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  1. From the previous.

    If moving with the times means I lay back and accept an authoritarian foreign government's interference in Australian life then I will create another timeline. Monkey you are misunderstanding me. Our integration (trade, people) with our asian neighbours is a very good thing. I love Asia and asians (most of my travel has been there and I have lived in one of the countries for a year). I WANT a mix of people here, Aus is still too homogeneous IMO.
    What I guard against is politicised interference in our CULTURE and fireign asset ownership/control. My concerns will go once the Chinese gov changes.

    1. We've almost all travelled extensively in Asia AJ. It's fun, different, close and cheap. We all have friends who are Asian. We eat the food, buy the goods, enjoy the calming religions, marvel at the ingenuity and softness of the lifestyle.

      Do you think America has not interfered with Australian politics, or indeed the politics of most nations on the earth? What makes you think its acceptable?

      What I don't get is your constant support for the American regime, to the point where another blogger on this site once declared you to be "more of a patriot than most Americans" (or words to that effect). USA uses us for defence purposes. They are war mongers and we all know it. Do you support US wars at any cost? They are not remarkably successful and mostly end up with massive destruction of property, culture and lives. Is that what you want for the planet?

      The level of foreign ownership of Australian assets is solely our fault. No Aus government has had the balls to legislate against it. Who's fault is it that other nations can slip in, buy up and prosper in our country?

      Don't count on the Chinese government changing too soon either. Probably wont happen in our life time. So we might as well find a way to work with what's coming our way.

      Nations taking over other nations is nothing new, either. Britain invaded so many countries over a period of a couple of hundred years that the "sun never set on her Empire". We coped (and you've mentioned above that you welcome Poms).

      Vikings, Normans, Romans and others have had a good go at taking over other lands throughout history. We coped. We changed. We integrated and moved on.

      China needs land and they are prepared to buy it. If they cant purchase it they will take it with their extensive high tech defence systems and trained personnel.

      What was once good for the USA, Britainnia before it, and a plethora of other foreign invaders over thousands of centuries, is now good for China. We need to make some choices.

      You never know AJ. In a hundred years we may all be very pleased the eagle was knocked off its perch and a new peaceful regime control was put in place. What's that long prophesised story about a hundred years of peace and a leader rising from the east and all that? It ain't gonna happen while the US writes the rules, that's for sure.

    2. The Eagle is rather dirty I'd say. We have run around telling everyone how they will do what we say or we'll topple their governments and sanction them, but then we make trade deals that damage our own economy and ship all our industries overseas.

      The American people have been fed lies for 2 centuries now and probably more if you accept that the founders were predominantly Freemasons. People believe there are 2 different political camps for the most part but some of us understand that the pyramid is inverted and the 1% are at the top together beneath the surface. People are starting to notice how both parties give tax deals to the 1% either via corporate tax breaks or deals to Wall Streeters, Big Pharma, insurance companies etc. Many are realizing that our choices aren't real choices because the politicians we are offered are all defective and come from the 1%. We really need a total election boycott, but too many pilot fish would never cooperate.

      The parasite cryptocracy deserves a hanging and the people a spanking for enabling them. We could boycott sites, products, do marches for real causes, but we don't. Easier to believe the narrative of one side or the other.

      I'm very curious to see how Trump comes out of all this. He legislates for the 1% and bows to Netanyahu although some say it's just for show. He never criticizes Israel and he's surrounded by Chabbad agents. Still, he could do some good. If he brings industries back, steel, automotive, garment ( that would be great!!) then he will have helped. But his policies may backfire, not because he's wrong, but because we have little to bargain with.

      Meantime I was right- they saw something at the solar observatory and it was monumental.


    3. AJ,

      You are on the right track. Who would want Communist interference? I don't want anything to do with China's ideology. Their track record is atrocious. Human rights are nonexistent. Tow the party line or offer up your organs, not a pleasant choice.

      Problem is, we will always arrange a hierarchy, it is what we do and we are terrible at protecting our hierarchies from becoming corrupt. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If China becomes top dog and can dictate to the world, we will suffer far worse than we do now.

      Best case scenario is the US can be cleaned up and returned to it former glory. There is no doubt that the US Constitution is the greatest document ever made. Not even the Magna Carta can claim this.

      Of course we take pot shots at the US for their military aggression and rightfully so. But what can one expect. What is never discussed is that is what they were to be. The 3 City States, Vatican - Spiritual (own your soul), City of London - Finance, and the US - Military. That was all set in place long before the Bush's or other US warmongers. Never discussed, nor taken into consideration while judging current events. Bush basically usurped part of a power structure already in place. Used a system already in place for their gain. No one ever asks why it was there in the first place? How was it possible? That is because others benefit from that system and do not want it changed or altered, nor do they want it outed to the masses. Pissing on American for their last 50 or even 100 years if you really want to stick it to them, is just scratching the surface of a far deeper and sinister plot designed to control humanity.

      There is no doubt that America is to blame for some very nefarious things, but let the first country who has never sinned cast the first stone.

    4. AJ and Canauzzie,
      Agree with both of you. Just one point of difference. The “US” is a corporation located within a 10 mile area called District of Columbia plus territories. US is basically the BANKSTERS like Rottenchilds and Rockyfellers and some others who hide under the “Federal Reserve” name mostly owned by Brits as it turns out. It is not the same as “America” which is inhabited by a large group of people who were born and live on the land in various states. The two very different terms cause a lot of confusion when they are conflated.

    5. China and Vietnam are politically Communist but economically capitalist. Only North Korea continues to practice Communism.

      I'm not taking pot shots at US. My comments are far more direct that that. You cannot excuse away two hundred years of US behaviour and not do the same for every other country.

      There are small island nations in the South Pacific who have NEVER cast a stone in anger - and look where its gotten them: A dumping ground for experimental nuclear test waste which now leaks into their ecosystem and causes genetic mutation.


      Its easy enough to claim the "Corporation" entities are separate and the people are blameless, except that in many cases these people, even among those who blog on this site (with full knowledge of the nature of the "Corporations") have PERSONALLY benefitted from an income earned by going to war said "Corporations" against any other nation, without question.

      At best, that's a hypocritical anomaly.

    6. 100th Monkey,
      Previously I asked you never to address me again and I request that a second time...more forcefully. Not interested in anything you have to say. You don’t understand. You don’t seem to understand that the same people control your country and many other western countries. They’ve even infiltrated into Asia now.

      By your own pseudonym you recognize that 99 other monkeys understand before you. You have done nothing but take pot shots at the American people. Could care less what you call the US.

    7. Cognitive dissonance at its best, Texian.

      Have a lovely day, y'all!

      And the actual phrase is "Couldn't care less". "Could care less" is grammatically illogical.

      Hope this link helps:


    8. Monkey and Texian,

      You are both borderline violating OWON's TOS, let's dial it back.


      You are trolling. That is clear. OWON will not be your personal soap box for vendettas.


    1. Top Congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner penned a joint letter to ODNI Director Dan Coates, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding that the agencies defy President Trump.

    2. Arrest them all. Proof in writing

  3. Dem Governor Threatens Trump: “Something’s Got To Happen To This Guy… He’s Sabotaging The World Order”

    Another Democrat has called for ‘something to happen’ to President Trump in order to save the democratic process in America.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC, while discussing the death toll during hurricanes last year in Puerto Rico.

    “Well, the problem is, we never had a president who was engaged in this kind of behavior,” Brown declared.

    “I mean he’s not telling the truth. He keeps changing his mind. He’s sabotaging the world order in many respects.” the Governor claimed.

    “So it’s unprecedented, it’s dangerous, and hopefully this election is going to send a strong message to the country,” he continued.

    “The Democrats will win and then Trump — well, something’s got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world.” Brown urged.

    The tacit threat comes in the wake of Maxine Waters encouraging anti-Trumpers to “knock off” the President.

    I am NOT an Alex Jones fan because of his ties to Israhell, but he DOES put out GREAT info in support of Trump, which even Fox ignores. He is a great salesman pumping over priced products, too. Definitely controlled opposition. Could he be a triple-agent?

  4. Oooh, Seshette, What did they see at the Solar Observatory?

  5. In an act of intentional deception, Israel used a Russian airplane to cloak an Israeli attack on a Syrian ground position, with the consequence that Syrian air defense missiles downed the Russian airplane with the lost of 15 Russian military lives.

    In the words of the Russian Ministry of Defense: “The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-section much larger than the [Israeli] F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile.” Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said: “The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side. The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.” See also:

    1. 150 will die soon I hope as a proper response. Anything short of 150 dead of them scumbags is unacceptable!

      GREAT post.Craig is a true patriot.An American asset Trump should have had on his team from DAY ONE.

  6. Is the West now entering an Epoch of new enlightenment and realising the old order, is not working.
    Churches stand ever more empty as the revelations of the sheer horrific scale of child abuse going back a century, indicate to all this is a deeply flawed and corrupt institution, which if a commercially licensed operation, would have been closed down long ago, licenses removed and mass sentencing. The true face of evil stares back from these child tampering and repulsive institutions. They have become child magnets attracting the worst of certain orders with the Vatican running denial and obfuscations on a Global scale. The idea the Peodophile Central, as is the Vatican, can wantonly refuse to release evidence of such a heinous scale of crimes, makes it ever more imperative to seize this rapacious and ugly regime, and start the mass arrests.

    But the future, for a thinking mankind, has to start with State and Community supported real education. Delegating the future of these innocent young life forces, so such rabid collectives are untenable.Time for communities to step up and man up. Countries can no longer be allowed to obfuscate their roles and abdicate essential responsibilities to tainted Churches to run such vital organs of education, to develop the minds of our young, and direction of emergent societies. The mind of each child needs to be nurtured and correctly directed to evolve and expand in safety.

    Children are each societies future.

    Every child has a Right to Love, a Right to be, and a Right to be allowed to emerge safe from predatory or abusive forces, a Right to be cared for, and a Right for all life forces to have the opportunity to pursue their destiny and dreams, safe from persecution, safe from Dogma and safe from doctrinaire falsehoods dividing societies.

    What is more important to protect our futures, than to protect our children to assure it.
    Why are we allowing proven, long established perverse Church groups to be licensed to run our schools? They are Institutionally unfit for purpose.

