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30 May to 6 June 2019

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  1. America needs a President free to run America. The only way he will get peace is to start the arrests. Man up or the dogs keep yapping

    Dems ramp up calls for Trump impeachment after Mueller speaks out on Russia probe

    1. p: Morning chuckle. Grant this is from last year, but still funny.

      Pelosi is a reminder of how messed up our political system is: Dennis Miller
      May 15 2018

      Comedian Dennis Miller discusses why Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will hurt the Democratic Party.

    2. p: Hannity nails it. Part 2 is just beginning with last weeks Declass order to AG Barr

      Hannity: Hate-Trump media is just lies, noise
      May 29 2019

  2. It's getting messy now for Trump. It appears ever more likely the Dems supported by the report will escalate the Impeachment process. Don't take anything for granted nor ignore how clearly Mueller has phrased his report.

    Unless the President accelerates the Deep State take down they will take him down. This is now a fight to one bad end for losing parties. He has to focus now on draining the swamp.

    They won't stop, it's him or them.

    Look carefully at Mueller's choice of words today and you can tell what's going to happen to Trump next

  3. This is a HORROR story which needs to be stopped! Disgusting murder of thinking mammals. Families slaughtered. Inhumanity at its worst.

    Whale hunt turns sea red as dozens are slaughtered in centuries old 'tradition'

  4. Interesting to watch. Farage aided now by multiple EU Right Wing Parties, will obstruct the EU at every turn. They asked for it.

    Brexit Party: How Nigel Farage will cause ‘CARNAGE’ in European Parliament

  5. p: This is huge!!!!!!!

    Court Strikes 2015 Water Rule
    May 30 2019

    A federal court on Tuesday invalidated the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers’ 2015 expansion of federal jurisdiction over small and isolated waters. After years of litigation in suits filed by dozens of state governments and trade groups, this is the first court to reach a final decision on the lawfulness of the 2015 Waters of the United States rule. Several court decisions have preliminarily blocked the rule in many states while the litigation progressed.

    The U.S. Court for the Southern District of Texas ruled that the agencies violated basic requirements of fair process when they concluded the 2015 rulemaking without first releasing for comment a key report that was the basis for many of their most controversial decisions.

    1. And what we also need is a Presidential Directive to Congress to reverse the 100-mile inland border nonsense. Without ever leaving the Country, twice I have had to prove I am a U.S. Citizen to Border Patrol, on a TRAIN, no less that train never having left the country.

  6. Senate Passes Farm Bureau-Backed Disaster Bill, House Approval Expected Soon
    May 24 2019

    Farmers and ranchers nationwide are calling on the House to follow the Senate’s lead in passing a disaster assistance bill that will help them and their rural communities recover from devastating weather events in recent years.

    "Farms across the country endured an incredibly difficult year in 2018 and the trend continues in 2019 with challenging market prices and destructive weather conditions. Historic hurricanes Florence and Michael, with unprecedented wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters, devastated agricultural regions throughout the nation," American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said in letter urging members of the House and Senate to support the supplemental disaster relief bill.

    Estimated agricultural losses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina alone total nearly $5.5 billion. Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri currently estimate losses at more than $3 billion, but with recovery efforts ongoing, the full impact for these Midwestern farmers will likely increase.

    “For many farmers, these events have meant near-complete losses,” Duvall wrote.

    1. Really good to hear. Frightening piece on Winter Watch about the amount of farmland owned by foreign companies and countries outright. Check it out.

  7. And the UK jumps the shark... How about summarily firing those who came up with it?

    1. Sadly, I am as appalled as you we are mixed up in it.This is Intel, dirty Mongrels riding wildback bypassing clear restraint laws, not helped by the mediocrities in power who are simply not up to it.
      I have already advocated we need a total rethink of both Politics and State/Federal employees. They ARE the cause of the mess we have. We gave them powers they abuse. Rectifying needs brain splicing our lot.
      Transhumanism will come first, and effect forced changes. Not necessarily for the Mass better. Reality, is that it's coming.
      Think more then of the Divide. Akin to Livingstone finding the Pygmies.
      We know how that ended up.
      They are now suited inside Westminster and Washington.

  8. The Banking Cartel is SHOWING THAT IT EXISTS WHEN IT TRIES TO HOLD OFF the Global Currency Reset

    1. They have to, because they lose the pot and plot if not.

  9. It's not when, they have been doing it for YEARS! It's also appalling! The NSA use GCHQ to do full Global tracking and snooping. Truly - disgusting and Intel abuse.

    Apple and WhatsApp condemn GCHQ plans to eavesdrop on encrypted chats

  10. Mixed bag, I'm inclined to think it's all actually part of a re-election strategy. A lot of Trump's base is completely emboldened by this continuing attack on him. It may serve to seal the election for him in 2020, and that may be the plan. They're all in this together in the end, they just have to make it LOOK like we have a choice. Democracy-NOT- Kakistocracy or kleptocracy for sure.

  11. The preceding is in response to John's 12:59 post up top. Platform defaulted to last post.

  12. A Planned Parenthood lobbyist in Michigan defended abortions that dismember nearly fully formed unborn babies Wednesday, claiming the barbaric procedures are a “standard of care.”

    1. JD
      A macarbe reality. What a way to encounter life as an innocent no thinking Soul. Being torn apart screaming in terror and thrown in the trash. What are the rights of the life form there? It's thinking, feeling and dying .

  13. Now that DJT has met the real Emperor of Japan(whom Fulford stated has taken power), now would be a good time for Japan to ask/beg Russia for help in containing the Fukashima disaster. They would know what to do, though it actually may be hopeless since nobody has done anyything all this time. Is 1/3 of the Pacific really dead already because of this?

  14. Above all a key reality of the scale of destruction and consequence when nobody cares. The rains that fall contaminate the crops which the cattle and people eat. The rivers and resevours produce the life building drinking water, contaminated, it's drained into the Aquifers and all of Asia gets it also right up to the US West Coasts. Australia has no idea of the scale of its silent killer. Man Made. But yesterday's news, an indifferent world walks in some else's shoes. No one has sympathy, it's a world of it doesn't matter, unless it's me. Compassion is on ration . We, as a species, are impervious to reality.

    But then, from nowhere in this indifferent life, we see acts of kindness and compassion abounds. We need to encourage it and help it go round. Because there's one thing we can not rescind. What's coming your way in the prevailing wind.

    1. John, some/many of us do care.

      These weather wars, both tech and human caused must stop. We know the DS doesn't care and those being forced to comply with the DS in this matter, will themselves need forgiveness.

      There is the silver lining to this and you mentioned it, acts of kindness, caring, compassion and sometimes when needed courage. It's how those you deem indifferent sometimes learn these important lessons. It's how humanity moves forward.


      There is a shyte-tonne of humanity that has and lives DAILY sympathy and compassion. YOUR problem is you see/talk-to daily too many of the opposite, and think therefore this LARGE segment of society does not even exist. Sad thing is that you believe that you are right, yet you are very wrong. We here in this country are not locked, chained and yoked like the public in Britain is with cameras, regulations, fines, etc.Though, we do have those but not nearly as bad as the UK. My point is your being stuck there you no longer see/feel people who live daily sympathy and compassion. Hence you conclude all people are just like those you interact with in this whole business.Just my objective opinion, which will probably fall upon deaf ears, but I tried.....(No offense intended at all)

    3. Tim

      The whole point of the site is debate and dissent. Views and negotiating to get a consensus. I see people worldwide, and generally, the poorest apart, they are a bloody poor, self serving bunch. Not all, but way too many. I have employed tens of thousands. Now that is a wake up call. How many deviant, malingering, self serving, duplicitous Bar Stewards are out there.Employing human kind soon gets rid of empathising, expecting loyalty. It ain't there. All most want, is their hands in your bloody pockets. Given chance they would out suck a Leech. Ask Employers for reality. The fastest way to create a $10 M Dollar people business, is to found it with $100M. Wake up calls, not procrastinating Balls.

      There are good people - no question. I am ever humbled experiencing the good in humanity. But way too many bad ones are loose.

      As for your comments re the UK, you clearly do not understand. Under every stone is a bloody smart Brit. Theresa May and Corbyn just BOTH saw their Arse. Politicos here are now in free fall. As with Trump, the Public just called the EU- FU!

      Brits have a voice, or cunning! Born survivors. We control all the Tax Havens and Banking - Smart! But still with too many born Welfare Skivers! We still lead in many things. Social degeneracy second only to you. We both have " Issues".

      But between us all, the site debate is key to unmuddle this F UP of a Western Plutocracy. What you see, is not real. All around you is an illusion. Agenda 21 and and Tri lateral ethos is real.
      Welfare is not affordable. Nor can Retirees be carried if not self funded with correct Pension Planning. An impasse is coming. Reality will be an unwelcome end game for many. Start with, No One is Owed.Then who funds who can't pay? Why?
      When farms over stock they cull. Have you seen what we are doing to our planet?
      Wealth and Powers ask, Why try? Why do we feed, those we don't need?

      Agenda 21 is not coincidence.

      Above the flotsam of the human Zoo,is a Unified Elte planning a future, but ask- for who?

      Transhumanism is coming, and never before will we have been so species divided. The next 30 years, be careful what is emerging. Not least Robotics warfare.

      Unless we wake up, and re position, yours may be, face down!

      1936- Churchill was derided, it won't happen. 1938 Peace in our time. 1939, welcome to Hell. Round up time. Clutching their Rrrrs, thrown into Railcars.
      Your going to a Holiday Camp.Dachau! Ugliness is in the hearts of Men.

