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  1. Trump should be making smart moves like ditching Kurshner (Mr. 666 Building owner).

  2. Yes
    But no way will he lose his slobbering relationship with his daughter so Bennies skank stays as gatekeeper for Mossad and the Kushner Crime Family linked up with Cheney and Baker raping the Middle East.

  3. John, what's the latest on the Brexit mess?

    1. I must answer, for all of us collectively, Clueless? So many curved balls and personal agendas with limp wrist Flopsies who neither deserve to be the n Parliament, nor who will serve the wishes of the people.
      It's not about Justice or Democracies but retaining grubby hooks into the Brussels Gravy train. Disgusting Socialist trash like the Kinnocks have children face feeding and fat from the rackets.

      They are all contemptible.

  4. Vengeful Scaramucci is certain Trump will not be backed by the Republicans as they seek to promote a credible contender next year. But havent they promoted Crooks like the ushers before. Have they got a credible and honest one in the party? Who?

    A year is a long time in politics. So is a week for Boris Johnson. Who is trusted anywhere?

    1. Never like the "Mooch". He came in like a bull in a china cabinet.

  5. James O'Keefe may be the most significant man of his generation of journalists. And Twitter knows it.

    @Twitter has completely removed #EpsteinCoverup from the USA trending list. Over 100,000 tweets in 9 hours and it has now vanished.

  6. Dems have now been advised to focus on getting elected without exposing real intent then to just take your guns away with no pre warning .

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


    "The simple fact is that they desperately want Trump out so they can return to the good old days of winks, nods, and payoffs."

  9. As we Pray in Faith it Shall Be! Say one, one sentence Prayer a day in Truth and Love for a Better World and it Shall be. It's that simple. Conversely, bitch and criticize and whine to just criticize and you may get what you whine about. Love, Forgiving and Seeking Truth while we recognize those who are in the battle ... Pray for them. Things are turning around for the better at an accelerating pace. Blessings to the Prayer Warriors seeking Love and Truth!

  10. Great post Bob! Good to hear from you. Please update us as you can of the battle taking place behind the scenes. God & good will prevail. Looking forward to WHR #48. Hope it arrives soon.

    1. Report 48 is almost ready we forwarded a lot more info today to help. The response back was- My God, if we publish that I will get killed. Yes, we hold a lot and in a Democratic country enough to hang them, but the US is not such. Parties are worried to expose such hard truths. Let's see what comes out. A special video is being discussed discussed.

    2. He'll be dead by 2021 anyway if these folks get their way and unleash project pogo and Project Zypher


  12. As the Excreta flies circle,will Bolton be a problem for Trump? He's always been a Nast piece of work, it's like reaching out your hand to a rabid dog.

  13. Trump has growing internal dissent problems over Syria as key Advisers show anger over his stance.

    Gulliani has been turned down by 3 Attorney groups fearing his exposure.

    It seems irrespective of long term outcome, that growing Republican alliances are cracking.if they feel they can run a serious contender for 2020 the whole Chess Board may reposition . Take nothing for granted.

    Boris Johnson may not even get voted in for his own election seat, what then for Brexit?

    Macron now faces losing to Le Penn.

    Merkel has allowed disastrous illegal swarms to overrun Germany. Recession may get Germans marching again. Unstable times.
    Trump, Johnson, Macron, Merkel face a very uncertain 2020. When power deserts the illusion left is not pleasant, reality never is.

    1. John, You must watch CNN. Have you seen any of his rallies? Peoplw are standing in line for hours to attend. There will be no credible challenger Democrat or Republican... and the people are getting pissed off because of this impeachment BS. Maybe you should attend a Trump Rally. It may change your perspective

    2. Well John, did you think that the DS or cabal would just roll over and say "Oh. Yes, you're right. Let me just grab my things and be on my way" and give up their power?

    3. With the power of the office in accomplished hands, Patriots would be motivated to flock to the call and the swamp would have creatures frying by now.

      Again, are you cognitive of a domestic wish for good without seeing the shallow depth of the entity you have entrusted your fielty to?

      So, the growing reports of dissonance and concern at the uncontrollable ramblings and psychotic tendancies of an out of control 12 year old unleashed in a major airport traffic control center with his fingers on the control buttons tweeting like a deranged Nero with no concept of the damage to detente or cultural relations are not true?
      The information you perceive to be correct, where liars rule, can be trusted to formulate policies?

      I don't doubt the loathsome characters of the Dems. But Repubs are Cabal also. Your Military and Agencies have been out of control for over a century.
      Can you trust the basis of any of your beliefs?

      I look and see the mass gullibility of Texans who see the Bushes as Folk Hero's and the Neocon Merrill's Marauders still wreaking havoc and cross party robbing in collusion together.
      The rot, is the lot. The rolls of the Dweeb Kushner supported by his loathsome family, Cheney, Baker and associated conspirators cashing in on the Golan's stinks.

      You have faith and hope, and I understand it's heartfelt. But is Santa Claus a Naked Emperor with the rank morality of a Grifter who history will define as so very flawed. But so have the last 4, each rotten to the core. Look at how the Bible Belt hustles the gullible and are you sure you've not been Kool Aid intoxicated. The world looks on, and in, and shakes it's head in disbelief. To us the Pied Piper appears in control. Just perceptions and views. Intoxication spreads.
      The US has the current hallmarks of Germany 1936 when the little Corporal intoxicated a nation and who strode across Europe and Africa like a Colossus. Only tiny England defied his stormtroopers.
      Your Agencies were modelled and run by the Germanic Third Reichers like the Bushes assuming English names but slowly like boa constrictors coiling around it's pray. You unleashed hell on the Middle East. Palestinians live in Ghetos because of your indoctrinated support for the pariah State which has indoctrinated you and your politicos swear oaths of loyalty to. Fact! Are you sure the very premise of your beliefs is not blinded by Greeks bearing gifts?

