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31 January to 6 February, 2020

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  1. Wasn't this virus stolen from a US lab? Soros can run, but cannot hide! (Public hanging will be sweet to see....He can join all his Chinese bankster buddies Xi executed...)

  2. Lifted from Vox.

    It's been a bit of a mystery why the media and the Deep State have been so desperate to keep Eric Ciaramella's name out of the press and the impeachment hearings. Greg Rubini suggested a possible explanation in a twitter thread:

    ERIC CIARAM3LLA is involved in much darker things than you can imagine. Joe Biden, John Brennan, & Barack Obama are also in it and Victoria Nuland. The Ukraine Holocaust

    In Feb 2014 there was a Coup d'Etat in Ukraine. a violent Coup. There was a massacre in the main square of the capital, Kiev. 100 people were killed.

    There were SNIPERS at windows of tall buildings surrounding the square. Strategically placed. The snipers from the buildings shot both at protestors, both at police officers. it was a HORRIFIC massacre

    100 people were killed BY THE SNIPERS. both Ukranian citizens, both police officers. that was The Ukraine Holocaust.

    The SNIPERS were professional mercenaries. They were hired and paid to do that job. Their assigned job was to KILL about 100 people. They had been given precise instructions. Hired and paid BY WHOM?

    Why 100 people had to be brutally killed? Because the CIA Director John Brennan and Victoria Nuland (State Dept.) wanted 100 people killed. That would trigger a Coup d'Etat in Ukraine. Which in fact happened.

    And WHO organized those SNIPERS in Ukraine, to make this massacre? WHO hired them? WHO paid them? ERIC CIARAM3LLA. E.C. in this photo with Victoria Nuland.

    Eric Ciaramella was assigned that task by the CIA Director John Brennan. Brennan was the CIA Director at that tme, in 2014. And Eric Ciaramella was, and is, a CIA Operative. He was Brennan's CIA point man in Ukraine, in 2014.

  3. Following the confirmed infection of 3 Chinese tourists at the StayCity Hotel in York yesterday, why are they still checking in tourists the hotel needs to be quarantined for 3 weeks it's madness!
    With Grifter Plebs running countries expect only poor Leadership.

    I feel for China, it's problems will be vast as Industries free fall and employment will death spiral. God help any life form from insects to Cats when the Chinese need to feed.

    Mans inhumanity and indifference will show

  4. N95 mask are in stock here as of this morning

  5. Why did' nt

    Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton think of that,

    a TRIAL WITH NO WITNESS ? hold up...

    Wait till I go to TRAFFIC COURT !

    1. I personally never had to deal with a "trial" in traffic court. But I might or might not have only went a little over the speed limit. What traffic court has a trial? But I digress.

      Speaking of trials- would ever heard of not being able to call your own witnesses or your lawyers?

      When you go to court All Or Nothing At All you better pray you aren't treated like President Trump was.

      At the end of the day, he beat the bastards and will win reelection in Nov.

    2. Yeah, he blazed there m*** azz. thats how we do in NY. OPEN your eyes and ears, comprehend what is going on around you. Remove the walls around your brains, or at least try. LOL, NY traffic courts have trials for the simplest S***. Me, hustling to get from point A to Point B, usually work here, work there , work every dayum place. Dont have to like every thing about the guy, but he gets S*** done. And, he is not LAZY.

  6. Comment: The following is an excellent discussion of Japan’s decline as an economic power house in the 90’s and of China’s following the same pattern for the same reasons. Europe is almost there and America is on the same path–the highway to cultural collapse.

    Living the good life has become the ultimate goal. Waiting for the next awesome device, newest fashions, sleek autos, the next trendy restaurant, etc have become what matters. Marriage, family, spiritual decline, and sense of self worth, both individual and cultural, have become hollowed out.

    The human mind, and soul need more than just flashy objects for fulfillment–they need a sense of worthiness and direction. The war against family, education and religion is succeeding at an alarming rate. By the time humanity realizes that bread and circuses are not cutting it, it may be too late.

    As usual, Daniel Greenfield hits the nail on the head, and the post below is well worth the read.

    Fri Jan 31, 2020
    Daniel Greenfield

    In the 1980s, movies like Die Hard and Back to the Future 2 showed off a Japanese takeover of America. Turning Japanese was bound to be playing on the radio every hour. Japan had leveraged unfair trade policies, currency manipulation, and government subsidies to buy up American companies (it’s still happening, but few are paying attention) and was the wave of the future sweeping over America.

    Everyone was driving Japanese cars, using Japanese electronics, and buying “Made in Japan.” And Japan got there by stealing massive amounts of American intellectual property and reselling it to Americans.

  7. I worked at IBM in the 80s' There were signs all over IBM, T H I N K !

    Unfortunately, the Management did not apply what they preached,

    Bill Gates/Windows out taught an entire multi-million dollar Corporation and displaced entire communities from a good income.

    True Facts.

    1. Yes, but the technology enabled many others. I still write professional-grade software from time to time. Custom applications for custom problems. With the current tech I replace my whole team of 12 that I had in 1990. I'm also more independent.

    2. Yes, but those MANAGERS who forced the employees to Only wear white SHIRTS did not see the change.

  8. I have to say it... there are some on this blog who still haven't woken up. They wouldn't know a globalist if they hit them in the face. Very sad considering all the information that has been put here over the years.

  9. Just tell them to listen to OBAMA speech at the United Nation. Hopefully , hopefully they would take the blinders off and realized that by electing TRUMP, and not that wench , Americans escaped a bullet.

  10. But took a hollow head version.

  11. True, NO other choice. NONE. That is why we have to keep our eyes on TRUMP. THIS red vs blue crap is not applicable. Trump would not just steal the contents of the store, he would take the entire store, building, sidewalk, air above it. Why do you think he filed bankruptcy so many times after building so many extravagant properties ? He shafted the contractors who built them. oh yeah, dont sleep on Trump. Trump was a democrat and supported democrats , oh and at least we forget Bloomberg, a Republican, now running as a democrat. THE MEDIA omits important facts or willfully dont emphasize enough.

  12. Yes, but truths too far for many.

  13. And here is yet another !

    Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is comparing the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin to the electric car unicorn Tesla.

    In a new interview with Bloomberg, the former Goldman Sachs partner and hedge fund manager says both represent revolutionary technologies that can change the world, and it’s not surprising to see speculative bubbles forming around them.

    Tesla’s stock has soared since the start of the new year, climbing from $430 to $650. Its 51% year-to-date gain trumps Bitcoin, which has surged from $7,202 to $9,404 over the same period, up 30%. Novogratz admits that he made a mistake in shorting Tesla.

    “I cut against my own rule when I said ‘don’t short Elon Musk’ and ‘Tesla feels like Bitcoin.’ It’s not a fundamental story anymore. So any bit of good news is going to shoot it up.”

    Novogratz says that he’s waiting for a pullback to get out of his short position. Although he’s a fan of Tesla, he believes the stock will correct since assets “just don’t go to the moon.” When asked to clarify his Tesla-Bitcoin comparison, Novogratz explains,
    “There’s a Tesla bubble going on. There’s no doubt about this is a bubble. Bubbles happen around things that normally change the world…

    Tesla cars are amazing. [Elon Musk] has all kinds of technologies. He’s delivering, and so the story is so powerful it sucks everybody in.”

    However, the electric car company’s current valuation may not be justified, according to Novogratz, who also concedes that the stock price can continue to surge due to Tesla’s world-changing narrative – fueling the bubble. As for gold and Bitcoin, Novogratz is on board with both.

    “I still love gold. I still love Bitcoin, because we’ve got too much liquidity around, and we’re debasing our currency over time…

    Bitcoin had its bubble in ’17 and now it’s become an asset. It’s a weapon in people’s portfolios. It is a version of gold. We call it digital gold and we’re putting in plumbing all around the system to allow more and more people to buy it so it trades much, much better.

  14. Tourists fearing contagion are already cancelling vacations in the Mediterranean. Tourism is hit now.
    But try telling hundreds of Millions of Chinese if we cancel their trade deals with them and their entire infrastructure crashes that it's not our problem.

    Real Leaders, good Leaders, need to be Counselling each other to sustain trade support to China and help our desperate human neighbours through this. Compassion and vision
    Putting back to Beings in so much need.
    What world values do we want?

  15. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.

  16. BREAKING: Latest update on #CoronaVirus

    - 14 550 confirmed cases.
    - 304 dead.
    - 328 recovered.
    - 19 554 suspected cases.
    - 24 countries affected.

    This appears to be spreading rapidly now

  17. Then assume a 10 fold increase next. After that it's focusing on both bolting down seriously Infected nations and giving global help fast to China. Medical supplies, vaccines and food. A hand of friendship right now can avoid wars. Kindness is not forgotten. But nor is indifference.
    Reach out and save lives. Do good. Change mankind. Ease suffering and show Leaders we care.

