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One World of Nations
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21 to 27 November, 2019

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  1. Picking up where we left off: The MSM is attempting a gaslight by saying exactly the opposite of what happened today (Nov 20). It is completely counter-factual (a-factual?). Sondland's testimony it turns out, actually answered in the negative when directly questioned on the key topics of whether there was a trade of favors or hold ups on the aid and if that was conditional. The footage is clear hearsay AND Sondland CLEARLY expresses that TRUMP NEVER SAID THE AID WAS CONDITIONAL and never talked to Sondland about it. Guiliani's request, was not about quid-pro-quos but that the Ukrainians announce their investigations publicly to be on the record. So not even 72 hours and already Sondland falls apart totally.

    It was amazing to see CNN put on the screen the exact opposite of what the witness was saying under questioning.

    1. You are seeing that too Tino? Well if we are seeing it, a whole lot of other people are seeing it. This is past ridiculous. Project Mockingbird comes to mind.

    2. TINO Right on! I hope John pays attention ~ I am Praying he gets better infomred sources leading him to the TRUTH.

    3. When the ambassador says, on record, we were all in on it?????
      Pompeo wants leave His credibility is being compromised working for the Lying King
      Who's drinking the Kool Aid,?

    4. The Ambassador, on the record, lied, obfuscated and prevaricated. The "all" was his group of seditionists. He should go down for perjury on his own testimony. His testimony was hearsay. He "presumed" the very guilt in question (his words!). He did not witness any wrong-doing whatsoever. He merely "disagreed" with policy. It was all fluff. On later live testimony he contradicted totally and modified his statements to the point that it was obvious he knew nothing and was second-guessing all those that were acting properly around him. The very timeline of events contradicts the (D) narrative. Even (D) rank-and-file are running away this impeachment.

  2. Interesting to see how next week goes for Trump. So far much adoo about nothing.

    No progress with his Walk as he thinks it runs through Colorado? He walks among you

    Netinyahu is being charged with Fraud and corruption. Typical Zio crook.

    China is furious the US has starting issuing edicts in HK , serious meddling. Unforgivable for China .
    Dangerous tensions

    Israel is attacking Syrian and Iranian positions asking for retaliatuon

    Settlements hard negotiations are very tense. A high stress zone.
    All fingers X for the team. Thanksgiving will mess up progress for some but the closing pressures are on.
    The PPs are right on the edge. Huge focus. These are pushed daily.

    Intense pressure is on the abusing banks to release large PPs even if phased. This is a daily battle ground. Achieve this and we unlock Pandora's box.

    The last thing we need us another overeach with China. The US has crossed the line . The world is a Tinder Box right now. Run by Fools.

    Recognising the mediocrity of UK Politicians we are already, post redemptions looking at the next wave of experienced, intelligent and ethical candidates we need to fast track to create effective alternatives to the complete Dross posing as Leaders today.

    1. Prescribe the Chinese some of their sub-standard Xanax (anxiolytic) and tell them to chill. What else did they expect vanishing the arrested? The Chinese had the moral high ground right until they destroyed it acting as barbarian thugs. Howevever, the crisis there is over at this point, 'edicts' being bluster of no consequence.

      Every finger Xed for you and your teams!

      My wife pushed Report#48p1 into the hands of some influential NY 'mighty mouths', not many hits -- but influential. It will be a wake-up call to their insulated reality.

    2. No progress with his Walk as he thinks it runs through Colorado? He walks among you. You need to look closer huge section already up

      Netinyahu is being charged with Fraud and corruption. Typical Zio crook.
      Nothing will happen, hes to protected

      China is furious the US has starting issuing edicts in HK , serious meddling. Unforgivable for China .
      Nothing to see hear fear mongering

      Dangerous tensions Israel is attacking Syrian and Iranian positions asking for retaliatuon. see above

      Settlements hard negotiations are very tense. A high stress zone. All fingers X for the team. Thanksgiving will mess up progress for some but the closing pressures are on. The PPs are right on the edge. Huge focus. These are pushed daily. Intense pressure is on the abusing banks to release large PPs even if phased. This is a daily battle ground. Achieve this and we unlock Pandora's box.

      Not holding my breath

  3. Dam mobile typos should read Wall not walk and good to see Tino flying the flag for Trump. Be clear the almost entire Euro media is very negative towards Trump. His integrity is forever questioned so it's as well to have a spectrum of views. Balance .

    1. Dear John,

      I am an American citizen. Every time you insult my President, the President that I voted for you insult me and others like me.

      President Trump works for ME and other Americans. Honestly? We could care less what the European Media thinks of our President.

      Are you not familiar with Operation Mockingbird? If not perhaps you should read up on it at this link

      It is VERY CLEAR to us who President Trump represents. It is TIME that the man/woman that we elect are faithful to US.

      I am sorry you don't seem to get it. Your relentless attacks on our President honestly mean nothing to us, we're used to the Globalists attacking him.


      An American Citizen.

      PS IT is very CLEAR that you read left rags... with your comment on the Wall. Construction has been ongoing. Your "go-to" rags aren't telling you that. That's okay. WE know the TRUTH.

    2. Hi Arizona - I'm Canadian and think President Trump is doing an excellent job- can't wait till he exposes the corruption and hopefully it will spread to Canada where we have the UN in our affairs - detest Turdeau - you are so fortunate to have someone who loves his country and is willing to stand up to the Globalists - John has been saying for 7 years that the "funds are to be released" I call bullshit - not sure if John is really aware of what is happening even though he professes to be in the know.

    3. Hi UNKNOWN Thank you. Yes President Trump was willing to fight for our country against these dirty globalists. And you know, I think our movement will and is going worldwide. It's slow going, but he is accomplishing much. The left leaning rags haven't told John this yet.

  4. If we can achieve the PP releases this can underpin vast new potential for the US and UK Great things. Innovation to boost each nation.

  5. For those actually watching the hearings, am I crazy or does Schiff have massively dilated pupils in a brightly lit room?

    Is he on drugs???

    1. John did say these types "...have eyes like two pissholes in the snow...".


    2. Every. Damn. Time. It's the Zio component that causes the Diaspora so many problems...

  6. President Putin says five men killed in huge explosion in northern Russia that caused sudden radiation spike died trying to create a weapon that ‘has no equal in the world’

    Nuclear engine for unlimited range? We certainly know from our own work in the 60's to 80's that we can get immense thrusts. (I know, I know, I just walked into John humor riposte. Sigh.)

    Alternatively, we do know that there is no real upper limit for hydrogen bombs...

    Alternatively, if memory serves the Russians were given some doomsday scalar weapon, it would require a massive energy source...

  7. Always remember,Never forget.November 22 1963. 56 years ago. JFK assassination.

    Was JFK's comment on "secret societies" a statement against the "NWO"? I searched this famous quote and finally found the full unedited written transcript and audio of this speech
    JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version) 2,313,747 views

    Repugnant: JFK on Secret Societies

    Eyewitness captures Polaroid of moment JFK was shot

    JFK Assassination: The Truth Told by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill 3,083,873 views

    JFK II - The Bush Connection - The Assassination of John F Kennedy - Must see Accurate Copy 41,461 views
    JFK Assassination Player George Herbert Walker Bush's eulogy snippet from President Ford's funeral in which he smiles and laughs on national television when referencing "a deluded gunman"

    The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate 2,084,062 views
    More than five decades after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November, 1963, for many people there remain troubling questions about the official story: Was Lee Harvey Oswald the killer? Did he act alone or was it a conspiracy?

    White Hats Report #48 - Episode I - Follow The Money 19,170 views Nov 17, 2019

    1. One story that circulated on the Net is so weird that it may just be true. It is the tale of a now long dead CIA operative who said that many years after the Kennedy assassination he crossed paths with a man in a changing room prior to a medical exam at a secure facility. The man was putting on his shirt, and the operative noticed the ugly gut wound scar. Before the man left he turned to the operative, "You'll figure it out anyway in a few minutes. One day the truth will come out and you will know just how much I loved this Nation and its People. Remember me kindly till then." The man turned away and left. The CIA operative in a flash of insight understood that he had just met Lee Harvey Oswald and fell weak-knee to a bench.

      Take the story for what it is worth...

  8. Tino

    Thanks for helping circulate 48 part 1.

    The sheer scale of what we hold as collective evidence is seismic.

    Trump does NOT work for you. When are you going to get it? He, like all of them, works as the CEO of the Corporation and toes the line when told.
    How many arrests?

    Now Kubuki puppets, Trump IS a commited Zio supporter. Are you sure whose suckering who? Who look on, and in, and it's like watching Sock Puppets in Drag. Beyond sad. See how history records this era.

    Sonic blasts re Hyper energy, think of immediacy of kinetic energy testing propulsions for parallel universe quantum time frequency jumping. Or trying and backlash if failing.

    1. TRUMP works for humanity you fool - try getting better info John - yours is old as shit.

    2. So far history will show you as gullible let's see how his role plays out. Deep Staters are not worried so far the Tweets do t match the results. 4 years coming up. How many arrested? Why has no one focused an the Clintons. how inept is this Administration ?

    3. President Trump is 12 moves ahead of the Deep State - this impeachment farce is showing the American people how the left (globalists) tried to pull a coup on a duly elected President - even the Independents are siding with the Republicans - be patient John - arrests will happen.

  9. You are seeing how in HK - Resistance is futile, the free , patriotic Hong Kong residents resisting Beijing are taken away.
    A British. Embassy worker who crossed into China, meddling, was taken away and tortured for 2 weeks. We have protested. They wave 2 fingers.

    China is assimilating HK it's over.

    Beijing WILL take back Taiwan. Beijing WILL assimilate South Korea.
    One day,as the world awakes to an almighty conflict never before witnessed, China will , supported by Russia in unison, have multi site taken out Japan and atomised it's US bases.
    Knowing you will then be surrounded by 30 of the world's most advanced Chinese/ Russian Subs each carrying 30 multi warhead nukes and unstoppable torpedoes about to annihilate your entire domestic based fleets, will you step into the abyss unfolding before you, or reflect, for you it's a No Win?
    Rome and the Barbarians?

