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  1. first ninja on the board! time for some lotto tickets...


    Harry Dunn's parents have been invited to a meeting at the White House following the diplomatic immunity row involving the suspect in a crash where their teenage son died.

    Anne Sacoolas, 42, left the UK just days after the crash which killed the 19-year-old motorcyclist.

    She has offered to meet Mr Dunn's parents, but they say she must promise to return to Britain first.

    Mr Dunn, 19, died near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on 27 August.

    Family spokesman Radd Seiger tweeted: "The White House have just invited #HarryDunn's parents and I to a meeting this afternoon. Looking forward to getting further answers as we search for #JusticeforHarry."

    Radd Seiger (centre) is the spokesman for Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn
    Earlier, Mr Seiger said the family's lawyers, Mark Stephens and Geoffrey Robertson QC, were ready to launch a full investigation into the role the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) played in the decision to grant immunity to Mrs Sacoolas.

    On Monday, Harry's parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, gave interviews on US TV after flying to New York in a bid to publicise their case.

    They hope media exposure will put pressure on the US government to force Mrs Sacoolas to return to the UK.

    Harry Dunn's family threaten judicial review
    What is diplomatic immunity?
    US crash suspect's return 'non-negotiable'
    Over the weekend, Mrs Sacoolas - who is reportedly married to a US intelligence official who was stationed at RAF Croughton - broke her silence over Mr Dunn's death in a letter via her lawyers.

    In it she said she wanted to meet his parents "so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident".

    Mrs Sacoolas was said to be covered by diplomatic immunity as the spouse of a US intelligence official, though that protection is now in dispute.

    On Saturday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wrote to Mr Dunn's family to explain that the British and US governments now considered Mrs Sacoolas's immunity irrelevant.

    He said the matter was now "in the hands" of Northamptonshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

    Anne Sacoolas, 42, left the UK just days after the crash which killed the 19-year-old motorcyclist.

    She has offered to meet Mr Dunn's parents, but they say she must promise to return to Britain first.

    Family spokesman Radd Seiger tweeted: "The White House have just invited #HarryDunn's parents and I to a meeting this afternoon. Looking forward to getting further answers as we search for #JusticeforHarry."

    Earlier, Mr Seiger said the family's lawyers, Mark Stephens and Geoffrey Robertson QC, were ready to launch a full investigation into the role the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) played in the decision to grant immunity to Mrs Sacoolas.

    On Monday, Harry's parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, gave interviews on US TV after flying to New York in a bid to publicise their case.

    They hope media exposure will put pressure on the US government to force Mrs Sacoolas to return to the UK.

    Harry Dunn's family threaten judicial review
    What is diplomatic immunity?
    US crash suspect's return 'non-negotiable'
    Over the weekend, Mrs Sacoolas - who is reportedly married to a US intelligence official who was stationed at RAF Croughton - broke her silence over Mr Dunn's death in a letter via her lawyers.

    In it she said she wanted to meet his parents "so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident".

    Mrs Sacoolas was said to be covered by diplomatic immunity as the spouse of a US intelligence official, though that protection is now in dispute.

    On Saturday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wrote to Mr Dunn's family to explain that the British and US governments now considered Mrs Sacoolas's immunity irrelevant.

    He said the matter was now "in the hands" of Northamptonshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

  3. Fact

    She had no Diplomatic Immunity. a reckless , thoughtless driver caused a death by dangerous driving then fled the scene of her crimes.
    This woman either flies back to face justice,or cooperation policies between the nation's will suffer. The woman has commited a heinous crime and Trump should not protect her. It's a bad misjudgment. She will go on an Interpol Red list with warrant for her arrest and time she leaves us borders.
    Trump has no idea how deeply offensive it denying good partners access to retribution
    She must cool her Ass ins jail cell. An innocent life matters. She been warned about reckless driving before now she's killed. Don't back bad causes Trump, it will rebound. This is not a good cause for America your Allies deserve better.
    Think with care,she's a Jerk don't knee jerk good Brit Allies. If it were his son, or yours?

    1. In that case, maybe the UK should reconsider the illegal holding of a man (Assange) beyond the extraordinary lengthy sentence issued to him for so called skipping bail after that sentence has been fully completed.

    2. That's exactly what is happening and pressure is building to review this case. It's messy but the UK has agreed to extradite.

    3. Well, that is very good that the case is being reviewed but what is the point of that when the UK has already agreed to extradite? Makes no sense at all.

      The UK should grow some balls and cease giving in to the US in this instance imo. Although, who knows what's behind the real bargaining chip.

  4. Catch up time, key issues.
    1. More parties left for HK yesterday to try to get cohesion behind Chinese Banking and Trustee issues. Also to agree new prices as economic realities necessitate significant conversion downgrades. Brokers wild greed has no bearing on reality.

    The IMF is coming to terms with its own economic straightjacket.

    There is every chance Brexit will be extended due to Remainers creating unwarranted obstacles and the burden of that whining Gobshite over the Scottish border who needs an industrial staple gun applying with force. Too stupid to factor in without England,the EU has no interest in whining Socialist welfare louts. Gobby Scott's!

    The Benn act implemented by damned malcontents take us to the wire this week. When this lot is sorted that lot need to be aborted. Oh for a time switch and enforced condoms.

    The current Trump / China tariff face off is likely to cost c700 Billion in market capital downturn. It will hurt.

    It's time to smash bankers depraved hands and stop them gambling with nations Currencies. Poor hardworking Industrialists are facing roller coaster rides with critical capital balances. We need to rethink Banking and seed corn capital. Time to grow up.

    China now has the scale of advanced high speed weapons to hold its own
    Plebs will mass die if new Mach 8 weapons arrive from the sky. Don't start what's unstoppable.
    There can be peace among Men able to act like it.
    We are all one, why should any die for a malcontents lie? Are there thinking Leaders, anywhere?

    Settlement releases, by economic reality, will have to be both phased and focused. We should only allow capital releases of scale for approved projects and qualified proven teams. It's not a market to activate a Bums Rush. Some trickle down but sensibly phased. Sanity rules.

    We have excellent people all over the world capable of effecting real progress beneficial to all. But, it's time for Leaders of ability, to step up and Lead!

    It's time to effect a Global Charter for all Human Rights to level the playing field where all matter. Leadership is a priveledge not to abuse. Our time here is so limited, use it well.

    To really progress as a Star Nation, we must restructure humans physical being to withstand Space Travel, it's so dangerous out there. Our current physical matter, would splatter! Cyborgs by good design will have to uplift Man from Swine. Ageing is such a loss of talent and valued experience. Human intellect preserved can empower so much more.

    Progression and evolution is unstoppable. Time to harness and harvest what we have. How else do we caretake this wonderful planet for all?

    Be assured, the views or many of you are both read and re contemplated when opportune. Your contributions do travel.

    1. This obsession with transhumanism is baffling.

      Why the hell would anyone want to be part cyborg?

    2. The problem is that we are too short-lived a species. And due to our experience with ageing and false religions, we are locked in a mortality mentality. This limitation is not real. While full permanent metaphysical immortality probably requires something akin to ascension (a la Stargate), there are multiple approaches to get out of the mortality box. As a titanium cyborg with artificial organs, 20K or 40K lifespans are probably achievable. This then provides the bridge to immortality for the chosen. If the sensors are good, you'd have enhanced understanding of the world as a direct experience. Another approach, which I favor, is commercial biologic immortality. You could transhumanize everyone in 20 years flat thru an open-market free-for-all thru life extension, life rejuvenation and then eventually biologic immortality thru complete re-engineering of the genome. Unfortunately, the latter approach is too great a threat to our would-be masters who deal in control and sequestration as opposed to stewardship and expansion.

    3. You are a powerful spiritual being of energy that inhabits physical bodies for a set period of time to learn. Bodies are tools.

      Depending on the knowledge of this energy being, your life in a physical body may be 100 years or 1000 years, etc. The more lives lived in physical beings helping others, the more knowledge gained.

      This cycle forces you to reincarnate over and over, eventually on more advanced planets until such time as you can live as a physical being or energy or phase in and out between both dimensional worlds.

      There is a reason why earthlings can't do these things yet. We are stupid, to use a very direct word, and young on the reincarnational wheel compared to other much more advanced species.

      Transhumanism is stupid.

    4. I like that thought JV. But as they say in courtrooms, there are few facts in evidence for this. Most will vote with their feet for transhumanism. And ultimately, metaphysical immortality may be an impossibility, so back on to the wheel we all go.

    5. Use science to ACTIVATE so-called DNA to extend life spans to over 800 years. William Tompkins wrote about this. He didn't specifically state the DNA, but stated research has advanced over decades and is already being done with selected few. I don't want a metalic mechanical meat suit! Our DNA has been manipulated for millenia, to dumb us down and age us way too fast, so the black nobility can more easily control us all.

    6. Interesting discussion. I don't believe in transhumanism. It was tried long ago, which ended in a massive global flood that wiped out the old civilizations, the anti-deluvians. Of which included a race of giants, minotaurs, centaurs and other mixtures of part human, part animals. Man has sought immortality but will not find it this side of the grave. Don't you think it's interesting the Roswell crash and cover up reported a dead alien?

    7. I find Roswell most interesting. Corso's book The Day After Roswell stands mostly unrebutted. The book was also instrumental in pushing Paul Hellyer out of retirement and become active in the whole Disclosure movement.

      For $6 you can get a copy of The Day After Roswell. It's always a good place to start.

    8. Appreciate the link. I'm going to get it and read, thx.

  5. Sounds like still trying to agree on what hands get fed and how much... "restructure humans physical being" now that is a lot to think about... it is my guess that "as a star nation" we are babies and have a lot of growing up to do before we get to the the point of restructure our human body... we still have no cure for cancer or a lot of disease... heck, we cant even stop starvation in some places yet!... in the realm of star nations we are infantile, or maybe still in the womb as far as learning... barbaric

    1. Peach pits cure cancer with a strict diet regimen.Just because the AMA says there is no cure does not mean it is true.There are over 80 different cancer cures they dont want you to know about....

  6. Israel is the epitomy of barbaric.

  7. Something Snaps: Repo Freezes Again As Overnight Fed Operation Oversubscribed, Repo Rate Jumps

  8. JD

    We have attorneys in place. We have Bankers waiting. We have projects outlined. We have SKRs for approved Bonds already validated. We are discussing note conversion variances.
    We are discussing how much to allow in cash, and how much for projects. Especially the finite limits of cash.

    We are discussing limits, or exclusions, for parties who simply ambulance chased shattered nations, and deprived same of recovery participation. None are "Entitled.". We don't care!
    Again, there are precise limits which will be imposed.

