost, both for Political and Economic Unions. Money is Power. America had it, abused it, and lost it.

A potential vast new Depression is bearing down on America and the West, the likes of which few will cope with. Once unable to sell worthless Dollars anymore, what will America have left to trade out with? Industries have slumped. Welfare and State plus Retiree costs are expanding way beyond Tax Income. Military and Agency costs are out of control. A miserably educated public have no way to collate the necessary consciousness to understand the State can fund nothing, only you can, and you Can’t! Forrest Gump sired way too many now in Office in DC. One even spent 8 years in the White House. Who will fund the Welfare hoards and Retirees when the doors close, as they must? Unless the spending stops, the nation will! Hurricane Payback Time is building up steam unlike anything Americans have seen before if this unleashes. Obama's answer is to run off and buy his Hawaiian hideaway bolt hole if Hell lets loose. The Bushes have Paraguay. You just have truth, Ugly!

As a nation, the US has lost Global respect and worse, trust. Political mediocrities cross entangled with the truly ugly combinations of the Bush Nazi Neocon / Agency Goon Squads, intertwined with the manipulative Greenspan Zionist Roach Cabal and Vatican, created this chasm in evolution. Yesterday’s men are hindering tomorrow’s world and our future. Nations were looted to order, from Marcos and the Elders Gold, through the Black Eagle Trust, as well as the complicity and chicanery of their Pureheart Trust [here,here,here] operation with its vast array of entangled corporate holdings and shady people. They mugged nations and lined their pockets in collusion with the DHS and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The great Zionist Cash Cow milking America.

Integrity has died

The entire US system is endemically rotten from the top down. The people involved more so. Vast Elder's and other nation's assets which could, and should, have been used to develop sustainable society enhancing Project Trading Program profits were instead diverted away to cross fund a vast array of Front Corporations hiding behind Offshore Trusts for Cabal major league scale Tax Evasion. They mass looted the world and still blew the vast fortunes. Stupid men?

Everyone became complicit. From Bankers to inter-Governmental Leaders, also Intelligence Agencies, as cross permeating corrupt funds compromised many. Nations were Bought out and Sold out. Political Leaders from Japan, to Africa, and Europe, have all become compromised by greed and sleaze, compounding the problem. Corruption was exported and assisted by a complicit Vatican providing Political Greasing accounts to order. But now, it’s all under threat as the World breaks up to support emerging new Orders.

Look at how quickly Rahm used every trick in the book to ensconce himself in as Mayor of Chicago to gain his own (Thief) Fiefdom cut from the Chicago Banking Launderettes as evermore White Powder flies into Chicago protected by FBI and Customs Units, all paid off to look the other way while money buys all. Rahm like all of his kind just wanted his cut from the Graft trail with the Crime riddled Feudal role as Mayor of Chicago. As an ex-Bathhouse Boy of O’s own Chicago Steam Bath Clubs, note the connections. And type? This is what rules America. Thief-domes! As are most Political and Banking Leaders.

It’s become a Global pandemic, not unique to America. Unfortunately one refined to a fine art by the likes of Bush, Greenspan, CIA, Vatican and a network of Compromised Bankers. The Vatican Bank has played host to the Global enticement and Entrapment of Leaders for decades. Never mind their Souls, buy their Ass Souls and we own them for life was the Vatican / Agency Mantra.

Now look at the consequential costs to society as Sovereign Nation States collapse. Greece’s economy died because Goldman’s lied! Zionist greed and reckless Socialism destroyed an ancient civilisation. The Bankers fed them insatiable loans, until payback time hit.

Integrity has died over decades. Identified Political Leaders such as ex-Prime Ministers, were seen to be working in Bush controlled companies once leaving office, explaining therefore the reasons for the State allocation of certain major Government Defence, Security and Health contracts to the Bush organisation with lucrative profit trails. All are tarnished by it. No one expected too much from Tony Blair, but John Major as an ex-PM was sad to watch how fast he was appointed to the Board of Carlisle Europe as a Bush Goffer after his reign in office failed. No question, all seem nowadays enthralled by sleaze.

Flawed evolution

We live in an era where Political persons, unfit for Public Office, are maneuvered into safe seats funded by the Cabal, Banking, Vatican or the Jewish vote, all bought with money. Pavlov’s Dogs barking to order. The Western Hemisphere post was commandeered by the creeping Military Industrial Cabal Eisenhower and Kennedy each forewarned warned about. With all their Cabal Powers corruption and untold wealth, they still lost the vast Empire, the plot and the pot. None had the vision, intellect, experience or competence to see it through.

The Vatican is a flawed pyramid scam. Judaism/Zionism is little more than the Abrahamian Cult fanaticism of a paranoid delusional schizophrenic. Islam likewise Abrahamian in parallel, but with a taste for 6 to 9 year old girls thrown in. The Vatican is similar but with a sordid taste for schoolchildren and Alter Boys. As the covers are lifted the sheer scale of child molestation has been staggering. As has been the extent of Police and Government collusion. The most vulnerable of our children, those in Care Homes, have been handed around to be used as desserts for the sexual gratification of sordid Deviants. We, as a society have eulogised Leaders whose depth of carnal evil beggars belief. Complicit Police, Judges and Government officials have all been cross involved. What sort of Humanity have we been allowing to evolve? Who protects the helpless child, sodomised, raped and ruined for life? Some even murdered.

Are Public funds not better used investigating and jailing for life those involved? Life without Parole, 20 deep in a cage underground to exterminate each other. Scum deserve no mercy. Yet how many are, even now, Pillars of the Community in Government?

Where does the Clean Up begin?

What happened to the great reformers hopes of so many civilisations? Feudal power has now been replaced by this misogynistic Cabal, which has had singular focus on Self Enrichment with no vision of interest in development of the species. Power is fine, but it needs always to be recharged with a strong Industrial base, or from the age old ideologies of conquering and taking. Enrichment by plunder and Hegemony has a fatal inherent FLAW. What happens when the Rice Bowl is empty as is fast approaching? Without generic growth you sustain nothing.

Bush, his Agency and Zionist Gangsters, self-awarded vast state contracts to their own Fiefdom Corporations, as they rigged Tenders or supplies allocated Sole Bidder contracts to themselves. This enabled them to steal vast billions using the Double Transfer charging rip off of Intermediary Ghost companies where a $2 Hammer is sold by the Intermediary company imposing and siphoning off a $48 dollar add on margin, then the State Supplier only charging a 2% mark-up on the racketeered $50 then billed. Extrapolate this into Trillions and see how they have robbed America and YOU, blind. Leaving you saddled with worthless assets and crippling debts. While the Zionist Kazakh scum line up to service the banking and scalp their cut in Interest charges.

Win, Win, Win, only YOU Lose - Big time!

We replaced Feudal corruption for Political corruption which has now derailed Empires. All are cross compromised and contaminated. Men of Vision no longer serve. Mediocre, scurrilous men of Greed do. These variations of sharp suited ex-Lawyers, or Agency appointees have stepped in, no longer to help their nations, but each with a visible agenda to help themselves. It permeates through the whole Western Alliance. A Rogues charter. Each to grab what shake downs can be achieved, inside the rotten Body Politic which now bestrides nations, as the carrion glutton up from the rotting carcass of defunct Empires, all hemorrhaging in Debt. The Zionist Vulture pack sit above, collectively encouraging the Goyim to take evermore, as it builds ever greater Debt Books of interest owed. They mass print Federal Reserve dollars backed by nothing, while they themselves in turn, take everything. In a single generation, printing dollars backed by nothing but a worthless Promise to Pay, their Interest Accruals compounded to them owning everything in America. As they have done for Millennia. They STOLE America now they must dam well GIVE IT BACK!

The Bushes were just tolerated to play as useful and disposable idiots. In every country anywhere, Zionists and Kazakhs are like tape worms once allowed inside. Always, unless removed by an appropriate Medicinal caustic compound, the host dies. These Roaches are an infestation, a subhuman parasitic vermin.

They own the Banks, Fed, US Treasury, Media, Finance Industries, Mines, Diamonds, and all commodities of wealth. They control the Supremes. They, and their Neo Nazi leg men run the DHS and evermore the White House and Pentagon. You run - Nothing. Enslaved and ring fenced. You have been systematically asset stripped and disenfranchised. America’s greatest real enemies are already deeply ensconced inside the borders. Their greed has cost you the land of the Free. They, the Fed and their Banks, alongside the never ending chain of Jewish Treasury Secretaries, and the Jewish controlled FRB New York, have looted America blind. When does America wake up? Crime pays for Zionists! Why are these racketeering Jewish Oligopolies not broken up? Because a Jewish Media prohibits truth? Break up the MSM!

Asia is powering ahead

Russia, who despite being evermore annexed by an aggressive White House manipulating Banking markets against them as they attempt to ring fence Russia and force them to acquiesce to Cabal dictates. Russia, backed by China, has simply accelerated the emergence of BRICS, a SWIFT alternative, a Credit Card alternative, evermore advanced technology for their weapons. All the while focusing on Global Trade, including evermore Global Arms Sales by Russia and China. Russia now sells Nuclear Power Stations to Iran and other nations. America is saddled with a Cabal trying to divide and rule the Middle East, as it gets annexed out of Asia.  

Eurasia is and will be the Future. America now is the Past. When the British Empire failed, it survived only by its Cultural and Trade relationships. America has none. Billy No Mates. Hegemony invokes on only hatred. Memories are long. All the new emergent nation’s gains are Trade gains. Wealth creating. America’s are worthless Derivatives gambles, all awaiting only the day the whole house of cards collapses. The great Industrial Nation has lost the run of its head. Its Leadership perception of reality is delusional. An small time ex-Union Organiser runs the show. Career credits zero and the job achieved by Electoral Fraud. A Wookie on a leash pining only for his Hawaiian bolt hole from his own proceeds of crime. Sheltered by the criminality of the Beltway and those who installed him for the Afro and Welfare vote. He sits, neutered by inability, while the great State robbery continues. Clueless, evermore neurotic and narcissistic. Unlike Nero and Rome, while this acerbic Kenyan / Indonesian misfit fiddles his expense take-outs, America burns.

America is still a home of great innovation and potential. Intellectual capacity and competence is high in many areas, just not in the Corridors of Power. Sleaze Rules but does not create. No one is focused on nurturing the nation, nor Global partnership relations. Instead, with almost a thousand Foreign US Military bases scattered around the Planet, America is at war with the world. That profits no one bar the Cabal and Zionist Bankers.