    Or Blood Cult Religions which divide societies, teaching the impressionable and gullible young, they are Special. Gods chosen ones, and superior to their Goyim second rate fellow man. The Zionist propagated Culture believes themselves to be the Superior race and that the rest of collective humanity is only to serve their needs as Slave vassals.
    It starts with the Thought Reformation of the child. So wrong. It also got millions of Jews eradicated in WW11. Dreadful persecutions and endings. What kind of feral humanity drives its fellow beings into the Camps and Gas Chambers? What an appalling end. Yet look now at how the Israeli Jews in turn treat the Palestinians,without mercy or compassion. Subjugation from a predatory nation. The screwed up minds of children, where does it start to go so wrong?

  7. A society needs to be judged by the definition of its humanity to others.

    Education needs to be a path of Enlightenment open to all. Inclusive.For all children, as a collective, to be appropriately educated, as inclusive beings. Each to understand and create the building blocks of relationships from Kindergarten, as equals. No division or false Gods. End the sexual tampering with the genitalia of the children, ever more so the foul girl mutilations. As a Society, outlaw it all. It's not about respecting a Culture, it's facing up to and ending the inhumanities of Cults. Manning up for a better Man!

    The coming Communist driven Eurasia, if not carefully re contrived with caring voices, would simply negate all thoughts of Higher Divinity and Ethereal values. Eastern attitudes towards children are all too often reprehensible in its prevalence to Child trafficking and mass sexual abuses of poor innocents sold into brutal prostitution by Carnal beings.
    When East meets West, there is a vast divide to negotiate as Cultures. Applied minds need to shape what is to come. Thinking forwards will pay back the type of society we now need to seek to engineer.

    Frustrations apart, how do we compassionately invest now in the world we seek to see evolve? Abdicating responsibility is how the more highly educated Abrahamian forces of Judaism,attained control of the US Federal Reserve and Treasury,denying all others access to the domain. Money malpractice starts here.

    The carnal malpractice of the Muslims starts where?

    As a species, we need to rethink and retrack. To value humanity,and life itself.
    We excel in designing sophisticated Information programs.
    So when do we understand the need to evolve, contemplate our very Being, and to create Life Programs, sustainable for all,value based inclusive and humane?

    A Human Being , BEING Human. Caring and Sharing, respecting and valuing all life forms.

    Eurasia is coming, but it needs to be pre planned now. A common Law will need to be all inclusive, with Justice, and meaning applied to a vast land mass with no borders.
    The Trade rail tracks now reach from Beijing to London, but what is tracking for the design of a new society?

    The world is subjugated into two divided self interests.

    China, with Trade wealth and any price.
    The Anglo American Cabal, with Military backed sequestration of Global Wealth, but encompassing only a life which to all is demeaning.

    How do we, as a species, now negotiate the Evolution of a Society where life is worth living? Time to start, is it not? It starts, in the mind of each child, values shared, nurtured in kindness, available to all, without false Doctrinaire impairments, where children can congregate, as one of all. One where we teach the values of the Soul,not the ramblings of a paranoid schitzophrenic delusional,but one where reason, compassion and logic prevails. One which teaches the value of being a Good Human Being. Not the sequestration of wealth by stealth by Cult groups. With all the wealth in the world,as most has been sequestrated by a minority of Beings,as non can go with them, what was the purpose? What IS the purpose of Life? Start there.

    1. The change now is unprecedented. Our future will emerge organically from all the little inputs we all make now, each voice adding up. It cannot be planned - name one planned societal structure that has worked and/or endured. China will not succeed. I apply the blowtorch nonetheless to hasten the process. The Sinos obviously have not understood phase changes, non-linear proccesses or emergent systems. Consciousness is physics in action, which they ignore at their peril. The same goes for any regime hoping for similar results. Thanks John.

    2. Okay, I'll bite.

      What do you mean by a phase change? The only one I'm aware of describes a "transition from solid to liquid to gas". Same with linear processes. My understanding is "Where an output is not equal to an input".

      What, in the context of this discussion do you mean by those comments, AJ?

    3. China is planning a linear this-then-that process as all authoritarians attempt. Human consciousness is not linear.. the majority do not want this type of governance, I am saying that that builds slowly and then boom bam ma'am everything changes and overrides anything set up to operate in the previous setup.

      Or more simply, ice. Keep putting energy into it. It remains ice. Until suddey all of it turns to water. Nothing changes till that point. It always comes though.

    4. John,
      Agree with so many of your thoughts until: “A common Law will need to be all inclusive, with Justice, and meaning applied to a *vast land mass with no borders*.“

      Is this where you’re proposing your/Chinese version of NWO?

      Any scheme that proposes to make the people further removed from their governance is doomed to failure...IMO. Or do you mean common laws like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?”

      There are already viable school programs in existence. Most of them are charter or private schools. You only mention church supported schools as bad, but public schools are just as horrendous if not more so.

      Posted this a short while back and it’s worth another post. Asks provocative questions!

      What is school for?

      I Just Sued the School System

      This is one school that was designed using these principles:

    5. I mean us saying NO to China for Commie autocracy, Yes for Crime and Corruption control, HARD, but Yes to a purposeful and deep meaningful School curriculum, with an all inclusive agenda,NO Religious schools ZERO!,but focused Education designed by Professionals,audited and overseen by responsible Parental communities included.
      Not a Western or Chinese or Vatican / Zio NWO.No!

      A GOOD safe world order, negotiated now,with a Velvet glove to encourage and protect the young, and a bloody big iron fist to come down on transgressors on sight or first trouble. Judge Dreads where needed. Committed to protect, and No Sessions Justice for injustice.
      Keeping you safe and the streets clean.

      Just good common sense. Real values. Putting back Humanity and core values.

    6. OK....I could support a society as described above. Going from the frying pan into the fire is what I’m wanting to avoid. I’ve traveled some of Asia and although enjoyed my time spent there, it’s not a place I would choose to live. So living under Chinese domination is a non-starter for me!

  8. Utopia cannot be achieved without evil being destroyed. Period.

    Evil prevails because good men(in power) watching do nothing. FUBAR

  9. YOU are TOO kind in your words above about how the Israelis treat Palastinians! MONSTERS!!

  10. Hello, at this point, which currency is the most important, or which currency will have the most value post gcr? I am beginning to purchase currency again, but my bank told me they can't order vnd any more. Thank's in advance. Peace and blessings

    1. If you can hold some Gold and Silver. The only currencies for safety. UK Pounds, Swiss Franks and Chinese RMB. Just a safe spread.

  11. Fear is arising again in Europe as the Right Wing Extremists organise and amass.
    Pre WW11, a supposedly developed society, fell spellbound to the Messianic raptures of a Maniac,and 6 M failed to clear the camps, 20M Soviets died on the Russian fronts, and 20M more across Europe. Even though the Zios still profiteered, as did the American Banks and Commodities traders. Bushes were enriched by WW11. War Racketeers. As were so many. Most of Americas supposedly Golden Circles, accrued vast wealth from Crime, Corruption or Fiscal Racketeering. No Culture no ethics. Just a Gimme society.

    And so, the problem. Many good Jews are valued contributors to our Western society,as Educators, Doctors, Teachers and Professionals. They maintain sound family values, as well as Humanitarian Principles. Many are humble, and unlike the Kazarian sector, few encroach into crime.

    WW11 was an abomination of Humanity. Even though the feral mobs were a known factor, the Camps also, no one acted, and no one attempted to overfly the camps dropping leaflets warning the Camp Guards, all would be arrested later and stand trial for their own lives if shown to be guilty of war crimes. The Camp processing was mankind's worst atrocities, but Allied forces were delayed, it seems to allow reductions to continue and quietly welcomed by the Western PTB wishing Ethnic cleansing. Judaism keeps meeting these Ground Hog days. Will it ever learn? Goyims carry grudges, many deep.

    But as ever, 70 plus years on, many harmless Jews across Europe are now seeing and fearing an ugly rabid series of attacks. Synagogues are being attacked, daubed and graves smashed. Jews are being manhandled. In 1933 when it grew, we did nothing.Churchill warned in 1937 the Nazi beast would break loose. Ukraine is Neo Nazi. So are the Baltics. The French despise the Jews. They have a long history of collaboration. On their watch, how many died? As Europe is tottering on the verge of chaos with its failed EU,if collapse comes who will be blamed? As before, there are victims.

    Judaism is and can be its own worst enemy. Mind fragged from birth, their experience is having pieces cut off them from after only days old. Lacking speech and desperate for profanity. WTF are they doing to me? Stop!!!!

    Someone, WE, the people , have to protect the innocent Jews,and from themselves all too often.
    Cbaos may be breaking.

    Right now, this very minute, hoards of Muslims are blocking Oxford Street chanting rubbish and threatening the city. We let them in, this is what happens.
    I just sent Canauzzie a video to show you live.

    My reaction is to put the tanks and Riot troops on the streets and to open fire. Take 100,000 off welfare.

    Degenerates are tearing our Civilisation apart. This is the price we pay. Mongrel pack dogs.

    But the case also being, why should the innocent Jews be so Judged?
    If Europe erupts the lot will be faced down. Study the pics of Oxford Street live today.
    You have doubts society can implode? Where is the touch paper? This IS London for Gods sake. Pakkies and Arabs loose. If this breaks, there will be blood.

    1. A little Henoch Prophecy from Billy Meier 30 years ago to remind us of what's in store...

      236. Especially in France and Sweden, machinations as well as dictatorial regulations of the European Union will cause much unrest and many uprisings; but also crimes committed by gangs and organised criminal elements in these countries will cause unavoidable civil wars.

      237. In addition, significant tensions will arise between the native citizens and immigrants from foreign countries, who as a rule also observe religious beliefs different from those of the native populace.

      238. And in the end, this will lead to severe conflicts.

      239. Hatred against strangers, foreigners and people of different religious beliefs will be the order of the day, as well as the rise of neo-Nazism, terrorism and right-extremism.

      240. Conditions similar to civil war will be in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and claim many lives.

      258. However, the main objective of the aggressors will be to bring all of Europe under their military control, and for that purpose France will be selected to be the headquarters. France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces.

