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25 October to 6 November, 2019

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  1. Prepare for the coming Deep State arrests.
    Obama ran a Pay to Play and this Chicago crook made Billions. Hillary made hundreds of millions and the Biden Bum got rich..

    Clapper faces huge jail time as do many. Comey should be bricking it.

    Corrupt Bankers will be taking real bits.

    Barr and Justice are coming for them . Are you ready Romney for that knock on the door?Bush 43, Baker, Cheney, so corrupt Fed and Treasury officers, trails lead to you.

    This thing will go Global and Treason may apply. Clinton and Obama murdered Americans to cover up Benghazi .
    Karma you F Traitors it's coming.derp State, Deep S***!

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  3. While we are it can we get this one on obstruction? [Mrs. Strzoks blocking the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months. She's another that needs to metaphorically hang from a mast...]

  4. Replies
    1. And destoryed his life. I am not a violent woman, and I like to think of myself as a lady, but she should be hung from her booms, the men hung from their eh hem's and face a firing squad.


  6. Tino

    Barr is becoming key to all now. At last a streetwise , politically experienced Attorney with a focused mission is going after the Deep State.
    Barr is behind the indictments starting to go out. Rattle cages, get Obama. Get confessions, get Clinton. Get Clinton and the Rodents nest opens up.
    Confusion created illusion. What is real in the Deep State beltway?
    With no MSM to expose treachery, America sleepwalked into this. Self interest has limited recovery. Self delusion has limited cleaning up and clearing out the Rodents nest. It's been rotten for a century. Bush 41 gave it wings.
    It's needed a Patriot, with experience and a brain. Focused vision and intellectual capability to retask America. To stop Clinton it got Trump.
    And we thought Obama was the Lying King? Trump is the PhD master. At least now with Barr they have a brain to proceed to dissentangle this can of worms. Until Trump gets the hump as ever. How long before Barr is fired?

    1. Barr will not be fired as long as he is true to taking down the DS.
      Hope they can drag M.R.out too.

    2. Didn't we/me/you not conclude that Barr was not to be trusted and a probable shill for the Bush axis?

      Did something change?

    3. LOL...thanks for reminder Tino. If these traitors are not tried and death sentenced, then we will know.
      Geez, who knows. I guess I can always HOPE Barr is flipped and paying his dues.

  7. I'm a total supporter and Champion of getting highly intelligent, patriotic and visionary Americans to take one for the country, step up and retask America. Be clear, the loathsome Cretins now serving as MPs in Parliament have plumbed be depths in mediocrity. It's us or the Yanks to lead the Tanks. We each have great depths of intellectual capability. Sadly, neither in Government.
    Brexit is a catastrophy. Trump couldn't spell it. We both - Need.

    Commeth the hour- does Putin have to step up and shore up Western Democracy?
    Snowden gave him the keys to the Kingdom, and Hillary gave him her Bank coordinates to Pay to Play.

    Where have all the Leaders gone, Politics has failed us both. We need to clear the stink, and rethink.
    Both nations.
    Now it's down to Barr, the Indictments and the courage to take down the Deep State. Be clear, at least 50 of these Traitors deserve life. Hillary needs to be regender tasked and given life shared with 2 Bubba Lifers in a 3 bed cell. Same for Soetoro.

    Our nation's need be breath, rid of those who practice to deceive.

    1. Is there some reason, being guilty of Treason (they are Traitors), they should not be put to death?

    2. Life in a cell with two bubbas is BETTER! Sticking a brocken broomstick up her arse daily that WANT her to feel pain daily until the reaper takes her(Hillary the treasonous traitor satanists monster).

    3. Sorry, but I have to stick with Constitution. Otherwise I will revert to my ancestral patrician attitudes and want their god-damn head on pikes around the White House as a message to the next ten generations on what not to do.


    “We are reinforcing that position, it will include some mechanized forces, again I’m not going to get into the details but the mission in Syria remains what the mission in Syria began with, it’s always been about defeating the ISIS coalition. That is the core mission," Defense Secretary Mark Esper told NATO defense ministers in Brussels Friday.

  9. Trudeau offered Obama asylum

    Maybe John is right an arrests are coming.

  10. Was it the Lunatic version?

  11. See how many of the Russian collusion links and false information cross involving the FBI will lead to Brennan.
    So much dissinformation is coming home.
    Barr must get the indictments out.

  12. John I didn't want to have to tell you, but I told you so about Meghan Merkle.. she is upset.. no one asks her how she feels. Hersister says that she knew exactly what she was getting into.

    Meghan sounds upset that she isn't carried around and fanned while being fed grapes.

    Think getting pregnant wasn't intentional? You bet it was.

    Moving abroad and stop being part of the Royal Family? And Harry agrees? Diana is rolling around in her grave.

    1. Arizona
      So much dissinfo regarding Meghan.
      We've had 2 American marry into the Royals.
      One the 3 times married vile, manipulative atrocious looking Mutt even a Gypsies dog would turn down for a Freebie. She went into exile with family traitor Edward. Hitler's pooch. A dreadful pair and best gone.

      The second Meghan whose stabilised a reckless selfish Mutt in Harry, and brought dignity to the family. OK as a B movie Actress she has form also, but she's transformed the family idiot into a more aware and thinking adult. Watch them now on tours. She's fitted do well into the family and been an excellent addition. She's raised the bar, be proud. Both nations now share this couple and America now has it's real Princess. You prefer Chelsea Clinton or the Bush Brats?

      Yes Meghan gets stressed about the 34 X 7 goldfish bowl media and staff monitoring. I have advised this many times and why the media speculates so much false rubbish.The Royals have 24 hours 7 day police and staff protection and relentless media prowling. No privacy step even one foot wrong and the media have it on camera. Also the victims of so much false reporting.
      Will no one give them a break.

      Her sisters an obnoxious, grasping dog. Her father sold info for money. What a family no wonder she cut them out.Her mother brought dignity and zero adverse media.

      Left alone, she does a good job for your nation also. Be proud of her the kids trying. She can't stray off line the security and support teams block any move. As regards walkabouts, the kids are the property of the monarchy and going nowhere without the Queen's consent. False media junk again.
      Meghan actually matured brainless drifting Harry. To date, she's been an asset and brought dignity to both nations.
      Moving anywhere without Royal consent is dreamland. Without Royal protection squads would leave them open to Nutters. Harry is not the sharpest tool in the box. Even if she bolted the child IS the property of the monarchy and would be recovered.
      Meghan is stressed about media saturation. Look at Diana. It's no life. Give them a chance and a break. Be proud she's American.

  13. Where is the link for BARR INDICTMENTS? How real are they? Hope its not just more, just more CIA disinfo?

  14. Donald J. Trump
    Verified account


    Something very big has just happened!
    6:23 PM - 26 Oct 2019

    1. "On Saturday night, after the operation had concluded, President Trump tweeted: "Something very big has just happened!" The White House announced later that the president will make a "major statement" Sunday at 9:00 a.m".

  15. Strongly rumoured they killed the IS ISIS leader. Having totally destroyed Syria what's another bomb?

  16. As regards the Indictments issues soon we will see. Is Barr, as many fear, a Deep State Shill, or will he really have the warrants issued and start dismantling the Cabal? What's his price? All others settled for a lick. No honour with Beltway scum, just a seat at the trough. The lot is rotten to the core. Is no one directing the clean up?

  17. The common sense show
    has an Article about how the Democrats are again trying to bring'up HR 1111 which hands over power to the UN to rule over us.
    The UN is a scary thought.

    1. This is part of the NWO strategy for Global rule. It's part of post apocalypse planning after the envisaged economic collapse and failure of the US. How to rule fools and peasants en masse.

  18. Syria report. Potus announced 9 a.m. successful attack on ISIS .

  19. Sorry....just saw John and JohnF had already reported above. Missed the posts. My bad

  20. At last, 5 years in and the US has bagged the Baddie. It's a start, just 1 Billion more to go.

    The Muzzies breed them faster than we plant them. A sophisticated Toxin to sterilise a billion of them is more effective or the hoardes keep coming.

    10 years ago I warned the Swiss not to let them in, only now are they closing the borders with the fanatics inside. They bring nothing but trouble. The 21st century does not mix well with the 7th!
    If you want a clear definition of Muzzies just watch the horse flies buzzing around horse or cattle dung. That's Muzzies!

  21. Hilderbeast is hovering again waiting for dirty Joe to get smoked so she can run again. Liver lips is in full support. DNA test the daughter. That will stop their games.

    When is Trump going to push on the indictments? It's called Leadership, that magic element last seen with JFK.

    If the Carnival Barker can just get his head around redemptions, key Professionals can focus of real Capital Management, free of the Cabal, and we WILL commit profits to rebuild our nation's and reduce both debt and taxes. Putting back!
    We have to rethink Politics, Banking and Cabal roles. 10 M Zios need to go to Israel. Iran needs the nukes. Sorted!

    So, is Barr the rumoured Deep State Shill, or Manning up? WHEN?

