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9 to 13 March 2019

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  1. RSV is an issue mostly for the immuno-compromised. I doubt it could be successfully used as a killing vector. For the most part, a normal adult, will get a few sniffles and kick it in 3-5 days.

    1. TINO Thanks! Many of us are immuno-compromised + exposure to Agent Orange and TCE + Toxic solvents. We are certain TCE has negative effect on immune system, cognitive impairment etc and causal for CFS, Toxic Encephalopathy etc. Literature references support damaged central nervous system and peripheral NS. Looks like we were set up to be taken out whenever they want us gone ... almost!

    2. Ah, there are degrees. I was referring to HIV-level immuno-compromise. Toxic hit level etc, y'all should be reasonably fine even though your immune systems aren't intact. RSV shouldn't be a real problem to y'all.

  2. John said: The combined Defence Intelligence Grandee establishment had serious reservations about unleashing freedom of such knowledge which could challenge the basis and balance of all powers. Their concern equally was losing combined control of organised religions and public acceptance of established orders. Truth, at what price? Confusion was in freefall . Leaders had no ability to communicate or guide. There is no empathy between the Military and Public. Just a division of power and the ultimate directive of command at any price.

    Well, thanks for confirming the "informed speculation". To think that petty fears of power loss for a minority of humanity keeps it all back... Self-leadership will inevitably arise, what on Earth are "they" going to do then?

    Of course, if I live long enough to see Disclosure, it will be most entertaining to watch the Vatican (so much for dogma) and the Jews (so much for chosen) twist in the wind.

    1. Disclosure happens here by design and choice. Information to build the nation of ethereal mankind.

    2. tino

      The Vatican is entirely Myth, Empress Helena's aspiration to provide Hadrian with a feasible single God access controlled by Rome. Her Fraud with the Tantalus Crucifus was naive,as for the conspiracies of the collective Council of Nicea,
      Second hand used car salesmen, the lot of them.

      Abraham was a Schitzoid paranoid delusional. Judaism and of course via a second NUtter, Mohammed, two perverse, brainwashed fantasist sub species each a plague on mankind. Judaism only exists today as an Ashkenazi front for the inter group breeding scum of Genghis Khans raping marauders assimilating under a religion of convenience. Look at how this trash treat Palestinians. Their rolls with the Fed and Banking. Time for Mankind to grow up and stop drinking their not so Kool aid.
      Education will release each nation. Think Ethereal- Not Material.
      Time for new Hu- Mans to think!

  3. Hannity: We now have damning evidence on the 'deep state'
    Mar 8 2019

    House Republicans release interview with Justice Department official linked to Trump dossier. #Hannity #FoxNews

  4. p: Can't help but wonder if she has had a recent car accident. Whiplash untreated can really mess you up speaking wise. Probably early onset dementia or something like, but something is definitely wrong with Madame Pelosi.

    VIDEO: Pelosi Brain Freeze Overload — Struggles to Speak, Prompted to Hold Up American Flag
    Mar 9 2019

    The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill aimed at allowing illegal aliens to vote.

    While celebrating their victory, Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the mic.

    What happened next was to be expected.

    Not only could Nancy not speak properly, but she actually apologized for her struggles.

    1. Is it her plastic surgery rewinding so many stretched re treads? Lol.

    2. Heck, I think I need a re tread. LOL

  5. THI special update show with Miss Manna

    Manna World Trust, AI Banking System (Quantum System)...
    Things have changed according to this update by Truth, Honor & Integrity, posted by Lucid Dreamer

    (Listener discernment is advised).

    1. Q&A with Kim Possible & Thomas Williams 11/9/18

      Use discernment

      More interesting information in this discussion about how the Quantum Banking System Operates...

    2. Fedup Lucid Dreamer is just the conduit for Thomas Williams' information. TW does his weekly podcasts which are about 2.5hrs long. Lucid dreamer then chops them into bite-sized sound bites and monetizes TW's work on utube. (Notice obvious spelling errors in LD's titles etc).

      TW says the RV is a rothschild gambit to get refunded (and therefore a scam), and releases will always be blocked by the Manna World Trust. This explains why PPs never are released if true. He also calls out people like Jordan Sather, Wilcock and Goode as bunkum. I see nothing wrong with Sather, who talks about vaccibes and disclosure amongst other things (and legit IMO).

      I wonder if TW is controlled opposition to be honest. I have not been able to decide if he is legit or deliberate disinfo.. I'd love others' thoughts. (And Lucid dreamer's making money off someone else's content really pisses me off)


    3. One bunkum calling out other bunkums, I love it. They are all frauds. Kevin Anett is another fraud. These people have no integrity. Zero, zilch.

    4. We all have our opinions...I have noticed, using discernment allows one to sift through the mire to get some bits and pieces of truth...

      For me, if one takes time to extoll, I will listen, but I will always make my own decisions on what I believe in the end. Free will, and thinking for oneself is important and necessary.

      I'm not here for money...I am here to gain knowledge and learn. I could care less about RV, DINARS, PP's...what will be will be. It's that which no one can take from me that I am here for.
      OWON is a great community!

    5. AJ

      Manna Trust is going nowhere, nor Kim Goguen. She is inter Bank Scammers warning Blacklisted off the planet. One of our clients tried Goguen. Full contract, complete failure. A pathetic low grade boilerplate contract,broken promises and flouncing indifference when called out for her abject failure to perform. She's dependent on parties using their own Bank Grey Screen Terminals to syphon off and down, Fed Hereditories funds held to Cabal order, and for any attendant Bank to sustain the immediate Fed firewall backlash even trying. Really, you want to try putting your hand into a scorpions nest and raid their food store? I know Kim. It's a pointless call. Shacked up in a low cost shanty home in Arizona,kids screaming in the background while she attempts to coerce parties to use Skype to save her cents. Lady of the Universe- So -NOT!!!

      If only. It's Brokers territory. So NOT happening. Manna Trust- Is a BUST!
      Your site here brings you truth.
      Simply watch what's evolving here via DC with Reality cases. Manna Canna deliver.


  6. Aurataya,

    As per our previous conversation.

    It is extremely unlikely that any two people will agree on everything. That does not mean a compromise cannot be met, but there will always be certain issues that simply will never be agreed upon no matter what due to severely polarizing views. The fact that each view deserves to be heard is what is paramount. Further the acceptance of the majority is what will be the deciding factor. Issues need to be publicly debated so a full understanding of what is being discussed can be brought to light, as well as all possible consequences.

    Governments, by very existence, is tyrannical in nature. I am NOT an Anarchist, however I do understand that it is the responsibility of those governed to keep such a entity in check. We do this by voting and keeping government officials accountable. We have generally, as the governed, abdicated our responsibility. This has now come back to haunt us.

    My views on new laws discussed earlier were fabricated from the way I have seen recent laws enacted and used. Example: Hate Speech. In many western nations these laws were introduced to prevent radical views to incite violent behaviour or spread hateful views. These laws sounded good on paper, but when placed into practice it has proven to be a disaster. Now freedom of speech and expression, a basic human right, is under attack everywhere in the west.

    Example UK: In 2016 alone, more than 3300 were detained and questioned over posts they made on Social Media. Stories of being arrested and "cavity" searched for having a poster hanging in a household window that said, "F*** the Tories". It does not matter what the context of what you saying was, as courts disregard this and determine themselves what was in "the mind" at the time. You don't hear much of this unless it is being done to prominent figures who are widely disliked, like say Tony Robinson. It is easy to dislike Robinson so the public thinks it's ok, but they do not hear the other stories of unintended consequences. So the messenger is judged and the actual message the justice system is sending is overlooked. So as enforcement expands, the majority of the public will ignore it until it finally comes for them. By that time it is too late. Here is a view: Count Dankula - UKIP Conference Speech

    Example Canada: Not to be out done, Canada with its current progressive nature decided that hate speech laws were not enough. It was not good enough that they could tell you what you cannot say, they had to go a step even further. Now they passed legislation on what you have to say. That's right, compelled speech. Never before done in English history were you ever FORCED to say something. Welcome to Trudeau's diversity Utopia. 2017/05/17: Senate hearing on Bill C16

    Example US: America has the greatest legal defense for free speech in the world, guaranteed in the First Amendment. However they are not immune. The left wing radicals are seeing to that. Free speech is now being curtailed through corporations. Corporations are being used as arbitrators of your very existence online SJWs will follow you to the end of the earth, having you de-platformed, fired, made unemployable all for you saying something they do not agree with. Not even hate, just a political view.



    1. Now sure this has nothing to do with rapists and active pedophiles or the penalties they should face. But when making laws, think of the consequences. Governments typically write laws that are open to interpretation. And who interprets them? They do! So a slight movement of the goal posts totally changes the game.

      Think it through. Should there ever be an entity with the power of life and death without due process? What are the possible negative consequences of such?

      Think of "death by a thousand cuts". All tyrannies in history implemented laws that the people were willing to accept. Then the goal posts were moved, laws were morphed into new interpretations the public did not expect. Then it was too late. Mao's ideals looked enticing in the beginning, then 50 - 100 million dead later his true ideals were recognized. China's whole history being destroyed so new generations would never know.

      Everyone has the right to face their accusers, judged by a jury of their peers. As for capital punishment, a simple research proves that forensic DNA testing has proven the innocents of many on death row. And those convicted went through due process. Now imagine a Judge Dredd scenario.

      Or imagine a nefarious group hacking your PC and installing child porn, then breaking into your home and placing 'dirty child's' underwear in your drawer. All of a sudden the hit squad comes knocking. If that happened to Epstein, everyone would look the other way. But are we niave to think it would only be done to Epstein? To just pedos?

      Open Pandora's Box and......

      I do not give an inch. Especially on freedoms and basic human rights.

    2. Imagine Judge Dread released in Washington - So much Yes Please. Very pertinent. Then up to FRB NY, followed by the Vatican, and Khazarstan- (Israe Hell). Now that for sure WOULD do so much to clean up the Zoo. A 12 months incentive contract for Dread. I will ensure he knocks on your door, but to deliver you new underpants fast for a joke.

    3. Heavens Canauzzie, you have no idea how much I appreciate you expanding further on these topics. You offer me such a clear view when I'm attempting to grasp an understanding of a specific topic which is enormously helpful to me.

      Your opening paragraph above is brilliant in my mind, such wise words. I absolutely see the points you are making now and consider you to be correct in all that you state.

      I thank you for sharing the links that you have in these recent comments as well Canauzzie. I will most definitely follow up on them to assist myself to gain further understanding of your viewpoint.

