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17 - 23 July 2019

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  1. Everyone please note that I opened a new business and it is currently consuming every waking moment. We are close to implementing managerial positions to alleviate current work load. That will allow me to return to better support for the website.

    Thank you for your patients. Notify by email if the website requires attention as Google is currently not sending me notifications.

    1. Thank you Canauzzie, will do as know you're very busy. You've done a great job and given many a voice they might not have otherwise had and also helped by giving a platform where we can share and even disagree sometimes, leading to useful and thought provoking dialogue!!! )

    2. Congratulations on establishing a new business!

    3. Nice to hear from you Canauzzie. Thank you for the update. I wish you great success with your new business. Look forward to seeing you more often.

    4. Wishing you much success with your new biz, Canauzzie.

  2. JV,

    STAN MEYER was the fellow I was thinking about that got killed instead of taking the bribe in my other comment.He drove coast to coast using only water getting local tv station coverage all along the way. THAT was grass-roots self promoting!

    I bought a gizmo(kit from Utah) one time years ago that I attached to my Delta 88 with a 350 engine. My mileage doubled, and all I had to do was drain a glass catch jar of brown gooey stuff about every 60 days.Never had to change to plugs anymore either, and my oil changes lasted 10k miles instead of every 2k miles!That particular one may still be on the market....

  3. Crypto Currencies Exchange Recommendations And How To Start

    Cryptocurrency Market List

    The most expensive cryptocurrencies (w/ active blog/articles)

    These links are enough to get anyone started if novice to cryptos. Me? I lost my shirt trading them several years ago! Should just kept accumulating BTC (25+).... Zero funds now to start anew.

    JOHN said a while back that he liked LTC. I wonder if his opinion has changed about LTC future prospects?

    1. To all my Canadian friends...If you need help purchasing crypto's and then have them stored please reach out anytime.I have a Canadian exchange I have been dealing with for a couple of years...I Can help...Cheers !!!!

    2. That was a very kind gesture from both of you Tim and Ron. I believe there are many who need a little trustworthy assistance when entering the crypto jungle for the first time. So nice to see people reaching out to each other offering a helping hand. My thanks to you both for your kindness. Don't forget that there is also a great deal of good crypto information shared daily at WHA too.

    3. Thanks so much RonEagle - I started researching crypto months ago and didn't get very far; research felt too daunting with everything else that was going on around here. One less thing to wonder about!

  4. On the current smear of Trump-Epstein, the facts are in Trump's favor. First, the footage is over 20 years ago. Second the so-called 'young women' are professional football cheerleaders. Third, there is literally nothing on Trump-Epstein since 15 years ago, when Epstein was tossed from Trump's club.

  5. 86% of all Crypto trades lose money. Way too many scammers also.

    1. Correct. It's a shark-tank! Brutal market manipulation of a majority of the smaller ones.

    2. John that is why I hold and never trade...I purchase when I can and keep accumulating :) I do not have the nerves to trade and I do not want to loose any of my crypto's...Cheers!!

  6. Just added a lil more of a certain crypto I like.... rolling the dice.... it is used and has real world usage.... that is the main thing I look for.... Trumps latest on Crypto's tanked them all it seems.... I do think some will emerge and make good gains.... as always, time will tell!

    1. Can't go wrong with : Bitcoin,Litcoin,Ethereume,EOS and XRP...Oh there a few more but these 4 should prove to be solid...Purchase and hold :)

  7. Canauzzie, thanks for the update and for helping keep this a wonderful learning and sharing site.
    I too have been very busy. Besides working 57 hours a week, we took the plunge and finally found and leased some property and set up a hemp field. Wow what an expensive thing it is to set one up from scratch. And a huge amount of work. Excited to see them grow and get to the harvest.

    1. That's great Biffie!!! ) Keep up the good work and be sure you keep or make connections with people in your area that have a few harvests under their belts already. Harvest can be interesting from what have read and watched.

    2. Yes. There are some close by one of which is very experienced with hemp. Great resource. Thanks.

    3. BIFFIE,

      CONGRATS!! You cannot fail with experienced friends around/near to advise.

    4. Such wonderful news Biffie. I wish you every success in your new venture.

    5. Wishing you much success with your new venture too, Biffie!

  8. I think you have made the right move with Hemp....would love to do the same here!

    1. Me too!! I'd love to do the same in S.IN. If an RV for us hits that is what I wanna do. It's a no-brainer. In the right climate you can get two crops per year. In south IN I can do that.

  9. Do so if you can somehow. The hemp market will be a never ending one. If it over supplies in one usage such as medical usage, then on to setting up factories for clothing, replacing plastics, building material, and on and on.

  10. Kevin Spacey, charges dropped.

  11. New Face of the Bank of England's £50 Note Revealed as Alan Turing
    BBC News
    Kevin Peachey
    July 15, 2019

    Alan Turing, a celebrated computer pioneer and codebreaker, will be featured on the new design of the Bank of England's £50 note, slated to enter circulation by the end of 2021. Turing is known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI), and his work helped accelerate Allied efforts to read German Naval messages encrypted with the Enigma machine during World War II. Turing's work helped cement the concept of the algorithm—a set of instructions used to perform computations. Said Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, "As the father of computer science and AI, as well as a war hero, Alan Turing's contributions were far-ranging and path-breaking. Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand."

    1. And perhaps also a small way to apologize for forcing chemical castration and Turing's early death. What else would this man have contributed to this world had homophobes not been in charge in that era.

  12. Dear John, I am glad and sad to know that I was not the only one feeling like a fool. Waiting for Trump to give us a message? the GCR? GESARA? TAX CUTS? instead he say he mad Americans rich again?????????? who? where is the wealth that nobody see? Why does every time Trump speaks Q say: a day to remember or something big is coming? is this done so we all sit and watch and hope? that is SAD, very sad

    1. Soul search

      1. How many times has Q come out with deep ranging and prophetic claims ending up in credibility- 0000000000000000000. Profile now- Junk , the lot! A pointless Yapper.

      2.Trump. He's trying to do a job mainly as a Political Coordinator. Macro Economic strategies, not fine detail. There is no evidence he is involved in complex Funding Strategies nor even has any comprehension of them. With his clear attention span issues, and a penchant for repeating sentences to maintain even a basic thought sequence when talking, there are clear indications of IQ and comprehension limitations. In effect, think of a weapons choice. He's fine as a Blunderbuss to take down masses in grape spread shot, but as a refined Marksman for a complex Thinking Sniper Shot, he won't cut it. Horses for courses. He's no highly tuned Thoroughbred for sure. But, as a Carthorse he can pull a load. But in a level playing field of sophisticated participants - he won't win a Kentucky Derby.

      I'm pretty sure he has no idea or concept of most of the issues we all address daily as topics of interest. He won't be resolving our collective needs. Too much is expected of him. To be fair, he said enough to get elected and to Stop Clinton.
      His key Clinton statement- You would be in jail! Did he deliver that?

      I can't see him bringing any Monetary resolution himself. Clinton and Bush used to mass manipulate such monetary and Military/Agency funding via ESF in the White House. Clinton was the major Grey Screen user of the YR Treasury Checks which we had directly verified at the top via a Diligence check Treasury sweep and used an ex Senior WH Presidential Legal Advisor we ourselves then funded him to undertake as a top DC Lobbyist, to act for us to obtain factual standings of YR.

      Bush 41 manipulated the entire system for gain. He, Cheney and Soros scalped the lot for their swoop to pick up the vast land Water Aquifer bearing Estates in Paraguay looting to fund it. More sophisticated Manipulators.

      Trump is visibly way out of his depth there.
      Usual Presidents have spent decades learning how to work the system and their IQs assessed. Many drop by the wayside. Trump is only 2 years in with still no clue of the inner workings. It shows.

      As a Blunderbuss, he tries to horse trade with issues and Leaders. Russia and China will see him as is, and coordinate accordingly. But, on a world stage he is trying to play Grand Chess Masters in Russia and China, with barely a grasp of Tiddly Winks himself. Roaring like a Carnival Barker,then leaving the real Players to take over. Senior Staff turnover and leaving comments attributed says it all.

      I don't see Trump making any contributions towards the complex Fiscal and Redemption issues we are all dealing with. It's expecting too much and a strategic mistake to presume his capability or even knowledge. His focus right now is a second term with a lack of effective opposition. Anticipating action or resolution for our key issues via him is a hollow presumption. Hard evidence- Zero.

      We make pragmatic assessments and judgment calls. If not him- Who?
      Right now, we still are at the mercy of the Zio Zoo and their Stooges!

      Reality is that China and Russia combined,having played the US off the stage in the Middle East and Asia, are themselves affecting Global Dynamic changes, which via Eurasia and Rail Track/ Energy pipe networking, will reshape wealth and power.
      Global Chess Master outplaying Tiddly Winks Blunderbusses. It shows.