    3 years is a long time for Hilderbeast still to be free. Soetoro also. So many hopes denied, by now each should have fried!

  22. Strong allegations Obama ,Clinton and Biden also ran a Pay to Play Scam. Suddenly a penniless Kenyan / Indonesian No Birth Cert, No Legal US passport Union Organiser Bum, with a Struck off wife,has Billions? Hello?
    3 Years in, who is too DUMB to get this investigated? Two can play, so how about ours do?

    At least 50 can be indicted. Probably hundreds! Is the rot so deep no one dares?
    When will the real Deep State Clean Up start?

    Again, is it all about Give Me My Lick and I will keep quiet? Corruption is so deep.
    Can any be trusted? Do any care?

    Where is one New Broom who will try?

    Where are the arrests? Shame on the lot. Teflon crooks. Beyond sad.

    1. Some say, "keep watching, it is coming ".... I am watching, for a long time now, and all I see is the NWO advancing while the brazen crooks keep looking the American people straight in the eye!.... If they have not padded their pockets yet they are in line waiting their turn!

    2. Half of our politicians are in secret meetings trying to figure out how to get Trump out of office before he stops their money train!.... while all us little peon American people keep working our nuts off and paying taxes and high prices of everything!.... dear lord forbid they actually do something they were put in to do!

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  24. Thinking people no more Saddy.
    Delta forces just wasted Baghdadi.

  25. The US needs to issue a copy of the Delta video showing Baghdadi squealing like a terrified Pig before he murdered his innocent children, the Dog needs to be shamed and dissed with Muzzies all over the world. Heroes, - Zero! Not one is big shown to squeal like a Pig.
    Run adverts all over the world, how to Diss this crock of P***!

  26. Assange is in restricted Solitary allowed only 45 mins a day alone in the yard . He is showing mental stress problems in Court and it's getting worse. The court clearly wants him on a plane to the US and him gone.
    Once he lands in America the Pentagon take over. Then they go after Snowden.
    How can Assange get a fair trial plus his will be Military guided and a Kangaroo Court. As here!


    FLASHBACK: Never Forget — ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Held at US Prison Camp Bucca in 2009 Until Obama White House Agreed to Let Him Go

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  29. The cover of Michael Jackon’s Dangerous album, in which he tried to warn us of all this that I revealed to you in this investigation! Michael Jackon was inside these Satanic groups and knew everything. He tried to show us in most of his musical works what the elites are doing! The cover of the Dangerous album tells us everything! You can see it here

    1. I think they killed him because he was intending to go public. We'll never know for sure, though. I think he bought Apple Records to find clues about what John Lennon was gonna spill the beans about. Of course, Lennon got whacked because he intended also to leak publicly(my theory).

  30. TRUDEAU WIN FIXED? Everything points to stolen Canadian elections

  31. Trump was booed and chants of Lock Him Up when he appeared at the world series.

    " He really must learn to control his wives and rented girls".
    Not what the Ego Meister would have liked to hear. Can't please everybody

    1. Talk about selective reporting and context drop.

      1) In the swamp, 6% voted for Trump. But the ball game draws from 3 surrounding states...

      2) Do you think, maybe , just maybe, that this was orchestrated?

      3) The video was clearly dubbed over. Reverse angle of the self-same video show *nearly nobody* actually doing the chant... What does that tell you? Maybe 100 chanting... in a ballpark... and we hear them clearly? Can you say fake news?

  32. But think and look at the positives.
    The second Iraqi War saved Bush 43. Bin Laden saved Obumma.

    Another Baddie topped a year before the second term will do no harm. See how fast he laid claim to it. Those Doctors imaginary Spurs gave him wings like he was there. Politics heh?

    But now he's threatening to take the ISIS Prisoners England has denied citizenship, to take them from Syria to the French ports on the English Channel to threaten his closest allies now. 3 Draft Dodging Cowards served and a lying Usurper. Some Allies. When does a screening system come in as needed? The Dems need to own Soetoro. Shame on them. The Supremes knew he was a Ringer. The world does, just not Americans.

    Why not do the right thing and hand them as Terrorist to Assad? As an " Intelligent " Allie would do. Sorted. Assad would leave the world better off. What kind of Putz threatens good Allies when there are so few? It's Syria's right to deal with them.
    Both Kelly and Mattis would have guided him. They tried. As have so many. What a turnover. He chose them now the toys are kicked out of the Pram again. And again, and again and again. Like- You promised?

    Well done Delta give credit where it's deserved.
    Now, where are the Arrests? Whose been served with the Indictments and it not, why not?
    Why are Clinton, Comey,Clapper, Biden, Cheney, Baker, Mueller and that whole stinking circus still free?
    Who in their right minds would export IS Terrorists to their Allies coast?
    That has cost him huge support. Assad!!!!! Assad. Does he even know where Syria is?
    If you can't deal with head case killers, let Assad.
    You really want us to park 100 of these Mules loaded to hunt in the Mexican Border tunnels, 2 can play! Don't tempt Putin.

    The left hand claims the Baddie kill, the Right hand kills his Allies?
    What a start to the week. What's in his head? Who protects him from himself? Zero points for Diplomacy. The Tweet Finger and the Lip Stapler needs control.
    First engage a brain before opening that attention seeking mouth.
    The World Series said maybe they don't all love him. What? Those quad burgers from McD's will be in production line runs. Feed me, they don't love me?
    It seems the Repubs want a change, but who? They are now ne better than the Dems. Both lack a quality contender. But both Soetoro and Trump came from nowhere.
    Will a quality contender, PLEASE step up?
    But, even Kissinger thinks he's got 4 more years. They like the Repubs and Dems even less.

    Hillary. What happened to, You would be in jail?

    Indictments, Redemptions?

    1. Love to see the real criminals going to jail...Trump is not a real criminal... his mouth is what got him elected he is not going to change now... he is crude and real... people across America saw a non politico and loved it for a BIG change... he took the job to work for America like all politicos should be doing!... it is a shame they all wont work with him instead of against him, what great things could be accomplished?

  33. Maybe the indictments will start... we here the "sound bites" of its coming!... it would be a glorious day!... not going to hold my breath though!... seems that is the only way your redemptions are going to get turned loose.

  34. John,

    Recently you made the comment banks were wanted releases to occur, which begs the question: are the central bankers and Fed the main obstructions to redemptions?

  35. Add the Treasury also.
    Baker and Bush aided by Cheney gang banged the Treaty obligated Trust accounts for decades and made too many reckless gambles with over geared use of clients funds trapped in banks by Cabal corruption.Failing derivates calls Syphon off reserves. They have bigger lungs than Dolly Parton

  36. Because of the Asian pandemic now spreading over a quarter of the world's pigs have been wiped out creating a Global protein panic.
    Don't worry stand with large sacks outside most Western fast food stores even larger Hogs are on 2 legs now. Cull that lot and give the methane levels a break. Too much pressure worrying about already overfed hogs.
    It may reduce population worries. With approaching 8 billion the herd will survive. Millions of pigs wont.
    The demand now will start runs on other options to feed the masses. It will also take years to rebuild the Swine herds. Start in DC.

  37. Back in the day one would bubble ozone thru d-limonene to produce a potent broad-spectrum anti-viral. Just saying...

  38. It's tough for Melania seeing what a turgid swamp they are now in. She has a son to care for who needs this? This has been a horror 3 years for her.
    At last denying him the right to mass profiteer from Trump hotels for G7 meetings will show him no more Graft the nation's not there to be milked to fund Trump's hotels. He's got some neck.
    A year is still a long time a quality candidate may emerge after Xmas.
    America needs Leadership and the world needs a break from more US wars. Russia and China are signing up Asia and Africa. Huge gains for them. With SWIFT about to get booted out the US has a vast PR exercise ahead. Putin has now warned EU nations allowing US bases and threatening them. They will be erased in conflicts. Each base 5 minutes and Boom, no more. Asia gone, the Middle East gone, Africa gone, the EU gone,even Venezuela has gone Russian.

    Who is left to pick on?
    Allies? You sure about that?

  39. For those that remember the McMartin Daycare sexual abuse and satanic abuse which ended in ridicule for all those that pushed the investigation, vindication is at hand. The tunnels with the exact entrance that the children described, were found by the FBI. What an Evil/evil world.

    1. money quote: If the name McMartin Preschool rings a bell, it's because the school gained infamy as ground zero for the child abuse case that kicked off the so-called Satanic Panic.

      360 children were alleged to have been abused at McMartin daycare. Many of the children claimed that they'd been subjected to sexual and satanic ritual abuse in a system of tunnels under the school. When investigators declared that excavations turned up nothing, the claim of secret tunnels became a byword for spurious ritual abuse claims.

      Now, after a generation of ridicule, the FBI has confirmed the tunnels' existence, vindicating the children's testimony.

