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One World of Nations
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18 to 21 February, 2020

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  1. We are being advised by key Asian associates that Singapore has started locking down everything as with Wujan. Is a pandemic loose and covered up?

    1. John,

      Just look at all the dead bodies on the street. 500 million locked down. You don't do this for the Flu or some other winter virus. They are bulldozing piles of dirt into the street to keep people from leaving. This is the NWO depopulation event.

    2. But why bypass Pakistan?

  2. China enacts "cordon sanitaire" for whole cities totally at least 760+ million people.

    Cordon sanitiare is what they did during medieval times when the Black Plague hit Europe. In those cases, first they locked up potentially infected family together in their homes for a period, which all but guaranteed death as each in succumb to illness and ultimately could not feed themselves and ran out of water. Dehydration kills most.

    Then they realized the disease was coming in due to trade, so they would hunt down merchants and barbaric violence occurred. The cities were walled and under guard so there was no foot traffic or carts in and out of the city.

  3. More confirmation that this is a genetically created virus


    What is important is the message and not the messenger. The human mind usually associates a given message with perceived characteristics of the messenger and this tends to cloud its objectivity.

    New Financial System
    Most of this intel comes from sources deep within the occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide.Reset

    This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation

    Day 1
    When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay the debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations.
    Since the Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank, and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.

    Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.

    All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt).

    Day 2-7
    Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion.
    Some businesses will be temporarily closed.
    Some of those that remain open may accept cash, others will only accept gold or silver coins.
    Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down.
    There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline.

    Revaluation (RV)
    After about 1 week from the Event
    There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.
    The new financial system will be introduced.
    It will be backed up with Yamashita gold.
    That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet.

    All fair business agreements, contracts, and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected.
    Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be canceled, null and void.

    In a few weeks
    Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.

    The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public.
    Those funds include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust.

    Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

    Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal.

    Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded. Part of the money from Saint Germain Trust will go directly to Lightworkers, the rest of it will fund projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact.

    Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes.
    This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it, willingly or unwillingly, and release the surface of this planet to humanity

  5. Has anyone heard about this being reported about text messages from doctor at CDC?

    1. They wouldn't be able to conceal that many easily. The grass roots would not cooperate as a rule. We have a radically different reporting system. From boots on the ground: I have friends in the Stamford health systems and we are relatively confident that ER's up and down the NorthEast are NOT experiencing even a bump in visits. That's an all clear from NY to Boston and as far south as Baltimore.

      Nota bene not saying they couldn't, just that it would be hard.

  6. And then this?

  7. According to William Mount, whom I find hard to follow. But decided to share due to fact I have not seen anyone posting this info. regarding Unit 8200.

    MOUNT: The U.S. Government, Inc. is in TRILLIONS in debt to the Rothschild Family… and it had an extension until February 15, 2020 to pay up…. If failed…. And today the Mossad was handed the computer “8200” that runs the NSA, CIA, and all intel communications… because all of that communication goes to Israel and bounces right back…to New York City… they know everything you have done…

    Israeli Intelligence Takes Over The US

    Unit 8200 (Hebrew: יחידה 8200‎, Yehida shmonae -Matayim- "Unit eight - two hundred") is an Israeli Intelligence Corps unit responsible for collecting signal intelligence (SIGINT) and code decryption. Military publications include references to Unit 8200 as the Central Collection Unit of the Intelligence Corps, and it is sometimes referred to as Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU).[1] It is subordinate to Aman, the military intelligence directorate.
    The unit is composed primarily of 18–21 year olds. As a result of the youth of the soldiers in the unit, and the shortness of their service period, the unit relies on selecting recruits with the ability for rapid adaptation and speedy learning.[2] Afterschool programs for 16–18 year olds, teaching computer coding and hacking skills, also serve as a feeder programs for the unit.[3] Former Unit 8200 soldiers have, after completing their military service, gone on to founding and occupying top positions in many international IT companies and in Silicon Valley.[4][5]
    According to the Director of Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute, "Unit 8200 is probably the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world and stands on a par with the NSA in everything except scale."[6]

  8. Trump Takes Command Of Worlds Most Feared Spies More Powerful Than CIA-FBI Combined
    A mind-blowing classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today stunningly reveals that the “productive meeting” held yesterday in the White House between President Donald Trump, his top intelligence officials and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo marks one of the most momentous events to have occurred in modern American history—most particularly because Cuomo was directly threatened at this meeting and ordered not to interfere in any way whatsoever with the just activated massive cybersecurity center opened in New York City called CyberNYC—which is an actual massive intelligence operation being organized and operated by the world’s most feared spies known as Unit 8200—the Israeli Intelligence Corps unit responsible for collecting signal intelligence and code decryption—is the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world that stands on a par with the US National Security Agency (NSA) in everything except scale—whose elite spies are called “Israel’s equivalent of Harvard, Princeton and Yale”—and whose $100 million CyberNYC public-private funding was 70% financed by multi-billionaire American hedge fund manager Paul Singer—the same Paul Singer who warned last March-2019 that “socialism is on the march again”—a warning followed a few months later, in September-2019 by Republican Party mega donor Paul Singer using his Elliott Management Corporation (EMC) to buy a $3.2 billion stake in the telecommunications giant AT&T, most notable because this company owns the anti-Trump fake news network CNN—an Elliott Management Corporation whose tactics traumatized the chairman of a German company who described them as “psycho-terror”—
    and when the Unit 8200 operation CyberNYC went active this past week, saw Singer then using these “psycho terror” tactics when his Elliott Management Company took a major stake in the Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank Group—the significance of which now gives Unit 8200 a media arm to use (CNN) as well as an international bank (SoftBank) it can utilize to keep its funding hidden from prying eyes—thus making the Unit 8200 run CyberNYC operation more powerful than the CIA and FBI combined—a power now fully commanded by President Trump—who during his showdown meeting with Governor Cuomo, had at his side acting US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf—the same Secretary Wolf, who immediately after this Trump-Cuomo showdown ended, ordered “Elite Tactical Agents” deployed to 10 socialist Democrat Party iron-grip controlled sanctuary cities—“elite tactical agents”, however, most other nations call “death squads”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

  9. BREAKING: Many leading Chinese scientists are starting to speak out and say COVID-19 (coronavirus) originated at a government bioweapons research facility in Wuhan, rather than the widely-held belief that it emerged from the city's Huanan seafood markets.

  10. Reports indicate Russia is now blocking all Chinese access to Russia. Putin must know far more to make such a Draconian move. They have a joint defence pact. What spooks Russia,?
    What is the pending true mortality rate in China? Look how many became infected on the Cruise ships. How many will get infected locked down in Wujan. This could be millions. What also is China's mass risk exposure level,? How many could die?
    Chinese have mass fled everywhere focused on self interest with no regard for consequences. It unravels.

    1. External-to-China death rats however refuse to climb at anywhere near the 2% rate or higher. So, the X-factor remains...

    2. sigh... rates not "rats"...

    3. Something like that... :)

  11. The Jewish Tranny Billionaire Spending Big to Push Trans Ideology on America ($29 Billion Pritzker Oligarch Clan)

    Of course IT is...

    It seems like we woke up one day to find that, out of nowhere, distinguishing between male and female has become illegal. In defiance of intuition, common sense and 3rd grade biology, a number of liberal plutocracies like Canada and the United Kingdom have legislated to force-feed their subjects the doctrine of transgenderism, which contrary to the idea that it is an individual choice, is always coupled with mandates that ordinary citizens acknowledge the delusions of wealthy narcissists and perverts.

    In the United States, using the incorrect pronoun or expressing suspicion that transgender people are simply mentally ill incurs a massive personal cost. Such expressions can get one put on a Southern Poverty Law Center hit list, banned from the ability to use social media and banking services, and opens one up to harassment and violence from anarchist and radical liberal militias given vast leeway to operate by the police.

    An army of phony scientists, shameless academics, politicians and activist legal fronts, armed with unfathomable amounts of money, have been successful in using every dirty trick to completely circumvent and upend legislative democracy. Christopher Caldwell's recent book, "The Age of Entitlement," outlines how elites have been able to use Civil Rights precedents - where laws are decided in courts rather than by elected representatives and referendum - to radically transform American society by overruling the US Constitution and the will of the people.

  12. John its TUESDAY evening the Team has returned to Florida ( beautiful weather) . How are things shaping up overall - PPs , currency, bonds . Thank You.

  13. Give it a day to kick in Monday was a holiday and many won't travel in their own time so they are only settling in now and will only start talks Wednesday.

    1. John,

      Honest question: what makes you believe, so intently, PP settlements will ever occur?

    2. Look at the parties linked who stand to gain!

    3. Why would that matter? Look at the parties who stand to lose. I would argue they have more incentive to protect their power, AND they hold all the cards.

    4. AB IRA TO....Light cancels out darkness....."Where darkness was I look upon the light. Father, our eyes are opening at last. Your holy world awaits us, as our sight is finally restored and we can see. We thought we suffered. But we had forgot the Son whom You created. Now we see that darkness is our own imagining, and light is there for us to look upon. Christ's vision changes darkness into light, for fear must disappear when love has come. He fails at nothing."

    5. Ab Irato
      If you can't take the heat, Quit.
      We chose to invest our own money, time, focus and lives in pursuit of lawful Debt owed.
      For them, as heat intensifies, exposure becomes more potent, it's a battle of wills. Eurasia will scour the lot of them..Coronovirus will have its value as a test run on how to identify, low down and irradiate and invasive disease.
      In its time, it will be applied to Cults

    6. Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, may I please ask a question of you?

      I am honestly not trying to be rude or offensive to you in any manner whatsoever but what you sometimes express puzzles me. It could certainly be my lack of knowledge of areas you seem to have extensive knowledge. I'm not certain at this point.

      What you have shared above, from my limited perspective appears to me to be a possible quote from the bible or another scripture of that nature. I have never read the bible so I am not sure.

      Sorry, I know this is extreme but.... What would you say or feel or utter if someone was pointing a loaded gun in your face, in the sense of a home invasion type situation?

      Would utter fear relocate you to a different mindset?

      How do you know what you believe is actually real?

      Is it such a strong belief that makes it real for you?

      I am honestly not meaning to be rude to you or judge you at all. I very simply do not understand your perspective and actually wish to.

    The Pirbright Institute (UK) has been awarded 11 U.S. Patents, including Coronavirus U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701

    The Pirbright Institute is controlled by the Queen's Golden Share along with SERCO and QinetiQ (pron. kinetic)

    Pirbright's controllers track back to SERCO, QinetiQ & Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Chairman Marconi and the British Intellectual Property Institute

    Outrageously, British SERCO—today runs the U.S. Patent Office (proof below), U.S. FEMA Region 04, and Zone 02, websites for U.S. Obamacare, OPM, GSA and U.S. Navy SPAWAR, Virginia, New York, 63 U.S. city air traffic controllers, and more

    SERCO used its control of the U.S. Patent Office to issue its British bio company a patent on the Coronavirus in record time—that's pure fraud. americans4innovation.

