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  1. OWON: This is a bloody silly and offensive mad gesture. Sorry Guys he's an IDIOT! May should stamp him down. WIMP!

    Donald Trump baby balloon: Where to see the blimp during the President's UK visit

    1. My English friends dislike firearms, but they revere their archery.

    2. Trump may just have a little fun with this intended insult and turn it around on the Mayor of London. He does like free publicity and if he handles it right it can only help UK and US relations and put London's Mayor on notice. Quietly and thoroughly! )

    3. Good. The UK press will follow like attack dogs. Go for it.


  2. OWON: The resignation of Boris Johnson over Brexit virtually sticks it right up Teresa May and the EU. She hanging on the Cliff Edge now.

    What she is offering to placate the EU will not get PMs support. It's a sell out. STUPID and GUTLESS!

    Forget Barnier and the Irish whining. Who gives a Rats Ass?

    Why are we giving them tens of Bs? How about zero? We are we giving them 40% of our Fish Stocks? How about Zero? We have tens of Bs invested in the EU infrastructure and buildings. How about we demand it back?

    The EU demands we follow STUPID EU laws when we leave. Sure! 2 fingers to that.

    They demand if we walk we let their 4m stay here. How about NO, they go back! Let the EU keep them. It will cripple them.

    They demand we continue funding all EU projects with no return. How about NO?

    They demand we accept Illegals in, NO! Send the lot back. No paper, no case. No hearing. Or it never ends.

    No more free roaming when landed. Lock them up. Deport. Right back to France or Holland or Belgium. Let them sort their borders.

    We are we still funding our Troops in Germany defending them. They should pay, not us. Cut the costs. See how Germany copes then.

    This May Brexit offer is a Sell out. A gutless Wimp the Civil Servants are running all over her. David Davis is a lazy, inept Thick Brexit Oaf Minister. He's done a lousy job. The EU are playing him as a Fool. So he's no loss. Johnson lost all support backing her yesterday. Now he's panicked and resigned. He's too Wet to be a PM. Can Theresa May get though the next 3 months? Snipers firing every day?

    The party is a shambles of very low grade members now. Greasy ego trippers. The bar is low. Labour is far worse. Commeth the hour, and it's NOW, Who? Johnson or Rees Mogg?

    Labour too dreadful to think about.

    Boris is a bumbling Buffoon but appeals to the Plebs. Rees Mogg far smarter, but distant from the voting plebs.

    Which other slippery Weasels will try?

    This will have a huge impact on the US if the UK dump the EU and Euro, the US will have to prop it up. It will cascade debts.

    Trump needs to keep May afloat next week or build a bridge to her successor. Fast. Or all the Kings horses, and all the Kings Men, will not be able to put this silly Numpty together again

    Boris Johnson tells PM she is suffocating Brexit 'dream'

    1. Looks like Rees-Moog for PM,2/1 odds May is gone this week...Farage will cover Rees-Moog' back?

    2. Of course we'll have to wait and see if the Queen Mother surrenders to Trump... Which would end all the silliness.

    3. Queen Elizabeth I, the curren Queen Elizabeth II's mother, died in 2002. There is currently no Queen Mother, so "surrender" is highly unlikely.

  3. Jack Burkman, a Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who has worked with a private investigative team to solve the Seth Rich murder mystery, told The Gateway Pundit that the witness has conclusive evidence that will bring Rich’s killers to justice within a month.

    “We believe that we have reached the beginning of the end of the Seth Rich murder investigation,” Burkman told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview Sunday. “After two long hard years of work, we have a witness who is prepared to identify the two killers of Seth Rich. One is reportedly a current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, the other is reportedly a current ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agent”

    The witness, who “fears for his life,” will be accompanied by armed guards and disguise his identity as he details how two employees of the United States government killed Seth in a press conference slated for Tuesday.

    1. I am sure I remember reading somewhere shortly after Rich died, that two people were killed in a shoot out in Myrtle Beach, SC in front of a hotel. Whoever wrote it claimed that the two killed were hired to kill Rich. Was about a week after Rich was shot.

  4. TRTRUMP will prevail, as usually assumed by me anyways.....LMAO

  5. Very interesting post by Jordon Sather. Really enjoyed the speculation on Bill and Hillary. How stupid is he to let himself be photographed with that book in his lap? Oh well, nothing new there. The remainder of the video seems to be relevant too.

    1. I saw this video. I wonder if these two aren't look-alikes"?

      I wondered why they weren't yapping it up with supporters.

      Then I wondered where their security detail was.

      And the book.

    2. Arizona, was wondering the same things when watched Jordan's video. Bill looked pretty good actually for him. That and the book had me wondering!
      Look a likes?

    3. Very good questions guys, however, according to past intel/rumors.... If we are to believe that stuff, they are both dead and what we are viewing are clones. Who else would be so stupid as to have such a book in their lap on a commercial airliner ??? LOL

  6. p: 18 elite cave divers from around the world, 100 support people and 20 hours to reset the oxygen bottles in the cave so what is needed can be had when needed. They hope to get at least 4 out and possibly the 5th and last person remaining their next attempt. CBS Evening news

    Effort to soon resume to rescue remaining trapped boys in Thai cave
    July 9 2018

    1. p: From earlier today, footage of some of the difficulties involved. 90 divers involved, many in support positions.

      Former Navy SEAL on Thailand cave rescue efforts
      July 9 2018

  7. Donald Trump names Brett Kavanaugh as supreme court nominee
    July 9 2018


    Donald Trump on Monday nominated Brett Kavanaugh, 53, to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

    The nomination will set in motion an acrimonious and expensive confirmation process that is likely to turn on how he handles questions about Roe v Wade.

    Conservative groups have already launched what will collectively be a multi-million dollar campaign in support of Trump’s nominee.

    Democrats’ strategy for blocking Kavanaugh’s confirmation hinges on keeping their caucus unified in opposition and persuading two pro-choice Republican senators to join them.

    All eyes will be on a handful of moderate Republicans and Democrats who are under immense pressure from activists of both parties.

    In the coming weeks, Kavanaugh will meet with the senators in anticipation of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  8. Encouraging news on cave rescues.

    Final mission underway

    Michael Safi

    If everything goes to plan, by end of the day, no Wild Boars will be left inside the cave.

    “You have seen the rain so you might be wondering – preparation for the third operation has been underway since early morning,” said Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre coordinating the operation.

    He said the first 19 divers involved in today’s operation were sent in around 10.08am, with more to enter gradually throughout the day.

    Torrential rain overnight had not affected conditions for the rescue, he said, it was hoped the rescue could proceed even faster than yesterday’s.

    “The first day we spent 11 hours, yesterday we spent nine hours, [today] we hope we can do it faster or the same as yesterday.”

    “If everything goes right, we will see four kids and a doctor and Seals that have stayed with the kids will all come out,” he said. “Four plus one coach, so it’s five.”

    Condition of rescued boys in the hospital:

    Michael Safi

    “When [the first four] arrived, they went through all necessary health checks include blood tests, lung X-rays, heart, eye and mental tests,” said Dr Jesada Chokedamrongsuk, from the Thai ministry of public health.

    The boys were set up with IV drips and antibiotics and given vaccines for tetanus and rabies.

    “When the first group came, their temperatures were low,” he said. “Two of them showed irregularities in their lungs. One had a wound on the right ankle.

    “[But] now they have no fever and can do their normal activities,” he said.

    “For the second lot of patients arriving last night,whose ages range from 12-14, they arrived with very low body temperature, and one of them had a low heart rate,” he said.

    “Doctors have treated the boys and now all of them are okay and cheerful. They talk normally. No fever. We’ve started giving them “medical food” this morning.”

    1. Thanks Cal L Girl and all for keeping this live. They matter.
      As a team hou all do.
      Hundreds are focused now. Hope.Humanity at its best. So refreshing.

      Let's hope that concurrent to this the PPs kick start. It won't be for lack of focus or effort.
      The hugely complex dynamic of the Elders vast assets are in play but it's got huge time variances inter mixing greed and logistics. This is no overnight fast fix. East meets West, and vast Culture differences. It takes time. It owes no one. We alone are funding it. We alone have got it so far. Be assured this is a Harrison Ford Indiana Jones series of sequels in live monthly play. All the characters, but smarter! Nothing is easy. Once achieved it can help so many.