  40. Protestors in Chicago protesting exactly what?... morons!

  41. United Nations police admit they took over part of an American city (Salt Lake) and that journalists right to record public officers was denied because it was a "UN Compound" and the journalist had no right to record public servants as guaranteed by the US Constitution. Let your elected officials know you don't approve of the UN taking away Americans rights by signing the petition here

  42. The UN is the chosen vehicle to front for One World Govt. All of you owned by a single command center.

  43. Utah may put up with it but I know a lot of states that would not.

  44. God's hold
    This unelected UN is a non performing criminal cesspit and fraud. A US stooge puppet which has morphed into a Graft organisation and ideal for NWO conspirators. Totally unfit for purpose and the last thing you need. The houses stole your Constitution, the UN will steal your Soul.

  45. Now the US media is claiming Trumps Press Release on the IS hit was not Statesmanlike, and the ramblings of a Saddam type Dictator.

    Will they ever give him a break? The media, and it's not just the US, simply abhore this man. The UK regards him as a Caarnival Barker come Grifter and not one to associate with.
    Admittably media is not his thing because of his inablity to put a cohesive message together, his self repeating, visibly mentally impaired idiosyncracy, and his inability to simply stop lying for effect. In short, his media attempts are rated 2/10, which does tend to make it hard for him to gain a Statesman like profile, therefore anything which comes out of his mouth is treated with suspicion. But his ablity to sack media fronts does not make it easy to shield him from himself.

    The President represents the best of America. or should, as JFK and even Ron did it so well, but then the idiot but corrupt low Nazi breed of the Bushes, the Mutt born with a Silver foot in his mouth, the adept PR of a low , slimy and sleazy mongrel with Clinton, and the Afro backed, devious low grade Union Organsier. with a Struck off wife, and multi layers of Muslim Czars all got better support than Trump. Why?

    Kennedies in fact, and Clinton, were even more sleazy. The Bushes trashed the Constitution and robbed America blind. Trump, apart from his maniluplatin of Trump hotels for his meetings, is a low cost compared to the Bushes and Clinton. Poppy Bush and Cheney looted the store while the alcohlic idiot son was on post.

    The man has his visible faults but gets no breaks. That IS unfair!
    We DO credit him with good moves. Sure we knock the bad ones. Dam right we will.
    But we give him deserved Credits and the media won't. No President, however more crooked, has ever had such a deplorable backing in the Press. It's not fair, or right. No credits?
    Clinton was runing slime loose. Both!

    Melania has to read this daily, as do his family. You wonder why the really good guys won't run? Subject their families to that?
    They seem determined to try to push Impeachment,even though dubious. But they dont have the numbers!
    When will the media give him a break for the good news.
    Now, if only he had the brains to focus Justice hard on the Indictments. what could he achieve? Payback for sure.

    FBI Director William McCabe had a not so secret affair with FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, who ALSO had an affair with FBI Boss Strzok.
    Where is the MSM here? Is the FBI a Knocking shop? Who is working? None can be trusted after Mueller and Comey.
    WTF has happened to the voice of the people? What went wrong with media integrity?
    God- I mess JFK. Sleaze and all. JFK tried, and died!

    How can Trump have a fair election with such a vast weight of MSM rigged opposition?
    Who will they try to slip in next?
    So what of the wall, the Arrests and CLEAN THE FFF!!!SWAMP!
    Then start the redemptions and Reval. Be - Presidential.

    Oh for a West Wing. Great show, pity about reality.

  46. You need to review the sheer number and scale of CORRUPT Intellience Officers out to derail Flynn and Trump, to stop them investgating the scale of Intillegence Agencies who comined and mass targeted General Flynn, to force him out, and to stop he and
    Trump from auditihg them, their use of funds,the scale of illegal operations, and the rackets in play.

    They threatend and blackmailed Flynn, he had no chance. Comey and his Crooks all combined the cover up with the Agencies, and America was denied!

    So, a real suggestion, let Trump PARDON Flynn, re appoint him to a key role, of Draining the Swamp, free of Threats, and give him the budgets and resources to go after them.
    Fight back, let Flynn loose to get payback for America also.

    Let Flynn, like Elliot Ness go after Comey, the Agencies. Obama, Clintons and even the Bushes. Now that would be Presidential and real use of power. Of course they will squeal, like Stuck Pigs. Good!
    Let Flynn earn both their Legacies. Go Flynn!
    Unleash Flynn for payback. Arm and aim him.

    Let him tell Comey and his cohorts, we are taking you down.
    All corrupt Agents on trial. That WILL make Trumps name and legacy.
    That will make. A DIFFERENCE!. Huge. Respect will come. Unleash a free Flynn. Fill those docks. Help clean up America. Now?

  47. It now seems that Shifty Schiff and his criminal Democrats are pushing ahead with impeachment. If Trump had only acted on draining the swamp half of them would be in jail and the rest bricking it to plea bargain to sell out the rest.
    Attack is the best defense! Shaft shifty Schiff .

  48. A certainly ex US President met with Trump post election to negotiate that he would return the Gold his gut rotten family had stolen in return for now prosecution. True to form he has not, so now the US cant raise the geared liquidity it needs to meet debt obligations while these Traitors live the high life building a Debt crisis.
    Time to bring this Crime Family to justice don't you think? How dare they pose as Teflon Patriots?

    WHEN will Trump face up and bring them down? Grow a Pair!!

    1. No way around it. Fight Fire With Fire! He has massive support to take them down. Enough is enough. Start cleaning house first by throwing Kushner out ASAP!

  49. Parliament at last just voted a snap election December 12 th. How will 40% too stupid to understand the issues act when ticking boxes? Give a Moron a vote, they often elect one.
    We really dont need another hung parliament,let's Brexit and go!
    Time for a brave new world.

    1. Well those "too stupid", as you say were smart enough to vote for Brexit in the first place, were they not? Not too stupid in my book. The stupidity and damn right disregard for what the people voted for comes from the twats sitting in so called political seats. F the politicians. HARD BREXIT NOW. IF NOT. REVOLT? SIMPLE REALLY.

    2. Truly I hope all Remain MPs get thrown out in December. Time for a Turkey shoot.
      Disgusting carrion who seek only to line their own pockets.

  50. Planet 7X

  51. Just in, Laverov in Iran has just complained that US troops now in Syria are not there to protect the Syrians, but the Oil Fields while US Oil companies rape then and no money for Syria. Hegemony again! Illegal and despicable. Leopards and spots.

    Having given the Golans away to Israel, which is NOT his to give, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, ARAB Land!!!, and allowed Israel to continue the brutal persecution of Palestinians, what's his game? Get the Blinkers off!

    NONE of the Cabal have been arrested.
    He seems to have joined the swamp, not drained it.
    Always our fear with Trump, what was his price?

    Zero progress on the Swamp. Opportunism is vibrant for the Cabal.
    We always feared, "Please let me in, let me have my Lick- I'll be Good!!!!!

    As profiled with wise heads. what was his price?
    Is the lot just Kabuki Theatre, and true to form, he's sold out for the money? All he ever wanted was a seat at the table, his lick! So far, hes running true to form. Sandbagger. All this was predicted. False promises for a lick!


  52. Trump wants a seat at the HEAD of the table. The view that is discussed here is not the norm in the USA. A large percentage DO NOT WANT TO HEAR any opinions that differ from what they see on TV, or read in the news paper along with their Sports.

    1. Correct, and the antagonism if we challenge or criticise such issues. Truth does not have to be comfortable, just right. The world IS mess and Custer is not coming. We-The People- have to sort it.

  53. The situation is not credible and the Republicans just jumped the shark. Drudge Report has the headline "Republicans fear a 2020 wipeout". On the ground, Trump completely sells out stadiums with excess outside looking on monitors. Which CANNOT be squared with the news of "Lock Him Up" at the Nationals baseball game. Reverse angle shows the majority NOT chanting, and in a ball park, there's not a ghost of chance that the video audio should have carried the chant of a handful. Fake news.

    What it DOES amount to is the start of a new phase of The Narrative to impeach. The problem the Usual Suspects have is that we are not buying it. They need buy-in on the Right and the Middle, and they don't have it. Even the current idiocy of this Coln. Alexander Vindman being "concerned" about the Ukraine investigating Biden and the Presidential request to do so is over the pale. In simplest terms, we have Biden on tape at the CFR boasting he held Ukraine for ransom. It is actually fully appropriate for the President to request the investigation of a criminal act for which we have more than probable cause. The fact Biden is a political rival is completely irrelevant and provides no immunity for criminal acts. Additionally the Colonel had a parallel conversation going on (see NY Times and Laura Ingraham) with Ukranians bordering on espionage. Great witness there...

    If Trump has sold out... well, the disappointment cannot be properly expressed. Nor the consequences.

  54. Hilderbeast waits to pounce. She believes, in her fanatical mind, that it is her God given right to become the President of the United states. A despot without conscience or remorse, the body bag trails from Benghazi to all those who crossed them, a psycopath with no moral compass, believes" She" is the chosen one??????

    She waits for Biden to be brought to earth, poised to pounce early next year. Hilderbeast believes this time she can unseat Trump. Well, she's far smarter for sure, and next time will be far better prepared for the Trump media circus.

