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7 - 17 July 2019

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  1. With Jeffrey Epstein locked up, these are nervous times for his friends, enablers
    July 7 2019

    Epstein, 66, was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday, as he arrived on his private jet from Paris, where he had been vacationing since June 14, aviation records show. About an hour after they picked him up, federal agents arrived at his imposing Manhattan townhouse, breaking down the door to execute search warrants.

  2. He didnt try to miss de minors as he knocked his socks off so no misdemeanor to blow his locks off.

  3. The Obama/ Clinton Benghazi Stand Down: Operations Specialists Come Forward
    July 8 2019

  4. YEAY for the Epstein bust! But, the info on WEINER'S laptop went nowhere. Evidence of hundreds of pedophiles in there, yet no indictments to date. NYC is just another cesspool of corruption!

    1. Tim4123 there maybe as the FBI has a unit just for child porn and its victims. Was looking for the phone # for the Epstein victims and found this.

  5. Ten best countries to invest and do business in, 2018.

    1. Malaysia
    2. Poland
    3. Philippines
    4. Indonesia
    5. Australia
    6. Singapore
    7. India
    8. Czech Republic
    9. Spain
    10. Thailand

    1. No RV for Joe Public, nothing to invest anywhere, sadly....

    2. Tim4123, Nothing to invest anywhere? Silver, Gold, crypto currencies.. You just have to LOOK.

      as for the foreign currencies.. who said no RV for Joe Public? Some anonymous blogger online that you have given too much credit for? I don't follow any of these blogs for the currencies. Keep your eyes open, talk to your banker. Period.

    3. Ask John what the outlook for public RV is.

      It's been asked and answered many times.

      They can't even get limited PPs through the door without rat claws firmly attached. The public is high on their priority?

      I think John has appointed an elder for public matters, in the speculation pay division. Her name is Mi No Pae.

    4. I would be focusing on accumulating cheap gold stocks right now. There are so many under $5 that were $40 in the last bull market.

    5. ARIZONA,

      Who said? JOHN said. No Joe Public RV. Banks are not ready, nor want it. WHA comment above CONFIRMS. No VND RV for public, but just big battalions. Joe Public is simply road kill nobody cares about in the speculation arena. Daily and weekly watch is gone. No point to hope for anything for us little ones.....

    6. 1. Money IS finite the Cabal/Deep State has either spent or stolen if all.
      2. Bankers fat and undeserved bonuses have stripped Banks bare of Reserves, so they have no liquidity. Plus reckless lending. Derivatives sit waiting to sink the lot.
      3. The EU Socialist nightmare is a warning of reckless waste, and they still can not produce either an Audit or a Balanced book. When Britain leaves, God help the Brussels Thieves.
      4.Enough of you have seen the sheer scale of Global wars and meddling. It costs!
      5. Populations are growing. More mouths to feed.
      6.Retirees are living longer and Ageism brings higher Health Care costs.Paid by whom?
      7. Pension/Retiree funds are fast depleting as the Buggers just won't die to old model ration. ( Lol) But, expect funds to fail. 8. The greed and immorality of Higher Income Taxation has pushed ever more profits offshore. Result, the pot is bare!
      9.The sheer weight of Illegal Refuge traffic is crippling economies. What happens if emerging Leaders decide that a one dollar bullet at the border, is the fastest way to restore order?
      10. We see ridiculous Blogs stating the Elders will underpin a new Financial Order and meekly hand over all their Dynasty Gold assets to bail out wasters. Clearly they have never met the Elders,and believe in Fairies it seems. Dream on. Not a chance! Elders did not come down the Potomac in a bubble. Elders have kept it hidden so far, and THEY own it, not the Politicos.A highly complex series of discussions are evolving,based on THEIR futures, not ours. So many misleading Blogs, the fantasies of Idiots! There is still not enough AU in the world to underpin Western waste and Cabal Military spending propping up unscrupulous Arms Industries.
      11. You have seen the losses in Cryptos. How to watch more easy come - Blow!
      12. Fact. To make money, you have to earn it. Which means go anywhere, do anything and work all hours to create and save and build it. Self Employed do not go sick. Nor whine, they just try harder. They know reality soon enough.
      13. Or we have the other world, me, me, me, penniless me. I want, I need, I deserve. So why should hard working, sacrificing, stress loaded earners, carry hangers on? Socialists always want to TAKE and spend other people's money. Mahh Rights. Put out his lights! How long can the Hanger On Con go on?
      14.This delusional dream the RV, we are ALL gonna be rich? Jesus Wept. They will stake you out first. Billions with grasping hands out, I'm owed, I need, it's My Right. The future for these will not be good.
      15.The smart find an angle. They service and need and create opportunities. Others work hard and create.Go getters - Get. Cling Ons- get lost. Bottom line, we are growing in Billions. Losing the odd few M will not deplete the herd. Agenda 21 and the Tri- Lateral's ethos marks cards. Population reduction is not just an adverse theory. Come the time, come the fragmented society, Mankind is capable of great evils. History says we never learn. We only find more sophisticated ways to kill more, faster. If Hitler had got the bomb first the world would have been so different. Thank God and the sacrifices of the Allies he failed, or the world today would be under Nazi rule. Gulags at full processing strength.
      16.So reality,.Thank God we still live in a Free world for most. Look for, and reach for opportunities. They exist. Simply Go to where the chances are. Win the right, or go into the night. We all live the real world code of achieving, and sacrifice.
      17. The few real releases coming will only be invested in Projects and wealth creation. Controlled and selective. Reality will rule, not fools.
      I was born into a world which had a simple reality. Work to eat, or face defeat. Cities grew, so did populations. Responsibility was with each Soul. Somehow we muddled through and great Innovators grew. We created an Industrial revolution. We created wealth. Then the Bankers and Politicos took over. Oh Bugger.

    7. Tim

      John said so. I'm sure John is a very nice man. Do you know him personally? Or is he just an anonymous blogger on the internet that has told you that he is very important and knows all?

      Let me be clear, I am not here to bash anyone, really I am not. My whole point is how do you know that what he says is true? I haven't followed any of these blogs for years because frankly I found that many don't know. The ones that do know are not talking. I am quite certain if you go on any "guru's" website, they told you to be at the bank, yesterday, no today, no this weekend.

      My position is if a public RV happened,it happened. If not, it is what it is. Live and learn and move on.

      Let me fill you in on a short personal story. I worked with a "group" of folks on another project years ago. After years of his so-called leadership, several of us learned that everything, EVERYTHING he told us was a lie, all the way down to one of his children breaking their arm. After his lies really started catching up to him, he "disappeared". When he called, he would block his phone number. Then he stopped calling. I haven't heard from him in over 5 years, and he was my "partner". He may have made money, or maybe not. I don't lose sleep over it. Karma has a way getting back to scoundrels like this. I see him on the internet conning a new group of people, making them believe how wonderful he is.

      My whole point is this and you can take it with a grain of salt. Until something happens or does not happen, don't get worked up. And if you don't get a ROI on your investment in foreign currencies, such is life. But there are other investment opportunities out there. Like I mentioned, silver, crypto currencies. hemp stock etc. You just have to look for them. You'll be okay.

    8. It is too bad for most of us that you JOHN have changed your tune. You used to be our champion, the small peons. You stated dozens of times that there was a chance for Joe Public RV. Now? What changed? Did the Black Nobility tap your shoulder telling you to stop that hope stuff for us? Your commitment to us is justified by your providing "projects" now? YES, WE ARE OWED, sir! Bullocks to your "money is finite" posit!

    9. John,

      As I mentioned you probably are a nice guy. Let me share a story with you about these crypto's. I know of several that have made a tidy profit on investing in these. Buy low, cash in after a Bull run. Hold and buy more during a Bear run.

      Years ago, when Bitcoin was worth zero, I mined them on my computer. I mined them for and obtained them for FREE. At the time I mined them, they had zero value except maybe on the dark web. I naive at the time, and instead of treating them as something that would eventually have any value I lost my key to the wallet I had on my computer that had died. As a result, I lost approximately $900K. Trust me when I tell you I was sick about it. Needless to say, after such a massive loss, I look at crypto's in a totally different light.

      This berating of people as though they don't know that you make money working and self-accountablity etc has grown old. People work, people invest, there is nothing wrong with anyone making a ROI on their investments. I highly doubt that someone who lives on welfare invests in anything.

    10. John, are you now saying that we should stop watching the site daily? Any benefit from redemptions would be years away for most of us.

      Also, it was stated in the past, on this site and others, that SKRs were given to Politicos for their Dinar holdings. It was also stated that they were given loans based on the value of their SKRs. Are you saying that the Banks will simply take a loss on those deals.