      The US DOES have excellent, highly capable Economic Activists, each capable of far reaching dynamics, but affecting that as WH policy? Is Clinton in Jail? Why is the US still messing in Syria? Why is Trump being played by Mossad and Kushner against Iran for Israel? Kushner, the Clown Prince, is a figure of derision in the Middle East. Daddies clumsy Bwoy!
      Balancing that and more, we expect what?

    2. I am so sick of you trashing Trump and his administration. What are you doing about the situation John - you've been spouting the same story about the financial reset for over 6 years - how Elders will help blah blah blah. Your opinion is only that - you have no credentials as you are only a online blogger like the rest of us.

    3. Mr. Unknown, kudos to you for finally figuring this out. But many of us already knew this.

    4. UNKNOWN

      You hide behind this. Any time you opine you bitch. We are trying to help one of your own.
      The rest shows ignorance.

    5. I don't think you're alone Unknown regarding being upset over John's constant disrespect of our President. It gets old. John seems to enjoy the constant attacks on our President. Look, he still talks about "Stormy" while the rest of the world has moved on.

      John needs to stay out of US politics.. and FIX the UK. With "friends like Steele, Halpar and Kim Darroch who needs enemies? Take care of your DS infested country before you try to convince anyone that you are the expert to take care of ours.

      As for the currencies no one knows..and those that know are not blogging online. I am sure John is a nice guy as I said before... but to berate people and discourage any type of investment in anything including crypto-currencies saying you're not owed is suspect in my mind. As I mentioned before I don't think anyone on "welfare" is investing in anything. So to constantly insinuate that his readership consists of low-life scum is disturbing at best.

    6. john

      there are more than on individual using "unknown"

      the way the blog is set up, "unknown" because a default fr anyone who wants to use it and not make a profile here

      i have not posted here in 1 year, so much for this "unknown"

    7. I've been peeling the onion back since 1990. We are at a critical turning point we must succeed, there are no other choices. jwb

    8. Arizona

      Truly, No one wants it more than me.
      But, first,WHEN are you going to Butt Out of World Hegemony and take your 990 Plus war bases and Cabal protecting units threatening to wipe out the world and simply F off back to where they came from so all Nukes drop on the cause, not the world.
      How many poor innocents killed in the last 50 years at DCs orders

      You glorified in Shock and Awe. 30 M unarmed, innocent Iraqis were terrified and murdered while Bush War Criminal THUG 43 showed his One Termer Crime Lord how to kill the innocents. Count from One mIllion. Proud? It's like sad Rome, burning.

      We care.We want peace. We all want an end to this vile Cabal and its Israeli triggered body bags.
      The EU within a decade will have its own EU Defence army. Nato will be gone so the US can no longer kill behind a front shield of innocents. No one wants these bases. You take the hits on the Homelands- Yours! 9/11 said Hello?

      The EU may well, supported by both Russia and China, switch all Allegiances then. No longer Allies. Sure you want to face down the EU, Russia and China all at once?
      Can't you see how the world is changing now? Pride and falls?

      Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Iran,Syria and Libya have all gone Russian. You've lost the plot and pot. Venezuela has gone Russian / Chinese. Africa is Chinese occupied.
      Do American's have a clue where nations are? Or even US States? Poor Yemen is being pounded by Saudi US supplied bombs and shells. Syria also. Shocking.
      Apart from grabbing the Poppy trade what was Afghanistan for? The Taliban uses part of its profits to fund more guns to kill more American kids, body bags for the Cabal. HSBC are happy to handle it. Others too.

      We are one nations of man. All in this mess together. We raise the issues,you freak, but don't hesitate to kill the meek? We only ask Why, should so many Die, for another DC lie? Was Vietnam not enough? Cambodia? Iraq?

      All Syria and Iran have done is said NO to you. As poor Gaddafi did. Beheaded. Saddam never killed a million. He offered to settle, I WAS there! I know! But the Brat wanted to bully. Innocents die for another lie. Worse our own gutless Ministers rolled over and let you. We share that blame. There were choices. I know! Truth heh and Boo Hoo. Manning up.

      It's academic now in 10 years you will be gone as unelected Sole Leaders. Hopefully peacefully. 12 disgusting Israeli Cadets just raped an 18 year old girl in Spain. You want war with Iran for that Kazar Spawn? We don't!
      We ran and Empire , and still failed as with Rome, for centuries. You blew it in one. As a voice of reason, Yes we raise issues. They affect us all. We are one. Try listening and considering. We are all in this-Mess! Do you never read when I hammer our own? It's not just about you. But raising issues we all need to face.

  13. Must Watch MAGAnomic Overview – Navarro Outlines Trump Economic Roadmap…
    July 17 2019

    White House Manufacturing Policy Advisor Peter Navarro outlines how the strategic road map of MAGAnomics is converging. If you want to see the future, listen to how Navarro outlines what’s coming.

    The six MAGAnomic components to pay attention to include: ♦changes to the Universal Postal Union (UPU); ♦HUD Opportunity Zones; ♦America First raw material policy for infrastructure; ♦retail sales strength; ♦the current status of the U.S-China negotiations; and ♦the USMCA ratification.

  14. Illegal Immigrants Drive Child Sex Crime Charges in North Carolina
    North Carolina data indicates massive hidden problem nationwide
    July 17 2019

    In North Carolina, during the past 18 months, more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults.

    That number is about 30 percent of the complete, statewide number, estimates James Johnson, who tracks the data on his website (North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement).

    Johnson has tracked rapes and sexual assaults on children by illegal aliens since 2013, using original police reports and calling arresting agencies to verify immigration status. His data doesn’t cover every month, but for the 54 months he has recorded, an average of 34 illegal aliens per month were charged with 151 counts of raping or sexually assaulting a child in North Carolina.

    Johnson says he is only able to gather data from 30 of the state’s 100 counties, which means it’s possible the statewide count is more than 113 illegal aliens charged with around 503 child sexual crimes per month.

    Further, a study shows that only 12 percent of child rapes are reported, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center—meaning the total number could be almost 10 times higher.

  15. Thank you dear John for enlightening all of us. One thing I want to make sure to be understood is Trump is doing a phenomenon job, without him we would still be a slaves for all this corrupted world. We own our freedom to Trump's brilliance. But one thing I must say: I would love to hear about our economic freedom from TRUMP in his voice, even if he just deliver THE message. He deserve it!!!

  16. Soul Search. I WANT Trump to focus and deliver.For that he has my 100% support. Fact!

    Wells Fargo are sitting on, Living off and Trading off, Trillions unlawfully denying good US Patriots who brought those funds in via Elders, and funded Insurance wraps for them. Good LOYAL and PROUD Americans- Cheated by Thieves and Parasites. A good American Patriot has been denied his funds for 37 years.Disgusting!

    Those funds were to help Americans, not for Parasites to help themselves. T's are in play because of BB helping you all. Shame on WF and if there is any Justice, JUSTICE!!!!, act to give that good Patriot his OWN money BACK!It's HIS money! Do what is right. Pay BB what is long owed it's a disgrace and bad slight on America. We all know and see. We all talk and know. Justice, get Justice, rip it out of WF and WF, shame on you! Stop this chicanery and do what is right! Pay BB! For God's sake act! Do what is Right!
    Then we can help many.

    Now, if Trump was really listening, this he could sort in a day. President Trump, why has BB not been paid? Be Presidential, help a fellow Patriot, make that call. Please?
    A fellow Patriot in need of YOUR Good DEED.

    1. BB=Bill Bonney?
      And why is this just in Trump's lap, what about all those smart intellectual financial whiz kids, they need to step up
      Fuk, WF, nationalize it and be done with the blockage
      Even though the interworkings are complicated, the solution is common sense
      Stop screwing around with hardened criminals and just get the damn thing done

    2. Thieves won't pay back, it needs an inquiry from the Oval Office to ask why are you holding this mans funds and I want them returned like yesterday or your head on a plate on my desk tomorrow.
      We all need to lobby Trump to get BB paid. There is no Justice its all a Thieves collective we battle daily. There is no Godsent in Bent. Help us lobby to get BB redeemed. Voices raise consciousness and Thieves hate spotlights.

      TRUMP if pushed can do this. Can parties help bombard his Tweet sites?

    3. Twitter the shit out of him

    4. With the lack of action now he may enjoy it.

    5. John you have told us many times over the years how "connected" you are there in the UK. I am sure that the message would get to President Trump faster through one of your connections
      giving him a call or sending an email rather than Tweets? Just saying...

    6. We are trying or creating multiple options. Multi tasking. Dealing with the Snake Head needs Hydra solutions.

  17. We can't create a Diplomatic incident,YOU can ask real questions and get attention. You can help your fellow Americans. Trump may welcome a chance to shine for you. Votes!

    1. You indicated Trump isn't capable of this task
      ? ?

    2. A multiple call from Americans can rattle cages, and his surrounding Aids who do read, may suggest Mr President, this can be a nice win for you?
      Checkers to Chess? Game on if we play you.

    3. Agree G-Man - one moment he's incapable of doing anything according to John and the next, he's the only one who can save BB.