      Ask victims of the KKK. We only side tracked Apartheid mid last century.
      Man Kind is NOT!


    4. Usury is rapacious by its very nature, income tax is theft to pay private bankers for creating our own 'debt' currency, pensions are forcibly payed into coffers that governments have wasted and we were swindled into a form of law that places money to supersede all.

      When considering all this, shouting from an ivory tower "nobody is owed" is hard, if not impossible, to stomach.

      Most everybody is owed.

      This is not an excuse to make an obviously flawed system worse, but people are owed.

    5. John,

      You comments are flawed in so many ways, I don't even know where to start.

      I suppose it's lucky you were born into wealth.

      Otherwise...who knows where you would be.

      Probably still driving the bread truck.

    6. JV,

      JOHN said he walked away from his family wealth early on and made his own way, working all over, saving, then got into buying/selling thoroughbred horses, which was extremely profitable.After that is when I assume he created businesses employing thousands.He hid his profits in offshore banks, which technically is not illegal.

    7. Please? You don't get access to trading programs and dynastic elders by walking away from the bloodline.

      That makes you a runaway, which he is not.

  15. I can not see any fix to any of it!.... maybe if Trump gets in and enough seats are overturned we might see real change then....the "plot and pot" is obviously where it has been and the script moves along as peeps keep watching the talking heads....and "sound bites" keep rollin.

  16. How Many Were Really Spied On?
    May 31 2019

    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the court created to oversee its implementation are going to be in the news quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.

    This is because the FISA court plays a central role in the ongoing “Spygate” scandal, which is only the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States, dwarfing even the Nixon Watergate scandal.

    New evidence has surfaced that it wasn’t only former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page who was the subject of FISA court hearings during the 2016 presidential campaign. At least three other persons in the Trump campaign were targets of FISA court hearings, according to a member of Congress who sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) helpfully revealed that during her questioning of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a closed-door hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 19, 2018.

  17. p: Although the title is somewhat misleading, the Senate is key to helping POTUS conservative picks for SCOTUS being approved and maybe more before the 2020 elections.

    Mitch McConnell Announces Supreme Court Change – Sends Democrats Scr.a.mbling
    May 31 2019

  18. Very positive thinking by your President Trump. Yes - He absolutely should bang on Tariffs that will force action. More so if you shut the borders for 30 days, Sod them. No work - No Trade get TOUGH! Bulldog teeth in their Butts will get attention.

    America deserves protecting. Good move. Ignore Wimp media.

    We will do all possible to give him a good week here next week. Boris and Farage will welcome a chance to Stiff these Wet clowns in Westminster.

    Trump will shoot from the Lip. Lol.

    Soho can keep him occupied at nights.

    Trump to hit Mexico with tariffs in anti-immigration measure

  19. For sure a line Prisoner in Bellmarsh will be living hell for him.

    He Tried - He DIED- for Truth, will not be a good Epitaph.

    I warned De Klerk in Pretoria what would happen to the Afrikaners if Mandela died in jail. Assange does not merit this. It will not auger well for Britain if this goes wrong. I know the Pentagon and Agencies are determined to bang him up, and he almost for sure will die in an American jail.

    Trump needs to rethink this. Assange's death is not a Legacy he wants.

    Show the actual REAL damage he caused so a balanced call can be made. Let Justice be seen to be done. Assange may well be lead to swinging in Bellmarsh, the trouble is, they won't care.

    So our voices are needed. What price is a life?

    Julian Assange showing symptoms of psychological torture and should not be extradited to US, says UN official

  20. Now this is shocking! Why was this not declared by Mueller? The Brits warned you he was a 70 cent note?

    Does this mean the FBI acted on evidence known to be false to bring down a sitting president? And if so, at who’s direction, and supervision?

    Buy popcorn, the airwaves will be all over this next battle between Trump and democrats, who appear to have problems much bigger than Trump.

    Go for them, go big and swap Assange for Steele. Steele deserves extraditing he's done real harm.

    Now do time.

    Revealed: British Intel Sent Memo Warning US Officials about Steele’s Credibility Before Mueller Probe

  21. New news coming in indicates Trump is planning to start at 5% taxes with Mexico and crank them up to 25% if the Illegals invasions are not stopped. Guards on the inside Mexican borders with automatics and night sites may become Mexico's answer. If these taxes hit and Trump even closes the Borders for 30 days or more will hurt. 30 days, 60 days, then 90 days will stop it. Even the Drug Lords will join in once their access is stopped. Millions on day work will lose income. It may be the Get Real price.

    Reality, these borders may have to be sealed. America will have a tough call. Vast lines of vehicles told, you go South, you don't come back. One way only.

    Trump may have to build to this. What will it take to stop the flow? Mexico will care, when it's only eating air.

    If not Trump may send Millions back. It takes what it takes. Real world, Power will decide. There comes a time when the talking ends and tooling up begins. Dream land is now approaching its own crisis point. Be assured, Hardball will be a Bilderberger Call. When?

    We are approaching 8 billion. Rights paid by whom? We all know the Socialist ethos. Money is collapsing. Economies hang by a thread. Ignorance deludes Fools. We either stop talking Horse S!, or fix it. If money runs out, we stop the clock.You really have no idea what will follow.

    The Robotic Soldiers are coming. That could become a two way use.

    If might becomes right, they will come in the night. 1936 we all talked Shit, then Hitler bit. The Public really have no idea how fine the line of tolerance now is. These are becoming very very dangerous times. So many, backed by nothing, have so much to say.
    Until like Assange,they come in the night, and take you away.

    You really want Agenda 21? It's not now. It's beyond ugly, but it may become an option.
    Never forget Trump is just and only a Zionists Puppet, with so much rope. Real power is in control. World dynamics are changing. Assets are being cornered. Controlled and limited.

    We are not in good times. Look at Syria. Hello? If that comes to you? No one has Rights in the Power game. Just Power, or not!
    I also feel, but I know the two sides, and I know what is real.
    Just hope we can steer through.

    We are working intensely Off Radar with 3 major initiatives, which if approved would help us change everything, for the better. Patriots do care. but as ever, Machiavellian rules!

    1. Robotic soliders indeed. Within the next 10 years all war will be robotic, although it will kill humans, who won't be able to fight back at all against the technology. Pretty scary really.

      Trump IS a Zionist puppet for sure that's why this whole Russia investigation is bogus because the zionists run both parties, Soros funds one side and Adelson the other. There is a bit of a rift between the modern/reform/orthodox and whatever other subsets of Judaism exist and that divide is responsible for Netanyahu's inability to form a coalition government in Israel. But that matter has been shelved until new elections in September. I'm curious- is it just business as usual until then? Like there was never any election at all? Why bother to have them at all?

    2. Please provide evidence that Trump is a Zionist puppet - physical evidence.


    3. Watch our video. If that is not enough just Google. All you need is in the public domain. It is not fair to single Trump out though. It is typical of all those center-left to right wing.

    4. Unknown, what would constitute physical evidence for you? Do you want a video- everyone knows those can be faked; what about a news post- well there are Trump supporters and Trump haters so you can always find opposing views. Trump supports everything Netanyahu wants. Since Trump's election Israel has been bombing the West Bank nonstop; it even declared itself an apartheid state. This has been reported all over the place, including the Jewish epublication Tablet. People will find the support they want, there's plenty of disinfo and confusion out there, but if you're watching Netanyahu's moves, he goes where he wants since Trump was elected. Sums it up for me.

  22. Power to the your efforts and the Patriots!

  23. These are GOOD US Patriots.They care. Proud Men. It's a tight unit. We just need a Zio Tree!

    1. Zio Trees hold hangman's nooses quite nicely!

  24. Imagine the international uproar if Julian Assange was rotting away in a Russian dungeon for the “crime” of mere journalism. But because he exposed US war crimes, he’s been unfarily persecuted and subjected to psychological torture for years, and the media’s cheering it on.

  25. A Zio Tree? or did you mean Zio Free?

    1. John's hands can't keep up with his thoughts.��

      Or he mangled the Jefferson metaphor (The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.), should have been something like 'Patriots watering the Tree of Liberty with Zio blood...'

    2. The last Liberty Tree was cut down last decade. I think it was Georgia or the Carolinas... Insanity to chop down such a national legacy!!

    3. No the Zio Tree has one purpose, work it out. Lol.Tino, you got it!

  26. WOW JOHN! Employing over 10,000 people would give you a good birds-eye view of humanity. Yet, was it an accurate cross-section? If you did not pay well to attract talent, then you attracted the bottom rungs where all the rotten apples are at. But, a barrel of apples that has rotten ones in there does not justify throwing out the whole barrel. Takes effort to go pick out the rotten ones, but worth it because fresh delicious cider can be made once its done.

    Also, I did not know that all offshore banks are controlled by UK. Should be pretty easy to establish paper trails on all the illegal gains, jail the criminals, and claw back the ill-gotten gains right back into the worlds treasuries. Yet, I suppose its the mass-corruption which prevents such a common sense practical approach.....

    1. I always paid top rates, but any Employers soon learns,it's a one way street. Now I just contract out what I can. Rotten apples are all the way through. Self Employed are rarely sick. Self Employed know they perform or else. The key as ever, is a big Carrot and a Bloody Big Stick! Get soft, they eat you alive.

  27. p: Heard there will be a special Hannity tonight. Who's in the cross hairs of truth tonight! Will post if find it later.