  15. Rumor out of DC tonight is Barr to resign... we'll see what the morrow brings...

  16. As part of new British Border Controls no Non English Speaking people will be allowed residential or work entry here in future. It's a start to deal with the millions of desperate Welfare and Crime cases cropping our economy. Now, they will be stopped at point of entry or Visa application. The next problem is turfing out the low life's not wanted here. We are taking our nation back.

  17. Give it 14 more days but so far Coronovirus seems contained within China. Whilst yes, it's spread, the feared Pandemic has not yet shown signs of happening.
    China's crackdown on its national will impact it's population, it seems likely only to knock out at worst a few million which from Billions matters little to the base. But, as a test weapon, job done and the next focused one will be swift if released on target nations. Warfare is changing. Virus is a secret mass killer.
    The problem as ever, is when it mutates and jumps tracks from its primary DNA target.
    SERCO will be planning ahead for the Bio dead.

  18. "China's crackdown on its national will impact it's population, it seems likely only to knock out at worst a few million which from Billions matters little to the base. But, as a test weapon, job done and the next focused one will be swift if released on target nations."

    OMG! What a thoroughly delightful world we reside in. This is not right. What the hell is the point of coming here if we are to be treated like this. Excuse me, but the a'holes that decided this may possibly be a good weapon to control population growth need a nice shiny bullet right between the eyes. That's if that is even the truth of course. Who the heck really knows. China is certainly not going to permit the truth to be uncovered.

    1. Correct, of course. But current reality. Not justified, just reported. Your need, to know.

    2. Thank you John. I do appreciate you are reporting those facts. But, allow me to say is again. What a world.

  19. What now of Trumps actions pardoning the very Swamp Creatures he promised to jail.
    We KNOW he sequestrates State funds to fill his hotels, had moves his vast entourage accordingly, but having gotten away with Stormie, and his visible Hotel scams, is he now doing a Clinton and selling Pardons?
    It runs in the bloodline. What happened to draining the Swamp? Elect a Skank, expect what?
    Where's a new JFK?

    As part of the Virus breakout China is rounding up its dissidents, and they go into the night. Cloak and Dagger and they are getting the dagger. China knows how to deal with its Ho's. The US just makes then Democrats.

    1. As to the pardons, these are lesser figures in local politik, that carry local weight and it's all electioneering. Rabid (D) will not vote Trump, but these actions WILL carry many a moderate (D) over the line. Any yes, undoubtedly, there was some trading going on but that's been true since the Whiskey Rebellion pardon by President Washington. Which was necessary, because while Hamilton was right morally, Washington realized that without the pardons the new government would have been violently overthrown in the next Administration.

      Trump DOES NOT "sequestrate" funds, whatever that means, when he travels with his entourage. Like every dam President before him, a bill is rendered. Whether he stays at his own hotels, or not, doesn't really change the $$$ spent, and there is actually no law preventing this, sour grape comment notwithstanding. You can Lobby Congress if you think that is so important at this juncture of the world.

  20. Mike Bloomberg

    I like Theatre, Fine Dining, and chasing women.

    English educated by any chance?
    Move here Mike. Join the Club.

    1. Who would want this piece of excrement in their country? Not me.

      I know you are being cheeky John. LOL

    2. Of course, always expect the curved ball with me
      He's Zio so fails to get in here.

  21. Both will lose.

    Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money.

    Bernie is trying to buy the election with your money.

    Honest question, which one do you think is worse?

  22. Trump PARDONING of these swamp creatures shows his COMPLETE AWARENESS !

    IF THE PPs are not completely processed, WE know that they were at his door steps !

    Any Questions ?

    nuff said !

  23. Former Illinois Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich after getting out of prison after Pres. Trump’s commutation:

    "He's [Pres. Trump] got a obviously big fan in me. If you're asking what my party affiliation is: I'm a Trumpocrat."

    1. I believe that a deal was cut with Blago. Remember, he knows much about Barry. I truly believe that is what got him prison in the first place. Illinois going after corrupt politicos? Please. Hope the birdie sand

  24. Net Worth Before Presidency:
    Trump $3.7B
    Obama $1.3M
    Clinton $700K
    Carter $150K

    Estimated Net Worth Today:
    Trump $3B
    Obama $134M
    Clinton $243M
    Carter $8.5M

    Remind me who’s corrupt again?

  25. And to all you red vs blue,
    You aint in the club,
    and never will be.

  26. Texian: Color me NOT surprised...

    From Justice Anna:

    The Brits -- Incredibly -- Again?

    Remember my observation that the Brits are always, always, always at the bottom of every dog pile. Always. Without exception. Wind your watch by it and take it to the bank:

    But, occasionally, in their zeal to "maximize impacts" and get as many strikes in with one blow as possible, they overthink themselves.

    Remember that the rats have attempted to relocate their operations to China?

    The parasites decided to leave the US two decades ago and have been steadily relocating to China ever since, investing in China, corrupting the Chinese Government with bribes --- like the outrageous offer to pay a gold head tax for voluntarily reducing the population --- and beginning the frog boiling process on the Chinese Government, just as they did in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Carthage, Rome.... and of course, the US.

    Not too long ago, HSBC was well on its way to becoming the most powerful bank on Earth.

    The venerable HSBC Holdings PLC is a British multinational investment bank holding company that got its start in Hong Kong in 1865. Not coincidentally the same year that the Civil War ended, and Confederate Gold seized by British Privateers had to find a new home. The initials stand for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

    HSBC To Cut 35,000 Jobs, Shed $100 Billion In Assets As Profits Plunge

    Stock down 33%. All because of a virus that MI6 and Company unleashed.
    Really makes you wonder which side they are on. The Exodus to China has been halted, but at a terrific cost.

    In the days to come this kind of profit and loss analysis will reveal who gains and who loses by the Corona Virus, and together with the patents, will tell us exactly who to blame and also, will suggest what motivated them.

    The losses of some Brits through HSBC are, you can count on it, being offset by gains for other Brits and persons sitting on the mainland of Europe. No doubt there will be "US" beneficiaries of this atrocity, too. We will be able to see with pinpoint accuracy who was in on the scheme, and which Master they serve.

    For right now, take a look at this amazing statistic about the effect of war on the United States economy, taken from Prolegemena to Current Martial Law, cited from: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993, page 127.

    This shows the Average Annual Increase in Federal Receipts following upon each war:

    After the Colonial War (Revolution): $869,000.00 per year
    After the War of 1812: 371% increase.
    After the Civil War: 997% increase
    After the Spanish-American War: 19% increase
    After World War I: 1,226% increase
    After World War II: 3,290% increase
    After Korean War: 622% increase
    After Vietnam War: 315% increase

    What this translates to is unimaginable profits -- long term profits -- for "the" United States of America franchise of the British Crown, all funded on our blood and our resources, and the blood and resources of other innocent people.

    It is no longer any mystery why this country has been kept at war for the better part of two centuries, and why other countries have been made to suffer, too.

    Quite simply, with corporate profits of this magnitude to be made, the mindless, faceless, immoral governmental services corporations --- have every profit motivation to promote war and suffer no sure and certain reprisal for these activities, because the Pope/Pontiff has skirted his responsibility to revoke their charters and liquidate them.

    And why, absent any common sense or vestige of Christian morality, would he do that, when these same parasitic and evil corporations are kicking back vast amounts of payola and political power to him?

    Think about it. 997% increase in annual Federal Receipts following the Civil War..... 3,290% increase in annual Federal Receipts following World War II....


    1. Cont’d....

      No wonder these "Crazy Pigs" have been so fond of war. They aren't exactly crazy. Just shameless and greedy and immoral and hypocritical and a whole bunch of other things I won't try to list.

      And now, we are about to find out exactly who they are, where they live, and what makes them tick. That was hardly their expectation when they unleashed this scourge, but that is what will happen as an unforeseen result.

      It's a lot harder to kill innocent people when they are finally awake and watching what you are doing.

    2. SERCO ONLY acts for higher interests. It's our Corporate Stealth Weapon.
      One of many.
      We gave the US freedom because Mad King George lost the plot. Fact.
      What have you done with it? Look around.
      A few M Jews came in and they own you all.
      Rots were booted from the UK. Glass ceilings stop them stealing. You have a long way to go to get any of it. You let them loose in your Hoose?
      What kind of naive are you?
      You allowed a bunch of Zios to hoodwink you into allowing them to supply your money backed by nothing, to take ALL Treasury and Fed rolls and rob you blind for Trillions. Wake the F up!

      Some old wannabe Nincompoop wailing in the Outback is so alienated towards the UK, she still can't source the Zio stink under her nose. Wannabes? Like they matter. Ever?

      As Mossad's body bags, you realise what?

      Yes, we do OWN most Globally via the City of London, but why?
      You think SERCO'S bad?
      It's 1%.
      Who owns all the Tax Havens as Territories? Protectorates!
      Where do most Serious Industrialists live, or have a second home? London.
      So who controls the real web and it's not the Rotts!
      Post Brexit the UK will get ever stronger. The Empire is back. Watch it go.

    3. SERCO is horrendous evil hiding behind corporate cover in my opinion.

  27. John,

    Re: above post, allow me to clarify.

    My question was not an indictment of you or your colleagues efforts to redeem what's rightfully owed to them. As a passive bystander on this board the last couple of years, I've often found myself rooting for you knowing your redemption is HUMANITY'S win!

    However, you appear to be dealing with people more likely to protect what's "rightfully" their position in the world at the expense of all else. The outcomes are unknown, and have been for years. We all rely on your words, and I would argue in some cases, there are those that hinge on them when revealing your fight for your client's funds. When you post, the needle moves towards hope.

    I see this simply as three segments of a complex puzzle with equal parts: pressure, time and leverage. You appear to apply increasing amounts of pressure, but the time scale is still in question, if at all. That's where leverage is imperative. You've stated in the past Eurasia is coming. Perhaps that, along with QFS, are your strongest options to affect a positive outcome.

    My questions to you is, when is enough, enough? When are all instruments of leverage finally applied to affect a result for your clients, and for all of us for that matter? When have you all just finally HAD it? It's clear to me, the older and more educated on how the world works, works against those outside elite circles. I've come to accept that fact now. What I cannot accept, though, are rightfully owed funds being used illegally by these shysters you allude to. That's why we rely on you to inform and fill in the blanks. It then become increasingly dismaying when promises are made to you, only for the "vermin" you trust at their word, only lie and obfuscate their true intent.

    The stock market bubble appears ready to burst; corporate and sovereign debt are at all time highs; the repo markets are funneling money to Wall Street for high net worth client's gain; banks have over leveraged non-performing loans; and the purchase of government treasuries are being forced down commercial banks throats because overseas buyers are weary of U.S. solvency and have limited/stopped buying. Pick any one of those problems, and it would keep any informed citizen awake at night. Instead, the Fed has claimed all is well, and the markets act is if all is REALLY well.

    I can't begin to imagine the types of discussions going on right now. I can only hope they come to a logical conclusion soon before the bubble bursts, taking millions of hard working citizens retirements with them. And we rely on the good faith of liars, willing to scorch Earth to preserve their supremacy in the World? We're in trouble, John. So, I look to you for insight.