    The Russian / Chinese pact has an agenda. Also a growing weapons lead at kaputin Year. Unstoppable torpedoes. A Space Rocket Propulsion lead and a growing Submarine superiority.
    But what you still don't know, is what Russia is continuing to send up and assemble in space such advanced weapons now targeting selective earth positions.
    China and Russia will elect selective timing. It will not be the war of the world's, but this.
    Be cautious, a very dangerous era is unfolding.
    Over 990 bases threatening the world and destroying civilisations, will pay a price. The Barbarians waited their time, assembled and sacked Rome.
    The highly sophisticated, deeply Empire Contemplating Middle Kingdom is emerging, with an agenda.
    They have time, but when it is The Time, God help humanity 3 Big Dogs but 2 will then face down one. Japan and Israel will be atomized. The choice?
    With 30 subs in position, 900 multi warheads tageting all key US global bases, and NATO about to be atomised if reacting, we will do what? ICBMs ready to go, hopefully not already in transit , Boys with Toys?
    What is evolving in the minds of men?
    The Colonists erupted and revolted against tyrannical British rule and America was born. Eurasia will revolt against US Tyranny, will the cost be humanity stillborn?
    As the Barbarians armed and positioned for stone, it came. History repeats itself. Cycles of man and conflicts of power.Angry man.

    I see a nation, truly so self absorbed in its own being, like the Old British Empire, it can not see the new power Democracies unfolding before it. Selective arrogance cost Britain. Ours was the power of the British Navy. We lost. You will.
    350 m people can no longer seek to subjugate 8 billion .
    When it comes payback will be seismic.
    China is conquering Space United with Russia. The Commissars are encircling all. The Iron fist will close.
    Both Empires combined, plot, plan and conquer territories first via trade. But for them there is more. We sleep. They don't.

    1. Well, thank you Dr. Strangelove.

      I sure hope the Chinese don't assimilate your teams in HK.

      I am betting that Mutually Assured Destruction will keep such a thing in check. The US still has a potent arsenal. They launch, we launch. Nuclear winter. Nobody wins. No PPs, but at least the dinar gurus will not blog anymore.

      I don't discount your assessment of Chinese strategy. They are crafty devils indeed.

      The one wild card here is the technology that is yet to develop over the years between now and the possible doomsday. This probably makes it almost impossible for us to predict when such a war will come, and who will dominate.

      Mother nature still holds the record for killing people. Diseases continue to kill far more people every year than war at this time in our history. US Civil war saw disease take 2 for every one killed in battle. A next world war will take everyone. Let's hope that does not happen.

      The only thing that saves us is the elimination of money and politics. Even then, mother nature itself is going to take its toll from time to time.

      Let's hope those releases come so we can see all the good you and your compatriates want to unleash with it. Good hunting.

    2. Indeed the releases will help both our nation's look onwards and De Louse. Brits are merciless with Skanks. Andrew just got disemboweled.
      His pampered useless daughters will now take a major hit as his source of income just imploded, all Royal privileges just got withdrawn and yesterday he had to make all his staff unemployed. His life is imploding. Shamed and despised. As our Politicos will experience head on. They are torn apart by the public in weekly talk shows. We have our Bear Pits.
      Our focus will be on rebuilding our nation's bypassing political trash and addressing needs and education for all. Defining and designing a world fit for humanity. Rethinking human life and being the Beings we need to become.

    3. John.. insult Andrews daughters but swoon over Meghan Markle just shaking my head here. Seriously? As a mother your comments on other peoples children is highly offensive. But you sure do love that Meghan Markle who is a die-hard Hillary and Obama supporter. Wonders never cease.

    4. Be assured, Meghan gets Lip Stapled once she starts her Hillary crap here. She's unhappy because decorum, protocol, standards and common sense are being driven into her. It's as huge change for her.Reality from Hollywood? That apart so far she's done a really good job for you. Give the kid a break. Hello, if she escapes the brutal criticism here earned by freeloaders, how about she has earned it?
      She's now in a brutal Goldfish bowl with a vicious media. It's a hard act.

      She and her mother , homeland issues apart, have both been models of decorum. Her mother especially. Huge credit to her. She's not to blame for the father and family.

      For God's sake look at Bushes, Clintons and Obama for trash.

      She and her mother deserve credit to date, it's a huge task and ask. They need a break from adverse knocking.

      Andrews daughters take 10 to 20 holidays a year, have never worked or contributed, are both appalling dress taste buffoons, and have lived off the public purse for no valid reason. Yesterday it stopped. Andrews demanded a gross $50M wedding for Brat 2 and it got blown yesterday. No F!!way is that being dumped on us! Nor now do the daughters want it and that toe suckinng hag of an ex of his will soon be booted out of their Windsor home as he down sizes to a Trailer Park as merited.
      His problems have only started. The roof will fall in next.

      The Queen and William do a superb job. We have to protect them, 2 fine Crown servants. Kate has also been a model of decorum. Those are our Crown Jewels. Charles,God help us. God help him because he will go down like a Floater here once ascending to the throne. Without William, you would be seeing the end of the Monarchy. Harry's always been the loose cannon half wit. Meghan has sorted him.
      I give her credit as is. Deservedly, but how long it will last???????

      Princess Anne's kids are great role models. Good people. As are other Windsors. Thank God. If the Queen dies Charles is incapable. Camilla will never be accepted and he will never be forgiven. A pampered Brat who let the family and nation down. Diana stands over him forever. Once Charles dies, Camilla will be shunned.

      It's all on poor William and Kate's back now. They fly the flag, so any help Meghan can give I welcome. It's been a huge step and culture shock for her.
      We need no Clinton and Obama low lifes here.
      You seen how I've credited Melania not only for flying the flag high for you and her decorum. She's also reigned in Shrek to standards expected. A huge difference the second trip. She put manners on him visibly missing the first time.
      Melania is a Credit to you. Be grateful as she's also non American. She imported the decorum. Not another Obama Cockatoo! Look at the baggage she carries for him.
      Behind Trump is a very surprised wife!
      No one swoons over Meaghan.We leave that to Yanks. Here we credit if deserved, and Bear bait if not. You want a pop get up to scratch on Culture. The last American who married into the Royals was that dreadful, gut curdling Wallace Simpson. What a hag! God what a difference with Meghan. Her mother at the wedding it was so touching. Now she's got the half wit and the protocol. So far she's done a good job. Can she stand the pressures,we will see? I hope for both of them. Look at how much Melania has helped Trump. And America. Be grateful for Women everywhere helping raise the bar. I credit each. But earn it. We keep it real here. Very!
      And we don't bear fools easily.

  10. Mobile phone word changed Rome for stone. Can't trust IT.

    Just a future for you to contemplate, what if? China was raped and mass brutalised by Japan. It waits. It will never forgive and it will repay.

    1. Just as China will pay for every bloody rotten sticking action it has taken against others in this world. WE WAIT. And we will NOT forgive either.

    2. Hhmm, your future landlords?

    3. Like hell! They can pack their bags and head to the UK.

  11. The Demo Rats want Trump out at any price.
    He came, unexpected, and detailed the status quo. Their gravy train.
    A crude, ignorant wrecking machine with his own agenda. An orange Shrek with attitude. They can't cope he's not part of the Deep State, he has the crude sophistication of a Klutz, and makes up his policies as he goes along, lying and tweeting to order,with his Mexican Colorado border.
    All kabuki, all of it. A giant shambolic joke, but time will pass Empires will emerge and the Baton will pass. Nothing lasts. The Middle Kingdom is plotting . They have an agenda for a century and position to order.
    Don't underestimate the sophistication or intellect of Russia and China. Combined a very dangerous and toxic cocktail with long term plans. Look forward and think of strategic games playing out.
    Before we conquer Space we first must assimilate the Human race. Transhumanism is coming . With it a new Big Picture Agenda

    1. Oh for Pete's sake... I'm not even going to bother... I'd just be repeating myself. However, the way out is and remains to Transhumanize everyone.

    2. Way too many Critters out there to waste good money on. Most just not with our money. We pay we say, but the kids merit more. That perhaps is the way out and up. Lost causes and for most ex wives are a No. For those paying, I'm sure it will be a Hell No. But Judgment of Solomon time because once we start, we draw the line. That I'm sure will trouble you. Yes to the issues, but costs will rule.
      Let's debate the issues once the PPs clear.

      Zios will be the threat again. They will mass buy up the slots. Was there ever a time for power surges?

    3. Please think for a second. Translating Elite current-think idiocy into Transhuman context is painful. I was there in 1986 when the commercial biologic immortality (and many other ideas you call transhumanism) was being identified and explored. The primary reason there is any cost issue whatsoever is that the IQ of half of humanity is less than 100 which makes them a partial drag on the system. If you Transhumanize, pushing the lower half to an IQ 120-130 with the upper half into the 160-200 range, then there is no issue whatsoever in recouping costs. If, as you say, we can do this 100-fold to 1000-fold as opposed to a big bump, then the cost issues evaporate as morning dew, since you can run a 100-yr mortgage against the future profits of the transhumanized individual. It can be fully financed.

      Second, regardless of perception and the insane inverted accounting of the Elite, the circle doesn't start with anyone but us. They have no money that wasn't stolen from the masses in one form or another. The unfairness will be terribly apparent if the Elite try to go their separate way since they are, in point of fact, no different than anyone else. The Trans-jihad that will result will eviscerate the Elite. Do you think, in a world with potential immortality or even just long-life enhancement that the precious enforcers will side solely with Elite?

      Third, the historical precedent is U.S. railroads. Great Northern productively settled tracks before extending westward. Rinse wash repeat 100 miles at a time. The railroad went transcontinental at a profit. Compare that with the government financed railroads that never went profitable and had to relay track for thousands of miles.

      Fourth, turn tech advancement in your favor. While the sum for the first may be exorbitant, given say 10 order of magnitude expansion over say 20 years, the cost will come down roughly ten-thousand fold for the last human to be transhumanized. No different than the computer I am typing on, whose reverse calculated price relative to the original vacuum monster is almost a million fold drop!

      Change your thinking.

    4. Or herd numbers.
      It would have to start with prioritised candidates as affordable and cost justified.
      Beyond that the economics will be negotiable, and by all means, debated.
      Keeping out the Zios is key. All that lot to grab the monopoly and? As soon as it starts be assured they will mass assault it. Extending Zios is a Prime No!

      If the codes release as hoped now, this will be prioritised quickly. We need control, not the Zios. They will move fast for Medical Center ownership. All to prioritise their own. They know, if left behind, it's game over for their kind.

    5. Yes, agree there is a danger and they already have the insane 500MM Georgia Guidestone unethical bs.

      Of course the first round will have to be "prioritised candidates". They will need to be the bootstrap crowd to both disentangle the first few Gordian Knots, but also to effectively advance the Transhumanization process in speed, safety and cost.

      As to the Zios, I can only hope that sociopathy can be undone in the brain under the T-process. If not, I will be most saddened that we will have to drop a chunk of humanity. Sociopathy, not just Zios, cannot move into the future the Trans envisions.

    6. Your site is your best chance of influencing policy

    7. Thank you, John. We try our best. I'll pass this along to Paladin.

  12. Let's see if humour travels.

    An inquisitive reporter asked a senior House of Lords policy shaper, " How do you view Lesbian Relationships and sex?"
    Good God, in full High Definition he replied.
    Her face, gobsmacked.
    That will appeal to Tony WHR

    1. Jeez Paladins going to have a blister problem

    2. Rivals the Congresscritter that asked an Admiral in full Congressional hearing that he was concerned Guam would tip over...

