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2 to 9 March, 2020

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  1. Arizona

    As regards your comment there's a Brit at the bottom of every Crock pile, I think the Lady, self appointed Wannabe, too often targets the Brits ignoring the hard reality of the greater evil being the combinations of the Deep State Cabal and the totally unreal penetration and scale of control of Jewish and Zionist Bankers. I would balance us as being 10%,of the blame element. Sadly, I wish it were more.
    When she pops up with yet another Pop pile of Crocks posing as New M1 Gurus she shows a sad lack of awareness of Global economic reality.
    I don't doubt or justify the sheer scale of both corruption and incompetence in Global Fiscal controls and markets. But assuming yet another Pop Up M1 will be accepted or allowed in by the system is simply naive. Goguen and her bunch have tried that for decades. The scale of Fed mass corruption is simply too strong.
    The case will be laughed and swept aside. A call of Who Are You and ignored. .

    Right now, the bottomless consequences facing us with a Pandemic, questions how much emergency aid will be pumped into both Banking and Corporate survival aid as Solvency may hit the buffers when trade and supplies disintegrate.
    Now may be a time to be focusing on stockpiling and storing long life foods because if Pandemuc is declared, and Martial Law imposed, expect the masses to clean out every store in queues for miles once Grunts awaken to Self Interest needs. A Grunt stampede would be ugly and looting will need shoot on site orders.
    We saw with the UK riots a decade or so ago how ugly mob looting can be. Immigrant led all too often, we should have shot the lot. Next time we will.
    But the Lady in questions loses the plot assuming her case will be considered. The Halls of Power are impenetrable for her, she won't even be allowed time or access to make her case. All the old Filipino Trust accounts are lost in the mists of time.
    As regards the lost Gold seizures it's not disappeared. Half we hold in the Bank of England in a joint deal with the US Fed which is the vase of permanent Trading Programs producing the vast paper profits to keep the whole Fiat nightmare and Ponzi systems alive. Until you can replace that you can't even start to understand or resolve new directional needs.
    As regards Brits under every stone,thank God, it's the bedrock holding the whole shambles together.
    With respect, information known and judged irrelevant, will not be countenanced by an irrascible Self Appointed Wannabe howling on a Woopsie Cushion from Alaska. In the halls of power, the Lady has no clothes.
    The response will be So What, as the show rolls on. Who wins fighting City Hall? Ever?
    It's going nowhere.

    1. I believe it was Texian, not Arizona

    2. Sorry but the response is the issue. Credit to Texian for rattling my cage Lol

    3. Yes, indeed, John. Don’t blame Arizona for my drug-fueled rant πŸ˜‰! But sometimes your cage needs rattling. 10% is a really funny joke...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....geez it really hurts to laugh right now so you got your revenge. 🀑

      My crazy research colleagues/friends sent me a text this a.m....wish I could post a pic. They’re concerned that I protect myself from the Coronavirus while I’m in shows a bottle of Jim Beam as part of a liquid diet throat spray with instructions to spray often. Might be just the ticket!

  2. Replies
    1. I don't question most, just the reality of position and access to power. Even with it waking up the system is still hard.

  3. read this...
    (Why Space Force)


  4. BREAKING: MSNBC's Chris Matthews Abruptly Steps Down

  5. Conservative billionaire buys major stake in Twitter.

  6. I hope Joe Biden gets the nomination because I desperately want to see him debate POTUS. Who knows what would come out of his mouth.

  7. Hah, or either of them if Potus is not prepped and gagged. But the Lying King wins on points

  8. Texian - I hope you recover well and with ease.

    P.S. Thanks for all the Rappoport posted in the previous section - interesting reading!

    1. mygirl56,
      Thank you for the well wishes...doing fine...tough old πŸ¦… here.

      Rappoport is a fine, “old style investigative journalist.” Tells what he finds and can prove. No particular political agenda. Sharyl Atkisson, while younger, is same authentic investigative journalist. They are both preferable to the tv and print “mainstream” rags IMO.

  9. Understand that the manufacturing engine that is China is still in Phase Zero of the outbreak.
    No clear language about it in public.
    NO real protocols nor effective practice yet in place.

    China will NOT emerge as industrial exporter for many years at this rate of understanding

    Our entire political system revolves, frankly, around rich men, & rich men are NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE ! WORKING FAMILIES ARE !

    1. Yes All or Nothing correct so hope for the PPs because that weaponised as MTN and BG trading will be a game changer

  10. One of the best parts of the beach is getting MORE drinks. Which could you use more of right now?
    mojito ?
    pina colada?
    maitai ?

  11. ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL....i'll take a drink called PP with an RV garnish and global reset around the rim!.... TY

  12. JD its on the house, and ALL-INCLUSIVE. The PP is coming, for certain !

    1. Woohoo.... slide it over on a new dollar napkin!

    2. Or Dolly the same please. Lunch!

  13. All or nothing let's quietly keep a public lid on the PPs there is serious momentum and delicate warrant issues not to prevent . We have to get it cleared safely before any public releases. PPs are off radar until done. The rest is a crap shoot again. Even with the PPs we can do so much good.

  14. This is STILL the BIG financial canary in the coal mine that will usher in the Mother of all financial crisis starting this Spring...early Summer at Latest.

  15. And right on CUE because of the REPO Crisis that had the equivalent of 180B in overnight funding needed.....

    A desperate Fed has once again met market expectations, The Fed has just announced an emergency 50bps rate-cut.

    The fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain strong. However, the coronavirus poses evolving risks to economic activity. (IT'S NOT THE CORONAVIRUS...STUPID)

    In light of these risks and in support of achieving its maximum employment and price stability goals, the Federal Open Market Committee decided today to lower the target range for the federal funds rate by 1/2 percentage point, to 1 to 1‑1/4 percent.

    The Committee is closely monitoring developments and their implications for the economic outlook and will use its tools and act as appropriate to support the economy.

    This is the largest rate-cut since the fall of 2008, and just the ninth emergency rate cut in history...


  16. Even though the PP discussion is on the "down low", may I also offer a beverage delicacy suggestion to add to the back room bar menu .... an Italian Margarita is quite delicious....Ingredients 1.5 oz. tequila, 1.5 oz. amaretto, 1 oz. Triple Sec, 4 oz. sweet-and-sour mix, Ice. For Garnish 1 lime, lemon or orange, Sugar or salt ... enjoy!

  17. John can you elaborate on what you mean by the rest is a crap shoot again?

    1. The currencies and Bonds took a step back but came up again tonight.
      That's a crap shoot. Flying moving targets.

    2. Thanks John and good luck!


  19. In 6 months time, you can either be in the same place or a better place.

    Focus everyday on improving your health, wealth and happiness

    It will take time but you can make it happen.

    hi lil reminder to pls wash ur hands & bring hand sanitizer with u places !

    1. All or nothing, asking them to wash and hand sanitize their hands, what are you alleging???? Lol

    2. Just tell this little prick

  20. More from Anna VonReitz...posted for those interested...if not, just scroll know who you are...don’t want to get your blood pressure in a tizzy.

    Joe's Hamburger Shop

    If you never share anything of mine but this, if you never understand anything of mine but this---- let this be "the one" that goes viral to all Americans and to all living people in every country of the globe, because the information is basically the same everywhere.

    This is a simple little tale everyone can understand, about Joe, the owner of a hamburger joint. His story is your story. And it's not hard to fill in the blanks.
    I am going to cut out all the history and the excuses that the Popes have made, and just explain the basic "pedal to the metal".

    I walk in with a “Federal Reserve Note”—- a promissory note, and give it to Joe in exchange for a hamburger.

    What has actually happened?

    I have given Joe a paper I. O. U. for an actual hamburger.

    So I still owe a debt and Joe is owed a credit for the exact same amount.

    The debt is being tracked by the Federal Reserve Note, but there is no formal paper tracking the credit owed to Joe, except that we know that the credit is exactly the same amount as the debt.

    The National Credit always equals the National Debt in such a system.

    It’s just bad bookkeeping that makes it appear otherwise.

    The reason for the bad bookkeeping is embezzlement.

    What the rats did was simply not to give Joe credit for his hamburger.

    This gave the appearance of a constantly increasing “National Debt” with no answering "National Credit" in evidence.

    Meanwhile, the National Credit actually owed to all the “Joes” in America was being sequestered— “blocked”— and Joe was not allowed to access his own credit.

    This circumstance resulted —over time—in the accumulation of a giant credit Slush Fund that the banks and politicians and “military-industrial complex” used and abused for their own purposes.

    This is not the way it was supposed to work. Read Federal Title XII.

    What was supposed to happen was that Joe was supposed to be able to access his credit directly via a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, a MOCEE.

    And Joe was supposed to have free access to his “Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption”—- meaning that whenever “Joe” was presented with a bill addressed to “JOE” — he was supposed to be able to claim his exemption from paying it, and apply his already earned credit instead.

    So, Joe has a $5 credit owed to him because he gave me a hamburger. He gives a lot of people hamburgers, so after a while, he is owed $1,000.00.

    Okay? That’s simple enough. Joe has earned a thousand dollars worth of credit. It's pre-paid. He didn't get anything for nothing. He is owed credit for all those hamburgers.

    When he gets a bill for $120.00 addressed to “JOE” from the Tax Assessor or the Electric Company or for a car loan, etc., Joe is supposed to have the right to “claim his exemption” and apply his already earned credit to “offset” any such debt.

    In this way, the National Credit is always supposed to Offset the National Debt.

    The “private credit” owed to Joe is always supposed to Offset the “public debt” owed by “JOE”, and it probably would stay relatively in balance if Joe were ever told about this arrangement or given any instructions how to claim his exemption and apply his earned credit, but he wasn't.

    (This is what all this talk about "private side" and "public side" is about. Joe is owed credit on "the private side" and JOE owes debt "on the public side".)


    1. Cont’d...

      But instead, the Vermin responsible kept mum and made up excuses to “block” Joe from having access to his credit.

      They pretended (and cobbled up falsified records to “prove”) that Joe wasn’t Joe, so that they could use his credit instead.

      Meantime, of course, bills addressed to “JOE” kept coming, and unaware that he was owed Offset Credit, “Joe” kept on paying all these bills addressed to “JOE”.

      So, not only is Joe not getting the Offset credit he is owed, he is being forced to pay all the new bills on top of it.

      Back at Scam Central, the rats are in charge of the gigantic Credit Fund owed to Joe (and all the other Joes in America) and they are busily investing it “for” Joe, who they pretend is “missing”.

      Using Joe’s earned credit, they buy up everything in sight. They buy majority interest in the Fortune 500. They buy up foreign currencies and create the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” so that they can mess with the value of every other country’s money by manipulating the supply of that country’s currency. They do all sorts of crap in Joe’s name and they bilk Joe to do it.

      THAT is what has gone on here, in a nutshell.

      Having discovered all the lies and excuses being used by these criminals to deny Joe his identity and abuse his credit, we have exposed their racket and are demanding remedy for Joe.

      We are demanding access to his credit for him, and we are demanding that the rats provide simple, straight forward means for Joe to claim his exemptions and apply his credit to Offset any debts owed by “JOE” on a continuing basis.

      A remedy is not a remedy if access to remedy is obstructed or denied or made inaccessible or deliberately obscured—- and that is exactly what has happened here.

      Joe was never told he had Offset Credit available to pay bills addressed to “JOE” and he was never given any instructions or means to access his exemptions.

      Even the people collecting all these bills addressed to “JOE” were kept ignorant of Joe’s exemption and continued to harass Joe for payment. Even the IRS Agents and electric companies and others issuing bills to “JOE” continued to presume that Joe owed those bills and refused to apply the Offset Credit Joe had already earned.

      And now, all that has to come to a stop and all those banks and corporations and government agencies have to come to heel and do what they should have done ever since 1934.

      They are going to give Joe access to his exemption to offset any bill, including Tax Bills, from now on.

