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6 to 12 February, 2020

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  1. I smell a rat. If some blackguard made this problem to get a buck...

    New England Journal of Medicine article.

    Treatment with intravenous remdesivir (a novel nucleotide analogue prodrug in development10,11) was initiated on the evening of day 7, and no adverse events were observed in association with the infusion. Vancomycin was discontinued on the evening of day 7, and cefepime was discontinued on the following day, after serial negative procalcitonin levels and negative nasal PCR testing for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

    On hospital day 8 (illness day 12), the patient’s clinical condition improved. Supplemental oxygen was discontinued, and his oxygen saturation values improved to 94 to 96% while he was breathing ambient air. The previous bilateral lower-lobe rales were no longer present. His appetite improved, and he was asymptomatic aside from intermittent dry cough and rhinorrhea. As of January 30, 2020, the patient remains hospitalized. He is afebrile, and all symptoms have resolved with the exception of his cough, which is decreasing in severity.

  2. China has now started a crackdown internment policy rounding up everyone infected with the virus and off to a series of Gulags to stop them infecting others. No place to die

    1. While we are at it, this obviously available partial solution is ignored. These are drugs that will target and ameliorate the cytokine/chemokine storm that is the source of lethality, are easy to manufacture, and can be used safely in heavy dosage.

      Another approach which won't scale fast but could work, is using an adsorbent column to process the plasma via apheresis to zero out the chemokine/cytokine septic storm. Singapore had done a sepsis trial where all but one nearly-dead-from-sepsis patients recovered in the immediate aftermath of that procedure. The nature of the final step of this 2019nCoV is a septic collapse. It should work. There is also anecdotal data. A young girl dying from SARS was rescued from imminent death using the last cartridge available from that trial.

  3. 61 now confirmed infected on the Cruise ship docked off Japan. Shooting up . More cases appearing worldwide caused by Chinese travellers.

  4. Trump in angry, deeply offensive tirade at Boris Johnson for allowing Huawei to continue selling 5G Inthe UK even though America has no alternative.
    This may affect the 5 Eyes Intel relationship. It's already affecting trade views here with a growing concern not to allow the US any dominant trade role here with awareness it will be abused. Trump is overreaching who the hell does he think he is? Doors can close and will if that attitude continues. His complete lack of sophistication, or intellectual capacity, will fast track a face off .
    5 G is beyond his mental pay grade ,and 6 G is the way forward and way to beat China. So let's jointly invest, and take the high ground. Inspirational partnerships.

  5. China, we should note, has now taken an Achilles Heel wounding over their Virus fiasco.
    All aspirations of imminent Global Fiscal Leadership is hard to sustain when your Trade just fell off a cliff.

    Tourism- Boom! Blown up.

    Factories closing with sickness and Customers switching sources fast. It will take a decade to get that back.

    Food products Exports. You have to be joking? Another Boom as it blows up.

    How does China feed a Billion when the Jobs go, orders are wiped out, and your currency free falls? Chinese sourced now is the kiss of death. For years they will suffer. This is huge as an impact for them. Devastating. Even Russia has closed their borders.
    China will fast run out of money.

    Power Mongrels will jockey for position there. Xi has it all to do now, both to maintain China and keep his role safe. As with America, a vast Military power rules all. Unelected, Commie Power, and ruthless! Worse, with a freefall economy - Dangerous- Very! These are unchartered waters now. Tense. Any US aggression in the China Seas could fast track war.
    What do they have to lose if all is failing?
    China needs a hand of friendship, from all of us.
    But, are any of our Leaders- Bright Enough? Johnson's not.

  6. The Fox News Coverage of Trumps speech following the Impeachment victory has gone global.
    The Democrats are getting wiped out over this.
    Who will contest Schiff, Pelosi and Runt Nadlers seats now? Schummers also. They have all achieved Global notoriety.

    As for Comey,WHEN will he now be arrested and Jailed?

    What he and his ringfenced Group ( Including Lying, Usurping, Criminal Soetoro/ Obama) did to a President was beyond Criminal. Treasonous. The LOT need to go to Jail for Life!
    So, to make America strong again, when do the real trials start? Justice for all.

    Time to scoop up the Poop now. Payback! Jail the Conspirators. How can Obama avoid jail for his roles? Comey needs to arrested now. The rest to follow. So when can Barr orchestrate this?

  7. Maybe a lot more peeps will take off the blinders!... it is not about Trump, it is about corruption and American people being used!

  8. If people would take a step back and look at things without their political bias filter, whether it be Repub or Dem, they would see the bias and out right false reporting from our MSM!... those POS prick bastards need to be strung up in time square!

  9. The sheer scale of it in the US sadly is deplorable. Here the media would string you up. Stateside it's covered up. Yes, your right, vast exposure is needed but look who owns the MSM covering up their lackeys crimes?
    But to give him credit when fighting Jewish propaganda , Tweety Bird got heard his way. It seems Hilderbeast still thinks she can run again. From a Jail Cell ? Stick it to the Beast Trump. Back up YOU would be in jail. It got him elected. Nice if the Lying King followed through with her.
    For all the Criminality, there is a solution. Someone guide him it's called Retribution!77

  10. Look at this bill trying to quietly make its way thru!..... MUST LOOK!
    The New Way Forward Act...

    1. The Democrats are trying to fill America with convicted Felons, rejects, and fast tracked illegals. So Kushners family are feeling lonely and Clinton's need new foot soldiers ? However low, with the Dems it's a Go!
      I feel sure Trump will block the Dems. He just won the High Ground.

  11. If the redemptions clear as hard negotiated, we will be looking at bank Platform Trading a 6G system fund for the UD and UK to joint develop and sweep out all this Chinese Noddy Time network the combover has his nickers in a knot over. Strategic thinking.
    We need to take and entire generation quantum leap and take the lot.
    Better together!

    1. I so hope they clear... just want something to move forward!

    2. There are 3 sensitive negotiations.

      1.Elders direct, Private.
      2.PPs with Patriots now in a separate sensitive location. Off Radar!
      3.The Bonds, and "Other Issues" in Florida with Swamp Creatures.

    3. John,

      Is it safe to say you are: 1. carving new territory in these high level negotiations which; 2. leaves you optimistic of settlements on the horizon?

    4. It does not need new territory. Just adherence and compliance with the Redemption procedures in the agreements.
      Many parties are credible ex Agency and Military plus ex Treasury all supporting recovery endeavours to get recovery activated. These are not Low Grade Brokers or Mongrel Attorneys. Dealing with Cabal Gatekeepers needs sensitive care.
      America is under ever increasing pressures to clean up this mess.

    5. It's mystifying they are not complying with redemption agreements. What do they EXPECT to happen?

      Keep the pressure turned up, and use all instruments of national power to break their will, John!

    6. If we had the immunity to terminate 10 key Zios see how fast it would clean up. We are in an era meriting one staked out every 50 yards from NY to DC. China has its coronovirus. We have this lot incubating.

  12. The DHS Nazi Stormtroopers are suspending the New Yorkers from its Trusted Travellers Programs despite their being pre cleared, full background checks and biometics.
    So now everyone is saddled with an hours extra needless BS!
    You could of course cut the DHS and restore sanity. Give them and inch and ?
    It's BS!!! All of it! We just don't travel to the US now. It's beyond intrusive.
    Many have stopped going.
    Way, way, way OTT again. If you sack these little Hitlers it goes away.

    1. This may be exaggerated in the poor fact checking of today's reporting. From over here in CT, the report is that DHS is suspending new enrollees from NY. If one is already in Global Entry, one is ok.

