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  1. Trump Establishes Task Force on Missing and Murdered Native Americans
    by Zachary Steiber

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order establishing a task force on missing and murdered American Indians and natives of Alaska.

    The “Operation Lady Justice Executive Order” was signed in the Oval Office amid Native American leaders, including Kevin DuPuis, chairman of Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, and AJ Not Afraid, chairman of Crow Nation.

    “It is my honor to sign an executive order … to address a tragedy facing Native American communities—the crisis of missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska natives, in particular women and children. It’s a tremendous problem. It’s been going on for a long time. Many, many decades, beyond that, and we’re going to address it,” Trump said before signing the order.

    Continues - paywall w/ some free each month:

  2. Yes to the Inquiry and Native American Genocide. This same murdering scum have trashed the world. It's a million Iraqis dead. Shock and Awe a bullies abuse killing terrified, unarmed civilians. Count the cost of nations killed by Americans this century and why just stop at Native Americans. The world has suffered and will unless stopped. Putin's ,20,000 mph missiles are unstoppable and America knows it. So does China, Putin may have pact but he knows one day China will invade to feed their masses.
    Always we fight to kill.

    When do we fight for a better world and humanist values?

  3. The Queen has just banned Prince Andrew from meeting Trump next week during his visit. Two of Epstein's groupies together are too much.

    1. Yeah. Trump probably reported Andrew's behavior with the under-aged girls. He did report the nefarious activity when he knew about it as per the victims attorneys and promptly banned Epstein from all of his properties.

      Funny how it pains you that your precious Prince is in a sh*t storm.

      Mrs Claus has put away her excess baking material as it has become pretty apparent from the last post regarding this issue, that they will not be needed until 2020.

      Now off to get ready for Thanksgiving and support my President for re-election.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American Patriots.

    2. i encourage all interested to read tony's latest summary of the PPs....

      tony outlines GS/GCR activity as clearly different than RV activities

      arizona ...

      imho, you seem to be tracking RV progress whereas john is more focused on the PPs/GCR/GS aspects... is this a fair statement?

      ppl conflate the two, thankfully tony makes the mud more clear

      and importantly john seems red hot on some developments w the PPs/GCR aspect

    3. If you could post the relevant link that would be a help/start.
      Thank you

    4. google this:

      WHITE HATS AUXILIARY and INFORMATION CENTER Information Briefing #149

      then, just start reading what Tony a/k/a white gat aux writes, he has added some new poets since then too

  4. Hmm
    And I suppose John working with Seoul at 1 this morning and uS Patriots at 3 this morning is a possible sign of commited focus and an indicator the drive in play to succeed. Thing don't just happen.
    So Yes, there clearly is a committed agenda and Tony plus Paladin actually know the reality of who's who in the London Zoo. As do those who matter..

    Somewhat amused to see I'm supposed to be disturbed protecting an arrogant. Pampered obnoxious lump of lard from prosecution when to the best of knowledge I've been pushing for a fair and diligent real investigation to expose truth.
    How does anyone get it through to Sisterhood advocates that blindly following the potential minefield of a 17 year old Groupie who F for Bucks is a tainted minefield.
    The scale of one sided Tabloid hysteria, will simply deny the Clown a fair trial, and he'll walk
    Why part of my advice to the protection squad logs has not penetrated Chumpville? Those logs will make or break the case. I gave you the silver bullet but a rabid sisterhood knows all before due process.
    I fear lynching mobs. God knows the Klan was rabid and ugly.
    We just went through this arresting senior Politicians and an ex Military Field Marshall on the evidence of a complete fantasist now doing real time but good reputations ruined. None of the police have been prosecuted for a tainted and inept process. A total fiasco with a rabid Tabloid press and mindless Muppet followers.

    1. Whatever the truth, and it will come out, Andrew is finished as a Royal.
    2. Clinton was embedded there but not a whimper. FFS?!!
    3. Just follow a lawful due process. Between authorities! No way will we allow an Ambulance Chasing Greenmail Lynch Mob loose here. Prosecute for the crime not sisterhood money grabbers. The world's oldest profession became Attorneys. Same type.
    The case stinks at all levels.

    I've already suggested seizing the entire Estate as proceeds of crime, but not for Dog Faced Attorneys, rather for the mass of real victims and more to help others. Real Justice not bottom feeding legal carrion!
    Where is Clintons prosecution?
    Serious investigators will be helped ascertain truth here.
    All this outcry for an arrogant half wit.
    Where was it for Clinton's exposure? Who are the rest?

    We used to see carrion knitting below the Guillotines in The French Revolution. It seems they emigrated.

    I fear the loss of Law and needless damage to a so valued Queen. If we destroy her we get Charles!
    Let Law process Andrew and the logs will prove his innocence or destroy him. Those log report every hour or less. Long since archived and cross copied. Nowhere to hide. Let truth be tested first. Enough innocent were unfairly hung.

    There are bigger issues than manipulative Vixens. Where is Maxwell?
    She will have a tale to tell.

    1. John my point is this. You charge, try and convict Trump. Just like you have attempted to connect him to the under-aged girls. They have clearly stated with their attorney present, that they saw him, but he didn't fiddle with them. But the Prince? Oh NO!! See where someone could say you are being hypocritical?

      So what to do with these baking supplies? Mrs Claus is in a quandary now.


    2. Not to mention that Trump was the only one of prominent names that ASSISTED with the investigation. But who cares about truth?

      Giving a complainant the benefit doubt, referring to them as victims and refusing to slut shame them is joining a sisterhood of advocates?.... Too funny. Who is blind exactly? Never said once Andrew was guilty.

      It all comes from the same place.... Dinar holders are welfare addicts, make every dollar your prisoner and don't forget to leave a couple shillings on the nightstand so as to be absolved of any responsibility or most importantly.... liability.

      It's always about the money.... or smearing Trump.

    3. Priceless CANAUZZIE...Well said.

    4. Now you fear the "loss of Law"??? As I explained once before and it bears repeating, your justice system lost all credibility on the Tony Robinson and Julian Assange cases. In the former case it was provable that no crime was committed and in the latter pure political accommodation on an idiot charge that carried 5 years prison (and he already had spent 7 in the Embassy) while HERE he had committed NO CRIME and provably so. Your system will simply do what is convenient for the political power wishes of the moment. So the idea that "the authorities" have any credibility and concern in a "Tabloid frenzy" against Prince Andrew is just well, a joke at this point. Yes, the idiot may walk, y'all deserve it if it happens, and obliterating him as a Royal may have to be punishment enough...

      As to Trump and Epstein, virtually all the stories show that our 'orange Shrek' is on record having thrown the bastard out of his properties with standing orders to remove him if he ever showed up again. And geez, Trump is the usual philanderer -- 'quelle surprise!'

    5. 1,First get this, I am totally A Political. I generally, have contempt for all of them . Overrated nonentities. We mass criticise ours. Deservedly. Mainly nowadays all mediocrities. Simply Not Good Enough and should not be elected. Both sides of the Pond!

      2. It's a battle today to maintain Western order. You can't even maintain a Mexican Border. Even Obama was gun running over it! Deplorable.

      3. The REAL battle, which matters, is IF, IF, IF we can start the key PP phased releases. The Golden Goose. Zionist Free! We are battling loathsome Skanks every. day. Corrupt Politicos and the Shite in both Houses. The US sadly is a Jewish owned Assembly of Sock Puppets or Weevils. Disgusting! THAT denies Democracy. They are stealing you blind. We are in this together, it creates waves. A nation lives in a bubble. It's Leaders owned by or subordinated to a Rabid collective of Bloodusuckers, with the Public Clueless of the pecking order. An alternative reality few could grasp. Why waste our breaths. No point. Live the dream.

      PPs first. If we can get the first releases, huge amounts can re trade without!!!! Program profits routed offshore. No needing causes are serviced. Like Mrs Claus it seems.

      Between good American Patriots, some ethical Agency parties, and a UK Assembly of parties who DO know better, there are moves afoot to try to rebuild our communities and wealth generating industries. For both our countries and the emerging nations.

      Over the next 2 weeks, serious efforts are again in play seeking to reverse some of the Vast Assets syphoned out of the system over decades and to use part for "Currencies!!!" if released. Our time and dime. Special deals to start with, but some, who do Sod all bar Opine rubbish, will be carried along by those working mega stressed 24 x 7 to get it done. Gravy training the overspill.

      Those of us in the Real World, who abhor most Politicos and Shysters, are working away from these scheming misfits, to effect real deals. Watch the grasping hands out then.

      We then have to try our best to conserve potential Bonanzas possibly about to be released, and channel it to service our combined nation's needs, but free from Politicos and their grubby Camp followers. We have plans where, once its out, it stays out.

      Mrs Claus, while Santa may not be coming,quietly, off Grunt Radar,it's not Santas Little Helpers working 24 x 7 trying to achieve pre year end. If only, then everything changes. Our Glass ceiling will leave them reeling. No Roach entry and no stealing. What a good feeling, a Glass ceiling. Culture understands. Barbarians outside the tent.

      Without explaining, we try. On a need to know, most don't. No news is not no action, it's protecting the domains. Otherwise the Claws are out. While a bunch of Turkeys are trotted out as Goffers for days this week, we others are focused hard, seeking to self achieve. We are clear of the merits of the misfits accorded status, and need to distance from them. They are not even in the release chain. Fact, it's beyond their pay grades. Low lifes with catalog wives. No point trying to explain to the masses. Oscar Wilde said it all. Even then.

      Mrs Claus, watch the site and hope, or not, it gives you cause to smile. First let's see IF we can part crack it this year. The next 2 weeks are heavy Wannabe weeks. There are no dreams on this multi dimensional board. Pro active response actions. Reality players.

      As for the Prince, he either proves up clean or hangs alone. Sunday another exposure is planned.

      It's looking like Charles is being fast tracked as Prince Regent, and the Queen in name only soon. There are more than enough Professional Law Enforcers to deal with other issues. Let them do their jobs. Start with Clinton's flights. Then ask for access. When Justice is seen to be in fair play. This is handing him on a plate a ticket to walk. Leave Justice to grubby Greenmailers, what do you expect? Let Crime be investigated by the Regulators.

    6. On the Prince, it seems Panorama is prepping for peak attack!

    7. Sunday and it will traumatize the Monarchy again. They are powerless to react

  5. It seems Clown Prince Andrew was on the Radar back in 1984!
    Johnny Carson didn't just pull a name out of a hat.

    1. Then expose it as evidence.


    2. It was a joke. Look at what he presents, then have a knee jerk reaction if you must.

  6. Replies
    1. How many Trump parties are doing time for him? No problem?????


    2. That is a blatant lie. Why mislead?

    3. As always, it depends what you mean. Did Trump commit a crime for which they are doing time? No. None are. All were rail-roaded. All are in jail on "process" crime or manufactured evidence. Roger Stone is an absolute miscarriage of justice. If Trump gets impeached or loses 2020 I fully expect to see them all free in pardons. Given age and actual contribution to original election, I would hope Trump would pardon, but appeals are in progress, so we'll see.