    A range of certain Latino Attorneys have their hands on cash notes and Bonds, whose greed is insatiable and demented , they are noise on the system. Barking Dogs.
    They say they won't settle for less.

    First, they don't get, that they don't matter! We frankly don't give a damn what they feel they are entitled to. They are entitled to " Nothing". Posing, ambulance chasing freaks impress no one. They may face exclusion. Presentation matters. Present like a mini Conan and we treat them as garbage bags. Barbarians.

    Of course we appreciate need, but also the reality of who pays, and for what?
    What is the trade off benefit?
    The clustered rag bags of posing brokers, distracts quiet and calm resolution. We don't even tell fantasists with delusions of T blocks they have zero chance. Why waste time debating with stupid?

    Money is finite and money is managed. Other peoples mishaps are not our faults or problem.
    What % will blow the lot again anyway?
    Nations matter, infrastructure matters. We don't need daydreaming brokers dreaming they can do what we can do better armed with Global recovery money. Money must work for the good of all.

    Sites continue to propound vast pay outs for all. Lunatics sites. Mugs follow. Worse pay out to read bottom feeders unfounded rhetoric. Save your money.
    Money will be controlled, It has to be decided who gets what and when. How much and why?
    Real world decisions.
    Do we phase it, or mass unleash?

    At this stage we are focusing on phasing and who goes first. How much and when? The PP parties who brought real money in deserve to go first, and the Elders to be redeemed. Or what is the value of an American promise?

    We have parties expecting T's. They will get Bs. Or nothing!
    Judgment calls will be made on each sector. There will be no free for all. Broker talk.
    We are amused at one character who does not have a Pot to P in advocating he is going to run the Treasury. Are they from Belle Vue? Or just practising?


    I get these calls 5 times a day. From so many parties on high. Military,Agencies, Politicos and Bankers. All confused, some deluded.
    Beyond doubt the need is now for sure. We have even factored in funding the Wall. We have assessed key infrastructure needs. We are fully aware of the Human needs cases.
    This really is a by the week criteria. Bankers need to be bailed. We have lost the Bank Platforms for the lost 3 years. Many are hurting! Many- Need!

    I have just spent 3 days on this and left at 8 this morning for a 4 hours drive back for other projects. We may even have to delay Brexit. Confusion at the Zoo!

    Confusion cross permeates delays. All real issues interlink. Chaos rules these fools right now. People are deluded thinking certain Leaders will action this. Some visibly struggled academically and look at where they are now? It's so far beyond their mental pay grade. This is a mental minefield right now. It's live, it's daily, it's in play.
    When it starts we will know fast. It has Global overtones. You can only sit in line.

    1. We have parties expecting T's. They will get Bs. Or nothing!

      I have to laugh at the absurdity of this. Billions instead of Trillions.

      I would be excited if I got 5 times my money on this crap paper. 70% of the world lives on less than a few dollars a day and we are talkinga about billions to individuals.

      Like I said....Stupid planet

    2. JV
      Big battalions greed heh. Come to Momma and cry from the smacked Butt to come. Be assured few individuals will see Bs as I forewarned them and that will be phased and monitored. Even the PPs are being corralled into cash limits and project applications which is a 10 years or greater undertaking with cash limits up front irrespective of what came in. Ambulance chasing Attorneys are being faced down and cold bathed. Dreams are dying from Promoters lying.
      Money is tight and no Fairy Godmother is coming.
      Reality will rule fools. First let's even try to achieve cash outs where applicable. What can the nation's afford and justify. Only that matters.
      Wars both Military or economic ruined nations. Iraq was an illegal war which was so avoidable. Bush 43 is a War Criminal who abused his powers and murdered a million. Vietnam an era of Shame. America ran away as now with the Kurds. Some Allie heh?
      Now reality rules. Who is able to pay and how much. Big Battalions are facing cold reality baths. Project demands with few having the capabilities. The US is going to need a few Wailing Walls.

  9. John is blockchain still involved in all this with certain cryptocurrencies?

    1. imho, be careful HOW you think about your line of thught

      john is NOT talking about the blockchain as we know it

      nor is he talking about "certain crypto-currencies" as we know them

      Bitcoin is FIAT, nothing backs it... as are so many of the cryptos..... no better than USD really

      the blockchain prime and proper is public, their new blockchain we don't even know who "owns" it nor the rules of engagement

  10. Not this time, Yes and look at the Russian/Swift alternative game plays which takes Iran right off the US hook. Soon c 60% will be none USD linked. Lose the currency, lose the game board.

  11. UFO CONJECTURES, October 14, 2019.

    The blog is well-reputed and created by RRRGroup, a group of media guys in Ann Arbor/Fort Wayne, Michigan/Indiana.

    ""Here is some informal comment about the recent Navy videos from a retired Navy admiral:

    He said that there are lots more of these videos.

    And, in the past, the pilots would just see things zipping past quickly ‘out of the corner of their eye’. Now, however, these advance tracking systems could pick them up and record them...This was just a very informal discussion among a group of retired men that meet every 2 weeks for breakfast.""

    1. Tine factor in the Energy entities able to break off as singular plasma or physical vehicles and rejoin as a singular energy if physical unit. Think right outside the box. They break all our known rules. Intelligent energy also able to adopt a physical state at will! Or to materialize as a singular mass?


  13. Replies
    1. Tino

      Using PC not mobiles!!!

      Watch out for Pelosi, Clinton, Biden and multi scumbag spin offs if the blame game goes to handbags at dawn.

      Bolton may backstab Trump yet. It needs a top COS with an Industrial Mouth Stapler and finger superglue sneekly smeared on Trumps zipper. He may be jerking then for the Olympics but at least he will die happy.

      Trump needs to watch his positioning. Walking from the Kurds is understood and both Assad and the Russians have now taken the lot, but step carefully with Allies. This fool Sacoolas woman who killed a 17 year old boy and ran is a mantrap of bad PR waiting. He can't refuse to extradite her, she had no Diplomatic Immunity at the time, only her husband did and she has form for bad driving. He needs to avoid taking the wrong side here. Especially if he wants Assange wrapped and shipped.

      Right now shes a Stalking Horse for Assange's team. Protect this reckless woman of no consequence, kiss goodby to Assange. He can't have it both ways. He will lose the moral high ground on Assange.

      My take, ship the woman to face trial. She killed the kid. Show compassion. Before she faced 4 years, having run it's now lost goodwill. Now it's probably 8 years. But half with remission. Again, reckless conduct and zero compassion for her crime. Assange is the big picture, so if he really wants to get him, ditch the Bitch. As pressure is building to protect Assange, you could lose each game play. If Johnson get booted as PM, the next party may take a hard line on Trump. He needs to walk the line on this issue. Sacoolas is no Class act. Fact. Let her do her time.
      What's a life , where is moral compassion here? Boot Sacoolas by the Ass. She hit and ran. Again, if your Son or kid how would you feel? Sacoolas is not displaying good American values here. Do the crime - do the time! Sacoolas is a reckless Killer. Fact!
      Extradite her, and then apply for Assange and HERZOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Extradite Herzog let him show where the bodies are! He will cinderise the Bushes and Clintons. Huge hit for Trump.

  14. JOHN,

    Has a conversion rate range been discussed of the VND for Joe & Jane Public? I realize we must wait in line.Understood.Thank You for the updates.

  15. In discussion for majors at lower rates than had been propounded as economic realities also project phasings. Public rate or conversions not yet factored in. A step at a time. Culture shock for certain majors and still not yet approved or offer backed. Project phasing factor key and stringent cash limit elements. Mogul dreams will be ram raided if applied. Strict terms being contemplated with Big Battalions. Hard reality checks and value to both distressed nations and supporting markets. Zim Gold backed Bonds not currencies in consideration. All currencies demonetised remain so until alternative considerations. Still highly speculative gambles and Dongs remain China's remit. Active discussions in HK and Beijing but protection of existing Chinese investments and trade consequences sensitive. All sensitive issues and heavy Military and Contractor overtones who were " promised!"

  16. Boris Johnson is offering an EU deal which is nothing but a Pig with a Wig. He may not even get it through Parliament. It's fudge, after fudge and fudge. The Europeans have taken his trousers down and royally Rogered him, although as an ex Preppie Boy he was probably raised that way.
    A Pig with a Wig. Will it fly?

  17. American are again being played. From Hunter Biden to Ivanka Trump. Here we go again. Now, what else do we not know ?

    China grants more trademark approvals for Ivanka Trump firm - including voting machines.

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China last month granted initial approval for 16 new trademarks for the fashion brand of U.S. President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka, including voting machines, a search of official records on Tuesday showed.

    Ivanka announced in July she was shutting her fashion line to focus on her role as an informal White House adviser, where she is working on advancing working women.

    Since Trump’s surprise November 2016 election, his family has faced criticism that its portfolio of real estate and consumer goods businesses, which lean heavily on the Trump name, conflicts with its Washington roles.
    The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington made the findings about the new China trademarks in a Monday statement, and said it was the largest number of new Chinese trademarks her company has received in a single month since her father took office.

    The latest China trademarks cover things like shoes and jewelry, but also more offbeat items like voting machines and nursing homes, according to a search of records on the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce’s Trademark office.

    The trademarks were applied for in 2016.

    Intellectual property lawyers say trademark applications are often very broad to give the applicant the most comprehensive protection for their brand.

    The Chinese government has previously denied anything untoward in granting her company the trademarks.

    China and the United States are currently locked in a trade war, though both countries have taken steps to cool the temperature ahead of an expected meeting between the U.S. and Chinese presidents on the sidelines of the G20 summit starting later this month in Argentina.

  18. Part 3 CNN hidden cam (anti-Trump)


  19. "As my fingers beat on the keyboard, it's not clear whether Boris Johnson has got a deal, or if it will be sabotaged by the combined forces of the EU and Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party."

    - Stephen Glover

    STEPHEN GLOVER: If the DUP throw a spanner in the works now, it's not just Boris they'll harm... it's Britain

    1. Even the Romans built a wall to keep the Celts out. Basket cases never stop whining. Wastes of space and votes as well?
      Post Brexit, if not scuppered,it's time to dump Ireland the fleas have ridden free long enough. They want to kill each other, sell them arms,sorted!
      I was there, thankless and hopeless. Time Ireland takes care of itself. Scotland's a conquered nation and we are not leaving our Island coasts unprotected. The Scots get 20% more subsidies than English and still screw it up. When a dog bites the hand which feeds it, muzzle it .
      If Brexit is voted down there will be a poll backlash. Trust has gone. It's time to look at who qualifies to run.
      We have good people, but too many useless Wassocks unfit for office in politics. Time to raise the bar. We all need to rethink standards and step up to make societies better. Start with the Redemptions and build.

