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28 November to 4 December 2018

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  1. After FED chief remarks DOW surges 600 points!.... FED backing off raising for now

  2. VND public RV banks can handle. Just give banks a 5% exchange rate fee for their "trouble". 40cents/dong with 35% capital gain rate at public exchange. MASSIVE influx into UST and everybody is happy. WIN/WIN.

  3. Replies
    1. Hate that article - sounds like standard political BS, "Republicans vs Democrats". I want the docs declassed to remove the Deep State, not as a "counterpunch" from Trump. If he's just fostering the same dualism as the DS, he's not helping fight the real battle.

    2. Biffie

      The fact is the ONLY way he can even survive is to expose and close the lot of them. No point in posturing is he big enough and Man enough and will he have the Guts? A massive YES from us if he does.

      But so far, where are ANY of his arrests?

      Time the empty talking stops. It just looks like another of his windbag threats and no follow up. After his multi hundred lies a week does he even remember or know truth from his fiction? We don't need a LIAR for Hire, we need a REAL President, so he needs to quit squawking and start talking.
      Show me the Bodies!

    3. Pete and John... also true, I see your points. But sometimes, maybe all it takes is a threat to get the results you want. But then again, look who he is dealing with so threats won't work.

  4. Trump retweets image of US deputy attorney general among others jailed 'for treason'

    Why would DJT retweet this? To show what a dissapointment he has been to the American people? Or, is he telegraphing he will #MAGA ?

    1. After sharing the image of his jailed opponents, Trump retweeted a series of tweets from The Trump Train and other fan accounts on Wednesday morning. Among them were tweets criticizing Federal Assistance payments to illegal immigrants, a Mike Pence parody account giving thanks that Hillary Clinton is not president, and a recent clip of Clinton joking that she couldn’t tell two black officials apart because “they all look alike.”

    2. Tim, I get a kick out of some of his tweets. He just puts it out there...just says it.

  5. This message came from a friend in RENO.
    From SOURCE - received tonight:
    Good evening good news has been received by T1-T3 in Reno, and T4 will start tomorrow November 29. Hong Kong, Dubai. will finish in the next 3 hours for the 28th November 2018
    Private IMF: We will start next week, (historical Bonds) just when the bank needs to organize BV.
    The CEO of HSBC travels tomorrow Thursday 29 November to Zurich for the same reason.

    From another blogger

    1. ROGER,

      Isn't T4 the public RV exchange? Thank you for posting, but I think this is false guru-stuff...

    2. More Guru junk propogated by pumpers.

    3. The ONLY thing moving right now are a few very sensitive Sovereign deals and PPs

    4. There are no funds yet for public funding . Dongs in time may be OK but there are political issues with Dinars. They are raging at the ideas of any Americans freeloading on their nation and trying the internal conversion route only if possible. Why should they let the Pariahs who destroyed their nation get rich? None of the fundamentalists will allow the US to ride on their oil reserves. Why should they?

    5. I understand Iraq`s rage but if they were smart and put there anger aside there should be a stipulation of a 25% fee that allocates back to their country on the Dinar RV, same with Vietnam and the Dong

    6. It's somewhat funny that they consider US citizens freeloaders when they were the purchasers their currency and were actually keeping them afloat over the last 10 years through dollar swap currency auctions.

      Who do you think was trading dollars for their worthless currency? There is a reason why some of these dinar pumpers were doing hundreds of millions of dollar worth of sales. Much of which ended up in Reno on pallets.

      While at the same time...Maliki and all of his Iraqi and Iranian buddies were robbing Iraq blind. Their own people have done as much or more to keep them in the dark ages than the US, UK and the rest of the "Coalition of The Willing" ever did. They are more corrupt than the USA.

      Seriously, it's 6 months since their election and they can't even seat a government. At least our election fraud is over in a few weeks.

    7. jV
      Agreed with most but seriously. Nothing is more corrupt than the US. I'm not castigating the good people but the system .

  6. More chemtrail visual data. Ohhhh, yeah, square clouds are normal! LOL.

  7. ‘Your land, your future’! Germany offers migrants cash to go home in controversial ad campaign

  8. Trump Proposes Worldwide 'Truth' Network To Counter CNN's "Unfair, False" Reporting

  9. Trying to monetize yet again another Tesla invention in Texas!!


    1. “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel…We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians….Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static, or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” – Nikola Tesla

      GREAT read:

  10. VIDEO: Hillary suffers massive coughing fit during first tour stop
    November 27, 2018

    The Clintons kicked off their speaking tour with Hillary suffering from an uncontrollable coughing fit.

    While addressing a half-empty crowd at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday night, the former secretary of state devolved into hacking.

    During the first stop of “An Evening With The Clintons,” Hillary was asked a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

    Before she could begin her usual spill about how Russia cost her the election, Clinton was completely overtaken by an uncontrollable cough.

    1. If we are lucky she will choke and die in public, filmed for the world to see!

    2. Sounds like the symptoms of Mad Cow Disease.

    3. Perhaps it's from the disease you get from eating human flesh

    4. Thats called KURU which is mad cow disease in humans

    5. It's a side effect from Adrenochrome. The drinking of blood and eating of flesh from tortured humans

  11. JT57- on the previous thread you claimed that you got all hundreds from an ATM here in the US. I'd like to know where and with what bank or system you got them. Hundred dollar bills are the most counterfeited denomination in the country so that's very curious indeed.

    1. Seshette, pick a point between San Francisco my entry point and Las Vegas my departure point and any ATM I used on that journey paid out in $100 bills.

      Now that isn't a claim that is a fact. The only thing I didn't do, silly me, was to pay much attention to who had installed the ATM. Imagine being on a holiday and wondering about the provider of the ATM. Perhaps on your recent travels to France you did, but I can assure you I had better things to do with my time.

      Finally every $100 USD dollar bill I withdrew was accepted even in the Walgreens supermarket in San Francisco where they ensure the notes are genuine.

      I had a fantastic holiday overall and a place I will certainly return to.

    2. Well, my question was serious in an effort to determine if one particular bank was dispensing 100's since it is unusual. Your answer, unfortunately, was just sarcastic, which discredits it and you.

  12. @zerohedge: Deutsche Bank Police Raids To Continue On Friday

  13. John,,, reminds me of this...

    Will Ferrell doin Harey Caray Mad Cow

  14. Multiple Cabal-influenced countries (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, the U.S., and others) are being forcibly reformed to meet GESARA compliance.

    Trump is leading the charge in the U.S. to meet GESARA compliance.

    The last remaining conflicts on this planet (Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Israel-Palestine) are ending.

    The G-20 summit scheduled for December 1 is rumored to be a significant geopolitical event.

    According to sources, the RV is expected to begin after the G-20 summit concludes.

    Once the RV begins, the transition to the QFS will also begin which will include a stock market crash, collapse of the financial system, and the announcement of GESARA.

  15. MoneyDr

    Contrary to what is expected, we are advised Trump is declining to meet Putin.
    A lot is in play right now, but the Dork News from the Guru Puffers is remiss of reality.

    1.Funds are beyond finite.
    2.Key Projects will go first whatever. But not for Public discussion.
    3.There are also certain Military /Agency "Considerations".But not Public.
    4.All these Gesara regurgitated public fantasies won't fly.
    5.You WON'T be crashing with imminent collapse. Yes, there ARE real issues, but in time.
    6. G20 is already at risk of missing key parties. Way too much informed hype in play. Ignore.

    Private PP's are playing out first. They are easy to recover vast Tax needs first.

    China alone will decide on Vietnam. It would be an action of such quantifiable arrogance and madness to ignore China's role as Vietnam's VICTOR and biggest backer. The US ran away and deserted the poor Vietnamese. The US has no clout there. But your Dongs do not have the same Iraqi problems. Many good Vietnamese went to live in the US. Now good Citizens.

    Before any Public participation is possible, the Military. major PP Creditors, and the BSD's have to be resolved and redeemed first. Then Public issues may be possible.
    Nothing is simple, but Gesara is for Simpletons. Pumper Gurus.
    Let reality evolve. Steps are highly political. But also complex and sensitive.
    Let it play out as is.
    We talk- Daily- OK? Nothing is unknown. Just ignore Broker diatribe. Please?
    You WILL be advised when Real decisions are made. Until then its delicate. Faith, hope and maybe in time some charity?
    Don't lose hope.

  16. we have an imminent collapse? It is flashing red everywhere, that's for sure.

    1. What if the stock market actually exploded as international capital moved trillions to the only place possible...the US stock market. The most liquid place on the place for huge amounts of capital. Pullback, yes. Crash...Doubtful

    2. Not this time.

      Yes it is but this is NOT the time yet for panic.

      Many ask, what can you seriously look at for real growth and chance to get you in on the ground floor. Solid, real markets and chances for you to grow with it. HEMP and the so many derivatives as building blocks . Huge! So many angles and ground floor days.

      P and others others have tracked it for years but now it's breaking. We are taking big positions. Do your own research. This market has an asset base. Take your time and explore what works for you . Do the diligence first. Expect huge breaks.

    3. sorry but that sounds like obfuscation to me ...

