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14 to 21 November, 2019

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  1. John, Santa was smiling a few weeks ago... Are those pearly whites still showing?

    1. We are waiting on partial releases for a long overdue sensitive redemption issue and the team have to go back to HK again next week. Not easy is it?
      Each week we are facing levels of chicanery and subterfuge. Xmas is coming up and Santa's got feed bills to pay.

    2. And Mrs Claus is waiting to hear if she should start to bake.

    3. I think Mrs Claus is waiting for the dough first.

    4. Yes, Yes. The dough would be helpful. I hear Tony likes a cookie from time to time.

    5. No dough, no show, that's the way the Cookie always crumbles.

    6. Heh Tony when the Yes Yes stops it's time to retire the Lil Fella to live like a Knight, only 2 times.

  2. Steve Pieczenik Releases Epstein, Trump, and Hillary Bombshells: Powerful Full Interview!

    Nov 13, 2019
    The Alex Jones Show

    Former CIA coup expert Steve Pieczenik lays out the deep state's plan to overthrow trump and how to stop it. He also breaks down Epstein, the Clinton crime network, Hillary is planing to run and more.

    I know Pieczenik used to work closely with Kissinger which is scary but there is some really interesting & poignant points he makes well worth the watch. YouTube already took the video down but it can be seen at

  3. SCOTTF,

    Kindly post the direct link for this post you made:

    "Steve Pieczenik Releases Epstein, Trump, and Hillary Bombshells: Powerful Full Interview! Nov 13, 2019 The Alex Jones Show Former CIA coup expert Steve Pieczenik lays out the deep state's plan to overthrow trump and how to stop it. He also breaks down Epstein, the Clinton crime network, Hillary is planing to run and more. I know Pieczenik used to work closely with Kissinger which is scary but there is some really interesting & poignant points he makes well worth the watch. YouTube already took the video down but it can be seen at"

    Thank you.


  4. Thursday night at 10 o clock, New Amsterdam culture we can share.
    No interruption but a hot to trot Mrs Claus can play but not block the screen.
    Hell if she blocks the room I'm out of there. Lol

    1. Thursday's are my favorite night, a great night for a new episode

    2. Yep and it's such a well thought out creative series. Not big budget but charismatic in its simplistic sense of Soul. The best of human Spirit.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, like STEALING the Golans for Cheney, Kutzner and Cabal parties to mineral strip, re injecting US Contractors back into Syrian Oil territories to rape its wealth,and tearing apart the Middle East for Mad Benny and Mossad plus the Oil moguls.
      Whose in charge for real?

      I will give you real info hopefully today on just how high the risk level is now.
      The Public have no idea.

    2. But within the context of the impeachment, he is the one who sets policy. Therefore, it is impossible and self-contradictory to impeach him for impugning the 'Foreign Policy of the United States'. That is all I meant.

      More broadly, the so-called 'Foreign Policy of the United States' has been at odds with the rest of the Government and We,The People now for a little over 60 years as measuring from the Kennedy Assassination. This co-option is why the bureaucrats somehow have come to think that they are a separate power when in fact, they can and should be reigned in under the Executive.

      Look forward to you new info...

    3. I will give this as sensitively as I can.

      An SIS Head, ( MI6 etc) advises that in his considered opinion,with events moving as rapidly as they are,and 3 major powers testing each others determination on territories, responses and positions, any single overreach could take us fast into WW111. With new weapons technologies, and Boys with Toys desperate to test them out, areas of provocation such as Syria, where each side is testing new weapons for effect,the dangers of overspill are escalating.

      Iran is ever threatened by Israel. In turn Israel sees Iran as a potent threat. rightly so, it has no role there, nor will ever be tolerated. Iran sees a vicious and vengeful US armed Nuclear threat in its region as a real threat. It sees the Khazar vision of Greater Israel. and their murderous strategies. Jews have lived in peace for thousands of years among Arab nations. But Khazar Zionists?

      Both Russia and China have moved heavily into the Middle East. Turkey, Iraq, Syria,Egypt and Iran now have strong Russian links. America only survives with US backing. But for how long? Israel also.
      The Middle East is lost for US Hegemony.Warships still guard the Straights of Hormuz, protecting American tankers. But for how long?
      Russian Subs with 200 knots an hour torpedos could sink the lot in minutes.
      Iran will now be replicating armed Drones,expect copies to be released to Hamas in Lebanon and Syria. Testing will start soon in Lebanon and Iraq. They will fly straight over Israels border walls. Armed and hunting Khazars to kill. IS and the Taliban will soon be field testing them. Zero Taliban lives lost unleashing those on US forces.

      China is expanding its own technologies and territorial ambition.
      Arms selling Drones right in US territories?

      Russia has not only taken out America's role in Venezuela, but its Naval and Air bases are within striking range of the US.
      Russia has just released 12 of its supersubs out through the Baltics and are now in key US attack locations. Rattling cages.
      Nations are rejecting NATO costs as wasteful. leaving the US to question why bother?

      Suddenly the Arms theatres are changing suppliers as primary enemies now sell more advanced technologies, game changers. China has ambitions. As does Russia, but more quietly. China has now placed the world on notice it will retake its old territories. Taiwan and South Korea are on notice of repossession.
      Eurasia is emerging. Loyalties will switch. French loyalty?

      Russia and China now have weaponry technology which outpaces America's.

      Ambitions appear rife. New Big Dogs are expanding their ambitions.
      Suddenly,US supremacy is questioned. Suddenly new, superior technologies are in the arenas. Who now is a friend?

      So many conflict zones. So many amateurs now posing as Leaders. One slip and what are the chain of consequences? The scale of weaponry now is unsurpassed. Who holds overreach in check? So many weapons in so many locations. Who is the Ringmaster left in a Circus of Fools?

    4. "Who holds overreach in check?"

      The short answer: Nobody it appears.

      The longer answer: The balance of terror

      May the human race survive the current insanity...

      Thanks as always.

  6. HUGE! EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Documents Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Reveal MILLIONS Funneled to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry Family

  7. President Trump is flying back to London early December to see the Queen, meet Johnson and build good links with the UK. He sees the real Allie he needs, and IF HE WILL JUST DIRECT THE DAMNED RELEASES WE CAN DO SUCH GOOD TOGETHER! Get BB- the US Patriot paid, and we will help build trade fast. And Yes, hes approved the initials exposure because we need T to ask whose BB so it can all hit the fan. Game on!

    1. I know he isn't coming for tea. I guess Mrs Claus will get her recipes out. Good news John.

    2. He's coming ore Election to try to help the vote because he's realised that you, like the Brexit Brits are on your own, but with Trust hard to find, a closer relationship with the awesome city power and relationships, can hugely benefit both our nation's in closer cooperation. Better together, United is awesome.
      He saw first hand the power and sophistication of the Monarchy.
      He now sees synergy and is building bridges. He feels clean in London. We understand the Beltway zoo.
      Interesting times. But great partners together.

    3. John,in your text what does "T" stand for and what does "BB" stand for? Keep up the good work. Saw the newest movie version of "Midway" tonight, amazing!

  8. What the voters want regardless of party affiliation (Democratic or Republican):- POPULISM

    Hillary ,(that C***) just wants to go back to the way things were. Hillary ,that would never happen.

    America is not going back to the way things were.

    Populism refers to a range of political stances that emphasise the idea of "the people" and often juxtapose this group against "the elite".

    America is here for populism , you can either take Trump style of populism or Bernie style of populism.

    It is political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.

    Both party Elites (Democrats or Republicans) dont want Trump. REPUBLICANS dont want to admit that their party Elites dont want him either.

    Obama, he deceived America. Fact !

    Trumps has not really showed his card just yet. Looks like its all a show, Real life made for TV special. If Trump wins in 2020, thats is when we will know the real Trump.

    So get ready for his Reality Show, and this time it will not be "The Apprentice" , it will be "Gotcha"

  9. BOOM !!!!! JUST IN: Dow surpasses 28,000 for the first time ever.

  10. New Remarks From Top Ukrainian Official Damages Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative
    -The Daily Wire

    “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that the United States Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden,” Ryan Saavedra reports.

  11. Even Impeachment ‘Rehearsal’ Hearings Won’t Help Dems
    -New York Post

    “Clever: By having witnesses go through closed-door hearings first, Dems can get a sense of what witnesses have to say privately and then tailor their questions for maximum impact during the public spectacle,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “Trouble is, even rehearsals don’t seem to help . . . No matter how many auditions they hold, it’s no substitute for hard evidence.”

  12. Obama Left An Ambassador to Die, But We’re Supposed to be Outraged Over Trump's Yovanovitch Tweet?

    1. Our case many times and never forget how they were sexually mutiated alive. Clinton and Obama have no shame.

    2. My question is, why does she have a go-fund me page? A way to send bribes and payoffs? I can't find the link to it now. It was up last night. Who is dropping all the big money into these actors accounts?

  13. Glenn Beck is posting great research free in YouTube.... On players in Ukraine. And how they are the witnesses the Dems have e testifying. Most important is how Soros using NGOs started Societies to train for uprisings, etc . He is doing great work and posting document proofs on his website.