    4. I understand what you are saying about people taking on their task as citizens to influence. I say this has taken place and continues.
      Someone in authority needs to step up and start kicking ass
      Common sense my friend common sense. Try that just once

    5. Unkown
      All your criminal Justice and Banking sources are failing despite requests. What harm is there for a collective US based push from all of you to find a straight None Zio Aid reading his Tweets and Emails asking Mr President, with 2020 coming up, this could give real synergy to be seen giving a US Patriot his money back to help America.
      We have put bottomless time and money in helping all of you and housed a homeless man plus a new job.
      So what will You Do to get the WH parties shielding Trump to get the BB case to him to make it right and release what is owed
      Im trying to help and find new angles. You will do what?
      Will you all help us hammer this home? Self help?

    6. Hahaha You can't cause a diplomatic incident? Of course you can! Other than a few angry phone calls and a tersely written letter what can the US derail that wouldn't derail anyways...

    7. Thank you GMan. We tried with all your help to support a good American before. It worked and thanks to all who did help.

      Now its time to try angles to help another.

    8. We are trying to establish direct contact with the very man who can read and if on board can Walk it directly in.

      We did that when we exposed Bidens bribe to Obama but the Skank covered it up.
      Now we try to position again.

    9. BB is ex CIA? Seriously, this can't get to Trump. Christ, Wanta was Reagan's secret agent.

      These guys can't get into the beltway? You sit at the top of the financial system with Templars and Trade programs.

      Hobnob with Chinese that own half the gold in the world.


      Twitter? I was joking. JESUS.

      We are F'd.

    10. Not all former CIA are bad people. BB has seen/what what would have killed most. He was Reagan's man also, Wanta wasn't alone, they simply had different jobs to do. BB knows the system inside and out. He knows the players and the wanta be's.
      Couldn't be a better man to do the job he does. We have no real idea, it's an incredibly tough job he does.

      So how about use the White House Contact the President?

    11. BB was not CIA but he assisted courier the Elders funds between the EU and Virginia. He also used his own funds as part of a Commission agreement to Insurance wrap them. They reneged on the deal and took his money

    12. JV

      It needs the focussed efforts of key Americans, one who's got no historical records, an ex Senior Agency party, well 2 actually and a sophisticated Banking and Trust network fully licensed and Project conversant. That we provide. The American sophisticated focus is in question plus they keep hitting Bankers blocks which only the Principals can address. Youve seen Leo's book. Imagine similar. Every wanton, incompetent, base self serving Wombat packaged as a Banker or Fed officer derails all applications, and Legal bills are off the Richter scale.
      This is America.F up beyond belief and a Diplomatic nightmare. A drunken monkeys tea party. Our side has long since been in operable readiness. The derailment is in US recycling chains. Complex planning and
      Corruption shortcomings. Gross and feckless. Maintaining calm equilibrium with that? If only it were easy. Ever its people. Rome burns and Nero fiddles.

  18. The adenochrome situation bears a stunning resemblance to the movie Jupiter Rising. Give it a look/see.

    1. Confirmed by the keeper of secrets of the Illuminati... also confirmation of the Draco and Parents. This movie details exactly what we are REALLY dealing with.

    2. What movie name are you referring to please? TY.

    3. Seshette, did you mean Jupiter Ascending?

    4. I do that all the time. Yes, Jupiter Ascending. Epic!

  19. From Twitter today, An important flag returned home

    The White House
    "On June 6, 1944, the flag we receive today flew aboard Landing Craft Control 60. 75 years after that momentous day—one of the most powerful, most important days in the history of our world—it is my honor to welcome this great American flag back home."

    1. This 48-Star banner is an important symbol of perhaps the most storied military victory for the free world. On June 6, 1944, the flag President Trump received today flew aboard Landing Craft Control 60 as it approached Normandy. The ship was commanded by a young Navy lieutenant, two days shy of his 27th birthday, named Howard Vander Beek.

      “Amid treacherous German minefields, raging winds, and rough seas, Lieutenant Vander Beek and his crew led an astonishing 19 waves of American troops and equipment to those very, very dangerous beaches,” the President explained. “Through it all, this flag soared proudly above the waters of the English Channel, announcing the arrival of our American warriors.”

      After the D-Day mission was complete, Lt. Vander Beek carried the flag with him through the end of the war. It stayed in his possession until he passed away in 2014.

      Today, this same flag—which still bears scars from German gunfire and stains from American blood—is being returned home, where it will be on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

      “It will always be a reminder of the supreme sacrifice of our warriors, and the beautiful friendship between the Dutch and the American people,” President Trump said.

      That close partnership continues today, as the United States and the Netherlands work to meet security challenges head-on. Whether it’s efforts to defeat ISIS or support NATO's forward presence in the Baltics and Poland, both nations’ forces stand together.

  20. From Martin Armstrong...probably the premier cycle analyst in the world.

    Alot of people have written in about my comments concerning how the world is completely in a state of global chaos which is why this year I will be providing a continued video update for the 2019 WEC attendees. Those looking at the arrays of many markets are also starting to notice how global markets are correlating on a worldwide basis. Never before have I witnessed such mass correlation around the world which is demonstrating that this is by no means about local issues or the rise and fall of GDP, interest rates, or inflation.

    WE are facing a VERY serious crisis and this is part of the Monetary Crisis Cycle

    Attendees of Orlando will receive a special report on the Monetary Crisis Cycle outlining the timing and what we should expect as the years unfold. It is clear that our computer is picking upo this great convergence never before witnessed in financial history. This year’s WEC we will be covering the world to reveal just how we are all connected and how to keep track of this insanity that we are going to embark upon.

    This is clearly the sum of all our economic fears.

  21. Judge Denies Bail in Epstein Sex Trafficking Case – Full pdf Below…
    July 18 2019

    “Starting with my conclusions, the government’s application for continued remand is hereby granted and the defense’s application for pretrial release is respectfully hereby denied.” That’s how Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman began to explain his ruling.

    1. Why Epstein is being called a foreign asset
      July 18 2019

      A federal judge denied bail to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on Thursday ahead of his sex-trafficking trial. RT America’s Michele Greenstein and investigative journalist Ben Swann join Rick Sanchez to discuss the Epstein case. Was his “hedge fund” really a hedge fund – or a front for something else? Mounting evidence suggests that he may even be a Mossad agent.

    2. "It's Going To Be Staggering": Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent
      July 19 2019

      As the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold, a laundry list of celebrities, business magnates and socialites who have flown anywhere near the registered sex offender's orbit are now tainted with pedo-polonium. Many of them, such as Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, and Victoria's Secret boss Les Wexner have sought to distance themselves from Epstein and his activities - however their attempts have fallen on deaf ears considering their extensive ties to the pedophile.

      As Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman notes, "The questions about Epstein are metastasizing much faster than they can be answered: Who knew what about Epstein’s alleged abuse? How, and from whom, did Epstein get his supposed $500 million fortune? Why did Acosta grant Epstein an outrageously lenient non-prosecution agreement? (And what does it mean that Acosta was reportedly told Epstein “belonged to intelligence”?)"

      Also illuminating is a statement by attorney Brad Edwards, who said during a Wednesday press conference seated next to Epstein accuser Courtney Wild that "There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that," adding "In due time the names are going to start coming out."

      What's more, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release of approximately 2,000 pages of documents, likely over the next several days, which may reveal sex crimes committed by "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders," according to the court's three-judge panel.

    3. They all need hauling before a Congressional Inquiry, in Public, and Arraigned on the spot. ALL LEADERS ALIKE! PMS INCLUDED!
      Blair, Madelson with his taste for Boys, Royal Princes, and US Principles, it needs a Nuremberg Dock! Gross, ugly and no mercy!

  22. Hey Johnny. Need to Smile????????

  23. Replies
    1. Haha. Was just checking in with you in case you needed a little cheering up.

    2. Kind thoughts Robot Slayer. 3?

    3. Kindness travels in circles imo John. I'll top you at 5. LOL
      I'm off to snooze land now. Hope you enjoy an amazing weekend.

  24. John, who is buying the US debt that the world is dumping?

    1. An intelligent question G-Man. As part of the vast array of certain boxes which are being verified via Florida, the decisions as to what type of project conversion settlement can be phased is very much on Play. It will have to be in Euros and phase table topped. Which means we take out worthless dollars for Euros.
      I don't want to say it, but clearly you understand the US dichotomy here? Do we save, or let the Grunts go. Or a word to that effect.

      What we have is the biggest Dogs breakfast the world has ever seen, and still they presume. This will cost,THEM, big! Apart from Bernanke who shat his pants years ago,these Palookas still don't get, when you don't pay, you don't say.

      Part of the Project funding element will have to be used to restructure America of course,but who then owns title to those projects? It's Zio snouts we want out.