  20. New Amsterdam. It could become a Cult program. Tino, watch please and views. Iconic so far.

    1. @John,

      As a preview I watched the 19 clips of the show on the NBC website. I nearly died laughing when the Doc decentralized hypertension surveillance and had barbers dispensing anti-hypertensives. Loved watching the Hospital Administrator (actual useless humans) have a meltdown. Now, ignoring the 40 useless laws the Doc (and barbers) broke, this is precisely the kind of medicine we should be practicing.

      In a day and age of smartphones, of AI, and the ease with which we could train non-docs and non-nurses the 40% of the professional activities that really don't (and never did) require a License we could begin collapsing the price of healthcare. (At some point we have to discuss why government in medicine is and remains a disaster in both UK and US.)

      The only thing that should matter is outcomes. Not in spite of price, but in a world were the price of an appendectomy varies from $1500 to $180,000 (**), there is some room for extreme improvement.

      Count me in if we ever want to rebuild healthcare in that direction.

      **[[A 2009 study showed that appendix removals around the U.S. can range from $1,500 all the way up to $180,000. On average, the surgery costs about $33,000. The Obama Administration released a report in 2013 that showed how hospital costs could vary as much as $200,000 for the same procedure]]

    2. Tino,

      Governments are useless. Clueless Quangos with a Milk Cow. Laws of neither sense or meaning. Regulations to stymie and cost for licenses. It's all a milking machine. Machine gun the lot, a new system will arise. Government by Goons is no solution.
      But New Amsterdam touched me. It created new need concepts. A purpose for our Programs once redeemed.

  21. John I loved the new assistance (retired veteran) that Max hired on New Am....he was great!

    1. If we get the redemptions owed I will work to get our first New Amsterdam started in both our countries and then in time for other nations. Our Societies have such needs. We are only on our third release so lots more in the series yet but I'm watching. It's thought provoking and I love the fast feature switches. My kind..

    2. Thanks for the ball by ball roll out info John. Hopefully those innings do go by in Jiffy.

  22. John...agreed on New Amsterdam...great show, great messages, I kind of wish they would replace the snare drum background sound with something else. Excellent goal you have to start one in the UK and USA, very much needed. Brilliant!

  23. Nothing Real

    But snaring hot chicks is fun. Lol

  24. Loved the Jim Mattis quote on Trump. He earned his Spurs from a Doctor.

    Same as Clinton and Bush 43 hid inside Home Guard rarely attending anything and never at risk.
    It doesn't apply to Soetoro because illegal, lying Fraud, Con Men Indonesians are not required to serve.

    Good one Jim, Spur him on.
    For sure he will feel that one even with his 56 inch Gutt padding. Jim Mattis earned his Spurs as highly decorated American Marine!
    When Trump insults him he can expect Jim to square up. Jim doesn't need Spurs he never ran and fights like a man.

    1. Spare me. Mattis clearly sided with the globalists. Just read his resignation letter. At least he didn't work against the President.

      Having said that, it was science-fiction author Robert Heinlein that suggested that only those who served in the military should make political decisions. ("Service guarantees citizenship" - Starship Troopers) Perhaps an idea that needs to be resurrected.

  25. Tino
    It's Friday allow Mattis a little fun straightening out the Carnival Barker.
    Trump is now so deluded he thinks he defeated ISIS not the Russians who came in and wiped the floor with them.

    Must be the triple Burgers and bedtime stories he retains until the next day.
    Reflective memories. I wonder what the Stockholm Institute would make it him.

    1. 🤣😛😂😀👌✌👍

      I shouldn't type before I get breakfast into me... :)

  26. Either get someone to eat that Frankfurter or stop playing with it.

  27. If these manipulative Bloody DUP Northern Irish block Brexit Saturday morning the lot should be handed to Dublin on a plate. They need to be told hard, vote to leave or were done with you. Keep feeding Pigs and they start taking us for granted. Time to lay it down and make it clear, help vote us out, or we will kick you out. Ireland is a worthless begging bowl we have carried for centuries. Payback time or trade off these swine. Be clear we don't need the North and if we lose because of them, English fury will want them gone. Sod the Union our Island is enough. Ireland either backs it or we boot them.

    If we have to go No Deal it's time to clear the decks and clear out the trash

    1. The deal negotiated sucks. Why wouldn't you want them to block it. You should hard brexit. 3 years already. Your politicians are as bad as here.

  28. Well, listened to the whole Mattis roast. It's not the jokes and it's not a joking matter. It was a hit piece after the jokes. I'd investigate Mattis back to the dawn of time because anyone aligned with the globalists is in violation of the Oath to the Constitution. I had left some wiggle room because I hadn't listened to it yet. There's no wiggle room.


    It's somewhat interesting...

  30. JV

    Sadly, because our Agreed , Useless Politicians, have placed the Benn Act into Law which now denies us the chance to leave with No Deal. Idiots it's blown our bargaining position.

    Otherwise it's all we want. No Deal. And No 39B to these Swine!

    But compromised Judges, meddled and stuck us with this Crock.
    We have our arms tied behind our backs. If they fail to get it through the House tomorrow,which is 50/50 so far, Johnson should resign, but won't, and force an election.

    If Bonking Boris would do that,in 3 months he would get a majority and slaughter them.

    But 4 months of Commi- Zar Corbyn in charge could sink us all.

    Buggered and no stick to bite on!

    Mother of Parliaments- Whose your Daddie?

  31. Late Friday evening Brexit is on a knife edge. If anything it's probably 52/48 against voting for it so a lot of horse trading or chaos. A lot of the Politicos will be out at the next election. Politicians are held in more contempt than ever before. Trust is zero. Many of these arrogant Clowns have no idea how much we will activate to bring them down. They will be unemployable.

    I hope not, but we could see a rejection inflame anger with very hostile consequences. MPs are at real risk right now. If they play games tomorrow it's hard to call what next. Whatever is voted many of them will be thrown out by the Voters in the coming months. The Scots and Irish will pay for this. Time to cut the Scots 20,% extra funding, stop allowing them access to our English Broadcasting and cut the Buggers train and flight access to England. Bring them down hard, eat each other! There will be he'll to pay.
    This nuisance species don't get the EU doesn't want them alone. Sturgeon will ruin life for decent Scots. They need to remove that Socialist Gobshite. Cut our subsidies and they will vote her out. Time for hardball.

  32. No comment is appropriate yet far too much is at stake.


  34. Breakdown of the US prison population. We not only have a military-industrial complex. We also have a prison-industrial complex. This segment gouges both the prison population and the rest of us (thru taxes and bonds) to the tune of $100B annually.

  35. Tulsi Gabbard called out Hillary Clinton. The twists and turns of this warmup to 2020!

    Then again -- TRUMP! Arrest Hillary's sorry ***!

  36. Ever more reports are circulating about Trump's deteriorating mental condition and inability to provide the mental faculties to cope with the complex demands of the role.
    The big question is who will be the Republicans dark horse to swoop in for 2020. His letter to the Turks was childlike and denigrated as such.
    The Republicans will be focusing on damage limitation from next year. Can Trump take 5 more years of constant adverse media attacks! Is there a dark horse out there ready to swoop in?

    1. They can circulate all the reports they want. I watched his rally 2 days ago and he did just fine. The level of performance in that speech belies any cognitive deficit. I wouldn't put much stake in any report of deterioration. Also, the Dallas stadium was a sell-out -- not a single empty seat to the rafters -- all levels of the stadium filled.

    2. Tino,
      You forgot to mention the 30,000 outside that could not get in...and the fact that this rally was at the end of full day of work...Pretty similar to John coming on this blog after a full day of negotiating with Zio Bankers.

  37. Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide. Arresting Hillary would energize the Democratic party, and Trump knows that. Democrats are absolutely fed up with the Clinton clan. They know they are corrupt , but the Clinton clan represent the purse string of the and greed of a well organized cabal that has been in place for centuries. This group comprises of both Republicans and Democrats. Remember daddy Bush voted for Hillary in the last election. Hillary winning would of kept the money flowing in their direction. However with Trump in the WH , those funds have become marginal at best from foreign sources, or our tax dollars flowing towards the military industrial complex via the creation of support of wars. Observe how many wars and ongoing wars have Trump curtailed or have given indication that he will not continue . These are facts the cabal cannot allow to continue. What the US population have most recently learned about the Dems, they want war. This was not so clearly obvious , even though that was their policy. That deceit and the role the Mass Media played have now been unmasked for all to see.

    1. Biden, for all the bluster, can't shake the Ukraine. He's toast.

      Gabbard keeps bleeding the other candidates. She looks better and better. The call-out of Hillary has played well.

      Beto. Hopeless. Many Democrats rank-and-file have guns. He tossed 20% of the electorate away. And everyone is wondering why (D) has gone gun insane right now... (Answer: They want to do things that even a regular (D) would not allow if he had a gun.)

      Warren. Being maneuvered to be the front-runner but the popularity is not there. She's an artificial prop.

      Booker. Hopeless.

      Harris. Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes her.

      Mayor Pete: He ain't hunting...

    2. If with the power of the WH he can't get Clinton arraigned is he for for office?
      It's unreal he's not got Justice focused to take her down long ago. Shambles in the WH and Again time we all review politics. We are both awash with Grifters, fools or rented Rats.

    3. GOP-ELite or GOPe or Repubitraitors, are wringing their hands because they know that unless there is video of Trump murdering a black child in satanic sacrifice on the White House lawn, Trump is polling in reality at better than 60% and is probably 70% on the balance of the probabilities. 52% supporting impeachment is pure unadulterated bunk.

      Can there be a (R) dark horse? Sure -- but he's not coming from anywhere in the class ic (R) ranks (they are called cuckservatives for a reaons) and due to where we are at, such a dark horse would have to be even more libertarian, MAGA and back-to-the-Republic than Trump. Does the Deep State want that? Because the only thing that will happen is their agenda will get pushed back another 20 years.

  38. MPs ACCEPT Oliver Letwin's amendment that the vote on #BrexitDeal be delayed.

    Ayes: 322 Noes: 306

    1. If the treacherous Irish had voted with us we would be out. We will not forget it's time that Kip of a country is cut loose . We need to cut the Scot's to only 10 seats they have their own parliament then cut their subsidies.
      Boris needs to ask the EU to refuse an extension and let us leave. We need an election to clear the trash out. A political fiasco.