    1. Hmmm... given how he folded the last time controversy truly began, it is a surprising twist.

    2. Yes.True. I dropped my subscription when he was pushing Romney. I think he woke up.

  14. Prince Andrew Gives 'No Holds Barred' Interview About His Ties to Jeffrey Epstein
    In preview clips released by the BBC on Friday, Maitlis asks the Queen’s second son about Giuffre.
    “[She] has made allegations against you. She says she met you in 2001, she says she dined with you, danced with you at Tramp Nightclub in London. She went on to have sex with you in a house in Belgravia belonging to Ghislaine Maxwell, your friend. Your response?”
    Andrew responds, “I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever.”
    Maitlis then asks, “You don’t remember meeting her?”
    The Duke confirms his initial denial, saying, “No.”

  15. You see above the nicest of Andrews PR exposures. The rest are multi multi multi page mutilating him for his profane and disgusting use of these girls. Even now the dumb mutt is still shielded from consequences so hopefully the US gets an arrest warrant out for him. Also for Clinton and all Epstein grubby and disgusting entourage .
    The media will not stop here until Andrew is shredded.

    The tragedy is how such a good Queen has to carry this but the whole F up Windsor family will be mass exposed when the sad day comes that the unsound, unfit and unacceptable Charles becomes king with Camilla at his side.
    Most Brits find them abhorrent and if it were not for William the monarchy would be gone.
    Andrew is finished in England he has no way back.

    1. Andrew.
      This man even looks like a monster, all you have to know about somebody is in there eyes! What do you see?

  16. Comments of AG Barr at the Federalist Society-

    Bill Barr: "Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they call 'The Resistance' and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch."

    Well I'm glad you see it AG Barr. Now it's time to start charging the SOBs and arrest them!

  17. He has the power, he just needs to appoint a person of intelligence to round them up and take them down

  18. John, you and everyone else seem to speak very little about Soros. Maybe you have and I missed it? Isn't he the evil nucleus in all of this? Arrest him, extradite him to Russia where Putin has that active warrant out and problems solved? Sure there will be remaining tentacles, but they might be dealt with easier.

    1. That's what we've wanted Trump to order for years, but what's the Soros funding to Trump also been?lift the covers and????

  19. Totally off the rails... get ready for a possible quantum collapse...

    Unable to find impeachable crimes, Dems turn to focus groups

    Posted by WND Staff

    Democrats' Latin skills are lacking, so focus groups are being asked to find a word other than "quid pro quo" to describe Trump's "crime."

  20. A video is going viral about a pregnant woman being sprayed and then violently restrained by the Hong Kong police. In one swift move the authorities have lost most of their moral high ground. Apologies for not providing link.

  21. Force without a social base

    Damascus needs to restore the territorial integrity of Syria. American troops are an obstacle in achieving this. Moreover, it has long been obvious that the United States initiated the civil war in Syria, spawned so called “fighters for democracy” and continue to plunder its natural resources. The fight of the United States against the Dash (banned in our country) was more of an imitation nature, pursuing the goal of not destroying the terrorist organization, but taking it under control. Moreover, US troops in Syria are illegally and in accordance with international law they are the aggressors. It is unlikely that the Kurds loyal to the Americans will treat G. I.s well. The United States abandoned them in the most difficult moment, leaving them one on one with the Turkish military machine, the second most powerful army of NATO (and if you take only the land component and morale, then certainly the first, superior to the American). The Kurds, to survive, had to negotiate with the legitimate Syrian government, which they did. So for the American contingent it’s not worth it to wait for their support. On the contrary, the Kurds, in order to earn a better place in Syrian society, after their attempts to participate in the partition of the country in alliance with the American aggressors, might begin active hostilities against former allies.

  22. What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

  23. Replies
    1. Thanks Canauzzie. Subscribed AGAIN. Been waiting so long for 48! Worth the wait. Was so good to go back over it all. Paladin did an excellent job.
      I printed it on the cover of my hometown magazine. Lost LOT'S of advertisers over the following months for printing truth. Finally had to close my magazine of 26 years. People thought I had gone off the deep end. Guess they were too lazy...or too brainwashed to research it themselves. Or maybe the truth scared them. I am so proud that I took the chance to support the White Hats. Thank you for ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND ARE DOING.
      I followed the site from Report 1 and its been the greatest education I could have asked for. By the way, NONE of my representatives answered my emails or letters back then. I went to work getting them out of office. First one we voted out was replaced by Trey Gowdy. Still waiting for him to make us proud.

  24. Now the Dems want to Impeach Barr?

    With the lowest form of Trash and Deep State CRIMINALS it way, way,way past time the low life filth was all in the Dock. .
    America needs a Nuremberg badly and to hang the lot!

  25. Brief key issues

    1. Prince Andrew has left himself wide open after his TV interview. His credibility was zero. Now he's open to a US Deposition. Clueless, brainless and shady as hell. He looked seedy and shoddy goods. He's just opened Pandora's box for the media now they will hound him mercilessly.

    2. Hong Kong is now in freefall. Their will, or Chinas? China will encircle and crush them. They had the choice to leave. Now its a face off with Beijing. Expect the Chans to crank it up and brutality to start. Mass arrests will come soon.

    3. Brexit is coming but who gets in and who get defrocked? ( Fragged!!) Hard to call.

    4. Impeaching Barr is typical of the out of Control Deep State. Time to look at the lot and round them up for mass trials. At least 100 need to go to Gitmo, Military law and water boarding!!! It needs a Gitmo Nuremberg. Guilty, hang them next day.

    5. When will anybody deal with Soetoro? Is everyone mad? He's a Usurping Con Man.

    6. Clinton, now she's thinking of running again. WTF is Justice in America? She should be long since in jail.

    7. Benghazi. Who hangs?

    8.Why is Comey free? Are you serious?

    9. Deutsche, we watch and wait. If they go, it all goes.

    10. Liquidity. Where? Why are you still funding NATO and what will be the outcome of stealing Syria's Oil? With new Chinese and Russian weapons, plus armed drones, how many body bags will be coming home?

    11.Trumps visit to the UK. He needs good PR because the Impeachment hearings are hurting him Globally and he's looking as shady and shabby as Prince Andrew. Western Media all think it's as bad as Watergate and review how many have gone down protecting him. The world is judging him- badly, so he needs good PR. Be assured, it's for him to gain publicity. A cheap shot. This could backfire on him. The media is hostile. This is no JFK.

    12. Russia. Putin is starting to flex his muscles and these are dangerous times.

    13.China likewise.

    14.Chinese armed Drone sales to the Middle East puts Khazarville ( Israel) right in the firing line.

    15. 12 heavily armed Russian Super Subs are now in Key positions having been tracked leaving the Baltics. That's a lot of operational Nuclear Super subs. Plus no one can stop their 200 knots per hour torpedos.

    19. China is testing its very high speed ICBM's. What is coming? It's a dangerous world out there, as the Children play Thanksgiving games Remember Pearl Harbour? Fast asleep, fat and happy. Bang!!! Only next time it will be Nukes.

    As UK Intel, in possession of all the facts,advise these are very, very dangerous, why are Morons and Fools in command, not tuned into heightened real risks? Putin has now moved forward units to his borders to face off NATO. Why? We have so many potential flash points now in play. There is no logic in war if Hawks hit that button. Moscow is full of them. Never forget,Russia knows it HAS to pre empt and if forced, it WILL!

    With a nation of no real Geographical education, apart from Hegemony intent,how can such a Politically mass ignorant nation read the danger signs of conflict when it has brutalised the world with Fiscal aggression and brutal hegemony?
    Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey have all gone to China and Russia for Military aid. US influence is lost. So much anger, so many new weapons, all waiting to erupt with that Excreta fly Israel constantly war mongering. If they swat that arrogant Khazar den of Zionist Vipers, what then? When will America stop swearing Oaths of Allegiance to that sewer pit of Khazar Despots? These are not good Jews, or even Jews! These are Khazar Zionists,Genghis Khans marauding scum. With them, there can be no peace. If Iran and Turkey say, enough, what then? It will take them less than an hour to totally erase that Pariah colony. What then?

    1. john

      what role, if any, does the GCR play in all these international issues?


    2. It's part of our complex discussions read WH report 48 part I to get even a glimpse of where we are.

  26. Vladimir Putin: "The Dollar Enjoyed Great Trust Around The World. But For Some Reason It Is Being Used As A Political Weapon, Imposing Restrictions. Many Countries Are Now Turning Away From The Dollar As A Reserve Currency. US Dollar Will Collapse Soon."


    Iranian protesters set fire to the Central Bank of Iran in the city of Behbahan, Khuzestan Province, in demonstrations against the government’s decision to ration hike the price of petrol.

    A surprise decision to ration and raise fuel prices by 50% has led to long queues at gas pumps and protests around the country. President Rouhani argues the move is for the good of the people.

  28. John,

    Two follow-up questions to your post:

    Deutche Banks impending collapse is a harbinger of the global economic meltdown of 2009. Who saves the system this go around?