      You are very wise Canauzzie and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to communicate with me as you do. You are a wonderful teacher and express yourself perfectly. I love to learn and gain deeper understanding and you have contributed greatly in assisting me to achieve that on many occasions. Thank you so very much Canauzzie.

    4. Yes, he is quite brilliant! :-)

  7. p: FOIA results from request made by "American Oversight". Specifically responses received to Rep. Robert Goodlatte's letters of July 27, 2017 and Sept 26, 2017. Scope and direction of investigations is covered. 6 pages. Mar 8, 2019 FOIA result.

  8. p: From Twitter Mar 9 2019

    George Papadopoulos
    ‏ @GeorgePapa19

    People do understand that the guys the book was thrown at, [Me, Manafort, Flynn] had FISAs on them.


  9. It Exists: DOJ Finds Letter Ordering Scrutiny of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton
    Mar 9 2019

    After it claimed no such document existed, the Justice Department just unearthed a letter Matt Whitaker delivered to the Utah U.S. attorney directing a review of how the department handled the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One issues.

    Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote the letter on Nov. 22, 2017 for Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber. Matt Whitaker, who was Sessions’ chief of staff at the time, emailed the letter to Huber that day, writing, “As we discussed.” He also sent Huber a copy of a letter the Justice Department’s Congressional affairs chief sent to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 13 of that year.

  10. 2nd Flare/CME, Multiple Impacts Forecast | S0 News

  11. Karen Hudes

    The Banking Cartel and its controlled opposition are too stupid to know how to change course when they are caught out.

  12. Trudeau: and God became man
    By dint of being told that you are able to walk on the water, I imagine that you end up believing it.

    That's probably what happened to Justin Trudeau.

    He has been so much praised by the international media, so often portrayed as the best invention since sliced ​​bread, that he has come to believe in his character.


    When the SNC-Lavalin affair broke out on February 7 in the Globe and Mail , our PM said to himself: it's a bush fire, no need to get the tankers out, the flames will go out themselves.

    A few smiles, two empty sentences and three winks, and we'll be able to move on.

    After all, I'm Justin Trudeau, the sexiest politician on the planet, the best answer to Donald Trump and the greatest hope of western democracies, what can happen to me?

    Five weeks later, the bush fire turned into a forest fire, the Parliament is buried under the ashes and Justin, his face blackened by soot, looks all around him, saying: " WTF ? "

    He believed himself indestructible, he realizes that he is only a human being like the others.

    Goodbye Superman, hello Clark Kent.
    Sophie and Richard are not good in the kitchen, but they know how to cook their guests! Are you invited to dinner at Devine's table ? an original podcast series.


    What fascinates me in this story is how it divides the country in two. Quebec on one side, the rest of Canada on the other. It's like being in front of a tomato, and some say, "It's a fruit," while others say, "Well, no, it's a vegetable! "

    " You say tomayto, I say tomato / You say potayto, I say potato ..."

    For Canadians, it is a question of respect for the rule of law. The PM should not put pressure on the Minister of Justice.

    Whereas for Quebec, it is an economic question. The PM of a country must do everything he can to save jobs. The end justifies the means.

    "He lobbied the Minister of Justice!

    - Yes, but it was to save jobs!

    - Yes, but he lobbied the Minister of Justice!

    - Yes, but it was to save jobs!

    - Maybe, but he lobbied the Minister of Justice! "

    Two irreconcilable visions.

    Respect for institutions on one side. Respect for the workers of the other.


    How is Justin going to get out of this quagmire?

    If he says he did this to save SNC-Lavalin, the English Canadians will say, "We know, anything to win the votes of Quebeckers! "

    But if he says that Jody Wilson-Raybould's demotion had nothing to do with SNC-Lavalin (as his friend Gerald Butts said), Quebeckers will say, "That's it, he's not not went to bat for us! On one side or the other, it is cooked.

    That said, let's not sell the bear skin.

    As Brel sang, we often saw burnt land give more wheat than a better April ...


  13. NP View: The Liberals' arrogance on SNC-Lavalin has come home to roost
    After 30 days of desperate manoeuvring, Trudeau is so much worse off than he was at the beginning of this scandal
    The SNC-Lavalin scandal has now incredibly entered its second month.
    This Liberal government has earned a reputation over its short three years in power as being frequently arrogant and peculiarly out of touch with the way normal Canadians think
    Its evident inability to understand how it has so badly offended Canadians' sense of integrity truly beats all
    Some acknowledgement of even inadvertent wrongdoing, some rolling of a few senior heads, and a commitment to doing better would perhaps have made a big difference. Or anything besides a strategy that rested on effectively calling the now former attorney general, the highly accomplished and seemingly highly principled Jody Wilson-Raybould, a liar and attacking her credibility.
    But then, arrogance is not something that can be easily turned off like a tap. And so the prime minister’s defenders chose instead to go low, where Wilson-Raybould went high, opting to try to deflect, smear and obfuscate their way through this scandal. The results of those efforts should show how successful that’s been: A highly competent Indigenous female minister has resigned from Trudeau’s cabinet over her mistreatment, taking with her much of the goodwill that Indigenous Canadians had once been willing to trust Trudeau’s government with; another extremely accomplished minister, Jane Philpott, has resigned from cabinet, saying she has “lost confidence in how the government has dealt with this matter;” the prime minister’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts, has resigned without providing much by way of a credible reason for doing so; an excitable clerk of the Privy Council has added layers of new controversy to the scandal; and, if that weren’t enough, Toronto-area Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes has publicly attacked her prime minister’s leadership on Twitter (she has already said she won’t be running again).

    But wait, there’s more: Now China is questioning, with depressing justification, whether Canada is quite the exemplar of the rule of law that our senior officials had so recently claimed, when we arrested a Chinese executive as part of a U.S. extradition request. And now Trudeau’s garbage fire has attracted the international press corps, who have tuned into the scandal and are busily reporting to readers around the world how this once-charmed prime minister’s sunny ways may have all been a fraud.
    Nearly two-thirds of Canadians surveyed think Trudeau 'has lost the moral authority to govern'

  14. That’s one of the many remarkable things about all of this: It’s not even close to being done with. After 30 days of desperate manoeuvring, the Liberals are so much worse off than they were at the beginning. Everything they’ve tried has been ineffective or counterproductive.

    Something else remarkable came this week from a little-known, barely followed (but verified) Twitter account: the “Official Twitter account for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.” The prosecution service is a federal office, subordinate to the attorney general, with responsibility for prosecuting those alleged crimes that fall into federal jurisdiction. The PPS is the agency that chose not to invite SNC-Lavalin to negotiate a deal, using a new law created last year by the Liberals specifically to help the Quebec engineering firm, and opted instead to proceed with prosecution, a decision that Wilson-Raybould supported, as was her right as attorney general, much to the prime minister’s frustration.
    Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick and Justice Department deputy minister Nathalie Drouin prepare to appear before the House justice committee regarding the SNC-Lavalin scandal, on March 6, 2019. Justin Tang/CP

    Most Canadians had probably never heard of this office until recently, if at all, or know anything about its structure. The same was probably true of most journalists up until last month. The office does its work quietly and behind the scenes, as it should and, indeed, must.

    It made an exception on Thursday. Shortly after the prime minister had wrapped up his not-very-contrite press conference, during which he had explicitly stated that he believed he and his officials had done nothing that was inappropriate, the prosecution service sent out a single, simple tweet. It read: “Prosecutorial independence is key to our mandate. Our prosecutors must be objective, independent and dispassionate, as well as free from improper influence — including political influence.” It then linked back to the office’s webpage, which explains what the office is and what it does.

    Prosecutorial independence is key to our mandate
    Tweet by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada

    The tweet was brief. Just 25 words. But those words should be read by every Canadian, and carefully considered. In our system of government, the opposition is always affronted. Often with good reason, but also because its job is to oppose. The press is full of columnists and contributors with their own agendas, which are usually but not always disclosed or understood. It is natural that, in the midst of a heated scandal, especially one that’s now entering its second month, that the public could start to tune it out, or just accept that all the usual suspects are reading their usual lines on cue.

    But the prosecution service is not one of those usual suspects. It is not a participant in the often messy back-and-forth of public debate. It’s a thousand public servants doing vital work, with almost total expectation of never being known or famous, even for 15 minutes.

    And they have used this moment to speak out and remind us all that they can do their job only if their independence is respected, especially by political leaders. That message couldn’t have been clearer, or its timing more important. It could only have been a message aimed directly at the prime minister and his officials. Let us all hope it is heard.

    Was this another Gladio-style plane crash designed to exact punishment or coerce compliance?
    Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes 6 Minutes After Takeoff; 160 Killed



    Speed Over Safety: The Perilous 5G Network By Ty Bollinger November 12, 2018

  18. John thx for your info above re Manna. They say their trust sits above the reserve bank system. Is that cirrect and if not what are they and what is their position in the world? Cheers

    1. AJ. Total BS fantasists who have been trying to access and manipulate hereditary assets for decades. Totally failed. Just brokers with attitude. They are blocked by the Fed and no bank will lose their Fed licence to give them back door terminal access. They have played that dead end game forever and got nowhere. She told us they would block us having Elders ship certain items to London. I was sitting looking at them on my desk , Elders brought them for us. Bloody fool dreamers. Those people have caused so many problems for so many trusting people. Wassocks! They are bank listed to infinity . Not happening. Every year more get sucked in
      Can't perform. End of. Credibility zero.

    2. "...She told us they would block us having Elders ship certain items to London. I was sitting looking at them on my desk, Elders brought them for us..."

      Perhaps the next time she orders Chinese take out, she will remember that doing so constitutes her maximum effective influence over Asian deliveries.

    3. Don't you just love watching Muppets walk to the cliff edge? Amateurs!



  20. OWON: Now this is a reality check for the current debacle of UK negotiating by limp wrist wimps.

    Time's up for a PM who has shown herself to be incompetent, indecisive and weak


  21. OWON: Just a little humour in a sick world.


    Chuck Schumer and a few of his staff members were visiting an elementary school and the class was studying vocabulary. The teacher was in the middle of a discussion related to words, their meanings, and proper usage.

    The teacher asked Senator Schumer if he would like to lead the discussion on the word "Tragedy".

    So Mr. Schumer asked the class for an example of a "Tragedy".

    A little boy stood up and offered: "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs over him and kills him, that would be a tragedy."