  7. Lol Canauzzie! I'm going to leave a dinar under my pillow for the RV fairy.

  8. Kevin Smith texts... Good grief. What do they teach in law school these days???

    1. Sorry. The article is named: FBI Attorney 2 Kevin Clinesmith was the Primary Lawyer on the Trump/Russia Case; Here are a Few of His Texts

  9. Let's see late next week if real part releases can start even if taking a week to clear. Many key trier's are focused. The rest is just Kabuki theatre.
    If they clear nations can be helped. If not chaos gets closer.
    Real world, nothing is real.
    Real world it's all about the haves and have nots and whether your at the table or scrambling for scraps. Real world, nothing is safe, and Russia alone is doing Submarine warfarec excercises from Greenland to the Baltic's and bomber runs testing defence response times .Macron has called NATO pointless and once England leaves the EU France and Germany will have real issues with each other.
    Nothing today is safe.
    Just haves and have nots.
    From chaos will come which order?

  10. France against Germany? LOL. That is not even a contest. A frog against Hulk!

    1. Battle ready rifle. Never fired. Dropped once. Vintage WW2 France.

  11. Tino
    Although to us it's old news,I still expect the Panerama exposure on Sunday to devastate the Royals. It's a core dilemma. Do they show his royal Protection logs or wait for possible trial or expose only to the FBI? Will they expose to the Greenmailer Ambulance Chasers, not a chance,! As a crime, cooperation will extend to the FBI , and be assured, if guilty Andrew will be hung out to dry. Whatever is truth, this is devastating the Queen and Flunky groups.
    Nothing was done to the sordid Clinton's. Here the media is eating them alive. Truth will emerge, and be assured, they will get no protection once the Royal Protection logs are exposed. They know, and will disclose the truth.
    Epstein is a travesty which went on for decades. Maxwell must be brought in.
    Maids are all selling stories. They are all selling stories. That's why the Greenmailers will get no access. But the FBI for alleged crimes will.
    He's denied the allegations and alleged he was at different locations. Those logs will determine truth. If he's lied he gets fried.if he's innocent what then? Either way, he's already totalled here. He's lost everything. With possible worse to come.
    The entire Monarchy is being poleaxed and it's ugly. Andrew is just a pompous waster whose crashed to earth. Maxwell, also a Brit, is the Madam with all the secrets. She bears it all. She must be found and the media is hunting her now . They smell blood. But where is Clinton? It's so 2 faced. All need to e exposed. All. Let this flush out the lot. Who funded Epstein because Intel here is pointing at Mossad.

    1. Yes, Maxwell must be found. And yes, even the dolts here figure that if Ehud Barak can crash at Epstein's NY apartment the Mossad has to be in it to their eyeballs. Plus, Steve Pieczenik made a side-comment that Mossad stops at nothing to get its blackmail angle, including pedophilia.

    2. Yes Tino,

      Maxwell is the missing link then crack Mossad wide open. They killed her father, a mega crook. The Bouncing Check!

  12. BATTLE FOR WORLD / RON PAUL LIBERTY REPORT | November 27, 2019: Ron Paul revealed that the real bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings against President Trump has now made it clear that it does not matter who's president of the United States, the permanent government will not allow a change in US aggressive interventionist foreign policy, particularly when it comes to Russia.

    Even more shocking is that neither the Republicans or the Democrats are bothered in the slightest.

    Take Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, who earned high praise in the mainstream media: He did not come forth with first hand information that President Trump had commented any high crimes or misdemeanors. He brought a complaint against the President because he was worried that Trump was shifting US policy away from providing offensive weapons to the Ukrainian government. He didn't think the US President had the right to suspend aid to the Ukraine because he supported in providing aid to the Ukraine. And according to his testimony, Vindman was concerned over influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the inner agency.

    "Consensus views of the inner agency" is another word for "Deep State".

    Vindman continued: While I and my inner agency colleagues were coming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine's prospects, this alternative narrative undermine US government efforts to expand cooperation with Ukraine.

    Vindman did not witness any crimes, he just did not think the president of the United States had any right to change US policy toward Ukraine or Russia. Likewise his boss on the national security council staff, Fiona Hill sounded more like she had just stepped out of the 1950's with her heated Cold War rhetoric. ...

    (BattleForWorld: Rick Wiles speculates that persons like Fiona Hill, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, etc. were placed in the positions that they're in now by handlers. And they're playing important roles in carrying out a coup against President trump. Analysis video by Trunews, go here.)

  13. Hi Unknown,

    You referenced the following "I encourage all interested to read tony's latest summary of the PPs.... tony outlines GS/GCR activity as clearly different than RV activities".

    Where can I find this information? Is it on this site or can you provide a link?

    Thank you

  14. Information Briefing #149

    Looking for Truth, just scroll down the page on the link above and you will find the information being referenced. The comment/s Unknown is pointing to have been made by the web site owner using the name of whitehatsauxiliaries. Enjoy.

  15. So nice to hear "Ripple" and "XRP" mentioned on BBC news!!!!

  16. Thanksgiving Myths

    MYTH # 1

    The Pilgrims Held the First Thanksgiving

    To see what the first Thanksgiving was like you have to go to: Texas. Texans claim the first Thanksgiving in America actually took place in little San Elizario, a community near El Paso, in 1598 -- twenty-three years before the Pilgrims' festival. For several years they have staged a reenactment of the event that culminated in the Thanksgiving celebration: the arrival of Spanish explorer Juan de Onate on the banks of the Rio Grande. De Onate is said to have held a big Thanksgiving festival after leading hundreds of settlers on a grueling 350-mile long trek across the Mexican desert.

    Then again, you may want to go to Virginia.. At the Berkeley Plantation on the James River they claim the first Thanksgiving in America was held there on December 4th, 1619....two years before the Pilgrims' festival....and every year since 1958 they have reenacted the event. In their view it's not the Mayflower we should remember, it's the Margaret, the little ship which brought 38 English settlers to the plantation in 1619. The story is that the settlers had been ordered by the London company that sponsored them to commemorate the ship's arrival with an annual day of Thanksgiving. Hardly anybody outside Virginia has ever heard of this Thanksgiving, but in 1963 President Kennedy officially recognized the plantation's claim.

    MYTH # 2

    Thanksgiving Was About Family

    If by Thanksgiving, you have in mind the Pilgrim festival, forget about it being a family holiday. Put away your Norman Rockwell paintings. Turn off Bing Crosby. Thanksgiving was a multicultural community event. If it had been about family, the Pilgrims never would have invited the Indians to join them.

    MYTH # 3

    Thanksgiving Was About Religion

    No it wasn't. Paraphrasing the answer provided above, if Thanksgiving had been about religion, the Pilgrims never would have invited the Indians to join them. Besides, the Pilgrims would never have tolerated festivities at a true religious event. Indeed, what we think of as Thanksgiving was really a harvest festival. Actual"Thanksgivings" were religious affairs; everybody spent the day praying. Incidentally, these Pilgrim Thanksgivings occurred at different times of the year, not just in November.

    MYTH # 4

    The Pilgrims Ate Turkey

    What did the Pilgrims eat at their Thanksgiving festival? They didn't have corn on the cob, apples, pears, potatoes or even cranberries. No one knows if they had turkey, although they were used to eating turkey. The only food we know they had for sure was deer. 11(And they didn't eat with a fork; they didn't have forks back then.)

    So how did we get the idea that you have turkey and cranberry and such on Thanksgiving? It was because the Victorians prepared Thanksgiving that way. And they're the ones who made Thanksgiving a national holiday, beginning in 1863, when Abe Lincoln issued his presidential Thanksgiving proclamations...two of them: one to celebrate Thanksgiving in August, a second one in November. Before Lincoln Americans outside New England did not usually celebrate the holiday. (The Pilgrims, incidentally, didn't become part of the holiday until late in the nineteenth century. Until then, Thanksgiving was simply a day of thanks, not a day to remember the Pilgrims.)

  17. The duplicity of the Media and State.

    Since 2001 up to 2005, there was a focused investigation of the so deeply criminal
    Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. A vast array of Government contributions were visible, and Sales of Uranium to Russia with the visible Thank you Russian kickback of c$150M to the Clintons, and Uranium carried to Russia by Mueller!!!!!!!!!!!! an alarm issue which simply got buried? Hello?

    A commission which died led by Comey! Cross investigations by Wray. Sterile.
    The sheer scale of visible criminality of this stinking bunch of Reprobates, has been derailed and suppressed. No question Epstein merits and deserves the outcry, but why so late and why Plea Bargain him before? All thi9s was known. The media went silent for a case cross incriminating the lot, yet can freak over an idiot Prince who may or not, have have been entertained by a 17 year old who did it for money, then was cast aside at 19 by Epstein, it seems as too old.

    Yes Epstein had a lot to answer for, but they Plea Bargained him and he walked. Because a regular visitor was Clinton. And who else?

    Did all Justice die here?
    Is there ANY US Justice?
    In perspective, why do the Clintons get a special dispensation for money, and a 17 year old willing to F for Bucks is eulogised? Where is the US Moral compass? At least process both? Nations are full of Rent girls. Where does the oldest Profession start?

    Surely prosecution of so many Treasonous Politicos and Agency heads,merits more focus than a half wit Prince?

    Ah, but Greemail sells papers and a fortune to raid. There we go.

    Why does this bother me? Why not do both? The idiot Prince is already facing huge retribution. Why did the Clintons face nothing? Did Epstein's Island buy them all off?
    Who funded Epstein? Where is the Clinton redress? Where is moral Justice here?
    Am I alone questioning the moral perpetude of a girl who F for Bucks, including how many visits by Clinton,yet can sell out Russia with impunity.

    You impale Trump yet this lot goes under Radar?
    It's time for Trump to go Public on this. Or, is he compromised?


    1. I have always said to stay away from emailers, they are always mostly, if not all, BS. Like your second paragraph. Taken from an emailer of which is mostly false. What it says is true but ties each point together which is false. Their are four points and only two are related, the other two are on a completely different matter and unrelated even to each other.

      So let me get this right..... If we do not slut shame then we are eulogizing? Man that is just a leap of extremes that just leaves one to wonder what kinda mental gymnastics was used to come to that conclusion.

      Virginia Robert went after Maxwell and Epstein first. Then Andrew. She has never claimed to have anything sexual with Clinton. So your whole premise is bullocks.

      Her and 39 other victims tried the criminal route and where did that get them? Law-enforcement had a treasure trove of evidence to bring charges and it was all quashed by Weissmann. They didn't even tell the victims about the plea bargain, that was later found to be illegal. So exactly what do think they are going to do. Criminal route failed them and it was not their fault or due to lack of evidence.

      I have no want will or desire to argue with you but I do not want anyone to think I, and by extension OWON, agrees with you on this. So I am forced to.

      Funny thing is, if someone was suing Clinton you would be praising it. Cannot have it both ways.

      And justifying what happens in the UK is ok cause America is worse is not a good argument. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    2. Thanks, Canauzzie. Again. Saved me taking John to task on this thing he has against Virginia Roberts AGAIN.

    3. Where TF have I alluded to Clinton and Roberts? She's a small cog in a complex myriad of groupies and Clinton did not make so very many flights to smell the roses.
      Andrew is a mediocre pissant and truth will be expedited. Why is the media not going after Clinton and all of them? The real Perps. Andrew is an idiot camp follower and no more. Do as you wish with him. but for God's sake focus on the major Perps and all of them
      Not moralising BS missing the point again. Andrew is just a sock puppet carnival sideshow. Roberts is being used by the usual grimy Shyster Greenmailers smelling blood like basking sharks.. Roberts has been assessed before. It's not all cover up. The money angle will be viewed by Judges in a balanced light. Why for God's sake do these collective Dog packs bark for Bucks?
      With so much attention we missing the Ambulance chasers failing to take down Clinton. How many girls, who and how many times? That really matters. A big Dog not a pampered poodle. So go jump on a pissant Prince if big Dogs overface you. What about all of them?