    4. JOHN,

      Thank You for your posts today, especially this one. So, to be clear you are saying to do due diligence on companies manufacturing HEMP products, correct?
      ("Going Green" is very popular with people, so Hempcrete manufacturers?)

      I remember back in the 80's I ordered a hemp shirt pullover.Very durable and it was just as soft as cotton!


    6. I have been watching and unfortunately where am now, you need a license to farm it here in NM. Am looking at other options now. Have a good source of seed, more out there, so you need to look, but until get some place and have the facilities needed, have to wait. Also will be looking at it's by products for sheep feed.

      For some reason am seeing new people in the area that grow marijuana. From the smell of one guy at the bank, he works with the resin which is a medical aspect. He definitely wasn't high.

  17. I can now report that CLASSIFIED war-like operations are actively being planned by the United States inside Ukraine and that Military Contractors are already hiring operators for "Combat Zone" work in Ukraine.

    1. Those whores of war in for a Buck and weapons testing theatres . Civvies will die terrible deaths in the middle. Putin will let them encroach, grab the moral high ground, then atomise them. The US achieved nothing over years in Syria.
      Russia came in And 6 weeks later Russian battle hardened troops smashed them to pulp. As will be the Ukraine. Putin and Lavrof will outfox them then pound them. All will die for an Agency lie. Why is the US meddling in Ukraine? Again!!!!


  19. RT America

    Published on Nov 29, 2018

    Anya Parampil reports on millionaire investor, Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal, which allowed him to serve a mere 13 months in prison for raping dozens of underage girls.

    She breaks down how Epstein leveraged his vast political and legal connections to cover up the extent of his crimes. Anya speaks with investigative journalist, Ben Swann, and CEO of CHILD USA, Marci Hamilton, to understand why rich and powerful people are able to get away with heinous crimes so easily.

    Ben Swann Responds to Jeffery Epstein Pedophilia Case

  20. Trustees, My Rump, and the Price of a Cup of Coffee

    There is a difference between a bank trustee and an actual private trustee chosen by the Donor of a trust.

    Banks turn accounts over to trustees for management of the assets in behalf of specific private trusts. This happens routinely for purposes within the bank, to make sure that Special Deposits don't go astray or suffer losses or mis-administration that could be "embarrassing" or even "actionable in court".
    It also happens when the original private trustees designated by the Trust Donors are incompetent physically or mentally or when Private Trustees die intestate without naming new trustees.

    So that's basically the function and realm of bank trustees, both from the perspective of internal bank functions (trustee covers the bank's rump) and from the perspective of some private trusts that have been "left in the care of" the bank.

    And this is where the pedal hits the metal in the current circumstance.

    We've got Karen Hudes serving this Flak Jacket purpose at the so-called Global Debt Facility and now we've got Kim Goguen doing the same with all the "Off-Ledger" Special Deposit Accounts.

    The banks are claiming that over 6,500 such private Special Deposits were left in their care ---"trustees unknown"--- and this is nothing but a bald-faced lie and excuse for the guilty banks to name a bank trustee to oversee and manage the accounts "as if" there were no private and actual trustees.

    So the guilty banks identified all these actual asset accounts and gave the account information to a goons who set up a separate ledger for all these formerly "off-ledger" accounts, brought them "on ledger"---albeit, a separate ledger---and the banks gratuitously turned all this over to Kim Goguen and Pals.

    Understand this: actual people having actual assets --- gold, silver, gems, etc. -- people like Henry Ford, have placed these assets in "Special Deposits" in all these guilty banks.

    All those Special Deposits are now being commandeered and used without the permission of the donors, the actual trustees, or the beneficiaries, placed at risk, invested, and spent by a group of unidentified goons and hackers and bank insiders.

    And they are trying to tell you this is a GOOD thing?

    Let me tell you why it is not a good thing.

    If it could happen to Henry Ford and his grandchildren, it could happen to you.

    A lawless bank is even worse than a lawless government, and both are useless for all the purposes that men tolerate either one.

    We now know for sure that putting gold in a bank is the same as handing it to a robber, so why have banks at all anymore?

    And if the world governments will not take action against this and preserve the safety and sanctity of our persons and property, rich and poor alike, what good are they, either?

    All these people are doing, and being allowed to do, is running a giant sting operation--- resulting in yet another giant and reprehensible theft---one in which the banks and the colluding governments get off the hook for all their crimes by stealing the assets of their wealthiest customers.

    I suppose it beats murdering all their Priority Creditors, but it is still nothing but crime and fraud and leaves nothing for us to build a solid future on. Just more lies, deceit, and sand.

    They think they are brilliant because they have stolen control of all these assets. They think that because they control the money, all the (formerly) rich people are now helpless and won't be able to do anything about it but cry in their beer.

    They sadly underestimate the inner resources of those they have robbed and the sharp and sturdy beauty of the Truth.

    Anna Von Reitz

    1. Thanks for this post Texian. Great explanation of this situation.

  21. Dear Mr. Trump: November 29, 2018

    By exactly what variation of madness is Kim Goguen being allowed to assert control over our assets? We, the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated] are owed over $190 Trillion Dollars by the IMF. We own the Philippines land mass. And that is just the beginning of what we are owed. We are sick and tired of the tail attempting to wag the dog.

    If you wish to honor your contract with the American People you will know that this debt and all Special Deposit Assets which belong to us and which have been wrongly conveyed into the "U.S. Trust" and/or otherwise claimed by Ms. Goguen and Ms. Hudes are due and payable to the actual States of the Union and their Federation, The United States of America.

    We are presenting ourselves and asserting our interest in the Trust Assets and the Special Deposit Assets, whereupon those assets must be disgorged and returned to the rightful owners and trustees.

    Anna Von Reitz

  22. Goguen has been flogging this Donkeys ass for a decade. She's major league bank listed. She's caused havoc with her games.
    It's not happening. She simply is ignored as a vacuous Broker. Her surrounding group take believing. That is a Dog and Pony show. Tinkers Dogs, the lot.

  23. If May gets voted down next week, watch for real theatre

  24. With your advisory, just placed another 🍿order.

  25. ALERT: Deutsche Bank's CEO & Board's Offices Raided Today!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  26. OWON: Will May hang herself in ego pride? Be assured, if she loses the vote, the calls for a Leadership election will go in.

    EU leaders are warning the UK, it's take it or No Brexit.

    OUR answer must be to walk, STOP all EU funding and wave the FU Flag to the lot of them. NO changes? Get Real. 6 months of NO UK funding and Brussels fat Expense accounts will run dry. Their largest customer stops buying EU cars, wine and all EU imports, or allow backlogs to build and see how 10 M EU unemployed go down.
    Send back 7M EU workers. Nations will fold. We wont!. If the UK whines about less Food choice, glue their lips. Get tough, get real. This is a battle for the future nation.
    The lazy and useless EU MEPs don't get it. We need NONE of them. It's 2 years of Blitzkreigs. OK, bring it on.

    The EU will be begging to talk after 6 months. Refuse! Give it a year then see how they stand. Pull the troops out. Stop funding NATO. Fire Generals and Admirals who complain.

    Job protection is a No!

    Gloves off or Wimp off?

    Probability; May will probably threaten an election, with MPs knowing they will lose their seats, these gutless Skanks will put Self interest first and sell out patriotism.

    Politicos? Time to rethink the lot. Truly it's not working.

    'It's a game of chicken': May rules out Norway-style Brexit fudge despite staring down the barrel of defeat in Commons vote as ONE HUNDRED Tory MPs denounce her deal


  27. OWON: Tusk is an IDIOT! The Brits voted NO EU, so forget remain, we will ram his TUSK right up him!

    There will be NO Remain, they lost and it will not be re-voted. It's like whining Punters asking for their money back after losing. You LOST!

    The UK will walk out. Throw May out, get a strong leader and stick it to them. A 2 year protracted battle and reduced Gut lines.

    The EU will blink first when the funds stop.

    BREXIT WARNING: Tusk tells rebel MPs BACK May's deal or REMAIN in EU FOREVER

  28. The complete Fulford report from Monday brings me hope if some is even true:

  29. Suicides in US hit highest level in 50 years, prompting fall in life expectancy

    1. I really do believe that people are increasingly hopeless, and that that leads to drug use, it leads potentially to suicide

      Dr William Dietz, disease prevention expert

    2. If I may be so bold, part of this is the economy and part of this the terrible lies about the economy. Real unemployment is mired at Great Depression levels ~20%. But the media says its a great economy with employment at all time highs. So, if you are a male and trying to cope you go out and try to get some of these mythical jobs. But globalism has traded away the jobs and you keep coming home empty handed. So first you keep welfare going. But you aren't a welfare junkie, so out you go again. You take anything even waiting tables and digging ditches, but minimum wage doesn't go all that far and you positively need to keep the welfare going so anything that isn't a former real job you can't take. Next you add the food stamps. You move into a subsidized apartment. Eventually, after the 100th resume comes back with nothing, well, damn right you drink or opiates or etc. Once depression sets in, the circle repeats, darker and darker, until exiting with a short walk off a long pier makes sense and eventually the pain is too great and you do it.

      All because of lies, and a multi-generational program directly designed to destroy self-reliance and the economic engine that was its twin.