      259. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.

      260. Once France has fallen, a war to conquer Spain and England will take place. Subsequently, an alliance with the forces of the aggressors will be formed, which will invade Scandinavia.

      261. For all these French-based military operations, the weapons of mass destruction stored in the arsenals of France will be used and cause evil devastation, destruction and annihilation.

      262. The aggressors from the East will force the French Army to join their military forces and lead a war of conquest against the northern countries of Europe, invading and conquering Sweden and Norway. Subsequently, these northern countries will be annexed by Russia.

      263. Military forces will also attack Finland, whereby many will be killed and an enormous destruction will be caused, after which the complete dissolution of the country will occur and the Russian forces will settle in it for a very long time.

      264. This, then, will also be the time, during which the German citizenship will even fight in a civil war and, at the same time, attack a large army from East Germany.

      265. But the country and its population will be able to free themselves from the yoke of the aggressors again; it’s just that they will still fall into the hands of the invading military forces.

      266. After a certain time, then, the nations will rise up against the aggressors and intruders; therefore, a European-wide liberation struggle will break out.

      267. At the same time, as a civil war rages in Germany, an enormously bloody revolution will break out in England which will claim more lives than will be claimed by the civil war in Germany.

    2. Shoot first sort em later!.... if only.... morons want their way of life in someone elses country.... how did their way of life work in their own country for so many years?....

    3. JV

      267. Allow the British access to the Armouries for weapons and ammunition, stand aside, allow the then organised British Militia to deal with it, and the lot of the accursed Muslim packs will be shot off the planet. The furious Brits would unleash hell. It's a Mad Max scenario if society leaves the rails.
      Muslims are all too often degenerate Dogs who bring out the worst of aggressions.

      Remember we have a large Reservist and ex Military base, who would willingly return to instil order,and clear the trash out. It would be a Clean Sweep. But also the terror of injustice. Are there enough bullets?
      267 if unleashed truly would be Mad Max time for a while. A Turkey shoot.

    4. JOHN,
      We in America have a much larger base here that will happily clear out the trash!

      They are called affectionately : "HILLBILLIES" and "REDNECKS"!

    5. Any prophecy made prior to the year 2000 is no longer viable - humanity was set to implode by certainly no later than 2012. However, the consciousness level of the planet rose above, and turned away from a negative vibration into the positive realm in about the mid 1980's and we have avoided those outcomes.

      We are living in a time without prophecy, because NO ONE ever saw us making it this far.

    6. Interesting point My Girl.
      Is the partner fella on the press ups? Good luck.

    7. Thanks, John. Yes, still making gains - for a guy the medical community held out little hope for (calling a spade a spade - let's face it, if not dead then wishing he were), he's a walking, talking miracle. Still more miracles to come :).

    8. Tell him when he can do 30 push ups with the Lil Fella alone then we know he's on track. Lol

  12. (2014)
    Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a military purge is never good.
    If this continues, what is the U.S. military going to look like in a few years?

    Perhaps you are reading this and you think that 'purge' is too strong a word for what is taking place. Well, justconsider the following quotes from some very highly decorated retired officers:

    -Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely:The White House protects their own.That's why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare.He's intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.

    -Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady: There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.
    -Retired Army Lt. General William G. Jerry Boykin:Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.

    THESE are the ranks #realDonaldTrump should be drawing from of list of men to be re-commissioned and the best hired as advisors to #MAGA. #EXTRADITEHERZOG If he doesn't It will be President Pence, and as JOHN has pointed out over & over America will be doomed!

    1. MANY very good links links here with more information:

      MSM whores all ignored the public outrage! They aided and abetted a conspiracy headed by Barry to gut the military of patriots that support the US CONSTITUTION.

  13. TEXIAN,

    I thought of you as I watched the first 2 episodes last night of TEXAS RISING. It is a 5-part series showing what happened right after the ALAMO. I highly recommend it for all here to watch that have never seen this great production. Ray Liotto portrays my favorite character. Though, many say too much creative license was taken with so many fictional characters added to make it more dramatic. I don't care. I love it! It shows who we are and where we came from.

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for the tip. We’ll look for the series.

      Now, we’re battling George P. Bush, Texas Land Commissioner, (Yeb’s son...what’s he doing in Texas anyway?) who’s trying to make the Alamo into some kind of theme park...even moving the Cenotaph monument from the property to about 2 blocks away! There’s always some crazy scheme in the works. Apparently his family have bought some property surrounding it, donchaknow?

      The Texas Rangers date almost back to Alamo days. My uncle who died at 90 this past year was a Texas Ranger long ago and one of the finest men I’ve ever known. The history of that organization would be very interesting also.

    2. TEXIAN,

      I know you will absolutely LOVE the series. Yes, the pre-rangers are in it. One guy/character I also really like is a deaf guy that has TB, but perseveres through that and is a direct advisor to general Sam Houston.
      Really touching stuff about that guy portrayed. General Santa Anna was ruthless bastard, and I cannot wait to watch how the pending battle between both unfolds! Of course, the Texians were highly outnumbered...

      I am sure have watched the whole WALKER TEXAS RANGER series. Chuck Nossis stared in that, plus also did a full length film LONE WOLF MCQUAID, both awesome.

      Texas Rangers were uncorruptable. Stellar sense of Duty & Honor. THAT specific archetype should be imbued into the military forces trying to take down the cabal forces!! How cool would that be? Same forces would then be free to go after the Vatican scumbags. A fully re-tasked CIA would take care of them, if they then also had a TEXAS RANGER archetype inbued into all of them. Maybe one day, huh?

    3. Many don't understand the Alamo. The whole point was to goad Santa Anna into wasting time there and resisting to the last man, so the rest of Texas could muster. Santa Anna didn't lose at Jacinto. He lost at the Alamo. The watered down version of history tells a tale of cowardice, of fleeing governments, when it is instead the tale of wise men knowing that the Alamo had bought them time, pulling from far and wide (Texas IS big), strategically retreating until they had a force sufficient to stop Santa Anna. May the the MEN who sacrificed rest well knowing their sacrifice was not in vain.

  14. Well, there certainly isn't going to be a "blue wave" with this type of results:

    Many Texas Democrats were demoralized Tuesday, when Republican Pete Flores defeated Democrat Pete Gallego in a runoff special election for the Texas Senate seat vacated in June by the resignation of Democrat Carlos Uresti.

    They should be demoralized. It was a potentially consequential loss. Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for it. Flores’ victory doesn’t necessarily suggest that a “red wave” is coming to Texas in this year’s midterm elections, as many Republicans were quick to claim. But the Texas Democratic Party’s response to Gallego’s defeat does not augur well for their prospects of competing successfully.

  15. If I may be bold, when the D fail to take the House of Representative, it will be an extinction-level event for the party. So every damn trick will be used. And they are getting desperate... Donna Shalala is up all of 4 points in a District Hillary pulled +20 in. The D's are in disarray. Do not believe "blue wave" talk...

  16. Having said all that -- DAMMIT TRUMP -- ARREST THEM ALL!

  17. In other related news, the Missouri Senate race is too close to call:

  18. The Accuser = Dr. Christine Basley-Ford, who is just an innocent woman wanting to do
    the right thing – yet has accused Brett Kavanaugh of a Sexual Assault 36 years ago, and wants
    the Public to believe her. KEY = Her FAMILY MAIDEN NAME IS BLASEY. Here are the
    KEY FACTS she provided about her Allegation:
    1 – Unable to name the exact year it happened,
    2 – Not remembering where the location incident took place,
    3 – How they gathered together that night.
    4 – How she got home
    5 – Did not tell anyone of incident at the time
    So this is her Real Factual based victimization. I do not know any other actual “Victim”
    that cannot remember specific traumatic emotional distress of any attempted rape, including one
    where she also Feared for her life. Each of us remembers Traumatic moments of each of our
    lives, even 50+ years ago. What’s going on inside her head/mind?
    Current Job – Dr Christine Blasey-Ford is a Professor at Stanford University – who
    Mentor’s a College job title Program named “CIA Undergraduate Internship Program”
    Insight into a criminal mind?
    - 5 of 15 - - 714-964-4056
    You read that right! She Seeks/Mentors/Trains and Oversees a CIA College Training
    Program – who is looking for Future and Pre-Screens potential young CIA Agents. Dr Blasey-
    Ford also is involved in “Psychiatry” and how one controls Minds, Thoughts and Mental
    Illnesses! Stanford just removed all photos/job titles since she went public to hide her “Deep
    State” involvement. A Previous Professor of this position is linked to a MKULTRA mind
    control assassination in 1985, allegedly ordered by her very own CIA father.
    A few comments from her students – many feel she has a “Dark Personality”, very
    Unstable, Scare and Instills Fear in them.

    1. Scott,
      This story (accusation) fell apart very quickly. Who goes FIRST to the Washington Post if they intend to maintain their privacy? Her father was also reported to be connected to CIA as well as her brother who apparently works for Fusion GPS, the dirty tricks outfit that wrote the “dossier” on Trump. Sen Finestein was even signalling with her comment that “I don’t know how much is truthful.” Just another Demonrat/Soros operation.

    2. yeah Texian, these people are not only devious their amazingly STUPID

  19. Kavanaugh Accuser Lawyer’s Sick Connection Uncovered – It All Makes Sense Now!
    Sept 19 2018

  20. John Deere Just Swindled Farmers Out of Their Right to Repair
    Sept 19 2018

    The fight for our right to repair the stuff we own has suffered a huge setback.

    As anyone who repairs electronics knows, keeping a device in working order often means fixing both its hardware and software. But a big California farmers’ lobbying group just blithely signed away farmers’ right to access or modify the source code of any farm equipment software. As an organization representing 2.5 million California agriculture jobs, the California Farm Bureau gave up the right to purchase repair parts without going through a dealer. Farmers can’t change engine settings, can’t retrofit old equipment with new features, and can’t modify their tractors to meet new environmental standards on their own. Worse, the lobbyists are calling it a victory.