    "Incorrect," said Schumer. "That would be an accident."

    A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying fifty children drove over a cliff, killing everybody inside, that would be a tragedy."

    "I'm afraid not", explained Schumer, "That's what we would refer to as a great loss."

    The room went silent - no other children volunteered.

    Schumer searched the room, "Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"

    Finally, at the back of the room, Little Johnny raised his hand and said: "If an airplane carrying you, Nancy Pelosi, MaxineWaters, Dick Durban, Adam Schiff, Richard Blumenthal, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton was struck by a missile and blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy."

    "Fantastic," exclaimed Schumer, "And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?"

    "Well," said Little Johnny, "It has to be a tragedy... because it certainly wouldn't be a great loss and it probably wouldn't be a fucking accident either!"

    Little Johnny and his parents are now included in Robert Mueller's investigation.

    And both of Schumer's staff members who laughed out loud are now looking for other employment.

    1. See we give you a laugh to start the week also.

    2. I'll have to second that Scott F. LMFAO
      Good one Canauzzie. Trust it to be a little Johnny speaking up so boldly. LOL

    3. Lil Johnny strikes again!

  22. Nellie Ohr Has Ties to the Clinton Foundation
    Mar 10 2019

    One month before the 2016 Nov. election, Nellie Ohr moved from the DOJ and FusionGPS that was paid by the DNC and Clinton Foundation via hers and Obama’s law firm Perkins Coie LLP to created the “Steele dossier”. Then she went to work for Clinton Foundation donor/Clinton Speech sponsor VeriSign, Inc.

  23. A coalition that is backed by the military powers of the world and the
    wealth of the world has placed the Chair of the Board of Governors of the
    World Bank and IMF, Ken Ofori-Atta, into default. Eight other officials of
    the World Bank and IMF are also in default for failing to observe the
    Articles of Agreement of the World Bank. The World Bank and IMF were
    established to end the corruption in the world's money. The Vice
    President, Latin America and Caribbean Region and former Acting
    Managing Director of the World Bank, Axel van Trotsenburg, John
    Gandolfo, the World Bank's Acting Treasurer, Pascale Dubois, who headed
    the World Bank's Institutional Integrity Department, Yvonne Tsikata, who
    was Secretary of the World Bank, Osvaldo Graacos, who was its
    Ombudsman, and three other officials in the World Bank's corrupt
    Secretariat were also placed into default under commercial liens.
    These corrupt officials are harming and defrauding the world's people and
    preventing the conversion of the world's corrupt paper currencies into
    currencies minted out of the world's monetary gold reserves that José
    Rizal deposited with the World Bank at the end of WWII. These corrupt
    officials are holding up the Global Currency Reset.
    If you wonder what is wrong in the world, you do not have to look any
    further than these corrupt people. We are shaming them in front of the
    entire world. In April 2018 we broke through the censorship. What was
    the Banking Cartel trying to censor? The Banking Cartel tried to hide the
    fact that the people who have wronged us should feel thoroughly
    ashamed. They should know better. They need to understand that all of
    this information is ULTIMATELY going to become available in the Global
    Currency Reset. They need to start as soon as possible to make amends,
    and we are all going to take into account, starting from last year in April,
    what they have done.


  24. Aurataya,

    Tommy Robinson is easy to dislike. How much though? Enough to set this kind of precedent?

    Facebook's Memory Hole


    Judge Dredd in the City of London or the four Inns of Court and beyond, who needs the underpants now?

    1. That was an excellent example Canauzzie, thank you for posting that link. I see exactly what you speak of now. Here one minute, gone the next. Yes, it is rather frightening.

  25. The UK is experienced in dealing with the worst kind of Tykes, and Robinson . ( not even his real name,) is an opportunist who will be found free accomodation as a viral pestilence until the problem goes away. This character is not a true freedom fighter of conscience, as per this site, but a Rodent cruising for a bruising. The authorities are dealing with a Skank with bad skinhead type thug associations . A year in the Can will give him a taste of what will escalate if he's too stupid to see the system sees through him.
    He's created a false media persona. This is no media Robin Hood. Had he been a genuine good hear our support would be with him. This is a low life cruising with sharks .


    1. That is the thing about free speech and having an internet presence. If you choose who has the right it is no longer FREE.

      So let's keep going with the draconian laws and internet bans and see where it takes us.

      You have proved my point. Defending free speech is not defending the speech itself.

      Why not watch that video, see the reasons given for the banning and ask yourself if we OWON) have done the same. When will they come for us?

      Death by a 1000 cuts. Which cut will you finally feel?

    2. (....scratching my head, wtf are the opposing views?) How did he prove your point? thnx.


    3. My point is, focus is always on the messenger and not the message the laws and bannings are sending. It sets a precedent. It will now continue onto others. Where will it end? Death by a 1000 cuts, how many till you feel it?

      John is more concerned about who and disregards why.

    4. Funny how it's John who puts in the time and legwork to expose both.


    5. Really? You want to go there?

  26. This site exposes corruption and breaches of fundamental human rights . It does so with moral respect. But also with balanced consideration.. We fight injustice . But also we try to find s balanced respect for realities.

    1. But the problem with these albeit Utopian ideologies,is that absolute freedom then covers Internet Trolls and the damage they do persecuting others.
      Balanced judgment is needed, as well as compassion and an ethical premise of the use of such freedoms. Only people who have power to do nothing, recuse reality. I've seen them all, and under pressure, I've seen them fold. Absolute freedom- Dreamland. So dangerous. It allows greater manipulation of truth, worst, reality.

      We need to effect balanced judgment as to responsible use of media to control and limit rabble rousing,but interbuild a RIGHT of Speech against the State or Corporate suppression. There has to be a balance. Utopia died with the manipulation of the Vatican and loss of the Constitution. We had Magna Carta.
      How did that end up?
      Where does Truth- LIE!

    2. The MSM is free.Free to LIE. You condone that? Where does it end? Their propaganda is proof.
      Who protects Truth?
      Who judges, Justice for sure can not be trusted as is. So free havoc for Internet Trolls?


    3. Freedom Utopia? I am just trying to hold on to the freedoms we have now.

      So you love the 'Patriot Act' and the 'Investigative Powers Act of 2016'?

      How about a 19 year old girl who posts the lyrics of a song to Instagram in remembrance of a young boy who was killed in an accident. The rap song contained the 'N' word. Her punishment? 500 pound + court cost, restriction of liberty order (not allowed to leave her home during certain times) enforced by ankle bracelet. Convicted under the 'Hate Speech' laws and now has a criminal record at the age of 19. Your backyard.

      That is the Anti-freedom Utopia you want?

      Yes, those pesky trolls. Words have NO power, only what you give them. Anyone here getting trolled? Where are all these trolls? Trolls are the easiest things in the world to deal with.


    4. We are ONLY going to have the MSM left doing it your way. Good luck with that.

    5. Really

      Have you any idea of the psychological damage and distress these Trolls cause, and no, it's not easy to deal with. Troll bullying is horrific. Kids experience it. Any IDIOT can use a platform or phone, but victims do the hurting and worrying. Where is their justice? Where is protection?

      Where is the line between fair protest and anarchy?

      Intelligent leadership deals with such realities as best they can. Life is checks and balances. Judgment calls.

    6. Referring to me as supporting the MSM shows already truth died with independent media. False judgments are formed. We need both. But with oversight. Lack of Oversight is why the MSM lies!

      But Fake News is no better. Each damage society.

      We need to educate better. From the cradle. but which families have values nowadays.Seen the Sheeple lately? Or Elites Brats like the Bushes?
      Where is truth with the Tweet Meister Shyster?


    7. Those are not trolls. Trolls do not go after kids.

      Bullying is bullying, whether internet or on the school playground. Kids are cruel. But raising a snowflake generation with all the 'safe spaces' is going to provide what? A bunch of crybabies because you say a word they don't like? Or don't call them one of the 160+ pronouns they prefer. You do not make someone stronger by sheltering them.

      So how many suicides exactly are attributed to bullying? Got a number? I will guarantee you most teen suicide is classed as 'accidental'. Nice way of saying died by asphyxiation while masturbating. Maybe we need some laws against masturbating.

      These are knee jerk reactions to the MSM creating a hysteria misrepresenting that suicide because of bullying is of epidemic proportions. It's not. Read the statistics.

      That is the thing about laws. it is always "because of the children".

      That is the problem. Those with no intelligence are making the calls. SPLC (who were sued and lost a libel case) and HOPE not hate are making them. Two radical left wing organizations and you are drinking their Kool-aid.

    8. Kool aid is wild west yahoos free rights. Law and Democracy will not wear that. Dreamland does not float my boat. But dissent is good for the site. From free speech here is balance. But only keeping it yahoo free.


    9. Typo?

      I assume you meant Law and Democrats. The radical left are the ones pushing these laws. Let that sink in.....

    10. No, my sarcasm for what passes as US Democracy.

  27. Replies
    1. This is not acceptable. I still say China can go to hell where this type of violation of privacy is concerned. What gives some pack of control freak brainwashed government brown nosing pen pushers any right to do this? I know this type of monitoring happens in most countries but China seems to be leading the pack in an extremely vigorous manner. They have no right to do this.

    2. They only race against what DC is trying.

    3. Well then John, it's time for the people of this world to say NO MORE.


  28. OWON: Put simply America is losing ever more of the game board. Russia steps up.

    China’s “democracy” includes mandatory apps, mass chat surveillance

  29. Replies
    1. They don't have the power. It will never pass the Senate.

    2. Your collective help to raise awareness is good.


  30. OWON: Let us not forget or allow this to be swept away.

    Bill Clinton on Pedophile Island

    1. Court weighs unsealing documents in lawsuit linked to Jeffrey Epstein
      Mar 7 2019

      A three-judge panel in a New York appeals court asked questions Wednesday that appeared to signal they would make documents public related to multimillionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal for sexually abusing teenage girls, according to the Miami Herald. The Herald is suing to unseal the records, claiming it violates the First Amendment to have them sealed.

      Marra gave the Justice Department until March 8 to seek a settlement with the victims' attorneys. On Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami recused themselves from the case, with federal prosecutors from Atlanta saying on Wednesday that they would take over.

    2. DOJ to investigate plea bargain awarded to Clinton-linked sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but watchdogs say probe is tainted
      Feb 6 2019

      The Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has opened an investigation into a generous plea bargain awarded in 2007 by a top Florida prosecutor -- who now serves as President Trump's secretary of labor -- to a wealthy, Clinton-connected financier and sex offender accused of abusing underage sex slaves.