      As for the people on the West Coast that have been hemorrhaging cash for the past 6 years, are you saying that they are simply at a loss?

    11. Me, me, me... For some of us, it's been a struggle. But between everything, one day I'll find answer to what is needed to become self sufficient. Between the growing friendliness in my flock to the increasing luster of their fleeces an answer will come. Also working on increasing volume of fleece yield.

    12. Arizona
      If you were smart enough with early bitcoins you will find new markets and wiser next time. You have the ability to prospect a new Klondike. Early birds. Nothing keeps a good person down they always bounce back. You will.

    13. Terry
      You can see the turmoil all markets are in. First will be the PPs and possibly big battalions subject to the coming new Republic. Projects will need good people in numerous roles. Watch and reach. Currencies are a dilemma. Uncharted territory right now. Any break we will report

  6. On Epstein the fix is already in. The prosecutor is Comey's daughter...

    1. Horrific. No less with Weiner. The sheer circulation list for Weiner was sickening. As was the alleged number of Trump's visits to Epstein's parties.
      Time for a full Public trial of Epstein. Clinton and Prince Andrews visits fully exposed. The full Attendee books. Maxwell also need to be tried. But so should Huma. Clintons need full public exposure.
      How much will Trump seek to evade? What is truth?

    2. Jeffrey Epstein Offers To Give Up Names In Exchange For Leniency: ReportJeffrey Epstein Offers To Give Up Names In Exchange For Leniency: Report

    3. With Epstein there still needs to be a minimum 20 years to be served, take it or leave it. Also with the precondition that ALL names are released, tapes and full evidence ,and that he gives full evidence and supporting statements to take them all down. Any parties hidden and all deals are off. With full cooperation 20 years, without minum 40 years. No less offer. No more games. No bail and no freedom with appeals. He starts Jail right after conviction. No delays, Guilty and bang, locked up same day. Either take them all down for 20 years, years and some hope he sees clear skies one day, or 40 years and an electronically wired broom handle up his Butt weekly. Barbed wire tipped! Once way or another we can get the lot. Witches will apply to ride.

    4. Attorneys for Epstein: Kenneth Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Jay Lefkowitz, Jack Goldberger

      Friends in high places: Former President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump and Prince Andrew and others

      Robert Mueller led the FBI at the time of the original charges against Epstein.

      Maurene Comey, daughter of former FBI Director James Comey, is reportedly a prosecutor in the new criminal case against convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

      Among the prosecutors who made that 2007 deal was Alexander Acosta, then the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida and now U.S. Secretary of Labor for President Donald Trump.

      Epstein’s secret plea deal shielded him and FOUR alleged accomplices from federal prosecution.

      In February, the DOJ announced its inquiry into “allegations that Department attorneys may have committed professional misconduct in the manner in which the Epstein criminal matter was resolved.”

      On June 25, the Department of Justice decided otherwise: Federal prosecutors announced they would not void Epstein’s non-prosecution deal.

      Attorney General William Barr told Congress he might recuse himself from Epstein-related cases since he worked for one of the firms behind Epstein’s controversial plea deal.

      Not wishing to be negative, but this looks like another whitewash in the making...

    5. How did Epstein make all his money? Nobody knows. His offices are empty. He allegedly runs a hedge fund, but has no staff, no server farm, no analysts, or anything else.

    6. Lastly, is Dershowitz (in his lawsuit, which Cernovich is annoyed about getting merged with Cernovich's suit to unseal the FLA records) trying to "prove" he's clean of pedo -- or what? And WHY does he think 'we' will be any less hate-filled toward him for his work to get Epstein OFF by figuratively screwing all these young girls, rather than literally doing so?

      Attorneys for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein touted his close friendship with Bill Clinton and even claimed the billionaire helped start Clinton's controversial family foundation in a 2007 letter aimed at boosting his image during plea negotiations, has learned.

      The 23-page letter, written by high-powered lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt, was apparently part of an ultimately successful bid to negotiate a plea deal before Epstein could be tried for using underage girls in a sex ring based in Palm Beach, Fla., and his private island estate on the 72-acre Virgin Islands home dubbed "Orgy Island." Epstein spent 13 months in prison and home detention after agreeing to a plea deal in which he admitted to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

    7. Tino, Robert David Steele believes that Epstein is funded by multiple Billionaires for this exact purpose underage sexual exploitation and pedophilia. He is highly paid to run this operation by some very rich & powerful low life satanist.

    8. The UK msm are taking Epstein apart. Royal Princes, Clinton even Trump all are getting hung out to dry its vicious. Nowhere to hide
      The Brit MSM are probably the worst in the world when they come for you
      They even examine your wastebins
      Epstein and Princes are exposed by the hour it's deep and nasty. Multi pages and pics. The Queen will be horrified and Charles will freak with Andrew. Its ugly and its hard on in 8 pages of print. It's time!

  7. WILD CLAIM: California to Crack in Two; Portion to Submerge in Ocean

    The Hal Turner Radio Show received a warning from a scientist who works at CalTech, for the Division Office of Geological and Planetary Sciences.  This person says that the recent large earthquakes, and ongoing aftershocks  -- which now total above six-thousand -- along with satellite/GPS land-movement monitors, prove that California is cracking into two pieces, and the western piece will submerge into the Pacific Ocean.

    This person is screaming that people should EVACUATE CALIFORNIA IMMEDIATELY.   His exact words were:

    "They're NOT gonna warn people. There is not enough time to evacuate everyone. GET OUT NOW! The whole state is about to crack in two. Please listen."

    This person did not state WHEN this alleged catastrophe is going to take place.  This person did not name any particular LOCATION points within the state which would mark the location of such a catastrophe.  This person did not provide any data sets, GPS maps, or other scientific data to support this claimed pending catastrophe.  In short, this is nothing but a wild, unsubstantiated claim.

    I do not imagine that rational people would suddenly uproot their lives and evacuate without having proof.  Evidence.  Data.  

    I pass this along to convey the urgency expressed by this scientist, his ardent belief this is going to take place, and to let folks see that there is a massive variance between what some experts interpret as taking place with these massive earthquakes, versus what other experts interpret as taking place.

    Folks will have to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

    1. Here we go again! "Oh no, the sky is falling!". LMAO. No shortage of alarmists out there. Look at RenseRadio saying the Pacific Ocean is dead because of Fukashima. Granted the radiation is bad, but these guys bring the drama to the 100th level to instill fear into the readers/listeners.Its all about human attention.This "Cali is going into the ocean" fear meme has been around since at least 1992....In closing, if Cali does go, what loss is that? Communism central is what Cali is and has been for decades. (The Illuminati wet-dream model for the rest of America.)

    2. A little science and a little calm please. Even if the Big One hit, it would mostly raze either San Francisco or Los Angeles. As far as motion of the faults, it is mostly North-South. But it isn't going to submerge. A portion of Los Angeles will move north a couple meters at most.

  8. Where is Green Lantern and Superman when we need them?

  9. All on Epsteins Island with Freebies.

    1. Please JOHN,

      do not minimalise my comments with crude jokes. You speak of SOUL and our ETERNAL BEING status, etc....I believe there are people out there who in the spirit world/realm(s) who actually are embodiments of all such like Green Lantern, Superman, etc....Or, do you think that is ridiculous?They walk among us is my belief. How abot you? Maybe go to the local comic book store and stock up on Spiritual reading materials to get up to speed if you do NOT believe. It is factual and real, Believe It Or Not. Science fiction became science fact starting in the 1920's sir. So, stop mocking, please.

  10. Prince Andrew is being torn apart here over Epstein it's beyond vicious. He's in so much trouble
    Could he be put on trial in the US? Where is truth?

  11. The REAL "smoking gun" is Weiner's Laptop Files NYPD got! Epstein is only one. Where is truth? LOL(sadly)....

    1. Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case
      Nov 4 2016

      “Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed.

      “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

      “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

    2. "Epstein and his accomplices may have molested more than a thousand young girls." - John Cardillo
      July 8 2019

      Newsmax's John Cardillo joins the show to talk about the shocking implications of the Jeffrey Epstein case.

  12. John, based on your best knowledge, should we, the public, just give up hope for a profit on our currencies, sell them and move on. Or is there still a little hope. Thanks.

  13. One party organised by Ghislaine for Epstein at his New York house in the early 2000s was reportedly attended by Donald Trump, Google founder Sergey Brin, disgraced British Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson and David Blaine who 'amused a group of barely clad models with card tricks'.

    Epstein told a magazine that: 'The dialogues are so engaging that serving even the most extraordinary food sometimes seems inappropriate, like eating pizza at the ballet.'

