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  1. OWON: A different overview of Melania Trump which shows her progressive side and asset for the nation.

    17 Photos Of Melania That Donald Has Kept Secret

    1. Time Melania gets credit .

    2. Melania is a real blessing for us in this country. Class, style, kindness and caring she brings to the WH something we hadn't really seen in some time.

      But it's the children she speaks for that really sets her apart from many prior WH 1st ladies. Melania, wherever she goes, with or without her husband, can often be found at different children's homes, schools, hospitals, community events, etc.

      Just look at the events she hosts at the WH for children, often for those in need.


  2. OWON: A few months old but key reading to understand the lies, subterfuge, terrorist funding and land theft that is the Middle East.

    So why would anyone with half a brain throw in Kushner, as nothing but Benny's BOY, to enter the lions Den facing cultures thousands of years old, each seeking an exit for this Khazar swarm interlopers?

    The Middle East demands sensitive and sophisticated intellect. You won't find that in the White House. Nor does it make sense funding a bottomless pit of Cash Calls for this accursed State when the US infrastructure in ruins.

    An even bigger Wall needed is to ring fence ignorant Beltway Mammoths against the scheming, devious and utterly treacherous Israelis.

    Palestine is no chocolate box game.

    Donald Trump’s New World Order

    1. Heavens above Canauzzie, that sure was a rather shocking eye opener. Took me a while to get through it but I got there. I found the material to be quite riveting.

      I do not consider myself to be the sharpest knife in the block but am happy I seem to know a little more about certain world affairs than those around me, but after reading this material I realized how little I truly know about how this world operates. This information actually shocked me. The depth of collusion and manipulation is staggering. It has actually made me feel quite sad about the future of this world. How on earth cam we ever gain enough control to stop this type of behaviour on a world wide basis?

      This would have to be some of the most educational material I have ever read and I highly recommend others consider reading it no matter what country you are from. Thank you so much for sharing this link Canauzzie, I really appreciate this one.


  3. OWON: How to Divide and Rule Fools is the question. But divide who and who then rules who?

    How the West eats its children

    1. That was an absolutely brilliant article Canauzzie, such a massive eye opener for me. Thank you very much.

  4. Video has emerged of Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's) and other military weapons (artillery) moving through Odessa, Ukraine as the government continues its massing of forces for a major military attack.

    All Intel points to a military offensive being launched as early as THIS FRIDAY in eastern Ukraine; with other Intel saying it will be justified after a FALSE FLAG military attack against the people of Mariupol, Ukraine.

  5. Another vacant post on the horizon, but if you've noticed, Trump has lots of vacant posts. You can google it. I've read that he has reduced the federal bureacracy by some 20% if not more simply by not filling posts. Makes me wonder if he'll leave Chief of Staff empty, after all- it didn't exist until Truman so do we really need it?

    So sorry for the poor Ukrainians who've been victims of both Soviet and American aggression since WW2. Why aren't we taking them in as refugees, God knows they qualify?
    What's happening in South Africa these days- it's gone all dark down there?

    1. Seshette here is the sad news on South Africa

      “Your Time Is Up White People!” South African Government Sets Date for White Farmers to Give Up Land without Compensation
      Dec 10 2018

      South African lawmakers passed a proposal to change the country’s constitution to make land grabs legal.

      The government voted in agreement to take land from white farmers without compensation.

      This same plan turned South Africa’s neighbor Zimbabwe from a state of plenty to a starving state.

  6. Mitch McConnell, in reversal, says Senate will vote on criminal justice bill
    Dec 11 2018

    WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday the Senate would take up a long-awaited bipartisan bill that aims to reduce the number of people in the nation's crowded prisons.

    "At the request of the president and following improvements to the legislation that has been secured by several members, the Senate will take up the revised criminal justice bill this month," the Kentucky Republican said. He added he would turn to it as early as the end of the week.

  7. BOOM! China Moves to Lower Tariffs on US Cars from 40% to 15%
    Dec 11 2018

    China moved to reduce tariffs on US cars from 40% to 15% in the latest sign of their willingness to negotiate a trade deal with President Trump.

    The step hasn’t been finalized and could still change. While reversing the retaliatory duty is a major climb-down by Beijing, it could re-focus the two sides toward implementing the trade-war truce agreed earlier this month. Relations have since been shaken by the arrest of Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou in connection with sanctions violations.

    “Last week, events seemed to conspire to throw the truce into disarray, but the underlying incentives of both sides at the moment are to try to maintain that truce,” Freya Beamish, chief Asia economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics Ltd. “Now we are seeing the possibility that China will come through with reductions of tariffs on U.S. autos and that’s another good, concrete step.”

    Despite the Deep State DOJ’s best efforts to ruin the trade deal and punish Americans China is committing to a new trade agreement with the Trump administration.

  8. China Arrests Former Canadian Diplomat As Government Fears Reprisal For Huawei CFO
    Dec 11 2018

    Is this one of the "severe" reprisals threatened by Beijing when it summoned Canada's ambassador to Beijing for a meeting over the weekend?

    According to Reuters, former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig has been detained in China. Kovrig's employer, International Crisis Group, is working to secure his "safe" release.

  9. "Aaand, It's Gone" - Dow Dumps Into Red As Europe Closes
    Dec 11 2018

    Everything was looking so good... follow-through from yesterday's short-squeeze, some positive headlines, what could go wrong?

    Well, it appears the trade-truce is over as the DOJ is expected to announce the indictments of multiple hackers suspected of working for a Chinese intelligence service and participating in a long-running espionage campaign that targeted U.S. networks.

    But the sellers sold the rip...

    Removing all the morning's gains for The Dow...

  10. Mad Cow Disease is ruining the UK. May does not get she's lost the plot. She's hitting no deals and ambulance chasing no goes because she's lost the plot . Other Politicos are playing self interest games without a care about the damage to their nation . The state of our nation's,we all lose. 27 countries are arrogantly walking blind into a major body slam and the sooner it's delivered, the sooner sense rules Fools . It's like watching a slow motion train wreck with idiots at the wheels. We really need to aptitude pre test politicos before any of these clowns are given roles way beyond their experience or intellectual capabities. Nations matter, so do populations. Failing Politicos dismantle nations and all communities suffer.
    We have to stop Politics as its currently practised, it's not working . The EU is about to hit the wall if not stopped. Do any of them care?
    What happened to nation builders? Where are societies going. Paper Tigers and Socialists now rule. A prelude to wars.

    1. Fools have a great advantage over the wise; they are always self-satisfied.

      Napoleon Bonaparte

  11. Letters of no confidence will be lodged Thursday and Friday taking May towards a leadership challenge. She is losing the support of the house and the EU are being bloody minded.
    It needs a new Brexit Leader able to plan a Hard Brexit and the Guts to refuse more EU funds and backlog their trucks right back to Frankfurt . We are entering a wartime reduced capacity soon and dissent needs to be smacked down. Soon it will become a seige mentality Britain who will have to accept 3 or 4 hard years as we rebuild a new Global economy. Time to smack whining arses the nation's future matters more. What we don't need are beffudled, wet, limp wrist Leaders.
    May has created her own dilemma , simply being inept . It's a chaotic mess. Only hardball will face down these dam Socialists giving them a serious taste of hardships. Wimps here get no respect there. Hardball!

    1. Lawmakers Call on May to Step Down as She Flies to Europe for Brexit Talks
      Dec 11 2018

      Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May launched a tour of European capitals on December 11, 2018 in a desperate bid to salvage her Brexit deal,

      British Prime Minister Theresa May was engaged in a last-ditch attempt to save her besieged Brexit deal Tuesday, meeting with Dutch leader Mark Rutte and Germany’s Angela Merkel after controversially deferring Tuesday’s planned vote in the UK House of Commons to prevent a near-certain defeat.

      Theresa May’s latest trip to Europe came as European Union leaders rejected the possibility of any change to the agreement that Brexit leader Nigel Farage dismissed as the “worst deal in history“, and as British Members of Parliament clamoured for a fresh direction.

      After the Prime Minister told the House Monday that Tuesday’s so-called meaningful vote was to be deferred — potentially into January 2019 — focus again turned to her future as leader of the Conservative Party.

