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30 December 2018 to 6 January 2019

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  1. OWON: George Orwell would say success.

    In such a repressive society, the likelihood of an individual like a Mozart or Einstein is remote. The Deep State wants this.

    Low “social credit rankings” in China prevent millions of “untrustworthy” citizens from traveling – how soon until the same tyranny is unleashed in the USA?

  2. The new article is up to read

  3. Government Shutdown or Not, the Police State Will Continue to Flourish
    By John W. Whitehead
    December 24, 20
    “There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.”—Ludwig von Mises

    The government has shut down again.

    At least, parts of the government have temporarily shut down over President Trump’s demand for a $5 billion border wall.

    Yet while these political games dominate news headlines, send the stock market into a nosedive, and put more than 800,000 federal employees at risk of having to work without pay, nothing about this government shutdown will diminish the immediate and very real dangers of the American Police State with its roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized drones, red light cameras, tasers, active shooter drills, police misconduct and government corruption.

    Shutdown or not, war will continue. Drone killings will continue. Surveillance will continue. Censorship and persecution of anyone who criticizes the government will continue. The government’s efforts to label dissidents as extremists and terrorists will continue.

    Police shootings will continue. Highway robbery meted out by government officials will continue. Corrupt government will continue. Profit-driven prisons will continue. And the militarization of the police will continue.

    Indeed, take a look at the programs and policies that are not affected by a government shutdown, and you’ll get a clearer sense of the government’s priorities, which have little to do with serving taxpayers and everything to do with amassing money, power and control.

    Not even NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command that tracks Santa Claus’ route across the globe, will have its surveillance efforts curtailed one iota.

    Surveillance will continue unabated Government spying will continue unabated.Global spying will continue unabated Egregious searches will continue unabated The undermining of the Constitution will continue unabated.Militarized policing will continue unabated.SWAT team raids will continue unabated.Overcriminalization will continue unabated. Consequently, small farmers who dare to make unpasteurized goat cheese and share it with members of their community will continue to have their farms raided. Consequently, small farmers who dare to make unpasteurized goat cheese and share it with members of their community will continue to have their farms raided. These issues are not going away.

    They are the backbone of an increasingly aggressive authoritarian government, formed by an unholy alliance between the mega-corporations with little concern for the Constitution and elected officials and bureaucrats incapable or unwilling to represent the best interests of their constituents.

    1. Unless Trump affects the Deep State by major arrests, it will only get worse. How many do we have to name to example the failed Constitutions Shame?

      Why are Clinton, Obama, Comey , Biden and so many more not in jail? I will drain the swamp was the boast.
      Seen any from the Lying King?

      What do we really expect from a Grifter? It was the Chump or Clinton.where was neither on a ballot form,?

      It it's not unique to America. Politics has failed us all. None are good enough, the whole process and criteria needs a rethink .

      The Mother of Parliament's in the UK is now dreadfully exposed with the inept incompetence of Brexit . Its own PM is visibly incompetent. The EU a befuddled nightmare enabling Bankers to adjust human stock to need needs . Democracy has left the rails.


  4. When it comes right down to it, no matter how long a government shutdown lasts, it will remain business as usual in terms of the government’s unceasing pursuit of greater powers and control.

    So where do we go from here?

    If public opposition, outright challenges, and a government shutdown don’t stop or even slow down the police state, what’s to be done?

    Do what you must to survive.

    Go to work, take care of your family, pay off your debts.

    All the while you’re doing those things which allow you to survive from one day to the next, plan for the future and strive for freedom.

    Pay attention to the political structure that is being created in the shadows, the economic system that is chaining us down with debt, and the feudal, fascist society borne out of the marriage of government and big business.

    Avoid the propaganda mills posing as news sources.

    Express your outrage, loudly and tirelessly, to the government’s incursions on our freedoms.

    Act locally—taking issue with any and every encroachment on your rights, no matter how minor, whether it’s a ban on goat cheese or installations of red light cameras at intersections and on school buses—because reclaiming our rights from the ground up, starting locally and trickling up, remains our only hope.

    Resistance may seem futile, it will be hard, and as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, there will inevitably be a price to pay for resisting the emerging tyranny, but to the extent that you are able, RESIST.

  5. Dr. Riina Bray, MD, BASc, MSc, FCFP, MHSc, medical director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto: "As a physician who has specialized in the area of environmental health for over 20 years, I am mortified at the lack of accountability regarding radio and microwave radiation use in the everyday lives of Canadians. I am appalled by the poor, impractical and unrealistic research done in this area and the lack of proper, relevant investigations." [1]

    Olga Sheean, Canadian activist and Wi-tumor survivor: "Canadians for Safe Technology has identified 63 scientific studies —published between 2015 and mid-2016 alone— reporting the bio-effects of RF/microwave radiation at or below Safety Code 6 limits: biochemical and DNA damage, cognitive impairment, depression, insomnia, kidney damage, electro-sensitivity, oxidative stress, damage to developing brain and organs, as well as damage to nerves, immune function, glands, sperm and offspring." [2]

    Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST): "As technology advances and becomes a bigger part of our lives, Canadians’ exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from sources like cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and cell towers is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, there is no proof that EMR emissions are safe. More and more studies are emerging that suggest non-ionizing radiation is actually biologically harmful and that chronic long-term exposure can lead to cumulative damage. In addition, studies in Israel and Brazil have linked long-term exposure to cell towers with an increase in cancer." [3]

    The magnificent nation of Canada, blessed with boundless natural resources and agricultural abundance, has a 2018 population of just over 37 million. This national population is slightly smaller than that of California.

    In 2018, the Canadian government confirmed that one of two Canadians
    will have cancer in their lifetime.

    Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. [4]

    Wikipedia says that by 2016, there were over 30 million wireless subscriptions in Canada. This majority rule necessitates a huge and comprehensive wireless antenna network across the nation.

    In September 2017, Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, confirmed in a lecture to international experts that advanced studies show that RF/microwave radiation --classified in 2011 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as possibly carcinogenic-- must now be upgraded to confirmed carcinogen status (Category 1A). Dr. Miller, a senior epidemiologist for IARC, says that medical science can no longer ignore overwhelming evidence that wireless radiation is a CONFIRMED HUMAN CARCINOGEN. Watch a short clip of Dr. Miller's speech HERE.

    In 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, since the telecom industry falls under jurisdiction of the federal government, municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers and pole antennas. [5] A good high-frequency audio meter allows concerned people to hear the VOLTAGE OF CANCER that pollutes populated areas. Even towns and villages within the great Canadian national and provincial parks are infused with antenna carcinogen. Public places, including schools and hospitals, and certainly most homes in Canada, are toxic indoors from cell tower and Wi-Fi radiation. Much of this bioactive and carcinogenic pollution facilitates wireless entertainment and trivia, which previous generations of Canadians once thrived so well without.

    In 2018, the Canadian government announced that by 2020, it will sell microwave spectrum for 5G technologies. In 2021, it will hold auctions for experimental millimeter wave frequ

    1. Thank the heavens for orgonite - it transmutes all this negative sh*t energy into healing frequencies. I know people who "plant" orgonite at every cell tower & power station they come across. Until we can rid of these damaging energies at least we can mitigate them.

  6. “T” is for TAVISTOCK (Video)

    Fed Up Yellow Vests Surround Fake News Station in Paris (Video)

  7. It's interesting that Swiss banks also hide their assets from the Swiss by using offshore bank structuring. Julian Assange
    Read more at:

  8. Well, in a couple of hours it will be 2019 in my part of the world so wanted to offer a brief message to everyone.

    John and Canauzzie I would like to thank you both for the huge effort you have both contributed during 2018. I sincerely appreciate the personal time you have both allocated to OWoN and all of us individually throughout the year. I have continued to learn from all that has been shared here which has meant a great deal to me and has been very much appreciated.

    To all the wonderful people contributing here that I have come to know and shared with during 2018. You are a fantastic group of people to learn from and grow with and I have greatly appreciated sharing time with you all. Your endless contribution to the site have been amazing and much appreciated. You are such a diverse lovely mix of beautiful human energy and spirit. It has certainly been my pleasure to be here with you all.

    May each and everyone of you experience the most amazing year ahead in 2019. May love, peace and happiness flood your lives and make you smile often.

  9. Robot Slayer, just watch for loose Tinnies posing as Roos. Too many Drongos loose just lately.
    Hope the Earth gets to move for you. Lol

    1. Ha Ha you cheeky bugger.

      I'll be safe John, no worries. No Roos or Drongos will be getting anywhere near me. I can't see any earth moving in my immediate future either unfortunately. We'll just have to see what the new year brings ;-)))))))

      All the very best to you John for the year ahead. I've enjoyed the little bit of cheekiness we have shared from time to time throughout the year.