  14. Whisper

    I wish I could give you hope with a roar
    Global liquidity is in free fall waiting for the new Republic. The Dong at least has a base. Iraq and Zimbabwe are under tight IMF control. Forget blog hype. Iraq can only underpin what it can afford and will be restricted to viable issuance. It is still conceivable they could scrap the lot as war theft and start clean with a few T and for Trade only. Zimbabwe is a basket case. God knows where they restart and walking away from old de listed paper makes sense. Be assured the IMF and World Bank have zero Interest protecting speculators.Most are victims of Hype Cons.
    We are into Silly Season now. Apart from high level discussions for a very special few off radar deals progressing
    There just is no liquidity for fantasies. Nor free rides or Free Lunches. Times are very tough and we need sensitive dialog as is in progress

    Its your judgment call but how long do you flog a dead horse? Who will feed it to save it?
    Elders support will be restricted to viable project needs. I cant talk through their pockets. Nor would they condone wanton risk. Balanced economies based on affordable policies. Certain project led PPs make more sense at this stage. Money is finite. There are far more serious focus needs than currencies right now. How many false dawns have you seen. You have to determine best use of your own money. Where is your stop loss?

  15. "The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More": DB Exits Equities In $8.4 Billion Overhaul, To Fire Thousands
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Mon, 07/08/2019 - 03:44

    The bank which only a decade ago dominated equity and fixed income and sales trading and investment banking across the globe, and was Europe's banking behemoth, is no more.

  16. As the UK and America rebuild new industries serious growth will open opportunities for many of you. Don't lose hope potential is there. Real dialog is active.

  17. Chief Investment Officer of Largest US Public Pension Fund Has Deep Ties to Chinese Regime
    July 8 2019

    Newly discovered deep ties between the chief investment officer (CIO) of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Chinese government, along with CalPERS’s China investment holdings, have provoked controversy about the operations of the biggest public retirement fund in the nation.

    CalPERS is one of the largest public retirement systems in the West. It manages more than $350 billion in funds for public employees either already retired from or currently working for most of the state and local public agencies in California.

    The fund holds tens of millions of shares in equities of Chinese companies. Among other things, these companies develop advanced weapons for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and are involved in unethical business practices and human rights abuses, including the concentration camps holding Uyghurs in Xinjiang, according to one expert.

    According to a 2017 report by the People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the current CIO of CalPERS, Yu “Ben” Meng, as at 2015 was a participant in the Chinese government’s prestigious headhunting program called the Thousand Talents Plan (TTP).

  18. Despite all the roller coaster political issues between our nations the relation ship is sound and your Presidents second tour to London was the most successful sinceJFK. Thank Melania for that she stamped decorum into him and won him Global accolades. Together we are better. Respect each other

  19. Regarding currencies. I don't own the first currency, any currency that is to say
    My understanding is sovereign currencies once this mess has settled out will be valued based on the "assets" that country owns, ie, oil, minerals, precious metals, energy devices,,production achievements, basically the intrinsic value of the country
    Sounds like good, balanced plan to me
    Not sure how Elder money fits into this plan. Investors world wide have "clean money" to invest into these intrinsic values which should push the value of that country's currency up

  20. Tim... I say when all else fails....Trust the Plan.

  21. The trouble we have is a plan for worldwide Leaders who do not read.

  22. John,

    What does the "new republic" you mentioned entail? Elimination of the Federal Reserve? New Treasury Note? DC gone?

  23. Fed gone, removal of US debt to Zionist Shylocks, removal of British Feudal links, accepting Basle 111 protocols and a nation free of Mitary Industrial liabilities where Democracy services its peoples needs, not tbe Deep State and Zionists serving only themselves.
    Its own Central Bank owned by the Nation issuing its own currency backed by national assets and out of Rothschild dependency as the British did when recovering full control of the Bank of England. The start of a nation state owned by and for the people and a Military funding policy based only on what is affordable not an out of Control Debt escalation by an unelected Cabal.

    1. I new there was still some British control in a lot of the financial as well as the judicial aspects of America, its called the Commonwealth as its a business model done thru trademarks controlled by patented processes. John who exactly is trying to bring in this new republic is it the White Hats working with certain military patriots.

    2. John, within what time frame and limits are you expecting the above to achieved ? Thank You. We ARE in "silly season". Thank You.

    3. Everyday is "silly season" anymore.

    4. All or Nothing. While we are dealing with Bankers, Lawyers / Liars and Zio Skanks we can't pre release. Pressure is on.

    5. July should be interesting, though.

  24. US Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it
    July 9 2019

    Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.

    US Customs and Border Protection seized the ship on July 4, a statement out Monday said. The ship is owned by client assets in a maritime strategy offered by JPMorgan Asset Management, according to a person familiar with the matter. It is operated by the Switzerland-based MSC.

    On June 18, CBP agents found 39,525 pounds of cocaine stashed in several containers on the MSC Gayane at the Philadelphia seaport. The street value of the drugs was estimated at about $1.3 billion, making it the largest cocaine seizure by the agency.

  25. Gen. Flynn recants his confession:
    Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, backed off his planned testimony in a federal case against a former associate, according to court documents unsealed on Tuesday.

    Mr. Flynn had previously admitted that he lied on foreign lobbying disclosure forms submitted to the Justice Department but now is blaming his former lawyers, accusing them of filing inaccurate forms without his knowledge. He did not dispute that the filing itself contained false information.

    His latest gambit could provoke another dramatic and risky confrontation with the federal judge who delayed sentencing Mr. Flynn last year in a separate case so he could continue to cooperate with the government in the hopes of a lighter punishment. And it was the latest strange turn in a prosecution that should have run its course without much drama after Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty in December 2017 to lying to investigators and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel’s investigators.

  26. What's key is for Trump to press Justice to go after Clintobs, Obama, Weiner and the whole sordid rat pack if he wants re election. Why give Epstein.any deal just bust the lot wide open.

  27. The Jeffrey Epstein Rabbit Hole Goes a Lot Deeper Than You Think
    July 8 2019

    Like many of you, I’ve been following the Jeffrey Epstein story with horror, disgust and open eyes for several years. While it’s always been a creepy, twisted and completely bizarre saga, I was unaware of just how inexplicable and strange it is until I did some more digging earlier today.

    I put a bunch of information together in a Twitter thread, and rather than reinvent the wheel, here it is:

    p: Then...

    Bombshell: Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein "Belonged To Intelligence"
    July 10 2019

    “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)...

    For almost two decades, for some nebulous reason, whether to do with ties to foreign intelligence, his billions of dollars, or his social connections, Epstein, whose alleged sexual sickness and horrific assaults on women without means or ability to protect themselves is well-known in his circle, remained untouchable.

  28. He needs so much public heat that Intel cut him loose.

  29. P,

    Thank You for the posting about the latest Weiner development! Looks like from what you posted that there there is a chance that PIG VERMIN SCUMBAG will be roasting on a spit above a fire just like a literal roasted pig! There are supposedly thousands implicated in that laptop with details which made the initial investigating officers sick beyond belief. I hope the NYC finest do the right thing and no leniency from judges.

  30. JOHN,

    "...VND has a base...". Thank you for this and gives me a small ray of hope. I will hold on with my Dong in hand! LOL.

    1. At the moment just leave it as a Sleeper but when certain cross complex refunding issues are resolved we will advise you when to activate it.
      Nothing is simple. Only current Demos and Bush 43.

      But maybe a good Kennedy may emerge again restoring hope for all. After next week completions get ever harder. A Court Judge awarded Judgment to Leo years ago and only corruption delayed resolution
      We are all over it and more.
      Every day momentum is activated. So while in Dong holding mode, try it. Self help.

      There are some major PP and Bond redemption conversion issues playing out which can resolve a number of key project needs. We are now suffering the impact of Silly Season and idiot Bankers forced absenteeism jumping to the demands of her indoors She Who Must Be Oeyed.
      Life is!

  31. Cernovich gets it, is being written out of the official story he created via his lawsuit, but is still standing up for Trump against the mud-slingers. Cerno has courage, given all the people who want his silencing.

    Mike Cernovich: media only covers Epstein to attack President Donald Trump

    He's staying fearless on Twitter, on Epstein & hot topics: @Cernovich

  32. Countries known to be developing their own central bank digital currency:

    1. China
    2. Turkey
    3. Uruguay
    4. Bahamas
    5. Sweden
    6. Ukraine

    Only 189 more countries to go. Eventually every country will be in the game.

  33. p: Great X22 Report. Use of Epstein Island as a hub of bribery/blackmail by the intelligence community, IG Horowitz interviews C Steele-16 hours over 2 days, Googles far reaching scrubbing of Bill Clinton from Epstein searches, with more weight given to Donald Trump and more...

