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  1. OWON: With all respect to all our American associates, this is a Constitutional RULE of LAW, which Rosenstein and Mueller have evaded, abusing the Presidency and all correct due process, making Mueller's whole escapade illegal, and needs shutting down.

    On balance of all facts established and 2 years in with NO EVIDENCE of Merit, the Law, YOUR LAW, says Shut it Down - Now!

    Mark Levin & diGenova EXPOSE The Russia Probe From BEGINNING!

  2. BREAKING: Trump Family Donates $1 Billion To Wall Fund

    Director of Presidential Image and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, told our reporter in the field:

    “The Trump family is donating $1 billion to the border wall GoFundMe started by the brave and heretic Senior Mailman Bri-Bri Kolfags. They aren’t going to declare it or tell anyone where they got it, they’re just donating it. President Trump will sign an Executive Order making donation sources anonymous if the money is going to the public trust.”

    1. Good start by Trump.

      The US Presidents all get a vast multi B Bank Trade Program payment in office, as part of their share of the Slush Fund pot. How else do you think a useless, Usurping ex low grade Union Organiser, who unlawfully got 8 years in the job by Electoral Fraud, can afford vast multi dollar homes? Kickbacks!

      So Yes,Trump can afford to give $1B. Good PR and it looks good to the Voters.
      Be in no doubt there are funds to build the wall. Many!

      America NEEDS the wall. This is just more low Pork Belly Demo Rats tricks to deny America anything which gives Trump credit. It's sad, it's bad, it's Pelosi /Schumer and Clinton Rats.

      Harry Reid has rumours circulating that Justice will be calling from a Kangaroo Court with Military backing. In question, for him, is this year.

  3. Earthquake Watch, Snow Record Doubled, Mars | S0 News

  4. Major Naval Activity near Gitmo, Ginsberg Death, Comey Tweets
    Jan 12 2019

  5. p: This Muslim reach into our government needs to end.

    The Trojan Horse in our Walls.
    Jan 13 2019

    1. p: Sorry this is but at least it's an effort


    2. Do you want to impeach her because she has not sworn an Oath of Allegiance to Isreal?

  6. @zerohedge: Theresa May Could Be Removed As Soon As Wednesday If Vote On Brexit Deal Fails

  7. For those talking on prior thread re
    Cali Gov Gavin Newsom. He's Nancy Pelosi nephew

    Also father
    William Alfred Newsom III

    February 15, 1934 – December 12, 2018) was an American state appeals court judge, administrator of the Getty family trust,

    Newsom's late sister Barbara was once married to Ron Pelosi, brother-in-law of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. He was also a close friend of Gordon Getty, son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who lived in his house during the 1940s while attending St. Ignatius Catholic prep school in San Francisco.[2]

    He worked as legal adviser to the Italian division of Getty Oil and then as a tax attorney for the Getty family. Newsom helped to deliver the ransom money for the release of John Paul Getty III.[4]

    Newsom served as a financial advisor for the Getty family businesses. He directly managed the Gordon P. Getty Family Trust, which is estimated at more than $2 billion.[2] The trust earns about 2 percent a year resulting in approximately $40 million in annual income.[3] He screened potential investments and made recommendations on real estate, stocks, bonds, and other ventures. "I make my living working for Gordon Getty", Newsom said in 2003.[2

    1. Wow, good to know. Thanks Kimber.

    2. The more I think about this, the more interesting it becomes. Going to watch this relationship and see what comes of the issues that California has with fires, water, etc. and see if this Governor just lets things happen while milking the government for funds to 'help those affected and in need'. Just another way to launder money into the wrong hands.

  8. She speaks the truth;

    By Anna Von Reitz

    I was in a queer kind of agony last night, listening to President Trump's speech about Border Security.

    Agony for him and for this country, too.

    Here he was, stating it all so simply and clearly that a rock could understand the issues, yet having to deal with the Liars and the Hypocrites accusing him of "manufacturing a crisis" --- one that has been building since the First World War and which they were themselves decrying less than a year ago --- and urging us to put the needs of 800,000 federal workers ahead of the security and needs of 350 million Americans.

    I told you that the Enemies of Mankind are Liars. Did I also mention that they are hypocrites?

    Both Nancy and Chuck and all their ilk have repeatedly ranted and raved --- but all for show --- about the lack of border security. I am old enough to know that their hypocrisy stretches back decades and that if not for them and their "talk and do nothing" program, this problem would not exist now.

    It wouldn't even be a problem, if generations of Democratic Presidents and Congresses had done their job.

    With the Liars, it's always this way ---- always a matter of "talking the talk" --- but God forbid that they ever "walk the walk".

    I am totally fed up with it. I listen to Pelosi and Company with the patience of Job and pray to be delivered from the hypocrisy dripping from every word on every topic:

    Racial equality? What have they done to promote racial equality? Nothing. But they have done a great deal of self-interested promotion of racism and polarity and injustice.

    The Democrats--- Southern Democrats --- are the ones who "re-enslaved" black Americans as "public property" after the Civil War, but you will never know that unless you read the history for yourself.

    The Democrats are also the ones responsible for bringing in European Central Banks and promoting the evils of the Federal Reserve System and "deficit spending".