    3. I hate to say it... but it never gets old to make Congress look bad...

  13. Hill has just thrown a spike In the Dems case. Sorry but it's a pissant case. Who gives s dam if Trump uses leverage to decloak Dirty Joe?
    Where has he hidden his Falcone bribes?
    For god's sake track that. Bribery, corruption, theft and money laundering.
    It takes down Bush, Hillary, Romney, Herzog, Biden and Ackerman.
    Then the roof falls in and Trump's a Hero? Without Advisors, as he can't read, how the hell does anyone get it through. An attention span of 5 or 6 lines, visible spelling problems is simple enough to define looking in. Thank God his Pimp Grandfather and Sheister father left him well suited and booted or he would never have arisen alone. This is the valiant warrior with Heel Spurs. Sure! The only draft he ever felt was dodging it. Life.
    4 more years gives America time to get a real Leader and you can. You have the quality.
    We are ourselves focusing on bringing through UK parties fit for office to replace the Rat Weasels like Johnson and Corbyn..We are Skank sifting and preparing to groom quality, proven men of standing. Be assured we know the Dross we will seek to toss in the UK.
    Politics is full of Skanks so we are screening and planning ahead. No more deadbeats and Chancers. It takes time but we're on it.
    Just look at how we've buried Andrew. Public contempt!
    Our Politicos will get a kicking in the December elections.

  14. For the sensitive security and protection of our key Trust Clients,the only hint possible is that things are moving, and hopefully, before you know it, first codes will release.
    So much needs to be done.

    The funds have to be transferred out of the US, away from Zio parasites, and into safe Zio free Banking. Then we can focus on safe investments, Zio free trading, and use profits for projects and people fit for purpose. Our goal will start in part with New Community funding. A step at a time. Large land tracts, well planned out communities. Health Care, Schools, and own Policing and Fire/Sanitation units. We will incorporate energy and waste disposal. No religious Quacks, free to assess each, bar Zionism or Muslims. No Cults. No cutting Children's organs. No Shivas! Education will be Ethereal, Human Rights, kindness, respect and good animal husbandry. Aurataya has volunteered to hand in hers.

    So much needs to be done, but we will start by addressing the needs for the future, so at least they have one. Defining real values for our communities, helping all.

    As part of our Agenda we have already starting screening our next wave of Politicos, and when ready, we will launch new Leadership contests. We will not leave ours to chance and get the likes of Johnson or Corbyn, Blair or May. Chancers.Commies and Useless have ruled for too long. We will start by rethinking who is fit to run. Not selecting from a can of worms. Both our nations have suffered. Clearing out the trash is a start. For both. We must end Buying Seats. We must redress and rescind the Oaths of Allegiance to Kazarville. Political funding sources to be screened and limited. Improved vetting. How the F did Soetoro EVER get through? If they want an Inquiry, start with that! Has he EVER been Lawfully adopted as an American? The Dems knew, shame on the lot.

    How does an Illegal Kenyan, Indonesian Passport holder,a minor low grade Union Organiser funded by Chicago criminals, having earned a few hundred K as year, as the Usurping, Unlawfully elected US President, emerge after 8 years with hundreds of millions to spend?

    Earned how?

    Start with that lot for an Inquiry.

    1. LOL. Performed that task some time ago John. LOL

  15. Trump has signed a new funding Bill to avoid a Govt shutdown this week end. Pity!
    Shut the dam lot down until February and blame the Dems for the system he inherited from them. Starve out the Deep State. Selective re employment.

  16. God help THE USA after 2024. Both Democrats ,Republicans all MEMBERS of the deep state are plotting to TO make certain another TRUMP do not get elected ever again. He is a fly in the ointment, a bull in the china shop. Trump has many, many faults, however he has outed the deep state more so than any other political figure in history. They along with Zios are enemy of the people of America, within the gates.

  17. All or Nothing.
    Understood and we are addressing the same issues. Too much crap got past the net here also. That will be addressed post releases. Part of our higher agenda. We row together and we have many good American Patriots with us.
    Post releases, see what is undertaken. But first, we have to pay to say.

    1. If you had the information you profess to have, you would know that this isn't just about a four year election - plans have been made for after Trump's eight years - the cabal is being decimated around the world and Epstein didn't kill himself.

  18. Our wild card is America the rest are being selectively re aligned including Vatican roles. One of our problems is the Knights of Malta and the US is riddled with them. The Jesuits are principle religious Advisors to the WH. Both Clinton and Trump are Jesuits can you wonder why standards are so low?

    We need the redemptions, then you come along for the ride, or not.

  19. 1.Charles has ordered Andrew to a full showdown on Monday when he returns. He is raging.

    2. Hearing Fergie had the audacity to drive into the Palace yesterday while he was away, has gone viral. Fergie will be banned from the Place forthwith.

    He lives in the Palace Estate. On Monday he will be TOLD to leave Fergie, she's bad trouble. God shes ugly! She needs to model for Toad statues.

    3.Virginia Roberts new televised accusations will be shown over the week-end. Major prime time viewing. He's beyond dead meat now. He's lied about the Consulate,the truth about the Pizza bar will be revealed from Police records, and if he's lied about that,Charles who dislikes him intensely, will bury him. The Walls are closing in now.

    4.Andrew is now broke. No money for weddings,and the Monarchy knows No Way will public money fund this one. He's so shamed his family now. It couldn't happen to a more arrogant, limp brained and cruel piece of work than him. He's now finished even within the family. Fergie will be kicked out of the Windsor Estate. She will be left to drown. Deservedly. Andrew will be told, either leave her right now, or you go. He's just crashed from multi millions to 20 K a year. Train wreck!

    All next week will be the Virginia Roberts film. Then new meat identified provided for him for the Mexican farm by Epstein. All yet to explode. It keeps coming.
    Who else? This is tearing the Monarchy apart.
    Best thing since Dallas and JR.

    1. Well, this stuff does reach high art form in the U.K. Forgive this Yankee for not understanding why Fergie driving to the Palace was inappropriate...?

    2. She's brought the family into disgrace, overspent vast millions and had to be bailed by the Queen, led an embarrassing Louche life unsuitable for the Monarchy, has been banned from the Palaces while Prince Philip is in residence, is barred from the Scottish Estates, and Charles will sort her after Monday. Andrew is living in a Grace and Favour home in the Windsor Estate. she's going to be ordered out and if Andrew won't comply he will have to leave and pay his way. Hard to do on a 20k a year military Pension. He's in freefalling.
      I've no idea if he's guilty or not, that will be investigated. He seems to have a lot of undesirable associations and staying with Epstein after arrests was dubious. The Pimping Madam will have a lot to answer for. Huge. She seems to have pimped these girls. If evidence shows Andrew knew Epstein was using under age girls he's going to have real issues. His life style is conduct unbecoming. Legality will be assessed by others. Correctly.
      The consequences will be far reaching. He's just lost millions, status and totalled his standing here.
      It's a bad time for a dedicated Monarchy. Undeserving. Charles will cut them down to size next week. It's tragic for the Queen. awful

    3. Ah, I missed the ban... Thanks for the more than extensive reply.

  20. The Trump Trial, the Andrew shambles and the PP codes , what a week.

    Just give us the codes, who cares about the rest? What a week next week could be.
    So much pressure on right now.
    If we get those released, we will fund a States Map of America for Trump, the Border wall,and a Globe to show him the world is round and these are countries Donald.
    No, that not Mexico it's Colorado Donald.

    Yes that's Arizona, but it has no Chicken Ranch Donald.

    Codes,Codes,Codes.,Codes,Codes. Do just one real thing right. Do they even give him this detail? The world is watching Andrew and we are watching for the codes.
    Charles is going to salivate taking this pampered Mummies little pet apart. Charles will be given a BBC copy on the flight home. That's one meal saved!

    Next week has so many issues in play. If Andrew is shown to have lied about Roberts???
    Next week they will hit him with the girl bought for him for Epstein's farm. Wait until the FBI start on him. His family have yet to hear about his rented Mexican farm girl. They will now. This is going to break the Queens heart and that saddens me. Kids heh? Philip will frag him. Hes trashing their heritage all they have founded. It will get worse yet.

    Just when you think you've got it made, you get made!

    1. John,

      If these codes release is there a way to get some grant money for a private Montessori my kids go to that constantly has funding problems.

      They don't take money from the state because they don't want to teach national common core and do the ridiculous testing. It costs $550 per student monthly, but students leave when their parents can't afford it and many of the students are on lower rates because of income. It's a small student base so they are always scrambling to try to pay the small group of teachers. They shouldn't have to have fundraisers weekly. It's insane.

      The owners are a husband and wife and are always borrowing high interest against their own home to keep this little school going. He reached out today asking if I would loan him short terms funds. You can't teach children with stress like that. It's pre-school thru 5th grade which is rare for montessori. Let me know if there will be access to fund for this type of thing. You said you were looking at education. These guys are educators, not indoctrinators.

      Or get us some currency movement and I'll help fund it.

    2. John, love all the talk about the codes. I thought you would enjoy this clip from the TV Series Seinfeld where they need George Castanza to give someone his bank code....haha ...

    3. JV, contact me post PP releases.

  21. Dammit Jim... Epstein did not kill himself!

    Leonard McCoy, MD
    Medical Chief, USS Enterprise
    Stardate 41254.7

  22. Tino

    The key Hot spots for American UFO activity is along the 37th parallel. All key US bases are along that grid. All the questions.
    But for you, the unaddressed question, is the US working with ET or alternative sources on technologies far beyond our capability. What is area 51 back engineering?
    There are records of crashes even as early as 1941. Majestic 12 was set up for a reason. Albeit denied.

    1. Is anyone left at A51, thought they moved everything hush hush up to that mountain-circled plane-only accessible valley in the Colorado Rockies?

    2. Dulse is the Command Centre with Area 52 for its vast underground Labs and 51 still for flight testing. Dulse now networks underground via high speed vacuum tubes connecting a vast myriad of Labs and bases.
      YRs Grey Screen trading is into Quad TS funding it.

  23. Dulce is connected to Area 51 and others along 37 th parallel by high speed underground tunnels. So much is being developed we are not told about.

    1. Damn. So they did do it. Having seen the digging equipment pictures I considered it feasible but not necessarily believable.

    2. Tino
      See the hidden knowledge of your site?
      Many of the UFOs and vast craft with Instant acceleration way beyond our known technology, even from a hovering standing start, defies known Propulsion systems.