  30. Confirmation - Reports Of
    Bugs And Birds Nearly Gone(USA)

    1. I live in the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan (The Peninsula Between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan). We have almost no bugs. Lets start with Spiders.... I have always had a couple of dozen large spiders with large webs on my home. I never removed them because I enjoyed watching them so much. There webs would be full of all types of bugs. This year I had 1 Spider on my home and she did not even last for a couple of weeks. There are no bugs for spiders to catch in their webs.

      It used to be that if you had an outside light on in the evening it would attract hundreds of insects and moths. Now nothing but mosquitos. In the evenings you would see a lot of fireflies. The past 2 years none.

      This year when the June Bugs came up I only saw half a dozen. Usually there is dozens and dozens around the house. Earthworms too! Not many of those left either and I have wondered if that is because our ground has been so saturated from the abnormal heavy rainfalls. I used to have birds feasting in my big backyard on worms. Even cranes would be back there eating the worms.

      The birds that rely on the insects are nowhere to be found. Except the woodpeckers which I believe are struggling as they are working harder than ever to get bugs from the trees. If it wasn't for the seed and meat eaters there would be no birds around.

      Only a handful of Bumble Bees! I only saw 2 grasshoppers and usually there is so many of them it is annoying. I can't remember seeing any crickets or hearing them. Typically we see a lot of types of moths, not this year.... none!

      I never saw 1 bat this year. They eat bugs so they would starve here now.

      I miss the insects I enjoyed the insects. I miss the birds that eat the insects. This is a real serious issue and nobody is talking about it.

      The bugs that I did see Mosquitos, NoSeeums, and Rose Chafers in the thousands!

      Why? Radiation, Pesticides, Frequencies and excessive abnormal rainfalls are the major causes of this. I think!

    2. It is not that bad here yet Tim, but i definitely notice a lot less bugs. A strange world we live in and it is just getting stranger.

    3. BIFFIE,

      Yes, it is. Drive to CAL and you can see for yourself. Here, NO CRICKETS for 2 summers now. I counted 17 lightning bugs this summer over the 2 week time they arrive. 17. When prior summers hundreds ever night. Have not seen a single grasshopper in 4 years now....Guess you are in a zone, or are just asleep and you do not want to consciously observe and compare what you have seen before in your walks around where nature is.THIS IS HAPPENING.

    4. Tim, I live in Oregon. We still have plenty of grasshoppers, lots of crickets, buzz bugs when it get hot, lots of bees, birds, bats, and frogs. The frogs are so loud in my pond, that I record them on my phone to share with folks at work.

      The bugs that we have less of are moths, lady bugs, etc. I am a gardener, so you can bet that I am very observant of what is going on around me when I go outside. I also hike a lot. Still have squirrels, deer, fox, bear, cougar, coyote, nutria, beaver, etc. I do realize that many things are going extinct and that is very sad.

      And I am quite awake and aware of what is going on in this world. And I do not like it. I feel cheated out of the world that folks were supposed to get to live in. Especially if this world had been taken better care of.

      Hope folks still can band together and save this planet and bring her back to the glory she deserves.

    5. Chemtrails, GMOs, Monsanto’s Roundup and the like have killed off the insects taking the beneficial insects as well.

    6. Monsanto is pure evil.

      Oregon and Washington state seem to be getting around this radiation crap.

      Jet stream manipulation apparently. HAARP. But, according to Rense the Pacific ocean is nearly dead from radiation from Fukashima, and the world does nothing to stop the nasty radiation.

  31. November 30, 2018
    Denver, United States

    [Editor's note: While Simon is traveling today, other members of the Sovereign Man team penned today's missive.]

    We’ve discussed this on and off for several years now. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets and cash from citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.

    You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. You are assumed guilty unless you can somehow prove your innocence.

    Of course, not everyone has this ability… if you aren’t local, state, or federal law enforcement, this is called stealing, and you go to prison.

    But the government is actually a bigger problem than common thieves.

    A 2015 report showed that law enforcement used civil asset forfeiture to steal more from US residents than every thief, robber, and burglar in America combined.

    About $4.5 BILLION worth of cash, cars, homes, and other property is taken by civil asset forfeiture each year — hundreds of millions more than common criminals steal.



    1. The case revolves around whether or not the seizure of the Land Rover was an excessive fine under the 8th amendment, and whether or not this protection against excessive fines applies to state governments.

      And the public got some crazy insight into the government’s position.

      The Indiana Solicitor General was arguing in favor of civil asset forfeiture when Justice Stephen Breyer asked him a hypothetical.

      Breyer asked, if a state needs revenue, could it force someone to forfeit their Bugatti, Mercedes, or Ferrari for speeding? Even if they were going just 5 miles per hour over the speed limit?

      And the utterly appalling answer from the Indiana Solicitor General was, yes.

      That’s right… the official government position is that they can steal any amount of your property in “connection” with any crime whatsoever, no matter how trivial the crime may be… even exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles per hour.

      This is how overbearing and authoritarian the government has become in the land of the free.

      This is how much power your local cop has… and the power only grows as you go to state, and federal officials.

      If there is any solace in any of this, it is that the other Supreme Court Justices were reportedly laughing at this exchange.

      The justices seemed incredulous that Indiana’s top lawyer was using such absurd assertions and flimsy reasoning in his arguments.

      So, for now, we can keep our cars if we get pulled over for speeding. But that may not always be the case…

      Depending on how this is ruled, it could pave the way for even more egregious abuses of power… or it could curb the practice, and reign in these thieves in uniforms.

      Just understand where the government is coming from. These politicians, bureaucrats and officers think they can do whatever they want. Absolutely anything goes, with no limitation whatsoever.

      And that makes it a little tough to feel like you really live in the land of the free.


    Daniel Nemes, scientist and inventor who now lives in Columbia says he’s created a device able to see multidimensional beings. He says the project started when he read an article about dark matter in the universe. He had an interest in the multidimensional universe and had the initiative to perform mathematical calculations and optical experiments to be able to capture images of “the beyond”. He discovered a method for capturing images far superior to infrared, ultraviolet, black light and video cameras. He uses special lenses, ultra sensitive screens and sunlight in a method he calls ENERGIVISION.

    He has tried to make known his invention but says nobody showed an interest! He’s been ignored by the media. Daniel says “The only way I have to publicize my invention and the captures are by Facebook, since 2015 I have posted 1,000 photos on my facebook.

  33. BTC/Crypto guys talk objectively with some insider perspectives:


    1. Sherlocks Instagram page:

  34. From Justice Anna Von Reitz

    Make No Mistake

    Two days ago I released an article that exposes the criminality that has plagued the British Monarchy for the last 150 years.

    Yesterday, I exposed the guilty banks that have appointed Kim Goguen as a "bank trustee", and given her control of private "Special Deposit" accounts ---also known as "Off-Ledger" accounts that contain actual assets.

    This morning, my hometown, Big Lake, Alaska, was targeted by a Resonance Energy Weapon, more generally known as a Directed Energy Weapon.

    Big Lake sustained a direct hit and was the original epicenter of a 7.0 Earthquake.

    We saw the "Green Beam" from Elmendorf Air Force Base just prior to the event.

    Big Lake is not located on any natural fault line.

    Let's make this perfectly clear:

    Any member of the U.S. Military targeting our soil is a criminal and a traitor.

    Anyone giving such an order or obeying such an order needs to be pre-empted with deadly force and removed from command, court-martialed and shot. Period.

    The "Nuremberg Defense" --- "I was just following orders!" --- has already been tried and failed and will fail again.

    Any member of the UN Military targeting Big Lake, Alaska, is committing a crime and violation of the United Nations ENMOD Treaty. They also need to be removed with deadly force, arrested, and remanded to their country of origin for prosecution.

    Big Lake, Alaska, is not a "domestic target" and has never been incorporated as a franchise of any Territorial United States or Municipal United States corporation.

    This craven and criminal attack on our civilian population as retaliation for my exposure of the bank's colossal theft of private assets now being offered as a bribe to the military leadership neatly demonstrates the corruption of elements within our military -- in particular elements of the US Navy, DOD, and Air Force.

    As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America I am asking all military officers to honor their Oath to protect America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and I am asking them to assist in the recovery of our assets and the return of these assets to our lawful civil control.

    The banks have robbed us and defrauded us under the watchful eye of our own military forces, and this has been the long and short of it since the 1860's.

    Officers---you can deal with crooks and middlemen and act as crooks yourselves, accomplices and promoters of crime, or you can arrest those responsible for the theft of our assets and return our assets to our control-- and thereby earn both honor and reward.

    Most if not all that gold that Kim Goguen is showing the military leaders as a sop rightfully belongs to the American States and People, or to private trusts and foundations like the Ford Family Trust, the D'Avila Family Trust, the MacArthur Foundation, and others, that are also willing to support our military without being coerced.

    So if the American military takes money freely given from our hands to protect our nation, they have honor and righteousness. But take that same money ---our money--- from the hands of thieves, and they are accomplices to crime, no better than any penny ante street thug from here to Thailand.

    The money Kim is showing off is all commandeered, stolen by the banks who are trying to bribe American military leaders to take the bait ---and then also take the fall for the banks.

    Men---some of your Superiors, who are criminals themselves, will try to justify this theft as a "National Security Issue", but in fact, that is just more B.S. to excuse more crime.