Yet disturbingly what we hear from some Americans to tackle and plan for reality is, "Pay me for MY Dinars". No work ethic. No vision, just another Welfare Greed Grab. Blind hope, even desperation has overridden vision. More asses to be bailed from the ugly, predatory invasions of Vietnam and Iraq, cutting and running leaving Genocide to follow. This is the America who cannot fund insightful new US Industries desperate for development capital to rebuild the nation, but has no restraints funding Rendition Torture Centres all over the Planet. Most Terrorist or incursion attacks worldwide are funded by the CIA, US Military, Vatican, Saudi Arabia or Israel one way or another. Most of the Weapons or insurrection money and training is US supplied. American forces, one way or another, are the main cause of Global warfare for asset or territorial gain for product control of Energy, Metal, or Water. Sequestration to enslave a nation. Greed!

Yet in such a nation of great innovation and design, the focus is on worthless high risk derivatives for fat Bankers bonuses, not the plethora of US invented or inspired products waiting to come to market.

Why not American Innovation to Save the Nation?

With only a talentless, inexperienced Wookie in the White House, of low grade faculties, where is the inspired Leadership America is crying out for to re-launch and recover America? It’s akin to a situation where some Dumb-butt has been given a Rolls Royce to drive, but has no idea how to put Gas in the tank. The Nation saw through the limited intelligence of George Bush 41 and threw him out as the mediocre One Termer he carries to his shame. How did O Bumma ever get TWO?

In a real Meritocracy, Mediocrity should never get past first base. The real and serious problem for Americans and aggrieved nations, is to understand and realise that the whole perception of America and Americans is wrong. America is not run by Americans, nor for the people, nor has a functioning Constitution any longer.

As again forewarned by two Presidents, it has been taken over by faceless men cocooned into a Cabal of Special Interests immune to Public control or oversight. Elected by no one, but empowered to control all by corruption and coercion.

Yet across the whole world, human consciousness is awakening. Communicating Real Leaders are cross debating the ethos of everything akin to a planet of Einsteins discussing Relativity. Humanity is becoming even more aware. Relativity also means inter related to each other, as the Cosmic Sea of Human consciousness is. How do our actions incur consequences for others, and us? Communication can save the America nation. The planet is ours to share, not sequestrate.

Political landscape

The concept of a Presidential race between only Bush or Clinton invokes apathy is that is all facing America in Leadership. Two appallingly tainted, corrupt and rotten families. Neither fit for office.

America needs Leadership. Patriotic, moral values and vision. For America, the Empire is already lost. Relations have now deteriorated beyond repair. The new Chinese Investment Bank offers a fast emerging alternative to the US created IMF. Now even Israel has jumped ship and applied to co-enjoin. As have the world. No one has turned up for the US party. Billy No Mates. Actions have consequences. The world has had enough. So why not also Americans? They are as enslaved. The world was only looted for wealth. Americans were looted of their Birthright.

All America needs is Leadership. Real Leaders, none Cabal and none Jewish. Otherwise, the Rat sack will be full again. It needs a clean out at the top. Time to allocate the blame, name and shame.

If the Private Placements owed to nations are redeemed as morally fitting, in the hands of good Patriots, with funds which then need to be moved outside of US border control, reinvestment into America Infrastructure can begin. No one needs the variations of failed Dufus characters in the Political arena attempting to understand the complex variances of business building and wealth creations. America has more and better. Americans can adequately and competently build their own businesses. They just need the Banks ripped out of Derivatives, refocused and Re-Financing America, not creating more get rich quick Bankers bonus scams bringing more boom and bust eras. Bankers need to help America, not themselves. Bankers need slamming back under control by a new, dynamic experienced and patriotic Leadership. A President of Vision and Competent authority. Aided and supported by a hand selected teams of like vision Americans. America needs a new brush to sweep clean the contaminated dross in power. Out with them! The world is visibly dismantling the US Cabals Global Banking autocracy with the new emergent Chinese Central Bank, which, once Gold asset backed, will unleash a flood of global applications to hold the new currencies deserting the dollar in droves. A Dam will burst. Leaving America where?

It’s time for Americans to choose the Leadership they need and deserve. That time is now. A Bush or Clinton ending leaves America bereft of any global credibility or standing. It’s a No Vote from the watching world.

America is very much now at a crossroads now of its own making. Politically it has failed. Moral Global authority to lead has been lost. This is a hard bullet for Americans to bite on. Especially proud Americans still in a time warp mental phase of a State lost decades ago. The nation cannot even control its own borders as Illegals flood in. Crime, violence and a collapse in standards and community safety follows. An Illegal has sat in the Oval office for the last 7 years. Immune to the consequences of his own blatant Fraud and illegality. Incompetent, incapable and indifferent to the plight of Americans. The Wookie just wants his Hawaiian Pad to call home. He walks from the scam of the century. And you expect America to be credible? Now even the Chicago Slumlady Jarret contemplates her own chance of a run. An America bereft of Political standards is now being divided up between the existing Predators. Is all hope lost?

Waking up America is the priority. The problem is, where to start? For ordinary Americans, where you now sit is akin to a town asleep at night time below the banks and barriers of the Great, Debt Flooded Mississippi about to burst its banks and sweep away all in its path. While you all sleep like Hogs, immune to what is bearing down on you. No time to be a new Paul Revere in America today.

Then it was the British. Now it’s blowback and payback.

The world is dividing and leaving. But leaving you with nothing. Post Global Divorce, if No Global Settlements are released to keep you any longer, how will you live?

The world is moving on. Can you? How? Time to recover America, never mind world meddling, Set Americans FREE!

Eurasia, the Silk Road and a Cashless society is coming. Leaving you where? Time to think outside the box. Time for Americans to Think!



  1. Welcome to part of the real big picture. Less than 1%!.
    Your understanding is a start.

  2. Can we please gets Mikes resume to Canauzzie asap. We will try approaches fast


  3. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  4. ‘We, the people of Thiaoouba, are assigned to assist, guide and sometimes
    punish the inhabitants of planets under our guardianship.’

    ‘I think,’ he resumed, ‘that you already know what we mean by ‘harmful to the
    human race’. Many people on Earth believe atomic arms to be the major danger,
    but it is not so. The greatest danger concerns ‘materialism’. The people of your
    planet seek money - to some it’s a means of attaining power; to others it’s a means
    to acquire drugs, (another curse) yet to others, it’s a way of possessing more than
    their neighbours possess.

    ‘If a businessman owns a large store he then wants a second, then a third. If he
    commands a small empire, he wants to increase it. If an ordinary man owns a
    house in which he could live happily with his family, he wants a larger one or to
    own a second one, then a third...

    Why this folly? Besides, a man will die and have to abandon all he has amassed.
    Perhaps his children will squander his legacy and his grandchildren will live in
    poverty? His whole life will have been preoccupied with purely material
    concerns, with insufficient time allowed for matters of the spirit. Others with
    money turn to drugs in their endeavour to procure an artificial paradise and these
    people pay more dearly than do the others.

    The time has come when certain events must occur. After several
    thousand years of darkness and savagery on the planet Earth, a so-called
    ‘civilisation’ appeared and, inevitably, technology was developed - a development,
    which was accelerated during the last 150 years.

    ‘It has been 14 500 years since a comparable level of technological advance
    existed on Earth. This technology, which is nothing compared with true knowledge,
    is nevertheless, sufficiently advanced to become harmful to the human race on
    Earth in the very near future.

    ‘Harmful, because it is only material knowledge and not spiritual knowledge.
    Technology should assist spiritual development, not confine people, more and
    more, within a materialistic world, as is happening now on your planet.

    ‘To an even greater extent, your people are obsessed with a single goal -
    affluence. Their lives are concerned with all that the pursuit of wealth entails;
    envy, jealousy, hatred of those richer and contempt for those poorer.

    In other words your technology, which is nothing compared with what existed on Earth
    more than 14 500 years ago, is dragging your civilisation down, and pushing it
    closer and closer to moral and spiritual catastrophe’.

    From the Thiaoubba Prophecy-Words spoken from one of the 7 masters to Michael Des Marquet in 1989

  5. Great article, each one is more enlightening with outstanding graphics. The exposure of these parasites is becoming more prevalent daily. Thx

  6. A masterful article. Brings so much out in your face. The truth and nothing but the truth. This needs to go viral, spread it to everyone you can. Exposure, exposure, exposure!! Love the verbiage and pic of hillery at the top. lol

    This is a graphic that was used here in one of the articles. This article explains the symbolism in the graphic. Pretty interesting take on it.

  8. Interesting job posting in Phoenix regarding Jade Helm which was asked about in the previous article's comments.

    The EKS Group LLC, on behalf of The Department of Defense (DoD) is advertising the following position which has special relevance to the topics of Jade Helm 15 and the implementation of martial law. The following excerpts for this job advertisement are listed below:

    Surveillance Role Players
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Travel: CONUS/Approximately 50%

    Job Description:

    We have an exciting opportunity for Surveillance Role Players (SRP) in the Phoenix, AZ area. SRPs will provide surveillance role player services to the Department of Defense. For this position, EKS is looking for part-time personnel to play a vital role in assisting with this security related training.

    Read more at:

    Jade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Tens of Millions of Americans

    1. Apparently a few years back they had the job description and application process online as well. Most things don't frighten me, but concerns me a great deal because of all that I have read about it.

  9. Today ends my run on Mike's campaign. I'm going to work on the resume thing this week before my vacation. Only have a minute right now but want to come back to read this new article.

    Thank you everyone for your supporting Mike's campaign. It's been a great month for me to have hekhelped. They still need help but I'm going to leave it here for this blog. We all did a good thing.

    1. Okay guys, let's focus here. As John says, be willing to move. The money taken in so far for Mike should enable travel to any point in the USA and then some, to find work.

      Right now in Williston, North Dakota they are hurting for people in the oil fields. The McDonald's there pays $20 an hour. The Walmart, $17. True, housing in the immediate area is going to be high because of the free flowing cash, but you can live in the outskirts of town about an hour away for a lot less.

      In a few years, if you save and don't spend it on liquor, gambling and carnal impulses, you can expect to have a tidy sum to move on to whatever you would like if desired. Google Williston, North Dakota, and get thee gone to there.

      They wont need a resume there. Just fill out an application and within the day you should have work. They are really hurting for people.

      It's not a question of if you want a job there, it's when you can start that is the question.


    2. That's why I wanted to keep you out. As they say things didn't happen it wasn't ever sent. If you didn't tell Tony to it didn't. But get off my fin back. I be begged for help. To tell me what us this cause you did this well. This never happened. And it's on you to tell Tony to. Bottom line it didn't happen. So I'm real life it didn't happen. Tony is not wrong. Hes busy. So don't assume a blog post meant info shared. Cause none of it was. And that's not Tonys fault. Like I said I'm done. This is exactly what John and then say we are. I only tried to help. I'm tired of the critism for stepping up for a human behing when your info is a quarter percent correct. I'm done here.

