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  1. Nothing Real Can Be Threatened,

    My book, ACIM arrived today. Had a brief look at the chapter titles and feeling a tad daunted. It seems so full on. LOL

    Not sure when I will have the right environmental situation to start reading but hopefully that will be soon.

    Thank you again for your guidance and kindness. XX

  2. This virus is popping up all over the UK now including in our London Canary Wharf banking centers. Plus towns and even villages all over the UK. Add that to world realities and we have a pandemic bearing down on us with no ability to will devastate shares and economies. Companies will fail and jobs lost. Cruise ships? Good luck with those. Holidays?even the great unwashed are holding back. Chinese restaurants God help them. It's getting worrying.
    Finance Industry Health Insurers have just cancelled all our pandemic or virus cover and reneged on all policies. All have copied. The insurance we paid for is withdrawn.

    It's getting messy.

  3. Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is reportedly "in disbelief" over his guilty rape verdict, and is gearing up for an appeal.

    "He's still in disbelief of the charges he was convicted of. He's very consistent about his innocence," one of Weinstein's attorneys, Arthur Aidala, told Variety.

    Weinstein was convicted Monday on two felony charges: criminal sex act in the first-degree for assaulting Miriam Haley by forcible oral sex in 2006, and rape in the third-degree for raping Jessica Mann in a New York City hotel room in 2013.

    After the verdict, he was sent to the Bellevue Hospital's prison wing, and has remained there since Monday. It is expected that he will be moved to Rikers soon.

    "The Jessica Mann charge is ridiculous. They were boyfriend and girlfriend. That was the no-means-no rape — it wasn't the forcible rape," he said of the third-degree charge. The thing with Mimi," Aidala continued, "Mr. Weinstein said, 'If I really violated her, is she really going to have consensual sex with me a few days later?' That just didn't happen."

    Despite feeling sorry for himself, his attorney says that he's doing ok.

    "He was in a good state of mind. Obviously, he doesn't really want to be there, but it wasn't like he was sitting there in a cage — it looked like a regular hospital room with a regular hospital bed."


  4. Wailing Screams of Wuhan at night as people go insane from the virus....UTTERLY FRIGHTENING and lends creedence to the chinese intelligence officer saying the last days of death there is so much pain from your body melting.

  5. From multiple awards winning, long time investigative journalist Jon Rappoport

    How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

    "When gigantic mega-corporations steal land from Third World people and then poison these people with horrific pollution, why isn't it called murder? Is that too stark? Does it offend delicate sensibilities? Would you say that a drug gang who shoots up a bar and kills ten innocent bystanders is just carrying out 'typical business practices in their field of endeavor', and should therefore never be prosecuted in a court of law on a charge of homicide?" (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

    ---This article assembles facts contained in my ongoing series on the "China epidemic." To get the details, I recommend going back and reading all those articles.

    If a group wants to stage a fake and frightening epidemic, how would they do it?

    First of all, what reasons would they have to launch such an audacious plan?

    On one level, they want to cover up human harm that is already occurring. They want to explain this harm with a false story. For example, suppose a combination of deadly corporate air and water and 5G* electronic pollution is making people sick and killing them. The parties responsible are surely not going to admit their crimes. No. Instead, they're going to claim a new virus is causing this harm in the form of, say, lung disease. The virus just "emerged." "It showed up out of nowhere. It crossed species from animals to humans."

    So...the first thing needed is a cluster of cases in one locale. A small group of people who have the same symptoms. This is easy to find. How about ordinary flu symptoms? Fever, fatigue, weakness, with an emphasis on lung complications [from the forms of pollution]. A few of these people are very ill. Two of them die. Now, the publicity/news machine swings into gear.

    It's called an "outbreak." It isn't, but that's the story. "They were all 'exposed to something'" at, say, a riverfront dock restaurant.

    The news---shoveled directly into mainstream outlets---comes from elite public health agencies like the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    It's an OUTBREAK.

    To use a technical term, this is all BULLSHIT. Understand? People in the locale of the "new case cluster" are falling ill and dying as a result of the actual pollution-causes I listed above. But the news takes a different slant: "Researchers from WHO and CDC state that a 'mystery illness' has emerged in City X, and they are working to discover the virus..."

    Who said it was a virus? Who made that unwarranted assumption? WHO and CDC. They always say it's a virus.

    At this point, suddenly, it's news all over the planet, and most of the population is roped in, right from the get-go. Virus. Yes. I see. Which virus?

    And shortly and miraculously, the answer comes: it's VX-20. A new virus, never seen before, "which probably emerged from fish and crossed over into humans. One fisherman has already died."

    Voila. We have a new disease. VX-20.

    Next question: did researchers actually find this virus? Did they?

    Follow the next piece closely. There is sleight-of-hand involved.

    One scenario: Researchers used what are called "indirect markers" to INFER that a new virus was there, in samples of tissue taken from several people in the original "cluster" of riverfront victims.


    1. Cont’d...,

      The researchers didn't actually use basic procedures to purify the tissue sample from even one patient, and they didn't see MANY identical viruses in an electron microscope photograph of the purified sample---if they took such a photograph at all. They certainly didn't perform this complete test on several hundred emerging patients---they should have, but they didn't. And most certainly, other researchers, including INDEPENDENT analysts, didn't perform the necessary electron microscope test on hundreds of so-called "epidemic patients."

      So...the CDC and WHO researchers came up with a notion, an idea, an inference about a virus, through these indirect markers. And via a process of continuing inferences, they characterized the virus they never saw.

      Scenario two: Let's be generous and assume the researchers did bother to look at electron microscope photos, derived from only a few patients, not hundreds of patients, as they should have. What did they actually see in the photos? Maybe they saw a few particles that looked similar to each other, BUT quite possibly these virus-like particles were just passengers that ordinarily live in the body and cause no harm. However, the researchers jump up and down and say, THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE NEW KILLING VIRUS. AND WE WILL NOW ASSEMBLE ITS GENETIC SEQUENCE.

      AND THEY DO.

      So what? These researchers don't bother to make the distinction between viruses that might do harm and those that do nothing. Why? Because they're determined to find something. Anything. That's their basic mission.

      In both scenarios, they've fallen woefully short of proving that a new virus is responsible for
      making people ill.

      But never mind---news outlets and governments are already on the march. THIS IS IT. A new epidemic. VX-20. A whole city is already locked down. Screeners are waving wands at passengers getting off planes. Some US talking head is saying there is now a rush to develop a vaccine. New cases of VX-20 are showing up in other cities and other countries. Boom.

      Let's examine that last part, about new cases and "spreading"--- because this is where people REALLY fall for the con. They say: "Well, here is a city where there is no air or water or 5G pollution, and
      they're discovering new cases, so how do you explain that?"

      The new cases and the spread are based entirely on DIAGNOSTIC TESTS. Those test-results determine whether there is an "epidemic case" or a "spread."

      There are two main tests: antibody and PCR. In a nutshell, neither test is adequate to say HERE IS A NEW CASE. Both tests are unreliable and worthless. It's more of the con.
      Both tests will claim to show "new cases" when they DON'T. They might show some antibodies or a few tiny fragments of what might possibly be a virus, but they show NOTHING that directly points to human illness. Relying on those tests would be on the order of laying down a bet on a game that isn't even scheduled. It's a farce.

      Antibody tests, which purport to prove illness coming from a virus, are actually showing, at best, that the patient came in contact with a virus. Actually, before 1984, this was generally taken to mean the patient was in good shape. His immune system had defeated the germ. But then, for several no good reasons, the science was turned on its head. All of a sudden, a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient was ill or would soon become ill. Nonsense. Farce.

      The PCR test takes a tiny, tiny sample from a patient that might contain a virus, but the virus particle is far too small to comprehend. The PCR blows up that particle many times, so it can be analyzed. BUT the test says nothing about HOW MUCH virus, if any, is replicating in the patient's body. And you need millions and millions of a virus replicating in the body to even begin talking about a cause of actual illness.


    2. Cont’d...

      AND both tests rely on the unwarranted assumption that a virus actually causing illness---VX-20---was truly discovered in the first place.

      Armed with these pathetic tests, public officials begin reporting a new epidemic case here and a new one there, and pretty soon 40 countries have new cases, and the public falls for it, hook, line, and sinker.

      And THAT'S HOW you stage a fake epidemic. The rest is pure publicity and lockdown and theater.

      Dangerous theater.

      Toxic drugs and toxic vaccines will be brought on board to treat the epidemic that was never there.

      The ACTUAL ONGOING causes of illness and dying will remain in place, shoved into the deep background. And THIS amounts to a capital crime. As in: murder. Remember that.

      People will be told not to question the official line on the "epidemic." This is called a clue. Why not ask questions? Because the answers might lead to a correct conclusion about the enormous con job.

      Let me add a few comments.

      The World Health Organization itself states that every year, there are millions of cases of ordinary flu around the world, and several hundred thousand deaths. This isn't "coronavirus." But the flu sufferers can easily be called "new epidemic cases." Ordinary flu can be statistically "imported" and called "coronavirus."