  18. Oh boy... the infant grandson of the woman in Chicago who was the first corona virus patient has developed a fever. No word if he has it.

    Chicago doesn't surprise me, it's such a melting pot.

    Then think about college students who come to the US to study... what a mess

    1. I should say first in Chicago to develop the coronavirus

    2. Chinese Students and a Chinese Soldier in the UK have it. Expect more. Many more.
      New reports indicate it may take a year to create a real vaccine. It shows the extent of Chinese travellers today.

      Will the world pull together and unify for this?
      And put food manners on the Chinese.
      He looks grey faced, what the hell is that? Oh don't over react, he just Shat a Bat.

    3. External to China the infection growth curve is still flat and admittedly, it's early. We have time to prepare better.

      As Western Indo-European we may also have lower infectivity and lower mortality. The receptor the virus uses to infect is 4-fold over-expressed in Asian genotypes.

      There are some approaches that people are probably forgetting.

      All survivors are immune. Take their plasma and pull out the IgG and use it on infected patients at critical risk.

      Alternatively, take plasma from the infected, purify maximally to get mostly viral supernatant. Pass very high voltage alternating current thru the mixture. This will kill the virus and shatter it into component part. Inject directly into bloodstream of patient and trust the immune system to do its thing. Dogs share all our diseases so it should be easy to test by the those schooled in the art.

      Singulair and Xyzal, in combination at roughly twice the dose, twice a day, should help on the sepsis angle because that aspect of the coronavirus infection matches what influenza and common cold viri do. Essentially it modulates the pulmonary leukotriene angle. Again, the world expert on this is B. Chandler May, MD of Santa Barbara, Ca.

  19. Well,,, if there is a meltdown of the financial system and chaos rules at least the Chinese wont have to develop a taste for cats and such like most of us!

  20. John

    A lot of us suspect maybe the virus was planned to try and stop the financial global relief

    Wouldn't it be ironic if instead this virus sped up release of the funds

    What are the chances for speedy release?


  21. We are deep into it daily.
    Between their inability to Impeach a clearly crooked Grifter because the alternative is so much worse, chaotic Global Hegemony to fund Arms and Contractors, a Crime Family Zio Fixer enriching himself and Israelis, a stench ridden Fed and 2 despicably corrupt Houses, we try daily to trawl through the slime running this turgid Ho Show, and get a conclusion. Trump's trial is not about guilt it's a power play to protect the Dems own corrupt hooks on power. Anyone in La La Land thinking this Shady multi Bankrupt grifter Putz could even spell integrity, is just endemic of the problem that has become America. From the Constitution to the DC Ablution that is today's Political circus.
    Within that sewer pit we try daily and not WEAKLY!

    1. Last I looked Trump was down a billion in net worth. So not sure this is such a surefire plan to enrichment... And compared to predecessors Trump has definitely not committed an impeachable offense or at the very least, what he has been accused of are certainly not impeachable offenses...

      As to the rest, it's all a horrific cesspool.

  22. Hard to prosecute when you block Witness interrogation.
    As for earnings,how about factoring in the Son in Laws earnings shielding behind the extortion and theft of the assets in the illegally sequestrated Golan Heights. Leopards and Grifters never change spots. The whole pack hunt as one. For a century now America's been in play. Enslaved by which Zoo?

    1. We have it on the record of two Congressional Committees where everyone who had anything to say, said it, and it all boils down to hearsay. Not one witness had direct knowledge. Every witness on cross had to repudiate or modify their opening statement and cop to knowing nothing. Giving the (D) a second bite at the apple and a huge forum for innuendo would have been suicidal for Trump and emboldened the turncoat Senators.

      If y'all have the rest (earnings, transfers and payouts) go right ahead and torpedo the kid. Neither he nor Ivanka should have been anywhere near the White House. We didn't elect them.

    2. He's your President, Tino, like it or not. Your anti-American sentiment is showing. Shame on you.

    3. I thought Tino was defending Trump,while saying that Jared and Ivanka deserve more scrutiny.

    4. My sentiment goes where my sense of justice takes me. I find Trump innocent of the impeachment charges. But if Kushner has sold us out, I want to see him go to the wall.

  23. Tino does defend Trump. totally. But he agrees Kushner should not be happening.
    Kushners scam plan for the Middle East is naive. He lacks such skills.

  24. Well, a new scientist has weighed in finding an insertion vector. If true, it means this is a designed virus.

    So now, weaponized? Vaccination experiment gone wrong?

    Whoever made this MUST now come forward. We need to know to prepare.

    1. Tino

      There is a much deeper truth here, and one which we will reveal over time.
      Remember how it WAS US Federal Policy to pass Smallpox infected blankets to the Indians as part of a genocide policy to wipe them out.

      In today's world, WMD testing of a weaponized virus is in its infancy, but coming.

      Israel covets Ukraine, and China plus the Muslims covet America. They have agendas. As the Settlers had when they first took it ruthlessly from the poor Native Americans. Next, whose turn?

    2. I get the idea and if we have moved to the BWMD phase of Agenda 21 so be it, but the historical example is not accurate. There is only one documented instance, and it's from the British efforts in the French and Indian War. To wit:

      Colonial weaponizing of smallpox against Native Americans was first reported by 19th-century historian Francis Parkman, who came across correspondence in which Sir Jeffery Amherst, commander in chief of the British forces in North America in the early 1760s, had discussed its use with Col. Henry Bouquet, a subordinate on the western frontier during the French and Indian War.

      And from another historian, after the Founding of the Republic: The so-called Smallpox Winter of 1837 was the most severe outbreak. The dreadful epidemic of 1837–38 and smallpox in general did not come to American Indians through any scheme of the U.S. Army. The only documented attempt to infect Indians with smallpox was the dirty work of Swiss mercenaries serving the British crown before the United States’ founding as a constitutional republic.

      The various instrumentalities of the U.S. have much to answer for, especially in the modern era. Smallpox to Indians isn't one of them.


  25. What is the collective name for a group of baboons? CONGRESS .

    Folks stop being used. The democrats are not against Trump! They know the ruling class is satisfied with Trump because he did not turn out to be a threat to their interests. Look, Democrats are not going to save us. We have to fight like hell against all if we want our human rights.
    Who but most naïve thought the impeachment process would result in anything other than Trump's acquittal? It is/was a charade from the beginning. The high crimes that Trump did commit like the illegal use of U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq - both parties agree with.

    Its a game folks!

    The legitimation crisis facing the political system in the U.S. mirrors the same crisis internationally as a result of decisions by the U.S. & its European allies to ignore international law - the law that they largely established - because the law has become an impediment to domination. Lawlessness! Five thousand working-class youth are sitting ducks in Iraq because the gangster Trump regime refuses to respect Iraqi sovereignty & international law and withdraw those troops from the country after being asked to by the Iraqi government.

    Breaking News:
    From Vietnam to Iraq, working-class & poor in the military don't die defending democracy but the greedy global agenda of the capitalist oligarchy. Demand the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq & the Middle-East. Fight for human rights IN the U.S.

    Why do we continue to pretend CNN is involved in journalism when in reality they are a propaganda operation for neoliberal capital?
    Me -Alexa : Tell us todays news ?
    Alexa : Forget it, its all fake.

    Adam Schiff is a warmongering psychopath along with most of the democrat party,

    We should be just as clear about the need to build power as democrat party establishment who cares more about maintaining power than defeating Trump. Don't be confused about these short-term election cycles. Its the system .

    Over 60% of the Federal budget is now wasted on the military. After 20 years of continuous wars, isn't it time to demand that the wars end & the people's human rights to housing, healthcare, education, clean water & food along with a livable planet become the real priorities?

    1. What, reasoned common sense as above? How do you educate Bart Simpsons in the WH?

  26. John, What can we as individuals do to help the Chinese during this the coronavirus contagion? What do the elders advise? So many people I know want to help in any way we can.

    1. Thank you but this needs to start with Executive Actions where nations need to understand that cancelling contracts with China now, will lead to collapse and mass starvation.
      We either Feed them, or Fight them.
      If not, if they go down, be assured they WILL take us with them.

  27. You just can’t make this S*++ up The president of the United States does not know that the team that won the Super Bowl is not from Kansas ! Dear Mr. Trump the Chiefs are not from Kansas. Now, dear Sir so a little home work, and find out your self.

    1. Are you saying this President is a low level Intellectual Dork?

    2. You know what flack I get for this. Yes please, take the brunt.

    3. Like father, like son (thats is how far back I go with this guy) However, Trump is our savior here in America at this time in our history. YES, some of the edges are rough most times.

