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23 July - 3 August 2019

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  1. D Day and destiny for Mueller today. His Karma. From the day he, Comey and the Rat pack decided to use and abuse their powers of office to go after Trump, it unbundled a course of actions.

    Either they brought Trump down, or the lashback would take them down. Or do they take Trump down, but their own corrupt systematic abuse is also formally processed and both go down?

    Or, does Trump step clear, then take the lot down? Trump has rights too!

    We already know Mueller has baggage. The rest are a Camel train.
    Americans need, and deserve to know, hard realities.
    Will this week show Mueller and Comey's deceitful abuse to frame the President?
    If Trump had guilt why has it not been revealed before?

    If not, Mueller is on the rack this week. Hard fact, direct no obfuscation questions.Give him no evasion routes.Yes or NO questions., He either did it, or not! Mueller had a large team and ran up vast bills. He chose to continue spending, so it had better be good.
    Be assured, if Trump clears this, the world expects to see him appoint a wrecking crew to go after all of them. Deservedly. Mueller cannot be a little bit Pregnant here. He's either knocked up or will be!

    Truth, at a price.

    What is truth? No prevarication.Truth for the Nation!
    Is today, the beginning, of the end for Mueller? Hard questions, hard Truth. How much has been spent. Have so many found nothing?

    Why is Comey not in jail? Others too? When?

  2. Not good PR for Iran today. News out showing people hanged from cranes, thrown from Cliffs and stoned to death. Barbarism at its worst. Second only to an hour of open PM's question time in Parliament waiting for Boris Johnson.

  3. What will be the media follow up on Barr after Mueller's week from Hell?
    Who owns and controls Barr? Will he bring Justice, or defuse it?
    Can Barr be trusted?

  4. Mueller, whose own history of conduct and integrity with the Bushes and Falcone, needs serious investigation, has demanded the right for an Aide, Aaron Zebley,to be present with him under question as a Witness Response Pumper!

    This would NEVER be allowed in the UK. Either an FBI Director has the intelligence and mental capability to respond truthfully under Oath, or not. This is another Mueller,Comey Rig! WTF is going down here?

    The Lawfully Elected President of the United States, who is not even able to call Mueller out, is left sidelined while this sham of an FBI / Justice Con Game is perpetrated on the American public- Again! The Houses need to say NO. NO. NO. No! Muller stands up and mans up. He and Comey set this up. The gang of them, backing Clinton, set up Trump. Now let him face up in public. He started it let the panel finish it and let Mueller face what is due.

    Allowing Zebley to Witness Pump Mueller is wrong. It stinks!!!!! This is a clear attempt to seek to obfuscate Justice and truth. Has Mueller lied and abused his role? Has Mueller covered up for Clinton and Comey? Has Mueller subverted the source of Justice? He protected Bush 41 and Romney from a Mother of all Frauds,and sent Agents to stop Florida FBI interviewing Romney and it never had a chance in Texas.

    Mueller and Comey have destroyed the FBI's reputation. Agents should all resign in disgust. The CIA and FBI need disbanding and reforming. Is Mueller Zeblers Dummy?

    Worldwide we are all watching this is disgust.Congress needs to tear them apart. Investigate Zebley.

  5. In the first hour of questioning where is any bombshell on Trump?
    So far only the integrity of Muellers own team has been shown to have real probity issues.
    Not good for Mueller so far.

  6. @realdonaldtrump

    Just got back only to hear of a last minute change allowing a Never Trumper attorney to help Robert Mueller with his testimony before Congress tomorrow. What a disgrace to our system. Never heard of this before. VERY UNFAIR, SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. A rigged Witch Hunt!

  7. Mueller's performance is being excoriated everywhere. Not over till its over, but right now (11AM EST) it is an absolute disaster for the (D).

    1. It’s no wonder Mueller hasn’t been heard before now. He’s bumbling, apparently quite deaf (might be wearing hearing aids that aren’t working even though all are speaking on microphone), doesn’t seem very familiar with “his” report...and is clearly well past his “sell by date.” He even seemed to forget our justice system includes a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Instead he gave Trump the UK-style Tommy Robinson treatment.

      Total disaster for Democrats...

    2. Looks like Herr Mueller got a prescription tune up with a dash of high voltage and DEW zappers. His brain seems to be fried. Tough cookies to a treasonous bastardo!

  8. Tino

    In a dog fight the first few blows and rounds out. I have seen nothing so far indicating Trump has a problem. Mueller has a day to justify his past and save his future. Mueller has a mountain of failed arrests to answer for. 24 hours Trump can call the game plan. The world is watching Mueller right now. Watching him drowning. Why in an hour has he not landed the big one?

    1. Total disaster for (D). Mueller was a fiasco. I want the RICO-cum-Treason lawsuits now. Each and every individual, all the way to whomsoever did the Orders, to at a minimum go to jail and hopefully, most to Hang.

  9. Excellent speech just by Johnson. This could initiate a dynamic new post election agreement with America

  10. FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

    FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

    Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker who joined the FBI in 2010, died last week during a night out after an FBI training session, sources said.

    Cincinelli was one a supervisory special agent who spearheaded many of the FBI’s high-profile and complex Wall Street investigations, including probing the finances of the Clinton Foundation. After leaving his Wall Street career, Cincinelli was first assigned to the New York field office (SDNY) and later promoted to HQ in Washington, DC. He was a native New Yorker as well.

    “Very very bright guy,” one FBI insider said. “Such a young guy, it really gets you in the gut. He put in the hours too, was always working hard.”

    Cincinelli was 41.

    Cincinelli was reportedly out partying with FBI colleagues at the Container Bar, a trendy watering hole in Austin, TX. The group had been drinking and dancing, according to sources. Later in the evening Cincinelli reportedly turned the gun on himself on a crowded dance floor.

  11. Most Global parties watching Mueller will be wondering how this fiasco ever got so far.
    To date hes shown nothing of magnitude . with the actions of the Kennedys, Bushes,Clinton, and even Obama making Trump look like a Sunday School boy in comparison.
    The Kennedys virtually kept a production line of Hookers going, and JFK had very dangerous, sleazy relationships with Mafia girls. The Bush Crime family retained Mueller on a leash.

    A day and nothing to justify the Inquiry has shown so far.
    Mueller is failing to win any respect.
    If this all fails, it's now up to Trump and Barr to go after all of them. No mercy.
    They wanted Justice. Deliver it!

  12. Paul Mifsud now needs full investigations. This will net Brennan. And if Brennan rolls, it has to implicate either OZero or Clinton

  13. Agreed, but Who will act. Trump promises in hundreds. Reality zero delivered
    So who?

  14. Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources

  15. Stick him in a restraint jacket and water board him for question. Gitmo him.

    1. No kidding!

      (Borrowed from Vox Day)

      Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly been rushed to hospital after prison guards found the billionaire financier 'blue in the face' and sprawled out on the floor of his New York jail cell.

      The 66-year-old, who is being held in custody ahead of his trial for sex trafficking, was said to be semi-conscious with neck injuries when he was found in Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center.

      Two sources close to the investigation said that he may have tried to hang himself.

      But as prison officials scrambled to establish the cause of Epstein's injuries, a third source has claimed that his injuries were not serious. They suggested Epstein may be trying to get a transfer to an alternative jail, according to NBC News.

      People successfully hang themselves in prison all the time. And psychopaths, are too narcissistic to kill themselves. I don't buy it for one second. As for the idea that a four-time murderer tried, and failed, to kill him, leaving him semi-conscious, that's too stupid to even contemplate seriously. Especially given the arms on the ex-cop, who looks like he could easily could rip out Epstein's spinal column with his bare hands.

      The only real question is if Epstein is trying to get to the hospital for some reason or if he is sending a message to someone outside.

  16. The UK now has elected its own Clown Prince. Interesting times. He's only ever been a media reporter, not one of any significance. No experience of anything real world. Just a bed hopping Public School Buffoon. Failed everything, of such Leaders are elected.Success of anything- Zero! Interesting times.

    The party has a majority of just 2, even that dependent upon the support of the Irish DUPs, at a hell of a price. North of the border 5 million malignant , and grasping sewer rat Scots, with the highest level of alcohol and drug use in the EU whine. Even Rome knew how to build a wall and keep the buggers out. The bloody Celts, Ireland also- OMG. He needs a consensus with that lot? Break out the Hooch.

    Farage quietly sits on one side and an angry public await his rabble rousing. Every chance Johnson will be forced into an election possibly even this year,then the whole rotten zoo game comes down.