      Then there is the medical treatment imposed on people who are told they are "coronavirus cases." I'm talking about highly toxic antiviral drugs, which have the ability to stop natural reproduction of cells in the body. Particularly when such people already have weakened immune systems, or organ-function problems, the results can be catastrophic. The patients can die. Of course, if they do, they will be called "deaths from the epidemic."

      Finally, there is something else you may have heard of. I mentioned it a few paragraphs ago: murder. Do you really think the people who are consciously launching a fake epidemic, with all its consequences---including covering up and never remedying ongoing real causes of dying and death---would stop short of staging a few spectacular incidents of dying and death, in order to make a splash and convince the public Are you KIDDING? For example, suddenly, out of the blue, a few friends, previously healthy, in a small town, fall ill, and a few days later, they're dead. Health officials state they were "positive for the virus." "It came on quickly." Are tests run to detect an intentional covert act of direct poisoning? Of course not. Media blare this horrible story all over the world: "THE VIRUS IS ON THE MOVE." Same thing happens to a previously healthy family in Country X. They fall ill and die. And then a group of travelers on a mountain in Country Y become ill and die. Murder. However, the cover story is: "THE VIRUS KNOWS NO BOUNDS. IT CAN COME ON ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME." THESE EVENTS OF DEATH "CAN ONLY BE EXPLAINED BY THE VIRUS." That's right, when the audience is brainwashed and completely naïve.

      "But...but how could anyone actually commit premediated murder of innocent people, in order to convince the public that a virus is spreading in unlikely places?"

      As I mentioned, such controllers are ALREADY guilty of murder, because they're hiding the actual ongoing causes of death with the cover story of a virus. This sort of cover-up of crime has been happening, around the world, for a long, long time. To cite just two instances, look at parts of Africa and Haiti, where the "HIV story" has been promoted and funded, wall to wall, in order to conceal intentionally created and sustained poverty, stolen farm land, and corporate takeovers involving massive poisonous industrial pollution.

      When you go back in history---as I have---you'll realize that fake epidemics are standard operating procedure. SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile, Zika, etc. I've written about every one of these phonies in detail...

      Jon Rappoport

    3. Mr. Rappoport recommends:

      (*) Concerning 5G technology and China, I recommend watching Dana Ashlie's video, "The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda" on YouTube.

    4. this makes sense to me.....anyone else?


    Bloomberg said, “You don’t want to have guns. If you have a gun in your house you’re something like 22 times as likely to get killed with a gun.”

    1. Load of horse manure by Mini Mike.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. BREAKING: Bloomberg last night in a CNN town hall claimed "I'm very popular in New York" & boasted he makes an effort to "shake the doorman's hand" when walking in NYC so doormen can "go home" & tell families they know someone important, claiming, "I'm personal friends with Mike" What a little prick !

  7. He has armed guards!... bet he has a wall around his house also! Leave my guns alone!... 2 faced lying pos politicians!.

    Guns in the homes of law abiding American citizens is not even on the list of things that need to change!... makes me want to cuss!... fight the real fights!... take care or the REAL problems!

  8. All three major US indexes are now on track for their worst week since the 2008 financial crisis as investors continue to worry about the outbreak

  9. The coronavirus outbreak might get so bad we might have to cancel the DNC GOP conventions?

    The Bernie Sanders steal nuclear option !

  10. Elizabeth Warren just introduced a bill to redirect funds from border security to fight the Coronavirus

    She wants to open the border to stop the spread of a pandemic?

    Democrats are politicizing a global health crisis just to own Trump

    They hate him more than they love America.

  11. From Anna VonReitz today;

    Corona Virus Doesn't Add Up

    Masks don't work on viruses, generally speaking. There are some very special masks that do work, but they are extremely expensive and hard to come by and have to be replaced every few hours. The supplies that do exist are needed for the researchers and medical professionals, So forget about masks.

    Instead, take the idea of handwashing to a new level and learn to not only wash hands but safeguard your hands and nasal passages by applying dilute essential oil like a body oil to your hands and swab around the edge of your nostrils.

    Remembering that essential oils are very powerful and need to be diluted at least 1:10, add a few drops of traditional spice oil, such as cloves or cinnamon, or eucalyptus or tea tree or oregano essential oil, to a gentle carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil or avocado oil. This will kill bacteria and viruses, both, and provide a lasting layer of protection for hours afterward.

    So-- put on a "liquid mask" and forget the operating theater look.

    The epidemiology results coming off this outbreak are weird. By far, the majority (95%) of cases are mild -- like the common cold. About 5% of all cases develop severe pneumonia-like symptoms and may require oxygen and other intervention. The overall death rate is pegging in at about 2%, with small children and the elderly taking the worst of it.

    So -- objectively, nothing about this amounts to an "emergency" meriting quarantine. To put things in perspective -- we have had zero deaths from Corona virus, and in a bad year, plain old flu takes out 70,000 people across America.

    It's looking more and more like Jon Rappoport is right --- again, that this is just another Big Lie and furor designed to bilk investors in so-called "Pandemic Bonds" and dupe and entertain the public with fear-mongering. The question then becomes -- what are they trying to hide?

    Well, the USA, Inc. just missed a payment deadline. The theft of Falcone's money is rising to the top again. More holes are appearing in the excuses that the Administrative Courts have been using to attack Americans. Numerous huge court settlements are ripe for enforcement. The Dems have a vested interest in using any means possible to tank the Trump economy. The issues surrounding the quote-unquote Legacy Trusts are coming forward. And Americans are waking up by the bucketload.

    If I were in Washington, DC, right now, I'd "be afraid, be very afraid" but not of the Corona virus.

    1. Indeed. Thanks. Very interesting info in here yesterday and today.

    2. Tim and Biffie,
      You’re welcome. We’ve seen this theatre 🎭 production before.

      Wash hands, stay out of crowds, diffuse essential oils if you have them. Almost all essential oils have some antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Dilute in carrier oil at about 15-20:1 part EO if you’re going to use it around face. Some of those “hot oils” that Judge Anna mentioned using are quite strong and shouldn’t be used on small children at all. Tea tree oil is milder and can be used on children as well. Any time you use an EO, do a small test patch first to see if you have a reaction or sensitivity to it. Any time you see redness, rash or itching, discontinue and try another one.

  12. John

    Are the markets doing what they should be doing to release the contracts?

    When will the market correction finish to be able to go to next stage?

    Anything else you can dhare we are waiting On?


  13. Each health care worker who comes into contact with positive covid19 patient will require:

    Daily: 1 PPE suit, over 50 masks (depending on protocols), 10 shoe covers, 100+ pairs of gloves, 2 sets of goggles, & disinfectant chemicals/supplies.

    1. Insanity. They need to learn to use isopropyl alcohol spray. Especially since isolation rooms will be exhausted after a few doublings of the infected.


  14. Jim Hoft
    BREAKING: Ukriane Launches CRIMINAL Proceedings Against Joe Biden Over Firing of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin via

  15. Rappaport is solid for years. He seems to be the single objective and sane voice in the wilderness of insanity posing as news. They are lying whores(MSM) perpetrating and colluding together to promote their(zionists) narratives of lies.Zero deaths in US from this so-called "pandemic", a word JOHN likes throwing around here, only because he believes the lying-mill....ALL this fear mongering is driving up the price of popcorn for this show! LOL.

  16. If U.S. Forces Have To Leave The Philippines, Then What?

    The Philippines began the process of terminating its Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States in mid-February. In place since 1998, the VFA grants legal status to U.S. forces who are in the Philippines temporarily for exercises, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and other contingencies. This legal status, similar to the Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) with Japan and South Korea, enables a predictable, dependable, and cooperative relationship between the Philippines and the United States, and also allows for the rapid execution of our responsibilities under the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT).

    Without the legal protection granted by the VFA, U.S. forces sent to exercise with their Filipino counterparts or respond after a humanitarian emergency would face complicated and time-consuming processes to secure visas for personnel and access to bases and ports for equipment. Indeed, it was the VFA that enabled U.S. forces to respond faster than other nations after Super typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

    The United States and the Philippines have 180 days to negotiate a new VFA. If, on day 181, there is no new VFA in place, its absence would neither automatically invalidate the MDT nor force the United States to pull out all service personnel and equipment in-country on rotation. However, it would place those personnel in legal limbo (and under Filipino jurisdiction in the event of a criminal incident) and make it that much harder for the United States to respond quickly in a crisis, both of which directly threaten the viability of the MDT. In this way, the VFA is a crucial piece of the U.S. ability to deter adversaries and reassure friends. The United States has a lot at stake in maintaining access to the Philippines.

    At times when this access is in doubt, it is worth reviewing the impact of its loss. If, hypothetically, the loss of the VFA begins a chain reaction that, encouraged by Chinese pressure, ends with the dissolution of the MDT, the expulsion of U.S. forces, and denial of future access, what would that mean for U.S. operations? In essence, the loss of Filipino bases pushes the operational and logistical burden to four other main operating locations—South Korea, Japan (the mainland and Okinawa), Australia, and Guam. As a result, the size, speed, and character of forces deployed for conflicts related to the South China Sea and Taiwan would change, for two main reasons—one political, and one logistical.

  17. Learn to stop touching your own face!!!

    let's get
    Tim Pool to look at my Decontamination video so he can make a better one for his audience!

