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3 - 13 August 2019

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  1. OWON: We only say this is alleged and only use it to discuss points of interest to test and explore truth. This came up cross checking Saurin the the $15T as part of a new investigation. We authenticate none of it, just question it.

    If any parts are true, it has implications.

    It's not our view or position, nor is it verified, it simply raises many questions of common interests. What is the truth? The originating website, not us, is the issuing authorities. We hold no views on any of it. Just concerns if any parts are correct.

    Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin: Fraudster, Terrorist, Spy?

  2. Just key into Wilfredo Saurin above and it accesses many more cases Dongs etc
    If your holding such notes,it's just worth considering those files.

  3. The Epstein files now releasing unsealed has Europe rocking as so many Royals, Politicos and business Leaders from the US to UK are exposed. Vile the lot. The media is rubbing Prince Andrews nose in it daily, he's being trashed alive. So are many. Truth does not stay buried. This is why we need a free speech internet
    We need all the Weiner files next and Clintons indicted.

  4. Theodore Beale nails the analysis:

    A series of highly improbable coincidences

    One strong indicator of a Narrative at work is the presence of people connected to similar previous events:
    The parents of one of the Stonewall Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida happened to be in El Paso on Saturday.

    I said the over/under was three, although I was anticipating a connection to Las Vegas rather than Parkland. But regardless, we're already at two. Let's just say this isn't the first time there has been an "amazing coincidence" of this type.

    Gilroy Garlic Festival: 3 also survived Las Vegas shooting 2 years ago

    Telemachus Orfanos, 27, died alongside 11 others when a man opened fire at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, north-west of Los Angeles. He escaped death last year when a gunman killed 58 people in Las Vegas.

    A woman from California who survived the Las Vegas attack had been driving to her job in San Bernardino, California, when the mass shooting at that city’s Inland Regional Center began in December 2015.

    Parkland survivor's dad escaped harm in Las Vegas shooting.

    One of the victims of the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, had been at the site of a mass shooting in Toronto only a month before.

    The odds against one person in a country of 320 million being in the vicinity of two such events are astronomical. The odds of this happening at least six times are astronomical squared. What the explanation is, I don't know, but the probability math indicates extreme skepticism is required.

    1. Actually, it's astronomical cubed. For those that can't do the math the odds of being in to two shooting events is 1 in 30 billion in the U.S. For it to have happened six times, is actually somewhere north of (1/3x1oE10)^3 or 1 in 3x10E30.

      In simplest terms, it's impossible by chance. So either people of lying about the presence of prior shooting victims, or if the victims are present, they have to be there not by chance but because they are directed there.

    2. and by further implication, if they are directed there, somebody had prior knowledge, prior knowledge implies planning, planning implies Treason.

  5. Planning,Treason requires Agenda! A sophisticated Game Plan

    1. Yeh though you walk in the valley of death?

    2. If Ethereal existence is real, then so is the energy force to empower or effect change when the life ethos is threatened. Free will if used with probity.

  6. John. how much more death and destruction needs to take place before your power player clients step up and kick ass. Seems they are only concerned about their one form or the other?
    Rhetorical question

  7. Correct for many. For example 40 family special interests need consencus
    Not unlike Congress.
    PPs have even owed for 40 years.
    The skill is how we get parts attributed post redemption. Knowledge is the ability to show Greed that if we don't Feed,they won't succeed.

    Part of the solution features dealing with human nature,that of the Beast.

  8. Or Damien's spawn in the White House acting for him

  9. Hovering behind the Epstein and Weiner files pending disclosure are a whole raft of KGB files ready to bust wide open the sex scandal blackmailing of so many high Level American Officials, Business Leaders/ Bankers, and Military /Agency identified parties.
    Russia is ready to Yell just not tell.
    Let's see where the Epstein filth goes. So much dirt, and all these Hoe's. It's time!
    It's also a Global disgrace. Name, Shame and Lame the lot!

  10. Replies
    1. They all thought they had escaped exposure. Justice says No!

    2. Hope they ALL get exposed and confined!!!

  11. From Martin Armstrong....Armstrong Economics. Might be a really good time to get into gold!!!!

    Blog/Reports and DVDs
    Posted Aug 4, 2019 by Martin Armstrong

    I am overseas as a crisis is brewing which many might rename the “Lehman Moment” to something more up to date. Clearly, the stakes are far higher to the world economy than anyone may truly appreciate. We are cascading toward a perfect financial storm. However, this particular storm is exacerbated by the politics of Europe stemming from the structural design of the Euro. There is a major risk to both the European and world economy. All the Quantitative Easing by Draghi at the European Central Bank (ECB) has completely failed and in the process created a systemic risk to the entire world economy – not just the EU. This is why the Federal Reserve (Fed) has lowered interest rates when there was no true justification for the interest rate reduction domestically. The Fed has confirmed that it is indeed the central bank to the world even if it does not like that role. It can no longer place domestic policy objectives over international.

    I am rushing to put out a special report on the next “Lehman Moment” for this is going to be extremely critical.

    1. As China, Russia, Asia and Brics dump SWIFT and the dollar,the Fed faces a Fiscal tail spin. What is the value of US money then? Especially when suppliers do not wish to be paid by its worthless hype.

  12. A question came in asking if Boris Johnson is Jewish.

    He was christened a Catholic by his Mother, but regards himself as a Non Practising Christian. Widely regarded in Westminster as a Non Neutered Alley Cat who will jump anything with a pulse, has at least one known child out of wedlock, and was thrown out by his wife for numerous affairs,being highlighted now living with yet another, herself with a volatile firecracker temperamental character who was made to resign an Advisory Role for blatant expense irregularities. You could trust Boris on anything, as far as you could throw him weighing in a probably 240 lbs. Boris has only one interest, Boris! Self serving and duplicitous as hell. Politicos? Slimebags.

  13. In England large reservoir dams over 200 years old are being smashed by torrential rain overspills risking whole towns below. Northern farms are seeing mass flooding, crop destruction and roads plus bridges collapsing. More is to come. Trees 400years old are being ripped over. Global warming

    1. Grand Solar Minimum. Earth's shields are weak

    2. Al Gore now will be trotted out publicly as the cause? you cannot be so daft. So, must be another humour reference. Poseidon and Thor were a great choice. Invest in canoe companies. LOL.(american counter-humour)

    3. Unfortunately whatever it is, it is not global warming. Climate is and remains mostly stable. Plus like JV and G-Man point out it is a solar minimum. And since it is orbital mechanics and cosmic rays that determine major climate and cloud cover respectively... the odds are this is just another climate ripple.

    4. Could be, let's re phrase as a climatic problem.
      The problem, however determined remains. As does the need for solutions.

    5. Just looked it up. Publicly Britain has published rainfall totals only up to March 2019. This year looks pretty much like the last 10, well within statistical bounds. Monthly speaking, y'all have a +/- deviation from the mean of well over 100mm of water. So one would expect torrential rains (back to back deviation) roughly once every 5 years. It's a blip.

      I will wager a $1 in gold that the dams are over-run via incompetence and not via too much water. You might remember some major flooding here a couple years back via the Army Corp of Engineers mismanaging several times the water release schedule of the Mississippi. The media said Global Warming! Torrential Rain! Too much Water! Had to be Released!

      The Reality: The Army Corp of Engineers due to [insane] regulations pertaining to climate change directives(!!!!) had failed to gradually release and manage waters into the Mississippi deliberately releasing all at once causing the catastrophe. The whole thing was a man-made boondoggle.

      Get some white-haired expert non-environmentalist to look into the previous 12-months and see if the pattern of water release makes sense... and see if the multi-year pattern follows suit. I'm betting it won't... or that some management directive(s) relative to maintenance or release are FUBARed.

    6. Tino

      It's actually been caused by freak weather. The hottest July EVER, and a months rainfall in 2 hours. Nothing could cope, drains got hit, sewers flooded and dams were over spilling fast. No one expected such freak weather consequences. Now 27 assholes living right under the dam are refusing to leave until cleared. Worse, 15 allowed to go back for 15 minutes to get key possessions have since also refused to leave.