  39. Disgusting news today. Rothschild's rented RAT Inthe House, Oliver Letwyn backed by the Bloody Irish, have got a delay which causes more trouble and Boris has just told Parliament Sod you we are going ahead so the hell with you. No delays ,2 fingers up to the Rats.
    Yes Boris go down with the ship face them down and force them out. Disgusting Rats give us an election.. Lets throw them out

  40. (Images and Video included)

    2100 children liberated by Marine and Navy special operators from cabal underground pedophile bases and tunnels in what can only be described as hell of earth. These are Adrenochrome harvesting centers. Once again, Brice Taylor spoke about this in her book "Thanks For The Memories". The base she saw this in was Point Mugu.

  41. JV

    If true why is Trump not fronting this with massive exposure. All named users need to be publicly exposed with all to be arraigned with bail denied. Truly, a massive coup if correct. Every child is invaluable. Was there ever a time for the Death penalty for all of them?

  42. Key politicians were escorted by multiple police for safety when leaving parliament.With treacherous Letwyns Commons vote they could not even vote to leave. Bloody Socialist weasels.
    No hotel, restraunt or Pub should ever serve Letwyn again in the UK. He needs to be vilified for life. Rotts Rat!

  43. Russia now has control of Venezuelas vast oil reserves. Add to that strong links with Iraq, Iran, Syria and its own vast Gas networks, then Russia's power grows.
    Russia and China are coming. It may only be in 20 more years,but they are focusing to grasp control when ready. Now they have South America and are tightening the noose. Smart operators. But ruthless also. New big dogs are coming.

  44. BREAKING: Burisma Paid Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko $100mm To Suppress Hunter Biden Investigation in 2017, Bribed FBI agents Ignored Evidence, US Embassy In Kyiv Neck Deep In Corruption

    1. Tino remember the FBI failed to act on the Interpol arrests re Falcone and blatantly covered up for Bush 41, Romney, Biden, Clinton and the CIA Agents who flew around laundering Bidens bribe money. Directed by Mueller!

  45. Brexit delayed until Jan 31,2020
    Or atleast that is what your PM is asking for

    1. GMan
      Remove the ascots and Irish votes and England would be well clear.
      We subsidise both these parasite flee riders and this is what it does to our freedom.
      MPs who voted against are a disgrace. Ireland needs annexing and cutting loose. Mad dogs. The Scots need a seat reduction. Also a subsidy removal. The EU don't want them.we don't want them. Even the Romans did not want them.
      Parliament is denied an election but when it comes it will be s blood bath for many. Deservedly.
      This could collapse Brexit if these vermin are not voted out.
      It's finished politics now most people may not vote again apart from voting many out one last time. Expect the Brexit party to rip many of them out of their seats. What a saga of head cases, flee riders and Socialist lunatics. As a business it would collapse.

  46. Now Pelosi claims she is praying for Trump's health after his mental melt down???????

  47. What is now emerging is a quandary. With Johnson's hast attempt to get the UK out at any cost, Bumbling Boris has agreed terms as a divorce price, but no continuity of no tarifs. It could take 5 years to negotiate and argue through every single trade deal sector. 39B UK pounds for what?
    If this is a bounce out without a trade deal WTF is he handing out 39B for?
    Bumbling Boris is under real scrutiny from next week. Many feared a guy without an ability for detail would get bounced by Euro pond life.

    The Brexit exit is in play. It would be far better to go for a No Deal, they then all get trade and income trashed, and force them to concede all we want or no money. The last thing a Nation needs is to trust a Politician to negotiate anything.

    Again, as so many idiots are in power, it really is time to review a better way forward. Politicians are not fit for purpose. Too many greasy Lawyers, Spivs and Carnival Barker's in roles way beyond their visible ability. Tragically in the US the Zios have infiltrated both Houses as a Roach infestation. We saw the impact of even one when Zio Letwin acted to Rothschild's orders and detailed a fast track Brexit. Roaches anywhere do this.
    Most have a genetic trait which should negate access anywhere. Eyes like p*** holes in the snow. Hell spawn the lot of them.
    If Johnson fails now chaos follows . You are seeing the Mother of Parliament's not just in aged decline, but the visible unravelling of a House of Fools.

    1. Excuse mobile word switches. Dam IT.


      This is the brotherhood at work. The entire world is being plunged into ongoing chaos so they can step in with "THEIR SOLUTION"

      All part of the master plan.

  48. The trade shortfalls not bolted down would be caught out in detailed analysis next week and rectified as a detail demand. All achievable it just needs a clear direction final exit sign off and we hold the money until. It's all about money and the EU will drop it's pants for 39b.
    The next 2 weeks where now?
    Johnson said he would rather be dead in a ditch than request an extension. He then sent the letter. Trust? This is bumbling Boris.
    Hunt was a better choice for competence. Boris may not survive next year post a new election. Bumbling Boris has form. Live media now eats him alive daily. Welcome to the bear pit.

  49. UPDATE. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to sign a letter by British lawmakers asking Brussels for another Brexit delay, calling the possible extension “deeply corrosive” for the country.

  50. What has not yet been exposed is that both Letwin and deeply troublesome Speaker John Bercow are both Jews with form as Zio moles able to cause trouble. We let them in the worms breed and turn on us. Once in their dam Covens start. Our world really needs to educate out these types and cults. Cults must go! Expect more problems as the Vipers congregate next week.
    Lift the fancy dress and this is the stink beneath bubbling. A witches cauldron.

  51. John its so sad to hear the blight of humanity again rest with these vermins. I live with them and know first hand their trickery close up. The world is blind , deaf and dumb to their true intentions.

    1. It's the worms in the now rotten apple once they burrow in.
      We need a human pesticide.

    2. Many of us who really know them, not walking blind to their reality, would prefer to live without them, entirely educated or segregated out for the safety and dignity of all. Sewer Rats have no right to co exist with the human species they are toxic predators. All they touch they contaminate. They have already taken it all, who says enough?

    The British Government activates an emergency plan in case the country leaves the EU without agreement.

  53. The Assange case can take 6 years in appeals and Trump will be long since out of office then. It will also cost millions for the UK Govt.

  54. We keep them out of Banking at the top for good reason. But, as ever, they slid under the doors of the Parliamentary process, and who are the 2 foremost problems affecting Brexit? Letwin- Jew, Bercow the obnoxious divisive Speaker Jew. Now Jewish MPs are resigning the Labour party claiming, they don't love us? Really- look around. Labour was full of them.

    Now, when the UK stands at a threshold of freedom again, the 2 worst cases obfuscating progress, are part of that Godam Coven again! Many in Europe have deep views about unfinished business. Not an opinion, just a reference.

    Pre WW11, every nation went out of their way to hand them over. The horror we know.
    But for a Cult which shows no sense of Human multi cultural awareness, they seem blind to the reality that Eurasia will refine and speed up the processing system next time. Has ever a Cult activated so much division and depth of concealed hatred? Look at how China is dealing with its Muslims. With Russia and China combined, expect nothing less, and the EU for sure will repeat history. 6,000 years and still the same Divisions. They simply will never learn. How do you Coach a Roach?

    Siberia alone currently has over 120 Gulags holding each thousands of Prisoners in that vast frozen Tundra of permafrost. Russia could become a key processing center if History is to repeat again. Out of sight, out of mind, out of time?

    Letwin today is becoming a household curse. Bercow has been an obnoxious Weevil for many years. His wife is a shameless, obnoxious Tart. Bercow seems indifferent to the ridicule which surrounds him. The Pawnbroker of Ethics and Moralities. Look at Hollywood.
    We live in strange times.

    Today the City is mass reacting and the Plebs are awakening. Britain not leaving will create a recession. Lenders are now panicking. The Coven has started division. As ever, they wait as Weevils to buy up cheap in falling markets.
    Politics is not working. Few are fit for office. The great old Mother of Parliaments is becoming a House of Fools. The Senate is well known for corruption and Sleaze. Parliament its rank stupidity. Some Western World? We lead, Dog feed?

    Freedom blocked by the Coven? Where is a British Moses? What a reversal of History.Do we never learn? Politics needs a major rethink. The election next year will be a bloodbath. Many will lose safe seats. For many, voting them out will also be their last votes. Trust in Democracy has now been lost. Poll numbers will be in free fall. Enough is enough. Independents may really emerge. We need a new approach, to deal with the Roach.

  55. As global economy enters synchronised slowdown
    US Federal Reserve starts “quantitative easing forever”

  56. "Mayor Petes surges..."

    Without cause, without a good debate showing, without advertising, without any news of note...

    Who the hell are we kidding...

    1. Meanwhile, 25,000 did NOT attend Bernie's rally in Queens.

  57. Assange just got the Bums Rush in his attempt to get his trial delayed. The Judge heard the case and refused today.
    Assange was in tears the US has hit him with a lot of serious espionage issues he's both in tears and a lot of trouble. The judge refused more time he has ordered the full trial for February. No more timewasting.
    Assange could face 150 years for these alleged crimes. I'd say he's on his way

    1. Well, in full open court they will have to reverse the Pentagon Papers case and prove espionage. It is going to get very messy and if history is any example, quantum reversal at the last minute is par for the course. Not everything can get railroaded and there is always the possibility of a Trump pardon which would play immensely well into a 2020 election.

    2. Tino

      I don't contest the good points of a pardon, but from all Intel reports, reliable versions, the Pentagon are determined to circumcise him from the neck up and real world Trump has little real power if the Military want him never forget, Trump is ONLY the Administrative Servant to the Deep State, a glorified Goffer paid to front and shut up on real issues. The Military and Agencies truly run America in conjunction with the Tri Lats, CFR and Roach Bankers. America today has No Constitution. The Oval Office is mainly token show. He can play, but not say on real issues of State. It's all Kabuki. Total!
      Careful we don't accord him too much credit, he's a long way to go yet and the world's a mess.
      I've had key parties on here since early morning ambulance chasing settlements.
      I've been talking cross pond since early morning as well as dealing with Pond Life posing as Govt here.

      A lot is trawling through worldwide right now. India is in free fall because so much has been stolen and parked offshore. They have stolen the seed corn of green shoots. Sound familiar?

      Let me avail you of one reality.
      Nothing can happen worldwide for serious funding by any Nation, unless the US accords permission in conflicted. It will be 15 years before other Dogs dare a real face off. Otherwise theirs will get ripped off. No currency is yet close to knocking you off the perch. I see the balances.
      Only the arrogant, confused F s in DC hold you back from your real potential.

      A LOT is in play just watch it when it starts. Global Kubuki is in process of shapeshifting

    3. Thank you John for the reality check inside the halls of power.

      As always, it is such a pity that false and falsehood rule the day.

      Thanks again.

    4. Martin Armstrong's AI system Socrates says that the dollar will be king supreme until the 2032 area when the financial center of the world will move to China.

      Looks like GB and the USA are both screwed.

      It's also estimating a new financial system will need to be installed within the next 24 to 32 months. But it will NOT be gold backed...cashless and digital. Complete Tyranny.