      Key message, Gag orders are now in place for real issues so major hopes for what matters, that's our reason for Being not a Kabuki sideshow if bigger issues evolve soon, who has time for this sordid collective?

      It's not like Andrews kiddy fiddled Nuns whereas Clinton and Co ?

      Next 3 weeks I have far higher agendas hopefully tracking. That's it. No more yet.
      Roberts- I simply have reservations so let it okay out. She's being groomed again now with Ambulance specialists. Let's see a real Justice pursuit on Epslime and take the lot down.
      Andrews in free fall

      Where are the rest?

  18. The battle to control the U.S. and UK navies is also just one aspect of the bigger battle for control of the financial system.

    Trump is on the warpath against the European and Asian royals because they are about to stage “a simultaneous recalibration of the Forex and sovereign debt markets on a global level,” according to the European royal.

    Trump is attempting to counter this by going after the $29 trillion Indonesian gold fraud carried out by the Federal Reserve Board at the time of the Lehman crisis, according to CIA sources in Asia.

    According to the CIA, “During the financial crisis, the New York Fed was given unprecedented powers by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. to create over $29 trillion in electronically engineered money to bail out Wall Street. A significant portion of the $29 trillion went to prop up many of the central banks around the world.”

    In his counterattack, “Trump’s soon-to-be-next move is that the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed by [then President] John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno at Geneva in November 1963 becomes a reality. Trump can, with the stroke of his pen by Executive Order, reinstate Executive Order 11110 or an amendment thereof, thus allowing the Department of the Treasury to issue the new United States dollars.

    This may be the reboot of the U.S. dollar, as Trump leaves the debt of the Federal Reserve to be resolved by the actual owners—the Khazarian Zionist cabal,” the CIA says.

    Interesting Fulford snippet, although not right very often, seems to dovetail with where this thing is at....

  19. Trump is "compromised" by the deep state politicos, fake owned media, and the sleeping sheeple and the status quo... Like you have said many times John, "timing"... at least this is what I think, which is not worth much... time will tell... takes time to line up your ducks in order to win...

    quote from above.... " Take Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, who earned high praise in the mainstream media: He did not come forth with first hand information that President Trump had commented any high crimes or misdemeanors. He brought a complaint against the President because he was worried that Trump was shifting US policy away from providing offensive weapons to the Ukrainian government. He didn't think the US President had the right to suspend aid to the Ukraine because he supported in providing aid to the Ukraine. And according to his testimony, Vindman was concerned over influencers promoting a false narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the inner agency."

    Trump is fighting on every turn... I do not believe any President has ever been fought on so many levels... this might say that he is really trying to stop the gravy trains and turn the mammoth deep running ship around... is trump supposed to do this in his first 3 years being up against those who are so rooted?... how long have you been fighting to release stolen money?...

    Happy Holidays and Godspeed John.... same to all here at OWoN and WHA!

  20. Thanks JD

    1. My job, done right , involves being IN the Faces of Compromised people, or slow to act ones. So Yes, I expect to get the howling Mommas for having goes at Trump for being pitifully slow to get up to speed and being woefully ignorant on most of this. They wanted a Fox in the Box. What we got was an Ox, dam that typo fault again is their new excuse.

    Tough love, we needed a Racehorse, we got a Carthorse. Worse, on Quad burgers.

    JV alluded above to some of the Indonesian games- Rackets!!! Clinton and Bush 41 mass banged it.
    But the key is - Yes, revalue and dump the Khazarian debt. F the lot in one hit! Will these Skunks go to war for it? Sunk Skunks - that's a Yes please.
    But it needs Leaders smart enough not owing their Butts to them.

    Clintons and Mueller are Bag Men getting paid to fix and ferry Uranium to Russia.
    Do a smart dead instead.
    Reval Zio free. Ship the F lot of them to Siberia in a deal with Putin, Bio fuel free of charge. A test run for hell!

    The first 3 years should have banged up Clinton. Woeful ignorance is no excuse. Don't whine caught not doing a job you took on.
    Let hope for a pre Xmas start if possible. I just can not release where we are.
    But as for lining up our Ducks, Yes to that and I'm on board for F ours faster than Epstein. What do I want for Xmas? A 44 magnum, a flamethrower and an Ampitheatre full of them. Their terms.No Mercy! Free fertilizer for the Farmers.
    If we had Trump up to speed and on board, what a Phalanx.

  21. UK Military Commanders want Andrew stripped of all Military roles and titles. He's being ripped apart. He now can't attend at the trooping of the colours and is disgraced right across society. I still don't think this Pompous Clown has fully grasped the dire straights. After Sunday the family will cannibalise him. Innocent or guilty just the heat alone will burn him . He's declared he's no recollection of her. He's either a victim or guilty as hell. What he is, is besieged. The curse of being a Royal in the headlights. Sunday will be brutal. Again. Those logs will either show he's victim, or a liar.
    For him, madness. First the association screamed exposure. He was always surrounded by enough willing socialites. Trawling Bimbos comes at a price. Getting tangled up within rent girl needed to be quietly, diplomatically sorted. Exposing the Royals and lying in public,is so far off the reservation. The wheels will come off if he's guilty.
    But remember, Judges have already rejected her before so what don't we know?

    She may not have realised what awaits her on the stand. Claws will be out. Any skeletons will be exposed to the whole world. Hopefully she will expose all visitors. A lot of wives have some wake up call coming down the track and to me, the Divorce cases are what I want to see.

    This is off the rails and a lot of guys don't realise it's coming for them..

  22. I've seen the Sunday Panorama exposure coming at Andrew.
    He had dam well better not be lying, and he needs to prove his innocence because if not, this guy is going down so far and fast, he's going to think he's in a Sewer Birth Canal screaming for air. Karma is a Bitch with Profit Sharing Attorneys who long since opted out of ethics . The Pompous Prince will find he's in melt down on Monday. Did I say Prince? Where's a typo when you need one?

  23. Divine providence has never been more needed than getting the PPs out to start the processes.Armed with those, and a clear agenda, as Non Political Controllers, we can start to reconstruct platforms fit for purpose.
    For the first time in a century, Zio Claws will not be stealing from humanity. Forces for good, will do good. It's your candle in the dark.
    Non of you are without hope. Calm hands and cool nerve. The Zios greatest fear, you are free.

  24. I'm getting interesting reports in which give hope Kavansugh will soon start removing the powers of the Unelected Power Control Criminals as he moves to drain the swamp.
    Hopefully, he's the man to bring Justice to Justice.
    Hope for all Americans. Hope for you.

  25. The most obvious political downside to impeachment is becoming visible, CNN report no less:

    Some House Democrats are getting "cold feet" as worries grow about public opposition to the partisan impeachment investigation against President Trump, according to a Washington Post reporter.

    Rachel Bade explained on CNN's "Inside Politics" that the question initially, when the impeachment inquiry was announced, was whether or not Pelosi could "peel off any Republicans in this final impeachment vote."

    "But I think increasingly the question is becoming, does she lose more Democrats," Bade said.

    TRENDING: Democrat disaster looms as blacks shift to Trump

  26. The Most Important Two Minutes of TV Programming—EVER! (Must View Video)
    Posted on November 18, 2019 by Cosmic Convergence

    The Truth Hidden In Plain Sight

    This is a clip from the show "X-Files" and literally talks about how the One World Order/Governments are ran

    They put it in plain sight because they know people wouldnt even bat an eye, its straight mockery The world isnt really our world

  27. John was your recent comment that Santa may not be coming an indication that public chances are all but over for this year or is there still hope?

  28. John F

    There are very big moves in negotiations right now. Restructuring.
    First will be the PPs, then the big battalions for Bonds and currencies.
    Behind that the currency holders not in groups take their chances.
    Public desks are not in sight yet. If currencies are converted to new notes, if not in groups, it could be messy for single holders. I did try to help you all but key parties were full. I will look again once we see what breaks.

    There's every chance the majors may sneak under radar this year.
    Time wasting Shite which was a rip off era like CMKX are not worth the time of day. It was all skimmed from inside, and defrauded. They are simply too deluded to listen. All that Prosperity crap was for the Promoters only. Investor got mugged. Go Class action.

    1. Wow john

      .... what a brilliant mind bender.... twists and turns!

      Would this restructuring plan mean haircuts for the big battalions? Others?

      Also which system (asset backed QFS or old debt system) would big battalions be in? And what currency USD or USN (whatever they end up calling the new asset backed dollar)?

      as an aside, I suspect ppl will not really care as long as things finally move along

    2. I guess I am a little confused, are you talking about a RV, revalue of a specific currency where in there will be restrictions on payouts? If so then what would be the outcome of a GCR? Wouldn't there be many outlets that would be prepared to exchange?

    3. 802501

      Banks have no appetite or interest in Public conversions.
      Too much trouble.

      RVs need organised strategies

      Stage one needs to be partial PP releases which we can so much good with.
      There's real currency dialogue in place for Big Battalions but not safe for us to expand on. It needs the first releases to happen then slowly it expands out. This IS a huge 24 X 7 focused campaign. Huge focus and pressure.

  29. Fox News Tucker Carlson claims Trump is nothing but a complete BS artist.

    And what is Fox news? Just compare both.


      Tucker Carlson in context of what you quoted above John.

    2. Truth is the real threat to those Washington thieves, however Trump is not telling enough of it, and thus far he has not lived up to why he got elected and the large number of people coming to his charade at Stadiums across the country. In NY, we know and have always known who Trump is for many, many years. So, we snicker and look on with curiosity at those lines and the reason why he was voted in as President. Be clear, It is the only choice we have here in America this electoral season. Well, except for the new democrat/republican in the race named BLOOMBERG. What a circus.

    3. Which is the least, absolute least point, of Tucker Carlson's comment. The main thrust of his argument was that when telling the truth of about situations in Washington, DC all sides, agencies and hacks go ape-s**t on Trump for laying bare and going "off-script" so to speak. This, and this, alone was the point of the Carlson rant.

  30. Bitcoin Flashing ‘Extremely Bullish’ Signals, Says Analyst – BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Ripple News.

  31. Although the first three coins on the list mirror the top three coins by market cap, the rest represent a departure.

    Here’s a look at the top 20 coins, according to Weiss Ratings.

    Bitcoin Cash
    Ethereum Classic
    Binance Coin
    Of note are the positions of EOS and Cardano, with the former several spots ahead of the latter.

    In a recent tweetstorm, Weiss Ratings caused a stir by stating that Cardano is “clearly superior” to EOS.

  32. BATTLE FOR WORLD / HAARETZ | November 29, 2019: Several Jewish press reported on the far-right site TruNews announcement about YouTube removing their video post in which they warned of a plot termed 'Jew Coup' to remove President Trump, citing several articles published in the press in their analysis.

    "This impeach Trump movement is a Jewish coup. And the American people better wake up to it really fast," said Rick Wiles, pastor and founder of TruNews website.

