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13 to 17 March, 2020

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  1. It's getting crazy out there. Rationing tp IF you can find it. No cleaning products to be found. No Clorox or hand sanitizers. And Costco in our town now out of chicken!

    1. ALL meats & poultry, toilet paper, canned goods sold out at Aldi's Foods here. Insanity rules supreme as the goyim freak in full panic mode.Got 2 big jars of pickled herring...

    2. Grocery store owners are busting their bank accounts now.


      Not too long ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally issued a ruling officially banning the use of triclocarban, triclosan, and 17 other dangerous chemicals in hand and body washes. These products have been marketed as being which being more effective than good ol’ fashioned soap and water and consumers have been mislead to purchasing them!
      This is the perfect reason to learn how to make your own DIY hand sanitizer. Try using some of the antibacterial essential oils in your blends to prevent contributing to resistant strains.
      Not to mention, the chemicals in store-bought hand sanitizer is full of toxic chemicals that do NOT do your body good…
      “Consumers may think antibacterial washes are more effective at preventing the spread of germs, but we have no scientific evidence that they are any better than plain soap and water,” Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) said. “In fact, some data suggests that antibacterial ingredients may do more harm than good over the long-term.”
      Antibacterial product manufacturers have until 2017 to comply with the new law by removing all products from the market that violate this ruling or remove antibacterial active ingredients. But this still isn’t enough to keep us safe.
      Triclosan is still in countless other products like deodorants, antiperspirants, body spray, toothpastes and hand sanitizer. Here is a list of products that include triclosan.

      Make a few bottles of this spray hand sanitizer to carry in your purse, store in your vehicle, and toss in the baby’s diaper bag. You can easily sanitize and kill germs on the go. Plus, it smells lovely.

      10 drops of essential oils
      190 proof grain alcohol (or the highest proof alcohol you can get)
      1 oz. glass spray bottle
      OR Alternative with Aloe if you don’t want alcohol:
      10 drops of essential oils
      1 oz PET plastic flip top bottle
      Thickened aloe gel
      Purified/distilled water

      Pick and choose the essential oils to meet your desired result.
      Drop essential oils into bottle.
      Then add alcohol or aloe gel to fill one-quarter of the bottle.
      Mix thoroughly until the essential oil is fully mixed, and fill remainder of the bottle with water
      Enjoy! It’s THAT easy!

  2. China's richest man, Jack Ma, donates 1 million face masks
    and 500,000 test kits to the US To Help With The Trump
    Admin's near complete failure To Provide For Americans

    1. Didi you watch Trump's Press conference at 3pm Eastern. Here announced a very impressive Public/Private partnership, which will provide an enormous number of masks and tests, including a drive thru test. The Press Conference lasted 1 1/2 hours and should be available on Youtube.

  3. "Dow Plummets 2,352 - Worst Day Since 1987"

    ---Did stock exchanges open anywhere today?

    1. I don't know about other countries but our exchanges were open today. During Trump's Press Conference the indices were constantly going up.

  4. Athens (AFP) - Greece's first woman president began her term on Friday with a pledge to protect the country's borders and defend human rights, whilst warning Greeks to follow health rules as the country grapples with over 100 coronavirus cases.

    Katerina Sakellaropoulou, a 63-year-old former senior judge, said she would "walk together" with Greeks to create a "prosperous" and "cosmopolitan" future "that includes all of us."

    Sakellaropoulou urged the public to follow health warnings "to avoid spreading panic" which could tear apart the health system and harm the economy.

    Sakellaropoulou took a religious oath in parliament before Archbishop Ieronymos, head of the Orthodox Church of Greece.

    She placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier -- Greece's foremost military monument -- before heading to the presidential mansion for a handover ceremony with outgoing president Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

  5. DOW had big bounce back yesterday!

  6. John

    On this consortium you referred to.....

    Approx how many countries or and sovereigns are in It?

    Approx what percentage of the world's economy is controlled by the consortium?


    1. 7 or 8 key ones and a few opportunists from Vatican parties's not just the Consortium it's the Cabal also. About 80% of all one way or another is controlled by them. Eurasia was going to smash that but a Virus derailed that.

  7. Trump - "A man who thinks he can twist every truth to suit his needs has at last discovered that he cannot twist the truths of nature..." Trump Meets Nemesis, Punisher of Hubris.

  8. Thank the dumbed down masses that allow them to do this to humanity over and over again ! This is not fiction.

  9. Chinese medical workers who have been fighting the #coronavirus day and night in Wuhan celebrated the closing of the last temporary hospital in Wuhan.

    The reported #covid19 cases went from a surge in February of 15,000 in one day to only 15 this week..


  11. Apple is closing their stores for two weeks.

  12. Fat lot of good that will do 2 months is reality the rest is profiteering.
    If anything good is to come of this it's to appreciate our fellow people, rethink values, rethink money and commerce, and spend just 10 Bucks for a really good cause - Go shoot 5 Drug Dealers, Pimps and Tax Collectors.
    Clean air.

    1. Tax collecter is the most apealing on the list no dought.The others you could agrue do provide a benificule service .

  13. The Hal Turner Radio Show has been told from three separate sources that all travel in the entire United States is going to be halted, INCLUDING INTERSTATE TRAVEL - as early as THIS SUNDAY, to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus. When the lockdown takes place, WHERE YOU ARE IS WHERE YOU'LL STAY.

    Take this for what its worth: 3 completely different and unrelated sources, who themselves work in -- or have relatives working in -- the federal gov’t have told me that within one week the ENTIRE United States will be under quarantine for as long as a month.

    Get your food, water, and meds refilled in case.

    When asked if this Quarantine would allow people to travel locally within their community for food and such, two of the three sources replied "The Quarantine is not a city... people will be ordered to stay in their HOUSE.

    You will be quarantined to your HOUSE.

    One source said "All non-essential businesses will be CLOSED."

    Word is that it could be implemented as soon as this Sunday, March 15, but sometime within the next week.

    President Trump just alluded to it in his speech — Talking about the “sacrifices we all will have to make.”

    I was stunned to receive this information so I reached out to other sources to see what I could find. I heard this too from a Pentagon source.

    I then asked "If all inter-state travel is halted, how will trucks get through with food deliveries?" No reply.


    It would be easy for the "conspiracy-minded" to look at this and think to themselves "First they make sure with a 14-31 day spread period for infected people, that about 1 member of every household will be infected, then they Quarantine everyone to home to make sure they have maximum Saturation of Virus.

    Quarantine increases Stress - No Income, Little Food, Stuck with Public Water (Fluoride and Chlorine and ?) Prisoners in our own home. Supply Chain Broken, Life totally disrupted.

    Next the (Internet?) communications could be shut off to keep truth from spreading. Have a CB radio - they can't control that!

    People who disobey or oppose this as a "tyranny" could be snatched and disposed of. (NDAA)

    Local and State Police, National Guard, DHS, FEMA and other .Gov personnel could be used to enforce all this.

    300 million people can't be prepared that fast. Those who ARE prepared will make it; those who didn't bother because they thought this is "just a flu" will be goners.

    No advance warning for fear that if they did tell people, the usual suspects would rob and steal like crazy just like they do when everybody's inside during hurricanes.

    One caller to the Hal Turner Show on Friday night (Stacy from Florida) said her husband is a Manager at a large retail store (Wlamart) and he was allegedly told today that this action is going to start THIS SUNDAY and when it does, "where you are is where you'll stay."


    I am taking a massive risk reporting this because if it is incorrect, no one will ever believe a word I say again. But out of a sincere desire to help the public, I am reporting it as I got it, with the hope everyone can prepare.