  10. A resume thing? Wow, Really? I am having my doubts about all of this, Maybe I am the only one,

    1. Lisa,
      Actually you aren't. A month ago I had an offer from a very connected person in Phoenix who has helped veterans before to network a resumé. All we needed was an outline of past experience, skills, job interests and some contact info for someone who was in touch. Contact in Phoenix even volunteered to polish a sketch of experience and put it in proper format. I authorized Tony to give my email and I would make sure the info got to contact immediately. We heard nothing.

  11. The ch thing. I wasn't sure that was a resume either. I did when I read it here. Texian and Lisa you can contact Paul through the campaign page. As of Friday no one has sent on any of your info. We set Mike up with a resume service and contacts. You might have offered. But Tony never forwarded anything. So I end this here. We covered this. We will also be flying out on tuedady to take the dog. No one I know has been given any if your info. And I have my info there in case they do. I'm not going against Tony. I like that they let this happen. But don't think because you said it could be shared it ever was. At least I was told end of last week none of any of that was ever sent. We're doing the most which is why I don't like the critisim. If you asked and wasn't done I can't help you. With the negative stuff to come last week were going to take care of this now. But none of your info was ever sent by wh a.

    1. okay everyone,,,,,,,,

      I cannot troll the blogs ferreting out requests that you have for me to send X the e-mail for Y. I am busy with making a living too. If you want to have me send your e-mail to someone, e-mail me at the WHA e-mail address and make the request. I will do so, but you have to help me a little.


    2. Tony,
      Please understand I was not even suggesting that you should. It was up to Mike to request my email from you as I stated in my post. I think Mike understood the post and posted a thanks to me a couple weeks later. But he didn't follow through with any info or even send you a request for my email. All that was said is someone local was helping him with a job. My contact was local in Phoenix also and offered assistance. It wouldn't have hurt for more than one network to be working on it.
      Tony, we all appreciate very much everything you, John and canauzzie do for benefit of all!

  12. The cv thing. Phone isn't the best with this. No one has your info to these things. I got mine in through the contact me part of the campaign. Now I've setup communications. This went bad. So I will be taking it offline. Lisa texian feel how you want your info was never sent. I've spent a month of my life to this. Send me the info. Some of you have Saud to. Yet nothing. Ill deal with this on my own now. Sorry guys just cage you think so isn't true.

  13. Lisa your info was never sent on.
    Texian your info was never sent on.
    Can I make this any clearer. We are helping this. If you wanted your info to go forth more than a donation it never was sent.
    John I'm done posting on here. You've taught me one thing. Don't wait on others or rely on others. Putting a blanket "send my info to Mike" never happened. So we will take it from here. Before you question my intergrity do half what I've done. I'm done with these sites. None of you will tarnish what I did. Texian and Lisa you might have been invisible. No one knows your info or even how to reach you. Go to the campaign. Hell email me my info is there. Sorry guys what you think and what happened isn't the same. If you can better please do.

  14. John and canauzzie, thanks for letting this be a part of this blog the last 30 days. Im tired of getting beat up for helping to the extent I did. I agree with Tony that if he wasn’t singled out, don’t expect cause the blog said so it happened. Some of you live thinking that, when its not the case. So get off my F’in back. You didn’t. I did. I cant believe the negative I got trying to help someone. John is right, many are able to do the right thing, when its kicking down your door.

    Im done on these blogs. Im tired of this treatment and bs cause not everyone got their way. Texian and Lisa, none of your info made anything where needed. And if posted on a blog, why did you expect it was. Get off my back. At least I tried. I spent a month busting my ass for this. And like many, if you don’t get instant gratitude, you become those John and Canuzziee about. Sorry guys, you are wrong. Your line item on a blog remained at just that, I cant deal with that when dealing with a human life. So get off my back, when you didn’t have squat shared anywhere.

    John, Im done with these blogs. I am a true American. I put my life on hold for the better of one person. Sue me….If you disagree. I made a deal and I stuck with it.

    Texian and Lisa, check yourself cause you didn’t show up anywhere. Calling me a questionable thing now. Really? Get your facts first. Then come at me. Id do the same for you, but Id have a lttle more restraint. I did everything I could with what I had. Texian and Lisa you weren’t had. No one knew shit from you.

    Go ahead and tell me im wrong here, and how im disrespecting. I did a good thing and was disrespected for doing so. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    Rick the _______________ American.

    1. My point was merely that people apparently were asking for his CV for a long time. I could live 6 months with the money you raised with two animals, health and car insurance, 3 sq. meals a day and a place to crash at night. People here were saying that he needed to get a job so that the money would last longer. When you came back and said "before you take a vacation you were going to work on that resume thing". It sounded flippin.

      The other thing was you were trying to squeeze milk from a wooden cow. People who gave what they could and got tired of hearing it is what I heard. I too gave some and am happy that I could help him and his dog. In between that time I needed a new alternator in my minivan. Bills never stop coming! I wish the RV would come soon as we all do so I can help more Mike's out there!

    2. There seems to have been a lot of resistance getting a resume together. I along with many including John, WHA, Texian and others offered help in finding work for Mike. Ricky goes off on a tirade about using his phone to put a resume together. I don't recalll a mention that a computer was not available. With that said a computer at the library is/was an option. At the very least if information is provided even in an email from a phone, I am sure one of us could have put a resume together for Mike.

      The offer here still stands, I don't see how this is a problem as I don't recall a problem with typing something, anything out when there were posts asking for donations or when creating the gofundme page.

    3. Let Mike go at his own pace..... give him the money u raised for him and then let him call out to who ever he wants for job help.... maybe he does not want to jump right in to ANY job out there.... there were no strings on the money raised.... just give it to him and make available the contacts for jobs.... let mike decide if it is something right for him.... can be a little scary moving and jumping in to anything that comes....

    4. Ricky,
      Please don't take offense. I don't think anyone is faulting you in any way nor was my comment directed at you. To the contrary, you stepped up to assist in a big way and are to be admired for reaching out! Mike had alluded to some physical or other limitations that we needed to know about to help in any meaningful way. We just expected that he would reach out with the information.

      FYI, a CV is 'curriculum vitae' which is a term used in many countries instead of résumé. In the U.S., CV is term used primarily in academic or medical circles and is a much more detailed document than a résumé.

      Please continue to comment as comments from genuine compassionate people is what this site is all about!

  15. Thank you for the new article. Yes, most Americans are truly asleep of just how bad it really is right now. The Pentagon has all the power it needs to restore THE REPUBLIC!! But, as an American, I for one DO NOT SUPPORT a "cashless society" in no way, shape, nor form!! ~darylluke.

  16. Evo Morales Slams Washington During Speech
    at Summit.

    “Bolivian president Evo Morales harshly condemned the United States Government for creating chaos, for promoting destabilization, and for attacking the sovereignty of nations as it continues to move forward with imperialist attitudes against countries around the world.“

    Now, even Bolivia speaks out publicly of the evils caused by our military worldwide!! ~darylluke.

    1. Looks like "they" are blocking the article....

      SOURCE link:

    2. Morales said. The Bolivian president accused Washington of all the military coups that affected Latin America during the second half of the 20th century. “It is important to remember,” he stated, “that in the relations between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean there are more failures than successes. The relations are loaded with armed interventions by the United States, invasions and constant aggressions.” He criticized the United States for labeling the countries of the region as villains, when all these nations want to do is defend their people, their sovereignty, their right to freedom and democracy. “I want to tell [President Barack] Obama that empires disappear, while democracies last for ever,” he stated. “I want to express that mistake the U.S. makes when calling the Latin American and Caribbean countries the evil ones, when all they want to do is defend their sovereignty, their resources and their people.” Morales rejected the attacks by Washington and its allies against the region, accusing them of promoting wars, terrorism and poverty around the world. “I ask the United States what have we done to deserve being treated as slaves in our own countries?” he said. “We want to tell you Obama that Latin America has changed forever.” He called on Obama to stop extorting and attacking the countries of Latin America. “We are no longer submissive. No longer can coups be imposed in our countries, as we are a region seeking to determine its own future … We are no longer the shadow of U.S. imperialism, as we say what we think and we do what we say. We ask that you respect our democracy and our sovereignty,” he said. The president also state that, “Latin America has been kidnapped by the United States and we no longer want this. We no longer want presidential decrees that call us a threat to their country, we no longer want to be spied on … we want to live in peace.” Morales, therefore, called on Obama to engage in peaceful talks with the countries of region and to leave its double standards behind. “The United States should dispose of that double morale, because, for example, it is the country that resorts to torture more than any other country,” he said, questioning the human rights discourse of Washington when justifying interventionist policies against another nation. “We ask that (The United States) stop destroying complete civilizations and to stop looking for ghosts … we want to live in peace because it is less painful and more satisfying.” Morales also questioned Washington's discourse of democracy. “How can you speak of democracy when you label countries of peace and democracy a threat to your security? … How can you speak of democracy when you send troops around the world menacing the sovereignty of other nations … How can you speak of threats to your security when your country is the largest producer of weapons in the world … weapons that are killing hundreds of thousands.” Morales also questioned Washington's discourse on human rights, saying it is the country that resorts to torture more than any other around the world, and when in the United States they have a grave crisis of racial discrimination and a serious human rights issue involving police against minorities. Evo Morales told Obama that the United States doesn't need to help Cuba, “what it needs to do is repair all the damages it has caused in that country.” Toward the end of his speech during the second day of the Summit of the Americas in Panama City, Morales criticized the United States for insisting on the aggressions against Venezuela despite the fact that 33 countries in the region have rejected them, while only two have agreed with them.

    3. Thank you for sharing DL, Evo Morales like many South American leaders are well familiar with the US and its methods. He's been consistent about that since his presidency began. He may well have been instrumental in bringing other South American leaders upto par on methods and tools used to bring countries under the cabal's influence and control.

  17. Dl, thanks for sharing that post. Glad the latin countries are speaking out and echoing what we here feel too.

  18. Some new and very powerful Chronicles are in production to expose Clinton. All eye openers.

    Tony we tried re Mike and the Resume. Thanks all of you for helping. All parties reached out to help. We saw the best of Americans. Good people.

  19. DL
    Good points re South America. The site is alive. Also well read worldwide.

    1. John and others,

      The lies are unraveling. This morning, Yahoo News posted a story with video that shows the Malaysian airliner was shot down by a Ukranian jet. And, we all know that the Ukraine government was under US control at the time. Seems pretty clear to me that this false flag event is being shined on by the "truth light"?

      Russian TV channel says photos show MH17 shot down by fighter jet
      by Reuters Videos

      Russian state-controlled TV has broadcast photographs which it said supported Moscow's theory that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet. Jillian Kitchener reports.