    RT please.

    #coronavirus is a bioweapon. People need to know this to think about it correctly.

    1. clif
      It will take Govt time to grasp that #covid19 is NOT a virus as they understand it.

      #covid19 will NOT provide immunity to reinfection.

      Reinfections will be more deadly than initial effects of this protein. The symptoms & causes of death will be different the second time.


    2. clif
      Some of us knew in January #covid19 was a bioweapon. And we don't even live in China! It is not that hard to figure out to observant minds!

      What if CCP had said it was bioweapon in Oct when it was released?

      #shameCCP has put humanity at risk.

    3. Careful on this "reinfection" idea. It is not tenable on a science basis. The number of double-hits can be explained perfectly thru testing failure or misinterpretation. Given the volume of infections, catching *another* pneumonia whether viral or bacterial would explain all the handful of cases to date. Also, it is a clinical failure to believe that a negative test means the virus is gone. Normally, for example with adenovirus, it is common to shed virus for days after resolution of symptoms.

      Also, the following timeline shows that the reports prior to Jan24th are probably all clinical and based on the generic coronavirus kit as an accepted PCR test wasn't even available.
      CDC has developed a real time Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test that can diagnose COVID-19 in respiratory samples from clinical specimens. On January 24, CDC publicly posted the assay protocol for this test.

      On February 26, CDC and FDA developed a protocol that uses two of the three components of the original CDC test kit to detect the virus that causes COVID-19. This will allow at least 40 public health laboratories to be able to begin testing.

      CDC has been uploading the entire genome of the viruses from reported cases in the United States to GenBank as sequencing was completed. Timeline Source -CDC

    4. Remember, it was the U.S. that shipped some 230K kits to China as matters escalated. I doubt those 230K kits where COVID-19 specific based on the CDC info above.

  18. Finally someone who can take out the existing Trash known as Mayor Kahn(job).
    Seems to be a Waste Management specialist.

  19. Source: SlashDot

    Federal health employees interacted with Americans quarantined for possible exposure to the coronavirus without proper medical training or protective gear then scattered into the general population, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing a government whistle-blower. From the report:

    In a portion of a complaint filing obtained by The New York Times that has been submitted to the Office of the Special Counsel, the whistle-blower, described as a senior leader at the Department of Health and Human Services, said the team was "improperly deployed" to two military bases in California to assist the processing of Americans who had been evacuated from coronavirus hot zones in China and elsewhere.

    The staff members were sent to Travis Air Force Base and March Air Reserve Base and were ordered to enter quarantined areas, including a hangar where coronavirus evacuees were being received. They were not provided training in safety protocols until five days later, the person said. Without proper training or equipment, some of the exposed staff members moved freely around and off the bases, with at least one person staying in a nearby hotel and leaving California on a commercial flight. Many were unaware of the need to test their temperature three times a day.

  20. BREAKING: Ukraine has launched a criminal case against former Vice President Joe Biden alleging he pressured authorities to force the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

  21. The CEOs vanish

    It's fascinating to see how many top corporate executives are suddenly deciding to retire for absolutely no reason at all:

    Multiple CEOs stepped town today and this week: Disney, MasterCard, L Brands, Salesforce, Uber Eats, HULU, MGM, IBM, LinkedIn,

    The resignation rate has broken upward out of its multi-year trend by 2-fold....
    Link to Graph

  22. More from Jon Rappoport today,,,

    The coronavirus vaccine as a source of dangerous invasion

    This article is based on the research of Annie Logical. Her far-reaching, many-branched piece, "Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing," can be found at vigiliae[dot]org. (The vigiliae link is at the end of this article.)

    In prior pieces, I documented two of the experimental technologies that may be unleashed on the public, in the rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

    DNA vaccines inject synthesized genes. The recipient's genetic makeup is altered PERMANENTLY in unknown ways. RNA vaccines carry the potential to trigger autoimmune reactions: the body attacks aspects of itself.

    As if that weren't enough, there is another element deployed in DNA vaccines. It's called electroporation.

    An online dictionary provides a definition: "the action or process of introducing DNA or chromosomes into bacteria or other cells [including human cells] using a pulse of electricity to briefly open the pores in the cell membranes."

    A pioneer in this field is Dr. David Weiner. He is the co-founder of a San Diego company, Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

    NBC San Diego, January 25, 2020: "A San Diego biotech company just received a $9 million grant to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals received a grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)."

    If Inovio wins a license to sell their version of a DNA coronavirus vaccine, electroporation will undoubtedly be brought along as part of the technology.

    Here is an excerpt from an article, "What you always needed to know about electroporation DNA vaccines," published in the journal, Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, November 1, 2012: "...the cell membrane also needs to be in a permeabilized ["opened"] state in order to allow passage of the DNA molecule...[Electric] Pulses may be optimized to achieve either a greater degree of permeability of the cell membrane (for passive diffusion of drugs), or a greater degree of electrophoretic effect. As mentioned below, there are various ways to go about this, but generally a series of short high voltage pulses (e.g., 8 pulses of 0.1 ms at 1,000 V/cm voltage to electrode distance) is used for drug delivery, and a combination involving long low voltage pulses is used for DNA transfer [into human cells] (e.g., 1 pulse of 0.1 ms, 800 V/cm and 1 long pulse of 400 ms 80 V/cm)."

    In a nutshell, this means that human cells, whose membranes are "too tight" to allow DNA to be injected into them, will be "opened up" by electric pulses, in order to deliver the new type of vaccine.

    Apparently, it doesn't occur to the researchers that human cells may be as "tight" as they are for a reason; and forcing them open with electric pulses, in order to inject DNA, could have unforeseen effects.

    Electroporation isn't the same kind of invasive action as, say, cutting into flesh to remove a bullet, during emergency surgery. The DNA vaccines, along with electric pulses, would be given to healthy people.

    But as long as we think of ourselves as guinea pigs, willing to sit still for all sorts of medical experiments, what difference does it make? Genetic-altering vaccines, the body attacking itself, electroporation---if we surrender to the experts, and their assurances, I'm sure everything will be all right.


    "Here's what we're doing. It's quite innovative. You see, with electric pulses, we briefly open up cells and inject DNA, synthesized genetic material, into them. Ordinarily, the cells would reject such an intrusion, but we get around that. Once the genetic material is inside cells, it mimics a virus, and the immune system responds, as if this were an actual viral disease. That's the vaccine effect. It's wonderful. Safe. Nothing dangerous could happen..."


    Jon Rappoport

  23. Iran's Vice President Masoumeh Ebtakar has Covid 19.
    Perhaps contracted from Chinese Military delivering weapons systems.

  24. Every election cycle we have a GLOBAL PANDEMIC HOAX!




  25. Does anyone else remember how fast Ebola vanished after Congress appropriated the funding for research.. WHERE DID THAT MONEY GO ?
    No viruses and no elections on the odd years. Interesting.
    The circus of speculation begins with the new drugs for #coronavirus
    Face with raised eyebrowCovid-19-HOAX
    This collective hysteria, driven by the mass media of misinformation, must be taken with caution by us, when analyzing the news; to know what intentions are behind this sudden epidemic.

    Zika worked so good last time! DID'NT IT THOUGH ?
    When was the Bird Flu ?

  26. So the New England Journal of Medicine jumped the gun on the asymptomatic transmission of the Covid19. The good news is that it's not happening on a continuous basis. The danger zone seems to be the few days before symptoms start. Major transmission is then as with classical virus.

    Which of course, means that all the Chinese quarantines were for naught, and probably caused faster exponential spread by locking the infected in with the uninfected.

  27. OWON gives more valid information and Virus news than anything out there.
    Applied intellect, with Humour. Who suggested spraying Congress and the Senate?
    Roach de lousing is the greater need.

    1. It does. I wanted to share a story, just to maybe make someone smile. My eldest daughter's boyfriend is or I should say was a near panic. He had gotten a cold a couple of weeks back. He was convinced that he had the Coronavirus. He would not take Tyleno as he said if he did, he would not know if he had a fever. He Googled every symptom there was. Anyone, poor kid was convinced he had it.

      Now, because he spends time with my daughter, she got his cold. Now, he was convinced she had it. He would ask her every hour how she felt, asked her if she had a fever etc..

      Anyway, they both recovered from their cold, but he is still in panic mode. I have had to pull him off the ceiling a few times.

    2. A good kick in the arse can help often.

    3. Winklepicker shoes even better

  28. Saudi Arabia has suspended pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina for people outside the country over novel coronavirus fears. A wholesale temporary ban on foreign visits to the holy sites is a first in living memory.

  29. On msnbc, former adviser to Barack Obama Anton J Gunn says the quiet part out loud.

    The elites of the Democratic Party decide the nominee--not voters

    "The party decides its nominee. The public doesn't really decide the nominee...superdelegates are very influential in the party."

  30. Now you know why Trump did not run as a Democrat in 2016, they already had their hag !. Oh, you already knew Trump as a Democrat all along. These MOFO. And , of course that little prick and former Mayor on NYC once a Republican and now a Democrat will be ? Oh ok. GOOD ANSWER.