    1. Thank you JV and those with a brain will be cognitive. Most people here do think so it's valued.

    2. I am as prepared as I'm gonna be... have supplies for well beyond a month...but, got to believe that when I see it... we shall see soon.

    3. JV, if it helps, most of us realize the world very insane right now. We have been lied to in so many ways that every bit helps in triangulating the truth. Even if you are 100% wrong, we realize posts are independent of each other. You do NOT lose credibility, at least in this crowd you don't.

      I seriously doubt a house-based quarantine would be allowed in a total fashion. Not to mention it is wholly unconstitutional and they know that. Even the Italians have not stopped grocery runs and pharmacy runs. A total shutdown is also impractical and far too destructive.

      But we'll see!!! I put nothing past them.

    4. It's ok JV, better to be safe than sorry. Been prepared for a while. Thank you for sharing, I also read Hal Turner. Stay safe everyone.

    5. JV

      It hits the UK next week.Home lockdown. 4 months minimum. The London Tubes have shut down. Pubs, bars, clubs shut. Travelling stopped. No gas or fuel.
      No non essential shops to open. Staff will go into freefall. Mass bankruptcy is coming.
      The Zio fat cats will feast.
      4 months UK lock down for Seniors over 70. They will die. Horror stories.

    6. Wow....4 months is a prison sentence. I never thought I would see the birth of the total orwellian dystopic future in my lifetime. I haven't slept much lately.

  14. DOD Issues STOP MOVEMENT ORDER effective March 15th to May 11th. Dovetails with the Hal Turner info above.

  15. The good news today is Spain has turned these mindless Bastards on planes flying in to party to go home! Access denied. Our lot were too stupid to stop them . Only hard action gives us hope and a few smacked arses is a small price to pay. They need to close flights down to the deeply indebted Med for a 3 months because this dam thing needs stopping. Our lot parting there have to stay there. Tough love .

  16. Household essential /Alternative PRODUCTS


  17. The president does not need to take a test to determine if he's positive for coronavirus because two interactions he had with known patients were "low risk," a White House doctor said in a memo released Friday.

    The memo was made public hours after Trump said he would be tested.

    "Not for that reason, but because I think I will do it anyway," the president said Friday when asked about his interaction at his Mar-a-Lago resort last weekend with an aide to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Fabio Wajngarten, who turned up positive.


    Physician to the president, Sean P. Conley, argued that because Trump's interaction was minimal, including a handshake, and because Wajngarten and another patient were not exhibiting symptoms at the time they socialized with the president, Trump's unlikely to get the virus.

    "All interactions occurred before any symptom onset," Conley wrote. "These interactions would be categorized as LOW risk for transmission per CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, and as such, there is no indication for home quarantine at this time."

    "Additionally, given the President himself is without symptoms, testing for COVID-19 is not currently indicated," he wrote

  18. Massive anti-government protests in #Paris, #France today, defying #coronavirus lockdown.

    But barely a peep from the corporate media. #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes

  19. Cuban and Chinese doctors arriving in Italy to assist the health authorities.

    Cuba has the interferon Alpha-2B, powerful in the treatment of coronavirus and China has the experience of having overcome the peak of infections in its territory.

    What is interferon alfa 2b used for?
    Interferon alfa-2b is used to treat hairy cell leukemia, malignant melanoma, follicular lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma caused by AIDS, and certain types of genital warts. Interferon alfa-2b is also used to treat chronic hepatitis B or C in adults, and to treat chronic hepatitis B in children who are at least 1 year old
    How does interferon alpha 2b work?
    It is a type of protein called a cytokine that works to increase the function of various components of the body's immune system. ... By increasing the levels of interferon, the immune system gets a kick-start, mounting an attack against the cancer cells, which are seen as foreign invaders.

  20. The WHOLE TIME.
    China is the evil empire.

    Say it with me now:






  21. The world has a lot of thinking to do after this mess ends.

  22. Urgent help for all of you. Spain has imposed a total lockdown. France goes on lockdown Monday. Even our Bumbling Buffoon of a PM may be forced to follow. Shops, stores closed Gas stations locked down you stay where you are or jail! Instant. No phone, no lawyers we go Martial if needed.
    Sunday may be the last shopping day so use it fast in case. Our stores have been hit by mass herds of Swine everything emptied. Unreal pigs in flight. It may get bad it's unchartered territory for Civilians. If it goes Martial Law troops will shoot if provoked. Stay cool and don't travel to Momma or you will get locked down there. No travelling to work nor hospital unless pre authorised. Stock up and be prepared in case.
    Good luck . Sent by mobile and typos come free.

    1. Oh for Pete sake. Just imitate South Korea and Singapore, mass test, quarantine the few infected, tell everyone else to stay home for 28 days instead of cratering the economy. It's not like there aren't two successful examples to follow. Just my 2 cents. It's your country.

      Here, the battle is already lost because the CDC and NIH are in full dereliction of duty and prefer removing Trump rather than performing their functions. It's clear that they snowed the President and Fauci should be hanged at dawn on national television. I expect 100K dead in NY, San Francisco and LA alone in 1 -2 months.

    2. As I type this, the US tally of infected is allegedly 3782. Since we know they are missing 20 fold , total real infected is probably 80,000. So if we hit 20K into hospitals in 2 weeks, we'll know where we stand. The U.S. hospital system can deploy roughly 45K ventilators for use in this crisis. We have 8,900 more in the CDC strategic stockpile. We can probably get another 1000 from China since they wound down 16 field hospitals and they are sitting idle. This will not be sufficient for the peak. U.S. manufacturing needs to be unleashed and make a Model-T-Ford cheap ventilator (that just pushes o2 under pressure) into patients. Dust of the 1960 designs. We will need 50K more of them.

  23. DONT BE ALARMED when US Covid_19 numbers skyrocket over the next week.

    The numbers will spike now because more tests are available, not necessarily because the coronavirus is out of control.

    The media will use this to scare you and make you think


    is failing.

    1. True. We know they are way off. We probably have 25K infected right now. What we need is the hospital admissions rate, and see if it's starting the geometric expansion.

  24. The UK is going into 4 months total home lockdown for a senior and whatever for the rest. Crime will go sky high. Nightmare times

  25. India temporarily suspends almost all visas and closes land border with Myanmar

    “All existing visas, expect diplomatic, official, UN/International Organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020,” India’s health ministry said in a statement."


    flu 646,000 die each year

    1. The regular flu and its world-wide death rate is not relevant to the problem at hand.

      Covid19 has geometric use of hospital resources because it spreads geometrically. So 20% of all infected land in a hospital. Doubling time of 4 days means your hospital is strained at doubling 20. Doubling 21 overwhelms. Doubling 22 collapses it. Mortality goes from 3.4% to 18% - 25%. All at day 88 of the catastrophe. 3 months linear time.

    2. Please check out this news release about IV Vitamin C. If this was allowed, hospital stays could be shortened drastically.

      Also, here is a video about Swine Flu being stopped in New Zealand:

      I'm sorry I don't know how to activate the links, but if you highlight one and right click, then select "open in a new tab," it should work.

    3. Yes, 25 gram IV infusion seems to shorten stay, but most importantly, avoids the sepsis angle.

      Also, cloroquine phosphate (sp), the malaria drug, seems to have a good effect on progression.

      In lesser news, both high dose selenium for short term - 10 days -- affects progression.

      Indomethacin should be tested again. It has at least 1 report of a 1000x fold reduction of virus ramp.

      Hope this helps. Remember NONE are cures. But, on the basis, of accumulating evidence, should all be considered.