  12. Blitzkrieg UK soon as we must go to economic war with the EU or go under with all Sovereignty as a nation. Dam the EU and time to boot out useless Politicians. We either go down fighting as Patriots or fizzle out as wimps. Time to man up or sod off!

    Wimps and Whiners need to be nuzzled and smacked down. It's a lousy deal so the UK needs to go Global and change direction. So now having allowed Socialist Jesuits to rule we've hit this major hitch. Reverse out fast or end up as the EUs defanged bitch.

  13. Crisis hits May today. The 48 plus no confidence letters are in. Where now? Time to put Britain first. Those who want to sell out - LEAVE!
    It's OUR Country and those who don't like it can go. NO to mad EU Socialism.
    Wake up Germany by pulling our troops out. Let them pay the cost of funding themselves. Time to send back 6M EU workers and see how that goes down when we stop EU subsidies also. Get real and get moving.
    Patriot UK and free, or forever enslaved on a Vatican knee .
    Let's have the Leadership Election and appoint a firm Brexit Leader only no more Remain F Ups! It's War! Close their door! Been there before.

  14. p: The schedule for various over site and judiciary committees as well as testimony by Loretta Lynch and others makes for a very busy end of the year and into early 2019.

    2 Weeks Of Chaos Coming/DC/D13
    Dec 11 2018

    1. MEADOWS: Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers With “Explosive” Allegations Will Testify This Week (VIDEO)
      Dec 11 2018

      Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that three Clinton Foundation whistleblowers with thousands of pages of documents of “explosive” allegations will testify this week.

      “With regard to the investigation, which doesn’t get a lot of attention, into the Clinton foundation, the DOJ designated John Huber to look into this. They have 6,000 pages of evidence that they’ve gone through. The foundation raised $2.5 billion, and they’re looking into potential improprieties. What’s next on this investigation?” MacCallum asked Congressman Meadows.

  15. Serious negotiations developing between China and Zimbabwe for new currencies next year.
    Watch this site. Do NOT get speculating yet until you know details of what is coming. They may just issue entirely new currencies. Same with Iraq. Let it all play out.

    1. Roger.

      Please be careful. Loose lips. I have kept this all off radar. It is still not yet cleared. NOT!
      We are on it daily. Leaking can stop it. We are on it 24 x 7.

    2. Yes I deleted it. Not leaks over here

    3. Thanks .I know the pressures and so many needs. I talk daily with the Tiers and Agencies. I talk with Elders and US Patriots . I talk with Ministers and Bankers. I have a wide array of project parties. Regulators also . Plus Trusts, Hedge funds and Developers all seeking resolutions. So many vested interests. No question the pressure is on, but who pays. everyone is queuing up to take out, but not a queue of one to put in.

    4. so what is the status of the sovereigns and the PP's?

    5. Just watch this and next week. We are waiting on IMF schedules today and Sovereigns to go first. Then Tiers 1 to 4 to be advised. It's looking like Reno will be the probable cash out point for the Tier 1 to 4 s and that is NOT an indicator of the paper garbage it's for the Sovereigns and PPs ONLY at this stage . Do not get coerced by the paper pumpers. The US is running scared now of the Russian / Chinese SWIFT alternative coming out and total loss of Petro dollar influence. If they have not settled Sovereigns and PPs by then the US will be in the trash bin for all Influence and a cascade of retaliatory actions are likely . Armed with these releases we can help nations and the US is in Catch 22 right now. The BS ends or consequences will be bankruptcy as the world switches leaving Billy No Mates with toilet paper facing an oncoming sore Butt. See how fast Theresa May will get cannibalised. Shades of far, far, far worse with the vitriol and rage if the US BS continues. If those releases don't happen, next year will get so bad for America.

      France is coming off SWIFT so it can trade with Iran. As are others.china is building a huge position with Zimbabwe.

      Russia is about to an intimate US and UK contractors helping extremists in Syria. If the Ukies attack the Donbas, thousands of Russian tanks on the borders will move. S400 s are all over the borders ready. If NATO launches anything they will not get past 48 hours if the Kremlin sees a threat. Highly experienced battle trained troops will be unleashed. You saw the Glee of that animal Bush 43 attacking helpless Iraq with Shock and Awe. You have no idea what Russian FOABs and Laser weapons will do. All US bases surrounding Russia will be atomised any time the Politboro wishes and very serious Hawks really WISH!

      All these semi literate Muppets blowing Goldfish bubbles have no clue of the times we are in. Your site keeps you informed. Your lucky you all have brains and are self reasoning Thinkers.

      As for the rest, we can't cure Stupid . These are dangerous times and highly complex. If Israeli mischief launches the UKies, the point will not be missed by Iran or Russia. These funds either sooth the situation by releases or fan the flames if not. Be assured US procrastinating no longer holds .you took the money and all want it back. Now! I see daily anger, even fury at what's been done .
      Payback or God help you with the Pay back building.
      Are DC parties really so stupefied they don't grasp escation towards the pre empt?
      Sadly their naive arrogance is a Yes. So many flash points out there now. For sure, any pre empts and Israel goes for sure. Totalled . It may even be the final warning for the US. That on US TV will be the new reality awakening . Armageddon calls. Then watch the flags run up fast. Pay back or payback

    6. Saw typo word switching it should read Russia is about to annihilate. Shed no tears for rented killers helping terrorists for money . Callous Agency tyranny .

    7. John,
      You are dealing with "The Brotherhood". All these "politicos" are born into the mind controlled slavery system by bloodline or they have been kidnapped and used as slaves by the Vatican arm (AKA Frankin Cover-up, etc.), Illuminati, Nazi's, Zionist or some other faction of the brotherhood.

      So John,
      How do we escape this in America? Everyday, I'm consumed with how can I protect my family financially? I certainly respect all the work the WH's have done, but I don't have any real hope of getting out of this without MAJOR contastrophe and chaos.

      If we aren't going to have a shot at the paper, do we buy gold, silver? Gold and Silver mining shares? Yuan? What is going to go up relative to the dollar and help the awake Americans survive this shit storm.

    8. John, sorry for the ignorance again here. Does this mean that myself and others who hold currencies could exchange at a large bank, say B of A? Apologies, I am just a regular person trying to figure it out, and hoping to pay off ALL DEBT.

    9. JV

      I sympathise with your dilemma.Truly. Unfortunately, your system is now so Gut Rotten, you are entrapped by the consequences of Bush 41, the Fed, Greenspan, and Agency games. Very hard. France is now in revolt and its raging people winning.
      You truly more than most, need a revolution. The Crabs are too entrenched. You need to De Louse.

      Gold will increase in time, but there is one sector now emerging which can give you a few hundred % increase, and that helps. As I am now heavily involved cross structuring it, wait until next year and we will show what we have done. It's then up to you. I have to cover all my positions first.

      If currencies come up we WILL do all we can to try to help show you possible exits. Do not yet take those notes as a given. They are not yet cleared.

      Noththis time.

      Let's see what breaks over the next week first. If as hoped it does. The French got the F's attention! You have Traitors who need the rope. Macon ran up the White Flag fast enough. We need Trump to do his job!

  16. Theresa May is floundering around Europe like a Big Girls blouse. Wrong tactics. Deluded!
    Lets have a Leadership contest. Boot her Ass out!
    Elect only a firm and Committed Brexit Leader. It's then economic war.
    No, No, NO to all EU conditions. F U has to be our offer.
    Pull out April 1st, No more funds in. No more Global delays for negotiating new trade. Open the lough gates for supplies, they will flood in. Pull the UK Army out of Germany April 1st. Stop all EU funding April 1st. Grow Up!. They will erupt like a smacked arse. Welcome to reality.
    Then give notice to 6M EU citizens to leave.

    Put the boot on the other foot. Politicians, PATHETIC, why allow them so much power. An Idiot species. Chancers and Grifter's the lot.

    A Global Clean Up is needed.

    Start by focusing on Richard Armitage, Bushes Drugs overlord in Tokyo. Extradite Michael Herzog from Germany to DC. Put a Mueller type onto the Clinton's.
    Investigate Greenspan.

    Close the Jewish Fed and open a US Fed.

    Stop funding and arming Israel. Investigate Saudi and Israel over 9/11.

    Public Inquiry on ALL Clinton Foundation funds.

    Herzog to appear before Congress.

    Stop funding Nato. Rethink the UN.