  31. One of the few European countries to have zero coronavirus cases is Hungary.

    Strange, it's almost like having strong border controls is a good thing.

  32. Replies
    1. Yeah, with fried rice and Chinese steamed COVID-19 buns .

    2. oh, and washed that down with some chilled monkey pee.

  33. John, today is the first in a series of meetings on a foreign PP, by mid MARCH we will know the outcome. I pray that all works out positively for everyone, including the Florida group as well.

  34. All or Nothing. Factor in the Domestic PPs also re Chinese Dynasty funds brought in, the multi thousand Elders Trusts, the theft of the Tropos funds, theft of the Falcone profits, theft of the vast YR profits, theft of the Yamashita gold, Black Eagles Bush 41 scams. It's endless. Corruption worse than Nigeria

    1. Sounds more like a Brazlian whore house on New Years eve night !

    2. You defined America. Exactly, sadly


  35. Feb 19th 2020
    Donald J. Trump : Highest Stock Market In History, By Far!

    Feb 27th, 2020

    one of the fastest stock market collapses in history.

  36. decontaminating N95 masks:
    dryers will destroy them.

    Sun is good 5 hours turn at least once

    uv about 9 minutes to a side.

    bleach fumes = small plastic box sealed air tight =mask inside with dilute clorox in a bowl to out gas 24 hours.

    heat over 161 F will disinfect *probably*

    1. It is unlikely that sun/uv would be a good sterilizer as they won't penetrate into the pore structure.

      The virus is heat labile, 49 degrees C if memory serves. So yes to heating.
      The virus won't survive chlorine. So yes to clorox.

      Just my 2 cents....

  37. 60% of current Fortune 500 Companies will be bust within 10 years.
    Look at which and position.

    Chronovirus N95 respirator masks were 45 UK pounds. They reneged on all orders after accepting them and jacked them up to 170 UK pounds. Plus I have associates whose purchases were stolen by the postal services.
    The profit and price racketeering by these suppliers will enable them to strip out Billions from the panic. Highway robbery.

  38. Welcome to the US Health SCARE System.
    like everything else in neoliberal USA is only a profit center for the few; Remember Rumsfeld & Tamiflu; now Gilead makes $$ from use to treat CoronaVirus .

  39. Here it comes! Imagine this! And so quickly! 🤡
    So who believes this chicken/bull💩?

    ‘BDS THIS’: ‼️Israel‼️Makes ‘Exciting Breakthrough’ In Race For Coronavirus Vaccine

    “Our basic concept was to develop the technology and not specifically a vaccine for this kind or that kind of virus,” said Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader. “The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis, causing the body to form antibodies against the virus.”

    “Let’s call it ‼️pure luck,” Katz said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.”

    Rest of article at link:

    1. We'll see. Their business is fowl vaccination. In theory this might work. But fowl are not mammals. 3 months to do engineer it for human delivery. 3-6 months for human testing (right? we will test for safety first, then effectiveness, yes? yes? And do it on monkeys and dogs first? yes? yes?) So it's 9 months before it hits the first patients. 54 doublings. Too long. OK run it all in parallel, and maybe you get down to 4.5 months, 27 doublings... so we are back to the MIT scenario with roughly 2 million infected worldwide.

      If the vaccine works mind you. It can fail.

    2. Profiling Wujan,it's more likely to be tens of millions, it's out in densely populated cities, and running free among heavy Tube and airline users. The Chinese are now everywhere. We have 150,000 Students alone coming to the UK.
      This looks to be a very virile virus. Give it to the Clinton's with Monkey Gland shots.
      The next month will be a clear indicator for this year. It appears to be mass focused. Nowhere is safe. Extremely safe Rural Communities now have it.

    3. Has anyone considered they may be spraying it on us with chemtrails????

  40. Dear Unknown....awesome....just take it slow....sometimes it can seem challenging or difficult to take in...just give it time...I started studying it in 1994 and still read it over and over again as it is an on-going adventure of discovery and rediscovery. One day a sentence won't mean so much, and then an event happens or you re-read the same sentence months later and it means a lot more or is more relevant....have fun

    1. Thank you so much Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.

      I have started reading the book and it does seem very different to anything I have read before. It's certainly not wishy washy, that's for sure. I like the directness of statements made though. From the little I have read so far it's seems quite confronting.

      I shall continue reading at every opportunity. What you have noted above makes sense and I thank you again for your time and input.

      Enjoy a magnificent weekend Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.



    Albeit an older article, it's still valid today.
    The US Deep State Jews are the same ones who Russia mass executed when they tried to force Khazar Communism on Russia, mass murdered Russians and then under pressure ran fast to Israel and America and are now succeeding in America with penetration and control they failed with in Russia.
    Russia rounded them up and mass executed them. Now they mass suppress Americans and Rape the economy and are behind most Financial crimes. See what they have done to poor Palestinians. The death they cause all over the Middle East. It's beyond sad to see how far they have embedded themselves into America, Kushners slimy oily face behind Trump, and the evil scale of crimes they evade Justice with. Theft,Fraud,Rape, molestation, it's never ending with them. A dreadful aberration of humanity,far worse than any toxic virus. Who will deal with this accursed plague upon humanity. At least with Eurasia there was a clear game plan, and still is. No Roaches feeding off humanity or the feed stores.

    Read it. Be aware. We are coming. There will be no Plea Bargains.

  42. Ever thought about why the CDC is named the Center for Disease Control?

    THEY create the DISEASE, THEY control it! Hence, Center FOR Disease Control.

    They have hundreds of patents that they make billions of dollars from including a LOT of vaccines.  They are talking about another vaccine for the Corona Virus.  If these vaccines work so well, why do 800,000 people die of influenza every year?  Another "hmmm".  Let's wait and see if the number of deaths for corona virus get anywhere near the flu death numbers...and that's without a vaccine.

    It's kind of like the word television.  Say it slowly...TELL A VISION.
    Neo, are you sure you want to take the RED pill?

  43. Now ( Yuk!) an Israeli Scientist claims to be only weeks away from a vaccine for the virus.

    1. Maybe. It's based on tech that works with poultry. It's not clear it works on mammals. Even so, the best time to market, if it passes safety and effectiveness, is at 3 to 5 months. That's a lot of doublings of the pandemic.

      There is also a U.S. shop and another out of the NIH, so there are at least 3 vaccine candidates.

    2. Tino,

      It seems to double in days then double again. Just look at the Cruise Liners. 3 to 4 months will be vast multiples. Fact is it's now out everywhere.
      Second fact is they are lying about new outbreaks. Also confused. How many more weeks before genuine pandemic?

    3. The World Health Organization is just playing with semantics John. A pandemic is any disease that spreads to multiple distinct geographic regions in some form of rapid succession. It has nothing to do with total numbers. Last I looked I count at least 4 continents. It's a pandemic. Early stage.

    4. I think JV is right. The damn bonds/insurance angle WHO/CDC took may be playing into why the WHO is playing games on declaring a pandemic...

    5. Tino,
      Always follow the 💰. It’ll tell the story.

  44. Replies
    1. JD

      The Hedge Fund safety net of automatic sell orders will kick in soon and that will give the Plunge Protection Team in the WH real problems when it affects the real big picture. Then false trading would be activated to try to stem the free fall. If not the Derivatives Calls will come and the reality of worthless Insurance cover unfolds.
      If that kicks in then you will see the Financial WMD unfold. Bitcoins are in free fall. If the Hedge Funds market model triggers Sells it all falls. Leveraged Profits become Leveraged Losses, and that the bit Bankers hide trousering bonuses at your risk, but God help you if it mass triggers melt down.

  45. They always find a way to kick the can it seems.

  46. Used to be the wife until Hilderbeast arrived.

  47. An interesting new speculation. Our London leading BSDs are speculating on the vast new fortunes which can be re engineered if the markets can be driven down as the ideal time to do the Global Reset and PP releases to virtually double the wealth of the recipients as the market recovers over the years.
    It's been a Banking racket for centuries and is being re assessed right now. Hold back, force fire sales and mass cash in from crashing the vulnerable. It works, unless your the vulnerable then God help you because Bankers won't. Fortunes are made from recession and halving the markets will open up cherry picking. Under every rock?

  48. Buy the dips!

    A year's worth of haggis for you and Lord James, on me, if it works out as such. Anything to chase away the delays.

  49. Tony with Asian and US Time Zones I'm having to cover loose ends at 2 and 3 in the mornings also so life's not good until a thin Lady sings. I will leave the fat one to LJ he's already got one that's balooned on high living. He really bought bad there it needs to be on a spit in a burger bar
    It's multi task frustration for us all right now

  50. Oh my lol. Poor LJ.

    Enjoy the morning "symphony" - hopefully, not in A flat. :)

  51. S&P futures jumped almost 100 handles in the last 20 minutes of trading

    That is f888ing insane !

  52. People always say

    Joe Biden dont know,

    what State he is in !

    Hell, Joe Biden

    is always

    in a State of


  53. Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop. - Unknown

    Clinton, Bush, and Obama cheered as the US shipped manufacturing and pharmaceutical jobs to China.

    Globalism makes the coronavirus far more dangerous.

    Trump was right--AGAIN.