  27. The Fed Has Pumped $9 Trillion into Wall Street Over the Past Six Months, But Mnuchin Says “This Isn’t Like the Financial Crisis”
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 14, 2020 ~

    On this past Friday morning, in what appeared to be an effort to restore confidence on Wall Street, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin gave an interview on CNBC. Mnuchin said “there’s lots of liquidity” and “this isn’t like the financial crisis.” But savvy folks on Wall Street, and readers of Wall Street On Parade, clearly understand that there is not lots of liquidity and this is exactly like the financial crisis of 2008 in terms of mega Wall Street banks losing massive amounts of their common equity capital and being on a liquidity feeding tube inserted by the Federal Reserve

    JPMorgan Chase’s Board recently rewarded Jamie Dimon, its Chairman and CEO, with a $30 million pay package. That largess comes despite the fact that the bank is under its fourth criminal probe by the Department of Justice, all while Dimon has sat at the helm. Two of the prior criminal investigations resulted in the bank pleading guilty to three separate felony counts. One of the criminal probes, into turning its precious metals desk into a criminal racketeering enterprise, is ongoing.

    Since the Fed turned on its latest money spigot to Wall Street, it has refused to provide the public with the dollar amounts going to any specific banks. This has denied the public the ability to know which financial institutions are in trouble. The Fed, exactly as it did in 2008, has drawn a dark curtain around troubled banks and the public’s right to know, while aiding and abetting a financial coverup of just how bad things are on Wall Street.

    no bank is borrowing even $1 billion using the Discount Window, whose details of borrowings are made public two years after the fact. Why would the banks borrow at the Discount Window, where the details will eventually be made public, when the Fed is willing to offer them trillions in secret repo loans. It has been the conventional wisdom for the past 100 years that there is stigma attached to a major bank borrowing from the Discount Window, since it suggests that they have run out of their own liquidity – meaning they didn’t properly prepare for a rainy day and their federal regulators were also napping.

    These global banks have been charged with rigging the global interest-rate benchmark, Libor; with rigging the foreign-exchange markets; and their general counsels meet secretly once a year in brazen violation of the spirit of the anti-trust laws. Hopefully, question 6 is a rhetorical question from Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee.



  29. annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of government corruption, using 13 expert assessments and surveys of business executives. The most corrupt countries rank lower on the scale while a score of 100 represents the least corrupt. This year the United States ranked below Uruguay on the corruption gauge. The report found this about the U.S.:

    “With a score of 69, the United States drops two points since last year to earn its lowest score on the CPI in eight years. This comes at a time when Americans’ trust in government is at an historic low of 17 percent according to the Pew Research Center.”

    The least corrupt nations are Denmark, New Zealand and Finland. Patricia Moreira, Managing Director of Transparency International, said this about the report’s findings:

    “The lack of real progress against corruption in most countries is disappointing and has profound negative effects on citizens around the world. To have any chance of ending corruption and improving peoples’ lives, we must tackle the relationship between politics and big money. All citizens must be represented in decision making.”

    As if on cue, two other news items made headlines yesterday involving two century-old banks in the U.S. and reflects just how unevenly the U.S. government metes out “justice” based on political power.

    The former Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo Bank, John Stumpf, was fined $17.5 million and barred from the banking industry by the federal regulator of national banks, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The enforcement action resulted from sales quotas established within Wells Fargo bank branches in previous years that incentivized employees to open fake customer accounts. Wells Fargo has not been criminally charged in the matter.

    The other news item making headlines yesterday was that the Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has received a pay raise to $31.5 million based on his “performance” for the year 2019. The massive compensation comes at a time when the federally-insured bank is under its fourth criminal probe by the U.S. Department of Justice, all of them occurring while Dimon sat at the helm of the bank and all occurring within the past seven years.

    During 2019, the year in which Dimon was so lavishly rewarded by his Board for “performance,” JPMorgan Chase had the distinction of being the first bank in U.S. banking history to have one of its trading desks charged with being a criminal enterprise under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). In September of 2019, the Justice Department charged that the bank was running a criminal enterprise out of its precious metals desk over a period of eight years and charged three of its traders, including the head of the desk, under the RICO statute – which is typically reserved for organized crime figures. The prosecutors wrote:

    “As it relates to the RICO conspiracy, the defendants and their co-conspirators were allegedly members of an enterprise—namely, the precious metals desk at Bank A—and conducted the affairs of the desk through a pattern of racketeering activity, specifically, wire fraud affecting a financial institution and bank fraud.”

    JPMorgan Chase has one other distinction: it is the only major Wall Street bank to be compared to the Gambino crime family in a book by two trial lawyers. In 2016 Helen Davis Chaitman and Lance Gotthoffer released their book, JPMadoff: The Unholy Alliance between America’s Biggest Bank and America’s Biggest Crook. They have titled Chapter Five of the book as: “The Case for Prosecuting Officers of JPMorgan Chase Under RICO.” The gutsy trial lawyers write:

  30. “This country cannot move forward with integrity until it faces the fact that bankers have criminalized the financial services industry. We, the people, have to demand an honest government that enforces the law, even against super rich criminals. As Robert Kennedy said, ‘Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on…If Jamie Dimon is running a criminal institution, he should be prosecuted for it. And law enforcement has the perfect tool for such a prosecution: the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (‘RICO’).”


  32. Fear: the Most Insidious Contagion. And it’s Cure.


  33. Electrosmog Warnings from Scientists for Over 40 Years

    Respected scientists, researchers, doctors, and activists have been — for over forty years — warning us about the dangers of wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields. In 1977, the reporter Paul Brodeur published a book called The Zapping of America; in 1985, the late Dr. Robert O. Becker (twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on cellular dedifferentiation and re-differentiation in the healing process) wrote The Body Electric, and later published Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine in 1990; in 1995 (and again later in 2007), B. Blake Levitt, author and researcher, published Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves. Since then there have been a slew of other books and documentary movies put out on the subject. And the list goes on and on.

    Dr. Leif Stafford, Swedish neuro-oncologist, has called this wireless rollout

    “the largest biological experiment ever.” 1

    And Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote in 1985 that

    The dangers of electropollution are real and well documented. It changes, often pathologically, every biological system [emphasis added]. What we don`t know is exactly how serious these changes are, for how many people. The longer we as a society, put off a search for that knowledge, the greater the damage is likely to be and the harder it will be to correct. (p. 304) 2

    And finally, Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University has stated recently that

    Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.

  34. So, this interferon stuff is a cure for cpronavirus, yet no mention on MSM. Just keep promoting the lie there is no vaccine for it. JOHN, can't you inform Parliament about interferon? Maybe that way it can sneak into MSM that England is using it now as policy?

  35. South Korea’s coronavirus response is the opposite of China and Italy – and it’s working

    Seoul’s handling of the outbreak emphasises transparency and relies heavily on public cooperation in place of hardline measures such as lockdowns
    While uncertainties remain, it is increasingly viewed by public health experts as a model to emulate for authorities desperate to keep Covid-19 in check

    A woman wearing a face mask walks along the Han river at a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: APA woman wearing a face mask walks along the Han river at a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: AP
    A woman wearing a face mask walks along the Han river at a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: AP
    For weeks, the graph charting new cases of Covid-19 in South Korea
    rose in a steep line – a literal illustration of the rapid, seemingly unstoppable spread of the coronavirus
    . Then the line began to curve.

    After announcing 600 new cases for March 3, the authorities reported 131 new infections a week later. On Friday, officials reported just 110, the lowest daily toll since February 21. The same day, the number of recovered patients, 177, exceeded new infections for the first time.
    President Moon Jae-in
    , while cautioning against premature optimism, has expressed hope that South Korea
    could soon enter a “phase of stability” if the trend holds firm.