    So when is enough, ENOUGH?

    1. Watch what starts when the first funds do break free.

      Where are the Elders? Who do they alone Trust?

      The US cant move without the Elders AU.
      They plead,threaten and cajole for access. London shows the long finger. No!We can wait. The Vatican needs help. My family were part slaughtered in 1307. We were protecting the land domains for Richard, and walling in the Scots. We will never forget. Nor forgive,Ever! They never got the Gold. The lot was gone.
      Funny thing history. Truth hides in plain site.

      The Temple District controls Law,Finance, World Trade and Gold. All Senior Barristers swear Allegiance to the Crown in the non existent Templar's church.
      Power is hidden and Zios forbidden. Change is coming.
      I keep indicating to you Politics is not working. Nor Justice. We know.

    2. John

      Small point, but....

      Was it 1307 as you wrote

      Or 1370 w Richard ok?


    3. 1307 and those in Britain remained but invisible with a deal to protect the Monarchy which exists to this day. Successive kings have special protection, Queens too but we have to keep declining Elton John .

    4. If you look at how under 6m Israelis via their US gullible fool networks control America as Body Bags, imagine the real behind the scene influence and powers the Brits will have in Eurasia. The scorpion on the web.
      Believe it. Eurasia won't get off the ground unless the Brits will it.

  28. IN THE NEWS :
    Breaking: Pentagon’s top policy official is expected to depart his post soon. John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, has lost the
    support among senior national security leadership & has been asked for his resignation.
    There is one candidate who is already "colluding" with a foreign power: that would be candidate

    and that country is China. This man has denied the fact that China is run by a dictator & is totalitarian in all aspects...Mini Mike is a moron

    I AM ONE of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements. The funny thing is, I never even worked for Bloomberg.

    But my story shows the lengths that the Bloomberg machine will go to in order to avoid offending Beijing. Bloomberg’s company, Bloomberg LP, is so dependent on the vast China market for its business that its lawyers threatened to devastate my family financially if I didn’t sign an NDA silencing me about how Bloomberg News killed a story critical of Chinese Communist Party leaders. It was only when I hired Edward Snowden’s lawyers in Hong Kong that Bloomberg LP eventually called off their hounds after many attempts to intimidate me.
    Why are young service men and women dying during Army training?

    “They were prepared to put their lives on the line.” Craig, Edward and James died in the UK ArmedForces. Not in war zones, but in training. Families are warning lives are still at risk. ukmilitary

    1. Our Training is hard- I know! We break the weak to get the best. Sorry, but?
      You think its hard? Those are just the Line Regiments. We take the best of those and run selection groups of 80 to 100 each quarter. Within the first week 10 are gone. Second week 30 are gone. At best we clear 8 to 10 per starter group. We try to break you to make you. We don't want you breaking in the field. Its tough. Very! We need Loners not Woosies. Don't apply if you can't risk to die?
      The best of the best and we scrap the rest. Body bags.

  29. In the middle of all desperate activities by the Godless Global Communist, Cabal to cover up crimes , keep in control, operate their Non-Federal Reserve,obstruct history, continued planted fake Intel, the lies and distortions, don’t forget We have Faith & Truth on our side.


    lil flashback.... This guy told factory workers that their jobs were gone forever 3 years ago.

    Now he's taking credit for the thousands of factories that are reopening BECAUSE President Trump renegotiated our trade deals?

    His own words betray him.


    The chemicals found in vaccines cause autism, period. The only people and organizations that say otherwise are paid to say so. We know the truth and we will not vaccinate our children to death!

    Dr. Alvin H Moss , MD, Nephrologist, West Virginia University

    1. How did I miss this? Very important with what I think they have coming, of course, to save us.

  32. The left is outraged that President Trump "abused his power" with his pardons & commutations

    In one term, he's granted just 26—on pace to be the lowest in decades

    For comparison, here are other president's totals:

    HW Bush—77
    GW Bush—200

    Any Questions ?

    1. From twitter: Nothing new...just corruption rules...huh?

      Andrew McCabe—0 months in prison

      Hillary Clinton—0 months in prison

      James Comey—0 months in prison

      John Brennan—0 months in prison

      Strzok & Page—0 months in prison

      But Roger Stone—40 months in prison

      Is this what "Justice" looks like in America?

  33. Obama. How can a criminal, usurping gender bender have lawful powers to commute anything?
    Why is he not in a Gitmo cage?

    1. Because all the Hottentots in the inner-cities with IQ's averaging 70 would burn their own neighborhoods in response.

    2. Wonderful way to get rid of the Hottentots don't you think? China would organ donor theirs.
      Great idea Tony, go for it!

    3. Lol... okay will do. I am emboldened just knowing a KT is behind my assessment. Paladin and I are synchronizing watches.

    4. Don't overwind Paladins he's only good for 15 seconds.
      That includes redressing. Lol
      See if he takes the bait?
      I haven't hooked him for weeks.

  34. Assange has just claimed at his trial that Trumps team offered him a pardon if he denies the Russian hacks.
    This is getting messy.

    1. Unlikely in the extreme... this would be a suicidal stance for Assange... and of no use to Trump, then or now.

    2. It's all over the MSM here. It's maligning Trump


    3. MSM? Who cares what toilet papers say? Sure you have Charmin, Scottie's Softies, simple Kirkland Signature or god forbid some no-name brand single ply! They are ALL still toilet paper.

      All western media who were not following the COINTELPRO model long ago certainly are using it in full force in present day. MSM are just propaganda machines for all counties. It is worse and better hidden in the west. Once CNN proved a profit model was sustainable in news all integrity went out the window and was replaced by sensationalized opinions and propaganda. News used to be a loss leader for companies and they were granted special benefits, grants and privileges by western governments as they provided a public service. Now News is profit orientated with all the perks still in place, just a different type of public service - brainwashing and fear mongering the masses.

      'D' notice acceptance and The Guardian destroying hard drives containing Snowden files is just two simple examples. I can list example in EVERY western nation so John don't get your feathers all ruffled.

      Even the Intercept and Vice who were great in their humble beginnings have shown the rot on the inside. No longer any integrity. Now you have to read a wide spectrum and try to evaluate, which is difficult as practically ALL news is regurgitated. Very little remains of real investigative journalism.

      MSM is just all fear and lies propaganda. Fear so you give up what little rights you have left and lies to keep a populace divided. A divided populous is a controlled and defeated populous.

  35. Talk to BB, and eight other forensics techies who claim Seth Rich gave the hacked emails to Wikilinks on a flash drive days before he was murdered.

    1. Not to mention that in the article:
      The same official said Kelly did not convey Rohrabacher’s message to Trump, who was unaware of the details of the proposed deal.

      I think that is a a very important point that is missed by all...


    2. Homeland and Tino,

      I want to personally extend my thanks for the responsible sanity you both have shared here in this thread about Assange. Truth matters and I am grateful you shared it.

    3. "At no time did I offer Julian Assange anything from the president because I had not spoken with the president about this issue at all. However, when speaking with Julian Assange, I told him that if he could provide me information and evidence about who actually gave him the DNC emails, I would then call on President Trump to pardon him,” Rohrabacher added.

      “At no time did I offer a deal made by the president, nor did I say I was representing the president.”

    4. Assange keeps digging himself deeper.
      He's facing c175 years so far.

      He solicited Pentagon files from a She Male.

      There is NO Leeway with the Pentagon. They want him caged for life.
      Trump may have been a hope for him. Not now.

      All that simple for his future now. Justice is separate.
      They will roast Assange. Sensationalising himself will not help.
      Assange is cooking. He will lose, then appeal. It will take years then he will lose and be shipped to the US. A Kangaroo Court awaits.
      What big bargaining chips does he hold? None.
      What's new on Assange? Nothing so far.
      Belmarsh is a hell hole. But Kindergarten for where he's going.
      Maybe Clooney can do a film on him. Beats coffee adverts for a job.


    5. John,

      Assange is already in a Kangaroo court.

      Read Homeland's, Tino.s and my comments again. Then read yours. Then ask yourself, who is sensationalizing? I see fact based comments stated and thank yous. Then I see a sensationalized comment that is misleading and loaded with innuendos.

  36. Dear UNKNOWN in response to thoughts and questions...UNKNOWN Part 1 of 3
    Hi Unknown, no problem with your thoughts, comments and questions. I am glad and honored to respond hopefully with helpful information to you, one of my fellow OWON bloggers on this site, and to any other fellow OWONs that are interested. Everyone here has such a rich expression of what they think, useful information they bring to this site to share and enlighten with, and learn from. Sometimes there are clashes but for the most part, everyone carries on a useful, helpful, respectful, and informative dialogue with each other. Manifest that in a majority of the world and things improve even faster than they are. I don’t want to be long winded here on this site, as many have much to share but here goes.
    Yes I do have a deep belief in what I study and think that helps me to make sense of the world, why things happen the way they happen, how things get solved, and where all of this is leading to. It is by no means the end all for everyone, it is simply the pathway I was led to of what helped me to get to where I am today. Where I am today is in a place of joy, love, peace and a confidence that all things will work out in some way/shape/form of which I am not aware as to the details of the path, but am absolutely confident of the ultimate outcome. Primarily because I am not in charge of it. Things make sense now, where before they didn’t. And my belief is based on real life experiences that led me down this path rather than to simply “wish it be so” 😊 My life prior to this was one of worry, stress, anxiety, control, anger, every man for himself, defense, protect, and study everything under the sun that traditionally taught one how to succeed. It resulted in achievement of a high ranking corporate executive position in one of the largest tech companies in the world, traveling the world, commanding thousands of employees, unlimited expense account, 3 homes all with stables and show horses, the best cars, glorious children and a great family. All of which was attained with very little spiritual foundation even though I grew up in a very strongly structured specific religion. The life I created overtime as I labored to maintain it, also came with many constant throbbing headaches and nose bleeds from the high blood pressure that resulted in the stress of maintaining and defending it all to the point where it all failed and all of it was lost. As I tried to double, triple and quadruple my efforts via the traditional disciplines to salvage and sustain, it failed even faster to the point where it was all lost, it all crumbled in flames, including family through divorce.