  20. Let's dig up the dirt and expose all the skeletons in JEB BUSH's closet, too!! ~darylluke.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. The Power of Creative Constraints

    An almost incomprehensively ambitious vision unsupported by any sort of business plan may sound like a vision doomed to fail. Yet more than 35 years after the first Aravind Eye Clinic was set up in South India, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy’s (Dr. V) mission to eliminate curable blindness in the country is surpassing even the most optimistic expectations. This excerpt from Infinite Vision: How Aravind Became the World’s Greatest Business Case for Compassion describes how a precisely defined set of creative constraints, including never refusing to provide care, never compromising on quality, and never relying on outside funding for patient services, became the basis for a world-class organization. The story of Aravind’s success, characterized by all the hallmarks of sustainability – financial health, massive scale, continued relevance, and longevity – demonstrates that charity and business can indeed be compatible.

    Read More:

    1. P, this is nice. There was a story in our local paper about a local doctor that goes to 3rd world countries every year and does free cataract surgeries. Very compassionate.

  23. And, speaking of the announcement of Hillary Clinton announcing her run for the WH, seems Germany might agree?

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's foreign minister welcomed Democrat Hillary Clinton's expected announcement that she will run for the U.S. presidency in the 2016 election race, saying she had showed herself to be a strong partner for Europe.

    1. It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running for President in 2016 (God Help Us All)

      In spite of all of the under handed trash that has been exposed over the last year; right in our face they can promote Hitlary as a nomination for 2016?

      This is a strong indication that the fix is in and our votes don't count! With all of the news; not conjecture; that this sleazy reptile has committed against the American people?

      They are not entitled! What ever happened to the email debacle and the emails that were deleted from her server; which was against the law? What about Bengazi? What about Clinton Foundation? What about the fact that those polls that they publish so eagerly have nothing to do with anything?

    2. The BBC are in on it; I was watching bbc news on cable 2 days ago, their praise of hillary was childlike and pedestrian not befitting of an organization such as the bbc. No mention of emails or any other impropriety. Bbc should be digging this up! Canauzzie I love the line in your graphic: I did not have textual relations with that server. Classic!


    The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a nationall system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty".[1][2] ...

  25. An active chemtrail pilot has quite courageously stepped out of the shadows at great risk to his career and his life. Such a sacrifice ought to compel the fast-growing community of anti-chemtrail advocates to disseminate his much needed message. Raising the worldwide awareness around this pilot’s unprecedented disclosures seems essential toward shutting down the current form of global geoengineering.

    Operation Indigo Skyfold has been OUTED. We now know its name. We now know how it works. We have been informed that it is being expanded in 2015 and is now more dangerous than ever.

    1. JV, These crooks are so bold and nonchalant about the spraying, I was watching the masters on Saturday afternoon and you could see the planes overhead spraying right on the telecast. Incredible

    2. They think that we don't know what they are doing, but we know.

    3. John, Canauzzie, could you please make this important issue one of your articles?

      Operation Indigo Skyfold has been OUTED. Pilots are told to fly specific routes, while satellites control aerosol dispersal patterns. The pilots make course corrections from time to time, and perform landings and takeoffs. Pilot navigation and maintenance crews are rotated constantly, and only spend about 18 months at one given base, to keep pilots and their families from making too many friends, and ending up with “loose lips”. They also rotate between day and night flights, one base for daytime flights, and one for night. Each base covers a 250-mile zone, and each fleet (squadron) of planes covers three states, or an even larger swath of ocean.

      They’re told to simply do their job and “Shut the F*ck Up!”
      Their superiors tell them it’s a matter of National Security.
      Quote: “Without these flights our enemy’s newest technological weapons of war could easily penetrate America’s airspace, at will. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our allies safe from the same skyward threats, so we extend the arm of protection to those countries that support our efforts. Hostile nations are also building atmospheric shields, while at the same time trying to explore weaknesses in our ever-developing air and space based technologies.”

      Indigo pilots are chosen from top ranks within the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are ‘hardened to humanity’ and could care less killing off unwanted or leaching aspects of America and the world. I swear to you, the majority of the pilots are like machines, I call them “Tanker Terminators”.
      We are shown videos in our training of catastrophic destruction to our homeland by very sophisticated weapons, then told that these will be the consequences if we don’t fly.

      All pilots on leave are required to report to their CO by Dec 15th for special training operations, to qualify for Indigo Phase 2 flights, expected to be initiated by January 21.”

      Those were his words, not the actual Air Force message. He wanted me to stress that. He believes that the focus of their flights will be moved to areas east of California and Texas, in order to advance the drought further into the heartland; plus, he feels that a very new and extremely toxic chemtrail mix is going to be sprayed, using new technology that makes these special chemtrails completely invisible. “Atmosphere shield of protection”, he doesn’t believe that either. So that is the end of the message from this chemtrail pilot.

      Therefore, we need to brainstorm and come up with the way to shut down this program, as it is actually heating the planet, and killing everything with elevated UV rays, and toxic metals.

      This has got to stop. We need to get the word out that this IS real and find out how to make them stop.

    4. What I thought was interesting was how he talked about the secret Island bases full of HARPP arrays and underwater antennas.

      That information dovetailed directly into the article posted here several weeks ago about the secret bases that are full of those antennas and hidden from google.

      It just substantiated this whistleblower.

      I'm so sick of looking up and seeing these things in the sky.

    5. I hear you jv. I am sick of them poisoning our soil, air, water, food, vegetation, trees, our animals, and our children.

    6. The aluminum is accumulating in forest soils and killing our world wild woodlands!!!

      I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y!!!! ~darylluke.

    7. I just read an article asking people to join in a class action lawsuit vs. chemtrails; they want to gather a list of names????? My question is, why do they need names; everyone in this construct has been affected by this poisoning...and why now? You can read it below for yourself...

      Chemtrail/GeoEngineering Class Action Lawsuit -

    8. My issue with this is the cost of hair analysis and soil and water testing. If you don't have the funds for these types of tests right now, you don't have a solid basis for signing onto a lawsuit. I can see why they would want to see how many and what issues are out here.

    9. Biffie
      I's not a secret, and everybody is affected...its all published and it is documented as to the affects of the chemtrails...morgellons is a result along with respiratory problems and any other ailment that is created by these poisons...

      It's not like they spray it over "my" air and you never get it through the "trade winds???" Everything they put under this dome affects us all...think about Chernobyl or Fukashima radiation...if it spills into the earth, by air, or by sea...we are all affected by it...don't believe for one minute that because it's not right in our backyard it doesn't affect does...everything travels around the world...just like the BP Spill which is still killing animals on every shore around the world...It's a travesty and those responsible for all of this degradation must be held accountable.

      If any class action lawsuit of this magnitude is filed there should be "anonymous" world class citizens made party to this lawsuit...there is no need for names...

    10. Don’t Believe GeoEngineering? This Interview w/Activists Will Put the Gov’t In a State of Panic [VIDEO]

      In the video below, Lisa Haven interviews Marie Snow and Cori Gunnels, two activists who got their name 'on the map' because of their direct encounters with mysterious chemical fibers and because they have been collecting tangible data that we are being littered by geoengineering chemicals in our food, water, and our bodies.

  26. Hello John, I hope all is progressing well with you and the Elders. We all are rooting for you guys!

  27. Replies
    1. Don't you mean Pigeon Forge...Dollywood? We could all meet up in the Smokey Mountains when the good stuff begins.

    2. There are many talents in Nashville also needing a break.

  28. Replies
    1. This was interesting.

      In 'The Thioubba Prophecy" the advanced off-worlders in that book called this cocoon surrounding the earth the psychosphere. It records everything that has, is or will happen on the planet.

      This may be hard to comprehend, but as they put "The Great Spirit" everything that is happening in the past, present and future to us is actually happening in the present or simultaneously to "The Great Spirit". Unfortunately our linear view of time makes that impossible for us to understand.

      This psychosphere records everything so it can be used as a time machine of sorts if you can match the vibrations it takes to enter it.

      Apparently scientists of earth have figured this out, but they can't figure out the "Key" to accessing the information.

    2. JV
      I do understand, and I believe that all we have is now at any moment...the veil will lift and all timelines will run together...past, present, and future.

      Thank you....very interesting!

    3. Thanks for sharing this video Fedup. 30 minutes long and covers a lot. A very good watch.

  29. The Oligarchical Bush Family of Generational Treason


  30. What does evil look like?
    Evil with a nice face

    It is time for all Americans to become informed of the soulless Monsters of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia that walk among us. And it is time to stop them cold in their anti-human Satanic Agenda for America and the World.

    You shall know them by the fruits that they bare!!!!


    1. Good find FedUp, we will post the article.

      Thank you.

    2. I thought this was an awesome "rant" for lack of a better word; it sets the facts straight without any minced's what the average person think and know something is surely wrong...and here's the reason...

      OWON Rocks!!!!!

  31. John, when the PP`s kick start could they be used to alleviate the mess with the pension funds not only in the US but globally, or have they been stripped bare through the MBS derivatives.

    1. The selective key PPs head to London to the Group Head who can NOT be bought!. Then we start.

  32. Abadi in DC to meet with O. Possible sign of goodness?

    1. Abadi is discussing a series of steps. Which denominations to do first. Small probably. Do they lop 2 or 3 zeroes? That works best. So the bottom feeders then don't get Gzillions, Hello? Like $600T was ever on? Retards. 2 zeros would do it OK. $6T for the lot will work. Iraq matters more. A million plus innocent dead for marauding scumbags never gets a mention. Just Gimme my blessings.Ghoulish Creeps!

      Then to first kick start with Baghdad and Reno. Block limits for most so apart from a favoured few, the multi Bs will not happen for most. It kills the racketeers. Tears in Texas. Rage from a mutant in a wheelchair who will need a production line of Diapers. Good news. Tomb raiders lose out big time from dreams. Its called Justice! So they bank robbed toilet paper. Poetic justice. Love it.
      At least a value will be established soon.Reality will rule. If 5K kicks out 50K who cares? Let the Gu -Roos explain it. Truly, if a lot of hurting people get 50 K its a good thing. So no free home etc- Hello? The Check, will a Reality One do? Dreams are not reality. A 10 multiple is still dam good money if so. Working makes fortunes. You can do it. The Check most need is a reality one.

    2. A lot of Contractor Mercenaries paid in Dinars will have a lot of explaining to do to her indoors. Love it! To die for a lie?
      So deserving. Eat that for desert scumbags.

    3. I would happy right now with a 2 zero lop.

      Best ROI in my life. 1000%.

      Roll it into Yuan at 6 to 1 and wait for it to be gold backed!