    1. We are dying from too much law.

    2. Kalifornia = Full Fascist Police State on every level.

      Who in their right mind would want to live there because of all their nazi-like intrusions? Pense gets is then the 49 remaining states will
      mirror the Kalifornia model! SUPPORT TRUMP! #MAGA

    3. Tino,

      "Formerly, we suffered from crimes. Today, we suffer from laws". Tacitus

    4. Sometimes I think civilization peaked with the Romans... Maybe we should just walk up to Capitol Hill with short swords and make mince meat out of all the traitors... Everyone forgets that Mark Anthony actually hunted down all the murderers of Caesar.

  21. Tribute website to truth martyr 'Christopher Story', the original internet geopolitical whistleblower. I am sure many remember him.

    1. He died shortly after the cabal called his phone and shot a gun off. The warning/threat was clear. Good men who knew his information did nothing back then. Will good men continue to do nothing now as the cabal runs free still?

    2. Thanks for sharing. Missed his reports.God bless him for all he gave us.


  22. OWON: Unprepared and blindsided. This won't go well for her at the party conference next week.

    She's way short of the quality needed and it shows.

    Brexit: May humiliated by Salzburg ambush as she fights to save Chequers


  23. OWON: A little light relief for from Gods own Comedian.

    Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian


  24. OWON: Trying to help Assange get free where a conscience can matter and free speech.

    Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK


  25. OWON: A correct report, Islam is a predatory incestuous Cult which needs sweeping away.

    UKIP leader Gerard Batten links sexual grooming of girls to Islam


  26. OWON: Worthwhile research and good use of funds exploring the Asteroids.

    Hayabusa-2: Japan's rovers ready for touchdown on asteroid


  27. OWON: China's state NWO forerunner is a horror story. Will the world follow? No one can live like this, but what if we have to?

    China's Chilling 'Social Credit System' Is Straight Out of Dystopian Sci-Fi, And It's Already Switched On

    1. I believe many of peoples' anti social acts (theft etc) will dissipate as true prosperity and access to education and meaningful livelihood increases, which is the intention of the PPs.

      So the real target of this social credit system should be the white collars in government and industry.

    2. This must be stopped whatever the cost! Complete enslavement of humanity worldwide is NOT an option!

    3. AJ are you suggesting the PP's will fund a "Nesara" style give away?
      Or that poor people commit crimes ONLY because they are poor and that antisocial behaviour will dissipate once PP spending is in place? And that only white collar workers will commit anti social acts once PP's are released? I'm really unsure about what you mean in your comment. Please explain.

      Tim, it must be time you got out there and actually started a grass roots campaign against, well, whatever you're railing about today, because you're very good at the slogans. Actions speak louder than words. If you don't like it, fix it.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Thank goodness for that, AJ. What did you mean?

  28. With the Q material now pointing to UK/AUS involvement in the FISA palava, interesting that the ABC comes out in defense of our likely interlocutor:

    What happened when Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos sat down with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer

    As Q says, why/how would any foreign gov know what is in a confidential FISA application, and why are uk/aus requesting it remain classified?

    1. "Five Eyes" at it again. We spy on each other, for each other.

      Get rid of Pine Gap spy base. Make America blind.

  29. NYT story on Rosenstein may have real legs...

    There does seem to be some weight behind the NYT story:

    1. Is the NYT running this as interference / deflection? If so, why?

      Because once those memos are declassified they will point to LITERAL acts of sedition against a sitting president which would have netted you a death penalty in any other sane era.

      This way, they 'prep' people ahead of time and also weasel Rod says in the article "clearly I was just joking" to deflect the very serious High Crime he would stand accused of.

      This is simply to soften the blow the unredacted memos will be and possibly keep people, at a minimum, out of prison. When in reality every one of them should be lined up in front of a firing squad which is how sedition was traditionally dealt with.


    2. TINO Sedition and Treason must be punishable by death. hy am I so harsh. Because ziorats murder, skin, rape, terrorize, mutilate and torture children in satanic cult ceremonies. Their common bond is satanic cult for most = no souls. The zios have murdered and stolen - enslaved all others for years. We cannot be softies at this time. Every ziorat if kept in a basket is like a cobra and when it gets out it will bite you leading to your death. This is serious and dangerous. We deal with it now or we will pay with our lives = absolutely!

    3. BOB,

      Your words are music to my ears and my soul! Did you like my suggestion for Trump re-commissioning and/or hiring Obama-regime fired military general, admirals, etc...? He needs now an insulated wall of patriotic Constitutional men in his administration and at the top of the military! ALL he has in the military is a bunch of Obama deep state whores needing neutering ASAP, or he is done. These elections will be rigged as usual.

  30. The Littlest Chickenhawk has a new show on Foxnews. Who would have predicted this? OWoN did -- It was in these very comments sections that it was identified Ben Shapiro as just another Deep State mockingbird that was being groomed to be a torch bearer for the Neocon/Israel narrative. The fact that they have tapped him shows how shallow the ranks are on the other side of the divide.

    1. My two cents: He really is a dim bulb...

    2. TIM Several Marines volunteered for Duty. We believe thousands of Veterans could be recalled. At a minimum we will be working behind the scenes.

  31. The reason for the RR piece:

  32. Rosenstein’s Coup Attempt to Depose Trump Should Not Go Unpunished
    Sept 22 2018

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s actions, as recounted by the New York Times Friday, are the equivalent of an attempted coup — a plot to overthrow the president.

    As the Times reveals, Rosenstein was furious that Democrats blamed him for the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

    He solicited others to wear wires, including Andrew McCabe, who was later fired as Assistant FBI Director. Rosenstein is said to have discussed recruiting cabinet members to depose Trump under the 25th Amendment.

    All of this is reportedly evidenced in memos, including those written by McCabe.

    Friday afternoon, in response to the Times story, Michael R. Bromwich, Andrew McCabe’s attorney issued this statement for the record:

    “Andrew McCabe drafted memos to memorialize significant discussions he had with high-level officials and preserved them so he would have an accurate, contemporaneous record of those discussions. When he was interviewed by the Special Counsel more than a year ago, he gave all of his memos — classified and unclassified — to the Special Counsel’s office. A set of those memos remained at the FBI at the time of his departure in late January 2018. He has no knowledge of how any member of the media obtained those memos.”

    Rosenstein strongly denied that the facts recounted by the Times.

  33. Dana Winner - One Moment In Time - live [Lyrics] HD
    July 12 2017

  34. John, are you of the opinion that the PP will proceed once Kavanaugh's confirmation is completed and the sealed indictments are opened and arrests begin of prominent individuals?

    1. It's a question of knowledgeable intent. Sophisticated knowledge . Is Trump that man? Is doesn't need Kavenaugh to do that. Trump has no problems releasing. 38B to fund Israel's war making. But not a dime to redeme America's debt. Does America have a sophisticated President?
      Then where is the money?

    2. I thought it was scheduled earlier in month, but Bush and Obama blocked it? So who is holding this up? Is it Trump or the deep state gauntlet?

    3. Deep State AND Zionist Banks!
      It's sadly way over Trumps head but Bush and Clinton ran it with iron fists milking ever dime. Even Obama got to the Tit. Trump fears to will cost him
      c $130K to apply!


  35. OWON: Note now how hopefully, and sensibly, Trump is withdrawing America from the horror story it yet again created 6 years ago.

    We need America to contribute excellence, not brutal regime change, let America partner peace, and cease meddling.

    What the Idlib Deal Means for the Syrian War


  36. OWON: In this evermore dirty world of self employed interest and betrayal, in the best interests of truth and whatever is lost of honour in this world, exposing this sordid maleficence matters, because no one should be above the law, the last bastions of any civilisation is its integrity. Expose this and let truth arise so such sordid men can face justice.

    UK Begged Trump Not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited "Grave Concerns" Over Steele Involvement

    1. This needs deep, full forensic investigation to get behind Agency conspiracies from all nations. Public interest not self. Protection of the rights of free speech and the right of protest matters. Thought Police- No!

    2. Thank you John! I was surprised as any of the hoi polloi on this headline hitting ZeroHedge.

    3. Tino

      All natural frustrations apart, I value the right of free thought and speech, the dignity of belonging to a compassionate society, one where all nations matter, where our differences can be resolved,and we can help guide humanity away from the Dark Ages, and corruption. Who gave the Cabal and Zionists their illusory rights? No one!

      NO so called Political autocracies have the rights to dehumanise our evolution.
      Neither the US, EU or China have our Wellbeing at heart.None!
      Money newly empowered, needs a new direction.
      Release the PPs, we can do so much good.

      Release the PP's backed by Elders AU, and we can achieve a seismic shift.
      We have an Agenda, and it's for developing the Human part of the new Being.
      The whole point of Being is to be Better! Give input and value to our journey here. Make Souls whole.

  37. Pence to Obama: Economy Booming Because Trump Administration Rolling Back Failed Obama Policies

    Vice President Pence then launched into what he said was a message for former President Obama:

    President Obama, you presided over the weakest economic expansion since the Great Depression. When we took over this economy, it was growing by less than two percent, and now it’s growing by more than four percent. This economy isn’t booming because of your policies; it’s booming because we’ve been rolling back the failed policies of your administration since day one.

    “America is back, and we’re just getting started,” declared Pence.

  38. 7 Russian Cargo Planes Arrive In Syria Today With Tactical Nuclear Warheads mountable on Russian Kalibr Missiles! ! ! !  

    Yes, you read that correctly! Tactical nuclear warheads mountable on Kalibr missiles, some of which are ground-based already in Syria, and many more of which are ship-based in the Mediterranean Sea, were flown into Syria this morning.

    The Intel people on the ground know this to be the case from BOTH sources in the Russian military AND the level of security around the one particular plane.  The security around the cargo coming off that plane was such that NOTHING could get near the cargo.  Sources tell me directly there was a "Gauntlet" of troops, heavy weapons, helicopters and heavily armed fighter air patrols circling above.  The source I spoke to told me "There is no doubt whatsoever what was being brought in."

    This is an escalation of unimaginable proportion and the talk in Intelligence Community circles is that Russia now EXPECTS to be directly attacked, by Israeli forces, and that the attack may actually be a small nuclear first-strike!  Russia is now prepared to respond to any such eventuality and all sources confirm that Russia "absolutely positively will respond if directly attacked in such a fashion."