      The second dilemma is which other Projects get approved for this vast Global recovery undertaking, and which Snouts get paid out, or paid- Nowt?
      You see the Dilemma? Not easy, and Solomon's lost his Judgment.
      It's a major we are wrestling with right now. They don't get that getting bailed out Ass first does not mean Free Use this time!

  25. Buckle In.....

    1. Is that Lehman's moment approaching?
      China is now in a vortex. Can it contain the momentum or the plughole beckons.

  26. HMMM, Borrowed from Neon Revolt :

    ...what are the odds that a group of Jewish billionaires with ties to Israeli intelligence would now all be caught up in sex abuse scandals?

    We’re familiar with the scandals surrounding Wexner (and his protege, Epstein), Spielberg, and the Bronfmans (Edgar was involved alongside Charles, and it’s Edgar’s daughters who got involved with NXIVM), but what about Steinhardt?

    Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Steinhardt just happens to be embroiled in a sex scandal of his own right now!

    What a remarkable coincidence! All FOUR of these founding families have sexual scandal surrounding them, and they all seem attached to the Israeli deep state, in some way or another!

  27. How awesome would a $.10/dong RV conversion rate be for Joe Public? A stronger VND currency would attract infrastructure investments internationally which is needed to develop all the natural resourses which exist.They cannot be developed because of no roads to those areas.

  28. John,

    Understand this was a pivotal week in negotiations for you. What’s your assessment?

    1. AB IRATO

      1. The Florida boxes have been assessed but Title is dubious, fantasy values are crazy land,and trying to get both Shill Lawyers and LOW IQ Brokers to comprehend that only suitable Project Use dispensations of funds will be tolerable,is proving to be less than harmonious. My view, we should seize the boxes, throw them a bone, or ramrod the lot. Human needs not Scavengers feeds. Will I have remorse if we crop reduce Hanger On chains? Take control,dig a large hole and plant Demon Seed.

      Certain Judges have encountered problems last week. WF face " Issues!". Enforcement is not predicated upon Silly Season. We are now spilling into next week. A number of Bankers have been advised your next vacation may be State supplied, and your very homes will be viewed as Proceeds of Crime. If you have connections in Florida you will see what's taking over. Details I can not release.
      WF Richmond have been placed on notice,continue use and it's RICO! But, its messy now.

      2. But as with Epstein, we are Barr ing Escape routes, and new dialog has started hard. A lot is in play now. Expect the Bushes to profile soon, and Clintons. That dirt reaches into Agencies and Judges. All NAMED and shamed. Open Season?

      It's trench warfare daily now. 24 x 7. It's on.

    2. I think a case could be made that it is financial terrorism, thus fall under national security. Thus, could be a Military Tribunal case(s). But, RICO works too. GREAT NEWS! Thank you JOHN for this update.

  29. p: The list of names in this video runs from 7:24 to 10:30. Some very familiar names on that list!!!

    Elite Child Abuse Ring Massive Document Dump Imminent [PANIC IN DC]
    July 19 2019

    1. How Long Is Jeffrey Epstein For This World?
      July 19 2019

      No. 1 is his fellow inmates in the Manhattan MCC. He’ll be in very strict isolation, because inmates and pedophilia is a very explosive combination. So isolation, but that’s never 100%.

      And Judge Berman yesterday ordered him in jail until his trial(s), instead of in his $77 million Manhattan mansion not far from that same prison, so he’ll be there a while; that trial could take a very long time to happen, even years. All the more chance for an inmate to make an easy $1000 by offing him.

      The no. 2 threat is Epstein himself. Berman’s decision means he’s very unlikely to ever get out again. Chances of him being declared innocent are as close to zero as as anything Kelvin. So why would he want to continue to live? Perhaps his lawyers try and tell him he’s always got a shot, and there’s always a next court date, but he doesn’t strike me as fully delusional.

      I could be wrong, sure, about much of all this, but I don’t think so.

      The no. 3 threat is, obviously, the people he might “sing” about. And that’s an litany of the world’s who’s who. No doubt the FBI may already have their IDs and photos and what-not, but why chance it when you can take down the -potential- crown witness?

      Now, if we may believe just 10% of what George Webb talks about in the last video in this article, everybody who’s anybody in government, secret services et al in the whole wide world should feel threatened right now. But those 2,000 pages from 2015 that Judge Berman ordered to be unsealed are not yet public, and you can bet your donkey that the cream of the global lawyer and secret service crop are going over them as you read this.

    2. Jeffrey Epstein is Just the Tip of the Iceberg — Sexual Predators Fill the Ruling Class
      July 20 2019

      It is believed that Epstein operated his own personal sex trafficking ring not only for his personal pleasure but also for the pleasure of his friends and business associates. According to The Washington Post, “several of the young women…say they were offered to the rich and famous as sex partners at Epstein’s parties.” At various times, Epstein ferried his friends about on his private plane, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

      This is part of America’s seedy underbelly.

      As I documented in the in-depth piece I wrote earlier this year, child sex trafficking—the buying and selling of women, young girls and boys for sex, some as young as 9 years old—has become big business in America. It is the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

      Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

      According to a 2016 investigative report, “boys make up about 36% of children caught up in the U.S. sex industry (about 60% are female and less than 5% are transgender males and females).”

    3. So sick, sad, and disgusting. May the perps all feel the terror when their body suit gives out.

    4. 2.5M yearly in the US? WTF? This is way worse than I ever imagined....
      EPSTEIN first.

    5. P,

      I'm not getting much credibility to that youtube list of names.
      First he is quoting Q all over the place. Second, he has names
      on that list of people dead already. Third, names IVANA TRUMP.
      Yet, he names a lot of Rothschild names, which everybody knows
      are satanists and pedophiles.

      EPSTEIN is a very good start!
      Kudos to the Judge that denied bail! "Meet your new bunkie Bubba, Mr. Epstein. Enjoy!"

    6. Tim4123, that list is from the black book flight list.

      And those stats are likely low. How do I know that? I grew up in a very rural area in western NY. By the time I was in 5th grade had a friend that was sexually abused by her father. The 2nd was in 9th grade, she tried killing herself. Then in our very small local Catholic church a priest that "liked" his choir and altar boys. this in a community that the whole county might have 2500 people at the time. These are just the ones that ran across my radar.

      That was 40+ years ago.

      Epstein is just the beginning. You see Bill Richardson's name on that list. Think Zorro Ranch here in NM. Then consider the National Labs and Richardson's trips to NK and elsewhere. How do you think he got that secret classified tech? Honeypots aren't just for politicians and celebrities.

      If someone has something the DS wants, they'll find a way to get to you and then some. It takes a very strong person to say "no" to them. As all it takes is one night out with friends...

  30. Today is the day....

    I was awoken at about 4:00 AM by the screech of my encrypted SatCom system which I use to communicate globally with some of my former colleagues from my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.  What I was told is trouble . . . coming today.

    According to the former colleague who was calling, an "air incident" is going to take place today over or near the Strait of Hormuz. I was told "It's going to be MADE to happen."

    After that, I'm also told, "it's all-bets-off" and fighting will allegedly commence with Iran.

    I pressed him for further details, but none were forthcoming. He just told me "today is the day."

    I do not know this person to be crazed or to make wild, unsubstantiated claims.  He works for a foreign military intelligence agency and his info has been reliably accurate for years.

    I am attempting to get corroboration for this claim from other sources but have been unable to do so yet.

    I do not like issuing news reports to my subscribers with broad-based claims like this, but given the activities taking place with ships in the Strait of Hormuz over the past 24 hours, with Iran taking several vessels, it could very well be an accurate assessment of what is about to take place over there.

    So while I cannot personally say "today is the day" -- I have been told those exact words.

    I guess we'll see. . .

    Hal Turner

    1. IRAN has had nukes for the last two years. Israel will be dust if this kicks off now. I predict that it will not and this red herring will be nothing and on to the next fear-mongering plot.I must posit and say what is the real story still? WEINSTEEN LAPTOP files.

    2. We'll see. Everybody except the UK is yawning at the tanker bit. Who drew first blood? The UK when they did the whole sanctions-Syria-Tanker bit a while back. Really? Did we not expect retaliation? Come on....

    3. Boris on all accounts may be PM after Wednesday. May would be ill advised to move before. It's one of many poison challices she will leave for him.

      Maggie sunk the Belgrano.

      Putin sent in Spetsnaz units to Syria after the US had pussy footed for 3 years. Russia blew the shite out of ISIS and flattened them over 3 weeks. Men do.Russians don't need to pose for Selfies and have 4 squares a day. They manned up and fronted up, ISIS ran. Men!

      If Boris is not a limp wrist SBS units can be in within 3 days and take the Tankers back. Iran needs to be told we have started the attack. If you try to harm British Troops or any more actions, we have subs in place, bombers are circling, and we will erase 20 of your bases within 10 minutes if you show any more hostilities. Stand down or die now. Which do you want? As soon as the Rags prevaricate, " Disappear" a base. If they launch fighters, or dare open a Silo -Atomize. That's the 11th minute. and ask again, decide or 19 more bases go to Allah you F's in 2 minutes. Chose surrender or Lose!