    If, as widely expected,.Brexit smashes them for votes, the flawed 2 party system of grace and favours ends. Suddenly, Common Sense gets to rule. What?

    As with America, we both have our new Trump type Tea Parties to break free of the shackles. Democracy says No. A few more days of Mueller, and what then?
    Have you ever seen such a limp wrist mediocrity and dreadful fiasco as this pitiful Husk under questioning. He needs a shabby FBI suit to hold his hand? What game is this? Throw in the Comey gang with him. Question the lot.

    Why has Comey not been arrested? Clinton too. When?

    Banking Boris, Cynical and exploitive Farage, linked with Trump.
    What new UK / US Alliance is then possible? Politics like never before, is becoming a Mad Mag Comic Book of Reprobates loose. Loose cannons united to rule fools. The new Reality world. Post Mueller will Trump then move his Butt and demand the arrests? Johnson just sacked half his Cabinet in one night throwing out all Dissenters or Wimps. When will Trump get the Gloves off?

    Post Mueller, when does the hand of the Law drop on Clinton and Comey? When will we see Justice? Has Barr been brought in to protect them? Who will clean the Zoo for you?

    Politics heh? Beats Reality TV.

  17. Does anyone know where Mifsud is?

  18. Does anyone know where Trump is, in delivering arrests?

    The endemic scale of sleaze and criminality is off the map.Why is no one jailed?

    Was Drain the Swamp only sound bites to lie to power? Shame on them all.

    Gods knows if there's a Davy Crockett or better an Elliot Ness left in America.

    What a top job, Never Mind the Mob just start on both houses first.Then Justice and the Judges.The lot are ROT! Have so many Globally known, truly rotten people, ever walked so free? We look in, we See, we ask, how can this Be, allowed? They are Proud. Was there ever a time for Possum skinning?

    Post Mueller, who is looking like a spent Fart on the spot,what follows? What is the point if arrests do not start? Is Justice totally stupid, or totally crooked? What a tired Dweeb!

    JFK for sure would have banged the lot up by now. Washington would have hung them.
    What happened to America? All those lives for lies?
    How can we see action when Trump is beholden and surrounded by Zionists,Skanks and crooks?
    Who -Cares?
    I was so hopeful and Proud for all of you when Lee Greenwood gave you such a magnificent start. We ALL stood with you. Don't let Skanks blow it.
    Your the hope keeping up the pressure and calling them to account.

  19. John, no releases until arrests?.... they all feel protected to keep going in the status quo.... seems to me the main thing on Trump's mind is re-election.... it is up to Barr.... maybe the Deep State is still to powerful to take apart.

  20. My worry too. Soetoro conned a second term. Bush 43 had one rigged so Trump feels, why not? Power corrupts
    Why not,?
    What's in it for America. Trump or the Dems. Trump's trying and some progress is visible, but Zero on the swamp raises many concerns

    The election was fought on the swamp.
    So far, Justice lost!
    Post Mueller who is strongly indicating Trump's arrest once out of office, will Trump move or cut a deal? Politics!

    1. John,

      This is why nothing will get done. White House insider confirms Trump converted to Judaism in 2016 and Kushner is the Messiah to lead the Jews to the holy land. Iran war already planned for Fall 2019.

      I would encourage everyone to read these blog posts. Especially they Iran War blog from April. Take note of the fact that war is already planned for the Fall and that a False Flag using boats in the Straight of Hormuz will be what helps push it along. When reading remember the 4 TANKERS this month.

      By the way, the Jew that wrote the blog was killed last month.

    2. To indict Trump, you need a crime on the books. There is none. By their own admission. If they had it, they would have used. Mueller yesterday was the Fiasco to End All Fiasco's. Who gives an F what Mueller indicates.

    3. A salutary reality now worrying a lot of Dems and beyond biased MSM.
      Obumma rode into town espousing Alynsky protocols. The media played ball to carry the lie.

      How they hate Trump stealing their tactics as a CNN wrecking ball.
      Now seeing their hope unfold and time to roped a dope.

      Post the Muel fool, hopefully he has Advisors telling him to to scoop the lot and can them now. If he gets 20 plus jailed and seizure of assets he walks 2020.

    4. JV

      For Global Peace Iran needs to make one firm commitment. Iran gets attacked, Israel Goes.The lot! Get S400s into Iran,.Get S500s if possible. Max out missiles on the Subs. Max out the mobile missile units. Get Russian ESP support. Get vast numbers of armed stealth attack Drones ready. Have Russia on total watch for attack.

      Get thousands of Rockets into surrounding nations.

      Think, think hard on real WMD options. Plan and position. Flood the med also with assets. Iran can launch missiles in thousands at a time. Also get them to the borders of Roach land. Also look at Global Roach communities, those arrogantly funding murdering Khazarstan.

      As ever, leave the Olive Branch. No more wars, no more land theft, and no more Oppression. Back off and cease violence or face a head on wipe out. While Roach communities worldwide keep funding them, they keep killing. Communities funding from a distance are funding Genocide. Invite major Jewish funders worldwide to come and live in Palestine dressed as an Arab for 3 months. Experience oppressions and vicious Nazi type hate. See the horrors they face. Fellow humans. They are funding this! Wake up!

      No thinking human wants Armageddon because a lot of good, innocent and decent Jews will die for a Zio lie! They will only change if money suppliers experience first hand the vile end use of their money. So bloody naive. America more so. Dogs of war.

      Be assured, if Iran goes, the Genie will be loose. Global communities all over the world face WMDs loose. Genocide spreads!
      Just STOP!!! Stop the madness! Stop the killing. How did Vietnam end? How has Afghanistan ended? Look at Iraq and Syria.

      Why should any more die for the Zios lunacy lie. When has killing achieved anything? The Middle East Genocide is all to achieve Greater Israel. Madness. How many more must die for them? How many caring , good Israeli Jews , non Zio, want none of this? Stripped of weapons and funding, just how fast do you think these animals would learn to live with their neighbours?

      I employed a truly wonderful Afrikaaner Jew in South Africa as our Finance Director. They got on with everyone. Ruth, his wife was a huge asset. Good Jews exist.
      Attack Iran, how many die? Why? Israel is toxic. It's their mind set.
      BS about protection. From the day they shipped them in from Europe and Russia, they started attacking Palestinians and stealing homes. F Khazars! Not good Jews. They started this shit on arrival. It's all a lie! The worst Las Vegas Mobsters were who? Still are! Who funds Trump?

      What a mess. What does it take to reach out a hand of Peace?

      Bottom line, we are all just Hu ( YOU ) Man!

      The rest is flawed packaging. A Child does not hate or know colour, or religion.
      It just wants to be loved and secure. Start there?

  21. The government indoctrination racket known as the public school system recently became a little more “progressive” with the addition of a new “American History” textbook published by Pearson Education, which describes President Trump as “mentally ill,” and his supporters as “racist.”

    Entitled, By the People: A History of the United States, this compendium of leftist propaganda features a chapter entitled, “The Angry Election of 2016” that actually rewrites history and presents fiction as fact in an attempt to persuade students into believing that our Commander-in-Chief did not legitimately win the 2016 presidential election.

    “Most thought that Trump was too extreme a candidate to win the nomination,” the chapter claims, adding, “but his extremism, his anti-establishment rhetoric, and, some said, his not very hidden racism connected with a significant number of primary voters.”

    In a further attempt at shaming the president and his supporters, the author of this chapter proceeds to claim that Donald Trump’s supporters are “mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white. On the other hand, the better people who support the author’s preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, are apparently younger, non-white, and live in densely-packed urban zones.

  22. Leo Wanta...

  23. Ambassador Lee Wanta
    STOP πŸ›‘ hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.?No more Bank Derivitives, A Gold backed dollar,the Non-Federal Reserve System retired, the Reagan Wanta Mitterrand protocols fulfilled, a real student loan forgiveness program , high speed rail. No National Debt.πŸ™

    1. You have our agenda or part of it. But ripping the Zios out of control proves hard when Trump is owned by them and their Point Weasel is ensconced in the WH stealing land from Syria now and stopping Goyims redeeming debts stolen by the Brethren.
      Post WW11 when only a million had slid into America and we dumped 3M into Palestine as Europe and Russia wanted rid and non back, the problem was pushed Arms length but now there are c15M of them loose sequestrating. Why last time did it erupt?

      Many Europeans quietly have views on not effecting real solutions now it's returned to bite them all.
      Eurasia when incoming will deal with it but let that be clear in its time. Those claws have to be smashed forever, simple as.Leave poison ivy roots they grow again.
      The same mistake will not be made as Eurasia evolves.