    2. Good wished to you from a Roo with a permanent tail.

    3. Also I answered your article questions. Biffies also.

    4. Re 6:11:00
      LOL. Thank you Mr. Roo. Watch that tail, they can turn into deadly weapons if not handled correctly. LOL

      Re: 6:12:00
      Thank you very much John.

  10. As the Pelozi/Schumer partnership will cripple America before giving Trump an inch, and February to March being possible for the pushed for Mueller statement, this combines also with the No Vote and Parliament vote down for May. Unless greasy and scurrilous MP's sell out for seats and benefits, she's in real trouble. But can we trust any Politicos? Weasel Finks the lot!

    Could this be a year of hell for both a hapless failed Trier and a pathological Liar?

    My sincere wish for all Politicos, is immaculate conception of HIV/HPV for the lot of them. For truly rotten people to rot from within.
    A disgusting species.

  11. Aurataya13, very nice thoughtful post.... well said and,, ditto!

    1. Thank you very much JD. Cheers to you for a bright year ahead.

  12. Is this Trumps Walls of Jericho time? Does Pelozi comply, or does another lie die?

    Trump is learning there are consequences when he opens that mouth,and without Kelly or Mattis to keep him safely in check, what the hell can he stir up without the restraint reigns they had on him.

    Home Alone with no safe hands shields to hire to control an habitual Liar? An interesting year ahead. Still, with so much time on his hands maybe Melania can try to teach him how to read. As Barons now passed 13 he can help. At least he can read for him. That's why Kelly and Mattis called time.
    Child minding is no place for an adult.

    Only one good point, at least it was not Clinton.

    It's his baby now, we just hope someone keeps him in check when train wrecks are bearing down. Next year will be interesting and we hope, safe.

    If he folds on the wall, trouble!
    Does, he, as a Man, face them down into February? More lies wont fix this.
    The Food Stamps and Welfare Checks stop first week of February. What then when 30M to 40 M of the ugliest bottom feeders take to the streets? The Dems will feed them Vitriol. The blame game has started. Soros will fund mobs.

    Who in his outer layer has the Intelligence to plan for this?
    5 weeks and the wheels come off. Or does he blink? Already his demands have dropped from $5B to $2.5B. It's looking like an Adolescent Boy pleading, Please, give me some pocket money.

    This is real time now in the Real World. Who fronts all this now for him? Bennies boy on call is the last thing needed. He's surrounded by Zios and Agencies.
    Left alone on his imaginary Throne,someone needs to tell him, that thing your sat upon, may be coloured Gold, but it's the John!

    1. Both Mattis and Kelly were not helpful in a net positive way. Both turned out to be obstructionist globalist shills. We need Trump to upset the Deep State applecart and he can't do it by being "respectable". Kelly is possibly most responsible for Trump NOT executing warrants on the Usual Suspects. Mattis' resignation letter clearly brands him as a supranationalist without a single mention of the Republic or Constitution to which he swore an oath. Good riddance to both. We didn't elect Trump for being a Presidential figure. We want him unfettered and on the move. Hopefully the gloves come off and we can see some momentum on issues near and dear to the US. Perhaps in the induced chaos opportunity for some PP,RV and GS may come about.

    2. Tino agree, both served a purpose when in office, but then no longer needed. They needed to go. Both are war hawks which this country has had too many of and still does. Midnight tonight kicks off the changes to how MT's can be done and although we may not see much, suspect GITMO and other like locations will soon be very busy.

    3. TINO I know you will appreciate .... Arrests in process. GCR getting closer. Govt. Reorg in process. Arlington closed (below = tough sheets Hilly+Barry+Mike+DS. Gitmo operational. As we Pray; we shall be Blessed! Our Forthcoming Blessing will exceed our expectations and comprehension!

    4. Are arrests happening? That'd be nice. Won't believe it until i see perp walks and Left liberals slitting their wrists and Neocons shooting themselves in the head, all in despair.

    5. Tino
      We can but hope. Please continue your strong support flying the flag for him. I will continue Bitch Slapping him until we see results . I want to see him succeed but 2 years in a litany of lies achieves nothing . He was elected to Drain the Swamp.

      I'm not surprised to see so little top action, it needs a focused intellect not one visibly mentally challenged .

      Let's see if this year 3 years in he can start to deliver at last. Clinton, Soetoro, Biden, Cheney, Comey, the list is endless. The Clintons deny belief that such blatant criminality goes unpunished. Rapist Bill?

  13. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! I love you guys and this site. Keep up the great work.

  14. John, thank you for your comment over on the new article.

    I shared the article with a fellow at work last night. His comment to me was only about the financial part. Sheesh...I expected him to comment on the special gene humans have. So hard to wake folks up.

    Looking forward to the new year whatever it brings. Have a happy everyone!

    Elizabeth Warren Announces Plans For Presidential Run

  16. Raise a glass in remembrance
    Good times & good friends
    Raise a glass to the future
    Whatever it sends
    Raise a glass to your loved ones
    Be they many or few
    And then, for good measure
    Raise your glass and toast you.

    Thank you, Canauzzie, John, Bob, Tino, Ajnaandy, and so many others - I so appreciate the knowledge in this forum. I've said it before and perhaps this time will be the last time - May this new year be THE year.

    And may you be richly blessed.

  17. Q Military Intelligence Has Been Legally Investigating The [FBI-DOJ] CHECKMATE
    Dec 31 2018

  18. Justice is Coming, #GITMO Style -- Dr. Dave Janda
    Dec 30 2018

  19. Effective January 1st, the Honorable Patrick M. Shanahan assumes the responsibilities of the Acting Secretary of Defense.

  20. Elvis Presley - Auld Lang Syne 31/12/76 (Final Time Performed Live with video footage)
    Dec 28 2016

  21. Be clear this is Trumps year to put up and Drain the Swamp. Results are clear. So far zero!
    Forget political spin. The world is watching and judging. If he fails again this year the media will have a years free lunches for attack dogs.
    If he can't get Clinton and Comey Launched plus Soetoro arraigned, he's going to look impotent .

    The best thing we can do is help his support team see just how badly he's profiling. He needs a simple Dummies Chart with a single question. How many of these have you put away? When is he going to get it? It's the Deep State or him
    Mueller has no interest in justice. He will use any excuse to threaten witnesses to try to set up Trump. Why are the Clinton's not aleady in Jump suits? Why has Comey been left free? When will Epstein's guest list be published?

    Does Trump have a clue about the PPs and GS. Does he have a clue about any of it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Aurataya, I brought this post over from Report #14 to ensure you see this. Two excellent sources of more information - Dr. Joe Dispenza's book "Becoming Supernatural" speaks to our bodies and dimensions. Also, the work of Kryon - he has been telling us for 30 years that "you came from the stars". Not as detailed as the Notch2NL explanation given here, but excellent resource information. If you go to you will find reams and reams of information, both transcriptions and audio recordings, on our true origins. Happy discovering!

    1. Thank you so much Mygirl. I caught your message this morning on Report 14 and responded there. You are a sweetheart to go to this trouble for me, thank you very much.

      Have to be careful listening to too much of Kryon's voice recordings, he makes me melt a bit lol. The tone of his voice is seriously magical to me.
      Thanks again Mygirl. Keep smiling Chickadee XX

    2. Oh I hear you on that, Aura - Kryon sends me off to dreamland many nights. A whole new version of pillow talk. :) And he kept me company many days this past spring when my husband was living in rehab and I was repainting the house.

      I'm always up for discovering new "things", John. You know that by now, don't you?? LOL

    3. LOL Mygirl, you make me giggle.

      How is hubby going these days Mygirl? So he is home now?

  23. Thanks mygirl 56.

    Now your thinking.
    Now about discovering? Lol

  24. Its only day one of our new year and already the UK has its first new stabbing in Manchester by a Somali immigrant. Muslim!

    Germany has had Muslim attacks today.

    Who gave our Politicos the right to allow this trash the right to invade our lands?

    This will build up to serious mindless Right Wing extremism and the costs will be huge!

    Muslims are despised across the EU. But what of their innocent and good contributors?
    The backlash will be indiscriminate. A lot of little Adolf's are waiting.

    We need selection screening. Illiterate trash need to be blocked. All Asylum laws need review.

  25. Fact Check #147 White Hat Auxiliaries
    Jan 1 2019

    Happy New Year!

    I hope your holiday celebrations were pleasant and refreshing.

    WHA is now in its 5th year. I think it is only fair to discuss future plans. This is not an easy task since we cannot predict the watched-for outcomes with a high degree of reliability or certainty. So, the future course will be subject to alterations based on results, or lack of. Information of late points to the first quarter of 2019 for some possible commencement.