    The U.S. Army has been playing fast and loose with our assets ever since the so-called Civil War and the U.S. Navy has been taking its orders from the Queen, who is guilty of gross Breach of Trust.


    1. Cont’d....

      The cruelty, disloyalty, and dishonor of all these people, their abject and stubborn criminality, is now made manifest and exposed for all to see. You all know that it was no "Act of God" that just happened to pinpoint Big Lake, Alaska, as the epicenter for a 7.0 earthquake.

      The entire command structure at Joint Base Elmendorf needs to be relieved of duty immediately. An investigation needs to be launched by the Inspector General responsible and by the Office of the Provost Marshal.

      This part of the Mess also needs to be cleaned up --- because it is not "just" the banks responsible for and colluding to create all this rot, it's the rotten elements within the military playing along with the banks.

      Without a criminal military, the criminal banks have no enforcement.

      So it comes down the military having brains enough to know who they really work for and whose gold it really is.

      General Dunford? General Mattis? General Kelly?

      Commander-in-Chief Trump?

      We are all still here, in Big Lake, Alaska, broken dishes, sink holes, cracked bridges, collapsed expressway ramps, broken gas lines, darkness, cold, terrified pets and all.

      All hail the filthy corrupt banks, corrupt military leaders, corrupt political leaders----exposed for the world to see.

      And if the American military doesn't clean some clocks for this, then we can add them to the "Worthless and Useless List" along with the banks that rob their customers and the governments that prey upon the people they are supposed to protect.

      Anna Von Reitz

    2. F*** these bastards for pulling this shyte!! C/mon grey-hats. Get off the f***ing fence and DO WHAT IS RIGHT!! The Evil Emperor, Bush, Sr. is announced DEAD. Rotting forever in eternal torture hell. You know who are the deep state operatives doing shyte like this. MAN UP. Or, do you not care about your families, or is it still about getting MORE MONEY? #MAGA

  35. Top 10 Celebrities and Presidents Killed by The Illuminati

    Source: Thought Pollution

    The Illuminati is a secret society that is rumored to control all world events.

    The Illuminati and members of their organization are especially influential in the entertainment industry. It is alleged that members must make a blood sacrifice to the clan in order to gain fame and reach higher ranks.

    Many famous people have allegedly been killed by the Illuminati for failure to comply with the plan. Still others were killed as part of one of these Illuminati blood sacrifices and for the greater good of the organization.

    These Illuminati sacrifices are very hard to prove, so we will present the facts and it will be up to you whether you want to believe them or not.

    1. Michael Jackson 2. John Lennon 3. John F. Kennedy 4. Martin Luther King, Jr. 4. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    6. Jim Morrison 7. Robert F. Kennedy 8. Malcolm X 9. Diana, Princess of Wales

    The British “royal” Family is a very prominent family in the Illuminati. When Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated, it was an embarrassment for the Royals. Princess Di was beloved amongst the people of England and the world, and since she was no longer associated with the Royals, she had to go. She was killed in a car accident on August 31, 1997.

    Addition: In this case, there is solid evidence that she was sacrificed at the order of the British “royal” Family and the execution was carried out by the SAS. Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed (Lady Diana’s lover), has openly accused the British “royal” Family of assassinating his son and Lady Di.

    Lady Diana also knew about the true nature of the “royal” family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. – Also read David Icke’s book The Biggest Secret
    10. Tupac Amaru Shakur

    Tupac was probably the most loved rapper of all times and one of the very few who exposed the Illuminati. How did he (or others) knew so much about the Illuminati and the fake music industry? And if he was co-opted by them, then why did he exposed them, eventually?

    The only logical explanation is that he was co-opted by them on his way up and, it must have been fun for a while, until he understood that these parasites are inhumane and responsible for most of the world’s problems.

    In fact, Tupac is responsible for the term Killuminati, which means the Killing of the Illuminati. And because he was so fervently against them, the Illuminati killed him on the night of September 7, 1996.

    But the strangest thing about Tupac was his name. Tupac Amaru means “Shining Serpent” in Incan, and refers to the great creator god of the pre-Inca and Inca cultures, Viracocha. So, whatever happened to Tupac in his life, he was definitely knowledgeable of the occult.

  36. @zerohedge: Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush Has Died at 94

  37. A state funeral next week to take the focus off of the heat in DC with Huber testimonies on Dec. 5, new Clinton Foundation whistleblower supposedly hitting the news on Monday, Comey trying to get out of his subpoena, potential black out of social media......Texian we need to order up A LOT MORE POPCORN !!!!

  38. The most evil, treacherous, Traitorous Rodent ever to occupy office and there have been a few. Now watch the media eulogise this piece of sub human filth. Atonement for him will reach into Millennia. Then hopefully repeat. A State funeral, what double standards. The man was a Monster. So are his family. Thieves,Drunks, Addicts and Perverts. The world will rejoice his death.

    1. We do...glad he's finally gone.

    2. The world rejoices NOW!! (personally, I believe he's been dead for months)

      THIS IS A MESSAGE. His death announced right before G20 meeting? Hello?

  39. If May loses and gets a No Vote, then a Leadership call, what a month. Sr burns in Hell, May feels like she's just got there, and Brussels freaks when told No More Money and No More Illegals. A huge EU face off may be coming. If May is thrown out, deservedly for the Crock she's accepted, see 2 to 3 years of EU and UK turmoil erupt. Will it motivate illegals to leave?
    Ram it right up the EU and stopping paying in April sure will. Hard ball! Leave in April, no more extending Walk Out! Churchill's 2 fingers will get the message out.

  40. How are those g20 meetings going? Is trump Putin and Xi going to get those pp going so the bsd can’t bust a move and finally arrest Hillary?

    1. ....that thing is a clone....The old ones got toasted like a marshmellow on a campfire, but they keep trotting out new ones. What a f***ing JOKE! CLONES are very real, and have been for almost 40 years now....

  41. Roger

    That's down to Trump to meet what he promised. We can but hope but for sure if he fails vitriol will be high if he tries to re run after failing. Where are the arrests?

  42. Sr right now is having his life examined in playback with higher ascended Souls. Atonement follows where he can join the likes of Hitler, Genghis Khan, Pol pot, Teddy Kennedy,and all the loathsome species. Atonement for Bush will be a major major culture shock. Revelations for him will have a whole new meaning . Suffering for an immortal Soul will start with levels of pain 10 times worse than will kill a man then increase. Scumbag deserves every century as his pleading falls on deaf ears. Mercy denied.


  44. I tend to believe Trump has a plan and is working it...for the arrests... I want to believe there is a method to his madness... so much info (misinfo), intel (non intel) out there who knows what is really going on... the BSD's do I suppose...

  45. We both agree on the madness, I've yet to see a quality of purpose. We can hope. Somewhere, those arrests must start or all critics will have a field day. With zero on the board,someone needs to tell him his legacy so far is an empty score board. Where are the arrests?


  47. Zimbabwe has a collective IMF approval for c20B. What lunatic thinks quad T Blocks of that garbage will be released. Funded by Santa Claus?
    This is a monthly Asian or Guru failed fantasy. December to February is chaos and reckless absenteeism.Take each week as it comes. Ignore Guru Blogs. Morons breed.

  48. Depressing.... Why do we wait? It seems a public RV VND will never happen. JOHN states we have hope but looks like little peeps are just being ignored because we have no BSD clout. Sad day. I believed DEC 1st would be a turning point for something good for us. But, DJT is letting down all Americans with his inaction and broken implied promises. I sincerely hope I am wrong, though....Russia would be a fantastic ally as he implied for instance. Now, DJT spits in his face refusing a pre-set meeting?

    1. DJT has failed with arrests, and he's not profiling heavy in the RVs. I suspect they are having difficulty getting him past 8th grade reading lessons.It makes complex resolutions hard. Way too many naive dreamers who fantasize a guy like that truly cares. Reality it's a Grifters run but way out of his league as he plays Catch Up. Serious Leaders wont be hussled. Has he got the mental grade for this.
      So far,where are the promised arrests? Be sure, he's losing his key Military strategist for a reason. Mattis is tired of Baby Minding. Kelly ring fences him to protect him from himself. Count the monthly embarrassing lies and ego tweeting then ask where are the arrests. China and Russia are outfoxing him. Lavrof says he's not progressed beyond dancing with his Mother. See the big picture. We have a problem. National Pride confuses reality we all want resolution. His mind is visibly in a turmoil of confusion. Strangulated speech patterns, repeating speech, he's got issues. Leaders see this. We have to support him but does he have the true Financial talent with MTN, BG and Grey Screen knowledge to guide him? Clinton and Bush 41 were major players. Trump is invisible . Naive ignorance is not a real Generals quality. So blind hope makes the State Chess Board moves. That finger on the button. So we hope.
      Russia is smart enough to help him through. Chess Masters will carry a Master B!

  49. John this RV stuff is easily going to be resolved after March 2019. We all need to go on a Bankers vacation and return March 2019 or so.

  50. All or nothing. You may be closer. Serious players are leaving now after Thanksgiving the US details until February but we are pushing hard on PPs. We are achieving with Elders but that stays off radar and owes no one. Our problem is we are engaged in a multi chess board excercise while Trump is visibly under pressure with Tidly Winks. I do congradulate his good moves, but we need major hits.