    2. John,

      Considering the timing and choice of Leo's words....are we looking at a July window...IF all goes accordingly?

  24. 1. Every day it becomes more obvious the Advanced Economy sovereign debt bubble is bursting.

    2. Last time an Advanced Economy sovereign debt bubble burst (100 yrs ago), gold rose v. all other asset classes;

    3. Advanced Econ investors are woefully underweight gold (esp in US)

  25. The Rotts were behind each stage from Napoleon up. Removing the Rotts will help stop the rot! The rot is traceable.

  26. The wealth hard earned by good American Patriots and Allies, is all controlled by the Cult who totally block every gate, run the Banks, Treasury, Fed , law and Justice, plus MSM.. You have no say and they won't pay, until the Dam breaks and we flush their Sty. You are disposable Goyim being fed a money worm with a hook. Every day they reel you in for lunch. 7M in America they slid in and now control the lot. 370m of you lined up as lambs to the slaughter. 7M. Hello? Genghis Khan is proud. Assimilate, sequestrate, dominate and with Israel's poor border nations, annihilate. Blinkered Muppets would rather focus on Kardashians Butts.

    1. Just a nit. Nobody lined up as lambs to the slaughter. A deliberate deception was successfully implemented wrapped in multiple layers, like an onion. From an external and insider perspective it might seem absurd and obvious. Knowledge shapes perception and Elites of all stripes have worked 5 centuries to hide the truth to control various Masses. God help the Elites if Self-Leadership takes root (as it will, eventually and inevitably).

  27. All UK flagged vessels travelling through the Gulf now are British warship protected. If Iran attacks another,- Boom,! Iran must not invoke a UK war action
    End this madness. This is not the way to Harmony.

  28. The US and UK unleashed together, what is now possible. Huge potential.

  29. Both have agreed to expand spending. We take it from there.

    1. "Expand spending"....on what?

    2. Infrastructure and finding Soetoro's birth Certificate. Then expanding Gitmo to get Big Mikes arse through the gates and new cages for Hilderbeast and tribe.

    3. When is John "Skippy " Podesta going to jail? when will these people people be lynched for what they have done?

  30. TRUMP,OBAMA,CLINTON,BUSHES,PODESTA are all on the same team, WTFU. TRUMP has not shown his hands yet. Trump is playing for top dog position VS the Bushes. Dont believe that ? Give it some time. Thats the reason for no arrest.

  31. Friend of mine thinks Epstein set up his failed suicide scene too. Maybe a defense angle.

    Seems Mueller had very little to do with the report itself, which is why he looked so pathetic during the questioning and kept refusing to answer questions. It wasn't because of security or protocols or purview or anything, it was simply because he didn't know. Seems one Andrew Weissman actually wrote the report and Mueller knew very little about the contents. Honestly, I thought Mueller sounded like an old, 80 year old. He's toast now, failed the democrats big time.


  33. Soloman on Hannity Radio

    Next week
    Change of DNI, Coates Gone
    Declass of Docs
    Durham news

    said on the show, might be on Hannity tonight, did not say that but this is big so watch Hannity


  34. UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists
    Hundreds of children are being kidnapped in Africa and bought to the UK for voodoo rituals, a UN watchdog said, also voicing alarm about the number of British pedophiles who prey on children abroad.

  35. Millions of dead kikes will restore Harmony.As You said JOHN, the names are known.

  36. Clash of Two America's

    Interesting comment about the predictive model of Christian Nationalism vs. the Faux Judeo-Christian Globalism.

  37. Disney and the CIA. And here I thought references to 'DevilMouse' were going to far... All the way back to Donovan too!

  38. Despite it being peak Silly Season, there is live progress in 2 areas. Just watch the site we can only release post safe completion. Interesting times

    1. I hope you are correct this time. The roller coaster ride, start and stop, hope and disappointment has created a lot of emotional damage on those who hold their breathe for an injection of reality, the reality of change, financial, social, governmental.
      John, I agree with you that things are moving, and moving in the right direction. However this evolutionary cycle will continue until after the Nov 2020 national elections. It would be great if I was wrong, I would invite that with open arms
      Could be that we see a few crumbs now and then, that would be nice but this mess will take awhile longer as I see it. Trump admin was given his first term to deal with this shit sack, clean it up (mostly), and prepare the public for new, level playing field world. He needs to put the pedal to the metal , time is running short

    2. The core problem now is will the delicate tacit interim phased payments be allowed to proceed or Weevils derailing certain issues just when it may be coming good at last. We have to handle issues with serious diplomacy. Let's see if it plays out right.

    3. I truly hope for mankind you are successful

    4. Thanks for the update John, good luck!

    5. Interesting times, indeed. May the Force be with you.

  39. Are the US Banks more secure today then they were 1 year ago? Are bank to bank currency transfers in excess of 1M USD still being intercepted? Are we still using the SWIFT system? Anyone?

    1. Vince

      The new deal being attempted bypasses SWIFT.

      The Banks and Thieving Fed are simply not releasing funds unless pressured from on high,and the problem there, is the only person able to give a real demand is owned by the Bastards and has Damien ensconced in the WH watching him daily for Benny and the Zio thugs.

      Every corner has a Roach on it. So hard!. Whatever we try to get done it is always subject to a Roach allowing it. Eurasia will not go easy on them. You see how China even deals with Islam in its border regions. One major deal in progress is Roach free, using Euros and via other systems. Non SWIFT!
      The big build out will bypass Roach Banks.

      Putin has to deal with the Varmints as Oligarchs,and is heavily paid off by them, but cross combining with China, when the time does come, and it will, a purge like never before will begin. 8 Billion know if not " Sorted" the world will be stripped bare. We have no illusions. Eurasian tolerance will be zero. Mass Exodus
      and a clean new start.

      There will be c 10 to 15 years as new Powers do take over. It will not be shared.
      As with South Africa when it failed,leave will be a real option, and many of you with European heritage may well be coming back. And for many, welcomed! Go with the flow. Look at what is in Congress.You trust your future to that? The time to think smart is coming. You have options.
      The Zios covet America anyway. Crash it and buy up the assets at fire sale prices. Soros and The Rots seek it. Israel expects nothing less. As they did to the Palestinians,they will do to you all. Once Eurasia starts to sweep out the trash, where do you think it will head?

  40. Amusingly CNN reports 47% want impeachment. Do these idiots think anyone except the fringe 10% are listening to them???

  41. Once CNN was the key Global media. Now it's lost all credibility, who even tunes in? Irreparable damage. The BBC is heading the same way. MSM?

  42. CNN had a black man get on and literally cry over a Trump tweet...called it racist...
    Here is another black man's perspective...

  43. When QFS comes in, even for the initial phases, the world, as you know it, will be changed forever.

    First, Corruption or Terrorism. All transfers will be monitored and explanations sought to justify each. Bribes will be flagged and recovered or stopped. All participants will go up in lights. What - 90% of ALL Congressmen and Senators caught red handed? Are there enough cells for the Bankers?

    Any funds deemed to be for fuelling terrorism will be highlighted and blocked or recovered. All funds will be traceable. Each participant flagged and linked.

    Tax Evasion will be highlighted and flagged. Going back 50 years you will be traced. We are seeing Offshore Accounts funded from Cash Suitcases delivered decades ago,now being frozen. Empires may melt.

    Romney, the Bushes, Soros, Biden, Soetoro, and Ackerman will have a lot of explaining to do.As for US Treasury Secretaries and Fed parties, ???????????????

    How many cases will take down the dirty Clintons?

    QSF will be Roach Free. Not one will be allowed in. Vermin blocks are total.
    And- It will NOT be US controlled. Full transparent reporting will be exposed to all.

    In the next few years ALL your Bank records and Assets will go up online as a Public record. Your assets and Debts. A Full Credit Report. Public record!

    The major RV issues in phases will be QFS. China and Russia will drive it with London. Global power, DC - Out of controls but allowed to participate on Global hard Ethical terms ! There goes the neighbourhood.

    No Agency or Military Slush funds.

    Offshore Banks- Really- How long? Change is coming. Nowhere to hide. Drugs money- Bang!