  26. OWON: Yes a great time for Trump to come, but No Deal to the EU we MUST walk.

    Will Gutless MPs follow the peoples wishes?

    No 10 plays down talk of Donald Trump state visit to UK in May


  27. OWON: Day one the bloody Immigrants are stabbing already.

    We have a Muslim bloody Mayor in London, and a Tossers EU directive. How to deal with them?

    Why are they here? Any of them?

    Ask the nationals whose land it is. Do we want them? NO!!!!!

    It's a Global problem. Throwbacks don't fit!

    Manchester Victoria station stabbings 'a terrorist investigation'


    Thank you. Gratitude. John, Tony, Canauzzie,Tino,Tim,Bob,MyGirl,P,Texan,All who post.
    "What A Wonderful World" OFFICIAL Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole 66,231,992 views

    Blessings All and Mother Earth.
    “Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.”― Brian Tracy

    It was good for the skin to touch the earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth… the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of propping himself up and away from its life giving forces. For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply and to feel more keenly. He can see more clearly into the mysteries of life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him. 10 Sioux Indian Chief Quotes That Shatter Our Idea of ‘Modern’ Culture


    1. He will be missed. His version of 'Over the Rainbow' is one of my favorites all time.

      OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

      Another one of my all time favorites:

      Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

    2. I would also like to wish you a Happy New Year A44L91. And would like to express my thanks to you for being here with us all sharing and contributing as you do. You have very unique energy A44. I sense your gentle caring soul XX

    3. A44L91 Thanks for you kind words and your wisdom. 2019 will be a Great Year!

    4. Only if we get a date and positive commitment to redeem what is long overdue owed, both PPs and the GS, linked also with the essential filling of Gitmo with deserving corrupt cases.

    5. Fell in love with Iz's music on our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii. Mmmm, good stuff. A44L91 - ditto what Aurataya said.

  29. Health Basics: The TRUE History of Cancer in the USA

    Biffie: Excellent article and good info about prostate cancer in comments.

  30. Time for arrests is way overdue #realDonaldTrump #MAGA

    The Clinton's are not "good people" as you once stated. 3 hots and a cot for life is too good for them, yet acceptable.

    1. p: Foreign agents, murder, treason, pay to play and an active FBI field investigation.

      Jan 2 2019

      The spotlight of this video focuses on President Trump & the Whistle Blower's who have targeted the Deep State's tentacle The Clinton Foundation.

  31. Interesting Romney seeks to publicly criticise and rebuke Trump.

    This from a man who believes in Smiths disappearing Gold plates, but keeps the 4 wives Muslim bit.
    A Man who fronted for Bush in the Falcone Bush 41 $1T Program profits heist. A Man who created the funds which Lawyers allege bribed Biden and Clinton.
    A Man who it was alleged by West Palm Beach FBI Officers,( We have their names!) Mueller ordered them not to investigate or interview him over this vast Fraud.

    Fancy Dress and Dirty Knickers?

    If only we could write Trumps response for him, bringing both Romney and Mueller for full Public attention. Lifting those skirts? ( Like Big Mike? )

    1. Romney is John McCain's Deep State replacement...he is only there to be another Republican obstructionist.

    2. A Fake Permatan Snake. With hidden Offshore accounts.

    3. Why Romney Lost South Carolina: His Past At Bain Capital
      January 22, 2012 by Eric deCarbonnel

      Ignoring for the moment the issue of voter fraud, I want to explain why Romney lost South Carolina: the documentory "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" released by Newt Gingrich's "Super PAC". It is an utterly devastating depiction of Romney’s past.

      (This documentary is not a criticism of capitalism. What Romney and Bain were doing wasn’t capitalism. It was unprosecuted fraud.)

      When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version

  32. DJT needs Americans behind him now more than ever!

    1. He is time limited. If the GS and arrests don't start soon, bad PR for sure will.
      Drain the swamp, or get flushed away with Theresa May. Maybe a night with Big Mike will get him moving.

  33. John, have you had firm dates before?.... it seems arrests will have to come before any feel the fire and release funds...

    1. The first email we smashed into the US this morning WHEN??????
      Be assured , daily we tangle.

    2. John, how can sending emails cause them change to change their behavior after they have been delaying this process for so long?

    3. Wear down process. They need AU. Ever more as China and Russia tank the Petro Dollar.
      They have made 2 solid appeals over the last 2 years to 12,500 Mts. We advised No to both and each was rejected.
      Now it's a pre condition. That has them focused.

    4. I understand... thanks for your response. At this point, up or down for the West Coast?

    5. No sign of West Coast activity yet . The PPs will have to go first .

    6. Terry

      There are a few on the West Coast I could sanction an up and down approach for.

    7. Up and down activity may be what's needed in order to get this

  34. "Pay The F*ck Up": Hackers Threaten To Dump Secret 9/11 Attack Files If Bitcoin Ransom Not Met
    Jan 2 2019

    A hacking collective known as The Dark Overlord announced on New Year's Eve that it had broken into the computer systems of a law firm and obtained files related to the September 11 attacks - threatening to publicly release a large cache of internal files unless a hefty ransom is paid, according to Motherboard.

    Dark Overlord's demands targeted several insurers and legal firms, including Lloyds of London, Silverstein Properties and Hiscox Syndicates. It is unclear what exact files were stolen by the group, however the hacking collective tweeted "We'll be providing many answers about 9.11 conspiracies through our 18.000 secret documents leak from @HiscoxComms and others."

  35. There's a lot of activity on parties reading the new report attached. It's connecting dots for many .

  36. Looks like Trump is not backing down on the wall.

  37. Do you all really think Trump is serious about the wall? I think it's a diversion, an opportunity to shut down the government and maybe round up a lot of criminals, maybe something else. The wall itself doesn't make any sense at this point in time. We don't need a wall; surveillance is better achieved through drones and men on the ground. Barbed wire and electric fences would achieve more than a wall; it's symbolic, not practical. That's why I doubt the sincerety of it.

  38. I disagree.... wall works well for all those apposed to "Trumps" wall.... put
    surveillance on top of the wall....

  39. These side battles are not about anything other than power.... power in the hands of good vs bad.... my view anyway

  40. p: Until we've gotten to a point where the deep state has been defeated and plucked of all their ill gotten gains,and sitting in jail ------ we need that wall.Those children that were being helped, got no help from those they were traveling with.

    US Fires Tear Gas Into Mexico As "Violent Mob" Of Migrants Rush Border
    Jan 2 2019

    US border agents have reportedly fired tear gas into Mexico to push back against what one official called a "violent mob" of migrants as they rushed the US-Mexico border near Tijuana.

    Reuters reports that clouds of the noxious gas could be seen wafting up from around the fence at the border. One migrant picked up a canister and threw it back into U.S. territory.

    More than 150 Central American migrants approached an area of the border in Tijuana in the Playas neighborhood near the beach late on Monday.

    Migrants said they thought security measures might be relaxed due to the New Year’s holiday.

    U.S. security personnel fired tear gas into Mexico after midnight as some migrants prepared to climb a border fence, according to the Reuters witness. During a second attempt, migrants began to pass youths and children over the razor wire along the fencing to the U.S. side.

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman called the group “a violent mob” and said they had thrown projectiles at agents who responded with “the minimum force necessary to defend themselves.”

    “Congress needs to fully fund the border wall,” Waldman said in a statement.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement the gas was aimed upwind of people throwing rocks on the Mexican side who obstructed agents from helping the children being passed over razor wire.

  41. Comments under the new report are very high and have a life of their own. Interesting.

  42. Forex markets are being hammered overnight. People are retreating into Dollars. Japan and China are under stress. Capital is running for cover.

    1. John what does that mean for us and the PP's?

    2. Roller coaster times but we may soon let rip a report which, if we had an honest MSM, would tear the heart out of the Deep State .

  43. John even though we are reading the following "Karen Hudes

    15h15 hours ago
    We, humanity, are now in a reality where we control the world's wealth. The real challenge is to keep the people who are still duped by the Banking Cartel from destabilizing things"
    who then is keeping the PP , settlement at bay ? Can you name and shame them ?

    1. Greenspan, Baker, ( previously Bush 41) Agency deviants, US Treasury Secs, FRB NY Zio Mafia, plus 3 or 4 key Bankers. Add the Jesuits, Black Pope, and usual Rotts.
      Vested interest Crocks. All playing with your money and lives.
      Until and IF Trump does the job he was elected for, and starts taking them down.
      Or, have you elected a talking Clown?
      Arrests? Hello? Only by holding him to account may we see action. Is he compromised to Bennie's boys?

    2. We will release a report with pics and evidence of the mass corruption and murderous ruthless of Bush 41,Greenspan and the depth of FBI cover ups and treachery. Attempted murders also to Bushes order .