  37. UNKNOWN Part 2 of 3
    I reached a point in life where my mind ran out of ideas to try to fix it all. Which in fact proved to be the way out. That is when I was led to where I am today. I was ready to listen for guidance rather than decide on my own, how to live life in all respects. And my one primary motivation to give life one last shot, was to be there in life for my children, rather than check out of life. So I fell to my knees, prayed, and asked for guidance from God to take over and direct my life, and it came in spades. The immediate outcome, a solution I would never have imagined, was a specific miracle pathway that led me out of the flames. The components of the miracle were in such incredible detail and perfectly sequenced that there is no way it could have been planned by me, or any super computer for that matter, and was truly being orchestrated for me by a higher power…God. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!! This miracle definitely got my attention, and I have never looked back as miracle after miracle continued to unfold in similar fashion, that showed me I was on the right path for me….finally! I previously believed I was separate from God, and on my own…I was wrong. But God honored my power of choice that he gave us all, and simply lovingly waited for me to be done with how I thought things should be done, and how I thought things worked, and finally turned to Him for that guidance and He was ready and waiting. As He is for everyone…everyone!
    My name on this site “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened” has more to it. “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, Nothing Unreal Exists, Herein lies the Peace of God”. I am a student of a teaching that is designed to “remove the blocks to my awareness of loves presence.” This applies to the awareness of love in all people….ALL PEOPLE… and all situations, places, and things in the world. It is not from the Bible, although it is closely lovingly aligned, and is not a type of religion. It teaches me that only what God created is real, and what God created is made up of perfection, love and total peace which applies to all people. And that God is not a wrathful God. God only creates love. Anything that is the opposite of that is not real, because God did not create it. Anything that God did not create is not real, and therefore with all due respect, an illusion. So am I saying that God created all of us, and therefore that means we all inherently are made up of perfection, love and total peace….YES ABSOLUTELY!

  38. UNKNOWN Part 3 of 3
    Therefore, what is reality? In the Bible, it says that Adam fell asleep but nowhere does it say he woke up. Thus the foundation of what I study. It is a pathway for myself and anyone else interested, to wake up. To wake up to the awareness of loves presence everywhere and in everyone, and to live a life founded in that, and its benefits. And to believe that everyone has the capacity to wake up. No matter how dark a path they may have been following. There are many pathways to waking up. What I study, which works for me, is only one of them. One of the things that I love about what I study is that it has taught me that eventually “Everyone Wakes Up”. I find great comfort in that. And I believe that from the literal miracles that I have personally experienced, it is my proof. So that is how I know to trust it. I do not try to impose any of what I am saying on others, I for the most part only talk about it when asked and then via my own personal experiences as examples. And you asked “UNKNOWN”, and I thank you for that. People wake up once they decide they no longer need to govern their life based on fear, and instead govern it based on love whether you believe in God or not. And to truly believe that about everyone. Everyone has the capacity to wake up, and eventually will. Everything has the capacity to work out, and eventually will.
    What you believe is what you then manifest in the world. Nothing is done “to us” without our control. I know that can bring up protest from those hit by a car, robbed, or worse. It all truly happens based on our beliefs, and in fact happens to prove to ourselves that this is how life works and that we are right. We create what we defend against. There is that “power of choice” thing again that God gifted us and will not overrule. And awaits for us to decide otherwise using that same power of choice. I truly know that God has a solution for everything, and per my personal experience, it is usually not in any way shape or form that I could ever think up or imagine. So I don’t know if John and his colleagues activities will result in a global financial reset, PPs, Battalions, sovereigns and others that he mentioned being funded and all the good and global transformation that would come from it, but I do know that God has a plan. And it is a plan that most likely none of us are aware of, and could never pull off even if we were, due to the divine brilliance that would be required.
    So when that intruder you mentined breaks in and points a gun in my face, which I must point out that those types of things used to happen to me when I lived life based on fear rather than love … but no longer do….one thing I know is that if this person were awake and aware of their true identity, “A perfect child of God that is provided for simply by accepting God’s gifts already waiting at their front door”, they would not be doing what they are doing. I would probably have fear while that gun is in my face, in all honestly I know I am not superman, but you can bet I will be praying probably aloud….THERE IS ONLY GOD, THERE IS ONLY GOD’S PLAN, AND ONLY GOD’S PLAN WORKS!
    The intruder may end up shooting me but I can honestly tell you that I will never believe, no matter how hard that intruder tries to convince me otherwise, that he/she is not a child of God with inherent perfect love inside them waiting to wake up and that someday they will. This person standing before me is asleep, and what I am seeing is an illusion and not real because God did not create it. God only created love, all else does not exist. I am quite sure that if I find myself at the Pearly Gates as a result of the experience, I will be told upon arrival that “I WAS RIGHT” and that I need not go back to Earth again to get to this awareness 😊
    If you or anyone is interested, what I study is called “A Course In Miracles”. Anyone interested can order it on Amazon, it is a big blue book. Thanks again Unknown for your kind thoughts and questions.

    1. Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, you have no idea how truly grateful I am for the amount of time you have offered and generosity to share what you have in your comments above. I actually found everything you expressed quite calming and rather beautiful.

      I would like to reread what you have written again this evening and respond further after that if I may. Just a little short of time today and I don't like rushing myself when responding to subjects of this nature.

      You shine so very beautifully NRCBT. Thank you again for sharing your life story and the beauty and wonder surrounding that.

      Be back as soon as I can.

    2. Nothing Real Can Be Threatened,

      I have just again read your 3 part response above and have to tell you a few things. You express yourself beautifully. What you have expressed in your comments is so incredibly beautiful to read. You have lovely calm energy.

      I was not certain what type of response to expect from you after asking what I had but you have actually enlightened me in many ways. I do admit I am nowhere near your level of trust in the process as I find it very difficult to trust anything. I also find it difficult to have belief in things I cannot see with my own eyes or feel with my own senses.

      I do very much believe in a creational energy force of rather magnificent proportions. I hesitate to use the word God as it seems to be such an abused word in society today. Plus, I never like going along with the crowd either lol.

      Your level of trust in the process staggers me, it is beautiful. I'm not sure I will ever attain that viewing it from my current perspective. But who really knows where life will lead us on the path forward?

      I was going to say sorry to you for having experienced what you did in your earlier life but when thinking about that I wondered if that was what you personally needed to go through to reach where you are now. A place of complete trust and inner calm and peacefulness. It must be a lovely space to reside.

      Your paragraph in the 3rd part of your comment starting with the words “What you believe is what you then manifest in the world and section of writing ending with “There is that “power of choice” thing again that God gifted us and will not overrule.” This blows my mind to be perfectly honest. I have heard this many times in my life, read about it, ponder it deeply but simply cannot grasp it or connect to it. I look at what surrounds me and although I see magnificent beauty in many ways, I also see the ugliness and cruelty and it is all real to me. I find it impossible to see ugliness and cruelty and turn it into something that is not real whilst it is staring me in the face. How do you honestly do that? Am I not understanding something? I know I can be a bit thick lol but this concept has me totally mystified.

      You mention the book, a course in miracles. A person I knew many years ago, a beautiful soul also recommended this book to me. Someone else several years later also recommended it as well. And now you have also highlighted the beauty and wisdom of this book. I think it may be time for me to finally purchase that book and see what I can uncover. I thank you for the recommendation and reminder.

      I watched a movie a little while ago by the name of, The Shack. I was hesitant to watch it expecting it may not be the type of movie I would enjoy. I actually enjoyed it but had some difficulty understanding portions of it. The part that really confused me was where the main actor met the spirit energy in the cave called Judgement. I have been trying to find the time to watch it again as sometimes when one revisits this information a deeper understanding can be gained. Have you seen this movie?

      I have babbled a little more than I probably should have so will draw this comment to a close by sincerely thanking you, Nothing Real Can Be Threatened for sharing so much of yourself, your life, your wisdom, your beautiful heart and your lovely gentle energy. It was an absolute pleasure for me to share these moments with you. You have enlightened me, soothed me and offered me a sense of peace.

      PS. I’m actually the person known here at OWoN as Aurataya. I tidied up a few of my online accounts recently and ending up logging in here on this site with a different profile to the one I usually use and did not even realise it until this morning. Sorry, was trying to be deceptive in any manner.

      I wish you a magnificent day ahead Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.

  39. Bar, barr, black sheep, have you any dirt?
    Yes Mr. President yes Mr. President infinite tweets full

    One for Bernie
    And one for Joe
    One for the little whore
    Who has no shame / you

  40. Arizona - to reply to your comment in the previous section on Young Living Essential Oils. I am not offended. And I too want to be perfectly clear: I have nothing to do with YLEO and haven't for years, with one exception - I didn't have a recipe for Thieves Oil until I found the one I shared here the other day, so I have purchased that blend through a friend. That's it. I'm not sure why you thought otherwise as I also commented that YL has been called on the carpet for some of their oils not being the quality they profess. And I also said I muscle test on quality and that it doesn't matter where you get EO's as long as you get quality and to do some research on any company before you buy. I did not endorse Gary Young or anything about him. I would like to be so lucky as to have Bulk Apothecary here in Canada. I don't. So by the time I jump through all of the exchange and shipping hoops it usually doesn't pay to order from a US supplier unless they have a presence here and have factored in all that stuff. That's it. That's all. We're good. :)

    1. I have no idea where your reply is coming from. You put out an essential oil recipe.. I suggested that people use another company that is not an MLM company and charges people a left lung for oils that they can get elsewhere. You suggested that one check out the company that they get their oils from. I agreed. I then put the information about Young Living. Again, not mentioning you once. So, I am scratching my head why you keep coming back at me. I hate to say it, this continued attack on me for providing a company that sells pure/therapeutic and organic oils at a fraction of Young Living and doTerra is a bit disturbing

  41. NIH implicated in the Coronavirus production. Dr. Francis Boyle - Breaking News via Infowars. UNC BSL-3 on work -- paid for by China. WTF! Why are WE selling/doing-research Nazi-Bio-Weapon for China...

    Wuhan took UNC Corona and merged it with Australian HIV gain-of-function Corona bug, and went for a chimera.

    Then Wuhan BSL-4 screwed up.

  42. Queen Throws Major Snag In Harry And Meghan’s Rebranding With Latest ‘Ban’

    Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly banned Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, from using their post-royal brand “Sussex Royal.”

    According to a report from the Daily Mail published Tuesday, the Queen decided after “lengthy and complex talks” that it was improper for the couple to use the word “royal” in their branding.

    “Harry and Meghan have spent tens of thousands of pounds on a new Sussex Royal website to complement their hugely popular Instagram feed,” the report noted. “They have also sought to register Sussex Royal as a global trademark for a range of items and activities, including clothing, stationery, books and teaching materials.”

    Even the couple’s charitable organization, “Sussex Royal, The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” uses the now-banned word, the Daily Mail highlighted.

    Harry and Meghan, who announced in January that they would no longer be carrying out their royal duties, will now have to change their Instagram, website, and charity name, it seems.

  43. All the brainless dope wants to do is satisfy the ego of a C level TV actress wanting to become a few riding Icon. They leave the family, they lose the rights and all associations.
    The Monarchy is not for sale and this brainless half wit now has divorce train wreck written all over him. The family is riddled with divorces and marrying a Bolter was?
    When she and her LA slimebags find there is no way to set up a rival court funded by Louche associations,see how fast their fair weather friends last?
    Beyond sad. She had the compassion and support of the nation then trashed it all. Like the Windsor's, out is out. How many are turning up for sleazy fat Andie's 60th party? None! Society is shunning him. This pair are walking into oblivion.

    Bloomberg has been tossed off the MAGA BUS.

  45. It seems there might be an easy fix for nCov. Selenium. Interferes with viral replication in SARS and MERS. I'm waiting on the reference. We'll have to give the scientist a Nobel Prize if it checks out.