    The US, like the UK, is poised 45% to 45% fixed voters and the battle ground is that middle 10%. The key is what to say and promise to swing those votes from a naive, gullible, stupified and greedy electorate. Promise the Morons, tick the boxes, and forget them for 4 more years. Each Politicos mantra.If gullible enough to drink the Kool Aid, they deserve what they get.

    Reality, Politics is not working. It needs a rethink to clean the stink.

    A Despot like Hilderbeast in power, WW111 would beckon. A genocidal pariah like her is not fit for office. But Voters do stupid things. They elected Soetoro and Bush 43 twice. The Clintons in power does not bear thinking about. Does America never learn?
    Be careful what is tracking. Bush 41 thought the kingdom was his. Then what? Read my lips and wallop. The one termer corrupt Ring Fixer who could not coordinate reality.

    A year is a long time in politics. Trumps to lose, but events shape votes.

    No arrests, troops guarding Oil and Poppy fields,the Golans unlawfully given to Israel while the companies suck out the mineral rights,and Kushner gets his fat lick sideline taking care of Trump. The Art of the Sly Deal! Oh America!

    The economy is trashed under debt and buckpassing redemptions now here and overdue.
    SWIFT is about to be dethroned. Blockchains are coming. Global trade is bypassing the US.
    Fixated wars have sidetracked the great innovating US economy. Wars cost!

    America has lost the Middle East.America has lost Africa. America is losing Asia.
    Russia and China are penetrating South America.

    Macron in the EU, is talking of the need for an EU Army to one day fight America.
    So much for Alliances.

    Russia is now far ahead of America in Torpedo, Radar blanking and Laser warfare. Also in missiles and cloaking. Russia has spent wisely, and in turn shares with China. They now have the patronage of Venezuela, the worlds largest oil fields,and what a new base for fleets? 5 minutes missile reach of America.Who needs Cuba now?

    The world is changing fast. Accomplished communicators like Laverov outperform half wits on every turn. Real Leaders. Intellectually sound. Xi has a complete control of China, and a plan. Chine will surpass the US. What then?
    What China needs from the US, it spies and steals. Russia likewise.

    How can the US defend what is does not understand, when such a great, innovative nation, allows Muppets and Psychopaths to run for the Presidency? When an illegal, bogus Indonesian passport holder, can outwit the US screening, and USURP the Greatest office in the land. With a wife stuck off and an Attorney for malpractice. A second Attorney Union Organiser forced to hand in his bar License, yet is allowed to run and play his own Pay to Play scam with Biden. Criticse and God help us. How dare we raise issues of such probity with a gullible public who drink the Kool Aid? Don't dare question Disney land. They believe the Mantra. We look on and in, bewildered. Is the nation blinkered? We just see, Hegemony, Infamy,and a society based on What's in it For

    Looking carefully at Trump, major reservations now. Has his snout, sold out? The Grifter got his lick? Where are the arrests and who failed to drain the swamp? Will you be fooled twice? Then, are you fit to vote?
    Where are the Patriot Americans? Will no one of proven ability and integrity offer to serve? The Founders cared. The Founders tried, JFK tried and JFK died.
    Bush 41 came in and game over.

  55. Don't doubt if Hilderbeast runs the Repubs may try to run Lame Duck Romney. It's in limbo but they may be tempted as the CFR and Tri Lats really do not want Trump. Of course Romney is their choice, and they can control him as Bush 41 did. The danger of that is if they split the votes, Hilderbeast could walk in. In Politics? A year is a long time and Soetoro was sprung in late scooping Hillary. So was Trump. Count nothing yet. What can go wrong, often does. Murphys Law. Politics. Trump needs some big name arrests, and to work that out and lead.

    Politics, slimy Weasels. Time to bag and drown the lot of them.
    We need to rethink all of them, it's really not working.

    The UK has an election Dec 12th. Where the hell will that lead? If Farrage splits the Conservative vote,its a bad coilition of losers and Nutters plus Scots and scavenging Irish. We dont need the Union, the cost is too great. Time to bilge dump and set sail.
    Where now a year from now for the Uk and Trump? It's hard to call. So much can go wrong.

  56. " JFK tried and JFK died ".... "Where are the Patriot Americans?".... first quote probably answers the second quote.

  57. We all know there is enough to make arrests.... up to Barr.... if he does nothing but slap on the wrist then we all know!.... time to move to the most remote part of Alaska and build a hut!

  58. One thing you are wrong about John, Hildabeast is not "far smarter " than Trump.... she is dumb as a box of rocks man!

  59. Call it a Double? Thats what worried me. But she hit an academic level, he failed.

  60. currently going around are insinuations that after the death of Israeli Mossad Agent!!!!
    Simon Elliot aka Bau Bakr al Baghdadi, ( Head of ISIS created by US Obama adminstration and Israel) President Trump via his own Intel operatives, has uncovered Top Secret Cables,linking Obama to these Terrorists in acts of Treason, with the murder and displacment of over one million people.
    Baghdadi was located by surveillance on Schiff and Pelosi. Interesting?
    If correct, serve his head Trump. All of them. Soetoro needs to go straight to Gitmo. Military trial. Death by hanging. Follow that with 10 more and see the changes.

  61. Delta boys got part of this. If correct, Trump will do what?
    Credit to Delta, action by Trump?
    Obama fast track hung in Gitmo would swing his second term. Leave a name tag on the wall in his Chicago bathhouses. "He used to hang our here all the summer,now they've gone and hung the Bummer!"

  62. Let me give ypou a ray of hope.
    We track these Bar Stewards in detail.

    Comey, McCable, Strzok, Page are just the start.
    We all have to support Durham to stand Tall, and Barr, armed with evidence to put them all away. Rope in Tony Bair also. No mercy!
    Time to sweep out the trash. Then go for Clintons and the Bushes.
    Where's the Gold Jr??????????????????????????

    Read OUR lips, it's coming for you!

  63. Comey, Brennan and Clapper now are about to get a knock. Thats just the start. Go for it Durham. No mercy for Traitors. Big Bubbas hungry in his Lifers Cell. New meat! A real treat.

    1. can you say more?? When will it be in the news? whens hammer dropping, when are charges goign public?

      Fed also may announce negative rates today...treasury says new loose regulations for the banks meaning they will get paid to take money from the Fed and charge us 30% interests on loans. Please tell me the plug is going to be pulled on this soon? Everyone needs gold silver and cryptos to survive through, but it cant be allowed to go any further.

  64. Shamelessly borrowed from Vox Day:

    Another neoclown attack

    It's informative to see that no matter where they nominally come from, and no matter what organization they've happened to infiltrate, the neoclowns are irretrievably and unabashedly opposed to President Trump and the interests of the American people.

    Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council staffer set to deliver dramatic testimony confirming that President Donald Trump sought dirt from Ukraine on a political rival, is a Jewish refugee from that country when it was part of the Soviet Union.

    “I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine,” Vindman, an Army officer and the top NSC official handling Ukraine, says in testimony posted Monday evening by The New York Times, which he is set to deliver to congressional investigators on Tuesday.

    Precisely what does this Fake American know about what is proper or improper for the U.S. government? He's observably less loyal to the United States than Benedict Arnold ever was. The God-Emperor should not hesistate to order him to be dishonorably discharged.

    Every. Single. Time. This is why you always sink the damn ships.

    1. I wonder where this $$$^#%@!!! was when Biden was literally blackmailing the President of Ukraine to fire the chief prosecutor of Ukraine or Ukraine will not get $1 billion.

      How can in this $$$^#%@!!!'s mind can it be illegal for Trump to ask current president of Ukraine to look in to it, because it sure is a blatant crime.

      Is this guy just a brainwashed retard with no self awareness? Or was he promised lots of cookies when power shifts?

  65. Well, I'll say it. "Watch this site" from two weeks ago... gone by the wayside again. I guess I'll go eat some chocolate candy before I give it all to the trick-or-treaters.

  66. No it hasn't but an information lock down is key to all right now and for good reason. Let's get it done and cleared first. You've no idea how much is in play. Sorry you feel Santa's not coming, but he's got a hell of a smile on his face.

    1. Got it. Now John, the question really is.. does Mrs. Claus have a smile too?

    2. Oh here, have a candy bar..quick before the kids get them tomorrow.

    3. In London almost always. Ladies first?

      Now humour established, calm nerves. We are dealing with Raptors.
      This has been an incredible and treacherous undertaking over decades! A journey at our cost, of discovery, where the worst of men, and Clinton!!,operate without shame or remorse. We see a cunning species too devious to walk among men. No conscience, no humanity,Raptors in suits. Evil personified, look what they did to Hollywood! And still do!Combine it with the Chamber Pot Slops in Politics.

      This is way too sensitive to go premature! Give them no excuse to cut, or withdraw.

  67. New Pathology reports srongly suggest Epstein was likely murdered as the broken neck bones are strangulation evidence not hanging. Of course they did it. Epstein would have died screaming like a Bitch. Imagine his terror when that door opened and they came for him. Guards were paid off. As ever. Suddenly the Preditor is Prey in a Rat trap.
    Now just 10 M or so to go!