    But, your True Net Worth will show. Borrowings and Debts also. 2 Years at best to clean up profiles. The noose is tightening. We are declining so many Corporate loan applications now weekly for Wonkie credit or conduct even 5 years ago. Much longer if deep searched.
    Miss a single Card repayment now and it will flag. That alone can recall any and all loans. A single red flag has implications across the whole market. All will see and some will act. Just one will stop many getting personal or Corporate Loans, or Mortgages. The new jungle is coming to you. Privacy is ending.
    Stop spending what you can't fund. Cut Credit and do not overreach. If you can't afford it, you can't have it. Recalls are coming. We deal weekly with parties who are distraught and angry to find they are not Credit Worthy and not Bank acceptable. Still they do not get it. The Banks will find you out throw you out.The West will need its own Wailing Walls when this hits. c40% of all our Construction Funding new applicants are failing Bank Diligence checks. Some flagged for issues even 10 years ago, it's brutal.

    QFS will de-louse the Roaches,but new rules will expose many. Fancy dress and dirty Knickers coming to all societies. It will change the shape of nations.
    KYC, CIS, History of Funds, Anti Money Laundering. These full checks will stretch a lot of necks. QFS will take no prisoners. The new Chips for passports, ID cards, Credit Cards and Medical cards, will carry so much more data. The world will become a Global information highway. Nowhere to hide. New World Order will have no Border. Protest, to who?

    1. I realize you are only the messenger, but this Evil wrapped in a rationalization of fiscal responsibility. I suggest very, very strongly y'all re-consider the insane path y'all are on. It is a necessary pre-requisite for proper human survival to have privacy. You really, really don't want to live in a society without privacy. Next, society is implicitly dependent on entrepreneurs for the re-organization of the factors of production. Governments have proven totally incapable, and without us, even the precious 100 year plans are meaningless since we are the on-the-ground troops that actually make things happen. Entrepreneurs fail, miss payments, fall and get up again. This system will obliterate those of us who can create the new. This Rollerball (James Caan version) future, of so-called banker control via technical managers, is impossible simply because prices have to be set in markets and mass individual needs cannot be computer calculated. Governments actually have no clue how to figure out how much steak vs bread vs toothbrushes are needed. The market dynamics do that. See collapse of Soviet Union. Wanta could not have done what he did if central managers hadn't over-ridden the market prices.

      Also the standard set is somewhat absurd when one considers that since there is never sufficient money to repay the total loans in circulation such that in the game of musical chairs someone always lands on the floor, in some degree whether it is a missed payment or a structural collapse of the 2008 variety.

      The standard y'all set is reification of failure, making it an attribute of the person and removing it from the system in which the individual operates. A system which guarantees failure so that assets may be transferred on the bust side of the cycle at a discount, assets that had been created on the expansion side of the cycle.

      Never mind y'all are repeating the errors of the past creating a new, single point of failure, which will be gamed as surely as SWIFT was, because it will be too tempting a target. (Was it a whole Japanese pension plan that was stolen? Hmmm....) What should have been created was a system that guarantees human-to-human transactions with no man-in-the-middle. But then Govs would have to give up the abomination of taxation (an affront to human dignity since Hammurabi) and some of the insane 'control' that is always sought. One is a slave in direct proportion to income and property taxation. Y'all fought wars to abolish overt slavery, but are propagating wholesale in degrees.

      Beyond that, once too many lives are crashed with this system, as will happen, it's clearly built-in, there will be retaliation. The Banking crowd live among us, and they will be executed on an opportunistic basis. Right now folks don't get it, but they will...

      How many systems of injustice do y'all want to keep creating? Is that to be the human future?

    2. Once controls are imposed,populations will be reviewed. As will Global resource balanced to justified need. Yes to the connotations.

      The Oligarchs have not factored in their end game yet. QFS carries implications. A whole new dynamic will unfold. Russian roulette rules.

    3. I realize you have things to do, so I will not belabor. However this Malthusian nonsense has got to go. The globe could easily support many fold the current population if the system were allowed to simply thrive instead of being perpetually forced into a sequestrated coffin corner.

    4. In principle Yes. But it needs a Humanitarian Elite. Currently missing.Only the releases to a principled group will factor in economic responsibility. We care Tino never doubt that a true Ethereal awareness is ever present. But to achieve we have outmanouver bandits and Roache's. We live in uncertain times with a parallel purpose of Being. Humour helps, however hard nosed. And sanity.

  44. John, when are initial phases likely to start?

  45. Very sensitive it's a daily dogfight as Roache's block moves. It's being handled. QFS completely outflanks the vermin. London has glass ceilings for good reasons and that won't change.

  46. On the launch track waiting but bits are being used

    1. Waiting, waiting for what?
      If we are waiting for the fiat fed systems, banks, WS to implode then the implosion needs to get going so Trump can ride to the rescue with a replacement system like QFS., time is getting short That would secure his re election
      Duetsche Bank going down and pulling the western system with it would be the perfect "out" Trump needs to wiggle off "great economy" bs, save face, and save the world from financial armageddon
      Just thinking out loud

    2. Certain PP redemptions are at an advanced stage right now. No waves yet.

  47. A very positive, huge new joint trading relationship is in discussion between the US and UK. Following Trump's highly successful UK tour where he was deeply impressed by the entire Royal protocol and such professional pageantry, a whole new level of respect was earned.
    Between us, United anything is possible. Time to explore the vast Commonwealth via the UK and open markets to Billions. So much synergy together. Rahb is flying to the US to start major deals. Good times coming.

  48. John, you're always talking about the FED releasing funds? What funds? Denominated in what- dollars? Who wants them? Bond sales are in the tank and the US is currently repurchasing its own debt as well as corporate bonds and other nearly useless financial paper? What could we possibly have that anyone wants?

  49. One of our key clients has vast dollars overdue for redemption. He can only be repaid funds from his own money when they are redeemed. The rest we are doing in Euros under QFS rules so you know how complex that is as they block each move but time is running out for them

  50. John,

    So the QFS is now live and being slowly implemented? When did this happen?

    What is the expectation of the full roll-out?

    From what I remember, that would entail the commodity backed currencies to be released.

  51. I need to respond later on this as certain issues are making live progress right now. Just watch the site.

  52. Trump Fed pick’s push for gold troubles lawmakers
    Prominent economists agree that a return to a gold-linked dollar would not be better for the average American.
    By VICTORIA GUIDA 07/28/2019 06:57 AM EDT
    Decades after the U.S. abandoned its policy of tying the dollar’s value to gold, President Donald Trump’s latest pick for the Federal Reserve, Judy Shelton, wants to bring it back into style.

    Shelton’s longtime promotion of a return to a gold standard is so out of the mainstream that it’s likely to be an obstacle on her road to Senate confirmation. Yet it’s only one of several ideas she has espoused that would redefine — and diminish — the Fed’s role in the economy. And that matters because, while Shelton would be only one of seven Fed governors if confirmed, she could be in line to chair the central bank if Trump wins reelection.

    1. TIM4123 Knock it off with the anti-antisemitism. The other day, using your own words, you suggested millions of dead "kikes" would be a good thing.

      If she is a Jew, you'd be licking her butt if she was instrumental in your getting a 10 cent ROI on every currency you owned.

      Your comments are past disgusting.

    2. While I understand Arizona's objection to Tim's question, I have to remind you that even John has railed against the damage done to the planet by Zionists, so Tim's question is not out of line. We know that the money power ( securities houses, banks, credit companies, etc) are run, in the majority, by a particular crowd and their cronies; they have admitted it themselves but forbade us to mention it. What does that tell you? And yes, I suspect she is- red flag indeed.

    3. Don't think she's a Zio. Given how furiously the Fed is reacting to her comments, she may be the real deal:

      “President Trump’s next Federal Reserve pick could pose an existential problem for the central bank.

      Judy Shelton, a former economic advisor to Trump, has not been officially nominated. But her opinions are already making waves. She wants to return to some sort of a gold standard. And in a recent interview, Shelton described the Fed’s power to set interest rates as a kind of Soviet-style central planning: “How can a dozen, slightly less than a dozen, people meeting eight times a year, decide what the cost of capital should be versus some kind of organically, market supply determined rate?” she asked, “We might as well resurrect Gosplan,” referring to the agency of the Soviet government that ran its economy.

      That’s all brought Shelton plenty of criticism. “She falls well below [Herman] Cain or [Stephen] Moore as a potential Federal Reserve governor,” said Lawrence Summers, a prominent economist and former Obama advisor. Herman Cain and Stephen Moore were Trump’s two previous potential picks, who so horrified the mainstream they never even got nominated. “Hers would be a dangerous appointment,” Summers continued.”