    Wiles noted in the broadcast saying: "That's the way the Jews work. They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda." ..."It's beyond removing Donald Trump, it's removing you and me…the church of Jesus Christ is next. They're coming for you." And that "There will be a purge. That's the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country. They kill millions of Christians. ..."

  33. Mrs Claus is not smiling with this statement "Behind that the currency holders not in groups take their chances. Public desks are not in sight yet. If currencies are converted to new notes, if not in groups, it could be messy for single holders. I did try to help you all but key parties were full. I will look again once we see what breaks.

    So she shrugs it off- chalks it up to a small investment (Dongs) and figures that she haven't missed the money that was invested so baking anyway!

  34. Sory your having problems with small Dongs. It's really about positioning you know.

    1. Once the Battalions are done, I will ask again if a Window can be opened for the public.
      Can you handle a Battalion?

    2. Anything you can do for the little people that also want to help make this world a better place, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you John

    3. Unknown, which ever Unknown you are, remember this. We are NOT the "little people." We are the people with power should we choose to use it. Although, I get what you are expressing here to John but please take a moment to realise/realize your potential in this world.

    4. Unknown,
      Our ENTIRE Agenda behind this operation, is to help all people with a better development agenda. Bar the Zios. That lot I would bag, tag and slam into Siberia in Irons. Head first down the mines!

      There are no " Little People". From those without wealth, come children who once given a fair education opportunity,can help us transform our futures.
      Bottom line, we are all, One people. Hu- Man!
      Aurataya is willing to bat for 3.

      We just have to start investing wisely with Transhumanism. What can we then achieve with an exponential Quantum Leap in our capability? Sciences,. Health Care, Research, and Ethereal evolution.

    5. It's mentioned here many times over the years that the fairest, perhaps "simplest"? thing to do is put a cap on what the pigs with pallets can redeem, allowing room for individuals with big ideas on making the world a better place to also profit from an RV. What could be better than this??

      As always, indebted to everyone who has put years of effort into making a financial reset happen. "We shall be free...."

    6. My Girl,
      If, big IF the PPs are redeemed to long suffering groups reneged on with their redemptions long overdue, if they meet debt redemptions, we can rebuild over a decade.
      Over half the profits accrued by Bank Platform Trading is skimmed of to overnight Offshore Tax Havens. Vast amounts syphoned by greed, contribute nothing to host economies. This we will stop.
      They know once redeemed we will kill the overnight rackets. This trading needs to be Fit for Purpose, it currently is not!
      Money is made round to go around!

      The real profits created by your work and innovation, is stolen by the Zio nation. Huge focus is on overdue debts daily.
      What hope has good intent with Bankers and a Fed all totally Bent? It's greed stealing the public's feed needs.
      Unless they honour the redemptions we are in a diplomatic vice.

      Good intent versus totally Bent!

  35. ALTERNATIVE NEWSEx Chief Adviser For A UN Children’s Program Has Been Convicted & Jailed For Pedophilia.

    The Facts:Peter Dalglish, an order of Canada recipient, and an Ex chief advisor for a United Nations Children's program has been convicted for sexual assault against children but maintains that he is innocent.
    Reflect On:Elite level pedophilia is a reality the world is starting to wake up to more. People in positions of power, especially ones that make major decisions about or world, may be involved in not just the abuse of children, but ritual abuse and murder.

  36. All or Nothing.

    They Plot, they Lie,and when they take all they seek, they will come for you. Correct.

    Palestine! How ugly is that?

    Lebanon, Syria and Iran fears what they can do. Iran KNOWS it has to deal with them.
    Note they kill Christians.

    Look at what they have done to America.

    The Fed they own. You have no Central Bank of your own.
    The US Treasury fixes if for ONLY Jews to get the top roles.
    They own the US Banks.
    They own the Securities Houses. (Almost all Financial Crimes and Fraud are them)
    They block all keys Supremes Roles.
    They own the Media. Truth is limited. Lies rule.
    They own Hollywood - The appalling degeneracy of Hollywood is down to them
    They own Las Vegas,its gambling and rackets.
    The Mob via Chicago, is run by the Jews.
    Metals industries, Diamonds etc, the same.
    Just follow the money.

    The Russian Mafya and Rapacious Oligarchs are that lot. Russians hate them. They have long memories of their cruelty. The Bible is based on their locust swarms looting and killing.
    Genghis Khan? He seems to have sired most of them.

    Good ones great. Bad ones a curse on humanity.
    Eurasia will sort them across its territories.

    Trump is deeply indebted to them, BOUGHT!, so he's deeply compromised.

    They buy all the seats. Until that is stopped, and America has better proportional representation, no Clean Man can get the Presidency. Every few hundred years they get knocked back and sorted. Alway they overreach. Suckered by Abraham,and lied to by San Hedrin Bigots. Subjugated from Birth to such a Doctrinaire cult. It's worse than Jehova's.
    Brainwashed from Birth, it's a dangerous Cult. Education will cleans each nation.
    Transhumanism will sanitize this crap.

  37. John, I am not in CMKX , however I am in FREEDOM and sure hope to positive outcome. I am certainly praying. Please have a look out and give hints if you can of possible outcome. Thank You.

  38. I will be watching over the next 2 weeks. The politics you can imagine. Once we sanitize all the Brethren out of Banking, trust can be restored.
    If you monitor Global positioning right now, you will detect both Russia and China actually diversifying quietly to London. Albeit with Russia post the poisonings we corral them .
    But with the time zone convenience, cultural links and Trust, it's going to become the Fiscal Epicentre of Eurasia.
    As we wish Siberia becomes in a trade swap for the Zios, they can redeem their oh so many crimes there.
    Eurasia knows we must set up the correct infrastructure from the beginning. No Roaches in the food stores. They have no place in Eurasia, and once the Afros and Hispanics take over America, where do they go? Iran will deal with the Khazars . This next century has to face the consequences of allowing them way too much leeway. The Afros and Hispanics won't.

    Biffie: great article on hemp and marijuana history. Also, hemp from field through the process used to make clothing.
    Only issue I have is all hemp used in the US should be grown here not imported from china.
    To see the field to clothing pics and captions, click on the link in the last paragraph.

  40. And Virginia goes insane. The Imperial Government is terrified of We, the People:

    Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:
    1. That § 18.2-433.2 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:

    § 18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited; penalty.

    A person shall be is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

    1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

    2. Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

    3. Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof.

    2. That the provisions of this act may result in a net increase in periods of imprisonment or commitment. Pursuant to § 30-19.1:4 of the Code of Virginia, the estimated amount of the necessary appropriation cannot be determined for periods of imprisonment in state adult correctional facilities; therefore, Chapter 854 of the Acts of Assembly of 2019 requires the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission to assign a minimum fiscal impact of $50,000.

    Really? Tai Chi is fantastic for the over 50. I'm no expert, but like in Aikido, most Tai Chi moves if you hold on to the adversary will result is severe injury. Shall we ban both sports? 2nd Am by definition requires exercise. Nothing more fun than shooting 1000 rounds with friends.

    If they pass this insanity, the judges better tear it to pieces pretty quick. (And they're trying to do this in Virginia where even young ladies are usually packing. I had a friend who in a busy restaurant stopped everything by standing up and asking who was carrying concealed to prove a point. The show of hands terrified the idiot liberal with us.)

    1. Look how well Dolly always racks and packs.

  41. "Hunter Biden could owe the millions he made in Ukraine from Burisma back to the people of Ukraine as a part of an asset recovery process under U.S. law. Under 22 U.S.C. Section 8904(a): 'The secretary of state, in coordination with the attorney general and the secretary of the treasury, shall assist, on an expedited basis as appropriate, the government of Ukraine to identify, secure, and recover assets linked to acts of corruption by Viktor Yanukovych, members of his family, or other former or current officials of the government of Ukraine or their accomplices in any jurisdiction through appropriate programs, including the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative of the Department of Justice,'" he explained.

    "And now we know the new Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka has expanded his office looking at the theft by Burisma and the company's head, Mykola Zlochevsky, of stealing $33 million from the country's central bank.

  42. The Panerama program on Prince Andrew is Monday evening. Not only that, but a host of his other conduct and financial probity issues are unfolding.
    He singularly is landing the Monarchy with its biggest crisis since Treasonous idiot Edward and that Hag Wallis Simpson.
    The media follow up and fact check each if his inept relies, and expose him further. He's currently in freefall and the advance copy I have seen will leave him in freefall unless he can disprove the allegations quickly.
    It looks like he was caught like a shit fly in a Mossad honey trap. So far you can even smell the Excreta through a TV set. Unless the Royal Protection Logs prove he's innocent, he's in deep trouble. This man is so disliked he will get no favours here to save him.
    Far more is yet to emerge on Ep Slime and so many women are queuing up to sell stories. It's an ugly media shit storm. He's the turd surrounded by hornets. Maxwell is yet to be hauled in and she's really up S Creek big time!
    The Tabloids will mega feed from this.

    For his sake, he needs to back his denials up by facts and so far our New York Consul has denied Andrew stayed at the Consul as claimed. Which puts him smack into Epslimes home. Prince Thick doesn't get he can't lie his way out of this so he had better have clear proof from those logs or he'd better pre book Vaseline supplies. He's even been banned as Admiral of the Cadets now . He's being roasted alive. If he's innocent, God help him.if guilty he seems too pompously stupid to understand he can't lie his way out of this and having denied it so far, he either proves up or the Dog pack will have him.

  43. Gerald Celente Reveals John Connally’s Cryptic Remarks About JFK Assassination

  44. As Fed Pumps $3 Trillion into Repo Market, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Practice Borrowing from the Fed’s Discount Window.For the first time since the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been pumping out hundreds of billions of dollars each week to trading houses on Wall Street in order to provide liquidity to the repo (repurchase agreement) market where financial institutions make collateralized, overnight loans to each other. Liquidity had dried up in this market to the point that on September 17 overnight lending rates spiked from the typical 2 percent to 10 percent. The Fed then turned on its money spigot and brought the rate back down. But even after the rate went back down, the New York Fed has continued making these massive loans, raising fears on Wall Street about what is really going on behind the scenes.

    1. Cross firing to maintain the bubble. South Seas bubble tactics

  45. The Disturbing Advance Men for the Fed’s $3 Trillion (and Counting) Wall Street Bailout

  46. The media has mass dissected Prince Andrew and after Mondays coming TV program the roof will fall in on him..
    Fergie, the mutt he married was Paddy McNallies previous mistress and herself a bad piece of work. She's continues her Louche and sleazy lifestyle but wants to be accepted back by the family. Won't happen. He himself is close to family rejection. This self centered, arrogant, pompous idiot is now ridiculed.

    But where is the case on Mawell , the British Mossad Agent Procurer? She has so much to tell. What was the extent of Clinton's so very, very, very many vidits,? Which girls were used by him? Who else visited and which girls were used by them?
    Don't let the rest sneak away leaving Andrew to hang for all of them.
    Far darker forces were at work.
    Did Epslime procure Boys for Mandelson and who was used for Tony Blair? Also who else? These are key questions
    Time for Phony Tony to be looked at .

  47. Next 2 weeks a gagging order has been out on for certain Big Battallion currencies as they try to get a consensus. Fingers X for all of you linked. Nothing is certain but huge focus right now with certain background parties. let's see if it plays out. Been here before. Will this time work?

    1. Well good luck. Seriously. I get hopeful when you write about this, and then remember all the lies I was told by my "group" and honestly? It is a bit sad for me. But I wish everyone else the best of luck. Looks like it won't work out for me. But that's okay. I am strong.