      I fear the betrayal of so many good hearts. The Golan's stinks. The movement to Jerusalem is Zionist inspired. Russia and China have been arming and investing in advanced technologies. You don't even have adequate Space delivery vehicles and use Russia's. China bides it's time, but plots, grows and invests in IT leadership where it can innovate or steal.

      For a nation with no geographic or Cultural education, how can you assimilate the perception of educated nations looking on and in. If what's coming is Germany 1945 /6, I fear for you as it will be a rude awakening. Face down.

  14. Replies
    1. Why in God's name did she not have a dead woman's switch? That makes no sense to me.

    2. MyGirl,

      Like so many, courageous, moral but inexperienced. She didn't know any better. I have met many Good People™ who walk around in a complete daze when it comes to personal security, let alone how dangerous the System can be.

    3. Thank you, Tino. I am simply struggling to wrap my head around anyone being so flipping naïve in this day and age. It would have been one thing if she was 20 something, but 41? She must have lived in a bubble to not know how dangerous what she was doing was to her personal safety. I guess I think that when I am aware of those dangers - living where I do and the bucolic way I pass my days - then certainly someone close to her - her lawyer, her brother - somebody! - should have known enough to protect her life. I often think of John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) and wonder what he holds - it must be incredibly damaging or he would have been disappeared a long time ago. But you are far more involved in the System and what goes on in the real world than I will ever be so you know much better than I people's inability to recognize that "it" can happen to them. And will, if they're not properly protected.

  15. Keep in mind this guy is not only representing Eric Ciaramella but also fake whistleblower #1. Absurd. This ninny goes to Disney alone! Who the f goes to Disney alone?

    The only analogy I have for the present situation is that of a body infested by cancer suddenly breaking open in sores and failing organ systems.

  16. Schiff and Pelosi have supported protective walls all over the Middle East, including Illegal Pariah State Israe hell, but won't support America??????????????????????

    Why isn't this front page news daily?

    It's time the WH was let free from this BS. WHEN, WHEN,WHEN are these F arrests coming?
    Why are Traitors like Comey, Clinton and the chains of Trash behind being charged?
    When does the Burger King sit behind that desk, apart from endless Golf breaks. and tell Barr and Justice,


    For Christs sake what is wrong with these Clowns? The whole world sees the criminality It's becoming a joke. Quit Golfing, start working and get the F arrests done!
    New Hats, Drain the Swamp. Broken promises?
    Empty promises, beyond full Gutt. Did he mean anything? Serial liars coming up empty.
    The Swamp is flourishing. Why?
    All the power in the world, and cant get a result which matters. A poor score card so far.

    The US needs a JFK. Badly. Why is Clinton free. WTF has been done about Benghazi?
    How many pockets did Soetoro line? Why is he not in Gitmo?
    Why have Joes finances not been examined? Clintons?

  17. China has now started exporting armed Drones for battlefield testing in the Middle East.
    In time, fueled with easy cash from its Poppy Fields, the Taliban will have the funds to kill Americans at will all over Afghanistan. Sitting Ducks, sadly then the body bags will flow. Poor kids will have no chance.

    Face it, IS and like type scum will start a Chinese Drone export. Machine gun loaded Drones camera mounted spotting US Troops all over the Middle East,will be tracking down US Troops and unleashing hell. Only time before they rocket launch also. What could be the new death count?

    Then the logical step. Armed Drones for the nations surrounding Israel. Then every time the Kazar nasties kill more Palestinians, up go the Drones,right into the Settlements and cities, and payback. Imagine 500 of them swarming over the cities and towns as they all party. Machine guns, rockets loaded,anti tank missiles,Armageddon could come. Fight might with might! Times will change fast. Syria will not hesitate to wipe out the lot on the Golans. How long before Iran does an Oil Deal for 50,000? How long before all Middle East groups have them? Iran is smart. It will copy and mass produce their own.
    They can miniturise and produce insect sized versions carrying a toxic needle head. Unleash a hundred thousand of those. They would be dropping like flies.
    Soon, the game will change. Weaponized wars, no troops needed. 10,000 insect drones bypassing radar,circling targets and unleashing tiny needles tipped with lethal toxins. Even a bubonic plague. Wipe out. hit 50,000 get 5 Million. That is the destroyer, invisible toxin spraying. Stealth Drones slipping in under radar, carrying God knows what.
    This is the face of In Hu Man Man.

    Are we unleashing hell? It will change all war planning. Russia with its 200 Knots per hour Stealth Shielded Torpedos able to be unleashed a hundred miles away and Drone guided could wipe out the US fleets before they saw what hit them. Total game changers.
    Be careful what you War for now you can lose. It costs what to produce a million Drones you cant even see, and then the rest is history? Body bags. It's becoming ugly. IT wars no compassion. Guided by a screen, How many a day or night can they kill? Infra red night vision.WE invest so much on death. Why not life?

    This is a precipice approaching. Unleashing hell.

  18. Bloomberg will file for Democratic presidential primary
    Situation Room

    Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, will file for the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama, a Bloomberg spokesman told CNN.

    1. It's a good thought but he is as hopeless as any (D) contender because right now other than screaming "Russia!!!!" they have no platform.

  19. Replies
    1. They have the lowest ratings ever. But they are propped up so until a real blood-letting happens they will limp along putting out the Left Globalist propaganda.

