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10 - 19 January, 2020

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  2. MyGirl 56, thinking of you with your daily struggles and your being a Godsend for your husband. You help him so much. I hope life gives you both progress this year. Hang in their, life works out. It goes with you. Nothing in the Universe is unnoticed or its values lost. Hope, is eternal.

    1. Awwww. Sorry to butt in before Mygirl has a chance to answer but that is so beautiful.

  3. Interesting concepts, if true, lets see ?

    There will be many massive astrological configurations from January 10th to 12th.
    This configuration will be the pin that will burst the bubble of the current debt-based financial system!
    We can reach critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation!

  4. Oliver North is on Fox News screaming about how Iran shouldnt have missles

    This is the same Oliver North that was convicted for selling Iran missles during the Reagan Admin

    Trump supporters eat it up too!

    This is why they are lost in Trumplandia


    Protests erupt against the Revolutionary Guards at Amir-Kabir University in Tehran due to authorities' incompetence and negligence after the recent plane crash that killed more than 176 people.

    1. Look, the ploy worked. This is the historical moment which historians will mark as to when the U.S. began to truly leave the mid-East.

  5. Now,the Week that Was-
    Not GOOD for the Royals.

    Having just had the Public waste £2.5 Million UK Pounds on doing up the Home for Meggie,
    AND having just only come back from a 6 weeks vacation coping with the stress of Freebies,
    we hear Veggie is stressed with the media and total media tracking.

    What part of life in a Goldfish Bowl was not explained to her before?

    Harry, is not the sharpest tool in the box, as she now knows.
    Of course there are Royal standards to live up to.

    Meghan wants to be THE Princess, but on her Terms. Sorry, but that's a No!
    So now they want to be free to be a Commercial couple and left alone.

    Free to trade off Royal titles? That's a No!
    Stripped of Royal pay offs, and Palace properties, Butlers, Chefs and Flunkies, they will live how?
    Harry can do what? Qualified for nothing

    Sorry, Kate has that role, with Dignity.

    2 years in, she's married her Prince,lived in the Cage, just had another 6 weeks Freebie, apparently left little Archie behind to come on drop this bombshell on the poor Queen and William, thrown all the privilege back in the public's face, and just want to stay days to cut for themselves the biggest gauge out of funds they can squeeze from the Queen, and want free rights to do as they like. Gang bang the Queen. Really?

    Markle is a Bolter. First marriage 2 years. Now this?

    Her only role in a low budget TV series Suits, got her noted being Knee Trembled in the Filing Room. Not class is it? The Class act was actually Donna. But Meghan got noticed, and got her Prince. All, because Megan wanted to be a Princess.
    She's got it and can't handle it. The Queen is all Class,
    So, is Megan, but Low.

    To be a Princess, you need the support of the nation and its people. It demands respect.
    But that has to be earned.

    Kate, all issues apart, has handled her role in a dignified way and has created a role under the Queen and avoided any public issues.
    She is not from a Noble family, so there will ALWAYS be limits for her. Fact.

    Idiot Andrew took on Fergie with baggage like Markle. The Duchess of York once failing the Monarchy and people,had a weight issue and became known as the Duchess of Pork.
    Ridiculed and despised. You can see how Andrew is now ostracised.

    The Military have just said they don't want him at the Trooping of the Colours parade.

    Now in comes Markle.
    2 years in, shes wasted millions on her husbands property, and in weeks dissed it!
    She's travelled the world pampered, for 2 years, and is now dissing it.
    Now it appears they have left Baby Archie alone in Canada to fly to London to hustle the Queen for big pay offs and and a free Right to Roam and graze pimping off the Royal tags. Sure, like this will ever be allowed.

    Harry was run like a Muppet By Chelsea Davy, his first big flame. She dumped him.
    The Brits will fast fall out of love with Markle, then it's off outside the Tent, and ignominy.
    The Windsors have to learn fast marrying outside known families raises real problems. Culture! It's real!

    Markle had no idea of the scale of the responsibility she was taking on. Even though all tried to help her. A fairy tale wedding. Inside the Tent. Titles. Prestige and fickle glamour.

    Princess Ann's kids don't get into Public fiasco's. Only Charles's.

    Vancouver Island is beautiful, I've been and loved it. But limited to what it is.
    No lasting fame there for Markle. So, in 2 more years, bored, desperately seeking media attention, she will do what?
    Trade off and embarrass the Royals? Fergie, Diana, each tried one died, and Fergie is ostracised. Camilla?

    Markle is a train wreck coming down the tracks. So, 2 more years and Divorce?

    Vancouver Island is not real for Harry or Markle. It can't feed her ego. Nor will they be allowed to feed off the Royals.
    What then? Back to TV Knee Trembling roles in the Filing room? An A Lister she's not.
    Life outside the Goldfish Bowl? Harry will NOT be allowed to shame the family.
    The Ginger Minger will get the Finger.

    1. John, I could go on and on about how I told you so. But those who know her past saw this coming before the wedding was over. Along with her personal life, you merely had to look at her political leanings to know her personality. She was a HUGE fan of Obama and Hillary. That in and of itself should tell you what kind of person she is.

    2. John you said this- Idiot Andrew took on Fergie with baggage like Markle. The Duchess of York once failing the Monarchy and people,had a weight issue and became known as the Duchess of Pork. Ridiculed and despised. You can see how Andrew is now ostracised

      Fergie's weight issue? Is it better she be anorexic like Princess Di to please the Brits? And please, don't try to blame Fergie for Andrew's alleged fiddling with little girls, that is just tasteless.

    3. Fergie was Paddy McNallies Chalet Mistress's before idiot Andrew took her on she's gone twice round the clock. The fool married her then she's playing around before the inks dried.

      Him. I make no excuses
      Always a pompous Dimwit cruising for a bruising. I care nothing for either but they impact badly on the Monarchy. Always with media vitriol.
      Andrew,if true was set up with a 17 year old which is fully legal here
      Hell Redneck girls are grandmother's by then
      ,( Joking!)

      The boys all had issues and even Anne married a brainless Muppet
      . Marry out of the Class and prepare for the smash
      Songbirds are bred for the gilded cage

      You can't pass Mutton as Lamb before it's a head on slam.