      Warn every one of your subs will be blown apart,we will put 200 Cruise Missiles into all your bases in 10 minutes if we see retaliation, all your leaders homes will be hit and your families will die. No more warning, profile as attacking an in 3 minutes, no more chances, and it all drops on you.

      Any hits on the UK and we put you all in the Stone age. Gloves off. Go for it or back off. We have MOABs and MAFOABs waiting. Even atoms collapse. All Republican Guard bases atomised will get it across. With Rags, don't procrastinate annihilate.

      Boris, Boy Child or Leader?

      Is limp wrist Boris man enough? Time to kick Raghead ass not kiss it. We have a full SAS unit based on the Straights of Hormuz. 30 minutes from bang, and all done. Man time!
      Boris, Man or Mouse? Treat the Tanker seizures as Piracy on the High Seas. Admiralty Law, Pirates hang! Hello?
      Boris, a Hero or Zero? Send a message. FU! Once we sent Gunboats,then went soft.
      Nukes or soft Pukes?

    4. Brit warship 'raced to help UK’s Iran-seized tanker but was 10 minutes too late'

      A BRITISH warship sped to help a UK-flagged oil tanker as it was seized by elite Iranian forces, but was ten minutes too late, according to reports.

      Now which one is the JOKE?

    5. Right, for want of a tanker you would cause multi-billion dollar damages, death on the scale of tens of thousands, waltz right into WW3? Who are we kidding John? Your threat scenario is ludicrous. If you escalate and the Russians decide to drop a tactical what are you going to do then? Y'all are damn children playing tit-for-tat. It's a damn tanker. Act accordingly. Nobody outside of Britain and the Neoclowns here give a damn. You had no business getting on the first tanker, which was a clear provocation and violation of law playing straight into Neoclown hands. Did you honestly NOT expect Iran to take umbrage?

    6. Put another way, it is bliteringly stupid to cause a $100 billion world event over $250 million dollars of tanker. Send bureaucrats, not bombs.

    7. You can't reason with Rags.Study 7,000 years of history. When we provided Guards for the Holy Land caravans, we knew the score. Only might rules Rags.
      If we keep allowing them to build Nukes, one Mad Fanatic is all it takes. Sitting back doing nothing invites trouble. Russia won't act if the UK Swats Iran, only if the US does.

      I agree we should not have taken the first Tanker, but it's not a level playing field. Iran could and should have shipped via Turkey. No way would we allow that past Gibraltar. Turkey we would have done nothing. Chess Tino. Iranians ARE smart enough. They knew Gib was inviting trouble. There was actually an Olive Branch in play via Gib. Taking that Tanker then changed the game rules. Gib was a Velvet Glove. Taking the Tanker was dumb. We fragged the Belgrano, Argentina shut up fast.

      The Straights of Hormuz is not. It was open seas, International waters. Bad move.

      Iran won't cause WW111. At worst it blows Kazarville and some shipping. We have Iran under massive surveillance. EMP weapons are on 24 x 7. Relax. Russia will not defend a UK attack on Iran. Not! But they will an Israeli attack. Will! US ????????????

      Let a few cards play in Rag games. How do you reason with Child Mutilators?
      Iron fists tend to check issues. They caused us these problems in their London Embassy. We blew the doors and windows out and went in. Simple rules, Top X Rays!

      The US talked for 3 years in Syria. ISIS grew. All BS. Russia came in, blew them hell out of them, and ISIS ran. One mistake, not fragging their retreat columns. Zero tolerance. Rags don't reason. Hunting season.

    8. Ok. Let's hope brinkmanship and history play out accordingly...

    9. The British government told British airways to cancel flights due to imminent conflict in that region.

      Heads up

    10. 1. We have to Look at London 9D Dynamics. The REAL big picture. If Iran gets singed, it gives us chance to field test new highly advanced, Hi Tech Weapons and a few real WMDs, while limiting the kill range. Or not! Rep Guard bases and units. DARPA will be rubbing their hands. Others too.

      2. It gives us chance to limit their Straights of Hormuz Naval and Jet plus Warfare shipping assets.Reduction of capacity and we can mess up their supply lines to Syria. We can also slow up China's rapid rail expansion there for years etc. Global tactical adjustments. What the eye does not see. The real Strings.

      3.Very tempting. If we put them under serious pressure,every chance they will launch on the Khazars. We get the solution.They get the name! Real job done.
      9D Chess! If so, sorted. Flattening the playing field. Carbuncles surgically removed. Behind each agenda, what is the real Agenda? Kicking the Zio can? Genghis then Khan not spawn any more. Kabuki Theatre. Real world!

      Only simple Disneyland is not real. Kabuki Dynamics.
      Iran may be about to go - In Play. Ugly reality, truth? Santa does not live here any more. The Middle East may become a Toxic Melt Down Theatre.Dealing with the overspill? Mini Agenda 21 Arms length field testing. Lab Rats get a break?

  31. Wells Fargo To Pay Out Millions For Scamming Consumers On Car Loans(p:Not just car loans)
    July 15 2019

    Customers accusing Wells Fargo and National General Insurance of tacking on unnecessary auto insurance to boost car loan bills are requesting approval of a $393.5 million settlement. Negotiations with the companies began in May 2018, and last Thursday the plaintiffs submitted their motion for preliminary approval of the class action settlement. Wells Fargo already paid $1 billion to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in April 2018. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this with Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions.

    1. I just love how all these scamming entities end up having to pay fines to various agencies like the SEC and the Consumer FTB cited above, and yet the owners of the vehicles, the poor wretches who've been paying all along, will see very little, if any of that money. These settlement just enrich the agencies that fine them. It's all so bogus, happens with the Wall Street scams, bank scams, everything. The gubmint office gets the money, meanwhile back on the ranch it's spam and chicory till things get better.

  32. John and everyone else, here is some ZIO-Banker entertainment FOR A SLOW Saturday,, ENJOY !


    1. She is the daughter of a known sex trade pedophile.
      Her chances just went to 0%

  34. Wells Fargo Richmond RICO news is great. The Iron Fist is late , but is most welcome!

  35. Congressional Investigators Seeking Nellie Ohr’s Fusion GPS Oppo Research Records on Trump’s Family
    July 20 2019

    During her December 2018 closed-door deposition on Capitol Hill, Nellie Ohr told investigators she did the opposition research on the Trump family for Fusion GPS. Sources said her project predated the hiring of former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier.

    “I was asked to research Trump’s family broadly in connection with any – any Russian connections,” she said.

    Nellie Ohr confirmed to investigators that she explored family members’ foreign travel, among other issues. “I did some research on all of them, but not in much depth,” she said.

    She also said the purpose was to “see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had suspicious pasts, or suspicious types of dealings.”

  36. Scherie Murray: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Killed Thousands of Jobs in Queens
    July 18 2019

    "We see AOC, from the time she’s been elected, she’s put out policies like the job-killing Green New Deal,” Scherie Murray told Sean Hannity on Fox News. “She then went on to kill the Amazon deal in New York, which would’ve put some 25,000 jobs in Queens.”

    New York’s 14th Congressional district — which includes the eastern Bronx and the northern part of Queens — has local issues that need the attention of a federal representative, Murray claimed.

    “Our subway is crumbling. Our roads are in need of repair,” she said. “We need to really tackle our education system.”

  37. Epstein's money would appear to have come from fueling the juvenile sex trade and Blackmail info for Mossad and the Rotts. Not too dissimilar to JP Morgans old methods as he expanded.It's a vast US hidden and vile Industry. Put yourself in the place of those poor, terrified children. How many were murdered? All files need to be unsealed and Public record. All Attendees at Epstein premises and parties named. A Task force is now needed, with Public show trials for all Epstein attendees. Congressional oversight also. So much Justice can be seen to be done. How many times need the Royal Prince to have attended that Island and why? What possible other purpose was there? NONE!!!! Blair, Mandelson bust the lot! How many poor terrified little Boys were snatched for Mandelson? Public exposure the lot. Open reporting. Including Royals even if in Absenteeism. Then international warrants for arrests. Epstein must die in Jail. A Child Molesting Nonce.

    Tommy Robinson tried to play the big guy in Belmarsh and was chinned by a hard 70 year old Con. Bang, down he went. Only 3 days inside and they put him in his place.

    If Epstein were only in Belmarsh he would cough the lot to get a Jail move fast. Nonces get cut in UK Jails. Beaten also. His food would be urinated and spat on, plus broken glass ground in. Epstein needs to be put into the showers with the Cons. That will speed up the process.
    Robinson got smacked down. Imagine Epstein.
    Public release of all Epstein files. Full media coverage. Congressional hearings. When?