  13. Watch the Weasel Clauses unfold soon as Bankers and Manufacturers or Suppliers run out of components and materials relating to Recourse claims on all Chinese linked contracts.
    The new aspiring master Race is leaving the rails. A vast live train wreck.
    As all convoluted trade links become compound, where will this now go?
    Western alliances are fast running for the hills. Any China dependent contracts are under intense scrutiny with urgent fallback options sought.
    Suddenly low Chinese prices are not attractive when not supplied.
    Expect product price increases, shortages and spares problems. The entire Chinese web faces implosion. As, sadly , do millions of jobs for those about to become unemployed.
    How will China service it's Global investments and contracts as the funds run out?
    What are the consequences for Vietnam now? What is the risk of China seeking to redeem it's own Dynasty assets from Elders in interlinked territories? When China runs out of food and supplies, it
    Sequestrates! By force? If we don't feed them, we fight them!
    Or we find the Middle Road. Has Western Society the ability to empathise with China's dilemma, or does money rule fools?
    China has Nukes and a very, very cruel Military. You think Armageddon is only for Israel?
    Is anyone envisaging the down side of this human catastrophy unfolding as the economy is tanking? Where are empathetic and visionary Leaders when so needed?
    Was there every a more demanding time to release the Settlements to settle so many needs? Or does Zionist greed rule fools? The time comes again for Man to be Hu Man. Yet the very cult which decried 6 Million desecrated Souls will capitalise over 1 Billion forlorn of hope. Whose God?

  14. Why isn't Lt. Col. Vindman in a court-martial for insubordination and leaking classified intelligence???

    “Today, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman was escorted out of the White House where he has dutifully served his country and his President. He does so having spoken publicly once, and only pursuant to a subpoena from the United States Congress," Vindman's attorney released in a statement.

    1. Glad that his twin brother was included and removed as well

    2. Fantastic. Hadn't heard that.

  15. He should be tried under UCMJ as in Courts Martial! He should be charged with Conduct Unbecoming, Sedition, Treason and many more = 50 years. The slow visuals or optics in tino, this matter tell us there is much more going on behind the scenes. We believe Jabba the Hut-nadler, Schifty Mc Bloodline, nancy Botox and Chuckie Cheezewhiz will get Gitmo plane tickets based on the optics. They are letting public opinion come into play in several instances. Low hanging fruit Rats should beware and pray to their demonic satan. Some of our fake allies are causing problems as they have since Washington and Cornwallis signed that ridiculous Letter of Agreement. There is now time in History I would rather live than NOW! Let the Games Begin!

  16. I forgot to mention the death penalty but that is too easy for such egregious offenses. Let us not forget the slaughter of 100 key Ukranians killed with Barry's $1.8B a few years ago when he provided blankets instead of weapons to U.

  17. BlazeTV is digging and connecting dots. Try to watch. He put the up on YouTube for those that can't subscribe to his site. I watched 3 x's already. And Dan Bongino did one on connecting dots on other corruption.

  18. Coronovirus is spreading now. More cases daily. Tourists now hospitalised in Spain were infected in France. Many from HK are infected. Stop Chinese and HK flights it's madness. Quarantine the place for 6 weeks. Or more!
    Let's see if a vaccine does emerge. It's so needed.

    But for China, the bottomless pit of consequences is draconian. Industries are in free fall. Chinese Restaurants worldwide, would you? They are taking hits.
    Chinese part supplies are not cheaper if they can't deliver them. Worse , when they do run out and you need parts? They will! China risks running out of money. Real money. RMB's, no thanks! Yuan has hit the can.
    How will Vietnamese be paid now?
    Dongs? Hold on for that ride.

    Cash is King. Hold it tight, because if a crash comes?

    1. Vaccines don’t work. There are no studies showing the efficacy or safety of any vaccine.

      From Anna VonReitz’ letter today titled “missing pieces”:

      The vermin have unleashed a biological agent capable of killing 500 million innocent people, and 400 million are already under quarantine.

      The paper records and arrests thus far implicate rogue elements in the US and Britain that were working with a research institution in Wuhan. Two Chinese nationals and Dr. Charles Lieber, the Chairman of Harvard's Chemistry Department, have been arrested.

      Lieber, as in Lieber Code.

      Yet, miracles are occurring, too. The Tibetans who have for generations suffered catastrophe at the hands of the Chinese Government have unleashed a bio-acoustical weapon of major magnitude to save their Chinese neighbors.

      Yes, you read that right ---- to save their Chinese neighbors, despite all that they have suffered themselves.

      This sound eradicates virus of all kinds and the Tibetans know how to create this unique frequency that causes viruses to self-destruct.

      The Keshe Foundation has also come forward and selflessly taught people how to create Copper-Zinc GANS using materials most people have around the house. GANS alters the nature and structure of water and turns it into a virus-killing miracle.

      One cup of this water can save one life. Simple as that. It already has a terrific record against Swine Flu and SARS and can kill this bug, too.

      Better still, all the Chinese Government has to do, is set up industrial-scale GANS production and use this modified water in city water systems to make it available everyone.

      The process is simple enough to do this, and the delivery system is already in place.

    2. The Keshe Foundation has had credibility issues.

    3. “The Keshe Foundation has had credibility issues.”

      Sometimes people disparage others who are ruining their gravy train....

      I have several of the Keshe products...including the set of 4 GANS elements...and have found them very useful for intended purposes. However, we haven’t tried all of their products.

      Dr Andrew Wakefield who originally discovered the link between vaccines and autism in children was so harassed by UK that he lost his medical license and came to US where he was similarly vilified....all in the name of the almighty £ and $. The children be damned!

      In my book, Andy Wakefield is a HERO! His Thoughtful House in Austin, Texas cured my grandson’s “leaky gut” issues from vaccine damage that doctors euphemistically call Autism Spectrum Disorder now affecting something like 1 in every 20 children. Our daughter sees the effects of vaccine damaged children every day in her teaching career...more and more children each year with “learning disabilities” because they’ve been subjected to the poison needles. Needles that are being weaponized with metals, fetal baby parts, animal parts, insect parts, cancer causing agents, live viruses, dead viruses...and more. The same agents are also causing the epidemic of dementia in seniors every time they line up for flu shots or other vaccines the doctors and hospitals, drugstores and other venues want to pass out. Kill and/or otherwise destroy the babies and bump off the elders too. What an agenda!

      When will humanity wake to hell up and protect our precious children? The adults need to do their own research before they fall for the brainwash agenda.

    4. Good to hear from you again, Texian! Where can we order Keshe's GANS elements?

    5. Vaccines do work, in general. While it is true that 95% of infectious disease was eliminated by public health and sanitation methods, that last 5% was eliminated by vaccines. That's just history.

      Having said that, too many vaccines and too many adjuvants, are inducing illness. Aluminum is now clearly implicated in the pathogenesis of autism.

      Now, taking it a step further, the influenza virus vaccine is only about 10% effective and tends to drop immunity for 6 months after. So if they make the coronavirus vaccine just as badly, we are better just bunkering down.

    6. Nigel,
      Thank you!

      Since I don’t know where you live, here’s a link for US and Canada store. There are other links for other areas.

    7. Many thanks! US will work for me.

  19. I didn't see this here, but thought it relevant. What say you John? IMF Director Steps Down

    One of the most senior figures at the International Monetary Fund is stepping down in a move that will allow the Trump administration to influence who will take over as second-in-command at the financial watchdog.

    David Lipton, 66, will step down as first deputy managing director after a nine-year tenure that made him the longest-serving official to hold what is effectively the number two position.

  20. The stink of Zios is all over it. The BIS sadly is controlled by the Filth

  21. While the U.S. pretends to be in favor of democracy around the world, its own limited & phony democracy continues to be exposed as a sham, with Iowa being the latest example.   DEMOCRACY MEANS RULE BY THE PEOPLE. Does anyone really believe that the people rule in the U.S.? More to come.If that doesn't tell the whole story I don't know what does

    Any misconceptions people had about democracy were dispelled by the refusal of the US establishment (DEMOCRATS AS WELL AS REPUBLICANS) to accept the Trump as President and the Herculean efforts made by the British establishment to reverse Brexit. Both establishments lost those battles, which is something. More to come.
    No, people in the US don't care as long as their living standard is not affected, hypocritical society. More to come.