  53. Appears to substantiate John’s daily narrative.

  54. Keeping it low profile but real, the OWON access is your only source of correct PP and RV information. Only OWON are tactically hands on via their own trade and political relationships to be able to report real breakthroughs. Once activated, it will happen without pre market warning,and OWON will only advise once fully cleared to protect the integrity of client affairs.

    That said , EVERY DAY is progress in Real Time. Just not publicised.

    It is way forward from what we disclose. But with multi facet layers of inter competing bankers self interests, and Fed /Treasury dependencies, it is an all encompassing Hybrid dynamic more complex then any non linked parties can even start to comprehend.

    It got this way because the Electorate allowed it to by indifferent self disinterest. Letting them loose, out of control, they took it all. We are trying to reverse decades of abuse.

    Add to that the now Global challenges and shifting sands of Leadership, plus the incoming QSF, and curve balls are everywhere. Not for the faint hearted, or half wit self interests.

    But there is also a key and absolute dependency.Will the likely Beneficiaries of the first waves of releases, actually focus on Project needs, Ethical and Humane causes, and the need to both fight for and help the evolution of more well thought out and principled realities needing Project priorities to put back and help more? Who decides Capital use?

    The key paradigm to all will be, funds for what purpose? Who controls, and who cares?
    So often good strategic priorities have been debated and challenged on the OWON site.
    There will, in effect be no Political direction, bar Self Serving.

    No Bank direction bar opportunism.

    The Lead must come from those newly empowered.

    The need to keep them focused and honest. The need to put back with clear objectives.
    The need to prioritise Human needs where possible.

    Starting with Education. That great Beacon of Light, the US Constitution, was Bush whacked and its emergent Green Shoots nation, purposefully dumbed down to a profiled and basic Industrial level of Drones, with no concept of Human need once evolving markets changed direction. Just breeding Military Body Bags and Productions line workers. Disposables subservient to feed and serve the Self Interest needs of the Unelected and unsupervised brutal Military Industrial Cabal which needed Global Tyranny and heartless Hegemony to feed this so ugly Hydra. Eulogising oppression,its peak being Shock and Awe. Where a brainless half wit Bush 43 danced like a demented Nero seeing a poor, defenceless and terrified Iraqi population exposed to as brutal oppression as it gets. Seeing vast surplus obsolete munitions bombing stocks dropped on them to increase restocking of the Defence Contractors order books and cash flows. Mass Murder Inc. Profit by wars and genocide.

    If funds are soon to be released, we have to distance use far from these predatory sub humans. None are fit to serve human needs. Non contribute to evolution.

    Just look at the appalling tragedy and disgrace of Syria. It looks like Stalingrad. SHAME!!!The world needs to unite and remove Daesh and its backers. Puppets to justify more weapons and more aggression. Who founded funded, and armed them? Truth will not be tenable. The CIA survives by Hegemony and subterfuge. As do both Houses! To go forward, we need to De-Louse. Starting where?

    We will be focused on Education. Self help and Energy efficiency. Food production. Pollution. Health care for all. Expanding the use of technologies to benefit all.
    To rethink the purpose of Being - Human and to replace the lying Rot that is Religion today. Religions kill. Religions divide and non seek truth of being.
    We need to fund a new world to think outside of the box.

    1. I can tell you that if I get anything out of this, I'm creating a K-12 private Montessori school so my kids have a good school to go too. I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I have trying to figure out where to send them. The school systems are just shit with common core and their 2 + 2 = 5 BS

    2. JV

      My grandkids start with Montessori then onto top Public's. It gives them a mile start

  55. Audit them all!!!

  56. John,

    Piggy backing off of Leo's Tweet, assuming there is a gold backed dollar and other commodity backed currencies on the way....can we expect an overnight change in the price of G & S as part of this process?

    1. My understanding is that a gold-backed dollar is impossible because our deficits are stratospheric and we have no commodities in quantity to substitute. US treasuries are piling up everywhere because no one wants them- so where's the gold? You know that we rob the gold of the countries we "liberate" right? Right?

    2. That's why you have so many loyal friends all over the world as Allies.

  57. I don't know about overnight but it's certainly part of a balanced portfolio you need to consider.

    Please, ignore Leo's tweets he's being fed nonsense by a lunatic Broker. Leo's Paymaster comes to us need I say more.

    A lot is advancing just watch the site.

  58. John, all of your comments especially over the past few days that the reservoir of good, including the likely beneficiaries of the first waves of releases, is swelling and will soon overflow its banks as an unstoppable force....makes for very exiting times. “pupukahi i holomua” … Hawaiian For … “unite in order to progress” ..... "Ex Unitate Vires" … Latin For … "unity is strength"

  59. Nothing real

    A lot we deal with are not Pukka fellas
    But it's suppose if we had a mutilation only a few days after birth we'd be screwed up for life also.
    But, once releases do start the dams break
    Then we need unified supporters to help in phases. Unity is key .

  60. Don't let him snitch to the husband!

  61. Antarctic ea ice his 35 yr record high...

    That pretty much seals the case against the whole panic of polar melts...

    1. Good grief... should have read 'Antarctic sea ice reaches 35 yr record high'.

      In more good news,

    2. Correct Tino. We are having a solar maunder minimum and will have intense global cooling over the next 5 to 10 years along with serious extremes.

      The idiots just don't understand cycles or they just want their global carbon tax at any means.

    3. Well put JV. The global carbon tax is just the attempt to put a supranational tax in place and once the precedent is set, well only God knows what they'd push next.

    4. I should also say that if you go back through history, many famines, plagues, dust bowls, dark ages, etc. line up with the sun's cooling cycle.

      Case in point...the world food supply is about to be crimped to a point not seen in recent human history, but with 9 billion people, because of all of the extreme weather over the last 6 months.

      It will be interesting over the next decade.

      A flip side to this from an investment standpoint is that we are also going into a commodity up cycle because of this cold weather so expect farmland, all food commodities especially to rise into 2032.

      Side Note: I happen to think this one is going to be VERY intense because of the rapidity and depth of cooling that is taking place. There is literally no output from the sun right now.

    5. Yep. I quote a friend who is a retired physicist who tracks these issues -- "The sun is brutally quiet -- not a sunspot in sight."

      Thanks for the economic insight.

  62. GEORGE πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ liked

    Donald J. Trump
    Senate is working hard on America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act. Will have BIG IMPACT on our highways and roads all across our Nation. Interest strong from Republicans and Democrats. Do I hear the beautiful word, BIPARTISAN? Get it done. I am with you!

  63. John,

    Who sponsored the creation of QFS? I would imagine it's not state sponsored?

  64. It's a consortium of intetests who want the Fed and US control out. We will allow US access only on our terms. No Zios and No Dirty money or people. No hegemony

  65. De-Classified Data Dump to be made PUBLIC within 48 Hours

    Hundreds of pages of previously CLASSIFIED information, requested by Congressman Devin Nunes, are finally about to be seen by the public, sources tell the Hal Turner Radio Show. As of late Monday afternoon, we appear to be in a 48 Hour countdown to disclosure of documents which allegedly outline a criminal Seditious Conspiracy within the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to unseat a duly elected President of the United States.

    The documents which the Attorney General is making ready to come out include:

    Documents sought by Congressman Devin Nunes, AND;

    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications which resulted in spying on the Trump campaign and some of its staffers, AND;.

    Internal DOJ emails, memos, and reports.

    We are told by people in positions to know, that the Nunes documents will come out first, then there will be other releases.

    We are also told that Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Durham is proceeding VERY quickly in his investigation.

    Bear in mind, what AUSA Durham is doing is **NOT** a "review" or an Inspector General's "audit." Durham is conducting a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of senior DOJ and FBI officials in the Obama Administration, and Intelligence people including former CIA Director John Brennan, complete with a federal Grand Jury, over a bunch of people who seem to have tried to Seditiously overthrow the President of the United States. What's going on here is as serious as it gets from a legal perspective.

  66. JV

    Thank you. An excellent article.
    Well spotted.

    1. Yes,

      It feels like a tsunami is building right now with all of these things lining up. I have a feeling the effects will be felt very shortly.

  67. is anything happening? Its silent on here.

    1. Certain Bankers and Judges are being "Dealt with" right now and momentum will pick up soon. They thought they would always have the protection of the Teflon Dons, until the Clintons and Bushes got Defrocked, and Soetoro left office. Soros now knows he's a heartbeat away from Heat, and Cheney minus Bush if feeling mortality. Some Guy, you wonder why his daughter now bats for the other side?

      Dams are about to break, and Peter won't be able to stick his finger in those Dikes, Hillderbeast has him on first call.