    This may be one of the most powerful, informative interviews ever on SGT Report. Wayne Jett is not only an accomplished author, he's a brilliant historian and Patriot. Wayne explains that the plans of the controlling "elite" are absolutely pure evil, and long ago captured US Presidents going all the way back to Wilson and Roosevelt. Jett explains that President Donald Trump is indeed in a war against this international cartel, and it's a war we must win... if humanity is to survive. (58min)

  39. The US George Nader case for Child Sex grooming ( Boys)is truly appalling. He was one of Mueller's key Trump witnesses. Nader needs to be with Epstein, all one vile type of humanity. Nader, a previous known Convicted Child Sex Offender and rapist,was allowed to perpetrate heinous crimes inside US borders. Why?

    1. p: Why is this man even free?

      Star Witness for Mueller Probe is Indicted on Charges of Child Sex Trafficking

      George Nader, who FBI spook Robert Mueller exploited for his witch hunt against the President, has been charged of sex crimes.
      July 20 2019

      The Lebanese-American businessman was indicted on accusations that he transported a 14-year-old European boy to the U.S. in order to abuse the teenage child. He was detained on Jan. 17, 2018, but not indicted until months later following the conclusion of the Mueller probe.

      Investigators claim they found videos on Nader’s phone of children between the ages of three and 14 being sexually abused. One video even showed graphic bestiality, depicting a teenage child engaging in lewd acts with a goat.

      Nader has a long history of being charged with child-related sexual offenses. Nader was indicted on charges of child pornography back in 1984 while living in Washington D.C. He pleaded guilty in 1991 after being found with illicit videos of young boys the previous year. He also served a year in prison in the Czech Republic after being convicted of sexually abusing 10 underage boys.

  40. Another week as our US parties, Duly and Truly OWED real money by the US authorities and Banks,try to effect releases part also through the Florida Courts. With a series of Bank " Implicated" Judges now removed, it just needs one of the new Presiders to direct said releases and the whole Dam Wall breaks. Even a Richmond Court directed redemptions for Leo, but Bank corruption blocked it. It also allow fighting funds to force Richmond to comply as a well funded Rico campaign will be the wake up call.

    This whole saga has implicated so many Bankers and Judges who deserve no less than Mussolini's treatment. Was there ever a time to start seizing those known to be guilty, dragging them naked through the streets, beaten and hung in public? Such a wake up call to the rest. Only multiples dealt with this way will wake up this foul conclave of treacherous and Treasonous parasites. Post WW11 collaborating women were beaten, stripped naked and heads shaven of hair, tarred,and feathered, painted and thrown to the streets. Bankers Wives know and don't care.As Collaborators, see how fast they wake up if this is a perceived end for that species. Just see how the full Public exposure of the Epstein " Beneficiaries" will help the process. Nader also. Lawless America needs to restore history. France was full of Collaborators. It still is.
    Sometimes Justice needs a curved ball push!

    Bush 41- Clintons, Cheney and Soetoro in the Dock.

    1. Unfortunately,

      Most of the top bankers, judges, lawyers, elected officials, doctors, dentists, etc. are all either born into bloodline Illuminati and have been through trauma based abuse or they were kidnapped or born to breeders and placed in the MK Ultra style mind slave programs which are based on abuse.

      From there, Dyne Corp. and people like Epstein traffic these children to capture all of the judges, bankers, politicians, etc. on video and then they are OWNED for life.

      Which is why you can't get your releases. They are owned or have alters from the abuse and are being controlled by someone.

      I have said it over and over. The key to destroying the Cabal/Illuminati/brotherhood IS the pedophilia and trauma based abuse. Stop that and it all ends.

      But....I wish you the best and hope that this time you get your releases...and maybe we can make a few bucks on some currencies.

    2. If Iran does the world a favour economies will improve. Wars will decrease and Zios will reflect how the world perceives them.

  41. Her Last Kiss

    Back on Sunday the 9th, a group of Hells Angels South Carolina Bikers were riding East on 378 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge, so they stopped.Their big, burley Leader George, 53 gets off his Harley and walks through the gawpers. He passed the Trooper trying to talk her down and said- Heh Babe Whats Up?

    She said tearfully, I'm going to commit suicide.

    Wanting to earn his wings as a Legend George says Heh Babe, well before you do why not at least give me a last kiss to go with you heh?

    With no hesitation she leans back and does just that.
    Enthralled George goes for a second and third. Tongues the lot. Like forever.
    Big roaring approvals from the Bikers and State Trooper.

    Big George, says Heh Babe that was the best kiss I ever had, why commit suicide, come ride with me instead and be a Legend.
    What do you want to go kill yourself for?

    The answer - My parents don't like to see me dressing up as a girl!

    The Coroner can not determine if she fell or was pushed?

  42. Search for Missing Teenager in Vatican Cemetery Unearths Thousands of Bones
    July 20 2019

    VATICAN CITY — Less than 10 days after Vatican officials said they found no evidence that the daughter of an employee who disappeared 36 years ago had been buried in a cemetery inside Vatican City, a new foray there unearthed two ossuaries Saturday that contained unidentified human bones.

    Whether any of them belonged to the girl, Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared at age 15 in 1983, was not possible to say immediately.

    “They found thousands of bones,” said Giorgio Portera, the Orlandi family’s forensic expert, who hypothesized that they belonged to “dozens of persons.” He said the bones had not been catalogued or kept in an orderly manner, but were “piled up in a cavity.”

    On Saturday, all the bones were gathered into 24 bags and sealed, Ms. Sgro said.

    Without quantifying the number of skeletal remains that had been found, Vatican officials said in a statement that it was not possible “at the moment to predict how long it will take to complete a morphological analysis of the remains found in the ossuaries.”

  43. Dear John we hear that the GCR is happening, how do we get in? is there a magic word?salacabimba salacaboba bidiribabareboom LOL please help!!!!!!!

  44. Hmm, Fantasy Ps Ants availing us of their prestige again.
    Reality check?

    July to August, IF, big IFFF!!! anything breaks it's more likely now to start with the close to our Chest Cards covering the special REAL PP's. We have all bases covered. As such we work as a Collective Union of interests. Phalanx shielded and flexible for the daily nuances and manipulative Banks.

    Leo was awarded Judgment on his funds many years ago. Banks ignored the Law, and Zios called the shots.
    Agencies and Enforcement are all corrupt. Perceptions are not founded on reality. Right now the Advocates of GCR's could not assemble the funds to wipe their own Rrr's!

    Muppets, all Potless, congregate from Reno to Florida, all endowed with a mythical belief that each will simply rematerialise from Potless to an Imperial Croesus in a New York Minute.
    Ps Ants dream big!

    Tell the lot of them the clue to Enlightenment is linked to Dover- Ben!!!

    There simply are neither funds nor plans for the rest. At least the Florida Brokers are getting free heating as their Bank Cards burn.

    There are certain PPs and a Cash fund with Project connotation evolving. All out of Public awareness. Klingon hooks cut loose on sight. Hands on low profile and focus.

    Leave the Gurus to the Wookie Kingdom. Sad.

    Everything is finite. All we can try to realise is what the Zios have not already stolen or On Balance Sheet Funds Israeli free!

    For Tino, think even 5 D games in play. Pragmatic Realists may consider deflecting Iran's fury to an Interloping neighbour,to achieve a cauterised cut in DC without linking to Who Flung Dung. Killing the Ghoul's straddling America behind a Fall Guy with a sophisticated lie?

    With London, peel the real Onions for a true Agenda. To call us Machiavellian is unworthy. Truly- we are much more mercurial that that! Iran is simply in play. Expendable.
    Our Public perceptions of positions are so far off true bearings. Who else sleeves 6 aces in each pack? The reality of Power is ensconced within 3 miles of the Temple District. Out of sight, but never its mind. America is ruled and ruined by Israel. No US President has powers free of those Contaminants. Russia, China and ourselves know we have to Detox that malignant Pox. Positioning is with reason. Eurasia will suffice to collect that sacrifice. Kazarian Karma!

    All else is in play. Evolving, and positioning.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Nothing would please me more than sophisticated players putting one over on the bastards who have created 75 years of Hell On Earth when the opposite was so available to be forged. Thanks for heads up.

    3. Dear John I found the words Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
      Put 'em together and what have you got
      bibbidi-bobbidi-boo LOL I do not want to sound stupid,but you are a very educated person and use beautiful and intelligent language and I wish I could speak at your level my dear John, so when it comes to me is explanation for dummies ( that is me) fast learner and a doer, that is also me.

    4. And that brings me to my next thing....

      Don't smoke crack.

  45. Look for something happening August 15 , 2019 and there after John ?

  46. We all work daily, across a spectrum of cases seeking resolution. The US needs our CDFI infrastructure and the redemption tax settlements. Cases are promoted daily. Global economies tremble on the brink. We know, we try.
    Focus is daily.

  47. Be Social in Life while Seeking the Truth
    Jul 21 2019

  48. p: From Twitter July 20 2019 9:34pm Epstein's plane/helicopter using FAA # belonging to DynCorp International at the time and was for a military reconnaissance/attack plane in Columbia for covert operations. Same company caugh child trafficking in nearby countries as well as Columbia.

