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One World of Nations
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8 - 20 September 2019

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  1. #EXTRADITEHERZOG Donald Trump needs to come through with some more promises to Americans he campaigned on. #MAGA

  2. Drain the Swamp.Who???????????????? When?????????????

  3. John S.

    Re: the treatment of prostate cancer with an alternative method.

    Another product similar to menbendazole is fenbendazole.

    Below is a link to an AMAZING story beginning in 2016 that is updated regularly by the author, Joe Tippins. He did not have prostate cancer, but the Facebook group that he launched represents all cancers (8,000 members).

    Here's a testimonial from one of the prostate success stories provided to Joe.

    3. "A man had prostrate cancer that had already metastasized widely to his lungs, stomach and liver. He emailed me last week that his doctors are in amazement that his tumors have all shrunk considerably. He was only taking the fenbebdazole(sic)and supplement protocol."

    My Cancer Story Rocks Get Busy Living

    Facebook info contained in the link above. You may join as the patient, relative, friend or care giver. You must read the entire article and answer 3 questions when requesting to join the Facebook group. There are many more stories, information, and a warm and friendly community of helpful people willing to answer questions and help with navigating the site.

    All the best.


  4. EXCLUSIVE: FBI Never Searched Pervert Weiner’s Laptop Until After the 2016 Election – Weiner’s iPad and iPhone Are Now Missing!

    ANOTHER damned cover-up!! BASTARDS!!

  5. Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity?

    (Excerpted from Chapter 5: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)

    In 1999, HP scientist Richard P. Walker was granted a patent for what would become known as the internet of everything, now better known as 5G. Walker and the rest of his Silicon Valley colleagues had been fed military technology by Lockheed Martin and IBM.

    HP spun off Agilent Technologies that same year as the vehicle through which the Walker patent would come to fruition. All ensuing patents pertaining to 5G would be mysteriously absorbed by Agilent, whether in the areas of surveillance, cybernetics, genetic engineering, human microchipping, or “wet works”.

    The corporation pushing Walker’s Agilent patent forward is SERCO, a powerful British company close to Lockheed Martin, GE and BAE. The first and last are the two biggest defense contractors in the world. All four are part of Crown Agents USA Inc. The golden share in SERCO was historically controlled through British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) by Queen Elizabeth II.

    In 2009 BNFL was shut down after spinning off its Westinghouse subsidiary. They had acquired Westinghouse in 1999, four years after Westinghouse bought CBS. BNFL’s nuclear plants had been privatized in 1996 and were taken over by British Energy. The same year BNFL shut down, British Energy was taken over by Electricite de France.

    In 2000, Serco and Lockheed Martin took control of the UK’s Aldermaster weapons site. They also control two-thirds of the British Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE). The other third was owned by BNFL. During the past decade, AWE began exporting stolen US-enriched uranium from a Eunice, NM facility through its Urenco subsidiary. Urenco Executive Chairman Stephen Billingham came from British Energy. They were aided in this effort by the Highland Group, whose associates include the Clintons and Robert Mueller.

    SERCO controls immigration and owns a pathology lab in the UK and runs detention centers, prisons and hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

    1. But SERCO’s most important GCHQ infiltration came in 2015 when it was awarded the patent classification contract in the US, essentially commandeering the US Patent Office. In this capacity they are able to steer and manage the Walker 5G patent in the Crown’s desired direction.

      That direction, according to their own documents, is a 70% reduction in the UK population by 2025, with similar reductions in store around the world.

    2. Understand the Global issues. Economies under siege, populations achieving unplanned extended living standards with ever great geriatric consequences, un affordable illegal immigration encompassing costs and crime, and real educations issues.
      TPTB can only see the need to remove the problem as a pestilence. Holding the real reigns of power, what are they capable of? For them life is cheap, as long as it's not theirs. It's not only the Tri Laterals, other Think Tanks concurre.
      A serious planetary resource rethink is needed. As all viable resources are being bought up, even water will come at a price. The building blocks of life- Denied?
      Be assured, there are also delicate Muslim issues under real consideration.
      Will inhumanity prevail,if so, who next? How many Milenia and still we can't see that Genocide is not humane?

    3. This is insanity. The price of air is zero. The damn planet is 70% water covered and easily filtered. Energy, even if fossil fuel, plentiful. We have nuclear power. We have muon-catalyzed fusion as a solved problem but not implemented. Internet tech easily can train thousands in any topic at fractional diminishing costs as numbers go up. A free-for-all in medicine would collapse costs and start providing real healthcare at a fraction of today's costs. By extension squaring the life curve to avoid the geriatric issues well within possibility. Who gives an F what the Think Tanks that haven't gotten a damn thing right in decades say?

  6. History is in the making now. MPs are refusing to follow the will of the people and seeking to deny a clear Public vote to leave the EU. So much for Democracy. The PM is under siege and the Rats in the Palace of Westminster are refusing an election.
    It's ugly, it's Politicians at their worst and most venal. Retribution will follow.
    Johnson has to keep his head. He can resign and force a rethink. He can appeal the unelected Judges ruling. He can face down the Civil Service and remind them who works for who? He needs to refuse the submit a Candidate as an EU Electoral Commissioner because that negates the lot if so, and the UK has to be expelled. Leave must mean leave, and no new Candidates must be allowed a Conservative seat if not agreeing to vote leave. Throwing out the Remainers who rebelled is right. Non deserve to sit in the House. Egoistic arrogance and EU expense Fat Cat fee grabbers. Endemic corruption!
    Where now Tonto? Epic chaos now rules fools. Politics stinks. Few are fit for office and representing their own interests is abhorrent.Their greasy pole needs re inserting - hard!

  7. Have some fun with Z ask wheres the Reno Republic deal promised 2 weeks ago?

    Same for Trump name the Swamp features you've taken down?


    Established in 1993 and located east of the Huangpu River, Pudong is probably the most successful example of a former ghost city. Once the laughing stock of the entire country when it was filled with empty skyscrapers, the Pudong financial district is now a vibrant financial centre and home to some of the largest and most distinguished financial institutions and companies in the world, boasting 99 per cent occupancy rates. It’s also the most populous district in Shanghai, with more than 5 million inhabitants.

  9. Trump is a world class SALESMAN, and lier, That is all he is. He identifies his enemies weaknesses and goes after it. (America escaped a bullet:CLINTON) The SWAMP will always be here with us, Always. BUSHES, CHANEY, OBAMA, CLINTON , the republican and democratic parties , ROCKEFELLER even dead, still has his peons working his plans i.e. KISSINGER (council on foreign relations, plus, PLUS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) and that bunch will be replaced by a new set of characters/CRIMINALS in time. Never will there be a prosecution for these criminals, NEVER , STOP DREAMING !

  10. The above I fear
    Until America stops Jewish money buying seats and the Presidency, until America put funding caps in place, integrity loses
    STOP swearing Oaths of Allegiance to Israel it's disgusting. The lunacy is Jewish money spends 20B tops to buy and rig the game, then syphons hundreds of Bs to Kazarville , Pariah hideaway for Global Kazar Skunks. The truly great Founders would hang the lot.

  11. If half of all the "sound bites" we here would happen the swamp would be pristine.

  12. I hope Fulfords latest report will happen, regarding the military & ziorats....

  13. A new week begins. May it be fruitful for JOHN & Team!

  14. It won't be for want of trying.
    Right now a deserving Patriot and associates will hopefully redeem first. When disgrace Bush 43 and his Gutt rotten daily return what was stolen to avoid prosecution, more good can come.