    4. Fully agreed. I have to be respectful to a blind populace who seem often to be in a different universe with this guy. He steals and sequestrated Syrian land for his Crime family Son on Law and Mossad thugs. He ignores Palestinian suffering and gifted Jerusalem to Khazars. He threatens Syria and abuses Iran to protect Genghis Khan's Zio trash.
      He fills his hotels with the state entourage moving in support of the Office role, hits some Golf balls, and checks his takings. It would never be allowed here. Yet he's a hero,? Which only indicates how much worse the rest are.
      JFK never ripped off America normal would ever have let the likes of Kushner operate as Bennies boy with impunity.
      The Peace Plan is a total farce and has zero chance of acceptance.
      I note your point of historical traits but factor in the brothel running Pimp Grandfather, the slimy Crime history and he profiles to form.
      Rent girls, showgirls and Stormy says it all. They were the only ones getting paid with non bouncing checks.
      But he's a hero. How can so many have come down the Rio Grand or Potomac in a bubble?
      You sure it's a saviour when you look at what's building worldwide?
      America has huge talent just look outside Politics. You took a low grade Wookie illegal for 8 years. Why not focus on quality and IQ?

    5. Using SAT as a proxy his IQ is no less than 130. This puts him as smarter than 97% in the average room. Genius? Not at all, neither stable nor unstable. That's 140 IQ and above.

      His bloopers are minor and irrelevant. The actual name of the intellectual error y'all are committing is called "over-generalization by induction".

      On major matters, with the exception of the Israeli angle but Embassy-to-Jerusalem was a campaign promise, he has been mostly right or side-stepped gigantic mines. Is he immune from error? Of course not. We have no arrests, no swamp draining, and no action relative to Big Tech fascism. But we know now, for example, that both Mattis and Kelly were globalists who should have been severely sanctioned for their behavior and obstruction. Their removal, contrary to popular press, was a net blessing. Just because some look like statesmen doesn't mean they are, just because some are capable doesn't mean they aren't turncoats and criminals.

      Recently there was kerfuffle over him reaming a subset of the Joint Chiefs. Interestingly, the objections to this was not the *content* of his rant, which to the extent it leaked is truly a proper kick-in-the-ass to the Perfumed Prince Lardasses in the Pentagon. No, the objection was Trump's draft-dodging and that it was hypocritical. REALLY? Do we want to go down the path of how immoral *any* draft is? And since the last possibly moral war was the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812, it is the duty of EVERY person that doesn't want to lose their life in a manufactured war for covert Elite to dodge.

    6. Could I suggest you ask him to read from a 13 year old's book and do a 13 year old's day work, ( History, Geography, Maths, English) that I think will show you his IQ standing quickly. He will fail aptitude assessment. Try and see.

    7. We'll see. I think Trump is judged far too harshly. His only deep failing I think is that he is ignorant of the current situation-in-the-large, not that he is stupid. And, perhaps, just perhaps, he is so well ring-fenced that the correct reality interpretations are not reaching him or he is being led to alternate conclusions. Either way, that explains far better the desyncs between word and action.

  28. Hmmm.... How is it the Joe Biden's brother has a $1.5 billion dollar contract to build homes in Iraq?

  29. After Wednesday, when Schummer and Pelosis Impeachment scam goes to a vote and fails, then attention will switch to the Bidens. From Ukraine up, the heat is coming.
    Schiff will get his own day of reckoning.
    Thursday is the new dawn.
    Then America can focus on real issues. Like the Beltway, How did it ever get so F up?
    Why is Biden Jr able to pull down a $3M a year job in Ukraine on the board of the most corrupt company in the country via Biden's corrupt influence?
    Will the Senate then,look at Biden? Pelosi also. Then Schummer?

  30. John are the hoped for week end PP releases on track as originally anticipated or delayed again?

  31. Our team arrived back in Florida Sunday.
    I can't say- what does that suggest to you?

    1. Thanks John, say no more (wink)

    2. That you sent them in to collect on your Super Bowl bet?

    3. Tony
      You may have a cross interest in that game play. Hope.


  33. Really well done new show about Canadian perspective of effects the Vietnam war had there. Shows what essentially was an "underground network" to get draft dodgers and deserters to safety there. Done by CBC. 4 episodes thus far and looking forward to see how that stuff all played out there!

    SHOW: Fortunate Son

  34. As Joe Biden competes for a win in Iowa, one GOP senator is already talking about impeaching him.

    Joe Biden sits near the top of most polls ahead of the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, and his campaign is hoping for a win that could help propel Biden to the Democratic nomination and later the White House -- but one Republican senator from the Hawkeye state is already talking about impeaching the former vice president if he gets there.

    Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, told Bloomberg News on Sunday that Republicans could impeach Biden for his dealings in Ukraine, specifically his handling of foreign policy with the country as his son, Hunter, was on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. Her comments come just before her constituents go to the polls Monday to cast the very first votes of the 2020 presidential election cycle.

    About F***ing time, these DC flacks.

    A mystery needs to be solved ? How do these DC swamp dogs begin in DC with a bank account of $10,000. and in Ten years they are worth $5 hundred million , all of them Republicans and Democrats ?


    LOL and already the trade deal is over

    Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here.

    Chinese officials are hoping the U.S. will agree to some flexibility on pledges in their phase-one trade deal, people familiar with the situation said, as Beijing tries to contain a health crisis that threatens to slow domestic growth with repercussions around the world.

    The agreement sealed Jan. 15 is supposed to take effect in mid-February. It has a clause that states the U.S. and China will consult “in the event that a natural disaster or other unforeseeable event” delays either from complying with the agreement. It’s unclear whether China has formally requested such a consultation yet, but the people familiar with the matter said the plan is to ask for it at some point.

  36. China is covering up the body bags at the incinerators and arresting parties filming and whistle blowing.
    China just left the rails as the new Global Fiscal Leader. Derailed!

  37. RV the dinars! To help China curtail corona virus that is. O'course, if some crumbs were to fall by the plebians...

  38. Schiff had his weeks in the Senate. It's visibly failed. November may wreak revenge and Schiff has really not done well. Schiff could not afford to lose here. It's profiling that way. Schiff shafted is career credibility in free fall. Schiff, the runt Nader and Nancy join Schummer as road kill if they lose. This could wreak havoc at the polls. No place to fail in full world headlights.

    1. They need to resign in disgrace. Either that, or they need to brought up on flat out charges of sedition/treason.

  39. Little reminder: Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged partner-in-crime of Jeffrey Epstein, is hiding out in Israel where her “powerful contacts” provide her “safe houses and protection.”

    Now how come this bombshell still hasn’t made it to CNN’s headlines?

    “She is not in the U.S., she moves around,” the source said in an article published last week. “She is sometimes in the U.K., but most often in other countries, such as Israel, where her powerful contacts have provided her with safe houses and protection.”
    Last month, Reuters reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing Maxwell and others with ties to Epstein.
    Maxwell and Epstein were romantically involved for several years and then remained close. One of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, has accused Maxwell of recruiting her to have sex with him when she was a minor. Maxwell denied the allegations.
    Epstein, the Jewish millionaire financier facing sex trafficking charges for allegedly abusing dozens of minor girls, hanged himself in his New York City jail cell in August, law enforcement officials said. Though New York City’s chief medical examiner ruled his death a suicide, a forensic pathologist hired by his family said the autopsy pointed to homicide.

  40. Israel is the Hole in the Wall Bolt hole for Jewish criminals and racketeers all over the world. How dare they demand Oaths of Loyalty from Americans. Try that here they get Anal surgery with a drive shaft.
    Of course Maxwell hides there her father was a thief, fraudster, racketeer and a Mossad Shyster. The world has to deal with Israel and stop their games. They need to be stopped hard.

  41. If this Coronavirus does turn out to be a Chinese weaponised WMD which got loose the cost and repurcussions for China will put back Global ambitions for decades. Let truth emerge first, facts. But if China turns out to have weaponised this, nowhere to hide. The world will turn on them.
    I hope for their sake it's not.

    1. Well, if they did, it is the most stupid bioweapon of all time because it seems to have an affinity for the ACE2 receptor which is 4-fold over-expressed in Asians!!!

    2. Right now it's rumour mongers and anger at their dirty habits and eating customs putting the world at risk. Wild suggestions get wings. This is the last thing XI needs because his own Military are as powerful and loose cannons as the CIA Pentagon. He does not have control. Commies!

    3. As I said, let truth play out first.

  42. BREAKING: Democrat Senator Asks Democrats To Censure Trump Instead Of Convict !

    1. For his use of Kushner and unhealthy links to Israel and the Zios he deserves that alone. Lie down with Dogs?

    2. Good God John. I really wonder what side of the coin you are on. Do you really comprehend who the DS is and why they would even suggest censuring a President? Damn

      And knock it off with Israel already. Everytime you do this, you trigger a poster who thinks it would be ideal to wipe out an a country.