    1. p: I really like how this ends

      Hannity: The deep state's dirty secret
      May 31 2019

      Attorney General Barr says he has not gotten 'satisfactory' answers about Russia probe origins.

    2. p: The whole Hannity show-not. Greg Jarrett gives a great dialogue beginning 16:50. Unfortunately that dialogue stops at the break and the show switches to Tucker Carlson.

      Sean Hannity 5/31/19 | Breaking Fox News May 31, 2019
      May 31 2019

    3. p: Hannity reloaded the full episode late last night.

      Sean Hannity [1AM] 6/1/19 | Breaking Fox News
      June 1, 2019

    4. p: This episode is different than the 1st. Some like parts, but Greg Jarret speaking is out. At about 34:16 it goes to more about the Virginia Beach shooting and that is how the episode ends.

      Bottom line IG report out any day.

    5. p: This is the right episode continuance from last night. Full show with no Virginia Beach footage. More than IG report to come out in the very near future.

      Sean Hannity 6/1/19 | Hannity Fox News
      Jun 1, 2019

  28. Check out this Trump supporter....these are the kind of people we need to run for office....

    1. JD BYD great find!!!!!!!

    2. She has some solid points, but only about the infestigation. Trump is still a Mossad agent, which means he doesn't work for the US. She's besotted with him, and that's not desireable either.

    3. Where is the evidence that Trump is a Mossad agent - please provide.


    4. Trump is not a Mossad Agent.

    5. It was metaphorical, but he's sayanim; they all are. Just look at his friends and family. Take off your blinders.

  29. A new UK Poll is showing 83% of the public would now vote for Brexit as a party and wipe out Westminster self serving grease balls. Who cares about policies non work anyway. Both parties are running scared now they dare not ask for a Public vote of confidence we have none.

    1. So John, I'm reading that zionists are actually pro-Brexit. Isn't that dangerous? Seems the City of London financial gang is very pro-Brexit. Should scare the living daylights out of everybody. A nationalist approach to achieve the same agenda- sovreign countries in league with each other instead a giant globalist Big Brother. Worked for WW2.

    2. Zios are anti and want us all entrapped Gove is just a slimy little Gift who converted and backstabbed Johnson. An assimilated mental Runt

  30. Trump is RIGHT to consider all options to stop Illegals flooding in. It's a Global problem, and No One has the Right to mass dump their Butts on other nations. So many of these illegals bring Crime, disease and Kiddie Fiddling. We suffer the same. Nations needs to deal with the problems at home. Community help for impoverished nations, and a free Hellfire Missile for Political abusers.

    Ignore the guilt, give them one up the Kilt!

    Just watch the videos as hundreds flood in. This has to stop! If need be, Yes. Trump should mass Deport. Strong Leaders have to face up to Bottom Feeders. Overstocked herds keep on breeding!

    Donald Trump defends tariffs on Mexico as stock markets reel

  31. Hah, with Pelosi's track record of Fraud, corruption and Racketeering explain the Fortune Nancy? You go under the microscope as you did to Trump.

    Nancy Pelosi on Trump: 'No one is above the law'

    1. Its the same with most of Congress.How did they get such large bank accounts, plus the hidden Vatican Bank account they are rumored to have.All bribed and self-serving traitors.

  32. Now this throws Javid right into the mix. So many will unite to stop Johnson. We have to avoid the backstabbing and slimy little Zio Prat Gove, so its Rahb or Javid if Bumbling Boris drops the ball. Again! We have to keep the Glass ceiling to stop Gove.

    The Iron Saj? Javid reveals he is ready to take Britain out the EU with No Deal and RULES OUT backing a second referendum or calling general election

  33. Every effort will be made by the Tories and Labour meddling to try to stop the US President meeting Johnson and Farage next week. Who gives a Rats Ass for the failed Westminster Political creeps. Meet them and help boost the UK's determination to walk free. Democracy!

    Real England and America - better together through stormy weather. Greet, meet and Stomp on failed UK Politico rats. Free speech.Real Leaders and swerve the backstabbing Zio Rat Gove.

    And a big Yes to stopping Demonstrators near Downing Street. I have been pushing this for weeks, it looks like it's agreed. No Trots or Commit trash in Whitehall. Police Batons free use!

    President Trump is welcome here. No Zionist owned MSM fake news!

    Donald Trump 'may' meet Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage

  34. Seriously. Legalising shares of Drug money kickbacks? What B-O-L-L-O-C-K-S!

    Barack Obama Paid $600,000 For Single Speech in Bogotá, Colombia

  35. Explorers hope to recover half billion Euro worth of gold from Donegal shipwreck
    May 30 2019

    The Empress of Britain has laid at the bottom of the sea off the Irish coast since 1940

    A WWII shipwreck off the coast of Co Donegal could yield up to a half billion Euro according to explorers who are working to salvage the ship's gold cargo.

    Speaking with RTE, ASV Operations Manager William Carrier said he's hoping to see results in about 4-6 weeks from the shipwreck that lays about 500 meters underwater and about 18 miles off of the Irish coast.

    "We are probably looking in the region of about half a billion Euros," Carrier said of the sunken ship's cargo, which would have been used to finance the war efforts of the era.

    ASV wants to land the as yet unclaimed gold in Ireland, but under current law, the company would have to leave the gold with the Receiver of Wrecks for a year and a day and then pay a 7.5 percent levy on their findings.

    The wreck's distance from Ireland means any cargo recovered from the sunken ship does not have to be landed in Ireland, reports The Times.

    Since ASV has invested so much into the operation already, Carrier wants to see that levy reduced to about 4 percent and to be able to move straight on with their findings.

  36. p: How often do we see Federal Investigators tampering with evidence?

    REPORT: Mueller and Weismann Caught Manipulating Flynn Transcript
    June 1 2019

    Federal prosecutors released the full transcript between President Trump's attorneys and General Michael Flynn's attorneys on Friday which they used as evidence to say that President Trump was trying to interfere with the Russian investigation.

  37. p: Breaking news. Noble gold ad from 1:25 to 2:20

    HRC's I.T Tech's House Got Raided Last Night! YUUUGE!!
    June 2 2019

  38. John what part of the statement below is truth or false , Thank You

    Banks made another donation to the Federal Reserve again starting Wednesday night and continuing last night.

    • No doubt promises were made that the RV/GCR is about to go down with exchanges starting at any moment but as usual the impotent Chinese Elders will not be able to deliver.

    • I’ve been informed that the Federal Reserve window won’t open and as usual they will not be able to perform.

    • If you remember correctly, back in the Fall of 2018 all of the banks gave up their remaining liquidity to the Fed on a Monday with promises that they’d get it back with a fully functioning “Hercules Quantum Financial System” backing them.

    • That lasted for 12 minutes.

    • The REAL Quantum System wouldn’t allow the money to re-enter the system because the notes were duplicated super notes. In other words they were counterfeit.

    • Banks continue to make decisions to demolish the world’s financial system and many people still trust them for intel as they witness the economic assassination of America.

    • Remember, the Trust offered them ten to one for the funds they were promised from the Rothschilds, but they chose fear over liberation.

    • There is now expected chaos as all hell could break lose as banks realize the Fed did it to them again. No one wants regular people to suffer but it does seem like poetic justice for the banks to squirm a bit.

    • We currently remain hostage because of this ignorance.

    • Take the weekend off and don’t expect any notification for exchanges because they are not coming.

    • Typical Fed stalling tactic as they pushed their performance timing back to 3:00 PM EDT and of course this will get moved back to Monday.

    • Don’t believe the hype when the Gurus tell you it’s done and this is the soft roll out. Their sources are wrong and their judgement is clouded by the promise of riches. I know you get mad because I’m saying it, but it’s so anyhow.

    1. We have our clients long term large accounts owed tracking weekly, all restrained by deviants Banks and the Criminal FRB NY Bank. Zionist parasite controlled. You wonder why I am scathing towards them? Come and look from the inside.

      The ultimate call by the Elders re the Au, is theirs,but each time the call to the UK is made, now the key Elders Lawyer just calls London direct before even approaching the Elders, to save face. Every time we blank it completely.

      We have far better solutions over time to ensure this concentrated Western abuse of power and breach of Trust, never happens again. Federal America and the Criminal Fed has been a tyrannical Crime Syndicate since the mid 1800's. Ask the Native Americans.

      Each week we go back to prepare for promised, phased redemptions. Even the Richmond Federal Judge lawfully awarded Leo vast T's in judgment. Judgment is in his favor. They still lie and obfuscate weekly ignoring clear Judgments. ONLY in F America!

      A Patriot has a 37 years history case pending,and further Elders Trusts likewise. Over 4,000 Elders Trusts have been locked and raped. The Financial Scum of the Earth has raided with impunity. Bent Judges, corrupt Banks, Criminal Agencies,and Deep State Politicos. Bush and the Clintons have so much to answer for. Criminals In Action also.

      WHR mentioned Zyclon B. We have a problem with that. We just don't have the amount of stocks needed! It needs the Soviet Gulags to assist as processing centers. Vermin are Deep State also.The Jesuits as well!

      We don't need to engage in war with each other, but to engage in peace, and cooperation on Rodent resolutions. 170 years of Rodents and Parasites have spread.
      What appalling devastation life was for the Native Tribes. First the White Savages, then the Rodents. Slavery, Genocide and Civil Wars. Then the world got it.

      But Yes, while we don't talk on site about the EVERY Monday Fed unlock promises, "EVERY WEEK!!" be assured my anger is controlled and I do temper US Patriot anger as each Wednesday arrives with more broken promises. Every single account is looted. They even suck out the bone marrow dry! Jackals roam free.