    It's their deficit spending system and false claims in commerce that have led to the inflation of the currency and widespread unemployment and racketeering by government agencies.

    All down the line, they preach one thing and do another--- often exactly the opposite of what they are saying. Just like their sudden reversal on the issue of a Border Wall.

    Six months ago or so, Chuckie Baby was all for a Border Wall.

    Nothing has changed, in fact, the problem which he and Nasty Nancy left unattended except for "talk" of support, has only gotten worse. Much worse.

    And there is Donald Trump, one man standing up for what has needed to be done for a hundred years at a minimum, being accused of manufacturing this problem.

    I have news for them. This is an old, festering problem that they have left unresolved.

    It was a problem following the First World War, when General "Black Jack" Pershing unleashed the military to sweep through California and the Southwestern States to pick up and deport scads of Mexicans who were here illegally.

    It was a problem after the Second World War, when Eisenhower had to do the same thing.

    If Donald Trump has to unleash the military to take care of the problem that the gutless, useless Democrats have handed him, it will not be at all "unprecedented".

    It will be the same answer and choice that other Presidents have had to make to secure our Southern Border.

    Time for all the children who have bought into the Liar's Sop to grow up and time for the Media Conglomerates to be busted up.\


    See this article and over 1400 others on Anna's website here:

  9. p: The ancient Cloud people of Peru genetically are of European descent

    Builders of Ancient Peru Found 800 Foot Deep In Cave?
    Jan 12 2019

    1. Probably Jehovah's looking for converts .

    2. LOL John, or maybe Atlantians?

    3. I come from a family line which can populate a continent in time.

    4. Needed that LOL John. Good thing hadn't gotten my tea yet! )


  10. OWON: It's hard to be a President when the media only lies! We will help bring you the issues.

    CNN Cancels On San Diego TV Station After They Report Border Wall Works


  11. OWON: Reality. The EU fears Eurasia coming. The Fat cats slush funds and Germany's power lost.

    What happens with a weakened Europe It gets ABSORBED by Eurasia which IS coming.

    Germany calls the EU to help in the fight against China

  12. Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Claim We Have Technology 1000 Years Ahead of Anything You See
    Jan 9 2019

  13. Big week this week for many .

    1. John, that sounds wonderful. Hope that means much good for the children of the world also.

    2. P
      What's happening to children is deeply heartbreaking .So much sick cruelty and disgusting abuse . Too many men are a Feral species.

  14. Sounds wonderful, John. You know that we are all rooting for you and the Elders.

  15. All the best this week, John!

  16. A pop song written by Larry E. Williams, a former roadie for Neil Diamond, and made popular by the American country music duo The Bellamy Brothers (1976). It was offered to Neil Diamond first, but he turned it down.
    For all on the Planet.

    Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (1976) HD 0815007 4,796,220 views

  17. CLASSIFIED: The most powerful investor you never heard of


    Did you know that the CIA has its own Venture Fund?  And did you know that Venture fund was key in starting Facebook and Google?  As explained in the book Splitting Pennies – the world is not as it seems.

    For many readers especially on Zero Hedge this comes as no surprise, as you are well aware of the octopus that wraps its tentacles around the globe.  But it may surprise you how active In-Q-Tel is and how chummy they are with the rest of the VC community.  It’s as if they are just another VC, but with another purpose.  Let’s look at some of the stats, from Crunchbase:

    you dig back you won’t see Google or Facebook on there – which is company policy for retail consumer investments that can impact the public (it’s kept secret behind an NDA).  Here’s how it works – In-Q-Tel may invest in your startup but there’s a big catch.  First, you have to sign an NDA which is enforced strongly – that you are not to disclose your partner.  Second, you must agree to ‘cooperation’ when it comes to information sharing now or down the road, such as location data on people using Facebook, Google, or other systems – perhaps only to feed it into a big data brain at Palantir.  Or perhaps for more street level surveillance.  The surveillance is known by fact, not conspiracy theory – but by fact – due to the disclosure of classified documents by Edward Snowden.  If it were not for Snowden, we could only guess about this.  The name of the main program is PRISM but there are many others.

    Rest of article at link above.

    1. The Agency has a vast number of Global businesses.

      While we were in Iran, Tehran was flooded with Agency low life's all negotiating trade / Oil/Gas and other deals for their own use. You have a monster loose.
      It hides as a Government Agency, but it is in FACT, just a ruthless, lying CRIMINAL racketeering Mob whose Agenda is to run the Drugs, People trafficking,Conspiratorial ruthless betrayals,all to service and create demand for their Military suppliers.Profit versus life. No Ethics for this Low Life force.
      If WW 111 does ever come, post the apocalypse which follows, invading forces who arrive to finish the job, will round the lot up with only one end for all of them.

  18. Big Volcano Rumbles, 2 Billion Sources | S0 News

  19. Ted Cruz tells Hannity about the border crisis in Texas
    Jan 10 2019

  20. So what's Trump's ultimate move, national crisis then martial law? I suspect the troops will be back from mideast but not for the reasons given.

    1. You have no ghost of a chance controlling the area of the United States and 300MM citizens where ~100MM have 650MM weapons with billions upon billions of rounds with the 4 cats of the military. Our infrastructure is distributed. The cities where the power elite like to live are incredibly vulnerable to being cut off of all essential services.