      But watchdog groups say the DOJ's independent inspector general, Michael Horowitz, should be spearheading the probe, rather than OPR -- which is run by internal agency lawyers.

      Earlier this week, Horowitz urged lawmakers to swiftly pass legislation that would enable the IG's office to take control of probes into possible prosecutorial misconduct.

    3. Recusing themselves could be for at least 2 reasons....this IS encouraging, though.....Horowitz gets his long snout in there and it could be a lotta people singing to stay outta jail.Maybe even making it all public.

  31. The ultimate 5G control lead by China is fast oncoming. Total oversight and total monitoring. Within a decade it will be here. Full Global oversight.
    Applied thought is needed now. How to shape use and limit abuse. No one holds back the tides. 5G exposes all. Nowhere to hide. Electronic oversight. That is your greatest threat. Applied Global weaponry you can not yet concieve. We will publish more.

    1. Looking forward to all the new info but what a waste of time and energy by all those concerned. In every trillion messages 999,999,999,998 messages are mostly drivel from an intelligence perspective. And knowing the networks not once yet, has actually prevented the successful attack though I am sure the intelligence agencies claim the opposite. What's the justification for the surveillance? Surely not crime prevention. It doesn't. Already the Chinese social score is obliterating their economy. Really? Has anyone yet calculated the losses to the Chinese economy? You want to prevent someone from getting on a train and engaging in economic activity because of a Tweet. There's a sure fire winner!

    2. Certainly not our choice, we only forward what IS. Politics today.

    3. Thanks as always John. I guess we will learn how to deal with it all. It will vanish the moment some Elite is properly shafted by it. You'd think they'd see the danger to themselves...

    4. Arrogance, and a lack of core ethereal understanding. Making a difference is our core agenda. Sheeple minding.

  32. Look at the width and scale of reports we give you. Balanced overviews. Key issues.

  33. Top-level discussion between CIA and MI6 about the tip-top of Western power and what’s going on behind the scenesBy Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 7 Comments
    Hello again and thank you in advance for your time. As I mentioned, I have many questions for you; however, as you mentioned your affiliations, I have taken the time to carefully select topics found open source yet need clarification. Hopefully you can expand on these for me.

    Please forgive me if I mention something outrageous. All my information is, as I said, open source, and may not be accurate; hence my questions.

    In your words, what is “The First Federal Republic of the United States of America”?

    America is a Republic that was covertly overthrown and became a corporation—the Corporation of the District of Columbia. At international law, it is entirely illegal and is completely bankrupt. It forms a triumvirate of corporations that rule and run the Western world.

    Please explain the “World Future Planning Agency.”

    A proposed new economic planning agency in peacetime as the Khazarian Mafia control matrix rapidly collapses. Similar to the Marshall Plan, but more like the Asian Economic Planning Agencies.

    In articles I have read, you claim to be a member of the Illuminati. I saw in one place it mentioned “Royal Illuminati.” Are these one and the same?

    The Royal Illuminati simply refers to the Crown Council of the 13 Ruling Bloodlines, very far above The Committee of 300—an intergovernmental power group similar to Bilderberg.

    Please explain to me what the Royal Illuminati is exactly.

    A very discreet network of quite powerful and wealthy families who work together for the betterment of humanity and the world.

    Is this Weishaupt’s Illuminati or another branch, and would you explain?

    Adam Weishaupt was the Jesuit-controlled founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. Aside from the conspiracy theory, it was essentially a geo-political think tank much like many of the modern iterations. It was also a quasi-military intelligence agency responsible for coup d’état and other military black operations.

    Were you recruited or born into the Illuminati?

    I was recruited, but I am formally under oath to the Queen as Supreme Commander of the Joint British Armed Forces—Queen Elizabeth II.

    Do you believe that you were recruited to solve the global currency and financial crisis whereabouts this financial reset is necessary?

    Yes, I own the patents for the new quantum financial systems and single digital world currency unit which resolve the difficulties in the architecture of legacy systems.

    Who recruited you?

    I can’t comment on that—sorry.

    The word is that you claim to have led a think tank that designed distributed ledger technology as a fix for the coming financial crisis. If so, you must have a patent. Can you provide for me this patent number so that I may validate your claims?

    Yes, I ran a think tank in London. All of my work is held under British Intelligence (MI5&6) protection—armed guard. My work is all classified, including the working papers and patents at the Royal Mint. My work is not accessible to the public after security concerns for my personal safety.

    The author of the Bitcoin white paper is Satoshi Nakamoto. Is this you? Did you write this paper? Are you affiliated with the authorship of this white paper? Why Satoshi Nakamoto?

  34. No to all of the above. I worked at Goldman Sachs and other investment banks and developed a very different technology to facilitate instantaneous settlement in trading across all asset classes. It came about as part of the global rationalization of the industry following the LIBOR scandal which has bankrupted the entire industry. See R3, previously R3 CEV in London and New York.

    It is hard for me to believe that Bitcoin (BTC) was the chosen format for world currency, because of its clunky design and power-hungry mining. Was BTC a prototype that was released to see how the public would react to it? If so, is there another more viable cryptocurrency waiting in the balance, and what is it?

    BTC is just one of many. They are all use case scenarios or tests but none have the industrial design to make them globally viable, and they have a long history in dark web activity and criminality.

    They are all countered by my currency unit. This is called “working in iteration” in project management.

    Is the blockchain hackable?

    No—all touchpoints create their own forensic history. The beauty of the architecture is the highly forensic nature, which is invaluable to police and security services,

    I’m sure you’ve heard of hashgraph (aBFT). It seems like a winning platform if all Leemon says is true. Any thoughts?

    I don’t know about this because I have been working on a very separate diplomatic mission for a few years now. I have very limited access to the civilian world at the moment.

    Is it true that the banking cartel is acquiring Bitcoin through techniques of financial speculation through the control of Investment Funds Quoted (ETF), with the aim of merging the Bitcoin system with the standard incoming gold to control the economy through the manipulation of Bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrencies?

    The new Quantum Financial System is designed in such a manner there could no repeat of the poor conduct by the international financial services industry. It is highly forensic in order to discourage bad behaviour.

    Speculate for me. By your estimation, what is the future of blockchain as a cryptocurrency?

    Blockchain is a brand name of a technology called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It is not a currency; it is the technology embedded inside electronic currencies.

  35. What is the future of blockchain as a tool for decentralized applications?

    As above, the technology DLT has already gone viral and global in nearly all aspects of the world at the moment. It is the most important technology advancement in history and may very well bring about global peace and prosperity.

    There are two quotes that seem contradictory of each other that I would like to verify with you.

    1) “The One World Order is an absolute, benevolent, international, and legally-linked monarchy.”

    This is an expression of the ethical basis for my think tank. I am an Absolute Royalist, have a considerable understanding of international law, and believe in linking ethics to legally binding international law—compliance.

    The concept of Benevolence is a response to poor behaviour in the past of the Crown Council 13 Bloodlines.

    2) “The distributed ledger technology ends the Rothschild fiat monetary system and the dreaded New World Order.”

    It has ended both already.

    Are these your words?

    Misquoted. I attracted unwanted attention in recent years and have been quoted without my permission or preview.

    If so, is the OWO a different program from the NWO?

    The concept of a One World Order is the conglomeration of Sovereign Nation-States to work together in Peacetime as an Absolute Monarchy. It is a diplomatic effort to raise the general standards of the world’s governments.

    The New World Order was a fascist mega-corporate government—Oligarchy.

    If the OWO and the NWO are synonymous, how can something be benevolent and dreadful simultaneously?

    As above.

    The global currency reset.

    Global Currency and Sovereign Debt Re-Calibration

    You have been quoted as saying the following: “The Rothschild and the British Crown are pushing for the global financial reset.” The way I interpret this is that you were commissioned to develop a hack-proof digital technology that could facilitate a global currency. This would be one step closer into global human slavery in the NWO. Is this truly the plan of the Rothchilds and the Crown?

    As above.

    Karen Hudes claims her Power Transition Model (PTM) requires amnesty. If this is granted and accepted, the PTM claims a 90% success rate. Any thoughts on this, and do you think this is an option for the “Committee” (bankers)?

    Karen Hudes is a very disruptive person who has caused a great deal of damage to international diplomatic relations. Much of her work is confusing, to be polite.

    I was in direct contact with her at one stage but found her extremely rude and out of touch with technology.

    It is not her Power Transition Model—it is a collection of very complex critical theory studies gathered from around the world.

    K. Hudes is trustee for the gold in the Philippines.

    Karen Hudes was legally fired from the World Bank but continues to promote herself as acting with legal capacity in that respect. She has no effective powers to sign a dinner check, let alone deal with the Global Collateral Accounts.

    N. Keenan is the trustee for the gold in Indonesia.

    We have reason to believe Neil Keenan was assassinated. This has been verified by British military counterintelligence.

    Are there any other locations you can tell me about that include other trustees? If so, who are they and where is it?

    That is classified. It is a very serious crime at international law to interfere with these wealth reserves.

    Do you really think this will work out peacefully, knowing what you know?

    The prediction is a peaceful transition, but the opposition may require limited military intervention around the world to break up the remaining obstacles.

    There is very significant anger at what has been allowed to happen, because it all amounts to High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity at both the ICC and the ICJ.

  36. A post on Fulford claimed that the Pentagon is no longer taking orders from Trump cabinet, any truth in this? Anyone know anything?

    1. Don't worry about anything Fulford says...

    2. Fulford simply passes on info passed to him. I expect tidbits of good + disinfo.


    1. seems to be just another liar....guess he pissed of the zionists telling that the IQD RV was a scam, and after they whacked him and replaced with a clone?


  39. Be nice if DJT is really this brilliant:

  40. NASA Is About To Test A Solar-Powered Drone That Broadcasts 5G

    SoftBank and AeroVironment are ready to conduct flight tests of its experimental solar-powered drone that can deliver 5G connectivity to anywhere in the world, reported Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

    Dubbed Hawk 30, the drone is a curved “flying wing” design. Filings with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Securities and Exchange Commission show the drone has ten electric engines and an operational altitude of over 12 miles.

  41. After Almost 20 Years – Crooked Hillary Clinton Gets Her Law License Back
    The Arkansas Times reported on this on Sunday.

    Hillary Clinton’s Arkansas law license has been reinstated after 17 years of suspension. No word as yet on the significance of that.