    Bushes Cheney, Con Man Obumma, the Clintons, the last 6 US Treasury Secretaries, top 4 Bank Chairmen , Greenspan and Soros, all need to be impailed by the Scrotum in Gitmo with an electrified wire

    A few M Zio crooks with them. Russia will assist with incarceration. They have space for Soros. Comey too.

    1. The BIG problem.

      When there is no consequences...why pay?

      Unfortunately, they own everyone. Judges, Politicians, Bankers, etc. all blackmailed to do the bidding of the brotherhood because they are ALL Pedo's on film, homosexual on film, Fetish Freaks on Film, Thief's caught on Film, cross dressor's caught on Film, Child Murderer's caught on Film, Cannibalist caught on Film, on and on.

      What do you really think CIA/MOSSAD run programs, like the one Epstein ran were for? This is the same thing that was happening at Boystown in the early 80's with The Franklin Cover Up Scandal and them flying little boys and girls out to Washington.

      It's happening in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Asia...everywhere.

      The brotherhood is everywhere.

      I wish you the best of luck, but the chance of getting that money is slim. They will destroy the system before they relenquish ANY power. Money is Power, as you so often espouse. And there are no consequences for not paying.

    2. JOHN,

      That is a very good starting point LIST of MT candidates. Gitmo has plenty room room for all the co-conspirators. Putin will welcome Soros with open arms!

      BB and associates I trust are first. Turn up the heat to get it going. Gloves must come off at some point to make the deal(s) begin happening.

    3. JV,

      NEVER concede defeat. There has been a silent secret war afoot for some time now. It took them 2000 years to gain so much financial power. There are thousands of corporations that need to be shut down for crimes against humanity.The pipelines of endless free money must be stopped.Plus, as you said, so much more. Perseverance, fortitude and determination will get the job done.Plus, and IRON FIST!

  15. A quantum of hope. Bolton has been thrown out of the Administration.

  16. Yes,tremendous news isn't it. Removing that unstable lunatic will ease tensions

  17. Trump played Bolton like a fiddle. He used that clown like a rug.

  18. Pompeo as secretary of state , right about now is quite nervous about his status, because he nothing butt.butt . a brown nose. (NO TYPO)

  19. Bitcoin Misery Index Signals Bull Run Brewing, Says Fundstrat Research – BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, EOS, BSV, XLM, ADA Forecasts
    The head of research at Fundstrat says the firm’s proprietary Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) suggests a rally may be on the horizon. Tom Lee just shared the company’s analysis from the end of July, which predicted a summer of sideways consolidation for BTC. According to the analysis.

  20. WAKE UP! The good American people of both Democrat & Republican parties are being manipulated to fight against each other by Globalist Criminal Enterprise.They are well financed & control the Media. We are being played against each other. The real battle is Criminal Enterprise.

  21. Slow around here lately....thought I would post some reality info on Trump

  22. Hmm. Re Reality.

    1. Another BUST as the Z's projections of a Reno Republic hits the fan again! The Wannabe Treasury Secretary and the ragbag army of Fantasists who still can't comprehend that De Monetized paper has no value. Florida became the new Reno, as yet more Ambulance Chasing Attorneys and armies of Credit Card Brokers poured in, each clutching volumes of worthless Bonds and Defaulted debts,to the desperate, the Holy Grail of get rich quick paper chases, with parties purporting to be Knight of Malta accredited Agents, in reality- A Bum's rush.

    2.What happens now with the failed Brokers still trawling Reno?

    3. The real battle is for the PP Debts long overdue for Redemption. Those are the funds for Fiscal recovery. That taxes our parties daily. The complex scheming, parties lined up for and against Redeeming! Armed with such funds, once re assembled for Bank Platform trading, perchance to dream, so much good, This is the Real Frontier.

    4.Having Desk Jockey War Mongering Bolton out is a good thing for humanity. Pompeo is already Butt kissing for elevation. What a mercurial and visible Brown Nosed Turkey. Will there ever be a settled and functioning Administration? Some 40 plus revolving chairs, all self appointed by the Triple Mac Burger King and fired or retired. Yet Bennies Boy Dweeb hangs in as a vapid Klingon, scoring for Mossad each year. Land Grabs sanctioned by Bennies Crabs. Israel never had it so good. Truly, they own the White House. It will be a long time yet before the US can De Louse!

    5. Once Redemptions commence, the Sleeping Giant of American innovation, will take off. Clinton spent 2 terms fighting Sleaze allegations. Bush 43 was a Puppet while Bush 41 and Cheney robbed the store. Rope a Dope!

    6. Soetoro having pulled off the Con of the Century over a hapless America,still continues to frustrate as the Deep State Joker, with no concept of his own Mortality. When will this Clown, be taken down?

    7. Hilderbeast, just totally Unreal. When????????????????

    8. Soros is Teflon. A Nazi War Criminal, Jew Murderer protected by Israel. He needs to be in the Hague. Life?!

    9.Where now for Comey?

    10. What now for failed Mueller? When will a Bell Toll for any of them?

    1. John, based on your comment, it seems like the Currencies have failed to produce any gains for anyone. Should we all move on to other things? Maybe you can tell us what happened to the deal that Included India and was supposed to be transacted in Euros? Since nothing is on the horizon, there should be no need for secrecy re Currencies

    2. It seems that way doesn't it Terry601? Of of late John has been busy mocking the guru's and Trump in one swoop. If I want to read about how horrible Trump is, I can just visit CNN or any other MSM channel. If I want to see what idiots the gurus's are.. I merely have to look at their blogs. I would guess the "watch the site" is off the table.

    3. Right now the PPs which were cash wired in are under serious demand negotiation.

      On currencies there are issues relating to each nations nations need, not speculators greed. The issue harming Dinars is both overprinting and war looting. No one can effect anything on Dongs without Chinese approval
      Zims are the basket case remnants of a madman.

      Balance is needed to determine how much is needed per nation, then to decide conversions. Two weeks ago it was becoming more positive and now now notes are under review again.

      PPs are long overdue and just scurrilous treachery is effecting delays. By choice most would install a US Appian Way until not one was left alive.

      PP redemption enables us to do so much
      Arresting and extraditing Michael Herzog would unlock vast amounts from the Bushes,Clintons,and other reprobates

      Just the PPs will rebuild America, the UK and Commonwealth. markets. This is daily, 7 days and should they decide to throw in the toilet paper garbage to boost capital, so be it. The Vatican KMs were pushing that to further line their treacherous pockets.

      It's all mercurial.
      We play by the day waiting for the day they pay. Nothing is yet a totally lost cause bar the Souls of Cabal and Banking whores.
      This one site is the only one giving you a balanced overview,smacked arse wailing aside.

      It's all, in play.My pulling both legs of Reno Republic loonies is just earned P taking from deserving limp brains.

      The site does humour. Correctly spelled. Not the dumbed down version.
      We are dealing with Politics,Banking, Agencies and Global rebalancing. Which Swine Wine and Dine, and which just starve and pine. Determining which Teats get left for the Public.
      Which is why population count is circulating.

      It's a swill trough battle daily.
      Trying to get the PPs done first opens doors for all of you. At least this way we can rebuild economies and re assess need.that skidrow Bum in DC trying to head the Deep State frustrates US recovery, and needs his collar jerked. He and Big Mike need a slot in Gitmo.

      The rest is daily,pulling legs of Reno Republic morons is just the right to watch a freak squeak.

    4. The site does humour. Correctly spelled. - John

      Love it.

    5. JOHN,

      Please let us know when China seems close to approval on Dong.Sounds like they are now evaluating...