    News Unlocks, Info Scrubbed, Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall - Episode 1913b
    July 10 2019

  34. Herald reporter Julie K. Brown, who broke Epstein plea deal story, responds to Secretary Acosta
    July 11 2019

    Miami Herald journalist Julie K. Brown responded to the statement given by the U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta to push back on criticism that he gave Jeffrey Epstein a “sweetheart deal” in 2008.

  35. Thommy Robbins. Just got sent down for 9 months jail time. Hopefully they will bunk him up with 2 Pakkie Child Mollesters

    1. Let me count the failures of the UK here.

      1)Provably not guilty because the alleged violation did not occur and anyone can dig up the transmission and compare it to the BBC's.

      2) Sentence set in violation of your jury trial rules and failure to provide a jury trial

      3) Sentence is excessive relative to similar cases which is selective prosecution

      4)Endangering life of defendant under color of law by not placing him in isolation

      That's just off the top of my head...

    2. He's away. Genuine protestors will get real UK support. Thugs don't get Judicial mercy in the UK. If he steps out of line again consequences will be ruthless. Last warning!

    3. Sigh. Illogical John. Equal treatment under the law is a foundational pillar of jurisprudence. He is simply not guilty of what he is accused. Which means he is deprived of liberty under color of law. And your words prove that. Even granting he is a thug doesn't give the UK the right to throw him in jail via a kangaroo Court and a manufactured verdict. I see it as do many others. The reality is bad and the optics horrible.

    4. Yep tough world but judgment calls needed making
      We have real latitude for genuine cases. Relax its just roasting a Tosser who will only serve 50%.

    5. I'm relaxed. [insert image of me on hammock by a lake]

      It's just that I swore a Hippocratic Oath that mandates equal treatment of all who come before me.

      So to see what's happening...

    6. Empathised but this is just lancing a Butt boil.

    7. Is it not against the worst examples that we should test principles?

      In any event, Appeals Court will be interesting to see how the appellate Judge twists himself into a pretzel to justify this one...

    8. Hmm. How did London resolve its Embassy embarrassment? Senate rules Et Tu? Tossers get toasted. He is a tick on an Elephants back.

    9. Glad to see nothing's changed since the Ides of March 44 BC



  36. Donald J. Trump
    “It seems that the Brits and the French and the Germans are coming around to the idea that the Iranians are up to no good!”


  37. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Tells Congress a Gold Standard is a Bad Idea.

    In this video we discuss Jerome Powell’s comments on the gold standard as well as Art Laffer’s comments on who should control the Federal Reserve.

    Watch “Powell Says No To Gold Standard – Who Should Run the Federal Reserve? “

  38. John, what is the prospect of PP and big battalion completions prior to the full impact of silly season kicking in? Also, if not completed by then will this result in extended delays?

    1. Huge pressure on right now, can't release more. High Project needs focus.

    2. Thank you John, much appreciated and good luck!

    3. John,

      Curious, what projects are going to go first? Is the High-Speed Rail system that Wanta talked about at the top?

    4. Joking apart,it has to be a multi facet political trade off. We deserve, but do not get, Free Choice. Real world, what is the trade off to unlock to controls?
      All need, as long as some can feed, it's still a win for some. We can, and will do so much good. But we have a high focus on Education also. The best ethics and Ethos of many of you. We need to reshape the future, and stop producing Bush 43's !

      This is hot daily right now.But so many Snouts! Beyond Frustrating. Oh for absolute immunity and a full loaded SMG! That would clear the way fast. If only !

  39. p: Not for children's viewing. Q calls it underground dining room, I reference it as basement dining room. Have sat on buckets at crab and clam bakes, but not like this! Agree with Q, These people are sick!!!

    Who Was Caught On Camera Possibly Filleting A Human At Epstein Island on July 19, 2013? Date Important Says Q!
    July 10 2019

    Note “2013” on the bottom.






    1. p: This morning had found it was Lord Rothschild that had introduced Dershowitz to Epstein. Having watched the Ingram Angle this morning realized that there was more going on than even the host of the show was comfortable with.

      John speaks about the 14 levels above the US President. We know Trump has a huge dislike for Epstein(not a friend), so Epstein won't get any help there. To the contrary actually.

      With Lord Rothschild's assistance, along with others(Zionists), the intelligence set up that was designed to capture "weaknesses/perversions" of the worlds movers and shakers for blackmail and other control measures, did so quite well.

      The reason am going into this is justice.

      Why a convicted sex trafficker got off easy: The case of Epstein
      Dec 9 2017

      Mike Papantonio and Attorney Jeff Gaddy talk about why a billionaire by the name of Jeffrey Epstein who was found to be running a sex trafficking operation only served a few months in jail.

    2. p: At 8:47 the sounds kicks out on this. CBS News and the sound is mismatched with the video. But the guest does a good job of explaining that nobody seems to know where Epstein gets his money, but does note that the properties he has generally belong to someone else.

      Author James Patterson says "nobody knows" where Jeffrey Epstein's money came from
      July 9 2019

      In 2016, best-selling author James Patterson wrote a book investigating recently arrested financier Jeffrey Epstein. Patterson spoke to CBSN's "Red & Blue" about his book now that Epstein is facing new charges for sex trafficking.

    3. p: This article is old and takes place in Thailand. These ones got caught back then. How many didn't or haven't been? I know President is increasingly successful in shutting this stuff down and am grateful for that. What am getting at is the human breeding farms somebody is funding and profiting from.

      Thai Police Free 14 Women From Illegal Baby-Breeding Farm In Bangkok
      May 25 2011

      A total of 14 Vietnamese women — half of them pregnant — have been rescued from an “illegal and inhuman” surrogate baby breeding ring in Thailand, the AFP is reporting.

      The company, called Baby 101, allegedly received orders by e-mail or via agents from childless couples offering thousands of dollars per newborn. In some cases, the male partner would also provide sperm to inseminate the women, who were being held in two houses in Bangkok and had their passports confiscated.

    4. p: Correcting myself up higher. It was Lady Rothschild that introduced Dershowitz to Epstein.Found at 5:32

      Dershowitz responds to Epstein accuser's allegations against him
      July 11 2019

  40. Graham: Mr. President, if you're watching tonight, just enjoy this
    July 11 2019

    South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on the feud between Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez and the deep divide among Democrats on 'Hannity.'

  41. p: They need the kind of funding seen in other countries our tax payers pay. They need doctors who are experienced in dealing with multiple illnesses seen in 3rd world countries.

    'I can't handle this:' Doctors treating migrants on the border are walking out
    July 12 2019

    Two contracted doctors who had been serving inside overcrowded Border Patrol facilities in the El Paso, Texas, region have walked off the job in separate incidents since late May, two Border Patrol union officials have confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

    Most of the Border Patrol’s 11 stations in El Paso have medical personnel on site who are either contracted, Coast Guard, or trained agents. The average station has one doctor and two to three nurses, the union said.

    Farris complained the El Paso region’s management has done too little proactively to keep both agents and migrants in good health following breakouts of flu, lice, scabies, measles, and other breakouts. (p: Overwhelmed?)

  42. Acosta just resigned over lieniency issues on Epstein. Really-how about 🤔5 years time also?

    1. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid fallout over Jeffrey Epstein case
      July 12 2019

      President Trump's Labor Secretary Alex Acosta announced his resignation Friday after defending his handling of a controversial secret plea deal with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 when Acosta was U.S. Attorney in Florida. CBS News political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns joins CBSN with more on the breaking news.

  43. Great job US border guards and ICE. Great jobs Customs also. Unsung Hero's well done America.

  44. The MSM attacks on Trump pre election was a multi billions frenzy. Expect more pre 2020. Why do they feel they are the moral Conscience of America. Hillary Peddlers, this lot?
    Why not credit him with good moves? I do! Where is balance?

    America has a lot to offer. Trump deserves breaks also. He just had the most successful London tour since JFK. Demos you gave the world the Clintons and badly vetted Soetoto. HELLO?

  45. The Oval Office has power to control if well used. Use it! JFK and Bush 41 did.

  46. FTC approves roughly $5 billion Facebook settlement: Report
    July 12 2019

    FBN's Susan Li and Deirdre Bolton on reports the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Facebook over the social media platform's privacy missteps and President Trump raising concerns over Facebook's plans to launch a cryptocurrency.

    1. $5 billion fine -- it's a traffic ticket.

      Limited liability needs to be either dumped or severely curtailed. When there is wholesale violation of the law, CEO's, VP's, Line Managers all need to go to jail...