  46. We need Clinton and Schiff on Petrie dishes for sample testing


    Dominic Cummings, the UK PMs adviser, suggests selecting and using the embryos of women more likely to have higher IQ children and avoiding breeding with natural lower IQ processes.
    We have seen where this leads before. The Master Race.

    What then happens to the lower IQ species bred, as soon a clear division will emerge ?
    Once that Genies out, you cant stop it.

    It also has huge race overtones. Believe it.

    But how about also the clear reality indicator? Why use the sperms of moronically thick men as they do replicate themselves.

    So, do we in future breed children selected to order, both sperms and embryos,and the wife is simply the surrogate? Designer babies.
    Assume this is now a serious direction.

    How do you tell a husband, your too moronically thick to be allowed to naturally procreate, so your wife will be allocated a pre fertilised embryo. Packaged breeding?
    Well, it resolves the Democrat problem.

    But,Governments are now thinking about enhancing the species.
    But what then of the sectors simply too dumb to parent?
    We all have a high percentage of those. The Bush family are living proof.

    1. Pretentious arrogance of such thinking by the Elites that have brought us nothing but a century of disasters and hiding of truth. Within a reasonable period we will have the tech to drive any brain to ultra-high-IQ levels. Hell, I can give most people +5 IQ points transiently even now. What will 20 years bring? We are yet to fathom implications. Not to mention that UHIQ is generally associated with mental illness, so the idea that we, at this time can engineer the embryo is so pathologically stupid I'm speechless...

  48. The Cruise Ships riddled with the virus are still releasing more to go free.Madness! Medical specialists advise there will still be many more infections. If each one released infects 10 more, and they 10 in turn, that's 100 lives at risk for one! How does that make sense? Why are the Cruise Liners not treated as Plague ships and quarantined until cleared or dead. How do you sanitise a Cruise ship afterwards? What imbeciles will cruise now? Mixing with Bat,Dog, Insect and Rat eating Asians you don't foresee problems?
    Have new money, will mass infect. Welcome to Wookie land.

  49. Behind closed doors, Assange is a lost cause.
    It's now just Kabuki Theatre until they drag him out, as with the Embassy removal, squealing like a Stuck Pig,in the clutches of the State to meet his fate. No dignity, just terror. When he hits US soil, God help him. A Guinea Pig for Rendition.

    1. He better not be a lost cause. The insane side of the U.S. house really needs to be confined back to the attic. And many of us, including me, will make this an Election-level issue.

  50. Harvard University professor charged with lying about Chinese involvement

    February 20, 2020 by Sharyl Attkisson

    The Department of Justice recently arrested a Harvard University professor for allegedly making false statements about his connections to the People’s Republic of China.

    Dr. Charles Lieber is the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, specializing in the area of nanoscience.

    According to the Justice Department, Lieber began serving as “Strategic Scientist” for a Chinese university in 2011 while remaining employed full-time by Harvard.

    It is reported that Lieber was a participant of a China’s Thousand Talents Plan. Officials say it is designed to recruit high-level overseas scientists and foreign experts to provide China with U.S. knowledge, expertise, and proprietary information

    The Chinese university allegedly paid Lieber $50,000 per month and over $150,000 in expenses during a three-year contract.

    The Justice Department complaint says that Leiber lied about his involvement in the Thousand Talents Plan and his affiliation with the Chinese university.

    Lieber denies the charges.

    Lieber’s arrest is part of the DOJ’s China Initiative, which prioritizes countering Chinese national security threats and reinforces President Trump’s overall national security strategy.

    link below for more information:

  51. RichardGrenell

    Not because he's gay
    But because he's a smart professional
    Even so
    Where is all the praise from the Left
    For this tolerant groundbreaking move?
    Grenell is the one who personally worked out the deal with Ecuador to have Julian Assange arrested, even though he was the ambassador to Germany and not the U.K. or Ecuador.

    He did this on Trump’s orders.

    1. They hold Manning. Once Assange arrives in the US, Manning will be lifted to give evidence and IF he confirms he leaked files to Assange, it's game over.
      All they want from Manning is his confession implicating Assange. After that Manning may Deep Six in the Potomac.
      Assange played games with the Pentagon. End of. It suits them to give him 175 years as a warning to others. It's beyond personal. A Token Muppet in a cage.

      Assange is in play. They are gaming him.
      Trial? It's pre rigged. A Show Trial, then they march him out. Not even Vaseline or a handkerchief to dry his tears. That squeal we heard will incite the Rednecks, who kept pigs. Home memories. Communal showers as 10 line up for him. New Meat on the block. Assange will be on permanent suicide watch. Life will be inhumane.
      Oh what a tangled web they weave heh?

    2. Unfortunately for them the current terms of Manning's release forecloses the "lifting and give evidence" scenario. And even if they have lied about the terms or ignore them, the 5th Am fully applies at this point. So let Silence reign. And if Trump pardons? Pentagon Papers is still governing precedent. Once it is here on this soil, there will be serious legal blowback. The Pentagon can want it as badly as they do, but it will be on Civil turf not UCMJ turf. Don't count the chickens before they hatch...

  52. From Anna Von Reitz:

    Torpedoes Away! -- And a Great Unseen Danger
    My Shinola Sensor has been driving me crazy the last few days as it has been reacting to the news coming out of China. I have been scanning through every published medical and news report I can lay hands on, and frankly, the results don't add up.
    Certain reports are consistent with infectious disease symptoms and results, so, yes, there does seem to be an infectious disease component, but then, turn around, and the next ten reports make no sense at all if this "outbreak" is caused by a biological vector.
    And I do mean "no correlation" -- none, zero, zip, nada.
    What those aberrant findings indicate is a non-biological source of the malady, Electromagnetic Radiation Sickness, coupled with poor air quality in China and reduced atmospheric oxygen levels.
    Those who have been following along with recent posts have become familiar with research going back more than a century compiled and published by Arther Firstenberg in his book, The Invisible Rainbow, and brought forward by Robert David Steele.
    Put simply, the raw transmissions of our power plants, electrical grid, radio transmitters, and now, microwave towers, have known health problems associated with them.
    Most particularly, they interfere with porphyrins, which are enzymes needed to build hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the molecule that carries oxygen in our bloodstream, so this whole metabolic system is impacted, and our cells and tissues are not able to access and use oxygen efficiently. There are other known effects, too, such as thinning of our blood --reducing its oxygen carrying capacity at the same time that it reduces our ability to coagulate blood.
    Outrageously, these effects of unrestricted EM transmissions have been known in some circles for over a century, but have been pooh-poohed and obscured in favor of those benefiting financially by not having to modulate electrical outputs (power companies) and from treating the anoxia-caused diseases that predictably result from long term exposure to raw EM fields: coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer (Big Pharma, AMA, Medical Establishment).
    The resulting interference with our ability to access and use oxygen, blood thinning effect, serious air pollution in China, and overall reduction in atmospheric oxygen can then create a domino effect resulting in symptoms that mirror hemorrhagic fever.
    Viewed against that background, and in view of the 5G roll out in Wuhan just prior to this, South Korea's success with treating "corona virus" with simple oxygen therapy makes total sense. More oxygen offsets the effect of damaged hemoglobin and inefficient energy transfer metabolism.
    There are still more lessons to be learned from the Spanish Influenza Epidemic that hit in 1918, too, that may be crucial to victims and would-be victims today --- one of our dauntless researchers uncovered otherwise buried information that involved Bayer, and it's most famous product, Bayer Aspirin.
    Bayer Aspirin was Big News in 1918 and it was initially prescribed in literally lethal doses during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. I quote:
    "In 1918, the Bayer Corp was pushing Aspirin, and in dosages far, far exceeding now known safe levels. Both the Army and Navy mandated these known toxic doses for their service members, and civilians were also encouraged to do the same. Aspirin in such high doses is a hemolytic toxin, similar to rat poison. [like Warfarin] In such lethal levels, death can occur in a matter of hours.
    The two categories of death seen in the "pandemic" were: upper respiratory edema, consistent with bacterial pneumonia, and a hemorrhagic condition with rapid onset and nearly 95% mortality. The two categories could not have been more different, and would be consistent with both EMF-induced immune suppression and opportunistic bacterial infection, and a second cohort (mostly young, string, otherwise healthy men and women) showing classic signs and symptoms of salicylate-poisoning."


    1. Cont’d....

      Bayer has just acquired Monsanto, the chief proponent and patent-holder for nano-assisted GMO Transfer Agent technology. Is history repeating itself?
      I was recently horrified when a friend on blood thinners hurt his leg and innocently took Ibuprofen and turned a banged up shin into a near-crisis. None of his doctors ever told him to avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin and to restrict Acetaminophen-- and we forget that common pain-killers and fever reducers are blood thinners. Both Ibuprofen and Aspirin can cause hemorrhage and symptoms that look like hemorrhagic fever.
      Taken in excess or in tandem with other unperceived blood thinning factors, these common, cheap, taken-for-granted, over-the-counter drugs have the potential to kill. During the Spanish Influenza they helped to kill millions.
      Coupled with the unseen blood thinning effects of intense EM radiation fields provided by active 5G networks, these medicine cabinet standbys could easily become deadly in normal dosage ranges--- and what else would people suffering from high fever reach for?
      Additionally, anyone who was on blood thinning medication for any chronic condition, including most heart patients, would be at greatly increased risk.
      So -- how about this scenario, which neatly explains the entire gamut of information coming out of China?
      A new 5G grid is rolled out in Wuhan, China----and unknown, unseen, begins to impact the blood of the Chinese people in range, thinning their blood to dangerous levels and crippling their ability to access and use oxygen at the cellular level ---oxygen that is already depleted in the atmosphere.
      Then, a GMO-style nanobot Transfer Agent is used to introduce a virus known to cause high fever.
      The victims and doctors reach for the common fever-reducing drugs and voila --the symptoms of a fatal hemorrhagic fever present themselves within hours.
      Everyone thinks its a new super-deadly bio-tech weapon and that it is "carried" by a virus (which serves well-enough to tank China's exports and economy and the new China-Trump Trade Deal), but all the virus does is cause a relatively bad fever.
      Technically, it's not deadly at all, which keeps the Perpetrators from being prosecuted for war crimes.
      It's actually the other factors -- the unappreciated biological effects of 5G and the unthinking use of blood thinners as fever reducers that makes the corona virus deadly.
      And that, my friends, is the only scenario in all this data that presents itself as being both likely and true.
      Bayer has prior experience killing people via pandemic interactions. Bayer recently acquired Monsanto, the patent-holder for GMO Transfer Agent technology that could be used to implant the fever-causing virus. Bayer has been taking it in the shorts as Chinese companies have taken over increasingly larger and larger shares of pharmaceuticals production away from American and European manufacturers.
      Time to look for dots, people. We have motive and we have means and it is pointing right at Bayer/Monsanto. Is there a DoD or NIH connection? A connection to Charles Lieber? Harvard?
      It's no secret that there are certain elements embedded in all these communities that hate China for political and financial reasons, and no doubt whatsoever that some of those same parties hated the China-Trump Trade Deal and would wish to dismantle it by any means possible.
      Getting the Chinese to -- in effect -- kill themselves, and convince everyone that its the result of a pandemic, would appeal to the sense of logic and humor, such as it is, common among such persons.
      It's the same rationale that foists mortgages off onto unsuspecting people, disguised as "home loans". It's the same MO that foists U.S. Citizenship off onto Americans.