  23. See,the Lord's does not escape. We lay it bare!

    1. The problem is it moves y'all out of sight and then out of mind. I realize most of the movers and shakers don't move in public but there is wisdom in bicamerality.

    2. None of these people are real power. Just like Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc. aren't real power.

      This is the real power...Black Nobility families such as the Colonna, Massimo, Orsini, Ruspoli, Pallavicini, Theodoli, Sacchetti, Borghese, Odescalchi, Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Savelli, Caetani, the Aldobrandini, Conti.

      These are your bloodlines that rule the world and report to the Illuminati Parents.

    3. Fair enough, but having a bunch of cement-for-brains elderly sitting on the other chamber as a brake does prevent some excesses.

  24. John I thought the Queen ruled that Parliament is these judges can overrule the Queen?.....Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament unlawful

  25. This now comes to English Judges to rule if Scott's Judges have a voice in our total Kingdom. It's a collective mess. Theresas epitaph. Boris is seriously out of his depth. Plonker!

  26. As the world sets poised to go to war, in the wake of Venezuela amassing 150,000 troops on the Colombian border, could constitute the next war to end all wars. The US has pledged its support to Bogata. It looks like John Bolton may get his way and his prior actions may plunge the US into war that could culminate in the consolidation of national power under the so-called globalists who would assume control in the aftermath of a major conflict. This Venezuela-Colombia event has Bolton's fingerprints all over this operation.

    My sources tell me that this is one of the primary reasons that Trump just fired John Bolton because this war monger has gone behind Trump's back, lied to the President and set the conditions for war on our nation's doorstep. President Trump may be able to get Venezuela and Colombia to back off from their date with destiny. However, there is a bigger threat in the wings and as I have said for years, Operation Blue Beam is sitting there and it waiting in the wings.

    1. Sure sounds like treason to me, just fired is nor enough. Just let these two countries solve their own disputes.

    2. Thanks for the backdrop info on Venezuela and Colombia, especially on the Bolton info. If Bolton DID do this, it is treason via subversion.


      More Evidence...

      At the September 11 meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) the United States and eleven other nations voted activate the Treaty of Inter-American Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) commonly known as the "Rio Treaty" over the crisis with Venezuela.

      Also yesterday, Venezuela began deployment of 150,000 troops, tanks, missile launchers and military aircraft to its 1400 mile border with Colombia. Venezuela Dictator Nicholas Maduro told those troops "it is time to defend our Sovereignty."

      Suddenly, "war" appears on the world agenda . . . again.

      The OAS meeting needed ten votes to activate the Rio Treaty; they got twelve votes, with five abstentions.

      The Rio Treaty (1947) was an agreement binding the republics of the Western Hemisphere together in a mutual defense system. The central principle contained in its articles is that an attack against one is to be considered an attack against them all; this was known as the "hemispheric defense" doctrine.

      Also called the Rio Pact or the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, the treaty became effective on December 3, 1948, when two-thirds of the member states had ratified it.

  27. Those 2 countries starting a world war?... doubt will get squashed.

  28. Report out which qualifies Michael Flynn as innocent.

    Why was Mueller not aware and if he was ????

  29. Because it was a witch hunt and peeps need to go to jail@@!!

  30. Crypto Breakthrough: France Will Not Tax Crypto-to-Crypto Transactions
    France won’t be taxing crypto-to-crypto transactions, but will impose taxes on capital gains made from converting digital currencies to fiat money, according to French finance minister Bruno Le Maire. Le Maire states, “We believe that the moment the gains are converted into traditional money is the right time to assess tax.” According to Bloomberg, the […]

  31. McCabe moving towards indictment. Just swing by DrudgeReport.

  32. Rosenstein and the coup:

  33. Tino and all. The Indictments needed are the big issues right now. They merit your focus

  34. I have been focused.... for a long time.... love to see them!.... bet the money would be released then.... swamp is still way to deep it looks like.... still talking about impeachment and crap.... our leaders are all a bunch of puppets.... sickening!.... instead of uniting our country/world they play stupid games.

  35. Nasdaq Lists New Index Featuring Six Altcoins
    US-based Nasdaq has listed a blockchain-focused index. Defix (DEFX) is the first altcoin index following popular Ethereum-based, decentralized finance projects (DeFi). The six cryptocurrencies are said to be the most promising in the sector: Augur, Gnosis, Amoveo, Numerai, Maker and 0x. The index is up 14.86% on Thursday, soaring past the Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]

  36. Donald J. Trump

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump
    European Central Bank, acting quickly, Cuts Rates 10 Basis Points. They are trying, and succeeding, in depreciating the Euro against the VERY strong Dollar, hurting U.S. exports.... And the Fed sits, and sits, and sits. They get paid to borrow money, while we are paying interest!

    1. About damn time this kind of comment from the Prez is made. You know it will hit a few people to look at how much interest has been paid... not to mention that our dollar is a debt note.

    2. So stop paying these Shylock's and get your own central bank like any 1st world nation. Israel runs America- into the ground

    3. Unfortunately it requires a repeal of both Legal Tender laws AND the so-called Legal Tender legal cases. Until many, many, more folks get the nature of the problem it won't change. Crypto is interesting in that it may allow direct-bypass over the long-term.


  38. A one o clock wake up call on currencies. Interesting late move let's see if it follows through

    1. are we still progressing for that 1 call? or did it crash again?

  39. Tommy Robinson, false media Icon, low life rabble rouser, has been freed after just 9 weeks.
    Until the next altercation then the plank will be waiting.
    This is no Mandela, just a nasty crooked fella.
    The lout is out

    It's only time he has form

    Next time it will be time

    1. Nobody, even here, thought he was a Mandela or an MLK.

      What we did think was -> He didn't commit a crime. And it's actually provable that he didn't.

      THAT is why the optics were horrible. THAT is why no one listened to UK Establishment line on this.

      This imprisonment in the wake of the Assange debacle (and I realize more is afoot than is told) is why nobody trusts UK Justice (or for that matter US Justice) any more. The damage to your system is greater than you realize at present. The unintended consequences have simply not come home to roost yet.

    2. Tino

      I reside between each Justice systems, and while I don't hesitate to admonish Muppet mistakes by our Judiciary, our system almost totally bypasses the crude, criminal, corrupt US alternative.
      Yes we have issues, but it's British Justice which allows this toe rag to walk free again. This creep needs to have real manners put on him.
      Give him 5 years in Colchester Military Correction Center. Sorted! If he survives it that mouth will be sealed forever.

      Give me a real freedom fighter I'm on your side.

      It was me facing down General Malan in Pretoria giving him head on untenable truths defending Mandela which had him apoplectic in fury wanting me tried for treason only to have Pik Boerta as Foreign Minister stand up and say John right, many of us now challenge our position it's unsustainable. I laid it only the line in Mandela dies all you 4m Afrikaaners will face the fury and rage of 40m disenfranchised Africans and you will all mass die in retribution. No one in the west will help you, your tied together. Let Mandela free or you won't chose your destiny. They even painted ANC on my vast white walled Joburg estate home but Africans protected me. I put it on the line and Mandela saved 40m. He went inside a reckless womaniser and terrorist but came out a humble patriot. People can change.
      Robinson is no Mandela just trash.
      I respect real Humanitarians there are many of you on this site.
      Justice is a lonely road and integrity no Yoke to carry.
      Robinson is not deserving .