    3. That one is real trouble. Huge. Monstrous. What plans do you think the Zios have for YOU? We knocked it off warning about the Nazis. How did that end up?
      What do you think these Zio VERMIN are doing to the world? Let good Jews live in peace, free of this parasite vermin.

      Get those Blinkers off. The real world is bleeding. Israel was stolen by disgusting British and Zionist betrayal of Palestine. How has that gone? We gave them 20% of the land. Now? They have stolen from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Even Kissinger states it will not last. It's only time. Do you see what Mossad does?
      Plus, he is ONLY the President of a Corporation. It's not Democratic! What is Kushner doing there? Apart from annexing Syria for profit.
      The arrests? Clinton's? Biden? The rest? His wall? It blew over!

      Get those blinkers off. Look at the real US economy. Read the real growth. Tiny. Nothing makes sense.
      We just dumped the EU. We just told you to shove it over Huawei. We are not your Slaves. Our thoughts are free. So are we. You are enslaved by the Patriot Act.What a turgid crock. Enslaved. That's a No from us.

      We are Free thinkers. The DS is your creation. Oscar Wilde said what?
      So, you can't handle truth? We all see that. He's ONLY a Corporation creation. The rest are even worse. None of it, or them, is real. Nothing good. It's all a convoluted DS. He's done WHAT with the Swamp? Still there and thriving. So, is he sterile?

    4. First of all I have no blinders on. Unlike some on this blog, I have known about the Deep State for more years than I care to admit as this would age me. However, one poster in here gets all sweaty with excitement when you talk about Israel and his belief that the entire fugging country should be blown to kingdom come with no regard to innocent lives

      Deep State is my/our creation? You forgot about that Brit- Christopher Steele? We haven't. Don't you DARE act like Britons are perfect, cuz I have news for you, you're not.

      Draining the swamp? Because you read left-leaning rags you wouldn't know about the resignations, the child-trafficking arrests.. see those rags don't boast of our Presidents accomplishments.

      And how many years have you, and I yes I have seen you tell folks.. "it's too sensitive right now?" What happened there John? Out of your hands? Well, there are somethings that are out of President Trumps hands as well. Too bad you don't understand that.

      Come on, the other day one of the posters posted along the lines that effective immediately that Trump was going to step down on effective Jan 20,2024. You didn't even see the date, and instead asked if it was "fake news". So, I guess none of us are perfect eh?

    5. Steele, apply for an Extradition warrant. You have my support. Why wont you extradite Sacoolas who killed a 17 year old boy?

      You want us to extradite Julian Assange for exposing your endless dirty secrets? But you try to hide that selfish Bitch Sacoolas who was pre warned about her arrogant and thoughtless driving. She was NOT a Diplomat she was only married to a US information guy. We want her here, on trial, for his life. She goes to jail.
      Whose Assange killed? She has!

      That Pariah heap need spotlights. Not crooked MSM sheltering. Wait until Iran or Russiaor even Turkey says, enough! Boom!

      Or the Muzzies get Virus smart. What have a bunch of thieving, murdering, Gut Rotten Zios got to do with Palestinian land? Look what just 10M have done to America. Still want them in?
      They are under attack in France, Germany and the UK. Now, they fear. China just put Eurasia back 20 years. But it's coming later.

      God I miss Ron and JFK. Russias Gulags are waiting Soros and co. A million more as Job Lots?

    6. Well perhaps if Steele wasn't so quick to work with the idiots, President Trump could have accomplished much more instead of dealing with Russia! Russia! Russia! and Mueller. Then it was Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine.

      The left was planning on impeaching President Trump even before he took office. They refuse to work with him and you want to know what happened to drain the swamp?

      You wanted warmonger Bolton to testify? You know, the guy who wouldn't be happy with President Trump bombed Syria and Iran into oblivion.. you wanted that guy to testify? Please.

      Oh I am sure that some Brit has their hands in that too. It will be revealed.

      I won't slam a nation because of the bad guys. Apparently some don't share in the same values or moral compass I do.

    7. *corrected to say.. Bolton wouldn't be happy with President Trump unless he bombed Syria and Iran into oblivion.

  43. Withing Global Politics, what is ever truth?

    But, Dr Francis Boyle, the Creator of the Bio Weapons Act, says Coronovirus is a Biological Warfare Weapon and that the WHO already knows about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So back we go again to the allegations of the Virus being first smuggled out of a Canadian Lab by Chinese Agents. Is Canada working on WMD's???????????????????
    How far does this go? How many are to blame for this?

    When so many die, who will cover the lie?

    The Social,Economic and Cultural cost to China grows weekly.
    Xi does not have full control of the Military. Nor what they are up to, As with the CIA and US. Self Serving ROGUE Powers.
    Where is Truth and WHO is Lying?
    It's all well and good alleging this may be a Virus stolen from a Canadian Lab.
    Is Canada working on WMDs????? If so, huge cross recriminations. If so, look at the consequences now. This needs a Global demand for truth. An act of Genocide! By ALL involved.

    1. It should be assumed that all nuclear capable Nations have biowarfare programs, legal or illegal, as the case might be.

      It should be also assumed that there are at least two primary flavors of weapons. The Agenda 21 indiscriminate flavor -- Kill everybody -- and the selective target type -- which this CoronaVirus targets. It cannot be an accident the 2019nCoV has an affinity to a receptor that is 4-fold over-expressed in Asians. Statistically by now we should be seeing both greater numbers of infected caucasians and some mortality. The absence is more than fortuitous coincidence and containment. If anyone thinks they are so good at containment that they think they are responsible for the low numbers, they are fooling themselves and should be removed from any responsible post. Any numerate person can prove the disease should be all over the Western Hemisphere in much, much greater numbers. In order for the China numbers (even the inaccurate false ones), time zero has to be roughly Dec 15th. When did the airlines lock down? When did the cities lock down? What does you intuition tell you even without exponential progression models? See?

      No, this germ was targeted at Asians or it was local and evolved in the lab and the virulence insertions just part of the usual ramping of the bugs potency.

      Also, while some info is trickling out, The Epoch Times doing the yeoman's work, the rest of the MSM and alt-media are, with exceptions, chickensh*t me-too parrots. Liberty Nation being one of the worst examples of me-too. They are fundamentally useless.

    2. "It cannot be an accident the 2019nCoV has an affinity to a receptor that is 4-fold over-expressed in Asians."

      Tino - in English please! LOL But seriously, can you explain it in everyday language please.

      Also - I thought the story was the virus was stolen from a US lab. Not that it matters, I guess. Stolen is stolen.

    3. Apologies MyGirl. Most viruses make their way into cells by attaching to some receptor on the surface of the cell. In the case of 2019nCoV one known way is the ACE2 receptor. Now usually there is some difference between the races in how many receptors are on cells. But usually it is more or less the same. Surprisingly, this virus is attaching to a receptor where there is a whopping 4x as many on the cell of your average Asian.

      In simplest terms it ups the probability by a factor of 4 that this virus will penetrate the average Asian cell.

      So it should attack Asians much worse than anyone else.

  44. It has just been advised that a Bird Flue virus has hit Hunan province, overlapping also the Coronovirus region. Double whammies. HSN1 is fatal in birds. Will this jump the species? What the hell is ravaging China.

    The posing New World Leader is crawling like a bottom feeder. China is Tanking, no place to be Banking. How fortunes can change?
    No wonder Russia weaponized so well, just in case.
    Is China now a Broken Crock?

  45. Now, on to other business
    Did they f*** up those Iowa caucuses or WHAT. Holy f*** !
    What a joke. Iowa democrats don't seem to want to announce what seems obvious & that is who won & Biden got wiped. This is corruption pure & simple. Biden is now challenging legitimacy of results. But this is nothing compared to what will happen at the democratic convention.

    1. It's hard to cheat when you can't smuggle any kind of good horse into the race...

    2. Especially the Presidency.

    3. You're right John. Hillary and the Democrat party which you seem to be so fond of tried to steal the Presidency in 2016. Then they tried to mark it null and void and want to steal this one in 2020. It won't happen.

      I'd love to hear what the White Hats think of your position?

    4. An app created by a tech firm run by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is taking heat for the unprecedented delay in reporting Democratic caucus results from Iowa.

      Shocking said NO ONE!

    5. Could I have been more focused rejecting Hillary ?
      Or supportive of JFKs attempts to reach for more, and Ron's calm reason?

  46. Damn you Russians - why did you corrupt the process in Iowa?

  47. The “export boom” from the U.S.’s trade deal with China will be delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said.
    The “export boom” from the U.S.’s trade deal with China will be delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak, but the economic impact “is going to be minimal,” White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said.