      And they are going to make it easy for him to access his Offset credit Exemption.

      And if they don’t they will be recognized and prosecuted as international criminals engaged in identity theft, unlawful conversion, credit fraud, racketeering, and numerous other crimes against Joe.

      Has this explanation of the circumstance finally hit home? Does everyone understand that Joe has literally been paying bills that Joe had the right to Offset? Mortgages, college loans, car payments, utility bills....

      The smug bankers and politicians and bureaucrats have been denying Joe (and you) access to pre-paid credit that has already been earned by you and your parents and your grandparents and your great-grandparents, ever since the so-called Civil War.

      All this credit you are owed is pre-paid credit, just like when you buy a pre-paid credit or gift card at Walmart.

      Only in this case, the rats didn’t give you a card or other means to access what you and Joe already paid for.

      So here’s the message from Joe concerning “JOE”——

      It’s payback time.

      Pope Frances, IMF, Federal Reserve, BIS, World Bank, Vatican Bank, Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Trump—- you owe Joe for a hamburger and a whole lot more.

      We expect the “US Trustees” and the “US Treasury” and the “IRS” to cough up those offset credits with no further delays or excuses.


    2. Cont’d.....

      This "discussion" has been ongoing since 1998. The Principal most responsible is Pope Frances. This is because the bogus mercenary "war" that has been ongoing between the British Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government is a total sham, and both sides are actually owned, operated, and controlled by him.

      This is because Queen Elizabeth II is the Pope's Overseer of the Commonwealth, and the British Territorial United States is a Commonwealth.

      As a result, the British Territorial United States is indirectly, through the Queen, controlled by the Pope.

      And the Municipal United States Government is directly controlled by the Pope because it is chartered under him.

      So no matter how you want to cut this, all roads lead to Rome. We have been disgracefully mistreated, deceived, cheated, gulled and cullied by the Pope and his Officers, and the Queen and her Officers (albeit, under the command of the Pope), at the same time that they have been: (1) under our National Trust Indenture to provide "good faith service" to us and to our States; (2) under commercial contract to provide this good faith service; (3) taking their paychecks from our pockets.

      Both the Queen and the Pope are complicit and responsible for this deplorable mistreatment of rank and file Americans, who were never parties to any mercenary commercial "wars" that they have illegally and in Breach of Trust staged on our shores.

      You, Joe, and all other Americans who have been the victims of this scam need to declare your correct birthright political status as American state nationals and, if you are willing to serve, as American State Citizens. You need to put this squarely on the Public Record for all to see. You need to join your State Assembly and join with others to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed and to claim the pre-paid credit you are owed.

      Go to: for more insight into this whole situation, and to to connect to your State Assembly.

      And now, just a closing note: who else but our Team has ever explained any of this to you? Who else but our Team has organized the lawful correction? Who else has claimed and fought for the pre-paid credit to be made available to you? Who? Where?

      I'll tell you the truth--- nobody else has taken up the work to hold the Pope and the Queen accountable to dear old Joe. Mr. Trump couldn't --- he's an employee of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government. He can't tell his bosses what to do.

      And at the beginning of this process, neither could you, because you had been deliberately and wrongly mis-identified both as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" --- anything and everything but what you are: an American state national or American State Citizen owed your pre-paid credit.

      Our Team has pioneered the method and means to rebut these false claims and enabled you to reclaim your birthright --- and all the Offset Credit -- that is owed to you. Who else came to your rescue, except us, literally---- your Fellow Americans? Nobody, that's who.

      The rats in Washington, DC, were either happy to see you screwed for their benefit, or claiming that, as U.S. Citizens, their hands were tied.

      Anna VonReitz

  21. From Jon Rappoport...

    Viruses: a different perspective

    "Give us your huddled masses, yearning to be vaccinated. We'll find a virus and say a vaccine must be produced."

    One research-estimate suggests there are 320,000 viruses on Earth that infect mammals.

    This means: types of viruses. For each type, I suppose you could say there are at least trillions of individual viruses.

    So we should all be dead. Long gone. But we aren't.

    First of all, there are what's called endogenous viruses. They live in the human body and they watch television and they lie around and don't cause illness. On sophisticated tests, they can show up, and researchers will mistakenly assume they're doing damage. They're doing nothing.

    Then there are exogenous viruses. They come in from the outside, enter the body, and look for cells in which they can take up residence and multiply. The immune system notices, and either ignores them as trifling or mounts a defense to defeat them. These viruses can also show up on sophisticated tests. Researchers tend to (falsely) believe the mere presence of the viruses signals trouble (illness).

    This is a massive mistake. So-called viral infection, if it means anything significant at all, amounts to much more than mere presence. A few particles of virus showing up on a test says nothing about actual illness. There must be millions and millions of a virus actively replicating in the body to cause disease.

    And even then, a healthy and strong immune system could ultimately defeat this bunch of little doofuses.

    That leaves who knows how many other viruses out there, never living in or entering the human body at all. They're playing music or their version of baseball or finding warm condos in cows or sheep or moose.

    Now we come to what-if type speculations. Suppose dangerous viruses are flying in from planets far away? Suppose they're combining in caves and then crawling into the bodies of rock climbers? Suppose biowar labs are fiddling and diddling and cooking up altered versions of several viruses that will kill millions of people? CAN YOU PROVE THIS ISN'T SO?

    No I can't, just as I can't prove that a purple and white snake in the Orion Belt isn't building a radio.

    But I can say this. Doing research on biowar germs isn't the same thing as doing successful research on them. Assuming these scientists are actually developing biowar germs that work...well, in a recent article titled "People dying equals coronavirus?", I posted several old dire warnings about past viral epidemics: SARS was weaponized. So was Zika. So was Swine Flu. So was Ebola. And yet...these epidemics were duds.

    But you see, the people issuing those dire warnings back then didn't care, and don't care now, that their predictions never materialized. They don't care. Every time a new epidemic is announced by some public health agency, they state brand new warnings.

    We humans may routinely be able to fend off and defeat, naturally, 100 trillion trillion viruses in the environment, but this weaponized virus is going to kill us all. Soon.

    In the current "coronavirus epic," there is one new feature the prophets of doom can exploit: after the word comes down that it's over and done, they can say, "Well, you see, actually more than two million people in China died from the virus. The government there is covering it up. It WAS a bioweapon. PROVE THAT IT WASN'T."


    1. Cont’d....

      There is one more category of virus I should mention. I have detailed it in past articles. It's the virus that isn't there at all. It's a beauty. Researchers perform various procedures aimed at detecting it, but these scientists invent MARKERS they CLAIM are indirect evidence of a virus they can't directly pinpoint. From such lunatic procedures, a whole story and tale and legend about the virus they never found is created. The pros can even report this never-discovered virus is causing a global epidemic. It's a marvel.

      They might go on to develop a vaccine against the never-detected virus. A toxic vaccine.

      Or they can say, "All our efforts to produce an effective vaccine against virus X have so far fallen short." Meaning: "How could we make a vaccine against a virus we never found?"

      Just wait a while. Eventually, they'll figure out a way.

      "After, ahem, synthesizing a gene from a specimen of the neuro-electric imprint of the shadow of the recalcitrant cave-hiding virus, we were able to inject the gene in volunteers and reduce the presence of indirect marker CR65-35 by 27.243 percent. We're confident a vaccine derived from the gene will prove effective in 74.2657843265
      percent of healthy individuals. If they get sick, don't blame us. Blame the virus. We sure as hell will."

  22. So you have the Bio-Weapon that is making it's way across the planet and you have novel coronavirus' that are around every year.

    The conspiracy between China and the rest of the governments of the world to hide the accidental release of this bio-weapon and the reason why a country the size of China quarantines 700 million is because of the bodies piling up like this.

    Iran has had the bio-weapon turned loose on them. 20+ members of government are dead and the bodies are piling up.

    This is what that looks like....

  23. During an interview with the New York Times, President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump described herself as a “proud Trump Republican.”

    The Daily Caller reports: “In what has been a remarkable 180-degree political transformation from when she was a Democratic donor with progressive views on issues like climate change, parental leave, and pay equity, her status as a “card-carrying member of her father’s ‘Make America Great Again’ coalition is now complete,” writes Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman for the Times in an article published Monday.”

    Ivanka Trump decided to switch from Democrat to Republican on October 22, 2018 so that she could vote for her father.

    “I am a proud Trump Republican,” she said on Monday. “I believe he’s broadened the reach of the Republican Party, which is really important to me.”

    While discussing her change in parties, Ivanka Trump said that she was not “going to speculate” on what other people thought about her: “In areas outside of my portfolio, I tend to agree more with the more conservative viewpoint more often than where the Democrats are today. No one person or party has a monopoly on good ideas.”

    OH, and there is more, much more to come on this one and her husband. Just that i dont have the time to put it out now. It involves ,,,ummm Money ! ha haha , and you figured it was about sex. Yep, this couple absolutely intend on amassing a fortune from their perch at the WH.

    1. Be clear they are scalping everything as with the Golan's theft and Trump's poke will be sheltered until post office.


  24. Just imagine
    if you will
    A country where 1% control
    all the wealth
    99% are so brainwashed
    they fight vigorously
    to keep it that way.

  25. The World Health Organization is warning that the novel coronavirus could be far more dangerous than the flu, with a mortality rate of 3.4%. The new estimates come as the U.S. death toll from the virus reaches 9.


    Do I need to comment at all...?

    1. Probably not....πŸ˜‚

      Most reporters are failing to mention 8 of the deaths in a nursing home.

  26. Hi Texian,

    Caught your comment earlier re your hospital stay.

    I do hope you are feeling better. May your recovery be smooth and speedy. All my very best wishes are offered to you. XX

    1. It's me Aurataya Texian. Sorry, forget to note my name when commenting now I'm using a different account.

    2. Aurataya...thought I had lost a “soul sister,” but there you are! Thanks so much for your kind words. Hoping to be back home soon. 😘

    3. Thank you Texian. I'm always here. I think about you a lot. XX

  27. Coronovirus has now mutated into S and L versions, one being far more serious.
    We need serious Global laws and penalties for Lab meddlers and Draconian legal revenge. Like hanging the F s who caused this?

  28. Just a tip here because I noticed it at the store yesterday. With this mass hysteria over the coronavirus, if you haven't stock up on essentials like toilet paper, bleach Tylenol, water, and soap. I noticed that in our area, these are the things there are shortages of.

    1. They will run out once the Grunts panic. Expect it to get ugly. You NEED masks for back up. And lots of hand washing.

    2. agreed. I am thinking about the hand/body soap, which I always have a good supply of anyway, but I grabbed 12 bars of soap just in case, and noticed that soap was low. My hubby suggested that once they run out of hand soap, the masses will turn to dish soap etc. It was the toilet paper that struck me though. I guess everyone will have clean behinds!!

      As I am writing this, I am thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some tubes of toothpaste as well.

    3. Baking soda, coconut oil, and peppermint oil makes a wonderful toothpaste.

    4. Biffie Just saw this.. thank you for the great tip!!

  29. Think about this for a moment, will you.

    The Democrats has 4 years to find a candidate to "beat Trump"


    - A guy who doesn't know where he is at

    - A socialist millionaire

    - A billionaire from NEW YORK ( A REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRAT)

    - And woman who lied about her race.

    Freaking, freaking Incredible.

    Super Tuesday take away

    The democratic establishment unity saved Biden

    klobucher won Biden Minnesota

    Bernie doing well out west

    Bloomberg wasted $500 million

  30. We MUST be sophisticated about voting in this election.
    Presidents aren’t the only impt elected position
    but they pick federal judges who serve for LIFE & play a key role determining our reality.

  31. Dump a bunch of this virus on Congress!(while Rand Paul is in Kentucky....)

    1. Just get the Lying King to leave a Dump in Congress after his triple whopper burgers that will do it.

  32. If you are analyzing info,
    you are missing the point.
    80% has been a lie.
    Start to recognize info at the soul level beyond the mind.

