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24 - 31 January, 2020

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  1. London is now publicly introducing Face Recognition. The Police State is here. Sad!

  2. "...Hopefully with the release of the PP, 2024 a candidate will emerge AND FUNDED for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..."a

    I snagged my eye on this comment, and had some thoughts on this.

    A possible outcome: After Trump secures 2020, his daughter will run for a Senate seat, and if the economy flourishes under the USMCA, UK/USA, US/CHICOM trade agreements, then she could win. In 2024, she will run for President, and with her family name, a sound economy, and billions in campaign support, Ivanka could be the first woman president. That would be the ultimate middle finger to Hillary. Not only did Hillary not get that prize, but Trump's daughter, of all people.

    Ivanka has female support, looks, brains, a family name, billions in the family, Jew money and backing. She has not been that close to the White House doings just because she likes the food. She's there to learn, to see what the job entails. She could be on a permanent holiday, away from all that. Why is she not? If you ask me, she has a goal to hold that office, and a Trump dynasty is possibly in the making.

    Donald Trump has power, and he will not want his kids to retreat from it. He knows once you have such power, you must retain it. Else, like Caesar, if he had not crossed the Rubicon and held power, his enemies would have exacted their revenge a lot sooner than they did.

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

    1. Can we stop it with dynasties? It's really tiring and having met the woman en-passant at the David Lynch Foundation event she's really not Presidential material.

    2. Plus you let Supreme Rodents of the worst kind totally louse the entire infrastructure with the keys to plunder. Dreadful consequences.

    3. Didn't say I was for it. Just that it may play out that way. If good times remain, they will want more of the same, but dad can't run three times, but family can, or else the swamp moves back in - at least that is how the simpletons will see it.

      The rodent removal is your job, and with post PP arrangements, I hope you are successful with it. No problem here. 200 million died in the last century fighting wars so they could emerge as owners.

      Blockchain Macht Frei

  3. The Virus has just been confirmed in France today. It's out. It's Global. So where else is it and how big is it now?

  4. Some basic precautions relative to this coronavirus:

    Masks. While it is true that the pore size is too big to block a virus particle, human to human infection is NOT by a virus particle, but by droplet. The droplet will stop on the mask. E.g. IT HELPS. If you have to do crowds, trains, stadiums, do the mask.

    Hand-washing. YES. Hand-washing is a fantastic way to short-circuit transmission.

    Avoidance. STAY HOME. Yes. STAY HOME.

    Get some Clorox Wipes: Wipe every door knob, every bathroom handle, every toilet aspect. Every day.

    Singulair/Monteleukast AND Xyzal/Levocetirizine in the early phase: Coronavirus and influenza virus share similar reactions in the body. The two common drugs listed, in regular dosing twice-a-day, get in the way of pathways the virus use. More importantly it will modulate inflammation over-shoot. It will give the immune system a chance to get ahead on antibodies. IT IS NOT FOR PREVENTION. IT IS NOT A CURE. Might give a 20%+ extra fighting chance.

    Curcumin: Death in many of these cases is sepsis. Sepsis is partly an overshoot of the immune system more than overwhelming numbers of the invader. Malaria is a great example of this, with many of the dead from malaria showing no presence of the parasite. Curcumin remains the easiest systemic short-circuiter of systemic inflammation. Use it liberally if you get sick. Indian take-out in a pinch.

    Ozone-generators: If you host gatherings or have responsibility for any public area get an ozone generator and use it liberally. Warn asthmatics to stay away. Ozone will tend to kill anything in the air.

    1. Thank you Tino for this information. Will use it.

  5. UK Researcher Predicts Over 250,000 Chinese Will Have Coronavirus In Ten Days | Zero Hedge

    1. Solid border control, every Chinese inside is now A Chink in our Armour.

  6. Please, please, please move them to Pakistan and Israel.

  7. JOHN F. KENNEDY , Lowered taxes , opposed abortion, supported gun rights, and believed in a strong military.
    He was a Democratic.

    Notice how far the left has shifted ?

    If JFK was alive today,
    He would be a

  8. Adam Schiff is a warmongering psychopath along with most of the democrat party.
    The democrats should be in opposition to where young working class youth forced into military because of the POVERTY DRAFT will be targets of Iraqi anger because the U.S. refuses to leave their country.

  9. Meantime, about the assertion that the FISA Court may not have performed “due diligence,” here: do you know how hard those FISA Court judges actually worked to make sure those warrant applications were ironclad, not merely based on loose barroom talk and wild jokes and rumors, in all the hearings they conducted before approving those warrants?

    In fact, those judges were . . . home drinking martinis. Out playing golf. Jerking off at the dirty movies. Whatever they were doing, they certainly weren’t holding hearings in which they aggressively grilled these lying FBI scum (or is that redundant?) about their assertions.

    There were no hearings at all. Not a one:

    [Source: Vin Supronywcz]

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

    Goldfinger never said what 17 (!) was …

  10. Megan Markle, who knows the square route of nothing, now wants to become Politically active in America. Having field tested how to derail the Royal Family, America next.
    Her ego knows no bounds.
    Princess Megan , she of Knee Trembler and Film Blow Job fame, brings her concept of Class to America. The mother bolted, she's bolted twice. Why am i so suspicious now having trusted and helped support her, before she shafted us?
    The low grade Reality TV Wannabe knows it all.

  11. The virus is now Roo hopping in Australia so I hope Aurataya is OK. Sorry Lady, anything with a pulse won't be enough now check the label first. Lol

  12. There is a bioscience lab in China, where ground zero for this "virus" started. Interesting that there is a patent for this vaccine issued in 2015, and that patent was due to expire THE VERY DAY the first US case was reported.
    Corona virus is not new
    Vaccines have existed
    The string changes & the vaccine becomes useless
    When the virus morphs a new vaccine must be designed w time the virus becomes more resistant

    I wonder where the Corona Virus was created...

    Q care to touch the subject before the entire World start freaking out

    Article from 2003 Vitamin C and the Corona SARS Virus .

    Recently, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).1 In the absence of a specific treatment for SARS, the possibility that vitamin C may show non-specific effects on severe viral respiratory tract infections should be considered. There are numerous reports indicating that vitamin C may affect the immune system,2,3 for example the function of phagocytes, transformation of T lymphocytes and production of interferon. In particular, vitamin C increased the resistance of chick embryo tracheal organ cultures to infection caused by an avian coronavirus.4 Studies in animals found that vitamin C modifies susceptibility to various bacterial and viral infections,3 for example protecting broiler chicks against an avian coronavirus.5 Placebo-controlled trials have shown quite consistently that the duration and severity of common cold episodes are reduced in the vitamin C groups,3 indicating that viral respiratory infections in humans are affected by vitamin C levels. There is also evidence indicating that vitamin C may affect pneumonia.3 In particular, three controlled trials with human subjects reported a significantly lower incidence of pneumonia in vitamin C-supplemented groups,6 suggesting that vitamin C may affect susceptibility to lower respiratory tract infections under certain conditions. The possibility that vitamin C affects severe viral respiratory tract infections would seem to warrant further study, especially in light of the recent SARS epidemic.

  13. Also watch who created it, and the Patent, Pirbright Institute donors WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Our group
    Infectious bronchitis is a highly contagious respiratory disease of chickens that can be fatal in young birds due to secondary bacterial infections, and sometimes kidney disease. Infection of egg-layers results in a drop in egg production. The disease, which has economic consequences to the poultry industry throughout the world, is caused by infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a coronavirus. IBV has been reported to be the number one cause of infectious disease-related economic loss in the UK poultry industry and is a continual threat, in part due to the existence of a large number of IBV serotypes. There are numerous vaccines available for the control of IBV, although protection is short-lived and poorly cross-protective between serotypes.

    Our aims
    The Coronaviruses Group are investigating the potential for genetic manipulation of the IBV genome to rationally attenuate field strains predictably and specifically for vaccine production, including for in ovo vaccination. In order to do this they are identifying the IBV genes involved in virulence, as well as host factors involved in virus replication and viral replication machinery. They are presently modifying the IBV genome using a reverse genetics approach developed by them in order to achieve an optimum balance between attenuation of virulence and capacity to induce immunity. Establishing the virulence factors of IBV may allow the development of vaccines that could be administered in ovo without causing harm to the imminently hatching chicks.

    The group are focussed on the design of sustainable methods of controlling infectious diseases in chickens. To this end, they are evaluating the potential of the use of recombinant viruses as vaccines that can be grown in a cell line. Current IBV vaccines must be grown in embryonated eggs, a cumbersome and expensive process; the ability to grow vaccines on a cell line would be highly advantageous. They are investigating the possibility of utilizing IBV as a vector for the expression and delivery of foreign genes. The length of the IBV genome (27,600 nucleotides) suggests that it could accommodate large inserts from other pathogens, making possible the use of IBV as a vaccine vector against infectious bronchitis and other avian diseases.

    Our research
    Current research projects are divided into the following areas:

    Development of rationally attenuated live vaccines for effective control of infectious bronchitis
    Molecular characterisation of the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus to identify regions of the genome involved in virulence
    Modification of the infectious bronchitis virus spike protein for growth in Vero cells; potential for vaccine growth and production in cell culture
    Analysis of the Function of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Accessory Proteins
    Investigation on how passage in eggs results in attenuation, is this due to selection or random mutation with the aim to reduce the risk of vaccine reversion
    Determination of cross protection and genetic plasticity of IBV with the aim to control the virus.
    Our impact
    IBV is a major problem with affects to the global poultry industry in spite of available vaccines. We have developed an approach to study the function of individual genes which gave us a better understanding of the disease and how to design better vaccines. We have been collaborating with pharmaceutical companies using our novel approaches to design vaccines for new strains. The poultry industry and farmers have benefitted from improved understanding of the disease and the continued investment into new vaccines that will reduce financial losses due to this disease.


  15. Vitamin C is a good addition. Nice catch.

    Given the long incubation period, I hate to say it, it is Not Believable that this is a species hop from bats via bat soup. (Really? And even if not the cause, WTF -- bat soup??? Grow up Chinese, eat normal food.)