  44. Whole Foods pulls off elaborate five-year GMO labeling hoax; lies to customers and hopes nobody remembers
    Wednesday, January 02, 2019 by: Mike Adams
    (Natural News) Whole Foods Market, now owned by Amazon, has pulled off an elaborate five-year GMO labeling hoax that deceived its own customers while promoting the ongoing sales of genetically engineered foods. Back in 2013, under intense pressure from honest food advocates who exposed Whole Foods’ retailing of unlabeled GMOs, the food giant disarmed critics by promising that, by the end of 2018, everything it sells would be accurately labeled with its GMO content.

    The clean food movement took Whole Foods at its word, backing off from pressuring the retailer, believing a significant victory had been achieved and that Whole Foods would keep its promise. Today, five years later, we now know that Whole Foods betrayed its customers and quietly walked away from its five-year promise to label GMOs on everything it sells. The original promise has now been revealed to be an elaborate corporate hoax that sought to deceive the very same Whole Foods customers who demand honest food labeling.

  45. In 2013, Whole Foods promised “full GMO transparency” … but it turned out to be an insulting hoax

    As Natural News reported in 2013, Whole Foods boldly promised it would require every product it sells to accurately disclose its GMO content in a clear and concise way on the product label. This labeling would be in place by the end of 2018, Whole Foods promised.

    “Our goal at Whole Foods Market is to provide informed consumer choice with regard to genetically engineered ingredients,” the company said on its website. “Accordingly, we have set a deadline that, by 2018, all products in our U.S. and Canadian stores must be labeled to indicate whether they contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Whole Foods Market is the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for full GMO transparency.”Today, nearly five years later, Whole Foods has stealth edited its page and wiped out its previous commitment. Instead of promising to label GMOs, Whole Foods now says, “As always, our goal is to provide our customers with information to make informed choices.”

    But how can consumers make informed choices if the foods aren’t labeled?

    Laughably, the Whole Foods web page that lies to its own customers features a subhead called, “GMO Transparency” followed by “Our Commitment.” But what is Whole Foods’ commitment to GMO transparency, really? No commitment at all. Nothing but lies.

    In fact, Whole Foods actually joined efforts with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling laws at the federal level:

  46. Flashback: Whole Foods trained its employees to lie to customers about GMOs

    Around the time that Whole Foods was initiating this elaborate hoax, some stores were also systematically training employees to lie to customers about GMOs. This was exposed through undercover video filmed by a group known as The Organic Spies, whose videos were featured on the Health Ranger YouTube account that was, of course, banned by YouTube / Google as part of its censorship of independent media. We built and launched because of this, creating a free speech video platform now visited by millions of video viewers each month.

    YouTube banned the Organic Spies video as early as 2012 in an effort to silence the truth about Whole Foods’ massive deception and lies. That year, Natural News released the video that recorded Whole Foods employees blatantly lying to customers, falsely claiming that Whole Foods sells no GMOs at all.

    To this day, there are Whole Foods employees who falsely believe Whole Foods sells no products containing GMOs. In truth, Whole Foods is one of the largest retailers of GMOs in America, selling tens of millions of dollars worth of genetically modified food products each month, almost all of which are unlabeled for their GMO content. (Read for more news updates.)

    Whole Foods proves itself to be a dishonest, deceptive retailer of unlabeled, genetically engineered foods contaminated with glyphosate

    The conclusion to all this is clear to anyone paying attention: Whole Foods is a dishonest, deceptive retailer of GMO foods that are laced with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide. The corporation deceptively lies to its own customers about what it sells them, and now people are buying genetically engineered, glyphosate-contaminated food products from Whole Foods while falsely believing they are purchasing clean, organic, non-GMO foods.

    Not surprisingly, — the owner of Whole Foods — also retails hundreds of millions of dollars worth of glyphosate-laced, GMO food products each year. While Jeff Bezos generates profits from selling poison, Monsanto (now Bayer) benefits from the ability to continue selling unlabeled GMOs and glyphosate herbicide that contaminates the food supply.

    In pursuing this, Whole Foods has pulled off what must be the greatest hoax in the history of grocery retailing, and because of the extreme censorship by the tech giants, most Whole Foods customers have no idea they’re still being lied to.

    This year, Natural News will release glyphosate testing results for Whole Foods products. The media will refuse to cover it, and only people who read Natural News will know the truth about the poison that Whole Foods keeps selling for profit. Once again, Natural News proves to be the only reliable source in the world when it comes to honest, scientifically accurate reporting on what Whole Foods is really selling.

    Whole Foods is half truths. They lie. They deceive. They plot against their own customers and sell them food products laced with cancer-causing chemicals. Whole Foods is EVIL in the same way Google is evil, Amazon is evil and Facebook is evil. All of these corporate giants exploit and deceive their own customers, usually while claiming to “do no evil.”

    It’s about time someone put together a class action lawsuit against Whole Foods and went after them like Big Tobacco. Whole Foods represents the worst ethics found in modern food retailing, and the corporation knowingly profits from selling products laced with cancer-causing herbicide chemicals. (Just read the ingredients in the items offered at the Whole Foods food bar, and you’ll be astonished to find out how much GMO canola oil they sell.)

    1. A44, Most of us out here in this area know that whole foods is a fraud and I have never shopped there. This is a huge organic health area, and they did not fool us.
      Thanks for this current report.

  47. A44

    Excellent reports. Its getting exposure for you. The Sheeple are awakening.

  48. Our attached report Lifting the Veil report 14 is getting more comments than we've had for the last year or more. It's got traction. It's also opening a lot of minds.

    1. Yeah, because this big mouth right here cannot shut up for five seconds. LOL
      I am sorry for being such a comment hog on report 14 but the subject matter is fascinating and I just love talking about it and pondering every aspect of possibility.

  49. It's actually enlightening minds and raising awareness we've all been sold a Pup . Like Trump's rented women,Truth does not stay buried.

  50. John here is another opinion that may interest us : Karen Hudes

    44m44 minutes ago
    More Karen Hudes Retweeted Karen Hudes
    Currency speculators left out of the Global Currency Reset. I just blocked another currency trader (you know who you are). If you don't live in the country whose currency you are holding, you will not be able to exchange that currency for currency out of gold. AN opinion ? thank you.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Senate Judiciary Committee Sets Confirmation Hearings For AG Nominee Bill Barr Jan. 15-16
    Jan 2 2018

    The Senate Judiciary Committee set confirmation hearings for President Trump’s AG nominee Bill Barr for January 15th and 16th.

    William Barr, former Attorney General who served under George H.W. Bush was nominated by President Trump in December to be the next Attorney General.

    Barr, 68, currently works as a lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis and served as United States Attorney General from 1991-1993.

    Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett previously cautioned against Trump choosing Barr to replace Sessions as AG saying he is a Washington insider.

  53. Apple's c35% fall from grace will be causing Tsunamis in Hedge Fund Insurance calls for Derivatives gambles and that's 350 B in losses. Hello Bankers who swallows that .

    Again Derivatives it's a suicide game which can collapse the world left without ring fencing . Madness it should never have been allowed. Wall Street again and the 65% of Global Hedge Funds running out of London greed driven. If that sucks down others it opens banks to the perfect storm.
    Bankers and Pension Funds? Madness!

  54. Settlements, what money Left?

  55. Goldman's are panicking now about Apple alone. Wait until the Insurers, Banks, Pension Funds and Hedge Funds clock in with hands out. So many greedy F Pig Derivatives Traders are going to get Cash Calls on them and find their equally sleeze grubbing Insurers sold them 500 times more paper than they have funds to cover,thinking What the Hell.
    Well Hell may be arriving.

    But think also positive.

    The Bush Family, Cheney,Greenspan, Kissinger,the Agencies,WF, JPM and all the Skip Rats linked in, may now be facing Doo Doo so deep they need the Settlements just to get out.
    Whose Jew pays you? Or not?

    Invest in Toilet Paper Mfs? Quick?
    Sometimes you just know, MO has to go.

    1. "Invest in Toilet Paper Mfs"....Sometimes you sound like you are from the Hood

  56. It's about time! They suckered the world, time to pay their dues


  57. OWON: Theresa May's inept and pathetic management of Brexit has now created headlights getting ever closer at speed. It's a pending Train Wreck the stupid, fixated creature does not yet realise.

    The media are shredding her.

    May has run down the Brexit clock. It must be stopped


  58. OWON: The Knives are out and Minsters are positioning as soon as May loses her Brexit motion, contenders want her gone right away. So does the Public.

    She's sold us a Pup, her time is up.

    REVEALED: Jeremy Hunt’s plot to put himself in 'pole position' to succeed Theresa May

  59. Replies
    1. Thanks for this video. Have known for a long time that aluminum is toxic. Good reminder.


  60. OWON: What ever did he expect. These are Deep State Cronies out to get him and block him at every turn.

    Traitors to America! Thieves and parasites. Look at Pelosi's expense account scams.