    1. Dam mobile phone word switching should read after Thanksgiving the US holidays until February. The

  51. I think that it was JV that had the brilliant & inspired idea for a 25% "repatriation tax" to go back directly(to Vietnam) upon a public RV. It is the best route to take and should be done. So many wrecked families and lives there because of US CORP hegemony. DEEP STATE and BLACK NOBILITY are the ultimate culprits of that shyte, NOT Americans.

    1. ....oops, PLUS the 5% fee to the banks for their "efforts"which I detailed. WIN/WIN/WIN. #realDonaldTrump #MAGA

  52. Fighting evil means getting better first:



  53. Why not the 100% better still why not simply issue new notes for internals only to exchange and focus solely on national needs. Wipe out all currency speculators? No one is doing a favour just scalping . Why not with IMF support just print new money? Only agency and military corruption creates this gap for speculators . We stand to gain huge if US conversion is allowed, but is it morally good? No.

    1. I stated, the little peeps do not matter, even to you apparently by this statement. I may be wrong, because it is unclear what you are actually stating.
      YES, I AM a "speculator", sitting on something for years I believed would grow in value over time. Is that so wrong? To be punished for believing an investment would go my way? Little peeps gets skrewed, you said it. We are doomed. Thought you had us in your heart or something like that anyways....

    2. 100% internal new notes only? .... fine, just bring whatever is and cut out all the spec o lating.... like to see it hit, whatever it is.... same with Trump.... do it or not Trump so we can cut out the spec o lating!

    Bush laughing about Kennedy assassination

    Dark Legacy: George Bush And The Murder Of John Kennedy

    Bush Admits Guilt in the JFK Assassination

    George H.W. Bush: The Most Important Story of His Lifetime
    JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention

    NWO VIPs George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush, John McCain, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller gone—Who’s next?

    Henry Kissinger or George Soros? Submitted by the Armchair Geopolitical Analyst

    soros clinton o`bama cheney greenspan kissinger rothchild volker bilderberg tri-lateral zionists cia fbi gates suckerberg belos google cnn msnbc fox bbc cbc ctv
    global. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!

    When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall... think of it, always.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  55. Yes A44. Thank you for the input. But now we have Trump. The strangulated self repeating mental issues visible .

  56. John how will the US survive wothout liquidity into the market?

    1. The question all these desperado Chutney Ferrets fail to ask.

      When the transient Burger Butt learns how to play Snakes and Ladders, his journey will lead him back to London, where all the secrets are buried, and deals will be done. Time the 2 Biggest Pirate operations in the world built a new solid relationship don't you think? Relationships are the building blocks.

  57. Over the next 10 days the BREXIT Parliamentary votes will be cast. Do these vermin types fold to keep their seats, or skewer the deal for the crock it is?
    If the latter, watch knives come fast. Et Tu Brute
    Right now they are only about 10 knives short with 100 waiting to switch sides.
    She's starting to sound like a castrated ferret. A Puppet on a String, pass her to Danny de Vito to work.

    Lol. She's looking ever more haggard. Found out- Booted out? Real Time, Prime Time end of Empires?

  58. A very well thought out article on the state of the world's financial transition.

  59. Organism 46B? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller? Any pointers from anyone appreciated. Of course, it could be a load of manure too...

  60. Bush will nor his wicked ass wife will never see heaven .


  62. Foul language...But hilarious

    Watch "Coffee Shop Acoustic Session... Get Low Cover by Dan Henig" on YouTube

  63. I read recently that Trump and jinping have agreed on no more trade tarifs. Whooppeee!

    1. 90 days suspension it seems...

    2. No New Tariffs: Trump Wins Trade Battle With China
      Dec 2 2018

      U.S. President Donald Trump was able to extract a number of concessions from Chinese President Xi Jinping in exchange for not imposing any new tariffs on Chinese goods.

      Trump reached a major agreement while meeting with the world’s top leaders over the weekend. At the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Trump and Xi spoke for two and a half hours Saturday night — an hour longer than previously scheduled. The meeting, which Trump called “amazing and productive,” has temporarily staved off an escalating trade battle between the world’s two biggest economies.

      Xi agreed to immediately begin buying more agricultural products from American farmers, along with a pledge to purchase more industrial and energy products. While the specifics of the trade agreements have not been announced, the White House says the deal will help correct the trade imbalance between China and the U.S. Xi has also agreed to a number of cybersecurity and property theft concessions.

  64. From Anna Von Reitz...

    Parting Shot From "Poppy" Bush and Threats from the Treasury

    I have a friend in MI6 -- a man I have known more than forty years. He is a loyal Brit, despite being aware of the many failings of his government. We have a grumpy fondness for each other-- trade bad puns, commiserate, and observe the world on a purely social basis.

    He got in contact with me this morning and unequivocally stated that the "strike" on Big Lake was a "parting shot" in honor of "Poppy Bush" ---George Herbert Walker Bush, who was "executed" that same day by lethal injection "for his part" in 911 and many, many other crimes.

    If so, that would be consistent with reports coming in from American Intelligence sources, too: "The strike on Big Lake was a coordinated strike carried out by the US NAVY and allowed by the USAF, both operating under the UN CORP. Their default to creditors should be final December 5, this coming Wednesday."

    So, a parting shot from them, too.

    My old Brit friend and I had a good laugh about all the reporters fondly gushing about GHW Bush and calling him "Poppy" right in the press, without a clue that this nickname refers to his kingpin status in the opium drug trade and isn't just a fond family substitute for "darling Papa".

    The wannabe Communists fall right in line and support the Fascists. The Fascists never make the same mistake. That is, the Communists regularly mistake Fascists for Communists, but the Fascists never make the same mistake and support Communists.

    Please remember that George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted by the Queen for his service -- to whom and what can only be inferred.

    Please also remember that the United States Navy has always been under the control of the British Monarchs, and that the municipal US NAVY has been under the control of their UN CORP counterparts in Switzerland and Luxembourg, some of the nastiest and most sanctimonious Fascists on Earth.

    When you go to the U.S. Patent Office and begin sorting through the mess they left there, everyone will see how often the US NAVY shows up as the offender registering false patents and trademarks and trade names, and how they have then used those patents, trademarks, and trade names to pull horrendous fraud schemes and make false commercial claims against entire countries.

    You will also see how Serco, the British multi-national corporation operating as Paymaster for the British Territorial Government, allowed all this malfeasance by the US NAVY.


    1. Cont’d...

      They and their predecessors allowed the continuance of the fraudulent banking system, too. Buried deep in the Mess at the Patent Office you will find eight principle patents controlled by multi-national banks --- which are all actually operating as securities investment firms.

      Each bank controls a patent and one step or part of the overall system.
      So it was all based on "mutually assured destruction"--- none of the rats could rat on the others, or the whole thing would collapse. Deutsche Bank, being the loser in WWII, got stuck holding all the "derivatives" being spun off the securitization of living people and the copyrighting of their names and the patenting of their DNA.

      The Vatican Bank was underwriting and allowing all this under its ancient canon laws pertaining to vacant commonwealth properties "Bono Vacantia" and "Bastardy Funds" and property of "missing persons" and intestate estates in probate.

      Everybody got a share of the kickbacks, including the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government run by the "US CONGRESS".

      And they then shared out the wealth coming off this monstrous scheme by offering more kickbacks to the Territorial and Municipal "state of state" organizations as bait to get them to incorporate as franchises owned and operated by the parent British and Municipal corporations in DC.

      I have reason to believe that you will see a lot of arrests of prominent people in all fifty states who have been siphoning and cheating in every way possible --- Medicare Fraud and bribing of judges and prosecutors and misapplication of "General Improvement Funds" and all sorts of relatively minor ($500,000 to $3,000,000) offenses.

      But what I want you to keep your eye on is the far, far greater Kickback Scheme that the "federal government" employed via LBJ's "Block Grants" and similar ploys to influence and take over the organizations functioning "as" your State Governments.

      And all the "Local Government Councils" promoted and funded by David Rockefeller as part of the final drive to take over and own and control everything in sight, including the water you drink and the air you breathe.

      That is the real problem, and while the small fish are being sacrificed, be sure that the Big Ones don't get away unnoticed.

      I received a call from the "U.S. Treasury Department" today -- bearing in mind that the actual United States hasn't had a Treasury since 1924 --- and the Agent told one of the lawyers working with us that "they would destroy him and his business and his family" if he continued to help.

      The "U.S. Treasury Department" is in fact the IMF, which has been running the show since 1946.

      And the IMF owes us $190 Trillion that they can't pay back.

      My reply to the "U.S. Treasury"?

      Make peace with your brother on your way to court.

      Don't make nasty threats.

  65. From Anna Von Reitz...

    Disaster Update

    All the evidence here is continuing to unfold.

    Ground Zero of the 7.0 Earthquake that started "mysteriously" in my hometown of Big Lake, Alaska, was a vacant lot approximately a block and a half from my house.

    The HAARP-type resonance technology used is typically activated by the Navy which has mobile units on board its ships and submarines, but would also have to be allowed by the ground-based Air Force counter-measure units.