    2. Tino,

      Much as we all want Trump to get the Wall and succeed, the Martial Law controls would involve merciless, ruthless, Mercenary Contractors, including other nations under contract if needed.

      The Deep State will do all needed to retain control. Trump was the curved ball they missed coming in. They failed to factor in the will of the people.

      It won't be long before they come for your guns. The Deep State know, they have to go! They know, your guns have to go. It's long planned.

      Subjugation of the remaining 60% of the armed nation, post civil reduction, works for them. They will reduce the Ghettos if allowed. The Tri Lats and Atlantic Alliance want that. Keeping Trump safe matters. If he goes, hope dies also.
      If they deem it necessary, with Martial Law, to come for the guns, 90% plus will be taken in.Dead or alive. The Wild West is over. Guns will go.It's only when.

      Again, post 9/11, if Civil War does break out,America simply does not have the Anarchist Peasant Mind Set Determination to hold firm. Resolution will crumble,and you will end up an Alamo of one. Even that was false Legend. Hollywood!

      I think, and hope,Trump will get his wall. If not he loses the WH and he knows that. He fails, the Day Jobs goes. All World Leaders would Diss him. He knows that. It's do or die.

      We are a long way off US Civil War, and this nation is really not up to it. Nor wants it. Koogals dropping their nail files? The Earth moved?

      Either way, dangerous times. Not a way for humanity to go.
      The front line is no place to be. Behind even less. Truly,America as you know it with today's species, would fold in a month. Cut off Welfare 60M die. Come for the guns? It will be Warsaw Ghettos.
      I applaud your Patriotism. I concur the need. But the volume of resistance needed will fold and fast.

      Let's hope Trump has 2 more years to achieve. It him - or them! So far he's put NONE away!
      Atlantic Alliance talks indicate a lot. They see the guns as the new Martial areas. You see how little Trump can do alone? Or has. Not an arrest. No Caesar would have allowed it. They knew how to deal with dissent. The Appian way- way!
      Their power will be restored in time if he fails now.


    3. "It won't be long before they come for your guns"

      Not this century, not like next either. They have a hard enough time just trying to pass any type of control legislation.

      Canada couldn't even coerce a simple gun registry and we are far more passive when it comes to gun control.

      Every time they even mention anything about even control, sales sky rocket. Imagine banning and confiscation. It would be civil war.

      I think there is a better chance of Brexit, but not sure....

    4. On Trump: Why the heifer hasn't brought them in is one of two thing. (a)He wants them all at once or (b) He has been severely threatened. I tend to lean towards (b). I am hoping for (a).

      The Wall: It's coming...

      Gun confiscation: What a load of baloney. Stop listening to your advisors who have not been one mile inland past NY State or one mile inland past California. France can't even control a handful of yellow vested humans. You can't even mandate Brexit cleanly. You think a Nation (not a State) with a 2 century old tradition is going to let them take the guns... please. And remember -- On the ground, those with guns believe anyone that wants to take guns want to do things to them that a gun would prevent. It's why this Nation (not State) has 92-yr old grannies that kill those who would try to rob them, and in Texas, where an 8-yr old girl takes out 3 intruders breaking into the house. How about we return to Englishmen their Right To Self-Defense and Right to Arms before we blabber about volume of patriotism here for resistance? So long as the Deep State could move with the cover of ignorance and the co-option of foreign policy by the State Dept. it was one state of affairs. They've lost the cover and the co-option of State is breaking up. Now the middle-third knows... vengeance may belong to God, but providing the Good Lord with a helping hand is well within the capability of those that know.

      Any group that goes out for guns will die upon its return. Period. End of story. There are simply not enough hands on the other side. India forced the Empire out quite easily because in the end, a couple million cannot control hundreds of millions over thousands upon thousands of square miles. One guy in Maryland shot back on a Red Flag confiscation and all Red Flag attempts have ceased nationwide as the police wring their hands. NB the shooter is dead -- and they still are wringing their hands. To think our very clueless but otherwise very patriotic military will let any foreign mercenary on these shores is just silly. After they take out the Muslim trash in the Northern parallels the foreign mercenary will be executed on sight. The military will stop being clueless the first time obviously illegal orders are given. And then heaven help those giving the orders.

      By now it should be obvious that so-called Deep State is f*****g clueless about the real situation on the ground. When the middle-third decides it has had enough we will have the Civil War and it won't last all that long. I'm a city boy. But my country-boys hit targets at 300 yards, and the endless trained veteran snipers will take people out from ranges that they won't see coming. There is no ghost of chance at confiscation if it is overtly attempted.

      As someone much smarter and experienced said about these matters, if you execute all the lieutenants it doesn't matter what general, colonel, or captain gave the order... An underground base issuing orders that will not see execution is just a convenient jail-cum-grave.

      Frankly, the only remaining route to success for the Deep State is obvious but since they would lose horribly (as in they would die), their best bet is to liquidate their assets and move to non-extradition States in South America.

      The pendulum IS swinging and not in the Deep State's favor.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    6. Bob,

      Your comment was removed due to violation of OWON's TOS.

      Strike one of three.

    7. Tino,

      Reference your paragraph two above...