    4. JV
      Correct and good thinking. Think of where all the Gold is now in negotiation to go to and who is Group Head in London? London will be the Global front for RMB. I can't say more. Understand? London is the Bank Platform centre. Who were the Elders with? Why?

    5. JV, that sounds like a brilliant move.

      John, I have to tell you, when I first started reading this blog, while I always thought you were a good guy, I often thought you might be a little arrogant, BUT now? When I read your posts it's apparent you give great advice, good insight, and the posts that include "retard", well those just make me laugh now.

    6. Constitutionalist.
      No I'm humble really. But with the high volume of work I process and stress levels, I just need an Asshole deterrent occasionally. Lol. Take it all tongue in cheek. Humour helps. I care. Reality is key to all. Then we die. Life's a bitch.

    7. John@ lol you are a funny brit "production line of diapers"
      JV@ smart thinking lets not forget about the rouble also

    8. Hi John I just read your post at the top, I hope we are close to finding closure soon for all of this. Keep up the good work John!

  33. The White Hats Report has just started up again. Log in and read.

  34. Here's something REALLY concerning

    A National Guard exercise based around dealing with civil unrest after a “dirty bomb” attack in California showcased role players performing as angry Americans ranting ‘right-wing’ unsupported claims.

  35. Thanks for the update John. Just read the new White Hat report over on WHA. Yes indeed it is time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. With all the truth education I get here on OWoN and other truth outlets, I am ready to fight, lead, support, and follow up with what ever I can for the better good of our universe. Those that care and that are in the know are out here and ready to help.

  36. John@ I heard a few years ago that mexico might back the peso with silver. Any truth to this rumor?

  37. John Thanks for the advisory. Message received: we need to push.

    Is there a platform that we can use to collaborate and brainstorm remotely and across timelines? We woukd need closed spaces, ability to write notes and share and see all contributions. Possibly Prezi. Google docs has ability for simultaneous users to edit. Would like the ability to draw too. That way we can get started collaborating.

    1. Thankyou. Checking google docs, it can do drawing, comments, multiple users. A simple way would be to have shared folders containing projects. Collaborators would need either a gmail or google account. Not sure if this would be suitable for everyone or if google is a suitable platform for such.

    2. AJ

      Drop Box, Shared Private Portals, Live Email, many applications to choose from...all internet based and many free.

    3. ...sounds like another conspiracy! LOL. ~darylluke.

  38. Dahr Jamail | El Salvador Farmers Successfully Defy Monsanto
    Monday, 23 March 2015

    The perils of ingesting food that has any contact with a Monsanto-produced product are in the news on nearly a weekly basis.

    As Dr. Jeff Ritterman has documented, Monstanto's herbicide, Roundup, has been linked to a fatal kidney disease epidemic, and has also been repeatedly linked to cancer.

    Recently, a senior research scientist at MIT predicted that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup, will cause half of all children to have autism by 2025.

    Farmers in El Salvador are acutely aware of the importance of producing their own seeds, and avoiding those from the bioengineering giant. The farmers, who have already been consistently outperforming Monsanto with their seed, as the local seed is far healthier and more productive, have just managed to bring about a giant defeat of Monsanto by preventing it from supplying El Salvador with its seeds. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture released a new round of contracts to provide seed to subsistence farmers across the country.

    "Remember that Monsanto is together with DuPont, Pioneer, all the large businesses that control the world's seed market," said Juan Luna Vides, the director of diversified production for the Mangrove Association, a nongovernmental organization that was created to support a grassroots social movement for environmental conservation in El Salvador. "Unfortunately, many of the governments in Latin America, or perhaps the world, have beneficiary relationships with these companies."

    Read More

    1. Weekly hits to Monsanto and the others is great. Keep knocking them back to the dark where they came from with their poisons.

    2. Humanity has had enough...and just talking about it is not doing enough...we have to take action, whatever little action we can take, it's all good.

      The Tide is turning !

      Thanks P, this is a very uplifting article....there is hope!

    3. You're welcome Fedup and Biffie, agree there is hope. The Tide is turning.

      This is also for the many who have suffered or are suffering from agent orange poisoning. They're not forgotten.

    4. EL SALVADOR'S model should be mirrored here in the USA Corp!!! It begins with starting a web-site. Maybe somebody here would be interested in taking up the task?

      Why this worked in EL SALVADOR?
      Answer: "Unfortunately, many of the governments in Latin America, or perhaps the world, have beneficiary relationships with these companies(MONSANTO, DUPONT, etc...)." ~darylluke.

  39. John,
    Will Americans be able to open an account and deposit into yuan holdings in London? What is the procedure...if you know? Or alternately, will there be access in U.S. to a bank to convert into yuan?

    1. Texian,
      HSBC to open account in RNMB in USA Corp.

      Here is the best one because of the variety available:

      I believe JOHN would recommend LLOYDS & BARCLEYS....Not sure if its available in USA Corp to open an account online, or if you have to fly there to open it....Hope this helps.


    2. Folks,

      BOOKMARK this link for yourselves.

    3. EVERBANK:

      Australian dollar Brazilian real British pound Canadian dollar Chinese renminbi Czech koruna Danish krone Euro Hong Kong dollar Hungarian forint Indian rupee Japanese yen Mexican peso New Zealand dollar Norwegian krone Polish zloty Russian ruble Singapore dollar South African rand Swedish krona Swiss franc

    4. Texian

      Start by opening a UK bank account in the US then switching later. London direct is very tough diligence screening checks first. Much easier via US and less BS.

  40. One Company’s New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year

    The idea began percolating, said Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, after he read an article on happiness. It showed that, for people who earn less than about $70,000, extra money makes a big difference in their lives.

    His idea bubbled into reality on Monday afternoon, when Mr. Price surprised his 120-person staff by announcing that he planned over the next three years to raise the salary of even the lowest-paid clerk, customer service representative and salesman to a minimum of $70,000.

    Read more:

  41. Device could prevent autistic meltdowns: UBC student

    Device could also help people with PTSD and dementia

    A UBC student has won a prestigious global competition after creating a wearable device to track anxiety in real-time for children with autism.

    The device, called Reveal, will measure a person's heart rate, skin temperature and sweat levels. If the person's anxiety level is heightened, it will send a notification to the caregiver's smart phone so that they can intervene and prevent a meltdown.

    "We want to reduce problem behavior and increase the amount of what we call, teachable moments," said Andrea Palmer, a UBC mechanical engineering student.

    Palmer designed the device alongside three business students and two other engineers. They were originally looking at how to prevent people with high stress jobs from burning out, but then realized their research could have great potential helping people with autism.

    Since many people with autism have heightened sensitivity levels, Palmer wants to integrate the device directly into clothing so it will be completely imperceptible

    Read more:

    1. ‘Water Man of India’ Makes Rivers Flow Again
      Posted on Apr 6, 2015

      Chennai—School textbooks in India have been telling children for generations that Rajasthan is an inhospitable state in the northwest of the country, constrained by the hot, hostile sands of the Thar Desert.

      But the driest state in India has a softer, humane face as well—that of Rajendra Singh, known as the “Water Man of India”, whose untiring efforts in water conservation in arid Rajasthan have led to him being awarded the Stockholm Water Prize, commonly referred to as the Nobel Prize for Water.

      Singh did not attempt to design a new technology to address Rajasthan’s water problems. He began simply by de-silting several traditional surface level rainwater storage facilities—called “johads” in the local Hindi language—that fell out of use during British colonial rule. And, in doing so, he has quenched the thirst of villages that were dying.

      Thousands of villages followed his example, and so much water was captured and soaked into aquifers that dry rivers have begun to flow again.

      Read more:

    2. Uprooted & evicted: World Bank-funded projects force millions off their land

      World Bank ventures in less developed countries are hurting the people the organization has sworn to protect, with almost four million people across the globe left homeless, forcefully evicted and relocated as a result of World Bank-funded projects.

      A probe by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which examined World Bank's records in 14 countries, discovered that some 3.4 million of the “most vulnerable people” were forced off their land in the last decade.

      The World Bank “has regularly failed to live up to its own policies for protecting people harmed by projects it finances,” ICIJ states as one of its key findings.

      The World Bank as well as the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which distributes the funds, have invested $455 billion in nearly 7,200 projects between 2004 and 2013 in the developing world, ICIJ says. More than 400 were confirmed to have caused the permanent displacement of local communities, while another 550 may have made locals homeless.

      “An ICIJ analysis found that between 20 and 30 percent of all projects the bank funded from 2004 to 2013 were deemed likely to cause resettlement,” report’s summary reads.

      The World Bank finances thousands of projects ranging from major oil pipelines and dams to small schools and clinics. In some countries the organization reportedly closed its eyes to numerous human rights violations. The ICIJ investigation was surprised to discover that in some instances, the World Bank continued to fund projects in “undemocratic” states even after evidence of abuses such as rape and torture emerged.

      Read more:

    3. P this was a great article. Often the old ways are the best. Simple and direct.

  42. Another viewpoint on this devastating issue.
    Last year at this time there were several snow storms across the usa. People kept commenting that the snow would not melt. Then we got some right here where I live and they were right. 40 degrees outside and I saw it myself...the snow was not melting. And the ice storm that came with it damaged thousands of trees and bushes. The ice was so heavy that the branches and parts of trees broke off onto houses, cars, and everywhere. I have never seen it do that like it did last year.


    Wigington mentioned “Artificial Ice Nucleation” better known as artificially induced snowstorms, and attributed them to several possibilities: 1) to create the resemblance of winter and 2) to increase the Earth’s “Albedo” (the Earth’s reflectivity).

    When Artificial Ice Nucleation occurs, people are noticing snow falling at higher temperatures anywhere up to the mid 40’s F (4.4+ C) and the snow is heavier due to the additional chemicals.

  43. He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World! SHARE SHARE SHARE

    March 9th, 2015
    If there's anything you read – or share – let this be it. The content of this article has potential to radically shift the world in a variety of positive ways.
    And as Monsanto would love for this article to not go viral, all we can ask is that you share, share, share the information being presented so that it can reach as many people as possible.
    In 2006, a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Though Paul is the world's leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why is that? Stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when the executives say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to the chemical pesticides industry.
    What has Paul discovered? The mycologist has figured out how to use mother nature's own creations to keep insects from destroying crops. It's what is being called SMART pesticides. These pesticides provide safe & nearly permanent solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects - and all thanks to the 'magic' of mushrooms.
    Paul does this by taking entomopathogenic Fungi (fungi that destroys insects) and morphs it so it does not produce spores. In turn, this actually attracts the insects who then eat and turn into fungi from the inside out!