    2. Let’s hope agreements are made and at least one thing happens.

    3. I agree Roger. Let’s get this rolling for once and for all! Assuming safety is accomplished the other aspects (because of its nature) will never be perfect but my God needed NOW!!!

    4. We deal with this 24 x 7 but dont go Public. Every day huge focus is on. No one is closer. WE know the needs, but Human Kind, are sometimes not, and Agendas have to be cross negotiated. Chans are no Angels of Mercy. That is its own Molotov Cocktail. The West has a lot to answer for. Bush and Co looted Asia.

      They neither forgive, nor forget, so Diplomacy takes its time. Trust is key, and sensitive steps. Between the Brits Opium Wars, and the US just Zio Thieves or Military Whores, we don't exactly come as Greeks bearing gifts. Seduction of Rape victims. We know how they feel.

      It's all In PLAY. That's all we can say. In the background every day is very Real Time. Cleaning up the shit from those who should be doing time.
      Now it's our time and our Dime.
      What is time?

    5. Even if y'all were Greeks bearing gifts, there's that pesky Trojan horse episode!

    6. Tino,
      LOL! Happy to see your illness has not dampened your keen sense of humor. Hope you’re feeling much better.

  9. Texian, In the last comment section, you mentioned Valdi. I have thought about him every so often since he left. He was so much fun in here. I hope he is well. Wishing he would come back.

    1. Biffie,
      If Valdi is still reading this blog, perhaps he’ll be encouraged to chime in. I always appreciated his sage words.

  10. Donald Tusk EU Leader ahead of next weeks NATO meeting warns Trump, Respect you Allies, YOU don't have many left!
    Be assured, if he starts mouthing off in the EU, they will pack him off.
    NATO really in no longer a big issue to the world. Its time is up. Trump is right stop funding it, stop spending. Let the EU fund it. Simply go home? You ARE the cause of NATO wars.

    Sweden has major Gang and Gang War problems with riots. All bloody Illegals! Why give a Pig a new sty if it just craps in it? Seal the Goddam borders! Let them in, Crime soars, Rapes ae off the map. What is wrong with you?

    Hope for today the Thai kids are all out safe. So many Divers stayed with them overnight. Just hope the last do not panic during that dreadful journey out or we will lose them. So close, say safe, and a massive debt to all who helped. So many nations there. All as one. One World of all Nations.
    Is there now space to seal 1 M Zios in there?

  11. Kavanaugh as a Non Jew Supreme. God will they try to block that. Open minds? What next?

  12. Thai cave rescue - LIVE: 13th and final member of football team freed from cave as unlikely mission is complete
    July 10 2018

    All 12 boys and their coach have now been extracted from the flooded cave system in northern Thailand, after a third consecutive day of rescue operations appeared to be going well.

    Divers entered the cave in Thailand where the last four boys and their football coach remained trapped this morning, hoping to complete a final mission to bring out all five today. That has now been achieved.

    Acting Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osatanakorn, who is leading the operation, said the international rescue team entered the cave at 10.08am this morning (4.08am BST). The first ambulances were then seen leaving the cave at around 4.30pm local time.

    Live Updates
    3 minutes ago
    The Navy SEALS also confirm that the team of four divers who have been assisting the boys for the past week - three SEALs and a doctor - are still on their way out of the cave.
    7 minutes ago
    Breaking: Thai Navy SEALs confirm all boys and their coach have been rescued.

  13. Replies
    1. All 12 youth football players and their coach have now been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand, following a three-day operation.

      The final four school boys and their coach, who had been trapped in the Tham Luang Cave in Chiang Rai for 18 days, were carried out on stretchers to waiting ambulances on Tuesday afternoon.

      Among those extracted today is the youngest member of the team, 11-year-old Chanin Wiboonrungruang, whose nickname is Titan.

      The governor of the rescue mission had previously said Tuesday's operation would be more difficult than the previous two days, due to the increased number of people who need to be evacuated.

      Following the last boys and their 25-year-old coach will be four Thai Navy SEALs - including a medic - who have been staying with the group since they were discovered huddled together on a muddy ledge 2,620ft (800 metres) underground on July 2.

      The Thai Navy SEALs confirmed the successful rescue on their official Facebook page, writing: '12 wild boars and coach out of the cave. Everyone is safe. Now just waiting to pick up four frogs. Hooyah.'

    2. Let's hope all is good for the Frogs also. Great men. To a man.
      Yes, it's united the world. We are all, and need to be, One.

  14. Those boys, their coach and all involved in their rescue have done a tremendous service to humanity. They have focused our compassion and hope as a global nation, which has deep follow on effects. Differences forgotten.

    1. AJ,
      Absolutely shows the “impossible” can be done with all pulling together. What a wonderful, jubilant feeling to awaken to this news today! Thailand is the “land of the smiles” and I can imagine the beautiful smiles across Thailand and around the planet with this news. I spent a little over two weeks in Thailand years ago and was so impressed with the spirit and talents of the Thai people.

      Still awaiting news of safe exit of all divers and the doctor....

    2. And there is a lesson in this relative to transhumanism.

      Which is why the Elite Cabal-selected transhumanism plan has to be nipped in the bud. We do it in bootstrap mode to bring everyone out of the mortality caves, one for all - all for one, or we might as well table it. Invariably the first transhumanists will be expensive, but as I often point out, if you give me an IQ of 800 (the true logical maximum, I'll believe trancendentalist Akashic record access when I see it) and I can think say 100x faster (another probable short term limit) AND I live to 500 -- guess what? I can actually afford the "mortgage" on my life for the cost of transhumanism. That's why this whole only-for-the-Elite approach due to "cost" is totally stupid. Also, for all the first enhanced, their duty is to figure out how to catastrophically collapse the cost so the rest can follow.

  15. Tino

    For a generation or two, the rest won't follow. It will be selective but then how do we plan the future with racehorses versus carthorses.
    Great if your a pre enhanced racehorse .that cart gets damned heavy if not.

    But if we don't enhance who stops the Elites and Zios? Every Zio will have his Bar Mitzvah retrack.we need to outcompete that .
    One idea is offering them the electric chair of knowledge discount prices just for them. Bloody good thing electric!

    1. And that is where we differ. So far we have always thought in terms of linear diffusion processes. We don't have to where transhumanism is concerned. We can think in terms of exponential processes and you can move most of humanity to the next level in 10-20 years.

      Take an idiot, enhance, he is now a super-genius. Re-engineer a few diseased genes and his upkeep is minimal. He is now a super-productive member of society.

      I hear the concern re: Zios and other malfeasants, but stupid behavior doesn't scale properly. In the moment of enhancement all the Zio chicanery becomes transparent and trust goes to zero. So it solves that as well.

      As to the planning, we are confronted with singularity. But this is where a new philosophy of living, whether Ethereal or Neo-Tech or other Self-Leadership, will emerge and can be used to aim the population.

    2. How about we start by using the 90% of the brain that lies dormant.

      You want to jump right over that and go to cybernetics. IF we were meant to be robots, we would be born this way.

      Through advanced meditation and study of vibration and energy we will be able to heal ourselves. Every cell in our body already regenerates.

      Focus on the Telomeres and you will have your solution without GMO enhancement.

      By the way, this is a plan of the Brotherhood so by supporting it you are supporting those that wish to enslave you...much like you see in the Matrix. Bags of energy strapped to lifelines.

      Strange but true.

    3. JV,

      Are you familiar with C60 in oil and the benefit to Telomeres?

      Sara Westall interview.

      Top NASA Scientist Explains Benefits

      Live Longer Labs and C60 Research

    4. Yes, but what is C60?

      Alot of these manmade synthetics are toxic.

      Side effects...long term?

      I believe long term meditation also preserves and lengthens telomere lifespan.

      It is interesting. Have you used this?

    5. C60 is carbon 60 fullerene molecule. In powder form it's infused with Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil or others such as avocado, coconut, sunflower oils as the carrier to distribute throughout your body, crossing the blood-brain barrier.

      Side effects: depends on your own body's oil preference when consumed. I'm comfortable with olive oil but some people get a stinging sensation on the back of their throat when consumed or a stomach queasiness, so they use another oil.

      Long term side effects: In its conclusion, the study states that “C60 should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan“.
      In an interview, the lead researcher, Professor Fathi Moussa, said that C60 is “absolutely not toxic” “even taken long term”.