    3. John saw McCabe will be indicted? That sniveling lying weasel Hillary butt kisser?

    4. We need the lot as with Watergate. No Prisoners, all Prisoners!

    5. And well they should have released him. Kudos to who had the courage to act correctly.

      Nobody is telling you to put up a statue to Robinson. He's a phony Nationalist and loud mouth. Just don't put a piece of trash in jail when he hasn't committed a crime. That is THE Point. There is literally no difference in principle between us and the Khazerians if WE can't abide by the strictures of the law or ethical behavior. Slippery slopes exist. It starts with a Robinson, and to steal your phrase, ends where? We all matter you say? Let's be consistent with that principle.

      On the personal anecdote -- Wow! Had no idea you were that intimately involved in the events then. Bravo, bravissimo!

    6. Allow mobile word switching infuriating phones.

    7. No worries John, we auto-correct for the auto-corrected!

  40. Mr. Beto disqualifies himself

    But it's good to know that Democrats are unmasking with regards to their true position on gun control.

    Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We're not going to allow it to be used against your fellow Americans anymore.

    This is why the dire murmured threats of Conservatives are so pointless. Democrats are not going to be warned off of Civil War 2.0. If the high probability of negative consequences ever dissuaded them, they wouldn't pursue any of their actual policies in the first place.

  41. I can't say much but positive moves cranked up rapidly overnight with a call at one am this morning to get me linked in fast. Positive moves just wait In hope. No one is owed, and it's been a long costly road, but now there's hope that's all I can say. Just watch.

  42. Rock On John...."I can't say much but positive moves cranked up....just watch"

  43. Replies
    1. John, Are you still feeling it "rock hard?"

    2. It's just that positive Intel seemed to be flowing from everyone yesterday, and today it's stone cold quiet

    3. Quiet is important it has to stay calm no spooking or it gives excuses to delay. We are at 3rd base.

  44. Taliban visits Moscow days after Trump says talks ‘dead’


  45. OWON: Even Vietnam had an exit.

    Only if the US uses its full might to strike and atomize the Taliban can America ever step clear of this mess. Nothing less that a total wipe out will work. Or leave!

    Taliban vows to keep fighting and says Donald Trump will ‘regret’ ending Afghanistan peace talks

  46. Trump Was Right: Feds Nab Top FEMA Admin. in Massive Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria Corruption Scam

    Federal authorities arrested a pair of former top Federal Emergency Management Agency officials and a Federal Emergency Management Agency contractor in Puerto Rico on Tuesday in a corruption investigation.

    Former deputy regional administrator Ahsha Nateef Tribble; Jovanda Patterson, Tribble’s chief of staff; and Donald Keith Ellison, former President of Cobra Acquisitions, LLC, were arrested on charges including “conspiracy to commit bribery, honest services wire fraud and disaster fraud,” according to CBS News.

    The arrests come after two years of Democrats blaming President Donald Trump for criticizing Puerto Rico’s response to Hurricane Maria in 2017 when the storm devastated parts of the U.S. territory.

    Trump has spent the same amount of time blaming Puerto Rico for botched emergency responses and the long recovery period.

    The president’s longstanding claims, however, have now been at least somewhat justified given the nature of the recent arrests.


  47. 'Hit them!': Duterte tells Filipinos to shoot corrupt officials, promises no prison time

    #DONALDTRUMP should tweet "I agree 100% with Duterte!!"

  48. New World Order in Meltdown, But Russia Stronger Than Ever

  49. Stunning restored authentic video footage shows German Flying Discs!

    Seems they were working on so much more than just the legendary FOO-FIGHTERS!

    1. The so-called "Foo Fighters" where at most 1-foot glowing balls. Too many reports have the FF moving either right outside the plane (several yards) and several were known to move into bomb-bay doors and into the cabins. There is absolutely no possibility that was German tech. In simplest terms we didn't,and neither did the Nazis, have the energy density for the battery or for that matter a dynamic over-unity source to fit in a ball 12-inches in diameter. So someone else was monitoring the war.

    2. Thuel Society Scientists and "Advisors", Dimensional!

    3. TINO & JOHN Thank You. I did not know of these FF you describe. Ones I was referring to flew rings around Allied fighter jets.Dozens of reports of "discs" buzzig around them with aerial super moves no Allied plane could do.

    4. Again Thule Society German special units

    5. Well, well, well. This, if fact, raises many, many questions. Not the least of which is why in nether hell would any advanced entity waste its time with a parochial conflict on this dirt ball? And do I have to conclude that some dimensional entities are evil? Or just naive? Or possibly, that for all the propaganda, the two sides in the war were more or less identical (two flavors of Socialism in conflict) from a power perspective and that the excesses of the Nazi side against a cosmic backdrop are just incidental?

  50. Trump Himself States 'Bombs' Took Down
    The World Trade Center On 9/11 - Vid

  51. If Dopey Joe continues to ridicule himself as the bribe taking crook he is, the final run off will be between Permatan and Pocahontas. Interesting if so. She will get shredded.
    Pocahontas did tbs to herself with childish claims. Politics is unforgiving.
    Trumps answer, as the Liar and Chief is to lie even more,and at his stage where even he believes his own fantasy crap, the gullible Sheeple follow. Pocahontas versos the Lying King? Or the Bribe taking Ho, Sleepy Joe?
    If Filipinos can shoot corrupt officials, why not Biden? We had a Congressman walk it straight onto Soetoro's desk and he buried it. Joe then owed him. Why is the Kenyan Con Man not in jail? A cage in Gitmo needs to be freed for him. For LIFE! Only in America.

    1. What congressman walked what exactly onto his desk?

    2. Hi Tim, read up on the whole Falcone affair in the main series of articles. Ultimately Biden took a $200MM bribe off of HClinton to look the other way on the money owed to Falcone. Prior to the Congresscritter I believe an Admiral attached to the White House had previously brought the brief/papers to Prez and VP attention as part of his regular duties.

  52. A Congressman issued his formal attestation to the President accusing Clinton, acting for Bush 41, of having bribed Biden in the Falcone affair, and offered evidence from the Attorneys and investigators. Treason it's as bad is it gets. Bribing the VP for God's sake, and by and ex Potus and First Lady. Identified CIA Agents who flew around in US Government planes moving Bidens money to escape tracking Investigators and laundering it. Herzog etc. etc.
    Obama hid it and blocked investigation. Especially as the Bushes had his Birth Cert supplied by Tony Blair and owned Obama! Does it get worse?

  53. 2020, 3 weeks to go before the vote, and it goes right down Bidens throat in a public run off. Hook, line and a full Raptor Cage with Bush 41, Herzog and Clintons faces all over it. FBI Agents arresting him on the podium.Now that is how to win an Election! Trump will be hard for a week!

  54. The actions of IS-RA-HELL
    Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group has claimed responsibility for drone attacks that set Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure ablaze on Saturday, shutting down half of its oil output. Two Aramco plants, including the world’s largest oil processing facility, were set on fire in drone attacks, according to Reuters. Saudi Arabia’s state run media said the fires were brought under control but did not report the extent of the damage to its facilities except to say oil exports were continuing. BBC quoted Yemeni military spokesman Yahya Sarea warning that further attacks could be expected. The Wall Street Journal reports that the shutdown amounts to a loss of about five million barrels a day, roughly 5 percent of the world’s daily production of crude oil and about half of the country’s output.

  55. Game changer. Phone a Drone. Economic melt down.refinery wars for Savage whores. A 7th century culture gets flattened by a Drone culture.
    Israel is going to need a lot of toilet paper. Stealth drones next. Drone swarms there goes the neighbourhood.

    1. Will we be at $100 oil later today?

      And...who placed HUGE bets on call options Last week?

      Follow the money. The "Brotherhood" is guaranteed to have their fingers all over Saudi Arabia, not Iran.