  48. Dam typos on mobiles word switching

  49. The currencies and PPs with the enormous consequential protection and disbursement issues are my potential priorities trying to ensure we are ready to act if releases get approved.
    Money talks.

    1. Is there any slight chance a public exchange could happen for those of us holding dongs? wouldn't a devaluation in the us dollar and an increase in the dong be seen on all banks screens. Hoping for the best. Thank you John

    2. If the first mass project clears, once the greed is fed, I will see if they can set up a public clean up. I see the need. Let's do one first.

      As Epslime told them.

    3. No, Not this time.

      I think of Roy Orbison and his Only The Lonely, for the Dong Holders.

  50. Who will get off their Butts and focus on Clinton and Maxwell and do the real work needed now,? Real investigative journalism.

  51. Your going to find the tentacles of Mossad linked to all of this filth. The slime America swears allegiance to. How about you ask the real question? Is this a partner you can allow funding and compromising both houses? Is this a Cult you should allow to dominate America? Look at all of them as Ringmasters and their evil within America. Spiders on the web. Really look!

    1. filthy, filthy creatures they are John. I think most Americans are or have woken up to a lot. Give us a little credit.

      You know you don't like President Trump, but he has awoken a lot of Americans. You merely need to look at Twitter to see that. Oh.. I got banned from Twitter for a 12 hour period for telling Pelosi that she should choke on a turkey bone.

    2. Not serving it up her?
      I don't like most of these Politicos, including our own. Most are self serving , ego feeding Chumps, degenerates, and Grifters. Mediocrities. A common trait.
      Why eulogize any of them? Most are deplorable mediocrities holding office.
      Politics is no long working. Globally!

      My concerns are for the species, all inclusive. Most, pathetic.

  52. Arizona,

    If all goes well for the groups, I will try, yet again, to see if any will help open new windows for you all. The numbers were just not there when we tried last time.
    Lies were common traits to suck in speculators driven by their naive death wish to turn 5K into 5M or greater. Some Kool Aid. Need lost out to greed and allowed the Promoters to feed from the gullible. A step at a time, let's see what the 3 weeks achieves in reality first. Reality, and the problem is that IF your countrymen in the Big Battalions do scoop multi B's from their roles, none truly give a damn about you as countrymen. It's all self. That is the reality with no Culture. It's a dog pound for strays. No one cares. Both Houses are living proof.
    The site is your best hope.

    Now , as I've said before, I'm sorry about your only having a small Dong holding,but it's all about positioning. Lol.
    Aurataya will advise.

    1. Thanks John. To be clear, I was a "late-comer" to investing in foreign currency. I worked with a group on something talk about it in passing, but it's not something that some on this blog probably got involved in. We had a real working group or so I thought.

      There was no investment other than time on my part, years to be honest. Then I learned that I was lied to and all my work and time went to sh*t. IT became obvious when the guy who claimed he was part of the higher echelon, first blocked his number when he did in fact call and then he just stopped calling almost 5 years ago. I had my suspicions, but what are you going to do? So I took a little money and bought myself an "insurance" policy so that I could still work on a project that I had in mind. I thought of the foreign currency (Dongs) as "seed money".

      Thank you for all you do John. You can be stubborn sometimes, but you're much like me I think, so I like you.

      And lol on the small Dong and positioning.. You make me laugh. Love it.

    2. Deep and with attitude. Sassy with a smile. An Imp with conscience.

      Let's see if the next 3 weeks get a break for the higher echelons, then we can try again for you all. What's been obvious, yet sad to me, is how many Americans, if provided with new life money will cut and run without second thought for any of you. No affinity all Me, Me, Me. Jungle Cult rules.

      Let's see first IF a new precedence can even start.

      Live for the moment Arizona, try anything twice. LOl.

    3. Would you expect any different? Most of the people in the groups are only there because of some inside information, which make them of privilege.

      Many of from "The Brotherhood" and only seek to destroy mankind to usher in Illumination.

      The "Salt of the Earth" people are the true creators. The farmers, manufacturing laborers, builders,etc. If you want change that is where you must go.

      The money changers don't do shit. They make their money by moving markets. That creates nothing and destroys everything.

      All of this will just end being another dark pool of liquidity used for destruction.

    4. That advice may not be appreciated in this specific circumstance. BUT TOO TRUE MATE. LOL

    5. JV

      your post is extremely pessimistic, imho

      many little everyday ppl networked to try and get a chance by aspiring to something better out of this currency and bond thing, a lot of cooperation and positive social skills

      importantly, part of the mandate is for HUMANITARIAN funding, it is not a choice but a requirement so yes in come capacity it will trickle down because that is the way it is designed

      so all and all, even tho i am not sure what percent of little ppl in the grand total will go thru the eye of this GCR needle and profit, in my assessment it is more ppl than what you believe will profit from the currencies and bonds

  53. well I think all of us on the site have always be partial to Dongs...LOL

    1. well I think all of us on the site have always been partial to Dongs...LOL

    2. As above, Roy Orbison and Only the Lonely for all you Dong holders.

  54. Replies
    1. Surprise Surprise! How about we offer Assange this very same strategy. Of course not because he is tradeable.

  55. Truth serum.

    Senior Trump administration official: “People who spend any time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable by what they witness. He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but w/ regularity.

    hmm, just like his dad in the late 70s. Fact.


    1. I tell you this and get attacked like some poor Sod who talks in the Planet of the Apes. Yes,right on! We saw from the 2 London visits and intel reports. Melania sorted him out for the second. Apart from the toilet paper stuck to his shoe coming off AF1.

      Party Pooper?

    2. The problem John is that such a narrative cannot be trusted when Trump routinely pulls off 2 hours in full stadiums. Nor can it be trusted when there is a clear attack vector along the 25th Am in play. Contrary to such reports we routinely, and I mean routinely, see the man on TV nearly every day of the week due to the MSM paranoia and 99% attack news. There is zero stuttering, slurring, stumbling. Compare that to the endless gaffes of Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Hillary, Harris, that imbecile Senator from Nevada or the clear disorientation we saw in Reagan post-shooting. It is amusing to see the identical wording to what your reported, which suggests either it was lifted from here or the original source is the same as yours. If true, why is the MSM being tacit on it? Frankly they have been a disaster on every attack vector, what they wouldn't give to have a true, verifiable slur or stumble on tape. (Poor Gerald Ford) See? It completely fails the consistency check and frankly is not believable.

      Nor do I trust intel reports to you. Those can and are probably manipulated. I remember how you lauded both Kelly and Mattis and I took exception to both, more Kelly than Mattis based purely on their known public statements. And they were proven unequivocally to be Seditionists though none call them so. Mattis' resignation letter was appalling, showing him to be a Globalist, which by definition makes him a Traitor. Kelly clearly attempted to undermine the lawful authority of the President. Both men in a fairer world would have been properly shot at dawn on National Television. So much for the value of intel reports.

      In any event, time will tell relative to accuracy. In the absence of someone of Steve Piecnzenik,MD's caliber such as Dr. Robert Cancro, Chairman Emeritus NYU Psychiatry, doing the mental status exam, until I see a proper example of cognitive failure I will not accept a tacit report when Trump routinely demonstrates the opposite every day on TV and stadiums.

    3. We would welcome a comprehensive check to measure his cognitive understanding and communication capacity.
      I have seen enough muddled, non cogent ramblings to concern me. So Yes please, let's clarify his mental capabilities.

  56. Tino,

    1. It almost all happened within US jurisdiction.
    2. Roberts was 18 or 19 when the alleged incidents supposedly happened here. The Sex age of 16 upwards here is legal.
    3. It's simply profiling here for Roberts as a teenage girl allegedly prostituting herself for money, now seeking a second Greenmail bite. If profiles like willing to take a booking as hooking,then squealing when dropped at 19.

    There just is no case here. It reads like a willing, consenting sex case. Legal!

    The real issues are the minors and the guys taking. It needs Maxell in the hot seat. Mossad Maxwell! Then throw the book at them.

    If any evidence shows Andrew has been involved with any of 15 or younger, please expose. Then he's down.

    Where is Maxwell and who were all the list of Epslime visitors. Which girls and what stories?
    For real Justice PLEASE, then interview the wives. In public even better.

    Who was Eplime and Mossad Blackmailing? For what?

  57. John,

    What leads you to believe anything will change this go around with settlements? To your point, you’ve been here before without a tangible result. Have you reached an inflection point?

  58. What if all of this is an elaborate ruse?

    1. Patience and very strong belief is paramount AB IRATO.

  59. There are certain serious discussions but gagged

    1. Are all financial transactions gagged John? Can you speak on sovereign deals? Do they go first? Cheers to the BSD'S!!

    2. All REAL issues gagged. Only Broker BS Artists are Yapping.
      1. There is no way the Bankrupt US is bailing Broker groups .
      2. The EU has no money, nor does China.
      3.the Elders will never hand over their gold to have the rest stolen.No chance.
      4.The ONLY fully cleared On Balance Sheet money applicable is owed to the Elders and the Patriots and only they have the Projects and Professional Trust advisors to justify releasing any of it.
      Our case is simple. Start with that and let us restructure the merited infrastructure and focus on regenerating the communities.

      We have offered to cancel the offshore skim offs, pay our taxes, and put the funds back to rebuilding the economies and re assessing food chain suppliers like Biffie who can become community suppliers not importing it.
      We ARE listening and we do Carry the cases with us.

      We need to scrap the Fed. Sincere its inception, by charging such fees and interest as was levied, for worthless paper, this complete Zionist scam enabled these Crooks to skim out today's values of vast Ts from which they build vast criminal owned Empires.
      The lying, thieving Fed and Deep Start Partners, have reneged on all trusting Allies, invaded Asia for gain, boosted the Drugs and arms sales, and forced an Arm's race they have lost.
      Our entire Political operations are full of Grifters, Skanks and Weevils. Both America's houses are funded and owned by Jewish money directed by Mossad. The world's number One Terrorist organisation. No party is elected US President without Jewish money and Jewish strings. Mossad puppets.
      The world is a chaotic mess. Why would the Criminals in charge cease thieving?
      We, the people, have to change it, and if we can just get the PPs started, we can.
      If not, we are walking into WW111 and no one Stateside has a clue of Domestic mass wars. Only Russia, China and Britain have survived that. At huge cost.
      The next 2 weeks will tell us a lot. Our plans will not be exposed, but they are highly beneficial to our nation's with no community scams. But first, the first integral redemptions. Or more obfuscation and lies?

      If America does not change its ways those 20k mph missiles and 200mph torpedoes will unleash. Russia is cranking up war games, as are China. Wake up.

    3. What I envision John, is a huge hemp processing and manufacturing plant. Would create many jobs, and churn out many different fibers and oils to make different biodegradable products. If hemp had not been outlawed many years ago, we would of had those products all along. There are so many possibilities.

    4. I always keep this in mind when discussing tactical funds use, hydroponics too

    5. Heck Man. I am an awesome grower. You should see my veggie garden. LOL

  60. This week's media absurdity is from Newsweek. They headlined Trump as doing nothing but playing golf through the Holiday, all the while he was on his way to Afghanistan to spend it with U.S. troops. Some of the photos from the visit are quite remarkable.