    “It’s not a catastrophe, it’s not a disaster -- we’ve been through this before. I think the impact is going to be minimal,” Kudlow said on Fox Business Tuesday. “It’s going to be much tougher for China.”

    More than 20,600 cases have now been reported, an increase from about 17,000 the previous day, with economists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, UBS Group AG and Macquarie Group Ltd. among those cutting their forecasts for Chinese economic growth in both the first quarter and the full year, while others expect material shocks to gross domestic product.

    Read the latest on impact of the coronavirus from Bloomberg Economics

    Last week, Kudlow said the U.S. hasn’t seen any major effects on its economy from the coronavirus epidemic, and will refrain from using it as leverage in the second phase of China trade talks.

    The U.S. and China on Jan. 15 sealed the first phase of a trade agreement that’s supposed to take effect in mid-February. In the first year of the deal, China committed to buy an extra $76.7 billion of American goods beyond what it did in 2017, and an additional $123.3 billion in the second year. Purchases of agricultural products are particularly important for the livelihoods of American farmers who’ve been hurt in an escalating tariff war with China over the past two years and are a key base of support for Trump.

    President Donald Trump’s administration isn’t going to “fine tune” the economy with tax cuts because of the outbreak, he said, adding that Trump will announce “tax cut 2.0” proposals during his re-election campaign.

  48. Here is a Video of John dodging all his critics here on OWON. A MUST SEE !

  49. WHOA ! Its the Russians, their fault, oh wait a minute, its the chinese they eat it all the time, and its contagious.

    Do you really want a political party not capable of running a primary in Iowa to run this great country...or your medical care?

    Want to know what is happening while the U.S. is interfering in electoral processes globally and can't even conduct a caucus in Iowa !

    Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair Elections
    As if further proof could possibly be needed of the sorry state of the American electoral process, a new study just ranked the United States dead last in electoral integrity among established Western democracies.

    The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP)’s 2015 Year in Elections report is an independent research project by 2,000 elections experts from Harvard University and the University of Sydney in Australia assembled to examine the world’s elections.

    The EIP states that “the core notion of ‘electoral integrity’ refers to agreed international principles and standards of elections, applying universally to all countries worldwide throughout the electoral cycle, including during the pre-electoral period, the campaign, and on polling day and its aftermath. Conversely, ‘electoral malpractice’ refers to violations of electoral integrity.”

    The report gathers assessments from over 2,000 experts to evaluate the perceived integrity of all 180 national parliamentary and presidential contests held between July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015 in 139 countries worldwide. These include 54 national elections held last year.

    “Forty experts were asked to assess each election by answering 49 questions. The overall 100-point Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI) index is constructed by summing up the responses,” Salon explained.

    According to the EIP, U.S. elections scored lower than Argentina, South Africa, Tunisia, and Rwanda — and strikingly lower than even Brazil. Specifically compared to Western democracies, U.S. elections scored the lowest, slightly worse than the U.K., while Denmark and Finland topped the list.

    But, while certainly revealing, the U.S.’ low ranking — which places the nation in the second, or “good,” tier and perilously close to the “moderate” third tier of five possible — could hardly come as a shock to Americans.

    Indeed, the 2016 elections have proven the system so rigged, even those who’d previously still harbored illusions our democracy is fair, have begun to come to terms with the truth: the political establishment’s corporatist plutocrats choose their own to install in the White House every four years.

  50. Hhhmmm,
    Can you believe anything?
    The Soros Counting machines so beloved by both Bush and Clinton, seem not to permeate.
    Or is the problem, you do believe anything?
    Would the Founders buy into any of this? Or these Reprobates in DC?

    This unexpected Chinese fiasco is a Godsend for America. What a Public Opinion Game Changer.

  51. The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is not a pandemic, World Health Organization officials said Tuesday, adding that they're hopeful transmission of the virus can be contained.

    1. Pity their noses don't lengthen like Pinocchio... just chopping their lengthened noses off would fuel power plants for years...

  52. It's looking like Impeachment will be over now

    1. The (D) have had a truly bad week... the schadenfreude is strong.

  53. Understand that given how this pandemic evolved in fact, these two curves are make-believe. There is no way in reality that the 'outside' curve is flat unless this was an asian-specific strain targeting asians.

  54. Can you believe this Schiff is now saying if Trump is not removed he could give Alaska to the Russians to get re elected again with their help.
    See the theft of Syria's land has not gone down well
    But Schiff? He's drowning now.
    It's getting silly now.

    1. It has been silly John..... now peeps can see it better.

    2. I HOPE the revenge is real and it is EPIC!.... not because I am a Trump fan, but because the rats need to be hunted and cornered and KILLED!

  55. LoL Schiff a little toad , a shifty eyed little twerp. Sad if you ever attended a School district meeting you can see them jockeying for positions . Pushy little bit***!

  56. The only possible cause for the delayed result is that Donald Trump won the Democratic Iowa Caucus.


  57. The “Mini” Faces Of Mike!

    Little Man
    Little Mind
    Little Supporters!

    We Represent The “Mini Mike”Guild
    The “Mini Mike” Guild

    And In The Name Of The “Mini Mike” Guild

    Is Gonna Kick Your A$s!

    (FYI : MIKE BLOOMBERG is observing whats taking place in Iowa rubbing his hands , yeah I got this, I got this)

  58. Given all the other problems with the F-35, I wouldn't have been surprised if it turned out that the overdesigned grand compromise didn't even stay in the sky:

    The latest news about the F-35 isn't just bad - it's CATASTROPHIC. It turns out that this utter turkey of a plane is so badly built and designed that its gun can't even shoot straight:

    Add a gun that can’t shoot straight to the problems that dog Lockheed Martin Corp.’s $428 billion F-35 program, including more than 800 software flaws.

    The 25mm gun on Air Force models of the Joint Strike Fighter has “unacceptable” accuracy in hitting ground targets and is mounted in housing that’s cracking, the Pentagon’s test office said in its latest assessment of the costliest U.S. weapons system.
    -- Vox Day

  59. But look how much has been creamed off in fees and profits. Look how much was skimmed offshore it's was never about a quality product just how much could they rip off even flying a bag of shit it was all about skimming money. Tino it's all a game. Gaming the system. They knew it was shit but just kept building to skim off. This is Cabal mind set

    1. License to steal = Military Industrial Complex.

  60. Trump's personal Poll ratings are his best ever. 18 points higher than Obama achieved same time.


    The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

    February 4, 2020

    Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines…
    Posted on January 24, 2020 by State of the Nation
    The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

    The Khazarian Mafia Takes Complete
    Control of the United States of America

    Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace.

    SOTN Editor’s Note: The specific threat to America is Zionist in nature — Zionism is not Judaism. While many Jews now see the distinction and are rejecting Zionism, many others have been and remain tools of Zionism, and thus, whether well-intentioned or not, are also a threat to America because of misplaced loyalties that ultimately undermine the U.S. Constitution and the Republic.

    The truth is now out there like never before:

    • Jewish Banking Houses and Mercantile Families (which comprise the International Banking Cartel) were directly responsible for the unlawful passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and, therefore, accountable for the stealthily engineered booms and busts that have repeatedly shocked the US economy and financially ruined the American people. The Federal Reserve Bank is the most powerful of all the central banks tasked with artificially inflating the world’s premier reserve currency and fake fiat money—the US Dollar. The petrodollar, in particular, is destined for an epic collapse. Because the Global Economic & Financial System is hardwired to the US dollar, the banksters know that when it drops like a rock, the reign of the once Almighty Dollar is finally over. This is why they are concocting the largest and longest sucker’s rally of all time at this very moment.

    • The official debt of the United States government is $23.1 trillion as of December 2, 2019, which is owed to primarily foreign banking interests that are owned and/or controlled by Jewish banking families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. In this manner is the U.S. Corporation saddled with ever-increasing debt service payments which go right into the pockets of the member banks of the International Banking Cartel (IBC). Chief among the controlling banks is the Bank for International Settlements headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. However, the most predatory and usurious IBC banking institutions are located in the Financial District in the City of London as well as on Wall Street in New York City. Paris, Frankfort, Brussels, Luxembourg, Rome, Madrid, Milan and other Black Nobility financial strongholds are also home to the IBC crime syndicates.