  68. So, Dem Debate 2 part 1.

    It was so bad that the circulating meme is: Empty podium at Democratic Debate will win Debate by a wide margin.


    1. And to put it over the top, it was Marianne Williamson that sounded the most rational -- and she's, well... bats*** crazy...

  69. General Nathan Twining. The guy most responsible for the UFO cover-up. Everything says he was a hell of Patriot. I can only conclude he trusted, not realizing we had imported every flavor of Nazi into the Military/Space/Intelligence program -- and that once the Military-Industrial-Complex seized the benefits, those in control reneged on the original pact with Military/Scientists/Operators to reveal the truth circa 1978-1982.


    1. And related:

      The 66th anniversary of 07/29/1952 in Washington D.C.

      "... when General Samford, Air Force intelligence, during a UFO press conference admitted that "credible people report incredible things" but he did not tell the assembled press that some top AF generals thought that some UFOs were "interplanetary." Instead, he led the press to believe that all of the hundreds of recent sightings were explainable as mistakes or hoaxes."
      . credit: Dr Bruce Maccabee Ph.D.; July 23, 2018.

    2. Admission of ETs would have irreparable impacts on Religious trust and bondage. Jesuit powers in the WH as official faith advisors, have protected Vatican coffers for decades lobbying against disclosure. Yet the official Vatican telescope is named Lucifer?
      So many influences at work. Jesuit doctrines rule fools.

    3. The current situation is interesting in the extreme. The situation has changed in the 30 years I've been watching it. My deep dive at 25 convinced me at the time that the whole morass was nonsense. (I fell for the orthodox line. Grrrrr.) However, NOW, a deep dive keeps overturning both propaganda, dogma and disinfo. Too many recurring elements, too many leaks, the comedy of the ISS cutting feeds every time an orb/energy-release/craft rolls into view, the impossible-to-deny-events cross-confirmed at the grass roots by leaks and testimony, Paul Hellyer, Nick Pope, the late Edgar Mitchell, the late Stanton Friedman, the original nuclear incidents, the many incidents John has brought to my attention, leave any rational observer concluding that the Never A Straight Answer (NASA) folks are lying.

      And with To The Stars and its propaganda arm Unidentified, a new chapter is opening up. The dynamics of keeping this undisclosed is simply becoming un-tenable.

  70. New Bill aims to weaken the dollar...

    President Donald Trump is not the only one who wants a weaker U.S. dollar in order to help American exporters compete with China. A pair of senators will introduce a bipartisan bill on Wednesday to lower the value of the U.S dollar through a tax on foreign investments.

    “The past several decades have shown that large foreign capital inflows from central banks and hedge funds are weaponizing the U.S. dollar against American goods, services, and labor,” said Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) Chairman Dan DiMicco.

    Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) argue China and other countries manipulate their currencies to boost exports and make American products more expensive abroad. Supporters make the case that the overvalued dollar is putting American businesses at a disadvantage.

    On Wednesday, the senators plan to introduce the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act. Under the plan, theFederal Reserve could put a “market asset charge” on foreign purchases of U.S. stocks, bonds and other assets in order to realign the American dollar.....

  71. John I am ready ! Please tell me when. :-)

  72. Thank you for your offer, once we can get redemptions long overdue unlocked, strategic projects can be activated.



    Biffie: A great start on planting the billion trees.

  75. Dem Debate Part 2

    Tulsi Gabbard is the dark horse with the greatest potential. Everyone else is a joke. Establishment is clearly thinking Harris and Biden.

    1. Biden is doubling down on ObamaCare. Surefire path to disaster. There's now no winning combination of candidates that could pull off a win. It's for Trump to lose now.

    2. Tulsi holds her own. Harris is too shrill and aimed at Biden. Biden... ptui!(😩) DeBlasio mostly insane, but less so than Booker. Comments are irrational and not implementable, even a social progressive utopia. No questions of substance to anyone. Not even an Epstein question which would be safe -- who is FOR pedophilia after all? It's a Hindenburg in progress... crash and burn for (D) in big flames...

    3. Gabbard for the win. Biden survives to fight again. Harris played well to (D) but will NOT achieve national appeal. Who to pair with Gabbard for a 2020 win? Unfortunately it's clear the Establishment is insane and won't rationally back her.

    4. Surprisingly Williamson (Space Cadet) edged out Gabbard. I suppose because she earnestly believes what she says, insane as it is, it played well to the equally crazy (D) base. Or it could be honesty reflection, and folks reacted accordingly. All other candidates outside Gabbard and Williamson were clearly just talking parrots reacting to their profile creators.

  76. Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz's team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution - a decision that's likely to upset Comey's conservative critics

  77. So Barr shows his colours as forewarned

    1. What did he do? Or rather more probably not do? Is he providing more cover for the corrupt Judges?

  78. We are engaged further researching further disclosures for the scale and extent of so called Prosperity Bonds and Boxes, but also the clear criminal intent of the Cabal who it now appears may also have been mass printing Dongs as well as Dinars, if certain allegations are to be proven factual.

    The conspiracy to seize and destroy the Morgantaul boxes and others,is to negate the US ever having to repay, and is also an issue so many have based new lives on what could be worthless trash they have been coerced into speculative risk buying. So many more lives and families ruined. It's time to call a halt to this now Global Excreta fly swarm mass chasing this garbage. All so gullible and sadly, stupid. Packed like sardines in a can in Florida thinking they are Trillionaires. Proof, many Fools ARE born every day. Suckers breed. Is now the time to bring all this convoluted Con to earth?

    How many years have so many sat in Reno burning cards, bank borrowings and families lives?
    Overstayers still there hanging in blindly, face deportation at some stage.
    Recently Florida became the same ambulance chasing hot spot on the dodgy Bond boxes. All bust. For this circus, where next? All are following a mad Pied Piper.

    Wise up, what part of Their Is NO Money do they not get?
    Is it a particular species of desperate or Limp Brain they attract?
    Looking at the Con stretching back from over 30 years ago, and the same names profiling today, when will truth dawn?
    The lot needs a full Regulators Task Force and arrests activated soon. Time to clear out the Sty.
    Bit If, and we say only If, there is truth in the allegations of Dong overprinting, China will act.No deal without Vietnam's consent is possible. China would almost certainly have Vietnam reissue, as for poor Zimbabwe and Iraq?

    The World Bank and IMF need to issue now a clear policy directive on all if it.
    Iraq at best could justify c5T, China will decide on Vietnam, and Zimbabwe you can buy for 5 Bucks and change. It's time, long overdue, a clear policy directive is issued. Tens of thousands of totally unscrupulous US Contractors in Iraq, part paid in Dinars murdering for greed,all deserve to get a cold bath on all of it. Shredded. Home - Potless!

    1. I hope your source(s) is flawed.VND counterfeiting would be a disaster. I think it is disinformation JONN.

    2. Sure hope so..... not the news I wanted to hear..... ready for the QFS and such..... seems now we are gearing down again..... it is scary to think about..... QFS and all kicks in that will be major history made.

    3. John, the people in Reno have been there for over six years. Are you saying that they should pack up and leave? I thought they were part of the Big Battalions.

    4. John, all of my Dong are (well) Circulated; most are quite shabby. This was my plan to avoid overprinted and counterfeit notes. Any hope my Uncirculated Dong will not be tossed?

    5. All currencies have been mass printed fraudulently.

      Was it not the White Hats that discovered $15T created out of thin air that disappeared.

      The brotherhood has been walking palates of dollars out of US for years.

      What's new.


    6. Nigel,

      Uncircumised one especially!

    7. Curved balls are humour. Yours?

    8. Darn it! I almost spit my water all over the keyboard with this. THIS was funny


    THIS Will Make You Re-Consider Your Entire Existence

  80. So some CDC epidemiologist allegedly ran the Know-the-Clintons suicide rate. 8.4 x normal rate. One would have thought 84 fold normal...

  81. 1. VND possible overprints, (Counterfeiting)As we said, alleged- But? We know the Dinars were scammed to hell and back. As with the so called prosperity boxes, Margantauls and so much more. Hard fact, since the early 1900s and Fed rackets, nothing but Crooks have run America. The Zios dumbed down the Education system to suffice breeding for the Farms, Industry and supply lines of Military body bags. Bullet stoppers for their bucks.
    A sad shambles.

    They have wantonly commited mass genocide and stolen or defrauded anything not bolted down. Ruthlessly! Greenspan and his Zio Mafia have conspired with Politicos and Bankers to defraud with impunity. Corrosive Trash like Bush 41 and the Trailer Trash Clintons and Obama gave them a safe haven and corrupt Judges. In the US, beyond doubt, the system Rots from the head up.

