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9 to 14 November 2018

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  1. OWON: Barnier just got buried in a Brexit Speech the EU Leaders are fast waking up to what happens if the UK walks and blocks trade. All these Fat Cats on instant diets.

    Hardball is key and squeezing them even more!

    Humiliation for Barnier as EU politicians IGNORE his Brexit speech at conference in Finland - and Merkel walks out halfway through


  2. OWON: This is a joke. Ireland is a glorified Reservation. The UK will not be held to ransom by these Tykes. Ireland is NOT having a sea border which in any way affects our ability to police or block the Irish Sea.

    No-Deal Brexit WILL mean a border in the Irish Sea despite PM's promise to the DUP, leaked letter reveals


  3. OWON: Reality may be looming for May. If she loses she is gone. Get Real Time then for the Brussels Gravy Train.

    David Davis: MPs will 'probably' vote against Brexit deal


  4. OWON: Sure and you think there is any way the UK will hand back the Marco's gold? Dream on.

    Unlike Fort Knox, when the UK takes it they don't get robbed from the inside.

    Imelda Marcos disqualified from holding office after corruption conviction

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Philippines holding onto the gold, which was Japan's war spoils of WW2, a treaty violation? Were not all the caches supposed to be divided among the Allies? So the UK should have clear title without any claims from prior parties...?

    2. While locating stolen gold, where is all the gold stolen by the cabal from American families in 1933 located now?

    3. Tino
      Read up on Yamshitos gold and the looting which took place . Post WW11 the US looted Germany and Japan. The UK got part dirty and had done deals which will not see daylight.

    4. Texian
      Bush 41 and Greenspan could tell you .

    5. For the uninitiated, John is referring to this tale and related info, Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold


  5. OWON: Now, who are your Allies? Hello? All will say NO to the Brussels Gravy Train.

    This could cause a tidal wave with Derivatives calls.

    'A Farage in every country': Barnier warns of existential threat to EU

  6. From Anna Von Reitz today...

    The Brother's Keeper Government


  7. Pete,

    The "Posts by Chronological Order" is now fixed. The newest article will now always be found there.

    1. Thanks, C. A better fix than making you do extra work!


  8. Didn't see it in US news but in Iraqi news.,15700023,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhgdB8S253GbN11PASDOP3AN1vZRDw

    Under the pretense of currency manipulation .. World banks before the judiciary

    A group of major investment institutions, including BlackRock and Pacific Investment Management of Allianz, are suing 16 banks for allegedly manipulating prices in the $ 5.1 trillion foreign exchange market.

    The suit was filed Wednesday before the US Criminal Court in Manhattan, and the plaintiffs themselves decided to withdraw from a similar case that resulted in $ 2.31 billion in settlements with 15 of the 16 banks.

    The adjustments came after investigations by regulatory bodies around the world led to fines of more than $ 10 billion on several banks, convictions of some dealers or charges.

    The target banks are Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Mitsubishi UFJ of Japan, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, , And "UBS".

    Prosecutors in the lawsuit accused banks of violating the US antitrust law by conspiring from 2003 to 2013 to manipulate currency indices, including closing prices for their own interests by sharing secret orders and trading centers.

    The Norwegian Central Bank and the Grand Pension Fund of the California Teachers' Retirement Commission are among a number of other plaintiffs.

    The complaint said many plaintiffs planned to launch a similar suit in London against several banks for trading in Europe.

    Citigroup's $ 402 million settlement was the largest in the previous litigation, and Credit Suisse has yet to settle the case and there has been no comment so far on the new lawsuit on Wednesday.

    The island

  9. Wait until until they get to Churning

  10. Is this the 3 day weekend the world changes....

    Or another verse in the great pretender

  11. Trump: "What A Stupid Question That Is. You Ask A Lot Of Stupid Questions"

    Biffie: I am getting a chuckle out of Presidents continued hammering the press. For so many it is well deserved.

    Finally got my computer working again. Sheesh!

    I was again disappointed on the election results for Oregon. So Blue. Most of the population lives in a few large cities and are brained washed demos. Sad.

  12. Subscribed. Exciting times. Hope this time the burner does NOT get turned down.

  13. Texian, been busy catching up on chores as was gone much of yesterday to a small gathering for our sheep round table. Just saw your reply about the donkey and emu.

    You've not met Maggie Moo, but she's taken quite liking to Munch a small Finn ewe. Maggie just loves on that little ewe. Maggie is a sweet mini jersey that life hadn't been to kind to. Munch is a smaller Finn ewe most wouldn't bother with, but she's pretty cool.

    Yes, the animal kingdom gives us numerous examples of close friendships and bonding in between species. Most people can't see why, but the animal kingdom recognizes something we people miss.


  14. It is clear (D) is stealing races. Extending the range in the House is of little political import beyond the criminality.

    But they are also trying to steal Arizona and Florida by the Magically Appearing Ballots method.

    Thankfully a Judge just ruled against Broward County :

    But it's not enough. Arizona needs DHS in force down there to rip some new ones on all the Magic Ballots running 100% (D) that are appearing, out of the back of nondescript vans.

    1. As soon as Democrats sent their best Election stealing lawyer, Marc Elias, to Broward County they miraculously started finding Democrat votes. Don’t worry, Florida - I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!

      Tino. This fraud needs to get exposed now.

    2. Yep. So F'n frustrated with the corruption right now.

  15. The Trial of the Century -- Your Opinions, Please?

    Is it plausible that the American People just sat on their thumbs for 150 years and willfully, knowingly, never did the work of "reconstructing" the Federal States of States?

    Or is it more plausible that self-interested parties never forthrightly explained the situation to the American People, never followed through on their duty to assist the American People, and instead, used the resulting inaction of the American States and People as an excuse to substitute their own foreign organs of government to replace the Federal States of States in fact mandated by the American States and People?

    Having been informed that exactly such substitutions have occurred, that is, that Territorial "States of States" and even Municipal "STATES OF STATES" organizations have been substituted for the lawfully and contractually mandated Federal States of States organizations, do you suspect that this violates the original intent and substance of The Constitution for the united States of America, and thereby also violates all contracts and agreements deriving from it---including any form ("form" is being used in the legal sense here) of "The Constitution of the United States of America"?

    Would you consider such secretive substitutions of foreign governmental organizations for American organizations to be treason on the part of those members of the "United States" Congress promoting these actions and also a gross Breach of Trust on the part of the British Monarchs and the Popes responsible for acting as our Trustees on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" and in the Global Jurisdiction of the Air, respectively?

    We have noted via reference above that there are two "forms" of constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America". The first, completed in 1789, is a tri-lateral international treaty and trust indenture supporting the execution of a commercial services contract. The second document, published in 1868, which is almost verbatim the same--- so as to promote deliberate confusion with the original, is used as Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".

    Would you consider this substitution of Scottish Articles of Incorporation for the actual Territorial United States Constitution to be a deliberate concealment and act of self-interested fraud, both contrary to the international law established by the actual Territorial Constitution and in violation and Breach of the Public Trust established by the original tri-lateral international treaty?

    Having seen two such examples of secretive substitution, first the substitution of British Territorial States of States for American States of States, and secondly, the substitution of the Articles of Incorporation of a Scottish Commercial Corporation for the actual Constitution creating the British Territorial United States --- would you say that we have ample evidence of Breach of Trust and purposeful deception amounting to fraud against the American States and People?


  16. Cont”d....

    The Trial of the Century -- Your Opinions, Please?

    1. What, you thought we left you to govern a Colony alone? You did and ended with Bush, the Clinton's and Obumma. Be careful what you wish for.
      Said with tongue in cheek.
      This is now all Academic nonsense.It's long since moved on.

  17. HUGE=> Broward County Police Remove Rep. Matt Gaetz from Filming Officials Secretly Loading Boxes In/Out of Office (VIDEO)
    Nov 9 2018

    Broward County Riot Police removed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) from filming county officials secretly moving boxes in and out of Broward County election offices.

    Matt posted the video at 9:30 on Friday night.

    They must not know Matt is a Congressman!

    Matt Gaetz wrote: BREAKING: "I took this video as the riot police removed me from where trucks were secretly loading stuff in/out of Broward Supervisors office. All this while they are violating constitutional rights & a court order!" #BrowardCounty

    Where are the US Marshals?

    1. US Marshals should be on TOP of this! Why not s the question....

  18. The various espionage clauses in the US Code do not require intent. Just f'in throw them in jail to rot.

    And kudos to the Daily Mail for at least printing what the WaPoo and NYTrash should be printing.

  19. We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls. Mother Teresa
    Read more at:


  21. What a waste of resources...

  22. So are Military budgets. Huge,!

  23. Florida recounts. Good luck guys. What about the rest?

    1. It's all a fraud. Where the hell is DHS? Without the Magic Ballots the counts wouldn't have been close at all. We have clear evidence of fraud and now even an affidavit (link posted a couple comments below) of a witness.