      But, most sightings appear along this parallel and track key known bases from Area 52 to Dulce.
      We have reports alleging some of the underground comes for tunnels at Dulce are solely for ET species and heavily guarded.
      It appears that highly sophisticated technologies are cross delivered via the tunnels between Areas 51, 52 and Dulce.
      Huge underground bases. Way beyond Trump's clearance level so key Military domain only.

      There is evidence of highly sophisticated craft travelling between 51 and Dulce.
      Whilst not confirmed it's highly likely that there is a technology sharing program in play here. At what price? What agenda? The 37th parallel is the UFO highway. It links all the key bases and Dulce. Coincidence?
      Now, transhumanism? You see my interest?
      We have to take the quantum leap to compete. Huge social consequences. Even domestic family issues. A huge extension of human experience to be enhanced with vastly heightened intellect. Don't underrate the hunan family costs with those left behind and bloodline implications.
      Is it possible to have such a vast sitings collective base without a cooperative agenda ?
      Production centre to testing center. Many of the craft are tracked arriving at high speed at Area 51, and dissappearing straight underground. At high speed and flotillas of queuing light energy entities stacked up ready to enter the access points.
      Open minds, alternative thinking

  24. John it appears that the rv/gcr is a ploy ? It was never meant to happen. Is that statement true ? You are awaiting codes for the settlement. The settlement is not part of the gcr.

    1. The codes are to settle the PPs . Funds borrowed and way past overdue redemptions.

    2. in other words as always.. put your currencies away. I don't know why we need to know about John's clients getting their funds?

    3. It's been said that when one starts everything else follows.

    4. Once the PPs are done, currency conversions will start. Dongs and Dinars are straightforward. But so far only the Gold Backed Zim Bonds are being contemplated, not the cash. The US difficulties with China leads to an uncooperative China.
      The Elders want a resolution to the vast historical abuse of their Trust accounts , also a deal on their cash pallets and will not allow Gold to the US or China. The PPs once released will transfer to London. Then the special relationship will enable us to buy the gold, ship it to London, credit line grade it with the gold asset backing, create our own RMB and new currency trading platforms, with profits generating assisting infrastructure, community development, regional prosperity projects and regional innovation.. we have no political needs then and can bypass the Varmints bringing aid and prosperity direct to target communities.
      At least 40% of all cash to Govts is wasted. Our way ours goes direct, bypassing wasters and corruption. We are A Political and will look at our own Humanitarian needs.
      Currently vast profits from overnight MTN and BG trading are transferred to Tax Havens bypassing taxes. We will redirect profits towards community and industrial needs to assist economies and education..our role will be to get capital to points of need . To rebuild the Commonwealth and to retrack the US and UK together.

      We are looking ahead now assessing better apolitical parties fit for purpose .

    5. Thank you Tony for your answer.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. John, I don't know what got into your beehive this week, but frankly it's troubling at best.

    First of all President Trump is NOT Catholic... he is Presbyterian therefore... he is NOT a Jesuit

    Second of all, and this is REALLY a sore spot with me. I could CARE LESS if Andrew's daughters sat around and at bon-bons all day. Children of politicians and the Royal family are hands off to anyone that has an ounce of dignity.

    Third- Fergie- she wasn't twiddling with little boys, but your boy Andrew was twiddling with young girls. Fergie should be hands off too. She isn't no longer part of your precious Royal family.. leave the woman alone.

    1. Oh now you're telling me how wonderful our FLOTUS is? Just a month ago, you were busy telling me she was nothing more than a mail-ordered bride.

      I saw what transpired earlier this week.

      Attacking the children of a pedophile. How low can you go?

    2. Trump was Jesuit educated. As was Clinton. look at the life's styles of both and Trump is a proud Zionist supporter. Neither have any religious bearings now with reaches lifestyles.

      whatever the origin of Melanias decision to take on Trump, the fact is she's enhanced his status and I credit her that.
      You can't get call Andrew a Pedo, it's still not a proven case and 17 is a dubious age. He's a sleaze it seems.

      Fergie us trash and the family are right to boot her out right away
      The girls, unlike other family members, serve no purpose a d soon will lose privileges.
      Arizona, get over yourself.

    3. Realy John? Hmm how's Camilla? You know Charles main squeeze when he was marrying Di? What has she done so well for your country? She an exhibit?

      Like I said no one with any sense of dignity would attack a politicians or Royals child(ren).

      Wait.. it's still not proven about Andrew? Hold on right there Mister. You're a hypocrite? Some left leaning rag tells you Trump did blah blah blah and you're salivating.. but we don't know about Andrew? Funny John.. very seriously funny.

      BUT like I said before.. we are used to the globalists attacks on the President. But YOUR comments on underage girls earlier this week? And now attacking Andrews children? Class Act there.

    4. John did you tell me to "get over myself" because I find your attacks on children of Royals who have done no wrong other than not live up to YOUR standards? Boy this news of your precious Andrew sure has a bee in your beehive. Don't worry John, he and mummy were riding horses together today. That's sweet.

    5. Andrews not precious and our feelings about Charles stand scrutiny.
      The consequences of his life choices will sweep through his kids .

    6. I find John's attitude toward women nasty - as in the wives are always taking all the money from the marriage and leaving the poor husband with nothing! Did that happen to you John?

    7. Hell No!. I'm way too wise for that.

      Peter Stringfeller, a notorious UK Club Owner admits to sleeping with over 3,000 women. Many similar US and UK cases exist. Some poor Sod marries them!

      London, as with any major Wealth cities, we are surrounded by Gold Diggers.
      I've had key, decent high level, good character Executive Employees, whose Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths came onto me hard behind closed doors. We are hassled by Hookers in Hotels. I take None. Zero! In New York, even in a first meeting with a lot of women present, an often first questions is- Are you looking for a wife? Jesus!!! In our faces! What a species?

      I've seen so many guys, good guys, crushed by the duplicity of the species. They bolt and take everything. Marriage is a one way street.Few work and the ones that do, well done. But so damned few. 50% do Divorce and 45% of the other 50% wish they could and not lose everything. I've no illusions.

      Which is the Scrubber, Stringfeller or the 3,000 plus?
      I balance them both. I respect the good. I radar spot the rest.

      I've got multiple kids, one wife, and 9 Grandkids. I'm ironclad with funds. You?

      I have spent 50 years watching train wrecks and sorted them. So many good guys trashed. A few women but mainly men. I've no support for bad guys. None! I've seen what a truly duplicitous species walk among us. On both sides.

      But in many marriages a Good Guy just wants to get out. The other half just wants to get everything. It's a truly nasty dichotomy.

      Good ones, Great. Bad ones, a nightmare! Always the guy pays. Why?

      I find all too many nasty and scheming. I have a Lord Associate whose wife beats him up for money or when frustrated. Vile! A Truly nasty cow!.He's too ashamed to leave.
      But for the above hell No, I would never allow that. A Velvet Glove and an Iron fist! This guy is not for mugging.

      That said, I'm kind to the Elderly, Children and poor. I give a lot of good help.
      But I know life is a snake pit, and steer clear of Vipers. I call it as it is. Too much sanctimonious crap out there. I've no illusions about the Sisterhood. Or the delusional.

      Nor afraid to face them down hard. Bunny Boilers are all too common. It's sad.
      A nice young girl all too often Morphs into that.
      The media is so two faced and one sided. Good ones, well done, you are truly a wonderful species, and respected. The all too many bad ones, how the hell did it get so bad? No wonder guys avoid marriage today. What a crap shoot. Good guys need to step with such great care. Bad ones you wouldn't want. But today, it's such a meat market. Prince Andrew is reputed to have had 1,000 of them. What does that tell us about their morality? I step with real care. As I advise my sons. Pre Nups and No Bunny Boiler types. Good ejector seats.
      Our world has lost its purpose and that's sad. Good women are revered. The rest?
      It's a meat market out there. Humanity needs to change. A better purpose. Education to retrack our nations. Family values. Shame!!!!!

  26. Returning to our regularly scheduled programming:

    Judicial Watch announced it obtained a two-page memo, dated May 16, 2017, by then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe detailing how then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire into the Oval Office “to collect additional evidence on the president’s true intentions.” McCabe writes that Rosenstein said he thought it was possible because “he was not searched when he entered the White House.”

    The memo, which is redacted in key sections, purports to serve as a “contemporaneous recollection” of a meeting that day (“12:30 pm on 5/16/2017”) in Rosenstein’s office. The meeting included Rosenstein, Deputy Assistant AG for Intelligence Tashina Gauhar and Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General Jim Crowell in Rosenstein’s Justice Department office.

    “This incredible memo details the conflicted and conniving coup effort against President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is astonishing and shocking McCabe thought he could have the FBI conduct a ‘counterintelligence’ operation on the president and Rosenstein thought it would be appropriate to wear a wire to secretly record President Trump in the Oval Office. That the DOJ and FBI sat on this smoking gun for a year shows the need for urgent housecleaning at those agencies.”

  27. This must have been hard for the (D) to swallow: EPIC FAIL: President Trump’s “impeachment” OPPOSED by more independents: poll

    1. Hahahahaha.... The actual news recap:

      A devastating blow as the effort backfires on Democrats (The Hill). After another bad week for Schiff, nobody knows what their next move will be (Washington Times). Another story claims “At a meeting with top GOP senators and Trump administration officials at the White House on Thursday afternoon, Fox News is told there was a consensus that should Trump be impeached by the House, the GOP-controlled Senate should hold a trial rather than tabling the issue” (Fox News). Andrew McCarthy explains why Schiff’s bribery claim doesn’t fly (National Review). Devin Nunes says it’s not Trump but “it’s the Democrats who got caught” (Daily Caller). From Michael Medved: With break in the hearings, impeachment push still seems misguided, but more investigation is not. #Trump‘s mishandling of the Ukraine connection not really in dispute; question involves consequences. Must be a middle ground between ignoring wrong-doing, and over-reacting to it! (Twitter). From David Harsanyi: If selling conspiracy theories to the American public for partisan reasons were a crime, Representative Adam Schiff would be serving consecutive life sentences in Supermax (National Review). From Byron York: Still baffled that House Dems withdrew subpoena to top Bolton aide, did not subpoena Bolton. Testimony clearly a decision for courts. Could have been weeks into process now. But Dems balked. Gives impression they’re in a rush (Twitter). This very entertaining video contains years’ worth of “this is the end of Trump” media hype (Twitter).

  28. Last for the day, motion in the Epstein case:

  29. Frozen is the show taking a year to create the children want to see.
    Frozen out took Andrew a week and it's a world spectacular.
    Next week end the Roberts TV show gets aired and the world will be watching. Hes no JR nor getting appearance fees but the arrogant prat is getting his come uppence. The Maxwell Madam needs full exposure.
    Every girl manipulated and trafficked by Epstein needs to be interviewed..