    Trump and top lawmakers fail to resolve shutdown after meeting

    1. President Trump, do not back down. We need to protect our homeland borders and get a grip on who and what is coming into this country. Fight to build the wall.
      If you want to live in the USA, wait your turn behind those that are already waiting and do it legally.

  61. Reading K. Hudes comment posted above, does that mean you need to live in the country, for example - say I hold Dong, does she imply you have to live in Vietnam to exchange?

  62. LG ask K.Hudes your questions directly on facebook or twitter. May take a week or so for her to respond, but she will.


  63. You all may find this interesting.

    What is your test score? I will show you mine if you show me yours.

    I could make an archive post with everyone's test score if enough interest is shown.

    Be sure to get the certificate, it is free and provides a PDF downloadable copy.

    No cheating, if you dare:

    The Political Compass - Test

    1. Thanks Canauzzie,
      I will have a look at this in a day or two. Have a few busy days on my hands with an elderly relatives health issues. Although, I do suspect I may not wish to share my score but will give it a go anyway. LOL

  64. Three former Credit Suisse Group AG bankers were arrested Thursday in London in connection with a $2 billion fraud scheme, according to a statement by the U.S. Department of Justice.

    The U.S. has charged the bankers, the former finance minister of Mozambique and an executive of Privinvest Group with engaging in bribes and kickbacks of at least $200 million to enrich themselves and Mozambique government officials.

    The alleged co-conspirators diverted the money from $2 billion of debt deals Credit Suisse CS, -0.82% and other banks arranged for Mozambique government-owned companies in 2013 and 2014, according to a grand jury indictment filed by the U.S. District Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

    “No action has been taken against Credit Suisse,” a spokeswoman for the bank said. “The indictment alleges that the former employees worked to defeat the bank’s internal controls, acted out of a motive of personal profit and sought to hide these activities from the bank.”

  65. I understand that Germany and France are planning to start taxing the GAFA companies: Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon. Anyone hear anything further?

    1. Correct. Amazon has destroyed many stores and pays no taxes with enormous trade riding free. A c20% flat tax on all sales is coming at them to pay their way or go away. Game on.

  66. Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to glimpse reality

    been putting off writing about events to come in 2019 – 2020 for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared to accept the level of chaos that’s coming. Perhaps 95% of the population doesn’t give a crap about anything other than their social media posts, celebrity news and fashion shows. Their ability to face reality on any subject — politics, finance, science, ecology, etc. — has collapsed to zero. For the remaining 5%, many of those people are too desperately clinging to financial survival to think seriously about preparedness or collapse. They are already in a collapse emergency of sorts, and they don’t have the mental bandwidth to handle even the thought of another crisis.

    It is perhaps the strongest evidence of a collapsing civilization when the signs of collapse are systematically ignored by those most likely to suffer from it. The people who will be most negatively impacted by a stock market crash, for example, will tell themselves they “can’t afford to lose any more retirement money” and thus have to keep holding their stocks and hoping for the best. When I tell these people to sell their stocks and convert to cash or T-bills, they irrationally proclaim, “But I can’t afford to pay the tax on the stock gains I’ve already made!”

    Then how, I wonder, will they be able to afford living when half the value of their stocks evaporates over the next two years? Somehow, they’ve become paralyzed by profit and now find themselves incapable of realizing that profit by cashing out. (Remember: No stock market investment profit is real until you sell it. That’s why such profits are called “realized” profits. They are made real.)

  67. The American public poisons itself to death and calls it “health care”

    Similarly, the very people being poisoned by toxic pharmaceuticals resist adopting healthy food and lifestyle habits, telling themselves they need “their medication” even though it’s the statin drugs, cancer treatments and antidepressant chemicals that are making them diseased and depressed in the first place. Most people are murdering themselves and it’s all based on the bad information they’re being subjected to by a dishonest media that’s almost entirely controlled by corporate and globalist interests.

    The primary job of the media, remember, is to convince people to act against their own self interest. Accomplish that takes daily propaganda exposure and heavy saturation of the conscious mind with repeated lies and distractions. Hence CNN.

    Leftist Democrats fall into the same trap on the political spectrum, demanding an overpowering, authoritarian government that monitors and controls the lives of individuals, then they wonder why they’re living as slaves under a tyrannical regime. At what point did the people of Venezuela realize they had made a horrible mistake voting for a socialist leader and giving up their gun rights? Similarly, at what point will America’s “progressives” realize they are recreating the policies of the Third Reich under the banner of “progress?”

    The road to tyranny is paved with good intentions, and those political candidates who smile too much (or promise too much) are faking it.

  68. When mass delusions become normalized, society is reaching its end game

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in nearly fifty years of living on this Earth, it’s that almost everyone is delusional in one way or another. All across American society today, what passes as “mainstream” thinking is so horrifically disfigured that it’s almost unbelievable to witness. A biological man, for example, recently claimed to be a “woman” so he could join a women’s football team and dish out man-sized brute force on the play field. When he was cut from the women’s team, he sued… and won.

    Under the banner of “feminism,” women’s sports teams are about to be steamrolled across society, dominated by creepy biological men full of rage and hatred, all claiming to be women. Amazingly, progressive women across America support the insanity in the name of feminism and progressivism. So the next time a female football player gets her clock cleaned and her teeth knocked out after enduring a devastating tackle from a 270-lb transgender “woman,” just remember this is what equality looks like in a progressive society.

    It’s only going to get more insane, too, as the LGBTP movement — the “P” stands for pedophilia — takes over social media, internet content, Hollywood and cultural institutions. Any person who stands up and says that sexually molesting children is wrong will be banned for engaging in “hate speech” and not loving pedophiles. By the same logic, even serial killers will be canonized by the progressive Left as long as they claim to be gender fluid. They can simply claim to “self-identify” as a transgender human predator, thereby invoking instant legal and cultural immunity for their actions. It rubs the lotion on its skin may soon be the campaign slogan for a gender-confused Democrat.

    These are all signs of the collapse of civilization. On the good news side, these are temporary insanities that cannot be sustained for long, since they violate the laws of nature, biology and reality. On the bad news side, they are leading indicators that prove human civilization has truly gone insane and can no longer function in any manner which is rational or sustainable.

  69. There is no stopping the collapse that has already begun

    You’re starting to see the systems of human civilization breaking down everywhere. The labor pool of reliable, young workers in America has all but vanished. Bankers are financial idiots who can’t answer basic questions about customer accounts. Corporate “security officers” who work at insurance companies can’t answer questions about the security of your social security number. Doctors now function as little more than Big Pharma’s human drug dispensing machines, and so-called “journalists” who have infested the corporate-run media are so dishonest and incompetent that they’ve utterly lost the ability to investigate anything at all.

    There isn’t a sector of society that is functioning like it should these days. Not even the universities, which have been transformed into snowflake indoctrination centers for the mentally gullible. Young people graduating from college today know less than they did before they entered the school. They become experts in anti-knowledge, or “fake facts” that they think are true. For example, nearly all college graduates today believe that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant that will destroy the planet, yet any honest scientist who graduated a generation earlier will confirm that carbon dioxide is the single most important nutrient for plants, responsible for the “greening” of rainforests, food crops, grasslands and even aquatic ecosystems. CO2 is the molecule of life, yet college graduates have been indoctrinated with anti-knowledge that claims CO2 is a poison.

    Simultaneously, actual poisons are believed to be miraculous healers. Smoking cannabis, for example, subjects your body to all the cancer-causing carcinogens of cigarette smoke, yet today’s youth have been brainwashed to believe that cannabis smoke is somehow a health-enhancing magical substance, while cigarette smoke is a deadly poison. Those of us who are older know full well what a 20-year pot head looks and thinks like… and it isn’t pretty. If smoking cannabis healed your brain, Northern California would be full of Einsteins. Instead, it’s collapsing like the rest of the country, only with more pot smoking along the way.

    Inhaling burned cannabis is just as damaging to your health as inhaling burned tobacco. Yet tens of millions of Americans currently believe precisely the opposite. (Hint: If you want to benefit from medical cannabis, take it in liquid form or vape it so that you aren’t inhaling smoke generated from burning organic matter.)

  70. We’ve crossed the tipping point… modern society cannot be rescued from its self-induced suicide

    I could go on with many more examples of the collapse of modern society, but you’re probably experiencing much of this yourself and therefore need no further convincing. What you really need to know is that society has crossed a tipping point, beyond which a catastrophic collapse — societal suicide — can no longer be reversed.