    2. Mostly nonsense on the biologic front. Sounds good, but is so full of holes. If 5G was the enabling issue and they knew it, all it would have taken to shut down the epidemic would have been to degrade the network back to 3G or 4G, just as an example... Also, the epidemic would have followed the 5G distribution but it doesn't of course. And proof are the cruise ships, which have no 5G, at best, B-wifi.

    3. She is also wrong on the lethality of the engineering, which is currently in absolute violation of the Biowarfare Treaty. Frankly, everyone at the UNC BSL-3 up into the NIH and straight up the grant and supervisory chain, up to and including Fauci, should go to jail for their role in 'gain-of-function' of the SARS-pre-nCov2019 that was engineered and given to China.

  53. John, we look forward to next week regarding the PPs, Currencies (possible) and Bonds ? Thank You.

    1. John, given your time restriction, can you elaborate on the following, Thank You.

      After the opening of the Ascension window in 1975, a lot of Light from higher dimensions began streaming in towards the surface population and that triggered the mass awakening of the genuine New Age movement in 1980s.
      Alas, the Ascended beings were not aware of the full extent of the power of primary anomaly and could not stop the dark forces operating in the shadows.
      The dark ones have infiltrated the New Age movement, infiltrated the Solar Warden space program and finally took over the planet and the Solar System in early 1996.
      Between 1996 and 1998, the Light forces were overshocked and had to regroup, and the Ascension plan had to be upgraded. The Pleiadian fleet began to re-enter the Solar System in 1998 and on May 17th, 1998 received parts of the new Ascension plan from „higher sources“
      The Ashtar Command began to re-enter the Solar System in early 1999 and has evacuated the majority of Earth humanity to Pleiades in August 1999.
      Before 1999, Earth humanity consisted of about 70 billion souls on etheric and astral plane and about 6 billion incarnated humans.
      The majority of 70 billion non-incarnated human souls were mass evacuated on August 14th, 1999 to the motherships of the Ashtar Commnad and then transported to a certain planet on the outskirts of the Pleiades star cluster where they started receiving much needed healing.
      The only souls remaining on etheric and astral plane were those who were direct hostages of the non-physical Archons, those with strong attachment to the physical plane and those who decided to stay to help the physical humans as spiritual guides.
      Between 1998 and 2016, the Light forces have kept the Ascension plan strictly confidential to prevent the dark ones from interfering with it. Many channels and intuitives tried to access the Ascension plan but did not receive any signal.

      The real Ascension process will begin at the moment of the Event.

      The incoming energies from the Galactic pulse will start to flow through the energy field of all human beings on the planet. They will be loving energies straight from the Galactic heart and will start bringing much needed healing to humanity.

      Ascension is both an individual and a group process. Each individual will go through his own inner experience, going through healing, release of the past and inner transformation.

      process at the same time, this will reinforce the Light field around the planet and open the door for many that otherwise could not make it. The length of the complete Ascension process is expected to be a few years for the most advanced individuals, and more for others.
      The actual Ascension happens when we release all blockages to the energy flow and reach superconductivity of our mental, emotional, etheric, plasma and physical bodies
      At the moment of the Event, the Light forces will contact humanity only indirectly with intel releases through the mass media.

      After the completion of the Cabal arrest process and after the majority of humanity overcomes the initial shock, the Light forces will begin to contact certain individuals directly. This will most likely start a few weeks to a few months after the Event.

    2. Awareness of Light Beings has been growing for the last 40 years. As has personal consciousness although as yet public perception is minuscule.
      I would contemplate at best a few thousand are sensitive to the forces and ethereal presences. Humanity is only now becoming conscious of this evolution of Beings . Much will happen this century but i see decades before revelation can ocure. The culture shock needs planned revelation.

  54. Britain's Prince Andrew is celebrating his 60th birthday on Wednesday, but the public well wishes from members the royal family have not been well received.

    To celebrate her ex-husband's big day, Sarah Ferguson, who was married to Andrew from 1986 to 1996, shared a candid photo of the royal initally captured by royal photographer Alex Bramall. The black-and-white snapshot shows the Duke of York in his home with his two dogs

    The Royal Family, the official Instagram account for Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the monarchy, also marked the occasion to its 7.5 million followers. The first photo shows the duke as an infant being held by the Queen Mother; the second photo shows the duke now.

    "On this day in 1960, Prince Andrew was born at Buckingham Palace, the first child born to a reigning monarch for 103 years," the caption read. "Happy Birthday to The Duke of York."

    However, many followers were quick to call the post "inappropriate" and "tone deaf" given the recent scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.

    "All things considered, this post is a little tone deaf," one follower commented. "Umm 🤔 this is awkward 🤷‍♀️," added another.

    One follower added, "Not sure which PR person thought this was a good idea."

    In November, it was announced that the duke would be stepping down from his royal duties after it was reported that he had ties to Epstein.

    “It has become clear to me over the past few days that my association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organizations and charities that I am proud to support,” he said in a statement released by Buckingham Palace.

    It's been a rocky few months for the royal family. In January, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines after they announced they would also be stepping down from their royal duties and move to Canada to raise their son Archie, 9 months.

    Last week, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth's grandson, Peter Phillips, will be divorcing his wife of 11 years. The divorce announcement was soon followed by another divorce announcement seven days later pertaining to Her Majesty's nephew, The Earl of Snowdon, and his wife of 26 years.

  55. So upon review of the selenium literature, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that selenium has a strong protective effect against Ebola, SARS - including nCov2019, and possibly MERS. It is not a guarantee, but by keeping blood levels at 100ug/L (two to three 200 ug selenium capsules) one garners this advantage. Please note that this amount, on a chronic intake level, will induce selenium toxicity

    If one is going to be around a lot of people or flying or doing anything that carries a non-trivial exposure risk, short term use (week to 10 days, intermittent) may be just what the doctor ordered.

    You might catch the selenium post going viral on Facebook if you want to know more.

  56. As do so many. The closure pressure is daily. It's in process and unstoppable.
    They owe. A certain major Bank admitted yesterday they are knowingly holding and using very substantial funds, the property of our client. Game on. They got away with this for years before the net closed on them. Times are changing. Disclosure is double edged now.

  57. It is being claimed now that over 76,000 people around the world have the killer virus. Even though most are in China the Global numbers may be of concern but the next 2 weeks will show risk levels.


    Roger Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison

    This is 40 months more than ADMITTED liar Andy McCabe will serve

    This is an outrage

    Roger Stone should not spend a day in prison while criminals like McCabe, Comey, & Clinton walk free

    RT for a FULL Pardon!

  59. John


    That is the first time I recall you sharing it is unstoppable


  60. Absolutely agree but it's looking like Trump may now pardon Stone.
    But why TF are the Deep State Rats free?

  61. "A lot of Americans don't know anything about Jews."

    Director Andrew Goldberg talks w/
    about his new film
    & anti-Semitism in America.


  62. Hell a lot of Jews don't know they are not Jews!

  63. Cash-Free Sweden Begins Testing World’s First Digital Currency for Everyday Banking

    Sweden is attempting to work out the technical challenges of issuing a central bank backed digital currency for everyday banking activities. Riksbank announced on Wednesday that it is currently testing its e-krona. Although no launch date has been set, its release would make it the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC).

    The e-krona is designed for everyday banking activities. Consumers would interface with the new digital currency through several methods: a mobile app, wearable tech, such as smart watches, and cards. The digital krona would allow people to make deposits, withdrawals and payments on the go.

    According to the central bank’s official statement, the purpose of the pilot is for Riksbank to increase its knowledge of how a central bank-issued digital krona that utilizes digital ledger technology, aka blockchain, would operate and function in the general public.

    “The technical solution will be evaluated in a test environment, in which participants, for example the general public and banks, are simulated.

    There is currently no decision on issuing an e-krona, how an e-krona might be designed or what technology might be used. The main purpose of the pilot is for the Riksbank to increase its knowledge of a central bank digital krona.”

    While the e-krona is being promoted as a complement to cash, and not a cash replacement, the Swedes have turned the country into the most cashless society in the world.

  64. We are now hearing again that O Bumma is planning to get the Mutt Michelle to run as the only person to stop Trump.

    He did it and stopped Clinton. So did Trump now is Hilderbeast going to be poopscooped again!

  65. The Florida operations are hitting contract and scheduling complexities so will run into next week to clear terms, conditions and allocations. Even then I will not be surprised, if it all clears, to need 2 weeks for cash to start. We have to incorporate tax collections etc
    It's all evolving.

    1. PPs still first, John, as originally planned?

    2. Who knows the Dogs are loose on both sides. Barbarians are hungry.

  66. Trump will win. The game of POLITICS has moved to a POPULOUS movement

    Populous is a Latin word that means simply "people." It was adopted by English in the 15th century to mean "full of people." The adjective populous is easy to confuse with the noun populace, "the people who live in a country," especially since they are homonyms, or words that sound exactly the same.

    The brand of politics practiced here in America must adapt or die !

    And it will.

    However Trump remains a questionable front , but he is THE ONLY CANDIDATE the people desire to be PRESIDENT.

  67. Don't be so sure when the mass stupid also vote. Hilderbeast got 3m more votes. This time with more women coming out to vote, the Left, and the millions of Losers about to be hit by Welfare Cut Backs, the Lying King is on notice.
    Trust nothing when the Plebs vote and the Female vote could swing it.
    That's a lot of Goof Up Time to keep Trump focused and straight.
    Never understimate the stupidity of people.

  68. Chinese airlines seat occupancy has dropped by 50,% . No Bums on seats.

  69. John if the Florida operations clear next week will you be in a position to report this or will it need to be kept under wraps for awhile?

    1. Allow 2 weeks now based on latest information contracts will only now be in place later next week then allow a week to get signed and schedules agreed plus Trusts in place and Banks ready. Even then they can slip. But that's also a route the Public may get a look in for future phases.

      The US PPs are now locking horns with a notorious US bank freeriding with their money. Yesterday a Banker let slip it's in play so the Agency boys and Military are gearing up.

      So much intense pressure is in play.

    2. Please excuse the ignorance here but is this a possible currency plan for us to move on?

    3. Not this time. Once we get the majors cleared we will try again

    4. Thanks John, all the best over the next few weeks. V for Victory!

    5. John,

      What alternate universe do these bankers come from where it's acceptable to withhold PP funds that are not legally there's to keep? Let me guess, it was Wells Fargo.