  47. A new study conducted by a Finnish research team has found little evidence to support the idea of man-made climate change. The results of the study were soon corroborated by researchers in Japan. In a paper published late last month, entitled ‘No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change’, a team of scientists at Turku University in Finland determined that current climate models fail to take into account the effects of cloud coverage on global temperatures, causing them to overestimate the impact of human-generated greenhouse gasses.

    Models used by official bodies such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “cannot compute correctly the natural component included in the observed global temperature,” the study said, adding that “a strong negative feedback of the clouds is missing” in the models.

    Adjusting for the cloud coverage factor and accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, the researchers found that mankind is simply not having much of an effect on the Earth’s temperature.

  48. Replies
    1. Because of desperation. Not mine though. F them.

    2. Because a little knowledge is dangerous, con-men are plentiful, and with real unemployment at ~20%, stagnation everywhere, the desperation is real.

  49. Where are the dial in premium Rate Daves and that vast flotsam of scavenging Hypsters who falsely conned so many gullible and desperate people?

  50. The Banking Cartel and the Black Nobility at the center of the Banking Cartel do not have the world's gold reserves. They are bankrupt and they are getting wound down peacefully .


  51. We're seeing a shift in what we trust. Do we trust the humans or do we trust the algorithms

    I, personally, trust no one.

  52. Replies
    1. At full attention Hearing from you.

    2. As it should be Mr. LOL
      I hope you are going well. Just wanted to say Hi.

    3. You could well be correct there Johnny. LOL Cheeky bugger.
      Hope you enjoy a wonderful day.

    4. A smile on your face is priceless.

  53. As the battle intensifies for release of long reneged on US redemptions, in order to effect real economic changes, one quandary obstacle is actually the Satanic Chabad Cult so espoused by Nasty Israeli Nutter Yahoo, his Mossad Thugs, and Adelson,all using their Goffer Kushner and his crime family, to keep their owned Trump Marker in check as new Global Free Thinking forces emerge to change the status quo of the Old Guard reshaping Europe, the Atlantic Alliance and rethinking emergent Asia.

    Was there ever a time we more needed an intelligent Kennedy type at the helm? Of course they exist, but sadly decline to enter Politics. America, and the world, is poorer for it.
    This dilemma and dichotomy is not a singular US problem. Once, developed First World Nations,as with the UK Mother of Parliaments, were filled with highly successful Business Leaders who had accomplished much in their personal lives, then sought to give time in later life putting back experience and wisdom, to help effect social harmony and evolution of better nations. Pride and ethics had a place.

    Historically Presidents have evolved with decades served in the State complex, evolving through the myriad of Washington relationships, and serving real time negotiating the trade offs that are Washington deals, to effect legislations in the special interest Zoo of Policy makers. Ability to walk the walk and talk the talk in the Cesspit that is Washington DC.

    Trump has served time in none. It shows in the vacuum of policies and lack of detailed planning of social reshaping and debt resolution. The state of the EU,UK and US are all paralleled. Naive but arrogant Preppy Boys, Greasy Lawyers, Liars, Grifters and Skanks now enrich themselves cross trading the patronage of State.

    Boris Johnson, about to be UK elected, is an erratic Wombat, with the attention span of a hyper Child. Does that sound familiar? Across the EU it's the same.

    Criminal Agencies have suppressed Chinese Dynasty assets also for now over 40 years. Funds overdue were to be redeemed 20 years ago, and now denied by a corrosive Cabal Deep State Mafia.

    Two major PP Group deals are playing out. Each supports multi projects needed. Each are fighting for their lawfully entitled funds, long overdue,all held back by treacherous Political, Bank and Agency deviants. Millions of lives affected for the greed of a few.

    But here is the real problem. Competence. The lack of Cognitive Dissidence by Leaders who don't understand, because the current layers are either too intellectually limited, or have simply not had the necessary essential field training to occupy the rolls they hold. so can not function or judge. We all-Suffer! It's not alright that so many good causes wither in the night,because we have Leaders too inexperienced or under the intellectual standards needed for the real Day Job.

    Trump seems to have his Daughter, and the Kushner Dweeb batting way out of their comfort zones, a " Princess and the Clown Prince". While Empires falter at the altar. Johnson will be no better in the UK. Chaos rules fools. What happened to achievers?

    JFK served his country and achieved with honour. The new lot have Heel Spurs, or Draft Dodges for Bush 43, to Clinton. Hell N0 - I won't go! Patriots cry as the innocents die.
    But in DC, the Houses are all built on a LIE! The EU is no better. It's the same greasy spoon selection of non comms. Politics is not working. We need to rethink the Stink!
    What we have now is akin to placing a Burger Flipper in a role to service Combat Fighters, then sending our pilots in trust, to fly and die. Nothing makes sense.

    We so need to rethink the Federal State. Funds need to fund America and the West, not Mossad and more wars. We don't need 990 plus bases protecting Cabal investments where profits are filtered out Offshore. Next week will be seismic as pressure builds. Redeem and honour debts owed. Honour Allies and Alliances. Honour the best Ethos of the Founders.

  54. John,

    How do any of these projects matter if you don't address the world economy. The system has to be rebooted and debt addressed.

    It does no good to release funds for education, infrastructure etc. if the economic aspect isn't dealt with at the same time.

    A few PP's won't help if you don't fix the ghosts in the machine, so to speak.

    1. Jv

      A real problem we face currently relating to Global currency and economic address is the lack of intellectually talented leadership where complete Muppets are in power at this hour. We need project capital to fund and promote suitable candidates free of Banking or Zionist entrapments. We need to rethink politics.

  55. Well it finally made the news... KTLA reports a police officer has contracted typhoid fever...

  56. Ann Coulter says Epstein had a State Sponsor overseeing his Global Depravity.
    Dr. Steve Pieczenik confirms it.

    1. Thank you J7, that is exactly what was getting at. Thank you for finding this and sharing! )

  57. EPSTEIN Dropping Names In Exchange [Snitches Wind Up In Ditches]
    July 14 2019

  58. Can the Jesuits be permanently eliminated ? They need to be gone. Vamos ! Gone !

    1. Probably not in any short term. Longer term, never forget there is at least one multi-century old organization that will never yield to them and never rest until their goals are achieved.

  59. Silly season or not,The BANKERS no longer run the show. So, what ever hold up (PP, currency , GCR) there is , who knows ?

  60. No, at this moment they still do run the show. But competition is coming

  61. Jesuits have very deep influence. Clinton, Trump all educated by them. Same deep flaws!

  62. Unsealing the Epstein files has already activated UK MSM Dogs crawling all over the unsealed allegations of the 17 year old forced to have sex with Prince Andrew. Expect fireworks for many Including Trump. Karma catches up.

  63. ICE reportedly begins deportation raids
    July 14 2019

    Nationwide raids targeting illegal immigrants who have a missed a court appearance or have been ordered by a court to be removed from the country began Sunday, according to CNN.

    The raids, which are being conducted by the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency, are being conducted in cities throughout the country. They are targeting approximately 2,000 people whom courts have ordered to be removed from the country.

    "It starts on Sunday, and they're going to take people out, and they're going to bring them back to their countries, or they're going to take criminals out — put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from," President Trump said outside the White House on Friday.