    5. Tino is there an ethical Constitution being operated anywhere right now?
      Humanity has so much Ethereal potential, why is our species dominated by greed and skulduggery.
      No child is born with a religion or race. Indoctrination infects each nation.

    6. I blame women. Then again, perhaps our origins were so harsh that psychopathy meant survival. Retrain women's hypergamy instincts? For your info --

      In his research Mr Brazil recruited 46 men to produce two-minute videos of themselves to be shown to prospective romantic partners.

      They were interviewed by a female research assistant in the clips, and spoke about what they'd do on a first date or what they looked for in a relationship. The same men were then tested to measure whether they had psychopathic personality traits, and to gauge their social intelligence and their views on sex.

      A group of 108 women then watched the videos and rated the men on their attractiveness in general, how sexy they thought they were, and their confidence.

      Mr Brazil found that the higher a man scored on the psychopathy test, in general, the more attractive he was considered to be by the women.

  58. Mulvaney now seems toast 3 new names in the frame are being background checked fast to avoid embarassments

  59. There are 2 Scotish SNP Leaders.
    Sturgeon who could curdle milk from 50 yards
    Alex Salmon in a sexual Molestation case coming up

    Something fishy about this pair.

  60. Zio Speaker Jon Bercow has denied the Prime Minister a free vote today to leave. This man has such form for disrupting Government calls, we have to change and limit Speakers powers plus have suspension powers for dubious operators. It's tragic to see a great house abused by the Brethren again.
    All MPs came in to vote Saturday only to have 2 Jews blow Justice. We are not poor Palestinians it's sad. This will play out but to what? How many nations have they abused? This is not going unnoticed. The MSM are trashing Letwin for his dubious part and he's now vilified for life.
    The UK needs to rent a few Pharo types. Bercow is due to step down in 10 days thank God. Hopefully he's blocked from a Lords seat. Life in real focus.

  61. Prince Andrew just featured in a detailed explosive hour long deep hitting film about his highly dubious relationship with Epstein. Be in no doubt the Royal Family will be mortified, and he's cooked. It details all Epstein's flight logs, his pursuit of underage girls. and prostitution of minors.

    An hour is a long time to be disemboweled on TV, and the sheer scale of Epstein's depravity was exposed. Witnesses allege Andrew played. He's under enormous pressure now.
    Be in no doubt the Royal Family will be candescent with rage. Hugely embarrassing for the Queen, and Charles will love to scalp his Butt in the family. There is no love lost there.
    Karma heh? He's totally exposed if true. Will he dare go public on the stand?
    Right now there are growing public demands to have a Police investigation. It will really tear the Windsors apart. Truth the Queen does not deserve this. She's been an outstanding Monarch. Kids heh? We all have our hopes and dreams. Wonderful children. Then the bastards grow up with horns! Lol

    Still a Great Queen. Pity about Andrew. He's always been a pompous Prick. The media smell blood. All the Crocs are circling.

    1. Seriously...Do you know how many "runaways" from the Illuminati have implicated the entire the Royal Family.

      Do you really think that ONLY Prince Andrew is involved in this. Prince Charles hung out with Saville.


      You are surrounded by evil! Why do you think that you can't get anything done and everything always gets blocked. These people are hiding in plain site everywhere.

      Multiple Personalities!!!!

    2. Yep! The Royal Family isn't an innocent bystander in any of it much like some would love to believe. We who have been awake for 20 years knows it.

  62. China's Defense Minister has just declared China's determined intent to seize Taiwan and warned if America interferes it will suffer the consequences. They just said No One will be allowed to stand in our way to recover our Territories. Taiwan is Chinese and we are taking it back.
    So it's clear. Defend Taiwan and the US fleet in the Pacific goes. Be clear all threatening US bases, including Australian, will be erased.
    Attack China and 500 hypersonic missiles would launch on America if provoked. Russia would be sucked in. Europe would go. Faced with that the entire Arab world would descend on Israel. Skinned alive.

    Dangerous times. A big stance from China. We are coming!

    1. Well, they had better think twice before bombing any part of Australia. If they do then Australians might just decide to recover our own territory swamped by Chinese within our own bloody borders.

    2. Well Aurataya at least you see some action. Lol

      The Chinese and Asian invasion will only get worse. We came and took from the Abos. Now Asia sees lunch, Your it! You really think they will let you keep that farming land and mining? It's just time. They are coming. Think how poor American Indians felt as the White Waggon trains would not stop. Pennyless mass immigrants killing all to take everything like a swarm of Ants. Piss Ants. Gold was discovered and Hymies heard. Then they took it all. As ever.

      But now it's the Chans and Asians. You can't swell the tide coming. Oz will be gone. Lunch for the new bunch. The more you protest, the more they will infest. 30M Auzzies in a land which can take 500M? They will come.They will breed. Right now you can't cope with the drugs, crime and border protection. They will come in millions. If the US tries to fight China over Taiwan, ALL your US bases and tracking stations will be hit big. Nuked! Erased. I have a daughter there and worry on what I see. Tinnie land will get panned. Bad.
      Hope the US does not fight over Taiwan or your gone. Collateral damage. China will pick up the pieces.
      The world's a mess Aurataya. Too many people are thick as bricks, and Leaders are bottom feeders. Grunts are so busing pigging out no one sees the big picture.
      Trump tries facing down the Military.Remember Kennedy? Three shots, from 2 directions! That was no Drunken Moll on the grassy knoll. Russia and China are both way, way too smart for the US Political Leadership. Unless the bright US Military take over. A real possibility if all goes South. We live in a world of Fools in power. Uncertain times. "Neighbours" won't sort this out.

      As regards Oz, be assured, most American could not point it on a map. And they are in the Senate or Congress!

    3. I thank you for taking the time you have to share there John. I know much of what you state is the current reality but it angers me enormously. I suppose when it boils down do it, I also am an invader of this land.

      The manner in which the Chinese swamp this country and any other country they go to actually, is so inappropriate and this exact type of situation is destroying this country. But then again, if we had any decent people with a brain governing this country that stood up to such invasions and levels of control we would probably be a great deal better off.

      I know I react with many of your statements but in a way I am glad you sting me like you do from time to time regarding subjects of this nature as it really makes me look at the beliefs I hold. It generally makes me realise that I am accusing others of exactly what my race did here to the First Nations people of this land. Maybe the difference is that I actually care about the original inhabitants of this land and the land itself. In my opinion, the Chinese do not give a crap about anyone or anything other than the fastest manner in which they can bleed the life from anything.

      Yes John, this world is a very big mess and in my honest opinion I do not believe it can be saved. I know that's a negative view to hold but it's the reality I see ahead. I admire your strength and commitment to continue the fight and maybe you will be successful in the areas you have chosen to concentrate your energy and I do sincerely wish that for you. But we all need to face it, the rot is deep and powerful and it hides in every nook and cranny. Can this putrid infestation be removed in totality in my lifetime? I do not believe it can be unfortunately.

      And with regard to a further Chinese invasion of this country. Well let's just see how that goes down shall we.

  63. Let's say " Uncertain Times" are coming.

    The Mother of Parliaments, now infested with Creeps and Cretins, is now in free fall and disarray. Be clear, this is way beyond Bonking Boris's capability. The man's a Buffoon.
    But look what he's surrounded by. Slimy Gove. Failed May who couldn't!. Backstabbing Narcissists, and mass mediocrities. Then look at Labour and the Libs.As useless a basket case collective as can be.Tossers who ALL need tossing out. Swine feed in suits.

    This lot are as bad a bunch of total mediocrities as we have seen. Trash posing in Armani suits paid by the Tax Payer. End of an Empire].
    The bottom of the Gene pool rules? WTF????

    China has just laid it on the line and warned America they are coming for Taiwan and to Butt out. China's will is being tested in HK right now. So now it's only time before China moves on Taiwan. Openly China just said "We are taking it back." Butt out!

    Brexit is a Comedy Circus. 2 Jews are playing Parliament. Unreal. What the hell has happened here? The Conservative Party ( Repubs) are as bad as it gets.
    Labour ( Dems) Too thick to even contemplate. Liberals,- Nutters!

    Trump now argues with his own Military. They regard him as an undereducated Carnival Clown. Mattis, Kelly and all have very adverse things to say about him. Remember Kennedy and he was bright. Until the Bay of Pigs and Fed face off. The Grassy knoll was his last WH Moll. Bang, a new Face Off! His!

    America has been looted, stolen and robbed blind from the inside.
    Gold - Gone- Everybodies!
    Mega T's of funds entrusted now mass busted!
    How do they redeem from a bankrupt sinking ship?
    They lost the plot and the Zios stole the lot. No one is awake, or aware, Dreamland.

    As they sit with Dual passports waiting to run to Israel when the knock comes on the door.
    Gimme, gimme, gimme my money back wail trusting Lenders.

    Gimme, gimme, gimme my welfare check wail 50M illiterate Losers. None are affordable. None have value or meaning. Well they vote Demo! Breed Nutters from the gutters to tick the Demos box.
    1,000 bases to bully the world, and a Homeland in free fall, a Presidency in chaos under threat, and a booming economy in a Credit Bubble. When the South Seas bubble is pricked? What happens every time?

    How can we redeem the Settlements from a bankrupt Treasury, it's BROKE, unless we raid the Tax Havens? What, has a Brit suggested taking back what we stole first?

    Folks, to take freedom and Nations back, the vast Multi T holdings of the Tax Havens have to go home to each Wealth producing nation. It's the last bastion of liquidity.
    Redeem first the TAX Evaded funds. Or settle with what?

    Don't invade the world, just invade the Tax Havens. Don't shoot the Comscripts, bullets are for Bankers. And Tax Collectors!
    Jokes apart, we have an unfolding debacle. It's real. First we must recover from those who practised to steal.

    The last thing we need is Boys with Toys facing off over Taiwan. HK will show China's next moves. The crackdown.

    Brexit??? A circus!

    The EU, how long?

    The Middle East has gone to Russia and China. Afghanistan the Poppy Fields are protected by the CIA, US Military HSBC and Bribes paid to the Taliban to buy more weapons to kill more Americans to fund Agencies and the Arms trade. A commerce of death.
    This cauldron of realities rules.
    Our world is not exactly a Children's Bible school class it it?
    Who is Fit- to lead?
    As we try to settle, with what? From a bankrupt US Treasury and Fed festooned only with hanging Gorilla snot. The Cupboards are bare. A Carnival Barker tells us he's a Genius, and Bankers loot with impunity.
    While Bonking Boris pleads with the EU, please, Can we have our country back?
    Once we sent Gunboats. Is this now our Waterloo. 2 main Parliamentary obstacles, each one a Jew? There was a day we would run them through. Oliver got twisted. Please Sir, can we have our nation back? Please Mr Scrooge?