    So, either CFR population reduction or worse, Chinese bioweapon and the children playing with the grown-up toys let it out by accident. Either way we are looking at millions dead before this ends.

  16. Let’s not run around with our pants on fire because the globalists have declared another hoax pandemic!

    From investigative journalist Jon Rappoport:

    Man who pushed SARS dud now pushing new Chinese virus

    First, a few updates. Things are moving fast.

    The Chinese government has locked down Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, owing to the "threat of the coronavirus." There are also travel restrictions in several other Chinese cities. What does all this prove?

    Answer: Nothing.

    It proves the Chinese government wants to install tighter controls. It doesn't lead to the conclusion that a coronavirus is making people sick or killing them.

    During the so-called Zika Virus crisis of 2015, women in several countries were told not to get pregnant, because the virus might cause brain damage in their babies. That was a form of lockdown, too. If it were instituted for good reason, we would now be seeing massive numbers of babies all over the world born with microcephaly (smaller heads and brain damage), as the virus spreads. We aren't seeing that. I covered the Zika story extensively, and proved it was a scientific fraud. A dud.

    The measures government authorities enact do not constitute proof of a harmful virus. Otherwise, presidents and kings could write science all day long simply by issuing orders.

    We are now seeing photos of "people lying in the street" in Wuhan, and perhaps other Chinese cities, so-called victims of the coronavirus. What does this prove?

    Answer: Nothing.

    So far, I've seen pictures of four or five people lying in the street or on a hospital floor. In a city of 11 million people. If this, all by itself, were proof that a new coronavirus is a killer, then Los Angeles and New York---with their homeless street populations---would have no people left.

    The text of a patent for a coronavirus is circulating wide and far on the Web. What does this prove?

    Answer: Nothing.

    Patents for many viruses are obtained all the time. More specifically, these patents discuss ways of weakening viruses or extracting material from them for the purposes of developing vaccines. I've read excerpts from two different coronavirus patents, one in the US and one in the UK. They both refer to vaccine development. They aren't, as some people assume, slam-dunk evidence that researchers are cooking up a virus in a lab or weaponizing it.

    Well, here is a comforting development. The Chinese researcher, Zhong Nanshan, who "discovered the SARS virus" in 2003, is now at the forefront of pronouncements about the "new
    coronavirus" that is shaking up China and other parts of the world.

    His mere presence on the scene is a warning sign: take a grain of salt, try a pound.

    Zhong Nanshan's 2003 SARS "pandemic" was a dud. A WHO (World Health Organization) advisory against traveling to "infected" Toronto cost merchants in the city several billion dollars. Meanwhile, a Canadian WHO biologist, Frank Plummer, told the press he was shocked by the fact that fewer and fewer SARS patients had the virus in their bodies. Actually fewer and fewer," he said, was approaching ZERO. Hoax. THE PURPORTED CAUSE OF THE DISEASE WASN'T THERE. People had ordinary flu symptoms.

    What do you do when this sort of embarrassment occurs? Do you confess the whole business was a mistake or a con or a hustle? Do you own up to the fact that, when people are said to be suffering from ordinary flu symptoms, and you're calling it a new disease with a new cause, you're wrong and you're very, very, very sorry? Do you point out that people who don't have the cause of a new disease in their bodies don't have the new disease?


    1. Cont’d....

      Of course not. You just move ahead and pray no one notices.

      When you claim the grand death total from the SARS "epidemic," worldwide, is 800 out of seven billion, and you can't even prove those 800 died from the "SARS virus," do you, the World Health Organization, admit your whole program of epidemic detection is a fraud? Do you pay Toronto several billion dollars for their troubles?

      Of course not. You keep calling SARS an epidemic forever. You write fake histories. You do whatever is necessary to maintain your phony reputation.

      And when a new possible-maybe-could-be virus surfaces in China, now, you bring the same researcher who "discovered SARS" out of mothballs, and you put him front and center.

      Here's the capper. Read carefully. The World Health Organization claims that, every year, there are between three and five million cases of ordinary run-of-the-mill flu in the world, resulting in 290,000 to 650,000 deaths. The symptoms are indistinguishable from SARS. But for some reason, they don't declare ordinary flu an ongoing epidemic. No, they choose SARS, for which the cause is absent---and they call THAT an epidemic. It caused 800 deaths, versus 290,000-650,000 deaths.

      Does this make any kind of sense? Actually, it does, if they want to: increase control over the population; condition them to expect and pray for a (watch-out TOXIC) vaccine to save them; shoot up pharmaceutical profits; scare the pants off people; induce them to willingly accept greater surveillance wherever they go; step up police and military presence; enact quarantines; hypnotize populations with the idea that they're lifelong patients under the supervision of the medical cartel; teach "safety and security" above freedom.

      Just realize how right and good and true THE AUTHORITIES are, get down on your knees and thank your lucky stars they're here protecting the health of everyone on the planet. They're the Church of Biological Mysticism, and they want you as a devoted member.


    2. And some researchers have been following and connecting the dots on scheme of creating and patenting a virus (problem) to roll out a “solution” (vaccine).

      From Justice Anna yesterday:

      Playing With A Full Deck

      It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what is going on in the world, you simply have to step back far enough to observe what is going on. Don't get lost in the detail. Figure out who is who. Then you know what is what.

      Why is China suffering the outbreak of a dangerous 1918 Influenza-type viral epidemic? It's their payback for signing a new trade deal with Trump--- a love letter from Bill Gates and the other Ubermensch who incubated the virus at Texas A and M and patented it for profit.

      The proof is right there in their patent application, including the "revolving" genetic key that makes the virus mutate at a rapid rate. A virus, you must understand, is just a small bit of self-replicating DNA that inserts itself into our own cell system DNA and hijacks the machinery to produce nasty side effects.

      They thought they could make the virus mutate fast enough to cover their tracks--- that is, by the time we recovered "the bullet", the ballistics would have changed so as to look like it came from a different source.

      Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say.

      When this sort of thing -- biological warfare -- is carried out by "private" corporations as a mercenary operation in retaliation for trade deals, it's time to shut those corporations down.

      It's time to put an end to the Bill Gates hegemony at Microsoft. And put Gates in a nice mental hospital.

      Come to that, anyone who believes in "human caused climate change" based on increased carbon dioxide emissions (that "impact" is on 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere) is mentally unbalanced.

    3. Cont’d...

      Bill Gates qualifies as a mental incompetent for buying into that rubbish, but more pointedly, by pulling this caper, he qualifies as an emotional and moral incompetent, too.

      The corporations of the world are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" --- not "any legal purpose".

      This means that when they cross the line and start killing innocent people and causing vast property damage here, or in any other country on Earth, they forfeit their right to exist.

      And, as I pointed out the Pope Francis, hiding the old evil behind new names is no longer an option. These imaginary THINGS called "corporations" that cause misery on Earth need to be dismantled, and the men behind them and responsible for them, need to be punished.

      This is as pure and simple and self-evident as rain falling.

      We cannot allow criminals to rampage around --- whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.

      The men directing the criminal actions of these corporations can't be held harmless and allowed to turn around and spin off new corporations to continue their activities, either.

      They need to permanently lose their ability to participate in corporate affairs of any kind, and their personal fortunes need to be docked for the damage they cause.

      If they can't think things through for themselves, the rest of us will have to do their thinking for them.

  17. Alexander Vindman admits he made up part of the Trump call summary. So, can we call off the Impeachment? Usually perjury in a core witness really puts the kibosh on matters. Virtually every witness only reported hearsay anyway...

  18. George Takei: 'Star Trek' will be 'expecting some royalties' from Space Force logo

    George Takei says the team behind "Star Trek" is "expecting some royalties" from the design of the Space Force logo unveiled by President Trump on Friday.

    The commander in chief said he was "pleased to present" the emblem for the Space Force, the military service branch launched last month that's tasked with handling and carrying out space operations.

    After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!

    Takei — who played Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek" — was one of several social media users to point out distinct similarities between the Space Force logo and that of the Starfleet, the fictional organization on the TV series

  19. 1. Parties are in situ in Florida seeking resolution daily.
    2 . Large scale PP resolution is being pressured daily. WF are under the cosh.
    3 . The world is watching intrigued by the Impeachment summaries. With so much Biden corruption why is Schiff accruing credibility point scoring?
    4. The UK leaves the EU next week. The Scots Hag has been shut up thank God.
    5. So many key projects await resolution. Bankers should never have been given this latitude. I seriously believe publicly castrating Bankers, Politicians and Pedos would retrack our world.
    6. As forewarned the lashback on ego tripping Markle is starting as both videos and pictures are circulating Globally now with her Porno poor judgments all embarrassing the Royal family as naive Harry now shares his wife with fantasising low life's in Dirty raincoats and societies put downs. I was going to suggest she's really blown it, but the pics show visually she's blown an awful lot more.
    How long can her charade go on? The Porno Princess? It's getting cheap and tacky.
    7. Putin clearing house with Russian Jews booted from power is a new track nations may follow. Their power in America is really worrying. The alternative virus! Russia is acting.

  20. What is important is the message and not the messenger. Human mind usually associates given message with perceived characteristics of the messenger and this tends to cloud its objectivity.
    New Financial System

    Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide.


    This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation.

    Day 1

    When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations.

    Since Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.
    Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.
    Day 2-7

    Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will be temporarily closed. Some of those that remain open may accept cash, other will only accept gold or silver coins
    Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down. There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline.
    Revaluation (RV)

    After about 1 week from the Event

    There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.

    New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet.
    All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void.

    In a few weeks

    Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.

    If true. So, lets see how this all rolls out. Get your popcorn.

  21. Evening snacks ! always increase excess body weight ! Now, here are some more snacks !

    Since Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.

    Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.

    All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt).

    Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will be temporarily closed. Some of those that remain open may accept cash, other will only accept gold or silver coins.

    Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down. There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline

    Revaluation (RV)

    After about 1 week from the Event

    There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.

    New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet

    All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void.

    In a few weeks

    Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.

    The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public.

    Those funds include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust.

    Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

    Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal.

    Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded. Part of the money from Saint Germain Trust will go directly to Lightworkers, the rest of it will fund projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact.

  22. The British Government has done a Genome Sequencing of this new virus. The UK Department of Disease Control reported the following:

    The disease striking China is a highly modified strain of Flu with a separate neurological/Central Nervous System (CNS) disease payload in it. The flu is just the mechanism to transport the CNS payload.

    The initial onset of flu-like symptoms creeps for awhile making the victim sick and weak. Within about ten days, they begin to show signs of improvement and recovery, but in reality, the second disease is creeping into the brain and attacking the CNS.

    A few days into the "recovery" the victim suddenly finds themselves unable to breathe; they hurl a large volume of blood from their lungs, collapse, and fall down dead within minutes.

    Doctors around the world have already noted what they call "mutations" in the virus. But it now appears that these "mutations" are actually the Bio-weapon coming into its own!

    P.S. British Intelligence has comfirmed that this is definately a weapon and the design is quite special. It produces rapid death while hiding behind flu like symptoms. This was designed to hide while it infected large parts of a population. At the end it causes the hosts bronchials to explode and blood goes everywhere.

    UPDATE on actual Numbers 46 Million Quarantined and the Chinese Military is dumping dirt across roads to keep people from leaving. Over 3 Million are infected. Over 156,000 dead.

    1. MSM is copping only to only 100K infected. Death estimates vary wildly, up to 4000.

  23. Ozone saturated olive oil is the best way to get it into the bloodstream. Widely available online.

  24. A million Iraqis are marching against hated US occupation. Apart from Oil theft and vile Hegemony, why be there?
    Why is the US interfering in so many nations with so many wars and Agency coerced insurrections? Who asked America to do any of these things? Apart from cashing in on the Drugs trade, why is America killing again in Afghanistan?
    Why are Trillions wasted funding the US Military and Agencies?

    How can America even talk of Democracy when it has Clinton, Biden and the Demorats at home? Go home and sort that mess.

    America really needs to Time Out from Global meddling. Nations are tired of it. No one wants this Bully throwing its weight around . Get back to basics, release the Redemptions and let's rebuild America.


    Excellent... ⬇️WATCH ⬇️Sen. Joni Ernst TORCH Democrats Hypocrisy on Ukraine Aid! 🔥

  26. The Powers-That-Be Are Secretly Terrified of the People’s Power … And Only PRETEND They’re Firmly In Control.
    Our Actions Are More Powerful Than We Realize
    David Swanson writes:

    Almost every [history of past activism] includes belated discoveries of the extent to which government officials were influenced by activist groups even while pretending to ignore popular pressure.

    These revelations can be found in the memoirs of the government officials as well, such as in George W. Bush's recollection of how seriously the Republican Senate Majority Leader was taking public pressure against the war on Iraq in 2006.

    Of course, activism that appears ineffectual at the time can succeed in a great many ways, including by influencing others, even young children, who go on to become effective activists -- or by influencing firm opponents who begin to change their minds and eventually switch sides.

    The beautiful thing about nonviolent activism is that, while risking no harm, it has the potential to do good in ways small and large that ripple out from it in directions we cannot track or measure.

    Wittner participated in his first political demonstration in 1961. The USSR was withdrawing from a moratorium on nuclear testing. A protest at the White House urged President Kennedy not to follow suit:

    January 24, 2020 by Edward Morgan

    Do you wonder how this virus jumped over from China to the USA in no time?

    While researching the online archives we found a hard truth: The father of this Virus is the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

    The virus didn’t originate in China but it is a C.I.A. gift to China to bring it in line to cough up the much needed funds the USA, Inc. needs to avoid bankruptcy on January 31st 2020.

    For all those with IQ’s lower than a gold fish the added bonus is that they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the soon coming Free mass vaccinations for all! Yeah!

    Alas the Deep State / US government, Inc. will soon have the FREE inoculation we all need to stay alive!

    In the below patent you’ll find 72 pages of truth so you can be the judge of this terrible “sudden unknown outbreak”

    Pease read the patent on the link below first, then download it and share this article far and wide before the DEEP STATE AGENTS delete it. Stay wise and healthy!

    Here is some great advise how to deal with this typer of virus from Earthley Wellness:
    The news is abuzz with word of this new Wuhan coronavirus, warning people it could be the next global pandemic…should you worry about it?
    Here’s what we know right now:
    Symptoms for most people are mild, basically cold-like. Sore throat, runny nose, cough. Some people later experience shortness of breath or pneumonia, but it’s not clear how common that is. There have been “hundreds” of cases and 6 deaths, all in adults. Most cases have been in people over the age of 40.

    Some sources are claiming there is a patent on this virus; but this is the SARS strain, not the Wuhan strain. A company named Novovax is working on a vaccine for it, but none is current available.

    There is one case in Washington state, a man who had recently traveled in Wuhan, China. He is reported to be in “good condition.”

    Most people do not need to go to the doctor if they get it. If they experience trouble breathing, they may need to go in for assistance.

    Experts have no idea how the illness is transmitting right now, and with only a handful of cases, no idea how serious it actually is. They are checking travelers who come from Wuhan China to make sure they don’t have the illness before letting them into the country.

    Based on the low amount of information, they are likely scaring people unnecessarily (they believe it is less deadly than SARS and that was a very minor event ultimately).

    There are things you can do. Elderberry has been shown to inhibit coronaviruses, for example. Echinacea may also be beneficial. Other herbs have been investigated, like Red Spider Lily (native to China) and found to be beneficial. Peppermint, too, has been shown to be helpful!

    Basically? Keep your herbs on hand and don’t worry too much. Most healthy people are probably safe from serious illness.


  28. Slashdot reader McGruber shares the news that several of Alan Turing's historic personal effects have been recovered nearly 36 years after they were stolen. From a report:

    In filings in the U.S. District Court of Colorado Friday, federal officials say they seized the British mathematician's Princeton University degree, his Order of the British Empire medal and several photos, school reports and letters from his time at Sherborne School, a boarding school in Dorset, England.

  29. Key issues

    1.Last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronovirus by Chinese agents stealing from a Canadian Lab. The Agents were linked to Chinese Biological Warfare, and this appears to have leaked causing the Wuhan outbreak. It's a Lab virus gone wrong.

    2. New research playing out is indicating the Trump allegations of cavorting with Prostitutes in Moscow was part of Steels fabricated reports, and funded by Republican funders at the time. Trump will be exonerated. Steele needs to go to America and Sacoolas be shipped to the UK in exchange. Both to rot in jail.

    3. Trump is flipping over the UKs refusal to be dictated to over Huawei phones. He's threatening to stop UK Trade Talks if we don't block Huawei. We will NOT be bullied by him. So much for good Allies? Time to stand up to him. 2 Fingers! Petulant F Child!

    4. This shambles in DC has so far failed to even prove the basis for a case against Trump while Republican Nadler stands frozen like a Naked Ape and Schiffe spouts false venom. Someone needs to to grab Nadler by the Nads and end this thing!

    5. There is a real push on for this next week end for funding releases.

    6. In the background so many nations and Banks are fast tracking their own Bit Coin agendas. The Fed is facing a Global assault. Jewish Bankers are in the cross hairs now.

    7. Israel is showing to be the biggest Spying threat to America, ahead of China.

    8.America is so misreading the Middle East and Asia.

    9. Trump is over assuming his power over the UK. The Commonwealth and Asia are huge markets to us. We can drop America rather than take his crap. With over 1,000 Banks and Finance groups trying to register to open up in the UK, what if we block HIM out? We don't needs his Wars and Military waste costs. No nonsense, Johnson will be warned stop kissing Trumps Butt or lose your own! There is no appetite here for Trumps mind games.

    10 Post PP releases, WE together, will build UK,US and Commonwealth Trade, Zio Trash and Politico free. Humanity united. One people. One agenda for all. Not a Zio Louse in the House. Why allows these tiers of Sleaze to take 50% by their squeeze? Not Goldfingers, just two!

    1. John

      W China celebrating new year and also the virus issue

      Will those delay funding for the grps?


    2. Lab virus... I hate it when I'm right. Children playing with matches in paper houses.

      This snafu may, if infectivity is really 83% and mortality 15%, result in 450MMM dead.

    3. You know any excuse will be used if so minded. We are dealing with Rattlers. They are ever more corralled and lies deflected with extreme anger weekly. It's closing options as we all use reverse powers denying access to Gold and Elders assets if not reciprocated. It's a weekly war of attrition with their lies and evasive actions getting ever more ridiculed. Once we start the rebuild with none of their Banks allowed access to the funds or any allowed employment, they won't know what's hit them. Rodent free banking, and non Fed Banks. Once it starts they lose traction. Be in no doubt we are dealing with Vermin in suits. Scheming, devious, Cult raised Rodents. But we have a cause, dealing with whores. Every day is a truth war.

    4. Tino
      The possible 450M let's hope it's a false alarm
      450 M has generations consequences.


    Now this raises Time/Date, size and propulsion questions as to how so big a craft could be flying at the time, and how was it radar blind? Forget a Balloon way too big, so what was it?

  31. 5. There is a real push on for this next week end for funding releases.

    6. In the background so many nations and Banks are fast tracking their own Bit Coin agendas. The Fed is facing a Global assault. Jewish Bankers are in the cross hairs now.

    10 Post PP releases, WE together, will build UK,US and Commonwealth Trade, Zio Trash and Politico free. Humanity united. One people. One agenda for all. Not a Zio Louse in the House. Why allows these tiers of Sleaze to take 50% by their squeeze? Not Goldfingers, just two!

    Very impressive John. Thank You.

    Regarding Trump , not really amazed at his actions. the question is : When is he really going to indicate that he is owned by the cabal 100%. He is a business man and needs their support and loans and many other things. HE has children and grand children that could face their wrath. Trump is no fool.

  32. Hmm, we agree on the Family issues and ownership. No comment on the rest. But we still need those funds released. Oh for a hundred of them hanging from the lamp posts, it was the deserved end game for Mussolini. If the Fed drops the ball, who will bring the ropes? Wall Street and DC alone could bag 500 in an hour. Did a Cult ever deserve it more. If it goes, look for the Nose!