    1. With about 8,000 confirmed cases and more than 65 deaths, it was until recently the country with the most confirmed cases outside China – but South Korea has since emerged as a source of inspiration and hope for authorities around the world as they scramble to fight the pandemic.
      Coronavirus: South Korea’s infection rate falls without citywide lockdowns like China, Italy
      11 Mar 2020

      As countries ranging from the United States to Italy and Iran struggle to manage the virus, Seoul’s handling of the outbreak – involving a highly coordinated government response that has emphasised transparency and relied heavily on public cooperation in place of hardline measures such as lockdowns – is increasingly viewed by public health experts as a model to emulate for authorities desperate to keep the virus under control.

    2. 150,241 cases(worldwide)
      5,791 deaths
      72,528 recovered

      Mainland China
      South Korea
      United States**
      United Kingdom
      Diamond Princess*
      Hong Kong
      Czech Republic
      Saudi Arabia
      United Arab Emirates
      San Marino

  36. South Korea's response, which used sanity instead of fear to decide how to deal with coronavirus, should be followed by goverments as the true model of what to do effectively. The infection rates are dropping and they didn't RUIN the economy by doing it!!

    THINKING MINDS solved the problem!!

  37. ALL the MSM talking heads should be hanged for fanning the fears causing mass hysteria and panic!! BASTARDS!!

    1. 3 men sentenced to 125 each for drowning little boy so CNN can shove photos on your face 24/7 for 2 weeks till your guilt changes your voting habits

  38. Almost everybody thinks that the fight is about ideology. Everybody will tell you, 'Well, the fighting is all about the Middle East.' 'Well, it's about Muslims starting jihad.' 'It's about terrorism.' 'It's about this or that.' And no, it's not. It's about money. Roger Waters

    The United States has such an opportunity to be a leader in the world, and that opportunity has been frittered away. Roger Waters

    There is no 'us' and 'them'; it's an illusion. We are all human beings, and we all have a responsibility to support one another and to discover ways of wresting the power from the very, very few people who control all the cash and all the property. Roger Waters

    I've only ever written about one thing in my life, which is the fact that we, as human beings, have a responsibility to one another and that it's important that we empathize with others, that we organize society so that we all become happier and we all get the life we really want. Roger Waters

  39. No lockdown anywhere in Canada. Some provinces have opted to add 2 weeks on to spring break so no school for 3 weeks. Universities delivering classes digitally. Social distancing encouraged. Gatherings of over 250 people discouraged but most of the events I had on my calendar would be for fewer than 250 and they've been cancelled/postponed/gone on-line. Total cases nationally March 15: 244
    Of these cases:
    onset of illness occurred between January 17 and March 9, 2020
    50% of cases are female
    29% of cases are 60 years old and over
    12% of cases have been hospitalized
    1 person has died of COVID-19 - 80 something man who had underlying health conditions and was living in personal care
    79% of cases are travellers and 8% are close contacts of travellers.

    British Columbia
    73 confirmed
    0 presumptive

    39 C
    2 P
    0 C
    2 P
    4 C
    0 P
    101 C
    0 P
    21 C
    0 P
    New Brunswick
    1 C
    1 P
    Prince Edward Island
    1 C
    0 P
    Repatriated travelers (cruise ship passengers)
    4 C
    0 P
    Total cases
    244 C
    5 P

    None of the Canadians repatriated from China tested positive for the virus.

    1. Total world scam false flag and sports will be back on the table shortly. stayed tuned they(media) will find another spin when truth comes knocking at the door.

    2. 1 death !!!! 35,000,000 people pandemic W T H O CANADA EH

    3. What part is the scam, A44L91?

  40. politicians of the world and the mass media are totally inebriated from too much kool-aid.And the sheep are led to the slaughter of what little consciousness they have left, believing the lie and finally striped of what little connection they have to Spirit. All planned out well in advance by the soulless patheic psychopathic marauding destroyers of humanity and Mother Earth. THEY SHALL NOT PASS.

    1. The lunatic is in the hall
      The lunatics are in my hall
      The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
      And every day the paper boy brings more

      And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
      And if there is no room upon the hill
      And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
      I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

      The lunatic is in my head
      The lunatic is in my head
      You raise the blade, you make the change
      You re-arrange me 'til I'm sane
      You lock the door
      And throw away the key
      There's someone in my head but it's not me

      And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
      You shout and no one seems to hear
      And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
      I'll see you on the dark side of the moon @ 39:39

    2. Per statistics, number of worldwide deaths, Jan-Feb 2020:

      2,360 : Coronavirus
      69,602 : Common cold
      140,584 : Malaria
      153,696 : Suicide
      193,479 : Road accidents
      240,950 : HIV loss
      358,471 : Alcohol
      716,498 : Smoking
      1,177,141 : Cancer

      WTH. Thinking face Seem a little strange, yet?

    3. These numbers say it all! Common cold is 30X more lethal, yet MSM keeps calling this a pandemic. Ridiculous..... The goyim are being scammed. The numbers for SARS and MERS were/are so much higher, yet no emergency nor declaration of a pandemic was declared back then.

    4. Tim, as gently as I can, the mortality rate is NOT the issue. It IS a pandemic -- it is on every continent on Earth except Antarctica. Additionally, you haven't adjusted for prevalence. At the prevalence of the common flu (Influenza A) it will kill roughly 640,000 to 1.7million. Please, learn to think geometrically as per below.

      The issue is geometric spread. 20% of the infected need a hospital. 5% of the infected need a mechanical ventilator to stay alive. After a certain number of doublings you strain the health system. 1 doubling later you exceed available resources. 1 doubling after that your health system collapses. Mortality will then rise to 20% or more.

      Even with hospitals you can run a case mortality rate as high as 5.7% (Source:WHO).

      If you double every 5 days, your health system will be gone in 100 days linear time. The Lombard regional health system in Italy collapsed in 21 days, which was a mere 7 doubling times, as Italy ran 3-day doubling interval.

  41. Locking down all 70 year olds not to leave their homes or receive any visitors in the UK is an act of bloody minded stupidity by the Uk Govt who the hell do they think they are it's way, way, way OTT . Politicians have way too much power, Police also. Now we have the Police state nightmare stupidity.

    1. Or more! It's way OTT F mindless

    2. I'm guessing you may be in that 70's plus lock down bracket, John. Good move to have gone shopping!

    3. Dam they don't sell interesting Ladies, Oh to be a Muslim

  42. Three VERY foretelling Simpson's episodes:

    Pretty uncanny...makes one think the producers of this show have inside information?

  43. John

    Anything financial tracking?


    1. Yes PPs trying this week.

    2. Good Luck, sure would be great!....and Trump said today that Fed cut rates to 0%.

    3. We are facing total confusion and chaos at the top now . Madness descends.

    4. Somehow, given what I've seen of you, I'm sure you will convert this to opportunity!


    Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins

    confirmed cases
    all cases
    80+ years old


    70-79 years old

    60-69 years old

    50-59 years old

    40-49 years old

    30-39 years old

    20-29 years old

    10-19 years old

    0-9 years old

    no fatalities

    *Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus (%). The percentages do not have to add up to 100%, as they do NOT represent share of deaths by age

  45. pandemic???????????????????????????????????????

  46. (corona)

    1. Tim Delete(corona) and backspace up to but not include php

    2. BOB,

      Thanks!! Got it to work. That is a very good website.

      The rates and numbers will increase because of all the new kits getting out there, so it will SEEM like its getting worse. ALL MSM talking heads should at least have their tongues removed with a rusty blade!!

  47. Capitalists are trying to find a way to make a profit from this pandemic. Is there profit in testing or in people getting sick?