    We know Iraq was subjected to vast currency fraud and the War Criminals dumped all old munitions with Shock and Awe to mass kill a million as munitions trade replacements for the Armanants Industries. Profits! Each poor child to die for this lie! Bush, Cheney and Greenspan need to be in jail. Agencies with them. Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. How many millions have they killed?

    If the Dinar was scammed, why not test the Dong allegations? What is truth. This is now in Beijing and for sure they Will!

    We have already raised it with parties we are close to in Beijing who have access to the President and Finance Minister. Be assured, nothing detrimental to their investments in Vietnam will be tolerated. Beijing has it now. Nowhere to hide.

    2.Reno ( Now being replaced by Florida- Rat Run 2)
    Six years of this mess screams enough. Answers are needed soon. It has to end.Credit cards and loans were long burned out. Big Battalions are like armies, they have to be fed. They either loot the local populations, activate the head on war to a winner takes all battle, or how many untouched pallets do you dreamers think have not been diluted to feed the Players? Empty assurances be damned. It's now long overdue the Regulators go in and check the lot. Fairy Godmothers have not paid the bills for 6 years. Even though some left 3 years ago, we know if the Regulators go in, Jail time will follow for some. Battalions don't starve - they feed- off You! Wise up all parties. Enough is enough. Decision times for all. Loose cannon Attorneys and half wit Delusional dreamers need to get hard answers and lives need re tracking. Families are being devastated with fathers moonwalking.
    No Money- No Honey!
    Big Battalions are not free.Who pays? Who has paid, and next, you?
    It's decision time on all of them. Long overdue. There is no money for most. Bust is bust.
    How long do you kick a dead dog?
    The information packs we have accessed linking to parties now in Reno raises new issues.
    Mass files, mainly via a Bloggers source, are with Canauzzie to issue for you to do the leg work, trawl through and question. Rattle cages. Road kill in headlights? Old data but today's problems.

    How safe are 6 years old non performing platforms, who has been paying the freight?

    It's time now to face down solutions or cease chasing. Where is the Stop Loss point?
    BS does not feed your families. There comes a time to try a new avenue, and with respect to all, appreciating the hopes and dreams, how do we help you get a life? When you trawl through what we have sent over, no one can not have concerns. Have we Naked Emperors?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Show me a fiat currency that isn't over printed and counterfeited ,there is none
      That is the scam of fiat, it's nature

  82. Dear John We where told Mr. Trump stop de cometrails. yesterday we had a lot of rain and I thought maybe today would be a clear sky's. Well cometrails start very early and bombarded us like crazy. Connecticut sky's is terrible. Please help

    1. soulsearch - I think you are elevating John to a position he doesn't hold. He is in the UK. He can't "stop" chemtrails" or do much of anything here in the United States

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. CHEMTRAILS, sorry I never remember how to spell this terrible thing

    1. We have the same right now and very bad flooding.

  84. The Top PPs are not affected, it's just all this Brokers Jungle Bunny paper Jamboree which needs bringing to a head and decisions made. Time to level, and flatten the playing field.
    Who gets paid and who retires bad debt. When Dreamland becomes a nightmare, wake up time.
    There are real things playing out, we just need to clear the decks of Ambulance chasers noise on the systems. Some need a Blunderbuss.

    1. Well, of course they are not affected. Who truly is surprised by this comment? I doubt that if currencies are issued by a bank they are counterfeit.

    2. Most of these currencies were not bought via Banks.

    3. Oh I see. The ones that I purchased were. If counterfeit was the case.. the bank and I would be having a few words.

      I guess it's neither here nor there though. As I said before, I got a few hoping to seed a project I had in mind.. AT this rate.. it looks like I might just break-even. that's okay too. No loss for me. I hope many can say the same.

  85. Anyone tried the new browser, BRAVE? Especially on a Mac.

    What say you, Canauzzie?

  86. I got all my VNDs from Chase bank, going to believe it's legit. Let's see what happens.

  87. VNDs are a rated currency. Little chance of overprints if bought via them. Chase should stand over them. Buying via Banks you have linkage. Buying via Dinar Guru type sites is roller Coaster gambling. So, if you've bought Dongs via Non Regulated Third Parties, you may have issues. If via Banks you have cover. Albeit Banks always have Weasel Clauses.

    My concern was the site we viewed publishing names of parties alleging VND overprints. To us, albeit alleged, still worrying. Just a heads up to say take care.
    Saying nothing or try to help protect you.
    It's time collective groups got together and demanded a solution to all these notes. The nonsense has gone on long enough. It's going nowhere waiting longer.

    On key PPs we are kicking doors in for action. Real noise on their systems.
    Big Battalions need to quit waiting and load up Howitzers. Waiting is done!
    But the main concern is the ongoing Neverland of Redemptions. We need to force US Decisions. Waiting is achieving nothing. Pro Active hard demands are needed.

    1. John, you wrote "My concern was the site we viewed publishing names of parties alleging VND overprints.'

      Just curious what site were you browsing? And excuse the rudeness but why were you reading another site to bring information? I must be getting mixed up again? If it is one of those "guru" sites they probably want to scare the people into buying Dinar? I dunnow.. just thinking outloud.

    2. As I'm providing certain Global core information towards Palladins work on a new 48 article,while scanning the net for more updates on Saurin I got linked to a site which also provided background information on current Reno parties, their Asian past,and alleged worrying positions on Dongs etc. When cross referring that to Reno, it had implications for many of our readers. Knowledge is key to all. Watching your backs more so.
      It was sent to Canuazzie 2 days ago to help you all. Disclosure and exposure?
      Nothing to do with Guru sites.
      We read vast amounts of daily information. Scan reading gives ability to scour huge information volumes rapidly. A market edge. Being wise at only an attention cost. The file depth, when released is interesting. Subjective but Reno and other names appear with questions.

    3. What about VND via Travel X?

    4. John can you provide the website? I have a few friends and family involved in Reno deals. They've been in for 4-5 years and are told every 6 months they are getting ready to be paid. Thank you to the BSD's. Cheers!

    5. It's coming on the next new issue. This is not verified by us or supported. Just issues of interest to be checked if true. Because if any are, its problems.
      But then you need to check accuracy with the issuing blog site.
      It's also time now for Reno now to Man Up. Action needs to step up. They all need and deserve truth. You all do. We are tired of S Fly Guru sites. What is truth?

  88. Dear ARIZONA, can you tell me who's door should I be knocking? LOL I just keep on trying. One day it will open. Thank you for letting me know!

    1. Soulsearch good question. But I know John is in the UK. My bet is if he had any control it would have ended years ago. I suspect he doesn't fall inline with the bad guy; he's more of a White Hat. My guess he doesn't know either otherwise he would have 'outed" them. That's why I said you were 'elevating" him to a position he doesn't hold

  89. The VND currency has seven checkpoints for authenticity which are anti-counterfeiting measures.ALL mine are brand new and all checkpoints confirmed before and after purchase.ALL currencies have these type of checkpoints, but the VND has the highest number that I am aware of.The one thing I love about the currency itself is there are ZERO Rothschild "fingerprints" in all the imagery on the notes.NO ILLUMINATI symbols, nothing like that, etc...Each note is an actual work of art in my opinion!I have all the ones from 50 all the way up to 100,000 notes.ALL works of artistic beauty.

  90. Replies
    1. Easy when you own De La Rue!

    2. "Good forgers" or good liars? Something the CIA is very adept at(lying being touted as speculative "truth"(forging vnd, when no VND was actually ever counterfeited).Then the internet itself has a new talking point and the f***g lie gets promoted further.Hope China can sort the wheat from the chaff!

    3. LOL. OK, Must admit, I have faked it on one occasion previously. Hehe. Made the bugger work for it though. Hahahha.

  91. From ZeroHedge -

    Israel has been striking Iranian military targets inside Syria for months, but now the rules of engagement have apparently changed, because in recent days the IDF has started conducting airstrikes against Iranian targets inside Iraq. The reason this is being called “an unprecedented move” is because this is the very first time since 1981 that we have seen Israeli airstrikes inside Iraq. Needless to say, these latest airstrikes have absolutely enraged the Iranians. It looks like the Israeli government has determined that any Iranian military targets outside of Iran itself are fair game, and it is probably only a matter of time before Iran strikes back in a major way.