      It's not a single group. Corruption is endemic. They are all compromised.

      Until certain key Accounts owed are cleared first, the rest can't even dream in Technicolour! Sunday- Yes Sunday, we have live dialogue.

      Even if it were to happen, we still can not advise until AFTER Transfers due have materialised with Free Use money and we have it ringfenced safe.
      We can and will do so much good, but reality is we can do nothing until Redemptions happen.

      Just look at the Clinton Foundation. The Bush /Clinton looting of the Katrina funds. The rape of Asia.

      But before this, the British Empire and Romans did the same.

      Be assured we are on it daily. But with 5G rolling out, the masses have no idea what is possible. Nor how it's been weaponized. The Tri Laterals have an Agenda.
      Their control and how to reset the Board for the long game. SPECTRE lives and thrives. In its own form. The lack of Education stole the potential of each Nation.

      It's interesting watching Trump arrive, to Game the Westminster Board,Grandstand the world,and be a part of the unravelling of the UK's oldest Political Dynasty, with a chance that Farage may Barrage the lot of them as each fears an Election now where they will almost all lose seats. Common sense Ruling Fools? Will the Protest vote save England? Yes,Trump will have his say. Why not? Westminster could collapse the whole House of Cards. It needs torching. Let new Green shoots emerge with Real Democratic thinkers. A time for New Founders.

    2. There is new financial technology, infrastructure, to bypass the corrupt, cabal controlled Wall Street/Fed/US banking systems
      You know where it is, use it. End this insanity
      Innocent Humans continue to die, earth ,as a living entity is dying, societies are breaking down, wars continue, food and water shortages....on and on.
      Tell your Elders to take charge, be the leaders we all need and stop screwing around with criminals and thieves, put them were they need to be....HELL

    3. Really, so easy? Focused professionals are log jammed behind incompetence and corruption. The obvious, we all know. So, your call.Show us what we focused Pros are not able to do? Elders have had centuries evolving. In only 3 years we have achieved real progress. But between us we first have to unlock US claws.
      40 years of appeals and Court Order Judgements has not succeeded. So, you now show how? Don't presume the obvious has not been attempted many times. Dealing with Rodents, many YOURS, takes calm skill and Diplomacy. We all have a vast time and Capital input. Real money. You have what skin in the game?
      You talk of Elders. Have you ever met any? Or ever will? Or bypass the layers of filters protecting them? There are the Royal Dynasties. Secretive, selective and highly educated Culturally.

      Question 1. Why should they save you? Special reasons? From 8 Billion, why you?

  39. It's all lies....


  41. p: Nation Day of Prayer for POTUS one online venue for today

  42. HUGE: Evidence and Actions Indicate Mueller Gang Is Illegally Withholding Brady Material from General Flynn and His Attorneys!
    June 2 2019

    As the Mueller Gang misses the timeline for providing all information to General Flynn related to his case, the gang’s crimes are coming to the surface.

  43. p: Zioist's plan, not that of the Israeli people.

    The Illuminati are about to make their Final Move
    June 2 2019

    “What would life be like in this world empire with one world religion, one world army, one world economy, one world court, one world media, one world government & one world dictator? What the public doesn’t know is that Karl Marx Communist manifesto & the Russian Constitution have been built into the UN charter & that the New World Order will be a Communist world order. Peace on earth will be a forced peace in which citizens will have no rights”…….

    no right to bear children without approval
    no right to travel without authorisation
    no right to own private property
    no right to privacy
    no right to bear arms
    no right to protest
    no right to receive an inheritance
    no right to choose an education or a job or even a place of residence & worst of all,
    no right to live!

    “The right to live will be based on an individual’s rating of usefulness to the Royal Elite. In this planned world without borders or nations, citizens will be disarmed of all weapons including hand guns & will have no means to protest, fight, resist or challenge this one world authority who will control them spiritually, economically & militarily. Every human being will be electronically tattooed & will become helplessly dependent on this one world authority for all of their most basic needs. The masses will eventually be taught to bow down & worship this one world dictator who’ll rule the entire world from his eternal throne in Israel.”

  44. After Eight Months, Intel Community Will Finish Classification Review Of Russia Transcripts ‘Very Soon’
    May 31 2019

    The intelligence community is nearly done with a classification review of more than 50 transcripts from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s Russia investigation, a spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    “Throughout this process we have cooperatively worked with the committee to complete the review in a timely manner, and we expect to complete the [intelligence community’s] review very soon,” the spokesperson said Friday.

  45. P

    Sadly this is correct.

    But, they own the MSM, Banks, Law, both Houses, and Fund who is elected on either side, so each owes.and they Call ALL!

    c150 Nations.They screwed them all. Ejected by most. Despised by all.
    So be assured, in control, they will have no mercy. As a Blood Cult, and Yes, it IS a Cult, false Doctrines will rule all. Post WW11, Europe did not want them back at any cost. Many Europeans truly feel !!!!!

    In just 70 years look at the terror, horror and genocide they have already activated across the Middle East. Their vile persecution and tyranny to Palestinians. The rape of Lebanon, destruction of Syria,land theft of Palestine, and threat to Iran. Left unchecked this CULT will bring down Armageddon on all. They have already threatened to Nuke Europe if faced down, and the control of their Agencies permeates through America. They have America on lock down.

    Only the emergence of Eurasia will deal with them, and they WILL! Be assured Eurasia will lance the Carbuncle and total sanitisation will be the agenda. Kill a weed leaving the roots, it just grows again. Eurasia knows this will be the final battle. What do you expect from Genghis Khans tribes? I feel only for the poor, good and decent Jews. They need protecting. What Hitler failed to do the Ashke Nazis seek to! In a single century look what they have done to America? To Palestine! Once Eurasia deals with the entire land mass, they know the US Tribes have to be resolved. Breed out, Educate, or Palestinian treatment? There is no feasible solution for Israel but one! If they mess with an armed Iran, it will compound. Weaponized Drones,AI Cybernetic warfare, new WMD weapons you don't even realise exist,needs only to unleash the Genie! Russia has issues with them. Most of the Russian Mafya Oligarchs of crime are this lot. Inhumane, despotic cruelty to fellow man. A world run by that lot, better to launch first. Leaders will. It's only time. Their arrogant greed will drip feed Karma. Armageddon will be their final call. And curtain.
    China and Russia know, this lot have to go. Always it ends up this way for them.

    1. John, that is why it was posted. We need a world that works for all of us. Where children are valued members of their families, not chattel to be slaughtered at the pleasure of satanists.

      Somehow, we need to come to counsels made up of good people who care about their populations and value peace and decency. These won't be lifetime positions but for a few years at most, although some exceptions may be made for extraordinary individuals who seek only to serve their populations as ambassadors, or those who tend to fair trade, being sure to make sure it remains that way, etc.

      Companies, will need to be set up differently, with careful watch on what has become to big to fail.Much of what you mentioned falls under this.

      GmMuk did a good job putting this together and the video that runs about 40 minutes worth watching. Much of what you have spoken about is in that video.

    2. p: From our Canadian neighbors. When do these things stop and those responsible see consequences? This is an ongoing genocide and sadly not the only one going on globally. Thankfully, it is being increasingly exposed and activity slowed.

      Exposing the Global Satanic Pedophile Murder Cult: ITCCS Updates from Kevin Annett [video]
      June 2 2019

      The depths of the depravity of those who have been running the world are as yet unplumbed by the average Human. It’s time people woke up to the reality. The media may expose some of it, but never all. And the murderers go unpunished.

      We have ample evidence from forensic economist David Hawkins of Abel Danger fame, of the coverup of body disposal operations of prostitutes in British Columbia at Picton’s pig farm; of snuff films being video taped and distributed on the Internet. That’s just one example.

      He tells us those who consider themselves “elite” place bets on how long it will take a victim to die after they’ve been drugged and butchered.

  46. This is terrible news from the Land of the Free? Thought Police and other nations will copy. Nazi Germany again! Have we learned nothing?

    How dare they?

    US demands social media details from visa applicants


  47. Read and learn. Social media is being used against us whether you like it or not.

    Part of the reason original organic thinking is in decline is that people are being manipulated in benign ways as tests for future control. Shaped of State Muppets, packed thought. When you see action or thought that is not crowd or herd minded, you will discover a soul independent of influence, at least for the time being.

    The greatest threat being faced by humanity is the ability to stand alone and have have the eyes to see and then act. As the site does. The absolute fear is being found out and and dealt with, by those trying to control evolution for their own purposes. Enslaving!

    Machines are just what they are and in programming, it is the ability to burn “twice as bright” is what causes machine subjection to man. Anyone who has written or managed such code development understands this and in the same vein, those in pursuit of control understand this is their Achilles heel.

    No amount of money or time or machine power can compete. The reason is simple, this concept was first accomplished in the early eighties and purposely buried for future use. Most of the people who were part of the team are now dead but a few remain, and learned to adapt for the right time to act in defiance. But what the US is doing now, is Ugly! Others will follow.

    DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity

  48. As ever, a seriously Thick Public are ever more confused what Freedom means. Each media has conflicting views, and the dilemma is simple. Asking the bloody Muppets to think for themselves. Only then do you understand how seriously Thick the public masses are. A thinking person among the masses is - Alone!

    The masses simply have no concept of keeping abreast of life or realities. Dumb and Dumber vote.

    But, can it get worse? Yes.