  56. Yemen has indicated their Drones will revisit if the Saudis keep F them over.
    Now they have seen how they can hit them right in their wallets. Yemen may not have the power or size, but OMG those Drones opened a lot of eyes.

    Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon plus Syria will be assessing how Drones can màximize damage

  57. Trump preparing to hit the EU with billions in tariffs.

  58. Oil explodes. Biggest jump on Record

  59. Iran War Imminent. US is locked and loaded!

    1. First, if we are that stupid we deserve the eventual nuke.

      Second, the Yemeni will simply stop all Saudi production because a carbon composite battery based drone will be invisible at night, invisible to radar, and each can drop a kg or two on refineries at will.

      Third, the current risk of flying into Iran to do strikes is non-trivially high.

      We ARE going to get hurt.

    2. I would remind you what David Goldman's White House Insider said before he was killed in June.

      "It has already been decided...War with Iran by October."

    3. Iran backed by advanced Russian and Chinese weaponry will sink Tankers, Warships and if escalating will atomise US bases also with S400s will hit all incoming planes and missiles.

      Drones will swarm attackers, then Israel. Escalate and Israel gets nuked. Next move,?

      Russia already has weapons in Venezuela only 7 minutes striking distance from America. Not just bombing WMDs but assume beyond potent chemical. Warfare. Russia's fleet sits ready off US coasts with Subs ready to go on command.

      There seems to be a perma Fog getting American skulls to understand Russia is prepared to take its chances and pre empt with enough to total America, to them all dead is ok. Only America seems not to get that an honourable death annihilating America is Justice alone. That to them wins.
      Be careful attacking Iran because WW111 sits waiting. 4 nukes will total the UK and at least 10 will hit. It's gone. Our subs will launch 30 back and that alone totals Russia then the US cones into play.
      But be assured, they will fry Israel to a cinder first as final warning,nothing will live.
      Attacking Iran unleashes hell.
      America freaked over 9/11.
      Imagine 500 nukes coming in spaced to create a total cinderbowl. We don't even get a say we just all die for another US lie. What gives America the right to any of it? Cinderized patriots defies logic.

    4. Meanwhile...The elite members of "The Brotherhood" will watch from their Ritz Carlton style underground bunkers, surrounded by stacks of gold, cash, cocaine, weed and children.

    5. Only a million came in post war now they are close to 10m and own the place.

    6. Gold means nothing in a nuclear nightmare world.INSANITY.That Dna targeted virus the exterminate the Kharars needs to be deployed soon!!

  60. Take out Benji with stealth drones. About time! PUSH the button Iran!


  61. Article link:

    WJB The Shell Game! (by Definition)
    by Walter Burien



    Your looking at it in the wrong way (the way they are promoting it to you)

    Looking at it on the personal level example works best for understanding.

    So, let's see:

    1. You project out your liabilities 45-years. Your 30-year $325,000 mortgage will be paid off with interest with $610,000.

    Your retirement fund at the end of 35-years currently has $150,000 in it. You currently are making $40,000 per year, and when you retire 35-years from now you will need:

    a. after accounting for cost of living increases; inflation outside of the normal cost of living increases; promotions; increased costs of health care, etc.,

    b. you will have to account for what you are making now 35-years from now, an annual salary of $285,000 of which under your retirement plan you will get 80% of and your health care costs will be at that time $70,0000 a year, so $285,000 + $70,000 = .$355,000 retirement costs.

    2. So, the investment fund balance you will need using an actuarial projection of 10% return would be $3,555,000 (3.5 million). Now if you were using a 5% return projection, you would need $7,100,000 (7.1 million)

    3. You also must cover your other projected liabilities, the 1000 acres of land you were looking to acquire 20-years from now, the office building you were looking to build 15-years from now, etc., etc. and it requires an additional $5,000,0000 to be put to the side...

    If you, I, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet used this type of accounting (which government created for themselves being that they had such massive cash rolling in the door that they needed to create one parking zone after another to hold that wealth) we all would look like we are on financial deaths door and appear that we have such massive debt we never will pay it off..

    Government will say: "But we are only following Government accepted accounting principles (GAP). What they will forget to say (intentionally) is the fact these guidelines were created by themselves. The government boys created Private Associations, then their top financial people became the almost exclusive members of those associations, ,,, etc., and then through them created the accounting structures and guidelines to follow. It gives the ultimate definition of allowing the Foxes to write the laws (and guidelines) of how many hens are eaten from the hen house, when they are eaten, and by whom. With this type of practice in place, the rancher gets 10, foxes get 90.

    On a last note, starting in the 70's forward, out of simple opportunity and the public's naivety, is when government had so much cash coming in the door, they needed to create "Parking Zones for it". The covert idea put into play was to move funds out of their budget accounting in one year (to one of their enterprise operations, a bank, an Insurance company, etc.) and then the next year say and show they had a budget short fall and needed to have a bond issue to cover the shortfall. The public may or may not look, and yes, on the local government's budget, there would be a shortfall so the bond issue (debt) was offered. Did anyone ever look to see who the investor was for that bond issue? Never.. Who in most cases was the investor? Well, remember it was mentioned funds were moved out of the budgetary accounting the year before? Where it was moved to, again in most cases was the investor using the funds moved to them to then be the sole investor in the bond issue. With local governments doing this, they "create" the Parking Zone for that wealth originally obtained from the public, and to add irony and insult, the public is now paying interest for the repayment of that bond which was their own money taken from them in the first place.

    1. Talk about the strongest reason to maintain "Silence is Golden"

      I note that if AT&T, APPLE, J&J, etc., used the same Government Accounting standard, all would be indicted by the SEC and sentenced to 30-years + in San Quentin. The GAP accounting Government uses would be 100% illegal for a publicly traded company to use for obvious reasons.

      The above is the underling foundation of what has been taking place over the last 70-years, and again out of simple oppertunity and the public's (strictly maintained) naivety. Government implemented the techniques for securing all of the wealth, in every aspect from the population. There is no accident that Gorbachev in the 80's and then China starting in 1999, said they are switching to becoming Democratic like in the USA. They both looked at the numbers and clearly saw that the USA Government had developed the best procedure for taking and securing the wealth and productivity value of an entire population under their control and for their use. Reference the raw data tables of the Z.1. Report. For example 2010 through 2015 as a .pdf file -

      Keep in mind with this type of massive wealth having been systematically taken, again the silence is golden rule is strictly enforced. Syndicated media, controlled education, and absolute control over the large corporations via who gets Government's investment capital or the funding of those corporation's debt.

      This communication is the most relevant, essential, and important communication every "thinking" person needs to see and comprehend.

      Will the general population see it? Probably not more than 1000. For millions of thinking people to see it, a strong effort needs to be done by the few who actually get it, to copy and post on every chat board, news site, email posts, printed in hard copy and handed out, put up on every website to be read and thus comprehended. Will it happen? You, each and every one of you will determine that event..

      As of today's date, the beat goes on for the Government take-over machine as we all are masterfully entertained with non-consequential illusion and delusion spoon fed us every single hour of every single day, and done so due to the massive wealth and control involved.

      Sent FYI and truly yours for your future from,

      Walter Burien - and
      P. O. Box 2112
      Saint Johns, AZ 85936

      Tel. (928) 458-5854

      PS: If the dots were connected, 80%+ of that government debt would be determined to be "self funded"

    2. It is beyond comprehension to me that this information has been available for years, yet virtually NOBODY knows about!! We must do as he suggests, and get it out there, and mabe one of us gets lucky and say picks it up and it would then go viral!!

    3. ALL thoroughly documented that governments are in fact NOT broke, but are all FLUSH WITH ASSETS!! The BIGGEST LIE OF THE MILLENNIA!! Grrrrrr.....Bastards!