    Every Man who used these girls funded by Epstein needs to be exposed, shamed, and if married, divorced forthwith.
    Clinton is avoiding huge exposure. Why?

    The flight logs and mansion logs need publishing.
    No man, or Woman as Hilderbeast went also, should escape clinical scrutiny.
    The entire Epstein estate is proceeds of crime. Seize the lot!

    The Greenmail Attorneys need to have fee limits imposed by the judges, and all money's seized used to fund major trafficking investigations and safe housing for the victims. Fines for the likes of Clinton's and all, need to be in the millions each, with funds to rescue trafficked children and women.
    Let's focus these funds to help rescue others and make s difference.
    Let's expose and try every attendee at these disgusting venues. No cover ups and No Mercy!

    This must not become a gruesome ugly feeding frenzy for Ambulance chasers and Bunny Boilers.
    These are serious crimes and funds need to be used to help the mass trafficked communities. Not just manipulative gold diggers. The crimes are real but wise use of seized assets need a restrictive covenant. Clinton, Blair, and the whole sick list need to be publicly examined.
    This needs a public Senate Inquiry with full FBI interview records pre supplied and summoned parties interviewed in public. Clean up this filth with none too mighty to escape.
    The issue is far greater than aired so far. Maxwell needs to be brought in by the FBI and rigourously questioned. So do the Clintons.
    Publish the list of all Attendees and interview their wives! Get real and get Justice.
    There are Global parties with a lot to answer for. Fines need to be bottomless. What were Blair and Mandelson with a taste for boys doing there? Publicly question them also. Expose and close these Varmints.
    How many girls were procured and abused or used,?
    I'm far more concerned about the crimes than Gold Diggers and who were the abused real victims? Let the Courts sift the difference. Expose the Vile, help the real victims but see through manipulative Vixens. So much is coming out. Experienced Judges need to Judge here, not just media tears, which are genuine victims? Some have dubious motives and some will be tragic. It all needs serious investigation and full public exposure.

    In England a Close is part of a road.
    Right now, a hundred road names will have to be renamed. Prince Andrews Close is a real joke now.

  30. There has been a lot of media hype regarding Meghan Markle expecting to change the monarchy.
    She's doing a good job at a lower level and I credit her that. Deservedly.

    But reality is that she's simply not important enough in the pecking order to have a say and will have no impact.
    Harry has admitted mental problems, and may not cope when her tantrums start. She's a recorded Bolter but hopefully she will stay and accept the gilded cage life for a B TV actress. It's a big move up for her.
    She needs to be encouraged to be grateful for her role and accept her place. Bolting this time will mean losing control of the child which is a Crown domain. Each Royal is Crown property subject to the Queen's ruling on everything. Reality check or bolt!

    She was pre warned it would break her.
    Meghan can do a good job, but must accept Palace rules and the fact that Harry's a minor Royal now way down the pecking order. But protected for life wanting for nothing he just has to accept his lot. So does she. Even a Suits Attorney can't take on the Queen and win.
    Hopefully she adjusts, gets a grip and does the good job she's done so far. Privilege is at a cost. Real worlds Heh?


    After 20 years, the big day has finally arrived for the people of Bougainville. Large crowds gathered on Saturday at the aptly named Bel Isi (Peace) park in Buka for the first day of a two-week referendum to decide whether the archipelago should become independent from Papua New Guinea.

    Amid a significant security presence, hundreds of Bougainvilleans marched through the streets as they followed the autonomous region’s president, John Momis, as he arrived at a polling booth to cast his vote.
    'We've wanted this for a long time': Bougainville prepares for independence vote
    Read more

    Momis, accompanied by his minister for Bougainville affairs, Sir Puka Temu, and the referendum commissioner, Ruby Mirinka, was the first to cast his vote.

  32. There is a key Info block response to Tino up above relating to Area
    51 and Dulce. A series issue for you.

    1. Thank you John. Read it. Impressive and terrifying simultaneously.

    2. You see the dichotomy?
      I track all this and more.
      If we can only Rip the codes free see the difference I can make.
      We have to rebuild our nation's outside of Political captive nets
      Please allow for word switching with mobile phones read through it and grasp the overall concept.

      Because you showing the intellect to think outside the box I'm giving you key real guidance via information beyond the Sheeple consciousness.
      Mankind is Not!
      We have to change our future by replanning it.
      The info I gave you is part.
      1. The Dissapeared?
      2. The hybrids.
      3. The real Black Ops are funding what? Remember Trump is only a 4 years period Administrator given no access to most of this. The permanent High level Long term Executives control all on a Need to Know basis. Politicos are simply shut out. The US IS a Military Industrial Cabal and the rest are Sheeple in a bubble of ignorance.

      We need Transhumanism but we also need the deep Ethereal consciousness and commitment to build a future fit for being Human. But a new Hu Man!
      What's under those Parallel are vast bases and Technology creations generations beyond your consciousness. It's all in that parallel testing and TAKING!

  33. Logged in at 7,-14 it's critical to your UFO thinking

  34. Why is Trump not furiously demanding the jailing of the FBI parties who tried to unseat the President? He's let this lapse for years.

    The issues on Epstein get worse. He filmed guests in the toilets, showers and bedroom. Disgusting.

    Epstein and Maxwell sexually shared a girl between them. Absolute abuse. Maxwell needs to do hard time

    Where is the list of all attendees?

  35. John,

    It appears you’re bullish about settlements finally coming to a conclusion. What’ attitudes have changed from the bankers side, and do you sense this is a ruse?

    1. I'm working seeking the seeking the access release codes by the hour, because it's profiling as close. High level discussions. Not Brokers. But Zio Roaches lie in wait in the US. Here we would have them floating down the Thames. The Vatican's bag man was found hanging from London bridge. A warning to Rome! The US is cursed with a Roach infestation. Which is why, after release, the funds are coming to London. We have Roach glass ceilings.

  36. Trump is walking a tight rope , wanting to be head of the table of at the "D.C.SWAMP CRITTERS BALL" as well as showing them up. If you think Trump can be trusted 100%, you are living in dream land. Those DC SWAMP Nasties are just temporarily slowed. Trump is a business man. If you have ever been in any of his buildings ( I have) f***ing fabulous buildings . JUST THINK, how many mafiso Concrete UNION leaders he collaborated with to complete those multi-story building he built , from the WEST SIDE to 5th Ave NY. Just the manner in which Trump PRESENTS himself tells you the viewer that style is absolute Gangster. Those are the people TRUMP spent his time with for years here in the City. He know this presidency stuff is for a time. His children and Grandchildren are coming up.

  37. Well said, careful not to confuse the Sheeple with truth LOL.
    A wonderful Skank Grifter portrayal. Wise!

  38. While the world is held captive by all the Trump impeachment, Andrew, and other meaningless crap, the real news that will move the world is here

    Goodbye Greenback? Japan and China Sell Off Their US Treasuries

    In recent years, at least two countries have started to significantly reduce their investments in dollar-denominated assets, namely US government debt – treasuries. Russia has sold off nearly all of them, while China has significantly decreased their share in the country's portfolio.
    The world's two biggest holders of US Treasury bonds, Japan and China, have sold a significant portion of the American government debt over the course of the last months, official data shows.

    Following a gradual increase in the amount of treasuries in its possession until August 2019, Japan assumed first place in the list of foreign holders, surpassing China, which had long held the top spot. But in September, it dumped a whopping $28.9 billion worth of US government debt out of a total of $1,174 billion.

    The former leader in the list of US treasury holders, China, in turn, has sold around $10 billion worth of debt since June 2019. In total, between September 2018 and September 2019, Beijing dumped $49 billion in US treasuries amid its ongoing trade conflict with Washington.

    While the trade conflict could explain Beijing's strategy, it does not explain Tokyo’s sell-off. According to economists, the Federal Reserve has been sending signals by reducing interest rates three times since July 2019. The Fed brought the rates down to the 1.5-1.75% range on 30 October. The analysts noted that the regulator's move had thereby reduced the profitability of treasuries and could indicate the Federal Reserve's willingness to further push rates down until they turn negative.

    Rubles and yuans
    Push for Yuan-Ruble Exchange Aims to Reduce Reliance on US Dollar - Experts
    China and Japan are not the only countries that have been selling off US Treasury bonds recently, with Russia practically entirely getting rid of the asset over the course of 2018 and 2019. Previously, Moscow held around $92 billion in US debt. The money received from the move was then used to drastically boost the country's gold reserves, making Moscow one of the biggest gold buyers in 2018 and in the first half of 2019, with China, apparently, following suit, as it secured second place in this rating.

  39. If the PPs do go, followed by currencies, can you drop a hint at possible rates on dinars and dongs?🙂

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. LG. Very sensitive right now but huge pressures are on. The Military and Contractors are holders and pushing. Hard! Understand?

    1. JOHN has stated years ago that military and contractors are holders of VND. My best guess was that if they get paid with an RV, then us little Joe Publics had a chance also to participate. Have I been deluding myself all these years?

  42. Hello John,my first reply, Many years ago I got into a PP by the name of "The Dotson project" Was this ever legit? Can I expect any thing from this? Wasn't there dozens of PP's?

  43. Dennis
    There were a number of PPs and most were robbed blind by the Politicos and Promoters. The public issues are unlikely ever to be redeemed.they were frauds
    The PPs in real negotiations are the large single capital blocks brought in as loans decades ago and reneged on

    1. I guess based on your reply John, the PP that friends joined over 4 years ago in Reno and gave them their currency in a supposedly sovereign PP deal is BS. Fair to say?

    2. The currencies in Reno hopefully may clear for you as certain private deals are being tried. Not done yet but your best chance .

    3. John is it possible , when the PP are cleared to give a list of those that are actually cleared ? Thank You

    4. No way too sensitive it targets them

  44. Amusing if it were not sad.
    Prince Andrew is already planning a comeback to scramble back onto the Royal Grave Train. Deluded.
    It still hasn't dawned on him his daughters are massively damaged in status by this and they will be lopped off the Royal purse. Nor does he get, being thick, understand that he can't live a multi M lifestyle on a Naval Pension of 29k a year.
    Fergie is going to be thrown out of freeloading in his grace and favour home, and he risks following. Fergies shabby , multi, multi low life affairs make her totally unsuitable for Royal links. She was Paddy McNallys mistress and a notorious Chalet Girl before Andrew got besoted and married her.
    What a mess.
    The Queen's now surrounded by Trailer Trash. Life?

  45. But here is the question that Trump critics cannot answer.

    What have you DONE that makes you better than Trump, and what are you DOING THAT MAKES YOU BETTER THAN TRUMP ?