  20. I don't know if anyone else has seen this. It wasn't mentioned here. So remember that massacre of the American women by the Mexican cartel? Well, it looks as though there are ties to the NXIVM sex cult. You know the cast of characters: Hillary, Epstein, Weinstein etc.

  21. Dear John, I just heard President Trump reminding people that he is the one who is catching all the bad people, nobody could've done but him, BRAVO, do not repeat what you been saying you did so much so just keep reminding us all that you did and are doing it, and maybe add something that you just did to it. That is the key.

  22. They say!!... they are coming!... "sound bites"

  23. Sadly after 3 years just that,! A Grifters promise?

  24. Dongs? Dinars? Any update? I could use a lil good news. My Chicago Bears suck.

  25. Hell LG don't complain Line up and take your turn. Lol
    Brits humour a play on your words.

  26. Dear John I change my mind, or I think I just wake up from this terrible nightmare!!! I think that Mr. Trump have to stop to play politics and live the drama and the make believes a side and release the RV, or debits forgive, or Gesara/Nesara or collateral accounts, or anything that would bring dignity back to the people. We are sooooooo tired of drama and lies and just bad, bad and more bad, we need to feel that we can get up and star to move, if he is waiting for the people to rebel against all this politics and evilness, we are so tired, no incentive, we just lost all our sense of normal, we feel so lost, we work so hard and things just gets worse, no relieve in sight. Please flood humanity with monetary abundance and you will win anything you want it.

  27. Sorry but the only lockets he is lining as with his own family via Kushner and Cheney is with the illegal theft of the Golan's and the constant moves for his vast entourage to stay at Trump hotels etc. Sorry but, I see nothing but a posing Grifter and I'm sorry because I truly want to see good. Let's wait a year to see if he gets in again which seems likely because the little Corporal did also.
    No arrests, no swamp drained and Kushner flies Mossads flag right in the house. So, excuse my deep concerns, it stinks. Just an opinion and I so want it to be otherwise. I will credit him for any good moves, but so far I see little and history will judge.

  28. Now, real world commitment, the pressures it takes. I was working on the phone with our US associates re the Bonds and currencies at 2-30 this morning. I was up and driving at 6-30 for a multi housing series of site developments 60 miles away for breakfast meetings at 8-15. Winning class is moving Ass! We don't whine we work out problems. We work! 24 X 7 is not enough, the smart find more time. Sleep when your dead.

    Real battles play out, but out of site not out of mind. Outworking and outthinking is how to win

    Wimps whine, leaders work tirelessly, endlessly and don't drink the Kool Aid.
    Were never afraid to call a Spade a Spade. Apart from standing next to OJ with a wrench in his gloved hand!

    Seriously, Yes a lot is playing out with both short and long term refunding solutions in debate. There is no money. But we can fund and Arm Israel to kill. We have ethical policies, like allowing Mossads Crime Family Kushner Dweeb to co develop stolen Golan Heights land with Cheney and Cabal Mob iosos, supporting the vast theft of Syrian oil , for what kickbacks via Dweebs?
    For F sake stop drinking the Kool Aid. The world is screwed up and over by Grifters, Chancers and Skanks in politics and Banking . Democracy is no new religion as it slowly gets crucified. The lot- is ROT ten to the core. Those fat bellies and big gutts are just pockets filling - hello? Lose the nativity, we are all under attack. Democtacy is dying with Leaders LYING!

    Words are not misspelled but sectionalised for effect. It's OUR language to tweak and we even let you dumb it down to understand.

    Apart from mobile typos. Smile, it's a week end. God I wish! The joke will be lost on most.

  29. Santa's fighting the mental dwarfs right now

    1. Santa fighting with mental dwarfs. Sounds like Mrs Claus is on hold..again. I hope I misunderstood this.

    2. I heard that Mrs Claus likes to rumble. lol

  30. Arizona

    There is an attempt for some now and majors if approved later next year.
    But, it's tricky and political. No trouble funding Israel and time to steal the Golan's for Mossad, Cheney and Kushner to rip off, no problem funding Billions to the Military to crush Syria while the oil cartels rape it, but hard work getting justice for Patriots. Kushner cushions Trump's pockets be sure of that. Games as usual. Sadly.
    We hope to see some moves next week.
    There's no problems releasing funds for Cabal games and how many more Syrians will die now for Oil lies?

    1. John, are the some now/some next year part of the negotiations for phased releases?

    2. So I take it I should put the dong I Hold away for awhile. And here I thought Mrs. Claus was going to be smiling. Well, she can go bake some cookies. lol

  31. AB Rito

    Yes, but NO more detail yet.

    Now if you rephrase our language to hold the Dong a while I think you may "Raise" Arizona interest. Play it well and Mrs Claus may get thrown in for a deal for a Bun in the oven.

  32. John where do the big Battalions sit in your "some some now and majors later next year" scenario?

  33. Ever more reports emerging alleging Trump stumbles, slurs his speech and gets confused in the WH. Align that with his visual self repeating in any presentation and serious mental conditions are evident. Whether Dementia or demented, no question Shrek has problems. Can he take 5 more years?
    Be clear, Churchill went totally mental at the end. Regan went senile. In England King George was mad Bonking Boris is out with the fairies.
    No question lunatics lurk and rule.
    George Bush 43 was a visible half wit, and the EU is full of them.
    Are any, anywhere, fit for office. When Democracy, becomes an Autocracy, and a Buffoon dictates all, do we really want those fingers on Nuke buttons?
    Visibly Trump has mental problems. So did little Adolf who also ended up jibbering. Bush 41 had no ability to communicate cogently without a prepared speech, and Soetoro was total auto queue. What are we electing to office?
    The only chance of getting those necessary arrests in the US is to extend Chump, but will his head last?
    5 years? Next year, Bloomberg, Clinton, who knows what from the Republicans yet, will Shrek self repeat, tweet and jabber his way through?
    Where will the arrests go, if his oncoming senility strikes first? .When any hope of recovering Democracy rests on a party where there is no illusion of mental confusion, this is no JFK, and that self repeating pugnacious tweeting won't go away, if meltdown is triggered who picks up the way?