    KEY POINT: The Italian Mafia and the Khazarian Mafia have always been joined at the hip. The Italian bankers of the Black Nobility were primarily Jewish; however, there was a lot of intermarriage with the indigenous Catholic noblemen. These purely political marriages of convenience took place regularly to establish a covert culture whereby the court Jews could thrive under the radar, which they did particularly in Rome and in the wealthy northern Italian enclaves.
    (Source: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility)

  62. • The Israeli Government, working in tandem with the Chicago Jewish Mafia and Zionist-controlled Military-Industrial Complex, ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which was actually carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency. There were several reasons why the Khazarian Mafia killed Kennedy, each of which represented a direct threat by JFK to the global power structure bankrolled by the International Banking Cartel. As a matter of historical fact, the Zionist perps went so far as to circulate “Wanted for Treason” leaflets all over Dallas during the week of Kennedy’s assassination. Furthermore, Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, a crypto-Jewish politico, was the point-man in the White House overseeing the assassination plot and especially the cover-up. See CHICAGO SUPERMOB: The Jewish Mafia That Killed Kennedy

    • The false flag terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were ordered by the International Banking Cartel, overseen by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Tel Aviv, and coordinated with Neocon Zionists in Washington, D.C. This well-planned terror operation was carried out to (i) declare the bogus War on Terror, (ii) establish the Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security and (iii) pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act. Each of these events was designed to further strip Americans of their rights and liberties, as well as to lay the groundwork for a future war against the Patriot Movement. There are no other treasonous acts of terrorism which have so prepped the US government to wage a war on its own citizenry. The many Jewish traitors know they have nowhere to run but Israel when these truths are generally known, so they have locked the whole place down until their next big move. See: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”•

    • Not only the state-sponsored 9/11 black operation, but also the Oklahoma City bombing, Virginia Tech massacre, Las Vegas mass shooting, Sandy Hook hoax, Parkland Florida staged shooting and many other mass casualty events were ordered by the International Banking Cartel. In point of fact, all of the Operation Gladio-style mass shootings were meticulously planned to achieve certain goals such as draconian gun control measures legislated either statewide and/or nationwide. The reality is that Terrorism, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Banking Cartel inasmuch as it takes a LOT of money to pay for these highly consequential black ops and never-ending psyops.

    • The massive and ever-growing Military-Industrial Complex is fundamentally a Jewish bankster creation headquartered in Chicago which systematically starts forever wars in order to maintain and/or increase the enormous revenues streams taken (read: stolen) from the U.S. Treasury. The MIC, in collusion with the National Security State, represents the most powerful force and multi-corporate entity in the world today. The Military-Industrial Complex is truly the 800-pound gorilla that sits wherever it wants to throughout the world community of nations. Wherever it throws its weight around is left with a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland. The forever wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, etc. are just a few egregious examples of transparent MIC warmongering,

    • This particular tribe of moneychangers and merchants learned long ago that whoever controls the media controls the society, the nation and the world. Toward that end, the entire mainstream media (MSM) in the USA is completely controlled by Jewish money and investment. So are all the top positions of the MSM occupied by Jewish CEOs, CFOs and COOs as well as Presidents and Board Directors. Because their Khazarian Mafia masters and handlers are essentially in charge of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, they all realize that any serious transgressions against The Company (aka the C.I.A.) will occur on pain or death, or worse.

  63. • Even more significantly, all the Big Tech and Big Social Media corporations are run by members of the Jewish Tribe. Almost all of the Big Social Media start-ups are commandeered by Jewish college kids who have been given stolen intellectual property, proprietary information and/or patents by attorneys or other covert agents of DARPA, the C.I.A. or DIA. The IPOs are then managed in such a way so as to guarantee immediate billionaire status to these mind-controlled puppets who are then easily kept on the CIA reservation under threat of losing everything. The notorious Mark Zuckerberg, just like Bill Gates, is just one of many Jewish fake whiz kids who was set up from the start with stolen technology to autocratically lead a major media company for his C.I.A. masters. Ditto that for Google’s Jewish founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin among several other tech founders.

    • What needs to be said about the ironclad control that Jews have always exerted over Hollywood from the very beginning? Every major studio in Tinseltown was founded by Jewish entrepreneurs who originally hailed from Eastern or Central Europe if not Russia. Even a cursory examination of all the most successful CEOs and presidents, directors and producers, screenwriters and film editors, actors and actresses, cinematographers and directors of photography, as well as talent agents and scouts, will prove that Hollyweird is a fundamentally Jewish industry from the top down and bottom up. By the way, there’s a very good reason why the Jews established and continue to run Hollywood as follows: “Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream”.

    • Big Pharma is almost entirely owned and operated by Jewish families, stockholders, investors, hedge funds, etc. The Pharmaceutical Industry is dominated by various Jewish Crime Families such as the Sacklers, who were just forced into bankruptcy because of their obscene profiting from the nationwide opioid epidemic. It is primarily Jewish physicians, scientists, lawyers, lobbyists and politicos who are also at the forefront of the deadly and destructive Super-Vaccination Agenda. The deplorable state of the National Healthcare System, and particularly the Obamacare con job, are both the handiwork of the International Banking Cartel. The ever-increasing exorbitant healthcare costs represent a staggering 10% of the nation’s GDP as well as an immense revenue stream into the IBC coffers. Not only that, but the unconstitutional imposition of Obamacare permitted the globalists to implement a HUGELY subversive piece of their NWO agenda. See Obamacare: The Hidden Agenda

    • Whenever “trillions” go missing from the Pentagon, DoD or any other organ of the U.S. Federal Government, it’s always announced by Jewish comptrollers, accountants or other administrators who have no explanation for the unparalleled grand larcenies. Even those directly responsible for these grand thefts somehow completely escape prosecution or avoid scrutiny from even the IG. In this way, the Jewish banksters have conditioned the American people to accept “missing trillions” as business as usual whenever it concerns US government bookkeeping. See: $21 Trillion of US Government Undocumented Transactions This particular type of peacetime plundering and pillaging of the American people represents the largest ongoing heist in world history.

  64. • The vast and complex web of interlocking directorships that predominate throughout Corporate America are populated with business magnates and VIPs who work directly for hidden Jewish banking interests. Serial corporate criminals such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Monsanto, BP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all run by mostly Jewish (or crypto-Jewish) CEOs and Boards of Directors. Likewise, these corporate entities are effectively owned by Jewish institutional investors which possess the majority ownership in the form of both equities and debt instruments. Of course, the Jewish bankster-aligned Boards of Director are always interlocking and marching in lockstep according to the New World Order globalist agenda.

    • The many “ISMs” that plague American society today, which are purposefully used to contrive wedge issues that are driven deeply into the heart of the body politic, have been manufactured by Jewish intellectuals, academics, writers, philosophers, thought leaders, social scientists and political reformers. For example, the most societally destructive of these ISMs is Cultural Marxism, a highly divisive and devastating social theory and critical philosophy painstakingly developed by the Frankfurt School which was associated with the Institute for Social Research at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. This extremely deceptive and perfidious movement was populated exclusively by Jewish intellectuals whose primary purpose was to construct a blueprint for the complete takeover of Western civilization, which they have practically done. Other repugnant philosophies, movements and ISMs originated by similar groups of Jewish intellectuals and thinkers include Communism, Fascism, Bolshevism, Socialism, Capitalism, Feminism, Trangenderism, as well as the prevailing worldwide regime of Political Correctness that’s currently destroying societies everywhere. The same groups are also the most aggressive in strategically hurling slurs and slanders of racism, sexism, homophobicism, ageism and, of course, their favorite calculated aspersion—anti-Semitism.

  65. KEY POINT: There is no greater threat to the American Republic than the slowly rising tide of bolshevism. The following excerpt provides vitally important history and relatively unknown present context for the dire state of affairs shaping up throughout these once United States of America.

    “The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia also saw years of increasing violence and engineered chaos prior to March of 1917. Just like the Democrat Party has perpetrated since 2016, the Bolsheviks manufactured more and more political mayhem and violent events before the hot phase of the incorrectly named ‘Russian Revolution’. It was, as a matter of historical fact, not a Russian civil war; rather, it was a Bolshevik Revolution initiated and funded by the International Banking Cartel headquartered in London, New York City and Frankfurt. The foreign-controlled leadership of that staged revolution was comprised of Ashkenazi Jewish banksters whose only interest was conquering the Russian Motherland in order to exploit its natural resources and enslave the citizens, which they did for well over 70 years. There is a similar communist plot now afoot in the USA where Deep State is creating an environment of national pandemonium by using Gladio false flag mass shootings, CIA-directed coup attempts and society-destroying Cultural Marxism. These and several other means are being deliberately utilized to divide and conquer the American people into two camps who are now fighting a cold civil war. Once the hot phase of this intensifying Purple Revolution begins, the Left will release their hidden bolsheviks in every city across the 50 states. This major move will not be made until the level of societal disorder and governmental anarchy is so great that the populace is unable to muster up a meaningful response. It’s of paramount importance to understand that the relentless acts of state-sponsored terrorism, to include the devastating geo-terrorism, are really stealth attacks on the U.S. citizenry and their property. In other words, the hot civil war has already begun in earnest yet very few are even aware they are under withering assault. This is exactly how the bolsheviks did it in Russia during the lead-up to war in 1917 and beyond.” (Source: THE “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020)

    RUSSIA & THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust

    • Perhaps the greatest infiltration of the American Republic by these ultra-liberal, treacherous traitors concerns the total takeover of the nation’s educational system. In so doing, these cultural marxists have exerted truly terrible influences on the young, impressionable minds that attend Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary Schools and High Schools across the country. Of course, these same radical Leftists and educational anarchists have already taken over the public university systems in all 50 states, as well as many private colleges and universities. These academic usurpations are accomplished via various financial controls and measures, especially through the shrewd manipulation of federal funding criteria, the federal school loan program and charitable contributions to university endowments. They know that whoever makes the biggest donations decides what will, and what will not be, taught in the institutions of higher learning.