      I advise only with amusement how the media takes them down once they turn
      Markle risks serious backlash the media is vile.
      Sorry but you marry into that lot you can't break the cage

      The Windsor's should have run fergie out of the circle. Philip won't have her near the place
      Andrew is now in public hell. Shredded

      Harry has no idea how badly it will end if Markle dumps him having seen its limp brains behind public glamour. Massive issues the public won't take them back.
      Arizona, apart from the Queen and William , why worry about any of them ? Charles as King ?
      Kate's doing a good job but even she hits Class barriers it's cruel
      It's a narcissistic bunch of chinless wonders and Hurrah Henry's. Preppie Kids .
      Dont worry your head about the
      Poor Kate has to carry these Chumps. She's too dam good for most of them

      Imagine on a private flight with Kate and 20 of the Preppies shouting Doors to Manual ridiculing her Air Hostess Mother. People have no idea. Your free. Free thinking also.
      Arizona just have humour send the lot up

  6. My son is trying out a social experiment... he is wearing a Bernie 2020 T-shirt for 2 weeks... so far he has been spit on, bottles thrown at him, kicked and tased... I am very curious to see what happens when he goes outside!... that a few minutes ago... funny

  7. JOHN,
    Looking forward to an insiders view of the secrets they keep from all of us!

  8. The Democrats are about stealing as much as they can, as long as they can and getting away with it. But now here comes the supervisor, and he say, there is not going BE any of that schit round here no more! So, the Democrats ARE pissed. However, know this, the supervisor is a master of that game.
    Can he too be trusted ? HELL NO ! So, from 2020 onwards you had better sleep with your eyes wide open, cause ! You had better know how this ends.

  9. It looks as if the Republican Establishment is making a run at OANN:

    Allies of President Trump are pursuing an effort to acquire right-leaning news channel One America News Network, according to people familiar with the matter, in a bid to shake up a conservative media market that has been dominated by Fox News. The investment firm Hicks Equity Partners is looking to acquire the channel and is pitching other wealthy GOP donors to arrange a bid of roughly $250 million for the channel’s parent company, the people said. The firm is owned by the family of Thomas Hicks Jr., co-chairman of the Republican National Committee.

    Because that's just what we need, one more outlet repeating the mainstream narrative. The RNC group - who almost certainly are not genuine "allies of President Trump" - say they want to buy OANN to "compete" with Fox News. Which is precisely the opposite of their intentions. The next step would be a merger with Fox -- Source Vox Day

  10. Be careful what you buy on eBay read the small print.
    A guy paid 95 Bucks for a low cost Penis enlarger.
    The B's sent him a magnifying glass with the instructions do not use in strong sunlight?

    1. Sorry to hear about your Ebay purchase. Now I see why we are constantly stalling regards PP progress. :)

  11. I am going to sue. They won't get away with it.

  12. A Bike pump is on its way to you.

  13. Now we see why Tim does not want to answer to Tiny Tim?

  14. Sewage pipe bursts, flooding Golden Globes’ red carpet


    1. Tino, was this a recent incident, or did this happen 6 years ago?

    2. Some quick fact checking says 2014. A friend had forwarded and I didn't check the date...

    3. Oh Tino.

      Don't we all do it in haste?

  15. Well, we can probably write Bloomberg off the whole Presidential race.

    Only 45 showed at the rally...

    1. And you can write off Biden.

      Only 11 showed up for Creepy Joe.

      Was it a Funeral or a rally?

    2. it means...the Democrats have no viable Presidential candidate!

    3. They never did. It's all a circus act of some kind and has been for decades. So long as pretensions worked it worked. But Trump has ripped the lid off in part, the pretensions no longer work, Citizens have obeyed their last gun laws (latest estimate on NY and CT compliance is 3% of gun owners), the (D) sound ridiculous at all levels. If Trump would just arrest the sorry asses that are in fact treasonous seditionists, we could start righting the ship.

  16. So that's a $ 200M ego bust so far?

  17. Idiot Harry and Markle are being told today in Sandringham Estate the Tax and Double Tax implications of their madcap fantasy schemes to get rich quick.
    If he follows the Bolter he becomes Tax Resident in North America.
    Living in LA for him and her ego is a security nightmare.
    She's fallen out of love with the Uk. Hello?
    They want to keep the Royal Title, dump the Duties, and cash ion, That's a NO!
    It's dubious they will last 2 years now. Markle Law Suits will try to cash in.
    It's gone tacky and ugly.
    They both left the 8 months old boy with the Nanny. JC what a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Half Wit Harry is losing the plot. He's about to lose Markle and the Royal family.
    Markle, is a Fickle Nickle it seems. Sad.

  18. Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller News Foundation released 11 pages of State Department documents revealing a discussion about the use of private email to transmit potentially sensitive information from Christopher Steele, the author of the Clinton-funded, anti-Trump dossier.

    Judicial Watch obtained the documents in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on April 25, 2018, on behalf of itself and the Daily Caller News Foundation against the State Department after it failed to respond to three separate FOIA requests.

    “No wonder Jonathan Winer, Steele’s ally at the State Department, refused to talk to the DOJ IG, he seems to have circumvented the rules in pushing Steele’s unreliable reports to his Obama State Department colleagues,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Our lawsuits have documented that the Obama-Kerry State Department was a hotbed of anti-Trump activity. AG Barr and US Attorney Durham would do well to focus like a laser on the State Department.”


  19. Nothing is improving. Not one whit. Hell No! This guy needs to be fired and replaced with someone with integrity and a neutral background.

  20. John, I'm hearing from numerous sources that this week is due to be huge for those of us holding foreign currency. Can you confirm?

  21. PPs are lined up pending. Bonds are pending.
    There are certain currencies, but not yet as far forward.
    With Iraq requesting the US Military to leave and Sod off with its Hegemony?

    1. Isn't this part of the China trade deal being sign this week and going live?

  22. With Passover only days away and silly season around the corner those "god chosen people"/nazi needs a come to Jesus moment to set the PP free .

    1. A Flamethrower on that lot works better.

  23. As ever, key areas of revolutionary propulsion systems requires expansive use of elements, one defined as not even existing here, denied, post Lazar's claim, and yet confirmed as actually existing some 10 years later. A litany of lies. What is-Truth?

    Imagine a few weeks ago, when Putin told Trump, and the US Military, YOU are so far behind US now, get up to speed with the Program! What Program?

    Russia has Subs far superior to US and EU capability. Russia has 12,500 mph Missiles far beyond US capability and unstoppable. America needs to hitch rides on Russian rockets for Space deliveries. Under investment has left NASA so far behind.

    We have areas 51 and 52.
    We have a vast plethora of companies and secret Laboratories along the whole of the 37th parallel. but coordinated by who?
    Who funds, designates, owns and directs all of this? For sure, it's NOT Trump. Or the WH.

    So back to Putin's statement, you are so far behind the program.

    Hello, what program? What and whose agenda?

    Now, think of both Kapustin Yar and Russia's own vast Urals hidden Space programs. Or an American society so wrapped up in itself it has no concept of life beyond its borders, Geography or Cultures. Or the speed of progression of alternative yet so fast emerging new societies.

    What if, Kapustin Yar has reverse engineered crashed craft for decades, with coordinated programs, and is now so far technologically advanced the Politburo has a quiet sense of Military superiority and has both positioned for Eurasia and what is coming?