    A recent routine notice of reinstatements and suspensions by the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board said Clinton was one of several lawyers reinstated by the board at a meeting March 4 after payment of a reinstatement fee. Another familiar name on the list was that of Rodney Slater, Transportation secretary during the Clinton administration. He was reinstated March 5.

    Clinton’s license was suspended in March 2002 for failure to complete continuing education requirements. Having been admitted to the bar more than 40 years ago (she was admitted to the Arkansas bar in October 1973) and also being older than 70, she’s no longer required under Arkansas rules to meet CLE requirements.

    Clinton was a partner in the Rose Law Firm when Bill Clinton ran for president. She’s stayed busy since, but not as a practicing lawyer. Her last appearance of record in an Arkansas court was in May 1992, a civil case before the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

  42.">This Clinton Foundation Scandal Is Larger than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ Before 2016 Election – Part IX
    A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker and the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

    The investigation revolved around the illegal sale of controlled US Homeland Security technology to Russia and China in the years before the 2016 election by a company named AGT International.

    The DOJ terminated its internal investigation in 2016 despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public!

    Biffie: Article also gives a brief description of each of the other 8 parts of this series.

    1. Nice find Biffie. I've already put this out to my list.

    2. Should be quite easy to track who got paid bribes from that foundations accounts. It should be a priority for the new AG, but he seems to be just another cabal agent....

  43. El Chapo gave Hillary $15 million USD!
    Maybe this was a huge story I missed? Can't find an American version though . . . . . and zero comments because it was released in Mexico, IN ENGLISH.

    The New York Times has separate editions for Latin America, and in their Mexican edition, they clearly printed that El Chapo sent Hillary $15 million USD, laundered through a bank account Hillary had in the Cayman Islands, and then she laundered it into the Clinton Foundation.

    Biffie: This article is over on

    1. On this alone she should go down for 10 years...

    2. On the sheer scale of Clinton crimes anyone in a democratic society would long since have been incarcerated .
      However, America sadly has no Democracy.
      We delivered evidence of Biden and Clinton's corruption right to Obama's desk directly. He covered up for them .
      We tried to have Romney questioned and charged. Bush 41 called Mueller and Mueller sent Agents to Florida to stop Miami Agents approaching Romney . The system stinks and rots.

      Trump is beholden to Khazarian Shysters he's not able to act. The WH is full of them .

      Only the corrupt Military could clean up America, but won't . Sadly.
      A person of their time, a true Patriot, needs to emerge to heal America. We hope .

  44. Tom Fitton: Christopher Steele & Bruce Ohr Communicated ‘REPEATEDLY’ on How to Target Donald Trump

    More as it becomes available.

  45. Yes, unseal Epstein there was a rigged travesty of Justice. He needs to be reviewed and a full case hearing. Public! Where is the list of all Attendees? Public! They all need to be tried. Let each go on oath and declare their full roles. Including English Royals. A crime is a crime. Your girls were trafficked. Epstein was a blackmailing Pimp. Re Trial! It's not double jeopardy, it's new charges. Real Ones. Clinton on trial.

    1. p: Mike Cernovich has a good webpage on current Epstein related info. Yes, he looking for $ to help with expenses, but the info is there. The latest briefing at the bottom of the page is a pdf and dates to 12-10- 2018. 80 pages.

    2. Second Circuit Panel Questions Seal in Human Trafficking Suit
      Mar 11 2019

      A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ordered parties to provide good cause why the court shouldn’t follow its own precedent and unsealing of a lower court’s summary judgment order and related documents in a lawsuit accusing an associate of the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein of human trafficking.

      The case before U.S. Judge Robert Steele of the Southern District of New York has generated a host of appeals to the Second Circuit, including by the plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre.

      The parties are scheduled to reply May 19.

    3. Military Tribunals are the answer, not the corrupted court systems.

    4. p: Wow is an understatement after listening to this video.Mixed news to about 23 minutes and the meat of the story really begins about at 38:00. How G. Maxwell Epstein's madame may actually be his Mossad handler. Her farther Robert Maxwell, publisher of the UK's Mirror paper and other papers as well as a Mossad spy. What is found involves theft of technology from Los Alamos to DOJ literally handing over the Promise program to Mossad 20 years ago. Mossad is well strung through much involving Epstein's case. Deep, Deep connections to the Power Brokers and their cronies of the world.

      Mossad Meltdown: Why the Truth Cannot be Reported about Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes
      Mar 7 2019

      Today on an explosive edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles puts the spotlight on Jeffrey Epstein, and recent developments in the pedophile case against the Jewish financier, and his network of high-powered politicians and celebrities whom he was brokering sexual favors of young girls. Is there a connection between the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Israeli Mossad through the daughter of disgraced and dead media mogul (and Jewish spy) Robert Maxwell? Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey, Matt Skow. Airdate 3/7/19

    5. p:The video mentions POTUS(long before he became our president) going to Little James Island on the Lolita express. It also goes into detail on how the daughter of one of his maintenance employees is lured away and groomed by G. Maxwell, Epstein's Madame. Trump has proven he is loyal to his people and his trip may have had everything to do with his employee's daughter.

      Three things may have come from this. Trump brought back the girl and returned her to her family and G. Maxwell was barred from Mar a Lago. And Trump would have been introduced to the world of human trafficking and worse.

  46. Yes, we are getting close to the time that gold is going to come out of hiding.
    There are many people who have not been paying attention to reality, and do not know
    how badly they have been duped. We can expect that the Vatican's disinformation agents are
    going to try and confuse people. That is why I am going to repeat an old tweet about
    Benjamin Fulford, that Vatican agent of the Order of Fatima. In his recent video, Fulford talks
    about a Supreme Court case involving one arm of the World Bank, the International Finance
    Corporation. The World Bank's oldest agency, and the one which manages the world's
    wealth, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, retains its immunity
    from the courts. The legal profession works for the world's bankers, and is trying to keep you
    from seeing reality. Instead, what has happened is that the legal profession, along with the
    journalists, the doctors, the universities, have all discredited themselves. We are going to
    have to rebuild our sense of reality. There is a critical mass of people, including the world's militaries, who know how badly
    most people have been duped. The other people are going to have to learn the difference
    between what is actually going on and the Bankers' false version of reality. I have been
    working together with the ones who know about what reality is for a long time. I worked in
    the World Bank's legal department from 1986-2007, when I was fired as a whistleblower. I
    was reinstated in 2009. Now I am part of the coalition that is cleaning up the world's
    corrupt money in what we call the "Global Currency Reset."
    One of the old tweets I am showing you describes how we exposed the fake US military
    government, led by General Dunford. That
    military government is no longer in power. We are now in interregnum, and will put our
    Constitution of 1789 back into effect when the villages and towns have issued local currency,
    replacing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes. We are also going to exchange
    Federal Reserve Notes for currency containing the amount of gold equivalent to the face
    amount of the bill.
    Another old tweet explains how you can read most of what I published on the internet,
    during our struggle against the Bankers.
    Why do I recommend so many different sources of information to you? Because you
    have been systematically lied to during your entire life. I am also recommending that you
    ask a couple of friends to help you review this material. This is because of very powerful
    military mind control technology that will make it hard for you to learn about reality. When
    people who know each other learn together, they can help each other work free from this
    mind control. Many of my family members are very sensitive to this technology, and I have
    had to work hard to get free from this technology myself.
    I also recommend a couple of videos, to help you see what the Bankers are trying to hide
    from you. One is a video published in the Philippines. I am mentioned from minute 10-15.
    There is a lot of rubbish in the video about which of the Bankers is most corrupt. The ones
    who head the Banking Cartel, the Black nobility, are not mentioned.
    Ferdinand Marcos was the first lawyer for the world's wealth in the Global Debt Facility.
    That is my job now. Here is my DCTV program on Ferdinand Marcos:

  47. p: Sarah Sanders shows how to get the job done.

    WATCH: Sarah Sanders SPARS With Jim Acosta After He Says Democrats Are “NOT” Anti-Semitic
    Mar 11 2019

    On Monday, CNN’s Jim Acosta and press secretary Sarah Sanders went head to head on whether or not Democrats “hate” the Jewish community.

  48. p: Patriots continue patrols on Arizona's southern border

    Is VOP and Lewis Arthur done? #FarFromIt
    Mar 11 2019

    VOP has been taking the Mountains from Cartels and cleaning up our Environment. WE DON'T STOP... or "DIE." #WWG1WGA

  49. 'Trudeau must let her speak': Scheer criticizes handling of SNC-Lavalin scandal
    Scheer said it is clear the 'real Justin Trudeau' is being exposed to Canadians, adding that the prime minister is not displaying good leadership
    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must lift a “gag order” and ensure Jody Wilson-Raybould can speak the full truth about her decision to leave cabinet, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Sunday.

    The SNC-Lavalin controversy has exposed a crisis of moral and ethical leadership in Trudeau’s office, Scheer said at a news conference in Ottawa, adding an online campaign is underway to support Wilson-Raybould.

    “Justin Trudeau must let her speak,” he said.

    MPs are to hold an emergency session of the House of Commons justice committee on Wednesday and Wilson-Raybould has previously said she would be willing to return to provide additional testimony.

    Scheer said Liberal MPs on the committee need to support Wilson-Raybould coming back to shed additional light on the scandal, suggesting if they do not, it would suggest the prime minister “has something to hide.”

    March 10, 2019 7:29 PM EDT

  50. New show came out showing the machinations of the Vatican in the 1300's revealing the evils they did back then. Called: "The Name of the Rose". Very well done so far...

    1. Friday 13 October 1307, the Vatican wiped out most of my Ancestors, our lineal Baron was seconded to England to protect the regions for French King Richard and had anglicised in name as English Knights, so were able to accommodate part of the Fleets which fled with the Templar wealth,and from that day on, the Vatican had dedicated enemies who will see them destroyed in total. Vast thousands died in torture, as did the women and children,but the entire wealth was pre warned and moved to safety. We now have the Knights Quarter in London, the Temple City district, the Knights Templar Church where all Law Barrister swear oaths of Allegiance,and a Special Group which does not exist, protects the Queen as a hereditary treaty. As happened also with Basle in Germania, whose Gold and Knights created Switzerland.

      Hands do rock the cradle, and wait for Vatican throats.

    2. Tim, what channel is that show on?

    3. I realize certain details cannot be released, but the Vatican's murderous behavior is not understandable 7 centuries removed from the scene of the crime. I'm no historical expert but the Templars as near as I can tell had not issued any challenge to Vatican authority. To suddenly order extermination meant that the Vatican viewed them as a lethal threat to their existence. I can only assume it was either removing a potential political enemy by a sheer power play with wealth grab or the Templars held knowledge that doomed the Vatican somehow.