      My family (self, son, husband) have used this orally for 6 months daily. I also apply it topically. Started with 1 teaspoon per day and have scaled up to 1 tablespoon at night before bedtime. That's what many recommend. We eat an apple after consuming which provides hydrogen to further activate through the body. None of us are on any medication and are very healthy, but have noticeable improvement in our vision (reading smaller print without glasses), joint aches and arthritic pain lessen, extra energy. Overall feeling of alertness and well-being. I also use a small amount daily topically for skin improvements - wrinkles, dark spots, noticeably lessened and disappearing. Skin really soft.

      Here are links for additional information.

      Benefits of Carbon 60

      Research and FAQs

      C60 in olive oil mediated life extension: Scientific discussions

      It can get expensive, so there are instructions below on purchasing the C60 powder and making your own which I've just started doing. Very easy.

      Making your own C60 on K Elmer youtube channel.

      K Elmer C 60

      I too believe in meditation for health and have been successful in a few ways for myself and others.

  16. 6,
    Brexit is dead – strangled at the weekend by Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabal of Remainer cronies.
    It was a brilliant coup, masterfully conducted with a sadist’s attention to detail.

    All the ministers in the Cabinet were hauled up to Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country residence, where their phones were confiscated, as though they were naughty children. Then the stubbornly pro-Brexit ones who were rightly disgusted by the shaming sell-out deal May had cobbled together with her virulently Remainer civil servants were given the same choice Rommel was in 1944: cyanide pill or slow career death.

    The cyanide pill option would have involved resigning immediately on principle: but then being ritually humiliated by having their official car confiscated and having to walk to the train station via the mile-long drive, or catch a cab, with a £67,000 pay cut.
    A letter to each minister, leaked to the press, warned them of this beforehand. Petty, but given how vain ministers are, very effective.

    None of the leading Brexiteers present – not Michael Gove, not even Boris Johnson whose last chance this was to establish himself as the credible voice of the Leave resistance – chose to do the decent thing. (Though Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned since, as has his brilliant and principled junior minister Steve Baker – one of the unsung heroes of the Leave campaign).

  17. Apparently Donald Tusk is all upset with Pres Trump. Too bad, so sad. Pres Trump is acting in the interests of the AMERICAN people. At long last we have a president interested in correcting problems for America. Trade is one of them. Get used to it. How about spending half the energy solving your own damn problems instead of whining? Too bad Trump didn’t cancel UK and EU portion of trip until such time as London and Brussels can get their emotions under control. It appears the EU is only an ally if we’re paying the bills? That’s not an ally...that’s a doormat!

    EU Council Chief’s Riposte To Trump: Respect The Allies You Have


  19. Great News!!!

    Last three Thai navy divers and medic have also left cave

    Three navy seals and a doctor, who had been with the boys, emerged safely from the cave several hours later.

    The four boys and their coach rescued on Tuesday have been airlifted to hospital to join their eight teammates rescued on Sunday and Monday.

    The news has been greeted by global jubilation and the rescue workers have been lauded by world leaders. Donald Trump tweeted “great job” and Theresa May said: “The world was watching and will be saluting the bravery of all those involved.”

    The Thai navy Seals, who have been running the operation, confirmed that all 13 were out. “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what”, the Seals said on their Facebook page.

    1. Thank you Calgirl. Amazing.

    2. Amazing how easily the world can come together to solve problems when the politicians are side lined! I'm so glad the kids are safe. The people of Northern Thailand are an absolute joy. So peaceful and kind. I haven't been to Chiang Rai but I have been to Chiang Mai twice. Its absolute heaven up there - cool, clean, mountainous, green, beautiful food, lots of water and waterfalls, fabulous boutique hotels. Stunning place. They deserve this happy ending.

  20. Fantastic!! Hammonds pardoned by Pres. Trump

    President Trump pardons Oregon ranchers whose plight led to refuge occupation

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday pardoned two eastern Oregon ranchers serving time in federal prison for setting fire to public land in a case that inflamed their supporters and gave rise to the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

    The decision will free Dwight Hammond Jr., 76, and son Steven Hammond, 49, convicted in 2012 of arson on Harney County land where they had grazing rights for their cattle. They were ordered back to prison in early 2016 to serve out five-year sentences.

    "The Hammonds are devoted family men, respected contributors to their local community and have widespread support from their neighbors, local law enforcement and farmers and ranchers across the West,'' the White House said in a prepared statement. "Justice is overdue for Dwight and Steven Hammond, both of whom are entirely deserving of these Grants of Executive Clemency.''

    Susie Hammond, Dwight's wife and Steven's mother, said she was sound asleep Tuesday morning and awakened by a call from U.S. Rep. Greg Walden. "He said it's a done deal, the papers were signed,'' she recalled. "We've been waiting a long time. I think it's wonderful.''

    Read more at site.

    1. Awesome. I was hoping he would.

    2. Thank you Calirl, I posted it below also. Was gone most of yesterday and am only catching up now. Was lucky to see one of my sons and his girlfriend. It had been two years since seeing anyone of the kiddos. They asked for the red pill . It may 10 years next time!

      This is such great news for the Hammonds! ) God Bless President Trump! )

  21. Another Win for America.

    Now we need justice for LaVoy Finicum!

    The Trump train keeps moving forward. MAGA


    1. Good news for all of them.

    2. Cliven Bundy! We need them fully free and clear as well.

    3. Hopefully Cliven Bundy is on the list. Roger Stone has become involved and probably has some influence with Pres. Trump.


    Biffie: Interesting points and discussion.

  23. Who’s destroying England and Western Europe?
    by Jon Rappoport

    July 10, 2018

    As the “British Exit (Brexit)” stalls in the UK, Italy picks up the torch of resistance…

    UK: “What’s Next For Brexit: Charting All The Possible Scenarios”

    Italy: “[Government] to block naval vessels carrying migrants from docking: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini”

    Germany: “[Conservative] AfD [Party] sues Merkel over migrant crisis: The chancellor can’t act like a dictator”

    Poland: “[…] Politician Warns Of Europe’s ‘Degenerate Liberalism'”

    June 4, 2017

    NOTE: Watch Paul Watson’s shocking video, The Truth about ‘Refugees’

    “Here’s a great idea, boys. Gather around. We’re going to build, on top of every national government on the European continent, another government, bigger, more bloated, more corrupt, more powerful. Who’ll notice? Who’ll care?”

    “Terrific. Love it. But ultimately we’ll need to destroy all those separate countries and rule the whole continent as one entity. We can do that, yes. We’ll open all borders and let in a massive flow of immigrants and erase national identities. Terror attacks will multiply. We’ll put a lid on talking about immigrants as the cause of the terror. Call it hate speech. We’ll train the population of Europe to accept terrorism as part of the glorious future. It makes no logical sense, but so what? No top-down ideology ever made sense. We’ll preach unlimited tolerance and love. We’ll be a de facto Church of sorts. We’ll hypnotize the whole continent…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

    As I was writing this article, multiple terror attacks were launched in London. To say the human destruction “once again raised the question of immigration” would be a vast understatement.

    In the run-up to the Brexit vote in 2016, immigration came to the fore as the key issue. But of course, the European Union has a policy of opening borders of all member countries.

    The EU wants one continent, no separate countries—and the way to achieve that is by creating a massive flood of migrants. Destroy traditions and cultures that define countries. In the process, accept terrorism as “inevitable.” Don’t talk or write about the actual effects of immigration. That would be “hate speech.” Keep eyes and mouth shut, and march straight ahead into a future of one European continent ruled from above by the EU.

    Ever since the UK vote to leave the unelected, terminally corrupt, and rotting edifice known as the European Union, stall tactics and threats have been launched at Brits.

    First it was, “It’s going to take a long time to untangle the UK from the EU, it’s very complicated.” Actually, that tactic was predated by Prince Obama traveling to England to warn the population they’d stand at the back of the line in forming separate trade deals with the US, if they left the EU. It’s called interfering in the political affairs of another nation. Now it’s the EU and Queen Merkel beating the UK to the punch by plotting trade deals with India and China, in order to leave the British out in the cold.

    But the basic question is, Is Britain a nation? Does it exist? It’s a question citizens are supposed to answer. Not Merkel, Obama, or the EU.

    This issue, in case it’s unclear, is all about Globalism. According to that totalitarian political philosophy, of which the EU is a standard bearer, there are no nations. There are only mega-corporations and banks.

    As the recently departed guru of the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote in 1969, “[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state.”