    The atmosphere in Paris where thousands upon thousands of protestors flooded the streets to mark the 63rd day of the ongoing nationwide workers' strike against the Macron government's neoliberal pension reforms. Where is the US Corporate media? More to come.

    I continue to be astounded at the antipathy toward Tulsi Gabbard. In a political vacuum, I would have said she was the perfect candidate for the Dems. Weird. More to come.
    The Only Person That Trump Should Fear On The Debate Stage Is Tulsi Gabbard.

    Hollywood/Weinstein trial is disgusting & horrible: the sexual abuses, spying on victims, destroying lives. Fake News not giving much coverage. This mobster made films propagandizing the Left’s issues; he was on the Clinton’s’ speed dial over two decades. Was a Swamp power base. I guess more to come, UNFORTUNATELY!

    Pres. Trump "has a very clear enemy list. This is how he ran his business, his real estate business, this is how he’s run his government... He is publicly planning on making these people pay." About MOFO fucking TIME.

    Economist Stephen Moore is absolutely right.The January jobs report “caps off” the “worst week in the history of the Democratic Party.” , NOT much else can be said.

  22. The lunacy of Pocahontus and BS Bernie promising blanket free health care plus all their other brain dead Socialist crap would put US workers into a 70% tax bracket, reach for the lamp post nooses. Only illegals and won't work trash want them in.

  23. If as parties fantasise the Coronovirus is a test run, what would then follow as a Global target attacking numbers,?
    We DO live in dangerous times, if you truly want to question crazy, just look at what nations are electing as Leaders today. All of them!

    1. “Electing” seems to be a misnomer. “Selected” by party bosses per orders from elites is perhaps a better description of what has happened to us. Candidates are “selected” then party bosses go about stuffing ballot boxes, creating default algorithms on voting machines & other deceptive means to “elect.”
      Donald Trump was the fluke! He actually inspired a larger than expected turnout which overcame the ballot box stuffing. There’s also indication that White Hats perhaps were able to correct preset default algorithms on voting machines. That’s why Democrats and “establishment” Republicans were so stunned. They thought they had their bases covered.

      Anyone still clinging to party hats have lost the plot. The people must come together to make elections honest again...if they ever were.

    2. It's simple. Politics is NOT working. Mass ignorant Mutts will vote in anyone for welfare promises and Pleb targeted TV campaigns. The mass Public are simply too dumb to vote, beyond clueless, so what system can develop with ethical policies and humanitarian awareness to protect economies and educate the next generations to be an awful lot better than this shambles.
      Most people in most nations today are simply too dangerous to be trusted with a vote, Clinton's and Obama are living proof.

  24. FYI UCMJ = Uniform Code of Military Justice. Those who were on Active Duty who were tried in Civilian courts and served sentence were tried again under UCMJ for Military crimes and vs. vs. as I recall. Point being; the stage is set for Vindmans to face JUSTICE for Betrayal of Our Country.

    Also, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) provides for three different types of courts-martial: summary, special, and general. These forms of courts-martial differ in their make-up and the punishments which may be imposed.
    The Military Rules of Evidence apply to all classifications of courts-martial. Moreover, an accused must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  25. Are we living in a prison, where a very sophisticated prison program exists and controls us ? We must make a prison break a and liberate our souls, minds and bodies.

  26. If the US dollar reserve currency status declines, these economics will hit a wall quickly.

    Firing a $70,000 missile from a $28,000,000 drone flying at a cost of $3,624 per hour to kill people in the Middle East living on less than $1.00 per day.

    1. How about someone lighting a one cent match that destroys a million acres of Australias east coast. Life is just not fair. It all balances out, by having a war or two.

  27. Money is designed to enslave you. Controlling and taxing it locks you in.

    1. Thank you for this succinct statement.

      While we wait and hope for a conversion to honest measures, one strategy to partial freedom is to get rewarded for results as opposed to currency/hr. Wage slavery is no way to live.

    2. Above is correct, and the way OUT may be Post the PP Redemption's, designed communities needing now State presence. Self sufficient. Of course there will have to be a compromise where the State trash will tax homes etc, but if no achievable income of money, they are well and truly buggered for personal taxes.
      A small community fund may be needed to fund Gas etc, but it can be minimised.
      But, I'm thinking its own armed community Policing, so trash in gets taken out.

      Educated Amish with Humour,Culture and Benefits. No need to go Hair Shirt and Bible bashing. Just good, shared community values. It is just a thought stream.

  28. This info came from a registered nurse friend....

    “This is from a doctor friend of mine who does a lot of research. He now lives in The Netherlands but practiced medicine and did research in Great Britain and is currently in the process of moving to Scotland. - Jean

    ‘Short and to the point:

    The Corona virus panic being purposely created worldwide is a multi-faceted attack on Humanity, brought to you by the 2nd species destroy or dominate class.

    We are witnessing bio-terrorism at its worst.

    Among the many outcomes hoped for by elite degenerates, one outcome is multi-billions in profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

    There will be a push for FORCED VACCINATIONS on everyone.

    Do NOT get caught up in herd mentality.

    Do not take the bait.

    Believe me, effects of the poison dispensed in a syringe will be a thousand time worse than effects of a mythical virus.’ “

    1. Now Texian,

      How else can we meet the Tri Laterals ethos to dump 5B. Dump the Chump?
      Joking- Point made, and it's not just the vaccines.
      It's the whole food chain from crop production, animal injections, you eat meat your full of it.
      Water is chemically laced.
      If most people saw what in food,they would think many times over. WTF???

      It's the whole package. If they don't get you one way. they have 50 more routes.
      DNA Designed viruses are Not to be Sneezed At???????

      China had been playing with Caucasian viruses. Coronovirus may have saved many of you as China now rethinks fast. What an ugly world, and just when you think it can't get worse, you wake up next to Hilderbeast without make up.

  29. The site to track the Feds REPO has been down all day can't track it. you would imagine that with the between 40 and 100 BILLION they are pumping into the market EVERY DAY this is pretty important... or, are too many catching on to this scam? Click here:

    1. The Fed Has a Dangerous Repo Problem: Here’s the Charts

    2. It's simple Ponzi runs only go so far more

  30. % of listed companies in the US losing money over 12 months sits close to 40%. Outside of post-recession periods, highest level since late 1990s. And of the 100 biggest money-losing companies, ~75% saw their shares rise in value over same 12 months

    1. Careful the Lying Kings telling the world the countries booming.

  31. John , I'm not sure if this is still relevant but are there any private group Zim deals still around or close to payout ? Thanks

  32. John, are the big battalions part of the "off radar" activities in play over the next week/s?

    1. If not I'm talking with Ghosts.
      It's not As frustrating for us, it's more so!
      We talk with each 4 to 5 times a day.

    2. Spoken just,Sunday, with Florida.
      They are hot and motivated let's see. Good luck.

    3. Universal prayer, Oh my GOD ,may this goal be realized now. Thank You.

    4. Missionary position? OMG.

    5. Thank you John, your efforts are greatly appreciated, more than you know. The very best of luck to all of us!

  33. So this china fiasco has sunk the VND RV....Crap!!!! :-(

    1. Not sunk but its dropped a few mines for sure. Or does Vietnam run free as the RMB is toast? New roads.

  34. Johnson refused to back down over Trump's demand we refuse Huawei UK market access. Trump tried his usual bombastic ego trips and ended up slamming his phone down on our PMs refusal to be ordered to follow US dictates. The UK is dealing with China.trumo has now alienated his closest Allie. We have now cancelled Johnson's US visit for February and March. Trade talks will stall. Britain will now re assess Trump. Also if we want more US exposure. Feeling now is to stand back as we have the whole Global trade base. Trump may need a royal visit again to boost his November run. Kiss that goodbye so far. His ego needs controlling. His relationship with his Allies is going bad. Diplomacy needs skill and intellect. Way above his station..