  33. Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate, 83% Infection Rate for Those Exposed

    Damn to hell everyone involved in biowarfare research! For 30 years I have been saying the boomerang effect is not worth it. Mutation makes vaccines worthless over the long run.

    Reports are out of Taiwan.

    If true, implications are staggering.

  34. You disperse the agents of the Labs, the Genie is loose

  35. There appears to have been immediate Canadian withdrawals of Chinese Lab staff clearances and removal from Lab projects and University premises. Students also are being removed from projects and premises. Canada has gone Pro active right away. Canada has problems now worldwide.

    1. Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted...

    2. This is also why we have to immediately go back to training our own and not people of other nations...

  36. 3 cheers for Putin in his push to clean house of Ashkenazi ziorats!

    ....lets hope other nations follow.

  37. There are now reports of 'mutations'. If this coronavirus is unstable big-time, we will never, ever be free of it.

  38. That's the problem with Lab test models you unleash the Genie and it's away to mutate into God knows what

  39. Judicial Watch announced that a federal court yesterday ordered a snap hearing after the Justice Department submitted information under seal on Friday following the court’s demand for an explanation of why no records have been produced in the ongoing legal battle for documents about the Congressional Democrat IT (information technology) scandal involving the Awan brothers.

    "The cover-up of the Awan Brothers Democratic IT scandal shows the FBI and DOJ’s penchant for dishonesty isn’t just limited to FISA abuse,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

  40. Leaving your home and returning safely is such an underrated blessing.

    1. All lost when you realise her indoors is still there. Joking!

    2. Heck John, you are such a bitter bugger. LOL Not meant to be nasty.

      Not all the indoor gals are nasty btw.

    3. I love throwing curve balls it's only humour. So many girls have become so uppity it just levels the playing field.
      And of course they are not just appreciate dry humour don't take it at face value it's with a twisted grin.

    4. All good John. I think I have worked you out a little better after all these years. I know you have a weird sense of humour. LOL

      And playing fields do not need to be leveled with real people. Heck mate, what circles are you mixing in? LOL

  41. If you knock out 450m people in one cross sweep, who knows what the cost of gene pool consequences will be on the breeding pools. Entire communities will be lost. Look at the consequences of killing female new borns. Where are wives now? Who breeds? Who provides the next generation of tax or retiree contributors? It could wipe out China, but a mutating virus could have a savage payback, breeding only Democrats.

  42. Guillotines!!!! Fury over Hurrican Maria, Puerto Ricans march to Gov. Mansion...

  43. In just 3 hours Trump's Defense Team have shredded the Prosecution's team as having no justifiable case to procede. Schiffs case is Political, not criminal fact based or justified.
    This case is failing.

  44. Russia has closed its Chinese borders. Blocking all travel outwards
    Britain is flying out UK nationals after pre testing in special evacuation flights.
    China is under siege. If it's established and proven this is a stolen Lab engineered Weapons strain, China has a colossal Public Relations disaster on its hands. The infection and death rates can not be tracked as China is covering up fatalities.
    This could become an ugly mass genocide. Such weapons need to be Globally banned. Chinese Students worldwide are now under scrutiny. The MSM are all over it. China has a lot to answer for.

  45. You need respirator masks Coronavirus appears to be coming and supplies will go fast.

  46. If this thing goes pandemic move now. Get the Cordova N95 Approved Disposable Valved Particulate Respirator.
    Be assured, if it hits they will be gone fast. Move now,TODAY, it may save your families lives. Those reading OWON get to live! Ask the Chemist store to get it for you, or go on line and buy fast. Please, move now in case. There will be mass panic if it hits. Too late!

  47. Alcohol gel hand washing is needed also. The whole works. If you do get a regional hit, then it's total suited and booted or else. Lets hope it's contained. Big questions. A PR disaster for China.


  49. MSM didn't report this suicide. Puzzling.....

  50. How do you convince people to give up their rights?

    Quite simple ____>>>>> Fear.

  51. Psychotic Bolton trying to promote his book is a loose cannon rattling around the Beltway Carnival. Someone may need to have a " Hillary"word.

  52. If a flea had human facial characteristics, it would be BOLTON. take a look !

    We do not prosecute people for thoughts or words. Only for conduct. Ukraine got aid but did not announce investigation. Nothing wrong there.

    OH, hold up. i just saw a hot looking babe at the coffee shop, I guess the cops are coming to arrest me.

    The Democrats and Media are wasting our time, money and making a fool of the AMERICAN PUBLIC. People need to F***ING WAKE UP.

  53. And that's saying it nicely.


  54. Coronavirus

    The present invention provides a live, attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene encoding polyproteins comprising a mutation in one or more of non-structural protein(s) (nsp)-10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp-16. The coronavirus may be used as a vaccine for treating and/or preventing a disease, such as infectious bronchitis, in a subject.


    The present invention relates to an attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene, which causes the virus to have reduced pathogenicity. The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease.

    Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), the aetiological agent of infectious bronchitis (IB), is a highly infectious and contagious pathogen of domestic fowl that replicates primarily in the respiratory tract but also in epithelial cells of the gut, kidney and oviduct. IBV is a member of the Order Nidovirales, Family Coronaviridae, Subfamily Corona virinae and Genus Gammacoronavirus; genetically very similar coronaviruses cause disease in turkeys, guinea fowl and pheasants.

  55. Here you go, in case you had doubts.

  56. N95 are already out of stock on amazon. Good thing I have some from my job. Hardware stores may still have some.

    1. There are many masks available on line I bought today. Use the spec I issued.

  57. Wuhan Coronavirus TRACKER

    John, hope your HK teams are using the correct prophylactics, in all respects.

  58. Ivanka and Jared made more than $100 million last year, while simultaneously negotiating for the United States on issues that they profit from.

    On the other hand, Hunter Biden worked in Ukraine.

    In their second year of government service, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner reported income from their companies and investments of as much as $135 million, according to their annual financial disclosure reports made public on Friday.

    All told, the couple’s real estate holdings and other investments were worth as much as $786 million, down slightly from 2017. Their total annual income was between $29 million and $135 million, a range that was lower than what they reported in 2017.

    Mr. Kushner’s partial ownership of his family-run real estate business, Kushner Companies, has drawn criticism from ethics experts, particularly as the firm has solicited investments from foreign sources, including in the Middle East, where Mr. Kushner is a top White House liaison.

    Although Mr. Kushner held on to the bulk of his stake in the company, which he once ran, he sold some of his assets to a trust controlled by his mother.

    One of those divested assets was his share in Kushner Companies’ flagship property at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Last year, Kushner Companies struck a deal with Brookfield Asset Management for a roughly $1 billion bailout of the troubled property. Brookfield’s property arm is partly owned by the Qatari government.

    Ms. Trump reported 2018 income totaling between $6.7 million and $10.7 million. She has resigned from her leadership roles at her fashion business and her family’s real estate and branding company since her father became president, but she retained stakes in some of those businesses.

    Always the same old S***

    When are we Americans going to catch on to these ******* ?

  59. Will the Clinton Foundation ever get shut down as a criminal money laundering operation?

  60. China should offer a $100M bounty for the virus attack on its people!

    1. Israhell is the likeliest culprit, though. So, unleashing Iran on them would get the job done for free.







  62. Cheaper than a day at Belle View isn't it?

  63. Yes, 100% cheaper than BELLVUE!1s0x89c2590c212fc7a9%3A0x67a293dafcc5f7e0!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Fbellevue%2Bhospital%2F%4040.7382723%2C-73.9740753%2C3a%2C75y%2C304.74h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sUn07YzqO_MvyS4MyXHC7Ow*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x89c2590c212fc7a9%3A0x67a293dafcc5f7e0%3Fsa%3DX!5sbellevue%20hospital%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e2!2sUn07YzqO_MvyS4MyXHC7Ow&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjnmbffxabnAhUouVkKHYzcCDMQpx8wHXoECA8QCw

  64. Peeps are not crazy John... they are just sic of same old politic bull shite!... Trump rallies are where you will find the backbone of America...

    Biden and all the others will piss down your back and tell you it is raining!

    1. JD
      Believe me, I would not be turning my back on Biden or the Creep State.
      For them near me, it will be them looking up with with wet heads and it won't be raining!

  65. JD BYD, So true.
    Pleases me to see this turn out tonight. Its my City, my region of America. I am minutes away.

  66. Beats watching Dumbed down US TV, and you get to see a Palooka speak dancing on Jewish Funder ( Not so Stable Genius) Lead reigns.
    A night out brings home the Bar is not so high. Even a Kenyan Illegal made it. Not even through the front door it's rumoured.

  67. john how bad is this virus going to get , is it really a threat?

    1. I don't know, no one does, we have to wait and watch with caution over the next 3 months. The down side is clearly alarming, but calm nerves first, let facts emerge it may be contained.

    2. Well, with nearly everyone apparently not telling the truth (what else is new) and China acting like a family with a crazy aunt in the attic, let's hope it stays contained. It's not the end of the world, we will survive it as a species. Ultimately a good handle on mortality and who this virus targets will give us a chance to react. Given the sepsis angle, the research done on monteleukast (10-20mg BID) and levocetirizine (10-15mg BID) to modulate the inflammatory cascade in influenza really applies here. B. Chandler May, MD in Santa Barbara, CA is the world expert on this drug combination.

  68. The UK, with sensible restrictions, has allowed Huawei to supply key 5G networks to the auK, but not the the central system or Defense centres.
    The US demand to block this technology has been denied to the US we are not Poodles.
    The UK has just stood up to the US as it's own Sovereign free rights. We have not left the EU to be enslaved by the US. Britain has manned up. We have sensible phased use and we will not be left behind in technology developments.
    China simply has made the R & D investments and are Global Leaders.
    The US has only itself to blame. The world is moving on.

  69. Amazon’s Ring smart doorbell surveillance product has been caught sending user data to Facebook and other companies without making Ring users aware their data was being shared. That’s according to an investigation from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). What’s even more alarming is Ring users are having their data sent to Facebook even if they themselves don’t have Facebook accounts.