  62. What's this? 24 hours without a single comment? Or my computer is not refreshing properly.

    Still on 3rd base waiting for a single? Or third out and left stranded, John?

    1. He must be very busy.That is a good sign, I would think...

    2. Note how mention of Third Base aroused My Girl 56. Memories.

    3. LOL LOL LOL. You really did make me laugh. out. loud. Great memories, for sure. :)

    4. Any time, John dear. Or is that John Deere? Nothing runs like one, they say. :)

  63. DOJ Accuses JPMorgan's Precious Metals Trading Desk Of Being A Criminal Enterprise

    Who would have thought that JPMorgan's precious metals trading desk is the functional equivalent of the mafia, and that its one-time leader, Blythe Masters, was the mafia's don?

    Well, almost everyone who didn't mind being designated a conspiracy theorist for years. And now comes vindication, because this has just been confirmed by the DOJ, which accused the PM trading desks at JPMorgan of being deeply involved in what prosecutors described as a "massive, multiyear scheme to manipulate the market for precious metals futures contracts and defraud market participants."

    In an indictment unsealed on Monday morning, the DoJ charged Michael Nowak, a JPMorgan veteran and former head of its precious metals trading desk and Gregg Smith, another trader on JPM's metals desk, in the probe. (Blythe Masters was somehow omitted).

    1. Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein(for that matter!) should not escape the hangman's noose!

  64. NY Area Fire Commissioners Resolution States That
    'Beyond Any Doubt Pre-Planted Explosives' Destroyed The
    WTC Buildings, Killing Thousands On 9/11 - Trump Silent

  65. The impacts of tariffs on the slipping Chinese economy and escalation of HK riots is making settling anything difficult for China. It just strengthens the dollar and empowers US Hegemony. Bringing home the economic reality China can't afford wars, trade or conflict.

    Barbarians are at the gates seeking resolution. HK shows China's fear of Revolution spreading. Suddenly the Chans are indecisive. No money.
    America's move next.

  66. John is there anything you can share today, is it still progressing?

    1. I had calls from Asia at 05-30 this morning. We talked with DC parties this morning. We are pushing for resolution..if they will just allow the phased PPs it's enough. Leveraging that does it all. This is a key focus week and pressures is on. Vested interest battles are on. Let's see daily.

    2. John,

      What appears to have changed in driving towards an outcome for releases? Is there a sense the US is being an honest broker, or do should we expect more false hopes?

    3. We are asking hard, face off questions today. Starting with Show Me The Money!
      This is a card table where everyone has a cocked Deringer up their sleeves and all now worry which of these parties has a 44 magnum aimed at my family jewels?

  67. In lesser news, the Pentagon doesn't understand the concept that the horse has left the barn already...

    Regarding the series of videos on Unidentified the series...

    The Black Vault also revealed that, while the videos were unclassified, they were never cleared for public release.

    “The videos were never officially released to the general public by the DoD and should still be withheld,” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough told the news site earlier this year.

    Mr Gradisher then confirmed the Pentagon’s position in the new report last week by adding: “The Navy has not released the videos to the general public.”
    -- Daily Star

    1. The Babies own Intel Units has a vast historical library of recorded USOs and USVs both entering and leaving ocean positions. Also recording objects travelling within the oceans at speeds far beyond known human capability. The Navy has more, plus communications records and oceanic floor electronic tracking records. The Navy KNOWS.

    2. Word switching should read the Navies


  68. OWON: Yet another PR disaster by the bumbling Buffoon that is Bonking Boris Johnson. He is the Pits of political stupidity.

    Politics needs a serious rethink. Johnson is absurd. Just a flagrant opportunist, a Sound Bites man and no more. God help the UK.

    Brexit: Boris Johnson attacked by Luxembourg PM over 'nightmare'

  69. Replies
    1. CANAUZZIE,,, think I damaged my brain trying to comprehend that.... can u go into my past and tell me not to read it?...TY

    2. JD
      Consider evidence of life saving premonitions , some sophisticated visual memories, indicating a warning from the future to avert actions from the past. The existence of an ever evolving multi verse,?

      If once having experienced beyond clinical and clear existence in a dimension beyond this, and the awesome majesty of what is for Soul travellors, then all existence is viewed with flexible dexterity.
      Consciousness is a state of fluid being an ever evolving ethereal cosmic stage game of lives.

    3. Thanks John.... and CANAUZZIE.... very interesting!

  70. The oil derivatives are starting to freeze up interbank lending.....Time to start running for cover!

    While the Fed did not disclose how many banks participated in the operation, it is safe to say it was a sizable number. Worse, the result from today's unexpected repo operation, we can now conclude that in addition to $1.3 trillion in 'excess reserves', a Fed which is now cutting rates and will cut rates by 25bps tomorrow, the US financial system somehow found itself with a liquidity shortfall of $53 billion that almost paralyzed the interbank funding market.

  71. Only the Treasury/ Fed know the true liquidity levels and they alone are key to redemptions. With false books, and Zio Crooks, where is truth?

    What happened to the Z Reno Republic?Wassocks!
    Meanwhile, real world we face off daily and the screw is tightening.
    Big questions daily now.
    Remember the Red October Ambassadors face off? What you've lost another one?
    This tracks our daily face off on closures and redemption funds.

    1. Well and I don't disagree with you, but with that said, can we say that this post from Sunday
      Quiet is important it has to stay calm no spooking or it gives excuses to delay. We are at 3rd base.

      didn't age well? Or this one from Friday?

      “…I can’t say much but positive moves cranked up rapidly overnight…”

      A one o clock wake up call on currencies. Interesting late move let’s see if it follows through…I can’t say much but positive moves cranked up rapidly overnight with a call at one am this morning to get me linked in fast. Positive moves just wait In hope. No one is owed, and it’s been a long costly road, but now there’s hope that’s all I can say. Just watch.

    2. Consider the application of humour read and interpreted well by My Girl 56. Mental awareness- of more. It put a smile on a sister humans face. Purposefully.

    3. So ... If we are not at third base , I hope we didn't have a swing and a miss...

    4. Swing Terry just don't miss.

  72. There is no singular linear authority of trust.
    Right now even clear original on balance sheet funds overdue for redemption are obfuscated weekly by TPTB.

    De monetised currencies and compromised Bonds mercurial. Yet when it suits the Deep State, Saurin, the DHS and Agencies can monetize 15T at will to mask Federal deficiencies.

    Try Immersing see the complexities and conflicting interests at work. It's hugely sensitive we try with good intent.

  73. Not to take the spotlight off the efforts of John and company
    But you folks should be keeping tabs on Patrick Byrne over at Deep Capture
    Sept 23 is next week!

    1. If there has been any company/CEO raked over the criminal coals, it is Overstock and Dr Patrick Byrne. He was/is one of leaders in the fight against the Short Sellers along with Richard Altomare of USXP fame. (SEC had him put in Jail to shut him up)
      The SEC is a criminal organization who dances to the tune of the Deep State.
      God bless Dr Patrick Byrne and his business acumen.
      Turnabout is fairplay, especially against The Criminal Deep State.

  74. What is Sept 23rd? What is it we should be reading at that deep capture site?

    1. Unless the SEC stops the process,short sellers, actually naked short sellers will have their crimes exposed

  75. There is a huge and growing demand to pump Fed cash into the system. Bank solvency levels and reserves are stretched because the parasitic thieves strip out mega bonuses, fund wild gambles, and fund pampered ivory tower operating costs with unsustainable retirement packages for retiree staff and methane wives who contribute nothing but live as carbuncles on the back of the institutions. Madness, the lot.
    How can banks fund client businesses when they suck out reserves in orgies of vanity. Bankers are hugely overpaid, over pampered on retirement and grossly undersupervised in shareholders funding use. No Banks should be allowed to fund Derivatives gambles and all gearing should be smashed down to max 5 times capital not 10. Hedge Fund rackets need to end.