  44. Feds Mutilated Corpses at Waco - 'The Bizarre Deaths of the Waco Branch Davidians' - Full Article

    Feds Mutilated Corpses at Waco - 'The Bizarre Deaths of the Waco Branch Davidians' - Full Article
    Notice: Some of the below information is graphic and may be upsetting to some viewers. Even the children of Waco were reportedly mutilated and people are now asking why after forensic evidence has become available. We will not go in two directions in the U.S.. The murderers at The Waco Holocaust are back and seeking to get into the White House again, yet they were never prosecuted for their genocide war crimes. The direction of allowing these despots to run for office indicates The U.S. is in almost total darkness, for, these bums should not even be on U.S. soil, but belong in prisons. The U.S. is going in the wrong direction.....again. Infoeditor
    The Bizarre Deaths of the Waco Branch Davidians
    Posted-distributed at the suggestion and permissions from:
    Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report - Texe Marrs
    It is with a mixture of both sorrow and tear-stained anger that I present this information to you, my good friends and partners of Power of Prophecy. Those federal officials and agents guilty of the sickening bloodshed at Waco must be punished by State of Texas law enforcement and courts. We must cry out until they are. Until justice is done, we must never forget the admonition of Isaiah 59:14: "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter."
    "Torch the Mother Do it today!" That was the direct order given Janet Reno’s Justice Department by Hillary Rodham Clinton from the East Wing of the White House. And so, on the morning of April 19, the day beginning the witches’ annual High Holy Days, on the 51st day of the siege, the combined forces of the FBI’s and the Army’s dreaded Delta Force Nightstalkers lit into the beleaguered men, women, and children held up inside their Branch Davidian church/home just outside Waco, Texas.
    They ran wild, ravaging and slaughtering. Then, besotted by blood, their satanic lust and fury to kill satiated, the FBI and U.S. Army Nightstalker mass murderers took a few moments to stalk their lifeless prey, walking to and forth in the burning rubble, casting their jerky, nervous eyes to and fro over the smoldering ruins and the burnt and mutilated corpses of their seventy-six victims. Like cannibalistic savages, some took pictures of each other while pridefully holding in their hands the charred heads of their victims.
    Gruesome Chain of Events


    Yes, we must NEVER forget, until JUSTICE is served up cold!!! ~darylluke.

    1. DL, good find. Waco seems to have a modern history of "heavily negative" events. Can't help but wonder if there's not a major ley line or crossing point running at Waco, one that the cabal uses to spread their dark agenda through the planet's ley grid. The article noted at least some of the occult implications, but it would be interesting to see the astrological aspects that were occurring. The cabal and their esoteric sciences like to use varying events "above" to maximize the harm "below". It would be nice if such knowledge was used for the good of all.

    2. P.,

      That goes back to the Vatican. ALL the major churches(and most minor ones) were built upon the ruins of "heathen" temples, which were put on ley-line intersections centuries ago. Yet, this topic is generally relegated to the "quackery" department and snickered at as just mumbo-jumbo. Yet, the Chinese are very well aware of DRAGON-LINES for millenia, and is not laughed at whatsoever, but taken very seriously.Many European countries people have their property dowsed for energy lines, etc....before buying a house/property.Dowsing & ley-lines are ancient concepts which the zionist satanists want kept secret at any cost. It is not science-fiction, but science-FACT, because it is repeatable and is duplicateable, but we have the likes of the "Amazing (puke) Randy" to muddy the waters!!

      THIS has been a very, very long personal battle for me since Waco, then Ruby Ridge. ~darylluke.

  45. Hey OWON,

    Just a great article...

    I am just a retired shlep that reads your stuff.. I worked for the US postal service for 30 plus years and so I do deeply understand the system.

    Like I said I am retired and collecting a pension and so I would suppose that I am the enemy...

    Of course that is not OWON's stand about a person like me...

    Yet to a supper connected person he seems to be telling folks like me to get ready for some hefty changes...

    That does not make John or me bad people just that that cabal has simply stolen every thing including the kitchen sink and for that heads up I am grateful for...and so it is well beyond a payout for dinars or for whatever for the American shleps like me...

    And so I have a window of time to prepare my dear family for these changes..and it does look like another four years of a Clinton or a it in America...

    John had so kindly responded to a post of mine prior to this article about maybe re-socializing the crazy Americans back into the common wealth...

    I pity those poor sane Iranians who are trying so hard to negotiate with the Empire that will never ever honor any treaty that was ever don't believe me? Just ask the Native Americans that were decimated by this divide and conquer strategy....and so it seems the folks that our John is with at least gave back that Island to the it were...

    To my American friends please prepare yourselves to be totally asset stripped...



    1. KMB,

      It is quite simple to accomplish in a "cashless society" isn't it?
      (George Orwell's "dream ideal society".)


  46. Prepare...doomsday...what we need to do is use our minds, our thoughts as a collective consciousness to change this world. If enough folks think that the bad will will. Stay focused, stay positive, live and think that way to help make these changes for the better good happen. This is something that we all can do now and forever.

  47. Hi OWON..

    Not to hog...but a link from Wiki about hong kong...

    Some people give there word and do not honor and others give there word and do honor that word...

    Americans are shelps and need to be put in education camps....

    No? just go on tour in the rural American south and other "hot spots" for ignorance....



  48. Biffie,

    Doomsday is a choice...

    Have you not been paying attention to what has been posted here upon OWON?

    I am posting to you with much love and as a person who is even reading these words and so you are a fine person to even be here...

    You know my home town of Milwaukee is planning to spend over one Billion dollars upon a sports complex in the down town area for a basket ball team called the "Bucks"...

    Of course every one has there proverbial hand out going John would say I wants my it were...

    Of course one Billion dollars could pay off just about every mortgage in Milwaukee county....

    And so that great Scott Walker who is running for pres is behind a lot of this "stuff"

    what a guy...

    Hey all I am saying is before you blame that guy in a local labor union that just got busted out please look at this kind of stuff also...

    America is so focked and controlled by the most base bottom feeders...



    1. ALL sports in the USA Corp is a SCAM!! (My son put me on to this) They all(NHL, MLB, NBA, etc...) are set up as NOT-FOR-PROFIT organizations!! And, when they build these new stadiums, there is really no transparent accountability how the funds are spend. I would hazard a guess that 80% is stolen (my lick!) and 20% used for construction. It is CHRISTMAS DAY & Santa Claus arrives whenever a new stadium gets built anywhere. Look at NYC. They double-dipped in several years. First got gazillions to rehab the old existing one.Then, whatdya know? OH? They need a NEW STADIUM!
      GREEDY PIG BASTARDS!! ~darylluke.

    2. Hi KMB, yes I most definitely have been paying attention to what is brought forth on OWoN. I hear what you are saying also. However, I choose to be positive knowing that what we think will happen, will happen. There are plenty of bad things in the world and there are plenty good things. I want to know both. But I choose to encourage folks to be positive in their thoughts. I believe the universe and all things are connected as one huge consciousness of thought energy. I like to be passionate about both and when things are grim, I acknowledge that and then look for some positive to balance it all out. Thank you for your input.

    3. I do believe that over 90% when I "thought that I knew what would happen" well....never happened!!
      LOL. For instance, like I knew the RV would happen 2 years ago.... :-( ~darylluke.

  49. So, does EVERYBODY here reading agree with a "cashless society"? It is stated in this article.
    (You do realize that your silence equals consent, don't you?) ~darylluke.

  50. DL, I almost left a comment when you said that in your other post. I am not sure of the exact intent of those words so I didn't comment back to you. Does a 'cashless society" mean using no money at all and just trading, sharing, and bartering with things, or does it mean that we will be using a debit card of some sort. So I did not respond because of this. So what do you think it means exactly?

    1. Biffie,

      The author of the article perhaps can nail it down for you exactly. I don't know what the exact definition in his mind was at the time. But, to me it means, YES, a digital, all debit-card type system just like has been in place over a decade now in SINGAPORE!! The way they keep that secret from the rest of the world is that all toursist can use that currency when visiting along with a credit or debit card.Whatever they like. But Singapore citizens can't go to the bank, for instance, cash their weekly payckeck at the teller window and say, "Please give me all 20's & 50's...". ALL US military pay is now automatically into a "card", and there have been zero cash transactions at the military stores for a couple years now. I read they can't use those "cards" at ATM's, nor get hard cash with them in banks. I am doing this all from memory, so cannot provide any links. I am sure you can do some research to confirms these things. It is very scary, because we are then at the complete mercy of the "gate-keepers" of our own hard earned CURRENCY!! IMHO, going cashless equates with a police-state!! Say you're on the red-list? POOF!! "Sorry Mr. Such-n-Such, but you seem to have a zero balance!". ZERO recourse. ~darylluke.

    2. So John and Canauzzie "cashless society"...what exactly did you mean by this?

    3. Well DL, if that is what it means, that does not sound very fun. It is bad enough to put your cash money in a bank and then have to order a large cash withdrawal in advance just to get cash out of the bank, let alone for it to be like you stated above. So, if that is what it means, no...don't want that.

    4. Biffie,

      Thanks for your replies. This is actually a huge topic & in need of wider discourse to discuss all the issues with this. I would LOVE to read the opinions of SatunaliaS and Paladin. They are two highly informed and obviously very intelligent people I greatly respect. ~darylluke.

    5. I agree DL. If it is a debit card like thing, that feels like we have no control. I wonder how folks feel in other parts of the world? Would like to hear how it is from ones that use these cards.

    6. They have already started in some places to pay by debit card only. One of my kids has a friend that works for a store or fast food place in the mall (I don't remember the name right now), and is paid this way, and they had no choice. The company does not issue checks. I think if she wants to withdraw cash at an ATM, she has to pay the regular fees that go along with it.

    7. i wanted to make a correction. While just looking this up it seems that workers fought to get rid the "prepaid" debit cards and the huge amount of fees that went along with them. Now it seems companies use "payroll cards", same thing but minus the fees.

      Use of payroll cards will grow

      Nearly 4.5 million U.S. workers got their wages – totaling $34 billion – on a payroll card last year, according to the Aite Group, a financial research and consulting firm. The company predicts those numbers will more than double over the next four years.

    8. Cashless will mean as follows:

      Cash will be withdrawn.totally.

      All work will be credit charged and taxes applied at source per job or transaction. Sales will be in credit units. Materials priced in credit units. Gas,water etc same. Medicals all charged. You can't afford, goodbye. No more credit.
      No more Tax Evasion. No more Black Economy. All use of units will be monitored. Buy drugs or illegal actions and your central Data Base monitor will cancel your register response unit pending investigation. Crime will find it difficult to capitalise on anything. All transactions will be tracked,.All Credit bank accounts controlled. Criminal cash worthless.