      I'm reminded of Lexington and Concord in 1775. Sure there was bloodshed on both sides, but isn't that what a revolution requires?

    8. Few people realize that while 10% supported the Revolution, only 3% took up Arms. We would have lost to the RedCoats had France not attacked the UK profit centers in the Caribbean drawing the British Fleet off the Southern and mid-Atlantic colonies.

      What the Deep State doesn't get is that ~100MM know. The cover is blown. The Moral Level of the Civil War is already completely lost to the Usual Suspects. Democide by force of arms will not work. Two more turns of the wheel and the Alt-Right will become a real political force not to be trifled with. No-one is going to allow the co-option to happen as it did to the Tea Party.

      No one is going to take the government full frontal. It will be guerilla. It will attack via all the oblique vectors and not-so-oblique vectors. NYC is a hopeless case. Once anyone with an IQ north of 115 decides to put the city to its knees, you will see just how inept the Fusion Centers and the NYPD really is.

  21. However many it takes, John! Lol

    Cal L. Girl

  22. PG&E Former CEO To Collect Millions In Cash While Utility Files For Bankruptcy
    Jan 14 2019

    ... while some 16 million California residents are about to pay sharply higher utility prices, not every is suffering: as Bloomberg reports, the utility's former CEO Geisha Williams, who abruptly left the sinking ship just hours before notifying the company's workers it would file for bankruptcy within weeks, is set to walk away with millions in cash.

    During Williams' brief two-year tenure , 57, the San Francisco-based utility accrued more than $30 billion in potential wildfire liabilities. And now Williams is set to make a lot of money even as she departs her former company in flames, so to speak.

    On Monday, PG&E confirmed that Williams will receive severance, and will likely be between $2.36 million to $4.46 million, depending on how her departure is categorized. The former CEO also has $3.1 million of pension benefits that may be in flux if the firm enters bankruptcy court. In 2017, she was paid $8.6 million in 2017, mostly consisting of stock awards (it was not immediately clear how much stck the company bought back to artificially boost the management's incentive-based comp). That said, ger unvested stock options and restricted shares will likely be wiped out if the firm enters Chapter 11.

    Williams knew the risks that she faced because of wildfires liabilities. According to Bloomberg, at an energy conference last year in Houston she said - jokingly -- that if she failed to change a state law on wildfires, “I won’t be here in two years.”

    Well, she was right, but at least she will be sitting on a beach, collecting 2.00% (at least until Powell launches NIRP).

  23. p: The first minutes are about Mike's time in the Navy and how it ties into what happened on 9-11. It also explores the Trump and JFK. Jr friendship and what each was doing at the time. I happen to be in the camp that believes John John Kennedy is still alive and helping behind the scenes.

    Trump And JFK Jr The Plan To Free The World With Truth
    Jan 14 2019

  24. p: How many entertainment people and others here in the US tie into this?

    How Malaysia's 1MDB Scandal Shook the Financial World
    Jan 9 2019

    Malaysia’s state-owned investment fund, 1MDB, was supposed to attract foreign investment. Instead, it has spurred criminal and regulatory investigations around the world that have cast an unflattering spotlight on financial deal-making, election spending and political patronage under former Prime Minister Najib Razak. The figures are mind-boggling: A Malaysian parliamentary committee identified at least $4.2 billion in irregular transactions related to 1MDB. In May, Najib was ousted in a general election as the scandal fueled a voter backlash that ended his party’s 61 years of rule. As the investigations continue, Najib faces trial on corruption and other charges and U.S. prosecutors implicated at least three senior Goldman Sachs Group Inc. bankers in a multiyear criminal enterprise, one of whom admitted bribery. Malaysia has also filed criminal charges against the U.S. bank.

  25. LAURA LOOMER and Illegal Aliens From Mexico Storm Pelosi’s Yard – Set Up Sanctuary Camp (LIVE STREAM VIDEO)
    Jan 14 2019

    Welcome to Casa de Nancy!
    Laura Loomer and a group of illegal aliens showed up to Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley, CA lawn and set up a sanctuary camp on Monday.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants open borders so certainly she will welcome the new squatters!

    1. Ha, ha, too funny. There needs to be a much bigger crowd of them. A tent city would do fine.

    2. Loomer is looming! Her misdemeanor rap sheet just keeps growing -- keep up embarrassing the pikers...

  26. So, the Macron administration is going for the Big Fail(ure). I again state that the Macron government will fall within days of shooting the Yellow Vests. That ominous turn is upon us as Macron doubles down. French police have now been fitted with G36 assault rifles and live ammunition.

    The War in Paris continues.

    1. And the crazy EU-elitist Macron doubles down again. Banks have quietly been told to shut down their ATMs to prevent the Yellow Vests from accessing their [read it both ways] money for the bank run protest of Saturday. Insanity... I now update my prediction -- Macron is out in 6-8 weeks if no police shoot, out in 72 hours if the police open fire.

    2. UPDATE: the French government is also set to impose new laws and regulations designed to curtail the protests. New regulations allow police to search, without reason, the belongings of any person attending a protest; banning certain persons from attending protests; and even covering ones face during a protest, allegedly designed to stop protesters from wearing scarves to block out tear gas, and force protesters to endure the constant chemical weapons they are being barraged by the French police with.