    This is not only a political and economic statement, it’s a prescriptive piece of psychological advice: Stop thinking of yourself as a citizen of a country; you’re a global citizen; you exist and function at the pleasure of a new collaborative international order.


    1. Cont’d....

      And the new order will triumph. Bow your heads and accept it.

      Unless people get up on their hind legs and say no, which is what happened in the 2016 Brexit vote.

      Defection. Decentralization. Independence.

      Hideous words to the ears of Globalists.

      Their basic strategy, since the end of World War 2, has been to spin a highly complex network of political and economic relationships, from one end of the world to the other—a labyrinth—from which escape is seen as virtually impossible.

      Trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT are only part of this system. The EU itself keeps churning out thousands of rules, regulations, and laws.

      Build the maze; put national governments and populations in the maze.

      Then more or less claim the planet would collapse without the maze.

      European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker just issued a “maze statement” to President Trump after Trump rejected the Globalist Paris Climate (non-) Treaty: “Europe’s duty is to say: it’s not like that. The Americans can’t just leave the climate protection agreement. Mr. Trump believes that [he can] because he doesn’t know the details…We tried to explain that to Mr. Trump [at the G7 Summit] in Taormina [Sicily, Italy] in clear German sentences. It seems that our attempt failed, but the law is the law, and it must be obeyed. Not everything which is law and not everything in international agreements is fake news, and we have to comply with it.”

      Supremely arrogant, Juncker was winging it and writing his own script, because, in fact, the US didn’t sign on to a treaty in Paris. Obama tried to unilaterally bind the US to the climate pact, when a two-third’s vote by the US Senate is actually required for such international agreements. And no Senate vote was taken.

      But this is the EU’s preemptive attitude toward defection, decentralization, and independence.

      In the case of Brexit, climate change wasn’t the issue. Immigration was. The EU tried its best to chastise England for daring to insist unlimited numbers of migrants might be too many. “You’re in the maze, stay in the maze.”

      And there is another vector of attack being launched at England: reminders the nation is evil for its colonial practices, which can never, ever be erased. But the covert leaders in that propaganda effort, the EU and its Globalist bosses, feel entitled in their own attempt to colonize the whole planet. “Your colonizing was bad, ours is good.”

      With an annual budget in the vicinity of $100 billion, the EU is intractably corrupt and incompetent. It’s estimated that $5 billion a year is stolen from that budget. As for the other $95 billion, what is it for? Nations can govern themselves. The EU could disappear tomorrow and no one would catch a cold. The entire bloated structure, employing between 30 and 50 thousand people (depending on how far the count is extended) is a vast boondoggle.

      More at link:

    2. There goes Jon bringing it once again. Great article.

  24. Seth Rich info coming out would be awesome. He was a patriot in my book. Another one alive is Craig Sawyer, and I hope his documentaries get made soon!


  25. OWON: Right now watching May is like watching a Goldfish slipped into a Piranha bowl. May is not delivering Brexit. She is clueless and a Wimp.

    Rees Mogg would be the best choice. He's not afraid to tell the EU to shove it. Borris has a few marbles loose.

    Try not to smirk too much, Boris: Johnson poses for picture of himself signing his lengthy resignation letter as he accuses May of letting 'Brexit dream die'... and Jacob Rees-Mogg says he will make a 'brilliant' Prime Minister


  26. OWON: An interesting move by Trumps team on Kim if true. How to win a North Korean mind war.

    President Trump showed this video to Kim Jong Un

    1. There's an extraordinary series of seven fifteen minute videos by a young Australian kid on a seven day "guided tour" of North Korea filmed in June 2018 - so last month.

      His video tag is Indigo Traveller (which, if you know anything about the "Indigo children", will make you smile).


  27. JOHN,
    Is a public currency RV on hold now, or are we still on week to week standby mode?

    1. Week by week it's that tight huge pressure is on they can only lie so long

    2. More pressure the better.Arresting Bathouse Barry would probably move things along nicely, eh? LOL.

    3. Yes, BUT, the Clintons, Bushes,Cheney,Greenspan, Obama and all ex Treasury Secretaries, are shameful crooks, and Teflon. The system is rotten to the core.
      The Supremes all knew Obama was a lying crook. None moved. Justice?
      In America? National pride, where honour has died?


    4. Fair enough. All deserving jail at minimum. Too many to list in the US.

      But the US is not alone.

      Tell me where is the national pride or honour in this? ... lol

      PENSION PERKS Tony Blair has got £800k in pension already even though he only turned 65 this week

    5. Here's what the political pigs at the trough receive from Australian taxpayers

  28. Judicial Watch today released 224 pages of documents containing nearly 1,000 summaries of Significant Incident Reports (SIRs) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) processed during the Obama administration included admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers.

    The documents, from the HHS Administration for Children and Families reported to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), are for the approximate six-month period May to November 2014. The reports Include 1,000 ‘Significant Incident Reports,’ revealing UAC ‘refugees’ admitting to murder for drug cartels, prostitution, and sexual predation.

    These reports also cite incidents of U.S. government contractors/employees allegedly assaulting unaccompanied alien children.

    1. Good that I looked...this was my next post. Stunning, sick information that has certainly been “rumored” many times.

  29. Michael McGibbons research team has discovered that Britain is still in control of “the colonies.” Following the money, corporations and the election machines has shown that Britain controls elections in at least 60 countries. Imagine that....oh, my, the tangled web of deceit.

    1. Australia has always and only ever had elections via paper ballots and every person 18 years and over registered as a permanent resident MUST vote in state and federal elections. Municipal elections are exempt from compulsory voting. Australia is a former colony of Britain, so a fact check is required on this video.

  30. I think I might have or an missing it. Last week John said this huge bombshell report was coming out, I haven't/didn't/ don't see It?

  31. Trump scolded! Great job Trump. He look terrific. Germany looked like they crapped there pants. MAGA

  32. The Day Ashtar Spoke to Earth

    "John Winston writes: It seems that Ashtar had something to say to us in [1971], in a television broadcast from the the Ascended Masters, represented by the Ashtar Command.

    Apparently they have made approaches to world leaders. Shortly after the deployment of nuclear weapons in World War II, the American Government received a communication from the Ashtar Command. This warned against any further development of atomic energy.

    The Ashtar Command made no offer of technology. Citing that we were spiritually unable to handle that which we already possessed, they believed we would use any new technology to destroy ourselves."

    "In England, for example, the “E.T. Phone Earth” occurred at 9:10 p.m. on Jan. 8, 1971 while Rex Dutta was broadcasting. The conversation with the Ashtar Command was recorded, and the transcript was published in 1972 in Rex Dutta’s book, Flying Saucer Message. The Ashtar Command also spoke over the early evening television news in southeast England. This occurred on Nov. 26, 1977."
    Ashtar's message began:
    “We speak to you now in peace and wisdom, as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over your planet Earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world, so that you may communicate to your fellow beings, the course you must take to avoid the disasters, which threaten your world, and the beings in our worlds around you."

    Further in:
    "“Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. For many years, your scientists, governments and generals have not heeded our warnings. They have continued to experiment with the evil forces of what you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the Earth, and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment. The wastes from atomic power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come."


  33. I've read that before but thanks for the reminder.

    I'm so glad Australia has avoided nuclear power supplies and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. "Nuclear" has always seemed soooo unevolved to me.

  34. I mentioned the need to temper the language of hate in a comment made after the last major article was posted. It concerns me greatly because it affects society in ways that encourage intolerance, violence and fear.

    Here's a really tragic example of that kind of behaviour.‘go-back-to-your-country’/ar-AAzU2HC?ocid=spartandhp

    Embedded in the article is a report from "Department of Justice" which "released its recent hate crime statistics, reported by KCRA. The 2017 California report, which was the first published since President Trump took office, evinced an uptick of more than 17 percent, with anti-Hispanic and anti-Latino crimes soaring over 50 percent last year".

    There's no need for anyone to comment on the article. I just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the collective.


    1. Unfortunately, the MSM is main perpetrator in this mindset. By reporting on isolated incidents as if they were a common occurrence. This creates a polarizing effect. Without these perimeter influences, the vast majority of humanity are not predicated to such behavior and find it abhorrent.

  35. Ah, but you raise an excellent point.

    The rallying cry "They have to go back" is spreading across Europe and across the SouthWestern United States. It does not escape the notice of many that the "Posterity" quoted in the Constitution doesn't mean Islamic, Latino or Hispanic. And the plot has been in motion since the Immigration Acts of the 1960s.