    If you look down in comments proof is provided.

    Patriot Report
    So Epsteins helicopter/Plane was using the same Identification as a government aircraft.
    Someone HAD TO APPROVE THIS, tsk tsk..its not looking good for the elite! Two years of slow moving through all of this info is finally speeding up and coming to light!

    1. Same as when Bush 41 used Govt planes and CIA Agents to fly around laundering Bidens Bribe money

  49. Chuck Schumer has been in office for 38 years

    Nancy Pelosi has been in office for 32 years

    Maxine Waters has been in office for 28 years

    Joe Biden was in office for 44 years

    Yet they blame all of America's problems on Donald Trump, who hasn't even been in office 3 years?

    "I've Had Many Strange Experiences In My Life" - Inside Epstein's 'Honey Trap' On E 71st Street

    "I've Had Many Strange Experiences In My Life" - Inside Epstein's 'Honey Trap' On E 71st Street

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Margolis is a cut & paste Hack...

      He's trying to get out in front of a story that he might intimately be involved in.


    When does it all stop???

    1. When a President of Conscience , not owned by the Jews is appointed.

    2. The Founders and focused Patriots who thought deeply of the principles needed to create the deeply considered ethos of the Constitution,its code of values, morality and freedoms for all, as espoused for the American Dream gave you a lead.
      Not just Freedom from oppression and Servitude, denying Feudal oppressions, but values, and a right to be, free of oppression. Safe souls.
      The meaning of High Standards. If only!

      Genghis Khan had low values, rape, mutilate, loot and pillage. Genocide.
      Egypt had similar Jewish tribes who were basic Builders, nomadic and worked for money as wandering tribes for hire. But, as with Unions, for ever upping the anti with never ending money demands. It's in the blood. For 7,000 years this itinerant trash peddled its way across the Middle East, scavenging and warfarring on tribes and nations. Egypt had enough and oppressed them to perform or leave! Locusts!

      The seed of Genghis Khan, when needing a convenient front to assimilate within as a religion,chose this blood cult, child mutating and slave trafficking ethos as best suited to conceal similar Plains Marauding Khazar Spawn. When the cap fits? Led by the Paranoid delusionals from Abraham up, what latitude. The low depravity of the Khazars and itinerant Gypsies Dogs cross breeding. The bar starts there. Low!
      America became cross contaminated by the scale of organised Crime, a criminal bribe taking Police and Judiciary, and an emergent Political hierarchy funded by corruption, all subjugated behind the Federal State, and the so unwise abdication of all money controls and manipulation of the nation by the Zio Jews.
      Money, as ever brings them in.
      They quickly took control via parties like Bugsy Siegel and so many criminal Jews became bookkeepers to the Mob, and owners of the Casinos and booze rackets. Corruption was funded by them and it thrived. They educated their kids to become Lawyers, Bankers. Media Controllers and Politicians, and to control all power blocks quickly. To look back historically, you can see where such a fine ethos as the American Dream. aspiring for so much, became diluted and derailed. You led in Aspirational values. But you abdicated control to Zio filth with a sordid taste including children. These Weevils got into the mix.

      Look at Hollywood.Controlled by Who? All the filth and degenerate Roaches emerged. Ever polluting society and standards. Epstein, Weiner, all the associate filth. Corrupt immoral, No Standards. Always the same ugly, degenerate profiled groups. They control and muzzle the MSM to hide their crimes.

      I've known many good, decent. honourable and compassionate Jews. Fine people. Value to all nations. But, sadly predicated to this Cult are just so many, too many, Vultures, and ever lessened by the Zionists.
      We need to protect the Good Jews, by indicating to them it's now time for their voices also to be heard, to call out and throw out a sub-species unfit to be compared with fine families and valued human members of our societies.
      Zio Jackals led the demise of Standards and the world is Infected!
      So much abhorrent filth traces to them. Expose it( Them!). Close it. Rethink and re license a clean MSM. Rethink standards and raise the bar. Re arresting Epstein is a good start. Weiner needs to follow. Their crooked Lawyers also. No Plea Bargains unfit for purpose must stand. No one must be Above the Law. Enforce the Constitution and take back America. Cancel all Oaths of Allegiance to Israel and rethink Proportional Representation in both Houses and the Supremes.
      Proceed with Epstein and Weiner, let none escape. You can drain that Swamp!

  53. Maybe Leo's Court Judgement will finally get honored! Fund a new high speed rail system and create thousands of great paying permanent jobs jump-starting the economy.

  54. We deal with it daily and new Judges are just being appointed.

  55. This is a HOLY SHIT revelation...


    Assange Court Docs: Seth Rich Leaked DNC E-mails. FBI Knew; McCabe Ordered info CONCEALED. Washington DC Mayor ORDERED Cops to Lie about "Botched Robbery"


    Guess he should not have accepted those S-400's

  57. Interesting Timing....

  58. When you wake up tomorrow the UK will have a new PM
    Then new self interest kicks off with these Weasels all Rodents

  59. NEWS FLASH : Trump announced a bipartisan deal to suspend the U.S. government’s borrowing limit and boost government spending levels for two years ! Where is this money coming from ?

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. JD,
      Please provide at least a little content description when posting. I will not click this simply because I dont know what its about. just sayin....

    2. Sorry bout that..... just a little comedy.... " turn those machines back on "


    Is This What Has Got the Fed So Spooked?
    Profile picture for user Phoenix Capital Research
    by Phoenix Capita…
    Mon, 07/22/2019 - 09:27
    Just what exactly is terrifying the Fed?

    Over the last week, multiple Fed officials have surfaced to suggest the Fed needs to start cutting interest rates right now.

    Indeed, on Thursday, John Williams, who runs the NY Fed (the branch in charge of market operations) suggested the Fed needs to cut rates to ZERO again.

    Not 2%, or 1%, ZERO.

    This is happening at a time when economic data is rebounding, unemployment is below 4% and GDP growth is north of 3%.

    So what exactly is going on? What does the Fed know that has it so terrified, because it’s obviously not the US economy.

    1) Deutsche Bank (DB) is imploding.

    Sitting atop over $49 trillion in OCT derivatives, DB is like Lehman Brothers 2.0. And despite the best efforts of management and the authorities, the bank is imploding. DB shares were rejected by resistance last week, ending the “hope bounce” from recent moves to curtail the blow up.

    Is This What Has Got the Fed So Spooked?

    2) China’s banking system is freezing.

    China experienced its first financial institution failure in 21 years in June. Depositors and creditors lost 30% of their deposits in the process.

    Put another way, nearly 30% of their money is GONE.

    The Chinese banking authorities are attempting to piece the system back together, but it’s not working. The duress has yet to spill over into the Chinese stock market, but on Friday interbank lending in the mainland temporarily spiked to 1,000%, meaning a large bank was willing to pay ANYTHING in order to get access to capital.

    This is EXTREMELY similar to what happened to the US credit markets n 2008.

    And finally…

    3) The Everything Bubble has burst.

    Treasuries are the bedrock of the current financial system and their yields represent the risk-free rate of return against which all risk assets are priced. So when the Fed created a bubble in these bonds, it created a bond in EVERYTHING.

    The single most important bond in the world is the 10-Year US Treasury Bond. And thanks to the Fed’s tightening policy in 2018, it burst, with the yield on the 10-Year US Treasury breaking its 20-year downtrend.

    The Fed is trying to get yields back into this downtrend. But it’s not going well. The yield temporarily broke back below the downtrend last month, but is beginning to bounce again.

    If the Fed cannot get this situation under control, there’s $555 trillion in derivatives at stake. Yes, TRILLION with a T.

    Something BIG is coming and the Fed knows it.

    Now we do too...

    On that note, we are already preparing our clients for this with a 21-page investment report titled the Stock Market Crash Survival Guide.

    In it, we outline the coming collapse will unfold…which investments will perform best… and how to take out “crash” insurance trades that will pay out huge returns during a market collapse.

    Today is the last day this report will be available to the general public.

    To pick up one of the last remaining copies…

    Best Regards

    Graham Summers

    Chief Market Strategist

    Phoenix Capital Research

    1. If, IF, the indicated crash were to unfold, Insurers simply have no reserve assets to cover the Indemnities, and will be, as usual, selling Policies recklessly for Profit and Commission fees, with scant regard for the potential downside.

      As with Derivatives, the solution is to preclude risk speculations, not seek to insure reckless trading. Insurers??????????? Really?

      If it goes, it all goes. Santa's Reindeer issued Policy will not suffice.
      Just like Sub Primes.
      They offered collective cover. It was sheltered.
      Lehman's were too big to fail, REALLY, and the Banks faced melt down by over assuming. Shareholders lost the lot! Pension funds, and savings melted.
      Disaster awaits.

      Banks do NOT work for YOU. Nor do they work for Public Shareholders.All profits are first gutted by the Board, and losses accrued down to you to bail. You ONLY ever get the leftovers.Pigs feed first. Swines loose.