    The EFF examined Ring’s latest Android app and found that it had four unlisted trackers sending Ring user data back to four websites including,,, and This is despite Ring’s privacy policy, which purports to list all the trackers being used in its software. That privacy policy was last updated over a year and a half ago and doesn’t list three of the four new trackers discovered.

    So what data is Ring sending to Facebook and other companies? The EFF says the information includes “the names, private IP addresses, mobile network carriers, persistent identifiers, and sensor data on the devices of paying customers.”

  70. Coronavirus R0 / R-Naught and death rate "chilling," according to military source
    We received the following communication from Project Zyphr Whistle-blower Tom today, which we are posting below in full, with added links:


    The classified documents relating to Project Zyphr say that "targeted" viruses will play a role in eliminating American Patriots, before and during the economic collapse.

    Not only did David share this information with me, I saw it with my own eyes. So once news broke on this current outbreak, I immediately contacted my military source for his take on this.

    My source is a life-long, close friend, whose intel has never failed me in our decades-long relationship. I can't share his rank or position within the military, all I can say is, he would be privy to some material that would circulate within the Joint Chiefs or White House. This is, in part, due to his many contacts and friends throughout the military.

    He is who I was waiting for, to give me confirmation of what is transpiring, because I have no first-hand knowledge of everything going on

    He has told me the following and gave me permission to release all of this. I want you guys to put this into bullet points on the blog. I'm also going to share a few direct quotes from him, because his words carry a lot of weight with me and I think people should hear it from him.......

    1. My back-of-the-envelope for R0 is roughly ~2.0-2.5. Assuming the epicenter is Wuhan and 55 days ago based on the AI epidemiological detection, the absolute highest it could be is ~3. Bad but not horrendous. It will take another half-week to see if we get U.S. clusters. If the clusters show up in 2-3 weeks, then the transmission rate is over-estimated.

      The death rates are all over the damn map - 2% to 18%. If the high end, the first U.S. deaths should be registered in 10 days.

      Steve Pieczenik, who still seems to have a finger on the pulse of things, believes it will be contained and that behind the scenes China is taking sufficient action. I am not so optimistic but I don't get briefings from the government. I also wonder why air travel has not been shut down and the passengers not placed in 8 day quarantines.

      Lastly Pieczenik made a very good point that lungs of that local citizenry are in a persistent state of injury and inflammation. This not only increases susceptibility but death rate.

      Fingers crossed...

    2. Scratch the whole of the above. Too many lies of how many infected. We will just have to wait and see...

  71. The situation is critical in China. Those who want to #escape from #quarantine are fighting with the police. Very serious problems await the world.

  72. Happening at Chinese border, people from Guangzhou and Shenzhen trying to flee to Hong Kong to escape #coronavirus. This looks similar to what we saw last night! (Report by

  73. Which is why telling the truth works better. Once you know incubation period all that it would take to shut this down is people staying home for twice the incubation period. Instead of acting like damned ranchers with a stampede, guarantee medical care for the sick, guarantee food will be dropped in and distributed, and that essential services of electricity and water provided. However, everyone has to stay home. Keep acting like it's 1910 and you will get 1910 results...

  74. There are concerning reports circulating. Seeing the scale of potential destruction of life, Terrorist groups are already alleged to be contemplating new Lab viruses for revenge attacks all over America for Global Hegemony and taking it right back into mass destroying the Homeland with years of targeted attacks. Muslim Fundamentalists will be allover this as a way to remove Israel and once one outbreak succeeds they will be unstoppable.
    This just weaponised Thought! How long before Iran drone delivers this sprayed all over Israel?

  75. From Discover on Google

    The Impeachment has identified Biden family corruption hundreds of times, linking also to Kerry and others. Nothing is done. Yet you pursue Trump? Hello?

  76. British Airways has just suspended Chinese flights. Yes at last! Will others follow?

    1.This will kill Chinese Tourism.
    2.This will kill Chinese Exports.
    3.This will slash all Chinese travelling abroad.
    4.HK will be hit hard in Banking. Money is flooding out.
    5.We have 4 weeks work with Asian Sovereign Funds now coming to London. Huge deals. They will not touch the US and Singapore is now bypassed.

    But China, God knows,China will feel this for sure. The Dragon has just been stopped for a Pit Stop. This will hurt.


    Take a break look at this Black Hole.

  78. No one has the facts or truth yet on this Virus.
    Some projections are alarming and allegations of mass deaths hidden. But truth?
    Let's see what happens worldwide over the next 6 weeks.

    But-What it has done is weaponized ideas in Terrorist hands.

    Israel is right on the Front Line with Muslims they abuse and murder. A Gift Horse.

    Other Pakkie related groups will look to use this all over America. Labs will be set up now. This is a Green Light Extremists will not miss. Once started where does it end? A low cost way to really hit back. This would hit all over America? Hegemony returned. What a vile weapon. Be assured, in the Bekaa Valley, Israels fanatical enemies will be plotting now.
    Future rockets coming in will spray also. Wait until it hits. That will encourage more.
    Was there ever a greater need for Peace?

    Yesterday watching Impeached Zio owned Trump, and that vile Corrupt Israeli Yahoo, with Oily Kushner, talking about how to carve up Palestine,it brings home just how low grade Leadership has become. How corrupt.
    No wonder they fear Bolton's book. Plus others.

    Once One Small Step for Mankind was a Moon Step. Now it's to stop stepping up as Witnesses.
    If John Roberts allows it?
    The trouble with Bolton is he's a truly unstable Loose Cannon. Riled to hit back.

    4 weeks America is saddled with all of this. Biden's identified for corruption. Where is the MSM?


    Very effective use of NASA budgets.

  80. I suggest you keep this site in you favorites for a daily check on China events including the coronavirus outbreak

  81. John,

    I know the question was already posed to you, but in light of recent risks of global contagion, what effect does that have on releases your negotiating currently?

    1. We don't know it's a day thing. The money is identified with Wells and others now. Lying Zio Claws!

  82. Justice calls.

    1. It has been reported that Prince Andrew has not cooperated with the FBI Investigators
    or Attorneys re Epstein. The flash Bastard was photographed driving his Bentley with his Police minder. That has P***** everyone off here. Now, the Police may re open their investigation on him, and he WILL get lifted then if not cooperating. About time!
    This F is NOT above the law!

    2. The Markle /Harry Fiasco.
    Now Attention Seeking Wannabe Markle is finding Security in Canada more intrusive and costly.
    She and the Man Child can't afford her extravagant life style wishes, and both may now come back to the UK.

    BUT- Hes renounced his Royal Status, He's thrown aside his Commonwealth role. He's dumped his Charities. He's crapped on the Queen. He's lost support here. Big time!

    Megan was given huge status which she could not handle. Flunkies quit, she was alleged to be Abusive and Common! She now has form.
    She crapped on the Brits. Now the Bolter wants it all again?
    Not Gonna happen.

    Without money to fund their life style, Denied use of Crown Titles for marketing,Denied funded lavish facilities, exposed as vicious and vile with Staff, denied Public funds now, this C Level, small time cheap TV Bit Part Actress will do what? Voice overs, as a Dork?
    Now she's bolting from Canada?

    This has Train Wreck written all over it. They bit all hands. Bad media follows.
    Limp Brain Harry won't survive. This time maybe be will bolt. What a Dumb, gruesome twosome. He's no Prodigal Son, just a brainless Bum. Both! So the Grass wasn't greener?
    Kinda lost the Plot and Pot!

  83. The Democrats have spent 3 years resisting and investigating
    in an attempt to remove him from office.

    Citizens across this country, including myself, have wondered what have they accomplished?

    The answer, absolutely nothing!

    The 2020 sweep is coming!
    Coronavirus Outbreak Update:

    ➡️ The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China has surpassed the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s.
    ➡️ More than 6,000 people are infected and at least 132 are dead.
    How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The covert alliance between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity of Israel should be no surprise to any student of British imperialism. The problem is the study of British imperialism has very few students. Indeed, one can peruse any undergraduate or post-graduate British university prospectus and rarely find a module in a Politics degree on the British Empire let alone a dedicated degree or Masters degree. Of course if the European led imperialist carnage in the four years between 1914 – 1918 tickles your cerebral cells then it’s not too difficult to find an appropriate institution to teach this subject, but if you would like to delve into how and why the British Empire waged war on mankind for almost four hundred years you’re practically on your own in this endeavour. One must admit, that from the British establishment’s perspective, this is a formidable and remarkable achievement.

    In late 2014, according to the American journal, Foreign Affairs, the Saudi petroleum Minister, Ali al-Naimi is reported to have said “His Majesty King Abdullah has always been a model for good relations between Saudi Arabia and other states and the Jewish state is no exception.” Recently, Abdullah’s successor, King Salman expressed similar concerns to those of Israel’s to the growing agreement between the United States and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme. This led some to report that Israel and KSA presented a “united front” in their opposition to the nuclear deal. This was not the first time the Zionists and Saudis have found themselves in the same corner in dealing with a perceived common foe. In North Yemen in the 1960’s, the Saudis were financing a British imperialist led mercenary army campaign against revolutionary republicans who had assumed authority after overthrowing the authoritarian, Imam. Gamal Abdul-Nasser’s Egypt militarily backed the republicans, while the British induced the Saudis to finance and arm the remaining remnants of the Imam’s supporters. Furthermore, the British organised the Israelis to drop arms for the British proxies in North Yemen, 14 times. The British, in effect, militarily but covertly, brought the Zionists and Saudis together in 1960’s North Yemen against their common foe.

  84. Taxi driver kicks out Wuhan virus passenger amid panic over corona virus in China!


    "I've been driving ten years and this is the first time that I've never picked up one passenger from start to finish, 60 stops, hour and a half journey" Says a Shanghai bus driver.

    Shanghai population = 24.24 million

    1. This is NOT bad news. This is GOOD news because it means people are staying home short-circuiting the spread.


  86. Face masks I ordered for delivery today are sold out with mass demand so I'll have to wait for new stock panic is starting .