    1. That reduces numbers in the equation because 60 % don't possess one

  33. The fix is in for Sleepy - but he has no chance against POTUS & couldn’t hold a conversation w/ him(LYING KING), much less a debate.

    Joe's "dementia" is really the rapid-aging process of a clone pushed too far. Now THEY are stuck w/ a broken bot & No Warranty. I am going to try
    . an Italian Margarita .......Ingredients 1.5 oz. tequila, 1.5 oz. amaretto, 1 oz. Triple Sec, 4 oz. sweet-and-sour mix, Ice. For Garnish 1 lime, lemon or orange, Sugar / with some Popcorn
    Enjoy the Show.

    1. Hope you like it A.O.N.A.A. ..... could be that Sleepy's plan is to get the nom, then claim illness and nominate Hillary to step in and take over for him??

  34. An Asian man wearing a surgical mask passed out yesterday in the middle of a crowded street in Queens. The man was rushed to the hospital, where according to social media reports, he is believed to have died.

    The man's cause of death has not yet been determined, but plenty of people suspect that he may have died of the coronavirus.

    Here is the video, of the man laid out on a crowded street.

    The incident occurred in Flushing Queens, an area of the city filled with Chinese immigrants.

    According to reports, a man was walking down the street, when he was suddenly overcome with a bought of coughing. He collapsed onto the floor, and after a few seconds, he stopped moving.

    As the video shows, officers quickly arrived on the scene, but seemed unwilling to physically assist the man, perhaps out of fear.

    Unfortunately, New York City has been facing a rise in racism against Asian Americans since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

    Here is the video, of the man laid out on a crowded street.

  35. Coronovirus since UK detected last week has gone from 3 to 15, to 30, to 50 yesterday and just passed 85 today. It's alive, it's loose, it's pandemic coming. Now people die because Labs play these games. We can't cope, we won't cope and misery is coming. Death for many is now tracking. Man KIND is not when we do this to each other.

    1. I realize nobody actually does literature searches anymore, relying more on "appeal to authority" errors. If it can help...


      Antivir Ther. 2006;11(8):1021-30.
      Indomethacin has a potent antiviral activity against SARS coronavirus.
      Amici C1, Di Caro A, Ciucci A, Chiappa L, Castilletti C, Martella V, Decaro N, Buonavoglia C, Capobianchi MR, Santoro MG.
      Author information
      Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a newly emerging, highly transmissible and fatal disease caused by a previously unknown coronavirus (SARS-CoV). Existing in non-identified animal reservoirs, SARS-CoV continues to represent a threat to humans because there is no effective specific antiviral therapy for coronavirus infections.

      Starting from the observation that cyclopentenone cyclooxygenase (COX) metabolites are active against several RNA viruses, we investigated the effect of the COX inhibitor indomethacin on coronavirus replication.

      Work involving infectious SARS-CoV was performed in biosafety level 3 facilities. SARS-CoV was grown in monkey VERO cells and human lung epithelial A549 cells, while canine coronavirus (CCoV) was grown in A72 canine cells. Antiviral activity was analysed by determining infective virus titres by TCID50, viral RNA synthesis by Northern blot analysis and real-time RT-PCR, and viral protein synthesis by SDS-PAGE analysis after 35S-methionine-labelling. Antiviral efficacy in vivo was determined by evaluating virus titres in CCoV-infected dogs treated orally with 1 mg/kg body weight indomethacin (INDO).

      Unexpectedly, we found that INDO has a potent direct antiviral activity against the coronaviruses SARS-CoV and CCoV. INDO does not affect coronavirus binding or entry into host cells, but acts by blocking viral RNA synthesis at cytoprotective doses. This effect is independent of cyclooxygenase inhibition. INDO's potent antiviral activity (>1,000-fold reduction in virus yield) was confirmed in vivo in CCoV-infected dogs.

      The results identify INDO as a potent inhibitor of coronavirus replication and suggest that, having both anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity, INDO could be beneficial in SARS therapy.

  36. France and other EU nations are now banning mask sales to the public. WTF???
    All supplies have gone here and I've had to buy 8 for my family from HK. Those I fear will be stolen in transit.
    If this goes as expected, beware getting mugged for masks in the street.
    Nations are unprepared. Who gave France the right to ban masks. Health workers have their own. Key ones.
    It's getting ugly.

    I went out today to get long life foods, Toilet and Kitchen paper towels. Food cans etc.
    That is visibly going fast and a lot of frozen food cabinets are empty. Hogs are loose.
    This is going to get messy.

  37. John....if your masks don't arrive...I have some extra ones in the USA...let me know where to send them and they are yours friend. Perhaps a generic mailing address since this is a public site.

    1. Tks let's see if they don't get stolen in transit. I have Lords totally confused by all of it clueless outside the Big House and

    2. Affirmative...actually the reason I have any at all is per your advice way back when to get them, and as a result my wife ordered them immediately :-)

    3. Good it may save your lives

  38. Dow's up more than 1,000 points, trading at session high.

  39. Bloomberg out!... endorses Biden... James Woods said awhile back it would be Biden and Hitlary as VP.

  40. In one of the amusing twists of life, the guy who was to brief many of the Ecuadoran doctors and first responders got himself grounded and shunted into isolation because he presented at the airport with a fever.

    So guess who got tagged to replace him (remotely, via Skype) in 4 hours of lectures and briefing?

    1. yep. The real question is why in God's Earth is why there's no World Health Org guy on the ground doing what I am going to do tomorrow and Friday....

  41. Biden has spent his entire life trying to succeed in presidential politics, Now he has. Too bad he’s not there to enjoy it.

  42. With Coronovirus mutating and differing versions, remembering Mumps and it's fertility issues, who knows what else is dormant within this man created monstrosity. Get masks at least it is one barrier but hand washing is major help. It's getting bad. EU tourism is flat , airlines and hotels are free falling and Chinese restaurant owners face hell

  43. So much for yet another Broker Flake M1 and the IDIOT Broker chains like gullible Goffers queuing up to through feed. That old Marcos paper us Dead? Ambulance chasers! Basket cases and naive Gurus.

    1. nothing yet? I think we will all be in nursing homes by the time this plays out.

    2. You have no idea how much nerve damage this is doing to US parties who've spent a lifetime thinking they were special and owed, listening to that crap, paying their taxes, sending their kids to die, now realising the Elites kids don't go to war,they are suddenly realising they are not special but disposable eaters who now are fighting to get back what they gave out in Trust,and its stressing them to realise they have no standing.The F Khazars are jerking them, and they just don't get why over 100 nations forced this filth out over centuries, and why Eurasia has plans for their disposal! Total! You don't get History or Culture and this Vermin play with you. You are just Goyim!

      Until this sub species is removed from Global Financial Trust and Banking strangleholds, Humanity is in the grip of a Hydra. The dam thing needs beheading or it keeps breeding. You don't talk to a multi faced Hydra,you lobotomise the dam thing.

      We are talking Ethics and Laws, with gutter bred Khazar Whores. There are many EU WW11 Elders who look around, and tell you quietly, it was a big mistake moving too quickly before they finished the job. Not a Nation wanted them back. What does that tell you? Why is Putin clearing them out now from Government? Their Russian PM- Bang- Gone! We so looked forward to helping Russia process them right.

      This IS the barrier. Getting a consensus for phased releases, then the Zio Rats start their games. We stomp on Roaches.So?????? A lot of these funds are in Wells right now. Not a dime owned by the Free Riding Roach operation.
      The trouble is, they own DC, and while Trumps family are filling their pockets weekly, and while he's owned by the Roaches,what can you expect from this visible Grifter getting his lick? He's on their payroll. So, it goes on weekly, but NOT WEAKLY!
      Yes its annoying, the UK ripped the Rott's arse out decades ago. Your still kissing it. Flame throwers were developed for Roach roasting. To them you are disposable Goyim who don't matter. I'm sad China is knocked back 10 years, we had a Detente of jointly addressing feasting Roaches.

  44. Just watch the impact over 6 months as trade freefalls.

  45. One real tip as Credit Card interest is now a Bankers greed Feed, please clear off your cards and avoid crippling rip off rates. Credit card interest is diabolical A license to steal. Pay the lot monthly or don't spend! Control the dam things

  46. First case of Corona Virus in a suburb of Houston, Texas announced this morning. I'm not selling this but I have done my research and believe it is a definite way to keep yourself and your family pretty safe. If you are interested check out Please don't make any decision until you've listened to one or two of his videos. I believe Dr. Pedersen is the real deal but we must all decide how we will make it through the next few, or several, months.

    1. It may take a year to work through and up to 80% of the population may get it over the year

  47. Good advice MWP. But as a good Patriot, sanitize the Roaches. It's an infestation like Coronavirus.

  48. It's a shame that this country hasn't elected a woman president yet. The double standard and misogyny still runs deep.

  49. Martial Law Ahead....


  50. The Goddess ley line that circles the planet in the entry point for Goddess energy. It runs through the Syrian pentagram and
    Iraq, then moving through, Damascus, Paris, Stonehenge, across the Atlantic through Boston, New York, Washington DC, Teotihuacan, Mexico and on.
    The cabal has used it to not only suppress Goddess energy but to fuel negative energies, through the creation of emotional trauma by violence and wars.
    The Goddess energy has been severely suppressed on our planet over the last 7,000 years. kundalini energy, our basic life force and energy field of our light body.
    Islands of Light Mandala is an interconnected multidimensional hologram connecting all beings in the universe.(all that are living in an Island of Light) As our planet is being integrated into its light grid, we connect with the Cosmic Central Race.
    The key for this is an activation of our Light body where the soul totally enters the physical body. This fully activates our ascension. The activation is a toroidal vortex of energy that transcends space and time. Our Light body has the same shape and dynamics as Gaias and our Galaxy.
    Kundalini awakening removes programming and activates our Light body and is a catalyst for personal and planetary evolution. It is important for a critical mass of soul families connected together is Islands of Light (for planetary ascension).
    You must become your true self to break through the matrix and to be in a soul matrix, to become an active member of your soul family.
    Men and women are so different as to be like two different species. The primary implant in the solar plexus blocks the flow of energy between the sexual energy and the heart.
    The hippie movement in the ’60s was a breakthrough for these taboos and programming. The whole financial structure of the world can only function with women’s sexual energy suppressed
    The toroidal field of the Light body becomes distorted. With this programming in men, the choice is to start a business or go to war.
    This programming in a female implant allows the feeling that she can only have sex with her twin soul and forces her to search for the perfect husband. In men, it is ok to have many connections but not with his twin soul.
    This programming has been engendered and facilitated by Hollywood’s Disney programming and suppresses kundalini energy. The first layer of this programming in men causes much anger. In women it causes them to be critical and controlling.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Think for yourself.
    Trust yourself.
    Research for yourself.
    Be in control of yourself.
    NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.
    Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.

  52. In Wujan, a patient cleared 5 days ago, has now relapsed and died. We just don't know whats incubating, its a Hydra. Take care all of you please.

  53. CORONA WHARF HSBC evacuates London offices after worker tests positive for coronavirus

  54. It's racheting up all over the UK. The Amino acids in this coronovirus are added by man.Its highly unlikely to have been a natural occurrence. We now have over 90 in just days. It's coming big time.

  55. Coronavirus update: Cases of new virus double overnight in New York state to 22

    New cases: 8 in Westchester; 2 in NYC; 1 in Nassau County.


  57. Coronavirus Scare: Standoff On NYC Subway As Asian Man Decide To Sit Next To Black Man

  58. The UK expects 80% of the population will get Coronovirus . Not good. It's spreading fast. If so the US will profile the same. Take care over the pond. Affected persons says it's horrible and they feel they are going to die. Your hands pick up huge amounts so will your desks and phones also any transport. If you rub your face with infected hands , bang, Got you!