    What effect have the protests in Hong Kong and subsequent bank closures last week had on the prospects of releases?

  29. 1. Deutsch. It will come via Fed loans as the only way the Zio manipulators can continue sucking the life blood out of nations, is controlling the rigged purse strings. Lose the money, they lose the plot, then nation's will turn

    HK is under serious duress. Our people are back there again this week as we try yet again for a new consensus series of table tops to program inject liquidity and stabilise economies. Each time we face Khazar and Deep State curve balls. Each we overcome. The solution is a 44 magnum but we adhere to law. The 44 magnum is needed.
    HK is in play and for how long before Beijing smashes it down? It's yet another dichotomy. But traceable funds unlike the Mormons false golden plates.

  30. The Fed has established themselves as the lender of last resort for the entire planet. Along with the IMF and the World Bank, these institutions have done more to exploit hundreds of billions of dollars on the backs of the public through taxes and inflation. They allow governments to escape the discipline of gold as the basis of international currency exchange, in order to create money out of nothing, while digging them further into spiraling debt with no hope for ever paying it off. And the public is none the wiser.

    So what realistic incentive do these bankers have to lose their reoccurring wealth stream? Why would they even entertain settlements with you or your team, if more bailouts are assured to prop up the system yet again?

  31. Because if we don't prop it up, be assured, once nations start collapsing without the rule of Law, the Zios know we will be arriving to redress their Cult evils with no mercy. If the power of money is lost, they know how it will end once they are rounded up, or simply dealt with on sight. Remember Mussolini. We will do job lots with that lot. Be assured, they only have time. Their end game is coming. Beijing has an interest in seeing results via HK. Part of this is Elders money due. Zios can be dealt with by the Tongs if caught meddling in HK.
    3 Fingers Wu will be watching. We only need to win once and it funds the fightback .

    1. Maybe their ultimate goal is to destroy the system.

      Order out of chaos.

      Let's be honest, they control more than just the FED. Creating a new financial system out of the chaos would be easy for "The Brotherhood".

      With Climate Change and their established goal of population reduction to 500,000,000, a collapse of the system would align perfectly with their aim.

  32. Replies
    1. Question regarding Tropos: Does SWIFT not roll-back? I am mean, who the hell designs a system that doesn't roll back on transactional failure? Hell's Bells, I designed medical record systems with more transactional integrity.

      And fantastic production values in Episode 1!

    2. Please ALL watch Part 1 of the White Hats Report.
      It's 50 minutes of your time and 15 years of ours.
      It gives you a very credible first pass overview of the Rot we deal with daily.

      This is YOUR Future, YOUR country, YOUR Children's future, where YOUR money has been stolen, and the Swamp Creatures placing you like Rats on a Treadmill for the rest of your lives.

      The fight to Free YOU ALL!

      In stages we will expose more.

      Look what you did to Saddam. Yet you Eulogise this lot? How do we FREE Americans from this? How do we serve YOU?

    3. should this go on Trumps twitter? Paste it all over everyone's twitter? Why cant we put this all over so the crooks can see its getting out?

    4. Yes please. I sent Farrage copies and more.

  33. The backlash on Prince Andrews arrogant and cavalier interview has started. Not once did he express remorse. His claim to not sweating is frankly, total BS. No one bought it.
    His Falklands role was heavily sheltered. He was never in harms way. A Kabuki airman. Intense radar cover would ensure he never flew his helicopter if any radar signs showed anything incoming. He was there, as were many, but he was cosseted for sure. No heroics.

    Hes now opened himself up to huge public analysis. A truly dumb move. Andrew came across and a self serving, self opinionated old man. Any hope for sympathy failed. His eyed portrayed the emotions and candour of a floating turd! He lost! Badly. What the hell has he now unleashed upon himself. The Queen has to see this. She does not deserve this Buffoon.

    Nor does the UK. He's now opened the door to subpoenas. 3 Times he denied ever having met Roberts. Did he lie 3 times? Its now on film and record. A cruel, cold, indifferent Slob was portrayed. A truly dreadful interview. He chose to go on Public record. No Judge will restrain the MSM now. He's in play. Huge! Any evidence now showing he met her, he's gone.
    Not even any Epstein regrets. What a Dummy!

    Boris Johnson is another Clown the Press will seek to bring down. Ignoring and blanking old Dodgy girlfriends he played with while married, is now opening eyes and windows to attack him. The MSM shark pack is circling. Ex User women are angry and seeking Press pay offs to talk. Like Trump, they trawl with bottom feeders.

    He's in a borderline seat. If the Conservatives win, and he fails to retain his seat, he's history. If that were to happen, it's likely Hunt would be the next PM fast. A far more intelligent and experienced member than Johnson. What a curved ball that could be.
    Be clear, Johnson is a say anything, lying , shallow MUppet. A large Buffalo Dump!

    Politics today heh? He is what he eats and talks.
    These types lead nations. O- M- G! The West has issues. Real ones.
    None are fit for Office. Mongrel Dogs in Armani suits.
    Heavyweight roles with Lightweight iQs. What can go so wrong?
    Trump is getting seriously dissed in the EU media. He needs good PR.
    No doubt Trump will be bargaining Andrew's Butt for leverage. What a quagmire. All of it.

    1. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

      Who are the parents?

    2. JV

      He's opened the door now. The MSM here will cannibalise him. His family also.
      Look at his dreadful wife Fergie. Her Father. Charles's betrayal of Diane. The wheels are coming off. Andrews whole sordid life is about to go public. He will be hounded to the grave now. A Swine who crossed the line.
      He has no idea how bad this will get. Road kill in waiting. More documentaries will now flow. His arrogance knows no bounds. Nor does British contempt. He's now so much in play. Charles will be so badly cross smeared. Camilla too. No place to be.

  34. Tino
    SWIFT is a US tool. When the Fed and Yellen intercepted and STOLE the ACAT it was taken prior to value release to the account. The Bank and all backed off, non dated expose or fight the Fed. It was like a bunch of peasants allowing Pancho Villa to loot at will.
    Exactly how the Deep State views it's it's citizens. Peasant Sheeple to be sheared and harvested.
    We will release more in stages.
    A lot more is in dialog this week but it can't go public yet. We are trying to effect 3 settlements.

    1. john,

      how long will the old financial system and the new QFS run side by side?

      when will the old disappear, and what will its disappearance look like?

      please give us your thoughts on how both will look over time


    2. There are highly sensitive discussions in place right now. We are trying to achieve 3 closings. We can not release this yet, but if the system did collapse, retribution will be enormous. Are they smart enough to organise a soft landing?
      The ones we have planned leave the Zios and Rots with nothing and they are fighting it. The Fed and Rots have raped America for a century. Worthless paper screwing out real interest, they cashed out and got hugely rich on. We should not allow these Weevils near the new food store. With Eurasia not one comes near. Russia's Gulags need to process them. Or Chinas. Don't feed Demon seed. They need to be given what they deserve. Siberia comes to mind. One way tickets.

    3. Hi John,

      Yes I understand it is a U.S tool. But how can a system for transferring money NOT have guaranteed rollback on failure to avoid the very instance that has happened so many times? Why would anyone ever accept such a tool regardless of the history of when it came about post ww2? And regardless of when the money is released, if it doesn't reach the target bank, it should have been declared null and void to begin with. Otherwise it is hardly a "transaction" by definition. Any other way of doing things allows precisely for a man-in-the-middle attack. Also, I don't understand how anyone can get away with it because it has to go somewhere. Which means there has to be a record. Perhaps I am simply missing the obvious? That it was specifically designed to steal money when necessary? That the flaw is intentional...

  35. Prince Andrew has set off a new firestorm. Part of his so ill judged TV expose to clear himself has him rejecting Roberts statement that he sweated heavily. He alleged he can not sweat from Falklands war exposures. Now the press has pics of him sweating like a pig in high living French parties taken at the same time exposing him as a liar.

    Now he's gone public he's open season.
    Forget Justice, that's all phoney BS from the US.Do reality.
    This is ALL, I repeat ALL, about a bunch of ex rent girls who now have highly focused Ambulance Chasing Attorneys of the worst kind chasing the Epstein Estate to screw them for money. Greenmail. It's ALL about money. Hookers for hire. Ask Trump about that. No doubt when he comes over he can advise. Stormey rings a bell.

    I don't excuse Andrew if guilty. but allow better judgment on the false moralising crap. It's a bunch of rented whores looking for a cash cow.

    Now Andrew has been exposed lying over the sweating, he's cranked up the game. Now he's open to an extradition order, and to have used such a lame excuse over sweating invited the press to trawl and show it's wrong. They have published the pics of him sweating heavily at parties. Major badly advised mistake.

    Those rent girls all want money and have the worst Greenmail Attorneys acting for them. .
    Just get the balance right. Start with truth. Andrew's full media filmed exposure went very badly for him. He was mass perceived to be phoney as hell. He showed no remorse, denied ever having met the girl, despite the pics, and claims he was at a Pizza Cafe with his daughter the day claimed. For sure they will trawl that.