    Only Britain now stands with America. Alone. The new Colonial frontier.
    Key questions. What has the vast mega Trillions of the US Pentagon Fed Programs been spent on? Under whose control and for what benefit?

    So, enter the Secret Space Program. But who owns and directs it? For whose benefit and what agenda? Because clearly, the White House has no power and no approved access. The President is not even in this loop. Because the Pentagon and Agencies are so powerful, beyond Presidential reach and has morphed into a Technocrat Superstate with who knows what agendas. Exactly as feared and forewarned by both Eisenhower and JFK.

    With the vast array of records we have showing the overlapping array of Bush 41s commercial money making dual entities, corporate entities hand in hand with the KGB, is all just an illusion? Russian only curtailed further overlapping KGB /CIA mutual benefit expansion because they found the US and Bush to be so untrustworthy. Uncontrollable treachery and greed. Yes, as we have all experienced!

    Researching the number of unexplained file visitations, light speed craft appearing over US Secret missile and Nuclear bases, test triggering and neutering the missile silos, what if those UFOs were Russian? Or a combined multi national Hybrid Space Force, seeking to limit the US war risks?
    What IF, the vast Quad T's of Gray Screen capital plus combined emerging forces and special interests, are building a parallel humanity for a future emergent purpose? What if, a Hybrid society is already in process? What IF, the Secret Government not the US shadow Government, but Higher, ones controlling the UFO sightings, is re positioning itself ready towards Disclosure?

    What IF, having redefined Space and time, we have reached that epoch moment, as a Species, to redefine our standing as a now evolved species? One capable of conceiving a new concept of a combined Ethereal / Cosmic life form in harmony with an ocean of advanced Galactic civilisations. What if, Disclosure says, you are not alone, we are here?
    What If, we have already achieved the space time technology jump? What if Truth, is denied again? What,is safe to release to you? What is Truth?

    1. A. I'm pretty sure most here already know we are not alone.
      B. It's all safe to release to us as far as I'm concerned. So, freak me out a bit. No matter. It is what it is.
      C. What is truth? Who the hell knows anymore.

    2. Watch what I delivered below for you all.

    3. Thank you John, I shall do that.

  24. You sound like James T Kirk from Star Trek

  25. We need to rethink Enterprise.

    No Bones about it.

  26. Uhuru you? What is the real McCoy? Never a Scott when you need one. Annoy me again and I'll reach for maahh Kirk. Out of time I need to Checkov.


    OK, this gives you a series of core issues, some proven, some not, but Denied then after denial recognised. Some not. But as an issue it challenges truth.
    It challenges Space, Time and exposes the Space Programs. The Cover Ups. The denials and lies.

    So watch and consider. What is truth?
    For us, as this is public, it's not leaking.

  28. Any chance of getting a live link for John's vid?

  29. It is now transpiring that Markles "Advisers" are advocating that she can make over $500M using this lapdog infatuated with her to exploit a thousand years of Monarchy and tart it around like a pair of hookers dirty knickers selling the brand for God knows what.

    Madness. She needs to be stripped of her Royal Title and this half wit boy reigned in.

    The Queen and Prince Philip have built the ultimate model, to have it reduced to this?
    She's shredded her father. She dumped her first husband.Less than 2 years in and shes bolted again with a grab for the money. It's cheap, tacky and so ugly. The Markle nose does not merit a Royal warrant. What a Schnowser!

    He's harming William, and maligning the family. The Army will now not salute him he's broken his oath to serve. So many have lost faith in him now. What a Clown of a boy. Beyond sad. He can not be allowed to commercialise the Monarchy. Brothels by Royal Appointment. The Brits will turn on her now.

    William did warn him not to rush into this marriage, the skid marks were there.

    Her claim to Actress fame was a Knee Trembler in the filing room, and a low cost film where she was giving a head job to a guy in the front seat. Monarchy material?

    What a mess. What a stupid boy. How can this last? She will bolt again.
    This will end badly. Di ran loose with Muslims. He's locked onto a real Schnowser.
    How did it end? 6 will only put up with so much. Cards are being marked now. Harry is burning his boats. Thank God for William. Harry is sad. A man child. Naive and gullible.

  30. Tuesday thru Thursday are prime banking big boy days... anything moving?

  31. Replies
    1. All of us are holding our collecyive breaths and hoping for the best

  32. There are things going on specifically with the Big Battalions. Any leak right now will unleash hoards of grasping swine and a mongrels rush so nothing will be said until it's correctly structured and ready for distribution.
    Uncontrolled it gets so ugly. Any leaks
    and it gets out of control. Right now any releases if applicable need sophisticated coordination. That is not ready yet. Rumours start when 2 and 2 makes 5. Again,any hint of progress and a Bums Rush starts.
    Be careful of rumours. Disneyland is not controlling Pay Outs. When real and safe you will be respectfully advised in a structured response.
    Everyone knows the importance.


    China is now preparing for a fearsome battle for the Asian seas with the US. Losses will be huge.
    Russia and China are coming big.
    It really is time to rethink the Hegemony business. It sunk the British Empire. Knowing when to go is key. Always they stay too long. Empires never get the parties over.

    1. Perhaps it's time for purging the war hawks on both sides. The losses are not going to be as one-sided as they imagine...

    2. China made it very clear for the US to stay out of S.China Seas business.

  34. Replies
    1. Naval Intel power and budgets is immense Tino. Bottomless secrets. The Real X Files! USO's? Objects travelling submerged at speeds way beyond our " Known" capability. Who? What? So many UFOs are tracked by the Navies both entering and leaving the seas and oceans. Originating where, and for what purpose? Where better to hide? What bases are down there?

  35. REPORTER - "What did the Democrats say when you handed them their ass at the Senate Trial?"

    MCCONNELL - "Wow, that's what my ass looks like?"

  36. Bloomberg just lost a couple more points today claiming "China is not a dictatorship".

  37. I think the China deal starts the 15th....

    Who really controls the space fleet and for what purpose are very interesting questions to ponder in light of JOHNs newest post. I hope Trump can soon get some say-so in all of that! He really IS much more intelligent than given credit for.

    1. See below on Trump. So many disagree. He has issues.

  38. The manchild and Markle will find the moodswing against them for betrayal of duty a huge deterrent. In addition, the go it alone living and security costs will be crippling. The idiot, having never had to think got himself, will soon find the cost of the real world overpowering.
    Markle has been out ego tripping already at press prepared women's shelters. What s fickle poser.
    We gave her every chance and she's dissed us. Watch the media turn
    Markle seems to follow 2 year life cycles..
    What next when she finds the Manchild boring?
    They have left the Royal tent now. William won't have him back. Not fund him much when he becomes king. Next TV show, the Pauper Prince?.
    When Markle ages and that Schnauzer becomes more prominent see how the media dries up. Markle won't sparkle.
    Now her own father's going to be a court witness against her in a media case. Karma?