    Focus now on the Commonwealth. 2.4 Billion people, Hello?

    Rethink money NOW. Statutory Base Central Bank funding for each nations people. End Jewish Banking controls and rackets. Deny ALL Jewish debts and redemptions. These Weevils have siphoned enough. Arm Palestine and kick the Zionists out of ALL occupied land. Butt out of Iran. Butt out of Syria. Let the Rothschild's Israel go! Let Russia deal with Ukraine. Stop funding US arms suppliers. Sort the massive corruption in Japan and stop the US thieving Japanese Pension funds. Get the US fleets out of Japan. It's OVER!

    Re build America first!

    Britain focus on the Commonwealth.Walk from the EU. Two fingers.
    Sack Theresa May. Sack Gove. Wets out.

  17. Above all said, will she buy off enough votes to survive tonight and leave us still screwed? Politicos? Trust none. The UK need to tell the EU to shove it. But shes not capable. Does madness rule tonight?

  18. The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Many people believe, the Twelve Days of Christmas is a song about the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day. Actually the Twelve Days of Christmas begins on Christmas Day and ends on the evening of The Epiphany, on January 5th. It was written in the late 1700’s when there was extreme religious persecution and was written as a catechism song that could be sung without fear. Each verse starts with “my true love gave to me”. “My true love” is a reference to God and the “me” in that verse is in reference to anyone who was baptized.

    Starting on December 25th Day 1: The partridge in a pear tree represents Jesus.

    Day 2: The two turtledoves represent the Old Testament and the New Testament.

    Day 3: The three French hens symbolize faith, hope and love.

    Day 4: The four calling birds represent the four Gospels. (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

    Day 5: The five golden rings represent the first five books of the Old Testament. (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)

    Day 6: The six geese a-laying represent the six days of creation.

    Day 7: The seven swans a-swimming represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. (prophesy, serving, teaching, exhortation, generosity, leading, mercy/compassion.

    Day 8: The eight maids a-milking represent the eight Beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-10

    Day 9: The nine ladies dancing represent the nine fruits of the Spirit. (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

    Day 10: The ten lords a-leaping are the Ten Commandments.

    Day 11: The eleven pipers piping represent the eleven faithful Apostles. Luke 6:14-16

    Day 12: The twelve drummers drumming symbolize the twelve points of the Apostles Creed.

    Regards to Vicki

    Tally HO!

  19. it just a coincidence that the French are coming off of SWIFT, and they are having a revolt at around the same time?

  20. Party confidence vote 200 for and 117 against. She survives but heavily wounded. Walking wounded

  21. On these numbers she will get run over for the Brexit vote. It's a ROTTEN deal we have to throw the lot out. All this nobsense about out of time. No it's not true. We just say No , we leave April 1st and we stay in limbo , No 39B until they agree a deal we want it dream on. No honey, no money . Politicos heh? It's now deadlocked and she's got a rubbish deal. Politicos are too bloody inept to let near running vountries. No experience, no vision, no ethics and no sense.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. He's right up to the neck, and Butt in the Deep State .

  24. John - here's something that might interest you and the Elders who wish to invest in food security. I would love to see this cause taken up all across reserves and throughout the north, where food security and pricing is an issue. Why it's not happening here already is disappointing but I think it's because of the cost of the technology - that's where you come in! :)

    Sorry the link isn't live - I'll try to come in again later and do that. This technology could be used all around the world.

  25. Clinton Criminal Investigation Released Thurs. Dec 13th.
    Dec 12 2018

  26. URGENT 🔴 President Trump IMPORTANT Speech Signs Exec Order amid Cohen Sentenced 3 Years in Prison
    Dec 12 2018

    President Trump participates in a signing event for an Executive Order establishing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council

  27. Do you think Bill and Hillary are sleeping well tonight?

  28. Gowdy blasts Comey: An 'amnesiac with incredible hubris'
    Dec 12 2018

    Rep. Trey Gowdy weighs in on the impact new Mueller filings will have on the future of the Russia investigation, and reveals what it was like meeting President Trump for the first time earlier in the week.

    1. p: Part 2. Thank you Trey Gowdy for your years of service. Can appreciate your making the decision to choose who you are working with! )

      Gowdy prepares to say goodbye to Washington DC
      Dec 12 2018

  29. Giving Trump credit for where he is achieving, it's still far exceeds anything Obama ever achieved, and thank God we missed Clinton . Trump's approval ratings are far higher than Soetoros and his Shemales,and Mueller's pathetic failure to achieve much in his witch hunt says time to shut it down. Investigate Mueller you will soon have enough to Indicte him. End this Trump farce

    1. In statesmanship there are predicaments from which it is impossible to escape without some wrongdoing.

      Napoleon Bonaparte

  30. Replies
    1. Very handy information presented there Canauzzie, thank you. She says with a rather wicked smile. LOL


  31. OWON: So, Gorgeous George Pell, the ex-Pope Vatican Lover, has AT LAST been found guilty of molesting boys in Australia and his dirt is exposed.

    Why is this Trash Can of a Church allowed anywhere near our schools, or still in the Con Game Religious Scam? How many more thousands to go until we cry enough?

    Tax them, remove them from all Schools.

    Catholic Church's third most senior cleric Cardinal George Pell - known as the 'Vatican's treasurer' - is found GUILTY of sexually abusing two choir boys inside a cathedral


  32. OWON: More Filth from the Vatican. The entire scam is rotten from top to bottom.

    All this from the simple Council of Nicea who created a false Church from devious lies, and still 1,700 years later it still goes on Kiddie Fiddling lying and deceiving.

    All Catholic Schools need to be taken over forthwith - Wake up! Who could EVER license an organisation as dirty as they are to handle Children? Major NO! Are you Mad?

    Pope demotes two cardinals over sexual abuse scandals

    1. Why is there not a full public MSM outcry over this scum?

    2. Exactly John.

      These creeps will need to watch their backs because there will be someone that has been personally impacted by their sick revolting behaviour that will not let them get away with these grotesque crimes. They should never fall asleep again.


  33. OWON: Here is the picture with living proof Trump met with a Russian Operative Agent.

    Proof Trump met with a Russian Operative

    1. Bahawawaha, I hope he used hand and soul sanitizer afterwards.

  34. The Grim Reaper shall shall come for several on the sealed indictments (Santa's extra Naughty) list in 2 weeks. They know they are toast but are in denial as customary for satanics who believe they are above us slaves of the bloodline ziorat economy.

    1. It's long overdue. No plea-bargaining in Military Tribunals! Cold Justice with no appeals process baloney for their kike lawyers either.

  35. Robots... with robots like this who needs them...


  36. p: We're very fortunate to have such a kind and patient FLOTUS.

    CHRISTMAS 🔴 BEAUTIFUL First Lady Melania Trump Reads for Children at National Hospital Visit
    Dec 13 2018

    1. Yes P she's a good ambassador to the Nation and Womanhood. Gracious and tasteful.
      Look at some of these previous Dogs! Full credit to her.

  37. Gowdy should be the AG. POTUS needs him there....

    1. We need either a crusader (Klayman) or a long-standing jurist NOT part of the system any more (Pirro?, Napolitano?) or a total outsider with a private security detail for all the obvious reason. If we can send an honest blonde bimbo like Nauert to the UN I can get an honest bulldog with basic lawfare into the arena as AG.

  38. Good. Threatening his family was a vile tactic by Mueller if he was put into the interrogation seat the lie detectors would be off the chart . Flynn is right to refute his treatment .it's unsafe,! I

  39. Charlotte’s Web:

    Yes. This is the company that started because of a little girl named Charlotte Figi, who has become one of the cannabis spaces greatest heroines. Using cannabis to fight the seizures of Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, little Figi was one of the first children to use the plant to get relief from the toll of heavy pharmaceuticals. Since the world found out about her story, Charlotte’s Web hemp CBD tincture has exploded as one of the industry’s leading medical cannabis brands. They deserve to be on this list because they were one of the first to publicly shine a light on the fact cannabis can be used to stop and reduce seizures—even in little children. And for that, we will forever honor them.

    (I could not find if this company is a publicly traded stock, though....)

  40. Before purchasing CBD OIL, this web site does an excellent comparison of cost and effectiveness


  41. OWON: Now this is good for the scheming, blackmailing Daniels as is hit where it hurts.

    Like the Clinton's, she belongs in jail. Celled up with Hillary.