    1. Absolute nonsense regarding Trump. Visibly? What the hell are you talking about? I have followed every major rally and most C-SPAN speechs. Rhetorical kill shots for hours. He is cognitively intact. Our pharmacopoeia is not so good as to cover dementia. See Biden, see Pelosi, see Sanders, see Hillary. These folks have visible cognitive issues. The fact that hit pieces are moving thru the rumor mill is irrelevant. Without such hit pieces nobody, and I mean nobody, would be saying anything. This is nothing but the 25th Am coup approach.

      As a professional opinion, a medical opinion, there is no major medical issue with this man.

    2. Tino, John has been reading articles written about that "inside WH" fart that wrote a book, and says it's a "warning". I saw this article a few days ago, laughed and then closed the browser.

      Come on John, you're smarter than this. Why repeat what is being written on these websites and blogs? And the book? lol just a way to make a buck on gullible people believing what they say it true. Honestly? I hope I have that energy, stamina and brains when I am President Trump's age.

    3. Really, and when the nations President visibly forgets the words of the national anthem at the college football game, while others sing around him, he's looking, struggling and you don't see a problem? He's gruesome in speeches, and those are prepared for him!

      With decades of worldwide high class Headhunting as we built groups and serviced Corporate needs, I've interviewed many thousands. It normally takes me a fraction of a second to assess most individuals, and a couple of minutes to see if there's more to them. You adopt a skill for IQ assessment. Fast! A Chump alert. Few fail to overcome first impressions. I'm older than Trump, far more flexible, I don't ever elecute the Crap this guy commenced with at the CIA building, and I've seen him lead into discussions which left me fearing for America's future, and the world if he ignites conflict. I credit Laverov bighly. Even more limited Putin. I Credit Xi. I deplore EU phonies. Mandela I rated highly. Popes!!!!!!

      You've seen me highly rate JFK. But from Bush 41 on, God help you and us.

      I thought Bush 43 was dumb, but compared to this one? I trust my own judgment and many worldwide share my views on Trump.

      Arizona, please aspire to more, THAT is no role model to aspire to. Enough has been said by those who worked with him. Gerald Ford was smarter, and he was considered too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time.
      I don't need the reports, I see and hear when he takes the stage,and from Bush 41, who was useless as a Speaker unless autocued, Bush 43 who couldn't even read an autocue, I listen to the self repeating 12 year old gibberish of this one and think ???????????

      It's a view, you have yours. Here we would rip him apart in PM Questions time. He could not last a month. See how history treats him.
      I'm still waiting for the Swamp creatures. I truly, hope so much for good from this guy, but????

      Give it another year, let's live in hope.
      I've exposed our own Mutt, Johnson, we shred Corbyn, and the Scotts hag?
      We say it as we find them. This island does not camp follow blind. Watch us tear our own apart in public if mediocrities presume to pose. You can say nothing about our Numpties we have not said and worse. We kick, not kiss their Butts. No False Gods here. Is it the colour of Blinkers in America which differ?

      Here we have Pedigree, and Mongrel Mutts. We class which.

      See, I rate Laverov very highly and others who merit it. I give credit where it's due. Just not to a Mongrel struggling with autocue.
      Seriously don't wish that for your IQ.
      Post this life, when your reflect, as your will for your Carbon life form journey here, then just reflect, on a Brits Mutt radar.

      I love Danny de Vito's humour. I respect Dolly's fortitude. Razamataz aside, she's an icon who deserves it, and so is much of your best Country.

      I can't wait for New Amsterdam and I really rated the West Wing in its time. The guy who played Leo, when allowed to watch a PMQ session live in Parliament said, God help us if we ever had to face that Bear Pit. Rob Low likewise.
      Fine actors but the real world, is REAL! No place for Chumps playing roles.

      The site is views, let us all differ by belief.
      Your right to be wrong, is respected. Lol!

    4. If you really want to have a clearer , more comprehensive understanding of who Trump is , then look for who his father was. Trump's father was very controversial, and as he grew older , it appears that he began to deteriorate mentally . Check the archives of the N.Y. post, NY daily News and the Times. His father was a very ambitious Land Lord in Queens and Brooklyn. Two boroughs of NYC. There is much more that can be said. But to be clear Trump remains the only way out of the Swamp for Americans at this time.

    5. You're funny! Thankfully I am not dependent on Templar Secrets or Inside the Power Halls knowledge to assess the cognitive status of Trump. A man stops singing (who knows why) and you jump to 'struggling with the Anthem' and diagnose cognitive impairment. That's an ABC News headline with HuffPo follow-up which is what the UK Newspapers repeated. (I checked.) But, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I went and looked at the video in question. You think that is cognitive deficit? Not a ghost of a chance in hell. As far as the Anthem is concerned he did it right, here.

      Given I have had Trump in the background while doing my daily grind, I can safely say to have a solid 50 hours while listening actively and roughly 200 hours across 3 years. This man has nothing more serious than the occasional pause to retrieve the proper word which is normal for age and accounting for the stress level, immaterial.