    3. NWO ideologies. Macron, like most of them, is a Jesuit / Rothschild nominee. The UK wants no part of these people .
      But, if Trump fails to clean the US swamp, America will follow .

  27. Humour.....Raw Message Printable View
    Recall Notice
    The Maker of all human beings (GΦD) is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart. This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units’ code named Adam and Eve, resulting in the reproduction of the same defect in all subsequent units.

    This defect has been identified as "Sub-sequential Internal Non-morality," more commonly known as S.I.N., as it is primarily expressed.

    Some of the symptoms include:
    1. Loss of direction
    2. Foul vocal emissions
    3. Amnesia of origin
    4. Lack of peace and joy
    5. Selfish or violent behaviour
    6. Depression or confusion
    7. Fearfulness
    8. Idolatry
    9. Rebellion

    The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect, is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of charge to correct this defect.

    The Repair Technician, JESUS, has most generously offered to bear the entire burden of the staggering cost of these repairs. There is no additional fee required. The number to call for repair in all areas is: P-R-A-Y-E-R.

    Once connected, please upload your burden of SIN through the REPENTANCE procedure.

    Next, download ATONEMENT from the Repair Technician, Jesus, into the heart component.

    No matter how big or small the SIN defect is, Jesus will replace it with:
    1. Love
    2. Joy
    3. Peace
    4. Patience
    5. Kindness
    6. Goodness
    7. Faithfulness
    8. Gentleness
    9. Self control

    Please see the operating manual, the B.I.B.L.E. (BEST Instructions Before Leaving Earth) for further details on the use of these fixes.

    WARNING: Continuing to operate the human being unit without correction voids any manufacturer warranties, exposing the unit to dangers and problems too numerous to list, and will result in the human unit being permanently impounded. For free emergency service, call on Jesus.

    DANGER: The human being units not responding to this recall action will have to be scrapped in the furnace. The SIN defect will not be permitted to enter Heaven so as to prevent contamination of that facility. Thank you for your attention!

    - GΦD

    P.S. Please assist where possible by notifying others of this important recall notice, and you may contact the Father any time by 'Knee mail'!

    Because HE Lives!


    n September 11, 2001 the definition of National Security changed for most U.S. citizens. For an entire postwar generation, “National Security”
    meant protection from nuclear attack. On that day, Americans redefined that threat. On September 11, 2001 three hijacked airliners hit three separate
    buildings with such precision and skill that many observers believe those flights were controlled by something other than the poorly trained hijackers in
    the cockpits. This report contends that not only were the buildings targets, but that specific offices within each building were the designated targets. This
    report makes clear the understanding that the planes were, in fact, drones, piloted by unknown individuals attached to the military industrial complex
    of the United States.

  29. We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

  30. How toxic Google is internally -- confessions of a Googler on the James Damore affair. And for a good place-in-context read, the follow-up at Vox Day.

    Please understand the broader implications, Google is setting up to implode. They make take an infernally long time to detonation, in the same way a collapsing star does to go nova, but when it does, bits and pieces of Google will be strewn over the planetary enterprise -- with a vast number of suddenly unemployed and completely unemployable (would you hire a Googler after reading the pieces?) former employees.

  31. "So many Swedes are lining up to get the microchips that the country's main chipping company says it can't keep up with the number of requests".

    Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin

    1. Swedes suck at virtually everything except hockey and skiing. A truly brain-dead country in love with globalist agenda.

  32. Sheeple to their slaughter. Big Brother is coming.

  33. Titan, Earthquake Watch, Dark Matter Still Missing | S0 News

    1. Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Pole Shift
      Jan 15 2019

  34. Trump's "Hammer time" For Obama, Brennan & Clapper
    Jan 15 2018

    he spotlight off this Operation Freedom Briefing focuses on the illegal surveillance conducted by Obama, Brennan & Clapper of President Trump, his team, Judges & Millions of Americans. Additional content available at

    General McInerney Operation Freedom interview:
    Mar 19 2017

    1. We thinking Westerners all seek action from Trump to take down the criminal Deep State , because if not, Americans will be lone voices crying in the night as Obama type Commissars bring in NWA with full vehemence.
      I have seen enormous changes in America over the last 30 years. Barking Dogs with chin stubble at Airport clearances, and that's only the female officers.
      Rude, aggressive and violating body searches I seriously Loathingly and angrily want to kill them so like many,I avoid the place now it's already a Nazi State. Attitudes have changed its like a Commie State on arrival
      Not a welcoming nation nowadays. Sadly.
      Funding and feeding Al Qaeda then ISIS plus allowing Israel freedom to run wild has affected Global balances. Payback but world harmony has paid .It's no longer peace in our time, but no hope of such ambiance left to these swine.
      So Yes please Trump, bring them down!

    2. Unfortunately I can find little to argue with the above.

      Dual-passport should simply not be allowed within the US government due to the obvious conflict of interest and loyalty.

      I nearly ended up arrested by TSA because I eyeballed the agent with that 'don't you dare touch my wife' look. He quickly stepped aside for a female agent though he gave me a more 'complete' frisk than needed. I nearly grabbed the SOB's arm stopping short by millimeters, hence the near arrest.