    1. Watch the media turn? John, dear, they've been turning her on a spit since day 1 over there and you know it. Funny how she was "Megan" and "doing the US proud" about 18 months ago; now she's a big nosed opportunist? Tut tut.

      As for her father - the words that come immediately to mind are "wanker" & "tosser". Oh, and did someone just mention the word "opportunist"?

      Can't say I care for the way they've handled stepping back from their duties as it was disrespectful to both grandmother & queen. But as for their ability to make it in the wide world on their own, you're selling the Sussexes short, my man.

    2. Sadly both are proving User opportunists disregarding generations of culture and duty. The Bolter was given such a chance now she's bitten the hands again. Karma. Harry's put himself beyond the pale and with nothing to sell see how far they get. Not! She was hugely privileged and given real support. As for the Sussexes, Dont count on keeping that. Even the Royal title will get battered in Parliament. The Military will not salute he or Andrew now and the Army have requested Andrew is not to be allowed to the Trooping if the Colours which has hurt the Queen
      No one wants Charles and only William can save them now .
      One more arrogant move for Charles and the Monarchy could go. Harry has caused a Tsunami here and Markle faces growing anger. Making it in the real world as what. A B movie TV girl getting rumbled in the filing room of Suits, or her car tart part in a low budget fun, not exactly Class is it? Grace Kelly stepped up with Class. Markle, first husband, father, now this having had a fairy tail wedding , squandered millions on home modifications, and trampled the Queen's lifetime of dedication. Beyond tacky. Chelsea Davy dumped brainless Harry ,and Markle may follow. The poor child? Who will she shack up with next? Harry is suitable only for flipping burgers in McDs . He has no skills beyond the Royal Goldfish bowl
      Di was a nutter. Not excusing Charles! Fergie should never have been allowed in
      I feel for the Queen and William. The rest is a crap shoot.
      Forget the Sussexes. Devoid of titles who cares? That will nose dive. Markles crossed th line. A conniving LA Bimbo blew it. You can't integrate Class overnight it takes decades of culture. Markle bolted in 2 years.

      She had so much going for her here. Fickle. Shes going to nak what? Trade off the Monarchy? That's a No. William will cut him loose. 6 will track this. It's entangled. Di pushed it with 2 muzzies. She saw the light, in the tunnel. This is all far more convoluted than your aware. Markle was cut a lot of slack. She's just visit the hand feeding her ego. Without Royal funding and protection how far do you think this will go? Remember Edward and Wallace Simpson? Every door closed. Banished. Poor Kate is a working Mother having to take on ever more because this feckless half wit rejects Duty .

      It's not that simple. I think now only for the Child. She will move onto what next and the implications? 6 are in this mix.

  39. Expect real conflict on the South China Seas as China stands firm against America
    The US will do what when those 200kts an hour torpedoes supplied by Russia come at their warships in groups?

    Where will US food supplies come from as more freak weather decimates crops? Who will feed the animals?

    New nations compete for resources. China has taken Africa. Asia has gone. China will take what it's not already bought of Australia. Leaving Japan to stand alone.if the US leaves, China has so many issues with Japan. Drone wars?

  40. This year we are encouraging our village Idiots next door in the Commons to focus on a huge trade deal with America. Good for both nations and a bad day for the EU. A power surge for America.

  41. Trudeau was interviewed over the cost of security for Markle and the Manchild. How did a witless Wimp and mediocrity like him ever get voted in twice? A total Tosser.



    As Trumps mental state is yet again under increasing questioning, particularly the increasing repetition, garbled statements, dysfunctional sentences, and Tweet mood swings,even an old BBC issue on him is pertinent. The media is full, of issues on him.

    So many more "Experts??" are jumping on the bandwagon,and his suitability to lead as a Global power Leader is raising issues. The US has the right to condone him as an internal issue, but his Global credibility is in decline. He is ever more questioned. His mental cognisance for office is questioned ever more. An interesting topic to review.
    Just google into the issues of Trumps mental competence. It goes with the job.

    1. Absurd on its face. MSM carries ZERO credibility with 99% negative reporting. Giving credence to this unmitigated bullshit flies in the face of anyone that can judge mental status professionally. There are, in fact, not a single public example of these statements. So called Googled-events are all hit pieces. Objectively these are mountains made out of mole hills and pebbles. And if he was that far gone there would be clear public examples. In fact, there is the opposite. That there isn't anything wrong, public speaking or otherwise. As opposed to countless, and I mean you need a goddam computer to count them, for Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, McConnel...

      It is also wishful thinking that his credibility is waning. Frankly, across Nations, clearly folks are following his example more and more. That you can Google just as easily. Balanced reporting doesn't mean giving credence to hit pieces. You might as well report that Trump farts My Pretty Pony sparkles. Doesn't make it true. And frankly, there is a law against professionals making these kind of comments here for the very reasons you outline. The vast majority of these folks in previous Administrations would have been properly thrown in jail.

  43. There is a growing anger towards Harry and Markle to strip them of Royal Titles, let them pay for their own protection, cut him off from the Public Purse and stop his free use of the Royal Estates. He stays, he pays.

    Markle has it seems, just callously dumped 18 Arts Council Patronage support roles, leaving them stressed and worried for new income. She just threw them away. Fickle as a Nickle? Just like with her first husband and father. She's just trashed the Royals. Big mistake. William will cut Harry off. Like the Tosser Edward, or Andrew, what can he do alone?

    Without the Royal Titles, who cares what she and the ManChild have to say? If this builds up they will be Potless and Pointless, in a hostile world. She's no Grace Kelly for sure, and is starting to profile as the new Fonda snake turning on her own.

    When William becomes King, Harry's betrayal will not be forgotten.

    Markles contrived, attention seeking media appearances will dry up soon. Cruising for a bruising. That nose may be used as a bottle opener, or to cudgel a Rhino, but it's no Hollywood asset. Shes no Diana?
    Markle saw the Stars, now will get to see her Rrrs. Karma.

  44. The Dems last hope of unseating Trump is about to be Senate tested. Ukraine will do Biden more damage and expose his criminal Son.Like father! Called to the stand, watch the fireworks start.

    1. It certainly is!

      Van Jones at CNN:

      As a progressive, to see those two [Warren and Sanders] have that level of vitriol was very dispiriting. And I want to say that tonight for me was dispiriting. Democrats got to do better than what we saw tonight. There was nothing I saw tonight that would be able to take Donald Trump out, and I want to see a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible.