      I keep this aspect separate from you over-all criticism of him. No need to claim your keen sense of people-assessment. Agree with you on arrests. Agree he should have fired a big chunk of the CIA. Agree he is not a Statesman, and not a single one of us elected him to be so. We wanted a bull in a china shop to accomplish matters, and he has. I realize this lack of Statesmanship somehow offends some sensitivity in you, so be it. We live at end of multiple Empires, nobody is perfect, and Trump least of all but better than most in similar positions. Given Hillary, let's count our blessings.

      And incidentally, most folks that could be good Leaders here, can't be, because they can't read the Constitution and realize that it IS the compact of the Land. They think it is a quaint passé document.


    Prager’s conclusion is that what Trumps says about the press is 100% true. And Lokhova’s story, especially in light of the recent ABC/CBS collusion to fire an innocent employee, lends weight to that statement.

  35. Xmas is coming let's hope for a break for you all

    1. That's all we can ever do is hope you BSD's complete the mission. Any crumbs filtered down to us would be unbelievably appreciated.

    2. John you said Xmas is coming let's hope for a break for you all. From your lips to God's ears. You're such a tease.


    Biffie: a short and interesting read.

  37. Replies
    1. Please note that if true, Kelly is as guilty of sedition as everyone else. Again, if you disagree with the President either say so or fall in line with the President's orders or take take the highway out of Dodge.

  38. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper. –Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife.

  39. F. William Engdahl: Gods Of Money & Climate Change Hoax

  40. Thursday, November 7, 2019
    Burkina Faso Massacre - Canada's geopolitical footprint leaves bloody tracks

    Canadian miner Semafo halts operations at Burkina Faso site after deadly attack

    Pentagon: We’ll Shoot Any Syrian Gov’t Official Who Tries to Access Syrian Oil

  42. There is no difference between psychopaths and politicians.

    1. I wouldn't blanket compare the 2. Psychopaths tend to have more intelligence than Politicians.

    2. Not only that they are more intelligent. Because there is no proper emotional wiring they can see and manipulate the blind spots in individuals and by extension, populations.

  43. FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!

    1. It was blown wide opens years ago, but Trump and the limp FBI plus Justice have not done a dam thing. Unreal incompetence.


  45. The Bribe Chain of corruption leading to and from Clinton is all unravelling.
    But how can it be investigated when the FBI and Justice are so despicably corrupt?
    Trump needs to appoint and empower an independent Elliot Ness unit.

  46. Police have shot protestors now in HK. The Chinese Govt says enough! Tanks next?

  47. Google into some scientists think the Universe is conscious. Interesting Thesis mind matters etc. Worth reading

  48. President Trump is getting ready to declare war on the Mexican drug cartels using his powers under The War Powers Act.

  49. Turns out Ireland has THE BEST economy in Europe right now.

    Those drunks must be doing something right...Oh wait 15% corporate tax rate. Less taxes, who would have thought that would spur growth?

    1. Booze production and the Dublin plus Shannon Freeports plus Tax Avoidance Dockside projects. Fact!

    2. So they are pretty much like the whole world...just better at it!

    3. Never underestimate the scheming and skiving Irish to find new ways the thieve or cheat. When we had enough of them we packed them off on Galleons to America for Deadneck jobs as Labourers, Police or Cavalry. Then Joe found bootlegging and the kennedys were born.
      So Yes your case is made Lol.
      The world is part Irish the Buggers will lie down for anyone for a buck or a dress. Just never for a bar of soap.

  50. Thank God after putting huge pressure on Farrage over the last 3 days he has just agreed not to stand candidates in Conservative seats and just to attack Labour and Liberal seats. Screwing them helps. We can't afford to lose any conservative seats and if we get clear, the F!! Scots and Irish will have seat numbers and subsidies reduced. Gobby Scots need snacking down and 40% of Brits want to give Northern Ireland back to the Neanderthals. If we smack the Scot non contributors down to 10 seats and off the Irish, we rid England of Labour and Liberals for a century. Power is might, for God's sake use it.
    Genghis Khan never said, I Khant?

    Politicos are clueless beyond lining their own pockets. Now Farrage has felt real heat Brexit has a chance

  51. Tino these have been monitored by the space station, indicated in ancient artifacts even thousands of years ago. There are Siberian sky conflict records, and Tibetan records. Tino it's Global it's no random coincidence.
    But there's so much more.

    1. Yes, you mentioned that previously. Concur fully. As a result of your comments Jacques Vallee's excellent books are recent additions to the book case. As an aside, Vallee was ridiculed in the common press, but having read his argument, it is almost unassailable. And a little digging shows that J. Allen Hynek was commonly seen with him. Isn't that a kicker?

  52. In mai 1955, aged 16, Dr Vallee first sighted a UFO over his Pontoise home. Six years later in 1961, while working as an astronomer, he witnessed the destruction of tapes which had recorded the tracking of unknown objects orbiting the earth. His interest in the UFO phenomenon became a career (of sorts) when he joined with Dr J. Allen Hynek in researching the UFO phenomenon for U.S. Air Force's well known investigation, Project Blue Book. His contribution to the field was recognized by Steven Spielberg in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, in which the French scientist played by Fran�ois Truffaut was modeled on him.


    2. Area 52 is interesting as are undersea bases.

    3. I happen to have a copy Messengers of deception (bantam 1979 soft cover) you peaked my interest to read his book again Tino and john.