    This technology leaves a characteristic "energy imprint" --- and as one Witness put it, "The Earth Just Rang Like a Bell and We Don't Know Why".

    Well, we do know why. And we do know who is responsible.

    The energy imprint and the compression wave that followed are all consistent with a Resonance Energy Weapon attack on a tiny, defenseless, unincorporated hamlet in the middle of Alaska.

    The plates in my kitchen cabinets didn't fall or slide out onto the floor as a result of shaking and sliding that occurs in a normal earthquake. Instead, whole stacks of plates broke in half as a result of a Karate Chop-like force hitting them at 90 degree angles to the progress of the shock wave.

    To the Bullies and Bad Men who did this --- you are all a bunch of cowards and criminals who deserve to be removed from this planet.

    I am waiting for the day when the "Tares" are swept away.

    Any member of the U.S. Military involved in this --- you have committed treason against this country and its people.

    Any member of the UN "Peacekeeping Forces" involved in this --- you have committed international crime and violated the ENMOD Treaty: Big Lake is not a "domestic target". And neither are we.

    1. Thank you Texian for bringing Judge Anna's post in here. Such an outrageous shame that took place up there.

  66. US Admiral Scott Stearney Assassinated in Bahrain? Related to False Flag (Fake Iranian Attack on US Naval Vessel)

  67. We have just given you a new report asking Why?

    1. Big Questions on Why, read it. Be informed. Ignorance is only a pre requisite for Government, Banking, or Hollywood Wives.


  68. OWON: What a lovely and touching story of the humanity of New York Cops. Massive well done guys. America should be proud of you.

    NYPD find UK couple who lost ring during romantic proposal


  69. OWON: The Intel War Games are heating up with Russia. Dangerous games in play and post the poisoning, wild card territory. What can go wrong often does.

    Don't underestimate UK capabilities, MI6 chief to warn Russia


  70. OWON: Exactly what we should be doing with all illegals. Let them earn their own rights, not sponge off ours.

    Denmark is set to send convicted foreign criminals to 17-acre remote island in move slammed by opposition parties


  71. OWON: Guilt is Guilt' drag his Ass in with Marshals. Time the Deep State Traitors go on the stand.

    Who the hell do they think they are? Cuffed will do!

    James Comey reaches deal for private testimony to House judiciary panel

  72. A short read but good reminder. May he never know rest or peace of any type or to any degree for eternity. May all those of his ilk follow the same path.

    Exploring The Dark Side Of Bush '41' - The EVIL has died

  73. Hola John, what is the latest on PPs and Battalions? Muchas Gracias and a Ho Ho Ho to you

    1. Right now a US based PP is foremost. Elders will not be feeding again until after March or later. That works for us. IF big IF the US Treasury redeems part of what is long, long overdue. We are dealing with a Pirates Nest. All Freeloaders?

  74. It's good that Bush is dead, but do the soulless even have a shot at heaven? Whatever that means anyway. He's probably on his way to Barbara where they will live for eternity in some alternate dimension. As long as he is locked out of ours, who cares?

  75. John, while you’re chastising Pres Trump everyday perhaps some attention to your own yard is needed?

    Theresa May Caught In Massive Lie

  76. Texian

    We are all over it be assured.
    When articles get put up castigating our failings, who do you think sources them for you?
    We are Democratic. Crap is made round to go around.
    You think this is a hard time. See if she loses the BREXIT vote. Shes had 3 years to negotiate a Dump like this. She doesn't get to hide away in the Oval Office. She has to face PMQs to the whole house and gets shot at by everyone. It's a bear pit. You think those eye bags got there by accident. It's her screaming through the night. She never thought this was the Day Job. Be assured Trump eaten alive daily would disintegrate. It's real no one is spared.
    She's got the worst to come yet Texian.
    She's got a tough role, and I feel for her. This is some wake up call.

  77. SMILING!

    She has let the people down. It IS a hard job and not for sissies. But she apparently agreed to do it? It’s extra hard when you assumed office planning to ReMAYne.

    Looks like the French are in process of another Revolution. Unrest everywhere. The Socialists are out of almost EVERYONE’S money.

    Lamestream media is wall to wall GHW Bush while chaos blooms everywhere. It’s time to shut it all out, read a good book, watch some feel-good sappy Christmas movies and spend as much time as possible with family and friends.

  78. Yep

    This ain't happy hour.
    Bush is now a hero, and the Fed can pay Zero.
    Poor May is calling for help as May Day. May Day shes getting fragged.
    The French are revolting, We've told you that for 1,000 years.
    The Race is on can the poor US PPs get settled pre Xmas or not?

    Now, think and research Hemp, Now Lawful Medicinal Marijuana crops grown by hydroponics.
    Sell to the medical labs and more. A nice little cottage industry. Demand will be high. Make sure your not even higher.
    Flat out with a Splif, God loves a trier.

    What's coming down,next year will be seismic for some.
    Find the angle,
    Research hard. Nothing is for nothing,it's a crop to grow and not for puffing.
    A few acres of hydroponic greenhouse cultures. Happy times.

  79. can someone please tell me some good or reputable hemp companies producing quality products that are being traded on NYSE or a blockchain Hemp farm companies? Blockchain might be better.

  80. From Justice Anna Von Reitz

    Why Can't President Trump Stop This?

    The short answer--- (1) Mr. Trump is presently an employee of the Queen who is illegally continuing to exercise our own Delegated Power against us, even after her own actions have invalidated any claim she has to do so; (2) the US NAVY which planned and directed the attack has always been under the control of British affiliates and collaborators in Switzerland and Belgium -- so now you begin to see how this connects-- the British have con...trol of Mr. Trump and the British protect their MUNICIPAL collaborators; (3) the USAF that allowed the attack is also under control of the Swiss-Belgain affiliates, so same story there, though Trump could remove the recently appointed Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Commander for his part in this inglorious affair.

    In a sane world, employees who attack their employers are considered criminals and are arrested as such. We are waiting to see if the world is sane or not.

    The rest of the answer that as "President" of the United States Mr. Trump is just a corporate CEO running two big bankruptcies.

    To my knowledge, he has never accepted our offer to step into his Public and Bonded Office as The President of The United States of America --- for whatever reasons.

    As President of the United States, he is a "Level 18 Administrator" --- there are ten (10) higher levels in the "International Government" which has crept in and claimed to be "Majestic", while in fact being unauthorized and criminal.

    As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America and the unincorporated World Trust, I am a Level 28 Principal and 1:1:1 Administrator.

    I am lawfully entitled to settle all this nonsense. If the usurpers can be persuaded to step aside and let me do my job, we can all get through this with a minimum of harm and a great deal of good being done.

    Until they do, they will continue to run amok and cause trouble because they are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to understand the situation they are in. Think: two year-olds with hammers.

    We will continue to take their "hammers" away from them and muffle their blows and ride herd and thwart them every step of the way until they wind down like two year-olds at the end of a busy day.

    Our point isn't to hurt them. Our point is to take the hammer(s) away and prevent them from doing more damage.


  81. OWON: So far, we say with great care, these are ALLEGED to be the start of the Sealed Indictments. We cannot say for sure, but it sure as hell puts real pressure on them.


    1. Is there any way to know who has been leaking these indictment lists?

  82. If you think these French riots are bad hope it's not a No Deal because if so the French citizens will freak. Europe could in time ignite.

    Michelle Obama says she still feels an Imposter. That's because she IS!

    Right now with 8 days to go there is currently an 80%. Chance her deal will be rejected by Parliament unless she can buy their votes. At what price?

    The so false propoganda aparatus eulogising Neo Nazi Poppy King is sickening. What price is truth?
    Who is pushing for arrests because Trump is AWOL. Who cares? Anyone?

    Truly touching to see NYPD go way out to recover a your British couples Engagement ring dropped down a drain. Truly humbled well done Guys. Respect!

    1. Well, I hope for No Deal, that way true Frenchmen (if any are left) can truly riot off the charts, and give us a Frexit since all the current fuss is over excessive gas tax-cum-carbon tax. The French elite obsequiousness to the carbon tax bs has clearly indicated to the average citizen that Macron is not governing in their interest. Plus the rioters having learned not to have 'leadership' that would sell them out, this thing is just going to escalate. I bet Macron either relents or falls within 2 weeks.

    2. John, in re to DJT and one recommends diving into a swamp head first. In America people generally wade through a swamp carefully. Let's see who he nominates for AG. If it's Trey Gowdy or someone similar, then I believe he has a plan. If not, then I will lean towards your assessment.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Yeah John
    Looks like May Day comes tomorrow


    BREAKING: U.K. Speaker of the House, John Bercow rules U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government may have been in contempt of Parliament by not publishing Brexit legal advice.
    British Parliament will debate tomorrow.

    If guilty of contempt, May could face serious consequences.

    5:04 PM · Dec 3, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone

    1. Wow, that was fast! (just like said it would be. LOL.)
      Into the bear-Pit with her to face her own incompetence.
      Yet, who is fit for purpose to replace her?

    2. p: Theresa May is caught
      BREXIT Exposed, CB’s Are Cornered, Prepare For Impact - Episode 1731a
      Dec 3 2018

  85. So the question is this...if they are putting this much heat into this is it really a CONSPIRACY?

    1. Good question JV. This reminds me of the mystery behind Watergate and who was deepthroat. Someday, we will know who is Q.