      My fear is they are going to use the Virginia anti-gun-confiscation-legislation demonstrations to inflame and blame matters on Trump even though it is clearly the (D) doing agitprop.

  45. Your starting to sound like the National Inquirer

  46. It's amusing to see whats going down out there.

  47. If what I see for the Dems is their hope, then they do not have a hope in hel*...
    I am not a huge Trump fan, but he is miles ahead of anyone else that is running!...
    Polls?... Trump fills up an arena at his rallies...
    Biden and Sanders can barley fill up a living room...
    Any other pres kills Soleimani and it is a wonderful thing...
    Trump does it and it is so very bad...
    A lot of things are not really complicated they just like them to appear that way so they can scam and hide... Trump is pulling back that curtain and peeps do not like it...
    It is all a huge circus... what a sham and a shame!

  48. Trump certainly pulled back the curtains for a peep at Stormie. It cost him millions. He liked the Show Girl circus. He can't pull so he buys.

  49. True, John... does anyone care about that these days?... no I think Clinton was more popular after he got the BJ in the White House... Is the President actually doing what he promised?... Is his real agenda FOR America? Peeps are waking up hopefully!

  50. Monica tooted Clinton's flute to wake him up. He should have left her as an attachment for Trump.
    Trump amuses me. The lack of serious Executive Talent worries me but the UK is no better.

    1. Meh. Here on the ground we list over 200 things he did right that are major. The tax cut alone kicked catastrophe for many individuals down the road.

      He still gets an 'F' on arrests, 1st Am issues vis a vis Big Tech, no clean sweep of State Dept and FBI.

    2. Lack of vision and intellectual capacity for social iniquities. He's no JFK.


    Putin has just booted Russia's Government to become Dictator.
    This is how to deal with the Dem's.

    1. We need to do it lawfully John, otherwise it may be moot for the long run to have a Republic.

      My Roman ancestry wants to put them all their heads on pikes around Congress as a message to future generations on what not to do, but it's a sub-optimal solution in the long run.

    2. No, trust Roman justic when dealing with Zios and DC. Return to Sender.

    3. I am starting to suspect we are much closer in attitude than I am prepared to admit to publicly... LOL.

    4. We should recognise their roles in History,and build a new Apian Way connecting each city. Sanitation services.


    An interesting article on Trump for you. It's positive.

  53. is the signed China deal signaling now the reset? Are we on our way soon?

  54. Aligning key Banks is problematical as so many have issues and agendas. We allowed Rat Rodents to access the Life Blood Treasury,Fed and control of core Banks. Sanitising Rodents takes time and compromise. Rodents Lie?

  55. China deal done. Brexit, the end of the month and the impeachment scam should be over by the end of the month
    Other than a Wall Street crash, the coast seems to be clear
    Iran and Iraq should clear up by months end at the earliest

    1. Your not factoring in that the US has a Corporation President only. The complex infrastructure including redemptions is beyond his remit. So who rules?

  56. JANUARY 13, 2020

    Power Players Still Invest in Clintons

    The Clintons were back in the news last week, with word coming that Hillary had been appointed chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast, and reports that Chelsea raked in a cool $9 million as a board member of IAC, the internet investment firm. More good news for the Clintons arrived with a Washington Post report that U.S. Attorney John Huber had ended his feckless investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

    Mrs. Clinton will be a figurehead at the university and her daughter is no expert in the kind of high-tech finance that lit a fire under IAC’s stock. But the moves show that a few powerful players in the Democratic ecosystem continue to put chips on the family. The question is why.

    Chelsea’s windfall—$8.95 million in IAC stock and a $50,000 annual retainer—is courtesy of IAC Chairman Barry Diller, a Democratic Party megadonor and longtime Clinton friend. National Review reports IAC’s unintentionally hilarious notice advising the SEC that Chelsea was hired for “her broad public policy experience and keen intellectual acumen, which… bring a fresh and youthful perspective to IAC’s businesses and initiatives.”

    Mrs. Clinton’s Belfast appointment bears the fingerprints of Declan Kelly, chairman and CEO of the Teneo advisory firm. Students of the Clinton power structure will recognize Kelly and Teneo. The firm carved an important role in efforts to advance the Clintons’ ambitions.

    Kelly, Ireland-born, got his big break in 2009 when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created a new position for him: Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland. Prior to that, Kelly was a public-relations executive and Clinton fundraiser. Suddenly, he was a man close to a center of power.

    He made the best of it. In 2011, Kelly left the State Department and with Bill Clinton aide Doug Band, founded the Teneo consulting firm, a kind of private-enterprise satellite to the then-lucrative Clinton Foundation. Kelly and Band populated Teneo with numerous senior members of the Clinton tribe, including the former president himself, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and Clinton email server guru Justin Cooper. Abedin got in particular Teneo trouble when reports emerged that she had been collecting paychecks from the firm while also serving as a top aide to Mrs. Clinton at the State Department. You can read more from Judicial Watch about the Clintons, Abedin and Teneo here and here.

    At Teneo, business boomed. CEOs flocked to the company. Last year, Teneo sold a majority stake in the firm for more than $350 million. Kelly profited handsomely and remains in charge.

    Kelly frequently accompanied Mrs. Clinton to Ireland and has kept a hand in Northern Ireland affairs, including an active presence at Queen’s University. He created a mentorship program that brings students from Northern Ireland to the U.S. for business experience. In 2017, he launched the Declan Kelly Leadership Lecture at Queen’s. It’s now known as the Declan Kelly Teneo Leadership Lecture. A grateful university awarded him an honorary professorship in 2017. Mrs. Clinton received one in 2018.

    Now she is chancellor. The position is unpaid, but prestigious. She will preside at graduation ceremonies and act as “an ambassador for the university abroad,” the BBC reported.

    Conventional wisdom says the Clintons are done with electoral politics. Bill Clinton is a ghostly presence on the political stage. Hillary Clinton insists her days of running for public office are behind her. And Chelsea Clinton put a stop to recent speculation about her own run for office, saying it wasn’t going to happen. But Barry Diller and Declan Kelly—two shrewd businessmen with ties to the Democratic establishment—are hedging that bet, putting a few chips down to keep the Clintons in play.


    Micah Morrison is chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch.

  57. Lifted from SlashDot:

    The US Navy says it has classified documents and video related to a 2004 UFO encounter and releasing those materials would threaten national security. From a report:

    The Pentagon has Top Secret-classified briefings and a Secret-classified video about an infamous UFO incident, the U.S. Navy said in response to a public records request.

    The files concern the 2004 encounter between the USS Nimitz and a with strange unknown aerial objects. In 2017 and 2018, three videos of bizarre aircraft taken by Navy pilots from their fighter planes made national news. In December 2017, The New York Times ran a story about Navy pilots who intercepted a strange object off the coast of San Diego on November 14th, 2004, and managed to shoot video of the object with their F-18's gun camera. In September of 2019, Motherboard reported that the Navy confirmed the videos contained footage of "unknown aerial phenomena."