      Having said that, rural U.S. in many places is a true joy and the push-back is starting. There are little signs everywhere.

  35. Theresa May Warns ‘No Brexit’ Is More Likely than ‘No Deal’
    Jan 14 2019

    Prime Minister Theresa May is set to warn Leave voters that the political class are more likely to block Brexit than allow a clean, No Deal Brexit to happen.

    The Tory leader is expected to issue the threat in a set-piece speech to factory workers on January 14th in a last-ditch effort to cajole Brexit supporters in the House of Commons into backing her own exit deal, which has been excoriated as “the worst deal in history” by Leavers and Remainers alike.

    The Agenda Behind The Shutdown, It’s Not What You Think - Episode 1765a
    15 minutes
    Bloated government, draining the swamp, Brexit, etc.

    1. That's the one I saw also. Think he read the article in the Daily Caller. Also RIF-- that 30 days of Furlough, lay off that becomes permanent. Great way to see saboteurs gone also.

  37. Parliament not only needs forehead t this deal, but to sack May, go for No Deal, no more timewasting -Walk.
    That Irish Gobshite needs to have his UK beef exports cut with us demanding g 40% taxes importing Irish Beef where 60% of all their exports go. We would bankrupt the place in 3 months . His own people would hang the Bollock. Ireland will starve if we give them payback. F the North. F the Union. Let England walk from this shitehouse we have carried them long enough. No meddling throw away the key . Let them kill each other or export to the Scots.

    May will fail tonight .why such twisted eulogies the English voted OUT and that exactly what is needed. Nonsense talking of damages EU economies will hit melt down. Hopefully May is made to resign and firm Brexit take charge. Time the Eurocrats assume the position this dumb Mutt failed to force them deal, No divorce payment, no IOU just a very large FU!

  38. Sorry for mobile typos above.should read parliament needs to reject this failed deal

  39. I do agree with Tino that a national gun confiscation would trigger a revolution and I would hope the military would refuse to cooperate but local police are all Freemasons now and many are sociopaths who love the power of their firearms. We'll see. Fulford is reporting that Christine lagarde of IMF fame will be leaving soon. If that happens I will be more convinced that positive change is coming. A death announcement for RBG would be encouraging too. Doctors are beginning to come clean about additives in vaccines. Mine revealed recently that some flu VAXes have mercury. They would never have said that 5 yes ago!

  40. Karen Hudes
    Tomorrow night.

    John, what say you ?

    1. what is

      15h Tomorrow night.

      What does that mean? When did she post this? this was all she wrote?

    2. I hope it's good news. I recall a couple weeks ago Karen stated that no one would profit from the currencies. I hope the Dong is still good like John said .

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. On Jan 8 she tweeted "Today" lol

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  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. “When the entire MSM falsely framed the POTUS as a Putin agent,
    it crossed the line—FOREVER. The media has completely destroyed
    its credibility in the interest of destroying Trump. This has never
    happened before—ANYWHERE! The anti-Trump propaganda
    campaign is now so over the top that America has passed the point
    of no return. Trump has only one option. He must demolish Deep
    State. If he doesn’t, they will hound him for the rest of his life. The
    POTUS must release the FISAgate evidence. He’s got to prosecute
    the many other treasonous Democrat scandals asap. The evidence
    must be released into the public domain before it’s disappeared.”
    — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

  44. The old testament prophet Malachi wrote that, at a future time, the Sun of Righteousness would manifest to usher in a new an dynamic age on earth (Malachi 4:1-3). The Dead Sea Scrolls recorded a similar prophecy of a celestial epiphany in which God’s Light would illuminate the world in the End Times (Book of Hymns), and the Sibylline Oracles, penned by ancient Jewish and Christian authors, prophesied a final age in which a celestial conflagration wrought by a New Sun would usher in a New Creation (IV: 173-8, V:209-12).

    That civilization has been altered in the course of human history by tremendous terrestrial and celestial events is well preserved in history and by oral tradition. Cyclic changes in the sun have contributed even more significantly to an unstable earth, causing new solar epochs that have ruled the planet.

    A new solar epoch is upon us. With the advent of the Sun of Righteousness in our age we must learn to process the spiritual forces inherent within heightened cosmic/solar energy This involves the application of certain techniques, known to religious adepts down through the ages, for the survival of the human species and our spiritual evolution under the new state of the universe.

  45. Correct on all the above. Flatulent posturing goes nowhere he's got to go public, go big and understand he's chosen to engage in a snuff fight.
    There is no wasters exit gate it's annihilate or?

    1. Awesome ! hmmm, wonder if thats an appropriate word of the day . Only time will tell, Thank You, John.

  46. THE FOLLOWING IS FROM AIM .... The British House of Lords report with accompanying papers and appendices, is entitled, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.” The discussion which follows is drawn from the report itself, its accompanying papers and appendices, and other recent statements of the key participants in shaping the report’s conclusions. In the report itself, the Lords huff that Donald Trump has completely imperiled the globalist “postwar rules based international order” as well as the “special relationship” between the United States and Britain.