    Folks, this is real.  It is actually happening.  In an actual war zone.  It doesn't get more real than this.

    Keep your eyes PEELED on Syria.  

    No one expected the turn of events which have taken place starting with the shoot-down of a Russian IL-20 Plane.  And NO ONE anticipated the things that have come since.  The world is actually on the cusp of seeing an real nuclear exchange in the Middle East.

    Prior to this morning, such a thing remained a far distant possibility.  After this morning, it is a very close possibility. 

    This has disaster written all over it.


    1. JV well reported. Thanks.

    2. Reports this morning are that the crates are S-300 components... so maybe not so nuclear an escalation....

  39. So Theresa has devised yet another scheme to bring about a second vote on BREXIT? Is she signaling that she has it all rigged this time?

    1. She's a confused Ditsy Chick drowning. Way. way, way out of her depth.

      How did she ever think she would get a deal with this Socialist,Vatican Jesuit led Gob Shite bunch?

      Walk with No Deal to the $50B. Smash their greed budgets. F subsidising them! Cease all hand over revenues now. Boot out the c5M EU lot Pack them off back. Block EU car and Food exports to the UK. Cut off flights to the Mediterranean holiday spots. Stop all EU alcohol imports to the UK.
      6 months they will be on their knees.

      Grow a pair May! Move over, or get run over! This is just a Girlie girlie wanna be a Boy failure. Job aspirational gender benders rarely work.

    2. She's a Dweeb who can't Man Up.

    3. Pouring good money after bad at this point....

      Plenty of fine wines, holiday places and cars that America or other countries can supply.

    4. Texian, absolutely Yes.

      Also, if we're to go forwards as Real Allies, let's have US negotiators with a synergy to do good for BOTH countries, come to the UK, negotiate major Tariff Sensible Deals for both economies, and on top, determine how we can both focus on excellence and intellect, to assist other nations, the poor and afflicted.
      Combined, the best of both our nations,to help create jobs for both countries,and between us, assess where we can start to make a difference for many. Yes- We- Can. It's just the other fella could spin the hype, but not the real work.
      How about we BOTH Step Up and make a difference? Imagine that? Because We Can!

  40. Bob Goodlatte Threatens Subpoena if DOJ Doesn’t Supply McCabe Memos by Tuesday
    Sept 23 2018

    Goodlatte: "If [the documents] are not produced by tomorrow or Tuesday of this week, we are going to issue a subpoena to the Justice Department"

    Appearing on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Goodlatte stated: “I think a lot of light can be shed on that if the documents we have been requesting for quite some time are made public.”

  41. EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama

    As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning to carry out mass arrests of deep state traitors, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, James Comey and even Barack Obama. This is fully covered, with accompanying documentation from the U.S. Federal Register, in the links and video below. (This author is fully supportive of this effort to save America and arrest the traitors.)

    1. Long overdue! Clinton & Obama are a great place to start.

    2. An absolute YES to this if he mans up.
      THEN you have a President.

    3. Texian, according to Janda this is true.

    4. With the midterms 6 weeks away, you can bet that it is going to get real crazy pretty quick.

      This would be a great time to release the Wanta Funds and pay off our national debt.

      Can you imagine him standing up saying I just negotiated a deal to wipe 20T of debt.


  43. "Britain, in particular, is very concerned that the unredacted 20 pages from the June 2017 FISA application will show that it, rather than Russia, actually colluded with a Presidential campaign to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. But rather than Russia colluding with the Trump campaign, the real collusion was between Britain and the Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign."

    One wonders (with popcorn) how the frantic left will react when the mud they have been flinging towards Russia and DJT actually lands on the UK, Aus and HRC?

    1. It's looking like there's a lot of truth in that AJ.

      Yet again, our Agencies and Political Grifters are too close to these unholy alliances. For decades we have been found to be compromised and now it's coming home. Two days before the Election Robert Rubin visited with us assuring us on TV it was a done deal and Clinton was home and hosed. History heh? To be so wrong.
      Zio Spawn Bankers and Demos all wrapped into one criminality base.

      Both Blair and John Major ended up working for Bush companies, as do ex Military and Agency top brass working for Agency Defence Contractors, it's a greasy pole.
      Not good, no doubt both our Agencies and Political Polecats may have much to worry about here. Yes to the releases and let the cards fall.
      Exposure and closure. Let the UK face its own demons if so. Deservedly. Truth?

  44. President Trump: "The United Nations has Tremendous Potential"
    Sept 23 2018

  45. p: Fair Trade, it is not a meaningless phrase, but one that benefits a whole world. It means a better life for workers and stability for nations. No longer underpaying workers will be accepted, nor theft of technology.

    Sept 23 2018

    According to Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, “China is out of bullets.”

    It is out of ammo to retaliate because its imports to the US are 4 times larger than the US exports to China.

    Do the math. Trump and his able-bodied Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer have.

    Peter Navarro, one of the President’s top trade advisors, said that China is in a “zero-sum game” with the rest of the world when it comes to trade. “We have to defend ourselves,” Navarro said, citing alleged Chinese theft of U.S. intellectual property on technology. “They’re attacking our crown jewels. They make no bones about it.”

    Trump has also made it abundantly clear that as China plays this game of chicken against US farmers and industries we move to phase 3, which is “tariffs on approximately $267 billion of additional Chinese imports.”

    This means ALL Chinese imports will be affected. The whole damn lot.

    The US imported $505 billion worth of goods from China last year.

  46. Zimbabwe Currency Reforms May Take Five Years, Mangudya Says
    Sept 21 2018

    Reforms include reducing fiscal imbalance, boosting confidence

    Zimbabwe may take as long as five years to reintroduce its own currency because the country needs to address a fiscal imbalance, boost investor confidence and regain access to foreign loans, Central Bank Governor John Mangudya said.

    President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration, appointed earlier this month, is developing a plan to help stabilize the economy, after almost two decades of mismanagement under former President Robert Mugabe’s autocratic leadership. The country has faced cash shortages for at least the past two years as businesses and individuals moved money offshore and the import bill increased after exports collapsed.

    Zimbabwe’s ruling party is targeting an annual economic growth rate of at least 6 percent over the next five years, attracting $5 billion in foreign direct investment and $10 billion in domestic investment annually. The president has pledged to revive agriculture, mining and manufacturing to accelerate economic growth, which the International Monetary Fund forecasts will be 2.4 percent this year, compared with 3 percent in 2017.

    Food output slumped under Mugabe’s rule after the violent seizures of white-owned land in the former British colony. The government plans to modernize, mechanize and industrialize agriculture to ensure the country has food security, and is targeting a surplus of crops including corn and wheat within two years, Mnangagwa said in an interview in New York on Friday.

    1. Above tells you all Zims are still toilet paper. Be careful out there. Ignore the hype. Packaged BS is still BS .

    2. I guess the built-in toilet paper feature will come in handy once the sluice gates open up after the reality of the ZIM hits the guru banking queue.

    3. Dinars won't be funding any dinners at this rate and the Dong with the US China face off may be left to pong. It's messy as we await both currency decisions and to ascertain if there is any intent to honour the PP Patriots deals. Honour among thieves?

  47. If they are allowed to delay Kavanaugh with this BS peeps should be shot between the eyes.... Keith Ellisons wife filed charges against him, has texts,and proof of abuse.... Dems ignore.... it is obvious intention to delay Kavanough confirmation!!! They may destroy him just to get what they want.... wake up woman, blacks and all.... Dems are not for u... they are for staying in power to keep padding their own pockets!!!! Wake up America!

    1. had sent out an email yesterday and I immediately unsubscribed. To say I was furious was an understatement. Not at Trump or Kananaugh, but at those who continue to promote this lie. Here's a sample, and of course the "can you".My only question is how much was this Senator paid? SES?

      Dear MoveOn member,
      This is Senator Mazie Hirono from the great state of Hawaii. I'm one of four women on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

      I'm writing to you today because I am angry. I am angry at the way Senate Republicans and Donald Trump's administration are treating Dr. Christine

      Blasey Ford, who last week bravely came forward to share her story about Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

      I am angry that Trump and his cronies will do absolutely anything to take over the Court—even if it means putting an alleged sexual predator on the bench.

      I am angry that some of the very same senators who smeared and humiliated Anita Hill 27 years ago are trying to get away with it again.

      And I am angry that Dr. Blasey Ford is being forced to endure this patently unfair process while facing ruthless intimidation and even threats to her life.

      What is happening to Dr. Blasey Ford is disgusting and unacceptable, and I would expect that when the Senate hearings start again, my male colleagues will finally shut up, step up, and do the right thing—for once—and listen to and respect survivors.

      Will you stand with me and chip in $3 to help power MoveOn's campaign to support Dr. Blasey Ford and stop Brett Kavanaugh?

      Yes, I'm in! I'll chip in right now.

      Let's be clear: Trump and his Republican allies have no interest in finding the truth.

      They have no interest in hearing from Dr. Blasey Ford, or from any witness that would corroborate her story. They have no interest in conducting a fair investigation. Anything that gets in the way of fast-tracking Kavanaugh's ascent to the Court is unacceptable for them.

      That's because they know that when Kavanaugh is on the Court, he will defend Trump from any civil or criminal case brought against him. And making sure that Trump is protected before Democrats take back Congress is more important to them than anything else.

      That's why they have been making it so hard for Dr. Blasey Ford to participate in additional hearings, even though she has already gone above and beyond what any person should be forced to do.

      My question is: What are they trying to hide? What are they so afraid of? If Kavanaugh is innocent, why isn't he calling for a full investigation to prove it unequivocally?

      I worry that the answer is that he knows he is guilty. And if that's the case, we absolutely must do everything we can to stop him.

      That is why any additional hearings must be fair and thorough, and why it is crucial that we keep raising our voices to demand it.

    2. Excuse me, what have the Bushes,Clinton and Obama done?

      So, so unfair.

  48. Rod Rosenstein Resigns

    1. Above may not be true new indications are that he may have more meetings in the WH yet.
      He's under huge pressure for sure,and Mueller?
      Both of them could be sucking Bilge Water soon. Looking on it's the worst of the Deep State.