  59. Supermarkets prepare for FOOD RIOTS as part of emergency plans to feed the nation as panic buying Brits strip shelves faster than they can be refilled.. but high streets and shopping centres are deserted

    Ex-Tesco supply chain director has revealed supermarkets' plans for pandemic
    Army could guard food depots with supermarkets only stocking bare essentials
    Supermarket warehouses typically only keep few days worth of perishable items
    Came as the PM urged Britons not to panic buy and said he'd 'keep country fed'

  60. HARVEY WIENSTIEN will be transferred from BELL VUE Hospital to RIKERS ISLAND TODAY. HE is in for an extremely rude welcome.

    1. I so hope the Cons do deal with this guy. An anal probe with a splinted yard broom stick is a good start. The Cons need to wave Vaseline jars at him when he arrives. The Guards need to turn their backs for 10 minutes in the communal showers. Go take a tea break and let Justice free. We need pictures of this vermin crunched up naked clutching his Butt after what hes done to so many girls. He needs hard time. Every day. Then the guys restapling him a new bladder foreskin with an industrial staple gun.

  61. Replies
    1. RothRants making a killing on puts and calls.....VIX.

  62. Colloidal Silver(home made) and 83% Wild Oregano Extract out of Turkey. Ozone generator in the house. H2O2 drops in nostril direct 2x daily. All this talk of how dire this is reminds me of a bunch of lemmings running over a cliff in panic! It's silly to fan the flames of fear-mongering here...."NO, Chicken Little, the sky is NOT falling!" comes to mind.

  63. John,

    What’s the status on the schedules bound to releaseS this week? Delayed yet again or impending release?

    1. John is probably out raiding the shelves in the UK.

    2. Did that yesterday before the real big run starts or nothing will be left.

    3. AB
      Key PP parties locked in hard with WF playing obfuscation games to swerve releases so whilst I can't give you a detailed report imagine the front line .

    4. I can’t imagine. Knowing WF history of malfeasance, why would anyone expect a different outcome? When do you believe, in your estimation, this ends?

    5. We fight it daily pushing for phased clearances.

  64. Sorry if I missed it, but been wondering if any update on release of 48 episode #2(?) Status? Thanks all!!


  66. Love yourself through it all. Be your own best friend. Do not speak unkindly to or about yourself. Do not sabotage yourself anymore. Pure, unconditional love is what your being needs to be whole, from you.

    1. Absolute truth. Thank you All Or Nothing At All.

  67. Coronavirus. What does 5G have to do with Coronavirus? Apparently everything.

    China, 5G, And The Wuhan Coronavirus: The Emperor’s New

  68. China has provided an excellent observation laboratory with the Wuhan 5G Demonstration Zone being the most watched experiment in the world today. Some have even noted that the Wuhanese have sacrificed themselves for the sake of enlightening the rest of humanity. Now it’s time for the Chinese government to share the medical data and scientific observations so that their 5G roll-out can be properly implicated in this paralyzing public health crisis.

    CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL REPORT: Worldwide Outbreaks of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu Driving Pandemic

    How do you know if you have 5G Flu or 5G Syndrome or both?

  69. Dear Nothing Real Can Be Threatened,
    My opinion of ACIM? I am home. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your teaching is perfect.

  70. Face masks are back in stock in the UK they have ramped up production.

    1. If you want to create a super mask, put colloidal silver on the inside of the mask.

  71. KEY POINTS: 5G Syndrome is a much more serious medical ailment than 5G Flu. 5G Syndrome represents a much more extensive list of severe symptoms, some of which are life-threatening. However, as the whole world has witnessed, 5G Flu can also kill you—FAST—depending on your overall health profile and the strength of your immune system. That’s why the elderly and infirm succumb to 5G Flu so quickly … and children seem to have a natural immunity.
    Nonetheless, it’s 5G Syndrome that is the quiet killer because of how many symptoms will occur completely under the radar over years. Also, many of those symptoms will be routinely misinterpreted as other disease processes by medical and holistic doctors alike. This kind of misdiagnosis and under-diagnosis by physicians everywhere has occurred over several decades regarding Electrohypersensitivity illness, often by the intentional design of the Medical-Big Pharma Complex.
    Then there are those individuals who suffer from both 5G Flu and early-onset 5G Syndrome; they’re the ones dropping like flies in Wuhan, China. Their addiction to smartphones and other wireless devices blinded them to the adverse health effects caused by the sudden influx of 5G energies (which include extremely high radiofrequency signal ranges and ultra-strong microwave transmissions) when they flipped the switch in 2019 in Hubei Province.
    In general, 5G Flu is more of an acute illness whereas 5G Syndrome is a long-term, chronic disease. They mutually support and feed off each other which is what makes them so dangerous and increasingly fatal. A person who has 5G Syndrome is much more susceptible to contracting 5G Flu. And, a person with 5G Flu is a good candidate for developing 5G Syndrome.
    One who repeatedly gets the Wuhan coronavirus (or 5G Flu), as many Chinese sufferers have to date, will exhibit a greater likelihood of developing 5G Syndrome; that is, if they don’t already have a case of it. The extraordinary re-infection rates for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus bioweapon triggering 5G Flu, offer compelling circumstantial evidence that it’s really an electromagnetic radiation-driven disease more than a bioengineered coronavirus; although, it’s really both co-factors working in tandem to turbo-charge each other.
    Truly, the ‘inexplicable’ re-infection rates tell the hidden back story about this swiftly unfolding pandemic. The only plausible reason for multiple re-infections, when compared to all previously studied coronavirus outbreaks prior to the WiFi era, is that the former COVID-19 patients have stepped back into their wireless environment, they live in a 5G hotspot, they are creating their own IoT and/or they still sleep with their smartphones turned on under their pillows.
    5G Syndrome insidiously develops over a period of sustained exposure to a 5G power grid and/or usage of even a small-scale version of a home-based IoT or a full-scale office build-out of the Internet of Things. The longer any individual sits in those unsafe levels of 5G-disseminated EMFs and microwaves, the more likely they will experience the evolution of their own unique form of 5G Syndrome. Eventually, they will become vulnerable to not only 5G Flu (i.e. Wuhan coronavirus), but also to the whole host of other bioengineered flu strains and naturally occurring influenzas.
    The most critical point here is that every long-term, habitual smartphone user is at great risk for developing either 5G Flu and 5G Syndrome, or both. During the annual flu seasons, they will be more susceptible than others to any type of influenza that passes through the neighborhood, especially one of the various coronaviruses.


  72. 5G Flu or 5G Syndrome
    An unknown number of smartphone addicts are blissfully unaware that they may be suffering from either a low-grade 5G Flu or asymptomatic 5G Syndrome.

    Wherever 5G Flu is written below in the “KEY POINTS“, direct involvement of the Wuhan coronavirus (aka COVID-19) is implied in its distinctive pathology, biological etiology, and more elusive environmental causation.

    1. Just wondering here. It might be possible they rolled out this bioweapon to cover up for the 5G problems?

  73. 2 London Heathrow airport baggage handlers have tested positive which means hundreds or thousands of cases are now contaminated, as are the hotel's where cases will be rested and all touching them
    .this thing is taking off

  74. Lotsa -a- money to be made in markets. $1000US would have grossed you $4.1M US just on VIX options. {woulda been nice if i had some coin to put into my account....}

  75. So, I had to share this. We don't have many credit cards, just a few for emergencies because everyone knows you can't rent a car and do a lot of things without one. We have been customers with Discover card for years. We charge a little, pay it off immediately. I won't pay the high interest they want to charge you for balances.

    Anyway, I was checking to make sure our direct deposits arrived in my bank account. I wondered why my balance was short of what I had anticipated and found.. that Discover had taken our payment out a week BEFORE it was due. They are use to us paying the bill in full.. which was a whooping $85.00 (I only make small purchases to keep the card open/active).

    I double checked that I didn't somehow set up auto-pay or recurring payments, and then called them. I asked them why they too a payment without my authorization. My account is not late, not over the limit and I didn't make the payment early.. They had no answer. I closed this card this morning.

    Careful with the banks out there folks!!

    1. Just wanted to add that I never had a problem with Discover before. Actually, it was one of those cards that we liked.

      Thank God that I had a low balance due. Could you imagine if this happened to someone who couldn't afford to pay a bill 1 week early?

      I am still shaking my head. Years of being a client, never paying late, and always paying in full. Perhaps that was the key for them to think they could just go in and do this?

    2. Arizona

      They are ALL Rogues and ALL are now taking funds a week early. Plus, and here's the rub
      1. They will change you anything now up to 45% pa interest if using credit.
      2. If using them for Lottery or Gambling lines, they are charging customers 2.5% fees per transaction PLUS ongoing interest.

      Your Debts compound and compound and over 2 years it's cost double for what? My advice to all is DO NOT run up Credit Card Debts it's a huge cost.
      Also, it messes up your Credit files.

      The key with these cards is to ONLY use them for a Spec purchase so you avoid card fraud risk, cloning etc, and always pay all funds off at the end of the month. You won't get 4 weeks they will claw it down at 3 weeks. Credit is NOT Free and cards are a Rip Off if you trust them. Use them ONLY to protect your Debit Card accounts. Bankers are Sharks and cards are Cons if you let them over run. If you can't afford don't buy! You don't NEED anything. Just wait and buy cash. If you can't afford it, read a book! Or go for a walk. Zero cost. Impulsive Ego Buyers= Lunch!

      If you leave it until a day or so before paying, they will claim it did not reconcile in time,so a penalty charge and more interest. They DON'T CARE!
      If you using a card, pay it all off after 2 weeks so it reconciles.
      I just use a standing order, the lot clears monthly. No debts. I also set the collect 5 days before the month end.

      Please, your a great contributor base, take care.

    3. Thanks John, That's how we do it. I only had a $85.00 balance, never been late, nothing for years I have only used what I could afford. My grandma taught me this years ago.

      She was a wise old lady my grandma she was. She said "listen, if you cannot afford it today, what makes you think you can afford it tomorrow?" To be honest we didn't apply for or get credit cards until it was time for us to purchase our home because you know, you need that credit history.

      Thank God I had such a small balance is my point. What if it were several hundred or thousands of dollars?

      I thought all day about contacting an attorney, but they would cost more than it was worth it.

  76. -WELLS FARGO scumbag update-

    February 25, 2020
    Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico

    Last week Wells Fargo paid the largest fine yet for one of it’s many scandals-- $3 billion.

    This time, the fine was for opening bank accounts under customers’ names without the customers’ knowledge or consent.

    Workers at Wells Fargo did this to boost their own sales goals. They forged customers’ signatures, falsified records, and engaged in outright fraud.

    This internal identity theft ended up costing customers millions of dollars in unnecessary fees and overdraft charges. And it went on for fourteen years.

    This was no accident, one-off, or a case of a few bad apples. In fact, this wasn’t even close to the only scandal Wells Fargo has been fined for over the past few years.

    Wells Fargo also sold customers car insurance they didn’t need, and charged erroneous fees which caused 20,000 cars to be wrongly repossessed.

    A computer glitch once caused over 500 Wells Fargo customers to have their houses foreclosed on.

    The bank charged 26 times the agreed price for foreign currency transactions..

    Wells Fargo illegally repossessed vehicles of soldiers who were deployed overseas.

    They accidentally charged late fees to more than 100,000 customers when it was the bank that was at fault.

    1. In 2016 employees were caught selling customers’ Social Security Numbers to identity thieves.

      Because of all this-- and sadly, I’m sure I overlooked a couple scandals-- the government has fined Wells Fargo a total of $18 billion since 2012, according to data compiled by the New York Times.

      What’s really remarkable about this is that, over the past decade, Wells Fargo has paid a TOTAL of just $2.03 billion in interest to its retail customers.

      In other words, the fine that Wells Fargo just got hit with last week is more money than they have paid in interest to their retail checking account customers over the last ten years combined!