    We probably crossed that point a decade ago with the election of Barack Obama, an America-hating criminal traitor who systematically worked to destroy the United States of America from within. Now, a decade later, we are still trying to stop the hemorrhaging with emergency measures, but the bureaucratic deep state is blocking all such efforts while pointing at Trump and claiming it’s his fault things are going wrong.

    From here forward, it’s just a question of the form and timing of the collapse… there’s not even a real debate about whether it’s coming. The systems upon which sustainable society depends are no longer functioning. Across the realms of politics, finance, science, biology, culture, history, news, knowledge and even technology, falsehoods are rewarded while truths are punished. The weak-minded are celebrated while the critical thinkers are terrorized and defamed. The perverted are hoisted on pedestals, while the moral members of society are mocked and censored.

    Every institution in society now rewards evil, perversion, destruction and stupidity while punishing intelligence, rationality, innovation and morality. A society that celebrates the mass murder of unborn children while demonizing Christian bakers is a society that has no future. A society that finds knowledge despicable but lies fascinating and viral is a society that has no future. A society that poisons its children for profit with Big Pharma drugs while teaching them that gender biology doesn’t exist is a society that has no future.

    A society that heaps financial reward on the paper pushers on Wall Street while confiscating the life savings of middle-income wage earners through central bank monetary debasement has no future. A society that cannot fund its pension promises for tens of millions of state and federal workers — most of whom are going to lose everything — has no future. A society with federal regulators that promote the mass poisoning of the food supply with GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides and hormone-disrupting chemicals has no future, either.

    We are past the tipping point of societal suicide. Every institution operating in America today is engineering self-induced destruction. There is no institution that is operating on reason, planning or even common sense. The DOJ has become a joke of justice; the FBI is the most corrupt law enforcement agenda in American history; the EPA promotes the mass pollution of America’s soils through biosludge; the FDA is a Big Pharma mass drugging propaganda operation; the CDC is a massive science fraud organization that worsens the health of Americans; the IRS is a political weapon that’s used to target political enemies of Democrats. Each of these institutions was founded with the promise to help sustain America, yet each of these now works diligently to destroy society and collapse sustainable society.

    1. And once again, Mike the Health Ranger, tells it like it is. Says it so well.

  71. Here’s the truth about what’s coming: Mass poverty, disease, addiction, suicides and collapse

    Because of the collapse of reason, civility, law and order, over the next few years humanity will be tested like never before. As The Burning Platform writes:

    Based upon history, the resolution will not be based on compromise, civility, reason, or peaceful means. The combustible combination of unpayable debt, civic anarchy, and global chaos are set to detonate, creating an era of maximum darkness, death, destruction, and decisions. Making America Great Again will require personal sacrifice, dreadful choices, survival skills, intelligent decisions, and the courage to win at all costs.

    The delusion of stock market profits is not going to bail out the mass destitution that’s coming soon for the American people. The “wealth” has all been stolen by the usual suspects: central banks and corrupt bureaucrats. Your dollars will one day be rendered worthless, which means your bank account “savings” will be worthless even if the numbers still appear on your bank account statements. Pensions will be wiped out. The real estate bubble has already begun to collapse, and the bond bubble won’t be far behind now that the Fed is tinkering with interest rates again (in another desperate effort to crash the stock market under Trump).

    The sobering truth is that what’s really coming for America won’t look that different from what has already happened in Venezuela. You’re going to see mass unemployment, an exploding population of homeless people and a dramatic worsening of the opioid crisis. Suicides will skyrocket, infectious disease will spread and the Democrats will incessantly demand you surrender more power to them to solve it all. Bigger government is the answer, you’ll be told… and oh, by the way, don’t forget to turn in your guns or you won’t qualify for government food stamps.

    Soylent green suddenly doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore. Except in our dystopian society, even the soylent green will be too toxic to consume, since today’s average human being is a cesspool of heavy metals, prescription drugs and pesticide residue. (I know, I’ve tested thousands of samples of human hair vs. wild animal hair in my analytical laboratory, and wild animal hair is pristine compared to human hair.)

    Ultimately, the poisoned will feed on the poisoned. The clueless will vote for the clueless. The desperate will sell their bodies to the desperate in exchange for one more toxic meal. Social media will be the last cruel joke on humanity as the depressed, malnourished masses take to SnapChat to pretend their miserable lives are awesome… even as they contemplate suicide after the conclusion of each video clip.

  72. 2019 – 2020 is only the warm-up… a decade of chaos is yet to come

    The suicide of humanity is under way and accelerating rapidly. It cannot be reversed. Now, we can only watch as it plays out over the next several years, accelerating in 2019 – 2020 and likely exploding with unimaginable chaos following the 2020 election (regardless of who wins). Violence will spill into the streets, where deranged, lunatic Leftists will have to be met with force to prevent them from burning down America’s cities. Martial law is a distinct possibility, yet even martial law cannot prevent the collapse of modern society, since the root causes go far beyond the mere lack of civility.

    America has raised a generation of chemically-intoxicated, emotionally fragile morons. The media has abandoned any last pretense of engaging in “news reporting.” The tech giants have sold out to the communists and globalists, and every cultural institution of our modern day has gone all-out to promote transgenderism and pedophilia while attacking morality, reason and truth. The vaccines cause brain damage, the food causes cancer and the institutions of science teach climate change quackery. Meanwhile, at least a million Americans are hooked on opioids and other painkillers, and the day the pharmacies run out is the day these people go “full zombie” on society.

    You will need to be armed to survive what’s coming, and the police and sheriff’s departments will be powerless. 911 services are already breaking down on a regular basis, with nationwide telecommunications infrastructure failing with stunning regularity. If you don’t yet own a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun, you’re already late to the game. There will be mass violence — especially in the cities — and only the prepared will survive.

    The coming chaos won’t be over in a weekend, or even in a year. It could last a decade, and it will unveil a stunning landscape of cultural depravity, child sex trafficking, substance abuse, political corruption and critical failures of law enforcement. Many people who are working middle-class jobs today will find themselves living on the streets, begging for food, performing sex acts for money and stealing to avoid starvation. Homeless tent cities will rapidly expand in America’s largest cities, and Democrat-controlled sections of America will resemble Third World shantytowns, complete with cholera outbreaks, HIV pandemics and superbug infections.

  73. If you are not willing to kill in your own defense, you will be killed

    As you consider the collapse of law and order across society, keep in mind that people who are not willing to kill in self-defense to survive violent attacks will be killed themselves. I highly recommend you read the book, “When Violence Is the Answer” by Tim Larkin. In that book, you will learn that surviving the coming violence of society is not so much about knowing fighting techniques but rather having a mindset that enables you to unleash acts of extreme violence against those who initiate attacks against you first. The book is largely written for women, by the way, to protect themselves from rapists and muggers. But it’s also very informative for men, too.

    Dare I say that 99% of the U.S. population today is too polite to survive when it comes to unbridled violence. Those 99% will be easily preyed upon by the criminal class that have no qualms about slitting your throat, gouging out your eyes, shooting you in the back without a warning shot, poisoning your dog to assault your country home, etc. If you are not willing to flip the mental switch that’s required to kill these people in your own defense, you simply will not survive any encounter with the criminal class.

    Word of advice: If you really want to know what society will be like in a post-collapse scenario, go interview ten felony prisoners and ask them how they would survive such a scenario. The answers you get will forever change your view of reality. These people are not playing by any rules at all, and they are behind bars for a reason. Remember, too, that Democrats want to empty all the prisons and release these violent felons onto the streets of America. That’s because Democrats don’t “believe” in walls, guns or prisons, which is why Democrats will be among the very first to be murdered by those violent felons, ironically. Never forget all the bikers and hikers who went on “peace missions” to hike through ISIS-controlled territories in the Middle East to prove that “people everywhere are by nature good people.”

    Those hikers got their throats slit and were left to bleed out on the side of the road. It’s tough to learn that your delusions don’t count in the mind of someone else. You might believe that the world is a peaceful place full of good people, but your delusion counts for nothing when a violent Antifa nut job attacks you with a spiked baseball bat. If you’re not armed and prepared to shoot that Antifa not job before he can drive that spike through your skull, you will end up just like the “world peace” hikers who died in ISIS territory.

    If these concepts make you feel uncomfortable, you do not yet have the mindset to survive the coming violence. Defending your life against violence is a mental choice, but most people are incapable of carrying out the necessary actions to save themselves, since they’ve been told their entire lives that only “bad” people shoot others, for example. In truth, good people sometimes shoot bad people to save lives

  74. There will be an opportunity to build a new society after the collapse of this one

    Finally, on a positive note, it is now clear that collapse is the next necessary step to rebirth. The “Next Society,” as I call it, cannot be born until the current society collapses. During that collapse, perhaps 50 – 90 percent of the current population will perish, depending on which scenario unfolds. Your job — and mine — is to help rebuild society on the other side of this, making sure we create a society based on real justice, individual liberty, free speech rights and the utter dismantling of all corporate monopolies that currently enslave humanity.