    1. 2008 all over again...Liquidity Shortage Getting Worse: Fed's Repo Oversubscribed As Funding Demand Soars 50% Overnight

    2. Uh Oh...More BAD News

      Stunning Consensus Emerges: Fed May Announce Launch Of QE In Just A Few Hours

    3. And the HITS just keep on coming....

      Fed Funds Prints 2.30%, Breaching Target Range For The First Time, As Libor Replacement Soars To "Remarkable" 5.25%

  76. Active Intel...

    1. The DOTMARAD, in conjunction with MSCSealift and US_TRANSCOM, has ordered a no-notice "turbo" activation of 23 to 25 ships from the 46 ship Ready Reserve Force. This is the largest activation since 40 ships were used in Op Iraqi Freedom in 2003. (URGENT: This means those ships must be ON-DUTY in six calendar days!)

    2. The __ONLY__ reason to do this is to move sufficient troops and equipment rapidly for war. There is no other purpose.

    3) Three missiles were found inside Kuwait that had malfunctioned and crashed. It wasn’t hard to locate the launch sites.

    4) The Trump Administration is weighing options for a retaliatory strike on Iran, including a cyber attack, military strike targeting the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iranian oil facilities . . . or ALL of the above.

    5) US military planners have revisited a long-identified list of potential Iranian targets that could constitute a proportional response. Targets included in a proportional response would be a strike on Irans Abadan oil refinery, one of the worlds largest or Kharg Island, Iran's biggest oil export facility. Other possibilities include hitting missile launch sites, bases or other assets belonging to the IRGC.

    6) Iran has informed Washington (through the Swiss Embassy) that its response to any targeted attack will NOT be limited to the source of the attack.

    The item above is so serious it deserves emphasis. Iran is making clear they will attack both US assets and ALLIES. (Read: Israel, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.)

    That means that any retaliatory strike on Iran over this Saudi Refinery attack, will IMMEDIATELY explode into a regional war.

    7) The USAF is preparing to support a retaliatory airstrike against IRGC's Kata'ib Hezbollah in Iraq which helped IRGC-QF to launch Quds-1 cruise missiles at Saudi Arabia's oil facilities on 14/09/2019. USAF deployed EC-130H 73-1580 to Saudi Arabia for this purpose.

    8) 10:50 AM EDT -- American B-52's and additional American B-2 Stealth Bombers are "deploying" but no one is saying to where. Not hard to guess.

    9) At a press conference held in Saudi Arabia, Saudi military spokesman Colonel Al-Maliki showed recovered forensic evidence in the form of missile and drone debris recovered from the attack. The missiles were Iranian "Ya-Ali" cruise missiles and

    1. Dude! WTF do you NOT post links with your copy/paste posts?

  77. JV thanks for yet another excellent DOOMS DAY prediction. WILL take precautions asap. Thanks.

  78. John, will they kick the can with QE?

  79. QE is part of a total package. But nothing can work without the rest AND cleaning out Bank Rats. No bank should be too big to fail. Goldman's feed like pigs on bonuses, racketeer with T Bills, blow the pot and scream for subsidies. Next time any scream for recovery they must be hived off to better banks and the board plus key culprits fired.
    It's time to sweep out the trash.

    Wall Street either becomes a service source or goes to the wall!

    Where is the lead from the top? Direction?

    No more throwing money into a black hole? No funding without purpose.

    Releasing the PPs will go to projects, where better? Not to Tax Havens or Wall Street Yachts.

    You would be surprised who's on the negotiating teams. There is purpose and they are fit for it, but DCs the problem combined with lying, thieving Rat Pack Bankers, infested with Roaches.

    So reality negotiations are focused daily. Details- No. Cards to our chests. We pay, we say. Note We Pay!

    We have huge time and money invested in this and were very motivated. Were not ambulance chasing broker fantasies. However our secrets stay with us.
    There are so many closing factors with minds applied. The season timing is tight. We need redemption offers and dialog is focused. Our Principal clients brought in full On Balance Sheet money, and they want it back. They deserve it

    1. "Want it back"
      Want what type of money back. Repaid with the same type money they turned over to "them"
      Fiat paper money, hard assets, newly created money with intrinsic backing, dollars, yuan, dinars, diamonds, stocks, oil, gold, silver.....
      And who will they get it from, specifically?
      Roaches, rats, zios, bankers are too general in terms for a better understanding

    2. Bullet between the eyes should be repaid to them as we sand in our sorry hands firmly griping our weapons of war we turkey know who the enemy is

    3. G-Man

      1.Start with WF returning what is known to be owed to a Patriot.
      2.Start with the US Treasury redeeming known debts to trusting Lenders.
      3.Start by listing every Scumbag Zio Banker and bent Politicians who cashed in, plus the full investigation of all ex Treasury Secretaries, with special attention for Greenspan, Ruben, etc. Robbing, lying thieves, parasites the lot! Life with no parole in Gitmo. Confiscation of all assets.

      Why are WF still playing games delaying transfers? Jail a few and watch how fast redemptions start. These are daily face offs. Weekly lies.

  80. Bombs will start flying soon.....BOOM!

  81. NEVER seen it so quiet here...
    Either JOHN & Team are close OR WW3 is upon us....

  82. Lots more info articles sent over for you all.

    Right now it is way too sensitive to respond on any Redemption issues. Apart from calling out WF etc. Our primary responsibility is to the Clients. Nothing must rock those boats.
    Intense focus and pressures are on right now.
    Other issues we will keep you appraised.

    1. Curious to know what happens when/if QFS comes online. Won't the banks have to be the natural collector of those funds?

    2. The world goes cashless and you get a tattoo on your forward so you can be scanned everywhere you go.

    3. forehead...damn auto correct.

    4. Well, man-in-the-middle attacks, which banking has degenerated to, is ripe for replacement. If I can exchange with my neighbor and bypass the system I will and so will others. It's a pipe dream to go cashless. THe recent deplatforming events have sensitized folks to the dangers of third-party control. It will be brought to heel one way or another.

  83. A good rant:


  84. Liquidity Shortage Getting Worse: Fed's Repo Oversubcribed Even More As Funding Demand Jumps

    You have been warned again.

    This is getting bad. The problems now are not the mortgage bond market, but the sovereign bond market. You can't have negative interest rate policy without destroying so many parts of the system. The OVERNIGHT FUNDING SYSTEM is FAILING!!! This is what funds banks, hedge funds and institutional investors.

    You need to hoard US $100 Bills, Gold and Silver. Plus stock up in food etc. When it seizes up you won't be able to get it out of these banks.

  85. People stuck on binary analyses never see the third option coming. They also never seem to grasp that most people prefer open and avowed enemies to unreliable and traitorous allies.

    If the leaders of the Conservative Party had any brains and actually valued political power, they would do two things. First, encourage Scottish independence. The only reason Labour ever had any power in Great Britain was due to the strong inclination of the Scots toward the Left. Once the Scottish electorate is excised from the British Parliament, Labour becomes as irrelevant as the Liberal Democrats have been historically.

    Second, do a deal with the Brexit Party and build up a powerful Leave majority whether Brexit has taken place or not.