      "Special Group that does not exist..." you kill me John, you really do...

  51. First CME Arrives, Geo-Engineering, Major Flood | S0 News

  52. Basel III

    Basel III was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in November 2010, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; however, implementation was extended repeatedly to 31 March 2019

  53. The more you all actively pursue truth, the greater the chance of bringing down the Deep State and Rotts. Rotts in England are almost wiped out in Banking. Their Derivatives Gambles have lost vast wealth swathes. As did getting out of Gold. Our world is changing, fast. Sometimes not for the better. Madness rules fools. A dearth of compassionate Leadership worldwide breeds the insurrections of today. Time to think, outside the box.
    Good judgment calls or lose your ?

    1. ... lose your... head? literally and figuratively!


    2. The ONLY way to stop them breeding.

  54. Donald Trump isn't a normal president, but Michael Cohen is a normal Washington sleaze
    May 10 2018

    Democrats expressing shock over Michael Cohen’s profiteering were silent when Bill and Hillary Clinton played the influence game much the same way.

    The Clinton and Obama administrations yielded millions for insiders cashing in on influence. What is different in this case is that Cohen, who has no appreciable legal skills or particular business acumen, seemed to be selling only access. He is not a lobbyist and barely acknowledged as a lawyer. Like so much of Cohen’s record, it was raw, crude, and unabashedly corrupt. Absent some new evidence, it was also perfectly legal.

    Washington’s currency has always been access. Access means influence and influence means profits. The term “lobbyist” comes from favor-seekers who would hang around in the lobby of the Willard Hotel where President Ulysses S. Grant would often conduct meetings. Location, location, location is not just a mantra in real estate.

    1. p: From June 26, 2014 on Twitter

      Michael Cohen
      ‏Verified account @MichaelCohen212

      #tbt being received by two great Americans...Hillary Clinton and Patrick Kennedy at the Kennedy Compound

    2. Which speaks volumes of who and what are behind Cohen's testimony.

  55. John some of the battles with the US based cabal will be won and some will be lost. The US based cabal are here to stay, that includes the Vatican , and the City of London. Even after the reset, there will be need to constantly audit these individuals. This is a constant fight. Thank You.

    1. Well, depending on when you decide the modern era begins (WW1? 1776? Renaissance? Templars to Britain? Council of Nicea?) this has been going on a long, long, time. It'd be nice if we managed to get to the next chapter without the democidal inanity of kill off 95% of the world population.

    2. Tino / All or Nothing.

      The Oil Barons in London, Banksters, and confused secondary Politicos, represent the slop shop of lax Leadership and presumptuous opportunism.

      But be assured, what the eye does not see, is there.

      Old Orders control what's inside the borders. Seen only on a Need to Know approval basis. Britain's Mercantile Banking leads the world, and always has. Power knows how to think. Power drives Global alliances. Power moves mountains of obfuscation, and knows how to think outside the box. Also how to coerce its will.

      Bottom line, we are no different to the US. Vast attendant qualities where it matters, but led by mediocre Dross in Politics, and a joint need to evolve beyond macabre failed mediocrities incapable of introducing a new season of reason.

      Feral Societies are emerging today for each. How can we re institute family core values with the Political shambles of today, and breakdown of families?

      When we have lost our way,why give such mediocrities a key say?
      But such key power is focused on retention of Power order, with scant regard for thinking solutions to the dross inside each border. Agenda 21 is not the way, but inept Political direction may emerge as the focal cost. Doing nothing begets decisions of convenience. But at what cost? The Tri Laterals have an ethos. As do the Cabals. The ignorance of Man,is not kind.

      Does the focused acquisition of wealth,justify Agenda 21 by stealth? Or similar. Ask Himler.

      Venezuela and Iran are the new potential flash points which could trigger a new Vietnam. But with highly focused AI driven weaponry and the final destruction of Israel. No Israeli shields will stop a Russian/Chinese armed Armageddon attack on the AshkeNAZI cruel Interlopers. In a cinder bowl nothing lives.

      But, if Venezuela now Russian Armed, choses under duress to rocket launch on the US in forced retaliation, will the US destroy the Russian base in Venezuela? Can the US ever contemplate the mind set of Politburo Hawks? Or consequences?

      Does it need the interjected weapons of Russia and China supplied to distressed nations, doing no more than the US has done all over the world, to enable sanity to rethink from a first time experienced Homeland dead stink? Will America only empathise when each city dies? Opportunism to seize Venezuela's Oil fields is not lost on China and Russia. Do they trade you that for the Middle East, or fund you a new Vietnam? Manduro can trade his Oil for weapons. He has no need for his masses. It's now a Chess Game. Against advanced better technologies. Russia spent less, but better. Chinese spies are fountains of cheap gain. In America, money talks and secrets walk. Uranium One? Clintons sold you out. Israel sucks you dry.
      Putin and Lavrov position. Skunkworks sell Secrets as Skunks. Money talks in a nation of greed.

      Is this the last turn of delusional mankind, to lose the plot, failed Hegemony to be the last frontier? Again? The rise of the Phoenix to redesign a better world for survivors. The irony of Agenda 21 but backfired? From history, do we ever learn? The arrogance of power. Ask Rome? America already has its Vandals within.They rule! Currently! No time to be firing blind.

      Time for careful hands on the Cradle? Reason? Iran knows if Venezuela goes it is next. They also know that Israel has to be to the death. Presumptive arrogance may be the Ashkenazis last hand. With Zios gone, a better world has a chance. A new Order of Conscious Beings, where all matter? No Tapeworms devouring the host?
      Good Man CAN, achieve so much. All it needs is a Conscious awakening. Just look at the site. You already exist.

    3. If this is the reasoning (prior to the last paragraph) we are lost.

      A 3-way with Russia and China simply kills 2 or 3 billion. The world will never recover or not for centuries. I disagree on Venezuela but that is immaterial to your argument. I concur in its broad strokes. Sinking a carrier group carries less risk.

      Each and every individual can be made a profit center. Freedom, as in freedom to act and freedom to save, with taxation removed as yoke, is the way. Allow unfettered technology. It won't be Utopia but it will be hell of a lot better than this present insanity.

      Thanks as always for insights from inside the Halls.

  56. Jewish Rabbi Exposes Zionist Charade

    Even while a Zionist trained shill, and Al Jazeera interviewer with a perfect British accent, attempts to belittle and insult the long held traditional Jewish orthodox beliefs of Rabbi David Weiss, the rabbi stands strong on fundamental principles of the Jewish religion:

    ...the founders of Zionism were not Jewish.

    ...Zionism is not Judaism.

    ...Zionism is an abomination against God.

    ...Zionism is an abomination against Judaism.

    ...Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'.

    ...according to Torah, God forbids Jews to establish a homeland state of their own.

    ...'anti-antisemitism' is a tool of fraud used by media and pro Zionist factions to silence any dissent against Zionism.

    ...Zionist owned media never reports the millions of orthodox Jews protests over Zionist criminal activity.

    Things get absurd in the interview when the Zionist interviewer accuses Rabbi Weiss of being 'anti-semitic'...

  57. If all the accusations against Trump were true he may just about qualify to be a Democrat .

  58. Why does SPLC have now over $121 million offshore...?

    1. Why does Romney have $1B hidden offshore syphoned from the Falcone Bush profits?
      The ones Mueller STOPPED FBI Miami from investigating. They were ordered NOT to investigate Romney. Bushes Pit bull.

  59. In 1845 Edgar Allan Poe wrote "Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear". To this we've now added --- most of what is printed and nothing that is pictured.

    Wall Street Journal article. You can no longer trust anything you see, or even hear now from a video...

    1. Indeed Craig. Have to use research and discernment. Truth matters.

  60. Cowboys for Trump ride to Roundhouse, bearing gifts
    Mar 12 2019

    Organizer Cuoy Griffin said the group plans to ride to the capital of every state in an effort to advocate for counties having more of a say in state-level policy decisions.

    The group supports President Donald Trump and wants their voices to be heard on issues such as gun control, immigration, abortion and others.

    The group visited the nation's capital earlier this year which caught the President's attention.

    Griffin said he got a call from the President while waiting in an airport to fly home from that visit. He told the Alamogordo Daily News he used the call to advocate for "better forest resource management and explain the Second Amendment Sanctuary issue to the president."

  61. Theresa May has lost the vote again in Parliament tonight. She just keeps regurgitating the same failed crap. Brussels plays her for a fool. Phony Tony Blair advises Macron behind our backs how to derail Brexit. Traitor!!!!

    It's time for May to GO! Go Now! Just Go!
    It's time to elect a Leave Brexit PM a remove the Remainers from the Cabinet.
    It's time to tell the EU, no more 39B UK pounds. All off the table. Choke.
    It's time to tell the EU enough is enough.
    March 29th WE GO!!!

    Then see how they last with 60% of their Exports to us leaving. With No Fat Checks for EU Fat Cats. It's time for the UK to adopt wartime conditions and dig in. It's time to re plan and rebuild with the whole world as our markets.

    We don't need the EU. Nor to risk a new Election,Screw them. We get May out, throw out the EU and watch reason when the UK Gravy Train dries up fast.

    May needs to Man Up- But she can't!

    Time to Man Up with a Leave PM and boot the rest. The public vote was to leave 29th March. Do it! Do not give treacherous MPs time to screw it up. Just leave and let Hell rule.

  62. you reap what you sow...

  63. The EU has banned all Boeing max 737 from entering EU airspace. That's going to cause havoc with flights and sales .

  64. Britain exemplifies the low calibre of leaders like rust rotting the cradles of civilisation. Nations have to bin them. Are any left fit for purpose nowadays. Feral youths and fiscally bankrupt Politicos
    Society needs to retrack


  65. OWON: 5G is coming with China now way ahead. It's a race where the winner takes all.

    The 5G Cold War Heats Up


  66. OWON: An illuminating article on the rot that is Netanyahu and the war he could try to invoke to avoid prosecution for his oh so many crimes.

    Will Trump’s Hawks Dare to Risk Israel?

    1. The answer is yes. He knows the truth about the whole sordid mess. But he will also tread very carefully.


  67. OWON: Using a recognised code-word it looks like the animals may be active again. You can't reason with these sorts.

    'IRA' says it is responsible for parcel bombs - police


  68. OWON: This is British justice as it used to be. A soccer hooligan assaults a player on the pitch on Saturday, in front of the Judge on Monday and jailed on the spot. As it should be.