    Currently, contrary to the MSM media's statements, each immigrant is presently a net loss to the hosting country. The current 'migrations' have nothing natural about them -- it's all blackguard driven -- from the Usual Suspects as part of the "increase stress on the systems" policy.

    In the United States, Minnesota and Michigan are probable write-off States unless we immediately expel their Muslim populations. And it's coming. Sharia is incompatible with Western-style republics and democracies.

    So expect much, much more, all across the spectrum.

    1. Well, there's that. And I must admit that Australians are generally insulated against race hate and the Muslim/Sharia Law issues because a former PM closed the borders in about 2001. The hatred dished out towards to old man in the article however is, to me, shocking.

  36. Sigh. Lifted from Slashdot.

    An article currently on Ars Technica examines comments about net neutrality issues by recent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh not only rejects the FCC's reclassification of ISPs under Title II, but seems to also support a broad First Amendment right to "editorial control," allowing ISPs to selectively block, filter, or modify transmitted data.

    Kavanaugh compares ISPs to cable TV operators, rather than phone companies. "Deciding whether and how to transmit ESPN and deciding whether and how to transmit are not meaningfully different for First Amendment purposes."
    Here's what Ars Technica had to say about Kavanaugh's argument, which did not address the business differences between cable TV and internet service: "Cable TV providers generally have to pay programmers for the right to carry their channels, and cable TV providers have to fit all the channels they carry into a limited amount of bandwidth. At least for now, major internet providers don't offer a set package of websites -- they just route users to whichever sites the users are requesting. ISPs also don't have to pay those websites for the right to 'transmit' them, but ISPs have argued that they should be able to demand fees from websites."

    The report also mentions Kavanaugh's support of NSA surveillance: "In November 2015, Kavanaugh was part of a unanimous decision when the DC Circuit denied a petition to rehear a challenge to the NSA's bulk collection of telephone metadata. Kavanaugh was the only judge to issue a written statement, which said that '[t]he Government's collection of telephony metadata from a third party such as a telecommunications service provider is not considered a search under the Fourth Amendment.' Even if this form of surveillance constituted a search, it wouldn't be an 'unreasonable' search and therefore it would be legal, Kavanaugh also wrote."

    1. TINO BK has an interesting history if we dig into the bowels of DC. He worked for Ken Starr and 43. His wife also worked for 43. He has a lot of dirt under his finger nails. He was/is SES also. It looks like Trump ahd to select his due to getting support from old guard. There is a pattern of letting people resign before they get indicted as in Justice AK. My intel is high quality water cooler intel! On the surface this scares the crap out of me but wait.... There are 2 more Supremes that will visit the wood shed to help them decide on departure. BK is therefore a place holder that will get a key decision or more related to MTs and similar ... He is known to suck up and do what he's asked to do. Pres Trump needs one like him in there now and he is the most likely to get through the Senate whorehouse. (no offense intended to women of the evening) This is 5D chess at its best.....I Pray!

    2. Thank you Bob. As always, reality is what we need to look at!

    3. Bob,
      Was wondering about that appointment. He does appear to be a rather political operative vs an independent judge just interested in Constitution. Let’s keep our ๐Ÿ‘€ on how this all rolls out! Thanks as always for your insight!

    4. Bob I'm glad you differentiated those with a strong work ethic from those in Congress.

    5. Kavanaugh is skull and bones, I believe and a Bush boy.

    6. Kavanaugh is imperfect ... however, to quote LBJ or Nixon; "He may be an SOB but he is our SOB". Stated more appropriately in current terms .... possible understanding to enable MT's and repairs for our Constitution. BK's skills say he know how to favor Constitution is decisions and he is know to follow overall direction. Now look at the Senate-swamp sewer = >30% of these clowns are culpable for serious crimes including treason = Dianne, Harry, Chuckie, Johnny-boy (dishonor inc.) Flake, Corker, Boxer, Harris and several others. Water cooler intel suggests 2 more Supremes in this term of President Trump. He is brilliant (sorry John) but it is a lot easier to excel when you are surrounded and supported by the best of the best (WE KNOW THIS FOR A FACT) good-great things happen. I am uber optimistic! The real good stuff in under the radar a lot but seeping upward and the swamp recedes! and for Tim .... GCR is on track! On a personal not f^*k all those negative and double-triple f all you traitors out there!

  37. Breaking: Rowan Atkinson is throwing his hat in the ring now that May is on the ropes:

    1. AJ,

      Well you reeled me in on that one and now I’m hooked! I didn’t know Rowan Atkinson....but SOLD! He should cut right through the PC! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ oh no you didn't know about Mr Bean? He has a wicked sense of humour, glad you had a laugh. 'Now that we've got the recipe...' ๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. The Brits love laughing at themselves. Its a national sport and it keeps them united.

  38. John must be a very busy man.... Brexit, PP's, Elders coming, Trump coming, RVs, and puting together info for articles, plus posting here, along with what im not listing!...


    'Nuff said.

  40. What a waste of everyone’s time! Absolutely NOTHING! Is Judge Sullivan up to the task of cutting through the Mueller CRAP in this case...Contreas certainly wasn’t...

    Transcript of Hearing – USA v. General Michael Flynn

    1. Of course it's a waste of time. The Prez needs to step up and eviscerate Mueller and the Usual Suspects. They have the evidence, they can get overwhelming evidence, and technically it should all be military tribunal so we can get it over in 6 to 12 weeks.

    2. Tino, that ain’t happening! Isn’t the press with the Deep State? I’m sure they’re focused on George Clooney’s motorcycle accident.

    3. Wasn't an accident. They tried to bump him off.

    4. Clooney is bought and paid for by the deep state. Why do you think they wanted to bump him off?

    5. Not a clue, but the mechanics of the accident don't pass the smell test. Clooney would have had to be a true blithering moron not to see the vehicle making the turn.

    6. Not his first accident. Last time he broke a rib.

      And then there is this

    7. Perhaps he really is a someone who shouldn't be out on his own without a leash... then again, looking at the company he keeps. Contrast that with DJT who met Epstein once and then banned him and all associates from his businesses and Mar-A-Lago....

  41. ๐Ÿฟ ๐Ÿšจ

    ARREST HER NOW! Lisa Page Lied — Her Team DID REVIEW Requested Documents at FBI on Tuesday

  42. p: Thank you President Trump for pardoning the Hammonds yesterday! )

    Oregon ranchers pardoned by Trump arrive in Burns via private jet
    July 11 2018

    BURNS -- Harney County ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, fresh from federal prison following a pardon by President Donald Trump, stepped off a private jet at Burns Municipal Airport on Wednesday morning to a crush of well-wishers and family.

    "There's no way we can thank everybody enough," Dwight Hammond said with his arm around his wife, Susie.

    A short time later, the crowd that gathered started clapping and a chorus of "welcome home" and "we love you" broke out.

    People started congregating at the airport several hours earlier with American flags, signs and stickers handed out and slapped on cars reading: "Trump freed the Hammonds! He is our president!"


  43. Someone in the last comment section had a question about Blogger platform for a friend. I meant to respond when home but forgot.

    Care to ask the question again?

    1. Hi, it was me and found the answer myself. Thank you.


    Trump told the Secretary General of NATO that "Germany is controlled by Russia" since Germany did away with their coal-fired and their atomic electric plants, choosing instead to build a new pipeline and buy vast amounts (70%) of their natural gas from . . . . Russia.   Trump then pointed out, "The United States is spending Billions to defend Germany and others from Russia, and yet the former Chancellor of Germany is now the head of the company which built a new pipeline to Russia so Germany can give Billions to Russia!

    Hal T commentary...
    I am in close contact with my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community in order to get first-hand facts and the word I am getting is that Trump is so incredibly pissed, that he may file notice of US withdrawal from NATO before his trip ends!!!!

    1. Sounds good to me. John has been saying for years all of our bases in EU should be closed. What better time than now? It would save us tons of taxpayer๐Ÿ’ฐ.

  45. Hannity: The US taxpayer is no longer Europe's ATM
    July 11 2018

    Under President Trump's leadership, America will no longer be the world's piggy bank; our allies must pay their fair share. Sean Hannity reports live from London.

  46. Correct, America needs to re uild America and divest itself of both this toxic and wasteful Military Industrial Complex. It divides America from the world, funds genocide and agitates conflicts.
    America's focus needs to be evolving excellence, innovation, and as per the Constitution, restoring rights for Americans to be free. Not Cabal led Pygmies. Unleash America, unshackled to evolve. Openy destiny.