    1. Shocking said no one. We all saw the C_A's and Clinton's fingerprints on this didn't we?

    2. What I find both perplexing and astonishing is that everyone in this instance isn't in jail. How f'ing hard can it be to arrest everyone for conspiracy on the simple grounds that what happened couldn't have happened by accident. Bank records, conversations, relationships, every moment that the morons involved lived for the previous 60 days should be laid bare. It's not like there are dead ends. The guards had to be paid off. The guards had to have met someone to get their orders. Even a liberal jury would convict them all on circumstantial.

    3. Then tapes of all incoming says it all Tino. Outer walls, check every car and occupant. Inner videos. They will be found. But only- if they look!
      It's not just this creep is it? The whole Goddam lot need investigation files.

  68. Clinton and Mossad wanted him gone.
    For sure Prince Andrew did!

  69. Quantas Engineers Union has demanded that 50 Boings are grounded due to cracks identified. For Boing, it's reaching the stage where confidence is fast being lost and public trust will refuse to fly Boing. Does Boing crash next? Airlines will just not buy them.
    The petro dollar and SWIFT are collapsing to competitors.
    Russia now has 200 knots torpedo's which are unstoppable and will destroy US fleets.
    End of an Empire is coming.

    1. They are all in trouble John, across the whole spectrum. If this economy collapses we will be lucky to keep indoor plumbing.

      There is a complete inability to focus on the goal as opposed to the $$$ numbers. Dr. W. Edwards Deming taught that by adopting appropriate principles of management, organizations can increase quality and simultaneously reduce costs (by reducing waste, rework, staff attrition and litigation while increasing customer loyalty). When I was Senior Staff, Deming was Gospel and God when mission critical systems or parts where under discussion.

      This discipline is completely lost today. I would bet a solid ounce of gold bullion that to cut some dollars they changed materials or vendor and now we have cracks in core component that will ground a plane for months (Or so the article claims).

      Avionics is the most crucial control aspect of a plane. The 737 MAX debacle was in part because the relevant troublesome system was outsourced to an Indian IT body shop. In my day no one got to work on such a critical software piece without a long track record of experience and always under at least a CMMI Level 4 cert process.

      Broader scope, rather than build a new plane model for the 737 niche, they bastardized the original design significantly shifting center of mass and take-off characteristics, to avoid putting the extra-large engines into the runway.

      How stupid can one get? Boeing deserves all that is coming to it. My deep regret is that it will take plane crashes for it to happen.

    2. Lockheed survives only via Black Budgets. That has to be cut back.

      The US once dominated air traffic. It's in freefall.
      If the redemptions break free as is **""* watch the difference we can make. So handedly we can redirect Bank Platform Trading Profits towards focused projects and rebuilding our economies plus a New Amsterdam in many cities.

    3. Should read self handed, dam mobiles?

    4. john

      we don't care about the damn auto correct blunders

      we want to know what your **""* is! LOL

    5. Yep, the date WHEN LOL .

      Off radar. I'm giving them no excuse.

  70. As fast and deviously as the US backed ISIS to fund more war games, by Trump authorising US forces to guard Syrian Oil fields illegally occupied, for the US to steal and pump them dry for Hegemoney profit, expect a world of grief to follow.
    All for a Buck.

    Oh Trump, are you really this stupid? Kushner and Benny used him to grab the Golans and a lick, he's done nothing about Isreali attrocities in Palestine, the Wall is in Disneyland,
    his gushing nonsense about the IS hit was all about him, not Delta and the SAS who did it.
    Ego again and how disfunctional the media showed it worldwide. It was a word mangled 11 year old trying to grap facts. Please America, get a White House spokeman. A Dork is not the image you need or deserve . Self repeating words is a real mental condition.

    This is all going to escalate. It's hegemony and land theft at its worst. Really, has he no brains or sense at all? OK, I see the motive post the abysmal corrupt Golans heist fronted by the Kushner Crime family and Cheney, plus the usual Cabal ghouls now profiting from this sting. Whats his lick?

    It's sad. The Grifter can't hide his true turn coat. Anything, for his lick just as with the Ho O! Beyond sad, but all were warned. Vast State conferences pumping income into Trump hotels. For Gods sake it's embarrasing and CRASS.

    If Syria and Iran torch the oil fields, how many more American kids who could only get Army jobs will die for this lie?

    America can be such a force of real Good rebuilding the world. Which combined we WILL do post the releases. We need to give life, not bring death for the Oil Barons profits.
    American excellance not Hegemony.

    We look forward to working together for a better world. Once the funds clear, we will show you real American Patriots. Caring, HONOURABLE people not Skanks in Politics. We will help rebuild Pride and Statesmanship. Real American's, not Critters in for a lick! That Kushner Ho needs to go. Soon hopefully we can show you good work by real Americas. With real Pride! Political Hos' we despair? Torch the lot as Gorilla snot! Syrian oil needs to refund a shattered nation and Burger Gutts. This is profiling as such an act of crass stupidity. God, please bring forward a new JFK.

  71. Now Congress, full of Shills,Zios and Rented meat, has the audacity to empower Schiff to progress Impeachment charges against Trump. The guy needs to think like the type of old American Plainsmen who made America great and fight fire with fire.
    Give Barr extra tasks. Background check and Audit Schiff. Plus all those Mogrels. Just Drain the F !!! Swamp!

    I have major reservations about the guy, but Impeaching based on that ? No!!!!
    Compare last 4 for Gods sake???????????

    Raise the Barr and get even! Unleash hell.

    1. Glen Beck has been doing daily shows on real journalism, getting to bottom of it all. Naming names and today announced the name if said whistleblower. He's dug up the dirt with proof. Made it easy for Barr. Judicial Watch has done an excellent job and he too reporting the truth.

  72. Trump has a secured the 2020 Election victory because of the following......
    BREAKING: House Concludes Massive 232-196 Impeachment Inquiry Vote.

    1. Well, let the counter-strikes begin... I can't believe the (D) think they can pull this off.

    2. They know they won't pull it off, but it sure deflects from the real issues doesn't it? It's a sh*t show, a circus. I believe they all signed their own pink slips today. In fact, I am so confident that they did, I called Nutsie Pelosi's office and left her that message. I also recommended that she should buy herself new dentures.

    3. The demonrats forget that the Senate was the prize. President Trump will be fine. He won't be impeached. He will have another term in office. And I am believing that the demonrats will be in prison.

    4. Yes to the Rats and Crooks to be imprisoned

  73. They fielded that Shill Soetoro who was a lying Con Man and still got elected even though prohibited as a Non US born party, who lied his way into office . Where was the Dems diligence here?
    No Birth Cert,hello? Just look at his mother's track record.
    He was disbarred, hello
    So was his wife. What diligence?

  74. I hope everyone on this site is calling all the Demonrat Reps in their state. I have called, (lied because they lie anyway and tell them I was a registered Democrat but no longer) and remind them WE the People are the boss and I knew that their pink slips were being typed up as I spoke.

    Then I remind them about the crimes of the Democrats and end with the Senate was the prize.

    I have had two hang up on me today. Good, at least they heard from me.

  75. Ken Starr says Schiff will still have all the power to impeach
    Game on.
    3 years and No Deep State parties on trial it Kushner in co partnerships with Cheney and the Deep State with the Golan's, now they are stealing Syria's oil
    Sold out?:Kushners already feeding from the Volan heists. Crime families?
    Who can be trusted? The Deep State not busted after 3 years says what?
    So far it's a Conjecture but it reeks.

  76. Rumours are circulating alleging that former FBI General Council James Baker is now coopearating with Barr and Durham?
    Sinking ships?

  77. This impeachment effort is a complete farce... I say declare martial law, arrest all the Usual Suspects, summarily execute them, restore Civil Authority. Yeah, i know ... i know... wishful thinking.

    1. Was there ever a better time for the Founders to re incarnate, set ups brief Military coup, create s major tribunal under martial law, taking down Politicos, Crime families , Bankers, Soros and corrupt Agencies plus a complete Zio found up, and using the lot for a new weapons test on a deserted Atoll but filming the lot by drone as Big Daddy recalls time and seeing the lot atomize.

      Yes, justice is too much to hope for. But a new silent ray type weapon could do a lot of good in vigilante hands. Watching them drop would be a TV blockbuster.

    2. Mobile typos but you get the message.


  79. Western so-called "liberalism" equates to bringing the lowest life forms on Earth to the forefront as examples for the rest of the world to follow.

    Western style liberalism promotes all that is filthy and degrading to Humanity as a lifestyle to be emulated.

    Western style liberalism has brought us to a point of racist fascism being forced upon civil society under the guise of equality and inclusion.

    Western style liberalism has evolved into demented freaks and despotic morons that make up the current Democratic party.

    What could possibly go wrong with that play book?

    Watch Putin expose the leftist lunatics favorite tactic:

    (1) Plant a false narrative.