    Those in office are even more Clueless. Manipulation of the masses is doctrinaire reality. Give them a vote, then ignore them is truth.

    Politicians are self serving deviants or psycho fanatics of one kind or another. Common sense - Where?

    The site challenges the issues. The real issues. It debates truth. You get it. But we are few. You debate, you contest, you THINK!

    Can we serve you better? Reason will prevail.

    No Deal? No fear! Public opinion swings behind hard Brexit as voters flock to back Tory frontrunner Boris Johnson because of his uncompromising stance on leaving EU

  49. Now The Donald is mixing it with them before he arrives. I'm amused to see howling smacked arses already. His message is correct, leave without a deal to get a deal. May has had her day and been blown away. The EU is only for Socialists and mental Runts. Switch one letter and you have it all.

    Trump: Prepare for no deal and send in Farage

    1. Looks good for things lining up for trade between the US and UK. Maybe some of those wonderful sweets from the UK will hit the US market.


  50. I'm actually amused at all of this. What a Bonfire of Vanities.

    Hopefully, this time, he will stand back and let the Queen lead at her own pace. It's called CULTURE, he just wanders off with zero decorum. Melania needs to teach him each morning. She's good.

    This can be a good trip for him, if he just evolves and drops the Shrek act. But a big Yes, to upsetting May and the Remainers.

    His meeting with the Duke of York??? This is the Lummock Fat Andy, the Epstein Island Creep, thick as a brick and pompous as hell.

    Then he meets Prince Charles, who talks to plants! We certainly - Inbreed them!

    Take the pics, great PR, walk the walk, and greet the Politicos with - Hello Losers! It's funny and he must meet Farage. The hell with protocols. Rub their noses in it. The 2 party system is in free-fall.

    But enough of us Thinkers are with him for this. We may disagree on certain issues, but so what? It's the big picture which matters. One big family. Together.

    Look at the massive PR this will give him Globally. As a Classic Grifter he's working it. The Socialists will choke. Good!

    Royals to serve as extras in Donald Trump’s victory lap of UK

  51. Domino #2. Houston, Or should be say Beijing, we have a problem. This list of banks delaying 2018 annual report disclosure has grown to 18.

    Bank of Jinzhou, a city commercial bank in Liaoning Province, with some $105 billion in assets, notably bigger than Baoshang (which failed 2 weeks ago), announced that its auditors Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP and Ernst & Young had resigned, not long after the bank announced it would delay the publication of its annual reports.

    For those confused, the delay of an annual report and the resignation of an auditor, means a bank failure is not only virtually certain but practically imminent.

  52. Melania has had 2 public shows since leaving. Both highly presentable, refined and 12/10 for America. She's flying the flag high for you. Be proud. Great job.


  53. Donald J. Trump

    · 6h

    .@SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me......

    Donald J. Trump


    ....Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job - only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now!
    2:51 AM - Jun 3, 2019

  54. All good points. We allow in trash from the Third World, we give them jobs, they breed and the vote these Buggers into office. Bottom feeders with votes, madness.

  55. Now an MP is seriously worried the entire Conservative party of Government could lose their seats in General Election.

    Right now if an Election were held Brexit would get in.

    Tories face losing EVERY seat in general election and Brexit could be CANCELLED

  56. Unfortunately this Pakkie Khan character as Mayor has allowed the Trump Blimp to fly again supporting Anti Trump protesters.

    95% of Brits are OK with him, it's the weird and not wonderful Aresholes out again bobbing like bloody Weevils. Wastes of space the lot of them.

    Politics has gone to the dogs. This should have been crushed. Trump needs to take it with humour. Just see them as UK Losers, ignore them, most are pointless and useless
    If the MSM overplay it again Fake News.

    We just have to keep Whitehall and The Mall approach to the Palace free.

    We need silencer fed machine guns and concealed garbage disposal trucks on standby to sweep up the mangled Lefties.

    Time was we would have sent out the Cavalry. Rubbish on the streets and more rubbish in Parliament. Civilisation? That lot? Politics for you.

    But be assured, Trump will max out the Global PR from the tour his image needs it. An Orange Shrek flies high.

    Trump baby blimp given go ahead to fly over London during UK state visit

  57. Good For the President coming out swinging on Khan-nt get crime under control Muslim Mayor idiot.

    Labour masses elect them in, not wealth creators or thinkers, just bottom feeders.

    Watch the Brits turn on Khan.

    Donald Trump insults Sadiq Khan as he lands in UK for state visit

  58. The Religious bandits cheating good and trusting Americans.

    Stop giving to them!. The lot are Grifters!

    The preachers getting rich from poor Americans

  59. We will try to send you daily both news updates and as it matters. Melania's pics when we can. She's restoring all the old Jackie O glamour for America. All the family are presenting so well. Many American tourists are coming to stand outside the palace to catch a glimpse of them with the Queen. They are also seeing massive support placards of Brits welcoming the US First family. You need to see this also. Why is the MSM wasting time giving space to minority street trash with attitude. The need attention, with Night Sticks! 2 more days to go, good luck to all of you with it. Melania is changing 4 times a day. As per Royals. Your family is getting huge Global press. Let it be good.

    1. p: From Twitter. Beautiful


    2. STATE DINNER: President Trump - Queen Elizabeth II Remarks
      June 3 2019

      President Trump is meeting with the greatest leader the world has known for the last six decades, plus. A leader who doesn’t get nearly the credit she deserves for the intelligence, strength, diplomacy, class, personal faith, and sense of duty and service she has demonstrated during her rule. That leader being Queen Elizabeth II.

    3. p: More from Twitter. Well done

      The Royal Family
      ‏Verified account

    4. Really, I thought she was reptilian? Charlie was groomed by Mountbatten, a confirmed buggerer and good friends with Jimmy Savile. Never forget Diana, no accident that was.
      greatest leader my ...

  60. 'We love you, Donald, we do': The Britons who want a Trump of their own
    June 3 2019

    The small band of Trump enthusiasts was unmistakable among the foreign tourists thronging the front of Buckingham Palace.

    They wore MAGA hats and campaign T-shirts, but in one respect were unmistakably British.

    “We love you, Donald, we do,” they sang before President Trump’s arrival on Monday, adapting a favorite soccer chant for their own purposes. “Oh, Donald, we love you.”

    Although the headlines may have been dominated by flying baby blimps and British politicians scoring points for domestic political purposes, Trump is more popular in the U.K. than most other major European countries.

    With Theresa May stepping down after a string of parliamentary defeats and the chaos of Brexit, people such as Jennifer Holdcroft, 70, say they ache for a leader who leads.

    “We in this country have not had a strong, proper leader for decades,” she said. “That’s what we are lacking.”

    She and her husband traveled by train from Stoke-on-Trent for Trump’s visit. The city was once the heart of the U.K.’s pottery industry but was more recently nicknamed the “Brexit capital of Britain” after almost 70% of voters backed leaving the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

  61. Art of the Deal: Mexico Says the Country "Could Be Prepared" to Make A Deal With Trump
    June 3 2019

    In response to President Trump's recent announcement that he will be imposing a 5% tariff on Mexico, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said that his country might be ready to step up migration control.

    According to Reuters, Lopez Obrador announced during a press conference that he may be read to strike a deal.

    Lopez Obrador stated that he thinks there will be “good results” from the talks that he has had with United States officials.

  62. p: From Hannity tonight, but episode was interrupted again about mid way. Possible the IG Horowitz report has gone to AG Barr. Not posting the episode just stories covered early on.

    Hillary Clinton's Russia collusion IOU: The answers she owes America
    June 3 2019

    During the combined two decades she served as a U.S. senator and secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s patrons regularly donated to her family charity when they had official business pending before America’s most powerful political woman.

    The pattern of political IOUs paid to the Clinton Foundation was so pernicious that the State Department even tried to execute a special agreement with the charity to avoid the overt appearance of “pay-to-play” policy.

    1. FBI Failed to Document Four Clinton Witness Interviews. Barr Should Reopen Clinton Probe.
      June 3 2019

      The FBI failed to document at least four interviews of witnesses in the bureau’s investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to send classified emails, according to documents obtained by the government watchdog Judicial Watch.

      Judicial Watch also discovered among the 218 pages of emails between former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour former FBI Attorney Lisa Page that then FBI General Counsel James Baker had instructed “FBI officials to expedite the release of FBI investigative material to Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall in August 2016. Kendall and the FBI’s top lawyer discussed specifically quickly obtaining the “302” report of the FBI/DOJ interview of Mrs. Clinton.”

    2. BOOM! Sean Hannity: According to Sources the Horowitz IG Report Was Handed Over to AG Bill Barr — May Be Released this Week
      June 3 2019

      On Monday night Sean Hannity invited Judicial Watch founder and president Tom Fitton and investigative reporter Sara Carter on to discuss the double standards of the unethical Obama DOJ and FBI.

      Towards the end of the segment Sean Hannity dropped a bomb on the deep state.

      According to Sean Hannity and what he is hearing from his sources Inspector General Horowitz has turned over his report to Attorney General Bill Barr and the report may be released this week.

  63. WINNING! Federal Judge Rejects House Democrats’ Effort to Block Trump’s Border Wall
    June 3 2019

    Judge McFadden ruled that House Democrats cannot go to court to block Trump from using military funds to build the wall “because the Constitution grants the House no standing to litigate these claims,” reported The Hill.

    “To be clear, the Court does not imply that Congress may never sue the Executive to protect its powers,” McFadden wrote.