  61. He's in London soon. Andrew will be begging for a Presidential Pardon. Lol.


  63. Joe Biden: And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.

  64. OMG, this guy is such a perv. He has no shame, morals, or brains. Some of America is so dumbed down and misled.

    1. This perverted sickening wanker needs a nice shiny bullet. Game over. Who's next?

  65. ‘Can you imagine our troops coming to France without invitation?’ Bashar Assad blasts French ‘occupation’ of Syria
    28 Nov, 2019 13:15

    1. And so he bloody well should. Every foreign force should get the hell out of Syria. Stop stealing their resources and leave them in peace.

  66. Be assured, Frances Globalist ambitions will lead to serious EU military escalations. Macron has already suggested the need for an expanded EU Military to stand up to the US

    1. Macron = Little man big mouth.

    2. And a Military flag of a white cross on a white background.
      A Fighter jet named Mirage,never seen in combat.
      The 2 most important words every Frenchman learns in combat. "I surrender."
      2 to 3 hour lunch breaks, often not returning after lunch.
      Experts at defrauding the EU of every type of subsidy going. France only TAKES from the EU as a bloated parasite.
      I had a number of French girl friends. They gave French men a 3/10 rating. They cross the Channel for action. Macron married his Granny. Look at them. He was a schoolboy bagged by a Teacher.

    3. OMG John, sometimes you are so spot on. Cheers to you mate.

      Actually, it may not be so nice to bag the older woman here. So what if she likes playing with the younger man. A little fun is ok in my book. Is that the sisterhood bs you speak of? Not so.

      The accent may seem stimulating to some but dig a little deeper and you hopefully see what you are dealing with re this specific topic. All front no substance. Well, that opinion is from my limited experience that is. Not meant to be judgemental.

    4. Smile and take nothing seriously. Especially people. Behind every supposedly great man is a very surprised wife.
      And as Jimmy Goldsmith once said, every time a man marries, he creates an opportunity for a Mistress. Life is strange.
      The only thing which matters in life, is knowing the difference because nothing lasts.
      The Queen of England had it all.
      Now even she has a family in free fall.
      And tonight, when Panerama features Andrew yet again, the Roof leaks on the Royals.
      Harry is looking like a train wreck in waiting with Wannabe Meghan whose a known Bolter.
      Charles is a doddering fool and Edward is best left unsaid. Philip is just tottering by the day.
      The only hope for the Monarchy is William, but with these scandals?
      Right now idiot Andrew is causing seismic damage, and Harry looks like Meghan's wimp.
      Families? Great Queen, Shame about the rest. Suddenly the Goldfish bowl is cracking.

    5. OK John, I'll agree with you that the Queen is ok lol. I see your point.

      And generally, behind every great man is a bloody good woman. If I may be so bold to correct you there.

      Well, marriage was never something I did. For whatever reason, I'm not sure. Had the offers but it just did not seem to fit at the time. Marriage to me was the most major commitment and one that could not be taken lightly. Far out, that a commitment for life in my book and I seriously do not believe anyone I have ever met could be counted on that long.

      You were married. And although you seem to have had some issues along the way I wonder about a few things. How come you did not completely and utterly suss out the chosen one? I hope I am not being too bold in asking that. You seem to carry so much pain re you marriage, even though I know you will not admit that. Your anger re you marriage is quite evident in your expressions when you discuss it.

      Anyway John, you were married, there must have been some nice times even if some issues occurred along the way and in the end. Don't hold hate within you for those experiences. With good sometimes comes some unpleasant stuff. Tough it out and take the good from those experiences. You were lucky to find someone you loved enough to marry. Look what you have as a result of that union. Pretty good stuff would you not say?

      Anyway, I don't know why the heck I am being so bloody corny tonight. Maybe you bring something out in me that turns me into a big softy. Or it could be the bloody good alcohol I have immersed myself in tonight. Heck John, I know you hate boozers but sometimes life is so frickin unpleasant these days, it's my only escape for the shit that surrounds me. Big SORRY if I offend you.

    6. "And as Jimmy Goldsmith once said, every time a man marries, he creates an opportunity for a Mistress. Life is strange."

      Actually, I am going to take issue with that comment. No weaseling out either big boy. LOL

      You continue to elude that the woman is always at fault. NOT SO. If everyone made the right extremely well considered choice when they decided to commit to a marriage then it's a 50/50 deal.

      For expamle, look at our long lost Texian's marriage. Look at Mygirl's marriage. These are wonderfully and beautifully committed woman who deeply love their chosen life partners. They seem to have found absolutely beautiful men to spend their lives with. They love their men. And from what I see they would walk to hell and back for those men. As I believe those men would do for them.

      I know a woman can become a little naggy at times. But do you possibly consider why that may be?

      Heck, I'm no expert in this game, relationships have never worked out for me. I'm a solo flyer now.

    7. Smiling.

      I don't carry anger, just sadness at people, their fundamental lack of awareness of realities and their smug status of being, before the cards crash down.

      I've seen the heights and the lows, the Class acts and the virtual Hos.

      Life is all too often to busy to Suss out the Chosen one, who is almost always married to a complete Tosser. The Gods play these card tricks.

      There's a difference between a Drink and a constant Drunk. Alkies are almost beyond repair and the physical consequences, a horror story.
      Kidneys, Liver, Jaundice hits, and so much else. Multi organ failures. Dreadful to see. Brain cells are erased and false memories take over. Lying, deviant desperate Skanks by then. Beyond hope. Beyond help. Families lose. All for Selfish Losers. With life they can't cope, so its Drink or Dope, or both. Existence drains away for gibbering idiots. Both sides.
      I don't get offended. Life is not that serious. We live, we die,the key is to know-Why? Then to sit above, to reason why?

      I still see way to much good also in life to be grateful to feel.
      And the mega girls along the way. Life can be- great.
      The key is - The first sign of trouble, they are gone. If it's good it works. If not, replace. There's no shortage in the whole human race.
      There are way more important issues to deal with daily. Existence on which planes?
      Ethereal knowledge
      brings ultimate purpose of being. The Wisdom, knowledge and power. Contained.

      I leave false Gods to sad Sods. Life is more.

    8. Thanks for taking the time to share that John. Very nice.

      My kidneys and liver are in magnificent shape and always have been. Heck, maybe I really am part SuperWoman. LOL

      Have a great day John. I'm off to mow lawns now.

    9. Who's gone at the first sign of trouble?? I may have been married a year at that rate, rather than coming up on 45 in a couple of months. I was not raised to be a quitter. Not would I ever want to give my parents the opportunity to say "I told you so." Sometimes we stay for all the wrong reasons. And it turns out to have been the best thing we could have ever imagined, anyway. :)

      Nice to see you back, Aurataya!

  67. Hey Canauzzie,
    How is everything going with your new business?
    I miss you here. You are the voice of reason and wisdom.


    1. All good here thanks.

      I am always around, just never comment unless I feel compelled to. As the administrator and owner of this website, I do not want to influence the flow of discussion.

    2. Nice to hear from you Canauzzie.

      I do appreciate your stance and thank you for sharing that. Such a shame though as you have so much to offer.

  68. DSG's supercavitating underwater bullets annihilate ballistics tests.

    The narrow corridor of air the CAV-X bullets create for themselves through supercavitation is the secret to how they go through water so easily.

    Regular bullets decelerate so quickly in water that they only make it a few feet. But Norway's DSG has used the drag-reducing abilities of supercavitation to produce some extraordinary projectiles that'll hit submerged targets up to 200 feet away.


  69. Believe what you want,

    About Trump
    Written by Sylvain LAFOREST on 15/11/2019

    The timing is right for everyone to understand what Donald Trump is doing, and try to decrypt the ambiguity of how he is doing it. The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs, but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his objectives, his strategy is so refined and subtle that next to no one can see it. His overall objective is so ambitious that he has to follow random elliptic courses to get from point A to point B, using patterns that throw people off on their comprehension of the man. That includes most independent journalists and so-called alternative analysts, as much as Western mainstream fake-news publishers and a large majority of the population.Read the rest at

  70. Panarama in just an hour will out major allegations right down Andrews throat leaving him nowhere to hide. One is lying. Who? For Andrew it's all exposed. The FBI follow up will be ruthless. The MSM think it's Xmas.
    The Pompous Prince now thinks he's having a nightmare. He will do when the agenda arrive.
    He's missing a key factor, you all are. Maxwell will sell his Ass for a plea deal. Right now he's a free lunch about to be eaten.

  71. Prince Andrew. Saw out-takes. He's toast. Stick a fork in him. He's done. Even IF there are no minors (<<17)) it is all conduct unbecoming.

    1. Because shes been molested since 10, she knowingly became a sex slave for money and travelled to serve Jeffrey and others. Sad, and ugly for Andrew.
      But, shes street legal here at 16 for sex. The fact that she was prostituting herself for money, means that she is a guilty party here.
      It's sad, she's been an abused kid and from a tough family zone.

      Its way too messy and she took c$160,000 dollars to sell her story so it's already dubious. Instead of shame she's been milking it for years for money. Her case won't get off the ground here. No court is going to extradite the Queens son for Roberts. Won't happen. She's already shoddy goods in law. She sold out fast for the Tabloids, and she's at it again for Greenmail Attorneys. The false tears are for effect. She's had her moment of fame but that's not going to cut it here.

      The media are grooming her now. Have you seen how visibly low life her Attorneys are? Total bottom feeders.

      But the rest of your case is correct.
      Andrew will have to cooperate with FBI questioning here now. Her dirtbag Attorney's won't get access.
      But as a Prince hes now totalled.

      1.He won't be appearing on any more family balconies.
      2.All his Royal links have been cancelled. Regiments want him out.
      3.He's now beyond damaged goods. No one can clear a room faster than him walking in. He's shamed the family and Monarchy. It's rattled Charles and William.
      No one will touch him now. He's socially finished.All his Freenbies will end. He will get turfed out of that vast house on the Windsor Estate he rents from the Queens Trust.
      His entire Social Standing and life has imploded. He's a Leper now to the family.
      He's blown his Daughters wedding plans wide apart.
      They man is in freefall. He's Financially totalled. Charles and William will have him out of Windsor and into a small apartment. Fergie can forget Rent free shes out. His kids will diss him next. He's broke, untouchable and finished.

      But, the key is Maxwell, she's got to be brought in by US authorities. A Mossad agent like her low life Criminal father. She was the clear Madam who trawled for these kids. Vile. She will be extradited. Expect her to run to Israel soon.
      She has all the answers.

      Andrew is just a pathetic Slob whose crashed to earth. He's lost everything. He's so well known, how does he now survive? He may have to leave the UK. He's untouchable.
      Maxwell should do a lot of time for this. She is the real case. There are worse cases than Roberts. When is Maxwell being lifted?

      But correct, he is beyond toast. Beyond!

    2. You're comments are scary sometimes.

      Prostituting herself for money? She was a trauma based abuse victim. She's 10 years old Fool! Probably needed money because she had no home, no money, no education because instead of school she was in human traffic ring.

      Get real with your BS comments.

    3. Courts will look at the facts. As now. She came in for Bucks. As now Tabloid money. She chose her path, not before, but she went to Epstein's for money. She will get nowhere here. It's way too dubious a case.
      Maxwell is who you want. Focus on her.
      She was already Trailer Trash when she came to Epstein's. All laid out last night.This was no Vestal Virgin. Save it for real cases. Define a hooker? Or a trainee one. She got paid for what? Hello?