      If it goes, they down. If they drown some poor medical staff have to deal with so many corpses. And the looting which will follow once the emergency is lifted if not tenanted. Cops need to go in with a velvet glove and a night stick. One of the other will get them moving. I've found the big stick works if empowered. There are times the big stick has its use. We once kept order.

      This incident is truly freak weather. And towns sitting under vast Dams. Unreal!
      The poor Deputy Chief Constable does not know to deal with rigid Morons. If you fail with Reason and Right, use Might! Brain dead dont feel a clubbed head. Carry them out.
      As for propensity to mismanage, Hell Yes. Visit Westminster see what passes for MPs today. I do not recall the bar ever being set lower. State County Employees are have to fail IQ tests pre employment- must be! No other rational explanation for collective stupidity. Then we import them as illegals! Fit for nothing else, they get jobs to run a country.

    7. Please tell your Elder clients about the big stick
      Maybe something will get done

    8. JOHN,

      Zero disrespect, but your last comment I could hear the tears seep through... Funny that.

      The big stick you refer to should have been applied and COULD have been applied over 4 years ago, probably more, but was not.I am most sure JOHN and his cronnies will deliver the appropriate hot poker up the ass.

  14. So is our firewall IT and Solar Storm defence. It would take so little to put us back 200 years in a Western society too pampered, socially dependent and too weak to cope. Most could not find their own Butts in the can if the lights went out. Hospitals would fail. No phones, freezers, cars or central heating. No phones or TV. No Reality shows? Just reality is looting would be rife. Police and armies the new bandits loose. Pray it does not happen. If so arm dam fast you will need it.

    1. Not like this hasn't been a 100-yr pattern. In a catastrophic failure mode the cities will be gone in less than 3 days. We all suffer from dependency infrastructure. If governments had truly acted for the People y'all would have a distributed infrastructure instead of a centralized infrastructure. But between absurd arbitrary cost calculations and the usual insane control desire, y'all went down the centralized path with gusto.

      By now in a proper world, every town would have a deeply buried thorium bead reactor for power, a proper independent water supply and concomitant sewage, emergency petrol from thermolytic pyrolytic reformulation of organics (or resurrect the Nazi German war system).

      But Govs are so proud of their 100-yr plans (those that have them)... like all governments the presumption of 'we know best' is just an assertion without basis in fact.

  15. The shootings. It's a goddamn setup. With an army of fact-checkers here is what pops up! The below is written with humor but the implications of the finding are obvious...


    Attack of the zombie gunmen

    The government is obviously hiding the true story in Dayton in order to prevent panic. The shooter rose from the grave in order to take his revenge!

    Item: Connor Betts named as gunman in body armor who shot dead 9 and injured 26 in Ohio

    Item: Dayton gunman Connor Betts' sister and her boyfriend 'shot dead' in massacre. Megan Betts was killed by her brother Connor who slaughtered eight others before being shot by police

    Item: an obituary published in The Hartford Courant on Feb. 23, 2014
    Connor D. Betts
    1992 - 2014

    Connor D. Betts, 22, of Suffield passed away suddenly Wednesday, February 19, 2014. Connor was born in Hartford on February 12, 1992, son of Kathleen O'Leary Betts, and was loved by all who knew him. Growing up in Suffield he graduated from Suffield High School in 2010 and then attended Lincoln Tech for Diesel Technology and received his certification in 2012....

    Connor was always willing to lend a hand and had the great ability to fix anything. He was known for his heart of gold and will be missed dearly by all. He was a 6'3" teddy bear known as "Baby" by his "Mama." Along with his mother Connor is survived by his four siblings, Colleen Rodriguez and her husband Alfredo; Megan Betts; Brian Betts; and Kathryn Betts all in Suffield.

    In other words, it's zombies. That, or the guys writing the scripts are complete hacks who comb through the obituaries to name their characters.

    1. Good find Tino, these are all bullshit false flags go back to Reno and Parkland and try and find the obituaries of the alleged dead and there are none.

    2. Interesting. I just searched the Hartford Courant's obituaries for the past year. There is no Connor Betts, no Connor D. Betts... in fact no one with the last name Betts. Period.

    3. Interestingly, the self-same reference has vanished from both the Courant and the Funeral Home... There may or may not be a simple explanation... or the obvious... their first cleanup missed the references or somebody restored from back up...

    4. Thank you for taking the time to find this, Tino. Curiouser and curiouser to say the least.

  16. Where the hell is White Hat report 48?

    I want to know more about the Klingons!

    1. It's coming in phases more info went over today. It will need a number of reports

  17. Expect Marshal Law to be declared shortly in Hong Kong. PRC troops are mounting outside the city.

  18. War drums heat up between Pakistan and India...

  19. Don't chase the rabbits stay focus on the end game. Most players ever seen are fronts and victims, they real control stays in the shadows.

  20. Everybody can just relax on WHR#48. It may be entertainment for some, its more serious than that for those of us involved in putting it out. It needs to be done right and with precision otherwise it will all be for naught. I suggest you all go read our two statements about 48 on the website to refresh yourselves on the situation.

  21. Correct and Paladin is desperate for a chance to be putting it out right now. Lol. Couldn't miss the response. Set up for it.

  22. re 48.

    Even 10% of what we have would take 10 articles and still you will only be scratching the surface. It truly, really, is that bad. It's also a century of corruption building.
    But, only the sites can bring you truth, if you can handle it.

  23. The UK has just been warned of 4 new Life Threatening Storms heading in and mass flooding, flights at risk, rail systems at risk and carnage on highways, bridges and aquaplaning risks. The later, at midnight screaming 2 thousand feet up across unlit Welsh mountain roads hitting black unseen water in pitch black and losing it as the damn thing takes off on a water table until it hits hard ground again with a hope and a prayer or a 2,000 ft fall, with no mountain rail guards, just a straight fall to hell, is no time for Wimps. To get out of it alive and hit another 10 minutes later says my Gods were with me. Also, whatever the urgency, to get off the mountain first. Life, for some, is never simple or easy. We all have our callings, must mine always be close?

    Freak weather and so much damage coming from it. Homes are leaking under no stop Monsoons.
    It's a bad patch this year, and this week again. I have never seen such torrential Monsoons and I lived through daily Rain Seasons and lightning storms in Africa. There the skies emptied after 4 hours,here it won't stop. Many homes are springing leaks. Water finds them out.

    Freak weather for sure. Airline strikes have just ruined the holiday season for many. Selfish , greedy Pilots chose these 2 weeks when families have saved for this, animals!!!! Pilots don't exactly starve,also one International flight and 2 or 3 days off is not exactly demanding. I used to go out with many, put 2 or 3 hard days in overseas, long days and nights, non stop real pressures, and often travel back with the same crews just bumming it around for 3 days , hardly real work.

    However once the Stewardess Crew got to know you on regulat long haul in First or Business Class,and you woke up to using the same hotels, there were benefits. Another world, upsides also. Lol.

  24. Sir John .... Any update on "watch the site" categories ... this would be a great week for fireworks boom boom boom

  25. From tomorrow 08-00 onwards good Americans will be hot on it as they want conclusion also. Many of them

  26. I promise you, I will hit them in all 3, time zones.
    Midnight here and I last forewarned them 5 mins ago we will be driving hard tomorrow we need resolution. If only we could launch revolution! I will have Beijing on live in 4 to 5 hours then the EU from 7. You have no idea how many Global dependencies need this.

    1. Of Course we "have no idea' because you give us no real verifiable info, which i understand completely for doing that.My idea for resolution has always been, wetworks, coupled with RICO confiscation.WHAT THINK YE? ....or drive and more bullshit from the Swiss.

    2. be clear. in "GO for the Jugular" with an IRON FISTED CLAWS on these bastards.

  27. That is spectacular my friend....keep the kettle on the boil for the late night, and the first 5 pints are on me once this thing gets launched

    1. 5 pints guarantees me only a bloated gut and Brewers Droop. I need to both stay focused and firing. Or no launch!