    Bottom line, while his guilt is yet to be proven, he came across so badly. Now he's in a media firestorm. Lunch! A free lunch which will run for the rest of his life.
    He now claims he flew all the way to the US just to tell Epstein and his girls, they could not meet or talk any more. Really? He flew to meet a then convicted Sex Trafficker to say we can't meet??????????? Flying Pigs? It's getting worse.
    They will try to strongarm the palace next. These are Greenmail bandits. He's a Clown, arrogant, pompous and Lunch! Packs now surround him. No time to be a fool.
    Those Attorneys look like hard nosed Carrion. Bottom feeders loose. What a mess and so public. All his Freebies coming home. He's got such a hard landing ahead.
    But keep it real.It's all about money. False morals in this case don't apply. Rent girls and Bandits with a Bar License. Now targeting an arrogant idiot cruising for a bruising.
    With no Trump Attorney in the middle to pay them off. It's all sleaze, on sleaze, on sleaze.

    1. However, Prince Andrew views his PR debacle as a 'complete success'. Makes one wonder if the following reasoning by Vox Day is closer to the truth:

      How to rectify the two positions? I suspect both perspectives are correct. While it was obviously a PR disaster, Prince Andrew doesn't give a damn about what the public thinks. It appears that what the prince was doing was akin to Kevin Spacey's weird, but successful warning that if he was abandoned to be held accountable for his crimes, he would spill everything about everyone else.

      I very much doubt it is a strange coincidence that Prince Andrew said he was at a children's pizza party rather than at a club he was known to frequent. My interpretation of this weirdly specific detail is that he was warning his fellow evildoers that if they don't get him out of his present predicament, he'll tell the legal authorities in the UK and in the USA everything about their crimes against children.

    2. Tino
      New revelations are breaking indicating the attorneys will depose and apply to extradite him . Be assured, as a child he was a known vicious and arrogant low IQ bully. It profiles with the girls accusation of his peevish and cruel bodily attacks on them on the Island. Let the Law determine truth, it's time.
      This slob needs a one way ticket to a public trial.
      My only sadness here is the Queen she deserves non of this and at 94 we need to keep her alive and well to keep Charles's off the throne. If the Queen lives another 6 years that clown will be approaching 80 so we can time limit his reign..

      But Andrew look very dubious and from a PR point, he got no points. Again the arrogant fool feels he did well. He's the only one drinking that Kool Aid. He needs to be removed from all Public duties instantly and shielded as he will be shredded in any US trial. Justice has its head.


    3. They were fucking minors John, as in paedophilia. Calling a minor a rented whore? That is too far, way too far. Not to mention disgusting.

    4. 17 year olds here are not minors and they were paid, they took money and knew what they were doing. They were no minors but where young kids profile, go for it. They continued and took the Bucks. I don't condone it or then. Andrew is paying big time here. What about the Clintons, Bushes and the whole sordid lot what happened to Pizzagate? Marriage and sex is legal here and they won't enforce after 15.
      Kids are not around by then focus on real minors these are posing money grabbers. Try him let the Courts decide. Being paid lost their case here. So put the lot on trial. Knowingly acting as a Sex Worker at 17. Some kids rednecks are on second marriages by then.


    5. Some known are as young a 12 at the time. And Epstein openly bragged about it.... FACT. That ok in the UK? Or just for Royals, Aristocrats and politicians?

      Epstein will go down in history as the USA's most prolific pedophile. You would rather have pity on him as if he were a victim? His estate deserves nothing. He made his money by blackmail and pimping.

      I guess if you have a few bucks and avoid criminal prosecution, if someone comes knocking for a dollar they are a whore.

      They are not ambulance chasers, they are out for revenge and want to destroy everything that is Epstein because they were cheated in criminal court, twice. More than 40 victims.

      You read one sentence out some rag UK newspaper and want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would suggest digging deeper before casting judgment.

    6. More irrational overloaded sycophantic hype.
      I. My case was Roberts at 17.
      2. I've always stated prosecute.From day one.
      3. I've called out for Clinton whose made up to 30 flights to be hauled in.
      4.God Knows I've called out for Pizzagate to be followed up, even a worse case.

      My case is simple. Due process, Yes.
      But the ONLY case we get is a bunch of Carrion Ambulance Chasers using Roberts for Bucks. Where is Justice, why has nothing been done?
      Challenge the Justice system, I saw nothing of that for years, only now when Bucks come in. Perverse justice. What judgment?

      This so far is Andrew and Roberts. He's not been defended here.

      How many issues did I report on Epstein and the need to go big for him on all of it?
      How many times have we called out for Clinton to be interviewed?

      So let's be clear. Let Justice check the c12 year olds and start the arrests. Clamour for that, spend your time as I do trying. You feel about it, YOU do the work and write it up. Every day, every week, every month. We do.
      Include Pizzagate. Include all of it. Write the facts, do the work.

      Let the victims of these crimes be heard,let the Guilty be tried and the compensation can follow.

      No one here wants anything but full process.
      But it's a sad day for US Justice if only the Ambulance chasers can get it.
      Some rights heh?

      So if you want real Justice, put in your own time daily, every day as we do and fight for it. God knows it can help.
      Where have I ever stated pity for Epstein, that a ridiculous presumption. Preposterous rot.

      I've continuously called for his head. But Clintons also and the lot of them.
      If you want public support here in the Uk, it will be for the Crimes, not ambulance chasing Buck Feasters. Does only the money bring out the bottom feeders.
      Where is the Public outcry for the crime. The rest can follow. Expose all the cases. Justice for all? Do only Buck chasers get to be heard? So the rest are sidelined? Name them, shame them, let Truth break free.

      Blackmail and Pimping. Study JP Morgan, the Bushes,Clintons, and Trumps Grandfather if you want sordid. Do the rest have no voice? I've asked why not all of them?

      But this is not about Justice. It's sordid Attorneys hooks, so far for a dubious few. It needs ALL these cases to be heard. For Justice, compensation can follow.
      But, this is America, where is justice now? At least pressure got Epstein re opened. Bring them all in, every one who flew to the Island or Mansion parties. Full reviews, full public exposure. Where is that? How about all attendees get exposed? Why so long?
      Andrew will be dealt with one way or another. Deservedly. What about the rest?
      Your input there? Expose them and let's all focus on names. Evidence?

    7. Irrational? That is too funny. Especially coming from someone who is going over the top smearing victims as whores. Guess Cosby should have left a $20 on his victims and all would be well.

      So if I do not call them whores I am a sycophant? There is already plenty evidence out there. Easy to find for those who care to look. researching a bit takes more time than reading headlines and looking at pictures though.

      Ever hear of grooming? How exactly that works?

      It's always about the money. Every time.

      Someone had to say something, if it has to be me so be it.

      Not interested in a diatribe. My time is needed elsewhere.

    8. Thank you, Canauzzie, for taking John to task on this. Rightly so. I read the same thing in your first comments, John, as Canauzzie did, and you absolutely came across as blaming the women - whores who hired ambulance chasers. Seriously? You are absolutely naïve, apparently, about a) grooming b) Stockholm or battered wife syndrome and c) expect a lot of 15-20 year olds when you appear to think they should have a known they had a choice and simply walked out. Good grief. Like that was going to be allowed even if they had thought it an option. Which I can pretty much guarantee you they didn't. Very disappointed in those comments. What have you done with your heart - feels cold as ice from here.

    9. Front seat or back?

      I live in the real world. This game is no longer justice for many who need and deserve it, but a Greenmail ambulance chase with these usual bottom feeder Slags with Bar Council licenses.

      My heart is with innocent girls. But I've also seen enough conniving 16 and 17 year old Shrews and see how many are now emerging for Bucks. Let Justice give Justice to the true victims. But c25% to the Attorneys ??????????????
      As ever litigation buys that nation.

      12 year olds no argument. 15 year olds even same.
      17 year olds, a cautious brain says be careful.
      At that age, they know, Ho's start somewhere, and money often triggers it.
      Too many bleeding heart liberals, look at the Bible Belt. The "Elder Mormons". You want dirt trawl that.
      Andrew will be dealt with one way or another. He's nailed to the wall here.

      The hard faced Attorneys we have seen Ambulance Chasing here profile as genuine as a 90 cent note! Cheap Skanks. Roberts chose to go. Also to London. She's a dodgy ticket.
      The 15 year olds and younger, no case, I totally support the actions.God knows we have called for it. 17 year olds can be duplicitous little Mingers. Courts have already heard and declined her. So appeal that, real justice. How about truth first?

      The Ambulance chasers won't get far here. Under 16 yes. No argument. Go for it all. 17 year olds it's on dodgy ground. Wise Courts see through it. They see enough bottom feeders manipulating favours. Roberts lived high and it won't read well here for a Deposition case. Younger for sure will.

      DA's will be well received. That ambulance chasing bottom feeding Attorney Rat pack won't get far.

      A simple DA or FBI application will get help in most cases. Real Justice. What is profiling with some is collateral damage of a life some chose to attempt to get rich quick. For sleaze look no further than Trump. What's his History. Clinton was a regular visitor.Check that out fully. Andrew will get what's coming anyway.
      Where the hell is the Clinton Justice? So 2 faced.