  54. Don't believe the hysteria over climate change.

    The climate has been constantly changing.

    It always has and it always will.

  55. Rappoport’s on a roll....

    Plunging stocks, pandemic fears, quarantines---what's the real operation?

    A grisly old PR pro waddles into a conference room where elite technocrats are waiting for his assessment of propaganda issues. He sits down, looks around, and says, "If you're going to launch a phony epidemic, the ideal place for it is mainland China. The government will lock down that country quicker than a missile fired from a drone. And then nobody will be able to figure out what's going on. Which is exactly what you want. You can say there are a million epidemic cases, you can say thousands of people are dropping dead on the street, you can say it's a bioweapon or a bat virus, you can especially say the government there is reacting beautifully, and we should all look to the Chinese example of how to run things. Because that's how you want things to be run everywhere, right? China is perfect for a phony epidemic. How are people going to figure out it's a fake behind the lockdown? Whereas, say, in a place like Brazil, there are still a few freedoms and a little leeway, and people can ask questions..."

    Things are changing quickly. By the time this is published, the situation may have changed.

    Right now, world trading markets are taking a major hit. Governments are blowing the dust off their old pandemic plans and feeding details to click-hungry press outlets. "We may have to use stadiums for mass quarantines of suspected epidemic cases..." "We have to cancel large events." Apparently, China has a hundred million people in some form of lockdown.

    There is no doubt that this insanity can continue, regardless of the facts: who cares whether researchers ever really discovered the COV virus; who cares that diagnostic tests are worthless for defining a case of COV; who cares that case numbers can be inflated without evidence; who cares that environmental factors in China (deadly air pollution, 5G technology rollout) can explain why people there are falling ill.

    Public health officials and governments know they can SAY anything they want to, thereby exacerbating the fear and the lies. And on that basis, they can declare emergencies and quarantines and lockdowns and the closure of businesses and the cessation of trade. They can bring police or troops to an area to "secure order."

    And the craziest part of all this is, huge numbers of people will automatically believe that such extreme measures somehow prove THE VIRUS is dangerous. The effect proves the cause. This notion was rebuked and throttled by Aristotle in ancient Greece, but armies of zombie-like citizens still accept it.


    The basic answer is: it has levels. Different players in different positions gain a piece of the pie. For example, pharma gets to sell immense amounts of highly toxic antiviral drugs, and gets to develop and sell an enormously profitable toxic vaccine. National militaries lick their chops and anticipate moving into big cities and maintaining order. The collection of entities I call the medical cartel gets to exert more influence over the minds of billions of people: "medical diagnosis and treatment, from birth to death, is absolutely essential for the survival of life on planet Earth." That's a BIG one. Understand: when the drugs and vaccines are toxic, the citizens are debilitated, and thus easier to manage.

    Long-term, the medical cartel is the most powerful wing of the Brave New World, also known as Globalism. Also known as Technocracy.

    Technocracy: With the rollout of 5G, the so-called Internet of Things really takes off. Smart cars, smart homes, smart cities. A trillion devices are connected; and a result, a worldwide Energy Authority can truly take its place in the foreground. Meaning? The real-time monitoring of all energy production AND use on the planet can be measured---and energy-use quotas can be established for individuals and nations, "for the good of all."


    1. Cont’d....

      It's called CONTROL.

      China is making lemonade out of the lemons of the "coronavirus crisis," as we speak. It's moving ahead with the building of many smart cities. And the government has the power to move huge numbers of people into the cities, where wall-to-wall surveillance will be the order of the day, "in order to predict future epidemics before they happen." The Internet of Things will allow all sorts of automatic quotas to be imposed on the citizenry. Food, energy, travel, etc. And then you have automated diagnosis of illness and mandatory treatment---another nightmare.

      It's called CONTROL.

      Globalism/technocracy is flexing muscles and producing hits on national economies. It's testing its ability to do damage in that area. It needs to level out economies in many countries, in order to take them over to a greater degree. Declared fake epidemics are a tool for that purpose.

      In this regard, consider what happens in any serious economic downturn or recession. It's what I would call Operation Close-Out, better known as Consolidation. Wealthy players, aided by banks, move in, sniff out major businesses and companies that are now on the edge of failure, and buy them out. The wealthy own more; the newly poor own less.

      Of course, with foreknowledge of plunging trading markets---which these players have---a prime opportunity opens up for shorting stocks, monitoring them on the way down, and selling them off at the bottom. Another bonanza. Another version of Consolidation.

      As I said, the real operation here has levels. Different players on different places of the power ladder reap benefits.

      Never forget that the World Health Organization (WHO)---along with the US Centers for Disease Control---operates these fake epidemics on the medical side. WHO is a branch of the Globalist fortress called the United Nations. WHO has its sleazy hands on medical bureaucrats in every nation on Earth, and it can threaten a government which doesn't react with sufficient alarm, when the preferred phony picture of an epidemic is floated for public consumption.

      The United Nations, to make a very long story short, wants a borderless, non-national, planned planet. Kinder and gentler. Ruled from the top. By technocrats.

      One of its wet dreams is fake pandemics.

      The age-old theme of Order from Chaos advances front and center. From the chaos of a pandemic, new layers of control will be imposed---and received with open arms. How much Order? That's always decided on the basis of an experiment. An exercise. A test. Which is what this COV operation is. Among the many questions the show runners are asking: how big an economic hit will nations, particularly, China, be willing to take; how much pushback, if any, will come from the citizenry; how tightly will medical researchers march on the narrow road of their preposterous fake findings without rebelling; under the auspices of emergency aid, how
      much money can be stolen, siphoned off, and placed into favored pockets; during the manufactured epidemic crisis, and in the aftermath, how much surveillance will citizens be willing to stomach; with what degree of acquiescence will people accept the announced end of the pandemic; how badly can we affect national treasuries?

      And so on and so forth. All standard inquiries, forming the basis of confidential after-operation reports. Along with, of course, prospective estimates of what can be accomplished next time, in a new and improved experiment.

      How thick can we slice the baloney next time?

      Jon Rappoport

  56. Sir John, what does "BSD" mean? Thank you kind sir.

    1. I'll help you out here Nothing Real Can Be Threatened in case John does not log in for a while.

      It stands for Big Swinging Di???
      The last three letters are cks.


    2. Now you see how Aurataya thinks herself to sleep at night.

    3. Can't Aurataya watch swinging click fingers like everyone else?

    4. HA! You have no idea how I think myself to sleep at night Mr. and never will LOL. Actually, sleep does not come to easily for me, so whatever I can distract myself with is just dandy.

      And by the way, I never do anything the way everyone else does and never will. LOL.

      Big Saturday Night for me. Night Night. Sweet dreams. Well hopefully if I can concentrate on those bloody swinging click fingers. LOL

      OMG John, you are a dreadful influence upon such an innocent soul like me. LOL.


  57. CNET
    Confirmed coronavirus cases, by country Down pointing backhand index
    Flag of China China: 78,927
    Flag of South Korea South Korea: 2,337
    Flag of Italy Italy: 888
    Diamond Princess passengers: 705
    Flag of Iran Iran: 388
    Flag of Japan Japan: 228
    Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong: 94
    Flag of Singapore Singapore: 93
    Flag of United States US: 60

    1. This missed the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria , Spain all infected

    2. Canada not on that list either - 14 cases as of yesterday.

  58. Hello, LOOOOOOOONG Time READER, came over when WHA made reference to this site what now seems like a long, long, long ago.
    OKAY, great. Grateful for the lack of ex-Royals news, had to chuckle that it was front page of OWON for a cycle.
    ANYWAY on to the next cycle. I watched an interesting video by Del Bigtree on Highwire. *FULL DISCLOSURE Del is not a fan of medical tyranny and neither am I. The reason I am cross posting here is because in his video, he brought up a very interesting theory that I haven't seen mentioned here yet regarding COVID-19.
    Thank you all for keeping the information flowing.
    If anyone would like another theory on what happened in China, he starts talking about the Corona Virus at 1:07:30ish THE ENTIRE VIDEO IS WORTH THE WATCH, but if you prefer the ostrich approach to life, start at 1:07:30 ;)

    (In other other news, definitely thought of John when the Dolly Challenge was bouncing around social media)

    1. Now bouncing around Dolly would be a lot more interesting


    Ha, ha, good laugh. On the other never know:)

    1. Biffie,
      Sounds reasonable to! There has to be some explanation for the cult like behavior!
      Maybe Tino will weigh in on these “medical conditions.”

  60. Fully off-topic(s) post:

    To escape the litany of bad news my wife and I decided to watch The Great Waltz. I am a long-time admirer of both Strauss composers. As a young boy, my father and I would watch the New Year's Day concert out of Vienna by the Vienna Philharmonic led by Willi Boskovsky,

    I discovered a wonderful Wikipedia tidbit that is worth sharing: Johannes Brahms was a personal friend of Strauss; the latter dedicated his waltz "Seid umschlungen, Millionen!" ("Be Embraced, You Millions!"), Op. 443, to him.[24] A story is told in biographies of both men that Strauss's wife Adele approached Brahms with a customary request that he autograph her fan. It was usual for the composer to inscribe a few measures of his best-known music, and then sign his name. Brahms, however, inscribed a few measures from the "Blue Danube", and then wrote beneath it: "Unfortunately, NOT by Johannes Brahms."[25]

    1. Love this story! Brahms must have had a keen sense of humor,

  61. Are you kidding me?!

    New York Stock Exchange considers shutting trading floor amid coronavirus fears as Wall Street firms tell workers to prepare to work from home

  62. Apparently, the NY Stock Exchange didn't get this memo

    In a conference call for media on Friday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) walked back earlier panic about a potential U.S. coronavirus outbreak, saying now that the U.S. risk remains low.