  86. From Justice Anna Von Reitz...

    News For Knotheads

    Now the rumor is circulating that "White Hats" were responsible for the attack on Big Lake, apparently yet another rumor started by Kent Dunn.

    Lets make this very, very clear--- anyone who attacks American soil is not a White Hat. They are traitors guilty of treason against this country and its people.

    Anyone stupid enough to mistake me and my work as that of a cabal agent can't read "the fruits" and tell what kind of tree I am. And hasn't bothered to read my book, Disclosure 101, either.

    If you are too clueless to tell the difference between an apple and a fig, I suppose it is possible to think that GHW was a good guy, and not understand why he was nicknamed after his favorite plant-- the poppy.

    There is a long history of Americans being misled by con artists and it would not surprise me if some dull blades have been co-opted and misled to attack their own soil and their own people.

    If there are such Americans involved, they are being set up to be the Fall Guys and they need to high tail it.

    I have it on very good authority that the attack was by the US NAVY and was allowed by the USAF, which means it was orchestrated by the Uber-Cabal operating out of Switzerland and Belgium.

    Not some ignorant wannabe White Hats.

    Please note: all actual White Hats have sense enough to recognize it when they are being co-opted and also know better than to attack their own country.

    1. Until the Deep State is taken down, ( IF- Big IF) protest is going nowhere. Clinton's, Comey, Brennan, Obama and co, treat the States as a private Fiefdom. To them it's neither a Constitutional domain, nor a Democracy, but a Sheeple feeding territory, to graze at will.

      America was founded on Corruption. Since the breaching of all Native American Treaties by the Federal Government, corruption has thrived. Lucky Luciano owned the Judges,and after his removal, the same simply hired out to new Crime Lords, Grifters and Political Shysters. Pass the parcel, but Grifters rule Fools .

      Truly a great Industrial Empire, with still vast untapped potential, but run by an all powerful Criminal Deep State Kleptocracy. Trump is just a Grifter passing through. Dream on.
      The Clinton Blocker. Expect little there.

      It needs a true Patriot, high in Intelligence, integrity, depth of Real Word Commercial experience, and sound values to motivate, direct and lead America.
      Akin to finding Rocking horse manure in Washington.

      So, no change. Corruption will feed as the Empire declines.
      Zionists control the Treasury, Banks and Fed. Also the White House.
      No money, no honey. No change. Leopards and spots?

      Lone wolves howling in the wind. Arrests? Changes where? Epistles by Self appointed Wannabes offer no change. Just delusional rhetoric. It's ALL about power which you can not rent by the hour. Clout -or Nowt? No arrests, no change.

      Kelly is the real Hero keeping the Oval Office in check and restraining the naive over reach of the Tweet Meister. Jim Mattis has had enough. He sees the reality of the WH, it's a Dump haven, read that as double innuendo. No Jesus loaves and fishes fertilising there? The real issue, who of True ability and integrity follows Trump? Or same old?

      Arrests, ignore the Bleating of Sealed records.

      Arrests, when? It starts there. Or stays nowhere.

  87. "NAZI POPPY KING" is a very fitting name for that monster!! Now the question is who will fill the power vaccuum as his replacement?

    MILITARY TRIBUNALS for all the ones named in the sealed indictments massive list records! Claw back all the stolen funds back to UST. FILL the cells at GITMO with all these traitors & murderous ziorats!


  88. Hemp Products Sector
    The Hemp Products sector consists of companies that produce and sell hemp products. While hemp is a member of the same plant species as cannabis, it has lower concentrations of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a higher concentration of the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD). Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world, and is used to make thousands of products, including paper, textiles, clothing, biofuel, food, beverages, and CBD products for medical purposes.

  89. 60% of Fortune 500 Companies will fail within 10 years. You?
    The High Street and Malls are dying now.
    Fast food., with what money? Whose employed?
    When not if, WHEN Your Pension Fund fails, YOU will do what?
    Thinking time.

  90. PP's must not be going well I can see... John, the ray of sunshine!...

  91. Not really we will have most of you growing medicinal and textile industry hemp by then so you will have a sound base. Being able to advise you 10 years ahead of potential pitfalls is valuable insight for you to avoid the precipice.

    Thinking and positioning time. Most of the rest will be the Sheeple whose only wake up call will come falling over the cliff.
    I was asked this morning what the hell will we do with them all?
    Agenda 21?

    Be assured, if this unfolds you will have no rights, just ability to fund yourself, or not?

    1. Thank you John for this heads up.

      "what the hell will we do with them all?" and right there is the hubris that prevents solution. It's not anybody's, anywhere, non-problem to solve. We have 3x the population of 1980 and 3.7x the abundance. That means, unequivocally, that every additional human is a net plus. The distribution of it all is FUBARed because of Elite sequestration, but even so, we could, if we wanted to, provide for everybody with ease.

      The correct answer is and always has been -> "Get the hell out of the way" and let people live. Provide sound money, provide a real, non-taxed right to property, a good sound legal system that enshrines Rights not top-down regs and agencies, and barring an asteroid hit, there will be no issues. Every single economic catastrophe can be traced back not to the People, but to the Elite trying to do something insane, on purpose. I am beginning to suspect that EVERY catastrophe of the last 500 years and the last 75 in particular, can be put on the Elite doorstep. At his point I am probably safer in the Wyoming wilderness than living in civilization.

      Self-leadership is the way out. Enough of the strangling regs at every turn. Back in the day I helped develop a breakthru device for cancer. Works like a charm against all common solid tumors. Well, thanks to the insane regulatory environment (and the UK is no better, nor is China, nor the EU, nor South America, since you all insanely copied the absurdity of the FDA) it got FDA Break-thru Device Status just a few months back 16 years after I helped make it! Get out of my way, my equivalents and betters. Get out of the way of the day laborer -- do not tax him to death, do not make energy more costly, do not raise the price of food, let him save any amount tax free -- and there won't be an issue. Make it a death penalty offense to hypothecate populations via tax farming.

      The Report from Iron Mountain on economics that there is somehow an f'in Demand Gap that crashes economies is just utter bullshit that isn't true in Austrian Economic theory nor the Keynsian idiot theory nor reality. Nor are there 'balanced budget multipliers'. There are only three factors that determine quality of life economically -- energy available (get out of the way with all your damn taxes), productivity of labor (stop telling me how to do my job), and technology (get rid of the regulatory agencies which retard progress).

      The only reason there is a potential problem at all is control insanity. Recognize modern government in all its forms as mental illness and politicos as mentally ill. Let populations free to breathe and in todays world they will propel themselves from poverty thru middle class to ever-increasing riches.

    2. John, is there somewhere to get information or read about getting into the hemp business

    3. is there a hemp blockchain company that we could invest or at least go research? Do we pick a traditional hemp company like HEMP inc and invest traditionally in the the stock? The stock market will collapse is that a safe avenue or will help stocks make it through? Bond market is critical now, dollar is getting hammered. Yield curve is inverted. It does not take a genius to see what is about to take place. I mean ...come on... The system is about to join 41

    4. Tino

      Last week was the opening of the latest major High Tech, High Quality fabricated housing factory in Yorkshire where we can rattle them down a staged production line like with cars, with set teams doing each room along the track and electronics plus finishes along the way. We ship them out on platforms.

      I was asked by the Minister,to suggest what we can do to help. BIG MISTAKE!

      Your points!

      My response:

      1. 35% of a houses costs is a Pointless Bastards series of Taxes which are denying families the right to nest! Unacceptable!

      2. You charge 10% of a Houses Sale price for their saving and with Pre Taxed Savings, you Bastards want to tax them again to buy a home. No wonder they cant get on the housing ladder or upgrade. You were not EVER elected to do this and why should we the people, be subjected to iniquitous taxes because you F Brains lost control of the economy,and saddled the nation with needless debt for your own incompetence as Politicos. Stop spending an simply F off. Save 10% right away from housing taxes. Take your thieving hands off homes.

      2. Land prices. Greedy scalping State Councils are charging c35% of a house value for the housing plot. Free land! Cease that's FREE LAND!

      5.Councils charge Developers MILLIONS of dollars for planning applications. Why? They do no work, and if we use prefab they can be pre certified, so why are we reinventing the wheel every application? It takes up to 9 months of total BS to get cleared planning, WHY??? It adds up to 10% of the cost . So half the TOTAL cost has gone for F All! Why?

      6. The State then takes a 20% bite off as land tax before we even start building. Why?

      So, my case, OVER half the home cost is for none contributing Arseholes who contribute nothing. Get rid of all this SHITE and we can then build TWICE the homes at half the price.

      So yes Tino,

      Fuel costs here are c 80% Fuel levy taxed!!! Seriously. 400%!!! up from the cost. Disgusting.

      This waste is whey we get nowhere as economies. If we closed Parliament for 3 years, brought in a flat 20% tax, sacked 75% of all Tax Collectors, sacked 50% of all State Employees, horsewhipped Hooligans Drunks and Thieves, Executed Drugs Traffickers and Rapists / Child Molesters, Deported Illegals, and sorted Bankers, we would thrive.