    1. Televangelist Jim Bakker sued for selling fake coronavirus cure

  48. Shutting down most commerce is not a solution, but it will cause more deaths for sure. All this time how many of the zionists are making billion$$ from the market and stock/bond gyrations? How many billions$$ more to be made from the new vaccine that probably wont be effective. How much profit is in the diagnostic kits"??


  49. New York State had 729 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Sunday evening. Three people have died and 329 people have tested positive in New York City
    New York City has turned into a ghost town as Times Square, Broadway and trains are left practically empty
    Mayor Bill de Blasio shut down the city's schools until at least the middle of April after declaring a state of emergency, banning gatherings of more than 500 people last week
    Ridership on the subway was down 18.5%, about 1 million riders, compared to March 2019
    Many businesses have ordered employees to work from home and others have temporarily shuttered
    Restaurant sales fell 70% last week after officials demanded they cut customer numbers in half, leaving 10 percent of NY eatery workers in limbo
    Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

  50. No one elected JARED KUSHNER anything.

    No one wants JARED KUSHNER to work on anything.

    And, rather importantly, NOTHING JARED KUSHNER has worked on has worked.

    Literally nothing.

    Jared Kushner asked model Karlie Kloss’ dad (his brother’s father in law) for suggestions to fight coronavirus, so he turned to a Facebook group for ER doctors—telling them he had a “direct channel” to the WH.

    Just before midnight Wednesday, a doctor asked a group of fellow emergency room physicians on Facebook how they would combat the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

    “I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House,” Kurt Kloss wrote in his post.

    The next morning, after hundreds of doctors responded, Kloss explained why he sought the suggestions: Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, had asked him for recommendations.

    Kloss, whose daughter is married to Kushner’s brother, sent Kushner 12 recommendations Thursday morning.

    The Facebook crowd-sourcing exercise showed how Trump‘s team is scrambling for solutions to confront the outbreak after weeks of criticism for the administration's sluggish response, a shortage of tests and the president’s own rhetoric downplaying the pandemic. It is now expected to consume the final year of Trump's first term and threaten his campaign for a second term.

    Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead a task force to combat the spread of the coronavirus two weeks ago. But in recent days as conditions worsened and criticism mounted, Kushner took a more active role, according to two people familiar with the situation.

    Kushner has attended several meetings on coronavirus alongside Trump, including one with banking leaders at the White House Wednesday to discuss how they could help their customers hit by the outbreak. He is also talking to people about whether Trump should declare an emergency, bringing in the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate and unleashing billions of dollars for struggling states.

    Trump has tapped Kushner to lead on several contentious issues, including Middle East peace, immigration and criminal justice reform, all of which involved him engaging in lengthy consultations with impacted people before recommending a decision to Trump.

  51. How Big Pharma Will Profit From Coronavirus

    Among the drugs that were developed with some public funding and went on to be huge earners for private companies are the HIV drug AZT and the cancer treatment Kymriah, which Novartis now sells for $475,000.

  52. China Treating Coronavirus COVID-19 with Intravenous Vitamin C
    Report from China: Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating COVID-19

    Direct report from China

    OMNS Chinese edition editor Dr. Richard Cheng is reporting from China about the first approved study of 12,000 to 24,000 mg/day of vitamin C by IV. The doctor also specifically calls for immediate use of vitamin C for prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19).

    ***News of vitamin C research for COVID-19 is being actively suppressed

    Anyone saying that vitamin therapy can stop coronavirus is already being labeled as “promoting false information” and promulgating “fake news.” Even the sharing of verifiable news, and direct quotes from credentialed medical professionals, is being restricted or blocked on social media. You can see sequential examples of this phenomenon at my Facebook page .

    Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) has, literally, met with Google and Facebook and other media giants to stop the spread of what they declare to be wrong information. See this.

    Physician-directed, hospital-based administration of intravenous vitamin C has been marginalized or discredited. Scientific debate over COVID-19 appears not to be allowed.


    2002 • Nile virus is going to kill us all.
    2004 • SARS virus is going to kill us all.
    2005 • Bird flu is going to kill us all.
    2009 • Swine flu is going to kill us all.
    2014 • Ebola virus is going to kill us all.
    2016 • Zika virus is going to kill us all.
    2020 • Corona virus is going to kill us all.

  54. Sorry, have misplaced my note with instructions for making links live and am too lazy to go back and forth from this comment to the tutorial. For those interested, Kryon speaks of Covid-19 in this channeling recorded last week in Iceland. Kryon starts at 13:46:

    If copy and paste doesn't work simply google 'kryon audio march 2020' and a link to his free audio recordings will show up under the youtube links. This is also available on youtube but there's nothing to see other than pretty pictures. There is no membership or account set up required to listen to any Kryon recording on the Kryon website, and no interruptions. Ads are sometimes embedded in the youtube recordings, another reason I listen to the website recordings rather than YT. Enjoy!

  55. Coronovirus is sweeping through those trapped in Care Homes. Lunch!

  56. Sara was worse than Coronovirus. We did not shut down and ruin economies for that, we did not mass overreact and the actual human effect was minimal.
    There is no hard real evidence to underpin the need to lock down seniors when sensible care is enough. We will lose Stores, airlines, train systems, pubs, clubs and so many shops. So far Politicos are running wild on ego trips way beyond their remit to judge.
    If not controlled, impositions will wreak 100 times more damage.

    1. John,

      This is what happens in the dystopian type of society you yourself have endorsed at times. It always turns back onto you.

      This is why freedom and freewill must always be at the forefront.

      How many times have you talked about the UK camera spy apparatus only being used for criminals? Or locking up people for doing nothing more than speaking out because you said they were trash or trouble makers. Etc...Etc...

      First they came for the Communists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Communist

      Then they came for the Socialists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Socialist

      Then they came for the trade unionists
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a trade unionist

      Then they came for the Jews
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Jew

      Then they came for me
      And there was no one left
      To speak out for me

    2. The problem we now have, is the IDIOTS in Parliament, are going to lock down all 70 year old's plus in home quarantine. Which means 70% of the House of
      Lords will not be there to pass Bills.
      Most Public Companies Chaired by Lords have multiple 70 year old's on Boards. They will not be allowed out of their homes.
      It will destroy the Elders. I had to advise Lords today, you will not able to function as Directors, so your income will collapse. None had realised.

      Political madness. Way, way, way OTT. Just washing hands, avoiding eating out, is all it will need and 95% of risks go. Totally uncalled for. Arrogant naive Pap!

  57. Hospitals risk soon running out of Oxygen.

  58. I have NEVER seen the US stock market and gold and silver CRASH at the same time. They have always run opposite of each other all the years I've kept up with the trends. This tells me the elite are selling PAPER shorts of the metals hand over fist in a hope to get the price down as far as they can so they can buy AND roll out of the shorts they have as well. Nothing else explains this phenomenon unless someone else has another thought?

    This tells me it is THEIR end game and they are pulling out all the stops.

    Anyone else care to chime in?

    1. Risk off....Everyone wants the US Dollar. Cash is king so you can buy all this up at rock bottom prices.

      Silver just crashed to an 11 year low.

  59. I meant to post these pre-market charts:

  60. One last comment. Regarding the "bullets" the FED bragged about a few days ago. After dropping the rate a full percentage point on Sunday, which is an odd day to make the move, as I type, the DOW is down over 2,000 points and they've stopped trading. Gee, that bullet certainly missed it's target.

    While many who don't understand what is going on are in panic, I'm smiling as I see the ELITE MACHINE crashing like the useless dinosaur it is. It feels great to have the ELITE in panic for a change, doesn't it? The proverbial Phoenix will rise from the ashes. It's just going to be painful during this process but have heart and stay sane. Just MHO.