  35. Another episode in the American OSTRICH REPORT.

    The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q4 2019
    by Wolf Richter • Feb 7, 2020

    Consumer credit rose to 19.3% of GDP, the highest ever.
    Consumer debt – student loans, auto loans, and revolving credit such as credit cards and personal loans but excluding housing-related debts such as mortgages and HELOCs – jumped by $187 billion in the fourth quarter 2019, compared to a year earlier, or by 4.7%, to a record $4.2 trillion, according to Federal Reserve data released Friday afternoon:
    How much did all this borrow-and-spend contribute to GDP?
    Almost all non-housing consumer debts translate into consumer spending on goods and services, which is added to GDP. That $187 billion increase in consumer debt in 2019 amounted to nearly a quarter of the $849 billion increase in nominal GDP over the same period.

    Without this $187 billion in additional spending funded by $187 billion in additional debt, the US economy would not have grown 2.3% in 2019, but only about 1.8%. This is why economists from the Fed on down want policies that encourage consumers to spend money they don’t have. It’s the American thing to do. And if there’s a hiccup down the road, so be it. And now there are some hiccups.

    How heavy is the burden of this consumer debt on consumers? For a substantial part of Americans, there is no burden. They pay off their credit card balances every month, they have no student loans, and if they financed their vehicles it may be through leases that they took out not because that’s the only way they could buy the vehicle but because they saw various advantages in leasing.

    Then there is another group of Americans where every month is a mad scramble to make ends meet. Some earn good money but live above their means. Others are scraping by every month on low incomes. Both are up to their ears in debt. They’re one or two paychecks away from defaulting on that debt. That’s where the debt burden is, and that’s where the risks are. But in terms of overall consumer debt, this bifurcation gets averaged out.

    When measured against the size of the US economy, that $4.2 trillion in consumer debt amounts to 19.3% of nominal GDP, the highest ever in the data. Here are the last two decades:

  36. “In the long run all socialists turn into capitalists when they get older.”

    -Milton Keynes
    Untrue, socialism applies to us,the politico remain ULTRA CAPITALIST.
    Wuhan has 49 crematoriums, which can each burn 5 bodies every two hours. They’ve been working 24 hours a day for 17 days now.

    49 x 17 x 24 x 5/2 = 49,980 bodies.
    Chinese Goverment is hiding the truth about coronavirus deaths and confirmed cases are way more then they say..
    The Oscars is an award ceremony honoring a prolific rats nest of pedophiles, predators, freaks, serial rapists, satanic and Luciferian practitioners and myriad vermin. They are the marketing division of the DeepState. Waste not a moment of your life bowing before this trash MOFO.
    Here is your goal for the day: Give more than you take.

  37. Hannity

    Maybe you 3 should re-examine your understanding of who the Bush’s really are report the Truth about them & obstructed history.
    Everybody forgets Bush voted for HILLARY. What’s the difference between Bush, Romney or the Clinton’s? NO DIFFERENCE! They all were working together on criminal enterprise,CIA, the non- Federal Reserve.committing RICO & Title 18 crimes.

    1. And NONE are under investigation, or on trial.
      Trump knows all this.So???????????????????


    On August 30, 1998, #MayorPete was arrested for allegedly “killing at least 5 dogs.”

    So, last time I looked at the FBI profiling texts, we have a serial killer in the making. This man is absolutely not fit to be President...

    1. You do say "allegedly". Anything ever proven? Where's the rest of the story - how'd it turn out?

  39. In Hubei province hundreds of bodies a day are being burned. If true the death rate is far greater than disclosed and infection rates/ risks way beyond current presumptions. Do we have an undisclosed pandemic?

  40. Reports coming in show the virus spreading at Swiss Ski Resorts and far more viral and serious than thought.
    There needs to be hell to pay if this is a Lab WMD loose.

  41. Pay attention as Powell testifies before Congress Tue.-Wed. GOLD /CURRENCIES making new highs indicative NOT OF INFLATION SCARCITY BUT CENTRAL BANKS LOSING CONTROL IN FEAR OF DEFLATION in a world saddled with record DEBT... IIF cited at $250+ trillion.
    People's Daily, China
    LATEST on CoronavirusOutbreak in China, as of Feb 9:
    - 40,171 confirmed cases in Chinese mainland, another 36 in Hong Kong, 10 in Macao, 18 in Taiwan
    - 908 deaths
    - 3,281 discharged from hospital

  42. China's food prices jumped 20.6% in January alone.
    Already racketeering has begun.
    Assume February will get worse. How will the masses eat?
    As usual, anything they can scavenge will be eaten.
    Can we park all of the Beltway there for a month?
    So, if one day China invades the US, as Cannibals?

  43. Free now of the Impeachment game, WHEN will the Lying King Drain the Swamp?
    WHEN does the Lying King Tweet Meister start the arrests?

  44. The UK has just declared the Coronovirus a SERIOUS Public Health Hazard which enables us to put them instantly in enforced quarantine.

    Over 60 more Tourists on the Cruise Ship off Japan have now tested positive. Virile little sucker isn't it?

    As Chinese workers now return from New Year madness, expect a hike in sickness and infections. as 5M of them left Wujan alone, how far has it spread? Worldwide as we know,so will it peak over the next month or keep rising? All Chinese PR so far has been a lie. Reports of hundreds of bodies a day being burned, if true, says it's a Pandemic loose.
    As it's gone Global how bad can it get as no one is prepared for it? In the UK your taken straight to a quarantined isolation unit. As there is yet no vaccine, to self heal, or die. Then for sure we will burn them.
    If Democrats, alive?

    We are now passenger testing all incoming flights from China , HK and infected countries.
    Imagine STD testing Clinton's?

    What will be the Chines Stock Market reaction once unleashed?
    Will the workers all return to cancelled contracts and be sent home again, infected?
    What Worse is Yet to Come will next hit China? How do you control 50M Chans let go? No money, no food, no rent, no gas, no medical aid. What has been unleashed on poor China?
    Again, IF this turns out to be a real Lab Virus, how many nations were to blame, and did it start with stolen Canadian versions? Was this a Chicken Medical Research test virus, or a WMD version remodelled in China and let loose? Trace the cause the source and the intent. Then, the Truth to go Public.

    Pete Buttigieg is misleading voters about his ‘military’ record. He pulled some strings and got in with no training, no boot camp, no anything and very briefly did office work in a cubicle on a base in Afghanistan for a few weeks and quickly left.


    Research no confirms Virus DID come from Bats, and it's a possible Pandemic far worse than we feared. Nations have no plans or back up services for this.
    Time to hope to hell it's contained, because if not, it's merciless.
    We protect these flying Rats?

    1. Instead of spreading fear porn or begging for a poisoned vaccine, how about some preventive measures? Extensive references at link:

      “Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

      Posted on:
      Wednesday, January 29th 2020 at 12:30 pm
      Written By:
      Orthomolecular News Service

      Originally published on

      by Andrew W. Saul, Editor
      (OMNS January 26, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular.
      It is very important to maximize the body's anti-oxidative capacity and natural immunity to prevent and minimize symptoms when a virus attacks the human body. The host environment is crucial. Preventing is obviously easier than treating severe illness. But treat serious illness seriously. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention. It is not an either-or choice. Vitamin C can be used right along with medicines when they are indicated.
      "I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C."