  64. Amazing Polly does an amazing job as she connects the dots. Enjoy.

  65. Key development issues

    1.Intense efforts are underway this week to try to beat Silly Season with PPs.
    2.Coming new UK PM selection, almost certainly Bonking Boris. Unstable. totally narcissistic, prima donna and limited attention span -Sound familiar?
    3.Iran reaching collapse or a new war zone?
    4.Election of new EU Govt, none of value. Socialist parasites, the lot.
    5.Chinese and Russian Military build up. Russian S400s anti missile/ aircraft/shields arrived in Turkey.The EU now has a Russian attack unit right on its borders. How then can Turkey join the EU?
    6. More vast Chinese Rail track expansion into Iran and across Asia. Wealth creating. Also to be defended.
    7. Iranian Oil Tanker seized by the UK off Gibraltar heading for Syria. Messy. Next move Russia will send a Tanker, who stops that? Also Iraq may send supplies. When do Russia send S400s to Iran and Syria? What is they have? Both appear confident they are now shielded. Syria sits seething Iran too. The Middle East is a Hornets nest.
    8. Who,among the US Cabal War Hawks does not get that if Iran is forced towards collapse they for sure will take Israel first.
    9. Kushner's entire Childlike plan for the Middle East and Palestine, is collapsing in ridicule. Who of intelligent cognisance would put such a mediocre Boy Child and a pampered Princess to try to deal with a Multi Millenia melting pot like that.We pre-warned Kushner totally lacked the skills for this. Apart from struggling with a dubious Mossad front role, and exiting Russian Mob money,with a Jailbird father, how was this pampered Dweeb ever going to gain a consensus with Arabs who outsmart him on every corner. The Kushners put him in play to marry the Shiksa and gain influence,but he's not up to it. Nor the Shiksa. Posing wannabes. No Jackie O for sure.Dreamers. Tainted Russian / Mossad Bag men, the lot.
    10. The Ambassador Storm in a Teacup. What deal will Boris try to cut. Without the brains to handle detail, or a depth of original thought,how will vain Boris cope with being told all his plans for imports will fail to clear field testing vettings. UK Standards are much higher and Chlorine chicken etc is banned.So will be Monsanto products. Boris is flying a kite and will himself fold in the night at some stage. But how much damage will accrue?
    11. It's hard to stop an EU No Deal now. There is no Plan B. But vast opportunity.
    12.The UK has a Global chance but is leaderless. Have you seen such a collective bag of Political misfit Muppets pressuming rights to rule. Leave plans are attacked by Dilettante children in office who need stomping on hard. De selection by firm Leadership. But- it's missing! Boris is just a vapid, media cartoon clown.
    13.Good to see Trump and Ice are rounding up the illegals and overstayers.
    14.Great work also by US Customs on Drug detection. Unsung Heros all of them. Time they got credit.
    15. Epstein. How much sordid truth is now leaking out. Bob Maxwell was a giant Israeli scammer and fraud. His daughter Pimped for Epstein who filmed, recorded and blackmailed for Mossad. Good move to unseal the files. Challenge the lot.
    16.Weiner next. The Hell with false Plea deals. Overturn the lot. Justice now!

    An interesting year ahead. When we get the PPs started, how much good can we do?
    Epstein and Weiner thought they had gotten away with it. Tough luck Huma, he's a Schumer and he's next. Truth will not stay hidden. Well done US Law Enforcement. You cry- Freedom!

  66. Really hope you get the PP's released..... love to see something start, move..... as for the rest..... what a mess the world is in!.....

    1. JD

      Thank you it's in deep discussion and if we can activate the new quantum system soon all changes.

  67. p: This makes perfect sense!!!

    Trump Administration Introduces New Rule Restricting Asylum for Seekers From Central America
    July 15 2019

    “Pursuant to statutory authority, the Departments are amending their respective regulations to provide that, with limited exceptions, an alien who enters or attempts to enter the United States across the southern border after failing to apply for protection in a third country outside the alien’s country of citizenship, nationality, or last lawful habitual residence through which the alien transited en route to the United States is ineligible for asylum,” the interim final rule states.

    1. New Asylum Rule Aims to Eliminate Bogus Claims
      July 15 2019

      Rule will prevent unqualified claims from bogging down the system and help truly qualified asylum seekers, says expert

  68. p: A short clip from 1995 shows just how much things have changed. This might be the only thing our POTUS would agree with Bill Clinton on! ) LOL

  69. Once introduced the new Quantum FINANCIAL SYSTEM removes the Zionist Bankers and Cabal thugs violating the Constution and the Zio Cult can be scourged free to allow good to breath again
    1946 not a nation wanted them back at any price and what will come will remodel a world free of this viral spawn

    1. Is this the "cashless" society model where we get microchipped?

    2. Not yet China,Europe,Asia and South America will adopt it and have in part. The US has been sidestepped and the Petrodollar swerved, so the Cabal will do will do what? With respect, you will have no real say. What we have to do is negotiate a soft landing. One way or another, the Banks and State, ( Birth Certificates!!!) own you anyway. A one world Financial System is inevitable. Negotiate the best we can. The US and Zionists have butchered and buggered the world. Empire's end. Badly! Memories are deep, resentment also.

      Global autocracy is presumptuous. Repression is not the basis of a good Alliance.
      Global QFS deals are progressing right now bypassing the US. It will be the basis of a whole new Financial Order with you totally excluded. 8 Billion looking after each other not 350M dictactating to all. The world IS moving on, invitation only.
      They are bypassing Bitcoins or Blockchains. As for trusting Facebook with money?

      Right now the biggest deals in the world are progressing. Active and focused.
      One better world is a good agenda. Free of Zionist Bankers, and Cabals. No more Political Bush- Whacker Crime families.
      We ALL need to work together, hand across oceans, to make good happen. Souls have Ethereal values, unlock them and free consciousness. No more false Gods. Truth is so much more!

  70. Well the Epstein case is a curious one indeed, with so many big names in precarious positions. Still, one does wonder if it will go anywhere at all. So much of the flash, like Russiagate, is pure theatre. Some sites are suggesting that the Lolitagate move is designed to force Trump into war with Iran which is surely plausible. I highly doubt that there will be any high-profile arrests from the scandal, but I wouldn't be surprised if Epstein is "arkancided" for real or hoaxed to remove him from the scene. Can't trust much these days, choose wisely.

  71. Google into the new Quantum Financial System Russia and China are adopting, removing SWIFT, and remodelling a Zio / Fed.Cabal free system.

    Every corrupt dollar ever taken by Thieving Bankers, corrupt Politicos, murderous Cabal creatures, Military kickbacks, and Zio monstrosities, will be linked, exposed and the lot- Busted! Bush and Clinton's YOU are lunch! Mossad, it's coming to a hanging station near you. Saddam lost his head so must Nutter Yahoo. Kushner will have a lot of explaining to do. The Wailing Wall will be filling with this lot. Watch them selling slots, not a trick missed. It needs the French solution for the lot of them. Re usable baskets.

  72. Prince Andrew is now under full explosive head on MSM exposure over the Epstein teen Prostitution charges. He's always been a pompous Ass,arrogant and demanding. He will get skinned alive now. Everyday it's page after page with damning pictures. The UK press are ruthless. He wriggled free before, but not now. I pity the poor Queen. She has given so much. 93 years of age and this vile crap explodes on her Legacy. She really does not deserve it. But, whatever is truth is coming. True innocence proven, and for him I hope so, or God help him. Many more will follow. Karma is a Bitch. Let's run Weiner parallel. Huma he's a Schumer.

    Why did Hilderbeast make so many flights there? Name who for? Slimey Bill we know. Details on both? With the Flight logs, who needs Epstein's Pleas now? No deals! Let the lot tremble. Guilty, as hell- Until proven innocent. No lawyers games. This time take them down- Justice! This is Global filth let them all, be called. Prince Charles went ballistic last time with Andrew. Fergie was also a dirty piece of work. It will surface again.
    No more Lawyers Please, we want JUSTICE! No Pleas for Sleaze!

    Weiners files and films, when? Let truth free! Justice above Lawyers games. Expose the full files. No corrupt Pleas can stand. Life for both!

    This and the Clinton Foundation. Rope in Liver Lips also. She was complicit in Fraud. Her Crime family husband also. Let all truth break free. Destiny!

  73. p: They've tentatively have found Epstein brings in 10 M a month. Sounds like he may just have a deal/trasde he's getting paid on long term through his benefactors.

    Found in Epstein’s NYC mansion: Foreign passport, underage porn, cash, diamonds, and more
    July 15 2019

    The raid of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's palatial New York City residence uncovered a now-expired passport issued in the 1980s by a foreign country with Epstein’s picture but with a different name on it and his residence listed as Saudi Arabia.

    Prosecutors said during Epstein's bail hearing Monday the passport was in a locked safe that was also filled with "piles of cash" and "dozens of diamonds."

    Epstein is a flight risk and poses an “ongoing and forward-looking danger,” prosecutors claimed, pointing to the "substantial collection of photographic trophies of his victims and other young females in his mansion” uncovered during the search.

    Prosecutors said in court filings that they had recovered discs from Epstein’s abode which included hand-written labels, including “Young [Name] + [Name],” “Misc nudes 1,” and “Girl pics nude.”

    1. This man needs to go on a full Public Trial, No deals! Let hard truth be exposed.
      Trump himself has alleged issues. Let open Courts decide. Judgment for the sake of Justice for all. 13 and 14 year Old Boys and Girls now alleging sexual abuse by him.

      Allegations of younger children and Adrenochrome Allegations ( Thank you JV) plus cannibalism rumours. Beyond horric. Did Hilladerbeast attend such? If true, who else did?
      This has the makings of a new Nuremberg trial. No more Plea scams, let truth free Dam You rotten Lawyers. The Law must be above Lawyers, and Pleas overturned when in the Public interest. Lawyers who invoke such privileges should also do substantial time for Perverting the Course of Justice. Watch those treacherous Bastards change course fast then.
      Epstein should not be granted Bail this time. The allegations are too serious. Only in America!!!!!! FFS!!! Where is the Moral Oversight? No Bail, rot in jail.
      Water board the Bastard. His Lawyers too. If only heh, but aggressive non stop skilled interrogation will be a start. It's all too gross to ignore now. Retry !