      High speed chips will be allocated to cards or wrist Information units until the wrist insertion chips come in.
      Problems? Big Brother will then own you in total. Cross the system and they then cross you off. Be sure of one thing, once those Chips issue they will contain biometric data, blood and dna records, and security clearance authorisation levels.Plus trackers! In time Self destruction units also. You won't even be allowed to travel unless cleared.

      Welfare controls will restrict how you can use the units allocated. Unemployed won't be allowed to buy alcohol, drugs or spend recklessly. You will all be packaged. Cross the system and your units will be suspended. Life expectancy then? You will be permanently tracked and monitored. Look at now. IT intrusion is massive and growing. The Cabal don't give a dam about you. Western Governments follow them like sheep. Totalitarian control is the ethos of the Kazakh elites. Mass subjugation of the Goyim Sheeple. Hello?

      Fantasy? How totally stupid is the Electorate? Utterly clueless. How else did the Cabal emerge? In an enlightened, ethical and civilised society neither Bush nor Clinton would get to a Ballot Card. But we don't have one. America has now become so corrupted a total mediocrity will be elected- again! So, your views? The enemy is within!

      Unless you stand for Freedom, you stand to lose it! And will! It won't just be a card, it will be life in stages! It will start low profile for public acceptance. Once suckered in? The Cabal have then corralled the Sheeple in total. Disposable Goyims. No Credits, self destruct tired or broken stock.
      Do any think of the big picture? China will be no less ruthless. Humanity is approaching a crossroads. It may not be for Beneficial Humanitarian policies to rule. Look at the low grade of Leadership today. All manipulated from above and Shadow Elites. Ignorance rules Plebeian fools. The price of not paying attention to the right to exist in harmony with fellow man. Cabal goffers are elected by mass morons who outnumber the true Intelligentsia. So, your cards will be " Marked".

    9. ....the definition of "cashless society" is worse than anybody imagined. Don't shoot the messenger folks, just because this message is so MONSTROUS!! Thank you JOHN for detailing graphically with your words what is quickly unfolding, sad & dismal as is the information.


    10. ....anybody ever dunk & hold submerged their head in a sink-full of ice-water?

    11. I would suggest that if you want to know the future they wish to build watch the movies.

      They condition you to this technocracy all the time.

      Demolition Man, Elysiium, In Time, etc.

      All accurately portray what the future holds for us with this trackable, cashless technology.

      The CIA has been in bed with Hollywood for years. It is their propaganda machine. It's also how they confuse the population.

      Ever heard someone say...You are crazy, that won't happen. You saw it in a movie.

      I once told a client that they were developing robots that could be used in the future for complete subversion and with AI could become detrimental. He just laughed and said "Terminator", I saw that movie too. You are crazy. So I sent him the DARPA website with video of these types of robots in production.

      Amazingly, now he sends me articles when he reads them.

      Go Figure. Someone who listened.

    12. Interestingly the way John explained it is how it has been related to those that listened to what some call " conspiracy theorists". Scary to think that while they sounded nuts not that long ago, what they predicted may be or is upon us.

      I think this is the whole basis of the "preppers" you know, those folks that built underground bunkers on their property and have stored food not for months but enough for years. While I have heard John's explanation in the past, I never thought we would see it in our lifetime.. Good God.

      On another note, I had the chance to get into a rather deep conversation with one of my neighbors last night. What I took from this conversation was he didn't know, didn't want hear, and seemed not in denial, but a better way to put it is paralyzed in fear when it comes to different issues. Frustrating, because he is a rather brilliant man, hard working guy.

    13. I too find that people shrug off what you say, saying that it could never happen here. They go about their merry way oblivious and continuing to follow on.

    14. John,
      Your words are so morose and bleak... reminding me of a Charles Dicken's novel >>"Bleak House." Of course, I believe what you're saying and know the potential for bad times are ripe and very possible...

      We live in times teetering on the brink of disaster yet no one has noticed... they live in their glass houses, blinded due to their WiFi RFI and oblivious to what is happening around them. A part of this is the WiFi scramble and I believe a big part of the mind bending process.

      I see this play within my own practice. I provide summer physicals to young college students who are rising IT and Engineering professionals. Three years ago, there may have been 5 of these kids on some type of amp for ADHD. Now there is about 85 % who come in for drug testing and required to provide me with a valid Rx justifying their positive drug test for amp. We are talking about 80 young adults. I have to wonder why? My belief is the RFI? I believe this is a part of the brain washing process. Scrambles the neurons.

      Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health -

      "The fact that RF exposure causes neurological damage has been documented repeatedly. Increased blood-brain barrier permeability and oxidative damage, which are associated with brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, have been found.4,7,15-17 Nittby et al. demonstrated a statistically significant dose-response effect between non-thermal RF exposure and occurrence of albumin leak across the blood-brain barrier.15 Changes associated with degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have been reported.4,10 Other neurological and cognitive disorders such as headaches, dizziness, tremors, decreased memory and attention, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, decreased reaction times, sleep disturbances and visual disruption have been reported to be statistically significant in multiple epidemiological studies with RF exposure occurring non-locally.18-21 " my solution to the above is the following - put a timer on your wi-fi. Turn it off at night when you go to bed and this will allow you to have an uninterrupted night of sleep.

      ~Get Real

    15. Get Real,
      So true! With the advent of "smart meters" where this electromagnetic interruption is attached to our living quarters and disrupting all of the neurological function in our lives. (I guess the cell towers are not as effective?) We are under mass electronic surveillance.

      Society is definitely dumbed down...

      This has got to be a mass crime against humanity...

  51. Here is an article about the HEADQUARTERS & base of operation of the WOLDWIDE PONZI SCHEME.

    They need no vaults because they have no gold, and they create money out of thin air. ~darylluke.

  52. John, would this cashless society be worldwide? I think this is sickening. The utter control they would have. How to get folks to wake up!!?!!

    1. Biffie, that's what the cabal wants, worldwide, total control over everything, everyone. They have many starts on this already as evidenced not only by what John spoke of but DL's mention of Singapore and the payroll cards Constitutionalist mentioned. Am sure there are many more tendrils of this insidious action to be found.

      DL is right also, because we need to fight these kinds of actions otherwise they just spread because we did nothing, effectively giving our consent.

    2. Just to let you know that the Australian gov provides welfare to Aboriginal people and restricts what they can buy with it. Thin end of the wedge. From there to all on welfare, then all generally.
      When I did my annual tax return all I did was provide my tax file number (equiv to social security number). The tax office listed all interest from all my accounts and included the information automatically. This was new for us.
      So in Aus at least the mechanisms are being set up.
      So, withdraw cash and don't use credit or debit cards. Buy silver now while it's cheap. There will be a black market surely, people being people. .

    3. Something serious to consider.

      Life in the Algorithm: Meet the Invisible Hand

      A series of calculation procedures that come together to constitute capitalism’s secret ingredient?—?the all holy algorithm, that which binds and optimizes. Those strange numerical gods who decide whether or not you’re a terrorist and what kids’ toy is going to set the market on fire this Christmas. But what are they, where did they come from and how did they get so powerful?

      (Everything that they taught us is a lie).

  53. johnTuesday, April 14, 2015 at 11:39:00 PM MDT


    Start by opening a UK bank account in the US then switching later. London direct is very tough diligence screening checks first. Much easier via US and less BS.

    John, Please share further. What UK bank is located in US and can we open an account without leaving the US? Thank you.

  54. There's truth to this, and has broader implications.

    Hawai’i Holds Their Independence
    Politics & Ownership: Update… Hawai’i continues their stance that they are their own government!

    This story gets more exciting each week as piece after piece unravels …sounding very good for the Kingdom of Hawai’i to stay it’s own government. By all accounts throughout this article, it seems The Kingdom was claimed illegally by the US government –now there’s a shock, huh?!

    “International law prohibits a neutral country from being occupied when two or more other countries are at war with each other. In other words, the United States was prohibited from occupying the Hawaiian Kingdom, being an internationally recognized neutral country since 1854, in its war against Spain in 1898.”

    First things first: In 1848, Mauna Kea is named sacred land of the Hawaiian Kingdom. And in 1893, a US Presidential investigation concluded that US insurgents were personally responsible for the illegal occupation of Hawai’i.

    Although our President at the time agreed to legally reinstate Queen Lili‘uokalani in 1893, he was unsuccessful due to political bureaucracy from Congress wanting to “secure the Hawaiian Islands as a military outpost in order to protect the American west coast from foreign invasion.”

    “Unable to secure a treaty of annexation, the United States Congress unilaterally seized the Hawaiian Islands during the Spanish-American War under what a Senator called a war necessity. [But…] the underlying problem that congressmen at the time knew was that no law of Congress can have any force and effect beyond the borders of the US. In other words, the US could no more annex the Hawaiian Islands by passing a domestic law [then], than it could annex Canada today by passing a domestic law. American diplomats and revisionist historians took measures to conceal this from the world.”

    So history is re-written to reflect the (il)legal seizure of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the US government: In 1848, Mauna Kea is the sacred land of Hawai’i.

    Read more:

    1. "Although our President at the time agreed to legally reinstate Queen Lili‘uokalani in 1893, he was unsuccessful due to political bureaucracy from Congress wanting to “secure the Hawaiian Islands as a military outpost in order to protect the American west coast from foreign invasion.”"

      There's another facet to this as well. Think pineapple. And sugar. Money and war. What a surprise. Not.

      I truly hope the Hawaiian people are successful at ridding themselves of the USA. This is actually the first country I was ever aware of having been forced into submission by the USA government. It made me sick then (1996), and it still does. But of course in the interim I have become a lot more educated on how the US government/elites work and I know Hawaii's story is just one of many. (reading "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" will do that for you). Being taken over and becoming a US state was the lesser of the evils they faced.

      January 17 (the date the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown) is considered a day of mourning by many in Hawaii. When we were there in 1996 'Iolani Palace was closed to the public and draped in black fabric on that day. I don't know if they have carried that symbolic gesture forward or not. It certainly makes an impression, and a statement, to see an entire building draped in black.

    2. Mygirl56 Thank you for sharing that. There was a reason for being there when you where, so you could share what you learned at that time. Agree with you, I hope they are able to free themselves of the corporate USA.

  55. Just read football player Aaron Hernandez is guilty of murder. It is believed he was involved in gangs growing up. It most likely was not his first kill. How horrible it must be to think that you can get away with murder and then get a reality check of truth and justice.

    My point, when the Bush's stand before the creator, and judgement comes upon them, how horrible it will be. When darkness can no longer hide the truth, and the responsibility for hundreds of thousands of lives is placed upon them. Their will be no one to bride, or assassinate. How horrible it will be.