    Jobless Birmingham City fan, 27, blows kisses to his crying mother before he is JAILED for 14 weeks and ordered to pay Jack Grealish £100 for punching the Aston Villa star 'as a joke' because he 'thought he was a k**b'


  69. OWON: Sadly new simulations show what those in the know have long expected, that in a conflict zone if triggered right now between the US and a China / Russian Pact, America would LOSE. American patriots, idealists and dreamers you get that - LOSE!

    It's like watching the 1936 to 1939 turkey show in the UK. War won't happen. Then it DID. Naive Turkeys! Across Europe 60M died, horrifically and pointless deaths. Hollywood fed America fantasy propaganda. As in Vietnam, mentally busted up. Yes, it's ugly.

    Post war the UK lived with the rationing and rip offs. Some people today have no idea what years of mass bombings do to cities - reduced to rubble. No Gas, no cars, no phones, no FOOD, fast or otherwise. No money! Welfare - get real?

    Why should Americans have to die for a self delusional lie? Never having lived through a homeland war, how can they presume to judge? What the Nazis failed to finish, the American government then ripped out of the UK in inflated and parasitic war debts. UK's stupid and polite Ministers failing to just tell the US to shove it. Idiots! Betrayed for stopping the Nazis then to serve 66 years to pay it off. Justice? Be careful turning your backs on Washington. Pork belly traders, the lot.

    Yet post 9/11 the UK opened our doors for all Americans and not one was left to suffer in London. No money, we housed and fed them. Real allies.

    Having never suffered what US forces and contractors do to others, if this were to happen, the brutality which would be invoked would be merciless as happened to the Germans post WWII. Too many have this simplistic view that it won't be survivable, but it will. Neither side will go for a complete wipe out. Stage one will be devastating and it will be a preemptive action. Then weakened, will the US then knowingly risk the lot? Forget sound bites. 9/11 total fear and terror.

    Who can forget Pearl Harbor? But Russia and China both know, if there has to be a next time, finish it! Follow through or the US will rebuild, and like with Japan, God help them then.

    So Yes, lets hope there is NO preemptive action, because IF it were to be, America needs to think the unthinkable. At this stage of weakened evolution, the odds are if it did happen, they will sweep up what's left. They have no choice. They know.

    Have you any idea how many times a Day Germans (women, children and men) were mass raped by Russians. Week after week, year after year! The Gulags. China's complete lack of compassion for Human Rights.

    Pride cometh before a fall.

    Of course we don't want it, but factor in what will happen if you lose? Just that?

    The war games simulations say America loses. The UK sat on their butts and life was easy. They denied Adolf. They got soft. Then it happened. The only thing that stopped the destruction of America WAS the British holding out alone. Buying time. Had they folded the Nazis would have come for America. They had the rockets and would have got the bomb first.

    Allies gave America time.

    So before America does a UK and ignore 'Hitler', if the war game predictions are right, what then? Or do we all arm to strengthen now? Because when we failed before, how did that work out? What IF your wrong, and the war games are right? Who can handle truth? Negative because it intrudes on soft living, or time to contemplate, an alternative fate. Hitler happened because people bought the Kool aid, like now. These are dangerous times.

    America gets its ‘ass handed to it’ in WW3 simulations: U.S. forces are defeated by Russia and China in almost all scenarios, analysts warn

    1. The simulations are typical Rand crap. The issue is and remains that destruction of the US results in a counterpunch that will strip Russia and China to the mantle. Everyone dies.

  70. America needs to build its wall and be done funding and fighting cabal wars. Fast track appliance of science new industries. No more kids dying for Aske Nazi lying.

    End wars, end arms races. Find Souls , fund peace.

  71. War is coming!

    EVACUATION ORDER! State Dept. Tells ALL AMERICANS to Evacuate Venezuela ASAP


    The U.S. Department of state is telling all US citizens living and traveling in Venezuela to Evacuate the country as soon as possible.

    Developments in Venezuela point to total societal collapse of the country

    Vast numbers of US Military Planes and ships are converging on Venezuela or offloading troops and supplies to troops now positioned in Colombia, Guyana, and/or Brazil.

    US Embassy staff were told to evacuate Venezuela earlier today (Tuesday) as their presence "puts constraints on policy options" for the USA.

    Tonight, the State Department also issued a LEVEL 4 TRAVEL ADVISORY, warning all Americans NOT TO TRAVEL TO VENEZUELA:

    Last week, major oil companies began preparing to move staff, equipment, and supplies to Venezuela.  They also began hiring people INSIDE Venezuela for future employment.  

    Intel Circuits are chattering with the following about why Venezuela is so important to the U.S.:

    Basically America invades Venezuela, takes the oil, then Israel and the U.S. hit Iran. 

    "With Venezuela in U.S. possession, the U.S. doesn't have to worry about Iran shutting down the Strait of Hormuz (Persian Gulf) and choking the world oil supply. America will have the largest oil field in the world to make up for it." 

    1. Which means we are all dead. It will escalate if such suicidal idiocy is implemented.

  72. Russia now has a base in Venezuela. As with Syria they will defend it. And win! They have armed with less,but smarter weapons . They have a significant lead with advanced wepons and AI. Which is what with superior technology America should have done. Spend less by cutting down on 990 mad bases and use part of vast savings to rebuild infrastructure, the wall and invest over 10 years in recovering the tech lead. Russia faced down both Isis and the US in Syria and help defend Iran and Turkey . If Russia puts missiles in Venezuela as the US has done all over the world, for the first time in only 5 minutes from conflict kicking off the risk is US homeland cities getting hit.
    That will soon change views and responses. This time Russia can effect a controlled war with America sheltering it's own homeland US style and let Venezuela do the launching .
    Intelligent conflict. It's no longer costly grunts on the ground it's AI weapons. With Russian S400s in Venezuela they can shield it and devastate attackers . S500s will detect and kill from afar and Laser weapons will soon show smart thinking with devastating effect. If China get sucked in also?
    Always it's about taking the oil . Taking power by hegemony. When does the meddling end. When the Homeland gets a taste? When a fleet is sunk? When Russian AI weapons devastate the infrastructure.

    Is it not time to end these games and reach out in peace? Iran faced down the US veneVenez now has been left with no choice . A new Vietnam? But this time with weapons hitting back at America?
    Moscow will be rubbing it's hands in glee. Chess Masters . Check Mate

  73. In solidarity with the UK - rip that bandaid off deepstate Brussels on March 29th John. Upcoming votes: bah! Don't blink.

    1. See bigger response above to Tino and All or Nothing. It tells all.

  74. It's a crazy world now in so called Democracies
    Now this truly mediocre PM May is going to vote against No Deal. How STUPID is that to negotiate from? Why are these Clowns ever elected?
    No Deal is the ONLY way top recuse ourselves from this EU Sty. The nations is now run by IDIOTS! The graveyard of the Mother of Parliaments. Vandals vote!

  75. Tornados, Major Storm Alert, Magnetic Moon Current | S0 News

  76. Since folks may believe the quite undeserved Rand reputation and thus believe the nuke simulations, I would strongly caution against that.

    In the simulations, there are multiple tactical and strategic escalations, using various assets in a sequence that sounds logical but is not realistic. Yours truly, unofficially, beat the US in simulation in the 90s at SAIC even though Admiral Inman had won twice as the U.S. with a stranglehold on the midEast. My solution was to glass the mid-East and that was that. With an IQ of 150 I am not stupid enough to believe either scenario was in any way a reflection of reality.

    In real life the math argues that there is only First Strike-One with Counter-Punch-One and Many-Strike with Counter-punch-Launch-On-Detection-Many because of the Use It or Lose It principle. There is a variant of the second, which is two-phase, utilizing the sea leg deterrent. That's it. The whole idiocy of dispatched bombers to make the rubble bounce is equally ridiculous because the war is over long before the bombers come over the Poles. Not to mention their extreme vulnerability to an airburst weapon(s) and any launch on detection fleets.

    So, when someone absurdly claims there is WIN or LOSE in nuclear war you know that this is some post-ColdWar ninny that got a degree from Harvard in Bayesian Statistics and never understood a single lecture he or she heard. If any Russian or Chinese General falls for this crock of **** all that has been accomplished is confusing the actual balance of power.

    Let me be absolutely clear -- Any homeland attack on the US will result in the complete destruction of China and Russia. Nobody is "sheltering 40MM in bunkers" successfully. They all die. We will, and do have the capacity, to glass all aspects of Russia and China in a launch-on-detection counterstrike, which will be followed by the sea leg to make sure everyone stays down. DO NOT believe these absurd fantasies that there is a "winnable" scenario here. A strategic conflict ends in the death of all concerned. No leadership will survive anywhere.

    I would rather not die because some stupid ninny at Rand suggested that China and Russia can win. The only outcome of a strategic gamble is death of the nations involved. The only winning move is not to play this. Everyone DIES.

    1. Tino, the RAND scenarios seems to be based on a conventional war in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. I didn't see any reference to a nuclear first strike or counter strike. Also it seems like we are fighting Russia and China alone.
      I would caution you with regards to applying 90s war game scenarios to today's weaponry. It is reported to that the S-500 system can shoot down ICBMs, cruise missiles and stealth bombers. I don't know how accurate that information is, but that is what I have read or heard.

    2. Terry,

      It's all a load of horse manure. Either the war stays tactical or it escalates. If it escalates, there are really only two scenarios and multiple flavors of those two. On mega-tonnage alone involved, everyone dies. Period. The Russians are dreaming if they don't think their 40MM in shelter aren't over-targeted at this point. Nobody is coming up out of the expensive grave. The only safe spot is the bottom of the ocean and only if nobody knows you are there.

      While many of the scenarios in War Games , the movie, are made up - the scenario generation is realistic in the sense that you end up in the same spot no matter which way you enter the escalation. For those that don't remember, this is the scene.

      What everyone forgets is the fact that having a hypersonic first strike missile doesn't change the MAD calculus. The fact that Russia is a threat because they spent smarter doesn't change the fact that they die exactly the same way as when they didn't have the hypersonic first strike weapon. There's no workable decapitation scenario. So all that has happened is we are back in the Cold War. There are no "winners" in any scenario that involves strategic escalation.

    3. And it's worse for them if so-called dimensional drops are possible. There is no defense whatsoever against that. Which means a dead U.S. gets the last laugh killing off the foreign leadership anywhere they are located.