      This is and always has been, a long haul game. Not our wish, but if c6,000 years has not yet skinned these sewer rats, we need to deal with skirmishes until Eurasia evolves where the lot meet Armageddon,as prophesied. Leave the root of a week, it grows again. Eurasia will be clear. Genghis Khan KHAN not believe how naive the West has become.Assimilate, infiltrate,sequestrate, exterminate.

      We say- No! The Khan seed must go. A blighted pollutant. Bad seed. Tainted crops.
      More dangerous than Monsanto. To evolve and survive as a species, we have to remove this blighted faeces. Eurasia will segregate and ? Russia and China know.

    2. All right then 3 1/2 pints...hope your morning calls went well

    3. I talk between 3 and 5 times a DAY with key US associates as we collectively push redemption. Unlike Mongol hoards chasing obsolete worthless boxes, what we focus on is OWED! Real Dues sequestrated by the other lot!

      My advantage is the ability to talk with responsible parties in China and London,plus a good rapport with the Elders,as we seek resolution.

      If allowed redemption we will build a tough, highly confidential and Weasel Free series of Operating platforms where we can rebalance the US and UK economies,stabilise Pension funds giving a so needed uplift so you can deal with ageing issues with dignity.
      But also to hammer home the need for absolute and fundamental changes to the Education systems, where we can educate needs and Ethereal values so children can understand and think purpose,but that is only possible by ripping Churches out of schools we are not a collecting network for the F Vatican and similar.
      Once you accept ESP, Dimensional realities,Galactic energy linkages, religions become passe fast, you all have to become keepers of your own Souls and consequences. As Bush 41 has found and Soros Karma is waiting.
      Every returning Soul is assessed by Higher Ascended Souls,and collective progression decisions, or, your God help you, Atonement!

      Ethereal Souls have humour,and a depth of tolerance but cross certain lines,and the consequences await. No one lies to all knowing.
      But for the likes of Soros,Bushes,Clintons and don't Plea Bargain with your tainted Book of Life.

      Every choice was Yours. There is understanding and harmony but earn the right to go into the Night,and you will!
      Religions can't absolve anyone. Just hold real values.

      I think of P, her struggles with a small farm unit, the innovation, focus and compassion for all life,and that is TRUE wealth.

      But all jokes aside,many on the site have core values to help make a difference.
      The evils men do, why is so much the Zio infestation which suppresses each nation? Eurasia,tolerance zero for them

  28. My girl... go to YouTube and do a search for highimpactvlog. He reported on it and showed the obituaries on the supposedly killer who died in 2014. Hope this helps.


    2. Thank you both. Saw (& read) the live link Tino posted above with my original comment. So what is the value of attaching the deed to a dead guy. The shooter still existed, and people are dead. Makes no sense to me.

    3. For the Deep State it is a mistake if we find it, but it means you can create any kind of false profile. For us it says the whole damn thing is a setup and the government is responsible for the whole thing purely to drive gun control and distract for the crimes being reported.

    4. The only Government is unelected Deep State.

  29. Is the weather that bad all across the UK? I have a friend hiking across the mid-north- Manchester lattitude, doing a kind of coast to coast. Is he in the thick of it? Very scary it seems. Further updates are appreciated. Keswick, Cumbria, North Yorkshire. Thanks.

  30. Coast to coast great views but if the weather changes you get the direct Gulf Stream storms dropped all over before you see it coming. It gets trapped between the hills and builds up savage intensity. Peak summer, freak weather so unexpected. It's Global right now.

  31. Paladin was interviewed last night on some wide-ranging topics....very interesting and informative!

    Paladin also did a short update audio on #48...

  32. So Nadler wants Trump indicted.Really, why not the Clintons and Nancy?
    How about a full background check on Nadler? How many skeletons?
    With the disgusting ROT of the Democrats, would he not be better served ridding America of the lot of them?
    Where was he when Soetoro was lying about his lawful right to be President?
    Where are the USURPING charges?
    Bloody nerve!
    Barr, go for him! Clintons too. As for Soetoro?

    1. JOHN,

      Did you know if Barry birth cert is publicly verified every single EO he signed would be nullified, including the Draconian Patriot Act extension? Obamacare(sic) nullified. That is one evil bastard! A whole country bamboozled by a fraud hiding in plain sight posing as president. America must be a laughing stock to the rest of the world which know the truth, that Barry Soetero was never an American!

    2. Of course, we all know and sit bemused by a nation so stupefied in it's screening systems it allow this to happen.We all know!
      Have the Dems no shame? How dare they do this to America?
      Vetting, you dream?

  33. Covert Intelligence resources are hearing chatter about a planned major attack against US Navy surface vessels MOORED IN A PORT.

    Worse, the planned attacking vessels are said to be a British Navy surface vessel MOORED IN THE SAME PORT and a British Navy Submarine which is planned to kick-off the attack upon its entry into the same Port.

    It is not known at this time WHICH port may be the target (US or Foreign), or WHICH US Surface vessels might be attacked in the port.

    The attack will be a FALSE FLAG designed to be used an an excuse for the US to officially DECLARE WAR. It is not known upon whom such declaration would be directed.

    Chatter claims the death toll from such a planned false flag event, is allegedly "designed to be higher than the 9/11 death toll."

    This is raw intelligence. Unfiltered, un-vetted, unverified.

    The reason it is being reported to YOU, is that months prior to the attacks of 9-11, similar unfiltered, un-vetted and un-verified information came into the possession of the Intelligence Community. It was handled quietly and the attacks took place anyway. That's not going to be allowed to happen again.

    More info if and when it becomes available.

    Hal Turner

    1. I posted this as a follow up to another intelligence report I posted a few weeks ago from a zionist white house insider that said war with Iran had already been planned and that THE FALSE FLAG that would lead us into war would be created using ships. There were 5 ships captured in Hormuz during July and now this. Could be something to it. I'm a little confused on the British angle, then again British Intelligence is up to their eyeballs in most of this stuff with the CIA so who know?

    2. The Zios WANT Iran attacked because they are anti Zio and will NOT be subordinated by this trash. Iran KNOWS Mad Benny and his Mobsters are NOT Jews! Never were! Just evil, assimilating Parasites. The false Israelis want a Greater Israel, with a bad agenda.
      Stealing Egyptian, Lebanon and Syrian land. Decimating Palestine. Is anyone awake?
      When Eurasia unfolds, see what comes! Israel demands Americans swear Oaths of Allegiance. Why? Madness!! Truly appalling!Israel IS a Pariah State. Genocidal. How many more American kids must die for this lie?
      There is probably only one end game for this lot. Demon seed!

  34. Where is the declass?... where are the arrests?... just another day in the swamp!

    "sound bites" I have heard and read for 15 years!... I am sure there are peeps who have read and heard a lot longer than me though.

    I'm so far out of the loop, i'm not even in the cheap seats at the ball park... I sit watching the game at some hole in the wall pub 3000 miles away from the ballpark, watching the game/circus an old 14" smoke and dust ingrained tv while drinking beer that tastes the way the bar smells!

    Thank you WHA, OWoN and all contributors for the refreshing reality!

  35. Is Trump a fantastic trojan horse or what.....

  36. Gun control is unconstitutional, immoral, unAmerican, and intrinsically dangerous to the citizenry. It's also electoral suicide for Republicans. If we didn't already know many of them are Deep State corrupt cucks hell-bent on surrendering at any cost, it would be hard to understand why they are so quick to embrace the media's false narrative on the recent shooting.

    Oh, and on the avalanche of evidence that flooded CNN, CNN admitted today that the Dayton shooter was leftist extrimist and Satan worshiper.

  37. The Leftist El Paso shooter... The crazies are reporting and pedo Beto O'Rourke says the El Paso shooter wrote the manifesto as a Trump supporter!!!!

  38. It just amazes me how many people are still buying into these fake shootings. I keep telling them, don't you think it's curious how Trump supposedly does the Tweet against the Fab 4 and a few weeks later we have 3 shootings? Why hasn't this been going on since his election, he's been here 3 years already. Has anyone noticed the school shootings have stopped? And Walmart- where are the cameras, why is the footage always so poor. Russ Winter at Winter Watch does a great job blowing it all apart. Still, people simply cannot believe that their country would lie on such a scale.