    “This is a case about whether one chamber of Congress has the “constitutional means” to conscript the Judiciary in a political turf war with the President over the implementation of legislation. … [W]hile the Constitution bestows upon Members of the House many powers, it does not grant them standing to hale the Executive Branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress’s legislative authority. The Court therefore lacks jurisdiction to hear the House’s claims and will deny its motion.” – Judge Trevor McFadden

  64. Replies
    1. POTUS opened the door for Meghan, when she's ready.

  65. This is important. Very!

    Last week the Daily Express newspaper in the UK issued an article asking why the hell the UK is getting entangled in this European Defence Force Socialist State SS Army?

    If the UK gets sucked into this it will mean the UK losing all control of its own armies. Hello? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A Lord Associate of mine raised this question the house and has been "Reprimanded".

    A F!!!! D Notice has been issued to stop this becoming a public issue, and denying the right to be informed.
    So what Rat Assed agreements do we not know about between the EU State and our corrupt, self seeking reprobate Remainers?

    This is a massive threat. The EU and UK< family squabbles apart, are on many occasions the closest of Allies. The thin dividing line between Freedom and a Commie nightmare or ISIS Terrorism.

    If British cooperation is lost, America is alone in a hostile world. Where then, is hope?
    How many will have died in Asia or the Middle East, for what?

    The Commonwealth, over 2 Billion, depend on us. So what Rat ticks are bubbling to use a D Notice to deny truth to Brits? DAM that Internet?
    We stand together, Brits and Yanks. Alone.

    OWON stands for Justice.
    EDF is not for the English. No way are we falling under French or German command. Leave means Bloody Leave!Pulling our army now from Germany would be no bad thing. Saving billions is a Yes!

    The D Notice is masking Truth from the UK. OWON is not a Brit Resident media. OMG?

    With Politicos trust NONE. The Disgrace in Parliament says it all. Self Serving VARMINTS!

    A D Notice to hide Fink Weasels plotting? Hhhmm. My voice was loud and clear this morning.
    FU to the EU! Unlike the French, the English Flag is not white and we banned Gerry armies for 2 bloody good reasons!! Third time lucky with nukes, No Thanks!

    Devious Bastards! Bloody Intel again. D Notices! Why?
    Thank God for the Net. Free Speech and thought. Free Communication. Britain and America STAND Together. No White Flags to Frogs and Huns!
    US Intel, please check.Why the Hell is the UK blocking Lords questions on the EDF?
    Have the Brit Public been told Remain will mean the loss of the UK army under English control? Expose Remain and F them off! We need this D Notice to DIE now! Politicos and State again!

  66. Second info for you. Your President has visibly been "Advised" about delicate Decorum and Protocols. What a difference this time.

    Melania is so graceful representing you all. This is all playing out in the world media. The world is a Stage. She's a major hit!

    This Tour is going VERY,VERY well. She's your First Lady and First Class!

    Please, ignore the usual low life Agitators weak Governments allow to court public opinion, and Left Wing media who run this crap! We have sent you positive media.

    Britain and the US united. Without us? Trump knows how important this is for 2020.
    We are working on major PP issues right now. Very focused issues against Weevils.
    Good people will be needed once freed up.

  67. New news about to release. The US President and UK are discussing huge deals we can both achieve together once we are clear of EU restraints.
    Good for both!

    Your President gave this Muzzie Uppity Runt Mayor a big put down. Deservedly!

    We are at very advanced stages with major PPs, just us, no other parties, and if cleared, expect serious progress as we develop new platforms to benefit nations .

    We are purposefully showing you releases of priceless pageantry rolled out for both nations. Your President and super First Lady are seated in Billions of dollars of history and refinery, the red carpet is out for you. Two great nations together. Appreciate and enjoy what we issue. This is a special time for America. What is possible together. Melania is your new Jackie O and boosting your PR sky high. A new US Dynasty could be unfolding now. Well done to all helping . This is special for America. A huge gesture from the Monarchy. Overall your trip has huge support. Please ignore meddling fake MSM. It's going very well.

    1. John are you going to get a meeting with Trump in front of the Lords, to discuss whats really happening behind the scenes

    2. Now that would terrify the establishment. Also, I'm not sure if his focus is up to it. Your asking for the Bear Pit?
      We are "Active" right now just let it run.
      I have been fully progressing issues since early morning. As with each day.
      I've also talked with your East Coast and Asia. We are focused.
      Trumps focus agenda right now is his world media image. Detail?

  68. John I understand how this historic trip is good PR for both countries but in reality it is all theater for the masses, if Obama was in the know about all of this and was partly responsible for blocking these transactions, I believe Trump would certainly find this appalling and try everything possible to get these redemption's resolved especially in a certain patriots case.

  69. Graham: Hillary Clinton committed obstruction of justice
    June 3 2019

  70. With the exception of a seemingly sulking Prince Harry — whose wife, Meghan Markle, was insulted by Donald Trump in a recorded interview — and complaints that Ivanka Trump didn’t do her patriotic duty, the president’s visit to Buckingham Palace on Monday more or less went off without a hitch.

    But according to media present, Trump made a royal faux pas during the state banquet, when he appeared to “lightly touch” Queen Elizabeth II’s back as she stood to give a toast, despite royal protocol dictating that the monarch should not be touched unless she initiates contact.
    The Washington Examiner reports that video footage shows Trump also touching the queen’s elbow as he finished his own speech and thanked her.

    1. HM the Queen has been a great monarch.Truly. She will accord him space. Melania makes up for him. We all" understand".

      Please, ignore media Rats, it matters and it's going very very well so far.
      The Queen has had far worse Despots to deal with.
      He's doing OK and I will not supply his efforts. He's a work in progress.
      Megan is a Hollywood product, she will learn. Excluding T she's doing well here.
      They all are.

    2. Typo should read will not deny his efforts. This is a real accord between both nations with tolerance and understanding.

  71. Corbyn whose insulted the US President has now requested to meet and been declined.
    Absolutely right.

  72. This Marxist Troll Corbyn has been nothing but negative towards Trump. Now he wants to Butt kiss and meet. Hah! Damned Right the President turned him down now.

    These are the big meetings, the Prat is not at.

    Buckingham Palace delisted him before yesterday.

    President Trump is having a memorable and marvellous tour. Both countries need to engage and share in this.

    It's huge history for America and we are giving you the real media when possible.

    Trump state visit: US president turns down meeting with 'negative' Corbyn

  73. Sad this Skank is invited but he may sadly become the next PM as too many can't stand Johnson.

    Trump asks to meet Michael Gove and may see Johnson and Farage

  74. Justin Trudeau Steals Another $1.4 Billion from Canadians to Give to Foreign Countries
    June 4 2019

  75. Federalist Co-Founder Has Some Questions For Mueller After A Key Witness Was Slapped With Child Porn Charges
    June 4 2019

    The Federalist’s co-founder, Sean Davis, has not been shy in trashing Mueller, the Russia investigation, and he noted that the report appears to show that the former FBI director and his investigative team were desperate to prove Trump-Russia collusion, but couldn’t. Mueller’s exiting presser on confirmed what Davis and many others felt about the whole circus’ conclusion. How desperate? Well, did he let a key witness’s child porn charges fall by the wayside in order to ensnare Trump on this Russia nonsense? That’s what some want to know (via WaPo):

    A key witness in former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of Russian election interference has been charged with transporting child pornography last year, according to court documents.

    George Nader, who has a previous conviction on such charges, was charged in federal court in Virginia and is expected to make an initial court appearance in New York.

    Nader played an unusual role as a kind of liaison between Trump supporters, Middle East leaders and Russians interested in making contact with the incoming administration in early 2017.

    1. BUSTED: Mueller’s New Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying at Exclusive Island Resort with Bill Clinton
      March 13 2018

      George Nader testified last week to the Mueller grand jury.

      Mr. Nader is an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates. According to The Times, Mr. Mueller is investigating whether Emirati money found its way to the Trump campaign, which would be illegal.

    2. p: From Twitter, it's worth looking at the following comments to the posting.

      An Open Secret
      ‏ @AnOpenSecret

      George Nader, key witness in Robert Mueller probe, charged AGAIN with child p-rn

      We told you in March 2018 about Nader’s past child p-rn arrest, and short jail sentence in the Czech Republic for sexually abusing underage boys

  76. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's Visit to the United Kingdom - Day 1
    June 4 2019

  77. Trump promises UK a 'very, very substantial trade deal'
    June 4 2019

    President Trump on Tuesday promised the United Kingdom a “very, very substantial trade deal.”

    “We're going to be working on that today and even a little bit tomorrow and probably into the next couple of weeks,” Trump said in remarks before a business roundtable at St. James's Palace in London. “But I think we'll have a very, very substantial trade deal.”

    Trump also seemed to suggest that the U.K.'s plan to leave the European Union presented an opportunity for closer trade ties with the U.S.

    “And there's an opportunity — I think a great opportunity — to greatly enlarge that, especially now, in light of what's happening, to tremendously enlarge it and make it a much bigger trading relationship,” he said.

  78. I'll be very surprised if there's a trade deal here since UK is moving closer and closer to Russia and their energy and silk road glitter. My understanding is that London is hoping to become a gold clearinghouse and playing footsies big time with China, Russia et al. Trump won't tolerate that- but he does love a show and it seems he got the spotlight, even with Melania.

  79. President Trump Meets with Brexit Leader Nigel Farage at US Ambassador’s Residence
    June 4 2019

    President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to London on Sunday for their first official state visit. On Monday President Trump and Melania Trump had tea with the Queen and Prince Phillip. On Monday evening the Trump family was invited to Buckingham Palace for dinner with the queen.