    2. Correct. It looks rigged in many areas and does not reflect attendances also open boxes of ballots shipped in. Hello?

  24. God has blessed We the People with the right man, in the right place, at the right time. He knows we have his six. Let's roll.
    Martial Law Before the End of the Year?
    By Jim ONeill —— Bio and Archives--November 10, 2018

  25. The New World Order globalist cabal just perpetrated the largest election theft in U.S. history.
    And, the perps are still in the process of stealing so many elections (e.g. Fl and AZ) that the need to distract the electorate from their electoral crime spree has become an existential necessity for them.

    Are you getting the deliberately engineered firestorm drama yet?

    For the uninitiated, the Drudge Report was literally set up to hype the stories of the day … or the week … or the month … that The Powers That Be want you focused on.

    Only in this way is the body politic not paying attention to the most important stories—like the massive election theft that just took place on November 6, 2018 and continues up to this very day.

    There’s no better place in the world to manufacture high drama events than Southern California.

    Not only does it get everybody’s attention because of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, they know how to dramatize and sensationalize these terrorist attacks with great effect (and special effects to boot).

    It’s no accident of fate that the CA arson-triggered wildfires are nipping at the properties of the Hollywood elites. Not only are the stars and celebrities being warned not to leave the NWO reservation, they are being stampeded into the pen of compliance with regard to the CO2-driven Global Warming hoax.

    This Democrat criminal conspiracy to steal elections had to happen exactly the way it did.

    The nation is ready to deal with this unprecedented election crime wave; not the blue wave that was falsely predicted.

    Now the RED tsunami is building to overwhelm and expose the Democrat crime wave responsible for so many rigged elections and fixed votes.

    President Trump expressed a sincere intention to reform the electoral process right after he was elected. It fell flat with almost everyone throughout officialdom. They all knew how they were beneficiaries of such a corrupt and crooked system. And they all staunchly resisted it until Trump was compelled to terminate his short-lived initiative to reform the election system.

    Well, guess what… like it or not, election reform is now coming to a voting precinct near you—whether you are red, purple or blue. Real election reform is here and will start right in Florida so that the Democrats will be prevented from stealing the 2020 POTUS election.

    The Deep State Democrats aggressively pushed the edge of the envelope — THANK GOD! — and now the show really begins. Trump’s renowned and redoubtable wrecking ball will, once again, be the star of the show, as it should be; not the engineered California firestorms.



  28. November 10, 2018
    Bizarre Coincidence Or Traitorous Manipulation And 'In Your Face' Buffoonery? 50 To 60 Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Were Also At Mass Shooting At The Borderline Bar And Grill
    - 'Behold! A Pale Horse, And It's Rider's Name Is Death, And Hell Followed Him'
    By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


  29. OWON: Having fought and died for France, how do Americans feel now about a French President who wants Europe to now have its own vast Army to fight America if needed? Why are you wasting America's good Tax Dollars funding NATO? Money which needs to be spent at home.

    Get angry, get even, get out of NATO and let's rebuild America.

    Trump says Macron's call for European army is 'insulting'


  30. OWON: A potential disaster is stalking the UK now.

    If May loses the Brexit Commons vote, it could be followed by an immediate vote of No Confidence in the Government.

    If Labour (Democrats) get in, a terrifying prospect of a Socialist, Communist IRA appeasing Headcase would become the next UK Prime Mister. Corbyn is a Nutter, and all because this so very silly May got greedy and had a needless Election when she had a working majority. Poor judgement.

    It's a cliffhanger. At best we Conservatives (Republicans) win again under a new and better Leader. Anyone with half a brain cannot contemplate 5 years of Hell as the Socialists spend the nation dry again.

    Jeremy Corbyn holds meeting with head of MI6 for the first time amid fears a collapse in Brexit negotiations could cause another snap election


  31. OWON: Madness can sometimes be a doorway of opportunity for America's key Elites and Strategists. Why gold and not platinum or some other metal, of this the new wealth program.

    The sheer size of shortage of USD suggests something will break as China now makes its banks make loans that will never be repaid. Looks more like the sign of a failing Economy than a prosperous one.

    Add to that the new Russian SPFS Blockchain transfer system does not deal in dollars and the game becomes much clearer. As a reset of some kind will be forth coming in the not too distant future.

    On Donald Trump's "Madness" & A New Gold Standard

    1. What "shortage of dollars"? Didn't the Fed Res write some 10 quads worth of paper? Wasn't a ~30% deval in the works? Haven't we been binge spending? Does the US not have a $20T debt out there?

    2. Far higher Debt but no free usable currency. All wasted, or syphoned

    3. Amazing, simply amazing. Thank you John.

  32. America's Hidden Tribes

    Our research concludes that we have become a set of tribes, with different codes, values, and even facts. In our public debates, it seems that we no longer just disagree. We reject each other’s premises and doubt each other’s motives. We question each other’s character. We block our ears to diverse perspectives. At home, polarization is souring personal relationships, ruining Thanksgiving dinners, and driving families apart.

    Biffie: Some food for thought.

    1. Biffie,
      The entire political process is disfunctional, and unworthy.Leaders are unworthy. Direction is lacking , as for ethics? Families are in freefall. We want it all, and to often end up with consequential ? All.
      First, only appoint Leaders who understand which means regress to define not only the standards of Leadership but specify minimum experience and ethos of character.
      I can think of non in office currently , nor surrounding ministers or Departmental Leaders. Even Betryus could not pocket his oecker. It's a Global pandemic. Rot is uniform.

  33. ELECTION FRAUD Just before the 11/06 election I predicted +2 Governors, +2-5 Senators and +5-12 House prox. I said Fraud would change these numbers to some degree. I live in MI and I can assure you Whitmer was placed in office just like Canadian gov Grandholm. Fraud was sickening. FL was similar but even more illegal votes = blatant in your face fraud. Senators in MI, AZ, FL, MT should have been red... more FRAUD. The House races were easier to rig. Repubs should have picked up 10. The Repubs had an unprecedented 40 leave office and that made the slope steep against red and for blue. A good audit could fix this and the Govs would be +, Senate +5 and House +10. The PTB + Military may have to intervene but the Military + POTUS had better start kicking some serious ass and fast. This FRAUD is so blatant and careless it can be handled.

  34. Aguia Branca~White Eagle says: "...Your job is to pay attention to your heart, your heart will pay attention to everything else."

  35. “Long Time No See” Is Non-Inclusive

    Moreover, Al-Saloom did not say how “long time, no see,” denigrates Asians. The Rocky Mountain Collegian is CSU’s campus newspaper.

    “Long time no see” is an old American slang term which is probably a shortening of “Good Morning, no see you,” NPR claims. Notably, “long time no see” first appears in a book called Thirty-One Years on the Plains and in the Mountains, Or, the Last Voice from the Plains An Authentic Record of a Life Time of Hunting, Trapping, Scouting and Indian Fighting in the Far West.

    Nevertheless, that book has nothing to do with Asians or Asian Americans. In addition, a Native American reportedly says “long time no see” in Tales of the Sierras. Significantly, both books contained the phrase in the year 1900.


  36. Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    Trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida! We are watching closely!
    11:09 AM - 10 Nov 2018

  37. Anything less is unacceptable! They are working on it but must get their arses in high gear. We are putting pressure on the situation in many ways. Time to s... or get off the pot!

    1. Bob
      Make sure it's a blunt not sharp top before you sit.

  38. Replies
    1. And world getting sucked into it . The Fed Pentagon programme prints such vast Grey Screen money in T blocks ehich run debt obligations beyond infinity.The Riyardi blocks alone now run via FRB NY not Jakarta defy all logic. As does the Fiscal magnitude of the operating fantasy that is the US Corp. No nations can compete and the pressures imposed on other nations to participate is only to fund it's Military Industrial Arms Industry. It's a Debt Threat to all nations getting co entangled. Re money wasted competing with printing machines where the Off Balance Sheet Debt is hidden. It's not a real country it's a Pirate operation.

  39. The French are responding badly to Trump's failure to attend the Armistice ceremony because of rain. This, just days after Macrons call for an EU Army convolutes issues now with other Leaders who fear getting sucked into war with Russia fought on their lands while America instigates it and hides from afar. This now gives support to Macron to reduce America's positioning in Europe. Small things can reshape nations. Take note, Britain and America need to stand together, and reshape our Global markets within the Commonwealth.
    The UK needs to supply Europe, as Hong Kong does to China but not be part of it.

    1. Something to consider re: Trump not attending the ceremony.... A lot more to consider than meets the eye..
      let them belly ache all they want, protecting our president is more important.

      From twitter @RealEyeTheSpy
      "Why did the President not make it to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in Belleau, France?
      We do not like plans to assassinate him that cannot be properly secured against.
      Ignore the MSM. They conveniently forget "security issues" to talk about the weather."

    2. The French could not hit a barn door.

    3. Not necessarily the French, ....cabal is always about blaming someone else if they can...scape goats, regardless of innocent victims are their MO.... Paladin showed us that, with all his work on the LV tragedy...have to call their bluff...being proactive and 20 steps ahead, always!

  40. It's time for both America and The Global UK and Commonwealth communities to rethink our standings , to rebuild and expand our trade bases together for the common good . Harmony .
    Uniting and sharing future R & D plus Community Development ideologies can create wealth and a better co existence for all

  41. p: Cold and damp in Paris. Audio may be irritating to some.