    1. Well I will try.

      One wife for over 40 years.
      All my kids from one wife.
      No mail order brides. No Attorney paying off Strippers , never been with Hookers and wouldn't. Not been bankrupt multiple times, not even once.

      Not dependent on guys doing time for me for my transgressions keeping quiet. Many!

      Not dependent upon Mafia Jews for loans because main banks WILL still touch me.

      Not carrying vengeful ex wives or confused kids.

      Not basing my whole life upon a family fortune left to me by a Brothel running grandfather, and a Sleaze Dodgy Property Skank father of dubious repute.
      Not been bailed out multiple times by bankers and even failed with Casinos.

      Not Selling out Syrians and Palestinians to keep Jewish Lenders and funders on side. Not under Impeachment threat, albeit its dubious, but all involved facing a wall of Jews in the Senate, and Top Jewish Mobster type families in the Senate and other power groups, all of whom want him out. Not carrying Bennies Mossad boy as a Son in Law and a crime family again of dubious repute.

      Not sitting there 3 years after an election having said Clinton would be in jail and none are.

      Not sitting on my Butt over a year after masses of evidence showed Comey and others tried to Illegally block the President and he's done Sod All about it. What's he got to hide? As history will show, why has he not fiercely protected the office itself? Does he even understand? I doubt it.

      On a sensitive Global Culture PR Tour, carrying the image of my nation, I would not be so Dumb and Ignorant as to walk yards ahead of now only a 4 feet 11 Monarch aged 93, whole role is to lead. I would not be so pig ignorant and allow her to.

      I would know NOT to ridicule my country. I Understand Culture. Most of us do.

      I would not use American Boys to die in Syria, protecting our Oil companies illegally looting Oil using our kids as body bags, and profits skimmed offshore to Dodgy banks.
      I would not allow Kushner and Cheney and others to illegally steal the Golans, Syrian land , for mineral and energy profits. I would respect America's image.

      I would not turn a blind eye to Palestinian land theft and Refugee camp abuse. I would know and be ashamed! History knows and will blame accordingly. It will not read well.

      I would know the great potential of the American people and its capacity for good and great. With the enormous powers and trust placed in me, I would lead recovery of our nation, I would be capable of a diplomatic consensus between the parties, or lead a full public campaign to show whose at fault and why. Many, many other GOOD Americans would do this.

      The nation is abundant with talent.
      But, it was Clinton or Shrek. But 4 years and no one better yet?

      Sorry BUT, with the huge pool of talent you have there, Hell YES, you have many better than him. Way, way better. Sadly, as here, not in Politics. So understood, a choice between him, or those who won't run.

      December 12 th we will dump a lot of ours. Deservedly. A slag cull out!
      You still have a year.

      We exposed for you the False $15 T scam.

      I am working expanding consciousness to identify and bring through far better qualified and experienced MPs for the future. We are rebuilding. We will stop our own Rot and ensure we roll Muppets out of Roles.
      We WILL do better. Pro active now. We are dealing with ours. Sadly we both allowed Muppets in. Ours are going. We have No Oaths of Allegiance to Israel and we do nOT allow Jewish money to BUY seats or the Political system.
      We have our OWN Central bank. You don't. The Jews totally own and control you. And you still don't get it.

      Can we do better?
      Hell Yes.

      Replace the Fd. NO more Jews running the Treasury and Fed. End the Oath of Allegiance to Israel!
      Arrest Comey and the whole chain.
      Expose and arrest the Deep State.
      Clintons, are you serious?
      Why is Soetoro, a usurping Con Man still free?

      Can anyone NOT do better? The Founders see this?

      America IS a Great nation. Just sadly, no longer its Leaders.

      I say this, with respect.

    2. Heck mate, are you single? That was some opening statement there. LOl LOL.

    3. I care Auratayer and I hold the lot in contempt.

      I faced down Malan and De Clerk to help get Mandela freed.
      Afrikaaners are Third Reich! Horrific.
      When Malan produced a photograph taken by BOSS, Bureau of State Security, showing me bare topped working with South Africans building a school for the Black kids part time, in his mind he had his case for my Treason. Even worse when i told them I funded it all.

      Only Pik Botha as Foreign Minister standing up and stating openly that many of us are now starting to question our positions here, and rather than a Traitor, John helped us deal with the Russian in Angola, he refused reward,it was from the heart. And he gave the key summary.

      John has told us we either share this nation with our fellow Africans, or lose it. There is no Third case that we keep it, we can't and won't.

      We either treat Africans as we ourselves wish to be treated, or God help us.

      If John, as a Foreigner can work with our tribes, why can't we?

      I made the case to them, if Mandela dies on Robyn Island, God help you all because 3 Million Afrikaaners will face the fury of 40 Million Africans and it will be a bloodbath. Think every day now it's your own lives on the line, not just his!

      We got him out within months. Mainly because Pretoria woke up to Machetes!
      He was a Great Man! He saved the nation.
      Now it's sadly all gone.

      So Yes, I fight real causes and from the heart.
      Also sadly ignorance.

    4. I appreciate you sharing that information John, thank you. Thank you for all your efforts which come from the heart.

  46. Giuliano fears Biden and others will try to kill him so he's got a trip switch to release on Bidens many crimes which will be mass exposed if he's killed. Hah. We can release him 100 times more. Has he done so little research? But the case is simple when are they going down?

  47. Bloomberg is now running for the Presidency as a Demo Rat.

    China's adopted a strict containment policy for its Muslim containment camps and a hard prison policy ordering non must escape. Hard, brutal containment.

    China is stepping up Global trade expansion. It's trying to fund it's nation by trade. HK has visible failed with protests. Taiwan and South Korea know China is coming.

    Russia is testing its armed Robots in Syria . They are clinical killing machines.

    It's clear Trump's biggest enemies right now are the Jews who he's giving other nations assets away to placate them. The Impeachment seem mainly Jews.
    When is he going to get it, they take everything and give nothing. Be American not a Goyim Goffer. Wake up time, just fight for the people and get real, Stop placating Israel.

  48. Bloomberg just as Trump move back and forth from Republican to Democrats then back to Republican, then back to Democrats. Yes Trump always showed up at Democrat events AND A MAJOR DONOR TO DEMORATS here in the city FOR YEARS . Its the Voters RESPONSIBLITY To keep these CARPET BAGGERS on a tight rope. They serve themselves and their friends best interest first, however voters are not catching on.

  49. In remembering my friend....

  50. Agrello - The Basics
    Agrello is an AI-powered platform that enables you to develop, store, and manage smart contracts on a blockchain network. It works without any coding or legal documentation.
    In its mission to bring smart contracts into the real world, Agrello allows its users to create agreements without any legal technicalities.
    It is run by a group of blockchain experts and lawyers, working to provide a user-oriented interface.
    Agrello Development
    Agrello is an Estonian company with a team of lawyers, IT experts, and blockchain professionals at its core. Its founder and leader, Hando Rand is positioned as a legal researcher at the University of Tallinn.
    There are four more members that comprise the team of chief developers at Agrello.
    The company is focused on enhancing legal technology with the help of blockchain and revolutionizing the way we make agreements.

    #2 - What are the benefits of Agrello?
    Agrello Technology
    At the core of Agrello’s technology is its Artificial Intelligence system. It works through an artificially intelligent BDI agent functioning as a personal counselor to every user. BDI is a Belief-Desire-Intention software model that creates autonomous agents with a presumed set of beliefs, desires, and intentions. In Agrello’s system, an agent’s BDI corresponds to its user’s contracts.
    This AI tech agent is responsible for giving the users important information and guidelines such as legal duties, instructions regarding an agreement, identification of contract obligations, execution of these obligations, and more.
    It also works through crowdsourcing wherein a group of legal professionals provide and localize their contract templates and are paid as per the users’ response to their creations.
    Delta, Agrello’s token, is mandatory to get access to the contract templates. It is also required to enable the secure signature facility. For the developers who create the smart contract templates, DLT coins are necessary to upload these templates on the platform. The developers are compensated back in DLT as well.
    All the agreements made on Agrello are translated to the platform’s smart markup language and then displayed on its public blockchain.

  51. The The United States Senate has started an investigation just sent by electronic transmition to Honorable Ken Blanco Director Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Dept of Treasuries.Investigation into potentially improper actions by the Obama administration with respect to Burusma Holdings and Ukraine. Giving them until Dec 5th to provide all requested documents.

  52. THE IRISHMAN coming out Nov27th film about Jimmy Hoffa, mafia and JFK connection:

  53. While all eyes were on impeachment hearing, House re-authorized PATRIOT Act

    House Democrats have slipped an unqualified renewal of the draconian PATRIOT Act into an emergency funding bill – voting near-unanimously for sweeping surveillance carte blanche that was the basis for the notorious NSA program.

    A three-month reauthorization of the notorious PATRIOT Act was shoehorned into a last-minute continuing resolution (CR) funding the US government, bundling measures needed to avert yet another government shutdown with a continuation of the wildly-intrusive surveillance powers passed after the 9/11 terror attacks. Democrats voted almost unanimously for it, granting the far-reaching surveillance capabilities to the very same president they’re trying to impeach.

    A roll-call vote on the bill was split exactly along party lines, with all 230 Democrats standing up for unconstitutional mass surveillance – including progressives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), who spoke out against it earlier. Two other Democrats opted not to vote, but not a single representative dared oppose party groupthink.

    1. Tim , Republicans and Democrats are fighting over their OWN individual power. Neither party are fighting for the people of America. They are expressing AUTHORIZATION and not Liberty. The media is used to solidifying this process, either CNN or FOX.

  54. Putin is CORRECT!!

    ‘United States is a Great Country’: Putin Says Russia, US Have Common Interests, Should Cooperate

  55. Assange. A number of Doctors have reported that Assanges health is so bad he could die in Belmarsh High Security prison

    1. Do you UK citizens feel any sense of god damn bloody guilt yet?

    2. Sadly No, too many Muppets.
      Remember this site is A Political,and we tell all as it is.

    3. Actually, I should not jump so quickly and blame others here. If Australia had any decent twits in power, they should have protected one of our own instead of bending over at the request of others. Australia needs its arse well and truly kicked hard for this. Absolutely disgraceful.


  56. Enigma is building a decentralized, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. First founded and researched at MIT in 2015, Enigma turns ordinary smart contracts into “secret contracts”, allowing developers to build thousands of new and valuable privacy-preserving solutions.

  57. Bill Gates is still propounding vaccinations as a way to reduce Third World populations.
    Exactly as Adolf did for the Jews. Third Reich mentality.

    China is now working on refining plans for mass Population Round Ups and Internment.
    Gates, the Commies and the Zios. 3 major evils facing our world. None are faced down.