    1. Travelling, typos and word switching goes with the technology of mobiles. Task one America, please fix this software crap

    2. John,
      I’m certainly not a techie, but you can go to Settings๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผGeneral๐Ÿ‘‰๐ŸผKeyboards where there are a bunch of choices to turn on or off such as “Auto Correct.”

    3. I do but one screw up is replaced by another . Auto correct is a bloody nightmare but so are others.


    Without comment. Stands on its own. The vaccine universe needs a serious light shone on it.

    1. Tino,
      Thanks For posting! Why are we doing this to our precious children? I’ve been trying to shine a light for 10 years...

    2. Vaccines are life saving but time delivery vehicles . A whole new insiders meaning of time continuants to neuter a waste of space. Willing supplicants, but your right, both, what's on the can is not what's in the can.
      Population. Control.

  48. Well now..

    On Friday the 13th, it is forecast to be 13°C at the time of the solar eclipse, which occurs from 12:37-12:43 ie the 13th hour in Adelaide South Australia.

    13:13:13 --> 444

    Quite a master number!

    I posted a few days back that Cobra said Friday, July 13th 2018 is the day of Galactic Templar justice. which is dandy because 444 is a number relating to peace and security.

    Tomorrow seems to be a key day!

  49. Humor: I was talking about the Roswell crash debris and the "i-beam" piece with symbols. A friend said, '... for all we know the symbols simply said -THIS SIDE UP'.

  50. Paladin posted “Update 9 ~ All in the Family” last night regarding the Las Vegas “matter.” Excellent video. Don’t miss the comments. He seems to have quite a fan club forming...apparently without a ๐Ÿ’Ž Rolex!

  51. Some good pro-Trump support ammo here, very helpful. I'm still concerned about his connections to Chabbad though. Insights on Kavanaugh are revealing, but can we really trust these justices to stick with their previous decisions? It appears they can be bought as well.

    1. Seshette, the entire Supremes panel were advised Obama was a Ringer and did nothing. They knowingly allowed a Usurper to continue. His entire Executive base period was illegal. Fraud! All his legislation, Fraud. So they copped out .
      As they do with Clinton
      Bush owned the Supremes

  52. John,
    I know a number of physicians who are still looking for ANY study that shows the efficacy of ANY vaccine.

    They are ALL population control vehicles that are seriously maiming the cognitive abilities of our children if not outright killing them. And parents had best WAKE THE HELL UP before they allow poison needles into their children. EVERYONE should also wake up to it because the damned things are also responsible for the epidemic of dementia in seniors and the fact that “early onset dementia” is starting younger and younger. Forget about that flu shot. It will do nothing but make you and others sick. YOU become the carrier by “shedding.”

    So, no John, vaccines as they are now are definitely not life saving! In addition, chemtrails are not “just a little weather control.”

    1. If you read it again you will see my ironic twist to the comment

    2. Sorry, John. I read it a couple times before I commented and did not read it as irony. It read more light statements of fact to me. Thank you for the clarification.

  53. Pulling out of NATO is a HUGE deal to make for Americans future.

    Close bases and bring our boys home where they belong, on our soil, NOT meddling across the world running drugs through bases for profits for the cabal!

  54. Hair-raising video showing unseen aspects of the rescue in Thailand.

    You will need facebook to access,

    1. No facebook here. Hopefully I can find it somewhere else. Thanks.

    2. Biffie, those Navy Seal divers and the other awesome divers had to have steel !@#$% looking at this. Wow!

    3. I tried it anyway and it played for me without a facebook account.
      Wow. Holy Wow. I know I could never do that. Truly incredible.

  55. Wow...who knew Theresa May reports to/works for Angela Merkel? That has to be a little bombshell across UK...

    MPs Furious Over Reports Theresa May Asked Angela Merkel To Approve White Paper

    1. She does not work for Merkel. She just asked her to approve it before she tries to slip it through Parliament. So far all indications are that 60 conservatives alone will reject and sink it .She loses, she has to resign. Then it's a no deal and EU face down.
      Brits want out. Brits voted out. MPs and PMs who dont get it should get out! Before Britain does. We dont need s new vote, we had one. If British MPs will NOT accept and follow the wishes of the people resign and F off! How dare you . The people said No, so put up or go?

    2. So Theresa jets off to see Angela before even her own Parliament sees her white paper and you don’t think she’s working for Angela or Angela’s puppet masters? John, the sooner you can pull off those rose-colored glasses the better you will

    3. Texian

      Theresa and Angela are two shopsoiled old broads well past their sell buy days. Listen to me, with care. The British Empire does not bend its Butt for a Hun. Put back your Rose glasses clearly you have vision issues. Feisty Bird, Lol.
      Theresa is our Puppet and we alone pull. She's drowning. It only needs 20 Tories to vote the bill down. 60 say they will.

      If its lost, the EU have a major problem. If Britain calls, they get F all!
      She's just a lost skirt, face down in the dirt.

      If she's blown and replaced it will probably be Rees Mogg who flogs the EU Dog. This is just farce all of it.

      Real action is off stage. You don't see, now on your knee. Lol.

    4. Guess even for some, it's tough to do the job the people ask of them. The people sometimes have to be patient, but when something as important as the BREXIT is there can be no mistake, the people asked and need their vote carried out. Pretty simple.

    5. Hahahaha...surely you haven’t just figured out I’m a feisty old bird! Guilty...but my vision is just fine. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    6. Careful there John about the Brits and the Huns. I recall the Brits had to bring in the Huns to keep the throne going so it seems like a mixed royalty at best. Britain is in a scramble, align with the New Silk Road initiative and get on board with the Russians and the City of London might have a shot at being the precious metals trading emporium when the dollar finally crashes. Lots going on beneath the surface because of currency issues and the failed state of the US Treasury. I'd like to see May get tossed out on her keester; she deserves it for Savile.

  56. Put the military in charge of a worldwide clean-up of human traffic, housed in barracks attached to expanded US embassies, and all worldwide US military bases phased out over 3 years.

  57. John,

    Beautiful and elegant welcome ceremony at Blenheim Palace for Potus and Flotus.

    Donald Trump and Melania arrive at Blenheim Palace for black tie gala on first night of historic UK tour

    "The Dapper Don" Lol.

    The Trumps were greeted in the courtyard of Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire, by Theresa May and her husband Philip for the dinner in the President's honour.

    The event is being attended by dozens of business leaders and senior politicians.

    Mr Trump and Mrs May clasped each other by the hands in scenes reminiscent of their first meeting at the White House last year.

    They then stood on the steps of the house and watched as a military band played to welcome the President.

    The bands of the Scots Guards, Welsh Guards and Irish Guards played music including Amazing Grace in front of the VIP crowd.

    1. calgirl,
      Thanks for posting! Very nice and everyone looked lovely...

    2. I told you all he was welcome here, he WILL be accorded great cultural visits, he will have eventful meetings, and it will be memorable.
      His main wish is to meet the Queen and he will.
      He will get huge PR from this, but be assured, he will meet future leaders, that is being organised. May is on borrowed time. and we won't waste it.
      Ignore any sad media mischief vi ARSEHOLE Protestors, probably Soros Rent a Mobs. They are a tiny minority. He should have a very good visit.
      No Stormy types in Scotland. Saves him $130k a day.

      Don't worry about May, she is just collateral brain damage looking to throw a hook.

      His real issue now will be Putin. But Russia will play him. It's good he meets and greets them all. It's good for you also.
      Obama was treated like an Arse from Day one. That is not happening with Trump.
      He's doing OK.
      Everyone here knows he's a lying skank who makes it up as he goes along, and you can't trust a word he says, so allowing for that, the real value will be the meetings with his handlers off public radar,and real world accordes reached. Don't worry, we know how to cage a Trump.

    3. John, would be awesome for you to slip in a little meeting up in Scotland and encourage the urgency and necessity of a Herzog extradition....just sayin' :)

  58. Peter Strzok lied his a$$ to the ground and the swamp creatures in attendance protected him. Oh well, GO DINARS!!

    1. The usual circus ๐Ÿคก. How can anyone have respect left for any of them. What a crock!

    2. Strzok fools no-one.

    3. HOLY MOLY

      A female Democrat inside the #PeterStrzok hearing just shouted at @replouiegohmert "You need to take your medication" after he asked Strzok "How many times did you look your wife in the eye and lie to her about Lisa Page?"