  66. I'm enjoying watching Nancy do her chipmunk thing with her mouth during the State of the Union.....

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. I watching her try to look busy reading some paper in front of her instead of applauding!

  69. Showed the world how little class she truly has.

  70. Pelosi Tears Up Trump's State Of The Union Speech After Handshake Snub

    Some comments:
    "WOW! Having watched the State of Union speeches since JFK I've never seen such a blatant act of hatred and despise for our Country. They talk about how uncivil Trump is, but Pelosi's actions speak toward the hatred these individuals have for our Constitution. "

    "Nancy has no idea how much of her political capital she spent on that stunt. That will cost democrats big time. Just a reminder you personally invited him to the house to give his state of the union speech and then you disrespect the president and this country’s history. No one is ever going to forget any of this when we walk into the voting booth from now on. "

    "Well, a defeated Chuck Schumer sank in his chair, dark and brooding, with demons all around him, while Tweedledum (Schiff) and Tweedledee (Nadler) sat like motionless imbeciles, and nervous Nancy scornfully tore up her copy of President Trump's speech.
    The lunatic leftist Democrats are bitter and pathetic losers.
    Excellent speech, President Trump!
    "That bitch is a national disgrace. Pure evil. And she’s all yours, democrats."

  71. Another comment:
    "A 90 second spot showing Showing Pelosi tearing up the speech, overlayed by Trumps voice honoring the 100 year old Tusteega Pilot and his Great Grandson, The wife and son of a soldier killed by a Solemani Land mine, The Recovered drug addict who turned his life around and now runs a successful business, The Mother and Father of a slain daughter by an illegal alien."

    Also, Jim Stones take:
    UPDATE: Nancy ripped up the speech. Why on earth did she do something so stupid, right in front of the entire country?
    Childish. And she nailed the coffin shut with that one. She's not very bright evidently. NO ONE will forget that, she took all the good will Trump put forward and ripped it right in America's face. She, and her party, are TOAST.

    It was the greatest state of the union ever delivered, Trump even made Melania cry.

    Early on I was thinking, MAN, Trump is the MASTER troll and then just sat there laughing as he blew the Dems away, with almost 100 percent positive talk while promoting everything he did in a way that was not bragging. It was EPIC.

    The feed I watched was the CBS feed, where they did not have enough common sense to keep the cameras off the Dems as they grimaced. He did a perfect job of including ALL RACES with honor, my God, his opposition is TOAST.

    He gave Rush Limbaugh the medal of freedom and honored many other people very well, he hit every topic that mattered including the second amendment which I don't think any president has ever touched in a SOTU. Perfect headshot on his opposition without even looking like he attacked anyone at all. It was simply PERFECT.

    1. I would like to thank Nancy aka Nutsy Pelosi for helping President Trump win the election in Nov by a landslide.

      the world watched. Perhaps they don't care anymore. They know the Dems don't have a chance in hell to win.

    2. Landslide? After what we saw it will be an out of control Juggernaught smashing them into oblivion. We just toasted our Dems with Brexit and I can see chaos for many of them. Nadler gives me the impression the runt can tie his shoelaces standing erect. Employ him as shoeshine boy. Give the skank a real job. Nancy as a toilet cleaner? Schiff as a hotel bellboy, goffer this you Skank. What do you do with failed Demo Rats? Expect shock seat losses.

  72. Once the threat of Impeachment is squashed, I hope Trump's speech planners and writers, autoqueue him a new focused script where they dissect Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi.
    Finish them
    6 months of timewasting madness
    Nancy tore up not only his speech,but her last vestige of credibility. She blew it on Global TV.
    Nadler always looks like a Bit Part Player from planet of the apes,and Schiff just imolated himself.
    Time guys, torch them.

  73. How can anyone back or vote for Pelosi now!... what a disgrace!...

    All the reps sitting like stone statues thru out his speech looked anti American to me.


    Listen to a democrat call in to c-span after the sotu.

  75. America

    Please stop.

    Examine Pelosi.

    What culture could have elevated this aspiring-maybe Mammal to speaker of anything save a truckstop bathroom with crackheads begging for cash?

    How can you offer this menu of Trump-Pelosi as a 'public' dialogue? Trying to kill kids minds?

    Nutty Nancy started ripping up some paper right after Trump finished up his SOTU speech

    Some say it was Trump’s speech

    But it was actually the Democrats’ 2020 election hopes


  76. What struck me was the unanimity of the applause from both parties for Guiado, who, I must say, struck me as the sort of guy I would not like to meet on a dark night.
    So fucking bizarre how it's normal in the US to declare someone who never received any votes for President in his country as The Real President and address him as "Mr. President” and everyone just claps like it's a noble thing to install someone as President of another country. Don't you see that this shit is all a GAME !

  77. FYI:
    destroyed an official government document.

    18 US code 2071 states:

    “Whoever, having the custody of destroys the same, shall be fined... shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”
    (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 795; Pub. L. 101–510, div. A, title V, § 552(a), Nov. 5, 1990, 104 Stat. 1566; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(I), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

    1. CBS poll on Trump’s #SOTU

      97% Republicans
      30% Democrats
      82% Independents

      Approved of Trump’s speech

  78. Laws do not apply to Pelosi, Shifty and Nadler!

  79. Due to a clinical commitment I was unable to watch the President live on the State of the Union address.

    I just watched it. 9/10. My criticisms are irrelevant. It's a home run either way.

    The only question remaining is how many (D) will commit Seppuku (Japanese: 切腹) in the aftermath of acquittal.

    1. Tino

      Honour with this Trash?
      Stop dreaming. De Louse!

    2. Tino

      A suggestion:
      Forced Anal Seppuku,
      Try them. afterwards. It may affect camp followers.
      If Swords are not available a red hot poker will suffice.

    3. True. They will wallow in their shame like the **** they are.

  80. Romney has just committed political suicide.

    1. You think? So many realize that he is a RINO and globalist to boot...He just confirmed it.

  81. Hi everyone. I need to share something with you. First, I want you to get a glass of water and sit down because this is going to be absolutely shocking. I will wait.

    Okay ready? So remember the failed Iowa Caucus? Well- are you ready for this?! The single largest donor of Shadow Inc., the company behind the failed Iowa Caucus app, is George Soros.

    I know! I know! Shocking!

    see more here

    1. Over in alt-tech blog-land the jokes about women-in-tech go from laughter to outright misogyny since an all-female team of Grrrl Power!!! was responsible for writing the app. The most devastating critic pointed out how this "app" that brought to Iowa Caucus to a standstill is what any college CS graduate would do as an assignment as a sophomore, in 2 weeks. If you realize all that the app had to do was increment integers in array of candidates with some housekeeping, the fact that this app failed is laughable and sad. According to some reports it seems the app was paid for somehow out of $18 million granted to Shadow Inc.

  82. BREAKING NEWS: Senate acquits President Trump on abuse of power charge in impeachment trail.

  83. As was expected. Romney now needs to be investigated over the Falcone Fraud.

    1. If Romney gets some serious hurt off the Falcone attempted murder and fraud, I swear I will seriously consider running against Blumenthal in Connecticut.

  84. John anything new on the PP front , we remain hopeful with two more days in this week, next week? Thank You.

  85. Elders have progressed but that's off radar.
    US PPs we discuss daily.
    One problem we continue to face is that when good US Patriots have imminent concluding positions, a certain Loose Cannon total Basket Case starts circulating unwarranted claims of his standing and imminent control with neither merit nor hope of ever concluding a personal clearance. Of course it infuriates parties engaged in careful dialog. We have an American who truly merits a visit by sober non gentlemen in a black 4x 4 carrying industrial staple guns and an electric cattle prod.

    1. I have both industrial staple guns and 4x4, electric cattle prod I can readily acquire, its 6:19 pm . Lets do this tomorrow early am if he is on the East Coast and we can discuss identity and specific location while i am in route.

    2. John F.
      That used to be a highly effective British strategy until we allowed the Wets,Narciccists
      And Lawyers loose in Politics.