      Arrogant renegades. Now, if THEY were to be investigated as fully for a RICO trial? It's up to the President. Truth now?
      What Plea will Rosenstein make, the other Zios all did? Each sold their comrades and Ass, None had Class.
      It's time to pull the Deep State Choke Chain. Enough of their scheming treachery.
      Give truth a chance. Obama has no such abuse.

    2. Rod Rosentein to Meet Trump Thursday – NOT YET FIRED …Update: Rosenstein Offered Resignation
      Sept 24 2018

      White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement around 12:48 p.m. EDT announcing a meeting Thursday between President Trump and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to discuss “the recent news stories” about Rosenstein allegedly talking last year about wearing a wire to record Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. The New York Times broke the story last week.

      Sanders statement came in response to rumors reported by the media that Rosenstein was on his way to the White House to resign or be fired. It turned out he was attending a regularly scheduled meeting. It’s possible Rosenstein was told by Chief if Staff John Kelly to hold off on offering to resign until he meets with Trump.

  49. The Four Disastrous Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation

    Excerpt: It's admittedly a tough task to select the four most disastrous presidential policies of the past 60 years, given the great multitude to choose from. Here are my top choices and the reasons why I selected these from a wealth of policy disasters.

    Biffie: Yep, the usual suspects.

  50. It will be an interesting week to see how the real, duly elected non vote rigged president decides to deal with Rosen Swine?

  51. The String Theory

    The String Theory was proposed to finally unify the behavior matter at the subatomic particle level to the behavior of gravity and its effects on stellar mass thru out the grand universe. So where does this theory have merits of genius. The key is vibrational rate of matter at the subatomic level. Mankind has always wondered about parallel universes and what are basic parameters for these new dimensions. This is where mankind’s science has stumbled upon a discovery. The String Theory addresses vibration and it is this physical property of matter that determines what reality matter it resides in. Does the conjecture of open and closed strings as a description hold true, no. This is where scientists start to go astray. In order to explain the weak force of gravity they assume this force is weak due to a bleed off into 11 dimensions. Why doesn't the other forces follow in the same format. In nature, phenomena follow the same rules for the ambient physical universe why is gravity the exception? What will be finally realize is that the theory is wrong and makes exceptions to cover the flaws. Vibration is a force at the subatomic level with each particle vibrating at rates within certain level for this universe level or density currently exposed due to gravitational compression, but bleed through the thin layers crust of the Earth in new stretch zones, presently located in the Great Lakes area and Bermuda Triangle.

    The mechanism for activating density shifting or to transverse parallel universes is simple, but it is controlling the dangers that will continue to allude mankind. What has to be discovered is the purpose of Dark Matter. Dark Matter composed of many subatomic particles has a certain group or particles that crowds matter or on a smaller atomic level. When more of the special subatomic particles are present within a defined space, matter vibrates at a faster rate (less space relates to a higher density and quicker resonant frequency). When a certain rate is reached the matter transmutes to the next parallel universe or density. It is no different than an influx of heat subatomic particles transmuting solid water or ice to a liquid. It was simple for the government to compress dark matter under an intense magnetic field pushing matter to the next level during the Philadelphia Experiment, but not define the parameters of transmutation allowed intermingling of living tissue with innate matter. The results were disastrous, which were archive on film, stored under national security and never to be repeated by present day mankind on that scale.

  52. After George Soros referred to social media as a “menace to society” the controversial billionaire had a change of heart and began buying it up

  53. Judge Kavanaugh Defends Himself…”I’m Not Going Anywhere”
    Sept 24 2018

    Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, sat down with Fox News host Martha MacCallum for an interview addressing the accusations of sexual misconduct against the nominee.

    Two women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct after the hearings for his nomination concluded which Kavanaugh categorically denied. In the interview, he said: “What I know is the truth, and the truth is I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone.”

    His wife seemed stunned by the accusations and seemed hard pressed to find the right words to express how false these allegations are. She told MacCallum, “I know Brett. I’ve known him for 17 years,” she said. “He’s decent, he’s kind, he’s good. I know his heart. This is not consistent with Brett.”

    1. Reports: Kavanaugh Has Found 1982 Calendar, Detailed Entries Help Clear His Name
      Sept 23 2018

      Reports: Kavanaugh Has Found 1982 Calendar, Detailed Entries Help Clear His Name The last-minute attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the next Supreme Court justice.

    2. Seems also that Kavanaughs accuser does not scrub up clean with pics just released. Parties seeking that money of fame need to check their own backyard first. Sent to Canauzzie if he's happy it will be released. First we check it.
      It's viral worldwide anyway. Two can play.
      We are protecting America.
      And all of you.

    3. An interesting study shows in a nuclear conflict Israel tops out as the worst to be hit. The last place to be.

      1.All funding from the US will cease.
      2.Weapons support from the US will cease.
      3.Israel is major food importer. That will cease and they will starve.
      4. Having seriously pissed off Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran,as a Non Arab nation, hated by all neighbours for their lying Kazar Marauders aggression, this largely Non Jewish bunch of Despots would be torn apart as neighbours come for them. As Russians did to the Germans post WW11.

      God help them if these nations come for them. There will be no spaces on the wailing wall, knee trembled from behind by raging Arabs.

      Did a country and species ever need to change its ways fast because with the S300s, and missiles now in Syria, plus what will have been given to Iran,WW111 is very possible now with Israe hell right in the firing line. No one will help them this time. The arrogant madness attacking Syria will be avenged. Russians died. Roaches owe now.

      If only Mossad can be stood down, and Israelis learn fast to work with their neighbours with compassion and humanity, these scheming and murderous Kazar animals may yet be saved from themselves.

      Be clear in any WW111 Israel tops the list. Bang!

      The Middle East right now is a very dangerous place to be. For Israelis 10 fold. If it goes up, what follows will be merciless. Armageddon. Live, well not for Israelis.

    4. Cartoonists are having a field day.... If the current unhinged situation weren’t so sad for our country, it would be hilarious.

    5. Looks like Ms Ford is about to bow out. Her PERFORMANCE is over?

      Ms. Blasey-Ford Attorney Casts Doubt on Appearance…

      “As of last weekend sketchy DC political lawyer Michael Bromwich, joined the legal team to represent the political interests of sketchy Kavanaugh accuser Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford.

      Mr. Bromwich sends a letter tonight beginning to back-away from his clients prior agreement to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This latest development is entirely predictable.

      How can sketchy Ms. Ford deliver credible testimony about a 36-year-old event (at an unknown time and unknown location) where there is ZERO corroborating evidence supporting her claim, and mountains of evidence refuting her claim? Five teenagers at a house party, yet all of the five say not their house. Additionally, every witness she identified as present during the event has gone on record denying any knowledge of anything within the foundation of her claim. How can she testify? She can’t.

      Ms. Ford cannot testify because there’s no truth in her sketchy accusations; this was a political stunt with no intention of testimony. So, with a deadline looming it is more likely her political lawyers will try to extricate Ford from their prior commitments.”

      Letter to Grassley at link:

    6. Hahaha!

      Hi John,

      Just as an FYI, long-time ago, before the gray hair, I participated in a flavor of the Wargames2020. Let me report that out of a dozen scenarios played thru, not a one had Israel coming out intact. If it wasn't the Iranians, it was the Russians, if not the Russians, the Chinese. Any 2 10-megaton warheads ends Israel period. Most of the time it was the Russians for all the obvious reasons.

      Given where they sit geographically I always wondered if they had a death wish or fulfillment of Revelations with some kind fiery ascension. Survivors if any, will hold them all in contempt.

    7. Tino

      It's like asking a Whore, are you intact?


    AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, describes itself as the most important organization affecting the U.S. relationship with Israel. With a budget of $70 million, and membership now standing at over 100,000, it is no wonder that congressional staffers consider it one of the most powerful and effective lobbies on Capitol Hill.

    This 100,000-strong group has been described as an agent of the Israeli government, and those accusations were substantiated in 2005 when a pentagon analyst plead guilty to passing military secrets to two AIPAC employees en route to Israel. After some political wrangling, all charges were dropped against the two Jewish AIPAC employees in 2009, even though the analyst agreed to testify against the AIPAC employees, and the government had overwhelming evidence to prosecute. It was reported by Time magazine that Jane Harman, a Jewish congresswoman, was bribed by AIPAC to lobby the Department of Justice to drop the spying charges against the AIPAC employees. In 2009, CQ politics reported that Harman was caught on a NSA wiretap telling an Israeli agent that she would lobby the Department of Justice to drop the case.

    The Foreign Registration Act clearly states that any lobby that acts on behalf of a foreign government must register as a foreign agent. Even though AIPAC: has been caught spying for Israel, shamelessly campaigns to give American tax dollars to Israel for weapons that are used to kill Palestinian civilians, and lobbies for American soldiers to die in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran for Israel’s hegemony of the Middle East, it is still the only foreign lobby in Washington that does not have to register under the act. We must Abolish AIPAC NOW. If they wish to lobby, they too must be required to register as lobbyist for a foreign agent!

    Through back room dealings, bribery, and corruption, AIPAC has secured Israel hundreds of billions of dollars in aid since the 1950′s. Some Americans are aware of the annual $3 billion in direct foreign aid to Israel, but very few Americans know about the tens of billions of dollars that are given every year under the table in terms of valuable military equipment deemed “scrapped,” loan guarantees, preferential contracts, and upfront payments that should be distributed over the course of a year. In the most recent affront to justice, AIPAC had US approve 1 BILLION for Israeli missile systems while US states go broke!


    Ask others to sign with you

  55. All or Nothing.

    Good case. c350m good Americans who work and pay taxes, need to ask why less than 6% of the population,control 90% of both houses directly or via seat funding, and why this Pariah species has a flagrant Anti Trust Oligopoly stranglehold on the Fed, Treasury and major banks, the Supremes, Justice and HS. Even the Agencies are now riddled with them. Kazar Zionist Barbarians posing as Jews, rule. They assimilate, postulate and dominate.
    Patriots only to Kazarville,its Blood State serving only as a pestilence to ever more hostile neighbours. They eulogise a roach species. Many innocent Iranians just died because of Terrorist Militias armed and backed by whom? Right now Israel and DC are right in the frame. A ruthless scheme to fly attack jets in under A Russian bombers radar pattern,just killed c20 Russians. Instant S300s delivered and support missiles capable of pounding Israeli bases and cities. It's all cranking up. With semi Nuclear warheads in place, what if Assad, or his Generals, decide enough is enough, and launch? Surrounding nations will come in like Pit Bulls to attack. No mercy, no Prisoners.