  39. When you get an email like this from THE FED it might be time to panic.

    I would also bring up the 2 times in the last week Martin Armstrong from Armstrong Economics said he was rushed to Euro because of a contagion that could be starting that would send the world economy into a major crash.

  40. Oh God, NASA again cuts the feed, way too slowly...

    Should I be worried that it looks like a Goa'uld ship?

    1. I bet Paladin knows what kind of ship it is...

      They are probably on there way to stop the release of Report #48.

    2. Jeez, it could be 5 M more Illegals hearing the size of US Welfare Payments!

    3. The ISS is constantly buzzed with these craft. But many different forms also, some shape shifting. Some even Light Energy.

    4. Saw a couple energy balls a year ago and then, of course, the feed went blue screen. And all the rest you mention certainly have made it onto the feed at one time or another. But with NASA snowing the issue it's all "an anomaly or interference in the feed"... sigh...


  41. Oh the bastards... lie after lie. It is NOT the hottest July on record regardless of all the propaganda.

    Here's the data []. In ALL datasets, there were at least two previous periods that were hotter than today - 2016 (a big El Nino) and 1998; only in GISTEMP did 1998 come up a bit short. This claim of the hottest month ever? A flat out lie. The data says so. This was the hottest month on record only if Elizabeth Warren is 100% Cherokee, and Bernie Sanders won the Strongest Man competition in 2018.

    1. to wit:

  42. Michael Yon's story on Google will be explosive. From the teaser:

    Achtung! Pay attention: tonight I talked for about an hour with a "Google Snowden" who will soon go public. A deep insider.

    Fascinating stuff. I cannot say much now other than pay attention to what is coming out starting in a week or so from now.

    Source said many interesting things about how Chinese are flooding into tech companies like Google, and some of the incredible techniques they can use to brainwash or at least mislead millions of people.

    Take this as an example that I am making up based on our conversation. Again, I am making this up but it is based on our conversation:

    A politician tweets saying we must protect our national interests.

    Google, or whoever, immediately promotes all stories that translates, "must protect our national interests," to "nationalism," and then in almost real time rewrites the meaning of "nationalism" to include traits such as xenophobic, racist, and references Nazis as nationalists.

    This happens so quickly and so comprehensively that most people never will notice that in the 30 seconds the curtain was closed, Google (or whoever) rewrote part of the dictionary, and history.

    To state this more clearly: they can basically rewrite what you say, write, sing, wear, or hand gesture -- name it -- and they can rewrite that faster than we can make popcorn.

    They can do this anonymously saying the algorithm is doing it when in reality they write the rules that make the rules.

    Anyway, the insider told me much more. I do not know how much already is public but I do think that if the source is correct, President Trump and a lot of others in powerful positions will be extremely angry with some of the internet players who already have hired half of China.

  43. Among many of the new questions I ask, is which money player, overt or covert or sub rosa is involved in any situation. For Hong Kong, that has to be HSBC. So HK riots covers the noise at HSBC -- The big story is the rot consuming HSBC – which has all the makings of being the new version of the Deutsche Bank scandal.

    HSBC holds $2.6 trillion in assets and an intergalactic horde of cockroaches in their basement – asking serious questions about money laundering and dodgy deals operated by global turbo-capitalist elites.

    Interestingly, the CEO of HSBC was fired yesterday and the rumor is this: the BOE found out that they were lending to the PBOC to prop up the currency.


    1. By law too. What extraordinary times we live in... I guess more gold, silver and platinum in physical possession is becoming a necessity...

  45. Semi-OT: Neon Revolt just posted:
    Switching my default search engine in #Dissenter to #Qwant after recent revelations that #DuckDuckGo is supporting all manner of Radical Leftist causes with lots of donations.

    DDG just seems to be morphing into Google Lite, and frankly, I'm liking not only the search results better, but the user experience of Qwant much more already.

    And it's already built into Dissenter by default, so switching is really easy.

    1. Thanks so much for this info Tino, very much appreciated.

  46. So... Dayton shooter in his own words:

    Their screams music, their pain my pleasure.' Dayton shooter's demonic notebook scrawls reveal he fantasized about massacres, 'hunting' for humans, craved marijuana and speed, called himself a sociopath and hailed Lucifer. Betts' rambling contributions, written around 2017, include a Satanic pentagram with the words 'Hail Lucifer' and numerous references to death and murder. The warped loner declares himself a servant of 'evil incarnate' and rants about everything from schizophrenia to satanic rituals and massacres.


    Interesting article....then read the comments for reality!

    1. Nice find...."Pay up(pay it all back plus $1B) or your 3 bagmen get bagged in a Malaysian jail!".Nice to see politicos in Malaysia have grown a f***g spine!!

  48. My US buddie having on off day pointlessly punched a white guy walking down the Street. He was arrested for assault.Idiot!

    On release he was so incensed he walked down the road and punched an innocent African American guy. Afro Cops swooped in and arrested him for impersonating a Police Officer.

  49. When asked if they would have sex with Bill Clinton,86% of women in DC said not again!

  50. Once you had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.
    You had Obama and were left with no Cash and no Hope!

  51. ..... " you're a funny guy "

  52. Love the jokes John. Can't let life get too serious all the time. Need lighter moments. Thanks

  53. Trump feels a strong connection to Scotland. He gets his skin tone from Iron Bru.

    After being advised to put Trade tariffs on China for Aluminium. Trump said he's heard of China but which continent was Aluminium on?

    Trump is doing all he can to raise the living standards of Americans. But does it have to be Porn Stars?

    Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. His lawyer Cohen was told to pay them hush money soon after.

    Trump has only made 17 International trips so he could focus on Domestic issues. He continues to struggle with Hotel Domestic staff.

    EU Leaders have now agreed it's unfair to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler. There is no way Trump could write a book.

    Now reality Humour.
    For all the Americans having difficulty understanding a word and Boris Johnson.
    Wanker says it all.

  54. Dear John, I always try to follow this lady, she seem to work so very hard for all Americans, so this is what I've been following Karen Hudes

    My family (including my 95 year old mother) cry because I am held prisoner at Suburban Hospital, it is because she is exposing corruption. Can anybody help her, Please, she tweet that she is being held prisoner in this hospital.

  55. I have tried for year to understand,
    but to this day I do not "get" 90% of the British humour...
    10% that i do? Bust my guts laughter always!

  56. q. What's the difference between a dead skunk on the road and a dead Democrat?

    a.Vultures will only eat the skunk.

    q.What's the difference between a Democrat and a Catfish.

    a. One is an ugly, scum sucking bottom feeder, and the other is just a fish.

  57. The world needs the complete TRUTH on Tony Blair and Prince Andrews visits to Epstein's Island. Virginia Roberts alleged peevish cruelty from Prince Andrew, which is in line with his arrogant , disgusting character. Time to prick the eog of this complete Prick if there's any truth. No way can he spend public money on private flights preying on little girls. As for Blair, God what a creep! Truth is needed for both. No cover ups. If Guilty, a public trial by Fury! These are contemptuous creeps at the best of times. Are the allegations true? Why visit the Island and Mansion so many times, like Clinton?
    A full no hold barred Inquiry? Who created the cover up travesty? Plea bargain be damned.
    Overturn it, the hell with the Judges, no cover ups!

  58. The New York Times
    Breaking News: Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide at a Manhattan jail, officials said. The financier had been indicted on sex trafficking charges.

    1. How tragic for us... this will bury so much needed prosecution(s). So much for being on 'Suicide Watch'. On the balance of probabilities I will assume he was murdered. I'm sure champagne corks are popping off bottles all over in Usual Suspect land.

  59. Best dayum joke of the week ! American/ N Y version.

  60. I kinda think Epstein did kill himself.... no choice!

  61. Replies
    1. A single rat? More like a whole frigging shipload of them.

  62. Check the guards bank accounts.... guard get paid to slip him something he could use.... I am just guessing.... it is either total incompetence or a huge "rat".... the prison needs to answer!!