    WATCH 🔴 President Trump, First Lady Melania Meet, Handshake Putin at WWI Centennial in Paris, France
    Nov 11 2018

    1. Thanks P. That was impressive seeing many world leaders standing next to each other on such an important occasion.

  42. China's property boom is coming apart. Implosion will risk totalling the dream. Dangerous times.

  43. More resignations are looming for May and there is a real chance Parliament will refuse her weak limp fudge over Brexit appeasing the Scammers of the EU. If that happens she's gone. Its then either a coalition with the grasping Irish,the real risk and a Labour government, or best hopes an intelligent lashback from a public re voting for a hard Right Wing walk out of the EU and No Deal. If that happens we face 3 years of getting snese in toeb

    1. Bring Nigel Farage in. He’ll lead you the hell out of the EU. You’ve already said many times there’s no one on the bench. Think OUTSIDE the box (Tories).

    2. A gang bang is waiting. Rees Mogg, with a Brain, Davies a bruiser, and many will face off the EU. It's time. We let a skirt loose in the Hoose, now look.

    3. I beg to differ. The “skirt,” your term—-not mine, has been very effective at what she planned to do....REMAIN in the EU. Those who thought she would do otherwise have egg on their faces.

    4. She took on the job to get out and looks out of her depth so far. Parliament wants to see her proposals first . What will she sell out to keep her face?

  44. Sorry glitches.

    Getting sense into the the collapsing EU Socialist Rat pack, and the need to tell the Irish Right,this is your combined mess, we close the Irish Borders, we close trade for the Republic with greedy scams, and feed them to the Wolves. Long overdue.

    It's all in the melting pot. If we boot the Irish and Scots, England will kill the Socialists for once and all. Gone. Let the EU carry the subsidies of basket cases. Scotland PLEASE vote for Independence and Sod off. We gift it to you. Ireland same.

    We have a convoluted mess because Socialists and scavengers get to vote. Why? Contribution zero. Blair let the Dogs in! For England, it's tenterhooks. The Pakkies get to vote!
    May has lost the plot. Shes delusional. The next 3 weeks will be either a Pigs breakfast cobbled together, which has to get Parliaments approval,or Pandora's box.


    “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~Rumi


  46. Zero Hedge Friday, November 09, 2018

    Ex-longtime CNN talk show host Larry King dropped a bomb on his former network of 25 years, telling Russian state-owned RT America that “CNN stopped doing news a long time ago.”

  47. What ISN'T There 2.0
    As I have noted before, many of the most interesting discoveries in the long bunny hole romp come from what ISN'T there.... that should be.
    We have discussed the missing Declaration of War related to the Civil War and the lack of a Peace Treaty ending it. We have noted the lack of an Executive Order ending FDR's "Bank Holiday" before, but let's examine that a bit more. What does it mean?
    What it means is that the banks we are familiar with aren't banks.
    They are securities investment and holding companies.
    And what have they "securitized" to promote their business and trade?
    Securitization is a process of assigning a value to an asset and then trading certificates, stocks, bonds, mortgages and other "tokens" of ownership interest.
    As our research into the Birth Certificate issue and our research into Foreclosures has yielded, the "U.S. Attorney Generals" have "securitized" the living people of this country and all our private property, too.
    But "securitizing" living people is against the law and is both illegal and unlawful, because doing so enslaves them.
    Both the international law and the Public Law of this country very clearly forbids it.
    Not only is slavery forbidden, but since 1926, voluntary peonage is also forbidden by Public Law. You can't volunteer yourself into indentured servitude, even if you wanted to.
    So how is it possible that since 1934 America has been the site of a booming slave industry based on "securitzing" living people and their private property?
    Answer: FDR's Bank Holiday, which is still in effect. You are all challenged to find any action anywhere rescinding or ending the so-called "Bank Holiday" via Executive Order (by which it was created) or Congressional Act or by any other means.
    The Bank Holiday ended "the normal course of business" in this country. Imagine that you are playing a game of checkers, and without overtly changing the playing pieces, the game is converted into a game of chess instead ---- all without any fully disclosed explanation or warning?
    That's what happened in 1934.
    And that is what is still going on today. We are led to believe that normal business practices and procedures and assumptions apply, but in fact, they don't.
    When these banks that aren't banks offer "home loans" what they are really "offering" is that you "voluntarily" loan your home to them for their benefit.
    They then conveniently create credit on an accounting ledger --- all out of thin air, with nothing but the value of your home and labor at risk --- and set up an escrow ACCOUNT in your Name, without telling you. They charge you on average five times the value of any loan as interest and demand an unearned security interest in your labor and assets on top of it. Then, when you mysteriously fail to come forward and collect on the escrow ACCOUNT (that you know nothing about) they declare the funds "abandoned" and take all the mortgage payments that you paid to YOURSELF for their profit, too.
    This scam has been going on since 1934 and it still is. And that's just the mortgage-foreclosure scam. It gets worse. Much worse.
    See the next article for more.

    Anna Von Reitz

    1. What ISN'T There 3.0

      So we continue our investigation into missing pieces of history and also missing pieces related to the present circumstance.

      We left off with the fact that FDR'S Banking Holiday has never ended, with the affect that what we know as banks aren't really banks--- they are deceptively operating under the names of old banks, but in fact they are securities investment, trading, and holding companies.

      We briefly discussed how these "banks that aren't banks" have created securities to trade by "securitizing" living people which is grossly unlawful, and how they have profited themselves by false advertising and undisclosed mortgage escrow practices.

      So let's look at how they have contrived to do all this.

      Go back to the Trading with the Enemy Act and 50 USC 4307 (d) which allows the "voluntary" donation of property belonging to parties who are not enemies to the Alien Property Custodian (now the U.S. Attorney General).

      Now add that exactly such a contract is "offered" to your Mother at the hospital under color of law. She is coerced under false pretenses to sign a totally undisclosed and repugnant contract donating her child as a ward of the British Territorial State of State.

      So, the U.S. Attorney General takes the new "donation" and "enfranchises" it and copyrights its Name. As a result, the Trade Name our parents gave us is now "interpreted" as the name of a British Territorial Commonwealth Public Trust, instead of the Trade Name of a living American.

      All the assets attached to the Trade Name are now dumped into the Public Trust.

      And since Your Name is now registered as a Public Trust and no longer recognized as the Name of a Living Man, it can be "securitized" --- so they unlawfully convert Your Trade Name into the Name of a Public Trust, and that then ends the prohibition against slavery and involuntary peonage.

      You can do whatever you want to do to a corporation. It's just a legal fiction after all.

      What they try to ignore is that the legal fiction is now attached to a living man and a living man's assets, and they then act as Executors de son Tort to administer and manipulate both the man and the assets via the unlawful conversion of his American Trade Name to the name of a British Commonwealth Public Trust.

      This is a known crime called "personage".

      It gets worse. They don't stop there. The U.S. Attorney General then spins off two more primary corporations under variations of your Trade Name. There's a British Commonwealth Public Transmitting Utility operating under Your Name in this form: Michael R. Doe and a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust operating under Your Name in the form: Michael Ransom Doe.

      Then the Roman Catholic Church gets into the act and spins off its own versions of corporate municipal franchises operating under your name. And here, if possible, is where things take an even worse turn, because they define "your" Municipal PERSON as a criminal.

      And under the 14th Amendment of the British Territorial United States Constitution, criminals can be enslaved. And they can be subjected to Bounty Hunting by the British Territorial Government and its assigns.

      So here you are, hapless Joe American, naturally an innocent Third Party, being ruthlessly subjected to all this fraud and confidence crime by foreign governments that are both under obligations public and private to protect you and which are instead conniving to pillage and plunder and enslave you.

      Perhaps the only question in your mind right now is --- why isn't President Trump nuking Rome and London?

      See the next article in this series.

      Anna Von Reitz

    2. What ISN'T There 4.0

      One of the things that "isn't" there is any conscious agreement by our Mothers or Fathers consenting to any of this.

      The entire process is predicated on forcing unknowing women to sign away their children into lives of debt slavery, and doing it under color of law --- pretending that there is some mandate by their lawful government demanding this, while on the other side of their lying mouths, the miscreants responsible are claiming that this is all "voluntary".

      It's not mandated by our government. It's not allowed by our government. It's against our Public Law and against the Geneva Conventions and against at least a dozen United Nations Declarations.

      Maybe someone should inform the Government of Westminster what their American Bar Association and United States Bar Association members are doing here?

      Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago....

      Maybe someone should tell the Roman Catholic Church?

      Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago, too....

      Maybe someone should complain to the U.S. President?

      Ah, yes, well, did that more than twenty years ago....

      It's racketeering, identity theft, and credit theft on a vast international scale, carried out by private, for-profit governmental services corporations and members of the Bar Associations, and all supported by the treasonous and/or clueless Generals and Admirals of the U.S. Army and Navy and clerics of the Roman Catholic Church.

      So let's look for some other missing elements.