    In response to a Freedom of Information Act request sent by researcher Christian Lambright seeking more information on the incident, the Navy said it had "discovered certain briefing slides that are classified TOP SECRET. A review of these materials indicates that are currently and appropriate Marked and Classified TOP SECRET under Executive Order 13526, and the Original Classification Authority has determined that the release of these materials would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States." "We have also determined that ONI possesses a video classified SECRET that ONI is not the Original Classification Authority for," the letter continued.

    1. Tino

      1.The US Navy is one of Americas foremost advanced and sophisticated Intelligence gathering operations. It covers everything from Defence issues, Sub issues to Naval linked crime. Also extensive records of all sectors.
      2. The Navy had an extensive record collection housed in the Twin Towers,and had a team moving towards certain arrests at the time. Some think it was part of the conspiracy to destroy the Towers, and them to stop exposure.
      3. The Navy had a part of its own X files research unit within the Towers.
      4. With so many Craft both entering and leaving the oceans, as well as a plethora of cases of so many recorded incidents of submerged vehicles doing speeds underwater way ahead of our own known technology, what better place to hide?
      5. Navy records show many worldwide UFO and USO incidents, They KNOW the truth.
      6.What of the UFO's alleged to have landed on US carriers, and covered up? Piloted by who, or what, and for what purpose? Met by who?
      7. Extensive Naval Antarctic records?
      8. Reports of Ocean floor Labs and Ocean floor lights indicating bases out there? Whose?
      9. The Navy has, and is covering up, huge libraries of incidents tracked worldwide, and pilots observations of both manned and not only unmanned vehicles, but clearly intelligent energy sources performing complex gyrations, under unseen controls.
      10.There are allegations of space and sky vortexes appearing which enable Craft to enter and exit space time at will, which raises Dimensional and Time issues, and scares the hell out of them. Technological sophistication with implications beyond our contemplation range. Dimensional issues perplex them, yet appear to have a recorded basis of existence. The Navy has its own X files and tracking units. But, Reporting to Who? Which entity has oversight and control? It clearly, is NOT Trump. So who is the Keeper of the Secrets? Who controls, and funds the Men in Black?

  58. We must make a prison break and liberate our soul , minds and body .

    1. Self-leadership is the only way forward. Which is why forming the future around an authoritarian EurAsia is doomed to give us 5 to 10 generations of unhappiness and pain. Another reason why Disclosure is necessary...

    2. Tino,

      Disclose, and you mass awaken. Its so profound implications change everything. The mass ignorant Grunts would be unleashed to think at last. Have you looked at them? Little foot exists! Look at the Dems and Our own Labour party. Yetis in Suits.
      Religious lies would be shredded. Meaning of all questioned. Shivas unemployed, and Pedo marriages among Muslims stopped.

      What would happen to the We Are Gods Chosen , We Are Special, sad CULT thinking itself Jewish with No Jewish DNA just assimilated Khazars?
      Jehova's, OMG?
      And Smith appears with the Lost Golden Plates?

      We would have to mass educated the Muppets. Starting with Her Indoors?

      Authority at every level would be questioned, and the Bar Council ridiculed and run out of Power/ Office!

      Taxes? Really- F that! A people freed mentally, and armed to sanitise the lot? Hollow heads for Tax Collectors and Lawyers? Drug Dealers, Pedos and Criminals,

      Instant Justice. Criminals and their mouthpieces hung together? Poetic Justice?
      Unitary values would emerge and the awakening of YOU New HU-Manity.

      Overdue? Explain truth to the Jew? You've been- Had? A Billion Muzzies told Abraham was a Paranoid Delusional Schytzo and Mohammed was a delusional, Pedo, Nutter who did NOT write the Koran, and its changing versions? The lunatic was Bonking his poor, defenceless 9 year old. You think a God ordained this shite? Or the Mormons with their 4 poor teenage brides? Pedo's permitted?

      Yes to lifting all the Veils. Time for Truth, and Disclose all! Think-Reality!
      Think Values and learn to live as Civilised Beings. Social Consciences, or Consequences!
      Vatican City can become a Museum, and all Churches Community Centres. Giving back.

  59. Oh my. Thank you John, for your very kind words posted Saturday. There's an odd sensation in my chest - I think it's my cockles warming! Truly, I am touched by your kind words.

    I'm thinking that if the climate alarmists and MSM talking heads don't drive me mad before year end it will be a miracle, and perhaps not a small one, lol. It really would be a shame for my guy to end up in a care facility because I've gone starkers at this stage of the game, wouldn't it. :)

    As always, sending good vibes to you and everyone else who is working so hard to bring about a better day for the little blue ball we call home. And again, many thanks.

  60. My Girl 56. No, my warm hand. Lol.

  61. My Girl,

    See, we do think of ALL of you, and if down a helping hand and shoulder sensitively provided. You don't need to walk alone. We care. We may tease also. But there as a Candle in the dark.

    1. Thank you, John. Your comments are day brighteners for sure.

      With wind chill of -40 this morning a warm hand is appreciated. :)

      And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming of calling out tossers, wankers, zio-rats, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera..... !!

  62. OOPS!

    ‘World Economy Would Collapse’ If City of London Stopped Laundering Money, Says HSBC Whistleblower

  63. Dam right it would we keep our launderettes in good shape me th busybodies mind their own dam business it's going to clear somewhere and it's doesn't know it's parentage. Money is money it makes the world go round and if it's proven to be from any bad source be sure London will seize and confiscate it. Ask the Russians!

  64. Xi and Putin are making themselves Presidents for life like many other Leaders. Trump when he bypasses impeachment? Only utter Crap features to compete so far, so better the Chump than a total Dump!

  65. Hey Trump since you are standing with protestors from Hong Kong to Iran, how about saying something about the protestors in France demonstrating against capitalist neoliberalism. I will hold my breath.
    How do you explain to the troops who you pretend to honor so much that they will now have to fight the same people in Iraq that theoretically they were supposed to have liberated? What is their mission? How do you justify to them not leaving a country after being asked to leave?
    Why is it that Congress & the corporate press have not disclosed the fact that the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani was an explicit violation of U.S. law & thus an impeachable offense? Just like the unauthorized use of U.S. troops to occupy Syria to steal its oil.
    Over 60% of the Federal budget is now wasted on the military. After 20 years of continuous wars, isn't it time to demand that the wars end & the people's human rights to housing, healthcare, education, clean water & food along with a livable planet become the real priorities?
    Democrats have been the most vocal advocates of confrontation with Iran for years and supported every sanction bill introduced that targeted the Iranian people but now we are supposed to believe they want peace.
    How long with the public that votes democrat allow their leaders to insult their intelligence? The hypocrisy of the democrats pretending to be Anti-war is what drives voters into the arms of reaction out of disgust.
    Trump seems to have evaded another trap, largely of his own making, by not escalating with Iran. He saw correctly that the democrat party hypocrites, the real war party, was going to use the issue to revive the 2016 campaign narrative of Trump being a danger to the world.
    Why is it permissible for the U.S. to intervene into the internal affairs of Venezuela?
    The hypocrisy of democrats. Democrats gave Trump another obscene military budget? Democrats were silent on his gangster move to stay in Syria to take the oil? Democrats supported sanctions that killed over 40 thousand people in Venezuela. Now they are Anti-war champions.