    How many must dies for this rabid Zionist lie? The Goyims will control the triggers. Good luck with that.

  56. I was put in communication with President Trump though an anonymous third party. A week ago Saturday night, I had a 25 minute conversation with a source who meets with President Trump on a regular basis. I was permitted to lay out the social media violations of anti-trust legislation and open forum laws. As many of you who follow my work, I have written extensively on these issues.

    In the course of this conversation I also discussed why I felt the President needed a viable IM to survive the blue wave. Two days later, President Trump issued an executive order in which the social media giants are under investigation for anti-trust violations. This conversation between myself and the President’s confidant was witnessed by Doug and Joe Hagmann.

    This morning I had a lengthy conversation with Agenda 21 Radio’s and leaders of the New California movement, Paul Preston. He told me that he was fully aware that the Trump children met with Google this past week and told them how things were going to be. There is much more on this front that will come out. Further, it now makes sense why former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt would say that there is going to be 2 internets, one for China and one for the West. Google knows that Trump can defeat them. Google is apparently going to be reigned in, at least for the time being.

    These anti-social media actions and some rumored prosecutions of Deep State personnel will commence after the midterms.

    Multiple sources, including Paul Preston, tell me that Trump is preparing to severely crack down on California’s sedition and treason.

    The Deep State seems to be intent on not letting this happen. Both Paul Preston and I believe that this is how the civil war, with the help of Red Dawn forces, will commence.

  57. JV, thanks for that helpful information. Glad to see action on that front. If you would not mind my asking, in your next conversation with President Trump's anonymous third party, could you bring up the topic of the PPs that John has referred to and the status of releasing funds asap? The good that will bring would add enormous additional height to the Blue Wave. Hope to hear back from you on it. Many humble thanks.

    1. JV

      To keep this simple and avoid basking sharks throwing hooks, ask the parties to give T a straightforward issue he can contemplate and empathise with.
      Ask them simply, can Bill Bonney be reimbursed what is long since owed to him so we can get on with the CDFI Programs for both our nations, and we then, in turn, using our existing Treasury approved operations, can get funds transferred to London, outside of Bush, Zionist and Deep State reach, and focus on Job Creation Projects, Community Financing and selective Humanitarian needs.
      Half for the US and half Global. Bill brought those vast funds in,as a good Patriot, and has been reneged on for 36 years. How long is enough? !!!! While other Texans got fat from Program trading it with Agency cohorts. When does a loyal and proud American Patriot get his dues, free of Fed and Wall Street Bank Jews? Quad Trillions have been made from his efforts, can he now enable his nation as always intended? Ask Trump, what is the value of a good Soul and now can he make it right? Bill Bonney, GIVE HIM HIS MONEY! Let us put back.

    2. I'll see if I can get it passed on. My business partner knows Dave.

    3. JV … Thanks your efforts are greatly appreciated, and thanks John for the refinement of terminology.


    As of about 8:31 AM eastern US time on Tuesday, the Israeli Security Cabinet concluded its Emergency Meeting regarding events in Syria and ORDERED the IDF to continue making attacks into Syria!

    This was done despite the arrival of Russian S-300 air defense systems which can shoot down Israeli war planes, despite the Russian military establishing a "No-Fly Zone" over Latakia Province and despite Israeli actions having already caused the shootdown of a Russian IL-20, killing 15 aboard.

    This decision by the Israeli Cabinet may go down in infamy as the single act most directly responsible for starting World War 3.

    1. There comes a time to put a mad dog down.It's forever biting the hand that feeds it and forever stealing the entire packs food.( Wealth)
      Value to Society- ZERO!

      So, hard nosed Reality Check.

      The US gave these Kazar Rats nukes. Rescind it! See how dam fast they come to heel when not able to bully and threaten neighbours. It's long past time.
      Time also to wake up and face up to this Sewer colony. Anyone with half a brain can determine the sheer scale of proliferation if not remedied fast. This is a vengeant, scheming and devious rat pack. Unfit for purpose.

      Unfortunately as the history of all US wars shows, as with Saddam, the US takes forever to get it's arse into gear while it pontificates and loads its food stores. With Nukes, it's over on launch. Israel WILL.

      If this thing proliferates, these arrogant Kazar Dogs need to be assessed as just that.Rabid mongrels. There is no time for DC to finish their Burger breaks. and Doughnut calls. By then you've lost yours!

      It needs a clear plan A in place right now.
      For Putin to front up and tell Mad Benny and his mongrel pack, you come in here one more time,you start it and we will finish it. Neutron the place. Keep the assets, atomize the Khazars and send a shock wave to their kind worldwide. No more!
      Face down DC and say point blank, we WILL finish this rat pack that YOU have armed and funded,if they continue. Total!
      He needs to give America a clear choice, Loose the Zios or Lose America?
      Prevaricating does not work with Rabid dags.
      The world needs to come down on this Spawn.

      US Regime change unleashed Terrorists across the Middle East.

      America failed in Syria. Russia came in, fought and won! They left their Burgers and Doughnuts at home, and sent Men in, and wiped the dogs out. Now American backed Khazars are Terrorising again.

      I have worked with Israelis. There is no more arrogant, self righteous, pompous and presumptive species on the planet. Reason fails. Only hard action gets results. Your not battering a harmless Jew, you are muzzling Genghis Khans marauding filth. Wake up. Rhabis is a vile way to die. This vermin seed are born with it.
      If Israel attacks again,it needs an immediate action of a MOAB and a clear warning which says take it and stand down or Atomize the lot. Can you trust them? No!
      So why risk not acting fully?
      My humane side says Lives?
      Reality says, HOW MANY if these Dogs unleash?

      Think the unthinkable and disarm them all. Or we all finish them. It's nothing but a Despots Hole in the Wall Gang loose to prey. 6,000 years. Hello?

      Protect the good Jews.Deal with Zionists hard! You want Financial Terrorists?
      Get a Grip. By their throats. We need good Jews to help us reign them in. Good Jews do not support Zionists. Respect good Jews.

  59. John,

    Please, I need your help looking into this ( I don't know the validity of it, but if true we need to fight this and make sure whoever is accountable is punished and exposed.

    Thank you dear.

    1. Nancy it's a dodgy site.

    2. Ok Thanks!
      It was funny! Had Manuchin on it and Rots and blocking Project Payments. You never know....

  60. Borrowed from the Saker, another analysis::

    Today Defense Minster Shoigu announced measures which went far beyond what I had hoped for. Specifically, Shoigu has announced that Russia will
    Supply S-300 air defense systems (with a 250km range) to the Syrians in the next two weeks.Russia will deliver advanced automated air defense management systems which will *dramatically* increase the Syrian air defense capabilities and prevent future “friendly fire” incidents.Russia will use her electronic warfare capabilities to suppress satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory in the regions over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea bordering with Syria.This is a very flexible and elegant solution for the following reasons:
    It establishes a de facto air exclusion zone over Syria, but not a de jure one. Thus, the Russians will have the flexibility to decide on a nation by nation and aircraft by aircraft basis which aircraft should be suppressed/engaged and which ones to only track and monitor. This will give Russia a very powerful negotiating position with all the actors of this war.It goes without saying that while these new capabilities will be deployed in Syria in response to the Israeli actions, they will also dramatically boost the Syrian capabilities against any potential aggressors including the USA and US client states. The S-300s will make it possible for the Syrian to detect and even track the Israeli aircraft right after their take-off and while still in Israeli air space.While the Russians have not indicated which automated air defense management system they plan to deliver to Syria, it is likely that this is one which is typically used to control the engagement of S-300 and Buk air defense systems, the Poliana D-4. The delivery of this system will dramatically increase the air defense capabilities of the Russian task force in Syria making it much harder for Neocon à la Bolton to target Russian forces.

  61. With respect to America,it's domestic recovery needs far outweigh it's failing Hegemony ambitions and it's time to reconsider it's 990 Global bases and failing interventions.Israel simply is a Lost Cause, a Kazar Carbuncle on the Butt of the Muslim world.
    When will they ever comprehend the Jews have always lived among Arab Nations as one . Respected and safe . This entire disaster started with Britain's bungled Balfour nonesense interjecting Kazarian interlopers . Since when did they have rights to Palestinians birthland? None!
    Mossads lobby has so much to answer for. Kazarville is NOT Jewish. Look how much of Palestine they have stolen again. Their inhumane contempt for neighbours? The question is, how long?

    1. Not long. I had an Israeli coln. crying in his beer that he felt that the country had at most 20 years....

    2. How can the Arab world integrate a Rattle Snake breeding cluster?
      Exodus is hereditary. How many nations?

    3. Yes, thousands of years of being tossed out. An impressive unprecedented unparalleled achievement. Even i won't put that at God's doorstep.

    4. Can there be a more reviled species? ( Faeces)

  62. JOHN,

    You stated: "....and the Dong with the US China face off may be left to pong."

    I do not understand this code. Would you be nice enough to explain it clearly?

    1. Any political face off can delay or derail progress.

    2. When has there not been or when will there ever NOT be a political face off?.... seems those holding back events could use that excuse for ever....hope its not that fragile

    3. When Bush 41, got cross ok inked to Greenspan and the Bankers, all the scum in the world got full unethical use of your money. Then got creative. It's now a minefield

  63. Trump, at UN General Assembly, signs major trade deal with South Korea, reveals possible Kim Jong Un meeting 'soon'
    Sept 24 2018

    President Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed a major agreement of Trump’s trade agenda Monday, on a busy day at the U.N. General Assembly during which Trump also revealed he'd meet again with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “quite soon.”

    The U.S. and South Korean presidents signed an update to an existing U.S.-South Korea free-trade agreement. Trump called it a “very big deal” and said the new agreement would make significant improvements to reduce the trade deficit between the countries and create new opportunities to export American products to South Korea.