    1. Yawn- What childish statements in reference to the sitting President of the United States. At least he isn't some exhibit that brings in tourism.

      President Trump at odds with DS military types- for shame Trump- start and engage in ongoing wars.. believing Peace is the Prize is horrible.. Some might call you a circus clown.

      And last but not least.. Meghan Markle- stay in the UK. We who have a brain see you setting up grounds for divorce, because boo-hoo you never knew that being part of the Royal Family was going to be so "hard". And some think you're the best. What a joke, but it's not Americans!!

      Hope the Royal Family orders you to stay in the UK with Harry's child. I know many Americans are just shaking their heads glad you're no longer here and don't want you back.

    2. Smells like REVOLUTION. Heck, I think I need a drink. LOL

    3. John-

      Repo market exploding, QE exploding. We will be at the 700b by first of Nov, this is the amount that Paulson went to Congress and said if you don't give it we have shut banks and institute Marshall Law. Bank are all broke with 0 money the FED itself is the bank that will go under. We are weeks away from the 2008 moment. Do they let it go down this time and then restart with a new system? Digital dollar? One thing I know we need to be prepared if banks close for a few days. Can you advise on preparing for the worst hope for the best ?

    4. Reservists are being called up and troops redeployed . Why?
      Need I say more?
      1. Arm up, knives, Guns, sprays etc.
      2. Silver coins. Tradeable assets tinned food etc.
      3. Secure your home extra locks and a weapon near doors. Build up a Gas/ Petrol reserve of cans at home. Store safely. Service your car asap.
      4. Cash reserves at home and some non USD. Don't leave cash or assets to be stolen from accounts as banks will sequestrate.
      5. Get energy alternatives also candles. Thermal clothing winter coming. Good boots. If it's comes down get steel toe boots. Crampons also to fit and one stamp will stop a Grizzly.
      5. Carry a handy defense weapon in the car.
      6. If all goes wrong if facing attackers get in first and fast. Speed is key. Lash out for first at shin bones and ram fingers in eyes. Don't pussyfoot, bury fingers in eyes. It stops them
      If attacked from behind get a hand inside their little finger then reverse smash it go for a hard break fast smash it don't wimp. That broken fingers stops a 300 lb lump. Do some self defenses courses fast but wake up to kill or be killed there is no halfway house nor mercy given to Wimps. Survival alone is that.
      Learn how to position heavy coins inside your fingers as a knuckle duster. A comb also rips faces . Put a handerchief around a bottle neck. If smashed on heads it stops the shards ripping into your hand and the shards also what's left scares attackers being glassed
      There are no wimp rules if attacked. Do the worst or be the victim. Attack dogs live speed is key that hesitation is what kills you. If too stupid to think you die. It's them or you. Look like your wimping and bang. Surprise!
      There are no mercy please with Bandits so kill or main first. If you put them down cripple their heel fast and hard with yours then they can't chase you.
      Ask for Terminal defense training forget nice.
      If the States goes expect really ugly. That hand of friendship extended could conceal a fast knife in your guts. Get wise fast and steer clear of danger. Idiots on freeways will get blocked, robbed, raped and killed. No God or Sheriff will come to your aid. Armed Cops will become the new Bandits.
      Build up your ammo stores and learn to shoot both hounds line up crouch position, or a handgun lined up over a firearm extends kill accuracy .

      Sorry but, if it does tip it will be unexpected and brutal reality.

      Mentally prep and train your kids as a unit. Those steel toe caps help focus a partners arse when not moving it. Saving lives needs hard calls.
      The US has never fought a homeland war or faced attack. You really will have nightmares if it comes. Hope not. Forget Hollywood wimp and it's deadwood.

      It's low probability yet, but if the Fed rolls over??????

      You asked. Just a few suggestions.
      But Yes, uncertain times. Not scare stories just protective plans if all details. All's OK so far but that prepping is for a reason in case. No need for panic stories yet just issues of care if needed. Self defense is just that.

  64. Redeem with what, this is what I asked last week. Its all hidden away for these scum F****
    The only way to take it back is by force I hate to say it but a mass revolution may be the only way, millions upon millions storming the gates to take these satanists out. JMO

    1. And your opinion matters Scott F and I for one agree.

    2. I will tell you where it is at the right time.We Are working on it!

  65. All failed again I gather.... war post usually means that.... can gets kicked!

  66. Infinite "quantitative easing".... definition for that is- we have screwed you over and we are going to keep doing it forever!

  67. ALERT! More Repo Bailout Trouble for "Too Big to Fail Banks!!

    Dollar Liquidity Turmoil Returns With First Oversubscribed Term Repo In A Month

    This was not supposed to happen.

    After the Fed rolled out the big artillery in response to the sharp, sudden mid-September funding squeeze (which we now know had virtually nothing to do with last month's tax payments or other one-time events such as the Treasury's cash rebuild), including the return of both overnight and term repo operations, and culminated with the Fed's relaunching of QE which would be used to permanently increase the balance sheet with $60BN in T-Bills every month in order to replenish reserves (because we live in a bizarro world where $1.4 trillion in bank cash is not enough for the smooth functioning of bank plumbing), moments ago we got the latest indication that the dollar funding shortage is again getting worse - despite the market having priced in the Fed's rollout of the "kitchen sink" to ease funding conditions - when the Fed announced that it had its first oversubscribed Term Repo operation since the funding crisis erupted in September.

    Specifically, while the Fed's 2-week term repo operation was capped at $35 billion as has been the case for the past week, dealers submitted $52.2BN worth of securities ($39.9BN in TSYs, $12.3BN in MBS)...

  68. Re above we are facing a redemption problem as above. Can't say more but ugly times needs calm heads

    1. John,

      Last week there was hope in the deployment of your teams to HK, and your comments suggests settlements are at risk? Did I read that correctly?


      Sen. Chuck Grassley Just Called the Inspector General’s Office Part of the Deep State; Says FISA Report RIGGED

    3. AB

      We have 2 issues.

      1.Fed/ Treasury liquidity.
      2. Wells Fargo etc!

      There are a number of problems currently being resolved. Money exists, but " Not in the Right hands". We are diplomatically working on it. America and a vast Trusting Allie base have been betrayed and cheated. It is very hostile and acerbic right now, but not to be fought on a public forum.

      Allow diplomacy. It takes what it takes. A bunch of half wits let it get to this. We now have the mess. Look at 40 years of Sleaze, corruption and pure Chicanery in the WH. Leaders??? Beyond unreal. Count the Global body bags and now vast homeless. Civilisations destroyed. Have you seen how much of the Middle East is now destroyed? Deaths in Millions!

      We are trying for a Project driven initiative. Infrastructure and education targeted. Wealth creating and society aiding investments. We do not want these weevils ever near the asset base again. These funds must work for Humanity. Funds fit for purpose. So many good people out there matter and can really help make a difference once released. Only people can make it happen.
      How much, to who , why and what for matters. It must be proportionate to payback for society. Or let them negotiate their own exits. Good luck with that. We have good focus teams in play.

      No one protected America or Allies. All just wanted. " Maah lick!". Ugly, brutal and Treasonous . Still Morons eulogise them? No point in debating with stupid is there? Some I'm sure are Forrest Gump's kin. Lol. sorry, you need humour dealing with our realities.

      What is in process, is a VERY,VERY big change of everything. No more can be stated. We have to get the future right this time. Also to remove Vermin control.
      There will be consequences.

      This Criminal Deep State Cabal autocracy can not remain.

      But remember, the US does NOT have a Democratic Government as the WH Leader is the Chief Exec of a Corporate failed State. They do NOT work for you. Not one was screened for experience, intellect or ability to handle complex equations for sure. Wait for the muppets to erupt.Whaah? What dumb Mutts voted in both Bushes,Obama etc? Decades of crap. War Crimes.

      Clinton tried a full time job. No one told him it was not Blow!

      We are dealing with Real World dynamics. A bankrupt Criminal Cabal with corrupt Gatekeepers on every corner, and a bloated Military /Agency out of control behemoth which just wants to mass kill with Toys for the Boys and no concept of Capital creation or Fiscal consequences for actions.

      The money held is NOT working for America! It's held by Thieving Deep State deviants and parasite Zio Bankers. It's a Hydra. Enough to abort even Jason's Argonauts. ( Oh God, forget explaining Classics to America). Smiling.
      Tino please interject, smiling!

      A lot of good Americans work with us to try to recover what is owed and effect release. Truly executing a number of Bank,Treasury /Fed and Political entities would go a long way. 10 of them hanging from a rope would speed up the changes needed. But the number of Mutants in the chain!!!!!!!

      AB, we are really trying. But, I would like them all, Tried afterwards!


    *EXCLUSIVE* footage of #Assange in prison van after extradition hearing...he looks ok

    1. JD
      Assange was crying, he could not even remember his name, could not think, and seemed terrified under stress. Knowing he's being processed towards a Military backed Kangaroo Court in DC and facing a potential 150 years would focus anyone.
      He's in a vortex of stress and be assured, the UK police and Agencies plus US Agencies will be stress questioning him daily in Belmarsh jail. It's a hell hole. No place to be.
      He's not OK he's terrified and I fear for justice here. Trump is determined to support the Military who want to throw away the key. Caged as an animal for life

  70. Deep State comes out of the shadows.

    Two news stories published over the weekend had the same message. The State Department was out to get President Donald Trump after suffering years of “frustration.” At least these denizens of the deep state are being honest.

    Politico’s 2,000-word story – titled “The Revenge of the State Department” – begins by reporting on the fact that “current and former Foreign Service officers have defied Trump administration orders and trudged to Capitol Hill to testify before House committees investigating whether to impeach the president.”

    These officials, the story says, are “furious,” “terrified,” “incredulous,” “disappointed,” “fed up,” “livid,” with a “deep well of resentment,” in an “unbearable” situation.

    Some of them, Politico reports, are using the hearings as a “platform to air long-held grievances over Trump.”

    And their colleagues are “hailing them as heroes.”

    [article continues at link at top]

    1. Every single gov official that issued "a grievance" should be summarily fired from the Executive Branch. It's clear we are completely off-the-rails. Since when do underlings dictate policy? The proper route to take if one is an ideological partisan is to resign. You don't get to try to remove the President, let alone participate in a seditious set of hearings.


    J.P. Morgan Chase analysts, among others, worry that recent additional hiccups in overnight lending are symptoms of bigger problems that will grow worse as the year comes to a close.

  72. Russian military police and Syrian servicemen will be deployed to northeastern Syria, while Turkey’s operation ‘Peace Spring’ will continue in a limited area, presidents Putin and Erdogan have agreed after lengthy talks.