      Where have all these bleeding heart libs been for the rest of them?
      Roberts is dubious. Seen enough of those sort. I'm sure there are many real cases who need real help. Experienced Judges have declined Roberts before. It's what we DON'T know we should not preJudge. Appeal that!
      That was for Justice, this is for grubby money. That can harm better real need cases. Roberts does not look to be starving for me. Anyone with half a brain takes a reality check first.

      These Attorneys are grubby Ambulance Chasers trying to greenmail it. Low and crass.
      Let Justice take it up for the crimes, they will award damages.
      It need good DA's and Dept of Justice. Ambulance Chasers won't get much sympathy.
      Simple raw Justice will get full support.
      The question you need to ask is- Was Andrew linked with others? Who? Then you have the real smoking gun. Enough will opine as side show apologists. As ever. Lift the curtains, what's behind? That I suspect will be 10 times worse. Who were all the Attendees? Why not expose all?

      Sweden has just dropped the Assange Rape investigations, Dodgy grounds.
      YOUR Judges declined Roberts before.It's not all fix and favours. Why? You have an appeals process. But without Greenmail, Attorneys did not want that. As ever, show me the money Honey.

      But beyond that complete Prat, who are the other cases who deserve to be heard? So many, where is their Justice? Where is Pizza gate? Why not demand the lot? Andrew will get what he gets. But who helps the rest? Who helped Epstein? Who were the Users? Expose them ALL!
      Trump was an Epstein Consort albeit leaving later. Like types. As with Clinton. Now he needs the real heat. Where is that?
      My single case was Roberts as Dubious and pre tried and failed. A 90 cent note case. How about the rest so very many real deserving causes? It's not all just about this fat Prat low IQ Prince. Him and 2 Bubba's in a cell?

    10. Oh fiddle dee dee to your "just Roberts". For one thing you wrote in plural all the way through. Nuff said. Thanks for walking back at least a piece of your hard heartedness.

      As far as Roberts being tested in court, YOU need to remember John, that the American justice system is quite different - judges may be not be elected but there is an absolute political bent to their appointments and many are more concerned with which side their bread is buttered on than they are with justice. Stop being naïve. Roberts' case wasn't 'tested' at all - it was dealt with under the covers (ugh, bad pun). There was no day in court because she couldn't get there, and don't blow on about how it must have been a dodgy case because then you'll have to explain how thousands of other people have never seen justice because of a 'dodgy' case, whether it was the victim or the scapegoat. Dodgy cases go to court all the time and you bloody well know it. Likewise, excellent cases get dropped not because of anything to do with the evidence but more so due to the lack of political will. You bloody well know that, too! As for the "YOUR judges" comment - not my circus and not my monkeys any more than they are yours. And now it's MY turn to move on.

  36. Now Boris Johnson is being plagued with furious calls from American Jennifer Acuri who it is alleged he has an " Inappropriate Relationship with" during her time in London, and who he assisted obtain grants. Now scorned, we will do what?
    Bonking Boris has form for bad taste and broken promises. What exposures is he now facing, he's such a Clown? Politicos? If she blows him now he will lose his seat and be out.
    Be assured there is no shortage of gold diggers in London,we keep them at full arms length. These things all end badly. Payback, is a Bitch with an Attorney.
    This is what's posing in power today. You can trust none of them.

    Trump and Andrew can compare stories. Both ex Epstein groupies. He knew how to attract
    sleaze and slimeballs.
    So, will Acuri in fury out Johnson next? A Groupie scorned?
    It's raining dubious fools right now. Payday? What the hell has Johnson trawled with, the damn fool. Any guy with half a brain has a Todger guard process.The rest are in politics.

    The down side is never worth it.What can go wrong - Does! Just have good risk radar.

  37. Replies
    1. So not only do they lie about global warming,they adjust the statistics to fit their lies. No wonder there is so much passion about global warming. All based on fake facts.

  38. Trump is considering testifying. Don't do it. Never. Ever. Give. The Enemy. Advantage. Keep control of the narrative Trump!

  39. Best of the day meme:

    BREAKING: The 'California Raisins' will testify. Schiff says quote "They heard it thru the grapevine".


  40. Latest rumour here, is that parties believe Trump will quit claiming Health issues, before being impeached if it looks likely.
    So, if that were to happen who shoes in ?

    Because that, if is came about, leaves you wide open to - Clinton!

    1. Impeachment looks likely? To whom? So far there is only Schiff's bluster. There's not a shred of evidence and the (D) know it. They are getting crushed. Their last witness actually stated on the stand she had no knowledge of an impeachable offense. The latest meme for Pete's sake is about having the California Raisins testify!

    2. Furthermore, Schiff's architecting this impeachment PRIOR to the whisteblower blowing, is coming out in spades, the latest salvo via Tucker Carlson and RealClearPolitics.

    3. My case was only IF it were to happen not will.

    4. John John John,

      How many times have I told you to disregard the cabal controlled rags you read every day? This impeachment circus clown show will only serve to secure Trump's second term. Its a farce....EVERYONE can see that.

      The recounts failed.
      The intimidation of Electoral College reps failed.
      The Stormy Daniels show failed.
      The Russian collusion/Bob Mueller (deep state stooge/gatekeeper) show failed.
      and now the impeachment circus will fail as well.

      Get caught up, man!!!!

    5. Trump has many issues in play view him on a monthly basis. Politics is a messy business. Count on nothing. Trust non and swerve the Kool Aid.
      I hope for the best, behind every so called great man is a very surprised woman. Trump has 3 behind him. History it littered with sunken Trump's.reduce your Kool Aid intake can a world approaching 8 billion be so wrong? They read.

  41. I am just a layman, but I can not see any path to impeachment with the current events.... even some of the Dems are stating publicly they will not vote for it.... there is nothing impeachable.... it is a total made up run at removing an elected president because they do not like him.... 'how dare he make foreign policy and go against the status quo'.... wait, it is his job to make foreign policy.... the life long politicos do not like Trump coming in and doing the job that should have been done all along!.... brass and to the point.... that is who we elected.

  42. Strike 2 is coming for Andrew.

    1. He stated on video that it's impossible for him to sweat so Ronberts saying he sweated heavily is false. Fake news. In a single day the media have pics of him sweating like a pig with the girls partying in France. Busted! Strike one.

    2. He claims the day Roberts alleges she was sleeping with him in London with his Daughter at a Pizza bar.But he can't produce any records. The Police Royal Special Protection Team with him 24 x 7 have clinical records and will be subpoenaed. Busted again if false!!!

    Two days, bang, bang. If he lies any sympathy dies. So far he's in free fall.
    I have no idea if he's guilty or not. If innocent I feel for him.
    If guilty his day is coming. Millions watched his interview. Very few, if any, thought him innocent. Was it arrogance again or stupidity to go public? Right now, he's in free fall.
    If innocent he needs to show it. Fast, but can't so far. Right now he's a bone with 1,000 bulldogs locked on pulling. It will only get worse.
    If he now declines a Subpoena or being deposed, he's in free fall.
    If they apply to extradite????? Disaster for the Monarchy. Can you imagine that chubby Butt in the showers in the Pen? No Protection guards allowed.

    What about the rest of them now, all Attendee's Clinton and co etc. All dirtbags and Slags on the stand. Clinton style, I did not????????????

  43. For those who have been sucked into Democrats vs Republicans game, SUCKERS ! here is another for you.

    Trump son-in-law family firm set to make US$400 million in Chinese office tower deal
    Company owned by family of Jared Kushner getting unusually favourable terms as part of agreement to buy block on Fifth Avenue in New York, say real estate experts.

    1. 2.5 year-old news... and yes, undoubtedly trying to curry favor with Kushner.

  44. Interesting: Unconfirmed report that all major U.S. telecoms received a stand-by order for Internet disconnect. Currently being repeated by Infowars. 7-day window??? Also a parallel report that the President may have avoided a poisoning attempt or had limited exposure and hence, the visit to Walter Reed. Consider this as an FYI that may be pure pig fodder....

  45. Drink and Drugs driving is reaching epidemic proportions in the UK. These Drivers can mass kill. We need to rethink sentences . Society has gone to Pot.

    1. Well, given the level of boredom present in Western Civilization's jobs is it a surprise? We've hyper-stressed the Middle Class (if not crushed it in some locations), what outlets are there for the ennui or the stress?

    2. Society is failing Tino and needs a total rethink post settlements releases. Politics is visibly not adept at resolving issues.


    A DEMOCRAT urges Pelosi to jump off the impeachment bandwagon!! ..." it is a no win situation "

  47. Well, China has cracked down on Hong Kong. You still want them for EurAsia? Just another totalitarian system which almost certainly will kill 100s of millions in its wake...

    1. Eurasia is the vast continent all inclusive. China is only part. They do not have Military units all over the world pursuing Hegemony and killing.
      They do have a vast network of trading links and are building a Global business structure. It's not China killing all over the Middle East and Asia. Keep it in perspective.
      But Yes they are dealing with the Muslim problem in their territories as we will all have to. They have them contained as Russia is doing. As Eurasia expands, and it will, the greatest threat to Solvency is Zionism and that will need hard affirmative action. Most Europeans would act in accorde with leading nations.