    “This agreement will reduce bureaucracy and increase prosperity in both of our countries. Workers in South Korea and America will find new customers and new opportunities to expand and grow,” Trump said. “Our teams will be working hard to ensure that the terms of the deal are fully implemented.”

    He said U.S. automobiles, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products will gain better access to Korean markets.

    “I think our farmers are going to be extremely happy. It was very limited as to what they could do and what they could send, and now it’s an open market,” Trump added. “That makes me feel very good. I love our farmers.”

    1. WATCH: Trump Shocks the United Nations; Drops Hammer on General Assembly With Unprecedented Promise that has Americans Cheering
      Sept 25 2018

      President Trump announced Tuesday that only allies of the United States will receive U.S. money and assistance from America.

      In an unprecedented platform, Trump stated if countries and governments “do not respect” the United States, they won’t get paid. Trump’s comments came after world leaders broke into laughter at Trump moments earlier for bragging about his achievements as U.S. president.

      No one was laughing after Trump dropped this on those same world leaders. You could hear a pin drop. That is brash talk from the president and underscores several reasons why Americans voted him into the White House.

      Trump aslo reiterated that nations that seek military protection from the United States will be paying their fair share for those services.

      Or they won’t get the protection.


    2. Nice, hopefully the beginnings of a 'bring them home' effort.

    3. The cupboards are bare with everything not nailed down already stolen!

      Just ask JOHN.

      So, what kind of BS is this? From an empty cupboard will he do some magic trick to send money he does not have? Doing a "clawback" once the arrests starts is the only source he could possibly have. Pentagon and MT is the only way funds could be returned to the US Treasury, and may I inclide as JOHN says, the FED RES(NY) is vacated as the money center in America. FED OUT! US Treasury where it belongs! May we be see some Kennedy dollars please? LOL. So much crap out there. What does one think can happen once rose-colored glasses are removed by thinking minds to believe this type of horse-poop?

      WATCH 5-part series TEXAS RISING folks.THAT is the way to DEAL with these vermin!

    4. TIM4123, a level playing field in Trade can bring more prosperity and abundance than many can conceive. The cleanup of the cabal is happening and with that more good can happen. No rose colored glasses, but what can happen when the huge mess of corruption is cleared? What opportunities can be presented when some/most obstructions have been removed?

      Whitehouse twitter page today. From the President's speech at the UN

      "The United States will not tell you how to live, or work, or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return." — President @realDonaldTrump, speaking at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

  64. Benjamin Fulford: September 24, 2018

    What if this meeting between BIS and WDS really happened, especially as described?

  65. Senate Republicans Hire FEMALE Sex-Crimes Prosecutor to Question Christine Ford – Won’t Reveal Identity
    Sept 25 2018

    Senate Republicans have hired outside counsel to question Christine Ford in Thursday’s hearing.

    The attorney, a female, has not been identified due to safety concerns.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) agreed to use a prosecutor experienced in sex-crimes to serve as an investigative staff counsel for the hearing.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said it is not uncommon to have outside counsel to do questioning in this type of hearing, reported FOX News.

    1. Grassley Sends Scathing Letter to Feinstein – Refuses to Postpone Thursday’s Hearing – Warns About False Statements Made to Congress
      Sept 25 2018

      Grassley accused Feinstein and Senate Democrats of hiding Ford and Ramirez accusations from the Senate Judiciary Committee while secretly working with the mainstream media to circulate Kavanaugh smears.

      Senator Grassley then warned about Ms. Ramirez’s flimsy accusations against Kavanaugh as reported in the New Yorker, “As you know, false statements made to the press are not subject to criminal penalty, but false statements to Congress are.”

    2. Female Prosecutor Revealed – Rachel Mitchell Will Question Christine Ford on Thursday
      Sept 25 2018

      The female prosecutor was identified on Tuesday night.

      Rachel Mitchell is a prosecutor from Maricopa County Arizona and is a registered Republican.

      Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has emerged as Senate Republicans’ choice to question Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers, according to two people familiar with the decision.

      Mitchell, the sex crimes bureau chief for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office in Phoenix, is the leading candidate to query the two at Thursday’s highly anticipated hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to the individuals.

      A registered Republican, Mitchell has worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for 26 years.

  66. Bill Cosby Sentenced to State Prison for Drugging, Raping Woman
    Sept 25 2018

    Bill Cosby was sentenced Tuesday in Montgomery County, PA to state prison. Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison. Cosby, once the king of comedy, could possibly spend the rest of his life behind bars.

  67. On This Day In History: Treaty of York Was Signed – On Sep 25, 1237

    On September 25, 1237, the Treaty of York was signed at York between Henry III of England and Alexander II of Scotland.

    It confirmed that Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland were subject to English sovereignty, establishing the modern Anglo-Scottish border, which exists to this day.

    The signing of the treaty was one of the major events of the reign of Alexander II. It not only defined the border but also addressed other issues between the two Kings who had a bit of a history of making agreements with each other.

    Both kings respect previous writings not in conflict with this agreement, and any charters found regarding said counties to be restored to the King of England.


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he believed President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, would be confirmed to the lifetime position.

  69. Facebook stock faces ‘meaningful pressure’ after Instagram co-founders jump ship
    By Tomi Kilgore Published: Sept 25, 2018 3:30 p.m. ET
    Departure of Instagram co-founders was ‘surprising’ and ‘concerning,’ JPMorgan says
    Instagram co-founders Mike Krieger (left) and Kevin Systrom
    Shares of Facebook Inc. slumped Tuesday, with JPMorgan analyst Doug Anmuth saying the departures of Instagram’s co-founders were not only “surprising,” but also “concerning” for investors.
    Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, said in a statement that he and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger, were leaving after eight years at Instagram, and the last six years with the Facebook team, as they are “ready for our next chapter,” which includes exploring their curiosity and “building new things.”
    “We believe their departure comes as a surprise given Instagram’s success and its growing importance within Facebook,” Anmuth wrote in a note to clients. “We look for additional color in coming days and weeks, but in the near-term, we expect [Facebook] shares to come under meaningful pressure from the departures.”


  70. BOMBSHELL: Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein revealed to be a total FAKE… contains 14 glaring errors that could only be committed by a poorly educated writer Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by: Mike Adams

  71. War with Artificial Intelligence
    21 min

  72. It is no coincidence that President Trump has deliberately funded the U.S. Pentagon with its most massive budgets ever conceived. This is because the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under the direction of the Commander-In-Chief, President Trump.

    1. The true danger with this hype belief that Trump will arrest the Deep State is Self Evident by complete lack of progress on this front.
      Arresting them now would swing the election running off the Democrats bounce back, and rid the nation of their corruption pestilence. If so committed,he would have done it. Why wait and risk a weakened House? Or, is it just, a weak Presidency?
      Where are the arrests? Clinton is a walking front to decency and Democracy.
      Man or Mouse?

    2. The lack of arrests is disturbing.

    3. The lack of arrests is testimony to a weak President. Fact!

    4. Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to second-guess the man in the arena.

    5. . Netanyahu to meet Trump ahead of UN Security Council meeting on Iran, lets stay positive. Maybe after this meeting , then Trump will get permission to make these arrest. THERE IS HOPE GENTLEMEN. LETS make ISARHELL GREAT AGAIN.



  74. Sat Chit Ananda, Sat is that never changes, Truth, Absolute Being. Chit is consciousness. Ananda is bliss. Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

    Sat Chit Ananda, Sat is that never changes, Truth, Absolute Being. Chit is consciousness. Ananda is bliss. Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

  75. Brett Kavanaugh Vote Set for Friday
    September 26, 2018

    Grassley: "There is no reason to delay the hearing any further."

    On Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, denied requests by Democrats to delay the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Both Kavanuagh and his accuser, Dr. Chrstine Blasely Ford, are set to testify on Thursday in regards to her accusations of sexual misconduct while they were in high school.

    Grassley indicated any further delay would be unfair to Dr. Ford, due to the intense media and public scrutiny as well as the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who “has asked the Committee repeatedly for the chance to testify as soon as possible … We can no longer stand in the way of him presenting his testimony before the Committee.”

    Feinstein and fellow Democrats had asked for an additional delay so that accusations made by Deborah Ramirez in the New Yorker magazine, could be investigated by the FBI. Kavanaugh has denied those allegations as well.

    A vote for the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh in the Judiciary Committee has been set for Friday.

  76. p: Included are portions of the text describing the video.It's easier to read.

    Ford Advisor Revealed Plot To Take Down Kavanaugh In July Call
    Sept 21 2018

    Ever since Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) revealed that she had received a letter from Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape 36-years-ago, we have been asking why the allegations were not brought forward sooner. Why did Dr. Ford wait until Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump to make her claims? And why did Sen. Feinstein hold onto Ford’s letter for six weeks before making it public on the eve of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, when she had so many opportunities to address it before then?

    Now, we have our answer.

    In a July conference call to Democratic leaders, Ricki Seidman – a high-powered Democratic operative, former Clinton White House official, and current advisor to Christine Blasey Ford – laid out a strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

    “Over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said on the call. This was at the same time as Christine Blasey Ford sent her letter accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape to Sen. Diane Feinstein.

    To truly understand the significance of Seidman’s ominous statement, you must first know a bit about her background. Seidman, currently an executive at a public relations company, has worked for the Dukakis, Mondale, and Clinton campaigns for president, according to The Daily Caller. She also served as Joe Biden’s communications director when he was named as Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 election, and managed the confirmation of Obama’s Supreme Court justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

  77. He shouldn't be asking anybody for permission. The whole lot of them should be arrested, Nuremberg II'ed, hanged at dawn on National Television and be made mandatory reading in 5th grade on what never to do in a Republic.

  78. Women to Hold DC Rally IN SUPPORT of Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday at 8:30 AM
    Sept 25 2018


    The Kavanaugh support rally is being organized by the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, who have also launched a Women for Kavanaugh bus tour.

    “We have heard from many of you that you want to support Judge Kavanaugh in the face of these accusations. Please join Concerned Women for America on Capitol Hill this Thursday, September 27, 2018, 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. to support Judge Kavanaugh and Chairman Grassley,” the RSVP page on the website reads.

    The event will likely be contentious as Capitol Hill has been absolutely flooded with far-left protesters for weeks.

    Link for RSVP:


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