      Does anyone have a peace treaty ending the Second World War with Hungary or Bulgaria? No? Curiously, they are both named as "enemies" in the Trading with the Enemy Act and are the only parties that could still be considered "Enemies".

      Which means, baldly, that these animals have been knowingly preying upon their friends and Allies in gross breach of trust and violation of their commercial contract obligations--- exactly as our Final Civil Judgment of 2014 finds.

      It means that this is the thanks that we get for saving Britain's butt in World War II, and the thanks we get for our religious tolerance of the Roman Catholic Church, too.

      So, Campers, are you inspired enough to sit down and write some nasty notes and take action to clean up this mess? Peaceful actions of course. They've only killed us on paper so far, so it's time to return the favor and take out the entire B.E.A.S.T. System.

      Anna Von Reitz

    3. The Capper --- What ISN'T There 5.0

      We aren't "there".
      Not even in the so-called Civil War.
      Our States and our lawful Federation of States doing business as The United States of America were never involved in the Civil War. We were Third Parties throughout. The entire action involved The Federal States of States, not the States.
      That is, the Civil War was fought over and by the Confederation of States, not the Federation of States.
      Georgia never fought in the Civil War. The State of Georgia did.
      Note that it is the original Federal State of State --- "The State of Georgia" we are talking about, not the Territorial franchise doing business as "the State of Georgia" --which did not exist prior to the Civil War. And should not have existed afterward.
      Two different Unions. Two different jurisdictions. Two different populations.
      And they, Britain and Rome, knowingly came in here and pretended that we were part of their mess and subject to their debt collections. They "sponsored" their commercial mercenary conflict on our shores without our participation or consent and then blamed us and billed us for it, as if we were parties to any of this.
      Then they just continued their abuses and "presumptions" through the First World War and the Second World War and all their endless warmongering ever since.
      It had nothing to do with us, then or now, except that we have been unconscionably presumed upon and imposed upon by the most obnoxious guests --- pirates and con artists --- ever since.
      So all the miseries that have been visited on us as innocent Third Parties being dis-served by treaty partners who owed us far better, are crimes. Pure and simple. It has nothing to do with politics, though it does have something to do with diplomacy --- or lack of it.
      As a Christian nation --- which we are, and they aren't --- we could forgive them, but only if they repent and stop their reiteration of crimes: put an end to false claims against our assets and our people, properly discharge their duties and obligations, hand over the physical assets and profits naturally belonging to our States and People and stop interfering with and misrepresenting and imposing upon us.
      The United States of America is a unincorporated Federation of fifty noble State republics, the lawful government of a generous and gallant and peaceful people.
      The U.S. is a Confederation of States of States that went off track a long time ago under the guidance of the British Monarchs and the Popes of Rome and treasonous members of Congress.
      The original Confederation of Federal States of States disbanded in 1860 and the members, all Federal States of States, fought the Civil War. The surviving Federal States of States entered a process of "Reconstruction" that has never been completed. British Territorial States of States usurped at this point and began a rampage of criminality and Roman Municipal STATES OF STATES joined the fray.
      Our country has been in a crisis ever since because our Hired Help can't obey their treaty obligations, the Public Law, or find their butts with both hands.
      Time to wake up, Virginia. And that includes the General Staff, the President, and members of Congress.

      Anna Von Reitz


  48. OWON: This will hit with Global consequences.

    Don't wonder why the Chinese are desperate to get whatever capital they can out of China into whatever asset class they can find, wherever they can.

    Couple that with naive thinking the Chinese wave of ever growing capital will continue to distort markets, whether it be real estate, commodities or acquisitions is very much suspect. One can only wonder what happens when Chinese promises of capital turn out to be an empty myth. In Africa, many parties are already discovering Chinese promises of investment are false while trying to sell everything they can to cause indebtedness.

    The turning point will be when promises are not enough. Attempting to secure trade deals while being dictated to by the Chinese is also false as future credit maybe not be as secure as parties think.

    The "Nightmare Scenario" For Beijing: 50 Million Chinese Apartments Are Empty


    Biffie: great news!

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Here We Go… Georgia Democrat Party Says Thousands of New “Absentee, Early, and Election Day Votes” Were Just Discovered in Several Counties
      Nov 10 2018

      They’re going to steal Georgia too.

      The Georgia Democrat Party announced on SATURDAY that a handful of Georgia counties have suddenly discovered THOUSANDS of new votes that need to be counted. The Georgia Democrats say the new stash included absentee, early and election day votes.

      The midterm election was four days ago.

      Democrats in Georgia have now mysteriously discovered another 5,569 votes of which 4,804 were for Stacey Adams.

    2. FLORIDA AG Pam Bondi Steps In – Sends Warning Letters to Florida Sec. of State and FDLE Commissioner
      Nov 11 2018

      On Sunday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “FDLE’s duty to investigation this matter is clear, and I am directing the department to take the necessary steps to promote public safety and to assure that our state will guarantee integrity in our elections process.”

      Bondi sent two letters Sunday highlighting the “irregularities” occuring at both Palm Beach County and Broward County polling sites.

      The Florida Attorney General stated in her letter to FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen that she is “deeply troubled” by his department’s announcement it will not pursue any investigation into the clearly documented “irregularities” in the conduct of elections supervisors Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher.

      Pam Bondi specifically wrote about the blatant election fraud taking place in both Broward County and Palm Beach County including elections supervisors illegally counting votes that were rejected by the canvassing board and preventing “observers” from attending the public ballot counting.

  51. STUNNING! California Republicans Face More Losses as Late Votes for Democrats Continue to Trickle In #StopTheSteal
    Nov 11 2018

    Republican candidates who led their races on election night continue to suffer losses as Democrats across the nation have been able to manufacture tens-of-thousands of new votes since election day.

    Democrats stole races in Florida, New Mexico and California since election results were announced on Tuesday night.

    Democrats have mysteriously found thousands of new votes in Georgia on Saturday after losing the governor’s seat on Tuesday.

    And now several California Republican candidates who led their races by significant margins on election night days later are losing their seats as Democrats produce new votes several days later.

    Dana Rohrabacher is the latest Republican to lose his race after Democrats discovered several thousand ballots after election day.

    Once again, the Republican party elites got suckered and had no idea Democrats would be this crooked.

    The party leaders should immediately resign for not anticipating this lawlessness by Democrats. (p: Believe this is called "letting them hang themselves", not the Republicans, but the Democrats)

    1. P,
      Thanks so much for following and posting all of this! Looks like entire mid-term election should be thrown out unless there’s some way to identify the valid ballots from the hordes that have been mixed into the system. I don’t see how that could happen at this point. A “recount” doesn’t help if they’re “recounting” including those illegally mixed in!

    2. Texian, exactly my point! Why even have an election when it's literally guaranteed it's ok to come up with fake votes and no marshal's saying whoa?

      They've hung themselves literally, but still no action to stop this nonsense? Haven't we had enough of this corruption?

  52. Anyone found guilty of fraud send them to prison!.... enough of this crap!.... authourities, DO YOUR JOB!....

  53. Which is why the law needs to be changed. All ballots counted by 30 mins post close.

    1. What’s transpiring now with boxes of ballots magically appearing all over the country containing DEMOCRAT votes is so ludicrous it must be part of the “chess game” to let it play out for a while?

  54. Tino

    The UK system is as follows.
    1.All Voters are on a central roll.
    2.Each voter casts a paper vote allocated to their name with a record of its serial number allocated.
    3.Each voter once allocated a slip is crossed off the issuance log. Anyone attempting to vote twice flashes up as fraud.
    4.All votes go into locked boxes.All boxes are pre checked as containing nothing before polling by Poll Station staff and witnessed.
    5.At close of voting that is IT!.
    6.Vote Boxes are taken escorted to the Counting stations.
    7.Station staff unlock the boxes. All witnessed by supervisors.
    8. Counting staff sit along tables. In front of each counter are 2 vote counting watchers.
    9. Each party has its own spot for votes. Each vote checked is then allocated to that spot in batches.
    10. Batches are then taken to ballot counters who count each batch and build records. The monitors check each vote is correct.Any discrepencies they shout out and stop. Records corrected.
    11. Batches counted and logged go for second counting. Any spoiled votes the vote number is checked and the police prosecute that vote number holder.
    12.All vote logs go to the Vote Station head who logs and double checks the totals, each batch total, and reports. The Tally is counted and the winner declared.

    I know it works I've done monitoring rolls. I've done Voting station checking to cross check no pre filled boxes. Many do. We do not electronic log because we do not trust Soros type fixing and rigging. Vast numbers volunteer and check. There is a cut off time. All polling stations close at 9 o clock. The counting centers are all within a max 30 minute drive. Boxes allocated are counted. More boxes arriving than allocated triggers alarm! No late boxes unless Police advise a traffic jam or accident. Police will escort them through with lights and sirens. Any messing, any spoiled ballots you are in a cell within hours. The Count Station Head hands the spoiled ballot to the resident police. They check the ID number allocated and voters address. Hours later you are in a Police cell.

    Anyone trying to obtain a voting slip with a false ID, the counter staff hit the alarm the police are there and off you go.