    3. John,

      Having a hard time following the bouncing ball here. If this program is as secure I'm hearing, how is it possible to have random claimants have a seat at the table? What's the solution and how do you hasten imminent concluding positions?

    4. They Don't, its just certain Loose Cannon Imbeciles continue to pick up scraps and go public, leading to rattled negotiators and leak fears. I openly advocated the Staple Gun and Electric Cattle Prod for one. There are two of them which an Industrial Stapling Gun would fast seal mouths. A Chair Stapled Nutt Sack will stop them walking also! Varmint discipline for Low Life's!
      That will fast focus their positions. Superglue them to a Toilet Seat.

  86. It seems The Lancet may have been right all along. New, leaked numbers, explains the Chinese panic. Roughly 16% mortality. Lifted from Natural News:

    A stunning development has just emerged that seems to confirm the Chinese government has two sets of data regarding coronavirus pandemic infections and deaths. A second set of data appears to show 154,000 infections and nearly 25,000 deaths, numbers which are catastrophically higher than "official" statistics.

    1. Correct all regional and rural deaths do not get reported and are buried. In face we are seeing projections alleging deaths have exceeded 25k, infections exceeding 250k and with 5M known to have travelled out from the province over the last few weeks, God knows the potential infection. 2 cruise liners are on lock down. Chan's are going down like flies all over the world.
      It's still as yet indeterminate. Is it primarily a Chinese poorly handled internal plague, or a pending Pandemic. The next 4 weeks recorded outbreaks will be the indicators. Allowing more extractions is highly contentious. Our lot were given clear warnings 2 weeks ago and many prevaricated. Choices were made. A last flight will be attempted for ours on Sunday. After that we close doors but all flights out of China right now should be denied unless repatriating nationals with strict quarantine lock downs.
      Calm, pragmatic hard control is it goes to Pandemic , what awful consequences are possible.
      China needs food and medical supplies. Where are we with humanitarian emergency aid?
      Why are we allowing Flights in and out of HK when we know millions of the scheming Buggers have used it as a Rat Run and an inconsiderate self interest strategy to travel on infecting the world. HK needs locking down.
      Known Chan travellers all over the world need to be tested if carrying or incubating.
      Military camps need to be readied.
      China has a Political disaster of epic proportions on its hands. Exports will fall off a cliff.
      With far worse evidence of contamination leaking, pragmatic lock downs are needed. Flights out are madness. What lunatics want approaching 8 Billion exposed to this? The next 4 weeks determine Epidemic Control or Epic Disaster. If it's loose no nations are prepared.


  87. BREAKING: GOP Senators Take New Action In Investigating Hunter Biden After Impeachment Vote.

    Two top Republican Senators sent a letter to the Secret Service immediately following President Donald Trump’s acquittal in the Senate on Wednesday requesting information on Hunter Biden’s travel records while his father Joe Biden was Vice President.

    Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson said in the letter that they were “reviewing potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration, particularly with respect to his business activities in Ukraine and China.”

    “In addition to several letters that the committees have sent to other agencies as part of that inquiry, the Committee on Finance also has written to the Department of Treasury regarding potential conflicts of interest in the Obama-era CFIUS approved transaction which gave control of Henniges, an American maker of anti-vibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government-owned aviation company and China-based investment firm with established ties to the Chinese government,” the letter stated. “That transaction included Rosemont Seneca Partners, a company formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, and others.”

  88. Nancy is totalled now. The Runt Nadler, is a Global joke. What now for Shifty with so much baggage himself about to see daylight?
    Biden's start with Hunter, but how about Joe and Clinton?
    Then onto Baker,Cheney and the Bushes?

    When is the list of Epstein Island attendees coming out? Flight logs?
    How about we exchange Andrew for Sacoolas?

  89. Right now, if the US continue refuse to Extradite Sacoollas to the UK to stand trial for the Self admitted killing of the 17 year old Biker, you can kiss goodbye to getting Assange shipped over. An Extradition Warrant has been served for her. We expect YOU to honour it. Nothing less. Your as free to move on Andrew. Most here would willingly ship him out. Let's clear out the trash. Ship out Sacoolas, Step up or Shut Up. Sacoolas.


  90. I had a little bird,
    Its name was Enza.
    I opened the window,
    And in-flu-enza.

    Coronavirus: Third confirmed case in UK
    A third person in the UK has tested positive for coronavirus, the Department of Health has said.

    The person did not contract it in the UK, the department said.
    Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England said: "A further patient has tested positive for coronavirus bringing the total number of cases in the UK to three.

  91. Fully Virus infection suited Paramedics and Police swooped on a Student house in York, where the first 2 infected Chinese Students are from, and led one away with shielding police. It looks like she was hiding it, and so now how many has she infected? It's bad enough when they bury in deep as illegals. She has now been confirmed as positive and was recently in China.

    The Chinese Ambassador to the UK complained today that the UK is causing stress by telling all UK citizens in China to leave immediately. Really, so we are not caring for our nationals? Unlike China!!!!

    If, as Intel reports deaths are now in tens of thousands and hidden, plus infections are now thought to be in Hundreds of Thousands, NOT Tens!!!, I would say we have reason to fear the worst.
    How does it become a Pandemic?

    By NOT moving our Butts and stopping it fast. I saw a Whining, self centred Brit Tourist yesterday on a locked down Cruise Ship complaining it's become a Prison ship now for 2 weeks. Throwing him overboard works for me. That will stop him infecting others. Idiots!

    Stop these bloody Chinese leaving! Hello? Close off HK. Stop HK Public Flights out! Asians overall have such deplorable hygiene standards, they will mass infect anything.
    Ours in China have been TOLD by us to leave. If not, they stay and we block their passports. About 30K of ours in China are too selfishly brain dead to listen it seems. Until it peaks, then see the whining start.
    It's starting to look bad, inside China. Very if reports are right. Its in America, Africa and Europe now. Also the Middle East. The next 2 weeks will tell us all a lot.
    Every reason to be very cautious.
    If near a coughing, sneezing person, move, if Chinese- Jump! Take care out there.

  92. As Americans are distracted by the impeachment hearings, the Pentagon admits to $35 TRILLION missing in, "accounting errors."

    Oh, what a game we play ! what a game indeed !

    1. You are missing vastly more from the Gray Screens run by the Pentagon and Fed. Add zeros!

  93. Trump now calls for Romney to be evicted from the Republican party. Seems fair to me?

  94. Absolutely !

    Before his vote to remove President Trump from office, Sen. Mitt Romney said he knew he'd face "unimaginable" and "enormous consequences" from his fellow Republicans.

    Less than a day later, it's already clear he was correct.

    Polls Show President Trump More Popular in Utah Than Benedict Romney

    Romney’s Former Traveling Press Secretary On Romney’s Vote: ‘Motivated By Bitterness And Jealousy.

  95. King Henry 11 knew how to deal with Thomas a Becket as the accursed Priest.
    Problem there is Trump has to read first and become literate which he's visibly not.

  96. Japan has just banned passengers from a now third infected Cruise Liner from disembarking and the ship is leaving. As with Plague Ships no landing. The Buggers are everywhere.
    Every one fortified Prestigious Liners, each carrying a Chink in its Armour.
    This crap is all over the world. It's been like unleashing a Rat Pack scattered to the winds.
    It needs a Get Real Leader fast!

  97. John, you have as close up view regarding the PP negotiation. This is not a DAY TO DAY thing, let throw that out the window.

    Now, is this the next couple of months or a year or so ? Thank YOU.

    1. Ask that of teams burning funds daily. Florida and DC. All active. They are talking daily. We know the issues, WE pay for them.

    2. John, thanks for yours and your colleagues efforts. They are greatly appreciated. What is the definition of the "value of waiting"?.....Answer: "The value of waiting is a value of a lifetime. If we know how to wait, life shall be easy because God knows what to give at the right time."

    3. But for many, giving now will help.


  99. With ever intense heat on the Redemptions, our Real Direct People, have been rescheduled to a different Banking territory for next week. No location leaks. No Brokers. No more info its moving.


      John, maybe this maneuver over the heads of the recalcitrant parties may help at the next meeting?

    2. A Refined Virus would help more.

  100. John, I'm sorry to ask but are the sovereigns involved with this?


    1. Yes, but totally off radar.

    2. It's moving fast away from the Broker Bandits. Total lock down.

  101. The new Virus case in the UK was infected in Singapore and flew in with it. It's OUT and wild! We may have to screen everyone coming in from Asia. Let's see how bad in 2 weeks. Hope it's contained. China allowed mass Public celebrations knowing the Dam Thing was live and highly infectious. Stupidity!

    1. But interestingly, those infected outside of China are not dying... yet.

  102. A plane flying a Pelosi for Prison banner is flying over LA. They are after her. About time.


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