    Specifically, Google, Facebook, Apple and Big Pharma companies must be utterly dismantled and eliminated from future society. The money supply must be owned by the People, not private globalist banks, and government must be held in check with strict term limits and constitutional budgetary limitations. Even better, government officials who lie must be prosecuted for lying to the People, and elected representatives must give up all personal wealth for life in order to have the honor of actually serving the country (rather than their current mode of operation which is to exploit their political power for personal financial gain).

    Finally, the People must maintain power over government operatives. For example, federal prosecutors who destroy evidence and obstruct justice should face the death penalty. Elected representatives who attempt to destroy the liberties of the People should be subjected to immediate prosecution and lifetime imprisonment. Government authorities who collude with private industry to poison the people with dangerous drugs, pesticides or policies should be subjected to lifetime bans from public office (as well as heavy fines and possible criminal prosecution).

    There are a thousand good ideas about how to build the Next Society. For as long as we can, we will explore what some of those solutions might look like. I’ll also bringing you additional practical information on how to survive the collapse that’s already unfolding.

  75. I just wanted to share this scripture with those who are partaking in this venture.... Proverbs:13-12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.

  76. Romney is now trying to steal the GOP nomination from Trump.
    The Donald is under attack from the suicide corrupt left, the MSM and behind his back by Romney and the Cabal .

    1. This is disastrous news. This criminal cannot be allowed to win the vote.

    2. How can Romney steal the GOP nomination?

  77. This is Trumps make or break year.Nothing to lose, bar everything, so all he needs is a decisive action plan to name, shame and take down the lot of them.
    Or go out as and with a Wimp!

    Close down Mueller, fast track Obama /Clinton investigations, thrown in Pelozi and Schumer, game on. Extraditing Soros to Russia would go down well.

  78. Trump can not get a 5 bil wall....hope there is a better plan in place to do what you said above John. I will jump for joy if SEE it!

  79. As for Q and all the others saying there is a plan, pfffft!.... hope there is a plan but you certainly can not see any backing down from cabal!....

  80. p: This is what the world's leaders don't want us to see or know about. A cyclic mini nova from our sun. For a long time had wondered what was finding, much, much melted rocks non volcanic in nature.Memory also of a all consuming flash. Non nuclear. We do have something on the near horizon, but this time not something that literally broils the surface of the planet, but something in a good way.

    Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA II
    Jan 3 2019

    1. Unlikely. It would take a lesser singularity, like a neutron star or other compact stellar body hitting or grazing the Sun to trigger something. Having said that, the Sun is very, very stable. As to finding lots of melted rock in Nature, well sure, we are after all living on a ball of cooled magma....

    2. Tino, Younger-Dryas. With such an intense blast, huge amounts of water would have been instantly vaporized.That would create an instant ice age,but one that lasted only as long as the planet was shaded by vapor and debris. About 1,000 years. It means we are on a 11,000 year cycle.

      Also consider the different cycles inherent on our planet and local solar system.
      The Sun as well as the planets work like clockwork typically. How much haven't we been told?

    3. No. The physics don't work. This doesn't mean we haven't been irradiated from space catastrophically once every decamillion years. But an 11k cycle is not realistic in any way.

    4. Tino, as have said clockwork. Our sun appears to rotate from left to right. Stable yes, like a good clock is. But, if there is one thing we have learned is not to pay attention to the past. Ancient, truly ancient history and tales tell us of a catastrophe that involved devastation globally. Tales of the Phoenix and like.

      I'm probably wrong, but see the sun as having various quadrants that are working parts of this dynamic star. Each would act when its clock or bell went off to do something specific. It may be the sun has at least 8 such quadrants, maybe more than that.That would mean every 11,000 years each clock, when its turn would emit a micro nova.Most wouldn't face the Earth and some would just provide a glancing blow. It's a theory, that's all.

      When China completes it's mission on the far side of the moon, we may have evidence of micro nova(s), ones that are cyclical.

  81. Only now on this,your site, are you reaching for and exposing truths.


  82. OWON: Good, close down their exports give ZERO subsidies and the hell with them. Tell our whining assholes NO Med holidays, the hell with you, this is economic war we have to hit hard. See the world you ignorant Mutts, time to close tens of thousands of Med hotels and hammer the German car industries.

    See how long Brussels goes when the Slush Funds run dry.

    Brexit news latest: Major blow to Theresa May as EU confirms no further meetings on deal


  83. OWON: This is not a bad article, shows how determined the Deep State is.

    Highly calculated Deep State conspiracy

    1. This was excellent material. Some of the links opened so far are also excellent. Thanks Canauzzie.

      I am a bit shocked by one of the linked articles. It has made me quite angry if true. It certainly confirms what Texian has been expressing all along.

      I would be greatly interested in others offering an opinion on the content shared here if anyone feels drawn to do that, particularly John if you possibly have the time available please.


  84. Replies


      According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a New-York based organisation defending the freedom of the press, at least 43 journalists have been killed in 2018 so far. The figure includes those who died in the line of fire while covering conflicts or on dangerous assignments, as well as those who were murdered. Russian journalists Alexander Rastorguyev, Kirill Radchenko and Orkhan Dzhemal were killed in June while working on a story in the Central African Republic.

  85. Replies
    1. Well, everyone connected to this charity should have all their assets seized and then line them all up and blow their corrupt heads right off. Isreal should be wiped off the map once and for all. The lands they occupy are not theirs, never were and it's high time all that was reversed.

  86. Now that the RV is not happening can we talk about Hemp?

  87. You mean it's not happening today? No one declared it a non event, just when?
    Look at the Quagmire Trump now faces. A newbie Muslim Senator blatantly attacks your President calling him profane names which questions her suitability to act ever for America, but indicates the Deep State wall your President now faces.
    So how much time does he now have to undertake anything with a rabid mob of Socialist undesirables to attempt to plan a course with for America. Schumer and Pelosi are deeply entrenched Deep State who know every devious trick in the book. Not a good time to be President so, as they will blatantly put themselves first, how about the arrests to rattle cages and a fuIl IRS audit of Pelosi and Schumer?

  88. Hemp is a complex new dynamic. Vast. Because of its previous Hempenetics licensing restrictions, an entire now field is only just opening up. Very diverse.

    We are just clearing licensing, setting up new focused Corporations,clearing licensing and Manning Up with Lab PhDs worldwide for Oils, Cancer busting drug alternatives,eco fuel and bio fuels, feedstocks, hemp construction products,manufacturing assembly products, Global bases and Distribution networks, Franchising and Global JVs as nations seek participation.

    Keeping our cards close, what more can I not say? In a few months we will release public info, in the meantime there are lots of Hemp articles and email circulars to start researching.

    Right now it's the ground floor of a Klondyke industry. Once the licences clear watch this space. Once we have staked our claims, only then will we publicise . We have a battalion claim lodging worldwide. A step at a time. Potential vast. Do the research. Just don't rush out in buying in until new companies go Public. The whole game is changing. You have time. Most of the Commodities Houses will boom.

  89. I'd love to see any Karen Hudes reply to either of her quotes above after our member(s) sends her those questions!

    JOHN, looking forward to the next report you mentioned twice above, too! The sooner the BETTER!

  90. p: Snow in Malta

    Strangest Meteor, Polar Vortex, Ancient Solar Blast | S0 News Jan.5.2019
    Jan 5 2019

  91. Only 8 weeks to go before the lowest layers of the US " I'm am owed," grunts throw their welfare Toys out of their prams when Free Lunches get stopped . No food stamps from March unless a wall or barrier solution is found.

    What the hell is the Crime Family Kushner Dweeb doing as part of a 3 person team to negotiate the Wall, it looks ridiculous, because it is.

    At least it gives Trump the opportunity to see just how many State hooks are draining the State . So many bring nothing to making the cake but so many want double slices . One way to get so many waist lines down.

    But putting Kushner up with zero State or Political experience it looks amateur league . Kushner saw his ass with the Palestinians, Pelosi and Schumer will play the Mutt like a Muppet . Who in God's name would give Kushner such a complex role? He's Bennies Boy . So now which Zio Ho will run the show,?

    Does Trump do joined up writing? He looks in for Torrid months. Sending Bennies Goffer to sort this is not the smartest move .

  92. Really? Macron must be a comedian. In what known Universe is arresting the "leader" [he isn't] of the opposition a way to calm matters? Especially when the movement is justified and pan national? Go Yellow Vests!

  93. How China Colonized An Entire Continent Without Firing A Single Shot

    And so the continent languished.... until 2012 when what we then dubbed as the "Beijing Conference" quietly took place, and to which only Goldman Sachs, which too has been quietly but very aggressively expanding in Africa, was invited.