    President Trump held a press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday.

    And President Trump met with his friend and Brexit leader Nigel Farage on Tuesday afternoon at the US Ambassador’s residence.

    Nigel Farage
    ‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage

    Good meeting with President Trump – he really believes in Brexit and is loving his trip to London.

  80. Let's hope his Gold Almighty, so badly advised attempt to grab our National Health Care Funds and the huge eruption it caused, can be contained. He saw the massive backlash and backed off fast for the next meeting. Sure, you really think you can sucker the UK with Obamacare or a Katrina heist. He saw the S Flies swarming fast and dropped it as a mandatory must do. Major fiasco but contained.
    Lets hope, wiser today, he behaves himself. The NHS is the UK's 11 th Commandment. Hands off! London is not for looting it's NOT on the table. That was his OMG what the hell have I unleashed moment when that hit. Things were and are going well, but London is the Epicentre of Culture. No time to profile as an Orange Shrek marauding. He was badly advised. The Ambassador is to blame here. Total SNAFU now drop it. Fast, or the S Fly clouds will come. London knows how to deal with Pancho Villa.
    Better script today hopefully. Careful not with Sound Bites which Bite!

    1. Not sure how Trump could seize British NHS funds or even suggest it, as it serves no purpose and there's no mechanism by which to do it. Certainly there's nothing on the News about this here in the U.S...

    2. Ah, it came up in a trade context. All of 3 google links (20 links, all the same). Nothing like shadow-censorship. Yes, idiocy by somebody who poorly briefed.

    3. Bluster and gruffness. But he follows orders well, even if his delivery lacks credibility.

  81. p: Rhino's unhinged and the National Chamber of Commerce clearly has sold out. Trump's tariff on Mexico is sorely needed and if it needs to grow over months to get Mexico to finally do its part, then bring it on.

    TRUM'P BREAKING NEWS 3AM 6/5/19 | Breaking Fox News
    June 5, 2019

    1. Former Chief: If ICE Hits Capacity, ‘We’ve Lost’ the Border
      June 4 2019

      WASHINGTON—As the southern border becomes more and more overwhelmed, with thousands of people entering illegally every day, detention space is tight.

      The Defense Department (DOD) is scrambling to build more space for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, before Homeland Security is forced to release single adults, not just family units. In many cases, if Border Patrol doesn’t find a criminal record, it will release families within 72 hours of crossing the border.

      On May 20, Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan approved the DOD to assess six locations for the construction of tents so ICE can hold a minimum of 7,500 single adults. The locations include Arizona (Tucson and Yuma) and Texas (Tornillo, Donna, Laredo, and Del Rio). The DOD has already constructed 500-bed tents in both El Paso and Donna, Texas, at a combined cost of $36.9 million for construction and four months of operation.


      Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan says that if capacity issues force the release of single adults, the border is lost.

      “If we get to the point where we release them, then the border’s open, we’ve lost it, and the whole world’s going to come in,” Homan told The Epoch Times on May 24.

    2. This is how FEMA camps will get opened.

      Once that happens, you know who ends up there.

  82. Christopher Steele to be interviewed by US investigators
    June 4 2019

    1. Good.About time and charge him. Jail him!

  83. Be shocked if Hitlary, O or any big name gets arrested....what happened to Trump was not started by O, he is not that smart.... it's endemic thru the whole gov system.... if one goes then the entire system blows.... will not happen.... they will say they have made it so it can not happen anymore and few peeps will be thrown to the wolves.... the agenda rolls forward....

    1. We fear the same. Fact is, since Bush 41 it's been rotten to the core. Had you done any such demeanours, you would long since have been jailed. Yet they get Plea Bargains, Filth and Kiddie Fiddlers. Sadly, the rot is deep.

    2. Exile used to be a solution. Perhaps some country can take them for a price. How about France or Spain? Or maybe all back to Israel?

    3. Tino your last suggestion is primo- one way tickets to the motherland, what could be more fitting?

  84. Everything going so well and then he tries to grab the NHS Trust funds. Zero chance and the fourrure he saw unleashed soon had him backtracking when the MSM hounds of hell tore into him.

    His first major Cluster F of classic proportions. A Major league so badly advised Cluster F. Epic. He thinks he can sell the UK Obamacare or take our funds for Snake Oil?

    The NHS is Enshrined in Public Values. The 11th Commandment. Do not mess with the NHS. Suicide.

    So much good work, then he lets the dogs out.

    Hopefully whilst the media went for him big time, and all MPs told him NO Way today he can swerve a repeat. Otherwise it's tied on an Ass backwards and sent home by Banana boat.

    Let skilled Diplomats handle it. His Ambassador should know better and let you down. It lit up like Yellowstone erupting. Total No Go territory.

    Realising the sheer scale of dissent, a more recalcitrant Shrek backtracked in later meetings, realising he has just asked a 1,000 year old Empire to conjoin him in eating a wet Turd and took it off his must do list! Being sent home gagged and bound, by Ass is no way to buy credible Global PR. He certainly saw the curved balls come back ticking! Hopefully he will learn.

    Two good days then a Cluster F like that. Hopefully it can be contained. Today all will be watching and focused. No more fiascos like that. Swarms of MSM S Flies are now waiting for lunch.

    Newspaper headlines: Trump 'eyes NHS' and Johnson's PM pitch


    1. Ridiculously OTT....

      Opening up more trade is not the same as privatization. NHS already buys from US companies.

    2. You clearly understand nothing about the NHS or the national pride. I accorde response accordingly. But note how fast Trump dropped this one once it erupted. The NHS is not on the table. Nor offered.

      Also, as it's clearly lost in translation, once clear of the EU, on even WTO terms,we have markets exceeding 5 Billion open to us. The US 350M is overrated.
      The UK will accorde it a level of goodwill, but post Brexit the whole board opens up. In the big picture the US is small change. Unlike China which has to feed over a Billion, we only, need to cover 70M. 10M of those are Blow Ins.

      We can pick our way through the rest. If it's a tough year or two for us, who cares? Cut the Immigrants and reduce a few Gutts. We are survivors.

      The UK will continue Asian talks Also The Commonwealth. This is Diplomacy,but the US overrates its own importance here. Truly, for us, it's no big deal. Egos are bigging it up. In 15 years Max, China overtakes the US. They have Culture. Also they are power Players in Eurasia. We have a big Game Board with China. Also huge common interests. China and the UK are close. Trade is growing.

      We declined your stance on Huawei. We said No! As in other areas. Mutual respect, or leave. The Committee of 300 is the big power. HM the Queen is the Chairwoman.
      Chatham House and more play key roles worldwide. Real influence. The UK is ripping out the 2 party system. May was booted by her own party. The Old Guard have it. Watch evolution. We are gutting the 2 parties. No one has control of the 2 US houses. Just talk about Nancy and the Deep State.

      We own the B of E. The Zios own the Fed. Unlike the US, no Zios control our Treasury. We own our own Butts. We own our own money. The UK will muddle though. We have to thousands of years. Don't believe all the media. It's just a Culture game to help Trump big it up at home. He's just gaming the Sheeple for image.


    3. Ya, he backed off because your media went nuts OTT. Mention NHS in trade talks and they went right to privatization. That is a clueless response by media to create a shit storm.

      It has been well documented that Trump wants NHS and similar to pay more for US drugs.

      Click bait titles to sell papers and adverts.

      Ya, big bad Trump wants to privatize another countries healthcare system, do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

      Canada worked out a trade deal with the US remember. Trump wanted to slow the flow of cheaper Canadian drugs into the US, not privatize our single payer healthcare.

      I clearly understand. However, the UK media again made a shit storm out of nothing and the Brits swallowed it hook line and sinker. The UK media is on the hunt for anything they can spin into something controversial.

      Huawei is done as as far as mobiles go. That was supported by a UK company already, ARM. Other reasons though. Huawei may survive in other avenues of their business, but mobile phones, they are finished. Enjoy the one you have, it is probably your last.

  85. He raised a complete S storm with that. He thinks he can dump Obamacare here and grab our funds? Not a prayer.

    Trump visit: President backtracks over NHS as he promises 'phenomenal' trade deal

  86. Replies

    1. This is a smut rag. national Inquirer style tabloid. Sensationalized and constant fear mongering.

    2. Thanks for the links, but really John, tempest in a tea pot. No one here cares one whit of the UK NHS, nor does anyone outside of the UK. It has literally received ZERO play outside your flavor of the MSM. Yeah, it offended some folks. Big whup. You are about to remove half of your nitwits anyway via Farage's party. The rest of Yours will roll their eyes, know it's an impossibility, and move on with real business.


    3. Tino,

      Trump cares. He does not like the idea that single payer healthcare can buy US drugs cheaper than US insurance companies. As single payer can buy in large blocks for a country as a whole, they pay less. That is how all businesses work, buy more save more. Trump's "America First Plan" wants Americans to pay less and other countries pay more.

      Trump has openly talked about this.

    4. Tino

      I gave you an overview on all, and only mentioned the NHS as the one poop scoop he fell into. He needs not to buy into his own BS, use discretion.

      He learned fast enough when Crapola erupted. The rest is fine.

      Remember, in the big picture the Council of 300 really are the power. Centuries. His 6 years left as a player is limited to that. Finite. He will only be allowed so much latitude. Power rules, also fools.
      He will come to learn, as best , he's a player on the board. Majors rule. The rest are games. Passing traffic. Passing through.
      He needs the photo ops. It's accorded as goodwill. Respect each role. I have protected you from the Lefties. Just Loonies. Overall it's a good week now for him.