      Oh yeah… and out of the $3 billion fine, only $500 million will be set aside for the Wells Fargo customers who actually got scammed.

      The rest ($2.5 billion) goes to the government.

      This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about justice in the financial system: Wells Fargo scams customers for years. Then they finally get caught… and it still takes years to sort it all out in the courts.

      By the time they get slapped with the big fine, the government takes most of the money… more money, in fact, than the defrauded customers earned in interest over the previous ten years combined.

      Why would any rational person continue to put their money in this system???

      We stand in line at the bank to give these people our money, only to have them lie, cheat, and steal whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

      They treat people, not like valued customers, but like criminal suspects and dairy cows. They gamble our savings away on whatever investment fad guarantees them fat bonuses, and when it all comes crashing down, they go to the taxpayer with hat in hand claiming that they’re too important to go out of business.

      What a load of bullshit.

      I’ve been saying this for years-- there are alternatives.

      Personally, I got so frustrated with the banking system that I started my own bank… which is a pretty great option. But I recognize that most people aren’t going to go through that much trouble.

      But stepping back from the banking system is a lot easier than that.

      It’s difficult to divorce yourself entirely from the banks; we all need some money in a checking account to pay the bills.

      But even something as simple as physical cash can go a long way in reducing your exposure to the banks.

      You don’t need to hold 100% of your savings in a bank. You can keep some physical cash in a safe at your home, and effectively become your own banker. When your bank only pays 0.02% interest anyhow, it’s not like there’s much opportunity cost in holding cash.

      Cryptocurrency also still shows a lot of promise… a way to eliminate banks entirely and engage directly in peer-to-peer transactions. But we’re still several years away before this is widely adopted.

      As a private store of value, gold remains an excellent option; it has a 5,000 year history of maintaining it’s value. So if you want to hold savings with no counterparty risk, put gold in a home safe.

      Point is, there is no reason to continue to rely on giant bloodsuckers like Wells Fargo. They’ve proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted with our savings… they’re just foxes guarding the henhouse.

      To your freedom,

      Simon Black, Founder,

    2. -EMPHASIS added-

      We stand in line at the bank to give these people our money, only to have them lie, cheat, and steal whenever they have the opportunity to do so. They treat people, not like valued customers, but like criminal suspects and dairy cows. They gamble our savings away on whatever investment fad guarantees them fat bonuses, and when it all comes crashing down, they go to the taxpayer with hat in hand claiming that they’re too important to go out of business. What a load of bullshit.

  77. Dear Unknown....that makes my day and makes my heart sing .... AWESOME

  78. From Anna VonReitz....

    A Valuable History Lesson -- For the Brits and Everyone Else

    To begin with -- you have to know what a "commonwealth" is and the roots of the institution ---- essentially, the King gave the Church grants of "commonwealth land" --- typically wasteland, swamps, gravel pits, "sour ground", peat bogs, etc., that the Roman Catholic Church then developed into any useful and gainful purpose to provide benefit to the community and provide support for the poor and the sick.

    Thus a partnership between the Monarch and the Church developed --- the Monarch relieved of the burden of both the wasteland and the poor, the Church enriched by the potential resource and the labor of the Paupers.

    This basic relationship between the Monarch and the Church was inverted under King John. He was called "Lacklands" because his Father basically disinherited him in England and didn't give him any land of his own. The Church stepped in to help him overcome this by offering him control of the Church's Commonwealth lands. In this way, the Monarch became the servant of the Church, but he also regained control and "ownership" of title in trust to land. This is the relationship that has endured all these centuries, with the Church being the Donor of the Commonwealth Trust and the King being the Trustee and the Poor and Sick being the Beneficiaries.

    In the British system, then, you are enrolled as a pauper when you are a member of the Commonwealth estate, and your assets both public and private are considered possessions of the Pope's Trustee, to be held and used "for the common good" of the "community served" --- that is, the paupers who form the body of this Public Charitable Trust.

    This is a form of "Christian Communism" and it used to affect only the dregs of society, those properly identified as Paupers and dependent on actual payments or stipends or food, housing, and hospitalization by the Church. It was under this system that the Church working with the Monarch developed Poor Houses, Orphanages, Work Homes, Public Works, Hospitals, Public Schools, and many other institutions with which we are now all familiar. The Commonwealth was the first "Public-Private Partnership".

    While retaining the basic quid pro quo, the mechanisms of The Commonwealth changed in the 1600's after The Great Fire of London, during which a new and very lucrative scam was developed "with the best of intentions" albeit.

    In the wake of The Great Fire, chaos reigned and nobody knew what happened to the former owners of surviving property, nor did they return promptly after the inferno. Many simply removed to the countryside or joined relatives in other places. Some property was permanently vacated and had to be razed and cleaned up and cleared using funds from the King, by which he obtained an interest in the "grounds". The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 created a form of False Registry in which everyone not present was presumed dead -- this was done as a means of moving forward and always with the admission that the owner might in fact show up and reclaim his property. This mechanism allowed the King to claim private property and redevelop it as he (and his silent partner, the Church) saw fit, and reinvest the profit from this --- also as he saw fit.


    1. Cont’d...

      In this way vast amounts of property in the City of London were reclaimed from private ownership and used to enrich the Monarchy, which then hired the British Crown to manage and develop the property "for the public good". The modern Municipal Government was born. The Church remained the Donor (with actual control of all the assets), the King remained the Trustee, and the Poor, Sick, and Indigent remained the Beneficiaries. If the Church found the King doing anything it didn't like, it could simply revoke the "donation" of the trust assets in question, but otherwise, the Monarch remained their willing ranch hand and the public budget of the government burgeoned as the British Crown got more and more actively involved in procuring revenue under this arrangement.

      This initial circumstance proved so very profitable, that soon it was being used to seize upon the estates of any "missing person" and to confiscate private property of foreigners and various other targeted individuals --- bankrupts, tax cheats, and so on, with the British Crown providing the Revenue Agents and Warrant Officers, being overseen by the Inquisition (to keep them honest--ha, ha, ha) and the King being enriched by all the titles to property and his Government receiving its due portion of the lucre generated by this activity.

      In this way vast amounts of property in the City of London were reclaimed from private ownership and used to enrich the Monarchy, which then hired the British Crown to manage and develop the property "for the public good". The modern Municipal Government was born. The Church remained the Donor (with actual control of all the assets), the King remained the Trustee, and the Poor, Sick, and Indigent remained the Beneficiaries. If the Church found the King doing anything it didn't like, it could simply revoke the "donation" of the trust assets in question, but otherwise, the Monarch remained their willing ranch hand and the public budget of the government burgeoned as the British Crown got more and more actively involved in procuring revenue under this arrangement.

      This initial circumstance proved so very profitable, that soon it was being used to seize upon the estates of any "missing person" and to confiscate private property of foreigners and various other targeted individuals --- bankrupts, tax cheats, and so on, with the British Crown providing the Revenue Agents and Warrant Officers, being overseen by the Inquisition (to keep them honest--ha, ha, ha) and the King being enriched by all the titles to property and his Government receiving its due portion of the lucre generated by this activity.

      In this way, gradually, over time, the King re-established a claim to the land even if it was not true Possession --- only "ownership" --that is, a proprietary interest in the land as Trustee, and was then able to re-introduce "Property Taxes" on the British People that would not have been possible under the original Land Grant to Freeholders established under the Norman Patents.
      King James 1 wrote a book about this scheme called "The Bounty Book" and he noted that it all begins with a system of False Registration --- in this case, registering property as belonging to unknown or missing persons or people merely "presumed to be" wards of the state.


    2. Cont’d...

      This system was shut down by our ancestors, but regained a foothold in modern times under the auspices of Queen Victoria, who put a twist on it, and found a way to glom on to the value of the British People's labor, as well as to continue to convert their land holdings into taxable trust property. This process was called "enfranchisement" and it pretended to offer people the benefit of being able to "vote" without explaining that this resulted in losing the ability to "elect" public officials. By registering to vote (yes, another False Registration process) the victims unwittingly incorporated themselves as shareholders in bankrupt public corporations, which then seized upon their assets including their labor as objects to tax. The "enfranchised voters" were enfranchised in exactly the same way as the McDonald's Corporation offers franchises to operate hamburger shops--- all without full disclosure, of course.

      In this way the Queen was enabled to impose "income taxes" on living people, under the False Presumption that they had knowingly, willingly, and for their own benefit invested in bankrupt corporations chartered by the Queen, and were obligating themselves to pay for the debts of those failed corporations with a tax upon the profits of their "individual corporate franchises".
      Thus, the British Voters were imposed upon to pay for public bankruptcies of the Queen's corporations, and their land and labor was mortgaged to do so.

      Thus there were now two False Registry systems in play --- one to seize upon land holdings and put them into the Commonwealth Trust, and one to seize upon the value of an individual's labor and impose taxes on that private property, also.

      This has resulted in a system of what I call "Corporate Feudalism" in which the People are being bilked and enslaved by their own government, and the government is sharing the profits of this activity with the Pope, who, together with his organization, is benefiting from the unjust enrichment along with the Queen and the British Crown.

      We now know what has been practiced against us all, and it is only a matter of what we are going to do about it.

      Anna VonReitz

    3. Sure, and you will do what? An Ant in a herd of Elephants. The Commonwealth Jungle.

    4. Well, Sir John, this is a “wake to hell up” exercise for Americans and others and the reason Americans should never give up their weapons like so many sheep in other countries. I don’t know what will be done, but wouldn’t be surprised if American militia shows up on scene and I suspect their numbers are awesome.

    5. Texian freedom has to be won, and we don't have the spirit left in this generation UNLESS we get the redemptions to lead the fight back. Catch 22. Revolution needs funding or its it's a limp wrist solution.. It starts with fighting funds. Revolution is only free in dreams.

    6. "Catch 22"... release funds to start a revolution/real change or awakening... or, revolution to bring real change and release funds...

      Feel like my brain just melted!

  79. By July 4th 2.6 million dead in US, if not contained now.

  80. Millions of small businesses will go bankrupt in next two months.

  81. tps://

    This piece by Arizona-based YouTuber, Austin Steinbart is about how the CIA uses terrorists and criminals as assassins, how they fund Black Ops almost exclusively with heroin and human trafficking, how John McCain was the secret kingpin, how the corrupt newsmedia has always turned a blind eye and how CIA Black Ops enabled “a bunch of worthless European royals to conquer the United States.”
    Although the production is low budget, the pacing and the information are excellent. As the piece progresses, your hair will be standing on end, with all the gory details of the drug-, human- and weapons trafficking out of Arizona’s Yuma corridor via John McCain’s partnership with the Clinton Crime family.

    He begins with a revisionist history of how British pirates from the colonial era became the blueprint for MI6 and how the British Empire conquered the world with money from the opium and slave trades, then circled back to win their ultimate prize: the United States.

    Steinbart claims that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose family made their fortune selling opium to the Chinese brought MI6 to the US to build the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) from the ground up, to teach the Americans “all the gangsterific spy agency tactics they had developed over the centuries.”

    He says, “From that point on, British and American intel ops became deeply intertwined, especially when it came to controlling organized crime and using it to finance covert operations.”

    “What ended up happening was the United States getting corrupted from within and dragged into endless foreign wars…Ever find it weird it is that Afghanistan is growing three times as much heroin as when we invaded in 2001?

    “…Human trafficking is another ancient industry controlled by intelligence services and it is even more sadistic than the heroin game.” It’s used not only to raise money but to run compromise operations.

    Jeffrey Epstein was set up to create what Steinbart calls a “Mega honeypot.” This is why Robert Mueller got Epstein off from the major sex trafficking case that Alexander Acosta tried to prosecute him for in Florida.

    Steinbart says he personally observed several instances of sex trafficking while working IT for many of the top hotel chains in America. He discovered how the CIA was using gangs like MS-13 to do their hits. He also discusses the CIA’s paramilitary branch, that he calls “D6”.