    On Tuesday, CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Director Dr. Nancy Messonnier had told the American public to prepare for the worst and warned of an inevitable outbreak on U.S. soil.

    On Friday, however, Messonnier presented a different tune by downplaying the virus and asserting that the risk to the American public “remains low.”

    “The immediate risk to the general American public remains low,” Messonnier said during the conference call. “Our strategies have been largely successful. As a result, we have very few cases in the United States.”

    Messonnier touted the CDC’s “aggressive containment strategy” along with a “border strategy” of screening incoming individuals as the key to keeping the coronavirus cases in the U.S. at low levels.

    1. The utterly absurd statement that "our risk remains low" when surveillance was barely executed is astonishing to read. Back of the envelope says we MUST have missed 10x what we found. At least 90 plane loads from China before we began to even look. Expect starting Monday with the CDC changes that we will begin to find clusters. It is going to be a week of continuous bad news at the community level. If it doesn't materialize either the kits don't work or the lie is elsewhere. Math is math and the R0 is the R0...


  63. BREAKING: Iranian member of parliament has died of a coronavirus infection

    Chinese people outside China are f***ing freaked out by what they are able to learn from people in China & are reacting accordingly.

    1. I follow an Imam on Twitter, he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran told their followers that the way to avoid Coronovirus was to place a cotton ball soaked in oil in their anus before bed. They also are to take their water to have a cleric spit in it. True Story.

      The Imam of course thought this was hysterical, yet unbelievable at the same time.

    2. First you have to dislodge the Ragheads already in there.

  64. Breaking:
    on Hannity just said U.S Attorney John Durham has conviened a Grand Jury. Not going to issue a 'Report", Just 'INDICTMENTS'

  65. Replies
    1. I so much want RICO on corruption everywhere. What also for gross Stupidity?


  67. More on Pandemic Bonds....

    Some analysts have argued that these pandemic bonds were never intended to aid low-income pandemic-stricken countries, but instead to enrich Wall Street investors.

    For instance, American economic forecaster Martin Armstrong has called the World Bank’s pandemic bonds “a giant gamble in the global financial casino” and a “scheme like no other,” recently arguing that these bonds could present a “a structured derivative time bomb” that could upend financial markets if a pandemic is declared by WHO.

    Armstrong went on to say that it is in WHO’s interest to declare the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, but noted that, in doing so, they would cause bondholders to take significant losses.

  68. Biden, under investigation in Ukraine, has the temerity to state that Trump is silencing the medical experts. That's absurd. Fauci almost has verbal diarrhea. The lie, if its there, is the CDC and WHO acting like this ISN'T a pandemic when it is present on 4 continents. This mind-numbing change of the meaning of words makes no sense except in the light of "narrative control".

  69. Paris France is a mess! Very sad

    Migrants set fire to vehicles & attack firefighters trying to take over streets of Paris

    Macron attacks his own people/Yellow Vest protesters weekly but allows this lawlessness to happen?


    What does a peace deal with the Taliban mean for Afghan women?
    The peace agreement between the US and Taliban could pave the way for the US troop withdrawal from the country but many point out that it doesn't include any guarantee of protection for Afghan women and children.
    - It will lay the groundwork for negotiations between the Taliban and the democratically-elected Afghan government
    - Under the deal, the Taliban wants 5,000 fighters to be released from Afghan-run jails, but it’s not clear whether the Afghan government will agree
    - It is expected to set out a timeline for the pullout of thousands of US troops in exchange for guarantees from the Taliban not to allow militant groups such as al-Qaeda to operate in Afghanistan.
    — Reuters

  70. BREAKING: Joe Coulombe, who had a vision that young grocery shoppers would flock to a store that stocked healthy foods at bargain prices, has died. He created Trader Joe's, a quirky grocery store that rose from a cult favorite to a retail giant.

    RIP Trader Joe, you really froze some fucking cauliflower and put it in a bag.

    Unlike most American corporations and the FDA, you actually gave a fuck about customer service and what human beings consumed. I am forever grateful.

    1. Did he? Here in Connecticut the Trader Joe grocery store is over-priced to say the least...

      Perhaps the original stores?

  71. My N95 mask orders at 55 UK pounds were accepted then a week later canceled and now offered at 170 pounds. Racketeering off the Richter scale.
    So now we create Lab virus releases and make mega billions selling masks? Who needs industries with this game in play?

  72. John

    Anything you can share on the financial stuff (contracts, length of time for market correction, time frames)?


    1. I have talked 4 times today,Saturday with Key US parties already.
      I talked with them until 11 last night. No one is more focused.
      No one has more hard driven F words unleashed hourly at them to get it done.

      Market correction, with a Criminal Fed,A criminal Jewish owned Treasury, Criminal Jewish Bankers, and a Jewish owned President, without the use of an Impaling device, flame thrower, red not anal irons, and a sub machine gun belt fed, progress is hard. My choice, the lot would be in Gulags. As Russia did with them.
      Retracking Roaches is not easy. It's a plague on all of us.
      How do we unlock the Roaches? Who do the Vermin not own?

  73. Thanks JOHN for all you do. Go ahead and enjoy DOLLY S TWINS today.

    1. The roaming "room monitor" got me on a strict diet of no eye candy. Cant share these tootsies, but OH! they are wonderful. would make a blind man walk on water.


  74. QuickTake by Bloomberg
    BREAKING: Italy's known coronavirus cases topped 1,000 Saturday, jumping from nearly zero is just over one week.

    The total number of infections is 1,128, with 29 possible virus-linked deaths, according to Italian Civil Protection chief Angelo Borelli's statement

  75. Trump calls coronavirus 'hysteria' the Democrats' 'new hoax'
    Yahoo News
    Feb 29th 2020 11:18AM

    President Trump said Friday that criticism from Democrats over his handling of the coronavirus epidemic sweeping the globe is “their new hoax.”

    “This is their new hoax,” Trump told a rally in North Charleston, S.C., the evening before the Democrats’ presidential primary.

    “A virus starts in China, bleeds its way into countries around the world, doesn’t spread into the United States because of the actions I took and the Democrats’ single talking point is that it’s Donald Trump’s fault,” he thundered.

    Earlier in the day, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney called the coronavirus “the hoax of the day” in an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in testimony before Congress, was asked by Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., whether he agreed with Mulvaney’s assessment.

    “I’m not gonna comment on what others are saying,” Pompeo replied.

    Trump, echoing an emerging Republican talking point, said Democrats “want us to fail so badly” in fighting the coronavirus. “They’re willing to hurt our country.” His son Donald Trump Jr. put it more bluntly in an appearance on Fox News Friday morning, saying Democrats were rooting for the coronavirus to “kill millions of people.”

    While a deadly disease seemed like an unusual topic at a raucous rally that also featured Trump’s signature attacks on the news media and undocumented immigrants, Trump also acknowledged that the coronavirus was indeed a threat to the U.S.

    “Things happen in life and you have to be flexible. We are preparing for the worst,” Trump said, adding, “We are ready, totally ready.”

  76. Remember when millions were infected & 1000 died from H1N1 aka "swine flu" in USA, before Barack Hussein Obama declared emergency?

    He waited 6 months, while Americans suffered, before taking any action.

    We can actually blame Obama for that disaster

    Washington state confirms first US death from coronavirus

  77. AWESOME !!!!!!!!

    It’s stunning the Trump administration hid the details of the deal they signed until after it was signed basically. Zero press conferences in Washington.
    After 18 years, Trump just committed to a total withdrawal by next April.
    No WH announcement.
    No Pentagon briefing.


  78. #covid19
    Chinese people in Hubei are reporting on deep web that China to cut internet March 1 due to them (deep web whistleblowers).

    Also say that ALL crematoria in Hubei are not enough & excavators are digging mass graves in rural areas & trucks of bodies are being brought.
    The Corona virus was man-made. Bill Gates is one of the financiers of the Wujan lab where it was being developed. I wouldn’t put it past them and by “them” I mean everyone from Adam Schiff to George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Pope. #DeepStateCabal #KAG2020 @CIA
    BREAKING: First case of coronavirus in Ireland.
    Travel will not be coming back for years. Cruise ships may never recover. Remember this will take at least 3 years to dampen off.
    COVID-19 Preparation (and Prevention)

  79. “At a nursing facility in Kirkland, Wash, approximately 27 of the 108 residents and 25 of the 180 staff have some symptoms, health officials said during a teleconference with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    1. Meanwhile near San Francisco:

      After learning of the diagnosis, the hospital “launched a meticulous tracing” of anyone who might have been in contact with her, Brewer said. The hospital remains open and is operating normally.