  74. Many more allegations coming in ON EPSTEIN. 14 YEAR OLD BOYS AND GIRLS. VILE. HE MUST BE DENIED BAIL


    1. He ran a ring for the Iluminati. Guaranteed much worse than just pedophilia. Most likely trauma based abuse, killing children for adrenochrome and cannibalism.

    2. Thank you JV, with the commercialization of adrenochrome production, that also may explain at least part of the 10M a month. That would amount to huge amount of children being killed/processed for this "elixir" these depraved elites are so hot about.

      The proximity to Puerto Rico and the ready availability of international flights would have kept these vile creatures well supplied with young children.

      Q calls these elites "sick". Have to agree.

    3. Ehud Barak attempts to explain to the media why he was meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, without actually explaining the nature of his relationship with Epstein:

      In an exclusive interview, Barak told The Daily Beast his dealings with Epstein were entirely on the level.

      “The man who introduced me to Epstein about 17 years ago was Shimon Peres,” Barak said, uncertain if the event took place in New York or Washington, but recalling it was at an event where “there were many famous and important people, including, if I recall, both Clintons and hundreds of others.”

      Since then, Barak says, he has met Epstein “more than 10 times and much less than a hundred times, but I can’t tell you exactly how many. I don’t keep count. Over the years, I’ve seen him on occasion.”

      “I never attended a party with him,” Barak told The Daily Beast. “I never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls.”

      Barak recalls having visited Epstein at two of his Manhattan residences and said he did visit Epstein’s private Caribbean island “once, for several hours—and years after the publications about sex parties or orgies there.” But, Barak says, “I've never been there at a party.”

      “To the contrary,” Barak says, “at his home, I met many very respected people, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and I met him also in Boston, at MIT or the Harvard labs he supports.”

      At these events, Barak says, he “unequivocally” never met any women or girls. Asked if any compromising pictures of him could yet surface, he responded “there is no chance whatsoever.”

      Of course not. Barak wasn't there to party. It's considerably more likely that he was there to receive the compromising pictures of all those famous, important, and very respected people directly from Epstein. Remember, Barak wasn't just a politician and a much-decorated soldier, he was military intelligence.

    4. And for background dirt, Neon Revolt brings it all into the same place

  75. Proclamation on Made in America Day and Made in America Week, 2019
    July 15 2019

    On Made in America Day and during Made in America Week, we honor the extraordinary efforts of American entrepreneurs, workers, and farmers in revitalizing our Nation’s economy. Products made in America are the world standard for quality and showcase the craftsmanship of the most innovative, diverse, highly skilled, and dedicated workforce in the world.

    1. Trump speaks at 'Made in America' product showcase
      July 15 2019

  76. Dear John please help Contrails all night long in Connecticut, If it was to correct the bad done it would not hide during the night. You go outside and the air is heavy you feel like you can not take a breath.

    1. Sloulsearch. We hear you. The official explanation always is weather correction.It needs a truly vast chemical interjection to achieve that. Has Connecticut got a drought problem? If not, what is it for? What pilots with a conscience would do this? Yets ome have admitted to.The questions is- "What are they spraying?"
      But the continuous volume needed to effect anythings is in question. Perhaps Chemistry Grad readers can advise? Are the rumours feasible?
      All official explanations are simply contrails. It appears to be truth.

    2. The geo-engineering aspect probably runs afoul of mass dynamics. Unless it is an adjuvant. Transiently upping particulates + clouds + HAARP may amount to something. Back of the envelope confirms feasible.

      However, particles per billion of compounds that are inhaled can affect biology. The regular ones at this concentration are called hormones. If you want to move populations homeostatic points or affect development, spraying at 40K feet is easily sufficient. Now, you don't have to just go after humans. You can go after ants or bees or anything that lives that uses carrier molecules to send chemical developmental signals.

      A public California hearing a few years back showed conclusively that one of the sprays was based on aluminum salts. I can't express how dangerous this is for biologic life. The whole biosphere of Earth has gone to great lengths chemically and biologically to not come into contact with aluminum. About 8.2% of the earth's crust is composed of aluminum. It is completely sequestered away from life. Scientists suspected than an unknown metal existed in alum as early as 1787, but they did not have a way to extract it until 1825. Hans Christian Oersted, a Danish chemist, was the first to produce tiny amounts of aluminum.

  77. p: Not a grad, but this may help. Spending much time outside, there has been a change in what seen done. Now we get rain when there are "chemtrails" instead of how it was. No more metallic smell, just ozone and/or that earthy smell you get when a nice soaking rain has come.

    #SerialBrain2 - Winning: Trump now controls the chemtrails! (Pt.2)
    July 14 2019

    1. p: Can't begin to say how many times in the past I saw monsoon thunderclouds shredded by chemtrails. Even beneficial winter storms withered away to nothing when sprayed. That's not cloud seeding.

      And what happened to Australia years ago when they were continually sprayed? Drought.

      Thank God we have a POTUS that cares!!!

  78. A sensitive issue to bring many hope. We can not share more yet.

    There IS a very high level Quantum operation in place negotiating a vast Quantum Financing Program using Euros to create new Global liquidity for Bond and possibly large currency releases.

    This now will incorporate India also, for a Billion plus Indian population which also has needs, well as many other cases. New Big Dogs on the block emerging. India armed with a cash injection then takes on China industrially and commercially. That has issues.

    A vast array of Bonds need resolution and are part of this equation under consideration.

    Iraq, Afghanistan. Lebanon, Syria, Libya. Vietnam,Cambodia and poor Asian States, are all victims of gross US war aggression for Hegemony. All need rebuilding. It needs money.
    We have all the Post WW11 Bonds, Trillions long overdue for redemption. Also thousands of defrauded Elders Trust accounts in Trillions and burgeoning debts to refund from this Oligopoly Military Industrial Cabal and its Zionist Banking Crime cohorts.

    These nations need their own currencies. Having ratted on and run screaming from Vietnam, a Shame which will stink forever, and annihilated defenceless Iraq, something needs to be done to rebuild, because DC is a F Up one way street of Zionist Sty Bowls. Mankind needs, not just Zio Stye Feeds! How can we feed mankind with a Zio Banker Roach in the Soup?

    So we go Euro and the US snout is part out. Yes we will part help America, but Share!!!!. Russia,China, India and more need and want this. All have needs. Europe also.

    We need to try to get it done before London banking leaves the EU. Pressure in on.
    We will work through the Silly Season this has more reason.

    There is a new attempt to address currencies too, and to try to clear the backlog of human needs, to replace Zio greed. a balanced approach Roach free.
    This may open currency swaps via the Big Battalions and who knows the rest?

    It would expand multi facet Project and Community funding. It would help infrastructure needs. A mini new Klondike. Creative workers would succeed. Go to where the needs are. Self help - don't welp. Put out to take in. As you did building America and Europe post WW11.

    If this succeeds there will be vast needs. Go getters will go forth, and get! The Pioneers who built these great nations, Nation Builders will succeed! A world of them will thrive. Time to encompass Peace in our time, not feeding Roach Swine. Nations will grow. Zio Banking free.

    But the new Quantum system, as with Epstein, will bring redress. Every dollar corruptly used will be traced. Criminal exposure, then prosecution closure. Culpable corruption laid bare.
    The new system needs to highlight retribution. Take the lot back. Including the Bush,. Cheney, Soros Paraguay Aquifer plus Bolt Holes. So many Naked Emperors face public exposure.

    Joined up Thinking is now in play. I would like nothing more than to see 5,000 P type sustainable farms activated worldwide and you all sharing in Community re building. Values for all. We hear you, we listen and read. You are never out of mind. Behind the scenes you do have hope. No more exposure yet. Pressure is on. Daily. We WILL be working it non stop. Hope- Is alive!

    1. John,

      When is QFS expected to be online and fully operational?

      I have to admit, I was dismayed after becoming more informed of the role of the Fed after reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island". However, your efforts to keep us informed on how you systematically deconstruct this cancer gives us ALL hope.

      Well done good and faithful servant.

    2. AB

      The focus is so intent we have been on it since early morning AND we had key US calling us at only 7 am their time this morning. Plus the normal US PP parties also call. What's new is the speed up of the QFS program.

      It's a day by day thing, so many issues to clear. Many snouts at the trough. The US Porker has to settle for what it's given, the rest will go to London and the East. A balanced base will be found, money is made round to go around.

    3. That's exciting. Can you actually push it over the finish line... we shall see?

      Let's say it gets activated. What will the man on the street see?

      Will the world get an emergency message played across the bottom of their TV?