  63. I hope Epstein did not have only set of bank codes to start the GCR!....

  64. Now the skip rat left this world feeling the terror and stress of his victims. The real tragedy us he couldn't take 10m more of his kind with him

  65. Interesting how a known sewer rate, on suicide watch, denied belts, sheets or cords/ ropes, even shoelaces, or sharp instruments, can hang himself. Hello? Sorry but these filthy Zios always need to be carried kicking and screaming to Justice. Allow 2 to hold him while a third roped this piece of shit and the 3 then lifted him, arms behind his back jerking in terror. Zio Ho's all need assisted passage. As they will find when Eurasia comes calling. Roach removal

  66. So now we need yet another investigation!!.... add it to the list

  67. The FBI are not trustworthy post Mueller, Comey and the gang of crooks who don't even get charged. So who?

  68. I'm just saying it goes on and on with no conclusion.... there will be all kinds of talk and speculation but all will be left with is "sound bites"

    1. FBI Opens Probe After Jeffrey Epstein Dies In Apparent "Suicide"

    2. A duplicitous Crime Agency proven as corrupt? The FBI is a shameful shambles of what once was.
      Trust is like Virginity when it's gone it's gone. Be assured, it's gone!

  69. Not buying it!

    Read Jim Stone's analysis.

  70. Have you ever seen, greedy, unscrupulous parasitic Roaches self destruct?
    It's not in their sub human nature.

    Investigations, Wow, like Clinton, Comey, Mueller, the Bushes and all the bad gang does not tell you, filth does not get arraigned in America. Just the little guys. Soros walks free,a Nazi War Criminal, a vile Jew murderer, he thrives in America. Even Israel takes his pay offs. No surprise there.

    Epstein had to be silenced and they really don't care. We saw how fast Bush and Mueller shut down the Falcone inquiry. Miami beach Agents stopped from questioning Romney.

    All the arrest records from Interpol and Herzog avoids all charges. Crime thrives , Soddom Rules! The rot is from the head up!

    1. I guess "watch the site" has fallen by the wayside. Oh well. No huge surprise. Such is life.

    2. Not so.even late Saturday night we were discussing names of bankers who failed to release on time as agreed
      We don't have the luxury of unsubtle protest, every day is a chess move.

    3. That's why they call it "The Brotherhood". Remove one and another fills the gap.

    4. John no disrespect to you. But after so many years, one has to wonder if this will e er come to pass. My gut says "maybe" but unlikely. Year after year, it is staring to sound like "the little boy that cried wolf" in a sense.

      So in your honest opinion... do we the public just sell back our currencies to the bank and move on to bigger better things?

  71. Checking Drudge Report, it all smells of murder and corruption. Headlines show the level of insanity:

    'HANGED SELF'...



  72. OWON: Google has yet again been found to be interfering with democracy and misusing the trust of the electorate. Who the hell gives them such powers and who allows them to continue with a license?

    It's time Google got a visit and sacking start. Fast! Abuse of power, do real time for this crime! What is the price and cost of your freedom?

    Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters 'on a Massive Scale'

  73. Now, let's focus on the exposure of all the info on WEINSTEIN'S laptop! Purported 10,000+ names of satanist baby-eating monsters.

  74. While the possibility that Epstein was murdered is worth entertaining, equally valid is the possibility that he never died at all, but was spirited out of jail and off to some island, or Paraguay ( where everyone who's corrupt has a rancho) There are photos of him going to the hospital and he's upright, but you can't believe images anymore, not even video. Investigations just waste money and feed the legal industry revenue stream. Lies, lies and more lies.

    1. Or...the bad guys put a hit out and the good guys staged his death to move him. Who knows anymore.

    2. Time also to demand the release of the full Weiner tapes and names of all email links of Pervs and molesters. Time to review the injustice of the smack on the wrists for this filth and haul his Ass back to justice. Name and shame the full email list. Investigate each.

      Publish the list of all names attending Epstein Mansions and Island parties
      Expose full Prince Andrew, Tony Blair and Mandelsons roles there.

      Then Clinton. oh Yes Clinton!

    3. Bill Clinton reminds me of "Teflon Don".
      NOTHING sticks to that crime boss(Bill).
      I thought for sure way back when he would
      go down for what him and his brother were
      doing in Mena, Ark.Since that era the bodies
      have just kept stacking up and nothing ever
      touches him.VERMIN Satanist.

    4. You can bet your life on it that his death was faked and he was jetted away to paradise island, this was always the game plan if he was indicted they have what they need as far as evidence on all these scum but will they use it to put them away I highly doubt it


    Trump retweets post implying Bill Clinton behind Jeffrey Epstein’s death

    1. Well, given that so called "conspiracy theory" has been more predictive than rational outlook in the post-WW2 time-frame (and dead-on target the last 22 years) it is time to raise a new cry:"Make Conspiracy Theory Great Again".

    2. Especially as Conspiracy to commit a crime can carry a higher sentence than the crime itself.
      Way past time it was used in America.

  76. Breaking...Chinese military moving into Hong Kong to drop the hammer.

    1. China has no option. Eurasia either as it evolves. If China lets rebellion fester, it will be taken as weakness. In Eurasia we have to deal with the Muslim menace,and will!

      Watch China how it deals with HK. A Public show of velvet gloves. Behind the scenes knuckles will be broken. Tiananmen Square! Tanks in and run them over if not moving. We honourably had to hand back HK, and locals had years to leave. All knew China had sovereignty. They have to deal with HK, or fold. Behind the scenes. leaders will get scooped.

      So will Israel. Like lancing a boil. Iran will be no less merciful as Israel has done to Palestine, Karma! Islam also will be both faced, and run down.

    2. Report: ‘Camera Malfunction’ in Epstein’s Prison Cell Prevented Recording of His Alleged Suicide

      Does it get any fishier than this?

    3. The China-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has shifted to lending in national currencies in order to reduce the negative impact of the US-driven trade war. The initiative could be boosted by the emergence of Beijing's alternative to SWIFT, largely regarded as a challenge to the dollar's dominance.

    4. Hong Kong Update-Intelligence Sources

      I have been briefed on what is ACTUALLY behind this situation and the world is entering an "End Game" right now. Very severe implications. This is COVERT INTELLIGENCE from my former colleagues with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, with whom I worked on National Security Intelligence from 2003-2008.

      People in foreign government service briefed me directly just moments ago that THIS is the China-US provocation spiral that is scripted to take down the global financial system in September…

      1) China invades Hong Kong “to restore order.”

      2) With a military response out of the question, Trump responds with “shock and awe” tariffs and financial sanctions intended to make the Chinese back off.

      3) The Chinese defiantly continue the Hong Kong operation and double-down by mobilizing invasion forces across from Taiwan. Meanwhile, their economy and banking system start a hard crash.

      4) To divert public anger away from the crashing economy and the Communist Party, Xi whips up a patriotic frenzy and launches a Taiwan invasion.

      5) Treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, Trump intervenes with either conventional military forces or the Secret Space Program, depending on the scripting.

      6) At some point during Steps 2-5, the global financial system collapses.

      If you have business interests in China, you need to IMMEDIATELY commence obtaining alternate sources for goods and services. It is possible that ALL trade between the US and China may face stoppage if sanctions are used over this Hong Kong situation. If all trade is stopped and you rely on production inside China, YOU will be out of business. Make alternate plans RIGHT NOW.

      Hal T

    5. Number 3 is already underway....Chinese banks are refusing to lend to each other in the overnight market. Can you say Lehman Brothers?

      And now, none other than Goldman points out that something is clearly breaking inside China's banking system as one after another small bank domino falls, and as following the Baoshang Bank takeover in late May, interbank lenders have become more cautious towards the credit risk of smaller and weaker financial institutions.