      (Robert F. Cathcart, MD)
      The physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. The following inexpensive supplemental levels are recommended for adults; for children reduce these in proportion to body weight:
      Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.
      Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)
      Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)
      Zinc: 20 mg daily
      Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily
      Vitamin C [1], Vitamin D [2], magnesium [3], zinc [4], and selenium [5] have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses.
      The basis for using high doses of vitamin C to prevent and combat virus-caused illness may be traced back to vitamin C's early success against polio, first reported in the late 1940s.[6] Many people are unaware, even surprised, to learn this. Further clinical evidence built up over the decades, leading to an anti-virus protocol published in 1980.[7]
      It is important to remember that preventing and treating respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established. Those who believe that vitamin C generally has merit, but massive doses are ineffective or somehow harmful, will do well to read the original papers for themselves. To dismiss the work of these doctors simply because they had success so long ago sidesteps a more important question: Why has the benefit of their clinical experience not been presented to the public by responsible governmental authorities, especially in the face of a viral pandemic?”

    2. I hardly think our own Research Scientists at Cutting Edge Porton Down, are not fully aware of every position and each failed solution out there. With Labs since the Mustard Gasses of WW1, they are not Global Leaders for nothing. Albeit the last 10 years has probably been lost trying to detox and sanitise the Clinton's.

      Jungle Bunny home brew solutions tend not to work. Viruses are tricky little vermin,like Hilderbeast and Soetoro. They still keep infecting all they touch.

    3. I wish the so-called cutting edge actually had a clue...

      Isn't it interesting that real solutions never emerge from these Centers of Excellence?

      The inertia of "accepted medical thought" is awesome in its force. There's a reason that computers double in power every 16 months while doubling of performance in medicine is >>7 years... Not all that useful when 2019nCoV hits...

      This patent is a well-formed, well-known drug combo that will modulate the inflammation/sepsis angle of this bugger. Has been in the literature 5 years plus and still nobody uses it. B. Chandler May,MD of Santa Barbara is the world expert on this drug combo. Big Pharma could make tons of the stuff on order. Bet not one of the so-called cutting edge know this option.

      As mentioned previously, zero out the plasma cytokine storm by extracorporal adsorbent via modified apheresis, and have those at risk of septic death rescued. The company that did this was destroyed in 9/11. But the literature and patents of the tech exist. Again, doubtful that anyone even thinks of doing this, never mind that the Singaporan trial in sepsis had 95% survival rate as opposed to a 50% mortality rate and that the last adsorbent cartridge of said therapy was used to rescue a near-death child from SARS.

      Before we developed antibiotics, in certain cases in the 1950s, UV irradiation of the blood was an adjuvant therapy in sepsis. The results were good, not great. Due to the morons at the FDA, that UV therapy, which was simultaneously, a perfectly good dendritic cell therapy, was abandoned. Nonetheless, put the blood thru UV-transparent quartz while keeping it cool and upregulate the immune system to get the virus before it all goes to cytokine storm septic shock.

      Don't want to do that? Fine. The virus is heat labile. Only one can't get a fever that high. Again, extra-corporalize the blood. Heat it to 52 degrees celsius, cool it to 45 before returning it to the body. Protect the brain with ice packs.

      Don't want to do that? Fine. Use pure o2 and make pure o3. Bubble the ozone thru the blood circuit. The toxic byproducts will have all sorts of bad effects on infected cells. Healthy cells can deal with the crap just fine.

      Don't want to do that? Fine. Get as many Diapulses you can get your hands on. 27.12Mhz beamed into the lungs 7x24 to help modulate the inflammatory overload.

      Don't want to do that? Fine. Here is an instant fantastic antiviral agent. Take d-limonene and bubble ozone thru the solution. HPLC out the ozonated sub-fraction. Company in Texas made it. I think they are still around, but even if it isn't Big Pharma could replicate in weeks and upscale easily in a month.

      That's off the top of my head. Time to empower the Mavericks in your system(s) as opposed to the high-fallutin experts which, frankly, never come up with a solution....

    4. Bravo, Tino! If that's just off the top of your head, you are even more amazing than I previously thought. Just sayin'.

    5. Tino.


      If it breaks free here, I will forward it. It needs a case and cause to focus Donkeys.

    6. @John,

      Fully understand. It's the reality of the world.

    7. @MyGirl,

      It's just that I am good (along with several others, birds of feather and all that) at generating alternatives. In this instance, skillset and problem match. In another domain, I would probably flummoxed into embarrassing silence. Chandler May's patent on the Levoceterizine and Monteleukast in the treatment of influenza was brought to me because of my interest in sepsis at the time. Extracorporal blood treatment started big time at a place called HemoTherapies. They were to IPO the week of 9/11. Their brokerage firm was annihilated in one of the Towers that fell. The CEO didn't die that day because he was late out of his hotel. The d-limonene idea was based on a compound out of a Texas concern and a biowarfare conversation at a UCSD luncheon over sushi.

  47. A lot of minds and heads are focused on the PPs and Bonds this week. We wait on standby.
    More ONLY if and when cleared. Clients first.

    1. I don't see any funds being release any time in the near future

    2. Then I'm sorry for you.
      There are of course, no certainties, but your neither in possession of the daily documentation, nor party to the Global talks. Worse, you won't be.
      Please don't be offended, but allow also for what you don't know.
      Have a little faith? Whats to lose? Not your Dime or time.
      Assume we do not invest naively. Nor meet and greet Top Parties without reason.

    3. Thank you John

      A high tide floats many boats

      But i suppose not those in dry dock I

    4. Many I pass in London float my boat daily. Live torpedoes.

  48. Are you moving past the "if" uncertainty of releases, and instead focused on the logistics now as the main thrust of discussions?

    1. That has been the case for a while.

    2. From my take this is good news for the PPs and the bonds. I am happy that something is happening. With that said, while we have been told that once it starts...well, let's just put it this way, I will keep my dong in the drawer, as I am in no :group" so I will watch and cheer from the sidelines expecting nothing for the little guys like myself. But it's GOOD either way.

    3. Arizone,
      If you now think outside the box, China's train wreck may even open a rethink of Dongs as a viable medium of exchange if Yuans get torched.
      Dongs kept in Draws help no one.

    4. No offense taken John. Please don't feel sorry for me
      Week after week, maybe, maybe not. That song is sung by many
      There is a great deal of chaos worldwide. Funds won't be released into that type of atmosphere....don't need documents to understand that. The coronavirus throw a new delay into what should have happened in mid to late Feb.
      How about the criminal gang families still running free. They would love to get their hands on naive people with newly found fortunes...ain't going to happen until these folks are neutralized . Don't need documents to figure that out
      This chaos is short lived so it shouldn't be much longer. Just the way I understand it

    5. Thanks John. My hubby would agree with the drawer part lol

    6. Always expect a curved ball from me.
      Your husbands blames your rough hands.

    7. G Man

      There are no absolutes right now, and we both deplore both the criminal Cabal rats running free, and in my case, the Laconic, inept failure of Zio funded,owned and Mossad Israeli Gatekeeper Rug Rat Kushner, impaired Trumps limited focus and chronic inability to deal with these issues as needed.

      Just assume, we are playing 5 D chess to try to compensate.
      Once cleared,nothing said just watch.
      Just have quiet hope.

  49. London is entrepreneurial.
    London is international.
    London is creative.
    London is…

  50. Under every rock, is a scheming Brit.
    We survived the Romans, Vikings ,French and Scots.
    Then we blew Napoleon, and Adolf.
    So assume each Brit of power is a Molotov Cocktail of the above.
    We created the Industrial Revolution,the Brits led the Abolition of disgusting Slavery, and created a Universal system of Law which DC ignores, and with Magna Carta, an end to Feudal abuses.