    We have to stop Zionists calling themselves Jews, they are NOT! No good Jew could ever be a Zionist.
    China is marching.

    1. Bill Gates can totally get stuffed with his vaccinations.



    2. We will field the Robot Slayer.
      Hi Aura and your Aura is good.

    3. We all revere our Robot Slayer.

  58. Sondland. Don't ignore the Elephant in the room.Everyone was in the loop and in on it!
    Is Sondland lying, or exposing the crime? Sondland clearly, will not go down for Trump. Has Sondland lied, or not?
    Armed with that, what now?

    Why did Trump fail to follow up on Comey and the whole rotten gang? No possible excuse to blame process. BS! Incompetence!

    1. NO. They were NOT 'in the loop'. The statement doesn't even make logical sense given the moving parts and the anti-Trump stance of the actors. It is all lying and Sondland gave a FALSE STATEMENT. Sondland has NO ACTIONABLE intelligence. Everyone, including Fiona Hill either lied, obfuscated or prevaricated or side-stepped or perjured. On deeper examination EACH AND EVERY witness copped to the FACT that Trump did NOT in fact force anything whatsoever on the Ukrainians. Sondlands statement was obfuscation -- he didn't know and was upset HIS judgment was over-ruled. Vindman had zero of substance -- 'he PRESUMED'. Fiona Hill perjured herself openly and provably. Don't believe me. Order one of your flunkies to actually take the god-damn transcripts, read them wall to wall, note the contradictions on cross, put the items on a timeline, and you will see just how grotesque these impeachment hearings are. It is nothing but gas-lighting. It is nothing but motion to give appearance of wrong-doing. Hell! We literally have shots of CNN/MSNBC screen tickers saying the opposite of what the witness was saying on the screen. There is no Elephant in the room. There might be some fungus that needs eradication, but that's about it! Much to (D) surprise sentiment via impeachment is building into Trump support!!! In (D) polling too!

      As to not clearing the Deep State via executions televised at dawn you are 100% correct.

    2. The loop will now be aired.

      When will the Traitors be expunged?

      When will the real cases go public? or Start????????????

  59. A new battle is emerging now as parties suggest stripping Andrew of his Royal Title.
    Epstein could turn out to be America's worst Pedo, and new cases alleging he supplied more girls for Andrew,or Women, will all be cases of Conduct unbecoming. He can't escape. All are selling stories on him. Including housekeepers! Which is worrying! What is truth or hype now? Next week Roberts gets full TV airing. It will bury Andrew and hurt the Royals.

    First, apart from his arrogance, the guy is DIM!.As thick as a brick!
    But if we used the case , as is suggested, to strip the Dumb ones,almost the lot would go.Charles has "Issues" as does Harry. Edward, best nothing said ,but brain dead. And arrogant!

    We are left with only HM and William who pass assessment. Camilla as Queen will be gut curdling, and how long can Charles sustain a role he's simply not mentally equipped to handle in today's world? Camilla as Queen- How? We know the legal right, but she's got way too much form. She won't stand scrutiny. It's a mess. Brits won't ever accept her as Queen. We are ALL loyal to Diana. We abhor what Charles did. Unforgivable. Defender of the Faith? He broke it all!

    If it were not for William and HM, the Monarchy would be finished.
    The Queen has done a marvelous job sustaining it. Only William can take up the torch.
    Andrew is a giant Skid Mark, too THICK even now to see the Train coming at him.
    Politicos and Royals all are under scrutiny now. Empire's end!
    Imagine this media in JFK's day? Dirty Teddy? He left the girl to die. Scumbag!
    The internet today terrifies Elites. Exposure?

    So we need to think again on Assange. He's got issues, he's sleazy as hell, but can we afford to let disclosure die? If Assange dies in jail, what then?
    Honourably, we the Free Brits, should refuse to Extradite Assange. But we won't because the fix is in . Sadly. The US Military want to make an example of him. Dying included.
    Right now, in Belmarsh, stress is killing him. It's a hell hole. He's in - Hell!

    1. So move him. To an undisclosed location. One where he gets 3 squares a day in a 1000 sq ft. The simple justification for it is that y'all didn't condemn him to death and exigent circumstance. You still have that in your otherwise co-opted and defective law system no?

    2. The advantage an undisclosed location is that in the honorable case, you can accidentally lose him there for a while. Let the Pentagon stew.

    3. Agreed on above, but a deal to fast track him was clearly cut, and the dead hand of the US is all over him. Our Gutless lot won't face you down. Even Sweden has dropped their case. His trial will last weeks. A farce, he's coming over.
      The US will empty him in deep, non stop interrogation. He's got no idea.

      This is the horror of the Deep State.

    4. Or, upon his return to the USA, Assange will be tucked away from harm, for when they need him spill the TRUTH about the Seth Ritch murder and many other nuggets.

  60. Good to see the Republican Congressmen taking on Biden now, so clearly Bloomberg thinks he's got a clean run.
    Will Clinton jump in? Pocahontas is sick money's moved in

  61. The HK opposition now has 85% of the vote. China will crush them. China will wipe them out I condone it? Not at all but it's a Chinese issue

    1. Not really - there's still a way. Y'all still have a contractual leg to stand on. Hold their feet to the 40 year sub-clause in the nature of the transition they signed up to. That should at least prevent the worst of it. After all, y'all have deep relationships don't you?

  62. We need the Beijing trade support. Reality rules. It's Chinese territory and rule now. Were out.

  63. Latest reports out indicate Trumps not well and wobbling on his feet at ceremonies.

    1. Good grief John, come on. This is not believable given just today's news where we saw him walking just fine with Melania by his side. Nor given views of the Prez over the weekend. You think the MSM if they had even one clip of a wavering Trump they wouldn't have plastered it over all the airwaves? I can get 10 of Hillary tripping, wavering, stumbling and having a fit...

      Meanwhile I can provide the insanity of the Impeachment hearing -- Tucker Carlson kills it in this 4 minute segment. 4 minutes blows up Schiff via Sondland and Carlson quotes. Sondland blew up at the key moment.

    2. His Big Mac's are probably being drugged.

      You better get those CODES out of him before he gets offed!

    3. The alleged Trump wobble was during the John Voight presentation
      Lots of media on it Google it. It the medical opinions espoused were interesting.
      Please understand the flow of issues are for interest and discussion if appropriate. Part of a daily deluge.

  64. Probably because he gave Melania a good schtupping at lunch break. Otherwise, he looked fine when he presented Conan to the White House press.

    1. If you look at the cholesterol layers he's carrying, you think he's still capable?
      Viagra will meet its match there. Can Spur Heels even raise the flag?
      Triple quad burgers at night plus whatever goes in during the day.
      No wonder he has toilet paper photographed stuck to his shoes coming off AF1. He's full of it. I don't know which Conan you referred to, but no question of the Barbarian.

    2. Just seen which Conan. That was the Dog that did go to serve his country. He couldn't buy a spur heels medical pass. There's an irony of Draft Dodgers serving as Commander in Chief. I chose to serve mine. As did most.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Replies
    1. Yes and wheres the action? Will anyone ever be tried? Comey is laughing his socks off.

    2. Well, taking a slightly longer view, never interfere with an adversary that is making a mistake, or I guess, self-destructing.

      I too would prefer if Trump simply executed them at dawn after a proper UCMJ process, but we are where we are...

  67. Speaking of the current state of popular politic: 'After three years, the country was sick of hearing about Russia, and now the average American either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the case we’re making on Ukraine.' -- Western Journal

  68. Dont we all need the UK out of the EU before any of this ever truly moves forward? The three legs of the stool holding up the Golden world {Great Britain, USA and China} need to be on equal footing. All on Golden legs. China has revealed its Golden leg, The USA is too shy to expose her Golden leg preferring to wait for Great Brother Britain to remove the EU shackles from its Golden leg.
    Remember in March how all this was highly expected and then Brexit was reset {illegally in my opinion}until October 31. October news could have been a copy and paste from Marches news. The anticipation of China/USA trade deal.So sure it would happen then the Brexit delay. Had to start the Kabuki theater up and sell them tickets to the masses about tarrifs and trade wars. And by the way whats the new Brexit date? January 31 or is it December 31 2020? Who set those dates,the Globalist? Was it for the fake impeachment? or The USA Elections and the possible Change of the Occupant of the White House.
    Truly so many things cant be said out loud here. Good reasons for the delays as you know Sir John. You did flip us a clue when you alluded to GB going gold. But not until the umbilical cord of the EU has been clamped off and severed. The world need GB and the 55 Countries it represents. In my opinion our Golden stool will grow more legs. The Nations will want to help "balance" it out as it evolves into a bench the whole world can rest on. Cant hardly wait to read all those trade agreements. Pure Golden reading they will be.
    I wont leave this Kabuki theater until you hear me say I am dancing with Catwoman. For now Batman out.

    1. Nice article Batman.
      We are dealing right now with the Robbin entities.

      December 12 is the election.
      We can only hope enough voters with a brain use it.
      Labour ( Democrats) are in freefall here right now. Hopefully enough switch.
      We are cursed with a growing range of women voters who have voted Liberal because they have wet behind the ears aspirations, and are following prize Nincompoop Jo Swinton. Hopefully enough will wake up before the 12th.

      Add to that the subsidised and forever whining Scots and the Northern Irish Malcontents. If we get a good majority, expect a review of Northern Ireland and the lot to be cut free.
      There's no way we are letting conquered Scotland free, it's OURS! That would invite millions of illegals to flood in and cross our open border. It's bad enough accommodating Gobby Scots, with the worst economy in the EU, because that Gobby Troll in the SNP won't stop spending, and lives off our subsidies. Post the election that will be reviewed. Let her feed the Swine without our subsidies. See how long she lasts then.

      Time for Parliament to combine some seat boundaries and reduce the numbers. We will sort the Labour and Scots numbers. If it were not for the Gobby Scots, Brexit would have been done. Remain MPs will get wasted after the election. Career prospects zero!

      Factor in the PP releases. Once that is accommodated we can start to help both US and UK nations. It's parties like Romney and the Jewish Mafia holding it all back. Having blown funds Romney received from Bush 41 for the Falcone scam, Money Launderer Romney is trying to grab more. That thieving Fraudster Permatan has a lot to answer for. Bush 41 is keeping a place for him, Atonement waits Romney. Huge!

      The Gold is coming here. End of. The Commonwealth will be led again, based on the new asset pool. The Trade agreements will come. Huge! Let's get the PPs started first. De -Lousing is key. The US and UK will change the wealth pools. With the Gold, we can change everything. Patriots will rule this. The Brexit exit will be January. They plan to lock the UK into a Tariff nightmare.
      Good. Bring it on. We will go WTO.