      The result: a Chinese banking system in which banks have lost trust in one another, manifested itself in much tighter liquidity in the interbank market, with the highest intraday 7-day repo rates staying above 8% over the past month as questions swirl over the viability of the underlying collateral. In fact, as shown in the chart below, the creeping funding freeze among Chinese banks is now even worse compared to the historic episode in the summer of 2013 when following an aggressive ramp up in Beijing's deleveraging campaign, repo rates exploded to the point that banks effectively stopped interacting with each other.

    6. MORE sabre-rattling!

      JOHN & Team must be getting close, me thinks....

  77. John from your comments it sounds like some bankers have released. Would that be accurate?

    1. No, NONE have yet been released.

      There are 3, key Cash and Bond based releases waiting and 3 major Patriot PPs waiting. WF as ever is ducking for cover and playing pass the parcel.
      The Fed has gone AWOL, the Treasury as ever, passes the Buck, and Bankers lie, deny, and if hammered cry!!, but until we hang the Bastards, they will continue to lie.

      We really should give the top 10 lying , scumbag Bank and Fed /Treasury Officers,
      a 20 minutes lead time, dragged out into the country, then come after them armed only with knives, Ball scissor cutters and Dogs. Enough guys would pay to hunt, and trophies can be sold as reparation. Nut bags stretched as purses? Peckers embalmed and mounted as pen holders, heads instead of Deers wall mounted, new fashion high value Bankers Butt skin handbags and carrying cases, save the Crocks.
      Organ donors the lot, free supplies are reparation. Taken live! Eyeballs, then No balls.
      Bankers, have a heart? No? OK then we take yours.
      Bankers, make our day as it's your turn to pay! We just caught another 10, take them away. What, you demand you have your Attorney, we agree, not take 20 of them on a one way trip journey!

      This week will be blank with known key vacations. but next week onwards,the Bell tolls again.

    2. John,

      Is the QFS the solution to this ongoing saga? Does it circumvent the Fed and banking cabal?

    3. QFS is coming and it's probably the ONLY way to get these F Zios out of money racketeering. They won't stop until stopped! Like a Roach infestation. From Temple money changers, to the anger which coerced all European nations to hand over c6M , many totally innocent good Jews, to die horrific deaths in the camps. and the anger now as Synagogues are attacked in the EU and US. It's easy to see this all coming full circle. Money brings out the worst of human nature,combine that with more sophisticated Jewish education and family drive for the professions, then you have a recipe for the Gulags.

      So many good Jews contribute a lot. Judaism gives us the Arts, Education, Sciences, Health Care, Education, Law and more. Just a few millions contribute so much.

      Yet we allow in c20 M of the worst scumbag Pedo and drug trafficking Muslims, who contribute little but trouble, while we kill 6 M jews?
      What makes sense?

      Maybe time to think outside the box. Prohibit Jews and Zios from all Banking to stop the racketeering because they ARE the main cause of crime and corruption.
      Should just 10% of these vermine so harm the rest.

      Assist all Rabbis deny Zios to act as Jews. Protect Jews and smack Zios back to the assimilating Genghis Khan Spawn they are. Zios in Banking and Law can be a real curse. Protect, respect and cherish good Jews. Why do we kill 6M innocent Jews yet allow c 20M worthless, ignorant Muslims to flood in?

      End Israel and a Zio State. Combine Palestine as a State for all, or Jews leave!
      Integrate, or Arabs will annihilate! Jews and Arabs did and can live together in respect and peace as always. Only Zios cause all this. Rapacious blood lust roaches. A true human pestilence. Mad Benny and his locust swarm.

      Give them a real option. Live together in respect and peace, or die alone.

      Removing them from Banking has real synergy. From Temple money changers up, their real history is appalling. For them, the temptation is always too great. Similar to putting Catholic priests in charge of school children. How has that worked out?
      Time to think outside the box. Deal with the cause of banking pestilence, and help good Jews contribute in peace. Eurasia is coming, and they either change, or become organ donor changers. Gulags won't hear the screams. Nor care. Eurasia won't be plea bargaining.
      Eurasia will drive QFS. Also who is allowed to work or not.


    MIND BLOWING: Did the Deep State CIA “pull the strings” and help orchestrate the El Paso massacre?

  79. Chinese Banks are already in melt down.

    The US is seething at China replacing SWIFT and derailing USD use.
    Trump will probably use Trade sanctions as payback for China's move to dump USD.

    If he totals Chinese Trade a Billion Peasants,tired of being treated as Pissants, may march on the Commies. If so, it's the end of Beijing Jo, and Xi for sure.
    Be assured, the Big Dogs have to fight, it's when and why. 2 Big Dogs can not live off a meal for one. China ideally wanted 20 more years to build up first.
    The US knows this so will stage the fight. Or, they know if not, the US wILL go into the night.

    The problem now is how will China take it if faced down. Xi knows they can not win yet,but he also knows he's lost if he takes the US on head on.

    So, does he pre empt?

    Don't confuse Confucius with logic. For him, if he faces the end game, does he go for broke?
    Time the Plebs get reality, because if XI is to lose his train set, he may hit the button if cornered. It's not about logice, it's about taking the US with him. Who says it needs to make sense if a cornered rat lashes out?

    With China's banks ready to topple, is now a good time to face off and have your face taken off? Face is everything to Chinese,and death by honour is key. Will Russia and China unite and fight? Nukes take all.

    1. Homeostasis gone amuck. Anyone who chooses suicidal paths when other profitable and life-affirming choices exist, can safely be said to be insane. Which I guess characterizes the leadership everywhere. As I have previously affirmed nobody will survive a full exchange. Not 40MM in Russian bunkers and not even 1% of Chinese if the nukes fly. Nobody is coming out of bunkers and rebuilding. All the "we will rebuild out of the ruins" statements are articles of faith by people who have never built a widget in their lives and never run a spreadsheet of the odds. Even if a DUMB survived (isn't there a underwater construct off the Emirates?) they will be isolated, and the odds of survival will be exceedingly low in a radioactive biosphere -- even with Russian anti-radiation biologics.

      And if the super-weapons exist, Russia will cook us with scalars, our stuff will strip Russia and China down to the mantle, and life on the 3rd rock from the sun will end.

    2. There are not many nukes in the southern hemisphere. Maybe relocating to Chile would increase the chance for survival.... Then "Build a Wall" . Lol

    3. Tino

      The case is based on reason.What when there is none? Just the will go loose hell?
      Where is reason when ( IF? ) the button is pushed?
      What IF, the Commie Czars don't care. Does a cornered Rat think when it runs up your trouser leg?
      When will America ever get it's not about winning?
      And the DUMBS are off Abu Dhabi. Fact.
      Just knowing they have taken out the US, for China, would be enough. Then sitting waiting to go.
      If the US stopped proliferating wars, risks decline.

    4. Tino,

      There is a really good book called the Thioubba Prophecy. I will link to PDF at the end.

      Written by a man who claims it is a true story. I have to say I have read it about 50 times. The scientific data and history of ALL things earth is compelling and makes the most sense of anything I have ever read. You would like it.

      Anyway, this advanced race take him to their planet to show them how they live so he can write about it as we are slowly killing ourselves with the pursuit of material things. They claim they are from 1 of 3 9th level planets in the universe that watch over humanity. Very advanced and able to live in physical or spiritual existence.

      Anyway, on the way to their planet, they stop at a planet in our galaxy they called Aremo X that suffered a horrible atomic war. On the planet, the bugs had mutated to develop lungs and had grown to the size of cars. Ants, cockroaches, etc. The humans that survived lived in veritable fear daily from these things. These are the unknowns from mutations related to radiation. Point in fact, we see these types of things in Chernobyl. Side point, these people that inhabited this planet were ancestors to the polynesians. Anyway, I would recommend you take some time to read it. Even if you don't believe it and read as science fiction, it's the best damn book you will ever read.

    5. Thank you all.

      I made my point... poorly. Whether it is "saving face", "wanting to maintain Empire", "wanting all the Wealth", "Agenda21", Bankers, Zios, Israel, EurAsia, etc ad infinitum, it's all insanity. The least insane option being EurAsia. When you choose death, face-saving or not, you have chosen death no matter the reason. (Still chuckling over the Japan Does Suicide comment...)