      Stock markets are dangerous. How many non core Professional ever make them pay?

      If the indicated crash comes,Insurers Won't pay, watch the Weasel Clauses you missed!
      Hedge Funds are an exercise in Bank and Securities Traders mendacity.
      Why risk your financial life on what you don't control? Would you get into a Taxi with a drunken driver?
      Fact.Crash Insurance is yet one more way of parting fools from Funds. Hedge Funds speculate with YOUR money leveraged. You can't win. With their greed, how can reckless succeed?
      The Wolf of Wall Street. Wise up all.

    2. John,

      Would settlements main objective(s) be to fund much needed humanitarian projects, relieve sovereign debt and inject liquidity into the financial system?

  62. So Fulford's site is claiming that the Pentagon has authorized live video broadcasting of some military tribunals designed to start prosecutions on the 15,000 sealed indictments. Anyone heard anything about that? He also claims that the Epstein case will open the door to the prosecution of a whole boatload of criminals and perverts who can be traced to Epstein. We'll see I guess.


  63. John is the appointment of new Judges starting to look positive for you for potential dam wall breakouts this week?

  64. John F
    Some should be in Jail
    Bsnkers also.

  65. Bonking Boris is the new British PM.
    Last seen on his bike peddling between wife and Mistresses. As Foreign Secretary he upset all Allies. He threw our US Ambassador under a bus. MPs and the Civil Service will be queuing up to spike him on every corner. He can't do joined up writing or thinking. Another bloody Preppie Wassock! Unscrupulous, irresponsible and reckless. Feckless!
    Another bloody Horses Ass at the helm. Politics?

    1. So this guy won't get a no deal Brexit done?

  66. So many media items indicate Mueller has alarming and damning information on Trump to reveal under examination.
    Really, so why has it not been released before?

    Why is Trump trying to stop any disclosure outside of the report as is visible?

    If Mueller is on that stand, ALL credible information needs to be examined. No Cover Ups and no block outs of Public good information. If innocent, say so, and if guilty, expose it. No one must be above the Law. Stop the BS now. It's put up time. It's long overdue time. Take the heat off Trump and let him do the job, or show now why not?

    Nowhere to hide for Mueller or Trump. All point now. End this farce. The role is far too important to the people and world to be denied truth.

    So far, all we have seen - Is BS! Comey, Mueller and all of them, need to answer now for all of it. If innocent, stop persecuting Trump for lies.
    But a smack for Dumb statements is fair game. lol.

    1. Trump's trying for the obvious reason. Mueller doesn't get to testify on all the damn hearsay. And no, once the investigation was concluded you don't get to ad hoc new evidence. How many tries and bites the apple is one to have? In fact this Congressional inquiry is inappropriate.

    2. lest we not forget Mueller himself is up to his neck in the dirt.

      A little bit like the pot calling the kettle black.


      Pedophilia and ups....ASS OWNED!!!

    3. Remember that this whole thing is predicated on a lie with perjury to get a FISA warrant to support an untenable hypothesis of Russian collusion and interference. The rest is all nonsense.

      What if someone again fabricates something and Mueller testifies to it thus creating a color of law impression of malfeasance again? Are we to waste another 2 years on this bs?

    4. The Dems will fly any kite or sound bite. Politics has no morality

  67. Right on the money John..... "END IT NOW" ..... show it all for public!..... so tired of "sound bites"..... piss or get off the pot!

  68. Same for Johnson and the EU

    End this F Farce!. Stop all payments to the EU October. bring Brussels free lunches to a head crash and F the lot of them.

    Let all French wines and Champaign's rot in the tanks, pour the lot in the drains.
    No French cars or food, No German or EU cars. No UK tourist in the EU for 2 years. Let hotels fail. All Spanish fruits will shrivel. Holland will fail.
    The EU will be on its knees in 6 months. Any deal will clear.

    Every time I hear that whining, snivelling Irish PM or his opinionated Deputy decrying us I want to shut the F border and smash him with a hard right pick axe! Dam the lot of them , go South, stay there. It's a filthy Kip of unwashed. They cross breed Morons to a fine art. The UK controls 60% of all Irish Trade. A Brit PM with a brain would close their UK trade down and let the Fs starve! The EU won't throw them a bone. We need a PM with Guts,. NOT another weak Putz!

    Harball, give the lot F All. Then see how fast these whining Bitches come to heel. Pull all UK forces out of Europe. Let them fund their own Defence. we save Billions! French White Flags and Italian 9 reverse gear tanks will be a laughing stock.

    Time to re align the Swine. Mau up, don't send a Pup!

    1. Boris is part of The Brotherhood... Sorry won't happen.

    2. BoJo was born in New York City...

    3. His father's a wet nothing. His sisters a small time media numpty. He's fumbled his way between Reporter jobs as a Muppet. He's a joke! Another greasy pole Political sewer rat. Assumed class, but just an Ass.
      We are sending a complete mediocrity to deal with an Autocracy.
      It needs a street wise, intelligent, industrially and Trade experienced hard negotiator. Instead a Muppet? We suffer from the low grade incumbents in Politics.
      Grunt's the lot! We wonder why it's a mess? We have to rethink Politics.
      The jobs are too big for the lot of them. Elect None? Re think screening.

  69. InfoWars is reporting that 3 Grand Jury's in DC, Maryland, Virginia may be ready to return indictments on a bunch of Usual Suspects. Comey's White House spy Anthony Ferrante apparently both stole classified info AND attempted to plant incriminating info. Bob Barr, as we suspected here on OWoN is basically trying to hold the center together by wanting all sorts of docs classified or redacted because they would lay bare the Usual Suspects modus operandi going back to pre-Trump election. Trump has tweeted "TREASON?" today.

    1. The trouble is- Who can you trust, and is Barr clear of hooks?

      The Virginia issues reach back into Richmond, as well as Florida.Judges, Banks and Politicos. We are all over each! We are that Crab infestation that hits them every morning. Spooks, W- Bankers, and Lying lawyers. Behind that whining wives who want 6 weeks off. She indoors Who Must Be Obeyed, and a bunch of F Man Children who jump to order. It's a Cultural Dog barking thing - Unreal. A Senior Made Man jumps like a recalcitrant Child when the Trouser Suited Dog barks. Now they rule Silly Season.

      We have had these issues before when a good male, a Senior Party of standing, was being denigrated in Public by these vicious Mutts in London, have seen me personally step in and tell their Mutt, in Our City We don't do or take this. If my wife tried this in Public, her head would be turning from an almighty slap, so if YOU don't stop embarrassing your poor husband, who is a valued and respected Party here, if he won't give you a dam good Slip, I will! I will put Manners on you. Gobsmacked it puts that type back in its box. If it's that bad, change it. If Ladies are married to a Muppet, Ditto! Man Up when needed!

      From Turkey days to Silly Season controls, somewhere guys have too often left the tracks.
      It's NOT about needless brutality,( Not for a Moment) just mutual respect and Public personas. Too many guys have abdicated it. Whether it's Divorce Lawyers, or abrasive Mammies, something needs retracking.
      In this plethoras of combined messes we have to operate, Seniors who can't tell Her Indoors I have to stay back and fix this, we say, they Obey or leave! A good Partner gets it and is supportive. Many do. But if you bought the Shrew, tame it or lame it. Every day this is now the Ampitheatre. No room for Woosies.
      Hard Turf. The Judges now getting "Replaced" are targeted.
      But who is on a Zio hook, or a Bankers Boy? It's all a Crap Shoot. Who owns who in this Zoo?

    2. Barr is not clear of hooks. If word on the street is true, it's clear he is protecting the Usual Suspects by classifying or redacting material. Which is why I thought it was absurd to appoint him in the first place. Not a clean lawyer (contradiction in terms?) in the place...

    3. My concern also. Cabal supplied to protect them from exposure. We have our intel

  70. Please please let it be true for a change!....

  71. I heard Robert Mueller is asking to have his pet cat with him for support because he is a big pussy.

  72. Something big may be happening around ridgecrest/china lake base.

    An Insider geologist has leaked a USGS top secret report. Apparently a Super Volcano is forming near China Lake Naval Station. Emergency Water Releases from Major west coast Reservoirs is now being implemented, More Earthquakes To Follow. Preparation To Evacuate major VIP's in progress. Total Media Blackout To Prevent Panic.

    This Geologist at China Lake is reporting that they have discovered a large chamber of magma beneath China Lake/Ridgecrest and it appears to be a new super volcano forming which would explain the earthquake swarm that has smothered this area recently.

    FEMA, National Guard Alerted.

    Significant DATA on Lake Levels Falling is provided in an attempt to Confirm the rapid lowering of the water levels behind the dams on the reservoirs in this geographic location as fast as possible. 

    100 Million approved this week in Emergency Funding in minutes for China Lake Naval Base….. 

    This report will drive home the significance of the events taking place in the last 24 hours.

    1. A supervolcano would wipeout the area and saddle the whole midwest with ash. Let's hope this is just a false alarm.


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