      UC Davis officials said the woman arrived on Feb. 19 but was not tested until Sunday. The hospital said that precautions had been put in place because of caregivers’ concerns about her condition and that a “small number” of employees had been asked to stay home and monitor their temperature.
      A little more digging found the comment "The number of employees affected is less than 100". How r them apples...?

  80. Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Cambridge, Mass., has shipped the first batches of its COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was created just 42 days after the genetic sequence of the COVID_19 virus, called SARS-CoV-2, was released by Chinese researchers in mid-January. The first vials were sent to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, which will ready the vaccine for human testing as early as April.

    NIH scientists also began testing an antiviral drug called remdesivir that had been developed for Ebola, on a patient infected with SARS-CoV-2. The trial is the first to test a drug for treating COVID-19, and will be led by a team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The first patient to volunteer for the ground-breaking study is a passenger who was brought back to the US after testing positive for the disease aboard the Diamond Princess. Others diagnosed with COVID-19 who have been hospitalized will also be part of the study.


  81. ·
    Corona virus Europe update.

    Flag of Italy: 1140
    Flag of France: 100
    Flag of Germany: 79
    Flag of Spain: 45
    Flag of United Kingdom: 23
    Flag of Switzerland: 18
    Flag of Norway: 15
    Flag of Sweden: 13
    Flag of Croatia: 6
    Flag of Netherlands: 6
    Flag of Greece: 4
    Flag of Finland: 3
    Flag of Romania: 3
    Flag of Denmark: 3
    Flag of Georgia: 3
    Flag of Estonia: 1
    Flag of Belgium: 1
    Flag of Macedonia: 1
    Flag of San Marino: 1
    Flag of Lithuania: 1
    Flag of Belarus: 1
    Flag of Iceland: 1
    Flag of Monaco: 1
    Flag of Luxembourg: 1
    Flag of Côte d’Ivoire: 1

  82. Prediction: With the changes in CDC testing guidelines and the kits moving out to first-line providers and all major medical institutions watch now the sudden appearance of "community infections" and "breakouts".

  83. Prof Zhang, who first isolated the genome of the nCov2019, is being unofficially punished by Chinese authorities thru forced closure of his lab. Dr. Zhang, in releasing the genome without permission from central Chinese authorities, bought us approximately one month towards getting a vaccine by identifying the pathogen. 1 month or 6 doublings means thousands upon thousands of lives saved and thousands of infections avoided. The man did the right thing.

  84. John does it look positive for Florida parties to have contracts in place this coming week? It seems they were backstepped last week awaiting schedules.

    1. No, it's backsliding so far.

      The PPs could go, Florida is swampland creatures.

  85. We need to Keep
    Our Vibration High
    Instead of Spreading fear and news about that virus
    Let's Spread Positive Vibes.

  86. Fascinating how many men in public life feel confident enough to criticise Boris Johnson’s history of infidelity.

    Given that most of us journalists know just how many of those men have shagged around for years, I guess their moral high ground is that they’ve not been caught yet.

    Why are Prince Andrew's lawyers such a secret? Lawyer for his alleged victim Virginia Roberts criticises the Duke for refusing to name the legal firm representing him
    Virginia Roberts' lawyer does not know who is on Prince Andrew's legal team
    David Boies says that the palace are 'not saying' who is representing the Prince

  87. Days of guaranteed paid sick leave:

    Flag of Luxembourg50
    Flag of Norway50
    Flag of Finland48
    Flag of Austria45
    Flag of Germany44
    Flag of Belgium39
    Flag of Sweden38
    Flag of Denmark36
    Flag of Netherlands35
    Flag of Spain33
    Flag of Italy29
    Flag of Greece28
    Flag of Japan28
    Flag of France24
    Flag of Canada22
    Flag of Iceland18
    Flag of Ireland17
    Flag of Switzerland15
    Flag of Austria10
    Flag of United Kingdom10
    Flag of New Zealand5
    Flag of United States0

    Having no paid sick leave isn't just immoral.

    With the coronavirus outbreak, it's also a massive public health risk.

    1. Respectfully, no paid sick leave in the U.S.? Where did you get this information? I have always worked for a company that offered paid sick time, as has my hubby who after years at the same company accrued 20 a year. Even my college student daughters get paid sick time at their part-time jobs at, at least 5 a year.

      Additionally, if you suffer from a long-term illness, you may qualify for short-term disability. So at this point, from my vantage point the information above is narrow in scope and misleading.

    2. Your request for sick leave can be 'APPROVED' or 'DISAPPROVED' . A Form must be submitted.

      Guaranteed, simply means, just that. A request for sick time IS NOT REQUIRED.

    3. Difference is US doesn’t mandate by law. Sick days fall into category of benefits that vary from one company to another like vacation days, type and extent of health insurance, visual, and dental benefits. Plus whatever else individual companies may offer employees like on-site child care, etc.

      And why not? That is the capitalist system. Companies looking for top talent offer extensive benefit packages.

      Why would Americans want federal government to mandate everything? That’s SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM.

    4. ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY, ON MY WAY TO THE VILLAGE, LOWER EAST SIDE manhattan.......Will check in and enjoy this site as well.

    5. Texian- You got it!! If I wanted socialist benefits, I would move to a socialist country. I certainly would not demand that the U.S. become socialist.

      Glad to see you back!!

    6. Just one more thought. At my husbands work, he doesn't have to get "sick" time approved. Vacation and personal days, yes, they prefer you to ask, but if you don't feel like going into work you can call in, and the next day you can tell them if you want to use a sick day, personal day or vacation day, or you can opt at not getting paid for the day.


    Command RCV stardust.
    Command RCV stardust.
    Command RCV stardust.


  89. “Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”
    ― Criss Jami

    Many people are beginning to wonder if they are getting the full and truthful picture from mass media. Maybe the New York Psychopath, Criminal News Network, and The CIA Post have an agenda other than your wellbeing? What a crazy suggestion!

    Last year I asked my Twitter followers to nominate some of their favourite alternative media sources:

    Imagine you are a business person learning about #TheStorm and wanting to inform yourself so you can take appropriate action. You're not interested in its history or esoterica. Which are the sober sources and serious publications that you should consider?

    With a bit of assistance, below is their edited response. This is offered without endorsement or recommendation, and makes no claim to completeness or correctness.

    The order is alphabetical. I have added a few words of their own contextual information. Treat it as a starting point for a more diverse and healthy media diet. When you've been fed only propaganda, it may be sickening to hear truth at first.

    If this list seems to lean to towards the political right, that's because too many on the left refuse to question what a lawless and lying mass media tells them. Reality isn't "left" or "right", and isn't going to change for your personal comfort. Will you change your media choices to better align to reality?

  90. 12 more UK virus cases today its doubling and spreading. All the masses are jam packed into tubes to service London. A perfect mass transmission vehicle. If we close the tubes London fails. Teachers will use any excuse here to close the schools. Snow and they're at it. A virus they will scalp weeks if allowed. But it's all over the island. Chinese nail bars and restaurants are empty. All in free fall. We are still allowing Flights in from Asia which is incompetent madness. Stop the flights and leave them out there. It's like injecting ourselves with an HIV needle and hoping it won't take. Unreal. This thing is taking off and we sit gawping clueless.
    It's got to be watched worldwide. Chinese Elders have gone to mountain temples to avoid the masses below.
    It's a great idea for guys to give free masks to some of the parties we see daily crammed into the tubes. A bag is too indelicate. Lol

    Joke while we can it may be coming out way. Disinfection hand washing liquids are having to be rationed. Won't affect the Irish or Scots.

    What now for the Trump zoo train this week?

    1. First, tell everyone that soap and water is the preferred way.

      Rationing has rarely worked in the history of man. All it does is force the price point and guarantee scarcity.

      Up ramp production.

      Up ramp isopropyl alcohol production. It's a great disinfectant. A misting bottle of it will last weeks.

      Unless the making of bleach is now a problem, remind everyone a 5% or 10% solution of clorox with water makes an excellent disinfectant as well.

  91. The PPs are our foremost runners at this time, which is fine because we have the full infrastructure, and Treasury cleared accounts for those. Plus credible Global project needs to be helped and funded.

    The world is in free fall right now. Nothing is sacred.
    Religions are under huge attack. That will intensify.

    We have to focus on educational needs, Professional ideologies with a new Ethereal values ethos, and get the Religions out of our schools with false indoctrination's. Post PP opportunities will arise for a number of you. Project support etc.

    We need to focus on making a difference. Harmonising nature, protecting the environment, addressing Housing and Energy needs,addressing pollution,a new approach towards care for the Elderly,and serious planned Community Development.

    We need to bring home our troops to deal with Borders and crime. Clearing out the trash.
    Withdraw troops from Asia and focus on de lousing Drug dealers, illegals, Criminals, and sorting bad cases. A Wookie License.

    We need to reconstruct nations. As we did post WW11. This is a War on want. Clinton volunteered until he realised it was not Wanton!

    The pressure is building. One is a start from the PPs. Global RVs are staggered.
    We discussed priorities today, Sunday. So much needs to be done. We have to stop the wars. Life matters.