    Now. karma, when you arrogantly denigrate others, Karma strikes back.

    Wannabe Megastar Markle and Poodle Fakir Harry are now finding the level of intrusion in Canada is higher than London plus costs.
    All the dream moves to sell the use of Royal logos has been blocked. Childlike fantasies denied. Now they are being told they must not only repay the 3M of funds spent on the house, but the c7M spent on the wedding needs to be repaid as they reneged on their duties. A double whammy.
    Overnight it's been intimated they may condescend to spend part time here living off the State. They won't like the answers. You use the Royal premises, you pay. Travelling you pay.
    They just don't get what a mess they have made. It's got personal now they turned their backs on us and Hello? You no longer feed off the Royal Estate and Markles been mouthing off against her treatment. Both have abused trust. Each has harmed the Monarchy. Each is now waking up to cold reality their escapade was greedy arrogance. What a mess. The Man Child can't cut it in 2 weeks alone cut loose. Nor could a C List girl cut it with cultured families. Suddenly they have become Reality TV competitors against the Kardashians even though Megan's got a Butt. Life bites back.

  87. Singing of Auld Lang Syne starts in the European Parliament as the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is approved by MEPs

    1. Really
      I would have preferred the sound of Aldolf, has only got one ****

  88. 11 international Airlines have now suspended flights to China. Emergency extractions are fast tracking.
    But, UK citizens can not get clearances to fly out dual national Children and China also is not giving permission for joint Chinese birthed Children to fly. It means parents trapped who will not leave a child behind. Britain's arriving will be quarantined at a Military base for 14 days. Banged up no cross spreading the risk. Messy.

    The next 2 weeks will show how far it's spread. Russia is tracking all parties who've arrived in Russia over the last 2 weeks and interning them

    Only the next 2 weeks will profile risk and scale of spread. We wait

  89. The Walking Dead or any ot those crazy movies I loved to watch about virus' looks to be real life now.

    Poor people building walls to keep others out of their virus free areas

    1. Well, if the Zombie Apocalypse transpires, the dream was good while it lasted... you'll find me in downtown Manhattan taking out bankers...

    2. Good man. I'll take out their wives

  90. And one more article to read.. don't tell the truth or we will throw you in prison!

    (Natural News) With coronavirus infections having leapt nearly 30% in one day in mainland China, U.S. health officials are rolling out a “parade of lies” about the risks the United States might face. The number of fatalities attributed to coronavirus have already surpassed those of SARS, and the number of infections and deaths is increasing at an exponential (parabolic) rate (see chart below).

    Hundreds of commercial air flights from China continue each day, delivering potentially infected Chinese citizens to large cities around the world, including New York, London, Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto. The transmissivity of the virus is so high that every one person who carries it — even when they show no symptoms — can transmit the virus to two or three other people. This results in an exponential growth rate that quickly cascades out of control.

  91. Arizona

    One person carrying on an aircraft breathes into mass circulated air in a confined space infecting the entire flight. A perfect delivery weapon. Time for a idiot world to stop any Chinese flights leaving or landing.

    President's need to call it fast. Executive orders No flights in from China

  92. Replies
    1. We got to install microwave ovens
      Custom kitchen deliveries
      We got to move these refrigerators
      We got to move these colour T.V.'s…

      The little faggot with the earring and the makeup —
      Yeah buddy, that's his own hair —
      That little faggot got his own jet airplane;
      That little faggot he's a millionaire
      I am just singing, these are not my words. ITS Thursday morning.

  93. Found this elsewhere. Food for thought: The evidence is mounting that it's a bioweapon. Unz has an article which gives a sequential run-down of the lead-up. The "Umbrella Corp." (WuXi Biotech, now WuXi App Tech) in Wuhan at the center of this is owned at least in part by (((Soros))), the Vicar of Satan on earth who only recently declared that China's Xi was his greatest enemy. The Wuhan office of this enterprise is 666 Gaoxin Road. (They do love their symbolism). There's also the issue of Dr. Peng Zhou and his connection with the issue. Is Zhou being set up here to be the fall guy for a Soros-Deepstate operation? Or is he one of their foot soldiers?

    1. Tino, That name Soros has crossed my mind.

  94. Be assured, if Soros has funded a weaponised attack on China, there is no question, repercussions would be guaranteed and terminal 200% for sure. We need the real facts to emerge. Chinese Intel will ascertain who, and precision engineering will lobotomize and castrate those responsible. China has a subtle way of making you squawk!

  95. We all now face a number of key real world curved balls.

    China has closed its Stock Markets unto Mid Feb to try to stem the collapse coming.
    If China's Corporate's go into free fall, the costs of money will go sky high


    These Parasite Hedge Funds will start calling on Derivatives Insurers to pick up the free fall tabs and bail high risk, poor judgement, no research,greedy gambles and strip Capital Markets of life blood to save their useless Butts. Put the markets first and Deny!
    STOP Banks funding Hedge Funds! High Risk Parasite Racketeers! This entire false market is a Ponzi Scam.

    Such calls should be treated as an Act of an "Angry" God, and not insurable, so calls denied! Sink the bloody lot! Nothing but Pirate Vampires who need De Lousing!

    Be clear, this will wreak havoc with world trade. Computer parts and machines? We are ALL Trade Integrated and cross dependent. America also makes huge gains from large Chinese Import Taxes. Businesses will be hit. Hard! Chinese Businesses cant afford the bank costs and delays. Millions may lose jobs. Who will feed those in need with no money? The Commies? Not a chance!
    Shipping will tank-Again!
    Who will supply China with No Money,or risk money? China now has a Hot Coals balancing act. The Emerging Dragon Empire now has a major Chink in its Armour.
    Xi, will be sighing WTF now? Huge problems now.

  96. John are you saying that the closing of the China Stock Market HAS delayed the PP till February? Or when ever they reopen???? Thank You.

    1. I'm trying to cut them off using it as an excuse before they try a Zio LIE!

      We showed today how we can use the PPs to Platform Trade Out China's, US and Global needs and help get major Projects moving fast. A huge WIN for all. Or Zio's Free riding? We are heading off Weasel Words.

  97. China Market Opening Delayed Until Feb. 3 on Virus ... › news › articles › china-s-financial-markets-l...
    3 days ago - China Market Opening Delayed Until Feb. 3 on Virus Upheaval China's financial markets will remain closed until next Monday after authorities extended the Lunar New Year break by three days as they grapple with the worsening virus crisis. Trading will resume Feb. 3, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges said.

  98. Have read that taking oregano oil will protect against the coronavirus but haven't had a chance to research that to any degree.

    In the meantime, for anyone concerned - drink alkaline water. You can get a filter to pop into an individual water bottle for $20 CDN and larger ones to do your entire water system. I purchased a small ($20) filter to the water jug on our counter about 3 years ago, have barely had a sniffle since. There's real value in doing this.

  99. A flight in arriving from HK to London has just been put on lock down while we check if any parties are at risk, and if so, the entire flight is off to a Military Internment Camp under armed guard for 14 days or longer. Avoid flying anywhere overseas if you can. In fact, whats best is for all flights from China, HK etc to be banned until further notice. Nothing in either. It's simple, upset 250 or risk c8 billion? Shut the damned Air Space.

  100. Now a Cruise Ship with 7,000 on Board has just been quarantined off the Italian Coast as 2 Chinese passengers are showing possible signs. No fans of the Chan's here now. If they test positive,Messy! Total lock down as people die.
    Don't sneeze,Chinese!

    Leaders need to shut down Air Space now for all Asian flights. Lock it down.

  101. hmmmm!!
    The Light Forces have communicated that the process towards the Event is now accelerated and there is no time to build physical Islands of Light before the Compression Breakthrough.

  102. Trump said it.
    If he had listened to Bolton America would have been involved in WW6 by now!
    He is an ego tripping, unstable Non Genius, being faced down.But which? Lol.
    Time to shut down Bolton. The Stockholm Institute has ways! And a CIA fast track process!

  103. The first Person to Person spread of Coronovirus is confirmed in the US as a Chicago man in now infected by his wife who brought it back from China.

    More are confirming across the US and world. Shut the door on China! Russia has detained hundreds there. China has spread its wings and shit.
    FEMA Camps FFS! Get a Grip!
    Move them all in with the Clinton's as Contributors!

  104. President Bashar al-Assad: Israel occupies our land; it treats ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Israeli hospitals, and it operates as ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s air force in #Syria, bombing our troops whenever we are advancing.

    Truths you won’t find on CNN or BBC

    1. Sadly real truths you only get here. Think how awful it is for Syria.

  105. World Pandemic just announced by WHO

  106. Masks are sold out orders declined colossal demand and no stocks left

  107. Can I pull my shirt up over my nose?

  108. HE took his clothes of and jumped in, and this is what happened

  109. By Robert Kraycheck

    Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, president of the Government Accountability Institute, and senior contributor at Breitbart News, explained how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) engaged in self-enrichment with campaign funds. He joined Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow for a special video-recorded edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday.

    Partial transcript below:

    MARLOW: I thought the person who came off worst in the book — believe it or not, even a little bit worse than Biden — is Bernie Sanders. We all knew that Bernie was the only socialist in America with three homes, one that is lakefront. The corruption, he’s dripping with it. It’s not just that he is inauthentic to be a socialist that’s worth at least $15 million with three homes, but it seems like he’s really been using legal loopholes to enrich himself.

    One of the things I was laughing at, Peter, because we had a little book party for you yesterday, and there were maybe 50 or 100 books around, Bernie’s campaign used to buy gobs and gobs of Bernie’s book. So you donate to Bernie and then Bernie buys Bernie’s books, and that’s the pattern he had his whole life. So let’s start with Burlington College. This seemed like a legit fraud to me.

    SCHWEIZER: Burlington college was — was, because it’s now shut down — was this sort of, let’s say, hippie college that had … financial troubles. It was kind of limping along, and they hired Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, to come on as president. They were very explicit; they said they brought on Jane because of who Bernie was and the connections that he has. So, Jane becomes president of the college. She’s being paid a very nice salary for a college that size, about $180,000 [or] $200,000 a year, and she’s very ambitious. She wants to expand the college. So she takes on these loans to buy additional property and buildings so she can expand the college.