  61. Mecca has closed for the first time in history. This is getting biblical!

    1. Perhaps we can put a B-2 up and drop a bunker buster into it at terminal velocity and blow the thing to smithereens as an Act of God. Normally I am not so sanguine, but I am rapidly losing patience with the militant Islamic practices.

  62. BANK CLOSURES STARTING.. NEW ORLEANS– Capitol One Bank is announcing this morning that it will temporarily close 12 branches in Louisiana...

  63. Germany closed its borders

    Poland closed its borders

    Denmark closed its borders

    Ukraine closed its borders

    Russia closed its borders

    Slovakia closed its borders

    The Democrats’ plan to stop coronavirus?

    Undo every travel ban!

  64. Kudos to Manitoba, Canada for their measured and calm response to the pandemic. They are really stepping up and getting the word out to stay calm and carry on. They have called on pharmacy, medicine, nursing students and professors to man the phones for Healthlinks, run tests - the response was tremendous. 400 tests completed in the past 24 hours, no new cases. Confirmed cases remain at 7.

  65. Don't know if anyone listened to the Kryon recording but he makes some interesting comments about the first two hotspots for the virus, which is something I wondered about at the time - why was Iran the other hotspot for the virus right off the top? Interesting times, for sure.

  66. Senator Rand Paul
    Today I’m calling on the IRS to move our tax filing deadline from April 15 to July 15, and to waive any interest and fees for late payment. This will allow those who owe money not to have to send it during our current situation.

  67. How about shut down the IRS completely forever?


  69. All or nothing. My words exactly.


    1. The UK National Health service is cancelling all non essential operations to free beds fast for rocketing Coronovirus.

    2. A Chinese Mogul who criticised the Chinese President has vanished! Xi does not take criticism.

    3. As Stumpf is being charged for Bank Racketeering will it bring home to Wells it's coming for all of them?

    4. EU Coronovirus numbers are exploding daily now and deaths soaring. Nasty!

    What moves next for Trump re the virus?

    1. If I was Trump I would move to aggressive South Korea style testing.

      If I was Trump I would be buying another 5000 ventilators and a 3-fold expansion of every o2 delivery option.

      If I was Trump I would ask for a *voluntary* isolation of every person on both Coasts for 14 days.

      If I was Trump I would ORDER NIH to test chloroquine phosphate and Vitamin C, to be put into observational trial in NY, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

      Lastly, tell the banks to shove it. All receivables rolled forward for 90 days without penalty without interest. If building doesn't have to pay a bank, the building does not need to charge rent. Etc. The financial geniuses can figure out how to handle the delay.

    2. Tino

      I talk with South Korea every other day. Unlike our own countries they fast tracked mask production and got them out to their people in weeks.

      It's also key for our people to maintain a good liquid balance with hot drinks etc. Korea has it under control and we are still waffling and losing time.
      The EU is getting tough with French and Italian Louts who want stop socialising and partying. France and Italy are about to start giving them 5K fines and jailing them. Refusal to be Coronavirus tested now instant Jail and forced tests. This 30 day border lock down will devastate business , food will rot, and medical supplies will run out. Chaos is here.

    3. TINO,

      That should be his plan of action for sure! Great solutions!

  70. We Americans need to do what the French are doing . Every weekend we march in the streets by the millions in every state until the entire banking, health care, political, educational system is completely over hauled ! However ugly opportunist will show their ugly heads . If you ever attended a school district meeting you will see them just sucking the air out the room. They will do anything for a buck.

  71. Tino

    1.Stop ALL State Taxes on Business and Private Property until the virus is cleared. If business can't make it pay, neither should the State!

    2. Pull back US troops to guard Americans.

    3.STOP funding NATO! Get US tanks OUT of Poland.

    4.Close Global Rendition Centres. Stop building hatred for America.

    5. Order ALL US Offshore Accounts are to be Repatriated within 30 days, or the LOT will be seized. Failure to comply, minimum 5 years and up to 99 years for Evasion. Made in America- Put It Back! Stop all this Bait and Switch racketeering. Made in America, it stays in America, got it?

    5.Fire ALL dual US Israeli passport Holders. Starting with Kushner!

    6. Put Non Jewish Snr Staff to run the Fed and US Treasury. End this racket! Take back what the FRB NY has ripped off!

    It's step one.

  72. .Fire ALL dual US Israeli passport Holders. Starting with Kushner!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!

  73. France has just closed all Borders for 30 days. So Truckers and Illegals climbing on Trucks can Truck Off! That means food and medicals will be hit. Truckers unpaid. Lorries blocked in. Trucks are all over Europe. Who pays for them? They will be looted.
    Deaths are rising fast.
    Lockdowns are coming. But they need to be sensible ones first. Not OTT. A step at a time.

  74. It is getting too easy for government officials to confine people to their homes. Today public health because of a virus tomorrow public safety because of politics?

  75. We are in Aquarian Age now. Shit can't be hidden as in the past. Thus globalism dies & elites go out with a cough & whimper.

  76. Tolerance is not a one-way street.

    If you only tolerate viewpoints you agree with — newsflash: You actually aren't tolerant!

  77. THIS JUST IN: 1350 prisoners have escaped prison in Sao Paulo, Brazil !

    SORRY folks but this is true, and funny as hell. Crime is a serious problem in Brazil !!! If you have ever been there or lived there you would know. Now, How the F*** did you fools allow 1350 prisoners to escape ?

    Stupidity to the highest order. Dayum.

  78. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar. Biden is a liar.
    Its a virus !

    There's a lady who's sure
    All that glitters is gold
    And she's buying a stairway to heaven
    When she gets there she knows
    If the stores are all closed
    With a word she can get what she came for
    Oh oh oh oh and she's buying a stairway to heaven
    There's a sign on the wall
    But she wants to be sure
    'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
    In a tree by the brook
    There's a songbird who sings
    Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiving
    Ooh, it makes me wonder
    Ooh, it makes me wonder
    There's a feeling I get
    When I look to the west
    And my spirit is crying for leaving
    In my thoughts I have seen
    Rings of smoke through the trees
    And the voices of those who standing looking
    Ooh, it makes me wonder
    Ooh, it really makes me wonder
    And it's whispered that soon, If we all…

  79. BREAKING: Netanyahu tests positive for being a piece of shit

    1. You mean something could live inside that piece of discarded foreskin?

  80. China Ready to Assist the World to Fight COVID

    The Chinese president said that mankind is a community with a shared future and that only through unity and coordination can humanity tackle various global risks and challenges.

    1. Odd how Russia has only 59 cases....Implies foreknowledge?

    2. We'll take 5,000 of the Chinese ventilators...

    3. Russia has no incentive to help Europe because all the bans imposed by them on Russia(ns). If they lift all the bans then its a different story....

  81. I cannot verify accuracy, but an interesting story is building virally.

    Namely, that the original tests that the CDC deployed were made by Obama cronies and didn't work, since they detected class - coronavirus, not individual species - COVID19. This may or may not be true. But it would explain the error of the first tests that were so abysmal and the sudden switch of manufacturers by Trump. You would not expect the CDC/NIH apparatus to make such a scientific error.

    1. The viral story made it to zerohedge

  82. Bill Gates Resigns From Microsoft Board

  83. JOHN,

    Maybe printing up that article I posted about South Korea's solution and pass them out to Parliament ASAP. They should reverse/nullify that 70+ confinement rule straight away!!