    No Demos here.

    1. And yet....still no Brexit that your countryman voted for 2 years ago.

      Respectfully, what good is it to have this great voting system if your leaders don't respect and follow it. You are in the same boat as the US. The rampant corruption is everywhere. The only reason you don't have anything like this happening there now is because ALL of your politicians are owned, much like us. Why fight the results if you're a globalist and control both sides. As was the case here for the last 50 years or more and still is mostly.

      Trust me, throw a Donald Trump like figure into England threatening to tear out the cameras, lower taxes, quit funding your royals, take away your tea or whatever else and ALL hell would break loose.

    2. LOL! Just the threat of no more tea and scones would cause anarchy!

  55. jV
    Brexit is a process . It has to pass parliamentary approval. Unlike the US without its own Central Bank and it's Treasury run by Zios, seats funded and owned by the Brethren, all swearing Oaths of Allegiance to the Kazars stolen nation. Agencies conspiring and creating wars all over the world for criminal gain. Agencies who do not answer to the Political Houses, and a history of the most loathsome , crooked Presidents in history hand in hand with Genghis Khan spawn despoiling the Constitution with impunity, and.Clinton??? You compare?

    Where's the US Gold? Where's the missing ,c17T of Pentagon money discovered as lost by auditors? Where have the Clinton Foundation funds gone?
    where are the FRB NY Audits?
    Where is Soetoros Birth Certificate .at least we know the history of our Politicos. Obama does not know if he's Arthur or Marther.

    Sorry the list is endless and tiresome. Brexit is still within its time process and with Politician powers able to stop bad deals. The Houses have voices and lawful process. DC sadly is endemically rotten to the core . Yet deems itself fit to invade other nations for regime change under a false presumption of a democracy with none at home . You don't find it concerning? I can't even say you voted them in because with stuffed ballot boxes and rigged counting machines courtesy of inexplicable Nazi collaborator Soros, you deem to compare?
    Britain has said it wants out. Truly, I hope under Trump you find ademicracy, your people deserve it. We both have our problems but yours pre Trump were infinitely worse.
    Where are the arrests?

    Just comparisons. Brexit, sure as hell were publically watching and challenging. What control do the poor US voters have? What's the point of a system full of crooks? The world looks on in despair . Homer for 2020?

    I too hope you get your own Brexit, your people built a great nation and deserve it back . Let's both hope Trump turns out to be your Brexit.
    His wife seems to want her own exit .

    Brexit is a process let it be fought out . No Deal is better than tied to that Socialist pit. We both have our paths to tread . Hopefully we both find Solutions and Obama's birth certificate. Strange how a sponsored foreign student who travelled to Pakistan on a Indonesian passport can become US President. Vetting? Perhaps his ex boyfriend has it?

    jV let's challenge as people and make both better. Let's parliament have it's say . A no vote is better than a bad EU deal. Then back to negotiate hard ball . We all need to defeat these Socialists.

  56. Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car At Ft. Lauderdale Airport

  57. Hello is there any new current news on the reset? Are we close?

  58. From Anna Von Reitz

    Counter-Offer to Manna World Holdings Trust, November 11, 2018

    1. Perhaps you could explain how Marduk had any legitimate right of control or ownership of the assets he transferred to you? Because to my certain knowledge, you are claiming control of assets that weren't his and aren't yours to meddle with. The law is: possession by pirates does not change ownership. He could not give you authority or legitimacy he didn't have himself. So let's see Marduk's chain of provenance and bona fides establishing his interest and role in assets like the V.K. Durham Trust and the D'Avila Trust .... all approximately 5,000 of the private trusts that have been swept up in a big bag and handed to you to dispose of.

    2. Renaming a trust or group of trusts to create a new legal person, e.g., changing the name of Alpha and Omega Trust to Manna World Holdings Trust doesn't give you any new authority or grant any new authority to the trust you made up out of thin air. Remember that these trusts contain actual assets, not digits, and fall under the Law of the Land, not legal and statutory provisions.

    3. I didn't credit or accuse you of creating the QFS--- simply using it with Marduk's help--- to purloin control of approximately 5,000 Special Deposit Accounts, the actual donors of which never elected you (or him) as trustees. This is a sticking point. Actual assets deposited by people and organizations in Good Faith in a bank should not be seized upon by anyone but the lawful depositors. Interference with these assets and normal bank protocols is a threat to all private property rights and also whatever public confidence people can still have in the banks.

    4. You are not the only good person out there. I have met plenty of good solid people who are legitimate private trustees with proof of trusteeship over accounts you are now controlling as an Executor de Son Tort. You blame them for not deploying assets to help Mankind sooner --- but surely you know or have cause to know that these same Trustees have been blocked from having access to their accounts for decades? The Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, the Roman Cartel, and the guilty banks were all too busy using these private assets to make money for themselves. The actual trustees AND beneficiaries went hungry to bed ---- some, like the intended beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust have been kept waiting for relief for literally hundreds of years and anyone who stepped forward as a Fiduciary to deploy the funding has been refused access, too. So it isn't like you can sit there and blame the people I am talking about. They have been victims as much as anyone else. Their Good Will should not be impugned for not doing something that they couldn't do through no fault of their own.

    5. Generally speaking, the assets in the trusts you are seizing upon belong to private people, not "the People". Special Deposits belong to the Depositors, unless you can prove that the funds are the fruit of money laundering or other serious crimes---- and unless you have a receipt that says, "The People" on it, "The People" don't have anything to say. There are some trusts like those belonging to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and our member States that actually do belong to The People, but these are dedicated trusts in the National Interest.


    1. Cont’d...

      In our case the plan is simply to transfer the assets to our International Trade Bank and from there disperse into fifty State accounts on a per capita basis. Each State Account will be assigned a competent Fiduciary CFO and from there, "The People" will be fully informed about their inheritance and enabled to make choices individually and via plebiscite. Each State Fiduciary issues a yearly online report and an abstract report. In this way each State is responsible for maintaining accountability to "The People" and reflecting the actual Will of the People in that State.

      (6) Trust beneficiaries are not and cannot be "required" to appoint agents with plenary control over their assets, especially when the Donors didn't mandate any such condition. Rather, it's your job to liquidate or rollover the public trusts to the actual states and actual people and to return the private property trusts to their own trustees. If you want to help, you would be welcome by our Trust Association Members to do so. Everyone understands the need for disciplined and organized deployment of relief efforts and infrastructure development funding, so you might logically start with people who: (1) have valid claims and clear, public aims; (2) have already agreed to work cooperatively for the common good of all. I will point out that expecting one woman to act as Trustee of 5,000 trust accounts is sheer lunacy. The private trust trustees can help you as much as you can help them.

      (7) As for getting four countries to release control of their trusts "back to their former trustees" --- there are no such valid trustees that I know of, because any valid Public Trusteeships have been usurped (in most cases) for over a hundred years. So why make such a reference to a system that was of the pirates, by the pirates and for for the pirates? It isn't like countries can go back to anything like a valid Public Trusteeship, and you know that. In virtually all cases, the purported trustees of the incorporated governments weren't even functioning in a fiduciary capacity--- and you presumably know that, too.

      In the world I live in, rights go hand-in-hand with responsibilities. Anyone who doesn't take responsibility under The Prudent Man Standard has no right to act as a Public Trustee. By that standard virtually none of the incorporated governments on Earth even have Fiduciary Trustees---- the "United States" certainly hasn't bothered to have Fiduciary Trustees for decades--- and when you are talking about actual National Trust assets, Fiduciary Trustees are required. The United States of America [Unincorporated] does have Fiduciary Trustees in place, so we have our horses in front of our cart.

      (8) As for the Indian Nations, most of them did sign deals with the Devil, but it is also true that most of those deals (similar to the U.S. Attorney General's claim to own all of us via donation) are fraudulent, void for non-disclosure, etc. We call such nations "dependent sovereignties" because some entity has to hold the responsibility in order to exercise the rights of the landlord, but many nations can co-habit the same geographical space.

      We, The United States of America [Unincorporated], are the recognized landlords of this country since 1776. In 2015, we opened up the land jurisdiction to put an end to second class citizenship in this country. Those Native Americans who elect State Citizenship instead of U.S. citizenship have been free to come home to the land jurisdiction of this country since November 6, 2016, and once separated from the international jurisdiction of the sea, they own their own bodies, so also own soil.


    2. Cont’d....

      Michael Stephen Young exercised this option in 2015, thus securing standing as an American and as a Tribal Chief in America. He waived his rights as a beneficiary of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, formed a plan, established it as his Irrevocable Will on the Public Record, and has stood ready to begin implementation with our full support and approval for three years.

      And here we are, looking at another bitter winter, still fuss-farting around and trading insults about this situation. A lot of good, worthy --- and needy --- people have been waiting over 200 years to see any benefit from that trust, and they are still waiting. One must ask if the trustees have any concern for the intended beneficiaries --- Native Americans, Hispanics and Cowboys and Traders in seven western states --- or sense of "reasonable urgency" in the performance of their duties at all. I certainly consider promptness an element of Fiduciary Duty and am bewildered how a Treaty Trust with us could remain in limbo, gathering interest and dust for over 200 years. And still isn't deployed.