    The political protests that have made global headlines in Hong Kong in recent weeks have greatly angered the Chinese government. They were probably hoping that the protests would quickly subside and soon be forgotten, but that hasn’t happened. So now China is faced with a decision. If such protests were happening elsewhere in China, they would be brutally crushed, but Hong Kong is a special case. If the Chinese are too harsh with the protesters in Hong Kong, that could turn world opinion against them, but if they do nothing that could encourage protests to start happening in other area of the country. In the end, the Chinese will probably do what they always do, and that means crushing the opposition.
    North Korea just fired two more missiles into the ocean. The North Koreans are greatly alarmed by the joint military drills that the U.S. and South Korea will soon be conducting, and whenever they get greatly upset about something they seem to express that displeasure by firing off more missiles.

  92. Hmm
    I remember the days of firing off missiles most nights which is why I ended up with 6 kids over 9 years until I took care of the receiving point.
    The first got fired in Kuwait. Life started near Saddam's border.

  93. From Fox News: “FBI agents went to James Comey's house and retrieved as "evidence" a secret, previously unreported memo he drafted the night before the agents arrived, well after he was fired as FBI Director, according to bureau documents released Wednesday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the transparency group Judicial Watch.”

  94. John, this one for you as a weekend tribute for all you have done for the unbelievers.
    Obviously LIFE does humans who believe and have faith and develop theologies, theories, philosophies and religions in a thousand attempts to try and explain where we came from, why we are here and where we are going.

    Of course one might ask, why do we need to come from somewhere; why does there need to be a reason for being here, and why do we need to go anywhere?

    What people believe and have faith in isn’t the real problem. The stupid use of belief and faith create the real problems.

    Far better to use belief and faith for what they really are: Tools to discover and discern a potential truth. Instead, however, people who have not experienced a truth, tend to settle for belief and faith (it’s easier) and call it truth, when in fact, belief and faith is anything but truth proven.

    And of course, belief and faith have an end concerning an experienced truth. Once experienced there is no need for belief or faith.

    Truth: Things as they were, are and will be.

    AND AGAIN, since LIFE does humans who believe and have faith and develop theologies and religions, LIFE either has a sense of humor or is brain dead, which, if brain dead, means, all there actually is, is law, action, reaction, cause and effect.

    Consider enjoying your life without religion or theology or a philosophy. Obviously LIFE has no law against it since lots of folks have perfectly enjoyable lives without beating themselves down over dogma and doctrine and revelations and prophets, and a need to know what the future will do or not do, and, and, know.

    HOWEVER, I am offering an AFTER-LIFE INSURANCE POLICY for folks who get scared, for folks who need to be sure they get to heaven after hell on earth (I joined 1,000 religions just in case). For only $5, the policy is free.

    WHICH OF COURSE, brings me to this subject: It might be easier to make earth a heaven if the heavenly-seeking-folks weren’t spending all their time (well...not all their time for sure) building up a make-believe-heaven.

    And finally, if you need a mental and emotional beat-down to live the golden rule, consider joining a church, or believing in a theology, that says, “YOU SUCK!”

    REMEMBER: LIFE DOESN’T SUCK. LIFE IS AWESOME. LIFE DOES WHAT IT DOES, and humans are one of the things life does, and if you are not good with that, well....that too is life...that is life DOING YOU. nem.

    1. Correct, what IS- IS REAL Beyond!
      But, when you know, how do you explain it to religious whackos with false and pointless indoctrination by Pedos in dresses?

      How can you share what you KNOW with Muppets?
      To KNOW is all, then who cares?
      But, to know means we then have to try make a real difference. Soul values.
      How do you explain Ethereal realities to a Pigmy?
      It's enough to know. Then to try.

  95. John whats the status with the Prosperity Bonds you mentioned ? Or as a matter of fact are there anything in those boxes that makes the so called Prosperity Package folks hopeful or just day dreamers ? TY

  96. I can not give you a definitive position, but I have only ever been able to regard them as junk and spilt milk I may be wrong, but I see no chance. Just an opinion, no more.

  97. John are we still on a "just watch the site" alert level, as appeared to be the case last weekend, or are closings a bust for the time being until further notice?

  98. The PPs for 3 parties are in daily pressure drive to try to get redemption.
    There are also daily pressures with Sovereign groups seeking to get a resolution towards morgantauls and currencies. But be clear, if there is to be any resolution for the very messy Sovereign issues it would be controlled project phasing not just cascading cash on the streets . Money demanded does not exist. It's all been long spent.
    For currencies some resolution may be effected if choosing to redeem
    . If so it will be messy but leave some Public options unless they just issue new currencies limited to Nationals only for conversions to start.
    Or currencies via project merit systems. It's messy and needs political directive.
    During research just double checking the old Saurin history a Blog series came up as part of many files assessed.
    Parts deemed highly dubious. But there were some reference to currencies and boxes which, if part correct, would raise issues on Reno
    Speculators need all encompassing views tracking this convoluted mess. We give no credence or credibility to what may be printed in the new comments section, if Canauzzie is willing to let such views have air time, but to me they are such extensive multi face claims and while traveling through messy blog files some of the history and people allegations were of interest. Truth is to be determined, but a view costs nothing. Just points of views, accurate or not. That is for others to determine and that Blog to answer for statements propounded.
    On the currency issues, if anything is to be decided as it all needs final resolution one way or another, if conversions are determined it seems eminently reasonable to allow a public window and kickstart some liquidity as a trickle down effect for communities.
    Money is finite and reality will rule. I hear Big Battalions presuming vast T blocks. No such funds exist , nor will. Currencies can only factor in to meet national standings but resolution is needed it's gone on long enough. There are groups head on with this seeking conclusion.
    The PPs are in daily dialogue and if released we can redirect for Global retracting and focused education. Projects will be key. Daily pressures are on.
    We are pushing for decisions and direction

  99. Thanks John, I appreciate the comprehensive response.

  100. John F,

    You have parties in the US who call me at between 5 and 6 o clock their time each morning checking Asian updates and DC overnights. I don't know whether or not it's before or after key morning tasks, but I suspect multi tasking!

    We have ex Sr Agency and Banking parties engaged 24 x 7 Owed and needing!

    We have dialogs with our key party in Beijing tracking and lobbying for an accorde. A very loyal and humble American married to a Chinese wife and choosing to reside in China. A true Patriot who loves his country, but despises those in power in it. A good American close to the Chinese Leaders. They exist.

    I deal most days with the Elders. A 9 hours time difference can be a killer, but we combine, the issues are key. Maintaining a collective position with 40 key families is not easy, so we do it via the front 3 or so. Each have needs , and just like the West, we have 40 rats fighting in a sack for first bite and power. Is all life a sewer?

    The confusion and delays is a combination of Bankers losing power and control, but clinging on to the last,combined with a new Political hierarchy which is still clueless of the true status quo. If they don't read, how can we enthuse , and feed, minds? We are fighting for a slot in the triple Whoppa queue.

    We are also still trying to explain to a certain party confusion is not a Chinese Philosopher!

    Then dealing with the lies, subterfuge and treachery of the Fed, Treasury and chicanery of WF!! Did ever a Bank so deserve to be renamed - WTF?

    Daily, hourly, the battle is on relentless. So don't give up hope, because we won't Stop. Ever! From 08-05 certain parties in DC know their emails will be hit by overnight Luftwaffe raids, demanding, demanding, with No not being accepted as an answer.

    Just who was it T Man said had to have Balls of Steel to hammer them head on like this.

    We survived the Vatican Inquisition, and Feudal Monarchs, a bunch of Trailer Trash posing in DC, merits only a slot on our contempt list,and time we have, whatever it takes. From the nation who beheaded a King and booted the Vatican, we make them smart. We will never be upstanding for low lifes of no standing. Daily, it's game on.

    1. John, when you talk about the currencies, are you talking specifically about any one currency or all currencies? You have said numerous times it's up to China and Vietnam regarding the dongs; which is completely understandable. But do they all revalue at the same time or months/years apart or what?

  101. Anyone else follow Bill Pulte on Twitter? He is such a good man with his Twitter Philanthropy.He has actually helped folks out, not some lip service. I wanted to give him a shout-out. And while I am quite comfortable in my home, if I were in the market for a new one because what I have seen him to in the last few weeks, I would buy a Pulte home.

  102. Just the 3 amber gambler currencies

  103. El Paso shooting. Be wary. This has all the hallmarks of being a False Flage event. The so-called Manifesto is already debunked and the so-called White Supremacy angle as alternative talking point is cratering as not believable.


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