    1. What, you expect CommonSense among MPs, have you seen them?

  84. All Those 'Test Kits' Won't Be Ready For 2-3 MONTHS

  85. Trump says there are '15 days to stop the spread' and old must stay home, gatherings over 10 people end, and schools, offices bars and restaurants close to beat coronavirus

    President Donald Trump on Monday released a series of coronavirus guidelines to slow the spread of the disease
    The two-page list is called '15 Days to Slow the Spread'
    After 15 days the guidelines will be revisited
    The guidelines advise avoid eating in restaurants and bars along with no social gatherings over the number of 10
    Calls on schools in affected areas to be closed
    Trump predicted the virus could be a threat until the summer.

  86. John

    Do one or more banks need to fail before this reset is over?


    1. They will be slow to react because any failures will cost the Zio Roaches and they will burn their hands off before letting go

    2. John

      On the announcement of asset bk'd currency

      It will take more than a mad rush on paper products TP to usher in asset bk'd currency

      Like the movie Jaws..... inset Jaws music here.... what is lurking out there waiting for its demise and end? Bank failures?

      Help us understand what is about to unfold.... and on what time scale


  87. How many Airlines, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Hairdressers, Hotels, stores, car sales companies, garages, fast food and Cafes, and hospitality services will survive this virus?
    Politicos are murdering the economy over bigging up the Flue! It's not the Black Death, it won't wipe out humanity. .
    But it will wipe out the Chinese economy because if your Chinese trying to sell your services or production post this virus, not a door will be open to you. China will be untouchable for many years as for Chinese Restaurants all over the world, find a new profession .
    A price will be paid and this nation shamed.

  88. Spain will have zero tourists within days. 12,000 jobs will go Monday and more to follow.
    Hotels will fold. Shops, and all will go. Home holidays will come in ONLY if the virus is contained. Big doubt. Chaos rules.

  89. Another fine mess Bumbling Boris has created. What a fool of a man.
    Having pre advised he wants all 70 year old's home blocked for 4 months. the STUPID man is being told today that Home Food Sales services can not even look at new cases until May, and then only, a few M.
    So IDIOT PM, are YOU going to starve 10 m retirees? They vote! They will remember.
    They will NOT stay at home with food stores open. So you arrest them. Really?

    As I keep saying, Politics is not working. Putting low hanging mediocrities into such roles invites trouble. How can mediocrities service Democracies?

  90. A strong Tip for all of you please share.

    Store cafes are a mass meeting point where viruses will thrive on cups, plates, spoons and forks. These are very high infection risk areas. Particularly with Retirees. They don't think of or see the consequences and will mass infect others. Ask your stores to close these cafes asap. Cease using them until clear. Stay safe. Save lives. Help halt this virus.

  91. The key take away from discussion with practioners about this
    dry cough,
    lungs hurt,
    & big key, a 'thick, sticky, gray coating' on tongue that does not even want to be scraped off.
    This is the real 'tell' that you have covid19,
    the coating on tongue !

    1. Thank you all or nothing. Good key point.

  92. In 5 months
    The Coronavirus has killed
    7,000 people
    Out of 5 Billion people.

    That's 46 people a day.

    The flu kills 1,800 people a day.

    Why are we not locking down for the flu every year??

    See the idiocy people.

  93. Football fans,Tom Brady announces he will leave the New England Patriots !

  94. US Retail Sales Tumble In February | Zero Hedge

    Goldman: "The World Is In A Recession"

  95. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? Read title of article then last sentence in paragraph!! I had a feeling they were going to use this collapse to bring on the GOV BACKED DIGITAL CURRENCY!

    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a long-time cryptocurrency and Bitcoin skeptic, has named Brian Brooks as one of the country’s top banking regulators. Brooks will serve as the next Chief Operating Officer and First Deputy Comptroller of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) after stepping down from his role as the chief legal officer at Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

    The OCC, established in 1863, is the primary regulator of banks and federal savings associations in the US, issuing rules and regulations that govern the banks it supervises and taking supervisory actions against banks that fail to comply or otherwise engage in risky practices.

    Brooks’ appointment to oversee the country’s banking system may signal a changing tide at the US Treasury given Mnuchin’s anti-crypto rhetoric and remarks made last year that he sees no need for the US to launch a digital currency. Brooks is an outspoken proponent of making the United States a leader in digital currencies specifically by launching a US digital dollar.

    He wrote in a piece published by Fortune in November of 2019,

    “The time has come for a tokenized version of the dollar—and it’s not just those of us in the cryptocurrency world who think so. In recent months, senior U.S. officials have been exploring the idea of minting greenbacks on the distributed ledger software known as blockchain. The idea appears inevitable.”

    Mnuchin is tapping Brooks “to ensure the stability of our financial system and its ability to foster greater economic growth for the benefit of all Americans” and describes the Harvard grad, who holds a law degree from the University of Chicago, as a “strong leader with extensive experience in the financial services sector”.

    Brooks will assume his new role, effective April 1, 2020, after having served as Coinbase’s chief legal officer since September of 2018. Brooks is also a former Fannie Mae executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. Joseph Otting will step down as the current Comptroller of the Currency.

  96. All or Nothing...… Tino has stated it here before. BECAUSE it has the potential to overwhelm the medical system. Look to Italy where they are using empty warehouses as hospitals. And with the bulk of hospital resources tied up with Covid-19 infections there is no room or possibly human resources, for other chronic/emergent/life-threatening conditions. I found a very clear and concise explanation yesterday but am unable to copy the document. In a nutshell:

    - "novel" means that there is no immunity - anyone and everyone is susceptible therefore it spreads like wildfire
    - 20% of the infected population will require hospitalization.
    - In Canada, the hospitals can handle .2 of the population. But 2.4% will require hospitalization if this virus gets away - 100 times the number of spaces we have. This ratio is likely fairly accurate for most first world countries.

    See the problem? This is what Tino has been telling us. It's not the death rate. It's the capacity to overwhelm the medical system which would lead to a cascade and the collapse of the ability to care for anyone who is ill enough to require medical attention no matter what the issue is - from covid-19 to heart attacks and everything in between. Again - look to Italy to see what that looks like.

  97. Mygirl156 , AND Tino thank you both .
    See the problem? This is what Tino has been telling us. It's not the death rate. It's the capacity to overwhelm the medical system which would lead to a cascade and the collapse of the ability to care for anyone who is ill enough to require medical attention no matter what the issue is - from covid-19 to heart attacks and everything in between. Again - look to Italy to see what that looks like.

  98. Many grocery stores stepping up - opening an hour earlier than usual, or confining the first hour of business to seniors and those with mobility issues only so that crowds are smaller and social distancing is more do-able.

    John, your Bonking Boris has gone bonkers. Tell him to get a grip and implement some innovative solutions like this one. He thinks with the wrong head (apparently - no personal knowledge) but he must have at least one or two people in his circle who have his ear or can think for him.

    1. My girl
      I spent all day and part of today on key PP issues getting our side ready. I addition I have been protesting on the reckless and unwarranted lock down on SRS we all have our own Sovereign rights which need to be inviolate and a position of reason applied.

      Boris is what he is. Staccato sentences needing a break point every few words . He can't do joined up sentence s

      But your suggesting getting a grip interested me. Lol

    2. Well if you want to get a grip on Boris that's entirely up to you! LOL

  99. C IS A GENIUS !


    C x AZ(0) = SIBERIA


  100. First Nations Use of Chaga Mushroom
    Chaga Mushroom, Inonotus Obliquus is a living sterile conk that grows on birch and other trees in the temperate forests throughout the Northern hemisphere. It can live up to twenty years on the host tree until the tree eventually topples over and dies; both the chaga and the host live and die together. Once dead the chaga fungus will then have the opportunity to produce fruiting bodies for up to six years. A mysterious process to say the least and the fruiting body is considered the holy grail of mycology as it can be even more elusive than the chaga conk itself.