  67. Schiff gives the appearance of a warped shrunken Roach Troll. He does real damage to America's image.

  68. lol John your observation is on point, its their "norm" . THE face they wear to the "pubic" . Ever observed Trump son-in-law ? looks as if he is about to fart but decided to keep it in.

    1. Disagree I think he's what escaped and was bottled.

  69. Trump has maligned Chief Justice John Roberts before with narcistic Tweets. It may rebound . This trial will shame many. The sooner it ends the better.

    1. Chief Justice John Roberts needs to toe the line. No one, and I mean, no one -- has forgotten his betrayal on ObamaCare. The fact the Chief Joke has not forced Sith Lord Ginsburg off the bench says, yes, threaten the SOB and keep him honest. Most of us think Scalia was offed, so, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe with guns pointed at either temple we might get some reliability out of the turncoat coward shill.

    2. The Dems and Zios own his Ass

  70. john

    on the financial stuff, now that the Trade Agreement was signed,

    is there anything else we can track that needs to be done?

    any info you can give to help us make sense of this area?


  71. Right now way too sensitive it's all in play

    1. If it's too sensitive, stop playing with it.

    2. sigh...So do I post this? Sure why not, let John get mad at me. John it was supposedly all in play when Santa had that smile on his face a few weeks before Christmas. Nothing against you, but I won't hold my breath.

    3. Arizona, to help you, although I suspect your husband will encourage you holding your breath for 20 minutes or more. Joking!!!

      First, there are conflicting forces. For every T block there are at least 10 Claimants. Most Claims are based on the compound trading amounts of Capital due for redemption.
      Profits which have been accrued and been spent. Or siphoned.

      On one side we have Zio filth who deserve to be compulsory Organ Donors, and on the other side Representative Agents whose expectations, greed and avarice self engenders frustration and contempt. Too stupid to grasp they get what is offered. It's NOT about Justice, it's about getting paid.

      Half Wits blabbing on Blogs they are getting paid in Ts hardly helps. All noise on the system from mediocrities who are getting nothing!

      It's only New Year.

      We are lining up the key parties again daily.
      We lost this week because one of our own parties had a serious medical issue mid week and needed treatment again.

      Their cases go first. They matter. They will be funding the Infrastructure projects. Throwing bones to the rest will be orchestrated when pertinent.
      Nothing stops you yourself funding the legal representation, negotiating with the Agencies, US Department of Delinquent Debt, Treasury,Fed and Banks as we do. Just a few millions, DC clearances, and 20 plus years will help.
      CDFI Treasury Clearances, background checks, Pentagon Vetting, all key steps.
      When can you start and fund your share?

      Don't tell me, you only want a Free Ride? Please, not that. No, No, not the Bums Rush queue?

      Teasing you Arizona. Your husband offered me the free rope, and to kick the stool.
      He really, really, really wants to kick the stool.

      Smiling,Arizona stay cool. We have to. Trump illegally killing an Iranian General hardly helps. It caused ripples. The Impeachment of a lying, conniving, devious Skank takes focus away again. We can't get the pressure we need when the same guttural Scum who steal it all, surround the President, ring Fence the Treasury and Fed, also Banks,as well as Justice, and Trump owes his Butt to them. It's not easy. But Yes there is progress. But not for Blogs.

      Now about that stool, kneeling or standing?
      Smiling Arizona. Keep calm., let it ride.

    4. smiles back at John, except the comments about my President.'s all cool John. And as far as the hubby... lol kicking? Surely he and you would prefer something more "kinky". And of course... I laugh.

    5. And no John. I don't want the free ride. I understand. We have the means to support ourselves. I had some plans that as I said before think would benefit many. I just thought a little boost would help. It is what it is.. no worries John. I am as calm as a cucumber.

      I do have a question and a favor.. I listen to Dave ... here is one of the videos he put out a few days ago. Tell me what you think... please?

    6. Heh

      Never turn down a free ride. Lol.

    7. Sorry I cant key in it doesn't access.

    8. Re all above, I fully understand the frustration, and lost hopes. As bad as finding Dollies a Trannie!. Joking!
      We have 20 years invested and real millions. Real frustration and costs. Real stress needing calm Diplomacy. We owe no one a Dime. But we help where possible.
      See how next week progresses.

    9. Arizona

      With you I'm sure already he's into S & M Bondage.
      Lol. He may surprise you and snatch the whip.

    10. John

      Is a new asset bk'd US currency still in the plan?



    11. Asset backed US$ will be great for DJT and America!

  72. 1) The realization that our entire society and world has been manipulated- through the media, in the financial, economic, governmental and religious systems.
    2) The realization that we have been living next to other ET civilizations will shatter belief systems.

    1. What the heck are they all doing on the worlds oceans deep floors? USOs doing what?

    2. Activities of daily living?

  73. All the staff at Megan's multi millions wasted Windsor mansion have been key go today. She's bolted! What a waste. Harry's got to realise he's making a huge mistake he will be next. What the hell happens to the boy and who does she shack up with in future?
    Despite all the warnings at the beginning we tried to help her but,I guess, her upbringing simply lacks social grace and culture.
    Harry's making a big mistake he needs to cut his losses now. She's so dangerous those titles need to get rescinded and Parliament won't tolerate her games. The spare is in despair. Poor, poor Harry. She's a loose cannon on an ego trip who will take him down with her. This thing needs to have barriers fast. She got go be a Princess,but lacked charisma. She's insulted Trump and will Canada put up Security cost s? Harry's entering a tax nightmare with no idea. Shes a bull in a China shop. So much collateral damage to come. She needs to go back to LA. I so feel for the Queen. Kids?

  74. Still no arrests......humbug!!!

    1. And Hollywood keeps pumping out shows that perpetrate the lie of what our soldiers are really doing in Afganistan! So many soldiers committing suicide when they come home, realizing its all about the poppy-crops!Military being used as a gigantic criminal operation!Banks are in on it for their "lick"!