    5. Seems to be a contradiction. You've said multiple times the council of 300 has no power anymore?

    6. As 300 correct, but c 30 do very much. The rest are stage stooges.

    7. No problem John, I get it and thanks. Glad the rest is fine as can be expected.

    8. It's beyond fine.

      Apart from pulling his Plonker for daring to test the Empire on NH,it will stand him in good stead to have been rattled hard and Hubris got rammed up him. It's called Learning Curve. He did and realised he was in a Lions Cave.

      Having stood back, humble and shaken, he then was able, with the support of willing and truly considerate hosts, to make real progress across many areas.
      In addition to be awed at the power he now realised surrounded him. Old money Old Guard. Low profile until you count the vast Billions in each room.

      Between the Galleons which arrived, the wars down the ages, the looting of nations,and the ram rodding of the poor Spaniards on the Spanish Main, plus our scalping of Egypt, the Middle East and Asia, your own Thieves and Grifters pale into insignificance behind ours. We are Masters of Hegemony. The Brits took it first. We are the QE11 of Global Piracy. Now, we are "Respectable". Lol.

      But note how so much I sent over is positive for you. It will take a few months, but together, we can do so much again and more. He had no idea of the attendant wealth he was about to see. The sheer scale or real power. It blew their minds and I'm sure got him a Freebie at home!

      I am directly engaged on a possible ground breaking negotiation. If it can be accomplished, although the Elders never sell Au,they will for me as long as I control use. Using that as a new core asset, it can be leveraged and Platform traded off the planet.

      But this time for purpose.

      Not a Zio in the chain. No Agencies or suppression of nations. Just a pure Planetary Infrastructure and Ethereal repositioning rebuild. Real use of Wealth Purpose! Harmony with nature and ecology. The cruelty and genocide has to end.
      Children's lives matter. All these Damned Churches need to be ripped out of schools. We need to fund a Global rethink of the purpose of being- Human. Values, harmony with nature,respect for the old and sick. Respect for our species and lives of all. We need to re track and put back.We need to rethink the consciousness of being a good Human Being. A purpose of trading, not for greed.

      So much is tracking off radar. Ne need to think all is lost.Ever. With good will comes good deeds. Now, I just have to see if the undertaking we seek to achieve can be accomodated. If so, it will be seismic and for purpose. Our planet so needs this. Where to start? If so, we will need many of you.

      Until then, it stays off radar. Right now we need Divine Dimensional support. So much can still go so wrong with greed and Zios in the mix. If we are to re track, we have to get a phased release beyond Zio controls and that is the task. The mind set of that truly abhorrent, predatory Cult disgusts me. Roaches Gate Keep everywhere. First we need to see if the dead Claws can be ripped off. It's being tested. Then T can come back in a few weeks. Who knows.

    9. How many are NYers? Trump is and so am I. There is a phrase that may be taken wrong. And sounds like it has been. "How is that working for you"? It's actually a question asking for more information, not a negative asking to sell a system that certainly doesn't work here stateside.Trump is asking how NHS works, he wants to know the good and bad, what they like about it, what they don't.

      We need something here in the US that works. He asking for ideas about systems that do work.

      So can someone please help our President get the info he's looking for please?

    10. Trump makes the right noises, but he doens't care about people who aren't in his perceived league. His zio financial advisors advocate all manner of theft and chicanery, how else would he have survived 7 bankruptcies and lived to borrow again? I'm sure he'd love to get his hands on some pounds sterling, after all, we've managed to do it just about everywhere we've chosen to so why not UK? Like a punishment for London leaning east, that is his current game, punish everyone who's jumping ship.

      Of course it won't go anywhere and the US media won't report it because it does raise questions and might even reflect poorly somehow on Obamacare, which is riddled with giveaways to the insurance industry and Big Pharma.

  87. The pot calling the Kettle black!

    The most 'unfunny' Leftard on cable TV, Bill Maher,(part of the 'Red Shoe' clan)
    is calling out Hillary Clinton.

    Bill also has a Production company called, Kid Love Productions! WTF!

    Yes, they're throwing each other under the bus.

  88. From CGI member oldmaninthedesert:


    ((In reading these statistics it is important to remember that those of Jewish race formed just 1% of the total population.))

    Concerning the country of Germany,and the Nazi era,many times I have heard people wonder just how a nation could become so enthralled with a Man. Chapter 3 gives us here in America,a very unique perspective,because of the direction the United States has taken over the last 75 years.

    This direction has become so radical,that here in America in 2019,many voices are speaking out in the very same manner as the German people were in the early 1930's concerning the situation as to who was controlling the country.These 2 chapters are very telling,regarding the situation with the Jews in Germany.What we were taught is untrue...

    After the great war (1914-18) had come to an end, the distress prevalent in Eastern Europe, coupled with other causes, induced large numbers of those of Jewish race to cross the German frontiers and to take up residence in Prussia, where a Herr.

    Badt -- himself a Jew -- managed to obtain an official position authorising him to control all matters relative to immigration and naturalisation. He saw to it that those sharing his race secured easy access to Germany, whilst at the same time the West European and overseas countries imposed far-reaching restrictions on immigration. These newcomers began to concentrate themselves in the major cities and organised from them the systematic infiltration and control of the German nation.

    A few statistics may be helpful to show the extent to which these non-Germans gradually succeeded in spreading their influence upon important professions and in various allied domains.

    In reading these statistics it is important to remember that those of Jewish race formed just 1% of the total population.

    Medicine 45% Jewish,
    Mathematics 34% Jewish,
    Medicine 34% Jewish

    Arts 40% Jewish,
    Law 47% Jewish,
    Arts 25% Jewish,
    Medicine 45% Jewish.

    Law 48% Jewish,
    Arts 7% Jewish,
    Law 14% Jewish,
    Medicine 25% Jewish.

    DORTMUND 29%,
    HAMBURG 25%,
    STUTTGART 26%,
    ARLSRUHE 36%,
    BEUTHEN 60%,
    FRANKFURT 64%,
    STETTIN 36%

    full text

  89. AON, I'll bet we'd all be blown away by a similar study of today's academia here in the US. How many of that tribe are college presidents, provosts, other well-paid admin, or tenured professors? How many really deserve it? Hmmm...

    1. Their achievements are impressive. We have a very large Jewish presence here in Baltimore. They educate there children in mostly Jewish schools which are in their communities. They focus on Science, Politics, and the Legal system. If you believe they are doing something wrong, please express your feelings.
      I'm not Jewish, but I am impressed with their accomplishments as a community. Here in America, they dominate the Legal, Judicial and Financial systems as well as having major control over the dissemination of information.. The counties which surround Baltimore are closed on Jewish Holidays. When I was in school years ago, that was not the case. I believe the Jews represent about 2% of our population.

    2. As always, which Jew are we talking about? My med school classmates and the occasional entreprenurial or well-meaning good Jew that thinks your average Goyim is just another guy? Or the Khazarian Nepotist Zionist Mafiosos that embody nearly every classic Semitic criticism? Do you really want an itemization of the devastation of the latter? Just wait until the Harvard class action pans out, that will pretty much lay bare the Higher Education Nepotism Deception. Just wait until a true Fed Audit happens and you see the Nation bankrupt to infinity. I believe the official-unofficial number is that the NY Fed has written roughly 200x world GDP in paper. Basically the dollar is completely unsustainable. Restoration of the-point law as opposed a-point law would roll back most modern abominations of law from abortion to 2nd Am infringement to 4th Am destruction to irrational 100-mile border zone etc. Not to mention enablers and co-dependents and un-indicted co-conspirators of the current Trump Coup and Deep State. With achievements like that who needs (((Them))).

    3. They also drink the blood of their enemies...

      I would encourage everyone to listen to this 1 hour ,almost unbelievable, interview with Rabbi Finkelstein and then tell me what you think of jewry.

    4. When Soetoro, bogus ( Obama), was opted into the $15 Trillion Dollar Fraud to save the Fed from meltdown,this, in collusion with 4 key banks who knowingly assisted a crime of money laundering of epic proportions,brings home the question of what next to sustain the lie? The Riyardi Grey Screen Accounts have been manipulated into vast Quad Trillions. Yet he is still denied access to his share of the gains.
      FRB NY is a deeply Criminal Conspirihg Sham of a Bank. A total Jewish Shyster operation. Their greed and avarice has bankrupted America and its oh so gullible, trusting and naive citizens. The Fed and US Treasury are total Jewish/ Zionist Oligopoly operations. The beginning, and the END of America as you know it.
      Yet still hundreds of millions drink the Kool Aid of deception. Trump is surrounded, run and managed by them. How long before the truth is laid bare?

    5. John, what post or who are you referring to? Are you also saying the latest attempt to redeem failed?

    6. That was my point in my previous post John, if Obama is in the loop and part responsible for blocking redemption's than why couldn't you bring Trump up to speed on whats really going on behind the scenes.

  90. Seshette , America is blind to their actions.

  91. Numbers never lie, and the stats shown above is evidence and factual .

  92. p: William Campbell will begin his testimony before Congress on Monday. 6 years of notes and 5000 documents superseded by a 10 page over view prepped by his lawyer Victoria Toensing, a partner at DiGenova & Toensing.

    Uranium One FBI Informant Set To Testify [No Escape No Deals]
    June 5 2019


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