    The fact that the Conservative leadership refuses to do either of these perfectly obvious things demonstrates very clearly that they are not serious about any of their professed principles. Like US conservatives, they have failed to conserve anything. They fully merit their future failure. -- Vox Day on British Politics

  86. Tino

    Have you assessed the Grey Cells of what is in the Commons today?
    Bonking Boris is too limp brained to be true. Socialists even worse.May was clueless. Major now challenging was even worse. Blair was a seriously greasy spoon Vatican rented boy in power. Aided by an alcoholic mental dysfunctional in Campbell, and the misogynist Mandelson with his penchant for Young Boys.

    The Commons has earned its name.

    I stick to the Upper House, the Lords. Albeit hugely overloaded with Tramps and Losers, but some element of Class. The Commons, sadly is Low!

    Agreed, we need the Scotts gone, but then our borders are at risk. Tempting as it is to atomise the lot, that era is not yet here. But a new order letting then have Home Rule with NO Westminster votes is needed. The Scotts will lift their kilts for a Buck! Way too much patrogane is accorded to a conquered tribe. Socialist, hooch imbibing trash.

    What do you call a Scotsman with 100 girl friends? A Sheep Farmer!

    Never mind the balance of the House. Look at the imbalance of the minds?

    As I have indicated, Politics has run its course.
    Representatives are too self gratuitous, and Voters, in too many cases, simply too stupid.

    Put simply, 80% of them probably account for less than 10% of wealth generated. How does that factor as appropriate governance? Money rules! And will!

    See the reality check issue? We need to look at they who Pay, Say!
    Socialism is a Toxic Pox on mentality. Money rules even fools.

    Pending economic chaos will rearrange power and game boards. To the Victors, the spoils. It's not just the Elites. The Human herd needs a rethink. Capital will both trigger and enforce it.

    Tri Lateral ethos? Bildebergers policies?

    Behind the borders, are coming new orders.

    Philanthropic re arrangement of validated assets. When herds outgrow need, no funds to feed. Do you want the Mother of Parliaments subjected to the vacuous controls of that current Whorehouse? Guy Fawks wanted to blow the lot up. This lot would unzip and volunteer! This seedcorn?

    1. We agree in general but not the specific. So long as the bulk of humanity is thought of as a herd, ethical and practical solutions will evade the decision-makers. Culling while possible is merely the last resort of the incompetent and lazy thinkers. Just because somebody's crazy accounting scheme sees me as "liability line entry" doesn't mean I am in reality. Nor for that matter is the bulk of humanity. The system would have crashed long, long ago if the bulk of humanity was truly a net loss. So already all the talk of "no funds to feed" is a false premise out of screwed-up accounting.

      In any event, a discussion for another day.

    2. But the fly in the soup of evolution.

  87. Growing indications favour Trump facing impeachment. He can be his own worst enemy. This is not a bull but all too often an Elephant loose in a China shop.
    2020 is going to be a harder fight for him, especially if a quality candidate emerges. Sleepy Joe and Pocahontas aren't up to it but a Sleeper may emerge.

    1. Sigh... Growing indications from where John? What MSM rag are you reading? Because I have to tell you, your information doesn't match what a few Patriots in the US govt that I know say. Do you know what it takes to impeach a President? It's not just you don't like him.

      Apparently you're not talking to White Hats in the govt, because they say the complete opposite of you.

    2. And John, President Trump's popularity and job satisfaction with the American people is quite high. That's all that matters, the American People's wish. You understand that right?

    3. IF a Sleeper Awakens maybe.

      Talk of impeachment is over blown. The (D) don't have a chance at pulling it off. Real-data says Trump, for all the warts, is doing phenomenally well. Grass roots remain active in his favor. Warren remains a fraud of orchestrated numbers and propped up campaign.

  88. Since when did the wishes of the people count for squat. Yes less than 35% want him impeached fully understood. BUT the bullock is endangering himself on multiple front giving his enemies real grounds to try to take him down. You can't even get your own Central Bank launched and your voting pre Trump was a rigged Joke. Your MSM is Khazar owned and Agency fed.
    DOJ. You don't have any.
    Wall Street, the Global epicenter of Zio crooks thieve at will. How many are jailed?

    Bush 41 treated you all as Cretins and walked over the Constitution.
    Obama was rigged in
    Fixed! The Clintons? What for God's sake makes you think you have a say, or matter in the Federal Zoo?
    Good people manipulated by garbage.
    The Klondike brought in the first rushes. They smell it. Post WW11 the ones who'd failed to sneak in pre war dumped themselves en mass. 70 years and they took it all.
    You think you matter- to them? Really?

    The first Federal state mass slaughtered innocent Native Americans. Mass genocide by ruthless bottom feeding trash hoovering up everything in sight. Bordellos, booze, Mafiosos and Bent Judges.
    It started so flawed , what could go wrong? You think it's changed?

    The American dream. What, you really swallow also? Wow.

    America has abundant talent, your not short. But, as with the UK, we BOTH suffer for crap in power. Neither example Democracy. Neither are fit examples. Your not alone, each is in free fall. The only way we can change anything is exposing Elephants and Carnival Barker's posing as Patriots. Have you read nothing of my mass condemnation of our own lot?

    If, a real IF, we can break the PPs free we will show you a better way with funds used fit for purpose. The best ethos of the site will arise. Apolitical.
    We, at least are trying.

    It's the American way to eulogise mediocrities entitles with status undeserved. Well, we don't drink the Kool Aid and yours are assessed in line with our own. In each case the bar is way too low. If we don't change it, nothing changes.

    Nations are a miss perception of national importance. Gruel fed to chain the masses. Body bags and taxes.
    Has humanity learned nothing?

    Trump is in danger in 4 key areas for possible impeachment. Fact! His fortune is a low grade Demo Rat opposition who can't focus , and thank God for that, they are far worse.

    Be assured we are as vitriolic about the EU and inept Government here , but thank God our voices do back votes. Rigging elections here is very hard. The truly stupid vote Labour, deluded limp wrists vote Liberal and the rest either don't vote or vote Conservative. But at least votes are fair, even allowing those too stupid a ballot paper.

    Again, let me be clear, Politics is NOT working and a rethink is overdue. Time for mediocrities has passed. globally!
    China is coming! Eurasia is coming and with it change. Not for the better.

    1. John,

      Your uncertainty about the release of PP's dashes hopes we will ever really see the change the world needs. We're stuck in a perpetual do-loop, and DC has no accountability or care for any of it all.

    2. How are Presidents Impeached? “The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

      Please John tell us what crime he is guilty of. Oh and not from the Mockingbird Project Media and Hollywood.

      President Trump is guilty of none of the above. Clinton was impeached but not removed because he perjured himself.

      His enemies? Oh you mean the globalists? So did you want him to cater to them?

      And really? You went back to the Native Americans? Jesus, I thought liberals were bad when they talked about slavery.. you're going back to when we freed ourselves from the claws of your flawed country.

      And you claim to talk to White hats? This is NOT White Hat speak, this is the talk of the likes of clinton, Bush, and crews.

  89. Got to be way more than I see.... what will he be impeached for exactly?.... one thing for sure, the PP's and all have failed to be released again.... politics is such a visual mess it can not go on the way it is.... the corruption is known by so many now.... the Dems are a complete mess but with power still.... as John Mayer said....

    " Now we see everything that's going wrong
    With the world and those who lead it
    We just feel like we don't have the means
    To rise above and beat it
    So we keep waiting (waiting)
    Waiting on the world to change
    We keep on waiting (waiting)
    Waiting on the world to change
    It's hard to beat the system
    When we're standing at a distance
    So we keep waiting (waiting)
    Waiting on the world to change"


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