    (2) Demand that everyone adhere to the false narrative that was an out and out lie to begin with.

    Russia Insight

    738K subscribers

    Russian President Vladimir Putin: This is not a correct interpretation of what I have said, or rather it is a very loose one.

    This is how the problem is interpreted by those who want to believe that this is how we formulate our policy, that we do it as you said.

    I did not say what you have just said. I did not.

    Where did you get it?

    This happens very frequently, when one notion is replaced with another.

    First the replacement, and then criticism based on this false information.

    I said in an interview with The Financial Times that the liberal model has no right to claim domination and to believe that it is the only correct model in the world.

    No, the world is much more diverse; it is developing comprehensively, and one and the same model cannot be forced on everyone without distinction.

    This is what I said then, and I am ready to repeat it here.

    Putin Tounge-Lashes NBC Journo: I Did Not Say What You Have Just Said About Liberalism

  80. The CSPAN-2 bit from Wednesday of this week John McLaughlin Former CIA Director, also with Brennan I believe, is extraordinary. It's a hit piece. Really? "... it took an intelligence officer to break this open..." a totally manufactured piece trying to create a crime where none exists? McLaughlin head need to go up on a pike as a collaborator to this coup plot and treason.

  81. BREAKING: Beto O'Rourke has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, according to his Twitter account.

  82. There is a very extensive zero-day attack aimed at Chrome browsers in progress. Upgrade immediately. You can do so by going to the "Help" and then "About" and clicking Upgrade/Update. It takes less than 3 minutes start to finish.

  83. Dear John, I think that what President Trump have to start to say is that the reason a lot of people do not like him is because they have something to hide, or he's got a hold of somebody they know that was up to no good, and if it wasn't for him we would never knew all that it was being done against us, and we where slaves, and nothing would ever change it would just get worse.

    1. Look at his games with Kushner, Cheney and Israel. HE is ALSO up to no good. Grifters and Leopards spots. Time he was stopped from taking his vast enrourage to Trump hotels for group income benefit at State expense. Totally unnacceptable, but then with no class or decorum, he knows no better.
      Now we have to hope Barr pursues the Deep State. Unless he gets close and the Grifter sacks him.

      America is not short of intelligent, Patriotic Executive capablity.Sadly just not in Politics.
      Trump got in to stop Clinton.
      But hopefully, at some stage the real deal comes forward.
      Sorry, but no one can turn a Sows ear into a Silk Purse.

      He's hopefully a start, but we need the real article.
      As for not knowing whats done against you the site tries.
      The people are fine we just need the blinkers off.

    2. What they really hate is the fact that Trump is a Nationalist. His enemies are on both sides of the aisle, both Republicans and Democrats. The engrossed Washington Establishment.

  84. Thanks for the tip about Chrome Tino! Your contributions to this site are much appreciated.

  85. Carter Page is currently seeking to prevent the release of the FISA documents. Why? Because he was a plant. He was planted into the Trump campaign. Or that's what is being said.


    1. EyeTheSpy
      Carter is a PLANT.
      Recognize the results of his labor.
      Delay Delay Delay.
      This isnt about transparency or reviewing information. This is about trying to hide the fact he was planted into the Trump campaign.
      Don't Get Lost Along The Way.


    2. EyeTheSpy
      Carter Page is currently seeking to prevent the release of FISA.
      (See PFR sec iii. original suit below)
      Most recently a Proof of Service was filed on Oct. 30th, meaning the Court recieved requested files from Page. (see receipts below)

      Case in motion. Will update.

    3. WTF! How does he have standing?

    4. This is "THE DEEP STATE". They are embedded everywhere. MK Ultra programs and trauma based abuse from a yound age fracture the minds and layer in multiple personalities. This is why it's IMPOSSIBLE to know who is on the wrong side of the aisle.

      All members of the Brotherhood has multiple faces. TRUST NO ONE!

    5. Tino that seems to be the million dollar question about Carter Page. Wow these people are cretins aren't they?

  86. John Do you have an opinion on this person?
    Gnosis; The Secret of Solomons Temple Revealed - Philip Gardiner

  87. A44291

    This is a very sensitive Gnostic Gospel and pre dating man's known religions linking to Spiritual awareness and universal ethereal empowerment.
    This raised the awareness of the Templars and was part of the Greek Gnostic Gospels which viewed the entity of Jesus as being just a socially challenging prophet and in no way Divine. Clarity and reality. Not the Vatican delusional junk enslaving minds for false religions.
    The areas you raise compounded with Jinn awareness led to the conflict between the Templars and Papacy. For which the opportunist Templars demanded a price for silence and major asset plus banking concessions and dispensation from Papacy tyths. Becoming more wealthy then the Vatican and King Phillip of France the rest is history.
    But the issue you raise predates all known religions and deviates considerably empowering you with universal awareness and far deeper spiritual awareness and values . Are you ready for this revelation it negates all religions as you have been so falsely indoctrinated since childhood. When all around you us s lie, can you handle the truth? I'm travelling since 08-00 hrs Sunday morning with heavy duties for days. I will need time to respond, days, but will. Do you understand what happens when you remove the simple false foundations of children's thought pre conditioning. Most really react like you've killed Bambi. You leave them with a void. You remove their childlike comfort zones and make them Keepers of their own Souls.
    Have you looked at the Zombies who vote?
    Is the Soul of this Man not so kind ready for this? It's like taking a Pigmy to work on a Wall Street Trading Desk. Joking! Very , very sensitive awareness with consequences.
    Stepping up into a vast pool of ancient doctrines?

  88. John, most here cannot wait for your response. I Cannot wait for your heavy duties to lighten up for that spark of insight to be revealed, a very good reason to check here daily.

    1. It's quite simple...The true nature of Solomon's Temple is not a building.

      Gnosis or "Knowledge" is understanding what the Christ tried to tell the people.

      God or divinity lies "WITHIN". This is the true Temple of god.

      We are spiritual beings that re-incarnate and do not die. Each holding an infinitesimal piece of the "God" or spirit.

      Thus we are each a TEMPLE OF GOD

      This is the true discovery

    2. There is no hard evidence of the Temple of Solomon. Davids myth was based on bringing down the walls of Jericho. No such stones have even been found, which has concerned Archeologists for decades. No stones, no Walls, also no Jericho or battle. All BS!!!! There goes the history. Stones don't disappear. So, no walls, all Balls! Seriously time this silly Myth bubble was burst. Tinkers getting Uppity!

      "What, you mean we are ONLY a bunch of itinerant labouring Gypsies Dogs after all,and it's all been myths? " We are Glorified Stonemason Tinkers as rumoured? Gypos with attitude? Look how Gypo's steal anything not bolted down.Sound familiar? If the cap fits, Gypos with attitude? Religious Con Men like Abraham started this crap. Fables propounded by Nutters, or Pedos marrying 7 year olds.
      A truly vile Cult.

      Gnosi is the founder Pre Religious understanding of Man's role and Souls inside each living being, all interconnected between Galaxies and Dimensions.
      Perpetual intelligent kinetic energy ever evolving, alive before the beginning of time. Souls for advanced Souls, not Wookie Ass Souls. There goes the Vatican,and Muzzies with a 7th Century attitude problem conned by Wombats and the San Hedrin Sharks.
      Thinking man.

    3. We have to remember that Yeshua was nothing more than a man that embraced immortality of spirit.

      His message was simple...Love your fellow man. Help everyone. What you do in this lifetime effects not only this life, but ALL OF YOUR FUTURE LIVES since we are immortal. OTHERS made it into a religions. First the Pagans and then the Vatican. His message was twisted and the Council of Nicea created the monster we have today.

      This is where the elites have getting people to think that they only live 1 life and thus act like total idiots thinking they will die and it is done. What is even crazier is the things these same elite do to others. They will pay the most upon reincarnation. Their next lives will be hell. Not to memtion their spiritual life review when they feel ALL of the pain they have caused others.

      There is a really good book by Danion Brinkley, called Saved by the Light. He physically died 2 times. Once of a lighting strike and once of heart conditions caused by the prior strike, but several years later.

      He was not a nice person and all of the bad things he had done to people he had to relive upon his death, but from their perspective. When he was brought back from the lightning strike he started helping people because of it and upon death a 2nd time he still felt all the bad things again, but then felt all the good things he had done from that point forward.

      Bottom line...We don't die so we need to act like it. Our actions have repercussions.

      All debts will be paid whether it's 1 life, 10 lives or 100 lives.

  89. Correct re checking. I am working also with focused Americans, Patriots and ex Agency Senior Officers who also reported direct to Presidents re funding and projects.
    But it only gets beyond bearable if I have to decline Dolly for a night.
    Now that for sure would be heavy duty

    So much is in complexity political play with layers of Banking, military, political and Cabal chicanery obfuscating every corner. Some while they use our clients funds to cross fund the trading losses they are incurring in Derivatives. Illegally!