    Now, the problem is, on these bank loans that she applied for — the applications — she claimed several individuals had committed to making million-dollar or more contributions to the college, and that was essentially where she was the saying the money was going to come from for the loans.

    After the college collapsed, people went back and asked those individuals [about the pledges], [and] they said, “I never pledged that money.” So this spawned the FBI investigation to look at [her]. Was she engaged in bank fraud by deceiving the bankers?

  110. But the problem is even more direct in the sense that they take on this debt. They’re having financial difficulties, they’re limping along, they’re having cash flow problems. What’s going on while that happens? The budget of the college is like $3 million a year; Jane starts funneling money to a an unaccredited woodworking school that just happens to be run by her daughter, and she sends half a million dollars to this entity while her college is having these financial difficulties.

    MARLOW: Unbelievable. Like a sixth of the budget. This isn’t a joke. “Not a joke,” as Joe Biden would say.

    SCHWEIZER: It fits the pattern. We see this all the time: family members get hired.

    MARLOW: Let’s talk about maybe the biggest reveal in the Sanders section, which is the media buying and Bernie finding a loophole to really — it appears — make himself incredibly wealthy, and we don’t even know how wealthy.

    SCHWEIZER: One of the dirty secrets in Washington, DC, is — if you’re running for office — you do media buys. Alex, if you ran for the Senate and you said to me, “Peter, I want you to buy a million dollars in television ads.” I, as your media buyer, it would show up on the FEC filing that you gave a million dollars to my company. But the industry standard is, I’m entitled to 15 percent of that as a commission for myself, but that never shows up.

    Well, Bernie apparently figured this out because Jane, his wife, became his media buyer for his congressional campaigns. So we don’t know exactly how much money she got, but we believe it was probably on the magnitude of $150,000. But the big money came when he ran for president in 2016, and there’s a lot of mystery here, but I think a lot of reason to be concerned because, this time, he’s running for president. He’s got all this money — he’s going to spend $83 million on media buys, 15 percent [of that] is about a $12 million commission.

    MARLOW: Where did the $12 million go. Do we know who got it?

    SCHWEIZER: We do not, but we have some clues. Here’s the troubling part. So that $83 million goes through a company called Old Town Media. Okay, great. Old Town Media. Well, Old Town Media doesn’t have a website, doesn’t really have other clients at this time, and it’s registered — the LLC of Old Town Media — to this private residential home in suburban Virginia.

    MARLOW: That’s typical, right?

    SCHWEIZER: Right, exactly. And then you find out who actually owns the home. It’s two old friends of Jane Sanders.

    MARLOW: What? No. Not Jane Sanders again. She’s back. So, she’s a big character in this, so we assume that the Sanders’ are basically enriching the Sanders.

    Schweizer went on to explain how Sanders “regularly” establishes nonprofits that employ his family members. “When [Bernie Sanders] sets up nonprofits, he usually puts a family member in charge,” he said. “They’re the highest-paid person.”

    Schweizer highlighted Our Revolution as an illustration of a nonprofit “activist group” established by Sanders, which afforded the Vermont senator opportunities for self-enrichment by spending funds raised by the organization on media buys. About half-a-dozen “young idealists” who joined the organization, Schweizer explained, left the organization in protest.

    As a senator, Sanders is second only to the late John McCain in terms of the volume of books he has written. Schweizer contrasted Sanders’ and McCain’s book-writing as senators.

    “The only person that’s written as many books as him in the Senate is the late John McCain, and McCain, you could argue, had some war stories to tell,” said Schweizer. “[John McCain] did donate some of those proceeds to charity. Bernie does not do that. The biggest charity in Bernie’s life is Bernie.”

    Marlow recalled Sanders’ political narrative of being a grassroots politician funded by small donors. “His army of small donors, Peter, you noted that sometimes his small donors is the same person, 50 times. [They] just donate 50 times, 50 different ways

  111. By Hannah Bluae

    Hannah Bleau30 Jan 2020361

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has a well-documented history of working for the benefit of the big corporations she routinely rails against, largely building her multimillion-dollar fortune by assisting corporations in navigating the bankruptcy laws she helped pen, Breitbart News senior contributor, bestselling author, and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer reveals in his investigative bombshell Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.

    Because of her legal expertise on bankruptcy laws, Warren advised the National Bankruptcy Review Commission in 1995, acting as a “key advisor on an obscure but profoundly important section of the bankruptcy law called U.S.C. 524(g), which dealt with mass tort bankruptcies of corporations and had to do specifically with asbestos companies.” She would go on to advise companies facing such troubles and financially benefit from their legal woes. She made $212,000 by assisting insurance giant Travelers, which sought immunity from asbestos-related lawsuits, alone.

    The revisions to the laws she helped author “had enormous positive ramifications for America’s largest corporations,” allowing “financially healthy corporations to start using bankruptcies as a way to avoid liability from legal suits,” Profiles in Corruption details.

    Warren parlayed her experience in crafting U.S. bankruptcy laws into a highly lucrative career by consulting corporations on the laws she helped write and charging them large sums of money for her services.

    “It was the ultimate Washington leverage move,” Schweizer writes.

    “Warren’s legal consulting work radically contradicts the claims she makes that she is a fighter for the middle class and against corporate America,” Schweizer explains. “Indeed, she was well compensated for more than a decade providing legal testimony for corporations attempting to avoid pension obligations and paying victims.”

    Warren leveraged her legal expertise in corporate bankruptcy law by advising companies like Dow Chemical, Travelers, and LTV Steel — all of which were seeking bankruptcies to avoid liabilities from pensions or lawsuits:

    Indeed, of the known cases where she did legal consulting, her work on a number of those cases was on behalf of major corporations. Each of these companies was facing major liability involving pensions or class-action lawsuits, which she helped them avoid. She was extremely well compensated. In a legal brief, she described her “customary billing rate” as $700 per hour back in 2002. Today in 2019, that equates to about $996 per hour.

    One of the cases demonstrating the stunning gap between Warren’s campaign trail rhetoric and reality involved her work with corporations that were “seeking release from a law that required them to pay health benefits to coal miners.” LTV Steel, one of her clients, was attempting to “overturn a court ruling that required the company to pay its former employees and dependents $140 million in retirement benefits”:

    LTV was trying to avoid its responsibilities under the 1992 Coal Act, which established a fund to pay retired coal workers. The appellate court sided against Warren’s clients, and Warren filed a brief with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the decision. The Supreme Court never took up the case.

    Warren made $10,000 for her efforts, later contending that she was simply standing up for “bankruptcy principles.”

    “Congress [wrote] the rules, and the rules say the employees don’t come first,” she stated in a 2006 interview with PBS, ignoring the fact that she helped write the very rules she was lamenting.

  112. Her advocacy for LTV contradicts the claims she makes on the campaign trail and incorporates in her various plans. In one plan released last year, Warren boasts of fighting “for years to protect pensions and health benefits for retired coal workers.”

    Despite her efforts to distance herself from large corporations publicly, she continued assisting them in navigating the very laws she helped to write.

    In another example, Schweizer details her legal work for the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation (FAC), which produced small aircraft. Investors, Schweizer notes, purchased the corporation after it went into bankruptcy in 1990 and started Fairchild Acquisition Incorporated (FAI). However, in 1995, a suit arose from “the families, estates, and/or businesses of four people who had died tragically in a plane crash.” The victims’ families attributed the crash to an aircraft “defectively manufactured by FAC.”

    Warren argued on behalf of FAC, but “the bankruptcy court rejected her legal theory.”

    She was compensated nearly $10,000 for her efforts.

    Warren defended her decision to defend FAC from the lawsuit, claiming that she did so to “save jobs.” That assertion, as Schweizer points out, did not reflect reality:

    Warren claims that her motive in defending the company was to save jobs. In fact, though, the company hired her to protect their assets, not jobs. Their worry was that the case would affect future claims that others might have against them. In addition, there is no evidence to indicate that the suit would result in lost jobs. Instead, she essentially argued that these families did not have legal recourse against these companies.

    The Massachusetts senator’s work for Dow Chemical is perhaps more well-known. She “provided expert legal advice” to the chemical company, the parent company of Dow Corning, which faced a flurry of lawsuits from women in 1990s, who claimed that its silicone breast implants made them ill. It filed for bankruptcy thereafter. Warren, in essence, assisted the company in “fighting in court to limit its liability and payments to women,” one lawyer involved in the case stated. She made just short of $20,000 for her consulting work on the case.

    “So Dow Chemical hired her, Armstrong Worldwide — there’s a whole host of companies that did. And it’s the oldest game in Washington. You know, come to me powerful company, pay me lots of money, and I will help you interpret and get around a law that I myself actually wrote,” Schweizer explained on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily.

    “And so she’s made millions of dollars doing that for corporations and she — by the way, in these cases or in these instances — represents the corporation,” he continued. “She doesn’t represent the victims. You know with Dow Chemical it was women with breast implants. And the problems being caused there.”

    Warren also made money in assisting companies facing asbestos liabilities, defending insurance giant Travelers against the claims of asbestos victims in 2009:

  113. Adam Schiff says he never met the Whistleblower.
    Eric Ciarella IS the Whistleblower.
    Check out Tweet #2 & #6

  114. this is off topic but dscusses the trans-umanism at the genetic level john refers to

    BBC documentary

    Health-Medical Documentary hosted by Adam Bolt, published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Storyville series in 2020 - English narration
    [edit] Cover

    Image: The-Gene-Revolution-Cover.jpg
    [edit] Information

    The biggest tech revolution of the 21st century isn't digital, it's biological. A breakthrough called CRISPR has given us unprecedented control over the basic building blocks of life. It opens the door to curing diseases, reshaping the biosphere and designing our own children. This Storyville documentary is a provocative exploration of CRISPR's far-reaching implications, through the eyes of the scientists who discovered it, the families it’s affecting and the bio-engineers who are testing its limits. How will this new power change our relationship with nature? What will it mean for human evolution? To begin to answer these questions, we must look back billions of years and peer into an uncertain future.