    He claims that John McCain was the commander of D6, a position he inherited upon the death of his father, Admiral John D McCain Jr. He describes McCain’s father as “insanely corrupt” and “one of the first naΓ―ve buffoons who bought into the idea of a ‘New World Order’.”

    Steinbart describes McCain the son as “a vicious war criminal, as well as a opiate-addicted pedophile, who saw himself as more of a European king than an American serviceman. That’s why he constantly bragged about his royal ancestry and always used his power to enact the imperial agenda of those worthless European royals, instead of using it to protect the interests of the American people.”

    Steinbart retells McCain’s completely outrageous and criminal biography, many details of which I’d never heard before. He says that being in Congress gave McCain the access and the cover he needed to run D6 efficiently, “ushering in an unprecedented worldwide era of wanton corruption and sadistic violence. From El Salvador, to Libya, to Syria to Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan, John McCain sowed chaos, degeneracy and violence everywhere he went…

    “A huge amount of the drug and human trafficking happening in the United States today is facilitated by the Hensleys [McCain’s widow’s family]…and their cartel partners, El Mayo, El Chapo and Los Salazar family, who runs Sonora [the cartel]


    1. Cont’d....

      Super annoying, how our government lets vicious gangs brutalize us in our own country to raise money for their foreign rackets. But equally annoying, how our news media enables them. Because the corrupt stooges who run our government wouldn’t survive long if ‘journalists’ would ever report the truth. But they won’t. They never have and they never will.

      “People like to think that Fake News is a recent development. But the reality is that the news has always been fake. The term ‘Yellow Journalism’ was coined to describe a media climate [in the 1890s] very similar to the one we have today, where 95% of all media is owned by five bloodthirsty corporations; corporations who have no commitment to the truth and no loyalty to the United States. Just endless greed and corruption.

      “Now, many silly Boomers will push back on that, ’cause they like to romanticize about how there was a time back in their day, when at least the media tried to be objective. But that is hilariously false. The media in their day watched our President get trotted out in the open by his own security team, have his head blown off in broad daylight and never pushed back a single time, when it was explained away with a bunch of nakedly preposterous lies.

      “Then, they saw no issue in allowing some of the co-conspirators in that murderous coup run the official investigation of it. Then, they let not just one but two of those co-conspirators become the President!

      “Because the news has always been fake! Everything about the news industry in America is fake. Their esteemed heroes, Woodward and Bernstein are the opposite of real journalists. They’re actually Mockingbird stooges who were served up their ‘Bombshell’ stories on a silver platter by the crooked FBI, as part of a highly-coordinated CIA coup [against Nixon], similar to the Russiagate coup that the CIA coordinated against Donald Trump.”

      Steinbart explains that the media might have survived with its reputation intact if QAnon hadn’t been done the way that it has.

  82. John

    Anything you can share on the bonds and currencies?

    FL stuff?


  83. Let me respond if possible next week detailing sensitive discussions is pointless. Only showing the money matters.

  84. Poor Iran has reported 1,200 cases today. Huge,!
    The UK has gone from 3 last week to 264 now and 2 dead. This will take off over the next month and through the year. Deaths will increase. The US likewise has issues. We need innovation to save each nation.

    1. Another view point on reasons for this virus by Jon Rappoport

      We all understand that governments can invent money out of thin air. However, inventing a reason out of thin air to invent the money sometimes takes a little more ingenuity.

      Enter THE VIRUS. The medical version of Satan.

      To new readers: to fully understand the next paragraph, you'll need to read my previous articles on the "China epidemic" con job.

      ---A virus whose very existence is in doubt; the diagnostic tests for the virus are entirely inadequate and useless and misleading; therefore, the case numbers are meaningless; the virus' supposed origin (Wuhan) is a place where highly dangerous and unprecedented air pollution can account for the all the effects of the so-called virus---and now one prediction on steroids is pegging the eventual global case numbers at 15 million, and the cost of containing the virus at $2 trillion. The elite players are visiting their tailors and having their deep pockets deepened further to absorb this (planned) windfall.

      Let's go local to grasp how a city government can scoop up a small piece of the action: Los Angeles.

      Mayor Eric Garcetti has released this statement, explaining his declaration of a state of emergency:

      "This morning, I joined our County leaders to provide the public with an update on everything we are doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect public health. I have signed a declaration of local emergency for the City of Los Angeles."

      "While there are only a few known COVID-19 cases in the region, the declaration [of emergency] helps us access state and federal funding to strengthen and support our efforts to prepare our region and prevent the spread of COVID-19."

      If I were the mayor of LA, I would have phrased my statement this way: "Groveling on the steps of the US Treasury building, I implored the feds to drop bags of cash on my head. I understand the game. Go along with the charade, pretend we're in the middle of a vast crisis, follow all the CDC guidelines, pronounce the magic word EMERGENCY, and good fortune will follow. Resist, defect from the artificial consensus, and earn the status of vile outcast. Weighing these two options---only a fool would refuse the federal gifts. I'm sure LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ALL ACROSS THIS GREAT LAND ARE LICKING THEIR CHOPS AND SIGNING ON TO THE OFFICIAL AGENDA. IT'S THE MONEY, HONEY."

    2. ontinued...
      Here is an example of what the great mayor of the great city of Los Angeles is commanding, to stem the tide of the evil virus:

      "LAX [airport] is following the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...installing more than 250 additional hand sanitizer stations and using virus and bacteria-killing disinfectants throughout the airport. We're cleaning public areas and restrooms at least once every hour, and increasing deep cleaning - focusing on high touch areas like handrails, escalators, elevator buttons, and restroom doors..."

      What, no spittoons? No plastic baggies to wear over shoes? No hazmat hoods with visors? No ray guns to kill the virus as it floats through the air? No oxygen tanks and masks to offset the toxic effects of the disinfectants?

      Ahem. Is anyone still interested in the system of Federalism, and the principle by which the individual states and the federal government maintain their separate powers? Ha-ha. Just kidding. The federal government, with its ability to conjure money out of nowhere, can offer the states (and even cities) cash to surrender and accept federal policies and edicts.

      "You want me to stand on my head? You'll pay me to do it? I'm in."

      A "virus emergency" is just another scheme to expand federal powers. It's a lot more than that, as I've explained in articles going back 20 years, but here I'm focusing on one element of Scam-Land.

      Analogy: You could call the US education system another kind of virus---a social germ. "We're the feds. Listen up, States. Accept our newest version of No Child Left Behind With A Mind of His/Her Own, and we'll push money your way. Turn out clueless students without an original thought in their heads, without the ability to read a full paragraph of coherent prose, much less think in logical terms, and we'll reward you handsomely. We have a whole lineup of programs and plans for the future, and they're so outrageous we must have millions of dumb-as-wood people who will shrug and buy into them..."

      One such outrageous program: a story about a biological virus, a fairy tale for the ages. As with all such jive, a happy ending is there, but only after much misery and fear.

      Footnote: As if to prove the corona baloney is real, certain peripheral operations must be launched. An all-time favorite: torpedo the stock market. Ah yes. Top tier investment funds give the market a gentle but firm head-butt, and overnight, individual investors start dumping their shares in this, that, and the other. Headlines scream. Therefore, what more evidence do you need? The virus is coming, the virus is coming. Head for the hills. Pack up the kids. Live in the forest. Dig for roots and tubers. Survive away from the CONTAGION.

      "I thought I was healthy. I was drinking fresh juice every morning and running in the park. I'm not even in favor of vaccines. But now I don't know. I sneezed twice yesterday. For a moment, while I was watching the news, I felt what might have been a hot flash. Better call my doctor and get tested. What? He's booked up solid for three months? Screw it, I'm going to talk to my boss and see if I can work from home. Who's that drug dealer friend of your cousin, honey? Maybe he's selling antivirals."


    3. Footnote #2: Forget food labels that announce ORGANIC or GMO FREE. When are we going to see stickers on apples that claim: NO CORONAVIRUS. For that matter, when will people starting wearing those stickers on their foreheads?

      As I've been saying for 30 years, the most important long-term cartel of Globalism is MEDICAL. It flies no partisan banners. It proclaims its political neutrality. It expresses no interest beyond healing.

      It thus exemplifies a fabulous cover story for its covert operations. It employs armies of true believers, who will tell you they are SCIENTISTS. The problem is, they've undergone massive mind control. It's called medical school.

      They've never met a virus they don't love. Even if that virus turns out to be nothing more than a theoretical artifact, a fabricated construct, a cartoon, a fairy tale spun out on the evening news...

      Update: The US Congress has just approved $8.3 billion for "fighting the coronavirus." Talk about a money pot. Major fingers in that pot, including, no doubt, vaccine companies.

      Jon Rappoport

  85. Some Things In Life You'll Have To Go Through Alone. Some Paths. Some Circumstances. In All Of That, Remember That You Are Up For The Challenge. God Didn't Blow Breath In Your Lungs By Mistake. You Are Powerful.

  86. Bill Clinton Says His Blowjobs From Monica Lewinsky In The Oval Office Were "To Manage My Anxiety

    Can you believe this son of a bitch?

    In 1998, Bill Clinton was most powerful man in the country&took advantage of a young intern. Her life was destroyed&she was vilified, bullied and shamed in the media. Monica Lewinsky was nothing to him but someone he could use for his own benefit.

    "Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever,” he continues.

    Bill Clinton was a victim of the Whitehouse and Monica Lewinsky was Prozac. No apology.

    The only thing I want to hear Bill Clinton say about Monica Lewinsky is an apology.

    Now, go walk the dog Bill.

  87. ANTI-FLU Cocktail

    500mg Vitamin C powder
    1oz whisky or vodka
    2 ml chaga extract
    1 ml elderberry syrup or concentrate

    Dissolve vitamin c in whisky, add chaga & elderberry.

  88. I was thinking about the elite's stated desire in the Georgia Guidestones to significantly reduce the world's population of many of us mere beings. I think they might soon realize how they have screwed the elite pooch.

    Think about it. With no one to cook for them, clean for them, and service them in every way, they are in trouble because they don't know how to do the most menial tasks for themselves.

    I am beginning to wonder how many businesses can survive a shut down caused by the increasing self quarantined populous refusing to go out and do what it takes EVERY DAY to make commerce. Not to mention, the elite will have no police or military protection either so those "menial grunts" who are strong and make it through will have ample pickings to take whatever they want and need from the oh so smart elite.

    Surely the elite are not so stupid to have not thought this one through? Bioweapons...the end of the elite!!! Brings a new meaning to the phrase "you reap what you sow".

    1. They hold an illusion that they can isolate themselves from the consequences of their actions. While this has been true for many in practice, it is not true in principle.

    2. Tino,
      Is the "they" you refer to the elite or the ones going into self quarantine?

    3. You need to get silencers for your weapons and get the barrels slightly redrilled after use in anger. Leave no DNA trace when loading and even change the magazine's if used in anger but use hollow heads and armour piecing so it's an effective rodent disposal action.

    4. @MWP Ooops. Yep. Elite.

      @John, Yeah. I should swap out the 9mm to a gun using 357 or 40ACP as described.

    5. Good and even cross cut Dum dums but remember vermin can be protective shielded and if so use armour plated high velocity. Double shot the first central to stop the creature and the second a precise target head shot to rid the world of vermin

    6. Mom, Wife, Patriot .... "increasing self quarantined populous refusing to go out and do what it takes EVERY DAY to make commerce"....welcome to socialism Bernie style.

  89. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declares a state of emergency and confirms 76 cases of coronavirus in the state.

    There is no cure for COVID-19. Treatment for the virus right now involves addressing the symptoms, including lots of rest and medicine like Tylenol for fever. Some doctors in hospitals are also using anti-viral drugs, Live Science reported. There is no vaccine yet.