    Most of the British People I know are regular every day People like many of us Americans ... the ling to the source story +

  47. Karen Huges said nobody is going to profit from the currency's, Intel people mentions many times that the RV is going to be completely different from what people think> WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? IS THE RV GOING TO HAPPEN? I feel we are being controlled, lied to, manipulated, and I believed that IT IS ENOUGH! WHY? nothing is change: still being lie,manipulated and abused! COME ON HAVE A HEARTH in love


    1. Not commenting on what said, but who is saying it.

      Didn't Hudes also claim we were being ruled by a lizard race or something of that sort? What credibility she ever hoped to have, went out the window after that. Does she conference call with Icke? Nothing she says can be taken seriously.

  48. If Hillary had been elected, then I would say she wasn't far off..

  49. I am sorry for the misspelling HEART!!!!!!

  50. LONDON (Reuters) - British lawmakers defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit divorce deal by a crushing margin on Tuesday, triggering political upheaval that could lead to a disorderly exit from the EU or even to a reversal of the 2016 decision to leave.

  51. REPORT: Former General Counsel at FBI ‘Under Investigation’ for Leaks to Media
    Jan 15 2019

    The former top lawyer at the FBI is currently “under investigation” for intentionally leaking material to the media, confirmed Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows Tuesday.

    “The letter from GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows cited the transcript of a congressional interview with former General Counsel James Baker and his lawyer last fall, where the probe conducted by seasoned U.S. Attorney John Durham was confirmed,” reports Fox News.

    You may or may not know, [Baker has] been the subject of a leak investigation … a criminal leak investigation that’s still active at the Justice Department,” lawyer Daniel Levin told lawmakers

    “As we continue our oversight and investigative work, we felt it prudent to write to you seeking an update. Without being apprised of the contours of your leak investigation and Baker’s role, we run the risk of inadvertently interfering with your prosecutorial plans,” write Jordan and Meadows.

  52. p: This is an article about of number of drug related investigations and the starts and stops some experienced.

    String of Indictments by DOJ Point to Multiple Global Operations
    Jan 7 2019

    In October 2017, Sessions announced that he was designating the international criminal gang MS-13 as a priority for the OCDETF. Sessions came under some criticism for his actions, with many noting that MS-13 didn’t represent a significant force in the drug-trafficking business. But Sessions himself acknowledged this, while at the same time, noting the strength of the program’s reach:

    “MS-13 sells drugs, but they are not primarily a drug-trafficking organization. I have ordered OCDETF to prioritize MS-13 not because of their drug trafficking—but because OCDETF is such a powerful weapon.

    “OCDETF is able to hit MS-13 from all angles.”

    Interestingly, until early January 2018, the OCDETF operated under the direction of Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr. On Dec. 7, 2017, Ohr was demoted and stripped of his title as associate deputy attorney general. A month later, on Jan. 8, 2018, it was reported by Fox News that Ohr had been removed as the head of the OCDETF, as well.

  53. Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal
    Jan 11 2019

    Transcripts of two closed-door testimonies by Lisa Page, the former assistant general counsel at the FBI, have provided new insights into the actions of the FBI, DOJ, and others—including CIA Director John Brennan—regarding their investigation into Donald Trump.

    Included in the transcripts provided to us is information suggesting Brennan was aware of the so-called Steele dossier in early August 2016, and that he included information regarding the dossier in a briefing given to then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

  54. Knowing the above, as the world does, why has Mueller not acted with integrity and assigned resources to prosecute blatant criminality?

  55. Justice for your elected President, please? Invoke consequences for the theft of his Constitutional Rights, and Yours? Or you all have no rights! Obama , Clinton and the Bushes have betrayed you all . Bush 43 is a War criminal as is Cheney. Obama is a criminal Usurping Fraud. The Democrats are a disgrace . As is the Deep State . But who now will make right so many wrongs?

    America can only be great again when you find humility, and heed the wisdom of the Founders and such contemplations as founded the goals of Athens aconstitution. Retrack, and put back?

    1. John, our President and this nation needs justice. We see the hell foisted on our President and his family and then my thoughts go to the Benghazi 4, LeRoy Fincium, Seth Rich, and so many more including those many, many children who will never grow up. I can't forget the many we'll never know who have given their lives to help bring so much of this forward. Justice, yes, it's needed!

    2. Clinton and Obama should both burn for Benghazi. Others too!

  56. BREXIT vote fails 432-202 ..... May is getting hammered from all sides!

    1. Deport Theresa May back to her 'Handlers' in Brussels!


      While Trump has not yet demanded Glass-Steagall, nor a transformation to the Hamiltonian creditary policies proposed in LaRouche's Four Laws, he has committed to building the necessary international cooperation with Russia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Italy, and others, a level of cooperation which provides the only possible political and economic force to replace, once and for all, the bankrupt British financial system, through a New Bretton Woods agreement and international cooperation in the New Silk Road. The coming days and weeks can, and must, mark the turning point, towards this new paradigm. Most nations of Asia, Africa and Ibero-America are committed to that path, while the citizens of the European and American countries are demonstrating with their feet their willingness to fight for that beautiful future for mankind. This is the LaRouche moment, which must not be lost.

  57. p: Tino, your opinion please!