    4. A44, is it worth adding to my collection? At this point the wife has accepted the extra 200 books in the house...

    5. Overcome by events A44. I decided to fill all the holes in my Jacques Vallee collection.

    6. For those that want to browse one of the largest compendiums of available UFO material digitized by a determined volunteer - Digitized UFO material archive.

  53. Hynek become a convert which the Agencies kept hushed up.

    Tino, one of the biggest imponderables for tracking man, are the large glowing light mother control entities, not Ships but light power assemblies, which at will invoke a myriad of high energy light orbs, which leave gyrating in multiple directions,performing high speed flight paths, then return to reformat as one vast Light Energy Plama entity. Which then disappears at incredible speed. Intelligent light energy.
    Then the Dimensional space time dividing sudden appearances.
    You have to contemplate so many variations here.

    1. You think they can get their heads around that? Multi layer, overlapping time zone realities,dimensional multi universes. Infinite evolution. Infinite realities. Interconnecting space wormholes to new dimensions. A universal Matrix of alternative beings.

    2. Love it. It gives great hope for each and every individual soul. Of course, it insults their pretensions and their control mechanisms. Worship 'God' and limit all the means and all the expressions.

  54. The Chinese HK Protester who got himself shot point blank today was STUPID!!! He threatened the Cop, was masked and came to attack.Dam right he shot him and others also.
    These Clown are asking for armed riot squads. China may decide soon to take down more, many more!
    HK is Chinese, get that! We do NOT interfere. China will lose face if not. So they will kill. The US killed c a million in Iraq and God knows how many in Syria.

    F 2 faced!


    Fortunes that old are unheard of in the U.S., but can be found in Europe. In the past, I've written about the Colonna family in Rome who have preserved their wealth for 800 years.

    This family fortune has survived the Black Plague, the Thirty Years War, the Wars of Louis XIV, the Napoleonic Wars, World War I, World War II and more.

    My interest in the Colonna family began when I was a guest in their palazzo in Rome and learned the secrets of long-term wealth preservation from a member of the extended family.

    My dinner companion at Palazzo Colonna told me that the secret was, "a third, a third and a third."

    By this, she meant that wealth should be allocated one-third to land, one-third to gold, and one-third to fine art; (of course, some cash in needed for operating costs and some business investment is fine also).

    The Torlonia family, also of Rome, is another example...

    The Torlonias followed the same strategy as the Colonnas with allocations to land, fine art and gold.

    The Villa Torlonia in Rome is so impressive that it was temporarily expropriated by Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini as his personal residence during World War II.

    The Torlonia dynasty has preserved its vast wealth through their collection of Greek and Roman marble statuary worth over $2.3 billion. The family collection is considered to rival the collections in the Louvre and British Museum.

    Of course, not everyone can afford to collect 2,300 year old Greek statutes. But, museum quality twentieth-century art is well within reach for many wealthy families.

    The "old money" shows that true wealth preservation comes from art, gold and land rather than stocks and bonds.

    -Jim Rickards

  56. John,

    If someone wanted to become a Templar what would they have to do? Surely, you take in new blood. It can't just be the bloodlines of the original founding members plodding along.

    1. There are occasionally very special invites but mainly for multiple reasons it's the bloodlines not unlike Judaism.

    2. PS JV

      They are not nodding I've got 6 kids and 9 Grandkids so far.
      We do our share, and do a few more with discretion.
      A man can not live on bread alone . Lol

    3. Are you sure all those kids and grandkids are good for the environment?

      Seems like alot of stress on the climate.

      Aren't we supposed to be reducing population?

    4. Look how we fertilize the land and pass potent DNA into the seed crop. So many very fertile boys who will create the wealth to fund retirees.

    5. There's concern about population downturn here. A decade ago I handed over my passport collecting cash wired to a bank for my collection. An interesting female Teller looked up wide eyed asking me you have 6 kids? I asked have you any? No she responded? Do you want one I responded with a smile on my face? Using that bank later she shot across the floor telling staff she would take care of me. Women like bravado. And risk.

      Point being I have contemplated helping balance our economy from immigration and maybe unleashing a few more. Fly the flag.

    6. OMG, I am seriously having to bite my tongue re that comment. LOL

  57. A reality concern for US Hegemony will hit hard when China and BRICS asset backed Cryptos emerge with a viable Blockchain, discrete and Trade accepted for settlements and transfers. Banks- Buggered!

    1. john

      when are the China and BRICS asset backed Cryptos w block chain emerging?


    2. We are waiting, its coming.
      The only way to stop US Hegemony and murder is to kill its Petro Dollar and give invaded countries weaponized Drones to hit back.
      Imagine Palestinians facing down Israe hell. Zio Hos to go?

      Syria needs weaponry to stop the Oil rape and theft of its nation. Drones wiping out the Invaders is a start.

      America must use its vast talents for good,no more Global theft and exploitation.

    3. thank you john

      any follow up on phased releases? who or which plan won that decision?

    4. Holiday yesterday. We have to get at them again today. If their " Mammies" have let them off the leash today.

  58. Posted on WHA site by: The Other Andrew

    Universa claims Tunisia could soon be followed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, and China in CBDC issuance. Indeed, a Chinese foreign exchange official, and many others, thought his country would be the first. Plus Singapore, Thailand, and Canada have made strides in digital currency research

  59. People have to be free to bypass Banks, Taxes and Government. Let them work for their own money. It's time.

    1. I am completely lost with this comment. ZERO companies in the US employ people with Bitcoin. If there are some tiny few, taxing is involved.

  60. People with money have bought Bitcoins. Many. Its now how to protect their hard earned income, also if buying in, how to do it discretely and keep what's yours out of parasites jaws.
    The wealthy don't pay tax. Only sheeple get sheared. Use global wealth strategies. Buy your coins and store in safe foreign Global wallets. Just keep away from Israelis.