    Again, most cases of COVID-19 are mild, and experts suggest recovery will be similar to that of the flu (though some research suggests that you still may be able to spread it for a few days after you’re recovered). However, people with conditions that compromise their immune systems, those with respiratory issues, and those over the age of 65 are at a higher risk for more severe complications. That’s why, if you are not one of those individuals and you are infected, it’s vital you stay away from people for their protection.

    And don’t fall for scams claiming to have a cure. Those include supplements or any other healing product that wellness “influencers” or “gurus” post on social media.

    “There is currently no cure, and that includes herbs and other things you may have heard about on the internet,” Harry said. “Treatment is supportive until you recover.”

    Healthy habits go a long way in reducing your risk for any illness, including the coronavirus.

    Wash your hands with warm, soapy water and scrub for at least 20 seconds. (Sick of singing happy birthday to yourself? This hilarious Twitter thread gives you some better alternatives.) Wipe down surfaces, especially your phone. Wash your hands. Try to limit how often you touch your face, especially in areas like your nose and eyes. Sneeze and cough into your elbow. Oh, did we mention you should wash your hands?

    “The same basic preventive measures that you take for any other virus such as cold or flu is also effective in preventing coronavirus disease,” Dean said.

    If you wake up feeling sick one day, don’t automatically assume you have the coronavirus yet.

    “At this time, most regions of the United States have not been identified to have local spread of COVID-19,” Dean said. “This means that those at highest risk for having the illness would be people who have had known exposure to COVID-19 or have traveled to an area of local spread.”

    That said, if you have traveled to an affected area, come in contact with someone who has, or suspect you’ve been exposed to it, you should contact your doctor. This also goes for other illnesses like the flu.

    “If they are displaying mild symptoms, it may be best to talk to a doctor via telemedicine to avoid exposing other people to the illness you have, whether it is the flu, a common cold or the coronavirus disease,” Dean said.

    Whatever you do, try not to panic.

    “Most cases of COVID-19 will be mild and resolve on their own similar to the flu,” Anegawa said. “It’s best to stay home and out of public. However, if you have any severe symptoms such as a very high fever, severe cough or shortness of breath, it would be wise to seek in-person care.”

    Medical experts believe that you may have temporary immunity against the coronavirus, not unlike other illnesses like the common cold.

    However, viruses tend to mutate and change quickly over time as they move through populations. This could change it into a version that immune systems don’t recognize, therefore making it a possibility you could get sick if you catch it, Live Science reported.

  92. Nothing is Elite determinate in Law, as what's happening is beyond it.

    1. Within 3 months the Banks will start pressurising clients whose businesses start leaking funds with Trade collapsing. Supply lines, Buyers, spares, liquidity, the lot will go. Assume up to 20% of staff will be off at any stage with the virus, and the rest of the mongrels, be sure some will play it. As all Employers know, there are not many Diamonds out there. They will bleed you dry.
    2. Schools and Unis may close for a while. Exam panics?
    3. Public assemblies may simply have to shut down until the worst has passed. Stadiums etc.
    4.Airlines, airports, trains, this is uncharted territory.
    5, Airport baggage handlers are testing positive. Over 300 innocent civilians are dead in Italy now. And growing fast. Baggage handlers are handling hundreds of cases each, and passing the spores on worldwide. All travellers are infecting hotels. More get contaminated and more die. Over 300 dead now in Italy and more coming. How many ?
    6. So each one insisting on travelling to and from infected countries kills how many?
    7. OK , so its your right to kill others you selfish Bastards! A 9mm under the ear pointing upwards says, we slot you, we save hundreds taking you down instead. That is justice! Top YOU, save many! If you have to slot these Mother F's put a plastic bag over their heads first because the blood spray from a bullet smashed skull is an instant splash up to 12 feet. Seriously, bag it! You will learn. Saves cleaning up their crap and their brains stick, dam it. If society pops, and you get Zio Bankers giving you grief, their slimy paws hot to take, Posse up if merited, if the lot goes. This will bring in get rich quick scams by the Zios. Goyims for lunch. Cannibals. This is their big chance to steal the lot now, and they WILL!
    8.Do not leave large cash in Banks. They will bail in and gut you. Banks are free to sequestrate the Customer base. It's like leaving a Family of Rats in the food cupboard. How does that end up?
    9. I keep seeing the MSM denying it's a Lab created virus. So how did the perfect balance of Amino Acids get in if not interjected and by who? Can someone please explain the Amino Acids? What is truth?
    10. We can see WF and others trying every trick in the book obfuscating to hang onto PPs long owed. It used to be the King Rat Bush 41. This is a daily rat run.
    11. Has anyone see the dreadful and desperate poverty , disease, and starvation in Haiti? What did the Bushes and Clinton's do with the Funds raised to help those poor people?
    I raise this because left to the Elites and Zios, what do you think is tracking for you? Forget big words, you will do what? Remember you manned up for the Bundies ranch, Do it again but next time pre empt many of their Lairs. As Rome fell, so will they. If they over reach in 6 months take back America. Most Cops won't even patrol if the virus gets bad. Without Storm Troopers the Roaches and Vermin will do what? This may become the crossroads to retrack America. Sanitize filth.
    America is facing the worst killer ever. Indeterminate deaths and grief. Chaos. It will flash fire through hospitals. Take your body bag with you.
    Humanity needs to be Humane, help those in need, have a Conscience and a Big Stick!
    How bad will this get? The Roaches are waiting.

  93. MARCH 9 AND MARCH 10 Purim is in full effect , so the Florida group have three days next week for at least paid parking. Plus COVID-19 nipping at their heels.

  94. Italy now has so many dying they have quarantined 11 Provinces. Lock downs. America may have to follow if numbers escalate. If it gets so bad, and any movement means taking death into regions putting millions at risk, hard laws will have to be brought in. Nothing stops the arrogant indifference from some Asshole with Rights faster than a 9 mm. Sorted! Times may get scary, so get real. How do you stop scampering Rats passing on plague?

  95. 13 Americans exposed to Coronovirus in Bethlehem are pressurising the US to fly them home. They can cause the death of vast thousands. Are you mad? Quarantine them where they chose to be first. Don't kill thousands of Americans for 13. Unlucky for them. These are calls nations need to make. you God botherers let God shield you in Israel. How goods your faith now?


  96. All this fear mongering over a simple flu virus is going to cause famine, economic collapse and death. COVID-19 should only be feared by the elderly and very young, like ALL flu viruses.

    Stop the madness. It is NOT a killer virus. Think about this, they only count those treated as survivors. Those not requiring treatment are not counted. Let that sink in when looking at the numbers. COVID-19 seems higher risk because it is new. When a typical flu virus hits it is attacking a populous that a certain percentage has already been exposed and have antibodies. Think it through.

    Do not join the fear mongering hype train. However, now take care to avoid and protect you and yours from the masses whipped up into a fear frenzy. They are far more dangerous than taking a stroll through Wuhan hugging and open mouth kissing the natives.

    News agencies follow a "for profit" model. Fear sells. Think it through. Do your research. Everything I am saying here can be easily found. Listen to world leading pathologists, not some ridiculous headline from Mail Online, New York Times, etc....

    1. Unfortunately, the situation is more complicated than is described above. The raw death rate is not the deciding factor although it is age and comorbidity specific and rises dramatically with age over 50.

      The problem is this virus carries roughly a 20% hospitalization rate.

      It takes between 10 and 20 doublings, as matter of math, to create a situation where the health system simply collapses. That's between 50 and 100 days linear time.

      To maintain the present recovery rate and limit the death rate, you need a functioning health system. Otherwise, when it blows, the death rate will reach Lancet study levels of 18%. You do the math on the dead at 50% of U.S. infected.

      Unfortunately, that means one does have to limit the spread of the disease, and that means isolation, self-isolation, no social engagements, closing of all activities that concentrate humans in close proximity, travel bans, etc etc. Just as if the plague of yore was active again.

      In today's world, the CDC model against 30% of U.S. infected. Oh, and we have at most 90K ventilators...

      Characteristic Moderate (1958/68-like) Severe (1918-like)
      Illness 90 million (30%) 90 million (30%)
      Outpatient medical care 45 million (50%) 45 million (50%)
      Hospitalization 865,000 9,900,000
      ICU care 128,750 1,485,000
      Mechanical ventilation 64,875 742,500
      Deaths 209,000 1,903,000


    2. Tino,

      "To maintain present recovery rate". We have no idea what it is as they only are counting those who they treat. Those who do not require treatment are not being counted.

      The WHO organization claim that COVID-19 is much harder to catch than typical flu viruses.

      Pathologists from Harvard are surprised at the amount of media coverage this flu virus is getting due to its low rate of infection and death rate.

      Did we not have the same fear mongering on the last 3 outbreaks? SARS, MERS and Ebola?

      I am all for an improved healthcare system that can cope with a virus outbreak requiring mass treatment requirements. We are ill prepared for such.

      I just do not believe, from what I have read, that in a decade or so we will have a new Ring Around the Rosie song for COVID-19.

    3. Ola Canauzzie,

      No, we didn't have the same amount of fear-mongering. Clearly there is an agenda afoot this time. Doesn't change the fact this is a dangerous bug. Even IF the 20% projection is wrong, the growth of hospital bed use is geometric. Therefore you run out if you don't curb the epidemic somehow. The fact that it is a mild bug for many, doesn't change the hospital utilization rate geometrically following in the shadow of the infection. At some doubling the system blows. Because of exponential effect it will still land between 10 and 20 doublings.

      Who the hell is telling you the infection rate is low? Is Harvard comparing classes or throwing Mumps and Measles (r0=15) in the mix? You compare apples to apples, not Ebola to Covid19. The R-zero for this sucker is at least 1.82, for Italy they are coming in at roughly 2.4, God knows what Iran's is. Spanish Influenza was estimated R-zero of 2-3. COVID19 estimate ranges 1.4 to 3.8, with the so-called expert consensus of 1.82 backfitting best-fit. So we ARE in Spanish Flu territory.

      The death rate is officially 3.4% as 3/4/2020. The death rate from influenza A is 0.1%. It is 34-fold. The pathologists at Harvard are simply wrong. Math is math and they haven't done the numbers for consequences. The fact that 96.6% will survive will not console the millions dead when this, as Harvard says, infects 40%-70% of the populace. It's only worse if we don't believe the official numbers, because they are deliberately fudged low. And God forbid if the system exceeds its limits. Lancet says the death rate can go as high as 18%.

      Just FYI
      This is the official breakdown of the death rate:
      confirmed cases
      all cases
      80+ years old
      70-79 years old
      60-69 years old
      50-59 years old
      40-49 years old
      30-39 years old
      20-29 years old
      10-19 years old
      0-9 years old
      no fatalities

      Death Rate by Comorbidity
      confirmed cases
      all cases
      Cardiovascular disease
      Chronic respiratory disease
      no pre-existing conditions

      Nasty if you are older and watch out if you have a comorbidity. Interesting how it doesn't hit the very young (they get infected but don't seem to die)

      Ill-prepared? Are surge capacity is exactly ZERO. If there is a lesson in this it is we need a spare hospital in mothballs for every hospital we do have! Not sure who will staff it but one problem at a time.

      Peace. Time will tell. In ten doublings, roughly 45 days, we end up with 20K patients and double, we will know.

    4. From a British perspective, we have already twice convened the COBRA Committee which in turn brings in a cross mix of the highest and most qualified to opine, of the Medical Academia and Security forces, to give a core Professionals balanced and factual projection of the linear graphing rates being used now to track this viruses expansion levels. We have no possible NHS back up for such a national outbreak. They have already determined that we are now facing a real outbreak the likes of which we have never seen before. Italy is proof of that where deaths are rapidly escalating,They have just quarantined 16 million in a lock down! Any deaths affect many, as it's a family of cross bred beings suffering a communal loss.

      Our Committee is trying to determine regional needs and already projections from the most experienced, most credible to opine, are that we now have a pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before, and their projections with personal credibility on the line, are dire.