    2. Tino Eurasia and China will deal with Zionism. Muslims also. Current weak systems will fail and new powers emerge. It took you 200 years. China has matched you in 40. In 20 more years they lead. Look at their impressive, huge progress. No Zios. No armies killing the Middle East. They are taking it by trade. Intelligent progress.

    3. Who will deal with communism?

    4. Is that what your precious think tanks are saying? History repeats horrifically because the fundamentals have not changed. In what Universe does a totalitarian regime somehow NOT behave according to Nature? They already have engaged in democide and I see no reason whatsoever given current behavior that they wouldn't do it again. Who is going to stop the 800 lb sociopath in EurAsia from doing what it has always done? Not to mention the insanity of the Social Credit Score.

      The ChiComs have already killed 45 million under Mao alone, and allegedly 110MM total. WW2 by contrast killed 70MM to 85MM. Who in their right mind trusts a political system that organ harvests live individuals? Or worse, naively believes the tiger (dragon?) has changed its spots? Who says "when does a thief give back"? I say when do sociopathic killers stop killing? The standard of one applies absolutely to the other.

      The fact that they are spreading their version of hegemony by trade doesn't mean the first time an outpost of the New Empire decides it prefers its home rule to theirs, that they won't exterminate in the same exact manner they have always done. Oh wait... instead of backing out of a stupid law China again has acted brutally. Tianamen and now Hong Kong simply says the pattern of the past will be projected to the future. Before EurAsia matures I expect them to kill 200MM based on scale alone and previous behavior.

      Matched? Let's see. They literally have building that fall on their side. They have empty cities which will collapse back into the sand they were built on. Nearly every Chinese good is sub-par. The vast majority are fundamentally incompetent at every level. Hive mind. The only place worse is India (remember Bhopal? And now so-called "Indian engineering"?) Just as Japan failed to take tech supremacy regardless of so-called "efficient central planning", China has the originality of a wooden doorknob. They are only kleptocrats. Most of their new patent filings don't actually work.

      So they have a hypersonic missile and a sub base in an underwater rock face. Big deal. So now a city or carrier group can be nuked in 4 minutes instead of 8. The calculus of Mutual Assured Destruction doesn't change.

  48. Adam Schiff caught in impeachment setup...

  49. I sure hope the teams in Hong Kong didn't decide to meet at the Polytechnic University.

  50. Boris Johnson is now being called a Liar of Trump proportions. See how the perception travels? Hi

  51. Sweden drops investigation into alleged rape by Julian Assange

  52. Sweden drops investigation into alleged rape by Julian Assange

  53. Lt Col Vindman needs to be reminded that he is in violation of UCMJ and should be Article 32ed. It is not his to criticize the President nor set foreign policy. Nothing in his testimony, his assertions notwithstanding, indicts the President.

  54. Correct Tino....this impeachment charade is about the peeps like Lt Col Vindman...they are mad because their BOSS is doing HIS job and going around their politico arse!

    1. At a minimum, for leaking classified information Vindman should be court-martialed, receive a dishonorable discharge (the equivalent of a felony conviction), reduction in rank and a stint in Leavenworth.

      A follow on conviction of U.S. Code § 798 (if allowable) with the required 10 years in federal prison would set the proper tone for this political hack posing as a honorable soldier.

  55. When Lt Col Vindman responds to Adam Schiff as Chairman, it's as if he is really saying Comrade.

  56. Two issues for you in the latest Global moves

    Videos are emerging of HK Police handcuffing rioting and demonstrating people , then throwing them on to trains and when asked where are they going, the response is Don't Ask!
    It looks ominous.

    The second is China has moved their major Aircraft carriers and Warships into the China Seas telling the US to cease threatening China it's our territories, or there will be serious consequences.
    Exactly what our Intel Agencies have warned about if it escalates.

    WW 111 is a knee jerk away. With Russia And China having very, very powerful toys for the boys,if Jerks chose to knee jerk a confrontation and go Macho, then our Intel concerns are vindicated.
    Bottom line, the hard facts are that the US is in the China Seas for hegemony. We can not get it through US skulls, it doesn't matter a dam to the Chinese about consequences. What part of they do not care is not understood?
    Butt out of the China Seas, and we have peace. Keep showboating and it's only time before it starts by sinking the Fleet, then Russia co enjoins and it's Academic. Two Big Dogs squaring up what can go so wrong.

    If America leaves they live. If not, it's all just time. You can't knock it into thick skulls that Armageddon is not a season!
    It doesn't matter who's right. Only that they do not fight.
    Focused Intel Senior Heads have deep worries. How do you tell Thugs who've never fought a war where their Homeland is devastated,that this is the price of Avirice? The Bully who's never had a bloody nose before.
    These new nukes are 500 times more powerful than Hiroshima. Imagine a skyfull of those incoming.
    2 Brit Subs would smash Russia then 20 Russian Subs annihilate us. We go, simple as.
    Chamberlain,Peace in our time! A year later WW11.

    1. I hope they can get the PPs released before all that. I don't want to die with a tax bill owing.

    2. Or a night with Slack Alice,?

    3. How about nuking the island in the South Atlantic that nobody acknowledges... or perhaps an accident above-ground nuke "test" in some remote area just to remind folks just how nasty a nuke can be... Carroll Quigley made an excellent point that wars, in part, occur when the balance of power is misunderstood. A nice demo to remind everyone just how bad an escalation to WW3 would be...

    4. Tino
      I agree with the value of a live site to show humanity the impact of a dreadful Nike the site is key to warn of impending human damage
      But would not Washington DC serve is better? We get to De Louse so many ! The Armageddon prophecy. Soddem? A play on the word. Poetic justice?

    5. Nuke sorry Nike typo. For sure it would get them running. Lol

    6. The epicentre of so much rot and evil gone in one? The world would be a safer place with the beltway gone. Be assured if Russia and China are pushed to prevent, their first single strike if that were chosen as the final warning would probably be that place.
      9/11'choked America and we all were amassed with you in support.
      Backing for you was huge.
      If DC went humanity would see the epicentre of so much wrong in our world gone. Saving America from itself could just be choosing the site. If Russia is threatened those subs may well deliver the first ultimatum with 10 or so missiles encircling the lot and a warning to all sites, take it for peace or retaliate and the lot goes. Raw emotion or rational reality if faced down and forced to chose. A world for that lot?
      Or a world saved if conceding not to lose the plot for that lot?
      An ultimatum of purpose?
      Remember the sacking of Rome by the Vandals?

    7. So getting rid of the Beltway would create a vacuum in nature. Which government would take it's place? Evil is inherent in man. Changing the players makes no difference. Another player will sit at the table, pick up the cards, and start playing where the Beltway was playing. With its hegemony and interference in world affairs, one positive since WWII is that D.C. has kept Communism, for the most part, in check. It sure wasn't the tiny island in the north Atlantic doing it.

  57. No idea who this poster is...but I would bet this similar to the real reason to get rid of Trump...

    1) So. Everyone. I had a bit of a realization on my end, and double checked and gathered some facts to make sure I knew WTF I was talking about.

    I think I know why the State Department is trying so goddamn hard to get rid of Trump.

  58. 5 companies , charities and Trusts have just dispenced with Prince Andrew. This is devastating the Royals, and worse is to come. If any more emerge alleging sex with Andrew, even if not proven, it's devastating for him

    How bad will it get? If any 15 year olds are found, he's in fee fall. It's devastating the Palace they have never faced this. A scandal of epic proportions. Remember the scandals with Diana and Camilla. This now drags them right back in. Every day more sleaze. If they prove he's lied about the Pizza cafe God help him. Record fiddling fast? But if caught doing that?
    Andrew seems clueless how bad this is.
    Charles has already started to distance the Clown as a survival strategy.

    This is life in a goldfish bowl with Sharks circling. Who wants to swap places now? His future now is zero and total public Shame. Karma? It's a long way down. What the hell is yet to come?
    Glass houses? Some reality TV. But so many victims.

    1. A woman has come forward to accuse the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing her as a 15 year old, and urged Prince Andrew to share information on his former friend.

      New Jeffrey Epstein accuser calls on Prince Andrew to talk

    2. And the hits keep on coming for the Prince:

      Prince Andrew's supporters are in retreat today as yet another multi-million pound business cut ties with the pet charity project he plugged repeatedly in his BBC car crash interview.... KPMG, one of London's big four accounting firms, was the first to admit it was protecting its reputation by ending its £100,000 a year sponsorship.

      Insurance giant Aon asked for its name be removed from the scheme's website and drugs maker AstraZeneca said it was reviewing its relationship.

      Children's charities and schools linked to Prince Andrew are also in disarray today as they distanced themselves from the under-fire royal.

    3. John F
      Now this 15 year old will really crank up the pressure on Andrew to talk. But WHY the hell is a bill Clinton a massive user, not under serious questioning,?
      Why the hell is this complete Skank and Criminal Lout Teflon?