  56. Jack

    Its in millions plus vast extra horrors.
    It is not in front of a Creator but assessment of a collective of Higher Souls who co Judge. He will be removed to a solitary dimensional area to live through what he imposed on others, traumas, pain and all. No one will hear his pain or screams. Millenniums of it. Karma Jack. He will wish he could die. He has no idea what awaits him. It''s atonement beyond his worst nightmare. No one avoids the higher planes oversight. Or judgments.

  57. This is still experimental, but promising.

    World’s First Airborne Wind Turbine to Bring Renewable Energy and WiFi to Alaska

    Wind turbines have become airborne! An enormous helium-filled wind turbine will soon float over the city of Fairbanks, Alaska to produce enough electricity for more than a dozen families living off the grid. Designed and built by MIT startup Altaeros Energies, the turbine known as BAT-Buoyant Airborne Turbine will hover at an altitude of 1,000 feet for 18 months, catching air currents that are five to eight times more powerful than winds on the ground.

    Read more:

    1. I love it when you can use the gifts that mother earth gives for good.

  58. Biffies,

    Don't let them drag you into their negative realities. You are a beautiful shinning light on this blog and your posts are full of positive energy! We create our own reality people. If you choose doom and destruction to focus on, then that is what you should expect. The collective consciousness of this planet is what is going to turn this battle around. There is an enormous amount of factors to this equation besides what OWON is fighting for. There is a battle for this planet going behind the scenes and the Cabal is losing. Our solar system is in lockdown and the Cabal, whose plan was to destroy us all and escape to their secret bases on Mars and other moons, are screwed and they now know it.
    The financial aspect of this is really just one of the spokes in a much larger wheel of karma for the Bushes and all the other Kazarian mafia. It is in the process of slowly rolling right over them and it is picking up momentum everyday.

    So don't go down the negative trail people! Humanity's job at this time is to raise our collective consciousness to a higher vibration of love and service to others.

    Peace and love is what's going to change this world, not worry, hate, anger, fear or frustration. These are the emotions that feed the darkness and give them more power.
    Everytime just one person raises their vibration towards love, they lose power.
    Every time you post a negative article that makes someone afraid, you give them more power.

    Deep inside Biffie already knows this. Don't lose that light!

    Peace and love people!


    1. Don,
      Thank you for the kind words.
      You said it well in your post about staying positive, creating our own realities, and collective consciousness.
      I feel there a lot of good kind hearted and caring folks on this site. They care about our situation on this earth and our universe.
      As far as posting negative articles, I want to know all the good, bad, and the ugly. If I don't know, it feels like my head is buried in the sand. It is how I let it affect me that I need to be careful with. Being passionate and frustrated about things are ok to share. That is how you find solutions and learn ways from others to resolve things.
      I do find that it is difficult to communicate our true feelings in this type of a setting. Talking face to face or over the phone is a better way to convey our thoughts so there is less misunderstanding. But this is our reality for now.
      Have a super day.

  59. Just WOW. Just blew my reality. After reading this one check part 2.



    1. Now you're starting to see the big picture.

      Good job AjnaAndy!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. John, Canuzzie, or anyone else:

    I posted the following but no replies or response. I would really appreciate an answer if anyone knows. Thank you!

    johnTuesday, April 14, 2015 at 11:39:00 PM MDT


    Start by opening a UK bank account in the US then switching later. London direct is very tough diligence screening checks first. Much easier via US and less BS.

    John, Please share further. What UK bank is located in US and can we open an account without leaving the US? Thank you.

  61. Re UK Bank Accounts in US

    You can open with Barclays, RBS, HSBC and even UBS, Deutsch, Santander etc via the US. Then apply for their International Division to get your existing US account to be facilitated via London. Being an existing customer then saves months. Going direct is a nightmare of Compliance. US Diligence is childlike by comparison. Direct is draconian.
    Its faster as a 2 step like this than direct. Even the major Canadians have London branches also.

    1. John,

      You beat me! Thanks for this info. Better than what I found. Lol.

      Have a great day.

    2. Hey! Whaddya mean EVEN Canadians have London branches?????

      Careful John, some of us Canucks have thin skins. Or is that an inferiority complex?? (Just kidding.)

    3. CalGirl

      So, your into a little flagellation heh? Like beating? Lol Definate LL

    4. John and Calgirl,
      I really appreciate the reply from both of you and now it is clear to me. Thank you!!

    5. Does anybody have links for the Banks JOHN just pointed us to? thnx. ~darylluke.

      PS: I thought RBS had serious corruption problems?

  62. Hi MWP,

    Barclays is one choice. They have 16 locations in the U.S. Use this link Job search and apply that takes you to the Job Search page and use the drop down box for City to see the branch locations. This was the easiest way I found to find their locations. If you aren't near one of the branches, it looks like you can open up a savings account through their online service. Maybe that's a good option?

    This link is the U.S. home page.

    Welcome to Barclays in the United States

  63. Blades of glory: Capitol gyrocopter stunt is Florida mailman's special delivery

    Doug Hughes lands the flying craft on the west lawn carrying 535 stamped letters – one for each member of Congress – to protest campaign finance laws

    (Can you hear me now?)

    1. Thank you Fedup, have to wonder if there isn't more to this story? This was very well thought out. It serves to bring attention to campaign finance laws and what they have become; a gravy train for the campaigner along with their family, friends and whoever else gets the nod to the money table.

      Because those are stamped letters they must be delivered.

  64. Let's deal with this Prosperity Package hiatus to save multiple sites regurgitating this garbage.
    Irrespective of some representative half wit claiming to be " We are Done" every few weeks, try You have been DONE OVER!.When Prosperity Funds don't pay its called BROKE!.Hello? A further numpty claiming they will be the party to allocate these Gzillions needs to be placed on Meds. Delusionals live in their own fantasy land. Sure, the Fed or Non Existent Funder is going to place T's in the hands of a Broker from Numptyville whose howling at the moon tanked up with fermented Cactus Juice. Your money has gone. Thieves NEVER Pay Back. What part of Broke do you not get? If 5 letters are too much will BUST do? Get over it and move on. If you can't fix it, forget it. Time this damned PPP nonsense stopped getting air time. Whackie Bakkie must be in a discount sale. Plenty around it seems. You all got scammed, get over it and move on. It's boring. Take the hit and get a life. No Santa is not coming with PPP Checks, and monthly Cuckoo Land eulogies are mind bending. You are holding Non Winning Lottery tickets. OK? Do Losers get their money back? No Redemption.

  65. Abadi made excellent progress yesterday with a multi layer range of issues from Security to Infrastructure. A nation of innocents, were devastated by the brutal bullying of a Hegemony Whore Nation with Shock and Awe, showing off against poor helpless victims. The entire nation collapsed. Maliki hated the US, so no progress. Abadi is doing well so far. It's NOT about feeding Pigs at the trough wanting Snouts fed . It's about starting to put right some of the appalling wrongs of yet more Cabal transgressions and letting Iraq emerge again. It's about our brother man. Ending US aggression and US tyranny. Iraq deserves dignity and an end to more US funded and trained ISIS Contractor aided Shit!!!!!
    Humanity and Relief from this disgusting inhumane Cabal who stole America while the Peons chose to sleep.
    A step at a time. First Butt Out and let Iraq be free from vile Agency plotting and war mongering. First step is giving Iraq its own Domestic money market back, then dealing with the Sovereigns and Big Battalions. Camp followers get what's left. Each in their own time scales. We will advise when we know. This week has been good so far but no free lunch today for the Wannabes. Time!

  66. Has the PP not been funded completely ? What or who is stalling all at this late date(OBAMA) ? Why is the RV of the DONG so dependent upon Abadi ,when the Elders hold the purse strings ? True/False . You/London are assisting the Elders in moving the Dong forward towards and RV ,then why not independent of Abadi ?

  67. Did anyone happen to see Draghi`s face and how he cowered with his hands up when that young female protestor jumped up on the table, PRICELESS. These are the sniveling weasels that are running things and they have to hire thugs to do their bidding because they are cowards in real life and I believe they are desperately afraid of us.
    By Draghi`s reaction you would of thought a gorilla jumped on the table.

  68. The US has to part accommodate this illegal war and put back some of the stolen Trillions. Abadi must decide what his nation needs which is max $6T and screw the Ambulance chasers and over printed crap.Burn it. Iraq was a disgrace. Its like trafficking in body bags. Vietnam was a gross betrayal of a nation. Ratted on and ratted out, left alone to the Viet Cong to massacre. I have shat better heroes than those who deserted them and ran. Vets? Die in shame!
    Abadi deserves free rights. The US does not.

    We will service Abadi in affordable amounts as needed by Iraq, but we want a real show from the US who stole the nation blind. The Elders are working with us to help the world, not America. Its always someone else to fund the PPs. Why not the guilty parasites putting it back? Who in their right mind would convert for vile Contractor Scum killing in the Middle East for profit. These are issues we want blocking.

    It's not simple. Domestic Baghdad will go first, then the Sovereigns and Reno. What's left? Our role is stopping the Cabal where possible. No one is owed on these currencies. These 2 poor nations are big time.
    We are helping Iraq and Vietnam direct and bypassing DC. London has bypassed the US over China and BRICS. If the US fails, who picks it up? Eurasia is coming - The US is going. We see what is coming.

  69. $50bn Asian infrastructure bank approves 57 founding members

    The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved 57 countries as founding members after including an extra seven, according to China’s Finance Ministry.

    Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Portugal and Poland were all included as founding members, according to a statement released by the ministry on Wednesday. The ministry added that although the March 31 deadline for founding membership application has passed, the bank will continue to accept new members. China has rejected requests from North Korea and Taiwan to join the investment bank.

    The AIIB is an “open and inclusive multilateral development bank,” China's Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin was cited as saying by Xinhua news agency. The 57 founding members cover five continents, including Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America and Africa, according to Shi. The founding members will have priority over other countries which might sign up later, as they possess the right to establish the rules for the bank.

    Read more:

    1. Why would they refuse N. Korea and Taiwan?

    2. Bigger question for me is what the hell is Israel doing in there?

    3. I think Taiwan is where the royalty went when the communists took over, and it is protected by the US. I think North Korea has no value and is a loose cannon. IMHO

    4. Yes John that was what I was going to comment too. Israel?? That's like letting in the wolf.

  70. John,
    Not sure if the info is correct but tomorrow on Friday, April 17th, there will be an important briefing conducted on financial matters, put on by an organization called, “The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum” in DC and according to them it will be attended by “a select group of central banks and other official sector institutions”.

    And it just so happens that these briefings are to “take place during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group spring meeting in Washington.” Which means they will be attending also.

    What significance does this have as these conferences are all co-hosted by the World Gold Council.

    1. Opinion shaping as we move towards key decisions and defining which Pigs feed and is it need? .


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