    During immunization, children are injected with Triton X-100, a chemical surfactant made by Dow Chemical
    Jan 12 2019

    Many people have been inadvertently allowing a toxic detergent chemical to enter their bodies. The list of vaccine excipients that the CDC released in January 2017 contains some of the most dubious and toxic ingredients used by the pharmaceutical industry. One such ingredient, Triton X-100, is an industrial grade detergent used mainly in textile and agrochemical production. The chemical is also used in manufacturing household and industrial cleaners, paints and coatings, as well as oilfield and metalworking fluids.

    Apparently, the toxic detergent is also used in the production of the influenza vaccine. As per CDC data, five influenza vaccines contain the hazardous compound. Surveillance data from the CDC also revealed that more than 20 percent of U.S. based clinical laboratories examined tested positive for influenza viruses during the Oct. 2, 2016 to Feb 4, 2017 period alone. Nearly half of public health laboratories across the U.S also tested positive for the influenza virus during the same period, data showed. More than seven percent of influenza-positive patients were younger than four years old, while 30.4 percent were between the ages five and 24. Another 30 percent of patients were between 25 and 64 years old, and 31 percent were seniors aged 65 and older.

    1. No wonder it is killing people!

    2. We use surfactants all the time. The question is - Is it toxic to humans, even in small quantities? If toxic, does the immune system develop a reaction to it via the vaccine, so that other surfactants in the human body get attacked?

      The Elite have used beta-subunit presence in certain african-destined vaccine as a means of sterilization.

      Since we can no longer trust the literature, everything placed in a vaccine should be considered suspect and ulterior motives should, at this point, always be considered.

      The influenza vaccine index of effectiveness is so low that there is little reason to take it. See Jon Rappaport's work on the topic.


      For those that want more on the vaccine topic in general...

  58. p: BRICS partners working together?

    Venezuela And Turkey Unite To Refine Tons Of Gold Amid US Sanctions
    Jan 15 2019

    Venezuela's minister of industries and national production will finalise the deal during a visit to Turkey on Wednesday.

  59. Our coup attempt to oust erdogan really backfired, didn't it.

    China wants to lead/dictate the new global century. I don't Trust them but I think a certain level of global government will be necessary to move forward in space.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. McConnell Holds the Line – Blocks House-Passed Bill to Reopen Government For SECOND TIME
    Jan 15 2019

    It is day 25 of the partial government shutdown and McConnell is showing no signs of caving to the Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continued to hold the line Tuesday and blocked a House-passed bill to reopen the government for the second time.

    Democrat Senators Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) once again tried to bring a House-passed bill to the Senate floor that would reopen the government. These are the same two Democrat Senators who asked for consent to take up votes on House-passed spending bills last week, and once again McConnell shot them down.

    According to Senate rules, any Senator can try to force a vote, but any Senator can also block them.

    McConnell blocking the Democrat Senators from forcing a vote reaffirms his commitment that he will not allow a vote on a Democrat bill that the President won’t sign.

    Thank you, Leader McConnell!

  62. p: God Bless you President Trump and administration

    I’m A Senior Trump Official, And I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance
    Jan 14 2019

    As one of the senior officials working without a paycheck, a few words of advice for the president’s next move at shuttered government agencies: lock the doors, sell the furniture, and cut them down.

    Federal employees are starting to feel the strain of the shutdown. I am one of them. But for the sake of our nation, I hope it lasts a very long time, till the government is changed and can never return to its previous form.

    The lapse in appropriations is more than a battle over a wall. It is an opportunity to strip wasteful government agencies for good.

    1. Thanks P, and this view is what the short video above that I posted talks about also. This IS draining the swamp. We have such a bloated government. Don't really need that many people sucking the tax payer dry. I work very hard and one third of my check goes to taxes. Burns me up.

    2. Biffie, that's a big part of why don't like working for anyone. You work your tail off and lose at least a 1/3 to taxes and healthcare. That last job if had taken on the healthcare would have seen 1/2+ my paycheck gone. Pretty much $25 a day, not much for as hard as I worked. Will take my chances with my sheep and pups and keep at it. Hemp may play a part, but not where am at now.

  63. Government shut down, any advice for us in the US??

  64. Tino,
    It's now his key imperative. Fail that and his Global moral authority is decimated. He now Owns it .

    He has to establish the wall .
    The UK has to remove Theresa May, but retain the Conservatives in power, because a loss to Labour will decimate the economy . Uncertain world's.
    Each need fortitude to accomplish .
    If Trump blinks on the wall, he will fall .
    Mays 2 years of inept political negotiations, resulting in such a crock of a one sided agreement, is indicative of how abysmal Leadership standards have declined to.

    The West, as you know it, is going there fast .


  65. OWON: Population growth or decline has a lot more to do with economic growth than is given credit.

    Asia is now in free fall. A major nightmare coming for China.

    Economic Breakdown Starts In East Asia due to Collapsed Births & Childbearing Populations


  66. OWON: Thursday Theresa May could be booted by her party or being vexatious could call an election and cost them all their seats.

    She will get wasted on the vote. She can't continue as a failed Leader. It's best she goes and strong Brexiteers take over.

    Boris Johnson brands Brexit 'coup' plan as 'NONSENSE' and demands MPs vote down May's deal


  67. OWON: Cohen is some piece of work, a real Slime Ball. Lawyers and Liars? Mueller will play him big time.

    Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is taking aim at the president and could inflict serious damage

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