    6. Can't state but assume on a choice of one you would be on the money!

  70. More problems coming in. We are getting reports of thousands of slippery Chinese crossing the Vietnamese boxer to escape the Chinese crack down and many will be knowingly running from the Chinese Death Camps so this dam thing is going to get spread all over Asia soon which again says lock the dam place down.
    This dam thing could get loose soon. Border control is critical and Russia closed them out last week. China needs to arm its own border guards plus dogs and take down any carrying this plague to the world. What a mess. Vietnam does not deserve this tragedy they have suffered enough

    1. Getting unverifiable info that several chinese navy ships are now off line with nearly whole crews ill or in quarantine. Also reports of collapse of supply chains to some naval personnel in outlying regions.

  71. CLARIFICATION I studied the cognitive area and learned about the dark side from survivors who confided in me. Anyone that uses infants. toddlers or children for experiments EVER should be prosecuted. It is still happening to day I suspect.

  72. TINO (I had to edit my original post) IQ can be elevated in various ways. Developing cognitive skills is a good place to start. There is also a Spiritual component that enhances but many would not consider spiritual. Victims of extreme torture either go dark or light and increased processing ability comes with it. I have been casually researching the cognitive+ area for several years and will soon jump back in to this area formally as early as next year. American education really started on a down slide in 1930's with the help of Dewey and Hall and supported at that time by FDR and all the usual suspects, many of whom have been replaced by the likes of their descendants. FYI, you don't need to try messing with embryos but they started with infants in late 30's and 40's with success. Those who did the early R&D were monsters and killed many infants, toddlers who were subjects - the majority - in unmitigated horror. We believe Scherffs helped and enabled in US. A normal person would find this nearly impossible to comprehend. I prefer the peaceful pathway to UHIQ which might just be on the horizon.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    1. I'm sure there are many viable routes to UHIQ. Thanks Bob.


    Illegal immigrants driving without a license will be issued a summons instead of getting arrested in an effort to sidestep federal authorities, a new Cambridge ordinance orders, which city councilors say formalizes existing policy in the city.

    “The Cambridge Police Department shall, whenever possible in the officer’s discretion and if there are no other violations causing the person to be arrested, issue a summons to court instead of taking the person into custody,” reads the Welcoming Community Ordinance passed last week.

    Cambridge City Councilor Dennis Carlone said Cambridge Police have been very supportive of the measure, which also allows for officers to let the driver arrange for someone with a license to come and drive the car home so it is not impounded.

    “This is just so basic that you don’t hurt people, and our system doesn’t allow them to have driver’s licenses, which I disagree with,” said Carlone, referring to illegal immigrants.

    United States citizens will also be spared from arrest, according to Carlone. But any unlicensed driver will still be arrested if there are other reasons, such as an outstanding warrant, to do so.

    Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies said the ordinance is a “foolish practice of relaxing law enforcement standards to make life easier for illegal aliens.”

    Vaughan said, “It’s only going to encourage people to drive without a license and that’s not good for roadway safety.”

    From 2017 through 2019, Cambridge Police charged unlicensed operation 278 times with 201 handled via summons and 77 via arrest. The arrests were likely in cases that included other charges, The Cambridge Chronicle reported.

    Massachusetts law states first-time offenders are subject to a fine, imprisonment of up to 10 days, or both.

    But Boston defense attorney Patrick Murphy said most cases he sees are dismissed, “By and large the judge and prosecutor and looking to resolve that for the defendants.”

  74. Activities are now progressing to activate US Enforcement Agencies to round up the false Guru and Broker parties causing confusion and raising false hopes in the markets as well as charging them to listen into misleading and frankly fraudulent advice lines and false groups. These parties are building false hopes in stressed and impoverished people and encouraging desperate people to gamble scarce funds with no chance of getting fantasy conversions for them.
    They are confusing the real system and affecting genuine redemption discussions. So we are lobbying to clear them out. Rounding up trash.
    Genuine negotiators fear uncontrolled expectations and the the subsequent stress and disappointments of so many confused people in need.
    We need to clear the decks and handle real negotiations with great delicacy.
    People need. They don't need deceit or false expectations, or posing Frauds
    Real Patriots have real caring intent and to remove the layers of confusion delaying settlements. We are still allowing disgraceful false currency sites to manipulate a gullible public.
    It needs to stop.
    State actions are being requested to enforce prudent conduct. The Snake Oil Salesmen need to go.

    1. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, I would not want to be gurus like Tony TNT or Okie once that goes down. People will want their head on a spike.

    2. Bravi! Clear out the scammers!

    3. I'll drink to that! If you need a list John, I'm sure we can come up with one.


  75. There are worse head cases right now raising false hopes. Some need locking up now.

  76. As if it wasn't already entirely obvious, (((Bloomberg))) is in it up to his tiny little neck along with (((Epstein))) and (((Maxwell))):

    Democrat presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg appears in the late pedophile and accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book of contacts. Bloomberg appears on page six of the address book maintained by Epstein’s late former butler. Bloomberg was also photographed socializing with Epstein’s close companion Ghislaine Maxwell.

    The fact that they've given up on Little Gay Pete and turned to Mini-Mike to buy the nomination and election is another indication of the Deep State's desperation. -- Source Vox Day

  77. GURUS who need to go bye-bye. CASPER IS NO MORE, HEARD HE DIED , he was the absolute worst. However, the guy with the chicken on You Tube with more contacts than an Optometrist, MARK. he needs to go. asap.

  78. Dear Unknown/Aurataya 1 of 2
    Thank you for your kind words, and I am super glad my words were of help to you. I have always felt like my experiences could be used for good, for people to hear that it might be useful, and your comments further appreciatively confirm that for me.
    It is understandable having the challenge of trust with so much negative going on in the world to think that a higher power could actually exist, let alone have any positive influence over anything. I am from the “Missouri Show Me State” type mentality, and the miracles I have personally experienced accomplished that.
    Thanks for your concern for my past experiences, but yes, they have led me to where I am and I am thankful for that. If I had known better, I could have probably avoided some grief (silly me) but also, those experiences were not intended for me to teach me a lesson so to speak by a higher power, I chose that path in life per my beliefs and God stuck in messages where He could enough times that it finally turned my head and heart. So yes, for me they were necessary like being doused with a bucket of cold water to wake up….brrrrrrr.
    Yes it is also a challenge to imagine free will and the power of choice we have been given. And how actually out of God’s love for us, He does not overrule us. I often notice in tragic news stories how someone will say, “how could God let this or that happen?” and I always think, “if they only knew it is not God’s doing or lack of compassion for the occurrence”. If they only knew where it is really all coming from… would stop! If we all knew where it was really coming from…it would all stop! As I said, eventually we all wake up and to each his own as to how that happens and how long it takes. But each person has the capacity to help speed up the process for themselves and the rest of us.
    It looks like the ACIM book has shown up a few times for you, including this time. Typically repetition of an experience is a way of getting a sign of something to explore further or to pay some attention to. Perhaps now is a time for you to consider it further if you feel the call to. The beginning of the book gives a summary of how it came to be, it is an interesting read and might be a place to start to see if it interests you further. This link will give you an online brief of it without having to purchase the book.

  79. Dear Unknown/Aurataya 2 of 2

    Yes I have seen The Shack, but it has been a while so I don’t remember much of it. I will have to watch it again. Judgement is a big topic in the course. One of the things I can tell you the course teaches is that God does not judge us, that we are the ones doing the judging of ourselves and each other and we use that to justify our actions, and whether we choose to be friend or foe to another. My belief is that when we show up for our intro interview with the Holy One once we have moved on, He will judge us by simply saying “You are marvelous, welcome”! One of the basics I equate this with is logic. If one assumes God is perfect, and that God made us, then we would have had to have been made perfect because how could One who is perfect make something that is imperfect…not possible. 2 + 2 will always equal 4 not 5 and 1/2 😊 That is at least how I look at it. And if this is so, then there must be something else going on than what there appears to be….hmmmm…what could that be? The course helps to explain what is really going on “behind the curtain”.
    I am especially glad our conversation has been helpful to you. With that in mind, I would like to share something that happened when I initially fell to my knees and prayed way back when. After my prayer of asking for help and guidance, I listened for a response and felt a warm feeling come over me as if there was some kind of warm fluid flowing through my veins, it was so soothing and comforting. I then found 2 thoughts pop into my mind. It was not like hearing a voice say something, they were just thoughts but from the perspective that it definitely felt like I was being told something by someone other than myself. The first thought was…in moving forward from this moment, no matter where you go or what you do…live by these 2 guidelines….1: “Do not take on the identity of anything you do” (I took this to mean for example, if you become an accountant know you are more than that, be a good accountant but you are much much more, or if you become a millionaire, your identity is not an accountant or a millionaire that is what is called “Idol” worship (do not have false gods before ME) that is just your “day job”, awaken to the TRUTH of who you really are….you are My Son and I have work for you to do)…2: “Be of service” (I took this to mean any way shape or form be of service in any way that comes before you to anyone and anything…cut your neighbors grass for free because he was in an accident in the hospital and can’t do it himself, help someone on the side of the road fix a flat tire, share a spiritual experience with someone that might help them find peace in life). Be of service…..I hope I have been of service to you Aurataya 😊

    John is most certainly being a good steward of being of service to us all with the always helpful information he shares with us on this website, per the many many balls he is juggling to bring positive change to the world. Well done John.

    1. Dear Dear DeaNothing Real Can Be Threatened,

      I'm not too sure where to begin in my response as you have raised so many fascinating topics in your two part comment above.

      Firstly, may I sincerely thank you again for being so generous to offer the time you have in sharing your words and beautiful heart. I absolutely love reading everything you write as you express yourself so beautifully, pure delight for me. You have such a lovely calm energy exuding from your words, it is quite soothing for me to experience.

      I thank you for the link too. I will most definitely enjoy reading some more on that website based on the brief look I have had this afternoon, short on time again as usual. Life is a bit of a bitch at the moment, please excuse my course language, that’s me. I actually have already purchased ACIM today online and should have that next week. I am looking forward to seeing how the information contained fits with me.

      What you have so kindly shared regarding your experience when you fell to your knees and prayed is so beautiful for me to hear. That certainly must have been a fairly decent life changing moment. I must say, I totally dig intensity like that. Love, love, love, intensity. I once fell lower than my knees, aged 15. I prayed rather desperately, I begged for assistance and some sort of guidance, nothing happened. Ended up in a drug unit somewhere having my stomach pumped. I survived. I’m still here. End of that particular story.

      I have had some rather unusual experiences in this life. Some probably too way out there for most ordinary folk to understand, accept or even believe possible.

      You highlighted the warmth pulsing through your veins/body when you connected with your God. I say “your God” as I am yet to become that well acquainted.

      I know what follows is going to seem so totally psychotic but I have to be honest. You have triggered some rather weird memories and feelings for me this evening pondering your magnificent contributions during our conversation and I’m having a little difficulty in dealing with that right now.

      May I please be honest enough to decline from further conversation in this moment but still so very sincerely thank you for being the gorgeous person you are, sharing so openly as you have. I one million percent wish to continue this conversation we have happening when I feel a little stronger. Yikes, I certainly can be a bit of a mess sometimes. I know you are kind and understanding enough to click onto and into what I am saying here. XX

      To be continued, hopefully.