    Now, coming soon, an ever more powerful London,watch and see.

    We want the Redemption's for human releases. Not greed. We want to change everything, for the better. Politics is NOT working and we will not accept a CIA and Zionist Cult run world. We have our agenda. To help you all see and reach the stars.

    1. John,

      Not only did you survive the Romans, but they taught you how to bathe, build roads and homes and how to use a proper toilet. We also gave a proper name to your capital city, London, then known as Londinium. They helped build a wall in the north to keep out the progenitors of the Scots, and to this day it's one of your best tourist attractions with Paddington a close second. lol

      Good to hear of PP progress. I know success is getting very close.

    2. We picked up bathing but it bypassed the Irish and Scots

    3. After you left it took us about 1100 years to learn how to make glass again. We failed to keep the Scots locked out.

  51. rom Discover on Google 

    When you think it cant get worse, either Hilderbeast gets elected, or they find a whole new Virus, as above, now ain't that a Brazilian? Nothing ever seen like it before.

  52. Second worse only to electing current DemoRats, is that poor China now has a new outbreak of a Highly pathogenic avian Flu breaking out in 2 provinces near Hubie.
    Xi will sigh for sure with this bad news. Forget Politics, a Billion people need help now. Our help. What next,Biden joins the Vatican?

  53. Hubba hubba, John. Thrilling to read your recent comments. (Doesn't take much some days, ha!)

    Naysayers, please park it. You're not helping this endeavor by sharing your negative thoughts and energy here or anywhere else.

  54. My Girl,
    A Back and Front seat guy overrides negatives.
    We ARE dealing head on with the key parties,Vermin and Cabal also.

    Now on a serious parking issue, for Gods sake make sure the brake is applied hard or the earth may move way too fast if slipping loose on an incline. I know! Lol.

  55. Based on the originally published genome it seems that the bat variant is a whopping 96% similar. So the original strain came from bats if this holds up with replication in other labs.

  56. Anyone that thinks western govts/msm wouldn't censor coronavirus information needs to get their head checked. When it gets serious, you have to lie.

  57. It's difficult to make a positive analysis of reality. If conjecture is to be believed deaths are the n thousands and bodies burned
    But further indications allude to the virus targeting Asians not Westerners

    The next 4 weeks will unveil the scale of problems coming. If contained or loose

    1. Well, on a strict probability basis it has to have broken containment by the time the flights stopped. Yet there is no linear surge outside Asia. So either it IS targeted at Asians, particularly Chinese, or healthy Westerners whose lungs aren't shot from pollution are experiencing it as serious yet normal flu.

  58. Our Capital Market positions are contrived. Fiscal governance is broken. Our entire Political hierarchy is corrupted.
    Now we have potential pandemics and falling oil demand with markets heading South
    Who funds the Cabal and who bails the Zios?


  60. The official Coronovirus deaths have now passed 1,000. We all know that's a lie. Assume at least 10,000 and so what if 100,000 is coming. What will Global deaths be and how can we contain it?

    What human compassion can our Leaders show to China both with Medical supplies and help with trade later. China faces a desperate future.can we stand as a human race to help our brother men through this? They just want to live.

  61. The quarantined cruises ships crew plead for help or soon they will all be infected. Cruise to die. Why mass contain thousands with contagion a floating death trap. End of this game

    1. The quarantined ships are fantastic control groups for both transmission and lethality. I'm sorry for the quarantined, but we should know pretty quickly. And then the rest of us can plan to survive.

    2. Move the Beltway on Board? Can't turn down a Freebie?

    3. This is starting to remind me of a show several years back- The Last Ship. But it was in reverse.. the people on the ship were safe from the outbreak/virus while the rest of the world;s population was sick and dying.

      The contagion movies use to be my favorite...little at the time did I know we'd see it in real life. Very, Very concerning.

  62. FBI Director admits surveillance of Carter Page was illegal. Does that mean I get 3 years back? Does that mean that almost all the (D)'s complaints are fruit of the poisonous tree? And shouldn't that extend all the way into the Roger Stone trial, making it all one big fraud by the government in the coup attempt? By extension shouldn't this fully torpedo the accusations against Flynn?

  63. TINO It certainly should mean the bogus charges against RS and POTUS should be thrown out and heads should roll. We believe Jericho II in process and when the walls fall the Swamp creatures will leak out and die!

    1. When FFS!!!! will so many treacherous Rats be arrested and tried? What TF is wrong with Justice? Has Trump got any control, or a Clue?
      Impeachment over, so now Man Up? Drain the Swamp- WHEN-WHEN-WHEN or was it just more of the Lying Kings sound bites. If no Clean Up, why run again?
      4 years, Show Me the Money? For God's sake not 4 more years just for an ego trip.
      Where are the heads? He's played like a child.
      4 more years, to do what? Sadly, he has no real competitor. It IS that bad.
      But other nations have it also. Crap rules fools. Crowning Mutts Virus.

    2. Bob

      There were no Walls of Jericho and Justice is as big a Myth.
      Heads to roll or a sterile Bigfoot? 3 years empty talk so far.
      So far, Disneyland, the lot. Him or the Beast? We gained nothing, just lost less.
      God we so need a new JFK. Even now look at what's lining up. Since JFK, Gorilla Snot, the lot.

      Yet so many good people there? Endemic system rot permeates deep. First drain the Swamp but who, is not owned by a Jew Funder with hooks? The rot is so deep.

    3. John More than 70 Barry Soetoro holdovers removed recently and more OTW out. Many of us analytical types underestimated the enormity of the GLOBALIST SWAMP. I would prefer they indict, UCMJ Tribunal, convict and execute all top tier puppets starting with 42, 43, 44, HRC and all those globalist rats who support them. I realize POTUS and his Team are accomplishing what we believe essential with a lot of trolling in the mix. Patience has a high yield in terms of frenzied rats ratting out their friends and family for a little more cheese. UK has its share of rats also at all levels in al areas. Globalists = NWO = oppression and tyranny and we regular people are their slaves they torture and ridicule. Many of us have experienced extreme hardship and even torture for nothing more than loving God, Family and Country. Please UNDERSTAND WE THE PEOPLE have achieved CRITICAL MASS are united to restore our REPUBLIC. UK et al and many other countries are also are doing the similar movements in their own way. I CHOOSE TO AND ALWAYS WILL ENCOURAGE MORAL AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR while noting he opposite. REAL JUSTICE is forthcoming and the DIVINE HAND OF GOD is Leading us. We are closer than ever to a world with a more level playing field; especially in financial, trade, humanitarian and improved forms of government. Flaws in people and entities reveal themselves and as TRUTH becomes the norm the rats cannot hide. Be Encouraged because you have done many great things. We all need to learn and practice rewarding benevolent acts and letting rats continue to do a great job destroying themselves so we can round them up en mass for the Justice they so deserve.

    4. FEMA and Gulag camps await.

  64. It is really incredible how propaganda works.
    The U.S. with over 800 to 1000 bases in 140 nations,
    a military budget bigger than next seven nations combined
    & a history of subversion
    & interventions globally,
    but Russia & the Chinese are aggressors according to capitalist press.
    Get over yourself, am just saying.

  65. All or Nothing. Surprising how BS baffled the masses isn't it? They just don't get it or understand it's body bags for profit.

  66. 'The Democratic establishment...they're not prepared to surrender the party to the Bernie Sanders forces even if it means losing to Donald Trump'
    A completely 100% corrupted shit hole.
    Would TRUMP flip ?

  67. Obama , Bushes, Clinton’s,
    are one & the same along with there well paid staff
    & foreign sponsors in Corruption,
    RICO Title 18 crimes.