    Porn star Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Donald Trump's £234,000 legal fees

    1. Biffie

      She will be freaking, her Lawyer too. Imagine the interest on late payments and Enforcement charges. Be assured,Trumps Lawyers will be right up her enforcing.
      That's a lot of hooking at (In her Dog Ugly Case) at only c$250 Bucks a pop, and after Taxes she will be peddling for her life. Nasty blackmailing Bitch, she and her Lawyer deserve all of it. 2 disgusting types.
      She took this where the Sun don't shine. Loved it.
      What comes around goes around. Who would touch that with a barge pole anyway. Only Trump, Sleaze to please. Sad, but she's bad. Would love to have seen her face, when the Judge awarded to Trump.

    2. Good job. Maybe Ms. plastic bazookas could auction off her implants in some sleazy club to raise funds toward her repayment. She should learn the lesson that the wheel always does a full circle. Payback time.

  42. Replies
    1. Very interesting reading. Thank you.

    2. I certainly would not want to live on this planet the way it is being abused environmentally if it were to last into the year 5000's.


  43. OWON: Dirty EVIL, nasty terrible Bitch, Heartbreaking.

    How can anyone do this to a child? She should have the Cat o 9 Tails once a week for 10 years. Salt on the wounds and cold water yard brushed down.

    So sad to see this and feel for this poor child.

    I truly hope the Cons rip them apart inside. So, so sad. Man's inhumanity defies belief. I just want to reach out and make him feel wanted and safe, poor kid.

    Horrific images of boy, 5, starved by stepmum who locked him in 'Harry Potter room'

    1. I truly hope this young man has found safe and loving haven with a new family.

      No child brought into this world deserves neglect of any kind or the abuse and worse as we've seen with the elite's appetite for our world's children.

      His step-mother likely saw like abuse herself. Not defending her, but she does not need to have anymore children, spaying would be in order. And John is right, in jail she may not live long as prison inmates often take a very dim view concerning a parent that abuses and neglects children, especially their own.

    2. I feel deeply for such abuses. With multiple kids of my own, and an extending between of grandkids, I know the compassion and values of caring.each so precious a Soul. Child abuse is heinous.

    3. I was trying not to look at these images but decided that I cannot hide from the ugly truth of this world.

      My god! what sort of beasts are these supposed parents. It really does not matter anyway. They should both be shot immediately. Taxpayers should not have to keep these evil animals. They do not deserve to live. You hurt a child, you die in my opinion. End of story. Simple.

      That beautiful little child has been so badly damaged. He would have never known what it feels like to be held in a genuine loving embrace which offered him a sense of safety and security. May the rest of his life be filled with an abundance of love, care and tenderness.


  44. OWON: Interesting mistake if it is one. Hopefully copies will be supplied to Iran and US Military.

    Russia mapping company exposes secret military bases in Turkey and Israel

  45. Apple announces $1 billion campus in Texas, part of plan to create 20,000 US jobs by 2023
    Dec 13 2018

    Apple is expanding its presence in the U.S. as a part of a billion-dollar investment that the company said would generate at least 5,000 new jobs.

    The iPhone maker will build a new $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas, and open new offices in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City, California, to broaden its U.S. footprint, according to a statement released early Thursday morning.

    "Apple is proud to bring new investment, jobs and opportunity to cities across the United States and to significantly deepen our quarter-century partnership with the city and people of Austin," Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a press release. "[W]ith this new expansion, we're redoubling our commitment to cultivating the high-tech sector and workforce nationwide."

  46. I guess the French move to abandon the SWIFT system was the real reason behind all the violence. I'll consider that there were some people who genuinely objected to Macron's gas tax, but I'll bet a lot of it was set off by CIA operatives. We're busy doing that in a lot of places.

    Until Apple can make the Iproducts here in the US, the jobs will be few. We know why they're made in China.


  48. Washington's focus to rule the world will be it's undoing. The Hegemony they promote in today's new world can force a pre empt.

  49. The ( Unelected) EU Brussels Bullies just refused more leeway for May so a No Deal now looms.

    She has to go, and a full, Head On Brexit Leader needs to come in.

    Stop all EU payments April first.F the lot of them!
    Start buying from the world now, right now.
    Whack on EU taxes for all their incoming goods April 2nd.
    No more free Motorway access for EU trucks. Entry taxes right away. Pay at border or go home. Get tough. Get REAL!
    Withdraw the UK armies out of Germany. Let them fund their own.
    Send all 6M EU migrants back. Cancel right to stay.F U - EU!
    See how fast the Bar Stewards are their knees when that lot hits.
    Open the UK for Global food buying right now. Watch the EU scream.
    Put a flat 100 pounds a head on all EU holiday flights. The Med will be dead in a year.
    Send all illegals back,. No papers no entry. Pack the lot back to France.
    So, a year of hard face offs and see.
    Stop all Irish Horse and Beef sales to the UK. On its knees in a year.

    Europe wants to play games, Fine. Hardball! May OUT. Hard face down Politicos in. No deal. No EU money. Face off and F off!

  50. P: Freedom of speech just took a hard hit in Europe. The UK needs to end relations quickly before there is anymore influence in her own nation.

    European Court Of Human Rights Blasphemy Laws: Where A Word Out Of Place Can Cost Your Life
    Dec 14 2018

    The European Court of Human Rights ruled that criticism of Muhammad constitutes incitement to hatred -- meaning that in Europe, criticizing Muhammad is no longer protected free speech.

    What the court has actually done, however, is rule out the possibility of any debate in which a range of various experts and members of the public could take part. Now, it seems, the only views that will be respected in the public forum are those of devout Muslims.

    Underage marriages are considered by some countries child abuse or statutory rape, but are acceptable under shari'a law; they also take place in Muslim communities in Western countries such as the UK. This alone is a major reason why platforms must be found to debate the issue instead of sweeping it, as something offensive, under the carpet. Ignoring it is offensive.

    Moreover, as some Muslims are often offended by even small matters regarding their faith, such as a toy teddy bear named Mohammad or a prisoner on death row declared innocent -- so that mobs take to the streets to condemn, or even kill, those individuals -- what now will notbe censored in the West?

  51. Whistleblowers: Clinton Foundation Operated Outside Bounds of Non-Profit – Brokered Money and Pharmaceuticals (VIDEO)
    Dec 13 2018

    The House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday on the Clinton Foundation.

    Mark Meadows (R-NC), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, led the hearing Thursday — special prosecutor John Huber was a NO-SHOW.

  52. What powers does The House have to direct either Federal Marshals, or similar, to go out and bring John Huber to face the Committee? Also to charge him with contempt? When Huber fails to withhold his Duties of Office, fire him.

  53. John, do you have any updates on the PPs progress?

    1. Certain key parties have been called in for Saturday meetings to try to progress high pressure releases and attempt to force action and schedules.
      We are dealing with entities who belong on the end of a rope but Iranian style lifted slowly on a crane and taking up to 90 minutes in some cases to finish them writing for desperate breath. A fitting end for scum.
      We have to wait but we are covering any possibility in case .

  54. Yesterday the Fed released its latest quarterly financial statements, showing that the value of their bonds is now $66.5 billion LESS than what they paid.

    And that $66.5 billion unrealized loss is far greater than Fed’s razor-thin $39 billion in capital.

    This means that, on a mark-to-market basis, the largest and most systemically important financial institution in the world is objectively insolvent.

    (It’s also noteworthy that the Fed’s financial statements show a NET LOSS of $2.4 billion for the first nine months of 2018.)

    This is all truly remarkable… and highlights how utterly absurd the financial system is.

    Our society has awarded an unelected committee the ability to conjure trillions of dollars out of thin air and render itself insolvent to support the ongoing, mutual back-scratching of governments and banks, all at your expense.

    But what’s even more remarkable, though, is how little anyone has noticed.

    You’d think the front page on every financial newspaper would be “FED INSOLVENT.”

    But it’s not. No one seems to notice that the Fed is insolvent. Or, for that matter, that most Western governments are insolvent.

    It’s crazy. It’s as if it doesn’t matter that the government of the largest economy in the world loses a trillion dollars a year, has $22 trillion in debt, $30+ trillion in unfunded pension liabilities, or suffers a debt-to-GDP ratio in excess of 100%.