    Moscow understands the reasons behind the ongoing Turkish military incursion into Syria, Russia's President Vladimir Putin said, though he stressed it must not play into the hands of terrorists and that the territorial integrity of Syria must be preserved. Ultimately, the country must be freed from all “illegal foreign military presence,” the president added, reiterating Moscow's long-time position.

    The almost-seven-hour-long talks in Sochi, Russia between Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan were focused on the situation in Syria, particularly the ongoing offensive in its northeastern region.

    Kurdish forces to withdraw

    The agreement says the Kurdish-led militias – the prime target of the Turkish operation – must withdraw into Syrian territory beyond 30km from the Turkish border. Erdogan's operation, meanwhile, will continue in a limited area – between towns of Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn – up to 32km inside Syrian territory.

    Syrian army to be deployed to the border

    Other parts of the Syrian border – from Kobani to Tell Abyad and from Ras al-Ayn to the Iraqi border – are set to be controlled by the Syrian military and border guards, supported by Russian military police.

    Joint Russia-Turkey patrols along the border

    At the same time, areas not affected by the Turkish military operation, will be jointly patrolled by the Turkish military and Russian military police up to 10km deep into Syrian territory.

  73. Money that was intended to cover redemptions continues to be used by Banks to to cover reckless lending shortfall and short term money. Gamblers not able to cover positions Banks should never have allowed them to start. Bank control systems have allowed greed to bypass Risk Controls and allowed Hedge Funds and Trusts gearing beyond prudent needs. A major Butt Rebore approach has to start soon those redemptions are reaching melt down level and Gold is being recalled from the US and German Banks which underpins many leveraged positions.
    Bankers bonuses fed this greed and always the Bail Outs saved them. We need Too Big to Fail Banks to Fail, Boards fired,reckless Bankers to face asset recovery and have their total assets seized as any other failing Directors are treated.
    Fierce challenges are going in. Deeply embarrassing exposure of reckless Banking is now being scrutinised. Bank Auditors need to be both admonished and penalised for not whistle blowing on reckless trading practices. The dirt is now being exposed and money shortfalls carry toxic questions. WF face fierce probes and embarrassing exposure. Expect heads to roll. Moves are happening. Teams will not back down or accept evasive conduct. Once released Banks will never to allowed to sequestrate these funds again.

  74. Brexit has been voted through in principle but time scales rejected. Half way out!

    Trump now has damaging accusations regarding Biden investigation funding for action and unlawful use of US funds

    Putin has now taken effective control of Syria with Turkey and Russian influence is now the dominant power in the Middle East. Expect Saudi to build bridges with Russia. Israel is trying to gain Russian support, but Russians are not stupid. Russians despise Zio criminals. They fool no one. Iran will pick it's time and moment. The carbuncle will get lanced. The world is changing. Adapt or die. Zionists are toxic parasites. Shame for Palestine

  75. Unsealed warrants are going out this week. Dirt that will not be hidden. Unsealed will rattle them. Public skid marks. We wait to see which Which Settlements are affected. Justice now is focused. We have to go for the Demon Seed. The cover ups are failing.
    We also want Auditors charged for allowing these appalling transgressions. Admonished and fined. Unsealed warrants. Deliver Friday.Sabbat that. That will work their bowels for sure. Slowly we unlock this crock. The Zio Zoo is being prized open. A century of lies and abuse. Each will rat on each other. Once we get one unlocked others will follow.

  76. Poetic justice. Do they know it's coming, and will it be made publicly available? I hope you started at the top, John.

  77. Gutless Justice full of compromised Zios want a few wins first so are starting with achievables. Sacrificial goats. But those are markers for the rest to know it's coming.
    Knee Jerks will start and trade offs will be plea bargained to release funds and avoid the chop.
    Be assured we are not without resources.
    Our team includes ex SENIOR Agency High Ranking Officers now retired who worked with the funds and Presidents and who now spend retirement working with us tracking locations and compromised names holding back releases. Experienced heads focused to win. At all costs.

  78. President Trump now claims he is being lynched by an unaccountable and hostile media with a Democrat agenda.
    On all evidence seen to date, I have to agree. His frankly so far fatuous impeachment threats, are nothing but Varmints jockeying for power. False claims and irrelevancies.
    Far worse have held Presidencies, and looted the store while in office.

    Bushes were War Criminals, thieves of the lowest order, Soetoro was an inexperienced, inept and treacherous Scammer Con Man. He defrauded America. A low grade lying Skank who deserves Gitmo for life!

    The Clintons were truly abhorrent stealing anything not bolted down.
    Asked what his WH Interns could do with this joint, he seemed to want them only to blow it!

    We are working about 18 x 7 each week driving this monstrosity towards redemptions for our cases. Others can fight their own battles. These mass Broker Yahoos with ambulance chasing Attorneys and demonetised toilet paper are going nowhere. We brought in the only On Balance Sheet Cash. Real money. We are OWED, in Law,and on record,and our cases supercede all. Fantasists can forget Dreamland pay outs, it's not there and all that is we have claims on.
    If only we could get the Indictments delivered Friday,what I would give to have these Skanks glued to a lavatory set for the week-end. Who Shat Sabbat?

  79. did you just yell out "CHECK MATE", john?? [big LOL]

    1. This may be bringing a whole new meaning to CYA.

  80. Fed's Fourth Bill POMO Is Most Oversubscribed Yet Amid Liquidity Scramble

    "This means that today's operation was 5.9x oversubscribed, the most of any operation since the launch of "Not QE4", and clearly an increase from the first three POMOs, when operations were 4.3x, 4.8x and 5.5x oversubscribed."

  81. The future of fracking is now in doubt within the UK , the tremors and polution problems are untenable.

    1. But how will you replace yourselves? Oh...wait. You said f-r-a-c-king. My error.

  82. Tony we are to well set tracking to make those mistakes. Only worry if the general fails to salute each morning.
    And 20 times a day. We invented stretch pants. Lol


  84. Replies
    1. From what I have read from John, I would venture to guess for the public.. "maybe" in 2020 if then. He was talking about His clients in an earlier post. I could be wrong.

  85. The key delays are Rodent manipulation.
    We will use the power of Eurasia to plan them out. 6,000 years and still they corrupt and sequestrate. Eurasia will educate the children. The cults will go. The Zios and Vatican will face sequestration. False Gods and Flake faiths. cults and lies. No way to build Eurasia. Iran in time will deal with Kazarville and the Afro/ Hispanic population takeover of America will sort the Cults.
    Short term we are focused on possible redemptions now. What can be achieved and traded up free of Zio spawn.

    America has enormous potential to rebuild free of Fed racketeering and removal of the Deep State. Americans first!

    1. John, you vehemently oppose Christianity, and say that the Afro/Hispanic population takeover of America will sort out the "cults". Hispanics are predominantly Roman Catholics, and Afro Americans are Christians. No one is going to give up their Christian beliefs. And then we have that pesky piece of paper the Constitution in which Americans afforded right to worship or not as they choose.

      You confuse the two, God and Man when you insult anyone's religion. Why even go there? What do you think you accomplish? No one insults your beliefs why do you feel you need to insult others? You put your pants on like any other man. You are superior to none. You are human.

  86. Religions have little to do with the concept of God or humanity. Abraham was a paranoid delusional scytzophrenic. The ramblings of a lunatic. Mohammed married 7 year old and had recorded mental problems. The Council of Nicea created today's concept of Christianity, defiling feminism, lying about the Jewish Cult being used to control a Roman mind control program.
    Judaism is a bloodlust Cult.
    You want God, find the entity, feel within and look around. Ethereal existence is within us all. Science now explores with an open mind.
    Catholicism murdered millions via the Inquisition and sequestrated land everywhere. Child molesters, abusers of trust and perverts manipulating the gullible.
    Islam, just look daily.
    Judaism. Palestine and all around.

    Do religions predicate lazy minds?
    Differentiate truth. After life exists, is profound and develops ethereal existence. Humanity is a carbon life form journey, no more. A pit stop on an every long journey.

    Quantum computers are helping societies evolve with expanded consciousness awareness. Evolution carries forward primary life forms. Mental Pygmies face phase outs as evolution carries forward primary life forms.
    The average church in England has between 7 and 17 attendees. Churches are mass sold now. Churches survive owning schools, taking State fees to mess up minds and kiddie fiddling. They shelter deviants. Just look at the fraud and manipulation in the US Bible Belt. As for Mormons??????. 4 wives to old men and Smith's dissappearing Gold plated. Sure! Nice tythe scam cult.

    Once humanities progression evolves towards phased transhumanism and for humanity to access the Cloud and evolve with Cloud data, expansion of intellect will be exponential. Developed versus the Dark Ages. The enhanced species will opt out. Humanity is now aware of progression potential and already has set sail. Obsolescence is not only old technology but outdated humans. Do the enhanced invest in and maintain the Human Zoo? Why? Or allow phased time outs. Yes to dignity, but ignorance is time dated.

    1. You lost me at the NWO transhumanism bullxxxx.

      Agree on everything else.

    2. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    3. Part of transhumanism has been in experimental testing for over a decade. We have no alternative other nations are cyber enhancing their military we have to compete and will.
      NSA are deeply involved in Clout IT data capture and public tracking. Society is fast evolving. Think forward decades. The wealthy and children seen to have intellectual or athletic capabilities plus soundly experienced State , Educational and Industrial key parties will be enhanced. We can debate levels of gains to be accrued,but it's debating without intelligent field tests or understanding.

      The Cloud encompasses the planet carrying exponential qualities of live information to dramatically assist decision taking and planning. Human ability to access Cloud at will, coupled with language and enhanced sight capabilities will create a whole new level of being. Opinions to those enhanced will be irrelevant. It would be on a par with a Ph D Astro Physicist asked to debate quantum mechanics with George W Bush or a Pigmy

      Public awareness of alternative realities matters little as such activities progress on a need to know. Who openly exhibits and shares their secrets,?

      The problem we now deliberate is the family split capabilities. What happens when we genetically enhance DNA creating children who by 10 will be intellectually 50 times more aware of academic issues than their own parents,?
      Real issues.There is a division.
      Do you deny a bright child a huge potential future or assume you can always enhance the parents? So may but most would not be worth the cost and time. Look at the Israeli Kibutz system of communal societies.
      It's not a debate upon if, because it's way too far forward to stop, it's really about how we assess plans for the bypassed herds of society.
      Currently our societies are based upon consumer societies underpinning wealth creation.
      When alternatives emerge, the masses become sustainable issues.