      The current plays of attrition all favor China and Russia. Escalation serves no such favors.

    4. I agree that there will be no winners in WWIII, but I believe John is trying to make a point about people believing "something will never happen". People didn't believe Hitler would do what he did. I wouldn't place my hopes in the idea that Russia will never launch a preemptive first strike because of MAD. We have bases in countries surrounding Russia, which is something that we promised we would never do. We are trying to control Ukraine, which would be like Russia controlling Mexico. Putin is quoted as saying " if a fight is inevitable, through the first punch." I hope nothing happens, but I'm not confident in that hope.

    5. I didn't address your S-500 comment. The claims will fall quite short of reality. They always do. The idea that there is a system anywhere that can handle 10 hypersonic or re-entry MIRVs is poppycock. If the Russians want belief on this, let's see them launch a MIRVed war head and let me see the S-500 actually do it.

      The idea that anyone is hitting boost phase ICBMs or ICBMS's at apogee, at half-planetary distance is potentially and technically feasible, however, it implies reaction times on the Russian side that are not realistic in practice because of human-in-the-loop issues.

    6. Should say throw the first punch

    7. Tino, one question and I will let your response stand. If Chinese take out our satellites, which is mentioned in the RAND scenario, how will our missiles perform?

    8. I understand John perfectly. It's one-sided fear porn where the US sits as a dullard and lets it happen. This needs to be countered by a dose of reality. That dose of reality is that anyone stupid enough to run a first strike dies. There is no feasible decapitation scenario. There is no feasible attack-on-homeland scenario that doesn't result in the attacker being glassed into non-existence. To suggest otherwise means one is over-estimating first-strike capability. The sea-leg deterrent alone can glass the planet several times over. It doesn't f'ing matter that there is an S-500 system, which isn't operational for years to come.

      This idea that some aspect of both sides thinks there is a winnable scenario is the great danger because the most vocal may have a say when they should be told to sit down and let grown-ups handle matters. That the U.S. course is dangerous, insane, counter-productive and risking of WW3 I grant fully. But suggesting, repeatedly, as feasible, that Russia and China can WIN, encourages a situation where everyone dies. That's my objection. It really makes me fear who is generating scenarios in DoD, MoD and Russia China equivalents. These are reality-disconnects that can kill us all.

    9. Our missiles are not dependent on the satellites. Inertial guidance will still dump the missile within 100 yards of target. We had that capability long before we had the GPS we have today. And with nukes, close is fine.

    10. Ok.. I worked on the C5s guidance and control system when I was in the Air Force. That was also an inertia based guidance system. I'm not sure what they are using today. Thanks for your responses.

    11. My info is dated to circa 2000. I'm sure that certain matters, like missile accuracy, have remained highly classified, but 50 to 100 yards diameter to impact in was the standard as far back as 1995.

      More importantly, the nature of nukes has not changed, the nature of MAD has not changed, and the technical difficulty of hitting a 6-meterx10 meter cylinder re-entering at Mach speeds, under inertial ballistic trajectory, is a non-trivial problem. You can build only so many S-500 (if they work).

      Assuming neither side wants to go to WW3 since everyone dies, the proper strategy is for Russia and China to simply say no more and hold their ground at the tactical level. It is far far more advantageous to continue attrition. The Empire will be gone either way in 20 years. Either because the Old-Guard of the Usual Suspects dies off or because the whole shebang is unsustainable. In which case, Russia and China wake up one morning in a world with 100 US bases and not 990 of them. Remember, while I was arguing the US counter-strike, the logic works exactly the same if you flip the script. A US first strike is equally unsustainable as an option, again, with everyone dieing.

    12. Last post before I return to the difficult job of earning a living. re Putin, metaphors matter. A fight is not inevitable and throwing the first punch is not a necessity and this is not a fist-fight. The increased weapons and strategic posture of the Russian State has already made a US-escalated first strike an impossibility. This restores some degree of sanity because not having overwhelming power re Russia (or China) means the Neocons have to think twice.

  77. As an aside, if the Russians wanted to truly muddy the waters, they should allow their missiles to arm and detonate upon kinetic hits greater than a certain number of g's. That would instantly obsolete the use of the U.S.'s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system. Fallout is slow but lethal...

  78. p: From Twitter yesterday both day 1 and 2 are at the link shown in Rep.Doug Collins message.
    Rep. Doug Collins
    ‏Verified account @RepDougCollins
    Mar 12

    Today, the link will be placed in the record so the American people can read the transcripts of Lisa Page's interviews before the Judiciary Committee.

    1. Tom Fitton: Key FBI Officials Were ‘Bending over Backwards’ to Protect Hillary Clinton
      Mar 13 2019

      Mar. 12, 2019 – 5:57 – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss former FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s testimony on Capitol Hill and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

  79. Tino

    The reality scenario.
    1. Kennedy was assured the simple invasion of Cuba was a can't lose. Bullied by Jar Head Generals he trusted and went in. The result was the Bay of Pigs.Pathetic.
    2. Old Colonial powers even like France dropped Vietnam because " Charlie" was getting beyond uppity and had Uncle Chan behind them willing to expend bottomless bodies. Post Korea, you would think the DC " Intelligentsia- I use the world lightly!!!" would realise getting into a Chan fight needs bottomless body bags. Agent Orange and Napalm was used with abandon. War criminals massacred villagers in the disgusting My Lai massacre. They prostituted peasants children. A plague and shame on them forever. The hate in Asia will last for generations. Infamy.

    3. Bush 41 was warned he could beat Saddam but not win the peace.

    4. Mogadishu?

    5.Iraq 2. False complete BS WMD Intel and a million innocents DIED because a Texan limp brain wanted to show Daddie Bush how he could bully the poor Natives. Genocide. Blair and Campbell are War Criminals also. Phony Tony. The nation does not have enough Shrinks to handle a Homeland War.
    I do not castigate the balanced high IQ, well educated professionals you do have. Not at all. I give full respect where it is due. Also for the good hearts of so many good and decent Americans.

    But, you do also major in producing some of the biggest half wits ever to walk in the Western World. Worse they breed, together. Many it seems in Congress!

    6. Syria has been a complete Balls Up for you. 5 or 6 years of zero progress. Russia came in and within 3 months pounded ISIS out. The world noted. Assad faced you down, and won. What a mess- Again!

    7. Afghanistan. Russia knew when to get out. Did Vietnam teach you nothing? Afghanistan is a graveyard. Always has been. The UK got Ass whipped also. They sure as hell stepped with care this time.

    8. Iran faced you down. If Iran gets nukes God help you. And Israel for sure.

    The key reasoning to exploit such articles is to forewarn there is no good outcome to such wars. More pertinent to restrain US Pentagon Desk Jockeys from ramping up yet another No Win War. To utilise whatever negative media to restrain these Gung Ho justifying yet another certain debacle. The very Ethos of America as a job dependent Military Industrial Economy dooms it to eventual failure. Killing is not a justified Industry.

    It's a Moot Point who wins. Too many imponderables. Whatever we can do to rattle cages for no wars,and no more US Hegemony is reasoned tactics. Whatever it takes. Stopping it is key. Time to use heads for innovative progress, not lose them to wars. Russia has armed Venezuela. Missiles also. Manduro has nowhere to go. Pakistan arms and hides Terrorists. Bin Laden? They are also huge Drug suppliers. Why don't you attack them? Their nukes?

    Yet you will pick on Venezuela. Russia stood up to you in Syria. Have you learned nothing still? Do you really think the Moscow Politburo will allow you to hit a Russian base? How many times has Putin forewarned you not to push it.

    What will it take to motivate such a talented nation to win the world peace? Now THAT is Leadership! Lead! Feed hope, not Washington Defence Contractors. Fight Tyranny. Yours!
    I say that with full awareness of our own appalling and bloody Colonial past and atrocities. Empires end. Always! Ours did.

    We need to reign Warmongers back and and motivate innovation to feed each nation. Build hope! Or the West truly will- Go West! Sabre rattling DC not to attack but put back is good! How about we WIN the Peace? Venezuela is not about Democracy but Mongol hoard's stealing oil. Again! Why can't we look at expanding trade not raping nations? Including our collaborating Oil Moguls in London. Each as guilty.
    Values need to be Spiritual not Bank accounts. Who will lead, to advance humanity, not greed? Americas impoverished infrastructure is evidence enough. Reward excellence. End wars! End Hegemony.


    1. US does not attack Pakistan, it's an ally. It has been instrumental for logistics and launching.

      Nothing to do with nukes.

    2. An Allie who fund, arm and shelter the Taliban as well as assist drug running and Money Laundering is some Allie? Taliban drug funds buy arm's killing Americans and drugs activate US crimes. Allies? Pakkies?


    3. A 20 year CIA official, who was in charge of the hunt for Bin laden for a while. An analyst and operations manager.

      Before responding with a knee jerk reaction, I would highly suggest you check out who Scheuer is and what he has done publicly to educate us.

      Although entirely interesting, pertinent to this debate is at 3:20.

      Extended Interview with Michael Scheuer

    4. We'll see. I said my piece.

      The more salient aspect is not Bay of Pigs but the Cuban Missile Crisis. We had superiority, the Soviets knew it, and they had to withdraw.

      The current situation is NOT the inverse of the Cuban crisis. Weapon targeting and delivery is such that trading punches results in all dead, everywhere. Suggesting that either Russia (it has the weapons) or China (what? 280 warheads at last count...) can initiate a decapitation first strike is dangerous because someone there (they have stupid Generals as well) might believe you. Just looking at this says everyone dies.

  80. MP's in Parliament has voted down a NO Deal. How dare they?????? They defy the Electorate. Be assured, the fury of the Voters will unseat many in 2 years, or if daring go the country again. Many will simply not vote again losing all trust and faith in the whole rat pack system. Truly, they are shameless. Worse they have also voted NOT to leave without a deal. How dare they??? This gifts the game to the EU. May must be sacked. A new Leader in who says NO to the EU. Or better the EU to refuse to extend. PLEASE Throw us out!

    Both parties shame the nation. Each has denied the will of the people. This is as bad as it gets. Why even have vote if they ignore them? Talentless mediocrities know better?

    This is a sad day for Democracy. Also for the parties. They will pay for this at the Polls. Contempt for MPs has never been higher. Now their reputation is below Lawyers and Hookers! It's beyond sad. They sold out the nation for Self interest. Shameful.


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