      (9) Since we are discussing actual, factual assets the legal/lawful requirements are a bit different than you suppose. For example, we don't need to be in good "legal standing". We need to be in good "lawful standing".

      Actual assets exist in the realm of sovereignty, not the realm of legal fictions. We are the ones that give corporations licenses -- that is, corporations are licensed by us, not the other way around.

      (10) It appears that you have your heart in the right place but are confused about various points of law and nobody is blaming you for that. It is confusing. You have also come out of ---and cut your teeth inside of--- a criminally malfunctioning system, so it's not like you have any experience or knowledge of what a correctly functioning world economy looks like or how it is SUPPOSED to function. Perhaps, just maybe, if we got together face to face we could iron it all out enough to MAKE A START.

  59. Not this time.
    We had discussions with 2 key parties Sunday towards trying to get the chain aligned later this week. Allow time zones and no glitches. This week it's a case of who is prioritised, and who not. Many are owed and have been defaulted on too many times. As usual, where is justice dealing with crooks?
    Our focus is intense. Memories and facts right on challenging process .
    Issues are sensitive and for so many good Patriots if delayed again, crushing.
    Then you have the Clinton Foundation???
    But where is justice.

    We are tracking funds which can underpin liquidity . The big question is how do we get Trump engaged? to

    1. Will Trump let the economy slam down before anything moves?

    2. John are your comments above relevant to other PPs and Big Battalions or are they more further advanced?

    3. Very delicate area right now . If we flag any as done we risk a range war with those left behind.
      There has been movement with certain Elders.
      There are 4 uS interests close and with highly motivated parties pushing for completion. UNfortunately again, a day off with a holiday knocks out time sequencing. These are key trusts and long overdue and traumatic for the beneficiaries . Leo was long ago awarded his funds by the court. Where did that get him? Serial criminals own the system.

  60. Anything but transparency in Broward County...

    MUST-SEE VIDEO: Broward County Elections Officials Block View as Ballots are Bundled and Bagged in Davie, Florida Voting Center

  61. Trump tweets "Dems are causing stock market big headaches"
    Nov 12 2018

    Betsy and Thomas are thrilled to be decoding POTUS tweets from November 12, 2018. The Trump’s are back in D.C. after a weekend in Paris where Melania looked absolutely fabulous in her amazing grey Dior suit and Macron looked boyish in his globalist speech about nationalism.

    1. Melania is a huge asset to America.

    2. Macron is just a stooge of the rothrats and was placed as president by an obviously rigged election!


  62. OWON: Theresa May now has to cancel her Party meeting and stands on the brink of being sacked. If she is booted, as well deserved, the next Leaders will face off the EU and pull their comfort funding.

    The next 2 weeks will sort how Brexit moves because the UK WILL Brexit. How is key. Real world, May will be lucky to get through the next 4 weeks. Her whole strategy is trashed.

    Shes surrounded by Muppets and worse.

    May's Brexit on the brink: Prime Minister is braced for new resignations after shock Jo Johnson exit but vows she will not cave to EU over customs union


  63. OWON: Either Britain takes the money or another provider will. That is the loathsome morality of Arms Dealing.

    Jamal Khashoggi murder fails to stop Britain selling arms to the Saudis

    1. So much for our moral authority. Money talks.

  64. Replies
    1. Ban them. Across the board.

    2. Absolutely, Open the door once and its in like HIV.


  65. OWON: This is the media Trump has now got all over Europe for his Armistice debacle. All for his hair? Get real.

    DOMINIC LAWSON: If you think Trump is a disgrace, just look at the unelected president of Europe!

    1. As most Trumpists will tell you, we honestly don't give a quantum of a damn what Macron, France or the EU thinks. With the UK BREXITing y'all are the only one's whose opinion we listen to. So pandering to the MSM-EU appearances will never be in the cards with this President.


  66. OWON: Concerning if true and would question any moral high ground.

    We know he has a Demo agenda, but he has a point.

    Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans & There Is Proof

    1. I don't know about Georgia, but usually if you are on line by the close of polls, you are eventually allowed in to vote. If you can't show up on time, then you are out of luck no matter how many machines are there. If you know you can't be there, then the absentee ballot is your route. His agenda is pretty much nothing that makes any sense. Anyone trying to purposely stop people from voting by having too few machines is doing it the wrong way.

    2. Moral high-ground my ***. Fry anyone guilty of election tampering. Plus, the U.S. sheeple are truly waking up to the uniparty. It's clear that the GOPe engineered a fall thru sins of omission. They took a dive with punches that shouldn't even leave a shiner. I read the statistical leaves correctly. I was within spitting distance. Now the House is allegedly +35 (f'ing impossible statistically, 40 races cannot all run one way without tampering), and they are trying to steal -2 more on the Senate and have stolen -1 via Arizona.

    3. This vote rigging is worrying and sickening. Even blatant as now. Trump needs to issue an Executive Order to investigate , recount if needed, reject false votes, check counting machines and re vote paper only. It needs a face off and exposure. Every seat must be protected.

  67. All hell breaking loose in Israel and Gaza right now

    1. Of Palestinians were allowed to bear arms like normal Americans these khazar invaders would soon loose their nasty aggression towards their neighbours.


  68. OWON: What's this UN Bullshit, who the hell do they think they are?

    UN Member States: Migration Is a Human Right

    1. Well, we tried to do that here in the U.S. by accepting all comers. The problem is the Immigration Act of 1965 has brought a whopping 60MM crazies to the country. They are clueless about the Founders and their Intent. The net result will be that the U.S. will probably balkanize into three or four nations sometime soon... maybe 2030? Certainly Minnesota will become New Somalia...

    2. Now you see why Brexit is key for the Brits who want to close the door.

  69. The Irish Aviation Authority has begun an investigation into the sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) by a number of aircrafts off the south-west coast of Ireland last Friday.

  70. Well, lots to look forward to I guess, although moving with grinding slowness.

  71. Let The Unsealing, Declas Begin, Let The World Witness The Truth - Episode 1714
    Nov 12 2018

  72. p: A little humor

    Maxine Waters Meet and Greet Didn't Go As Expected
    June 5 2018


    Nov 11 2018

  75. Amusing . Trump just told Macron that the French were starting to learn German before the US came along. Frogs will love that and for sure the Brits do. Frog baiting is our national sport.
    Trump is now raising NATO costs, good for him. EU nations free ride. They need to pay or lose cover. The US can not keep subsidising these nations.

    1. Macron says the EU will form their own Army. Can you picture the “socialist Army”? That’s amusing too...F Troop? So Macron’s saying the EU has money for that even though they don’t choose to pay their share of NATO? What a deal!

      F Troop War Dance


    2. You guys are not giving Macron enough credit, he has this EU army plan thought out already.....

      The EU will likely pay for an army out of the Brexit alimony payments.

      The French share will get paid out of used weapons sales. They are highly sought after on the used market and fetch the highest price because they have never been fired and dropped only once.

      They already have their military flag:

      If you do not see the image it is because it is the same color as the comment box background.

    3. Texian correct. French army flag white cross on a white background. Italian flag a tank with one forward and 9 reverse gears, Irish flag,a small town one church, 3 Bookies and 9 pubs ending with a Social Welfare office and 3 pregnant nuns.
      Why should your hard earned taxespay for this? I'm with Trump on this and getting money back to fund American needs. After Macrons slight on America, walk!

      You've only got one Allie cut your losses and saveAmerican lives. The Europeans were happy to support Macron,how about they support themselves now? Time out?

    4. Sacrilege from Canauzzie Re Brexit alimony

      The only way we leave anything behind is if we leave all their women up the Duff first. All granddaughters of German troops anyway. Post war their women had a nicker problem. One Yank and they were off.

  76. Go Trump give it back to this EU rabble of wasters.

    1. Article includes a link to exactly who the globalist partners are for this new many rumors here that DJT averted another assassination plan by not attending a ceremony in France “because of rain.”

      Ted Malloch: Macron’s Virulent In Your Face Globalism

      “It appears the President of the USA wants nothing to do with this blatantly globalist agenda and its co-conspirators.

      He sees through their Anti-American parade.

      They are in fact what should be called, “liberal fundamentalists”, who seek to erode the power of all sovereign nation states and to advocate only — more globalism.

      A new annual meeting for all global governance actors is on offer, all served up by the new European Napoleon himself, little Emmanuel.”

    2. Texian

      The EU IS a sneak front for a Rothschild's / Vatican Cabal agenda.
      They are NOT your friends, never will be, and they will seek to launch a war with Russia for War profits. Ukraine is a Neo Nazi ugly nation. A face off with Russia is close. Russia has cut off their gas supplies for unpaid bills and tensions are high. Many forces are sabre rattling.

      You've seen how fast I was in Russia face for the poisoning stupidity. I don't waste time arguing with Conspiracy theorists. Who cares?