  68. Hospitals are swimming in cash

    A study took 31 prominent not-for-profit hospitals’ financial statements and found that together they made $68.5 billion—in just the first quarter. That’s $274 billion per year.
    By Bob Herman
    The number of hospital admissions, surgeries and other medical procedures has continued to stay flat in many parts of the country, but that hasn’t prevented hospitals from retaining large sums of money and hiring more people.

    The big picture: America’s rural hospitals are dying. But large not-for-profit hospital systems in cities and suburbs are doing extremely well as premiums rise and as patients struggle to afford their medical bills.

  69. The Coronavirus sure helped stop the infectious disease of virulent protests threatening to China’s losing its most priced asset - Hong Kong -
    6 months before coronavirus outbreak,
    citizens of Wuhan were having massive protests - for CLEAN AIR - against CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY’s plans to build toxic incinerators to burn trash.
    It’s deadly to protest in CHINA.
    coronavirus is BioMediaWarfare by CCP
    on its own people.
    CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY has survived through repression,
    total control of media, & now BioMediaWarfare - the fear of viruses - to shutdown dissent. The timelines are right there for everyone to see. Perhaps US Deep State sees this as a new strategy to keep us in line?

  70. Donald Trump lies like most people breathe.
    PLEASE, please know that.

    1. Bemused discretion says don't comment or we arouse Archie Bunkers enamoured camp followers.

    2. This is more imagination than fact and a failure to distinguish rhetoric from dialectic.

      Compared to the trifecta of evil of Prescott Bush, Bush and Shrub and enablers therein, he might as well be as pure as the driven snow...

  71. Worse than Biden and some others?... really do not care if he lies... give me a better option in politics than Trump and I'll vote for them... I feel Trump did ask for the investigation into Hunter... and he should have... it was not for political gain but for exposure... do not think Bidens will be charged because its endemic through out the system... I do think Trump is actually trying to do things for America... what would our country be like if MSM would actually report facts instead of lies and major bias?... country needs a major awakening... maybe it will come since the ground has been made ready slowly.

    1. Probably one of the smartest comments you have ever made........except the Bidens have to go down and its in the works

  72. Biden been in politics, how many years ? why has he not been able to solve the problems before America ?
    He was Vice PRESIDENT, why did he not inform Obama of possible solutions ?

    We the people HAVE to take to the streets and demonstrate ! the 60s must be REVISITED !

    Trump is THE only option at this time in AMERICA. THE ONLY OPTION. But , it is only a start.

    What is TRUMP plan to benefit himself and his family from 2020-2024 ? Certainly, we will know. They all do.

  73. Look at Kushner gaining vast returns from the Golan's land theft and his role servicing Zionist plus Israeli asset or power games ,Kushner and the Koogle are family facilitators. It's a glorified Tinker tribe.

    1. Nail the SOB if it is proper and to advantage to do so. He is un-elected.

    2. For 6,000'years this Cult has manipulated each society like a plague,and orchestrated systematic impoverishment, in pursuit of orchestrated greed by this malevolent Tinker species forever preying on its hosts until de loused.


  74. What if, lets us just say what if , Kushner is there for a reason. Am just saying. Yeah, you know the reason. Their is no POLITICIAN who leaves office office without its' benefits..... ??? Amen !

  75. Track every politician... Republican and Democrat... any money gained illegally jail them ALL!

    1. Jail costs, the Bastards need the Gulags or Organ Donars!

  76. This virus,hopefully may peak within 3 months,no small thanks to the speed and isolation effected by China.
    If not, we could be looking at a possible 2 years.

    1. Don't get me started. Every action the Chinese took worsened this from the start, and if the poor BSL-4 procedures that have been reported are causal here, I am not going to thank them for anything. Lying about the numbers alone is a crime against BOTH the Chinese and Humanity, because proper actions were delayed. If the true numbers were known, air travel would have been instantly curtailed. Instead it is mathematically guaranteed this is going worldwide UNLESS we get lucky and it is racially targeted.

    2. Numbers I hear are worrying but not quantified with State clamp downs. .

    3. Like you said, the next 4 weeks call it.

    4. Yes, but SADLY new UK tabloids ( Daily Express) are now projecting this virus if not stopped could hit 2 Billion!.Truth, God know's who knows?
      And that, is our problem.
      But Yes, hopefully the next 4 weeks will help, and I hope it's NOT a Pandemic because we have no vaccines, and if we do, be assured, they will help kill you.
      No nations can cope with this. True deaths, again via China?

    5. Well, this sucker carries an 18% mortality according to The Lancet.

      The human race will be in mourning for 3 generations if this hits that level.

      Surprised to see' the vaccine(s) will help kill you', one would hope we could do a little better than that!

  77. Bidens looking to get train wrecked in New Hampshire. The Skank will Tank.

  78. A follow up... THE EMPIRE OF LIES.

    In one breath Fed. Chair Powell says 'The Banks Are Sufficiently Capitalized" but then says "Appropriate Reserves SHOULD be Reached Mid-Year." Tell me again why We The People are AGAIN Bailing Out/Recapitalizing The Wall St. Banks?

    BREAKING "Is this you Mr. Powell? Attending a lavish party at Jeff Bezos's house with Ivanka and Jared Trump where Jaime Dimon was also in attendance?"

    "I would think that attendance at this kind of event is inconsistent with what I would otherwise commend you on.

    Fed’s Powell: US Economy Is In A ‘Very Good Place’

    huh ?

    On what planet does he live?
    I really would like to know.

    Fed’s Bullard: As Of Now, Current Fed Policy Feels ‘A Little Bit Accommodative’

    Does'nt Bullard sound more like bullshit ? FEDS BULLARD ! who are his parents ?

    this is scary

    we will enter negative interest rates too one day soon

    OH OH, here is the answer

    or maybe this will do ?

  79. Prince Andrew committed suicide in his bathroom hanging himself yesterday

  80. Reports indicate corrupt Biden is staring into the abyss.

    1. It's about time. Even Biden doesn't want to be in the race... Prelims out of New Hampshire are calling in 5th place showing...

    2. Dog face Biden and his son lives in the Abyss.

  81. New reports, albeit conjecture at this stage, indicate possible deaths of 45 million if this virus goes loose. Coughing, sneezing mindless Bastards are shopping or going to Doctors surgeries instead of staying home and asking for home calls.
    Mutants need their shot!

  82. Bitcoin's back above $10K, what's different this time around?

    1. yeah.....i thought i was a genius when i sold 200 btc at $11, when i bought them at $1.50 each....

    2. That would of been a cool 2 million today had you held on.

  83. Jussie Smollett—Indicted

    Roger Stone prosecutors—Resigned

    Al-Qaeda terrorist—Eliminated

    Trump approval rating—Record high

    70+ NSC Swamp Rats—Fired

    1,000 miles of border wall—Funded

    Entitlement spending—Cut

    President Trump—Acquitted

    Is anyone getting sick of winning yet?

    1. Don't much more !!!!!

    2. When will Comey andchis gang go down?
      The Clintons?
      Con Man bogus Usurper Soetoro ?
      Then so very, very, very many more and not one indicted.
      I think it's called Failure to act.
      Pre election, we were assured Clinton would be in jail. Bill deserved 20years for his girlie dance alone.

      What's to celebrate the Sheisters are all free? When will we see arrests? All the world sees, is an impotent Dufus. Where are the arrests and when? All the power of the Oval Office and the Crooks laugh at Nero with arrests of Zero.
      His role seems to be stealing land for Kushner and arming Mossad Bennie

    3. John- Okay negative Nancy. We have a lot to celebrate actually. You seem to think that President Trump can go in and arrest everyone by himself. We do have rule of law here and checks and balances. I am sure we will see arrests in the future. I am sorry you don't understand how this all works.

      You know, now take no offense to this, but how many times have you told us "...too sensitive, it's in play?" Same thing. There are just somethings that President Trump like yourself can and cannot do on his own. Geesh!!!