    You see what's occuring with China, Russia, Brexit, the Elders and war criminal Soros, all linked while Cheney uses Crime Family Kushner to thieve Syrian land to steal it's wealth while The Donald is in bed with the Oil Moguls stealing poor Syria's wealth by brutal Hegemony. All this convoluted Dog crap is cross mixed in stages.
    Corruption is NOT a Chinese Philosopher.
    Just don't try explaining that to Trump /Lol.
    It's all a convoluted Puke bowl which would be so easy to resolve with a 44 magnum and certificate of indemnity.
    There is no honour among thieves any of them.

  90. Thanks John, hopefully those involved can be completed and be home rested before Santa Claus drops by for a preview 0f that Turkey Dolly has cooking. later this month.

  91. The IMF and UN are both scavenging for funds we spend days repelling unwanted borders! There is no single chain of direction or structured hierarchy. It's a crap shoot multi facet daily. So yes, any given day once funds unlock they will be fast tracked out and put to structured use. So , so many Pigs fighting for a turn at the trough.
    With Bush 41 gone and huge pressures on the Cabal, slots can come any time we have to be ready to catch and take down any time our call comes.

  92. For those wanting to write Congresscritters on Impeachment. A sample letter. I am not the author but it's well done. For god's sake, proof read your inserts and don't miss any xxxx or EDIT entries.


    Please vote AGAINST impeaching President Trump

    Dear Congressxxx Xxxxxx — President Trump has been doing a fantastic job on foreign trade, on the economy (including boosting jobs and wages for African-Americans), and even (despite a lack of any help from Congress) on enforcing our immigration laws — which were enacted by bipartisan votes, and which I notice the Pelosi Congress shows no interest in repealing.

    Nancy Pelosi (with her rule changes, designed to sidestep due process) and Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler have been scheming to impeach this president ON ANY PRETEXT since the first weeks of this term — long before there was any “Ukraine phone call.” There are no “high crimes or misdemeanors.” You know very well President Trump, who has wide constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy, is about to be re-elected by a large margin, and is likely to carry xxxxxxxxx (our state) in 2020. With the fraudulently premised “Mueller investigation,” President Trump has already been “on trial” for three years, a process with which he fully cooperated . . . and at the end of which HE WAS EXONERATED!

    President Trump is dutifully trying to do the job for which we elected him. I do not want the effectiveness of this presidency further obstructed by a purely political impeachment. If you vote to impeach Donald Trump, I will do everything legally within my power — including a $2,800 contribution to President Trump, and a $2,800 contribution to your [[EDIT general election / primary opponent EDIT]] — to see you defeated and replaced in office as our xxth District representative in 376 days. Please tell Mrs. Pelosi you’ve heard from your constituents, and you’re a VOTE AGAINST IMPEACHMENT. Thanks for your attention, — Xxxxx Xxxxxxx (I vote in every election), Xxxxxx (your town or neighborhood.)

  93. A final thought relative Congressrats: Remember, they’re still capable of saying “My mail is running 3-to-1 against this thing, Madam Speaker. Why should I get mugged at my next ‘Town Hall’ if it’s never going to pass, anyway? What if I get jumped in the PRIMARY, like Joe Crowley? He’d been here for TEN TERMS, for heaven’s sake! How you gonna protect me from THAT?”

    1. For those not following Crowley lost to Alexandra Occasional Cortex in a perfectly executed subversion operation that hired actress (literally true) AOC to run for office.

  94. The Asian end and Bonds will slip into post 15th November.

    US PPs are not affected so less competition. Fingers X it helps them. The US moving first works best. We can focus Projects and police it all with sound Professional Management. Clean and simple. Paper chasing can follow.

  95. The Next Shoe In The Farm Crisis Drops: Bankruptcies Soar 24%

    The American Farm Bureau (AFB) warned Wednesday that farm bankruptcies are entering a parabolic move.

    The farm crisis, as we've pointed out, is only accelerating and will likely be on par with the farm disaster that was seen in the early 1980s.

    President Trump's farm bailouts, given to farmers earlier this year, appears to be failing at this moment in time, as a tsunami in farm bankruptcies is sweeping across the country.

    With record-high debt, collapsing farm income, and depressed commodity prices, US farmers are dropping like flies as there's no end in sight in the 15-month long trade war.

  96. Farmers are facing catastrophic crop losses. Many have only got in 40% of their crops, some lost the lot. Feed stock will rise fast. If Swine fever hits America, game over.
    China and Asia is already devastated. Farmers are often a century of families now at risk. Sad, sickening and cruel irony. You build it and the Banks take it.
    And they say we don't have a climate problem. IDIOTS!
    I have seen acid rain, ferocious storms tearing down 400 year old trees. Mass flooding.
    Frost so bad it kills the very roots of plants and the lot is gone.
    But all the while bank interest rates go up. Banks are voracious.
    Borrow as little as you can. Bank debts are the beginning of the end.
    We need to rethink community financing and understand needs and who to protect.
    Innovation to save each nation. Interest rates are crippling. Why? Greed! Opportunism.
    Is destroying communities worth it?

  97. Greenspan Admits Federal Reserve Bank is Above the Law & Performs Freemasonic Gesture

  98. Rothschild and Rockefeller run the Federal Reserve and control the Media


  99. Fake American, fake patriot by Vox Day

    A Marine who knew LTC Vindman exposes him as an anti-American partisan from 2012:

    Vindman, who was a Major at the time, was sitting in one of the classrooms talking to the US & Russian Soldiers, as well as the young Officers & GS Employees about America, Russia, & Obama. He was apologetic of American culture, laughed about Americans not being educated or worldly, & really talked up Obama & globalism to the point of uncomfortable. He would speak w/the Russian Soldiers & laugh as if at the expense of the US personnel. It was so uncomfortable & unprofessional, one of the GS employees came & told me everything above. I walked over & sat w/in earshot of Vindman, & sure enough, all was confirmed.

    One comment truly struck me as odd, & it was w/respect to American's falsely thinking they're exceptional, when he said, "He [Obama] is working on that now." And he said it w/a snide 'I know a secret' look on his face. I honestly don't know what it meant, it just sounded like an odd thing to say. Regardless, after hearing him bash America a few times in front of subordinates, Russians, & GS Employees, as well as, hearing an earful about globalization, Obama's plan, etc...I'd had enough. I tapped him on the shoulder & asked him to step outside. At that point I verbally reprimanded him for his actions, & I'll leave it at that, so as not to be unprofessional myself.

    The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him.

    Traitor then, traitor now. Every single time.

    1. A military JAG guy just let me know that Vindman's current actions are in violation of UCMJ in that it is an attempt to exert political influence over the Commander in Chief under color of law. I quote "... have an Article 32 hearing and read the LTC his rights..."

    2. Svali, who was an Illuminati trainer, stated that 30% of the military was raised in an Illuminati family and have been put through trauma based mind control since birth.

      Military Takeover

      Svali: Briefly, each region of the United States has "nerve centres" or power bases for regional activity. The United States has been divided up into seven major geographical regions. Each region has localities within it that contain military compounds and bases that are hidden in remote, isolated areas or on large private estates.

      These military bases are used intermittently to teach and train generational Illuminati in military techniques, hand-to-hand combat, crowd control, use of arms, and all aspects of military warfare. Why? Because the Illuminists believe that our government, as we know it, as well as the governments of most nations around the world, are destined to collapse. These will be planned collapses, and they will occur in the following ways:

      The Illuminati has planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic. This will occur through the manoeuvring of the great banks and financial institutions of the world, through stock manipulation, and interest rate changes. Most people will be indebted to the federal government through bank and credit card debt, etc. The governments will recall all debts immediately, but most people will be unable to pay and will be bankrupted. This will cause generalized financial panic, which will occur simultaneously worldwide, as the Illuminists firmly believe in controlling people through finances.

      Doesn't sound pleasant, does it? I don't know the exact time frame for all of this, and wouldn't want to even guess. The good news is that if a person is debt-free, owes nothing to the government or credit debt, and can live self sufficiently, they may do better than others. I would invest in gold, not stocks, if I had the income. Gold will once again be the world standard, and dollars will be pretty useless. Remember after the Civil War? Our money will be worth about what confederate money was after the collapse.

      Next there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law. People will have panicked. There will be an anarchical state in most localities, and the government will justify its move as being necessary to control panicked citizens.

      The cult trained military leaders and people under their direction will use arms as well as crowd control techniques to implement this new state of affairs. Military bases will be set up in each locality (actually, they are already here, but are covert). In the next few years, they will go above ground and be revealed. Each locality will have regional bases and leaders to which they are accountable. The hierarchy will closely reflect the current covert hierarchy. All this said, it could just be cult propaganda taught to me and others to frighten us. It may be that none of this will happen. I sincerely hope not.

      About five years ago, when I left the Illuminati, approximately 1% of the US population was either part of the Illuminati, sympathetic to it, or a victim of mind control (and therefore considered useable). While this may not sound like many, imagine 1% of the population highly trained in the use of armaments, crowd control, psychological and behavioral techniques, armed with weapons and linked to paramilitary groups.