      If the Ukies cross the line, Russia will obliterate them. America should NOT be cranking up conflict risks with Russia over this. You ARE being used,and some burger coffee munching Mutt in the Pentagon, whose nothing but a Desk Jockey Warrior, needs to be told by the Russians, you launch any of that crap at us via Europe and we will Atomize DC, Maryland and Virginia within just 7 minutes of launch, and the last thing you will see is your Butt atomising for a Cabal Zio lie. They told Obama to go for it over Syria if you feel lucky, but be prepared for all out. We have our plans.

      It's NOT Russia starting a war, it's stopping one by making clear this time, any more US messing via any US satellite bases, and you will be gone in 7 minutes. And MEAN IT!

      I think Trump is the best chance you have not to get sucked in this time.
      Without being threatening or offensive,both Putin and Lavrov are professional enough to make a clear case. Just simply saying this now IS the Rubicon line.
      Do not arm or back the Ukkies. Do not use US tanks or missiles via Poland. The minute Russian screens show incoming, be 100% sure, they will see this as a DC action, so if you now want millions in the US to die for a Cabal Zio lie, its your necks. Your dead can not then negotiate. Be clear, if the US meddles over Ukraine or Poland, Putins own Politburo will launch. Then you face the hard Kremlin War Hawks. Real Warriors. Then you ARE right into pr empt of your own making.

      I say this with respect.This is not your fight.
      It's time to build trade not enemies. The EU only uses you. Hello?
      Macron disses you.

      That would only be a Russian problem of your making. We WILL still pound Putin for his mischief, they earned it. We have ways.

      But why should you get sucked into this because Boys with Toys want to play from afar? I'm not dissing, I'm trying to save US lives. Mess this up and you have 7 minutes to die. How many millions for a Zio's lie? Boys with Toys making all this noise.

      Let's live and build Trade and Wealth. Arm Palestine and see how fast peace comes. 500 Israeli dead and the queue for the Wailing Wall will stretch 6 months. Bullies need to be hit hard. Very! End this madness. And send me 5 Bimbos Fedex. Lol.

    3. John,
      Thank you for your detailed reply. The American people don’t want war with Russia or anyone else. The “war mongers” here are always media or cabal minions. Pres Trump has stated many times he’s against war. The retooling and investment in military is a deterrent plus the fact that Obama left the military depleted in every way imaginable. We certainly don’t need as large a military, but they do need equipment and parts or there’s no point in having them at all. It would be wonderful to achieve a place where military is a thing of the past. But since you say we are hated by everyone, we aren’t there yet. At this point in time, we need to concentrate on protecting our own borders and step aside from long standing occupations like Korea, etc. Bring the guys home...we have our own problems.

      P.S. I don’t know any bimbos. ��

  77. Tommy Robinson has just been denied a US entry visa. Deservedly. Report coming.

    1. John,
      Several Congressmen apparently invited Robinson to speak. Yes, he was tirned down for a visa. However, do you know who runs the US visa office? It’s SERCO, the British company! Why is Britain protecting the Muslim grooming gangs? Is it because they’re doing the grooming for the elite pedophiles?

      Human Rights Activist Tommy Robinson Denied Visa to Speak to US Lawmakers in Washington DC

    2. He was jailed for travelling to America before on someone else's passport.
      Plus hes got bad associations here,and is an obnoxious shit. They are right to decline him.
      Serco will be too busy supplying the Clintons.
      Shed no tears for Robinson. He's a Turd.

  78. 3 Cheers for everything you said John, but Izzy has great sway through Bolton and others. Nothing is guaranteed.


  79. You might have noticed how divided and chaotic the world seems right now. It's loud. Angry. Fearful. Hectic. But people are starting to wake up to the fact that we as a global society cannot continue living the way we have been.

    Have you ever asked the Universe, "Why do we keep reliving the same problems?"

    Neale Donald Walsch, modern day spiritual messenger and the New York Times Bestselling author of Conversations with God, received an answer.

    This message not only answered how we got to this point as a species (turns out human beings aren't inherently mean or cruel), it also described humanity's next evolutionary leap — which requires more people to develop into Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs). Neale estimates that HEBs make up only 5% of the world's population currently, but the population is growing exponentially.

    So how do HEBs differ from the unawakened or unconscious individuals?

    Neale Donald WalschHighly Evolved Beings embrace principles and actions that end with the best outcomes for all. No person is left behind or looked at as a stranger. And their societies emphasize love and collaboration rather than competition or fear.

    Are you wondering if you're part of the awakened species?

    Below are 7 principles and characteristics that HEBs follow. And you can check out Neale's new Masterclass on how to take the next step in your spiritual evolution.

    1. You Understand There's More To Life Than What You Can See

    “There are those who say that seeing is believing.
    I am telling you that believing is seeing.”

    The ultimate truth about the Universe is Unity, not separatism.

    That's the guiding principle that HEBs live their life with. We might appear in forms; see the world in objects or individuals; and often define our life by who we are (and who are not). But ultimately, we're all part of a singular existence and consciousness.

    And when you believe this, you start seeing the truth all around you: how our emotions, our actions, our beings, are woven together as part of the same tapestry.


  80. Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    By the way, when the helicopter couldn’t fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I suggested driving. Secret Service said NO, too far from airport & big Paris shutdown. Speech next day at American Cemetery in pouring rain! Little reported-Fake News!

  81. Trump just challenged poor Little
    Macron to step up and make France GREAT again . Loving it. Dead in one.

  82. p: Gotta really like Matthew Whitaker, he's got the Deep State shaking in their boots! )

    Here We Go… State of Maryland Files Legal Objection to President Trump’s Appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General
    Nov 13 2018

    The Deep State is absolutely terrified of President Trump’s appointment to Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker. Today the state of Maryland announced their legal action into the constitutionality of Whitaker’s appointment. The Deep State must have him removed to continue the Mueller witch hunt.

    Maryland and the deep state are trying to get DAG Rod Rosenstein appointed as Acting Attorney General –

    The state seeks a preliminary injunction that prevents the federal government from responding to the suit while Whitaker appears as acting attorney general. Instead, Maryland requests a declaration that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is the acting attorney general.

    "And there’s more…in July 2016, before the presidential election, Matthew Whitaker penned an opinion piece for USA today where he argued that Hillary Clinton should be locked up."

  83. There is a complex Indo Chinese Global negotiation coming to conclusion. Following that substantial taxes will be transferred to America which can be used to help settle key redemptions and do so much good . Plus it then puts India into the big league to counter China. Balance . Behind the scenes there is action.

    1. Thank you John for sharing

    2. John,

      What does that translate into? What do you mean by good?

      Funding the GCR? High speed railways? Reducing government debt? Refunding Social programs? Etc.

    3. All that and more . We can and need to do it. We need to ensure 50 % of all program profits go only to nation building projects and more military or Agency programs Stop all Grey screens

  84. Breaking Report: Broward County Deputy Says Civil Rights Attorneys Were Handing Out Absentee Ballots to Inmates AFTER ELECTION? (Update)
    Nov 13 2018

    A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy says attorneys were collecting ballots AFTER the election last Tuesday.We are looking into this—

    Friday Novemeber 9, 2018 5:30pm — Annie Marie Delgado, President of TrumpTeam Florida 2020, conference called Ann Vandersteel with a a current DOJ employee and was a former high ranking Broward County law enforcement officer. He stated at 7:00 AM that same morning he received a call from a deputy in the Broward County jail. The Deputy said there was “corruption going on inside the jail and that he had never seen anything like it.”

    Six months prior to this the Supervisor of Elections allowed non-felon inmates awaiting trial in jail to register to vote. This did not occur due to the security risk it posed if civilians were allowed to walk through the jail doing the voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

    The Broward County Deputy explained that on Thursday November 8, 2018, after the midterm election, absentee ballots were delivered to the jail for the inmates and the deputies were told to pass them out.

    Civil rights attorneys arrived on last Thursday and demanded to see the inmates. They were not the inmates personal attorneys of record. The attorneys wanted to know if the inmates had received their absentee ballots in the mail. As these attorneys were not the inmates’ attorneys of record, Sheriff Scott Israel should not have granted them access to the inmates. Protocol would have the attorneys sign into the jail, yet there is no record.

  85. Let's help America. Executive Order suspending all baits where rigging is evidenced.executive Order all such seats to be paper o my,no slips handed out without ID checks and electro registers of each party issued a slip to stop false votes. set the times and have military forces taking out and checking boxes plus delivering them under escort to the counting stations .
    Military supervision of the items count and verification delays of box releases the military will put them in place and all boxes will have at armed guards voters will be checked to see a single vote is entered.suspend all inmates from voting this time. Military audit of all totals before announcing winners. Set the times and no late boxes armed troops won't be late .immediate arrest of any party found tampering and a military court
    No electronic registering in suspect states . Armed troops with orders to shoot on site if resisting arrest court tampering . Cancellation of crooked Democrats rigged seats.paper vote only total supervision .Troops to also check allocation of votes pre counting . This is treasonous stop the lot . O CE new votes show a massive difference start full Investigations. Minimum 10 years for vote tampering. No bail, straight to a military jail awaiting trial . Military courts no BS
    Pray mobile glitches are contained. Let's protect your Constitution your Founders deserve it. So do you all.