  72. That would be cool if DJT's AG starts doing his job! SO MUCH dirt/evidence on all these gangster/zionists!

    1. Absolute to above. Way beyond time but he's so F compromised to them in reality. They fund his runs and they own his Butt. He's a Monkey on a leash. Until they turn on him like the Political Skank Jews have now.

    2. sigh.. anything to distract from Andrew, right John? And I have to tell you, your attitude toward these girls just continues to be appalling. How about this? What if Andrew and his buddies didn't pay to fiddle with the little girls they wouldn't be cashing in on stories etc?

    3. Andrew didn't pay, Epstein did. She took the money. Andrew just got freebies and God, it ain't free now. He's in free- Fall!

      If these Gold diggers did not line up for money, no case.
      Always, the Oldest Profession. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Guys don't do it.

      Get Maxwell.She's a Brit Israeli Mossad piece of dirt.
      Her father was a crook who robbed the Newspaper Pension funds. A Mossad agent.
      She's the Madam and she mass recruited. She's the one you want. A Sisterhood Madam who abused her own. Andrew just a gullible idiot! He's finished.

      So what about the others? All of them. Maxwell suckered these girls in.

      They all came running for money. None were kidnapped.
      Roberts keeps appearing for Tabloid money. Trailer trash most of them. That's where they trawled for most of them. Female Clintons.

      This was no naive little virgin schoolgirl. She was abused from 10. Look there.
      Crocodile tears. Hands out. Trailer trash.

    4. Wow!! She was abused since she was 10, so I guess it was okay for your precious Prince to fiddle with her, I mean after all she wasn't part of the Royal Family right?!!! Trailer Trash? SHE WAS FREAKING ABUSED.. no fault of her own. You're really ticking me off John the way you're talking about these victims.

      Well, one day, God forbid if any female in your family is raped or otherwise sexually assaulted we will say that she deserved it. That's what you're saying here about this girl.

      So John, the children, mostly boys that were raped by priests, they too were trash right? I mean really, the priests didn't pay for their fiddling.

      You need to stay silent on any victim of sexual abuse. Your comments are disgusting.

      And by the way, Andrew didn't get it for free. I am positive cash was exchanged between he and Epstein.

    5. Watch the Panorama viewing it's balanced.


    6. John, your comments on this matter are highly prejudicial and rot with malice. You talk of these girls as if they were members of the banking industry.

      I won't bother watching Panorama, cause if you are promoting it as balanced.... that is all I need to know.

      It is no wonder at all why the UK has such a rampant pedo and grooming gang problem. It is a morally bankrupt country if this is a common opinion.

      So at 17 in the UK you cannot buy alcohol or vote. Kiddie fiddling by perverted old men is ok though? As long as they give the kid a couple schillings?

    7. Get the facts so far.

      No evidence shows Andrew to have paid,but sure as hell she's been trafficked by Epstein for favours. Or blackmail.

      Few Judges watching Panarama will see her as a sensitive flower.
      Sorry I've seen too many groupies games.We can't blame Andrew for her previous life. Pursue those guilty.

      Morally bankrupt.Try being blatantly approached as I was on Vancouver Island by a Hooker right in my face, It shook my views of Canada.

      Grooming here has been the Pakies. We deplore it.
      Barnie Frank? DC?

      No one approves kiddie fiddling.

      You need to factor in she was paid. Choice! Do I approve, No, but she chose to do it. It's way more complex that this. Andrew was naive. God has he paid. Totalled.
      Andrew is now ostracised. It's all coming out one way or another. Let it play through. Facts first? She's been paid a lot so far. And media groomed.


    8. First off, you make this about Andrew.... I don't. Except to be very clear and point out I have never said he was guilty. This IS all about your characterization of the "girls". Plain and simple so stop obfuscating.

      You telling me to "get the facts", thank you for the entertainment, however cleaning off my desk and computer screen from bursting out in laughter with coffee originally in my mouth, now everywhere, was a hard price to pay for comedic enjoyment. And I will just leave it at that...

      Always extremes. Who said she was a "sensitive flower"? Refusing to slut-shame her is eulogizing, sorry I forgot.

      So allowing grooming gangs to continue unabated until it became public was evidence of deploring it?

      No one will be surprised to hear that Canada has Hookers. I am curious what exactly were your views of Canada if this apparent hidden knowledge shook your "views" so much. Terrified you may loose one of the dollar prisoners?

      I need to factor in she was paid? You need to factor in the maturity level of the one making that choice. A contractual agreement with a minor? Who in their right mind would give that any credibility?

      Now this is about your opinion and you are justifying your position based on the way it is in the UK. So stay on topic. Deflecting to Canada and the US, refusing to just own it, is not a arguable position. Ever hear of two wrongs don't make a right?

      Someone is not a rapist for asking for a dollar, however paying a dollar does not absolve someone of rape. That is what this is about. The rest window dressing and it's not fooling anyone.

  73. Trump is here to talk NATO funding.

    The EU does not want to pay more. Some want NATO out. THe EU wants the US out of Europe.
    The big push right now is replacing the dollar. Only that threat to sanction countries keeps the nations out on a limb. Iran has told the US to go F itself.

    Russia and China are both trying to replace SWIFT and the dollar. If they achieve that the US Hegemony game is over.

    America needs to use its enormous skill base to trade out. Leave the Wars to the Zionist whores. America needs to build trade,build relationships. Make America strong again.

    Build wealth not body bag mountains. America has enormous potential. Use it.

    The Zionist Viper scumbags throttling America and the world needs de Lousing.

    Our ONLY reason to assist Eurasia is because it's the best way we can create a new Appian Way for the lot of them. No prevaricating. A round up. The EU hates them. Russia more so. China can be trusted to act in unison as we clear sweep Eurasia. Eurasia won't prevaricate. Siberia calls.

    Be Clear, AMERICANS are NOT the real cause of problems. It's this Racketeering filth which has hijacked the nation, taken control of its banking,and its Pisshole in the Snow eyed Kazar trash now control both houses, and dominate policies. Kushner acts for Mossad and the Zio Crime Families. This Rodent Dweeb is toxic for America. Their Attorneys are Gatekeepers for these Weevils.

    They are the sub species harming America and its people. Why should you die, for a Zios lie?
    For F sake Arm Iran! Russian and China will!
    Even Kissinger accepts Israel will fail. Armageddon!


    Just a few short days after Poland’s government touted its economic might after completing the repatriation of 100 tons of the barbarous relic; and with Hungary's anti-immigrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban also ramping up holdings of the safe-haven asset to boost the security of his reserves, more Eastern European nationalist leaders are demanding their country's gold back on home soil.

  75. Once the worthless Zionist Petro Dollar Fraud goes bang, Gold talks.

  76. The US focus right now needs to be the new Treasury dollar. Trump can only do this once he makes a Non Jew the US Treasury Secretary. How can he do that when they own his Ass? Their claws will never let go. Why did EVERY EU nation want them out in 1939? Even the cunning neutral Swiss in the 1940s.lured theirs to Basle on the German border promising release of funds via the Basle branch and a free lift to the branch.

    The look on their faces, as the cars carrying them stopped over the border instead. All pre set up. The Gestapo SS were waiting. Sorted. Then they stripped the accounts. One way trips.

    Rots were exiled from France.

    Americans need shelter from the hopeful coming Zios Fed melt down. So does the world. We are discussing how best to progress if we blow them out of the water with new currencies. We do their tricks, and take the lot. As they do to all via their rotten FRB NY Scam operation. Poetic justice. Who will shed a tear this time? The Russians rounded them up.Thrown out of how many countries?

  77. To me, Epstein is guilty as hell for clear trafficking. His Estate needs to be hit for Proceeds of Crime. Take the lot!

    But also, a far more valid use, instead of it being ram raided by Greenmailing Scumbag Attorneys, why not use these funds to go out and rescue as many real real girl victims being sold in Whorehouses as possible, and slam all the Pimps and Madams inside for a minimum 10 years hard time. That to me is a far better use. It needs a Global campaign. We are all turning a blind eye. We need to focus on getting all these girls out of such appalling activities. But some are so willing. A German 23 years old girl shown on TV handles 20 clients a day in Munich and treats this as her profession. She's had 15,000 clients over the last 3 years. These places are growing. Where are standards today?

    She was so willing for money, many are.

    It's an awful way to live. To be trafficked and forced by Gangsters like the Russians,Albanians and Romanians even worse.

    Put those funds to use to tackle real abuse. Let some good come from it.

    None these low life Attorneys give a damn about the victims it's all money. These funds can rescue many. Not line the pockets of Freeloading Attorneys.

    Let real justice rule.

  78. William Barr is starting to De Classify Spygate info.
    That may scoop up a lot more.

  79. Let Andrew answer to the FBI. Get the facts. Most important GET MAXWELL!
    Then judge.

    How many victims? Who? How?

    What about the others, who unlike Roberts, have not been cashing in from Tabloids for years. There will be far worse cases to be found yet. Hear their stories.
    How bad is it? Have others been with Andrew? Who if so?

    He took Epstein to Royal Ascot races. Maxwell also. All this is hitting the fan. This has weeks to run. Maxwell knows she's got it coming soon.
    Who the hell were all the Attendees over the years? Name and shame?

  80. Interesting Capital Spike movements towards the end of next week. Possible major steps it needs calm hands now for the majors. We will keep you advised afterwards.

    1. John,

      I'm terrible at reading between the lines. Is this an extension of good will in your negotiations from the other side?

  81. Macron at the London summit with Trump and the Nato Leaders attacked NATO as Brain Dead. Macron is seeking a closer relationship with Russia and clearly wants America out of Europe now. Allies heh? Macron is falling out with Germany. He attacks America. The West is crumbling.

  82. Who else were Virginia Roberts and the other girls trafficked to? This is the stinkpot which is hiding behind closed doors. Name them.
    Who was Epsteins funder because he had no Trading record. Was this all a Mossad Sting operation? It needs exposing.
    Andrew is beyond cooked. Who are the others hiding in plain sight?
    While the media continues battering a brain dead Slob,the others escape. Who and what was behind Epstein? The real questions. The real damage.

  83. Thanks to @realDonaldTrump’s efforts with #NATO:

    *$130B in new defense spending

    *the biggest increase in a generation

    *9 NATO allies are fulfilling their spending commitment, up from 4 in 2017

    POTUS is getting results on the world stage!

  84. All or Nothing.

    1. The Democrats Impeachment game counts for nothing on the world stage. The educated world looks through the smoke and bluster and sees just another cluster of vengent Political Jews ganging up up on the President to get their own way and to stop him from stopping their virulent crime and sleaze games. How does he break free of their clutches?

    2. It's time for Barr to shut up waffling and get the arrests and charges levied. Publicise it!
    3. Now Kavanagh is clear of the obstruction games, where are the changes he was brought in to make? Is his a Fake Appointment? Time for Kavanagh to show action.
    4. If the Dems had a brain in their heads the Impeachment game would cease.
    5.Biden is slime. Bloomberg is just ego tripping. Pocahontas is a joke. Hillary, no chance!

    Be careful getting carried away over NATO. Macron wants an EU Army . Brussels will condone it. Macron and the EU WILL build a much closer link with Russia now. Trade is expanding. All know Eurasia is the way forward. Americas links to the EU are fading. You will be sold out for China and Russia. Only the UK remains your close Allie. Macron and Canada's Poodle Faker Boy were heard on an open microphone slagging off Trump. He's been advised. Be careful who you trust. This may hurt Canada with Trump.