      Chaos erupted and everyone went wild!

  59. I have watched these all day. Trey Gowdy, this congressman from Texas John Ratcliffe who was a former federal prosecutor and two other reps from Texas both former state criminal judges tore him up! I could not have been more proud, they need to let her rip on that lying weasel just like RR hes another..he was smug, arrogant and you could tell was not one bit scared and had no humility...none.

    Thank God for these men, there are a few decent Honorable ones left who are not afraid to battle the beast.

    The rep from TN was also outstanding in his questioning of this weasel.

    Its disgusting that these people are running our county or in charge of law enforcement??? HUH so you see in America now the convicts are running the prison.

    1. ....uhhhh...who did they confront? What are You talking about? Links?

    2. PeterStrzok

      Trump TV Network live coverage of the hearing.

      my post was in the same thread of of the others talking about the PeterStrzok hearing

    3. I had it on all day in the background while working. Today...those who watched looked at the face of pure unadulterated EVIL

  60. Texian, reading all this today including some of the rank and vile actions, words, etc for those standing behind Peter Strzok, how about we turn this around. Watch how quickly attitudes of superiority get toned down when those sealed indictments are opened and the arrests are in motion as well as are the Military Tribunals.

    For a little celebration a "Footloose"
    Feb 9 2012

    1. P,
      Love the way you think and absolutely loved that video! Someone very talented and patient pulled that together.

      Sharing a short video of a lady I admired a lot....very spunky lady who was still performing into her 70s at the Tapa Room of Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel which appears to be where this footage was filmed. While living on Oahu in late 1960s my mother (who moved there 6 months before we did) was taking hula lessons from Hilo Hattie’s good friend, Lillian Vincent, another native Hawaiian wonderful lady. On one occasion Lillian called mom and asked her to fill in for a sick backup dancer for Clara’s (Hilo Hattie) show at Tapa Room. Of course we all went down for the show. Hilo Hattie was so gracious and over-the-top thankful for the small favor and remembered all of us when we saw her at luaus that Lillian and her family frequently had. Then when my sister married, Lillian insisted to my parents that she would provide the music for the wedding explaining that “Uncle Johnny” would bring his band. “Uncle Johnny” turned out to be Johnny Almeida and the Hawaiians, a long time favorite in the Islands.

      I reminisce because there was a time when people enjoyed each other and helped each other without expectation. What will it take to get back to that?

    2. Texian, Thank you for sharing! )

      I wish I knew Texian when we might return to that time. Used to take my apple and friend crumb pies down to the Drillings, an elderly couple that lived down the road. Learned much from both of them. Miss them!

      Guess doing so much alone everyday, had forgotten when it was like that. people sharing, helping each other. Have gotten so used to shying away from people, usually as someone like me "must" be looking to .... I kinda laugh at that. Told my son about the similarity to Harper Valley PTA and many of the folks that live here. My guess this isn't the only community with that problem.

      Part of this is we have forgotten that kindness in service doesn't mean some one is looking for whatever. They're helping simply because they can.
      Don't know when we can get back to that.Miss it though.

    3. Texian, this just popped up and when a part of one of my all time favorite videos was part of it, knew had to share. People helping people because they can and want to! )

      Homeless Becomes Millionaire After Giving His Last $20
      June 30 2018

  61. From 2001 to 2005, Kavanaugh’s wife worked in the White House as George W. Bush’s personal secretary and she was also Bush’s personal assistant from 1996 to 1999 while he was the governor of Texas. She was the personal assistant for the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign from 1996 to 2000. The Kavanaugh’s are close friends with the Bush family and they even attended their wedding. Remember, George H. W. Bush was the first American politician to use the phrase “New World Order” and the Kavanughs are friends with this family, close friends. With what we know about the Bush crime family, are you surprised? In case you have never been exposed to the Bush family crime syndicate, it rivals the Clinton Foundation. Here is a VERY brief recitation:

    Prescott Bush was found guilty of violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in WW II. Because he was the head of the USO, he was given a pass because of the potential damage done to service personnel morale.George Bush and 9/11 and the Presidential order that led to the concealment of physical evidence after the investigation was concluded. This is what LBJ did with the JFK assassination evidence.George H. W. Bush was the director of the CIA and according to most researchers was involved in the assassination of JFK. He was the first to label the New World Order and predicted its success.Neil Bush was involved in a dirty bank scandal in Colorado. President George H. W. Bush closed Fitzsimmons Army Hospital and Lowry AFB in retaliation for Colorado legal authorities pursuing Neil Bush.The Bush crime family syndicate were major players in the growth of the private prison system which has ripped off all 50 states and their taxpayers of billions of dollars.

    I want to emphasize this is only a small sample size of the Bush family corruption. Yet, the Kavanaughs were and remain very close allies.

    1. JV 41 is evil and will be executed one way or the other - POS bottom scum Nazi Scherff. 43 could be semi-complicit but wanna-be good guy but not good enough. BK is a placeholder with instructions on how to save our Republic ... He will be confirmed and a few of us believe he is on our side. We will know soon. We expect 2 more Supremes pre 2020 election. Many pieces of data under the visible radar confirmatory!

    2. interesting Bob. So much conflicting info about this Kavanaugh fellow. Initially I thought he was an infiltrator, forced on Trump. Then I read that he's in favor of legislation that would put an end to investigations of sitting Presidents and his candidacy made more sense, but others have indicated that he's got Bush connections and could be more of a Trojan horse. Hard to say. I'm hoping that one report, which explained that certain justices would be needed to carry out the warrants for all the sealed indictments, proves true. But I can't say I'm terribly optimistic.

    3. SESHETTE The metric I like most is the D-rats going batshit crazy over his nomination and other stuff like interviews of FBI turdolas. We know why they are going off the deep end = the end is near. What if Kavanaugh facilitates the MT Gitmo program and immigration-border wall as in multi faceted wall = electronic, drones, felony for entering US as it should be? ziorats are inbred and collectively stupid and they are in panic mode. Logic + occam's razor + being exposed = batshit crazy ziorats behavior!

  62. What do you all think of this, which was sent to me by a friend?

    Trump and his negotiating....
    David Honig
    June 30 at 3:44 PM
    I'm going to get a little wonky and write about Donald Trump and negotiations. For those who don't know, I'm an adjunct professor at Indiana University - Robert H. McKinney School of Law and I teach negotiations. Okay, here goes.

    Trump, as most of us know, is the credited author of "The Art of the Deal," a book that was actually ghost written by a man named Tony Schwartz, who was given access to Trump and wrote based upon his observations. If you've read The Art of the Deal, or if you've followed Trump lately, you'll know, even if you didn't know the label, that he sees all dealmaking as what we call "distributive bargaining."

    More here:

  63. Hmm, the negotiator. Pity his Ghost writers can't Ghost his lips.

    Only 2 days here and hes claiming he's got the EU to uplift their NATO funding and he's selling them American arms. This is a Global village, everyone talks.
    Not a good place for a Fantasist when all is public.They are now contesting his claims.

    1. The EU will NOT increase Defense spending. NOT! Already he is making himself look stupid by false fantasies.
    2.Worse a serial Liar. It's dangerous making it up as you go along, even worse if you can't remember which Lie you told last.Does Trump even know the difference?
    3.Everything he says is reported daily. Then analysed and challenged. These are articulate, well educated domains. Lies get called. He lies a lot.
    4.All the promises he made to secure Planning Permission for Scottish Golf Courses, then grossly under delivered,are being exposed, as the work of a serial liar. He's a Chancer, but now on a world stage. Which means deliver or be ready for smart media which will expose his lies. So many. He clearly has no plan. Policy shooting from the lip at this level? Really, not smart. He so needs Minding.
    5. He's being well looked after, and he will meet the Queen. She's highly experienced, perceptive and very smart. Plus she will be well briefed on Trump, told he's a fantasist, serial liar,and opportunist who will make false claims if given any rope.
    Plus warned to lock up the silver ware. lol.
    6.Theresa May needs a good showing with him. But she's a losing cause, so he needs only focus on her replacements. Build for the future. She's toast.
    7. Next week there are Defense shows in the UK and it's a big Arms show for those in the know. The US will do well from that. That he can help America with. BS sells arms.
    9.Meeting Putin is key. He will need help from him for reelection LOl.Joking!
    10.Trump WILL have a good UK tour. Russia he will build bridges. His EU NATO tour was not as he thinks. His credibility and intellect is now being challenged. Trust is key.