    Or that the central bank of the largest economy in the world is insolvent on a mark-to-market basis according to its own financial statements.

  55. The above is what we keep telling you.

    When will the overspending madness stop?????

  56. What you are not being shown is the scale of the Paris Yellow Vests Protesters which has now spread to Belgium, Holland and now London. The Brits are massing new Parliament and demanding BREXIT NOW,NOW,NOW,NOW and to get the hell out MOW.

    Always, if Europe links up with key issues, as with the French revolution and German 1936 Socialism, the consequences are unstoppable.

    One English King ( Charles 1st) was beheaded by Cromwell. In France thousands went to the Guillotine.
    Hitler set Europe aflame.All the while while pre warned for years, the usual laid back Arseholes and Chamberlin said, it won't happen here. All it needs is that breaking moment, when the led Mutts say enough! Payback then is fury.

    40 M plus paid for it all in 1939 to 1945, Imagine if German had nukes first.

    We can't get into historically uneducated nations that, had the UK not stood alone to stop Hitler,torn his Luftwaffe apart, and British Commandos helped by brave Norwegian Freedom fighters,not blown up the German Heavy water supplies and Bombed Peenamunde, Germany then would have had the A bomb first, and it would have been game over. Russia would have fallen in a week. The UK next then in weeks, the Nazi bombers would have dropped 10 or more on the US and all would be marching to Nazi Jackboots today. Sanitised! But where is truth? The world lives in a self interest bubble. Until the Jackboots kick in your doors.

    Hollywood and the MSM give you false propaganda lies. The UK gave you LIFE!

    Without that tiny Island,no Jews would be left,and even worse horrors would have followed. The Third Reich were that close.

    There but for the grace of the UK went the whole world you know.

    Once a population erupts,there but for the grace of God go you.
    The Yellow jackets are now, today. If it swells?
    Chamberlin, and still we never learn. It just needs to grow, then a flash point.
    Now its swelling and uniting. What IF?????

  57. I figured as much, John. It would be interesting to watch for someone hanging from a rope "writing" rather that writhing. "Dear Hangman, a little less tension please? Allah bless you". LOL

    1. But if we did not hang by the neck BUT the note, the neck please? Begging us?

  58. One Question: Border Security?
    by Walter Burien


  59. Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans to Investigators

    1. This story AND the story "The FED is Insolvent" should be front age headlines!

    2. In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark. And last week, a federal prosecutor suddenly asked for documents from their private investigation.

      The memo also claims Kessel confirmed to the private investigators that private lawyers reviewed the foundation’s practices — once in 2008 and the other in 2011 — and each found widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest.

      “I have addressed it before and, let me tell you, I know where all the bodies are buried in this place,” the memo alleges Kessel said.

  60. p: Sadly, how much difference in this poverty stricken place would good food, clean water and real education make over generations?

    The Conditions People Endure in Indonesia’s Down Syndrome Villages Will Shock You
    Dec 14 2018

  61. P
    So much comes down to greed and inept but loathsome incompetence of Leaders. politics, religions, banking the lot stinks.
    Ethereal education is key to creating life forms fit for purpose .

  62. Next week, release partial PPs , collect taxes protect the Fed? Or not?
    Next week , concieve an amicable solution for Brexit, or not? Chaos follows.
    Next week Mueller decides who next?
    Next week Clinton?
    Next week idiots move from Ukraine and Putin acts?
    Next week Syria clears out Terrorists taking out US and UK contractors with them?
    Next week Flynn forces plea review as coerced under threat?
    Next week Yellow vests across the EU start cross talking? Unity of force?

    Then Xmas chaos for 6 weeks so what next? All is stockpiling up.

    Who knows on any of it . We have to wait but it's not going away . Their moves now.

    1. p:Where was Huber yesterday (4:32-5:58 ), testifying someplace else and more...

      12.14] QAnon / Bomb Threats / Clinton Foundation / General Flynn / Worldwide Wave Anomalies
      Dec 14 2018

  63. Another year. Well we can look forward to Summer 2019 "Silly Season" AGAIN, John , LETS all take Bankers vacation and return to OWON IN September 2019 so can get a good laugh.

  64. What a pleasure. Blood pressure down to normal? Sleep? Stress gone? Allah's gift of maidens also? Oh Dreamland. And still negotiating brexit with the Ditsy Dame, clueless?

  65. The Matrix of Control – Beyond its 3D Manifestation

    By Bernhard Guenther, December 6, 2018

    Many well meaning activists and people are raising awareness about the issues our world and humanity are facing. That is definitely needed and necessary.

    However, what is important to understand is that everything we see on a global 3D level — the ongoing wars, human rights atrocities, oppression, loss of freedom, surveillance, corporate greed, genetic modification, fluoride in the water, geo-engineering, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, vaccination, religious and political dogma/systems, government, sexual pathologies, racism, mainstream media/entertainment mind control, Transhumanism/A.I., etc… — is the creation of (or heavily influenced) by occult forces that have been ruling over humanity for thousands of years, using their puppet humans to carry out their agenda in classic divide & conquer fashion on un-seen levels.

    Their primary goal and agenda is and always has been to keep humanity locked in a frequency prison, feeding off of all the “emotional loosh” that is created through the suffering, polarization, drama, chaos, and fighting between humans; be it on global level via wars or through interpersonal fighting in everyday life. Divide and conquer. It’s about keeping us in a perpetual state of fear, physical survival and limited five-sensory perception and indulgence, disconnected from the deeper wisdom of our bodies and our divinity within – our own inner divine authority and emancipated selves.

    Have you ever wondered why there are always wars, atrocities and various control mechanisms thought out human history but nothing really changes? It just re-arranges with different faces and disguises. Like in a prison cell, the tapestry changes but the (invisible) prison is still there. People say “it’s just human nature and ego”. Have we ever truly questioned the term “human nature” and literally everything we have been told about humanity?

    We are “GMOs”, genetically modified by hyperdimensional alien forces who are the real architects of the matrix. They see earth and humans as their property and farm, raising us like cattle to be fed upon. Society and modern official cul-ture as we know it is for the most part an alien-infused creation and not “human”. It is wetiko in action. These occult forces who have been given various names throughout the times and written about in ancient texts and esoteric teachings have also infused us with dogmatic religious beliefs and are behind the corrupted pop-spirituality of the the New Age religion— an alien virus. It’s pathology that has become normalized.

    Simply focusing on the 3D manifestations (symptoms) of the matrix will never bring about true positive change, nor will it happen through any of the matrix institutions (such as government). Attempting to do so feeds the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda)…literally. It doesn’t matter who you blame or focus on within the 3D level of the matrix: Government, Illuminati, Zionists, Jesuits, Bankers, or any political/corporate figure; they all are puppets themselves.

    Understanding the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System is key in this day and age for anyone who wants to awaken and have a better world. Sincere self-work and de-programming oneself from consensus reality is also part of it to essentially connect with our spiritual nature – your sovereign embodied true self, connected to the Divine in order to transcend the mutant Matrix and activate your original blue print prior to the “fall” from your true state of being via genetic modification. This is the Great Work. It is not an easy path and work for it entails facing our fears and questioning our deep rooted socially/cultural conditioned beliefs and programs. Disillusionment is an inevitable part of the process, but the only way out is through.


  66. Fighting governments and the psychopathic elite on a 3D level alone will never bring an end to wars and suffering for the “elite” themselves are just pawns and puppets of hyperdimensional negative forces that fully occupy them. Voting (and therefore giving consent to be ruled over) and believing in the religion of government is also an archonic mind control construct (including the major world religions). It is designed to keep people imprisoned out of their own “free will” (trap of agreement) and disconnected from their own inner spiritual authority as they give their power away and become authoritarian followers, always looking outside for “solutions” and saviors (politicians, spiritual/religious leaders, technology, or even aliens that are supposed “to defeat the cabal” – The New Age savior program).

    Just focusing on ecological/environmental issues (GMOs, climate change, etc..) will also never bring about a “better world” in the long run for it is just fighting the symptoms. Again, everything we see as a “problem” to be “solved” on a 3D level is the manifestation of occult alien forces that have been ruling over humanity for eons. They act through the shadows and work through us, hidden behind a veil outside our five sensory perception. It is in their interest to distract us from what is really going on in order to keep us imprisoned in a frequency prison – locked in 3D physical survival mode and feeding off of our soul essence.