    3. You can read more from her here....

  100. Meanwhile Norway arrests someone for what they might say:

    Norwegian authorities have arrested a high-profile American white supremacist, hours before he was due to give a speech at a far-right conference in Oslo on Saturday.

    The detained American, Greg Johnson, is editor-in-chief of the white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing group. He had been scheduled to speak at the Scandza Forum, a network known for its anti-Semitic and racist views.

    Norway's intelligence service considered Johnson "to be a threat, not because of what he could do but because of his hate speech and his previously expressed support for Anders Breivik," spokesman Martin Bernsen told CNN.

    And given now that all governments are lying, SJW-nonsense is running amok, we certainly can't take their word for it. Especially since this is a pre-crime thought-crime action...

  101. Ever growing speculation again that with the failed showing of Slimy Joe and Pocuhontus, it becomes ever more tempting to Hillary of Michelle to take on Trump.
    Both hate him with a vengeance and it's very personal. Hilderbeast considers Trump is crooked and Treasonous. Hilderbeast??????????????
    What use would Michelle Mutt ever be? 2 Free Riding Night MARES!!!

  102. Preferably the london underground when the train is Coming fast

  103. Just believe the Witch is gagging to run again.
    Will we ever forget Bills Girly Boy dance when he thought they had won?
    Or how she cruelly dissed her supporters when she was busted?

    Melania has more class and taste than all of them. Well done Melania.
    What a breath of fresh air after those dogs.
    Sorry Dogs, I was joking!

  104. There are RUMORS coming out of Germany this afternoon that Deutsche Bank has ALLEGEDLY filed Bankruptcy.

    As yet, this is NOT CONFIRMED.

    If this did, in fact, take place, prepare for economic upheaval the likes of which this world has never seen.

  105. Hillary Beats Trump in Polls - Fox News 11/4/2019

    Hmmm... when did I hear that first... oh yeah some Election in 2016...

  106. Yael Eisenstat, a visiting fellow at Cornell Tech in the Digital Life Initiative and a former elections integrity head at Facebook, CIA officer, and White House adviser, writes for the Washington Post:

    As the company continues to struggle with how to handle political content and as another presidential election approaches, it's clear that tinkering around the margins of advertising policies won't fix the most serious issues. The real problem is that Facebook profits partly by amplifying lies and selling dangerous targeting tools that allow political operatives to engage in a new level of information warfare. Its business model exploits our data to let advertisers custom-target people, show us each a different version of the truth and manipulate us with hyper-customized ads -- ads that, as of two weeks ago, can contain blatantly false and debunked information if they're run by a political campaign. As long as Facebook prioritizes profit over healthy discourse, they can't avoid damaging democracies.

    Early in my time there, I dug into the question of misinformation in political advertising. Posting in a "tribe" (Facebook's internal collaboration platform), I asked our teams working on political advertising whether we should incorporate the same tools for political ads that other integrity teams at Facebook were developing to address misinformation in pages and organic posts. It was unclear to me why the company was applying different, siloed policies and tools across the platform. Most users do not differentiate organic content from ads -- as I clearly saw on a trip to India, where we were testing our ads-integrity products -- so why were we expecting users to understand that we applied different standards to different forms of content that all just appear in their news feeds?

    The fact that we were taking money for political ads and allowing campaigns and other political organizations to target users based on the vast amounts of data we had gathered meant political ads should have an even higher bar for integrity than what people were posting in organic content. We verified advertisers to run political ads, giving them a check mark and a "paid for by" label, and I questioned if that gave the false impression that we were vouching for the validity of the content, boosting its perceived credibility even though we weren't checking any facts or ensuring that ads weren't spreading false information. Most of my colleagues agreed. People wanted to get this right. But above me, there was no appetite for my pushing, and I was accused of "creating confusion."

  107. Assange will lose his appeal and be packaged to fly to face Pentagon fury.

  108. " Nov. 15th..." sounds great.

    1. It's then who in that Zoo. Everything is stressed right now. Just look at Deutsch. Le Penn has overtaken Macron in the polls and Germany is freefalling into recession.
      Banks are in deep trouble.

    2. Le Penn won the election, but the Rothschilds fixed the votes. France is burning under Macron the stooge!

  109. john could the Deutsch rumor be true?

    1. Deutsch has had deep problems for years. Over exposure to Derivatives could sink the Bank, major US Banks and then expose Ackerman's compromised positions with Bush 41 and the Agency plus Cabal racketeering with Herzog and others . The question with Deutsch is can they risk letting it go because the post mortem will bring the whole network down and EU with it.

    2. John, did Deutsch bank file for bankruptcy?

    3. The rumour is they failed an overnight interest call, and may be cash stressed sliding towards collapse.

  110. Monday, November 4, 2019
    I Lied....The United States will NEVER stop Lying! In my previous post on USrael's ------- around with the sovereign state of Syria and stealing its oil, I alleged that USrael had lied its last lie. After over 300 years of constant lying about everything, including its foundation, its history and all of its accomplishments...the BIG USrael lie that it could steal Syrian oil with impunity would be its "last lie". I based this assertion on Russia's recent threat to intervene to protect Syria's sovereign right and the rule of International law. I lied.

    Even when writing that post I knew that the United States of Israel would...nay, COULD never stop lying. I wrote that post as sort of a planetary "dream/prayer", that the nightmare of the United States of Israel in this galaxy could finally end.

    On the contrary, according to thetruthseeker, USrael is rebuilding one of its earlier, demolished, military bases in Syria. And according to an article in RT, the US is violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields it seized from Damascus. Please read the following snippet describing the extent of the USrael "daylight robbery" of Syria and I will have more comments to follow:

    A supposed champion of the rule of law, the US is violating its own anti-Syrian sanctions by smuggling crude from oil fields it seized from Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said.

    Each month the US smuggles crude worth $30 million out of Syria, according to Zakharova. The fuel comes from fields in the northeastern part of the country, where the US maintains a military presence after pulling its troops back from the Syrian-Turkish border.

    “A nation that repeats ad nauseam that it sticks to democratic values and rule of law in international relations, is pumping oil… under a pretense of fighting ISIL,” the official said, using an outdated name for terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

    Oil fields in the Deir ez-Zor governorate, east of the River Euphrates, were captured by US-backed Kurdish militias as they advanced on IS forces. Washington makes no secret of the fact that it keeps an illegal military presence in the area in order to deny Damascus access to the natural resources that it has every right to possess under international law.

    The US considers the Syrian government illegitimate and has used various means to attempt to topple it over the past eight years, from imposing harsh economic sanctions to arming and training whoever was willing to fight against Damascus. The fact that the US banned oil trade with Syria and is now smuggling oil out of it is particularly ironic, Zakharova said.


    Greencrow says: The most diabolical thing about the United States of Israel is that it gamely lies--even to itself. It says it will remove its illegal military from Syria...even as it builds more bases and steals the property of the sovereign nation of Syria.

    Nobody believes anything it says anymore. Syrian President Bashar al Assad gave a recent TV interview expressing his belief that the USrael-created ISIS will come back, in some form or other. Even I knew that the United States of Israel could never stop more than a python snake can willingly unwrap itself from its victim. No...once the snake has coiled itself around a victim, its very nature compels it to start constricting the coils ever tighter, cutting off the blood supply to the the victim. That's what's going on as USrael steals the oil [economic life blood] from Syria.

    That is the way snakes operate. It's nature. Russia--and the rest of the world--knows there is only one way to stop the snake. Only when THAT happens will the lying finally stop.

  111. A Well-Planned Retirement - This is too good

    From The London Times:

    A Well-Planned Retirement

    Outside England ’s Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant....The fees for cars ($1.40),for buses (about $7).

    Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn't show up; so the zoo management called the city council and asked it to send them another parking agent. The council did some research and replied that the parking lot was the zoo's own responsibility. The zoo advised the council that the attendant was a city employee
    The city council responded that the lot attendant had never been on the city payroll.

    Meanwhile, sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Spain, or France, or Italy, is a man who'd apparently had a ticket booth installed completely on his own and then had simply begun to show up every day, commencing to collect and keep the parking fees, estimated at about $560 per day -- for 25 years. Assuming 7 days a week, this amounts to just over $7 million dollars ......and no one even knows his name.

  112. Project Veritas! The ABC Expose on Epstein, Clinton etc that never aired...

  113. John hopefully will watch this, and quit defending the "Palace" and assuming 'we the sheeple' will buy into how respectful the Queen is. The Royalty is evil!
    PS... I hope I don't get kicked off this site or speaking the truth.

  114. It's not evil, but it's as dysfunctional as most families out there. But with more power to abuse as with Lout Andrew. The Queen and William do a tremendous job and Kate also.
    The rest are one kind of free rider or another. Please, ignore Tabloid nonsense. It's still the most successful monarchy in the world. By far. But yes warts included.
    Charles and Camilla will be hard to take. The media will manipulate him for any glitch. All they are is a family born into it with incessant daily intrusions. It's no way to live, it's a Goldfish bowl.


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