  92. TRUE, TRUTH, FACT, Well when things break down.
    One more sign that the Jews have lost control of the narrative.


  94. Will the Real Julius Divinagracias Please Stand Up?

    I have been told that a Philippine Native has claimed to be Julius Divinagracias and that he claims that he has the right and power to open the Alpha and Omega Accounts.

    I say that the actual Julius Divinagracia is here, under the protection of the actual government of this county, The United States of America, and that we have all the proof including the records and he, of course, has his signature and emblems, and unique DNA as a living man from a specific known family.

    The Filipino in Shanghai is a fake. The actual Julius Divinagracia is, as you can probably tell from the name, of a completely different ethnic extraction.

    He has been prevented by the corrupt and evil corporations that are supposed to be here providing us with "good faith service" from leaving this country and from presenting his information and from enforcing his claims. They have done this with malice afterthought and with self-interest, in order to substitute an Interloper for him, just as they have substituted their decoys repeatedly, even substituting corporations named after The United States of America for the actual government of this country.

    That must come to a screetching halt and be recognized as the falsehood and fraud that it is.

    The actual Julius Divinagracias has, as of this afternoon, removed the Trustees for Incompetence and Breach of Trust. The Rothschild bankers and "US" Government are thus informed of their removal, in public and via email. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

    The Philippine Government is also placed on Notice regarding their Trustee appointment. If this Mess is not cleaned up immediately and the fake "Julius" recalled from Shanghai, the Trusteeship granted to them in 1934, will be removed from them at midnight, March 3, 2020 GMT.

    Let the news be heard and broadcast worldwide

    Mr. Trump is being sent Notice of these facts as is the Pope.

    Anna VonReitz

  95. ANOTHER BIDEN BEAUTY: Joe Biden confuses what show he’s on, says to Chris Wallace, "alright, Chuck, thank you"

  96. OMG: At Least 700 People Being Monitored in New York for Possible Coronavirus Symptoms

  97. “Donald Trump is gonna eat ‘em for lunch,” says Michael Bloomberg about the other Democratic candidates. He says that’s why he entered the race.
    AND so will you Little Mike.


  99. John , a while back i think you said that the USA/World is to transition to gold backed currency . Is that required to happen before your PPs or other Big Bs can get funded? Maybe that'll help the markets too ... and how would the general public know it has happened?

    1. No our PPs can be settled now with the profits and cash we first brought into the system and reneged on.

  100. From Anna VonReitz....

    Dear Mr. Trump, March First 2020

    You are advised that the Trusteeship of the Philippine Government will terminate and be removed from said "independent government for the Philippines" established in 1934, at midnight, March 3, 2020, unless certain conditions are met.

    The Government of the Philippines is under demand to make correction of the following circumstance within three days of publication, or forfeit all trust assets back to the Donors, including the actual Julius Divinagracia. Rent on the Philippine Islands and the cost of defending the Philippine Islands during World War II and since then, will become due and payable on March 4, 2020, unless this matter is successfully concluded in our favor.

    Julius Divinagracia entered the United States as a Permanent Resident and changed his name to protect his identity more than twenty years ago. He adopted the State where he lives as his permanent home and domicile and has followed all the protocols his adopted State and The United States of America require to take this action, which stands published upon the Public Record

    Julius Divinagracia is under the protection of our government and has adopted a State of the Union as his permanent home and domicile.

    He is not under any obligation of United States political asylum or citizenship.

    He is neither a Territorial nor a Municipal citizen of any kind.

    An Imposter from the Philippines has assumed his identity and has attempted to pass himself off as Julius Diviniagracia, resulting in this nonsense:…/2017-usna-divinagracia-treaty

    This is Public Notice worldwide, that this is a fraudulent and criminal action having no basis in reality, and it will not be honored by The United States of America as anything valid.

    Many hundreds of people worldwide have cause to know the truth.

    We have the records and the proof and we are not pleased with this dishonest attempt to (again) substitute a "ringer" just as the same Parties substituted their criminal commercial corporations and infringed upon our trademarks to promote confusion between "The United States of America, Incorporated" and our government --- The United States of America.

    Any attempt to pass this fraud artist off as Julius Divinagracia is destined for failure and any action taken to acquiesce to this substitution will come to ruin. We denounce this as a complete and utter fraud owing immediate correction:…

    We call upon you as Commander-in-Chief to bring forward the lawful, legal, and correct claims of Julius Divinagracia without allowing any further obfuscation, fraud, criminal interference, or obstruction. The funding for your government and many other governments depends upon this chicanery being addressed and corrected.

    No justice can result from further fraud and injustice. This pattern of behavior must be overcome.

    As of this afternoon, Julius Divinagracia has removed the Rothschilds and the United States from their trusteeships, with prejudice, together with rejecting any role for the US Trustees and repudiating any presumption of bankruptcy or abandonment of his assets. All treaties and papers and agreements signed by this Filipino Interloper are denounced as open fraud.


    1. Cont’d....

      The independent government of the Philippines has three days to get their man out of Shanghai and come to Jesus. You, Mr. Trump, and the Pacific Fleet are being requested and required to act in our behalf.

      Whoever has promoted this substitution of a Third Party claiming to be Julius Divinagracia in order to displace an American State National and to dispose of his assets under conditions of fraud and deceit is an international criminal---and any such persons are to be identified, bound over, and charged.

      No funds from the Alpha Omega or Spiritual White Boy Accounts or any other Legacy Accounts can be accessed or released without consultation with and approval from both our government and the actual man, Julius Divinagracia, who stands upon our shores and who is owed all right, title, and interest in his private property and heirship, and who is the only one on Earth empowered to make treaties and disbursements in his name.

      It is your sworn duty and the duty of every member of the American Armed Forces including all those under contract to the U.S. Military, to uphold and protect the persons of all Americans per Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America.

      Julius Divinagracia is an American, and his Good Name and Identity has been stolen, subjected to International theft, abuse, and false contracting processes.

      We believe that your duty in this matter is clear and that the Government of the Philippines has been, at the very least, derelict in its responsibilities as Trustees of American assets. They have been given three days to get this Mess straightened out. The clock is ticking.

    2. Re Von Reitz Epistles- Ever more .

      I read the above, I'm sure the US is ( Not !!! shaking in its boots) and this is more diatribe for toilet paper.
      Wookies, Brokers, and Self Appointed Judge Wanabes. Hardly Dred is it?

      Apart from the US cocking them the long finger, they expect what?
      They need to keep taking their Meds.
      So March 4th when the US has NOT complied they will do what?
      DC is at more risk of laughing itself to death.

      At best DC may offer them a complimentary roll for AC /DC and a directive to assume the position.

    3. John,
      Even though posting from hospital after major surgery this morning, I can’t let your disparaging rant slide!

      Anna VonReitz has researched documents to back up her claims. Where are your claims coming from? Do you want me to guess? 🤡

      You don’t like her because she can prove there’s a Brit at the bottom of every 💩 pile!
      Maybe you need some Mary Jane....or what do you call it over wouldn’t know, but I hear it works wonders. 😉

      Sorry, Canauzzie, the drugs made me do it! LOL


  101. Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to wash your freaking hands.

  102. So WHO doubled-down on it not being a pandemic.

    This Orwellian change of the classic meanings of words is as frightening as the pandemic.

    Reality: We have unstable spread across 60 countries worldwide. It's a goddamn pandemic.

    1. It will be declared a pandemic within 30 days....already decided.

      Then a vaccine will come out and roadblocks will go up manned by the military and UN Troops. You will be forced to take it and will be required to have a metal SS bracelet that will have an RFID chip in it. Refusal will mean you are endangering others and you will be arrested and taken to a medical FEMA camp. If you are with your family they will split you up and send your wife to 1 camp, you to another and your kids to another.

      The bracelets are now instituted in China. Australia just announced this morning they can arrest you for endangering others.

      Expect chaos by May.

      I would highly advise not taking any vaccine created in a few months.

    2. I hear you. And agree that the first round of vaccines may/will be dangerous. Remember the spiked low-grade coronavirus vaccine? The monkeys when challenged will the real virus died of rapid overwhelming pneumonia.

      Of course, if that's how they are going to do it, it's insane. All they need to do is ring-fence the infected friends and family and the epidemic ends.

      But it's not about ending the epidemic, it's about the FEMA/control precedent.

  103. Judge Anna as VP for Trump. Pence is a schill and a stooge. He brings zero benefit to Trump now, nor ever has. At least Trump would have somebody with a thinking mind by him. She has the interests of all Americans near and dear to her heart, and JOHN, your disparaging her like you just did above is a shame on you, sir. She is taking a stand, acting on what she has unraveled and explained(the giant layers on the giant onion of the Black Nobility, explained for all to see the truth of what has been foisted upon humanity by that monstrous group of genocide perpetrator/puppeteers for centuries).

    1. It's hype deflected by the State and ridiculed by over adventurous demands. It serves no purpose. Noise on the System. It profiles like Old Mother Riley attention seeking. Far more important things are in play.
      Focus right now on Pandemic implications and stock up on Meds.

  104. The DOW surged up nearly 1,300 points—the largest single day point gain in history.

  105. The biggest cause of human suffering is socialism.


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