    1. john

      what will happen to FIAT Bitcoin when the new asset bk'd digital currencies come out?

      will Bitcoin survive?

    2. What do you think? Smart money will be selective.

    3. Smart people will check out WHA regarding this subject matter.

    4. I suspect it's not just Cryptos the Robot Slayer wants to check out at WHA

    5. LOL. You are never going to behave yourself are you Johnny?

  61. Americans Spent More Money on Taxes than Basic Necessities in 2018

    #1 Air Transportation Taxes (just look at how much you were charged the last time you flew)

    #2 Biodiesel Fuel Taxes

    #3 Building Permit Taxes

    #4 Business Registration Fees

    #5 Capital Gains Taxes

    #6 Cigarette Taxes

    #7 Court Fines (indirect taxes)

    #8 Disposal Fees

    #9 Dog License Taxes

    #10 Drivers License Fees (another form of taxation)

    #11 Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax

    #12 Employer Medicare Taxes

    #13 Employer Social Security Taxes

    #14 Environmental Fees

    #15 Estate Taxes

    #16 Excise Taxes On Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans

    #17 Federal Corporate Taxes

    #18 Federal Income Taxes

    #19 Federal Unemployment Taxes

    #20 Fishing License Taxes

    #21 Flush Taxes (yes, this actually exists in some areas)

    #22 Food And Beverage License Fees

    #23 Franchise Business Taxes

    #24 Garbage Taxes

    #25 Gasoline Taxes

    #26 Gift Taxes

    #27 Gun Ownership Permits

    #28 Hazardous Material Disposal Fees

    #29 Highway Access Fees

    #30 Hotel Taxes (these are becoming quite large in some areas)

    #31 Hunting License Taxes

    #32 Import Taxes

    #33 Individual Health Insurance Mandate Taxes

    #34 Inheritance Taxes

    #35 Insect Control Hazardous Materials Licenses

    #36 Inspection Fees

    #37 Insurance Premium Taxes

    #38 Interstate User Diesel Fuel Taxes

    #39 Inventory Taxes

    #40 IRA Early Withdrawal Taxes

    #41 IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

    #42 IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

    #43 Library Taxes

    #44 License Plate Fees

    #45 Liquor Taxes

    #46 Local Corporate Taxes

    #47 Local Income Taxes

    #48 Local School Taxes

    #49 Local Unemployment Taxes

    Plus many more.

  62. Yep, that's socialism. A tiny cabal of extremely wealthy authoritarians telling everybody else what to do.

  63. Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford ended his presidential bid Tuesday, just two months after announcing his candidacy to replace President Donald Trump as the 2020 Republican nominee.

    “You gotta be a realist, and what I did not anticipate is an impeachment,” Sanford said during a news conference at the New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord, as the Charleston, South Carolina Post and Courier reported.

    He contended that in the current political climate, "all of the oxygen is leaving the room" with battle lines clearly drawn between the red and the blue teams.

  64. "impeachment".... right!.... maybe he did not have a chance in hell.... political jerks and news media sux!....sheesh

    1. Well, I expect half of all Prez candidates to drop out in the next 60 days with a truly inane set of excuses... it will be a real comedy show.

    2. By March lets see if any Dark Horses or Ringers pitch up.

  65. Allegations that Trump just fired 8,000 VA swamp creatures who let the Veterans down. If so good move.

  66. So now the crazies-for-impeachment are asking for a secret ballot. THIS is one time where writing in will have an effect. Explain, politely, that any Senator that votes in the impeachment process will be summarily replaced regardless of the outcome of the vote. We aren't electing a Pope in Conclave. Even to rank-and-file (D) secret ballots are anathema. While not explicitly banning such a practice, a secret ballot in the impeachment proceedings should be regarded as going against the spirit of the Constitution.

    1. Totally agree with you Tino, the Founders manned up and The Constitution was a foundation course for the reneged on Democracy.
      But Tino, just also compare low deviants we now have as MPs denying the Brexit wishes of the electorate.the UK, sadly, has the lowest caliber deviants ever in our history. Democracy heh? A sewer of misguided hopes.
      Politicos today need a rethink to avoid their stink.
      I can think of only one suitable Demonstration Flag for our Parliament.
      Dr Louse this House!

  67. What BS! Eric Ciaramella under the rules of the open impeachment proceedings may NOT be mentioned!

    Never mind I think the man should be summarily arrest for Sedition/Treason and summarily executed after a brief UCMJ trial.

    1. Tino I follow this Eye The Spy over on Twitter. I think he is legit. He had a Q&A session and he says that Schiff is living on borrowed hours and cuffs are waiting for him. He seems to indicate soon. We'll see. This ETS has been pretty good for about a year now. Actually he is the only one that helps me keep my sanity.

    2. What Arizona, you read that junk and still claim sanity? He's out with the Fairies. One quick look said it all.

      Schiff and all the Dems have little to fear from Trump. As long as he can get his lick from stealing the Golan's for Benny, Cheney and Kushner, providing US Body Bags for the Oil Barons ripping off Syria, funding fat Contractors bills for unfit for purpose wars, and his allowed Presidents access to Bank Trading Programs, he will ride his luck as long as possible without the detailed worry of litigation or legislation. That involves reading, which as ex Sr WH Staffers all report, he finds difficult with a childlike limited attention span and a propensity for his entourage to be lugged out to Trump hotels needing the State funded income source.