    Ignorance is not bliss, nor does it serve as a protection. All of us are influenced by the hyperdimensional occult forces to varying degrees. People who don’t understand how the (unseen) manipulation/control operates – not only in the world at large but through their own minds – can be used as unconscious “matrix agents“, played like pawns on a grand chess board without their awareness whatsoever.

    That’s really what it comes down to in a nutshell, regardless what people and activists focus on externally on a 3D level. Don’t get distracted by the shadows on the wall. I’m not implying to ignore the 3D issues of our world but seeing them in context of a much larger picture.

    The key in it all in order to transcend the matrix is not only knowledge of what the matrix actually is beyond its 3D manifestation but most importantly sincere esoteric self-work, shadow work, embodiment and emotional intelligence in order to anchor the higher frequency of pure and true love and joy, connected to our wholeness within and the wholeness of nature. Love is Light is Knowledge and the gateway to receive Gnosis, higher Knowledge that cannot be perceived via the five senses or our petty little minds. This is the process of “Ascension” and Awakening during the Time of Transition we’re in now. Many are called, few chose to answer the call.

    Bernhard Guenther at Anarchapulco 2018 - Transcending the Matrix

  67. " People who don’t understand how the (unseen) manipulation/control operates – not only in the world at large but through their own minds – can be used as unconscious “matrix agents“, played like pawns on a grand chess board without their awareness whatsoever."


  68. I am pleased to announce that Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management & Budget, will be named Acting White House Chief of Staff, replacing General John Kelly, who has served our Country with distinction. Mick has done an outstanding job while in the Administration….

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 14, 2018

    1. You should check out the article on Mulvaney at Winter Watch: Chomping at the Bit. Quite the refutation of your position. Everyone should check it out.

  69. Mika Brzezinski Used Homophobic Slur For Trump Appointee

  70. America’s Major Military Bases, Secret Installations and Testing Grounds Line Up With Ancient Civilizations (Video)


  72. Tony Blair is a snidy, sleazy,Vatican owned weasel.

    The people had a vote.They voted OUT! Correct decision.

    The FACT that this May Mare is bloody inept and clueless, is no reason to allow a new vote because the Mindless Muppets are losing their bottle.

    True, Voting only allows the Idiots to think they are represented. Ethos is then ignored as are they. Try overturning Brexit and we will lose the nation.

    We MUST vote NO Deal and walk!

    This Jesuit led EU sham of a Governing body will not relent until the UK gives them a God almighty budget shock.

    The UK does 60% of its business outside of the EU. But 60% of the EU's outlets are the UK.
    If we close those doors, the EU will disintegrate.

    In the meantime the THICK elements poising as a UK Government are being toyed with by Drunks and Deviants.

    No more votes! Out is Out. Time to launch May, but shes now bought another year.

    A resounding rejection by Parliament gives the case to tell her its time she goes.
    All this talk of EU says no means nothing.
    The UK has the power to say No and Go!

    Whining, whinging Brits wanting to be spoon feed matter little. Who cares?

    Time to put the country right and if its a siege economy for for 3 years, so what?
    Get the flab off many of them.

    Time to think the long game. Cut Scotland loose and Labour are finished. Scots out, unite Ireland, and England can go Global. Sod the Union its just basket cases. Dumping the Scots will save a fortune. Let that Gobby creature create their money. Some hope.

    Again, the best thing to come out of Scotland is the empty train coming back.

    We English can but hope they want an Independence vote again.Next time 20 M of us will go up and vote Yes!

  73. "Again, the best thing to come out of Scotland is the empty train coming back."



  75. A Vision for the New Earth

    Our Vision for today comes from our new friend in Colorado, Ron Radhoff, who is an amazing artist on so many levels. Ron states, "This meditation/visualization begins with a series of 3 deep breaths. -- Next clear the mind, deeply relax. and visualize the wonders of our coming New Earth Paradigm.

    We begin by visualizing a transformed New Earth where war, hunger, and poverty has been replaced by peace and abundance, all around our planet. Know that once desperate children are now getting new hope for their future by knowing they will all have many positive opportunities to contribute to life using their God given natural talents and abilities, because this, and much more, will be part of newly developed education system.

    Stress and fear has been transformed into an atmosphere confidence, happiness, and joyous times, often with friends and family. Know that corrupt politicians have been removed and replaced by new high conscious inspirational leaders all around the globe always ensuring the fulfillment of the will of its people will be achieved..

    Drugs of all kinds are no longer needed as all ineffective medical care has been replaced by true natural spiritual healing modalities. Know that toxic substances in food are no more as all food is now pure, alive, nutritious, and healthy. Oil based industries have been replaced by multiple sources of free energy.

    Where there was lack and limitation, there is now equal abundance for everyone. See this and feel it. Where there was illness, there is now wellness. See this and feel it. Where there has been conflict for millennia of time, there is now world wide peace. Where there was sorrow, there is now much joy. You can see the shimmering cities we once viewed as the future now coming into formation throughout the world. See this now, feel it, and know all this has become very real.

    Yes, see all this moving forward with everyone having pollution free transportation vehicles. The history of our planet has been rewritten because new technology, brought to us by our benevolent and loving friends from the inner earth, has allowed everyone to watch past events as they really happened in a holographic format. No more secrets, no more cover-ups. All interferences and limitations from our goodness and growth have been removed and replaced by our own sovereignty. The oxygen level has built back up. Also know our water and atmosphere has become clean and pure by the advanced technologies of our space brothers and our Agarthan friends from the inner earth. Other new technologies have eliminated the strain and difficulties when creating new advancements in all areas of life..

    It is us, the people who decide what is important for us in our world and create it through the power of our full consciousness minds for we are all now co-creators within this New Earth. When we become still and open, we hear the Creators sweet song and focus on what it telling us; how much we are loved and blessed in this New World for now we are all ONE with the all of life in an atmosphere of harmony and kindness, as we give forth our very best for the good of the whole of all life in all realms.

    Know the New Earth has been transformed to one of Global Peace and Brotherhood within all nations in the world, free of War, Control, the creation of FEAR, manipulations, and endless bureaucracy which has been previously created by self focused politicians.

    1. Imagine now a new form of National and World News, that is no longer controlled by the elites, and only announces the good news of wonderful new events as they become manifest on the planet, and we swell up with joy deep within our hearts with every enfoldment of each new advancement.

      Yes, Realize with certainty that together, with our positive visions for a New Earth, we have all created a STRONG positive energy and force through the Universal Law of Attraction and that powerful energy will change this world forever, for the good of the earth and all who reside upon her. Know that this beautiful vision for the future is unfolding right now and that all of us, right here, right now, have contributed to that creative effort. And with all that has been created, we realize that the best attitude is always one of gratitude."

    2. I love this P, definitely the world I want to live in.

  76. New Legislation Will Force Creepy Sex-Hungry Lawmakers to Pay Off Sexual Misconduct Claims From Their Own Pocket
    Dec 14 2018

    US lawmakers will no longer be able to force American taxpayers to cover the costs of their sexual misconduct claims.

    The Senate and US House passed a voice vote on Thursday to force sex-hungry lawmakers to pay for their own misconduct claims.

    For years this taxpayers were forced to pay the fines.
    More than $17 million was paid out in settlements between 1997 and 2017 in over 250 settlements.

  77. Interior Secretary Zinke Stepping Down Amid Ethics Inquiry
    Dec 15 2018

    Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke - who rode a horse to the Department of the Interior on his first day of work - has notified the White House he intends to step down amid an ethics investigation by the Interior Department's inspector general into his travel, political activity and potential conflicts of interest, Bloomberg reported on Saturday morning with the president confirming the departure by tweet moments later.

  78. Proud of SC's Mulvaney. Proud of SC's Gowdy..... both good men. That being said, SC still has one of the most corrupt house in the nation.

  79. SC Tim Scott started out as good also, but fear he fell into wrong direction. Hope he gets back in line.

  80. p: OIG report on Strock and Page's text messages. Black Conservative does a good job relaying the info included. Looking for the link.