  80. Ok, folks, I just got told by multiple sources inside government, "In the USA, the shit is going to hit the fan on . . . . ."

    I was also told "keep your kids home from school that day and everyone had better have all their preps and all their bugout plans ready by the day before."

    Next Thursday. February 27 is the date I was told the shit is going to hit the fan.

    I was __not__ told if this is related to the Coronavirus - although I personally believe it is.

    It may also involve war in the Middle East, but that does not fit with the advice to "keep your kids home from school that day and have your preps ready by the day before." The coronavirus being "un-containable" however, DOES fit that advice.

    On the far end of the radar could be an attack upon the US by China if they decide their virus outbreak is our fault, but to me, that's too far-fetched to be considered.

    Anyway, I'm passing along what I've been told because it came -UNSOLICITED - from several Intel colleagues, some still in government, and there was a discernible urgency in their voices.

    Whatever it's going to be, it sounds bad.

    To reiterate: Have all your preps ready by next Wednesday, February 26 because the shit is going to hit the fan on Thursday, February 27.

    Hal Turner, Former FBI Agent

  81. Now the latest from Dumpster town, LA!!

    These Airheads are now bringing in Script Screening to ensure all scripts conform to the new Gender Bender rules, and that only homogeneous pap is used as dialogue in future, so don't dare be a regular male or female in case we upset the Fairies.

    Cinemas are tanking, films are crap, now this? From the land of the Airheads, Self Suicide Rules.

    I watched 2 seriously stupid, up themselves Narcissistic Assholes,Tom Hanks and George Clooney stating with presumed authority Trump would never get in and we could take that to the Bank. What complete Assholes to opine, who cares what 2 Clothes Horses with scripts written for them think? These Morons presume they can think?
    Now they want to kill their Golden Goose? Madness rules fools.
    Don't dare challenge the boundaries now. End of Dreamland.

    1. I’m sure BradPitt is VERY upset after being called a “little wise guy” by a fat septuagenarian with dementia who can barely speak through that sloppy meat hole in his marshmallow face.
      I mean, I would be !

    2. Lets pray like hell that Trump hangs on for the next four years before he goes . just the same as his father !

    3. Hollywood is being exposed more every day... people are sic and tired of some kind of agenda being pushed down their throats... same with the entire political system... some of the life long Demos I know have become a lot less confident in what they say... talking to a life long Demo lawyer friend... I brought up the unemployed numbers among blacks... he said those numbers are fake, lol... the numbers are probably a lot better than what is reported!...

      the Russian narrative of meddling in the election on behalf of Trump is back in full force after a report from house intel leaked to the NYT by, Shifty Schiff most likely... am I to believe that the Russians would want Trump instead of honey moon in Russia Bernie?... wake up America and look at the BS being shoved down your throat!!

  82. Between the Vatican Holy Roman Empire, Monarchs, Sovereigns and Treasury/Fed, we are trying to conclude phased releases of long indebted Redemption's, but to do so without the Noise on the System interruptions of a handful of US Assholes mass informing the markets they will be the control points. One so seriously F in the head, he declares he will become Treasury Secretary,and bottom feeders wire them funds and drink the Kool Aid. Lunacy.

    None of these Cretins will feature. We need them- why? Not happening.

    Real progression is off radar, there will not be a feeding frenzy with an orchestrated Bums Rush. One of these Dopes also has a criminal past,and when his collar is grabbed, he faces real heat. Fantasists? Regulators are now watching them.

    I watched Assange screaming like an hysterical Piglet when they dragged him from the Embassy. Zero dignity, terrified.
    It will be red hot Pokers for the Guys now being set up for a fall. Posers?

    Real dialogue stays off radar. How many times did low flying Attorneys tell you it was all done, the totally looted CMKX funds would be repaid,and parties who stole Leos funds would be in for Trillions? Bust, without a Pot to P in, they opine.
    Well now they have attention. About time. They will be getting free food. Take the Vaseline.

    1. CMKX funds looted, no Wanta funds...oh my
      Must not be one of your clients
      How about CSHD, looted too

    2. Leos not happening via the parasitic camp graspers. Private discussions are in place and not for public release. Reality is being applied.
      The looted so called Prosperity Funds were very prosperous. For the Promoters. Sue them. Public funds will not be used to refund speculators. Rightly so.

      Highly complex scenarios govern each redemption move. There will be no bail out for bust funds the public got sucked into.
      Cash is finite, but a sensible series of discussions are ongoing related to Bonds and currencies. There is sensitivity towards a viable conversion bridge.
      Far more important is why the vilest abomination seed crop of Genghis Khan continue to be allowed to rape America, the Sovereigns, to issue and charge for worthless dollars,to Racketeer with impunity inside US borders,and now virtually own the US in entity. I only know the fastest way to de louse a dog is to apply liberal doses of vermin toxins then douse the hound and drown the Bastards. Lice done give up feeding off the host willingly like tapeworms, extermination removes this infestation. Until this toxic and rapacious sub species is purged from society, our world will be plunged into ever more mass destruction and suffering.

      Post releases we have plans in place to provisionally set up Non Fed, Non Rotts and Zio Free new Banking operations. De Loused!
      With us there will be no compromise. Restitution of a centuries plundering merits project funding. With the Bastards chained and manacled in Nuremberg type trials. Military laws and their Attorneys sentenced for corruption and conspiracy to hide details of visible crimes. To me, just being an Attorney for a Zio is enough justification to hang you. There is no victimless crime and we need Russia's Gulags full as we export them to do their deserved time.

    3. Ouch!... wake up to the CMKX reality!... " looted" ?... does that mean there really was a trust?

    4. It's somewhat comical to me that all of the parasitic politicians and real criminals in Washington remain free.........but dinar gurus are so powerful that they are holding up the biggest financial transaction in the world with all their noise and need to be arrested.

      Too Funny. Where do you get this stuff from?

    5. John

      On TRNs or USNs or asset bk'd US currency

      Seems like maybe that is pushed off until later??


    6. JV

      How about from a Principal PP Redemption Creditor, an ex Agency Senior Party, an Attorney talking daily with key parties, all of who get disturbed when leaks in the hands of 2 loose cannons get published and set back trusted completions instantly. 2 parties who need to be Shut Down and Shut Up.

      Formal complaints have now been sworn to Justice so hopefully we may see both lifted. Both are notorious Upstarts, dangerous loose lips. Give the Cabal any excuse to delay and ?

      Leo WAS awarded his Funds in the Courts of Richmond , Virginia, and still not paid.
      This is what we face. Beyond the Law until they are brought to Earth.
      The Fed and Treasury need access to Elders AU. Totally denied until we get resolution first.
      This is why we know- More!

  83. Iran Health Ministry spokesman:
    13 more people in the country have been identified as infected by CoronaVirus & two of them have died.
    He added that most of the newly-infected people are inhabitant of Qom or were present there in the past days or weeks

  84. If the dozen or more lawsuits filed against Mike Bloomberg and his company over the last three decades are all nothing more than cases of employees who “didn’t like a joke I told,” why is he so keen on keeping details of those cases secret?

  85. Got this from a comment section. Something seems to be lining up for a big event....

    Both of my parents work for Goldman Sachs. My father and mother received a special packet a week ago. It contained information on where they will need to go at a moments notice and I.D. cards with a Green stripe.

    Yesterday My father told me that everyone he knows is remaining "tight liped" about the "situation" but that everyone knows what IT is. He wont discuss it with me much beyond the fact he has recommended that I travel home immediately and

    1. and that I bring what I absolutely can not live without....I am very concerned.

    2. JV, thank you. Go home, be with your parents if that fits with your life at the moment. There is no point panicking. It is what ever the hell it is. We all just have to face it. Stay safe and calm.

    3. John ...What do you say about this, should we all be safe than sorry?

      Both of my parents work for Goldman Sachs. My father and mother received a special packet a week ago. It contained information on where they will need to go at a moments notice and I.D. cards with a Green stripe. Yesterday My father told me that everyone he knows is remaining "tight liped" about the "situation" but that everyone knows what IT is. He wont discuss it with me much beyond the fact he has recommended that I travel home immediately and

    4. It's a US possible domestic melt down if the Rats ( Rotts) cant maintain a sinking ship. The UK is Rott free. We booted them decades ago.

    5. If I might chime in here? To me that site often creates "fear-porn". And as much as I hate to say it, oftentimes, people who bought into the "guru" baloney comment on everything and everything believing that this, that or the other is a "sign" that they will soon have trillions of dollars. I have seen it on Twitter.

      I actually went to read a blog that had some transcript from a guy who said that President Trump used the "Beast" for the pace-car and "victory lap" because, well that is the precise moment our gold was repatriated. I was like what? And people believe this? Good God.

      If I read this particular blog correctly, if I held some Zim I too will be a gazillionare and can adopt a city. Silly me. I will just continue to remove the straps from the drawer where my dong reside.

      I would just keep my eyes and ears open, have some cash in the house and some food. Don't panic because of comments made by invisible people posting on a site. Above all.. remain calm...

    6. John

      Do US ppl need to be concerned about a US domestic melt down?


  86. Dear problem :-) ..."And now in all your doings be you blessed"

  87. It’s all so incestuous!!!

    Shut the hell up': Eric Holder triggered by reporter exposing Andrew McCabe prosecutor's Democratic bona fides

    Breck Dumas
    Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder lost his temper on Thursday in reaction to details surrounding the Democratic prosecutor and Obama administration holdover who dropped the case against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, telling a reporter to "shut the hell up" and accusing him of wanting to "use the justice system for political reasons."

    Ditch the fake news ==> Click here to get news you can trust sent right to your inbox. It's free!
    What are the details?

    Investor's Business Daily alum and RealClearPolitics contributor Paul Sperry tweeted Tuesday, "BREAKING: Molly Gaston, the asst US Attorney who signed letter to McCabe's lawyer informing McCabe she was closing criminal case against him, is Democrat who's given thousands to Dems including Obama & who once worked for Dem side of House Oversight & whose mother worked for WaPo."

    On Thursday night, Holder replied to Sperry, "Why don't you shut the hell up. Your bias is showing. I bet you've never been a prosecutor or have any idea how DOJ works. People like you-who want to use the justice system for political reasons-are both dangerous and ignorant. The case was-like you-an obvious loser."

    The Twittersphere pointed out that Mr. Holder is a partner at Covington & Burling LLP, the same law firm where Gaston's father, Eugene Gulland, is senior counsel.

    According to Fox News, Sperry "has often been critical of Holder, the Justice Department, and current Attorney General William Barr."

    Sperry tweeted Thursday night, "Eric Holder completely politicized DOJ so he has a lot of gall weighing in on this issue."

    What's the background?

    The Justice Department launched an investigation into McCabe in 2018, following a criminal referral from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. McCabe, who now works for CNN, was accused of lying to investigators and leaking sensitive information to the media.

    On Feb. 14, Gaston and DOJ Fraud & Public Corruption Section Chief J.P. Cooney sent a letter to McCabe's attorneys informing them that "the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client."


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