    1. Dam word switching it switched votes to baits. Shoot IT program.ers!

    2. Sorry out late seeing so many word switches. Mentally correct what is obvious . Re vote, military oversite every box. Put the troops to work protecting your nations votes.

    3. John, it's ok. We here on OWON tend to correct without mentioning it. Even my own district 2 here in NM is having problems. Can't say am surprised after finding out they couldn't even do the correct paperwork for LLc's in the capital Santa Fe. People paid for that and expected state officials to do their job. Can't wait until find out the next debauchery here! (

    4. p: 8,000 votes found after election called in favor of Yvette Herrell who won by 1800 votes, Now they say she lost by 2800 votes! (

      Why Yvette Herrell isn't conceding her midterm race
      Nov 10 2018

      Republican candidate Yvette Herrell is locked in a tight contest with Democrat Xochitl Torres Small for New Mexico's 2nd District.

  86. JOHN,

    Fantastic update JOHN. THANK YOU for all your & teams efforts for Americans!

  87. 4 issues will be the key focus issues this week.

    1.The vote rigging in America mainly by the Democrats. All voices need to be raised on this. Protect the Constitution and Free Speech in America. All these so late boxes need to be howled down. 90% Demo votes,Really? FRAUD!!!!! Absolute NO! Re vote all bogus seats.
    2.Macron has gone viral over his attacks on America. He's exposing again the real issues and questions, why is the US getting sucked into EU waste issues. Why is NATO being used to support the ugly Neo Nazi Fascist State of Ukraine? American money wasted. Let the EU pay its own way. Britain does. Your ONLY real Allie!
    3. Brexit. So many twists and turns as May hangs on for life. It's a Roller Coaster. See how long the EU survives if the UK goes for a NO Vote. Evolution or Revolution?
    4.Allowing delays because of a Monday holiday, part GCR and Redemptions. Be assured, once concluded,there WILL be a Huge Moral Overtone to all re investments, genuine Projects for the people and good causes will be the focus. No Fat Cats and No Zios allowed near. These will become Ethical Trust Funds.

    1. Careful, John. You’re giving us REAL hope for change!

  88. Many good people are trying. As the Cabal gets ever more exposed the last barrier will be sanitising the zio bankers rat holes and getting rid of American Oaths of Loyalty nonsense
    to the Kazars state.

  89. p: The more we find out, the more we see how deep our country lays in corruption.

    GOP Rep. Denham loses as latest ballot counts show Republicans Walters and Kim in growing danger
    Nov 13 2018

    California Republicans lost a fourth seat in the House on Tuesday as Democrat Josh Harder gained enough votes to oust GOP Rep. Jeff Denham in the San Joaquin Valley.

    Denham’s loss, projected by the Associated Press, came amid signs that two other Republican seats are also in growing jeopardy. The continuing tallies of hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in the Nov. 6 midterm election are consistently favoring Democrats, underscoring the increasingly bleak fortunes of the California GOP.

    In Orange County’s latest ballot count Tuesday, Republican Rep. Mimi Walters fell 261 votes behind her Democratic challenger, Katie Porter. Walters finished election night more than 6,200 votes ahead, but her lead steadily dwindled until it vanished on Tuesday.

    Voting patterns in previous California elections do not bode well for Walters or Kim: With rare exceptions, the ballots counted last, many of them provisional or mailed relatively late, skew strongly Democratic. Tens of thousands of ballots remain to be tabulated in each of those two races.

    If Republicans lose all six contests, they will be left with just eight of the state’s 53 House seats and neither of its two U.S. Senate seats.

  90. EXPLOSIVE: a plain man’s guide to Brexit reality, & the eight Brexit murderers named.
    Date: November 13, 2018Author: John Ward

    methink2 In negotiating with Brussels, the Prime Minister’s EU-loyal Cabinet and Whitehall cabal have employed one central tactic over the last twelve months: to leave every ordinary British citizen completely confused, bamboozled and exhausted to the point of apathy on the subject of Brexit. The Slog offers the antidote to that cynical snake-bite, and suggests where the real blame for this disaster lies.

    As the clock ticks away towards five to crunch – and Radio Boris broadcasts ever more frantically that it will hold the coat (and indeed, act as the second) for any person or group willing to behead the Siren – I thought it might be both instructive and fun to take a forensic view of the process formerly known as Brexit, but now more commonly referred to in polite society as ReMayn.

    The Daily Telegraph’s page on “Brexit” progress hasn’t been updated since September 28th, which sort of gives a clue as to the real pace of what’s happening. However, it is willing to confirm the following realities

  91. Continued

    In the 594 days devoted to leaving the EU so far under Article 50, this is the state of play on the twelve areas to be agreed before we can pretend to exit, but really ReMayn: Areas agreed 1, Disputed areas being discussed 8, Deadlocked disagreements 3.
    There are just 136 out of 730 days left. So we have pissed away roughly four fifths of the time (over 80%) but just 8% of the issues are agreed. Something tells me this is one contract unlikely to be delivered on time. But then, that’s normal for Whitehall.
    The Chequers “plan” states that the UK must no longer be under the “direct” jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. But the ECJ will keep a role, “limited” to eight years, over citizens’ rights. Eight years, I might add, during which Brussels could funnel all kinds of nonsense through that Court….and there would be diddly-squat, zero, finito Benito, nothing any British Government could do about it. So that would not be a Sovereign Brexit.
    Downing Street insists that there will be “no” restriction on the UK’s potential to make trade deals beyond the EU, but admits that the extent of the deals with those outside of the EU may be curtailed by the common rulebook. As Mother Theresa is up for agreeing to the Queensberry rules, then what we really have here is no restriction except for, um, any restriction the controllers of the rules come up with. And the book would be under the control of Brussels….which as we know has such an unblemished record of fair play. So that would not be a Sovereign Brexit either.
    The Government wants to restrict inward UK migration to highly-skilled workers only. But Olly Robbins & Partners have already accepted the idea of migrant residency for two years – even if the skill level of such people does not extend to tying shoelaces without assistance. If that represents a Sovereign Brexit, then what happened to the Red Line called control of our own borders? Jihadists skilled solely in the art of separating brains from bodies will be made welcome for at least two years. Time & Motion research suggests that, during these 730 days, much sought after workers like these could behead 10,000 innocent British citizens….and the Mayor of London would still call any reaction to this “Islamophobia”. The only admirable thing about this possibility is that – in terms of productivity – it puts the Brexit negotiation process to eternal shame.

  92. Refuse the count as fraud and demand a paper only new ballot with all boxes pre vote police checked , police opening and closing the voting halls, all candidates ID checked again at a voters list and logged one receiving the ballot papers. Police to monitor all voters ensuring only one set of papers enter the boxes. All sealed boxes go to counting center with escorts. Police to line up and control counting and also Independents to check and verify each total block before block counted. Auditors to check totals. late votes banned. 2 monitors watch every vote counted and ensure all in correct piles. Stop the electronic voting way too crooked. Make vote rigging minimum 10 years sentence and no bail. Executive orders right now recount all suspect seats and conceed none. Disqualify all late votes with a 90% one side count

    1. It takes money to defeat the deep state.

      You've been fighting them for how long and you sit at the top of the financial pyramid.

      Their cancerous tentacles are everywhere. And you never know who is one of them because of the trauma based mind controlled alters.

    2. Only London has achieved good rapport with the elders . Also British connections with HK, China and India gives us angles.

  93. See? The oceans are not warming at the speed previously thought. At what point do we tell the scientists to sit down and shut up on climate issues?


  94. OWON: The world is changing and Indo Chinese relationships being remodeled where China will also be reshaped by compromise.

    A game changer for India-China relations


  95. OWON: We either help resolve their problems in home nations or they help themselves to all nations who have developed over centuries. How do we deal with locust swarms?

    Mexico reshaping approach to Central American migrants as caravans push north


  96. OWON: France now has a major PR battle with the US. Typical problems with the Collaborator nation.

    Pat Buchanan Blasts Macron: "What Country Do You Put First?"

  97. Laura Kuenssberg
    Senior tory tells me Brexiteer anger so high that seems likely there will be a call for no confidence vote tomorrow - letters going in -

    1. @zerohedge: Sterling Pounded After May Faces 'No Confidence' Vote Over Brexit Chaos

  98. May needs to go as Conservative leader . We need a No Deal. Offer the EU Diverce payments and no more taxes from March. Go hardball our terms are clear.
    Now let the EU to us playing hardball
    Send 4m EU citizens home on their welfare society to be housed. Buy from the world. Europe will collapse. Get tough. Get Real
    This was never a job for May . Chaos is looming. Her deal is pathetic. Politicos heh?

    1. If you are going to beat the deep state you will have become a little criminal. They don't play by the rules for the public.

      Next week you can buy a new Prime Minister with all that green coming to London

    2. There's the problem I'm an ethical operator. I can't cross the line

  99. p; Neatly packaged, Unseal indictments, FISA unredacted and made public, voter fraud report from DHS, Dec 2018

    EF] Revealed In 45, EO Is The Key - Episode 1715b
    Nov 13 2018


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