      How does it play out?

      Chaos in the street as their bank account gets cut in half?

      Are the dongers dancing in the street, while the dollar holders cry in their porage?

    4. and most important....Will we see gold go through the stratosphere?

    5. First glad to hear of the progress. What a task y'all have taken on.

      Second, while I appreciate just how important 5,000 P-style farms are (and might be supremely so if there is a true collapse on the horizon), what I would prefer even more is a $2500 zero-point energy device that outputs 10,000 Watts to remove dependence on the central grid for electrical energy.

      If Carroll Quiqley and Frank Herbert are right about dependency infrastructure as the true despotism, then anything we do that gives a 'NO' to central authority and defangs them is the right way to go...

    6. TINO,

      I know for a fact that tech exists and sold for a time window of about 8 months a number of years back.He withdrew it from his website and never talked about it again.Sound familiar?It was grass-roots American ingenious design once again suppressed. I guess he accepted the bribe instead of the bullet, which so many have been killed trying to release to the public in a grass-roots promotion, only to be killed because they would not take the bribe.That unit which got shut down after just 8 months was selling for $1799.00 delivered & produced 25k+ watts directly and I was in talks to be his exclusive distributor for 25 states.....

  79. Please CHEMTRAILS are CLOUD SEEDING .... chemtrails are conspiracy created subversion and diversion of illusion of mind. Seek CLOUD SEEDING and you will find all what it is, how and why...

    TRUTH in plain sight .... but covered.


    Dane Wigington

    Highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals that are systematically sprayed into our atmosphere from jet aircraft as part of the geoengineering / solar radiation management (SRM) programs, are manipulated with extremely powerful radio frequency signals. These signals are transmitted from countless locations around the globe from various types of transmission platforms (ionosphere heater installations like HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.). The impact of the microwave transmissions on cloud formations is profound and highly visible

    The global power structure long ago made the choice to subject our planet (and the entire web of life that it supports, including the human race) to an unimaginably massive and destructive climate intervention/weather warfare assault. This decision was made without the knowledge or consent of global populations. If we stand by and allow the decimation from the climate engineering insanity to continue, very soon Earth's life support systems will be beyond any recovery. This is not speculation, but a mathematical certainty.

    1. JOHN,

      This site which SCOTT posted here is a massive database of PROOF of what you seek. Its a deep rabbit-hole of cross-programs with separate agendas. You seem to believe only the cover-story thus far, but as you read your jaw will drop. Currently the majority of planes have no pilots, but drone-type because too many pilots in the past were "leaking".

  81. Please do not tell me that what is happening on the Connecticut sky's is Cloud seeding. We have been having a lot of rain, big downpours, it is not on daytime anymore, it is being done all night long. in the morning is always the smell of roundup in the air, it is disgusting, Mr. Trump please help us.

    1. Do a search : "How to build a cloudbuster". Self Help.

      Clean up your own skies that way.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Why wait? Just build one for your back yard.

    4. Trump isn't interested in the poisoning of America. He makes sure, though, that it doesn't happen at Mar a Lago, where he has banned the 5G towers. Not sure what his landscapers do about weeds there; they probably have to pull them all out by hand!!! He's done nothing to stop chemtrails, 5G, vaccines, or the insanity that is murdering fully viable newborns after birth and calling it abortion. He's as muffed up as the rest of them and those who think he cares about us are delusional. He's a narcissist if not worse.

  82. Uh Oh......shite is hitting the fan!

  83. Ackermann, ex Deutsche Chairman and Herzog need extraditing to American for trial on the Falcone case and more. Herzog will bring the lot down.

    1. Ackerman should be roasting on a spit just like a hog (that he is).


  84. The U.S. cannot even ban weed - after 70 years of trying. How can a country ban the use of privacy coins like Monero or Apollo, when used on truly distributed exchanges. Banning the invisible, used by the anonymous. Wake up world! Crypto is the mythical Pandora's box come to life

  85. Oil Dives As Trump Says No Iran Regime Change; Pompeo Says They're "Ready To Negotiate"
    Jul 16, 2019

    "They’d like to talk, and we’ll see what happens."

  86. Deutsche Bank in trouble

    Those massive layoffs weren't the only sign that Germany's largest bank appears to be in difficulty:

    Here are the dynamics in a nutshell: Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing is pulling back from catering to risky hedge-fund clients, i.e. running a prime brokerage, as he attempts to radically overhaul the troubled German lender while BNP CEO Jean-Laurent Bonnafe wants to expand in the industry. A deal of this magnitude would be a stark example of the German firm’s retreat from global investment banking while potentially transforming its French rival from a small player in the so-called prime-brokerage industry to one of Europe’s biggest.

    Of course, publicly telegraphing that DB is in dire liquidity straits and needs an in-kind transfer of its prime brokerage book would spark an outright panic, and so instead the story has been spun far more palatably, i.e., "BNP is providing “continuity of service” to Deutsche Bank’s prime-brokerage and electronic-equity clients as the two companies discuss transferring over technology and staff", according to a July 7 statement. The ultimate goal of the talks is for BNP to take over the vast majority of client balances, which are slightly less than $200 billion currently.

    There is just one problem: nothing is preventing those clients who would be forcibly moved from a German banking giant to a French banking giant from redeeming their funds. And that's just what they are doing. Or rather, nothing is preventing them from moving their exposure for now, which is why they are suddenly scrambling to do it before they are suddenly gated.

    Deutsche Bank removes a trio of massive and expensive paintings from its Wall Street lobby
    Ben Winck
    Jul. 15, 2019, 04:54 PM
    Andrew Kelly/Reuters
    Deutsche Bank removed three abstract paintings by German artist Gerhard Richter from its New York office's lobby, Bloomberg reports.
    The paintings are estimated to be worth between $12 million and $30 million. A bank spokesman declined to say whether the paintings were sold.
    The art's removal follows a "radical transformation" announced by Deutsche to slash about 18,000 jobs and focus more on commercial and corporate clients.
    Visit the Markets Insider homepage for more stories.
    Three large abstract paintings by German artist Gerhard Richter were removed from Deutsche Bank's Wall Street lobby, according to a Bloomberg report.
    The works were acquired by the bank in the early 1980s and are valued between $12 million and $30 million, Bloomberg reported.
    The German bank owns one of the largest corporate art collections, estimated to hold about 55,000 pieces. The collection helps the bank bond with its clients, DB's global head of wealth management, Fabrizio Campelli, told Bloomberg.

    "When you share passions, genuine passion with your clients, it can build a much more solid relationship," he said.
    The change in lobby decor follows a shakeup for the bank's operations. DB announced earlier in July it would cut about 18,000 jobs by 2022 and eliminate its trading unit in an effort to lower costs and pivot to serving primarily commercial and corporate clients.
    The pieces were moved to make room for newer art, bank spokesman Klaus Winker told Bloomberg. He declined to say whether the paintings were sold and where they are currently located.
    "We have a special program for the publicly accessible areas in our locations to show young and up-and-coming artists," he said.
    Richter is known for his vibrant abstract paintings. Rock legend Eric Clapton sold a painting by the 87-year-old artist in 2012 for roughly £21.3 million — about $34 million at the time.

  88. p: God Bless these Purple Heart Holders now in Congress!!! )

    These 3 new freshmen congressmen were sworn in a few months ago... However, there has been no news coverage of these Purple Heart Veterans.

    The media would rather cover the "new breed of young women politicians."

    Jim Baird, Republican from Indiana, lost his left arm in Vietnam.

    Brian Mast, Republican from Florida, lost both legs in Afghanistan.

    Dan Crenshaw, Republican from Texas , lost his right eye in Afghanistan.

    All three of these men are Purple Heart recipients.

    How often have you seen them on the evening news?

    How often have we seen the two Muslim women and the communist from NY all blabbering vulgarities and spouting out anti-Israel/anti-American insults?? Such appreciation for real service to our nation!

  89. P I received the full file from DC today. Agreed they get no Coverage while a bunch of squawking Blow Ins get unearned homage. Offer them all a 1K Freebie
    A one way ticket out works for me. Take illegal Soetoro with them to find his Birth Certificate.

    1. John, would it be ok, if I sent Canauzzie that picture that came with this? These Purple Heart Award recipients need recognition!!!

  90. His call but Yes please we all need balanced truth. I sent it worldwide this morning. They deserve credit not some mouthy Blow Ins.


  91. El Chapo just got life plus 30 years.

  92. Cars that run on water would be a great project. Of course, this has been invented, but everyone that has touched it is dead.


      Stan Meyer water car injector to his drawing specs.

  93. Videos now circulating of Trump and Epstein together trawling young women in Florida and lewed comments. It's open season on them now


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