    4. Why is Clinton not as exposed make if fair and make voices heard? Andrew is now toast, why is There no call for Clinton with so many island visits? Why are all visitors not questioned and exposed. Let the filth answer?
      Give the girls real Justice but make it the actions of authority with moral aborence not a bunch of ambulance chasers but serious vengeful moral outrage bring them all to justice. Name and Shame the lot.

    5. I suggest, John, two things. 1) No photos of Clinton such as the one of Andrew with his arm around a girl and an Epstein associate in the frame clinching the relationship, and 2) American investigators are not going to expose him unless they are forced to. Do you think any girl is going to name Clinton without evidence such as photos? Only if they have a death wish.

    6. He's plane logged for so many visits start there.

  59. Talk about a Jekyll and Hyde personality!
    Why is Adam Schiff fighting so hard to neutralize President Trump?
    Well, this might be the reason.
    These people are subhuman and very, very sick.

    1. Just saw this. Every. Damn. Time. Thanks J7.

    2. J7 the Schiff report you sent is why you are all so valuable on the site to get truth out there.

  60. Tino 5 cut him out today. More to come. Charles despises him and will cut down his Royal handouts. Also he may be stripped of his Duke title. He's in free fall now. His daughter expected a major state wedding next year. That's gone now. It would be a media bloodbath. Tastless tacky badly dressed lazy buffoons of girls. Clueless

  61. Andrew is a shark feast just watch. This is just chumming the water. But assail Clinton also lets get the real perpetrators exposed. Show the public all of them now. Truth must speak it's name. Then seize the whole Epstein estate for good causes.

  62. Latest reports indicate that Gordon Sondland, Ambassador to Ukraine, may take the 5th because witnesses present indicate they overheard the conversation with the President who called him, and that he said " He did not give a Shit about Ukraine, it was Biden he wanted him to focus on" and expose links or actions. Sondland told him the Ukraine President would do whatever he wanted,all overheard by named parties present.

    This is the call Trumps Attorneys Trumps Attorneys fear most, and Sondland is indicating he may take the 5th, because if he answers he knows the Joint consequences. He's a smoking gun and he knows it.

    Note also, how conveniently Trumps medical visit now becomes an issue? A Grifter Positioning? Would you buy a used car off him? Write nothing off about the Impeachment case yet. It's just about if they can nail him for abuse of Office and powers.
    Abuse, hmmm.So the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations didn't. Really? You still believe in Santa? Even Regan with the Contras was dirty. And Ron was a Good Guy!

    In the big picture Trump did nothing Leaders don't do every day. That's Politics. All Grifters.

    1. He's not anything. Who the hell is providing you this analysis? The NYTImes? May I point out this is NOT a crime given we have Biden on tape at the CFR admitting to a full all out crime against Ukraine? That for all the media hysteria, running for political office does not provide Biden immunity? Even granting the full measure to the witness, it is STILL not a crime to coerce a foreign government to pursue a criminal if that was the full nature of the facts..

  63. Prince Andrew

    This arrogant self centred Git lives a Billionaires life style funded by others.
    Did! Not from today.

    Now, his entire range of sideline income and freebie visits are all disappearing like Rats up a drainpipe. To the entire Social market he now has HIV/HPV stamped all over his forehead. He's bubonic to all.

    Suddenly, his entire extravagant, cross funded life style is imploding.
    He has become untouchable.
    Charles may well cut his living expenses, and the buffoon will have to live like Prince Michael in Kensington Palace, another Pauper scrounging off the Queen.
    No money, no status, a totally unsavoury reputation, shunned by all.
    It's only just starting, It will get worse.

    That bunch of Attorney Ambulance Chasing Compensation Grifters looking for an easy Buck will get nowhere here. We despise such trash.

    Instead, let real Justice, DA's or the FBI ask for cooperation and help. Go for the Criminal approach, not Greenmail trash. Do it the right way and Andrew walks the Plank.
    Here we just hate and despise Greenmailers, Ambulance Chasing Trash Attorneys. Money grubbing Skunks. Every door will close on them.

    Let real Justice go for the Crime approach and doors will open. If he's done the Crime, he does the time. But the US Judges have kicked out Roberts case before. So appeal it and do it right. She's in it for money. No one here will see it otherwise. As the US courts
    judged. A grubby greenmail group of Sleazy Lawyers.

    Why the hell does Justice not do it right? DA's and the FBI. Then you will all have all our support. Focus on and prosecute the crimes. Compensation will then follow.
    Who else will sing on Andrew?

    The US Courts need to seize the entire Epstein Estate as proceeds of Crime anyway. Do it right and put the money to good use helping real needs. Not bottom feeding Legal Skanks.
    Judges can compensate what is right, and use the rest wisely.

    You won't get real Justice with Ambulance Chasing bottom feeders playing their nasty games. This entire mess needs a new Justice lead group.

    Investigate every person who attended the Island or parties. Question all the girls.
    Determine who was paid, under age, etc. But do it for Justice, not Greenmail Lawyers.
    Get Justice, or Get Lost, will determine how it goes here.

    The FBI and DA's will get help here. Bottom feeding trash will get none.
    It's time America cleaned up its act and did this right. Depose the LOT! Every attendee. Get the truth, then hang them out in public. Stop protecting Teflon Clintons. Bill is as dirty as it gets. We are already dealing with Andrew. Where the hell is the outcry on Clinton? How many incurable STI's does he carry? Out him in public. How many under age girls did he abuse? Is no one able to take down this trash?
    Andrew is already going down. Clinton? Why not? That already stinks more! Do nothing on Clinton and you will get shown the door here. Man up and right for what's right. Bring in Clinton and all of them. Justice!

  64. The UK suffered a TV debate between Johnson and Corbyn last night.
    You wouldn't by a secondhand car off either of them. 2 Grubby, non appealing wasters!
    What a choice.

    No better than Trump or Clinton. We say it as it is.

    But now, realising the mediocrities in key roles, we are already screening and selecting the next wave of far better, more experienced and more suitable candidates to follow Johnson.
    A Person like Trump would never clear screening here to even run.
    Johnson is borderline and exposed as not the quality we need.

    But we are now bringing through the new future. Proven intellect, integrity, career professional with visible sound track records of high success. Grifter free.

    We won't take Corbyn and we see Johnson as unsavory. Farrage has been shunted sideways.
    The UK, be assured is very pro active for the future. We are clearing and cleaning the decks. The UK will clean up its own Leaders now. Must Do Better! Parliament will be fitted with Crap Exit Chutes. Needed! The December elections will see heads roll. Scotland and Ireland will pay a price for this. We have no need of Ireland. The stupidity of the DUP to cost us Brexit will not be forgotten. There will be a reckoning. They will get a united Ireland rammed right up them to join that conniving Cattle mass in the South. Karma!

  65. As demonstrators get hauled away in handcuffs in HK to God knows where, protesters numbers have dropped rapidly. The State have made it clear. Mess with China and your off to the Camps. A severe beating or organ donors. Beaten senseless, strapped hard to a table and organs ripped out of you alive. No way to die, no way to live, but it sure as hell it will help us clear the Zios out of Eurasia. No shortage of organs then. Parasite dispersal.

    HK I fear for them but they knew it was coming. Leave, or stay and face the new Reds!
    Taiwan and Korea will follow. It's also a warning to America for the China seas. Leave or Die, what part of China Seas do they not get? The whole world is moving on and fast. Hegemony is over. Did America learn nothing Ass kicked out of Vietnam? They want to be free, not bare assed on An Americans knee! Vietnam, you lost in face and disgrace.
    Iraq was so wrong. Syria is a travesty and you lost. Afghanistan is a lost cause.
    Iran will never be subjugated by the US. Nor Russia or China.
    HK says Big Dogs who bite are now on the block. Time now for intelligent Diplomacy and Statesmanship. Beijing is a highly intelligent, Commie centre. No fools and hard rules.

    Time for the US and UK to focus on excellence where we both lead. Time together to rebuild the Commonwealth trade. Time to go where not wanted. Looting Asia is over. We are both as guilty. Hell Britain looted the world. Empire's end , we both need to rethink new roles and new markets. HK is Beijing laying down markers. Fully expected.

  66. Andrews case is clear.

    1. Be assured, this is NOT America. The Royal Protection Squad guarding Andrew provide 24 x 7 cover. Meticulous notes and all on record. Accurate and detailed.

    2. Virginia Roberts alleges 3 cases involving sex with Andrew as part of her Pay Me Stormy type game. This man deserves and needs his case to prove innocence, and if not, it will be seismic. The Public has to know!

    Now, the day he claims he was with his daughter at a Pizza bar, not with Roberts as alleged, is simple to prove. It's ON Protection Rota records each hour logged.
    No games. If he WAS with his daughter as he claims,the Police Records will show it clearly, then once showing Roberts case is false, a huge burden is off this man. That I want to see established.Truth! The right thing!

    If the records show, as they would, he was with Roberts, the Protection Unit records will be clear. Then he goes to hell!!! The roof will fall in on him. But if he's innocent and right, why should he live in hell if it's false? Then she's exposed.