      When those German cars don't get sold here, see how that plays with the millions unemployed. When Brit tourists stop flying to the Med, see the thousands of hotel collapses and the vasts services behind. The UK is France's biggest wine market.Wines will be poured down the drains. Bring it on.

      Holland will lose 40% of its Exports. They will all be on Dope then. Let Brussels survive without vast UK subsidies. Deal after the Brexit vote. We can walk and stuff their 39B.

      By cutting all EU contributions right away, if will focus attention and when the Germans see they have to pick up the vast UK contribution, good luck with that. 130M Germans will march on Brussels.

      Mass produce us a few good Cat Women.Live dangerously.

  69. Imam of Peace
    If you’re seeing articles exposing
    as an agent for Qatar. Remember this thread, and who made it, and how many months ahead I was.

    I put my credibility on the line. Now the story is beginning to unfold.

    See my pinned tweet. My name is all over the legal docs as well...
    Quote Tweet

    Imam of Peace
    · Jul 25
    This thread will be one of the most important threads I make on Twitter. The illegal case behind this will be exposed with full transparency, in full details. For now, I direct the following information to: @realDonaldTrump, @VP, @jaredkushner, @DonaldJTrumpJr, @seanhannity.

    And now it is revealed-

    Ilhan Omar has been accused of being a paid agent of the government of Qatar and using her position in Congress to access sensitive information for the benefit of Iran, according to testimony in a civil suit in Florida.

    Alan Bender, a Kuwaiti-born Canadian businessman, made the accusations in video-conference testimony on October 23 from Toronto for a civil case filed in Florida against the brother of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, over allegations the Sheikh ordered his American bodyguard to murder two people and that he held his American paramedic hostage.

    In explosive testimony made by video link from Toronto, Canada to a Florida District Court on October 23, Kuwaiti-born Alan Bender claims to have deep ties with governments and royal officials across the Middle East including Qatar. In his statement, he says he met Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad and two other senior Qatari officials.

    The three allegedly claimed credit for the meteoric rise of Omar, saying: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends,” according to Bender’s sworn deposition. The deposition was obtained by Al Arabiya English and authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs.

    …In the testimony, Bender claims to have been asked to recruit American politicians and journalists to be Qatari assets. He says he objected and the Qatari officials responded by saying that several American politicians and journalists were already on the payroll—most prominently Omar, who was allegedly described as the “jewel of the crown”, according to the deposition.

    …Bender’s accusations go much further. According to his testimony, Al-Masnad said that Qatar “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official.… They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her.” For her part, Omar cooperated with the Qataris and received cash payments, he alleges in the deposition.

    …Bender claims that once Omar took office, she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information which she relayed to Qatar, and through them to Iran.

    Continue reading…

    1. added to note that I have been following Imam of Peace for quite awhile. It's fun to see what he said months ago start to surface. How long will it take for the MSM to report on this? Bet you won't see it on any network

    2. Imam of Peace
      In the morning (EST), I’ll be coming out LIVE to speak about
      being a Qatari agent and what I have been saying since 25th of July. The bombshell reports are yet to come.

      Turn my notifications on, it’s important.

  70. john

    anything you can share on the PPs?

    Tony wants to know why putting in codes is taking so long... he asks "sticky fingers"?

    unusally long processing time?

    thanks for all you do

    ps: many ppl can post as 'unknown' it is default profile

  71. Tell Tony I wish - I had the time Lol.

    This is a very, very sensitive area. One wrong diplomatic move we give them an excuse to bolt!

    It takes huge focus and restraint.

    Since Bush 41, the most flagrant criminal to hold office, the vile and pernicious Cabal has ruled and stolen at will.
    Be clear what I'm about to state.

    I have NO issue with good, decent and honourable Jews who contribute humanely to our world,deserving respect and protection. I know many good Jews. We have no issues.

    But, and here is the ussue.:A vile Zionist Cult with deeply criminal tendencies have hijacked the money markets for a century and are behind so much wanton destruction. A Vile, pernicious sub human species. Disgusting!
    Their filthy claws are hooked into so much.

    Good Jews need to distance themselves from these human polutants and we must protect good Jews. Totally. But they must tell the Zios- Not in our name!

    And the scheming, devious and manipulative part of Judaism need to be faced down and shamed by the Rabbi's. Do your jobs! In God's name!

    I stand with all good Jews. Totally.

    The rest!!!

    Then combine the bad side with the treacherous Fed, Bent Treasury Secretaries scalping Americans, and the Cabal scum post Bush 41 with Gatekeepers on every corner protecting this vast criminal Cabal
    Do you know the scale of Bush 41s attempted treachery with the KGB and Generals? It only failed because they found him corrupt beyond even the Russian Mafya!

    Look at his old bagmen like Romney and
    Herzog. The corruption of Biden and the trash Clinton's.
    Right now, we are trying to de claw parasite hooks from key accounts. Hugely sensitive.

    US Patriots and ourselves have a clear Humane and ethical agenda. Nothing but genuine intent.
    Truly with humility and humble standing. We WILL be corruption free!

    This is a by the day thing.
    Ex Clandestine Warfare this is no Chump naive to their games. I would willingly flamethrow the lot but it doesn't work that way. We have to work within the Laws they abuse. That's why it takes time because this low, conniving scum are burried deep . Every time we crack open an account they pile in to block redemption , but, aided by certain forces, we are peeling this trash aside in steps. Once we crack the first series, our flamethrowers will go to work. Funded!

    Any time post releases, if we left the rails,be assured, Tino, Aurataya, P and so many would quickly remind us of our agendas and responsibilities. Won't happen! I know the quality of so many on the site. We welcome them.

    By the day, that's all I can tell you. US parties also start as early as 3 so stressed trying to close.

  72. John, God bless you and your crew in this fight to a victorious completion !

  73. John,

    It's been by the day for years. What, besides hope, gives us indication you will have a breakthrough and funds are finally released? Do you considered it a good metric for success that your team is in HK negotiating settlements?

  74. ab irato

    my assessment is that john's things have not been 'by the day', but wax and wane... and right now we seem to be in a high energy phase... this part of your comments was a mis characterization, imho.

    further, to me it is obvious john knows a lot more than he can share, prudently... isn't this obvious to you?

    hope HK is successful!

  75. Thank you John, for the info you give!... glad to be here at OWoN... peace and strength of mind to you and all those involved in the day to day attemps.

  76. JD the site is the best of all of you. We only try to contribute. Post releases we will need many if we are to help recover our nation's.
    We need the US and UK closer. We need a partnership of minds. We need then to focus on excellence. Also reality, a step at a time.

  77. Mainstream Politics in meltdown with the Brexit Fiasco and Impeachment Shambles.

    Lies and Corruption have now become the norm.

    Fake News, Disinformation, Warmongering and Assassinations.

    Perversion, Drug Dealing, Human Trafficking and Pedophilia...

    All that and more funded by the Theft of Public Funds.

    No, not the Mafia or Triads or Street Gangs. Not delinquents or felons but organised crime on a global scale protected by the ruling class and crooked politicians who serve and profit from them.

    If I have any friends left... Honey I'm Home...

    Podcast here:

  78. Roberts just cranked up the pressure demanding Prince Andrew and Maxwell are jailed.
    Before the Sisterhood gang up, lets get clinical facts established for safety.
    Even 17 year olds who F for Bucks are red light warnings. Take nothing on trust from either of them. What don't we know?
    The evidence really does need to be carefully tested. Serious questions have been raised about dates and events. Money for sex, money for photographs, money from tabloids for sensational stories, how many times have seen false dawn's? How many innocent lives trashed? We need hard facts and guilt will be clear. Then one has nowhere to hide. Each need to be checked. A whole series of political accusations were found to be false and parties now jailed.
    Andrew was rigourously questioned let Roberts face the same for equality. If he's innocent let them prove it by testing the evidence. So far it's all been tabloid sensationalism. Let each side be heard. It may even bury Andrew but that's then truth. He then pays. But if it's false? So far it's all been about money.
    At least expand the case. Has he knowingly seen under age kids used and done nothing? Even that will hugely hurt him. Or establish innocence.
    We just went through this with Politicos and it all blew up in Police faces.

    We know she's got issues but does Truth Lie? Lives are all on the line here. For one the consequences will be serious. Which,? Andrew has nowhere to hide. The Police logs can clear or hang him. Or her? A Case of our times?

    Attack Dogs or Police logs. Truth at what price? Let truth be heard?

    1. He's a damn liar. Watch his interview and quit defending the pedophile.

      Epstein was an asset used to trap rich and famous in Pedophilia.

      WHY would a precious ROYAL associate with Epstein OVER and OVER?

    2. That's what needs to be tested, and if guilty, he will pay.

      First let's prove it, or we have no laws. I'm not defending him, but the right to be heard. The right to a fair trial. The media have such a dangerous record.
      I'm saying PUT him on trial. Clear? Both of them.

      Exactly those questions will be faced with his FBI interviews. Good!

      His Royal Protection Squad Logs will be key. Clinical and correct. Nowhere to hide. Let those be seen. Then you have the case, or none. He has nowhere to hide.
      Nor does the Monarchy now. It's building!

      The Monarchy or Presidents ? Have you seen that lot?

      The Brits voted to keep the Monarchy. They may not again.Dangerous times.
      Emotive issues. He's got serious issues to face now.

      Comey and his gang did far worse.So did Clinton and Bush 41. You did what? And JFK for Gods sake and Teddy?

      A Punk Prince is way too high a price to pay to destroy the Queens legacy. Also our right to chose. Don't confuse the two.

      I'm NOT defending him. Just the right to be heard. Give any person that. Or we are back to the Nazis or Feudal Laws. That worries me far more. We fought for Magna Carta and you The Constitution. Don't destroy both or we all lose.

      This man, Guilty or innocent, has already been hounded by the Tabloids.

      But US Judges have tested Roberts case before and declined it. Why?

      Evidence? Let Justice handle this. We don't need Kangaroo Courts of emotion. How long ago were the KKK Trials? The horrors of those? Truth is coming one way or another. Mob rule behind Ambulance Chasers has a poor history. And Clinton c30 flights to the Island? WTF??? is he not hounded? Do both! Do it Right!

  79. The (D) have lost. They know it. Otherwise they wouldn't be playing the 'sealed indictment to the Senate' trial balloon. First, the articles of impeachment must be public -- that's the whole point of the House of Reps on this, so that the Senate can act. Second, the only reason to float this trial balloon is to see if anyone is willing to buy it. And the pre-press is already negative. And it confesses the weakness of the (D) case. Say what you will of Trump but he does know how to read the (D). He knows the high point of the impeachment fiasco of the (D) has been reached.

  80. In a reversal of our Civil War, we should consider expelling NY,MA, DC and CA from the Union.

    Just and idle thought... or maybe not...


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