    Carpet Baggers abroad need minding. Fortunately we are cross meeting his real support team and building new hands across the pond links.The relationship is strong and it will survive Trump but his UK Tour will be good,it will bring returns. May needs him and vice versa he needs the UK. No bad thing. Trump will be OK in the UK. He's minded. Plus hundreds of Police have been called in to secure every location. A big job. Big budgets.
    The UK and US will grow stronger. We are united by common agendas. We both believe it's our right to rule the world. It's catching! Lol. Eurasia WILL!

    Be careful of negotiating with lies. They come home. It's 2 weeks of PR. Real work follows.

    1. "These are articulate, well educated domains."

      That is true, but they have nonetheless allowed themselves to be used by the Rotts et al. Their character is weak - easily bought/bribed. Soppy spoilt lawyer trash. Their only value is showing us how NOT to be. Erudition be damned - at least Trump has a backbone and is standing up to the nancy boy silk purse ponces, however educated (indoctrinated) they be. Let him swagger.

    2. Trump is such a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I think the pomposity and pathological lying is an act. It reminds me of Bush 43 who went to Yale. Examples of some of his work from Yale made the rounds and he was reasonably intelligent on paper. Of course maybe it wasn't his work, but he was far more coherent at the beginning of his first term than he was towards the end. The malapropisms increased exponentially and didn't seem genuine. The word is that he was/is a cocaine addict; he did go missing during the Brownsville incident. Is Trump actually intact but drugged, is it an act? I don't believe election results. The real controllers put in whomever they want and our voting means very little. Who ever successfully contests these results anyway? Jill Stein was conscripted to protest but that went nowhere which means that important people wanted Trump in the WH, why? He has many weaknesses and personality disorders for sure, but is that all? He has delivered on very little here. We are absorbing his bloviating here but it is damaging his credibility at home as well.

      John, what do you know about the US signing on to the UN global disarming policy which basically insists on completely disarming private citizens. I understand this was done quietly and has not been reported in any media.

    3. The trouble with the swagger, of a mass indebted carpet bagger,is when they open the drawer, and find only a man of straw, the best laid plans will crash to the floor.

      Smart negotiations , fact not the lip, and leave room for others not basking sharks flipping burger butts making waves. Calm, diplomatic reason. Less Ego. Try Hubris. Things will go well with the UK and he will build bridges with Russia, but he's building problems in Europe and false claims make him look lame. Focus on real need. Only Ali did not offend with the Louisville lip.

    4. John,
      American people hired the “bull in the china closet”...warts and all...for many reasons. Top of the list reason is because the status quo was not/is not working.

      Want to take this opportunity to praise the new Theresa May we listened to during the press conference today. She handled that press conference like a pro with straight talk instead of weasly words. Very impressive. Hope her Parliament was listening with thoughts for another chance if her Brexit deal is as strong as she was advertising.

    5. Agree Texian, here it is...It may be our Prez is just very tired at this point. Theresa May did do a good job. This is a shorter version, many longer than an hour on You tube.

      Press conference : Donald Trump and Theresa May - BBC News
      July 13 2018

  64. Tens of thousands of Brits march in London calling Trump a totalitarian while they bow to a Monarch- oh the irony. But they are so much more cultured than we are, aren't they or are they?

    1. Does "cultured" mean you came from a test tube?

    2. Depends which urinal test tube. Trumps went orange.

    3. JD BYD,

      Well done ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚...from one “feisty old bird”

  65. John Texian is right. We elected a bull in a china cabinet, because the limp-wristed Presidents of the past gave our country away. We elected him, we are proud of him, and we support him.. warts and all. He is looking out for our country, it's about time a POTUS puts America first.


    The American Smelly Deplorables


  66. Not just the past Presidents gave our country away, the a** WIPE SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN COMPLETELY sold us out to the highest bidders IN THE SWAMP CALLED D.C. Both Republicans and Democrats sold out the people of AMERICA. The media does nothing about it.

  67. Replies
    1. 1. These rentamob mental midgets protesting are a tiny fraction of UKs base. We dont even give them credibility. Please join us, assholes need covering.

      I loved the comment I thought you Brits wanted Brexit. Right on.

      2 Melania is doing a great PR job
      She's liked, well done America.
      The last First Lady we all carried spare muzzles!

      3 Trump is doing well here and it's good for both. Accolades, success. This trip alone will pay off big for you. Apologies for unwashed swine given air space protesting. Must be Demos!

      The media is over hyping it. They don't talk for us.
      He's doing well. Ignore crap.
      Melania represents you well.
      He's getting a good political reception here.

    2. The “iron hammer with velvet gloves” couple. Melania is not only beautiful, she is quite accomplished. Anyone who can speak five languages is very special IMO.

  68. Am I being too sanguine wanting to execute Rosenstein for treason?...

    This Russian bs is out of control!

    1. Gitmo MT for this arrogant POS

    2. We (as in multiple commenters herein), were right. Trump should have used the power of office and simply eviscerated DoJ and FBI.

    3. It is highly likely DoJ and FBI will lose several. They are being exposed in such a way that they must be dealt with. It likely POTUS will go the slow way but water cooler intel says differently. We see MTs with a highly skilled prosecutor under UCMJ with harsh sentences with hundreds if not thousands of executions. All cancer cells need to be killed; otherwise they grow back and multiply. These clowns committed and are committing Treason and Sedition = execute them. They are responsible for thousands of deaths + other heinous crimes. My choice is to process them in Gitmo with many getting death penalty. Once purged; move the Capital to central USA and reconstitute all Federal Agencies under the watchful eye of the Republic. Yes - eliminate FBI and DoJ + replace with Constitutionally Compliant Functions.

    4. If only!!.... seems it runs to deep.

    5. Joe DiGenova is having none of the ๐Ÿ’ฉ being put out by FBI and DOJ!

  69. Waste of time and $. Like they're actually going to try and prosecute russian citizens. Not too mention, I'm sure our gov't has hacked other goverments so they need to knock off the holier-than-thou stuff. GO DINARS!

  70. Insightful comment from another blog on the whole indictment kerfuffle:

    The logic on this never made sense, as far as revealing something damning about Trump, his people, his campaign, the election, or even the Russians.

    1. Russian agents hacked libtard e-mails with ridiculously simple p@sswords and released them for all to see (note they didn't keep them as collateral or blackmail material, as far as we know)

    2. The Dems said some really nasty stuff about the plebes, revealed some telling insider info about Hillary being a complete psychopath, and said some weird crap about pizza and hot dogs. No argument about authenticity of the e-mails.

    3. Trump wins because the great unwashed masses learn in print what the satanic elites really think about them = RUSSIAN MEDDLING

    Are these really the optics you want front and center right now if you're a Dem apparatchik?

  71. Excerpt from KP's article today:

    "Donald J. Trump came in (at the request of the Alliance) to stand up to and “face down” the Luciferian cabal (see the links at the end). And he is doing so. He is NOT the “standard US President” and he does not behave like the “standard US President”. He never will. Remember that the “Luciferian cabal” is comprised of entities like NATO, US Congress, UK Parliament, European Union, Republicans, Democrats, conservative, liberal, and very significantly, THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. He (and the Alliance) is facing up to all of them.

    The main stream media, let’s see, let’s name a few: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Reuters, Huffington Post, Comedy Central, etc., etc., etc. (and, yes, surely Fox has also played its role in this as well). They are the MDGN (Modern Day Goebbels Network) equivalent… write the propaganda, control the narrative, and be the smooth operating propaganda placement experts… (don’t they have to take the class, “Mind Control 101”?). And it appears to have been very effective, because usually when I hear people “complain” about Trump, they use phrases like “He’s racist (misogynist, etc.)”, or “He’s not fit to be president”, or “We’ve just got to resist”, etc. And almost always there is ZERO substance to their phrases.

    THE TRUMP CARD has been played. And it has thrown the “All h— is breaking loose” card into the planetary game. That is precisely what was needed and what this planet needed."

    Kp Message 7-13-18… “Just watched the movie, ‘Pacific Rim’… Here is the message I received about the Alliance and Donald J. Trump”

    Yesterday's eclipe was brutal for me and others around me. And the cultured types in Europe/UK. It shattered the egg shell that was holding all the old inertia together. On Queue. (On Q).


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