    Dec 15 2018

  81. Why is he not under investigation for sending senior FBI officers to Florida to stop the investigation of Romney and the Bush Fraud on Falcone? 1 Trillion syphoned off with bribes all round and shielded by Obama . Gut rotten the lot!

  82. Q: ARE YOU READY TO SEE ARRESTS? -- John B. Wells (40min)

    (Well worth the time spent to listen to this.The whole agenda is explained.)

    110,836 views (7min)

    1. Military Tribunals, Sealed Docs To Be Unsealed, Moves & Countermoves - Episode 1738b

    2. OMG!!! Are we still doing this sealed indictments nonsense?

    John what is this

    1. Sorry I tried entering all the YouTube BS code and it doesn't access.
      I don't have time for their crap just link it as is.

    2. The vid is about letters which the cabal received during Dec.5 funeral/memorial

      Many are wondering what exactly those stated because it seems FEAR crossed each of their faces after reading.

      Maybe it was an Invitation To A Grand Ball at GITMO January 1st!!

  85. Confirmed, US Has Gold, Gold Will Bring Down The Fed - Episode 1740a (16min)

    "Major global reset...."


    1. Noel Noel
      13 hours ago (edited)
      One of the biggest gold mines is in butte mt. It was the biggest copper mind around, and gold and silver and copper are next to each other in the ground. But the mayor of butte sold the mine to a company in Canada, and they in turn sold it to china. . They (china) are waiting for the people who have gold claims on the hills to die off, then they said they would come in and mine the gold. And bring in their own workers. Interesting huh?

    2. Another IDIOT Kid amateur, annoying Muppet video. I could not listen for more than 5 minutes 3 of which was a damned advert plug. Guys making this crap are basement dwellers and listening, wasting my time, justified smacking his head with a torque wrench. The voice is annoying, the content jibbering, just save your time.
      Loser type. We need a Zap button which traces right to them so we can just erase the S* Fly!

    3. He's just speculating with the information available.Thoughts to think about, etc...

      Take it easy there with lobbing grenades at the man. Matter of fact it was him that led me indirectly this this site several years back. He had been calling out all the IQD-gurus by name, and drove at least one ,that I know of, right out of business.

      The man puts out fantastic information daily, and is far from being a loser and amateur,(etc....) JOHN.....

    4. He needs help to get real videos made. Whose got time to listen to a rambling Plonker?

  86. p: A good interview with Bill Holter. Discussion includes timing on Trump and XI working on a trade deal in Argentina and the arrest of a top communist leader and CFO arrested occurring at the same time. Much more.

    Fed Will Be Blamed, Arrests Will Be Made, Timing Is Everything: Bill Holter
    Dec 15 2018

    1. I get "404 Not Found". My guess is that you pasted in only part of the link.

    2. Thank you Canauzzie for correcting the link. Been having problems with one internet provider and that will soon end!

  87. Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today
    Posted on December 12, 2018 by Cosmic Convergence

    Cosmic Convergence Research Group

    The following list of proven dangers impacting the entire human race has been compiled so that folks know the dire state of affairs that life on Earth has become.

    Most of these highly consequential matters are occurring under the radar 24/7 which makes them all the more dangerous; for you cannot respond to what you are unaware of.

    Even more alarming is the fact that there are other greater dangers that are far more destructive to the biosphere and web of life which are highly classified secrets and, therefore, not listed here.

    Lastly, this partial list of known perils to people and planet includes those which exist to varying degrees around the world today. Simply put, the more important any country or city is with regard to the implementation of the New World Order agenda, the more frequently and intensely they are subjected to these deadly and destructive assaults.
    • Artificial Intelligence (especially Autonomous Superintelligence)

    Technological Singularity: Humanity Stands at the Edge of the AI Abyss
    • EMF Biohazards: 5G, Microwave Towers, Cell Towers, GWEN Towers, SMART Meters, SMART Appliances, Blue Screens, Wireless Radiation, Stray Voltage from Power lines

    Weaponized Cell Towers Are Directly Related to Why Chemtrails Are Sprayed (Video)
    • Biosludge

    BIOSLUDGED: The greatest environment crime you’ve NEVER known
    • Bioweapons (Bioengineered Viruses and Weaponized Vaccines to Create Pandemics)

  88. Is Acute Flaccid Myelitis triggered by vaccines?
    • Carbon Control Matrix For Profit

    Weather Modification and the Global Control Matrix
    • Censorship (especially on the Internet) and Global Information Lockdown

    GOOLAG: AI-Executed Censorship By Google Creating Internet Ghettoes

    The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History
    • Chemical Weapons
    • Chemtrails + HAARP

    CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering
    • Collapse of Global Economic and Financial System

    Economic Armageddon and Financial Apocalypse Are Upon Us
    • Directed Energy Weapons

    SMOKING GUN: Hard Evidence Shows Camp Fire Was Manmade, Genocide and Mass Destruction of Paradise Carefully Planned

    Directed Energy Weapons Now Being Used Around the World
    • Earth Movements such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Methane Explosions

    Yellowstone Supervolcano: What’s causing the unprecedented earthquake swarm? 878 quakes in two weeks!
    • Extinction Level Events (e.g. Fukushima, Chernobyl, BP Gulf Oil Spill)

    A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

    Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster: A Terrorist Attack By The Usual Suspects

    A Special Update On The BP Gulf Oil Spill
    • False Flag Terrorist Attacks (Mass Shootings & Bombings)

    “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

    9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress

  89. • GMOs in Food Supply

    Respected Analyst Says GMOs Could Destroy Life on the Planet
    • Global Climate Change

    Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay on the Primary Causes of the recent Global Warming and future Global Cooling
    • Global Warming Hoax (especially the False CO2-Driven Narrative)

    Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2
    • Globalization, New World Order via One World Government, Dictatorship by Economic Unions, Communist Superstates, Cultural Marxism, Socialism

    New World Order Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over the Earth’s Weather and Natural Resources

    European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe

    CULTURAL MARXISM: The Hidden Agenda Destroying America
    • LED Lighting
    • Nuclear Weapons, Environmental Ionizing Radiation
    • Solar System Events: Coronal Mass Ejections, Cosmic Rays, Planet-Asteroids, Asteroids and Meteors

    How is the SUN triggering many earth changes, especially global climate change?

    HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era
    • Space Junk (Especially Massive Proliferation of Nuclear-powered Satellites)
    • Transhumanism
    • United Nations Agendas: Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and Vision 2050

    UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Environment Exposed: They Want A One World Government
    • Childhood Vaccines and Flu Inoculations

    THE VACCINE CONSPIRACY: U.S. Government Colludes with BIG Pharma to Poison the American People
    • Water Fluoridation


  90. • War on Drugs

    “War on Drugs” Fraud: A Global Commercial Enterprise Run by the C.I.A.
    • War on Terror
    • Weather Warfare (Weaponized Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Engineered Floods and Mudslides, Geoengineered Droughts and Deluge, DEW-triggered Firestorms and Wildfires)
    WEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms
    • World War III

    THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Dollar Collapse, Market Crash & World War 3

    In spite of these very real dangers that lurk throughout the entire planetary civilization, there is one extraordinary menace that poses the greatest threat to us all.

    Therefore, it’s time to seek a lasting solution to these many [MANMADE] hazards, once and for all. For even major Earth movements and Solar flares can be influenced by what we do or don’t do here on Earth.

    However, at this late date, a durable solution to these many problems can only manifest with divine intervention. Divine help comes with prayer … and repentance … and humility.

    Hence, the only way out is to invoke the Higher Power — like never before — during these exceedingly challenging times. Only by humbly propitiating God Almighty can the looming catastrophes be averted. Prayerful supplication offered to the Supreme Being will surely shift the current trajectories from their downward spirals.

    Future generations are counting on us to rise to the occasion to protect Mother Earth as well as the countless life forms that reside here. Our minimum obligation to the Creator is to make our collective decisions so as to leave a clean environment for at least the next 7 generations.

    Perhaps it’s time to seize the day and take back our planet from those who are responsible for this long list of now intolerable offenses. The unrelenting attacks on our personal sovereignty have reached a breaking point, as have the invasions of territorial integrity of one nation after another.

    The bottom line is that only We the People can save this planet, with help from ON HIGH, that we have collectively damaged. As the old saying goes:
    “If not us, then who?
    If not here, then where?
    If not now, then when?”