      Already it has been determined that up to 20% of the workplace population will contract it within months. In turn affecting wives , children and Retirees. So potentially 60% to 80% of all populations.
      The economic, policing and coordination of essential services has been assessed. The escalated infection of specific sectors has been assessed. As the virus takes hold, the very front line of Medical staff will be hit, with the likelyhood of far greater than 20% of key support off sick with it. Less ambulance crews, Nurses, Doctors, and all the infrastructure back up needed. Chaos and desperation. Already we are looking at calling up all retired Doctors and Nurses to serve. They retire at 60 with fat indexed Pensions, time to put back. Or if Bolshy, Sod them in a National Emergency, if Non Responders, we stop their Pensions. Two can play that game. Time to get tough. We need, they do as told! Get back or else. Affirmative action. Community first.

      We see Crime increasing as Police are off, and they sadly are always the worst of our Public Services Sicknote abusers. Always have been.

      In a week we have gone from 3 testing positive the first day to over over 260 all over the country in a week. 2 have died, more will. Hospitals can not cope.

      Because of the age correlation, we can not yet correctly project deaths fully.
      Already Insurers have cancelled all cover for the virus. Your on your own.

      We have a growing problem of exponential uncertainty. From 3 to over 260 in a week says next week will be into thousands then hundreds of thousands,then millions. How many will die? Soon who gets mugged and killed for the mask on their faces? On every corner is an Immigrant Penguin! Crime calls.

      It's interesting and saddening to see the Public reaction.
      Our nation is suffering the worst mass flooding ever. Rivers have flooded the towns, cities and villages. It's catastrophic. Insurers have stopped flood over.
      Numpties in their own dangerous Disneyland say we he don't have a Global warming problem. As we see visibly, our lands washed away, and wonder what TF are you on?

      The same species now opine we don't have a virus epidemic, just a periodic flue. FF's sake What Bs! It's like WW11 and the Nazis. There is No Problem. Then the F's came! Nations were laid waste. This is 30 times worse than Flue.

      Baggage handlers have now tested positive. They cross contaminate tens of thousands of cases going all over the world. Hotels will incubate it.
      We saw a projected spores expansion from hands and sneezes. Nightmare times.
      We don't have a problem? Grrrr. Yes we do. Naysayers we need Muppet Slayers.

      Watch the economic turmoil coming.
      Hotels, Flights and Restaurants are empty. We have not even seen yet what is coming. Italy now has 25% of its people under quarantine lockdown. More to come. Our top, Credible Advisers, project chaos. COBRA has to contain Law and Support. Undertakers will boom. Houston, we ALL have a problem. It's incoming.

  97. From Anna VonReitz....

    Stop the Presses! Public Notice!

    Modern cryptography is based on computer "keys" --- complex binary identifiers that unlock programs and "subroutines" that endlessly modify and jumble other equally complex "blocks" that act like locks to access other programs. Sigh. Oh, what a tangled web we weave....

    But, there are older systems of cryptography, which simply means "secret" or "hidden" writing, going back to Megalithic times. These were in use for thousands of years and all over the planet, and these are what intrigued us, because although their pictographic meanings are often obscure to modern minds, they are actually more advanced than our binary system and so-called quantum models.

    Instead of tracking numbers and digits and pieces of the paper, these Megalithic Ciphers track resources, magnetic nodes, ley lines, maps to other star systems, history, lineages of people, treaties, and all sorts of things that are otherwise hidden from us. Because they are so different from modern systems and because so few people study them, it is perhaps not surprising that these were the codes chosen to hide the most closely guarded secrets of the banking industry.

    In a way, Karen Hudes was right. We have been blown back to the stone age, but not by The United States of America.

    First, a little bank history. Everyone heard of UBS? This bank was founded in modern times in Switzerland in 1862 (note-- just after the "American Civil War" started) as the Bank in Winterthur. It has since grown into the largest private bank in the world, but if you look at its familiar three crossed keys logo, which also appears on the Vatican Coat of Arms, what do you see?

    Is it United Bank of Switzerland or Urban Bank of Serbia? And what is the Urban Bank? The bank of the Urban Trust. And what is the Urban Trust? The Trust of the City of Rome, founded 753 BC. The three crossed keys stand for the three keys of enslavement --- mind, body, and soul.

    And who subverted and converted the principal of the Urban Trust? Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan. I'd have a heart attack, too, if I were him, because he and his buddies have been messing with things that are thousands of years old, things that he could not possibly understand. And JP Morgan acted as the receiver and distributer of purloined private assets to banks all over the world.

    We know, because we have the testimony of the heirs and the assigns of the trusts, and the bank transaction history showing the deposit with JP Morgan and the re-assignment of assets to all these other banks. So it is not in dispute how JP Morgan finagled -- without full disclosure -- to obtain the signature authority to secure the deposit of the Urban Trust Assets, nor is it any secret how JP Morgan distributed the assets to the other banks.

    So what does this theft of Urban Trust Assets by JP Morgan have to do with UBS --- and you? It basically represents the re-capitalization of bankrupt central banks using private assets without the consent of the depositors. Think of it as the biggest illegal bail-in in human history.

    UBS is indeed the largest private bank on Earth and during the furor of the Second World War, it's Receipt Book was stolen. It disappeared like the Nazi gold, right from under our noses. The records from 1862 onward showing which nations borrowed from which nations and which financial accords were signed that affected private bank deposits --- all of it --- vanished, along with depositor records--- that is, the receipts showing who deposited what.

    This left UBS (and the Urban Trust) in possession of vast amounts of private assets, and not a clue who any of it belonged to. No record of the depositors, and only account-level records of the assets.

    Think of it as the ultimate "Swiss Banking Gone Wrong" scenario.


    1. Cont’d....

      This led, in 1963, to the famous Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, which was aimed at unlocking all the assets the Americans deposited in the Philippines, and all the "abandoned assets" from "unknown sources" that were in the Urban Trust and in limbo because of the missing Receipt record.
      The circumstance concerning the missing Receipt records is referenced at the very beginning of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, which admits it is being substituted for lack of the Receipt book.

      Enter Julius Divinagracia, gatekeeper of the asset accounts, complete with all the account-level information that did survive WWII, insisting that the accounts be assigned to him, which, in the absence of any other private authority or record, the Principals all agreed to. They all signed off and granted him Power of Attorney to settle the issues, and bypass the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, because his information was the most complete and accurate description of the known private asset accounts.

      He was promptly picked up by the CIA and cashiered away as a permanent US Resident, unable to travel or speak or do much of anything to exercise his Powers of Attorney, thanks to the same False Registration processes that were used to defraud everyone else in this country. They gave him a new name and he "disappeared" leaving the funds once more in limbo.

      Enter Ernest Rauthschild, yet another one of them, making a claim to own the "abandoned" assets in the name of the "indigenous people" of the Earth.

      We are all "indigenous" to the Earth, but he means to restrict that meaning to brown and black skinned people, attaching some special (and specious) importance to how much melanin one has in one's skin. That is, a new basis for claiming to be "special and elite" and another new basis for oppressing people based on physical characteristics. More of the same old crap.

      Unable to locate the actual Julius Divinagracia and the records, Ernest has brought forward one of five CIA "plants" who have been groomed to play the part of Julius Divinagracia, and has been using this man to claim the ability to open the asset accounts.

      Right. Only he's provably not the actual Julius Divinagracia….. and nothing he says or signs counts for anything, because the Powers of Attorney were not issued to him.

      Meantime, we are suspicious, because Receipt books of major private banks and such ancient and venerable Trust organizations don't just go missing.

      Someone gave the Receipt book of the Urban Trust to someone for safekeeping.

      And who would that be?

      Princess Alice of Battenberg, Mother of Prince Philip, who received it from the Eastern Orthodox Church Patriarch who was entrusted to carry it out of Serbia following the blitzkrieg through Czechoslovakia, and who was intercepted by the Greek Government enroute to Istanbul.

      All this cloak and dagger is about a missing, albeit, very important bank receipt book.

      Following our principle that the Brits are reliably at the bottom of every dog pile, we started looking in Britain first ---- and guess what?

      Yes, there it is, the long-lost missing UBS Receipt Book, chopped up, re-distributed, all the pieces whereabouts and content hidden. The people who received the pages were simply told to "keep this information in a safe place" and had no idea what they were holding onto or why.


    2. Cont’d...

      Obviously, accidentally-on-purpose the Brits carried their "safekeeping" a bit too far, and that turned into their subsequent denial of knowing anything about anything at all.

      One is reminded of Sergeant Schultz --- "I know nothing! I see nothing!"

      Everyone knows Princess Alice wasn't herself. What Receipt book? When, where, why, who? What are you talking about?

      Meanwhile, of course, the pages were all photographed by the British Government. Eventually these were transferred to micro fiche. And later, they were made into digital files. The key to the dispersal was modernized. And then the whole pile was hidden under a Megalithic Cipher code system that nobody but Indian Jones could make head nor tail of and hidden away.

      We are pleased to announce that the missing Receipt has been found, completely recompiled with recent records since WWII, copied to flash drives, and distributed all over the world, so that there is no longer any doubt about the provenance and ownership of any of the actual assets held as "Special Deposits" in any bank in the Urban Trust network.

      The so-called "Private Bank Crisis" is over, and both the account information and the original Receipt book is recovered and under the protection of The United States of America.

      It's not the corona virus causing all the upset and scrambling, except for the weak-minded among us. It's the exposure of many, many, many dirty bank deals and international intrigues going back to the Civil War days, coupled with the need to shut Washington, DC, down for 90 days to complete the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., under some pretense, that is mandating the chaos.

      Face the fact: the corona virus is a bust. It's highly contagious, yes, but it is not nearly as deadly as some parties had supposed and hoped. The spectacle of all these "quarantines" and hysteria and hype is staged. It's all BS. The virus itself is about as dangerous as a bad case of flu, which is to say that it is no reason for hysteria and also to note that quarantines are useless.

      The United States of America hereby serves Public Notice that upon the dissolution of the primary Municipal United States Corporation, all assets are claimed, re-conveyed, and re-venued to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, and to the States and People of this country acting in our sovereign capacity to conduct our own business affairs as a civilian government.

      Acknowledgement and acceptance of the return of our delegated Powers upon the incapacity of the Subcontractors already stands on the Public Record and has been published worldwide. The return of our assets to our control and our international domain, also follows upon default by Operation of Law.

      Anna VonReitz

    3. UBS the largest Bank, laughable crap again. Prince Phillips Mother, penniless, always has been. A Pauper Prince. UBS, what is she on? It's a small Canton Bank
      for Gods sake. It wishes it had such power. Again more anti Brit hysteria, good luck with that. Try real Research get the real Chinese death rates.
      COBRA does not over opine for nothing.
      Self appointed Judges calling down the US, sure. File 13, the trash can.

  98. In a press release of March 5th, Informed Consent Action Network reported:
    “CDC Concedes in Federal Court It Does Not Have Studies to Support its Claim ‘Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism,’” continuing, “In a federal lawsuit filed by the non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has conceded it has no scientific studies to back up its long-declared assertion that vaccines given to babies do not cause autism.”

    1. I was excoriated by colleagues after delivering a long-talk on reversing autism at a University when, among many statements, I said "We have far too many shenanigans with statistics removing the clear vaccine-autism connection we see in practices every day. Not one study would stand up if it was examined closely by statistical experts in a blinded fashion."

      Well, there you have it. The CDC feared putting anything on the table.

  99. And that Tino, may well be the single straw that broker the Camels back in the fightback for Truth and Discovery.
    Well done.When truth is denied by opportunism and profit, one thing dies, and it's not Truth. It's when the whisper encourages other Truthseekers, and becomes the Roar. Justice is not blind when like minds congregate to take up its cause.

  100. Charles K Edwards, Obumas acting Inspector General for the DHS has now been indicted for Fraud, Wire Fraud, theft of Government property and to defraud the United States. Hopefully Obuma and Clinton's to follow.


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