      Speaking of "It's all in play". Progress still being made?

    4. What you want For - Play now?


      Yes , Progress with Elders not for publication.

      PPs face down in progress.

      Bonds very close so far.

      There is progress.

      But the power of the Oval Office helped others achieve. Has he not found performance Viagra yet or are the 3 Quad Burgers at night quelling movement. He's visibly eating for America for sure. Sorry to be pedantic pushing for results, it needs us to get there. A Blind Bull in a China Shop is not cutting it.

      Arrests don't take 4 years. Focus yelling at that and watch progress.
      We all want the same thing. I'm just a Mutt Prodder. It visibly needs Electric Cattle Prods placed on the Butt a Blind Man cant miss, and maybe progress.

      My score card so far for him, is a marked card. Category D.
      Thank God that's NOT the best of America. Even our Turkey Johnson disses him.
      France treats him as a Joke, and Putin marks his card.

      Arizona, ARRESTS???? We all know the process, stop making excuses for a Dufus. His wall even fell over in the wind. You can't write this. The world sees Homer Simpson in large. And judges. My hope, is the day REAL Top Quality Americans come forwards. In 4 more years, maybe. Hopefully. Until then Homer has the wheel.
      What if in 4 more years he still bags none?
      Can that lot be more criminal? Just look at the last 5 Presidents.
      The only bright one who tried, died. But on message.

      If he spends less time helping Kushner and the Zio's steal the store, maybe then we see progress. Or 5 more years? New blood.

      I hope the Burger Delivery Boy takes 2 bites on the way.

    5. I give up. I'll give you the same answer you give us.. not for publication. okay?

  84. Bernie Sanders wins and all of Biden's support goes to Klobuchar.

    08.8% JOE BIDEN

  85. So now the Dems are pushing to impeach Barr.
    It's simple, when the Grifter starts doing the job he was elected for, all this goes away. Take it to them and start the arrests. Is the Grifter up to this or not,? 4 years and still not manned up. All talk and Tweets.
    History will not be kind in reflection and evidence will determine the impotence of this incumbent with real issues. The world knows.

    Sad to see the CIA pushing Buttlifter hard as their captive Clone for power. He won't make it but it's clear influence is in play trying.

    1. Therefore Sanders will get another payoff to step aside, and the DNC will want to push Amy Klobuchar because the Butt is unelectable due to the homosexuality angle.

    2. Word from behind the curtain....expect Clinton to be the nominee at the last minute.

    3. Correct it's being tried

    4. That would be fun, really!

    5. But this time when she says, YOU should be in Jail?

    6. Health Ranger reporting on his site that CDC has admitted that test kits sent all over US are failing to correctly identify the virus. Giving false negatives.

  86. Is The Media Hype Of Coronavirus Part Of A Larger Strategy? By Dr. Annie Bukacek
    Published on Feb 11, 2020

    Longtime Montana physician and member of Liberty Fellowship, Dr. Annie Bukacek speaks to the media scare tactics being used about the Coronavirus. She reviews the history of how past viruses have been hyped by the media, leading each time to fear and even panic among the U.S. population, and how this fear promotes mandated vaccinations and more dependency upon the federal government.

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin introduces Dr. Bukacek before the Sunday service at Liberty Fellowship on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

  87. I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday


  88. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has effectively ended his country’s century-old alliance with the United States, a shock move that will have
    ramifications for the region’s strategic balance of power including in the hotly contested South China Sea.
    Duterte delivers deathblow to US-Philippine ties
    Filipino leader scraps key bilateral security pact that US leverages to check China in South China Sea

    The Philippines gave the US official notice on Monday (February 11) that it will abrogate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), a security pact that allows for the US to station troops on a rotational basis on Philippine soil and provides legal basis for hundreds of annual joint military exercises and activities.

    Duterte opted to circumvent an anticipated formal multi-agency review of the VFA, surprising many of his top officials and political allies by his sudden executive decision to immediately scrap the pact.

    The tough-talking Filipino leader had earlier threatened to nix the VFA in retaliation for US travel bans imposed on members of his inner circle for alleged human rights violations, including in the prosecution of his bloody war on drugs campaign.

    The Presidential Palace, known as Malacañang, however, said the president’s abrogation decision was not made on a whim and was well-studied in advance.

    “The termination of the VFA will make the [Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement] practically useless and the [1951 Mutual Defense Treaty] a hollow agreement,” said Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, a member of the Presidential Commission on the VFA, on February 12.

  89. Question: "Do you know who Anonymous is?"

    Answer:Trump- "I don't wanna say...but you'd be surprised."

    Holy Shit.

    1. I think he is referencing the person who wrote the op-ed in the New York Times in 2018about them trying to restrain President Trump. I think the President is in danger everyday. And I think that he is in more danger as the election draws nearer because they cannot beat him.

      And then you have some stamping their feet wanting things done in their time without a concern about the safety of our President. I soon we forgot JFK?

  90. You MUST be lied to because ALL your decisions are now made for you..

    Remember to stay afraid and listen to the repeated falsehoods !


    On Monday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough revealed that he has been inundated with “panicked calls” from Democrats terrified by the prospect of President Trump winning reelection due to the weak 2020 Democratic field. He recalled desperate liberal voters asking him, “Joe, what do we do?”

    “Since Iowa, we’ve all got the phone calls. We’ve all talked to the voters. They are very concerned with the current field right now,” Scarborough noted as the show broadcasted live from New Hampshire, ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic primary. He then recounted all the nervous Democrats who have contacted him: “I can tell you, a lot of panicked calls this week....A lot of panicked calls and emails and texts...”

    Scarborough described the calls: “I got panic, ‘Joe, what do we do? What are we going to do? This is – we’re in desperate straits. What’s going to happen? Are we going to win?’” He concluded: “There is just this fear that among the current crop of candidates, there’s a fear that there may not be the ability to take down Donald Trump.”

    Co-host Willie Geist vouched to having similar conversations with worried Democrats: “Yeah, you hear it time and again. I heard it a lot last week. Particularly because of what happened in Iowa, which looked like a big mess to Democrats. But also because the President was acquitted on impeachment...”

  92. This is a partial copy of a Q drop....

    What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?
    What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
    What happens when the news is no longer free from bias?
    What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent?
    What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy?
    What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party?
    Fact becomes fiction?
    Fiction becomes fact?
    When does news become propaganda?
    Identity creation?
    How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
    Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?

  93. Here come the LIES....
    China’s health authorities have decided to no longer count patients who test positive for coronavirus but don't show symptoms in the total count of confirmed cases. Skepticism was immediate.
    Feb. 12, 2020
    Updated 5:36 p.m. ET

    HONG KONG — The news was abrupt and, to some, surprising: Overnight, Heilongjiang, a Chinese province near Russia, had cut its count of confirmed coronavirus cases by more than a dozen.

    The revision stemmed from what appeared to be a bureaucratic decision, buried in a series of dense documents from the national government. Health officials said that they would reclassify patients who had tested positive for the new coronavirus but did not have symptoms, and take them out of the total count of confirmed cases.

    The documents offered little detail or explanation, and skepticism was immediate. A Hong Kong newspaper called the decision a “disguise.” World Health Organization officials seemed caught off guard when asked about the move at a news conference this week.

    The change in counting cases is only one factor that has made it difficult for experts to determine the true scale of the epidemic. The tally so far is that the coronavirus has killed at least 1,100 people and sickened more than 44,000, but experts say definitive numbers are elusive.

    In the days since the changes emerged, several virus experts around the world have said that the reclassification was a minor change, even a typical move during new outbreaks. Other experts questioned the revision.

    The wary response in some quarters underscores that mistrust of the Chinese government remains pervasive.


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