      I see the STATE as being a far more culpable cause of Societies failures than the Elites. Half the State,half the Taxes, free up the system, and stop choking us with laws. Hand back power to the Families. Butt out!

      Over half the cost of a new home is wasted on Dorks.Why?

    5. Tino,
      Bravo! Thinking beyond “licenses” novel!

  92. John,,, just some jesting on my part.... I value the insight and dialogue here!



  94. OWON: It's coming, it's coming fast and it's coming now. The High Street is dead. Offices, how long? Consumers with what jobs?

    Once nations go to Blockchains, Banking goes bust, London tanks, and with all around nothing will be sound.

    Governments will fall, and Pensions will fund F all. So with no promised land, and an empty hand.

    What's the future for you, in a Sheeples Zoo?

    60% Of Fortune 1000 Companies Will Be Out Of Business Within 10 Years


  95. OWON: This is now fast money will be made in future. Coming to you.

    Mugged By A Drone

  96. Cable Slides To 18-Month Low After May Loses Historic Contempt Vote

    The pound has fallen to its lowest level of the year after Theresa May lost a key Parliamentary vote on Tuesday that will force her administration to publish legal advice that she had hoped to keep secret. After her government was found in contempt by Parliament - 321 to 221 - for defying an earlier vote demanding that No. 10 Downing Street release the full details of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox's legal advice on May's Brexit Treaty.

    May elicited widespread outrage on Monday when her office released a "detailed summary" of Cox's legal advice that many suspected stripped out controversial findings about the possibility that the UK could become "trapped" within the EU Customs Union if a new trade deal with the EU wasn't reached before the end of the transition period in 2020. A prime minister being found in contempt in Parliament is an action without precedent in recent British history. Cable dropped to a $1.2656 on the vote - its lowest level since June 2017.

    "The outcome from the government contempt vote could be an early indication that the proposed Brexit deal may not pass the House next week," Credit Agricole strategist Valentin Marinov.

  97. Money Dr and No Not This Time Re Hemp.

    I will get articles put up for you.
    A major new operation is coming out next year with the US and Canada as starter units, but with the big Global operation following in London later. You will be kept advised.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Unknown,

      Why are you calling Hemp pot? Massive difference.

      Hemp farming was popular in the US until the end of WW2. It was outlawed to save the cotton farms. US money was printed on Hemp paper. On the back of the 10, was Hemp being farmed.

      What gang wants to control Hemp? Ridiculous. You can already buy a wide range of products that are made with Hemp, zero gang control.

      Hemp is a weed that will practically grow anywhere. Requires minimal resources unless a high turn over rate is requires. Hydroponic growth has zero contaminates. Field growth does not require pesticide use, nor harmful fertilizers.

      I am not defending John's "Hemp parade", but simply asking WTF you are talking about?

    3. American Farmers: Forget Soy. Check out Hemp’s Price Per Acre and Help the US win the China Trade War
      Aug 12 2018

      For the first time in decades, the United States finds itself embroiled in an international trade war. So far, billions of dollars worth of tariffs have been slapped on both foreign and domestic goods; and few groups have felt the pain of this war more than American farmers. Could industrial hemp production help give farmers, and the United States, a critical edge in this trade war? The data seems to suggest so, and in this special report, the Hemp Business Journal will walk you through the numbers and show you how.

      Although the U.S. is involved in several international disputes, the most crucial front in the trade war is with China. China is one of the United States’ largest trading partners, and one of their most painful trade attacks is their 25% tariff on soybeans.

      The reason soybean tariffs are so painful to U.S. farmers is that soybeans are their second largest export to China. In 2017, the U.S. sold approximately one-third of its soybean harvest to China, totaling $14 billion. At this very moment, there is a cargo ship loaded with $20 million worth of soybeans just sitting in the South China Sea, waiting for the trade war to end before it can offload its goods.

      Although the owners of the cargo ship can afford to stay out to sea for an extended period of time, soybean farmers aren’t so lucky. Even without international trade disputes, soybean prices have been falling in recent years, and now, according to a report by the University of Illinois’ Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, the price is so slow it’s hard to economically justify planting it.

      At the soybean market price peak in 2012, farmers were able to make $160 per acre after costs. But now, thanks mainly to the trade war, prices have fallen so far that farmers have gone from making a modest profit off their crop to losing approximately $20 per acre of soybeans. Projections for 2019 are dire, with farmers set to lose $47 per acre.


    4. So where does hemp fit into this economic picture? Industrial hemp cultivation would help the United States gain an edge in the trade war with China in two way. The first way is that a growing US hemp industry would cut into Chinese hemp exports. As the largest exporter of hemp in the world, China would stand to lose its parts of its export market if a competitor like the United States could develop processing infrastructure to cut into its market share.

      The second reason is that full-scale hemp cultivation could help relieve some pressure for beleaguered soybean farmers. For farmers feeling the heat of soybean tariffs, hemp represents a viable alternative crop that can be far more profitable, according to Joe Hickey, Director of Corporate Relations and Founder of Atalo Holdings.

      “Some of these farmers out here in Kentucky, if they make $30 or $40 an acre, they’re just happy they didn’t go in the hole,” said Hickey. “But hemp is a completely different ball game. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.”

      Atalo Holdings is one of the largest hemp farming co-ops in the state of Kentucky, with more than 60 farmers as part of the group. According to Hickey, the profitability of hemp depends primarily on what you grow it for. At present, there are three primary purposes that hemp is currently cultivated for grain/seed, fiber, and CBD.

      Hemp grain can sell for anywhere between $0.60-$0.65 per pound, and on average, hemp farmers get about 1000lbs of hemp grain per acre. After taking into account costs, which can range from $300 to $350, farmers can make around $250 to $300 per acre. Similarly, hemp fiber sells for approximately $260 per ton. On average, hemp crops can yield about anywhere between 2.5 to 3 tons of hemp fiber per acre, which means after costs farmers can make upwards of $480 per acre in profit. Much of the fiber market depends on industrial processing capacity, and at present, there is little in the emerging US market.

      When it comes to determining the profitability for hemp cultivated for CBD extracts, the math is wide-ranging for farmers.

  98. From Justice Anna Von Reitz...

    What Is Important About December 5th?

    It's the anniversary of the murder of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    Let's begin with a few facts: the Ancient Religion that the bankers follow is not Judaism. We call it Satanism in the modern day, but Satan is another name for earlier anti-deities of the male gender, and what it all comes down to is that these people worship duality and use sex as a sacrament.

    As a result, there is a male and a female, a positive and a negative, to everything they do-- and they actually believe that if things get out of balance things will fall apart into utter chaos and destruction. This is also the root of their fascination with accounting and accounting ledgers and keeping everything balanced at all times.

    But what happens when everything becomes incredibly unbalanced?

    Then we have a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the men who have created the Mess wanted to bring about utter chaos and destruction. If they can't rule the world, they want to destroy it.

    The IMF, which has functioned as "The U.S. Department of the Treasury" since 1946, owes us $190 Trillion USD, which it can't pay.

    This is essentially because the Federal Reserve didn't pay anyone for anything for almost a hundred years, just operated on I.O.U.s and at the end of the day, declared bankruptcy and skipped town.

    The IMF let them get away with this behavior because they thought that, hey, the Americans have been asleep for 150 years--- what's the chances of them ever waking up again?

    The IMF "collected the debt" and smiled, thinking that at the end of the day, the Priority Creditors (the good old US of A) would never show up and never claim back its assets.

    At that point, all our wealth and assets and everything that is owed to us would become fair game for the Secondary Creditors --- as "abandoned assets"----and, "abandoned debts".

    They were thinking of most of that $190T as a credit for them, and that they could shuffle off another round of debt for our weary shoulders to bear as "U.S. Citizens" --- but now, it turns out to be their debt instead. Oh, my!

    On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes. Three days grace time....December 2, December 3, December 4..... and on December 5, it becomes official. The Municipal Treasury is defunct. And now the Territorial Treasury, too, goes the way of the Dodo.

    Conveniently, most of the "U.S. Government" will be shut down on December 5th, for the funeral of GHW Bush.

    And the only government left standing is The United States of America [Unincorporated].

    So then they tried to take us out and leave themselves an open gate and claims in hand.

    "Oh? There is still an American Government? We will take care of that....just use the new Resonance Weapons to start a nice little earthquake in Big Lake, Alaska...."

    They made the common mistake of thinking that my husband and I are the American Government.

    It hasn't quite come home to them yet that every man and every woman born on our soil is a sovereign in their own right, all heirs to our claims, all enabled to come forward in exactly the same way.

    A friend of mine has a tag-line at the end of all his emails: "They Lost When They Killed LaVoy Finicum".

    That's what the goons in Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg, the P2 Freemasons and the Scottish Templars don't quite understand yet.


    1. Cont’d...

      They could kill James Belcher. They could kill me, too. They could succeed in their mad attempt to obliterate Big Lake, Alaska. Just like the cowards set their ambush and swaggered around and murdered LaVoy Finicum using undeclared commercial mercenaries operating under color of law.

      But they will still be facing 350 million sovereign Priority Creditors who are fed up with all the legal eagle fraud and usurping "government services providers". And they will still be under the watchful eyes of the rest of the world and billions of other people who are fed up, too.


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