  75. JOHN,
    Do you know what is the maximum depth the worlds submarines can go? I would guess that Russia has the deepest going ones now, but that is just a guess. 2000 feet used ro be the maximum, I thought. Maybe the 4th Reich down in Antarctica has the deepest going ones?

  76. Russia is far ahead of the US with subs and would not release such data for tactical advantage. There are many trenches they will traverse silently.
    But there have been enough Naval sightings and sonar recordings to show that there are entities down there able to both accelerate at speeds way beyond known capacity and craft coming up from nowhere. Whose are they is key?

  77. Submsrine stress maximum used to be between 2,000 to 3,000 feet but exploration subs have achieved over 11,000 feet and Naval radar has indicated activity, speeds and water displacement manouveres way beyond known craft in deep oceans. The Navy knows way more.

    1. The alleged history is that the first repeatable detections happened when we deployed sonar nets for nuclear sub detection. The tracks also indicated that the Russians couldn't be responsible, not that it didn't cause a flurry of spy activity, which finally confirmed the original finding(s). Of course, this is hearsay, but has a feel of historical truth to it.

  78. Are the few third-world immigrants that are productive worth this??:

    Import the third-worlders, then relax and enjoy the inevitable child rape that accompanies the descent into third-world society.

    The child sexual abuse scandal that rocked a central city in the United Kingdom when it erupted four years ago appears to be worse than originally believed. New figures by the National Crime Agency (NCA) put the number of children believed to have been sexually exploited in the town of Rotherham over 16-year period at an astonishing 1,510 – up from the 1,400 figure identified in a 2014 report.

    At least 1,300 were female, detectives said Tuesday, the BBC reported.

    A previous report commissioned by the Rotherham Council in 2014, found that at least 1,400 children – “a conservative estimate” – had been sexually exploited in the South Yorkshire city between 1997 and 2013.

    According to the 2014 report, children as young as 11 were “raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.”

    Police said the victims were plied with drugs and alcohol before being abused at parties, in taxis or in back rooms. The vast majority of the victims were white British girls ages 11 to 19.

    1. Tino

      Sadly mainly by Pakkies who are hated and reviled by a despairing Public. This has been a mass invasion of a low, perverse sub species, with no assimilation or education. Truly a pandemic of slime humanity.

    2. This is absolutely not acceptable and death must be demanded for those found guilty. Enough with the pussyfooting bs. Patience has left the room. String them up.

    3. Borrow some Guillotines from the French!
      Fiddle with Kids and both Heads end up on the floor. Period!

  79. Totally agree. But the Libs wont wake up.

  80. Former CFTC Chairman Launching Digital Dollar Project to Develop New Currency Fully Backed by the US Government.

    Christopher Giancarlo has an idea. The former Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission is launching a digital dollar project to develop a virtual currency that’s fully backed by the United States government.

  81. Questions for John ? Lets see how he responds ! Maybe we get a little knowledge for the weekend, that may hold for a few hours until further request for refill until THE PP 'S are fully completed.
    Twin souls were originally one soul. Each has a place in their heart that is part of the others. They split at the time they descended into the physical, from the 6th dimension to the 5th dimension. It is rare for them to meet on the surface of the planet.

    This we know , what the real deal is !
    The cabal has engineered a twin soul program through Hollywood that conditions women to think they have to find their true love, as their twin soul and live happily ever after. Their twin soul is the perfect man. This program underlies marriage.

    1. Wonderful concept. Please don't let mine be Clinton or Nancy!
      Arizona all is forgiven. Aurataya- Help?

    2. And, lets keep a firm gag on the PP's right now.
      I'm letting nothing out.

    3. Not sure what help you need John but if it's due to your cheekiness then you will just have to suck it up buttercup. LOL

    4. The comment indicated we all find our soul mate in our next dimension
      My scream was not Clinton or Pelosi please!

    5. Ah ok, I get you now John. Hmmm, well I wish you the best on that front. Me? Not happening. Too old, too set in my ways, too selfish and a cranky old bugger most of the time these days. LOL


    China sells more US debt...FED admits fueling the bubble with "derivative of QE"

  83. John, do you think will ever see massive ARRESTS by Trump this year? Do they have enough handcuffs? I'm sickened by this deep state.

  84. Spaz. Welcome. Sadly No.
    I'm as frustrated. The US so much needs a new JFK. But so does the UK.
    Only mediocrities rise. It's turgid swamp land. All of them.
    I've yet to see any real Leadership re crime from Trump. Hes got his ego trip. The day job promise has slipped. Sadly who better can step up ?

  85. Trump adding legal team... Ayatollah signaling things are not cooling... can gets kicked!.

  86. News for today, DRUM ROLL PLEASE....

    UK's worst paedophile 'strangled to death and had condoms stuffed down throat'
    Richard Huckle - who was serving 22 life sentences for sex attacks on 200 children - was allegedly murdered at HMP Full Sutton in Yorkshire on October 13 last year.

  87. Practising for Politicians next?


  89. Thunberg cashes in Trolling this Muppet, get her to go to School before opening that vitriolic mouth ego tripping.

  90. Putin's new Prime Minister is immediately exposed with vast corruption allegations.

    That's Commies for you. Don't make it, Fake it and Take it!

    China's economy is now failing, not good news facing a Billion starving Chans.

  91. John, you actually amaze me that you still have spirit to fight for this god forsaken world. I admire you for that. I am not that strong.

  92. God has not forsaken this world,free will Souls abuse it.
    We need core inner beliefs, values, blind hope,and hot chicks.

    1. I don't think hot chicks will do me a lot of good. LOL

      Night Night. Way too late for me to be up now.

  93. Most dangerous places to live, 2019.

    1. Brazil
    2. South Africa
    3. Nigeria
    4. Argentina
    5. India
    6. Peru
    7. Kenya
    8. Ukraine
    9. Turkey
    10. Colombia
    11. Mexico
    12. UK
    13. Egypt
    14. Philippines
    15. Italy
    16. US
    17. Indonesia
    18. Greece
    19. Kuwait
    20. Thailand

  94. Without further ado, here are the top places to live according to the United Nations' Human Development Report, in ascending order:

    Hong Kong
    The Netherlands

  95. BREAKING: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will lose their HRH titles after stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace have announced.

  96. Looks like Megxit is a go.

    John can now ask for a pay rise since extra funds are now available in the budget.

  97. We save a few M Markle and that bunch of ravenous LA promotional vultures will money grub the Royals into embarrassments of epic proportions. Markle wants to mint it all, she's got what she wanted, the keys to self promote and an ego trip of seismic avarice.a cultureless wannabe and the brainless family spare, unleashed with the biggest LA sharks on the make, what can go wrong?

  98. Lots more info for you when new comments sections up.


  99. There is a new comment section, please place general comments there:

    Active Comment Section | 19 January - current

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