      His fourth year, his staff turnover, and complete failure to drain the swamp, says what? It's all in the detail. Oh, sorry, as he can't speak or read beyond 12 year old grade. The Bloodline says it all with that one. With the Grandfather and Fathers history, what did anyone expect? The Deep State feel the only issue that one Masters is Bating! Well he cant use Drain the Swamp for the next run can he?
      And Hillaries NOT in jail, so what Rabbit now?

      His saving grace is the opposition is even worse. I pity the Founders seeing it drain away to this. No comparison.
      Yet America HAS such real Talent and Intellect. But a Grifters process. Sadly.

    3. John, I like you. I will ignore your insults of my President. Hope you're having a nice day.

  68. Reality Check for America.

    Impeaching the President needs to be for good cause, and NO Anonymous Whistleblowers are tenable. He or She must stand up on Oath and be examined. No more WMD type fabrications.
    I can not, for the life of me, understand what the fuss is about? Innocuous drivel.

    It demeans America.

    How does this compare to Benghazi, the Frauds of Pelosi, the gross Asset stripping of Cheney behind Chump 43, and the bottomless Frauds and Scams of the Clintons????????
    Real Crimes, real hurt and even devastating War Crimes go unanswered. Why?

    The problem, it seems is that as many Republicans as Demo Rats want Trump out.

    This , unlike most others, IS the true and Duly elected choice of the people.
    So Impeach with REAL cause, not the limp wrist Kabuki show playing out now.
    It's demeaning, it's obscene, and frankly, ridiculous.

    It profiles like America going to a playground fight with a Big Girls Blouse!
    America does NOT need this Carnival sideshow. There are too many Damned real issue to focus on.

    But, it's the Karma payback for a guy whose sat on his Butt for 3 years and not cleared out the trash, or had an organised plan to take down the Deep State.
    The only serious action we have seen is the sheer scale of his Senior Key Post Holders leaving him. Those HE chose, then each resigning not able to continue as Key Heads fronting for a Delusional Nero. But that not impeachable.

    Real crimes go unchallenged. Had he moved that Butt on Comey, the whole gang of them, and actioned Clinton, real issues would be on trial now. The rest cowering underground.

    End this Carnival Sideshow soon. Action the real arrests!
    America deserves better. This is a Farce,conspired in desperation to divide the nation.
    Is it merited? No! The last 4 have done far, far worse.

    Where were their Impeachments? I M died for the WMD lie, and it's lost America Trillions.
    The Clintons, Bushes, Soetoro, Biden and every one of the Skanks linked to them need to be on trial. This is a Mistrial of Justice. While the real Crimes are washed away.

    1. Well, let's talk about the Turncoats, the so-called "Senior Key Post Holders". Almost 80% have turned out to be double-crossing two-faced Elitist, Globalist or Neocon Deep State operatives. Mattis's resignation letter (have your read it?) brands him as an unapologetic Globalist. Kelly, I-privately-talk-of-resisting-Trump-recruiting-NikkiHaley, turned out to be a seditious criminal. These are three men that you spoke of with praise who turned out to duplicitous. Trump would have better off with wet-behind-the-ears honest college Patriots.

      Trump's mistake was being too trusting of those recommending individuals for his Cabinet and other "Key Posts". Nobody resigned because they were tire "fronting for a Delusional Nero". Trump is not a malignant narcissist. What they discovered is that Trump (a)meant to change things, (b) that business as usual was over, (c) did not buy Government narratives of what could and couldn't be done. See TPP. See NKorea. Etc. Since this ran into and right over all the classic paradigms that would lay bare just how ineffective they were, they obstructed, they plotted, they malingered, they engaged in willful blindness, they misprisioned, they acted seditiously. This is the political equivalent on steroids of The Caine Mutiny.

      Having said all that: Arrest all the seditious bastards and try them.

  69. What is the reality check on the waited upon events?

  70. A request for new schedules has been made as time is passing

  71. We have asked for precise release dates and amounts so we wait.

  72. John I hope to God this works out for us little people, I have 100k in student loan debt that needs to be paid along with perceived future medical bills. The full time salary doesn't cover it.

    1. Imagine our frustration. You have no idea what we have invested in this. Many lives are on the line. Not just yours.


    Company co-founded by Nancy Pelosi's son charged with securities fraud

  74. Events are only positive when the Cabal/Deep State parasites and Shyster Bankers /Fed let go of what is not theirs to hold. When does a Thief EVER pay back willingly?
    Few were more treacherous, duplicitous, and rotten to the core than Bush 41. Again, look at the family history. Nazis, Traitors and Fraudsters. Dealing with this trash is complex.
    Their Gatekeepers are everywhere.

  75. What say you folks? I think the 'impeachment inquiry' was completely flat and frankly it looks like a disaster in the making for the (D). The money joke was the whole Schiff-I-don't-know-the-name comment. Well, produce the SOB or curtail the inquiry.

  76. Lifted from PJ Media:

    During Wednesday's impeachment hearings, Steve Castor, House Intelligence Committee counsel for the minority, asked Ambassador Taylor a rather simple question about Hunter Biden and his position at Burisma, that he couldn't (or perhaps refused) to answer, resulting in perhaps the most awkward silence I've ever seen in such a hearing.

    CASTOR: Ambassador Taylor, do you know whether Hunter Biden offers anything other than the fact that his dad's the former vice president
    AMB. TAYLOR: I don't—

    CASTOR: Or at the time was the vice president.

    AMB. TAYLOR: I have no knowledge of Hunter Biden—

    CASTOR: But you agree it raises questions?

    AMB. TAYLOR: (five seconds of silence)


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