    (Source: Riding the Wave of Cosmic Convergence)

    Cosmic Convergence Research Group
    December 12, 2018

  91. The Canadians are soon to topple the traitor Trudeau because he works for Soros.

    ← Geoengineering via Cloud Seeding Flooded Florida a Few Days Ago (Video)
    We Must ALL Put On Neon-colored Vests →
    An Open Letter to the People of California: Put. On. Your. Vests.
    Posted on December 15, 2018 by State of the Nation

    To Our Fellow Americans in California:

    The French have practically stormed the Bastille for so little as an increase in the fuel tax.

    The British did a Brexit to escape from the European Union prison.

    The Greeks, before that, really tried for a Grexit but were betrayed by turncoats.

    The Canadians are soon to topple the traitor Trudeau because he works for Soros.

    You Californians were recently DEW attacked in your homes, burned out of your vehicles, and saw your businesses destroyed in a flash, and not so much as a peep…except from those few distressed souls who haven’t lost their ability to reason. See: OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA
    *DEW = Directed Energy Weapons

  92. RT America
    Published on Dec 7, 2018
    The US sparked an international incident when they ordered the arrest of Meng Wangzhou, CFO of Chinese telecom giant Huawei. By most indications, Huawei is being punished for selling communications equipment to Iran. Former US congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) tells Rick Sanchez about the consequences of Meng’s arrest and problems in US foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran.

  93. How To Get Rid Of An Annoying Neighbor With A Crayon

    I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful story by this retired veteran in Virginia.
    I do not want to say any more to spoil it for you. ENJOY!

    1. The inside of this Red Oak log was INCREDIBLE!

    2. We built this small off grid log cabin using recycled pallet wood that we collected for free. The aim of the diy project was to try and save money by building a cabin in the forest on the cheap. Living off grid is something we have always admired, being able to forage and gather food from the land, much like the primitive hunter-gatherer did. This off the grid cabin, although small, is an ideal one-man bug out camp in a survival situation. Slowly, we are turning this off grid cabin in the forest into a wilderness homestead. So far, this tiny hobbit home has no electricity or solar power, but it does have a window, roof, front porch, folding table, raised bed, chair, bench, shelves, bookcase and a woodstove to keep the cabin warm during the cold winter months.....

  94. MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending; Defense Department to conduct first-ever audit

    1. Enter the Grey Screens and it's much higher .

  95. Black SA Psycopath Politician Calls To Kill Whites
    'We Will kill their children And women' - Trump
    Could Sanction The SA Govt And Stop This

  96. p: It begins in Texas

    Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional, Trump Steps In for the Knockout Blow
    Dec 15 2018

    A federal judge in Texas has declared Obamacare to be unconstitutional — and it didn’t take long for a tweeted celebration to come from President Trump.

    U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor declared in a Friday evening decision that the end of the individual mandate meant that the rest of the Affordable Care Act was also null and void.

    It didn’t take long for a celebration from the White House.

    “Wow, but not surprisingly, ObamaCare was just ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a highly respected judge in Texas,” Trump tweeted. “Great news for America!”

    1. Now we have to fix the pre-existing condition disaster that the insurers have created. Contrary to popular belief, you can live a perfect life and still get chronic diseases and 'pre-existing' conditions. Insurance, if that is still the vehicle to do this, cannot eliminate people because they have conditions. Everyone, eventually, gets a condition.


    3. Absolutely Tino, insurance has to be insurance. The problem is, that it's rather a Ponzi scheme, because the money from the healthy pays for all those who are not, so you're effectively paying your care forward. But people don't see it that way, and the companies steal and refuse procedures, sometimes correctly. The addition now of legalized marijuana will make it even harder. While there was plenty of slime in the Obama legislation and the policies were junk, the fact that Trump doesn't have an alternative is not encouraging.

    4. You need National Health Care as in England and in the EU. Ours is Not For Profit we take care of our own. Unfortunately bloody grasping illegals abuse it . But the ethos is good and costs half of yours in GDP because you are riddled with grasping hands in commissions. You need NHS. Take care of so many in need and keep their thieving hands out of the till. Judge a nation by its compassion to its own.

  97. John were any resolutions following the Saturday meetings that might indicate a possible start for the first PPs this coming week?

  98. We have a case where the tax alone will settle the Feds shortfall. The problem as ever is breaking the claws of the parties living fat and high from false use. You have so much to blame Bush 41 and Greenspan for. Patriots fight one handed. The Brethren continue sucking it dry. It's a frustrating by the day battle . Without intelligent and focused Leaders it's hard going .

  99. Tino

    Hmm Mad Cow Disease comes to mind.

  100. p: Much good news

    🔴 President Trump & First Lady Deliver Remarks at the Congressional Ball
    Dec 15 2018

  101. The Farm Bill, Subsidies and Country of Origin Labeling
    Dec 16 2018

    1. I read recently that the Farm Bill actually takes the power to declare away from Congress again. Is anyone aware if that's true? Supposedly Congress voted to take that power back, but language in the FB negates it.

    2. That may be right Seshette as can't see Trump leaving the small and mid sized farmers and ranchers out of the mix again. With so much often going to the big corporate outfits, that often doesn't leave much for the smaller farms/ranches.

      How many corporate ag biz's have their people rewarding Congress members for their favors?

      At least there was some money for Farmer's Markets,although competitive.

      We're just going to have to see how this pans out.

  102. p: As protests increase around Europe and elsewhere, the people are clearly saying NO to what the Zionists want. How much leadership needs to be tried for treason and more?

    Protest against migration pact adoption takes place in Brussels
    Dec 16 2018

  103. Oh goodness, French State House sprayed with manure, as in truck, jet propelled stream. Anyone have a video?

    Would work really well if we covered Congress in manure... they deserve it too.

    1. That kind of activity is a red flag for outsider intervention because it's over the top. CIA is in play here. France is leaving the SWIFT payment system, another US financial rip-off. Cutting off funds to the Syndicate, isn't allowed, France will pay. Macron will pay!!!

  104. Brexit will decide Europe. If the UK politicians sell the nation out it's the end of the UK Empire. If the UK leaves it's the end of the EU and open door for Eurasia.
    Allowing the UK another vote is inviting stupid! As with most nations more than half are too dumb to trust with a vote. What's the point we need to focus on better Leaders with a core sense of direction not greasy weasels in office, or an electorate happy to sit on their arse and not think

    Dangerous times letting mongrels cast a wrong vote. We need to rethink and reposition. We need to THINK .

  105. Sarah Westall

    Published on Dec 15, 2018

    Part 1:

    Ambassador Lee Wanta joins the show to share his incredible mission to save our Republic. According to Wanta, he was mandated by Reagan to first, take down the Soviet Union, then to use his earned funds to save our own Republic: Pay off national debt and build a high speed rail system. Official government and court records show that Wanta is worth tens of trillions of dollars that could easily pay off the national debt. He claims the deep state has swindled the American people out of their rightful future. We recorded this interview remotely with Wanta presently at a government safe house for protection. You can see more of Ambassador Lee Wanta at Please consider supporting the program by becoming a Patreon. See exclusive interviews with top guests @ Stay informed! Sign up for my newsletter @ Thank you for watching and for supporting the show!

    Recouping Massive Stolen Funds From the Deep State w/ Lee Wanta (1of2)

  106. Xmas is coming. Let's think also about the homeless , lost and uncared for. Let's think about the poor unwanted children in homes dumped without love or a chance. We need somehow to give them hope and belief and show them they matter. The battered wives and children trapped with Thugs . The confused and so loving mentally and physically impaired children all needing love and a place safe to belong each day. Downs Syndrome outwards . We, as a society, need to care .
    Starting where and with who? We dont need convoluted Banking systems of Derivatives paying vast Billions to Bankers, taking out 90% leaving so many things in need with 10%. We need to rethink money .
    We need to think people . We need to care, not just for Xmas, but how can we change lives?

  107. John... have things changed, or are you still trying to keep information about the RV, Groups, and Currencies off radar?

  108. If we let it slip it gives these Mongrels chance to scream foul and refuse to settle. Not one of these Weasels deserves the right of life, let alone use. So, frustrating as it is, restraint is critical. Varmint protection . They are beyond criminal but control the board. Sensitive with Swine?


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