    As the map below, which we first showed in 2012, in just two years after 2010 China had pledged over $100 billion to develop commercial projects in Africa, a period in which the continent had effectively become de facto Chinese province, unchallenged by any developed nation which in the aftermath of the financial crisis had enough chaos at home to bother with what China may be doing in Africa.

  94. China has been quietly and diligently securing vast trade options and projects all over Africa focusing on trade and wealth. China has built vast wealth assets for the future .

    America has spent Trillions invading and assaulting the world. Which nations have earned respect and which are hated? We

  95. A 31 year old man has been shot and killed by multiple armed police. The man was not armed nor a threat to anyone. It's suspected he may have been linked to a house growing Pot.

    The UK public are not allowed arms.yet uniformed thugs do this with no retribution. Armed police can be rabid dogs and a murderous threat . The UK needs a right to bear arms because the police are dangerous thugs out of control.

    This is ugly and one of many cases. Gun killing is increasing with armed Pigs loose on the streets. It needs rethinking.

  96. The List of Fetal Tissue Flavored Products in the Market Today - Deborah Tavares
    Mar 13 2018

    1. Pretty darn disturbing and so, so, wrong. Glad I don't use any of these products.

  97. Their Plans for Trump

    Their Plans for Us

  98. Dolphin and Dog - Let's be Friends.flv
    3,471,193 views 6:18

  99. p: This gets interesting at the 12:00 mark

    An Update on NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery
    Jan 5 2018

  100. P,

    THANK YOU for posting the below copy/paste(in case anybody missed this). Imho it is BIG.

    Is there any link to a video that says wtf happened at the JAN 3rd hearing?

    Thanks.Hope you found something...


    "p: Foreign agents, murder, treason, pay to play and an active FBI field investigation. TRUMP & WHISTLE BLOWERS TARGET THE DEEP STATE'S CLINTON FOUNDATION Jan 2 2019 The spotlight of this video focuses on President Trump & the Whistle Blower's who have targeted the Deep State's tentacle The Clinton Foundation. (27:34)"

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  101. Tim4123, doing best that can right now. Short break. We had some pretty cold temps over Christmas and am still hauling water. Have had a lot thrown at me, so just be patient. If can find something tonight when in and the net is up, will look. Sorry can't be quicker.

    1. Tim4123, I did look and that one does the best job of describing what is going on. Will look more, but so far nothing for that Jan 3rd date. There's also the matter of 2 whistle blowers from the Clinton Foundation that are now working with authorities. Haven't seen more on that yet either.That from the end of Nov. 2018. Much looks like it's being kept very quiet, with as many dead who were set to testify against Hillary that's understandable.

  102. It’s time to defend America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic
    It’s time to release the classified documents
    Arrest the CEOs of Google and Facebook, then dismantle their entire operations, server by server
    It’s also time to arrest the members of Congress who have willfully violated their oaths of office
    America’s citizens are ready and able to assist in the defense of this great nation

    Former military personnel may be reactivated via executive order to assist the military and federal officers in locating, detaining and arresting the enemies of America so that they may face trial for their crime
    All that is necessary to activate America’s immune system is word from the President.
    Everything is at stake for the future of our nation. The occupation of America by domestic enemies must be brought to an end. We know who the enemies are, and we know what they’ve done. Now it’s only a matter of our elected Commander in Chief giving the order.

    To all who have sworn oaths to protect and defend the United States of America; prepare now to decisively invoke that oath (or plan to lose your country forever).

  103. Oh, come on everyone. Do you all seriously think that the CEO's of the FAANG group will all be arrested? Do you have any idea how cataclysmic that would be? It won't happen. At best they can be reined in through threats and defanged, but mass arrests? I never believed in it. Many of the responsible underlings will be prosecuted perhaps, but the top dogs will be allowed to slipaway with half of their winnings in exchange for silence and abdication.

    1. Sadly - yes. They only promise to clear the swamp to get elected, but Grifters only truly want their lick.

  104. US Army General Whistle Blower/911 Part 1
    Jan 6 2018

  105. The Steele Dossier Was Planned As Hillary's Insurance Policy

    New revelations confirm that this was not the mission of the creators and commissioners of the Steele dossier. It was, instead, to harm Mr. Trump if he won the election.

    To understand this, we must first look at one of the most damaging and most misunderstood text exchanges between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page.

    On Aug. 15, 2016, two weeks after Mr. Strzok initiated Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign, the senior FBI official texted to his girlfriend: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

    Some wrongly believe that the “insurance policy” reference is a scheme to keep Mr. Trump from winning the election. But this is not what insurance does. An insurance policy does not prevent a catastrophe from happening; it provides relief and restoration after the catastrophe occurs.

    Mr. Strzok explains this explicitly in his text, but the mainstream media wish to ignore it. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.” He isn’t saying “in the unlikely event you get sick and could die”; he is saying this is insurance in case the worst possible thing happens. If you die. If Mr. Trump gets elected. The insurance policy is to repair the damage after Mr. Trump wins. Just in case Mr. Trump wins.

    Biffie: An interesting opinion in this one.

  106. John, absent action from the Fed and Treasury (despite your best negotiating efforts), will a global liquidity crisis be the ultimate trigger for the releases?

    1. AB

      There are many issues here.

      BUT!!. the release of that turgid piece of human excrement Bush 41, has removed a calcified Claw making it easier now to engender reason when China ramps up its demands. It's all timing. Just the loss of the Vampire Master removes power. He owned, bribed and blackmailed all. Including Agency heads.
      That single scumbag gone eases stress.

      The US needs Taxes. The vast, bloated Military Industrial Cabal feeds like a Sperm Wale daily. But the use of the Pentagon Gray Screens can only last so long. The real world is closing in, Presidents are clueless, all Skanks, illegal Usurpers or Grifters, whose left on the power board now? How much access will they allow Trump? He's an Interloper to them. Expendable! When he won he was as shocked as them. He has no power or following in the Houses. In 2 years hes failed to drain the swamp, so what now? The swamp now controls one House. The Zios the other.

      Kelly and Mattis have gone. Newbies are a vacuum. It needs build up time to get on board, and what cards will they be allowed to play?
      The funds exist, but between the banks free riding, Bush and the Agencies siphoning up the their share, and the Zios the rest, we need new hands. The pack just got shuffled. Mattis and Kelly lost interest in Baby sitting a child.

      Be in no doubt, Tax Evading, Bribe Money offshore Fraud Romney, will have a lot of Deep State and Military backing to oust the Chump. Sadly so for America. Romney was deep in the abuse of Settlements funds as a front for Poppy Pedoe Bush. This slimeball will get Military backing. Dreadful as it is.

      If Chump could not hack it on the majors in 2 years with both Houses, what can he do alone with one? Its not like he even knows the system. Or the focus to study hard how it all works. When he has to send Kushner to negotiate the wall, God help America. He's surrounded by Zios or Dweebs. Bennies Boys rule. Adelson plus.
      Soon we find out what schedule they can agree.

      Kelly and Mattis just kept him muzzled. It is how much or what the new Boys can do now. Or just Dogs with bones to heel?
      New Dogs, what tricks?

      A Global liquidity crisis seems likely in the next 2 years anyway. Nothing generates wealth and the Free Lunch Parasites in the Cabal will cripple America. The great Industries were lost when Wall Street went to Derivatives and Bush aided by Ackermann and Herzog mass pumped out the Bank Programs to feed the 4 Square Military Butts. America was lost 30 years ago.

    2. Plenty to digest, but your insight is dismaying for many. There appears to be forces that continue to obfuscate, however, the pendulum appears to be swinging in your favor. In October, you provided hope for a positive outcome for releases to PPs. What say you now in your righteous battle?

  107. Sun. Nite Report/Trump/Ready for Nat. Emergency!
    Jan 6 2018

  108. FISAgate represents the greatest criminal conspiracy to commit individual treason and institutional sedition of the 21st century, which was conducted by virtually the entire Obama administration.

    While many of the perps at the top of the Obama leadership have yet to be implicated, in time they all will be. This is why the Mainstream Media (MSM) is being used by all of the perpetraitors to throw shade on the entire festering (and burgeoning) FISAgate scandal. They know that Gitmo awaits them all when the truth comes out.

    Actually, when the critical facts surrounding FISAgate are disseminated by the MSM, and they will be soon enough, the Democrat Party will summarily be dissolved for institutional treason on an unprecedented scale.

    There are several crucial and complex pieces to the FISAgate conspiracy to defraud a POTUS candidate and then to overthrow his administration—IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Here is one exposé that covers the essentials.
    RED ALERT: FISAgate Proves Deep State Will Do ANYTHING To Remove Trump


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