      This is a colossal humanitarian culture issue. Will the enhanced even care to debate?
      When we breed racehorses we select and breed from the best, and dump the rest in culls of attrition. Humanity is yet to comprehend evolution issues fully.
      An opinion without a voice may become a new reality. The Tri Laterals have already let slip alternative thinking.
      When your not part of the evolution of new thinking, how do you have a say in what's coming your way?
      Worse, who bothers to understand, the future may not be your conceived promised land?

      1939 to 1943. They still did not believe it was coming for them as they were loaded onto rail cars and stripped of assets.
      I'm not advocating, or justifying, simply giving a polite wake up nudge of what if?

      Even how we fertilize new life in future, with DNA splicing and fault rectification, will re shape evolution.
      No, it's not hypothesis, just decision taking without mass consultation. For 50 years America has been devoured by its own Deep State, unelected, all powerful, and the NSA have Global plans and projects in play well beyond the awareness or realisation of societies anywhere. Did they consult the masses?
      Banksters loot with impunity, and the Clintons are Teflon.
      Who rules fools?
      Selection is reality and unstoppable. Evolution is not for debate you, with respect, lost the Constitution 50 years ago with no consultation. All the wise Founders aspired to has been ripped from your grasp while you sleepwalked through it.

      Please, see this not as contentious of intended offense to valued readers, but a debate of interest to help awaken awareness. Cognitive Dissonance.

    4. And so long as thinking remains in terms of herds the solutions will not materialize, especially the whole abomination of "bypassed herds". Mass commercial biologic immortality must be the end goal. Every aspect should be geared towards massive waves of transhumanist enhancement of the masses. And before the comment of "who pays" as usual raises its head, we will -- as we always have. Wealth has to be created before it can be looted and transferred-- and that creation has always been a function of the population masses.

    5. While it is true that with a high IQ I don't bother with the opinion of morons, it is also true that I do not go out of my way to (a) exterminate the moron and (b) should the moron be laying on the sidewalk bleeding, I don't walk over the body -- I render assistance. This difference in thinking alone between psychologically normal humans and the Usual Suspects (NWO TriLateralists) should give great pause to all those that want to careen forward without big caveats on the Trilateralist Transhumanist Approach vs much more sensible approaches.

      So long as one uses poor metaphors (really? Horse breeding?) instead of recognizing the differences between Man and animal (one IS Causation, the other ISN'T),that if I can re-engineer one cell I re-engineer them all, that if I double/triple/10x IQ in one child, I can also do so in the parents eventually as a part of tech advancement.

      A humanist free-market Transhumanism, a biologic - human centered solution, can be architected with far less effort than the other 'alternative thinking'.

  87. Fed Injects $134BN In Liquidity, Term Repo Obersubscribed Amid Month-End Liquidity Panic

  88. sorry john but the system is about to blow with full blown credit freeze. It cant go into the Kuzillions, sustillions or whatever comes after quadrillions....

  89. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, its the only way to be sure.

    Pull the pin when we emerge we can start over, debt free but paper asset free too, all of it will be gone those who held god silver and crypto can start over and help others

    1. It's not a solution much as I appreciate the thought.

      The problem at the top is that most of the decision makers are sociopaths who do not understand that they are directors of a stewardship, not owners of a cattle ranch. It is the difference between leadership and authoritarianism. I could go on... but you get the point.

      The scene that gave us the meme!

    2. Understood Tino but public consultation for this is not feasible no one wants to show their cards or debate moral positions. Too many are jockying for primary inclusion. Within 10 years both age extensions and Cloud plus enhancements will be in test positions as well as selective designer DNA enhancing and creating the new species. It won't be publicly announced nor debated. Hybrids are coming behind existing testing even now.
      So much plays out behind Black Ops. The NSA is a huge investor and so are UK private interests. Dam sure we pigs have slots at troughs and double cover also

    3. PS.
      It's a solution for the planned 500m Tino.
      How they deal with, or switch off the rest is key. You really think if the first decade of test cases work they will leave 8B in situ?

      That is the decision issue, who matters? Highly advanced Hybrids will have little interest in lower orders. Look only how the US treated Vietnam and Iraq. Who authorised Rendition Centres,? Who cares?
      A decade and then it's too late.

    4. They can jockey for inclusion all they want. This effort will require more minds than available in any controlled faction. A species-wide push may succeed. A factionalized approach hasn't a snowball's chance in hell. And they better debate morals because the future depends on it and a century (or more!) of disasters says they are not fit to lead this.

      I suggest strongly thinking twice. It assumes many facts neither in evidence nor achievable not in current tech, but in any foreseeable tech. Once the idea of transhumanism for the masses hits the plans of extermination will have to be abandoned. If for no other reason that the Elites will be instantly hunted to extinction if their hostility to the masses ricochets thru the inter-tubes. It might be too late already since we are again going into a mass awakening cycle despite the best efforts of the Usual Suspects.

      As an aside, I was there 1986 when commercial biologic immortality was first identified. We ran lots and lots of scenarios over the years. We even came up with an objective Ostracism Matrix as early as 1990. The perverted version of it is the Chinese Social Credit Score.

      You can't get THERE FROM HERE by the Nazi way. Remember, biologic DNA analysis did not come from a government program, it came from private industry. The government program was a non-functional white elephant.

      If one can live forever, why would one risk that in a war? See how the logic goes? Without lackeys at their disposal, good luck trying to take 8B down...

      The problems are significantly more intractable than the Trilateralist Georgia Guidestone fantasy that they outline. A command-and-control economy WILL SIMPLY NOT PRODUCE a viable solution.

      Peace. I said my 2cents (or is it a dime with inflation?).

    5. Tino they are weaponizing technologies you can not quantity unless in the loop.
      Technology brings presumptive arrogance of important.
      The Deep State excluded you all. NSA is now part of a Global cooperative. GCHQ has left the tracks and the 2 combined have total Global tracking power. HAARP is being developed t po blanket take down target areas .
      They are resting WMDs capable of mass dismantling in seconds. Knocking out thousands won't work. Muslim territories will feature for blanket rendition.
      Poor Africa has no defense against selective reduction.
      We do what about Palestine?
      We do what about Islamic genocide?
      By the time you see tactical actions tactical resolutions may be unstoppable.
      We need the release of the redemptions,that can fund humane alternatives.

      Did Adolf even contemplate humanitarian values it's not as though we don't have form.

    6. Allow please mobile word switches .

    7. No worries John. I/We (including the Lurkers) hear you.

  90. Is the original White Hats site still available? The one with the First Report posted 2010(?) I'd like to be able to re-read the reports 1 through to the last one. Link? Links? Thanks!!

  91. Replies
    1. Sincere thanks Tino! I had been "there", but didn't follow through with the links at the bottom! Wow! Wouldn't it be awesome if the Science and National Geographic etc. channels would discover "these" treasures? Sad that "they" must not have any idea of the value of "these" treasures! What has more value than the truth? Huh? Ears that hear can hear and eyes that see can see...duh! Too many (willing?) deaf ears and blind eyes...Sad.

    2. Welcome. Well, it helps to remember this idiot plan of sequestration and control has been running for more than a century. They have been running psyops at every level. Normally I don't believe in sins of omission. Failure to properly release the known to us is a crime.

    3. Factor in the power available to special interests today.

  92. Was that story ever verified that 2000+ children were rescued from cages in a u/grnd base?

  93. Hudson: Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up with current events, but we just got our asses kicked pal

  94. were in some real pretty shit now man...LOL funny how that statement fits the situation we are all in


  96. Returning to our previously scheduled programming...

    A new tidbit in the Nimitz incident.

    DAILY STAR, October 23, 2019.

    "Lead Petty Officer Ryan Weigelt was in charge of looking after the helicopters on board the Princeton at the time of the incident.

    In an interview with The Nimitz Encounters, he revealed that soon after the mysterious aircraft was spotted by the fighter jets, a group of United States Air Force personnel landed on his ship.

    Ryan explained that this group "weren't assigned" to the carrier and, as soon as they arrived, they went straight to the Admiral's Quarter and stationed a guard outside

    Dave Beaty, hosting the show, linked ... [the] removal of information to claims there is more footage of the UFOs out there, which Ryan agreed with.

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys were looking for data on the UFOs,” the veteran added."

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. Really? Has U.S. pysops collapsed before it all starts? What a joke of a narrative...

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard:

    According to a new U.S. Army report, Americans could face a horrifically grim future from climate change involving
    blackouts, disease, thirst, starvation and war. The study found that the U.S. military itself might also collapse. This could all happen over the next two decades, the report notes. The senior U.S. government officials who wrote the report are from several key agencies including the Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, and NASA. The study called on the Pentagon to urgently prepare for the possibility that domestic power, water, and food systems might collapse due to the impacts of climate change as we near mid-century. The report was commissioned by General Mark Milley, Trump's new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, making him the highest-ranking military officer in the country (the report also puts him at odds with Trump, who does not take climate change seriously.)

    1. Well unless it's one of Donald's lies what is truth?

    2. Tino,
      There is no climate emergency A global network of 500 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message for the United Nations. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation.
      Global warming has not increased natural disasters There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, CO2-mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly. For instance, wind turbines kill birds and insects, and palm-oil plantations destroy the biodiversity of the rain forests.Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050. If better approaches emerge, we will have ample time to reflect and adapt. The aim of international policy should be to provide reliable and affordable energy at all times, and throughout the world.

  99. The UK can't even call a General Election as it's blocked by disgusting Labour scumbags and lunatic Liberals. The trash in parliament today blatantly defy the voters. We now suffer from fixed term parliament's. This is as bad a bunch of MPs and the madness of a system which enables these wronk Rats to defy Brexit raises why not simply close the lot down.the actual standard and IQ of this lot defies belief. Parliament's standing has never been lower. Why vote for any of them again?
    They blatantly defied the referendum.
    Politics has now left the tracks.

  100. Seems Gabbard is dropping out

    1. With her focus now only on the WH dropping out of House politics it's all on the line with little chance of winning. She can't beat Trump.

    2. I just saw her on Hannity. She gave no indication of dropping out. . as a matter of fact, she used her closing comments to ask for support for her campaign.

  101. The sham trial of Assange has almost no media MSM coverage and is s dreadful prediction for alternative media truth .
    Be assured Belmarsh is no place to be and life in the US terrifies him.

  102. Terry

    She's talking of dropping out of small politics and focusing only on The WH run.

  103. These treacherous lane duck MPs are fighting now to stop a General Election as many will be thrown out. Johnson needs to Man Up and orchestrate Conservative Party walk out bring Parliament to it's knees and shame the Varmints. Over 30% need to lose seats.i would throw 50% out and stop Scots voting on core UK issues. ,,30% to drunken drug ridden Bums with vote blocks is nonsense

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