      So, big Yes to John that the U.S. doesn't get it, but of course, the U.S. Deep State/Bankers/Usual-Suspects is every bit as insane as the other side.

    6. So, IF Eurasia is fast tracked,what a vehicle to assist remove infestations across the vast land mass.
      But also sound asset planning and good resource management for community good. The Zios have contained all water, land, mining and energy under their control with the objective to enslave and control all. Agenda 21 is their agenda.

      As with all Despotic Ghouls of their kind, they fail to factor in our simpler resource agenda, organ removal, theirs! Eurasia will deal with infestations and Roache's.There is no inhumanity with Roaches. Genghis Khan destroyed the plains. His seed feed.
      There is a higher Agenda and the reckoning?
      The UK will not interfere with Chinese sovereignty. but neither will we subjugate Elders assets to Hegemony. Elders know that.
      Be assured, they know fully exactly who is who and what bloodlines. As with families of standing in the Middle Kingdom,they know who is who in the Zoo ,which are just transient Politicos,and which families will be entrusted for the new long march as Eurasia is formed. London is China's foremost Banking platform outside of Beijing, and huge platforms are evolving.rememver, London has Glass Ceilings prohibiting Roach integration. All are kept at arms arms length. A look, a speech inflection, doors close.
      Times will change. Our only sad concern is Damien ensconced in the WH. It is handled. At best he has 5 years left, that is nothing. As China builds both London and the vast Commowealth will evolve.

      Your role is beside us in the new Commonwealth, integrated and wealth for all. But the Glass Ceiling rules. No Camels rules.

    7. Tino

      During Trumps last visit, he recoiled at the power he saw unleashed when he overstepped his mark re the Health Care statutes, and had the instinct and sense to reposition fast- or else! It also made him.

      He realised the sheer scale of power and control behind the complex pageantry, but also the core hands behind the throne and protection HM gets. She is a GREAT Monarch, revered by all, but he saw the depth of the Council of 300s top 10 links, and how it straddles the Globe. All seeing, all knowing. Also not suffering Fools.

      Once understanding he was here for 5 more years at best,then gone forever,while this would stay with him forever,the penny dropped. Politicos are just, pageantry. The hands which rock the cradle are real. He found the depth and decorum of the Palace and Westminster awesome.
      But while it will live with him forever, it built a far better depth of mutual respect and purpose of being for both. Each nation fits well together,and has real synergy to explore. Outside of the Public arena, we are engaged.
      There is a much bigger picture, Eurasia also. Plus the Commonwealth.
      China needs " In".America needs " In".Invitation only and No Camels? Headed by the real power, the Old Guard. Not Political fools.
      This last tour did great things for you. Look how Bolton has been sent over to make things happen.Acting outside the Box. Together.

    8. Thank goodness for calmer and long planning heads...

  80. John,,, if China is in such a whirlwind with their banks what will happen to the silk road and all the projects in Africa?

  81. Yesterday we reported, with video, that thousands of troops from China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) were deploying into Hong Kong.

    Today, we can report that ARMORED VEHICLES are now on the move in Shenzen, headed into Hong Kong.

  82. China has to factor this in now. China is a highly intelligent Leading nation.

    But, Banking is different, and the US has the smartest, most unscrupulous, devious and cunning crooks and cheats in the world with a century of Mal - Practice via the Fed and Zio Banking thieves. Facing that, it will be like Jason, minus the Argonauts facing a giant squid. Hungry!

    China has to survive now every curve ball DC will throw at them to derail them and orchestrate setbacks. Economic war with a 5 headed Hydra snake! Ugly.

    Be assured, set in its ways the US has become spoiled rotten and now only knows how to give it. Until Charlie in Vietnam rams it right back up them and they run terrified home to Momma.What we know, is they can't take it as 9/11 showed. Now the world knows that. As does China. Which creates a problem. Perception founds policies and strategies.
    The US may try to derail the Chans by economic wars. Zio concepts with Damien in the WH acting for Bennie and his spawn influencing Donald.

    The problem. Always the problem and it's one the US just does not get. Always I get the logic response. America does not get that China will not be driven by Logic but face. America just does not get FACE,or do, Culture. That is the Achilles heel of this whole equation. The major Bad!

    China will not lose face or Empire by subjugation. Japan does the suicide act. China will suicide YOU from afar. Faced with loss of Empire, rather than lose face, they may well chose to save it by simply pre empting as with the Japs and Pearl Harbour. Their suicide bombers? You just don't get the Eastern culture. They would chose to die rather than live your forced lie. That is the bridge too far for America. Death, with honour rather than live with none. The bridge you may be creating if you take the wrong path.

    Corner Xi and their Commie Czars, derail their economy and what then?
    This is where all your War Games fail. What if Xi says FU and launches? The same arrogant stupidity which got you into Afghanistan and Vietnam, and saw you faced down in Syria and Iran, if repeated with China and Nukes? Syria said F U!. So does Iran!.
    Mess with the Silk Road and China may mess up your head- On!

    Now that is the question and curved ball. Sure you really want to risk this?
    Don't say Never to a Pre Empt.Only a fool does not see the risk. Carter and his Iran foul up. Kennedy's Bay of Pigs? You have form for this.

    You get it so wrong, so badly and so often, then forget.You just never learn it seems.
    Think, if Japan had had nukes in 1945, what then?

    You gutted and derailed the UK post WW11 by greed and demands from weak and inept British PMs'
    I would have told you to F off!. We should have. History. China does not have weak and limp, impotent PMs. China has nukes and WILL use if pushed.

    These are very dangerous times. Have you seen a temperamental child scatter a game board?
    Culture and Commie minds? Did Stalin surrender? Nor will China. Remember Stalingrad? To the end! And how did that end up?

    Bankers and Politicos just don't get it- Right- Ever!

    1. I take it....things aren't going well

    2. In support of the idea that John is trying to get across, not that he needs it, Dumitru Duduman was a Romanian pastor that came to the US in 1984 with a simple warning message from God. The message was that Russia would attack and destroy America if this nation did not repent. The attack would be a pre emptive nuclear attack at a time when the government is consumed with internal problems. It has been 35 years since he came to America with that message. 40 years is sometimes given as a season until judgement takes place. Dumitru's testimony should be available on YouTube.

      Also, a few years ago I had posted a couple of speeches given by Putin. He said that he does not want a war with the west, but the people in control of the west are trying to drag Russia into a conflict.

      It would be wise to consider the fact that John's scenario is a possibility.

  83. China is moving Tanks and hard forces into HK
    As predicted, China has to retain face and if HK does not back down, Beijing will have them put down . But China will take each pragmatic step with measured care. What seems to be missed is, if HK continues, what follows is the iron fist. With China, for might to be right. If HK has to be brought under full mainland control, what next for Taiwan as China stamps it's mark on its territories. This is a domino game. The die will be cast. What IF HK, then Taiwan and then the China seas?

    For the first time you face a military pact of Russia and China facing you down on 2 fronts
    We have all seen the predicted war games but none factor in the first warning pre emptive.
    Every time the same idiot perspective, they won't because it's a no win, then they do. America's blind spot. Non need happen if the US goes home. If not, it's only time. Unless Russia and China pre empt with unforseen technologies.

    Where are leaders to enthuse and lead? To stand down the cause of most wars?
    Where is the olive branch to enthuse, motivate, reason and take all humanity forward as one species of human kind?


  84. OWON: The sad reality of life for an innocent Palestinian suffering under Israeli cruelty and land theft. Abominable inhumanity from this truly vile, locust swarm. We do nothing. However, we destroy Iraq, Syria, Iran and Libya. Israel trashed Lebanon and we did nothing. Trump just stole the Golan Heights for Israel. The world's best hope for Israel is a nuclear armed Iran. The sooner the better.

    ‘Look where we’ve got to – defeated and dominated’: my generation’s failure to liberate Palestine

  85. OWON: Look at the desperate reporting dodging of Chinese banks now hitting the wall.

    Many years of all debt finance with no accounting for real market conditions produces a nightmare of bad loans.