    Trump needs to focus now on the releases. As ever he's trapped by the F Zios! You need a Stasi badly!
    Melania is fronting well for you all.

    William is in Kuwait he could not attend. Andrew was kicked out and waster Harry is on a 6 weeks break with Megan "Relaxing". Read Megan muzzled!

    Kate did well for William.She's an asset.

    The world has had it with US inspired wars it wants out of spending funding arms companies. We need a war on the F Zios and the Mossad Rat Gang.!

    We need to focus on educating humanity. Inspire creative thoughts.

  85. Trump considering sanctions on Turkey...he does not like them buying arms from Russia.


    Nancy Pelosi tells the UN climate summit, ‘we are still in it’ after Trump withdrew from the Paris climate deal last month

    1. Expect Russian Arms sales to Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. The US has lost to all. Syria and Iran are big losses. When the day of reckoning comes,Turkey,Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt will all link up to annihilate Israel. Palestine will pick its bones. The Middle East is a Caldron of Despots.

  87. Having seen the film and mic copy of Justin Trudeau mocking him at the Palace NATO meeting Trump has just slammed him as 2 faced and Canada can now expect no mercy in US tariffs and trade deals. Trudeau haa given Trump as bad perception of Canadians as treacherous. Trudeau has put his nation on the block, face down. What a mess. Canada's biggest outlet is pissed.
    What's happening to Canadians?

  88. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. Nor did his banker...

    Jeffrey Epstein’s private wealth banker, who brokered and signed off on untold multiple millions of dollars in controversial Deutsche Bank and Citibank loans spanning two decades for the convicted pedophile, has died from a reported suicide.

    The news of yet another mysterious Epstein-linked death comes shortly after the FBI was seeking to interview the bank executive about loans he approved for Epstein and the indicted child trafficker’s labyrinth of US-based and offshore companies.

    The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner confirmed Thomas Bowers died by an apparent suicide by hanging at his home before Thanksgiving.

    Epstein likewise died from a reported suicide by hanging, according to the New York City Medical Examiner.

  89. Virginia Roberts needs an insurance policy if she keeps squawking for bucks. 160K USD from the Daily Mail. Probably more from.Panarama. also others media's. She may be milking it now, but accidents happen. A sensible advisor would have got her a discrete settlement but the Shylock's and Brethren Attorneys smell a fast killing. Clearly she doesn't factor in whose.
    It's a Chess Board and pawns are expendable. They think they are players then suddenly get taken.

    I've been pushing get Maxwell for weeks. Today the MSM have woken up and the search is on between Russia, Israel and France. Assume WE have an interest and she's now a pawn we seek.
    Maxwell has a lot to answer for. It seems to take weeks to get action, so now again, who else was Roberts trafficked to ? Names and why?,
    Which other girls were trafficked and to who? Names?
    We have media allegations of Epstein and a 13 year old..Who?

    It's been alleged that Tony Blair, Mandelson and Alistair Campbell made visits. Why? Which girls or boys were used?
    As I said, it's Agency interest now and exposure will follow. If we nail Blair, Mandelson or Campbell with any of this, they will be hit with a S storm,!

    Way too much time is wasted on Roberts it's old news. So many alleged sewer rats are hiding. They need exposing.
    How many men and women have abused these kids. They need to sue the lot.
    We need a Woman Dragnet hunt for Maxwell and all of them. Who were the other girls and I've seen girls hurt far more than Roberts no one is helping.
    We need Maxwell and expect her to run to Russia if not already.
    Spencer Kuvin is an Attorney representing 3 of the women who believes Maxwell is trying to cut a Plea Deal.
    This has become Agency territory now.
    MI6 are on it now so work out the rest.
    Maxwell knows how bad this is for her. She saw how her Father was killed on his yacht by Mossad. He was a mega Fraud who paid with his life.
    Roberts is a pawn in play with ruthless attorneys.
    What is the story with the rest? Be assured, it's coming.


    1. John.... what if you are misreading Roberts' intentions? It is possible. Considering the only justice any of these girls are likely to have is in civil court, why make them hush hush and discrete? Why not publicly crucify them? Making a few bucks while doing it is no shame either.

      Let the chips fall where they may, in public. Let's see who is lying. Total transparency. The way all things should be done.

    2. The other girls have not cashed on on every turn and were contacted by attorneys for a Class Action.
      As such, they will be heard with dignity, compassion will be high, and the Court is likely to address any damages with sympathy and dignity. Correctly!

      Roberts has been cashing in on every turn and will be heavily attacked by the Defense as behaving like a Hooker. The rest are safe they have not ambulance chased and some were reluctant even to feature. All noted
      Because Roberts has been and is, visibly coached by a scurrilous Publicist and Media, multi forces have now been activated in damage limitation.
      She has, in effect, blown her chances of getting Andrew into any Court action here because she has negated any chance of a fair hearing. If she wanted a Witch Hunt, it's worked, but dirty washing in public this way?
      Now Palace forces have gone into overdrive.
      1. Andrew has been removed from all Public exposure in disgrace.
      2. His life is totalled. There is no way back. My view, on the balanced evidence of what I've seen he would appear beyond naive, arrogant and gave a very dubious interview against all experienced advice. He is shunned and disgraced here. A Leper.

      But there are major forces now at work.
      He's brought the entire Monarchy into disgrace so a different view is rolling out.
      Because she's perceived by Higher Authorities as just a money grabbing person of mercurial low character who got entangled, and whilst unfortunate, it's perceived as a person of low character on the make. She's pre empted Justice and it's backfiring. She's visibly being groomed to publicly seek sympathy without the Defendant having a right of confidentiality pre trial. Innocent or guilty she has wantonly denied him a fair hearing and experienced Advocates will appeal any court now has a corrupted case. He will walk!

      Be clear, I don't like the Prince, I don't like his low moral conduct and I feel the same revulsion. We don't differ.
      My only case is Roberts vexatious publicising it pre trial and milking it on every corner. A Vixen with grubby hands is how she's going to get portrayed.
      People see her game. Also false crocodile tears. Neither will come out of this well .
      The other girls will get absolute public sympathy. Full understanding. Roberts is losing moral standing. With it, sympathy. This has now activated High Level strategic thinking.
      Why should a hard working Monarchy such as the Queen, William and Kate be dragged into this and even by association smeared?
      There are higher forces now activated. Agencies!

      Maxwell has now fully attracted Media attention. Her father was a notorious Zionist crook ,a Mossad Agent and murdered by Mossad. Epstein portrays Mossad all over and this whole dubious Honey Trap will take a lot down.
      Epstein is dead but Maxwell and all visitors need full exposure. Some of ours are alleged to have been visitors. That needs exposing in fact.

      Maxwell is now being hunted by the Media, but assume both our Agencies now have an interest and will work together. She will be found and this time we need to fight to block Plea Bargains. So much dirt needs to be exposed in open court and allow experienced Judiciary the right of Damages judgment.

      Roberts will lose the moral high ground and she's in for highly focused questioning with head on character assassination. This will get her another slice of the cake but with it, a reputation for life. The other girls have been correctly discrete and good luck to them . They will be accorded sympathy and responsible witness interrogation Also a sympathetic media.
      Roberts? She now has adversarial forced with higher agendas in play.

      Mr Bond, we have another job for you but don't use the Aston this time. ( humour!!)
      To me the good thing is the hunt for Maxwell. This may now bring down many public figures in a walk of Shame. This is where the focus needs to be.

    3. I have something to say regarding this matter. As we are now at 204 comments on this comment section I shall delay my response and see where the new comment section heads regarding this topic.

      There most definitely is an area here we are not touching upon.

  90. Impeachment hearings resume.

    Key players for impeachment:

    Nadler (Zio)
    Eisen (Zio)
    Feldman (Zio)
    Karlan (Zio)

    1. The Jerry Nadler impeachment inquiry hearing this morning was just plain unbearable to watch. There is no doubt the Democrats made a huge mistake by bringing on partisan hack attorneys to lecture Americans on their jaded opinions. In fact, they were caught “lying and distorting the truth” so badly, this will go down as one of the biggest farces ever in the history of Congress.

    2. Tony

      The facts says it all. 100% Rodents!!! We call it they throw the anti S crap at us. I tell them the only S that's relevant for you is a one way ticket to Siberia.
      He should attend for an hour, but have 6 hanging nooses behind his head with a trapped rat in each. Back at you to them!

    3. Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says an "expert" that Democrats brought before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to talk about the constitutional references to impeachment wasn't exactly a "witness."

      She's better described as a financial supporter of Hillary Clinton with a personal grudge against President Trump's election because she "was on Hillary Clinton's short list of Supreme Court nominees," an opportunity she lost when Clinton failed to win in 2016.

  91. President Trump decided to cut short his NATO meeting in London. Angry and annoyed at Trudeau and Macron mocking him behind his back he's angry. France and Canada now have tensions asking for Presidential support.
    Nato has problems now and the farcical behaviour of Macron and Trudeau has really annoyed Trump. Leaving early is alarming for Allies. Insulting a key Allie? He now sees their duplicity

  92. Trudeau is now being savaged by the media. He's deeply offended the US President by ridiculing him behind his back and all caught on film. He's called his helicopter and left early angrily on Air Force One. Canada has a Diplomatic crisis now. When the US President gets home he's going to see the savage way the media have called out Trudeau for ridiculing his closest Allie and supported Trump's right to ask who needs a backstabbing neighbour like this. Good luck with friendly tariffs now. The MSM are really calling out Trudeau now. Vengeance is mine thinks Trump!


    1. We have had a diplomatic crises since the Trudeau government took power.

      Liberal biased media with Democrat talking points has half the country brainwashed. Why do you think I speak out against their Astroturf all the time.

      I look the world over and I cannot find a more weak leader than Trudeau. It's beyond embarrassing.

      Usually when someone brings up the Canadian prime minister I get angry, cause I think of all the things he is not doing. When people bring up Trudeau I just feel .... shame.

      Canada has never had a female leader so I used "he" only.

    2. Funny. Trump didn't sound overly angry to me when he said "That was funny when I called him two-faced."

    3. He saw other media later and walked out angry. He left.

    4. My god, I am so sad to hear what you have shared there Canauzzie. I love Canada. I have such wonderful memories of the country and people there. It would be the one country I felt I could have relocated to if leaving Oz.

      Anyway, look at the total dickheads we have running the land down under. Total bloody criminal crooks.

  93. Replies
    1. If your talking Zios absolutely. How did they get it?
      But not the High Achievers, High Earners who do deserve it.
      Buffet and top Industrialists, no problem. Deserving funds.
      Zukemburg, Zio Bankers,Rotts? Take the lot! Heads with it.

  94. From WHA Keezy December 4, 2019 at 12:10 pm
    This guy stood up and said the truth to everyone

  95. A new UST dollar with a new non-zionist Treasury head would solve a LOT of problems, thats for sure!!

    1. The Zios block all attempts. When the President and both Houses are owned by these vermin, how?

  96. Trump should have walked right up to him and said, "I am right here.", then POW, right cross to the jaw on live tv!!

  97. All, (every last one) politicos are two faced. It is the nature of that business. Trump knows that.


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