    I've no idea if he's innocent or guilty as hell. All I ask is for truth. Not for an innocent man to be shredded for nothing, and not for a Guilty man to hide if so.
    Let truth be shown. Those Police records are the key. No escaping them. Even Stateside all he does is recorded. Calls also. A complete Goldfish bowl. Get those records and it's all clear. She's blown if she's lied. We then help clear an innocent man.
    But if it's true, he's then fried. One is lying. Who?

  67. Sondlands live testimony is being read worldwide as Trump is lying! Your views are yours, and so are nations. Sondlands answers are smoking guns. Its being read of historically memorable seismic evidence of the Impeachment case and one is lying.

    1. We shall see... Universally these kinds of attacks have rebounded to eat the (D) alive.

      And you credit the media with far too much... if the last 3 years are any indication this will be discovered to be severe aggrandizement and lies by the witness.

    2. It took all of 5 minutes to confirm that the media hysteria over Sondland is in fact, just hysteria. It's a load of horse manure. This too will backfire on the (D). Give it 72 hours.

    3. Sorry, half the above got accidentally truncated. It should finish with: Sondland is just another hurt bureaucrat. His opening statement is openly self-contradictory. On the one hand he claims to be at the center and keeping the NSC, the White House and State informed, and that nothing untoward happened, and in the same breath claims Rudy Guiliani did behind-the-scenes stuff that somehow violated policy. WTF! Who in nether hell cares if it violated policy. Policy is not law and it IS in the interest of the country to put Biden in jail since we have him dead to rights at the CFR on tape. He goes on to say "he didn't want to work with Guiliani". Here we go wrapping oneself again in the violation-of-policy as if the Ambassador makes policy not the President. The rest of the so-called quid-pro-quo is in fact, just regular negotiations and prudent behavior when dealing with a nascent government. The rest is hearsay. It's exactly what I said it is. A load of horse manure whipped into a frenzy by talking heads.

  68. Who needs CNN when we have John?

    Funny how as more and more is revealed on the precious Prince Andrew.. the attacks on President Trump are relentless.

    Shame on you John.

    1. No shame on Andrew but the site debates all truths from all angles. We have no agenda bar questioning anything and any parties considered dubious. Please, dont compare me and Shame when mentioning Trump. Sondland will help decide how far this goes, or between them blag it what's truth with the biggest political Liar on the planet?jeez even Piniccio comes to Trump for lessons. The latest new cartoons again show Putin and Bad Bennie sharing puppet strings with Trump dangling. History will have issues with this man. It wont be kind.

    2. John!!!!!! he said Trump asked him for nothing! I posted the link below! Straight out of the horses mouth. Darn it!

  69. So in other news, does Ms Claus get her baking supplies on the ready?

    1. Right, sensitive, certain key things are on the edge right now and we hope. I'm on 3 days forward 24 X 7 cover if needed. Nothings done until the fat lady sings, but she's getting mouth to mouth in case.
      You want to swap?
      Lol but

    2. lol! You're something! You're a stinker.

  70. Amb. Sondland: Ukraine quid pro quo based on 'my own personal guess'

    1. well isn't that interesting? Contradicts what came out of his mouth. Gee... why would FOX do that?

  71. Boom! Here is the TRUTH John, straight out of the horse's mouth and not from CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc

    Sondland confirms Trump said "No Quid Pro Quo"...

    1. Take nothing at face value the lot of them will bend the truth. Ukies included. Kabuki, all of it.

  72. The inquiry is playing out. But agreed, let's see how it ends.
    To me, bottom line, its of no consequence if Trump wanted to take down Biden who cares how a crook is taken down. The end justifies the means and it's way past time Trump gets some of them.

  73. Speaking of the mutating in-real-time situation, with counter bombshell!

    Vindman made up call summary!

    1. And it's bad Kabuki... the Nunes rebuttal that got minimized and then unreported:

      Among Trump's specific concerns, Nunes said, were:

      Alexandra Chalupa, a staffer for the Democratic National Committee, admitted to Politico that she worked with officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to "dig up dirt" on the Trump campaign that she passed on to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

      The Politico story quotes Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrey Artemenko saying, regarding the activity of the Ukrainian Embassy, "It was clear they were supporting Hillary Clinton's candidacy."
      Then-Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. Cherith Norman Chalet wrote an op-ed in The Hill during the 2016 election campaign criticizing Trump.

      Sergey Lushenko, then a Ukrainian parliamentarian, admitted part of his motivation for spreading the disputed "black ledger" purporting corruption by onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was to undermine Trump's candidacy.

      Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, testified to Congress that Lushenko was a source for Fusion GPS's operation to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign, including the compilation of the unverified, anti-Trump Steele dossier on behalf of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

      Ukrainian internal affairs minister Arsen Avakov mocked and disparaged Trump on Facebook and Twitter.

      Sondland acknowledged he had been unaware of these allegations prior to the impeachment investigation.

    2. Meanwhile, a loop is closed by GatewayPundit:

  74. John,

    I'm curious about a comment you made a couple of weeks back regarding banks wanting the releases to happen. Is that a result of the fact they are short on liquidity and require the reserves to remain solvent?

  75. They need new access to alternative platform with suitable Project agendas. There is a huge Solvency shortfall the Zios have looted it bare. Changing times carrying Zio Swines.

    1. So if I understand you correctly, the banks need settlements to account for the catastrophic losses they've accumulated (either through losses or stolen), and the perfect cover story are the humanitarian funds to be distributed?

    2. If we achieve what has been requested,our strategy and amounts must stay off radar.

    3. Seems like it would make a big positive splash to happen before the end of this month in time for the holiday season.

    4. more power to you sir and your colleagues

  76. Andrew has just quit all Royal duties for the foreseeable future. They have camped out all over him.
    He should agree to FBI questioning.
    His Royal Protection Squad records need to be evidenced now. It needs open examination. It will clear or convict him. Nowhere to hide. Now the whole world is watching. This is opening up a monarchy crisis.

  77. Lol.. you are still being led to believe that this impeachment thing is real.. ITS NOT! Just like the Mueller thing.. All a ploy to keep you divided and distracted..

    1. I don't think that the "impeachment thing" is dividing this country. Oh the Millennials that voted for Hillary might buy into the bullcrap, but I am seeing polls that show independents coming over to Trumps side.

  78. Ambassador Sondland chose to throw Trump under a bus. How long will he last now?

    1. John, Trump will win 2020. russia gate plus impeachment has sealed it for him, and placed nails in the Demo coffins.

    2. John is news late coming to you? His testimoony said Trump never asked for a thing. No Quid pro quo.

      Your take on this and the United States take on this is very different.

      You're watching CNN again aren't you?

    3. Yet the Ambassador said clearly they were all in on it and it was many months later when Trump when said No Quid Pro Quo when the Lying King realised the net was closing in. Sonderland says he was clearly instructed to make the demand. Sonderland had paid millions to get his role but he's not going under a bus for Trump.
      So, the world is seeing a different inquiry to you? Really?
      No one is in any doubt. From Attorneys to others how many are in jail covering for Trump?
      Sonderland had tried to halfway cover it but can't.
      Let the Inquiry play out. The world sees the Lying Tweet Meister being exposed again.
      Sorry to burst your bubble , no one here really cares it's just more DC duplicity. Nothing new.
      Expect to see Sonderland gone next but he's not going to jail covering for the Lying King.
      No one cares how it ends, no one trusts US Justice now, but all believe Trump is guilty as hell but what does it matter, the world sees it as just more US Disneyland farce. No one cares. US credibility is over. He's as credible as Prince Andrew.
      No one outside the US cares it's just more Kabuki theatre the Lying King and the Kool Aid the masses are drinking.
      All trust is gone. No one believes or cares. The lot are the same , musical chairs between Skanks.
      Quoting Clinton after murdering a US Ambassador and loyal troops, what does it matter? As now, what does it matter? No one cares.

    4. I hope Trump was asking for an investigation! it should be !

  79. oh, what should be the main topic of investigation for those DC CROOKS you ask ? (1) Pledging loyalty ISRAEL for all Politicos , a REQUIREMENT (2) Our tax dollars going to Israel, for what reasons ? Neither left or right have the balls to discuss/investigate . RUSSIA GATE, IMPEACHMENT, ARE 100% B.S.

  80. Shocking said no one... Newly discovered pictures shows the "whistleblower" shaking hands with Obama.

  81. aww no wonder Hunter Biden needs the cash from nefarious dealings.. he's a daddy!

  82. The MSM is attempting a gaslight by saying exactly the opposite of what happened today. It is completely counter-factual (a-factual?). Sondland's testimony it turns out, actually answered in the negative when directly questioned on the key topics of whether there was a trade of favors or hold ups on the aid and if that was conditional. The footage is clear hearsay AND Sondland CLEARLY expresses that TRUMP NEVER SAID THE AID WAS CONDITIONAL and never talked to Sondland about it. Guiliani's request, was not about quid-p tahto-quos but the Ukrainians announce their investigations publicly to be on the record. So not even 72 hours and already Sondland falls apart totally.

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