    So as Chinese banks do not trust one another, one light ask why should anyone trust the banks exposed to the Chinese debt jamboree? Because the day is fast approaching when one may not trust such banks. Especially given that all banks leverage many times past their ability to pay. When this day comes liquid will dry up just like it has in the past. The difference this time is the central banks are up the creek missing the paddles.and this is when the real chaos will commence.

    Chinese Banks No Longer Trust One Another As Repo Rates Skyrocket

  86. If China blows it will suck out the total market. At least America had 100 years to become sophisticated, lying crooks.
    China looks bare assed right now with no easy way to avoid the coming electrified anal probe. Be clear, if China folds,the Horsemen may follow.

    1. As it is not my field, a question which I hope is phrased properly: Any way this Chinese liquidity crisis can be leveraged against the Usual Suspects to push on the releases (PP and other...)?

  87. Tino, Yes but the m not showing our cards, I've no intention of helping crash China , we can contain them for Eurasia with respectful diplomacy, and use needed Chinese power to frag the Rags and Khazarians
    We have cards to play, and in play.

  88. Better play those cards fast, the Chinese communist govt is coming apart, fastly

  89. It won't. Accomodations will be formed. China is integral to Eurasia. China will bypass this.

  90. INTEL: "Bridge Event" in UK . . . Royal Funeral Allegedly Imminent

    Intelligence coms are chattering at this hour of a "Bridge Event" in the United Kingdom. If true - and this is NOT CONFIRMED - a Royal has died.

    Queen Elizabeth's security code name is London Bridge. Prince Philip is also code named __ Bridge. Prince Andrew is "Forth Bridge" So a "Bridge Event" is widely perceived to be the death of a Royal.

    Not sure if Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth or some other . . . maybe (alleged pedo) Prince Andrew . . . but Intel chatter says funeral to be held eight (8) days after official announcement.

    Developing . . . check back.

  91. Dreadful if it were to be HM allowing the idiot son the role. He alone could finish the monarchy, as would either of his fool brothers. Hopefully if real, it's just one of the other family hangers on like Prince Michael whose been a cadaver for years. The UK needs the Queen, so does the Commonwealth. So also does the Committee of 300 and Chatham House.

  92. Do note that Russia now defends and supplies arms to Syria, Iraq, Iran,Egypt, Turkey and now Venezuela. S400s to Venezuela , Iran and Syria will stop Hegemony games. What happens once Iran supplies more powerful warheads and total Israeli reach rockets to the Palestinians and Syrians? They have a right of Defense also.

    End these disgusting and shameful refugee camps in Gaza,and drag these pariah Kazar scum to real cooperative meetings with the Palestinians, Lebanese,Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians.

    Make it clear, back to pre 1960s land lines, out of all stolen territories, end ALL arms and money supplies to this terrorist Pariah nation and set down the simple ruling, either live in peace with your fellow Middle Eastern nations, or we all stand aside while they deal with you as you have dealt with them for decades.

    Combine all territories as a Free State for all,and live each respecting and helping each other. Health Care and Educate each neighbour. Mutual Agri crop and industrial projects. Rip down the walls and free Gaza. End the blockades. End the suffering YOU Bastards!

    For your Gods sake, learn to live with your fellow man, or go into the night, with one end fight. Live in free dignity, or die as a Pariah. Time we end their games. Nothing will focus a Kazar faster than a gun to their heads and the money supply stops. No rights- for Parasites. Join the Human Race, or die a disgrace. What an abomination of a sub human species. How can ethical good Jews support that lot? Stop funding and making excuses for Pariahs. Go and live in Gaza then talk. Reinstate ALL of Palestine as one Free State, to live in peace as one,or go to the fire as a Pariah. The Balfour agreement was false hegemony and needs to be rescinded. Then Jews who want to live and co exist with their neighbours, and 90% are Non Jews anway, can if choosing peace. Can a Roach co exist anywhere without contaminating? There is such a need for real Leaders to bring hard truth to Kazarville. The logical choice would be to boot the lot out and reabsorb them into Europe and the US, but as with 1947, no one wants them at any price. What does that tell you? Most Russian Mafyiosa Oligarchs are this lot. Russians hate them. Russia needs to reclaim all they stole or defrauded. Fill the damned Gulags. Their own prophecy is the Nuclear Armageddon of Israel. Now why is that not a surprise? Unless grabbed by the scrotums and dragged hard to reality, how else can it end? Doing nothing, good luck with that. Israel needs to be saved, but from itself. Otherwise every chance that will be the first major Nuke site. It needs thinking out. Children are not born Zio Rats, it's indoctrinated into them. Time to save their innocent Souls from these Ass souls.Time to Disarm these nasty Bastards before they take out the Middle East and Europe. Self help.

  93. Chase Bank erases all credit card debt for Canadian customers, John can you please give us an explanation of why this was implemented and if this action by financial institution is expected to be duplicated in lets say ,in America for example , or other parts of the world ? thank you. Inquiring minds need answers I guess.

    1. No indication other nations or Banks are considering this. Cards have been an enormous rip off and perhaps Chase Canada has something to hide. Bankers are not philanthropic there will be an agenda.

  94. I believe it was a business decision [Cost Analysis] for Chase. They were going to stop using their Rewards Visa and the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa in Canada and it was cheaper to cancel their debt than pursue for years each individual to pay their debt.

    At least this was the explanation that an analyst gave on the news [CBS This morning i believe] the last few days.

    Also, a question was asked that if the same thing was going to happen for US and the answer was NO.

  95. The arrogant Tory Rat MPs who were refusing to back Brexit look to be accepting defeat now. They should all stand down at the next election and allow new MPs who will do as the Electorate votes for. Otherwise why vote, and certainly not for them.

    That whining Irish Gobshite PM is in deep trouble if the UK closes his exports. The UK takes 60% of Ireland's exports. Let that Irish head case use his kid Housekeeper Husband to keep him warm when we switch off his money supply. The Irish will frag him.

    Reality, the EU will have to concede on the Irish border, or they can Police it and be blown apart by IRA bombers or snipers. It's always been a nightmare country. The UK is best out. Ideally dump the north also let them kill each other. Two complete Kip nations who needs it? Arm the north and let them fight it out alone. Being shot or bombed protecting them has never made sense. Swamp creatures. A pointless Protectorate.

  96. You don't say

    One of Epstein's prison guards was not even an actual prison guard:

    One of the two people guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he apparently hanged himself in a federal jail cell was not a full-fledged correctional officer, and neither guard had checked on Mr. Epstein for several hours before he was discovered, prison and law-enforcement officials said.

    Those details emerged on Monday as Attorney General William P. Barr sharply criticized the management of the federal jail in Manhattan where Mr. Epstein, who was accused of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls, was found dead on Saturday morning.

    “We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation,” said Mr. Barr, who, as the country’s top law enforcement official, is responsible for federal prisons.

    1. Check out
      He has a picture of Anthony bourdain and Epstein's head that shows their ears. The man in the gurneys photo is not Epstein. It looks just like bourdains. Also, someone who just hanged their self, can't talk. He makes some really good points. Seems they had this as a backup plan. Bourdain died in 2018. Long time planning this. I saw a profile of these two men side by side. They look very similiar.

  97. It's begun in HK. The video shows many riot police getting their asses kicked. In one case an officer beats a slender girl and is then properly assaulted and beaten with his own baton. Which is hardly surprising. Nobody is going to allow a slip of girl to be beaten by an armed officer. The optics are again, horrible. Not that the Police won't win. But Beijing has already lost the 4th (moral) dimension of this. It won't matter that the leaders are snapped up. This we recur time and again.

  98. New Zealand has become the first country to legalize bitcoin as a replacement for the country's sovereign currency on worker's paychecks.

  99. Epstein's black perverts book lists 301 Brits including Tony Blair and Mick Jagger. Publish all! Prosecute where due. Let's have the Prince Andrew case answered in court. If he fails to show he gets a guilty judgment. Then a global arrest warrant.


    Biffie: check out the supposed Clinton victims list in this article.


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