    1. Yes, but intelligent design gives us the building blocks for a new generation transcending the so many flaws of our limited bodies. But then, re review and educate minds. To be- more.

  115. Soros cooked his own goose by declaring President Xi his enemy. He will finally, finally, finally get what he deserves.

  116. I would love to be in England Celebrating tomorrow Night with John and the boys, Paladin & T Man. The Bat Jet is fueled and we can pick up Dolly for you John. I want a British Flag Made in England February 1 2020. Congratulations to the British People

  117. Thank you. T Man and I have Certain things close that's all I can advise. Other majors I act for also in the PPs sector. Paladin is on for colossal leg pulling when those clear. He patrioticaly with pride rises to it every time. I've given up fly fishing it's easier to hook and play him. Think Danny Dr Vito at his worst. We are so are coming for him. I promise to throw him back. Then catch him again
    Groundhog Day. No point picking up Dolly, wasted keeping that pair at bay on the way. Lol .
    Nice thought but jokes apart, both have key roles to contribute for the Global oversight vision we each have for a better existence.
    Politics is corrupt, run by inept oily failed people, and not fit for purpose.
    Once achieving releases, we have to re input with Global like minds, ensure effective fund and trading use, with a sustainable infrastructure and start rebuilding better societies a step at a time.

    Was there ever a more pressing case than to set aside our differences, reach out to China to fly and ship in food, supplies and medical help with suitable trained and protected medical teams to help this nation and a billion inside a collapsing economy. Being Human. Being fit for Soul purpose. Caring and sharing showing all matter and removing divisive barriers ending all tensions and proving Souls matter.

    Then once completed and accomplished, leaving Paladin sleeping behind when we all leave, mission accomplished with a one way ticked by his bed, which he used to fly in. Geronimo!,

  118. But who is thinking Humanity among greasy pole Political Leaders? Not one fit for purpose. Politics has failed us. The Redemptions need to be the base for change. Funding Soul freedom and our journey to the Stars.
    Feeding our nation's and reparing shattered minds. Funds freed fit for purpose to help effect real change. Ending Bank Platform Trading where vast profits are syphoned through Tax Havens and wars created to fund Arms and Contractor Industries. Stop breeding body bags for Israel. Deal with this Abrahamian nonsense , expose the Cults and re educate the next generations with Ethereal values and simply, change!

  119. Does China believe that we are on the verge of a major global crisis? The communist Chinese government has always been very big into planning, and it appears that they have decided that now is the time to hoard food, gold and other commodities.

  120. Current increase of activity of the Galactic Center is only indirectly related to this, but it is still another indicator that we are getting closer to the Event:

  121. That’s it! We finally left the EU

    Here is that proud moment in history

  122. It Took A Billionaire Pedophile To Die In Jail For Media To Finally Report On Elite Child Sex Trafficking.

    Adult and child sex trafficking is an unfortunate and horrifying reality that plagues countries around the world—including the United States. As TFTP has reported, people have been arrested attempting to purchase children as young as three-months-old to abuse them, including police officers. Even former child sex slaves have come forward to tell their stories and provide insight into the elite sickos who have the money and resources to deal in the lives of children. This has been ongoing for decades, yet the media and Americans alike, have largely ignored it, until now.

    While some Americans are hearing Epstein’s name for the first time, TFTP has been reporting on his special treatment and ties to the elite for years. The child trafficking scandal doesn’t stop at the White House either, it crosses the pond and implicates the royal family too. Last year, a photo of the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, surfaced as evidence during legal proceedings, showing him with his arm around one of the underage victims.

    Epstein is a convicted child molester and sexually abused no less than 40 underage girls. Despite this fact, Alexander Acosta protected him while serving as a U.S. Attorney in Florida. After letting an admitted pedophile off with a wrist slap, instead of being fired, Acosta was then appointed to Trump’s labor secretary in 2017 before resigning last month amid the Epstein controversy.

    Instead of going to prison for life, as he should’ve considering the evidence against him, Epstein only got 13 months and was allowed to stay in the Palm Beach County Jail in his own private cell where he was allowed to leave the prison six days a week for “work release”.

    Epstein was forced to register as a sex offender for life, but with his money and his connections he wasn’t too bothered—until last month.

    Despite the left and the right pitting Epstein against their political foes, this pedophile was tied to all sides of the political spectrum.

    As a report in the Miami Herald noted:

    The eccentric hedge fund manager, whose friends included former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew, was also suspected of trafficking minor girls, often from overseas, for sex parties at his other homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and the Caribbean, FBI and court records show.

    However, he was never held accountable until last month - only after his victims and dedicated reporters pushed for justice for nearly a decade.

    Now, as a tornado of conspiracy theories over Epstein’s death continues to travel across the internet like wildfire, the media can no longer ignore the problem, nor Epstein’s connections.

    Maybe now, as the DOJ investigates, the media may start to actually report on this massive problem. This is not the first time high profile figures have been arrested for sick crimes against children and let off with a wrist slap, but it is the first time the media is giving it so much attention—because this sicko is now dead.

    As TFTP reported, in April of 2016, Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House under Clinton and Bush — and admitted child rapist — was sentenced to 15 months in prison after he was caught paying his victims to keep quiet. However, he was released in 2017 — two months before finishing his already insultingly lenient sentence.

    1. Yes to constant exposure and YES the UK Police must re open Andrews case. If he's lied, extradite the Bastard. But first America YOU get Koolas on the plane to London and honour extradition or F off!

  123. The virus has 2 cases confirmed in the UK today. The Government has declared an emergency as they came in weeks ago so it's clearly been cross contaminated. God knows how many they have now infected and if Chinese working in catering it's a F pandemic at risk.
    Effective immediate BAN all Chinese flights out. That's it they must sit it out and ride it out for 3 months now. No more Chinese allowed in, no more flights with anyone whose been in or to China in the last 3 months. Effective action lock it down. How many have this pair dam well infected? Will any die because if it? Now the media hunt is on to find who the hell they are and what risk level applies to them. How many more and who travelled with them on which flights because thousands many now be cross infected. Russia rounds every traveller up and quarantines them taken from their homes and any linked at risk. Gulag trade.

    Chinese peasants will eat anything and infected Bats in soup is endemic of this race. The culture of a Rabid vulture.

    1. While your last comment is true, the first set of infections was not associated with the market. The eating of pathogen-ridden food is also a sure-fire route to disaster. China should stamp out the practice.


      In the trade comments (bio, biowarfare, pharma) a picture of Chinese behavior relative to Level 4 facilities is hair-raising scary. In a nutshell, the use of the rules and precautions is dogmatic, poorly observed and severely prone to both error and poor procedure. Basically, if anyone was working with a contagion, engineered or otherwise, it was going to get out. And the Chinese have 2(!) such facilities in Wuhan.

  124. You're not prepared for what's coming... Ohhh no you're not

    1. Body burning reports are not being missed. Nor death rates believed. All of Asia is awash with Chinese travellers. We need to close all nations to all of them. Dog eaters,snake, Rat and Bat eaters.

  125. I know, and whilst it's still Wild Card Blue Sky guesswork, some possible scenarios are alarming. With a nation of Pissants eating Roaches, Rats , God knows what insects, and Rabid Bat Soups, what the hell cocktail is brewing . Let's hope not!

    But most married Guys know how to deal with Monsoons. Lol

  126. Any of you holding Gold Backed Zim Bonds keep them safe to hand can't say more but put them in a safe place if needed. Just watch and hope. No, not Notes, JUST the Bonds at this stage.

    1. Is this the 2008 AA 50T and 100T or something else? Not sure what they classified as notes and bonds.

  127. Senate about to aquit Trump.

  128. BREAKING!


    to step down!

    Effective at Noon on Monday, January 20th, 2025.

    1. Pretty irresponsible of you All or Nothing to put fake news like that on here

    2. It's the final line of the post that is meant to give the punch line and chuckles...

  129. Just hoping that we can fund a replacement with the PPs come election season ,4 years from now , now that would be REAL NEWS. What say you ? the present political red vs blue will never be a solution FOR US AMERICANS ! ITS a trick bag. Congrats on BREXIT. REALLY !

  130. Critical Corporate Overviews.

    The situation in poor China is now deteriorating so fast that with those directed to work from home (But won't work!!!) up to half of China's economy could be laid off or derailed next week. The Capital costs will be enormous. Entire groups are closing stores. Mass assembly areas are closed to the Public. Buses, trains etc, are simply ceasing moving to contain infection.

    It's out, it's Global it's a nightmare. It's opened Pandora's box.
    Worse, it's now left China exposed to racketeering filth like Soros, who would short a currency, and derail a nation for a Buck. Hedge Funds also. Nations derailed while opportunists Profiteer with lives.

    But now, vast industries and critical Global sub assemblies have derailed key production factories, leaving Manufacturers seeking suppliers fast elsewhere. Suppliers order books are lost. Buyers will leave. A large number of China's emergent companies will simply implode. China's marching Dragons will be lost. Will Students worldwide be funded? What with?
    China may soon go into free fall. Remember Russia?

    Xi has seismic problems here. All his skills and intellect will be needed.

    The world is so cross linked into consequential risks here. Can we keep the Hedge Fund Vultures out of train wrecking a Billion peoples lives? There is a Moral Imperative here for Leaders to rally to. Nations need Global empathy here.
    Will Leaders reach out and build Bonds of goodwill for the future?

    Who will help lead China out of this Valley of the Shadow of Death? Human Beings in need.
    But now, in play!

    1. Very well stated John. The world needs to join together, quickly

    2. John

      Will this virus China issue speed up, slow down or have no effect on the current deals in the works?

      What will the effects of the China virus chaos be on the current deals?


    3. There is now a serious need for the Fed to magic up Ts fast by creative moves to cover an expanding black hole. We have certain key issues in play.

  131. Let's see how next week evolves.

  132. John, this is for you.

    This may be the greatest Video in Internet History.

    Here goes - this is for you.


    Here, the People of England are celebrating, that is wonderful.


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