    Chaga has been used by many cultures all around the world for centuries and used for prevention and cures for many types of diseases. Widely used in Russia, Poland and other Baltic country’s as folk medicine for gastric problems, cancer, tuberculosis and heart and liver issues.

    Khanty People use of Chaga MushroomChaga has been used in Russia as far back as the 16th Century for various cancers, especially tumors associated with angiogenesis (buildup of blood vessels that feed cancerous growths). In Siberia, chaga has been widely known to help treat tuberculosis, liver conditions and stomach problems including gastritis and ulcers. The Khanty people of Western Siberia put the chaga into fire and put the smoldering conk into hot water for use to clean and purify women's genital region after menstruation and birthing.
    Also used in Canadian aboriginal culture First Nations people have been using Chaga for Centuries as well. Cree healers call chaga Poashkan or Wiskakecakomikih. Wisakecak is a mythological being who threw a scab mistaken for a piece of dried meat against a birch tree and tried to ingest it. Chaga produces a sweet smelling incense and is often used in smoking pipe ceremony. Used by the Cree and other native nations as a form of Moxibustion treatment to stimulate the body’s energy meridians.

    Chipewyan First NationsChipewyan and Ojibway Nations name for chaga is Cha’a’ihtthi. They too used chaga simmering it for hours to make tea to treat viral related conditions.

    The DenesulinĂ© peoples of Northern Saskatchewan used two long lines of powdered chaga to represent two related events. Once both lines were lit at opposite sides, whichever side completed burning first would signify which event would become true. This is known to the Dene people as ETSEN DEK “it smells when it’s burning.”Alaskan Native peopleThe Gitksan of British Columbia know chaga as DIDIHUXW OR DI DIYHUH. Also known by Gitksan elders as MLL’HLW AND TLLUXW. Using chaga’s black coals to relieve rheumatic pain. ‘Take a sliver of the black coal from the crack of the birch tree and burn it for pain in joint.’ The Wet’suwet’en of Northwestern British Columbia uses chaga for similar purposes calling chaga by two different names DIDIC’AH CI’ISTS’O AND TL’EYHTSE.

    The Tenaina of South – Central Alaska used chaga to help with toothaches.

    1. Very interesting. My sister has been harvesting those conks and woodburning amazingly talented scenery on them for years. There are many in the forest around here.

  101. Amazon is suspending all shipments other than medical supplies and household staples *to its warehouses* amid coronavirus crisis — read the memo it just sent sellers

  102. Viruses have no nationality but they have origin, and pathogens and diseases have been named after places of origin for a long time.

    Just few examples:

    Japanese Encephalitis
    German Measles
    Spanish Flu
    West Nile Virus
    Guinea Worm
    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
    Lyme Disease

    Trump calls COVID-19 the ‘Chinese Virus’ despite WHO warning the term fuels stigma

  103. Its St. Patrick day, all bars are closed.

    Somebody, call BOSTON !

  104. Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 5th at 2:45 AM UTC

    A list of all promotional videos that are currently available is here:

    You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

  105. Mygirl 69

    Back on a lap top mobile typo free.

    1.Thank you for the news on Canada's one hour morning opening for Srs. I will circulate it here.
    2. Hope all's well for you,I was going to suggest you will have your hands full, but I fear the reply of I wish.

    1. 69? You are saucier than usual today, John. Hands are full. Of what? I'll leave that to your imagination. :)

  106. US coronavirus cases surpass 5,000, up fivefold from a week ago!

    1. The UK is even bigger percentage wise this week.

      We are seeing some alarming spike projections which we will not go Public on, but will factor into planning. Worst case scenarios. Right now, no one knows,so we will watch the curves over the next 3 months.
      Hopefully it will then flatten out and drop. But- it's bad!
      Prudent control is needed now, not Knee Jerk moves.
      It's going to shake society to its knees.
      Can we now look forward to " Peace in Our Time?"

  107. White House considering giving Americans checks to combat economic impact of outbreak
    Mar 17th 2020 12:54PM
    WASHINGTON — The White House announced Tuesday that it wants to give Americans checks in order to combat the economic devastation many will feel amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    “We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said during a news conference at the White House Tuesday.

    “Americans need cash now,” Mnuchin said. “And I mean now in the next two weeks.”

    President Donald Trump, who had initially floated a payroll tax holiday, said that he favored more immediate action that could inject cash into American’s pockets faster than waiting for the next payday.

    “I think we are going to do something that gets money to them as quickly as possible,” Trump said. “We will have a pretty good idea at the end of the day what we will be doing.”

    It is unclear who would get money and how much, but Mnuchin indicated that it would be aimed towards those most hurt by the outbreak.

    “We don't need to send people who make million dollars a year checks,” Mnuchin said.

    Mnuchin is expected to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill later Tuesday to urge them to act immediately.

  108. So, Mnuchin wants to give away hundreds of Billions in FREE Checks to Americans, yet has not met his existing Debt Obligations for the PPs.
    Each previous Treasury Secretary, all Jewish or Zionist, have perpetrated evasions and malpractice enriching themselves from the PPs and others funds.
    Unmasked with this Public issue, it makes denial harder to continue obfuscating our redemption's now. It's noted and being used.

    1. Bravo! Use every damn lever...

    2. ....just be sure they're using dull axes on all the perps during execution!! Quartered, and then beheaded works for me....

  109. $1000 isn't beans!
    Considering the fed has pumped $9 plus trillion into repo loans at all most 0 percent interest rates
    If enough Americans understood the mafia type western financial system, we would indeed have a blood revolution
    I'm a big Trump supporter BUT this financial shenanigans by the UStT and the Fed makes me question the big guy
    Simple solution, gut the fed, UST, the irs, eliminate income taxes and for goodness sakes release the $100s of trillions in trust money that have been hijacked and are delayed for various reasons
    I understand Huber is clawing a lot of the stolen, hijacked funds back. Sometime I wonder if this money is being stealthy injected into the system in various ways

  110. Replies
    1. Haney said the DHS investigated him nine times and revoked his security clearance. The Department of Justice charged that Haney “misused a government computer,” charges later dropped. The news that Haney might be returning to DHS would not thrill Obama “wing man” Eric Holder, who has been telling reporters looking into DOJ malfeasance to “shut the hell up.”

      Meanwhile, reports that DHS whistleblower Philip Haney killed himself amount to misinformation and at this writing the killer is unknown. According to the Amador County Sheriff, “no determination will be made until all evidence is examined and analyzed.”

  111. Probably easier just to assume we all have it at this point. Now be responsible.

  112. GREAT news for seniors on Medicare → You can now stay home and see any doctor licensed in your state using FaceTime, Skype, or use other audiovisual technology.

  113. amazon stops shipping??? they are all loosing their minds over this....packages sitting in cold trucks will infect nobody....

  114. Officer you don’t want to give me this ticket, I have the virus, just crumble it up and go sit your a** down in your car! or go to Dunkin Donut and get a refill.

  115. RIKERS ISLAND -Harvey Weinstein : Am cool with all these MOFO bit**** , I just get a pair of Jordans.... free .... LOL,
    Really Harvey? its coming, for sure.

  116. China Banishes U.S. Journalists from Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post

    #FAKENEWS banished....Now, go get Soros for spreading CV19 in China!!

  117. Donald J. Trump
    · Feb 21, 2013
    China is not our friend. They are not our ally. They want to overtake us, and if we don’t get smart and tough soon, they will.

    1. 2013.

      .....but, its true we have a bunch of communists in Congress!


  118. US national parks cause public health concern as visitors flood in

    Parks have remained open amid the coronavirus and become a haven over the past week, prompting fears for staff and large crowds

  119. Oil prices tank to four-year low, US crude falls
    below $30 a barrel


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